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Royal School of Needlework in the News


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In case you haven’t seen the very nice and interesting little blurb on CBS about the Royal School of Needlework, you should!

Royal School of Needlework in the News

The video on CBS gives a bit of the history of the Royal School of Needlework, along with the current work of the RSN and some magnificent shots of Hampton Court Palace – all worth seeing, and packed into about 6 minutes (so it won’t take much of your time!).

Royal School of Needlework in the News

You’ll get a few quick flashes of some gorgeous pieces of embroidery up close, too!

Royal School of Needlework in the News

And you’ll see both student and expert needleworkers at work.

It’s an informative “inside” video, so if you get a chance, take some time to watch! Here’s the link:

The Royal School of Needlework on CBS



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  1. Thanks for posting. I slept in yesterday and missed this. I would love, love, love to go here for a class. I heard last year during a crewel class I took that there is some thought to giving online classes and even coming to the US once a year to provide studies.

  2. Thank you very much for the link. I go there at least once a year to prepare a certificat. It is a fantastic course in a fantastic place. The tutors are really very nice.

  3. Looks like heaven! Did you see the thread wall? OMG! and all the gold and silver work? That’s where I wanna go when I come back! I thought I was cool with my DMC collection before reading your posts and learning more about threads. . . the good news it’s a life long journey! Thanks for the posts!

  4. Hi, Laura – It works on this end – the last link in the post goes straight to the page on CBS with the video. Anyone else having a problem getting to the video page?


  5. NICE!! Very much enjoyed that! I really wished there were a school like that in my area. Thanks for sharing that with us!!
    BTW, went straight to the video page with no problems…

  6. I was lucky enough to take my mum on a tour round the RNS at Hampton Court so we were able to see their treasures up close – truly fantastic and great setting!

  7. I saw this piece on the CBS Morning Show yesterday — fascinating, wasn’t it? And have you seen the beautiful work of Susie Cowie (who’s also British & did the amazing embroidery in “Bright Star”) — so lovely and delicate?

  8. Many thanks. I did not know about this broadcast! Taking a class at the RSN at Hampton Court is on my “Bucket List.” It just gives me goose bumps!

  9. Dear Marymentor:
    Thank you so much for capturing this for us. I am a fan of Sunday Morning, but as luck would have it I missed this one. So again, Much Gras
    …Judy in Pittsburgh

  10. Thank you for the tip. I missed it yesterday. It was wonderful and very timely. I’m off on my very first trip overseas to England. Read about The Stitches and Stately Homes tour in Inspirations magazine last August and pinch me, I’m going!! Has anybody out there been on the tour? It sounds so perfect.
    Mary, you are so generous to share your efforts and you keep me inspired.
    Many thanks,

  11. Mary–Thanks for posting the video link! It brought back fond memories of this magical place. The classroom on the 3rd floor indeed has round windows that overlook the grounds. The beginning goldwork class uses an RSN design but after that, you may choose another from their portfolio or work your own. Boxes of silk & metal threads are delivered to class so one may choose just the right materials. Advanced students teach non-certification classes, monitored by an instructor. There are breaks for “tea” but you must bring your own lunch. RSN provides a list of nearby accommodations, all reasonably priced & within walking distance. The grounds are lovely–gardens, allee, maze & gates to the Thames. There is an elevator, however, unless improvements have been made, this venue is not readily accessible to the disabled. RSN previously sponsored classes in the mid-west (Kansas??) but the venue, a vintage hotel, has closed. Classes are well worth the investment.

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed this and haven’t seen on UK TV. Hampton Court is a stunning place to visit and the work of the RSN is to be treasured.
    Was puzzled by the little sun motifs in your photos – were they appliques to be added back later? Felt foolish when I watched the film and realised it’s probably the CBS logo?
    Great treat – thank you.
    Lynne St Albans UK

  13. Thank you for sharing this Mary ! I just got back from Bayeux, France where I spent two wonderful days with my husband. So the RSN video comes right on time to remind me that Bayeux was just the first step in my long dreamed of Tour of Europe for Embroidered Art. I’ll probably never afford taking courses in Hampton Court, but I will certainly visit the school one fine day. And while talking about this all, just let me warmly recommend a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry and city surrounds to anyone interested in needle work. Being able to come so close to a piece of embroidery that’s almost a thousand year old really is an extraordinary experience.

    All the best to you,


  14. Thanks for the post and link. (I can’t help but wish I had been born in another place and time.) I don’t own a tv and so if something like this isn’t brought to my attention, I will inevitably miss it.

  15. Thank yo so much for this link – I have heard lots about this school, but this is my first glimpse. Wonderful, and now another addition to my ‘bucket list’ – a woman can dream, can’t she??

  16. Thank you for this link – especially since we do not get this on TV here. I have always loved Hampton Court even though I have only visited in books and on film. The work of the RSN is stunningly beautiful and is what I aspire to, although it will not happen in this lifetime.

  17. Mary, I was so excited to see your post today about the RSN. The first time I heard about it was on the Martha Pullen Show.
    I will now take a look at the link you so graciously provided!
    Thank you,

  18. Thank you for the link. How lucky those who get to take classes there are! However, since it is unlikely that I shall ever get there, I am very grateful to you and Sharonb and others who provide so much for us to learn online.

  19. Thank you oh so very much for sharing this with us!

    Since my dream of ever making it to RSN for classes, I can only imagine I can 🙂

    It was amazing to learn that Henery the 8th Did not in fact know how to embroider.. guess my Tuesday isn’t a waste… I learned something new again!

  20. Mary–senior moment here–I neglected to mention that RSN has a nice e-newsletter. Mine arrived today & was a reminder that RSN will be visiting San Francisco in May & there are spaces left in some classes. Perhaps some of your western readers will take the plunge.

  21. I’m back home in New Zealand now, but while I was living in London I visited Hampton Court Palace. The video is such a tease, and in no way does justice to the amazing place that it is. My visit was not needlework related, but my heart leapt with joy watching the video, and remembering my visit.
    Thanks again for more amazing inspiration Mary.

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