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Easter Give-Away – Silk & Gold Thread Kit!


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Because Easter is coming up, and because you’re all such a swell bunch of readers, and because Access Commodities sent me this beautiful thread kit, and because it’s rainy and gloomy in Kansas and I need to make my own sunshine….

because of all of that….

… and the fact that I somehow deleted the article I was supposed to post today….

It’s time for a give-away!

Silk and gold threads are The Best, aren’t they? And I think you need some!

Silk & Gold embroidery threads

Besides, the colors are Springy.

This is the Agecroft Sweet Bag Thread Kit from Access Commodities, which I reviewed last week.

Silk & Gold Embroidery Threads

The kit comes with 13 gorgeous spools of silk and a spool of gold thread (#371 gold wire), and two bitty bottles of beautiful gold spangles.

Originally assembled as a kit for the Agecroft Sweet Bag featured in the EGA’s Needle Arts Magazine, the thread collection can be adapted to myriad embroidery projects – the color palette is beautiful and the threads – oh! – they’re just ….. *sigh* ….. the greatest silk. I love silk.

Here are the Rules for Entry:

1. Leave your comment on this post, on the website, not via e-mail or on any other post (you may go directly to the comment form on this post on the website by clicking this link – but only after you read the rest of the rules!)

2. Please answer the following question:

If you win, would you make the Agecroft Sweet Bag, or would you use the threads for some other purpose? (It doesn’t matter to me either way – it’s just a point of curiosity.)

3. Please make sure there’s a recognizable name on your comment.

4. The give-away closes at midnight (CST), this Saturday, April 23rd, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning.

The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere!

Now…. I’m off to find today’s lost blog post! Enjoy your day!

Update April 25: The give-away is now closed! Thanks to all who participated!


(742) Comments

  1. Oh, wouldn’t I be a happy Easter Bunny if I won
    these silk threads. I’d use them quite happily
    in a “micro” project and I already know which

    Thanks for the opportunity, Mary!
    Joy Perkins with micro-stitchery.com

  2. As cute as the Sweet Bag is, I would rather use the threads and spangles on a set of stoles I’m making for my husband. Some of the colors are just what I need to finish a few of the designs I’m planning.

  3. I do love silks and golds and all kinds of speciality threads. I would use these threads for my “paintings with threads”. I use mixed media in my work. Mostly I embroider into my paintings.
    I do read your wonderful blogs, although I don´t usually comment up until now 🙂
    Thank you

  4. Hi there! Gina in Industry, PA here. Were I to win this delicious thread selection, I would not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag (lovely though it is). Instead, I would use them to start my new inspiration – stumpwork mini-terrariums (terraria?). : D

  5. Hi, Mary. I like the little bag, and would use the threads to make it up as designed. I have found that the best way for me to learn about new threads and fabrics is to make up a kit so that I am guided by someone else as I learn.
    Thanks to Access Commodities for making this available.

    Sandi in sunny Arizona.

  6. Love the site!! My daughter has become a great embroiderer and these would add a great texture and color element to her projects.

  7. I too love silk, and would love to win this giveaway. The colors are absolutely luscious. I doubt if I would make the Aecroft Sweet Bay, but would use them in crazy quilt projects.
    Gayle Schipper

  8. Hi Mary!
    Lovely threads, sure would like to win those! I never had the pleasure to experiment with silk yet. I probably would use the threads to embroider one of the old patterns in the antique online library book thing-a-ma-jig. I love the old floral stuff…
    Here’s to good luck and loads of sunshine!
    Gwen Kok, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

  9. I might do the kit; then again, I might just luxuriate in just being able to sit and look at those gorgeous colors. I, too, just love, love, love silk.

  10. Mary,
    I would love to make the Agecroft Sweet Bag of course! Being a reenactor, it would make a wonderful costume accessory! Thanks for a great blog and website, and thanks for the chance to win! Easter Blessings to you all.

  11. I think I’d just put them on a beautiful tray and look at them for a while and see what they tell me they want to be transformed into.

  12. I think I would make the sweet bag pattern but would frame it! The threads are so pretty – I would leave them where I could see them! I am turning into a thread-a-holic because of all the great things I see on your blog – now I just have to slowly acquire some and try to use them!

  13. I would definitely make the Ashcroft sweet bag — it would coordinate perfectly with my embroidered Elizabethan coif!

  14. Wow! What a fantastic and generous giveaway! I can’t pass this one up 😉

    I’m not sure if I would do the Sweet Bag or not…I’m leaning towards no. I tend to embroider non-traditional embroidery patterns; I’ve also never had the chance to work with silk, so I would be very excited to win such a luxurious prize! 🙂

  15. Oh, what a lovely give-away … I hope I don’t immediately disqualify myself here by saying I’m not actually sure what my answer would be! I don’t generally ‘do’ kits, so my immediate reaction is ‘use it for something else’, but this kit is so pretty, and I’ve been meaning to give crewel a go for quite some time now, so I’d be very tempted! What I might do is use the threads to make a bag like this one, but my own version of a crewel design on there. But then again, I’m no crewel expert, so I might play safe and make the kit.

    Oh well … unless I win I can keep prevaricating and never decide! 🙂

  16. If I won, I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. A sweet bag such as this is one of the many things on my long, long to do list and if I won it might be just the thing to get me started (after I have finished the many projects I came currently working on, of course 🙂 )

    Thank you the opportunity to win yet another gorgeous give-away.

  17. Mary – I’m not sure how you manage to part with all these wonderful give-aways! I don’t think I would make the sweet bag. I would just love to try my hand at some silk & gold. Thanks so much.

  18. I’m not sure at this point, I’d have to take a closer look at the kit again…
    Thanks, this is very nice of you, I enjoy receiving your e-mails.

    Tery :o)

  19. I would use the thread for something of my own design. Since I like some elements of the sweet bag, I may adapt them for a new project from my own imagination.
    Mary Ann

  20. Those are just beautiful. I would love to use them when I try some free motion quilting just see how beautiful they are or perhaps I would just sit them on a table and stare at how gorgeous they are.
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. I love your site and read your emails daily. Thanks for providing us with such wonderful work you do and wonderful tips.

  21. Hi Mary,
    I’ve been drooling over this since I saw it last week. Probably both – there looks like the would be enough for more than just the bag.

  22. This is a lovely kit. I don’t think I would make the bag pattern. I think I would use the threads from the kit to make a table topper.

  23. Those colours are crying out to become butterflies (on cushions for my two little girls).

  24. OOH, if you pick me to win the thread kit, I would probably make the sweet bag. My chapter is going to have it as a program over the summer. I just LOVE the thread colors, and silk is something I’ve been wanting to work with more. Hopefully I’d have some left over to use in other ways as well.
    love your blog! 🙂

  25. I absolutely love using silks for their fine patina and smooth stitches. I feel like I have treated myself to the most delectable of experiences when stitching with silk. I would savor these colors and work them into pieces in progress as well as those yet to be. Then I would be able to enjoy them multiple times!

  26. Hi Mary, This is a wonderful surprise! If I am the winner, I would make the bag and hope to have enough silk threads left over to make something else as well. I agree with you, silk is such a wonderful fiber to work with. Linda F

  27. Oh, I also love silk! And especially after the winter we have had in the Northeast (snow and rain pretty much every day, all winter long) I NEED some sunshine as well! I haven`t had much experience with silk embroidery, having only cotton floss to date–so this would be the perfect pallette and opportunity to give it another try! I would make the Sweet Bag, as soon as I find the directions (no matter if I win this or not!)

  28. It’s a gloomy day here in Northern Virginia, as well. If I were to win this beautiful prize, I would use the threads for Liturgical items for priests of the Institute of Christ the King. I have been motivated by your website – the pictures and the instructions and your enthusiasm – to complete the first set of small altar linens – on to the burse for the pall!

  29. Being as I am a “Crazy Quilter”, I would probably utilize these threads in my “Crazy Quilt” world. Love them so much. Have only worked with Gold Thread once and only with about 6″ of it. Thanks so much for all of your hard work keeping us up on the world of embroidery. Thanks again.

  30. I should love the opportunity to experiment on my current projects with the collection of real silk threads and gold spangles.

  31. If I won this giveaway, I would be making the Agecroft Sweet Bag. Because I’m planning on stitching this bag with my EGA chapter. Eventually.

    Hope you located your lost post!

    Donna in Virginia

  32. Oh wow, what a fantastic giveaway! I have been drooling over the kit since you posted about it last week. I would probably not use it to make the sweet bag, although the design is lovely. I’ve been stitching little birds for box lids lately, and I would probably use it for that. I see lots of feathers and flower petals when I look at that thread! I’ve never used any wire thread, so that would be a fun new thing to learn.

    Thank you for doing all of these wonderful giveaways.

  33. thanks for another needlework drawing! If I win, I’ll probably just drool over the threads for a while … then search for a design.
    regards, Barb

  34. If I win, I will probably make the Agecroft Sweet Bag with these fibers. Since I have never used this particular brand of silk before and would like to know how it behaves before I start using it in other projects.

    Ritta Knapp in Sunny Orlando

  35. If I should be lucky enough to win that beautiful thread set I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag design but frame it rather than make the bag. It’s a beautiful design and I think it would make a great framed piece.
    Hope I win.

  36. Oh wow, that is certainly drool-worthy. I can imagine 10 or so projects right off the top of my head that it’d be fabulous for. Right now I’m in the middle of planning a Venetian gown of about the 1540’s so all I can think of is that it’d be so very fabulous to do something like this shirt with the threads http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/workbox/extmencam3.htm but doing a sweetbag is very, very tempting and making one is certainly on my to-do list.


  37. I am especially excited about the possibility of being the fortunate recipient of this neat gift. In the event I am selecte, I will be utilizing the thread to embroider an heirloom church dress for my three year old great niece. She is an exceptional young lady and deserves something special to greet the summer in. I think a one of a kind dress will be just the ticket. Thank you for the opportunity. Have a blessed day!

  38. I would love to be entered in your giveaway! I love silk threads, and the bag looks so cute!

    Thank you!
    Cynthia Lyons

  39. If you win, would you make the Agecroft Sweet Bag, or would you use the threads for some other purpose?

    Well, I probably would do both. I’ll try ASB first because I want to learn it. And then I’ll try something else when I get more ideas. I love silk too :).


  40. Whoa. Wow. Yum!!!

    I’d skip the sweet bag and go do something far beyond my skill level with those, just to play and see what working with silk and gold is *really* like.

    Would you believe I’ve never worked with either? AND I WANNA! 🙂

    Knowing me, it will be suitably ‘easter’ in tone since almost everything I do is flowers and rabbits….LOL!

  41. Happy Easter! The colours are lovely and I too love silks. I just finished a great workshop with silks and metals with the fabulous Margaret Kinsey. I think if I win (fingers, toes and eyes all crossed!) I would take the opportunity with “found” threads to experiment with a design of my own. It might end up being a bag, but I am tending towards small projects so it might be a Jacobean style needlecase/bag. Thanks Mary, and happy spring!

  42. Happy Spring! Well, of course it’s pouring down rain here, gloomy and cold, so…not very “springish”….but hope “springs” eternal and soon the sun will shine and all of my lovely flowers will start blooming. I would use that gorgeous set of threads and bangles to make a sweet floral pillow for my spare bedroom. That room is pink, and is filled with beautiful antique furniture and my mother’s lovely garden floral sampler applique quilt backed in … you guessed it.. pink. Don’t you think a throw pillow on that bed done in these silks would be just yummy? I do. Have a wonderful day Mary. …. Brenda from Wilmington, Ohio

  43. G’day there Mary,
    I would most definitely make the Sweet Bag, full stop!
    May your lost blog come scurrying home full pelt immediately and your home-made sunshine warm you through and through, heart, soul and body.
    “The best blush to use is laughter, it puts roses in your cheeks and your soul” By that wonderful Chinese person Sum Wun.
    Cheers, Kath.

  44. Hi Mary!
    Yes it is gray and drizzly in Ks isn’t it…..even in KCK today! I have been dying to try “thread painting” using Trish Burr’s DVD that I got. These threads would be perfect and beautiful! Thanks for another give away!

  45. What a beautiful assortment of gold and silk. I would use the threads for the Ashcroft Sweet bag, it is beautiful.

  46. Yes, I would love to learn how to use fine threads for the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I’m just finishing a Redwork Sampler from BirdBrainDesigns.net. I have been practicing embroidery since June 2010. All my learning mistakes have been worked out on a CQ Landscrape wallhanging.

  47. hello mary
    yes it is a beautiful kit……
    beautiful colors……
    i would probably make a wall art……
    maybe the kit……
    maybe flowers….
    maybe still life(fowers theme)……
    still making up my mind…..
    thank you
    and all the best
    kiran seth

  48. If my name was drawn I probably would use the silk in one of the many charts of Alessandra Adelaida that I so love.Thank You

  49. Aaah..one of your reader’s lucky stars are shining !! I wish,I wish…:)
    If I get those threads, I wouldn’t do the bag,I have another nice little flowery project in mind 🙂
    Count me in please,
    Deepa Balagopal

  50. Have a blessed Easter, Mary. While the sweet bag is beautiful, that is not what I would make with the thread kit. I would use it to make an Easter cross design – I have a Ukrainian design with a cross, a lamb, Pussy Willows, flowers, and Pysanky (the painted Easter eggs) which I would use it for. I think the colors would work beautifully. – Alessandra in CT

  51. In the event I am selected, I will be utilizing the thread to make an heirloom summer dress for my three year old great niece. She is a special gift to our family and I think something special is in order for her to greet the summer. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Have a blessed day!

  52. In the event I am selected, I will be utilizing the thread to make an heirloom summer dress for my three year old great niece. Have a blessed day!

  53. I will make the Sweet Bag. I like the flowers and love the colors, and although I need to create with threads and fabric, I am not creative enough to come up with my own patterns or ideas of what to do with the threads.

  54. I am in the process of ordering the Agecroft Sweet Bag thread kit, so I’d probably use those silks for something else. They look so spring-like and pretty! And well, I get no spring this year, moving from the southern to the northern hemisphere. I’ll need a reminder.

  55. Hi Mary,
    First of all thank you for this give away, you are very kind.
    I think that the Agecroft Sweet Bag is a fabulous project. I would use the threads for it.
    Happy Easter
    Teres@ C

  56. Hello Mary,
    Again thanks for wonderful give away.
    To answer the question I am not sure until I get the threads!! may be I will try for wall hanging..

    Lakshmi Sadala

  57. Mary,

    Once again, you are being very generous with your giveaway.

    Yes, I would definitely use the threads to make the Agecroft Sweet Bag.

    I’m a member of EGA, and have been admiring this project since receiving the March issue of Needle Arts. If I’m not the winner, I’ll be sending off to buy the kit of these hard-to-get supplies.

    Since becoming aware of the Plimoth Plantation jacket, I’ve become fascinated with this style of stitching. Thanks also to Catherine Jordan for creating this project.

    Amazing how one project can create so much interest. I’ve seen the jacket, at Winterthur, and it is stunning. Even more interesting as I’ve read some of the blog on its creation.

    A big round of applause to everyone involved!


  58. Hi!
    Ok, this is my first comment, even though I read you articles avery day. But this time I was so caught by the spring colours that I couldn’t resists posting to enter the contest 😀
    What would I do if I won? I doubt I’d do a sweet bag, that kind of design doesn’t appeal to me. I’d resort to some of my mom’s designs, flowers and the like, she used to be a great embroider, like her mother too. Now, age has given her problems with the hands, and I am continuing the tradition…
    And even if I don’t win, thank you for your kindness and your lovely articles 🙂

  59. No, I doubt I’d make the bag, but I agree with you that the threads are beautiful. They would make a lovely addition to my stash. Metallics always add a very classy touch and I would love having them on hand!

  60. I would use this kit put final embellishments on my Baltimore Album quiltM. Thanks for all you do! Stella in Ottawa

  61. The bag is so sweet–I’d probably make the bag. I just love thread! If not I would definitely use it for my embroidery projects. Thanks for the chance to win.Pam Gonzalez

  62. Hi. barbobbi here. If I were to win the silk give-away, I think I would use the silks to make somethings for my children–not sure just what…. Or maybe I would find the kit too irresistable and make it after all. I’d have to look at the kit and give thought to some other projects too before deciding. What a beautiful gift, Mary. As always, your generosity is amazing. Happy Easter!

  63. Wow what a pretty giveaway, I don’t know if I would make the bag but I know that I would make something very pretty out of those beautiful threads…I have never used that brand of thread and it would be great to give them a try…Thanks for your wonderful newsletter.

  64. Hi – I enjoy your blog postings a lot! Thanks for all the tips. If I wont the contest I may attempt to make Agecroft Sweet Bag!! Thanks.

  65. If I were lucky enough to win this thread kit, I would definitely make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I love Catherine Jordan’s designs! This one especially appeals to me!
    Carolyn in Eastern NC

  66. It is a gloomy day in Indiana also! I would love to use the threads to make the Agecroft Sweet Bag – it is beautiful. Thanks, Leslie aka lesannmill

  67. I’d love to win that gorgeous thread kit. It would be great inspiration to get something new started.

  68. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I would probably use the threads in some CQ blocks that I am currently making.

  69. Hi Mary,
    You are such a generous blogger. To be honest, I would make the sweetbag and then use what’s left of the beautiful colours to try and design something for myself – nice springy flowers, maybe a little thread painting or stumpwork – not sure, I’ll have to think about that just in case I win!

  70. I would use it for my needlework (mostly cross stitch) projects. I love blending filaments and/or blended colors, and absolutely love adding a “bit” of sparkle to all things. 🙂

  71. I would love to win the thread kit and make the Sweet Bag from the EGA magazine. The colors of the threads will brighten my day especially since Minneapolis is expecting 1″-3″ of snow tomorrow. Everything is so gray and cold here for being the middle of April. Spring is bound to happen soon!

  72. Hi Mary & happy spring! Can’t believe you are doing another give away so soon but I’m glad. If I won, I would probably do the embroidery but frame it rather than making the bag as I wouldn’t want it to get damaged with wear! Thanks, Sheila from CA

  73. Hi Mary, you are so generous. I saw the Agecroft Sweet Bag in the EGA’s latest Needle Arts Magazine, and thought it would be lovely to embroider (I love embroidering bags). As it is always nice to use the right threads for a piece of embroidery, I would use the threads in your give away to embroider the bag – should I win. They are so beautiful to look at, anyway! Gay Booysen

  74. Hi Mary, I fell in love with the Agecroft Sweet Bag when I first saw it in my EGA magazine. I’ve been wanting to try some of the techniques in the Sweet Bag project so I would most likely use them for that particular project. However, I also love threads, and sadly or gladly, am also a collector of them. Silk is my absolutely #1 favorite to embroider. It’s just so luscious and I don’t have any of of the Access Commodities fibers yet. I don’t have any spangles yet so those could be lots of fun. Thank you for such a lovely and informative site (especially the reviews and stitch videos) and, of course, the fun giveaways.

  75. Thank you for making this link to comments.
    i would not use the the thread to make the bag as I really don’t have any use for the bag. I would use it on projects like “Give Thanks” from Jenny of Elephantz. (www.elephantz.com) Thank you. Lorna

  76. I never had the opportunity to work with silk threads and am just itching to work with them in a new project, but not the sweet bag. Thanks for an enlightning website.

  77. I retired a few years ago and recently joined the East Texas Embroidery Guild after 30+ years away from any type of needlework. I have taken several wonderful classes with the Guild and supplies are usually provided for a nominal fee. However, once in a while, they will say to “bring thread from your stash.” What stash? LOL. I don’t have a stash yet. I probably would not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag, but would use the threads on one of the many beautiful Guild projects where we can choose the colors from our stash. Thank you for the generous offer.

  78. I would either make the EGA sweetbag or a similar one that was published in Inspirations Magazine that I’ve always wanted to stitch.

  79. I would make a men’s cap. I was calling it a nightcap but in research found that they were worn indoors and not just at night. I have a design in mind but am not sure whether to use silk or cotton. If I should win the silk that would make my mind up really quick.

  80. Good Mary.
    Weather i am getting it or not, i just wants to participate here because i am a regular reader of your news.
    By the by i have to answer your question no?
    I dont get threads like this in India, i will use this for all my embroidary needs.
    Good you are giving away the threads is a very good attitue and I appreciate it.

  81. Hello Mary
    thanks for this new give-away it looks just lovely and I would so like to stitch this particular project. (This already shows that I would like to give the Sweet Bag a try).
    Have a nice easter holiday!

  82. Hi Mary!
    I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag! As I’m a member of EGA I have the magazine, which I dearly love. Good luck on finding the missing post. I hate when that happens.

  83. Ooh, those threads are luscious. Hopefully, they will find a new home with me. 😉

    I would use them to embellish a crazy quilt block to help raise money for the Sendai relief effort sponsored by the crazy quilt international yahoo group.

    Best wishes to you and thank-you for offering this giveaway to your blog readers. Hugs.

  84. Dear Mary,

    Yet another gorgeous giveaway. I would probably use the silk threads to make something other than what the kit was intended for. The Agecroft Sweet Bag is sweet (pardon the pun) but I would love to experiment with the silk threads on something smaller and work up to a larger project. I have very little experience with silk and no experience with gold thread at all!

    Thanks again for the great give away opportunity! BTW the RSN video was fascinating yesterday! Makes me want to relocate to the UK and take the 2 year course. HA!

  85. I would use the thread kit to embellish an Elizabethan coif. I’m in a re-enactment group and the kit would be perfect for the group’s Tudor Project that we are undertaking.

  86. My goodness, those threads are just gorgeous. I would not be making Agecroft Sweet Bag. I am a crazy quilter, and those threads would just be fabulous to work with on an “Under the Sea” quilt that I’m in the planning stages of right now. The colors certainly are Springy, but they would work very well with my Under the Sea scheme also.

  87. If I won the beautiful threads I would probably not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. It is beautiful but not something I would use and no one I know would care for it……no, I don’t know a lot of people who have an appreciation for the needlearts. I do, however, have many charts that this would work wonderfully for and it would be a thrill to work with these wonderful threads again. Thanks for the chance to win them.

    Brenda Schiesser

  88. At least I enjoyed viewing the spring colors if not the spring weather here in Illinois. Thanks for that. No, I would not use them for the Agecroft Sweet Bag. Don’t have a specific project in mind right now, but have been trying to incorporate more silk into my “comfort zone”, so would use them to that end.

  89. Oh my, this is just gorgeous thread!! If I were lucky enough to win, I’d use in in my collage work. I work with silks, velvets, brocade, etc., and these threads would be perfect for my embroidery work on the collages. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! Good luck finding your lost post!
    hugs, Sue K

  90. Mary – I would love to do the sweet bag as it is offered in the magazine and I’ll tell you why. I am just starting to really get into emboidery again after many years and find that I really need to do designs that I can refer to pictures or that have instructions to guide me. Then at some point I can deviate a little and let my own creativity take over. But if I try to start a design without that initial guidance I find I end up in a mess. This sweet bag thread is oh,so gorgeous and also not in my budget (if my husband has anything to say about it) – so I hope I win because it will give me a chance to work on something really special. I am studying to do First Person Interpretation of Betsy Ross at living history events and this would be a spendid thing to be working on while I am in costume – shadowing my instructor.

    Mary Ann Kronk
    the Nacient Needle

  91. Awesome packet of threads – I would probably create the most perfect project to do with those gorgeous colors. I have lots of projects to get done and these would make some of my choices so much easier. Thanks you for this wonderful opportunity. Judy C

  92. I would use the threads first for the Agecroft Sweet Bag–but, knowing how much thread there is, especially on the 371 gold–there are many, many other things on my to-do list, my wish list, my fantasy list, and my in-my-next-life list.


  93. Hi,

    I would love to win these fibers, I would certainly make the Agecroft Sweet bag. When I received that issue I was studying the bag. It is beautiful, The colors are beautiful, and I love to work with silk……..

    Cheryl H

  94. I think those threads are simply gorgeous. I am working on a stained glass window design from an old synagogue in Eastern Europe to give my husband for his 50th birthday in September. I think these threads would make it sparkle and add just the right highlights to my piece.

  95. Dear Mary,
    Silk threads- oh my goodness! What an incredible giveaway! I LOVE sweet bags and have always wanted to slow down long enough to find a pattern and begin. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to do just that- thank you very much!
    Have a lovely Easter- and may the sun come out again soon!
    Peg in NJ

  96. Yes, yes, yes, I would use these gorgeous threads to make the Agecroft Sweet Bag! Thank you, Mary, for this Easter gift to your readers! Sending you a bag of sunshine from the SE of France…

    Sharon in France

  97. I love the look of these threads. I will not be making the bag but would use these threads for another purpose. I am recreating and/or mending many of the vestments and other church clothes that our Priests use at Mass. They have many old vestments from various churches in Europe and Italy and I am working to restore them. I have a hard time finding silk and gold threads for this work and therefore, these would be excellent for the task at hand. Happy Easter to you and your readers.

  98. Oh yes I will embroider the agecroft bag, and use them for other embroidery.
    You give us with you blog the chance to go farther and try new stitches and projects.
    any thanks. Have a good day. Clau

  99. WOW! the thread is almost to beautiful to use. Maybe place them in a clear vase for display…I can think of several projects, cross stitch, and embroidery, and to add a bit of bling to my suits I am stitching. Endless, the possibilities are endless!

  100. I don’t have the pattern for the Agecroft sweet Bag so I would use the threads for one of the sweet bags featured in the Inspirations magazine which I have long wanted to stitch.

  101. Good morning! I haven’t entered before but this was right up my alley. I have been working on Celtic and Norse designs and thought these supplies would be perfect for that. Alas when I looked at the kit I thought the bag would be great for the SCA group I am part of. Could be a great edition to my rapier garb! Now I can daydream about both. Perhaps make the kit and use leftovers for my next medieval piece! Hmm…

  102. I would love to win this kit and would make the bag and use all the leftover threads in other projects.

    Thanks for the goodies.

  103. Gloomy in Kansas and Glooooomy in Michigan with snow and ice to boot! But your prize is sunshine in an email! Oh, I just have to enter. First, I would need to go visit all your places to try and learn as much as I could about the technique and practice and then yes, I do believe I would make that stinkin’ cute project for just lookin’ at! Those are mouth watering colors that make me ache for spring to sprung already. I shall hope the lucky machine picks me but if not I will extend my congrats to the winner! Thanks for the Easter Present of Hope! May you too have a lovely day with you and yours.

    Chris Beresford from Clarkston, MI

  104. That pack is simply gorgeous! Those threads would go so beautifully with the sari silk ribbons and fabric scraps I am using at the moment – I have recently discovered hand pieced crazy quilting and fabric embellishment! They can be used for embroidery, needle lace, trims and braids, fine lace crochet and woven embellishments, and the spangles are a perfect match for the bits of brocade that come on the end of the sari ribbons. I can just imagine how they would feel running through my fingers as I sew! It would be a match made in textile heaven! I’m sure whoever wins them will appreciate them as much as I would. Thank you for offering them.
    cheers, Caroline

  105. The bag is very nice with lots of learning opportunities, so I would strongly consider stitching it. But hopefully, there would be enough thread left for another project. The Ashcroft bag doesn’t particularly look like a big thread eater. Thanks for the opportunity to win this set of threads.

  106. After finding your web site off another site I shared it with my daughters they both found it very helpful watching the videos and your helpful tips. I am sure between the 3 of us we would put to good use the beautiful thread.

    Have a nice Easter

  107. Hi Mary!!! I would love to win this!! I think I would first make up that lovely Agecroft sweet bag and use the leftovers for something I would design! The colors are so lucious!! Thanks again!
    Linda Mc Loughlin

  108. No I probably will not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag.

    I love getting your emails. They are enjoyable and very informative. Emboridery was the first thing my mother taught me when I was a little girl and she instilled in me a love for sewing as well. My mom could do anything from crochet, knitting, emborodery, crewel and sewing anything. She made a lot of mine and my siblings clothes as well as our childrens. My daughter received her first sewing machine from my mother when she was 7 and after my mother passed away in 1992, my dauhter was 8 years old and we made a memory quilt from scraps of fabric of clothes that were made for both of them. Such a wonderful memory piece. We have several of her crewel projects framed and hanging on our walls. Sorry to go on so. Thank you again for your emails.

  109. Hi,
    Thanks once again for running a very generous giveaway ….. you are spoiling us!

    I wouldn’t use the thread for the Sweet Bag but only because I don’t know of anywhere in the UK that sells it.

    I have been experimenting with Spirograph patterns and I think I would use it for that.

  110. OHOHOH I would so love to get my hands on that silk. I bought the thread kit for the jacket when it was in the January sale at hedgehogs. am wanting to do something with it.I don’t want to waste it without a pattern to go by.This would be great because there is a pattern to go with this one. I would definitely do the sweet bag to get my feet wet with silk.

  111. What a glorious gift the thread would be. I would use it for something that I already have. I’m in a, finish the ‘stuff’ you already have mode. There is nothing that I have that wouldn’t be dramatically more beautiful with this packet of threads.

  112. I do want to make the sweet bag. I have always wanted a small and pretty bag I could use when I am dressed up in a simple black dress.

  113. I would probably use these beautiful silks on a rooster project. I have a pattern a I downloaded from your website months ago. This would be perfect for that pattern.
    I am coo coo for Roosters and chickens!
    Thanks for such a wonderful website!

  114. If I won the silk and gold thread threads, I would use them for embroidering on my crazy quilt. I love crazy quilting because the options are endless, as are the types of thread that can be used. These would be perfect.

  115. Hi Mary!
    Happy Easter!
    I love the colors of the threads, but nope I wouldn’t make the bag. My delight is surface embellishment of my weaving. Amazingly enough, the fabric on my loom would work perfectly with the threads you are giving away. I will use them to embroider and enhance the weaving (which will become a jacket eventually).
    Thank you for this opportunity to try the fabulous threads!
    Helen B of CO

  116. Hello Mary,

    It’s midnight here in Shepparton, Australia, but I can’t go to bed without entering your competition – like you I looooove silk!! Thanks so much for offering this thread kit, which I have been lusting after ever since you first mentioned it…

    I won’t make the bag if I win; I’m fairly new to needle arts, and I am trying to build up a stash of gorgeous threads without completely beggaring myself!

    I totally love your website, and blog, thanks for sharing the love… I’d like to return the favour with links to a couple of sites dear to me: http://www.johnstoncollection.org (read about the Christmas Tour – the Shepparton Creative Textile Group is decorating the Yellow Room this year, so eexciting!!), and http://www.atasda.org.au/maharajahs-garden.htm – the contents of the Saffron suitcase are on display here in Shepp at the moment.

    Have a lovely Easter, Mary, thanks again for the giveaway 🙂 Judith

  117. Hi Mary–

    Thanks for another wonderful giveaway!

    I think that I would probably not use these for the Agecroft bag, but would use them for another project similar in style.

    I have in my head a sweet bag with stumpwork on it, and these colors fit nicely with the color scheme my brain has created.

    Carol S.

  118. I wouldn’t do the bag but i would use the threads for many other projects!!!

    caroline D Québec

  119. Beautiful threads! I would use them in my Crazy Quilting. I do love the sweet bag, but don’t have the magazine for the directions.

  120. Well Mary, since I don’t have the supplies or instructions for the complete bag, I would use them in embroidery work on a crazy patch item! The threads look beautiful in the picture! Oh and for your information, I find I too delete work or mail from my computer by mistake!
    Have a Blessed Easter!

  121. Yes, I would use the threads for the Agecroft Sweet Bag: it looks like a lovely project, unlike anything I’ve tried before, and I’m up for a challenge!
    Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the draw!

  122. If I won I would use the threads for other projects. The problem would be which project. Access Commodies items are soooo nice. The silks etc. really upgrade any project

  123. I think I’d use the silks for a magical themed design – fairies in floaty silk dresses and gossamer gold tipped wings calls to me! Of course, there would HAVE to be spangles everywhere – in the fiaires’ hair, on their dressesa ndw ings, and in the sky as well!
    I’d also have to have some delicate flowers.
    I already hav some gorgeous pale blue sky-like fabric that’s just waiting for inspiration to hit me – and I think you’ve got me there now, Mary!

    I have a chart for some blackwork dragons that I’d love to stitch in brightly coloured metallics, so I think the two ideas could work well alongside each other – the soft sumptuous fairies, and the spiky, brash (but still friendly) dragons.
    After all, isn’t that what the magic of stitching is all about?
    Maureen (in the unseasonably warm UK)

  124. If I won the silk threads, I would definitely make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I am a member of a small EGA Guild in norther Idaho. We admired the bag and thought it might be a good project for our group. I would like to make the bag up and see if it can work into our curriculum.

  125. I don’t have the pattern for the Agecroft Sweet Bag, so I would use the thread for another project. Which project? I won’t be able to decide that until I fondle those wonderful threads! Pam in IL

  126. Gloomy day in Boston as well. Those colors are absolutely luscious – looks like the perfect Easter basket!

  127. Mary ~

    This is almost irresistible. I remember seeing the post a few days ago that featured the Agecroft Sweet Bag Kit and lusting after those threads! I just finished another project and I have been thinking the colors and design pattern in the sweet bag piece would be absolutely gorgeous as a framed and matted piece. I have a dear friend who will be celebrating a special birthday soon. But I wonder, could I part with it once I was done?? Hmmmm. 😉 Thanks for offering this generous giveaway!

  128. hi, I would like to be entered in your contest. No, I would not make the bag for the simple reason that I have so many other projects to finish, I do not want another project. hehehehe

  129. Oh my gosh – what beautiful colors!! Makes my fingers itch just looking at them. I would check out the “Sweet Bag” pattern, but would probably use the silk threads for another project.

  130. Oh my, those threads are beautiful….I don’t think I would make the Agecroft Bag but I’m sure I would come up with something very nice!

  131. Absolutely to make the the Sweet Bag!!! Small bags, small boxes and small bowls are my delight!

  132. Thank you Mary for these wonderful give-aways! It’s always fun to try! I would do the Agecroft Sweet Bag with these threads just to try them out. I am currently making an Elizabethan dress that requires some designs like this on the bodice so this would be a great way for me to learn how to do it and then have the bag to with the dress when all is finished. Keep up the great work!

    Hugs! Sue

  133. Mary,
    Thank you for your blog.
    I would love to stitch the sweet bag. I can also think of quite a few other uses for those threads. They are so beautiful!

  134. If I were fortunate enough to win the silk/gold threads, I’d plan to make the sweet bag but I’d probably just treasure the threads for a while knowing I had a project for them.
    Marlene S

  135. Hi!!

    The Sweet Bag is really not my cup of tea, so if I were to win I would most likely do one of the designs from “Lily’s Legacy”. They are really great!

    Thanks and have a great Easter!

  136. What a generous woman you are! I wouldn’t make the sweet bag because I’ve got a spot on my wall for a piece that I’ve been looking at for several months, contemplating colors, stitches, etc. That’s what I’d do with this bag o’beauty.

  137. Oh I would use them in several project. I am working on some Christmas decorations that would be perfect for some of these. And then I have a lot of other projects that I would like to try these on, some with butterflies/flowers, dragonflies/flowers and others.

  138. Dear Mary,

    It takes special people to turn a “things are not going my way” and dreary day into a day to do something beautiful for someone else. Thank you for your generosity again.

    I had already planned to get a copy of the issue with the sweetbag instructions for a future project. If I should win the threads, I will not have to wait until I can put enough money aside to get them to begin the project. It will be like Christmas at Easter to me!

    May your Easter be blessed, Mary.

    Doris H Huston

  139. I would stitch the most glorious gold encrusted coelacanth, a ‘living fossil’ fish. The gold spangles would be a smattering of scales. The fish body would be in the blues and greens.


  140. I wouldn’t make the sweet bag… I would use the threads for a fabric photo album that i am in the process of designing…..

    amehdiyah-from the dunes of dubai…

  141. I am passionate about learning Goldwork and thread painting……….but not for a sweet bag. I would take a pattern off your site and use the threads for something fabulous for my daughter who is a very special person

  142. Mary the rain is falling here in the valley in Nova Scotia today so I am looking for ” your ” sunshine as well. If I were fortunate enough to win the threads I would attempt to make the “sweet treat ” bag and use it as a bag to hold something very special.

    Thank-you for your generoisity of giving, not only material items, but your talents.

  143. I will probably make the sweet bag pattern but might put it onto a slightly larger bag. The threads are lovely and the sparkles just add to the smile on my face!

  144. Hi Mary! I would like to enter your drawing! I would probably use the threads for a different project; I really enjoy all the counted thread embroideries more than surface…at least for now! BTW, where do you live in Kansas? I am a Kansan too.

  145. I have been loooking at he bag in Needle Arts and if I had the threads I will do it. However, without the threads I do not think I will.

  146. What would I do with this give-a-way if I won it: Simple… make the bag, learn a bit of gold work using the materials on hand, and create other beautiful projects.

    (taking a deep breath as it wasn’t so hard to answer after all)

  147. Thanks for the new give-away, Mary. I belong to EGA, so have already read through all the instructions for this little Elizabethan Project. I’m not sure I would do exactly this design….although I might incorporate it into a sweetbag I’ve been wanting to make for some time. I love Susan O’Conner’s sweetbags in Inspirations.

    So good luck finding your lost post and have a great day!

  148. Hi Mary,
    I would love to have the thread kit,I have now watched the RSN video 5 times and have the desire to try gold work in the worst way…. Besides that, I generally am in love with thread.( ok, I am having an affair with thread)
    I was thinking that I could create and stitch a family crest. I tried to submit before , but it said that there was an error so if you get two it is me again… I can’t think of a better treat from the Easter Bunny…. Cathie Bridwell

  149. I love thread and yarn and spangles. I would probably modify the design – I always do. I get tingly thinking of stitching like the lady of leisure in olden days.

  150. I would love to win the silk threads. I probably would use them in a crazy quilt project. Unfortunately, the area I live in does not provide easy access to silk threads. Thank you for your wonderful, informative blog. Reading it brings pleasure to each day.

  151. If I win the Sweet Bag Thread Kit, I would probably use the thread to make embroidered squares to make a quilt out of for my guest room. I have been wanting to make a quilt for the bed in there anyway.

    Debbie Jennings
    P.S. Love your site and emails.

  152. We’ve just started a Sweet Bag project. And I have been searching the www to find any information I could find about Sweet Bags. And there is so much info to find. This Agecroft bag was the one we all fell in love with. As I am a member of the Embroiderers Guild of America I have the magazine and that magazine has been read a lot. So we will start with this one.

  153. Mary, such nice colors of rainbow. You brought the sunshine in Washington state with your give away. Please, sign me up, I will be happy to participate in it. If I win this gorgeous set of silk I will do a Sweet Bag and use the left over for my miniatures projects. Thank you, Natalia

  154. Oooh..aren’t those just gorgeous! I honestly don’t think I would make the bag. I would probably just hoard that gorgeous thread until just the right project came along. 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance to win some!

  155. Thank you Mary–for posting this give-away! What a delightful prize, but the answer to your question is sort of like a New Years Resolution that few can keep!! I would l-o-v-e to make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. Why else would I already own similar projects by Jane Zimmerman & Chris Berry? Both partly worked & in need of silk/spangle time. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep–but–you’ve reawakened me & I’ve excavated the JZ & CB kits so even if I don’t win, I’ll have plenty to keep me occupied in the Tudor style. If I do win, I will turn the thread pack into a program for my EGA chapter; members would work a flower of choice. We did the Fantasy Flowers last year & this would kick it up a notch. Bam!

  156. What a great give away! I would love to win the kit to make as a gift for a bag-collecting friend. The Agecroft kit looks like a fun, different direction for me. I tend to stitch more when I get inspiration for staring at what I’m using and stitching. Any left over threads would be used in my lacemaking and embroidery creations. I love to put together palettes of thread and see what I come up with!

  157. I would love the opportunity to use the silk and gold thread. I would definitely make the Agecroft Sweet bag. Thank you for your generosity.

    Belle Gallay

  158. Would love to win this thread. I like the bag, but I have a special “friendship” block that I want to do and these colors would be perfect for it so I would try to do both!

  159. Good morning Mary,

    Thank you for another generous giveaway. I would use these beautiful silks for a light, airy project combined with gold work.

    Have a blessed Easter!
    Joanna Maria

  160. Yes I would complete the bag and this would be a great Birthday Surprise/win… my Birthday is on the 22nd!
    Love all your give aways! Angie

  161. Ouch, good luck with finding the blog post!
    And thank you for so many very generous giveaways!
    I wouldn’t do the sweet bag; it looks a little higher grade for me at the moment 🙂 But oh my those colours!
    Thank you again
    Tessa from Stellenbosch

  162. Hi Mary,

    I would like to add my name into the draw for the Easter Give Away silk and gold thread kit.
    I would definetly stitch the Agecroft Sweet Bag. It would be a gift bag for my Granddaughter’s birthday gift, as well as being a stitching gift to her. She is young but loves to stitch already and the sweet bag would be quite special.

  163. Hi Mary,

    I wouldn’t make the sweet bag but something for spring. Thank you for your kind generosity.

    Camille Agnes

  164. Dear Mary, When I first saw the Agecroft Sweetbag I went straight to Inspirations magazine (Country Bumpkin, South Australia) to look at Susan O’Connors’ Elizabethan Sweet Bag. There is one in Issue 36 but Issue 51 p32 has ‘Flowers for Elizabeth’ in all its golden glory. This is my project. I am lucky because the shop is close by with Susan O’Connor & others able to help me with this dream. Especially as my initial is “S” for strawberries monogram on the back. The gold from Agecroft would enhance the project along with the necessary Elizabethan gold spangles. If not Issue 52 has even more delights from page 54. Thank you for showing the world another wonderful silk and gold resource. With best wishes to all for this opportunity.
    Susan Sampson (Sth Aust)

  165. Well, I didn’t know what the Agecroft Sweet Bag was at first and was drooling with other ideas but now that I followed that link and saw the bag…it’s very tempting. I actually wanted to do some other stitching, possibly even tatting with it, but gosh…it will probably depend on my mood at any particular time. Ha! How’s that for vagueness?

  166. Beautiful! I’ve been wanting to try out some new types of thread and this would be a new one for me. I think I would make the sweet bag, since it would be my first time working with silk and gold threads. Plus, my husband and I are both historians so that aspect intrigues me (I had never heard of a “sweet bag” until now).

  167. What a delicious package of threads and sparkles! If I win them, I will use them to embellish several projects, always thinking about your generosity as I do so.

  168. These threads look SO beautiful. However, I don’t really like the bag they are for. I’m getting ready to make a notions kit for all my ‘good’ stuff I use. Since I live in South Texas, I have ready access to some wonderful hand made baskets. Using this thread to do the top of a basket would be wonderful. Now for the design….

  169. I have just tried needle punch and wonder would these threads work for that? I love silk and the colors are yummy.

  170. after being sick for the last two months, I am excited about getting into new projects.and these threadse just darling.

  171. Hi Mary- thanks for another great giveaway. Although I like the sweetbag, those colors just scream out to be used as a landscape. I’m thinking somewhere between an impressionistic and an abstract “painting” with the blues as the sky, and those lovely greens and golds as a field, the dark reds as a focal point (flowers, barn, person?)…

  172. I would not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag but I would love to add these lovely threads to my collection for some future project.

  173. Hi Mary,

    You are being very bountiful this month! These threads just look so beautiful…

    I think I would like to stitch something for my friend to hang in her brand new kitchen. She has been so supportive and kind over the years and I would love to show her my appreciation. She really loves bright, cheery colours, so I am sure I could find something fitting to stitch with these threads.

    I am feeling lucky this week, crossing my fingers that the number generator chooses me!

    Fiona – Bakers Hill, Western Australia

  174. I would love to win the set of wonderful threads and embellishments, but not to do the Sweet Bag. I try to do Easter themed ornaments every year in needlepoint, and these lovely colors just cry to be worked into eggs and bunnies and flowers!

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  175. There’s nothing lovelier than silk and gold. Those threads look very pretty. Thanks for the chance to win the kit!

    I doubt I’d follow the project because I rarely do when I buy kits. Actually, I’d probably embroider som brooches or pendants. Partially because I haven’t do any other type of embroidery than bead embroidery since I was a kid so I sounds wise to start with small projects, learning all the basic stitches again.

  176. Yes I would make the agecroft sweet bag. It’s so pretty. I love your site. I have learned alot from your how to videos. I teach children how to hand sew. I will teach them a easy embroidery Pattern. Thank you for your free patterns.
    Linda Reilly

  177. What beautiful threads, I’ve always fancied trying to sew with silks. I’d make something else as I don’t have that pattern and I like very modern embroidery.

  178. Hi Mary –

    I would use the threads to embellish a wonderful piece of fabric I have using different decorative stitches. I would then
    have the piece framed. I would probably give it for a gift.

    Jan B. in Florida

  179. If I win I would do the Sweet Bag project — it would be my second time working with silk, and I’m not all that confident yet. Thanks for all the generous give-aways.

  180. I would use this beautiful set to embroider the Resurrection Icon. I am collecting beautiful silks right now for this and another icon I am getting ready to embroider. Thanks for the Give away.

  181. Beautiful colors and I’ve never used silk thread before – I would most likely experiment with my own design instead of making the Agecroft Sweet Bag. Thanks for the offer!

  182. What a lovely giveaway! Silk threads!! After a long time love of Crazy Quilting I have started to activly stitch crazy quilts. I have been told that silk threads are the most wonderful things to stitch with. The ease of use and the wonderful sheen they add to a project. If I were lucky enough to win these threads, I would certainly use them in my crazy quilting. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  183. Oh, oh, oh – I SO would LOVE to win this thread kit! I would like to stitch the sweet bag – I’ve always wanted to do one but just haven’t made that a priority, but if I could win this kit, I would have NO EXCUSE!

    Thanks for the fun contests! Happy Easter!

  184. I would use the silk to finish a chinese dragon i’m working on. That red looks awesome.

    And i’m always up for trying new threads!

  185. What gorgeous Spring colours as we enter into Winter – what a surprise that would bring – I would love to embroider a Spring wreath with golden bow

  186. Oh Mary Mary!,
    What a beautiful set of colors. I would surely use this set on a different project because I don’t have the one it was designed for. Thank you for thing of us again.
    Donna PCBeach

  187. Hi Mary:
    I would use the threads for something else down the road, and thanks for the opportunity to win.

  188. What gorgeous threads! I would love a chance to win them. I would not stitch the sweetbag, but would rather use them for some Spring project from my stash.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. I’m making a present for a friend and these threads would certainly make a difference. Would absolutely love to win this. Thx.

  190. Isn’t this thread gorgeous! No, I would not make the bag. I am sure I would use it in crazy quilt, or embellishing a blouse.

    happy Easter and thanks for the chance to win.

  191. Hi Mary!  It’s Betsy from Bryn Mawr. The thread kit is stunning!  Looks like Trebizond to me. It is a scrumptious silk. 

    Did you know it can (very carefully) be plied and then stitched using a laying tool? I learned this at an embellishment class. I also learned that Trebizond was part of the ancient silk trade route; hence the name.  Additional information is that Trebizond is the same silk used in Hermes scarfs. Tres chic!

    In 2001 I got my hand caught in the blades of a ceiling fan (ouch!).  Since then, repairing my hand injuries has been like a piece of needlework — a work in progress!!!  Although I’ve had 10 hand and elbow surgeries I have continued stitching between surgeries. Actually my hand therapist said stitching helps strengthen some muscles!  When I learned I would be permanently disabled from this and other orthopaedic injuries,  I vowed I would not give up stitching or my Needlepoint group.   My stitching is now limited and larger projects take much longer to complete. However, adversity can also bring creativity, so — I have discovered and created lots of smaller projects. My favorite at the moment is box tops.  Small areas of stitching which I then insert into the top of a leather jewelry case, small purse or wooden trinket box. These projects are “jewels” of needlework. Metallics and blending filament work well to add some sparkle. They range in size from 1″x1″ to 3×3 to 4×6. I have also used some to mount on high end paper stock and make cards.  Friends LOVE to receive these small pieces as gifts. 
    This is how I would use the kit of threads. 

    These projects are small enough for me to complete and have helped me to  develop new skills.  They give me a great sense of accomplishment and enable me to keep stitching. The key is to use the most beautiful threads I can find!

    Your daily newsletter is also a special treat. I look forward to it each day!  Thanks for all you do to keep stitching thriving!  

    Happy Easter!


  192. I am so new to embroidery that I do not own any silk or gold thread, yet. If I win, I will try the Sweet Bag…it looks like fun.

    Thanks for the awesome newsletter and great give-aways!

  193. Hi Mary,

    I would use the threads for something other than the sweet bag. Most likely I would use the threads(oh so beautiful)for wedding gift. I just finished the sketch– a mandala of sorts, a bit of Jerusalem surrounded by 5 hills and rings of stylized olive trees, grape vines, and local plants. This would be a beautiful palate. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ninadora from New York

  194. I *might* make the sweet bag, but only after much practice! I’d love to get comfortable with these threads–they are very different from what I usually use.

  195. As a member of EGA, I received the magazine with the Sweet Bag on the cover. I immediately put it on my list of projects, to do, but it was way down the list since I didn’t have the supplies in house. If I had them, it would move way up to near the top of the list! I’d use the leftover threads on other smaller projects!

  196. Hi Mary,

    This is such a gorgeous color palette, I think I’d just set this rainbow of color and texture out to admire for a long while, as I search for the perfect design to do the colors justice, and then start my first attempt at goldwork 🙂

    Thank you once again for your generosity, and have a Happy Easter!

    Cathy, embroidering a little red French Bunny for my grandson for Easter in Pennsylvania

  197. This is just what I’ve been wanting. We will be stitching the Agecroft Sweet Bag at our EGA group’s May meeting. The project looks like a real challenge for me but I will have lots of help from the ladies taking the class.

    Thanks for this opportunity Mary.

  198. Hi Mary,
    I’d love to win these threads, which I would use to make Ruth Chamberlin’s beautiful goldwork sampler.
    Fingers crossed!
    Happy Easter!

  199. Love those beautiful silk threads! If I win, I’ll be using them in another project. Thanks for the giveaway.

  200. I love silk thread as well. I probably would use the threads in a different project. I am not good at finishing kits!

    Love your website.

  201. Good morning Mary ~ What lovely colors and how nice of Access Commodities to send a treasure of threads for you to give to one of your lucky readers – I do hope it is me. I would use it on other projects, probably a few projects. The silk is another medium to bring into a piece for added texture and high lights. Thank you
    Sharon in Modesto

  202. What a lucious gift! I embroider and love the samplers and vintage patterns the very most…I just think these choices would be wonderful to work with as well as look at.

    Thank you,

  203. Dear Mary,
    Those threads are glorious in colour. I would use them for an embroidery pattern called “Celtic Stems” designed by Kelly Fletcher.
    Ruth Ann W in London,Ontario

  204. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dear Mary

    Thanks you so much for another lovely giveaway prise. What I would do with the threads? there are so many options……..
    I wouldn’t necessarily use the threads for the kit bag but for future projects I would use the silk thread for Church embroidery such as various Crosses I would use the gold for IHS or religious icons. Or the silks for creating lovely Christening pillows, or the gold thread on silk for bible covers. I would use both the silk thread and gold thread for future needlepainting to create flowers, animals or even lovely birthday/christmas cards…… the options are endless…………. and maybe later to create lovely tapestry work, oh to be a fully fledged, competent embroidery stitcher…………

    again thanks for the giveaway

    Anita Simmance London

  205. Hello Mary, and Easter blessings to you and your family. If I win the Agecroft bag, I will use if for it’s intended purpose as a gift for my granddaughter, Kathleen, to carry when she makes her First Holy Communin next spring.

  206. Thats a tuff one, I’m into historicdresses, so the sweetbag, would be nice. But I know my self so I would proberly use them to embelish a dress. Currently I have a medieval, a renaissance and a 1890 dress coming into existens.
    best wishes for easter for every one, and fingers crossed

  207. As a beginner, I would be utilizing the threads to hone my struggling abilities. All the best (I really mean chocolate) to you this coming Easter Mary!!

  208. I am a member of EGA so I have the pattern and I would make the bag,

    Elaine in New Mexico

  209. Mary, I already have the magazine and just waiting for dollars to order the threads. I will do the Sweet Bag even if I don’t win. It would be much nicer if I should win. The colors are so vivid, which makes it a perfect project to do waiting for winter to be over with (even though its April…we had snow yesterday!) Your generosity is amazing! Thank you.
    Cathy S, Remus MI

  210. I am a beginner at embroidery and have practicing with ordinary thread (actually whatever will fit through a needle eye) and I believe I am ready for the good stuff. I would probably design my own project, something with flowers as is the time of year. I will use it sparingly and on special projects because it is very nice thread. Thank you, Paula in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

  211. Hi Mary,
    I have been “sew” blessed to have found your web site.
    Using traditional skills of my grandmothers, I create hearloom Teddy bears from treasured garments. I hand sew the bears and embroider on the belly and pads.
    The agecroft sweet bag is beautiful, I love the traditional embroidery but I would love to work the pattren onto a teddy bear.
    Mary, Thank you for doing what you do for others. God bless

  212. What a lovely collection of thread. Like you, I simply adore silk threads but have never tried these before. What would I use them for? Probably on my Crazy Quilt casket pall.

  213. Hi Mary,
    Such a beautiful giveaway kit! I need to wear a bib just to look at those luscious colors. To answer the question, I think I would adapt the Agecroft Sweet Bag design to make a journal cover. Happy Spring to you!

  214. I would love to use those beautiful threads to embellish the album cover I am making to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this coming May 6th. We did not have a fancy wedding ( Justice of the Peace in our friend’s living room), but 25 years later I am making a fancy album to celebrate 25 years together.

  215. Hi! Yup, put me in for this one.

    I doubt I’d make the sweet bag as the design isn’t really my thing, although I might use ideas from it as inspiration. I think the threads (which I’m not in the least likely to win!!!) would find themselves used in a variety of small projects, from embroideries to be mounted in cards, through bookmarks to pictures etc.

  216. Would not do the bag as I am not a crewel person. Probably would just drool over the gorgeous threads for a few days or weeks while waiting for an inspiration. When the idea hits…just watch me roar.

  217. I bought my first two books on embroidery. After reading the comments about the use of these threads for crazy quilts that is what I feel a passion for doing – the quilts are so beautiful I couldn’t resist buying a book about them. It seems to me they would fit in with your scheme of fifteen projects as you can work a small piece by piece since each is separate and unique – although I realize at that rate it may take FOREVER. But that’s OK!

  218. Hi Mary! Sorry you lost your post. I hate it when my fingers are faster than my brain!

    If I win the kit, I would make the sweet bag. My daughter is getting married next summer (2012) and it would make a perfect bag to put a necklace and/or bracelet in for her!

    Hope the sunshine returns soon!

  219. Ooh, pretty! I probably wouldn’t make the Sweet Pea bag – it’s very pretty, but there are other styles I like better. Maybe an ecclesiastical design involving some soft flowers.

  220. I would make the bag. I have a DD that loves period clothing and I could see her using the bag. Might keep it for myself though!

  221. Hello, Mary!

    I would definitely love to try making the sweetbag, although I just got a lovely piece of silk fabric that would look lovely with some of those Hungarian designs that you have been posting lately.



  222. Whoa Mary!…the threads look yummy! I would definately use them for florals on a quilt top. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  223. Hi Mary!

    I’m answering because I really like those thread and I never used silk beside those of DMC. Don’t consider my answer for the give away please but I really don’t like kits. I prefer to do things that I imagine with draws that I look in books with threads that it seams to combine. I certainly use those threads for something instead of the kit!

  224. I have been admiring the bag on the front cover of my EGA Needlearts and would definitely use the kit to make it. It’s so generous of you to offer it – thanks for the opportunity Mary and Happy Easter!


  225. Hi Mary,

    I’m trying to be sorry you accidentally deleted today’s article. But since I’ve been lusting after those threads since your review of the kit, I just can’t quite manage it!

    Were I to win those luscious threads, I would use them to embellish the neckline of a tunic I am working on. They might also be used on the cuffs and vents.

    Thanks again for the terrific website and wonderful give-aways.


  226. Another generous give-away! Thank you! I wouldn’t make the sweet bag, but i am inspired to make something silky and spangly!

  227. hi Mary, this is Again a wonderful give-away!And it would fit perfect to my renaissance-gown…so the question, if I would make this sweet-bag is answered: of course, I would!

  228. This little kit is so very lovely, I have to thank you for the opportunity of seeing it. This is the sort of thing that enriches our lives, that quickens the pulse. I would dearly love to make this, and should I be so lucky as to win, will be happy to send you a photo of the completed bag.

    Your daily letter is one of the joys of my life.

  229. I would love to have this set as I am planning to do this project.
    Thank you Mary, for all your generosity and for your wonderful blog.

  230. Ciao Maria, auguro Buona Pasqua anche a te! Grazie per l’opportunità di vincere questi fili di seta, sono bellissimi! Io però non so quando e dove li userei, molto probabilmente per il punto croce, di cui sono appassionata. Bacioni

  231. I am ready to try finer threads. I’m about ready to finish a Redwork Sampler. I read the directions in the EGA magazine and would love to try this project.
    Caroline Weber- So Calif.

  232. scusami, forse dovevo mettere anche il cognome? Non è che il traduttore fa bene la sua parte….

  233. I would share them with my wonderful friend who got me started on embroidery by giving me a “kit” that she drew herself that included needle and threads. Ever since then I’ve been hooked!

  234. I would definitely love to make the sweet bag. The colors caught my eye as soon as the issue arrived. Thanks for making this possible and fun!

  235. Hi Mary .. oooo I would love the chance to stitch that bag and learn new stitches as well to boot :)the silks look very scrummy :)and would love the chance to win ): many thanks love mouse xxxx

  236. Oh yes please! What gorgeous threads! I would love to have the opportunity to work with these. And would probably make the sweet bag, as I’ve been coveting it ever since seeing it in the EGA magazine.
    MFurman in California

  237. I would love to make the Agecroft sweet bag – I am facing the empty nest syndrome and have resumed my pre-Child hobbies. I haven’t had an embroidery project in quite a while – Bring it on!

  238. Don’t feel alone, Mary … it’s raining and thundering here outside of Chicago, too!! I love rainy days, though. I would use the threads for various cross stitch projects. But you have me thinking about what else I could use them for …. have a good crafting day! Thanks!

  239. Hi Mary,
    I’m new to your site and have been enjoying your posts each morning as I start my day. I was captivated by the Agecroft Sweet Bag when I read about it in your earlier post. I have a fondness for medieval needlework and would love to try this project, which is what I will do if I am the lucky winner. Also, I’ve never worked with silks (and dare I say…spangles!) and would enjoy the opportunity to try something new…expand my horizons.

  240. I would love the chance to win the thread kit. I probaby would not make the sweet bag, rather I would more likely experiment with the gold threads for now. I had the opportunity to see the CBS Sunday morning piece on the RSN and would love to have a hand at trying it.

  241. I want to make some new vestments or furnishings for our church. These threads would be perfect for that. Thank you for making such a wonderful offer. Best of luck to all who enter.

  242. I would probably try something simple and quick since I have never used silk or metal threads for embroidery before.

  243. These are such lovely threads. Sorry to disappoint anyone but I would use them for a wall hanging. I’m not not a huge fan of bags. It’s nothing personal against the Agecroft Sweet Bag.

    Thank you for the opportunity of this give away.

  244. This just perfect bag of thread awesomeness is just what I need right now in my life. If I win I just might that bag or design my own using some of your free patterns! Thanks again for all the hard work you do! and I hope you find your MIA posting!

  245. Hi, Mary Happy Easter.

    Thank you for your generous give away. Should I win this I would probably spend an age merely admiring the beautiful silk threads. I would never do the Agecroft bag and would like to do another smaller project since I have never with silk like these.

  246. Oh my! Silks!

    If I won this thread pack, I would probably not make the bag but they would be used fairly quickly!


  247. Mary, Thank you for this lovely offer in a contest. I have your pattern for the rooster which would look gorgeous in all those colors but I also am very attracted to the Agecroft Sweet Bag. If I win, I my make both – ha! HAPPY EASTER MARY & ALL STITCHING FRIENDS!!! Missy Palmer

  248. Dear Mary,
    I look forward to your newsletter and have learned so much from reading them. I’m an avid needle-pointer and am just now finishing a series of three Ehrmann Klimt designs that I plan to frame. If I won these lovely kit, I would use the threads to embellish not only the Klimts but also my next project which is a counted needlepoint of a PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) dog surrounded by Spring flowers. We have two of these frisky, friendly, playful dogs and I will be honoring the joy they bring us. I’m also researching blackwork – thanks to your newsletter – and have a project in mind for that as well. Like many of us, I have more ideas and projects than time, but they are so much fun to think about! Thanks for all that you do for us!!

  249. Again Mary your generousity has no limits!
    An Elizabethan sweet bag is one of my next project, not exactly the EGA one, but similar.
    Love the colours!

  250. Thank you for another wonderful give away. I don’t think that I would use it for the bag, but wouldn’t it make some beautiful easter eggs!
    Look forward to seeing who wins and hope it’s me.
    Debby Parker
    Kalispell, MT

  251. These are lovely threads and I would first do a small sampler and then a sweet bag. It is so exciting to see this form of embroidery getting more and more attention! The last time that happened was 400 years ago! Thanks for your fantastic blog, Mary.

  252. What beautiful threads! I think I would use them on a sampler as I really love working samplers.

  253. Who doesn’t love silk and gold?
    I would like to make a sweet bag one day, but no I would not use these to make the Agecroft bag.

  254. Oh my, what an awesome giveaway-you are too good to us Mary.
    If I would be lucky enough to win, I would use these threads in my applique quilt projects, and also for embroidery in my sachets.
    thanks again Kathy living in the ozarks of Missouri

  255. The Agecroft Sweet Bag! The bag is stunning and if I won the threads it would be started in a jiffy.
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful giveaways.

  256. The threads would be used on specially designed smocked garments. Lovely colors! Thanks for the opportunity and your generosity! I’ve enjoyed reading the posts so far. What a talented group of stitchers! I’d love to see all their current projects!!

  257. I would love to win these silk threads and I would certainly use it to try my hand at the Sweet bag featured in EGA’s magazine.
    I love pretty threads and these are something that I would love to have.
    If I get in to trouble with the pattern/trchnique etc. , I am also fortunate to belong to an EGA chapter where any help that I would need with the instructions is readily available.

  258. I would love to win these silk threads and I would certainly use it to try my hand at the Sweet bag featured in EGA’s magazine.
    I love pretty threads and these are something that I would love to have.
    If I get in to trouble with the pattern/technique etc. , I am also fortunate to belong to an EGA chapter where any help that I would need with the instructions is readily available.
    Thank you for this opportunity and sharing.

  259. It is drizzly and foggy in California, Mary! Thank you for the generous opportunity to enter your giveaway. (A little sunshine for me, too.) I think would stitch my own design, still floral & foliage though and in specialty stitches.

  260. At 79, I’m always glad to get new threads that normally don’t fit into my Senior lower income. I’m sure I would find a project to do them justice, but probably not the Sweet Bag, although I loved it in the magazine. But everything in Inspirations make me want to make them. Please, please pick me !!!@

  261. I love threads… always have use for some new ones to add to the stash… I’m sure I’ll find something to do with them!

  262. Hi Mary,
    I am very new to silk shading and goldwork and I have been thoroughly enjoying your site – here in England we have very little in the way of equipment and resources, you are a God send! If I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous kit I would love to make it for my daughter who’s 8. Or I am planning to make her a bible cover for her first communion in June and it would look amazing in silk. It’s so hard to find silk thread in the UK and I was so inspired by the book cover you did for your niece that I would love to try and make one myself. Thank you for your all your work and wisdom and for sharing it with others.

  263. Hi, Mary. Thanks for the chance at winning yet another great giveaway.

    If I won this kit, I’d probably use it on other projects or maybe even design a project just for the use of the threads, etc.

    I like to order kits just for the materials because I find they are a more economical way of building stash and trying new materials. For example, I ordered the 17th Century Silk Thread Pallet for the Plimoth Jacket from Hedghog Handworks and have used the threads time and time again on different projects. Sometimes elements of any patterns included in kits I have purchased make their way into my own designs, like if I need a quick Paisley shape or something like that to make something else, I usually have one.

  264. I would use this thread to stitch you a sympathy note on the loss of your file. And maybe a death threat for Bill Gates. ;-P

    Seriously, I don’t know exactly what I’d do with it, but I’d love to explore working with gold. The bag, however, isn’t really my thing.

  265. Silly me, if I won them I would probably stare at them for a week, feel each texture and then decide what to do with them. I haven’t got past the adoring part.

  266. I think I would make something else. Not sure what yet, since I’m just getting started!

  267. Looks like there is enough thread to sew the Agecroft bag and also to use on my crazy quilt projects. Beautiful thread always gives a fabulous look on fabric. Thanks again for the wonderful gift.

  268. Hi Mary,

    WOW!! Another give away thank you so much! If I won the kit I would make a needlecase for myself instead of the bag.
    Have a happy Easter!
    Renetta M. from Taos NM

  269. My chapter is doing the Sweet Bag.
    I have Jane Zimmerman’s booklet The Art of Elizabethan Embroidery that I really have wanted to do and these threads would be perfect for that. I could stitch that piece while my chapter does the Sweet Bag. I have hesitated to tackle this, but with the help of the Sweet Bag instructions and other “heads,” I think now would be the time!

  270. Well, I probably wouldn’t do that project, but I can think of a good dozen others to use those beautiful silks on — and they would be historically based anyway 🙂

  271. Hi Mary,
    WOW another great give away.
    If I win I think I’d give a try to a little larger piece, something like the piece on the cover of the book “EXPLORING ELIZABETHAN EMBROIDERY”. Or then again since the style of Elizabethian embroidery reminds me of tradional crewel I might try mixing the two. I always find a mix of a little silk in with the wool really makes the piece pop.
    Thanks for your blog
    Elaine in WV

  272. Oh the sweet bag indeed. It is such a lovely design. I don’t know if I would make the actual bag, or something else with that design…a pillow perhaps. SUCH a lovely treasure of silk thread, gold thread and the itty bitty bottle of spangles.

  273. This is just beautiful. I would dearly LOVE to get this, I’d attempt to use them by making the bag..Ironically, no matter how it turned out actually, it would be beautiful. I have never attempted anything this gorgeous, but at 86 yrs old, I’m still trying!It would be a Fait Accompli!!!!
    Thank you so much for all the wonderrful work you are doing!

  274. Oh, to win would be marvelous. Should I by some strange stroke of luck win, I will most definitely stitch it. And when that is complete, I bet there is some sampler in my stash that will work up nicely in these gorgeous colors. Thank you, thank you!

  275. Hi Mary,
    I would definitely do the sweet bag. I have been looking at antique bags on the V&A and on the Thistle Threads websites. I have worked with silk threads and they are such a treat.

    Thanks for your website…just have to read it every day and you do so much for the needle arts! It is very, very appreciated.

  276. Thank you for offering giveaways, it’s always exciting to see what you have next!
    I think I would use them for another project…hope you find your lost post!

  277. I am new to your web site & have enjoyed it so much. I love to silk ribbon embroder and have just recently found you & supplies (hard to find in stores) and am so greatful that I have. I would incorporate the threads and very BEAUTIFUL colors into a clothing piece. I am a bling kind of gal. Thank you so much for sharing your time & knowledge in a news letter.
    A Greatful follower now .. God Bless

  278. Those threads are sooooo beautiful. I think I would probably use them for another project, but I would consider making the sweet bag

  279. Oh, wow. I don’t recall seeing that bag and I have no idea what I would put in it but I would definitely make it. (You know, after I get done starring happily at the greens in there. Green is my favourite colour.)

  280. Hi Mary,

    I would so TOTALLY use the threads for the Agecroft Sweet Bag featured in the EGA’s magazine. I loved it when I saw it. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this gift. Enjoy your day!
    Best wishes for a very Happy Easter.
    Sandie Feck

  281. Hmmm. Not sure. The sweet bag is interesting, and I know I have use for them as outfit accessories/gifts. But I have a real yen play with some of the gold/multicolor silk book bindings, circa 1540-1560 or so. The kit should be ample for a small one if I plan carefully. Thanks for making this opportunity available! k.

  282. Oh Mary!!
    I would love those threads. I’ve been stitching hand painted abstracts that I’ve sketched and dyed myself. Some of them are so nice, that I just KNOW the silks would make them perfect.
    BTW: I so enjoyed the posts of your students’ work last term. Could we see more of what they are doing this term??
    Ricky in Winnipeg

  283. No won’t do the sweet bag as don’t have the pattern but will add threads to my stash and use in some of my cross stitch projects and embroidery picture’s as want to have a go at the silk painting stuff.

    SuzyRed UK

  284. Hi Mary, I think I would defiently make the sweet bag. I have been wanting to for a long time now but a little nervous about it since I have never worked with the gold thread before but I would like to make the bag….thanks for the give a way..

  285. Thank you for having this contest. You are so kind, inspirational and giving!

    This particular set of supplies is for a set special project. Currently I am learning various Elizabethan Embroidery stitches and the overall goal is to make a Sweetbag. This kit is a perfect introduction to sweet bags. That is what I would use it for making an sweet bag maybe not the Agecroft Sweetbag this kit is designated for but definitely an embroidered sweetbag.

    Again I love this contest. Such a generosity! This is really great opportunity! To whomever gets this gracious gift I wish them much joy with their new treasure! Thank you!

  286. Recently I have expanded my hand applique to include wool and silk threads for embroidery embellishments. I would use this lovely thread for a new project I have in mind.

  287. I have a NP piece by Betty Chen Louis, which would utilize the silks and metals.

    Dee in Havertown

  288. I would love to make the Agecroft Sweet Bag
    using the beautiful silks you are so kindly
    offering as a giveaway.

    Pat S.

  289. I would probably not make the bag but I would certainly use it a project soon. I have never used silk threads. That I remember. Thank you!

  290. I am not sure what I would make. The colors are so lovely that I am sure I would sit for days staring at them, letting my imagination run wild with all the things I could use them for!

  291. If I were lucky enough to win these yummy silks, I’d probably make a variation of the Agecroft Sweet bag…and/or experiment a little with silk needlelace “clothing” for a 17th century inspired figure.

  292. Blessed Easter to you Mary!!!
    I would make the Sweet Bag because I am a beginner and I am trying to get all of the experience I can through kits and books. I am like a sponge soaking it all in and so excited about all of the different threads and embroidery techniques. Thank you for your website and for making all of us feel like you are a great friend.

  293. I am not sure if I would make the bag or not. I may try, I am not as skilled as many. I would certanily love to try the thread out. Love your newsletter and blog.

  294. The threads are really scrummy but I have already made a sweet bag so I would save them for some other special project in the future.

  295. Hi,

    Mary, you are so generous. I would love to embellish the dress for my son’s wedding.

    Si je gagnais ces magnifiques fils, je les utiliserais pour décorer l’encolure de la robe que je porterai au mariage de mon fils.

    Thank you Mary
    Happy Easter.
    Louise from Québec

  296. Hi Mary and Happy Easter.

    I would definitely use the threads for the Sweet Bag. I have one I purchased several years ago in Williamsburg, VA and I have never started to do the embroidery. These threads would certainly come in handy!

    Thanks for your continued generosity and wonderful blog.

    Colleen in Ohio

  297. I have been watching your blog lately and I really love these color combination s. I am new to embroidery so I don’t know if attempting the Agecroft Sweet Bag is at my level yet, but I would definitely give it a try. I want to teach my children embroidery and we are learning together. If we won and our sweet bag did not work we would use it for another bag of similar concept.

  298. Mary, you know, I think I would make the sweet bag. It was an item with a purpose.

    Such nice threads!! Love the colours and love your give-a-way.

    Linda Adam
    Ontario, Canada

  299. I would use the threads for the
    Agecroft Sweet Bag when I demonstate embroidery at the St. George Tucker House in Colonial Williamsburg.

  300. Mary, thank you for offering such beautiful threads as a giveaway! If I were to win these, they would be used in some Crazy Quilt blocks I am working on to be made into a CQ quilt going to Sendai, Japan to help raise funds for the recovery of that country. Thank you!

  301. Oh, if I win, I would relish the search for a lovely project, and then throw myself body and soul into it!

  302. Oh Mary, what a fabulous giveaway. If I were to win, I think I’d make a sweet bag, or maybe an etui box. I hope the sun comes back in time for Easter.

  303. If I won the kit I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I am a beginning surface embroiderer and appreciate the guidance/expertise provided by kit creators. Its fun to be able to focus on just stitching and developing technique and not on color/material choices which can be daunting for a beginner. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful item.

  304. Hi…great giveaway! Should you choose me, I would love to use these on a baby quilt that I am attemting…just a novice here, but so love the colors! ty for a chance

  305. Thank you for offering this. I would make the sweet bag. I am most curious about trying Elizabethan embroidery.

  306. I would try a project with realistic flowers something I could put up on the wall for display, & a few linen hankies that I found at a thrift store for a quarter.

  307. Thank you for offering this giveaway! We have all had days like this! I have had many!! LOL! I wouldn’t do that project, but it is lovely! I would use the silks for some other spring projects I have in mind! I LOVE working with silks! They feel so mice when I am stitching!

    Melissa from SW Ontario, Canada

  308. Oh, golly, if I won this thread bag I would be on top of the world! I’ve been planning a really nice needle book and I would use this thread to embellish it with embroidery. This would be just wonderful as I have never used silk threads before. Thank you for giving us this nice opportunity to try some really nice things.

  309. The minute I saw the Agecroft Sweet Bag on the cover of Needle Arts Magazine, I wanted to make it. So, I would use the threads to make the sweet bag!

  310. I see these lovely colors used in some of my liturgical designs…most are just the colors I need…reds, golds, greens and blues. I probably might use the spangles as the “points” on some crown or another.

  311. I would take these special threads and use them to make soft embroidered quilt blocks for our youngest son’s first baby to sleep under on their live-in sailboat.

  312. I would love to make the Agecroft Sweet Bag and give it to a friend who loves little bags of any kind. The colors just “wow” me. I love the reproduction of old designs.

  313. I’d like to make the sweet bag, but I don’t have the pattern. I’d love to do something similar with it, though! I like Elizabethan embroidery, and this would be the perfect opportunity to try it.

    Heather W. from California

  314. I would use this threads for some monogramed handkerchiefs for my boyfriend. He is very old fashioned, and loves personalized and thoughtful gifts like that.

  315. I would love to make an Elizabethan or Jacobian sweet bag, an actual historical sweet bag, not the pattern that is in the magazine which is nice but not accurate in the design or construction.

    There is a lovely UK book titled Sweet Bags, by Jacqui Carey, that is what I will follow. Great book that details the historical stitches and styles in the various sweet bags she researched.

  316. Thank you for the giveaway! I would use the threads on my crazyquilt work.

    Judy Anne in TX

  317. Hi Mary,
    I would send the threads to Italy to a friend who saw them on your previous post and was curious about them and the sweet bag. Even if I don’t win them, I’ll probably send a kit to her anyway.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway chance!

  318. Definitely, I’d be making the sweet bag!! I have gone back several times to that particular post and dreaming about putting it all together. Thank you for featuring these wonderful threads!

  319. Hi Mary, Thanks for the contest. I would definitely make the Agecroft Sweetbag – the colors are devine.

  320. Hi Mary,

    I also love the colors in this set. I think I would start with the Agecroft bag – lots of interesting techniques. But then I would think about using some for an Easter egg idea that I’m playing around with (in my mind 🙂 ). Happy Easter!

    Janice U.

  321. I would definitely make the sweet bag. I’ve been wanting to practice with silk, and this would be the perfect opportunity!

  322. Oh, yes I would love to win this. I use all types of thread in my projects. These would do wonderful in my new project of one my 3 siamese cats out in the garden with all of the beautiful flowers blooming and with those colors so yummy. Thank You from Carol in Santa Cruz,California

  323. Embroidery is a new thing for me. I’m definitely still in the beginner phase but I’ve been learning from Needle ‘N Thread and caught the love of different colors. Rather than making the sweet bag, I would try out a couple of things in surface embroidery. The colors really are great!

    Melissa H in Payson, UT

  324. Oh, if I were the winner, I’d stitch the sweet bag! I think the project and cause are a terrific venture in the embroidery world. Hope you find the missing blog post!
    Katherine in Austin

  325. I would use that lovely kit to incorporate into another project I have in mind. It’s a lovely wallhanging from Emie Bishop and I think some of those silks and glitters would be great in it. Can’t think of the name of it right now, but it’s an older pattern. Really enjoying your blog. Thanks!

  326. Such beautiful threads!! I would use them on another project. I like the sweet bag, but don’t see me ever making it. These threads would enchance another project. Thanks for this awesome giveaway and all you do for us!! Have a great day!!!

  327. What a wonderful giveaway Mary!! Those silks are gorgeous!!

    I don`t think I would stitch that particular sweetbag…however I do have another sweetbag design in mind, a Sharon Cohen design. Thanks for all the great giveaways…


  328. A Blessed Pascha to you Mary! Wish I could transport you to sunny Walla Walla, WA, where spring has definitely sprung! 🙂 So fun that you have giveaways–you’re a generous soul! I have been learning how to make clothbound journals/prayer books, so I would use the threads for the embroidered book cover I’m designing. The threads would be beautiful with beaded embellishments.

  329. Buen dia Maria, me encataria participar….y que haria yo cons esos hilos… Ahora mis proyectos estan en bisuteria bordada, asi que me encantaria brobar sus hilos de seda, para hacer un juego de bisuteria con perlas naturales, intentar hacer un cordon de kumihimo con perlas naturales intercaladas…
    feliz semana santa

  330. I would make an adaptation of the Agecroft Sweet Bag (which I have already ordered a copy of the EGA magazine issue) as I like to tweak things just a bit. Maybe a bug or two. Maybe a sampler instead of a bag. Thanks for the chance. Happy Tuesday.

  331. Hi Mary, when I read your review of the silk threads, I was thinking HOW beautiful they are. If I won, even though the bag is nice, I am sure I would use the threads on something else. On what? Who knows, would have to be something extra special.:)

  332. I am torn. The threads are beautiful, and I think I may make something more modern than the Ashcroft Sweet Bag. I see needlepainting flowers in the pinks and golds and greens, with gold accents, of course, couched down around some of the flowers and in the centers.


  333. I’d most definately make the Agecroft Sweet Bag making it a potpouri sachet needling it with love for my sister who has always been there for me, especially these past few years… never asking for anything, only what she could be of help.

  334. Hello Mary
    I am up in Washington and we had snow flakes coming down again today so I think I need a bit of that sunshine you mentioned. If I win the thread I doubt I would make the bag. Just not a bag person….. That means I would be on the hunt for the perfect project to fit the thread. Thanks for the give- away.
    Carrie L

  335. First of all these threads and this kit is beautiful! Wow! Thank you so much for all you do! If I won, I would make the Sweet Bag.

  336. Hello,
    The weather is dreary and depressing here in South Dakota too. Those beautiful threads would surely brighten my day!
    I would probably use them in another project, although the bag is beautiful.
    Hurry up spring & sunshine!
    Diana K in Sioux Falls

  337. Yes, I would embroider the sweet bag – a design after my own heart. The colours of the silks are delightful.

    Thankyou for your daily news letter, I look forward to and enjoy.

    Would be nice to win. biut, if not, Thankyou for the possibility.

  338. Con questi meravigliosi colori ricamerei le bomboniere per il battesimo del mio bambino! ciao

  339. Con questi meravigliosi colori ricamerei le bomboniere per il battesimo del mio bambino! ciao
    Manuela m.

  340. The Agecroft Sweet Bag looks wonderfully inviting. I would like to make a sacred heart surrounded by a flower bed of passion flowers, roses and dogwood. These threads would look wonderful in my flower bed

  341. Oh I would just love to win this thread. I have been away from hand embroidery for 45 years and I am just now coming back to it and I saw the Agecraft Sweet Bag yesterday and I loved it. So yes if I won these threads I would be making that Sweet Bag.
    Thank you so much for this site…it is spectacular.

  342. I’d use the threads for a more original design, just because I like a pattern from an old book rather than a modern, mass produced design.

    Those threads..*dribble*….

  343. It’s been rainy and gloomy here, too, although today we have a bit of sunshine.

    If I were to win, I probably wouldn’t make the bag. My mom just celebrated her 90th birthday and one of the things I gave her is some stitchery, possibly something she will design. I will stitch it. (She paints, doesn’t stitch.) If I win, she could use this palette.

    Faith J in Salem, OR.

  344. Hi Mary,
    It’s my first time to write a comment on any website, but the kit is quite motivating. I use your website as a reference to me whenever I decide to buy anything from the embroidery online stores, as where I live the only brands I can find are DMC and Anchor. I like the colors of the threads mostly and I have a floral design that I would like to try them with.
    Thank you

  345. I would love to get these threads. I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag if I was able to win these. Thank you for having such nice giveaways and for your time and energy you put in to this very informative site.

  346. Love the colours of the threads, they are gorgeous. I wouldn’t make the bag if I won them, but would do some stitcheries using the bright colours. Thank you for the Giveaway and making it open to everyone. Most will only post within the States.

  347. Thank you for the opportunity to win. While I like the sweet bag, I would use these gorgeous threads in my crazy quilting surface embroidery, if I am lucky enough to win. Happy Easter! good luck to all!
    Marianne in nj

  348. I would use the threads to make a special silk bag for one of my daughters-in-law. God bless you this Easter.

  349. Dear Mary,
    How very kind you are to have another beautiful give-away. These threads are simply gorgeous and I would love to try them on one of my original gold works. I would especially like to use the gold wire as I have been trying hard to achieve the braided cable stitch used in the Plimouth Jacket, and I think this might be THE right gold thread. Was it made by Golden Threads in UK?

    Hoping I might be lucky this time!
    Have a wonderful Easter!
    Victoria Gemmell in North Vancouver, BC Canada

  350. What a great kit! Just discovered your site and it’s awesome. If I were to win, I’d use the kit to get started on my holiday embroidery for gifts. Especially love the gold thread for that!

  351. Hi,
    The colors are beautiful. I love silk. I would probably make something else or try some brazilian embroidery.

  352. Hi Mary,
    I love the Agecroft Sweetbag Pattern. If I won the kit I would definitely embroider the pattern but rather than make it into a bag I would turn it into a cover for a diary or for a small box.

    Mike in Ottawa

  353. Hi Mary,

    I would not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I have a lovely vintage bird pattern, it would be beautiful in silk.
    Thank you for this giveaway
    Tünde alias Wassernixe

  354. Hi Mary,
    Those wonderfully beautiful silk threads would be used on another project I have in mind. I have this piece of vintage kimono silk that is calling out and a design in process. Thank you for yet another awesome giveaway!!!

    Jean B
    Puyallup WA

  355. Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! I really enjoyed your review of the kit; even though the Sweet Bag pattern isn’t something I would stitch, I really agree with your comments about the beauty of the vibrant colours. Before your review, I had honestly never thought of buying a project accessories kit for other use! It’s a neat idea, and one I’m keeping in mind for the future 🙂

    Personally, I’ve never worked with silk or gold spangles, and would love the opportunity to try them. I would definitely make something special with all those beautiful materials!

    Happy Easter, and thanks for the giveaway!

  356. Hi
    The threads are just lovely and I think that I would use them for a project with either dragonflies or butterflies (as they would make wonderful wings). I do like the sweet bag so that just might be an option as well. Have a great day and thanks again for a wonderful give-away.
    Joan from Richmond BC

  357. As a real beginner to goldwork I am hooked on all the lovely colours of the silk threads they are amazing. I would make the sweet bag as it would be a real challenge for me.

  358. I think I would make the sweet bag. Mi’ve never done anything like it before and I do like the way it looks. However, after the bag is done the remaining threads are fair game for anything else!

  359. These threads would be lovely to own. I have never tried any like them before. They would be a great addition to the little art quilts I love to make. After seeing the Tutankhamun exhibition in Melbourne I have been inspired to do an Egyptian art quilt so these threads would be perfect. Thanks for sharing Mary, Regards Dianne.

  360. Thank you, thank you for the lovely Easter giveaway! While I love the project it was intended for, I would probably reassign it to another purpose. Happy Easter one and all!

    Susan R. in WV

  361. I would create a new design following the leads provided by those gorgeous colors! They are absolutely beautiful, especially in combination with the gold thread and spangles. And of course I would embroider it on a piece of silk dupioni fabric.

    Have a wonderful Easter! Janet.

  362. Oh, Mary, you give so much away, don’t you ever keep anything for yourself?
    I don’t really know whether I’d make the bag or just use the threads – I’d probably make the bag and then use the leftover equipment for other things, because there’s ALWAYS leftovers in these things.
    Love, Liz from England!

  363. Happy Easter!
    If I would be fortunate enough to win this gorgeous bag of threads I would most likely use it for something other than the bag.

  364. I probably would not use them for the sweet bag. However, the colors are so beautiful and so spring like that my grand kids just need to have little easter ornaments, but, it might be next year before they get them. Trinity Designs has a nice free easter egg that I think they are perfect for.

    Thanks for offering them.

  365. I would love to win these threads – In the ideal world I would make the sweet bag, but…. in this real world I would use them for embroidery on ‘special occasion clothing’ for my grand-babies.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome set of threads.

    in New Zealand

  366. Hi Mary,
    I love these beautiful threads, I am getting ready to start on my first quilt and would love to embroider some flowers on it. Thank you for the opportunity to win these! Happy Easter
    Diane in East Tennessee

  367. Dear Mary,
    I would use the kit (so pretty!) to make something else. I thinking my own pillow design perhaps? Not sure but the sweet bag doesnt grab me so it would be my own imaginings – always more challenging anyway! Thanks Mary
    Victoria from Sydney Aust

  368. Thank you for offering the giveaway 🙂 As for what I would do with it, I’ve been hankering to take up thread painting, so I think I would design a small project around those colors.

  369. I will definitely make the Agecraft Sweet Bag. I would be able to try a new type of embroidery and I’m sure there would be thread left over to play with on another project.

  370. Dear Marymentor:

    Like you I *sigh* “drool” over silks and metallics but alas on a one person social security income, finances do not always allow. I wouldn’t go with the “sweets bag”…I’m still working on a pastoral (yeah….the same one I started when Moses came down from the mountain!) and I’d dearly love to incorporate a flower bed of many-colored silks. Also, I really need the practice with working in metallics. (I could use that for a sunshine in my sky…?) Thanks so much for all your good mentoring and ideas. Judy in Pittsburgh.

  371. I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag — I’ve never done this type of embroidery work and it looks challenging and fun. And – what a beautiful result! I’m so enjoying your website; the videos are wonderful learning tools.
    Roi Solberg, April 19, 2011

  372. Hi Mary,

    I don’t know if I could bear to use these threads straight away. They are so beautiful that I would be happy just to look at them. When I did use them iit would be for something special. Perhaps a crewel embroidery or maybe a sweet bag or a recreation of an antique sampler…..

    Ann Morey

  373. I would like to win the thread kit just to try those gorgeous colors out. I would make a new pillow to use for spring! Maybe some birds or butterflies with flowers for a Happy Spring Look! Thanks for the chance to win a quality kit of thread like this.
    Mary Ann

  374. I would use the threads for a different design. They are beautiful and “springy” as you say. Happy Easter!

    Dawn C.
    Southcoast, Ma

  375. I would make up the bag because I am always looking for projects that are useful and practical. Unfortunately, I lack imagination and have to rely on the brilliance of others.

  376. I’m so new to embroidery that I’m not sure what I would do with the threads, but I sure would like them…I love to do crazy quilts and the thread would be an elegant addition to a CQ block! Please, please, please….Happy Spring, Judy

  377. Thank you for the opportunity to win those delicious colors. I would use them on some antique hankies that I have been collecting. The material is very fine – so those silks would be perfect.
    KayseeB in Edmonton

  378. Hi Mary! Another giveaway already? You’re so generous. Thank you!

    I’ve been dying to try silk, and the colors in this kit are so lovely. There’s a beautiful project in one of my books that I think these would be perfect for. I do love the sweet bag though.

  379. These are beautiful spring colors. I have some needlepoint patterns for Easter eggs and this thread would be perfect for the eggs. I hope you and everyone have a wonderful Easter. Deb

  380. Mary, what a lovely giveaway. I would probably make the sweet bag. I’m new at working with these fibers and would probably use an existing pattern.

    Thank you again


  381. Another wonderful give-away! Thanks, Mary. This gorgeous thread assortment gives me a big case of the I-wants. If they were mine I would skip the Sweets Bag project and use them, not as a group but on different projects, as the need arose.

  382. those threads are beautiful!! I would love to incorporate those threads in a project I am starting, which is a “memory” crazy quilt heart made from pieces of clothing from a child that has recently and unexpectedly died. I am making it for the mom. But to tell you the truth, the Victorian bag looks like fun too!

    I love you website/newsletter for all the resources, information and just plain fun. Thanks again!

  383. Lately I have been wanting to make some dragonflies and beetles from Jane Nichols. I would use these threads for this purpose


  384. Arent these threads just gorgeous. Dont think I would make a sweet bag probably make a gorgeous little neck pillow for my Mother she’s just turned 91. I love this site. Thanks for the opportunity.

  385. What beautiful threads. I only dream about those because I can’t afford them but if I could, I would make something for my SIL and BIL who are redoing thier vows in June.

  386. I don’t think I would use them on the bag, but I would certainly think of something! Pretty sure whatever it became it would be a gift to pass on the generosity. Thanks for the opportunity and your excellent website.

  387. I’ve only used silk thread a little and I loved it! I would use these threads on some quilt blocks that have been waiting for my attention. Hope you find your post. Don’t you hate it when the computer gods frown?

  388. If I should be lucky enough to win…I would use the thread for another purpose….. Becky in Jax

  389. Hi, Mary!

    I love your give-aways! 🙂
    I am not ready to do something by myself. So, I think I will make exactly what is in the kit.

    Happy Spring,
    USA, California

  390. Most of the embroidery I do is for my kids’ clothes, so that’s what I’d probably end up using this for eventually! Maybe Christmas outfits? Or next year’s Easter outfits? Very cool.

  391. Thank you, Mary, for the offer. I most likely would not make the Sweet Bag, but I embroider church linens very often. I can already imagine some colorful images on linen in my mind!

  392. I would love to win this lovely kit for the talented women in the Pomegranate Craft Guild I belong to, who are experienced with silk and gold thread work.

    They are well-trained handcraft artists, creative and adventurous, so they well might use it to create the Agecroft Sweet Bag, but most probably would incorporate the threads into projects they are already planning.

    Thanks for this chance to win this beautiful kit!

  393. I love those colors and the design on the bag. I would definitely do that, but it would probably end up framed rather than a bag.

    I just hope the random numbers work in my favor this time.

  394. Hi Mary,

    I recently signed up to receive your e-mail. I thoroughly enjoy each e-mail. I have learned sooo much. I recently inherited my Mom’s embroidery floss and decided to get back to embroidery.. I would make the Agecroft

  395. Hi there – what a fun giveaway! I’ve enjoyed your tutorials and they have helped me immensely getting back into embroidery and hand work! I’ve never worked with those kinds of threads and I would love to try it. I am not sure what I would do, but probably embroider some pretty pieces to work into a quilted wall hanging since I love quilting and am interested in putting embroidery into my quilts! Thanks for your great tutorials and fun site! Bari Jo Moore

  396. Hi Mary,

    I recently signed up to receive your e-mail and thoroughly enjoy each one. I have learned sooo much. I recently inherited my Mom’s embroidery floss and decided to get back to embroidery.. I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I am a knitter and crocheter and this would be a great change. Jackie Trucker

  397. I loved the Sweet Bag kit and all the gorgeous threads from the moment I saw it, but told myself “No you have enough projects already.” There is nothing quite like a new project to whet the appetite though. So yes I would make the Sweet Bag.

  398. I would love to use them to try to make that beautiful bag. I had been thinkin g about trying to order it. You have a fantastic site.

  399. I would definately make the Sweet Bag x 3. One for each of my grown up children as a keep sake, but all with slight variations.

  400. When I saw the sweet bag on the cover of my recent magazine, I fell in love with it so I would use the thread to make the bag.

  401. O! I SO LOVE that silk and gold thread! I’m about to delve into learning Japanese Embroidery and those silks would be PERFECT! I do hope, hope, hope I win this one.

    Thanks! JoAn

  402. I love stitched carnations in any technique and since the Agecroft Sweet Bag has carnations and since I’m a member of EGA and have the pattern, I would make the Sweet Bag. It would make a great stitching project for the summer.

  403. Dear Mary,I love silk threads and their beautiful colours and I would love to be the lucky person to win this kit, you asked if I would make the sweetbatbag I thought it was just gorgeous and yes I would make it, as it would be a lovely gift for a dear freind.

  404. What a wonderful gift—You always come up with exciting gifrs. Thanks for doing these. I think that I would make some type of wall hanging with the beautiful threads.

  405. I probably wouldn’t make the Sweet Bag but would have my husband to make me a wooden box for my special stitching items/notions. I’d use the threads for stitching a design for the padded top of the box.
    I enjoy your site SO MUCH! Thank you for sharing so much info with us all!

  406. Ooooh, such pretty colours! I’m a serial thread collector and a sucker for silk threads. I doubt I would make the Sweet Bag but I have no doubt I would find a use for the threads. Probably some sort of surface embroidery. Thanks for your generosity in sharing them with your readers.
    Tina from Melbourne

  407. Hi Mary,
    I really drooled when I saw this giveaway. I love the look of sweet bags and would certainly make this one if I won!
    Thanks for all you do for us – my day isn’t the same unless I read your blog in the mornings!
    Happy Easter!

    Penny JB

  408. The Sweet Bag kit looks beautiful! I would use the threads to embroider and embellish a peacock crazy quilt I’m planning. I so enjoy your daily e-mail newsletters and have learned several great tips and techniques from there and your website. Thank you for the chance to win the Sweet Bag kit.

  409. I’d love to use them on the crazy quilt that I’m currently working on. I’ve never used silk or gold before, and I’d really love to try them out. And these are such pretty colors!

    You amaze me, Mary. I don’t know how you can bear to give such beautiful things away!

  410. Hi Mary-
    Yes, I would make the Agecroft sweet bag if I am the winner of this amazing collection of threads. I recently had a class from Catherine and her comments about this project have whetted my appetite.
    Sandy in WV

  411. I would either make the sweet bag or an Elizabethan coif. I’ve been wanting to do both for ages but haven’t quite saved up enough for the threads and the fabric. I have been practising the stitches though!

  412. Truthfully, I probably would not make the sweet bag (or anything else) initially. First I would just have to admire them and dream of the possibilities – that can take a long time. Then, maybe I would investigate ideas, look for inspiration, maybe use the pattern, maybe not. Once all the drooling and dreaming was done, I would have to use them to create something to showcase their beauty.

  413. I would use it on something else – I even have the something in mind – a piece I am designing around a beautiful thread (Threadworx Bradley’s Balloons) my husband surprised me with!

  414. Hi, I have to tell you I just fell in love with that thread kit. I love vintage linens and just can’t pass up a thift shop or yard sale without wanting to stop and check for vintage linens. I have acquired some beautiful embroidered pieces by doing this, and thought about using the thread kit and embroidering a regular embroidery piece, either stamped or stamp a design myself. I check my emails everyday for your comments, suggestions and pictures, and enjoy your ‘dailies’ very much!!!

  415. I would not make the Agecroft Sweet bag. Instead I would make a beautiful feminine article like a floral biscornu or hankie that my mother could keep on her dresser.I’ve been wanting to try both types of projects. Maybe I could even do a little spring-colored Assisi work on the biscornu.

  416. These threads are an inspiration just looking at them. I would probably make the sweet bag to learn techniques and then move on to my own project.

  417. I would use the threads to make my own thing. I have way too many bags that I have made, need some other things. I see some Celtic designs with these thread colors.

  418. I love the colours and would use them to make a set of sewing accessories but not the EGA project. As much as I like the EGA design I much prefer to do my own thing.

    I can assure you that if I win the giveaway then the kit would be coming to a very appreciative home. Thank you for being so generous.

  419. Those are lovely threads! I probably wouldn’t make the sweet bag, but I would love to use some of those yummy silk threads in a crazy quilt project on wool. I think they would make some wonderful bugs in my garden! Thanks for having the giveaway. I am enjoying your blog. I started doing the stem stitch as shown in your tutorial and it is MUCH better than it used to be! Thanks for the tips.

  420. The colors are gorgeous. I’d be thrilled to win. I would use the thread assortment in a vrazy quilt I am planning and especially after seeing the beautiful designs ideas in Allie Aller’s new book Crazy Quilting.

  421. Hello Mary!
    What a wonderful give away! Oh, the possibilities! I would not make the bag. However, I would attempt one of the lovely flower motifs in Trish Burr’s books. I have become addicted to needle painting and can’t seem to stop. 🙂 And it being Spring and all how could I resist flowers! 🙂
    Jen in Oregon

  422. I would love some new threads – I am going to start some crazy quilting soon and I would like to try some of these. Linda in Central VA

  423. I believe I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I like the colors that are in it.

  424. I would so love to win these threads. I think I would make the bag. The colors are so beautiful. Winning would make my day very sunny.

  425. I love those colours. I probably would not make the sweet bag, but would use it for another project. I have a beautiful silk scarf in mind that begs for embroidery.

  426. I might use the threads to make a sweetbag, but probably one tweaked to be closer to period aesthetics. Or I might use them for something else!

  427. Mary I would love to win this wonderful giveaway. I want to try silk thread and gold threads so bad but I am afraid of the cost and then not being able to use them. I would use the threads for my crazy quilting. I am new at crazy quilting and I have used other threads but nothing as beautiful as these.I do all my crazy quilting by hand.

  428. Hi Mary, I am not a member of the EGA so I wont have access to the pattern for the sweet bag, but know that my EG has many books in the library and I am sure that I could find patterns similar to the EGA sweet bag and make my own.

    What are gold spangles??

    Happy Easter and Peace of Our Lord be with you and your readers.

    Marian xox

    New Zealand

  429. Happy Easter, Mary. To be able to use gold thread and the silks would be wonderful. The sweet bag would be the best to try these out with first. Thanks.

  430. hi mary ,those are awesome threads,well i would like to make some springy flower patterns with these beautiful threads.thanks.nilima D india.

  431. G’day Mary, Sorry, but forgot to put a defining tag except for “G’day and Cheers, Kath”!
    My comment is 47 on the 1st page.
    You and yours enjoy a really special Easter.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz.

  432. Hi Mary! I am from India. I have been reading your articles everyday and benefitted from your Video tutorials. You created the interest of embroidery through your tutorials. I just loved the 15 minute stitch concept and I am following it. It is successful!

    It is a great idea of gifting beautiful silk threads! I have not used Silk threads in my projects so far. But definitely would like to try with Dress Materials and Sarees.

    Thank you


  433. I would love to try this thread. I have at least 100 patterns to chose from but I like the bag too. What a choice! What fun.

  434. I would not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag, I have been reading about thread painting and I would the collection on this. I have several DMC but I love to try these silk and gold thread from this collection.

  435. Hi Mary
    I like your generosity whenever u hold some give-away contest.this time also i would like to participate n win though no luck so far.i love embroidery moreso after becoming a member of ur website.i m not sure what will i do if io win the contest but will definitely make one beautiful embroidery piece ou of it.

    indian shilpa

  436. Hi Mary:
    If I won, I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag, and also I would you use the rest of threads for some other projects. Thanks for your time and all the information about embroidery.

  437. I like working with silk threads and have used them extensively in my embroidery. The Sweet Bag looks interesting to make. I might just try making it.

  438. Hi Mary 🙂

    These are absolutely gorgeous threads, and it is kind of you to offer them as a prize. If I won, I would definitely make the sweet bag, because I have not yet made one, and all of my threads that I own are already dedicated for certain projects. I have been working my way up to this sort of thing for a while now, and have greatly enjoyed the journey! Your site has definitely been a tremendous inspiration and help to me through the years!


  439. Hi Mary,
    If I was to win the thread kit, I would make the sweet bag. The colours in this kit are magic – and the design is beautiful (as you would expect of course!)

    Thank you also for your website. I was directed to it only recently through a tutor in the Queensland Embroiderers Guild and have found it to be a wonderful resource.

    Enjoy your Easter
    Jenny Parker

  440. This looks a great collection, but no I wouldn’t make the sweet bag as I can see some really exciting uses for these threads in a project currently underway.

  441. hi mary,
    Thanks first for this wonderful site.I really liked ur lovely colourful thread collection.I am fond of doing embroidery.Even my 4yrs old daughter loves all these works.She also wants to learn embroidery.i will use these threads for doing embroidery on my daughter’s dresses.These threads will give different look of her dress.Then she can proudly tell her friends that her mother has done this embroidery.
    Thanks mary for this lovely easter giveaway


  442. Mary

    I am really taken with the colours, they look so gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to make a sweet bag, so I would expect to buy the kit to use with these threads.

    Hope the easter Bunny brings you some lovely stitchy presents
    Julie in Australia

  443. Hi Mary,

    Lovely giveaway as usual.

    This time though,its like an answer to my prayers.

    I have some silk georgette to make an outfit and I am so so desperate to get silk thread for the smocking part of the design.

    Nowhere near me as you know, so I have to send away. I have sent emails with pics to so many stores asking for them to let me know what shade to order from them………….and please, please could they help

    No one has answered me, and my deadline is getting closer and closer!!

    It would be so fantastic to receive this. I only need a little silk for my project so I could probably do the sweet bag too!!

    Fingers toes and everything else crossed………..LOL.

  444. Hi Mary,
    Thankyou for being such a generous person with your time and patience and the wonderful giveaways you do.
    I personally have yet to stitch with threads like this, and I wouldn’t make a Sweet bag from these threads,
    Instead I would make something that would commemorate my dying mother, these colours are so her, and I have a few ideas of what I want to do. Praying to you and yours that you have a safe and wonderful easter, I know for myself and siblings, the next 24 hours will be out last with her, and our easter will be filled with grief but in a sense also relief, knowing mum has “passed” and is no longer in pain.
    hugssss and blessings to all xxx

  445. Please enter me for the Easter Give-Away.

    I think if I won I would like to make the Agecroft Sweet Bag.

  446. Hi! I love that comment, that you have to make your own sunshine. That is YOU all over:-)

    I can’t believe I’d be lucky enough to win, after reading all of the other entries from such accomplished and whimsical readers. BUT! If I DID win? I’d use the thread to work on some mini-quilts, embroidering, embellishing with the Japanese silk remnants that I bought on ebay. I’m kind of new at this, and it never occurred to me that one should not use cotton thread on silk projects:-)

    Sigh. You might think such silk would be wasted on me, but I promise, cross my heart, that if I were to win, it would surely be put to good (dare I even say “great”?) use.


  447. BTW, if one were so unlucky as to lose, how would one buy such a beautiful kit of silk thread;-P


  448. Hi Mary,

    If I win I would make the Sweet Bag. I’m fairly new at embroidery so I’d go with the design that the kit was put together for. Thank you!

  449. I need some colour and glitter in my life right now. After 2 years of caring for my elderly Mum (following a very sudden and unexpected divorce) I had today to admit her to a nursing home for her safety, security and wellbeing as I could not be with her 24/7. She needs that level of care as she suffers from Alzheimers. I love your blog and my stitching has helped me get through many stressful times. Thanks so much for the daily

  450. I would not make the bag, I have way too many bags. Those threads make my old fingers itch to stitch they are so pretty.

  451. Continuing with the previous comment… I hit the wrong button – thanks for the daily blurb. I would most definately make the sweetbag as I love historical embroidery and everything antique. I should have been born in the 18th C (with money of course!).

  452. The silks are just beautiful, I would notmake the bag, but my daughter’s 40th is coming up and I wouldlike to do something special for her, the silks would be just superb.

  453. what gorgeous threads. I love the pattern for the sweet bag, but as I’m in the UK, I’m not sure how easy it would be to get a copy of the magazine. I have some crewel style patterns that I’d love to use with these threads, it would be such a treat

  454. I’m still recovering from carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, so I don’t think I could commit to the Sweet Bag right now, but I’d love to make a very large monogram pillows with these silks. Your blog motivated me to go through with making my hands better so I’ll be able to embroider again, and I am so grateful for your inspiration!

    A happy and blessed Easter to you all,
    Judith Ann

  455. I would not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. It is lovely, but have a myriad of other projects that this thread would be lovely incorporated in. The thread is gorgeous!

  456. Oh, boy! Beautiful threads. If I win I will not make the sweet bag. I’m a crazy quilter and have many spots on cq blocks to embellish with threads like these.

  457. These silk threads look magnificent. I will have to find a stockist in Australia, or I will send to USA for them.
    I will make another sweet bag as I find them facintating, I do not know that we can get the magazine here.
    Thanks for the wonderful site.

  458. I would love to receive the threads!!! First I would pick up each spool and adore it and then plan a project that used each thread.
    Terri in Washington

  459. I would love to have some silk thread in my stash. I have ordered some hankies and I would use the silk thread to embellish them. I did not see the Sweet Bag, so I would not use the thread for it. I agree that the colors are so lovely.

  460. Hola María,

    Me encanta la variedad de colores y el brillo que tienen estos hilos.

    Qué haría? La verdad es que no me importaría hacer la bolsita, me encantan las bolsitas de olores.
    Un abrazo.

  461. When I saw the thread kit all I could envision is beautiful flowers. Maybe its the spring in the air but those threads spoke embroidered flowers. I just started incorporating silk thread into my projects and it gives the embroidered piece a great effect.

  462. Hi Mary.

    I would Love to win this particular prize. I have been working with a group of women at my church, teaching them or helping them to brush up on their embroidery skills so that we can make a new set of white altar hangings for our small Episcopal church in NY. We are currently working in cotton on practice items. I have never used silk and have been procrastinating on buying some as I do not know what weights and such to purchase in the first place and do not want to waste the church’s money by buying the wrong size silk. If I had this kit I would be able to make a practice sampler with silk and be able to have the others in our small group use it as well before we begin our church project. In fact, for one of the pieces, we are using the pattern that you put up on Ash Wed. (minus the large grape leaves as they do not go with the other patterns we selected). I am working it right now in cotton and I absoulutely love the grapes and the wheat patterns. They go nicely with some of the carvings in our wood altar.

    Thanks again for all your tips and help. Your site has been a wonderful inspiration. I’ve made everyone in our group subscribe so that they can get your wonderful tips.

    Karen A

  463. What a great giveaway. I would love to make the bag but I don’t think I have the skills to tackle it, so I would use the threads for something else.Thanks for the opportunity.

  464. Yes, I would definitely make the sweet bag! I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism and a friend has a Tudor/Elizabethan persona and this would be a gift for her 🙂

  465. Hello Mary,
    YES, I would use the Sweet Bag pattern first but then I would try the beautiful threads on something else.
    Thank you Mary.
    France, Canada.

  466. Hello, Mary, I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag, as I have a very special present in mind for a dear friend. I’d put her present in the bag and make it that much more special. When she opened the box, wow! – Wendy in S. Carolina

  467. Hi Mary! I’d love to feel them! I can’t even imagine what they feel like, let alone seeing those sparkles in “real life”! I don’t think I’d make the sweet bag because I don’t know what I’d use it for. I think I’d do something to frame and hang up. Although it might be the sweet bag pattern. I honestly think it would take me a long time because I’d just like to look and feel for so long, does that make sense? Thank you for being so generous to us! If anyone who reads this is a person of prayer, please pray for my city (Raleigh) as we are expecting more Severe weather and possible tornadoes today. Sorry to add that but we need all the help we can get.

  468. Hi Mary,
    I have been recieving your e-mails for a few months now and enjoying them. If I win I will use the thread on a different project, not sure what one yet but with winter coming to Australia I intend to do a lot of stitching while it’s cold outside. I have also adopted your 15 minutes a day stitching.
    Cheers Lyn

  469. It is so nice of you to offer this fabulous set of ilk fibers and spangles. I have 2 wedding samplers to stitch and these fibers would be perfect to use.

    Susan 🙂

  470. I would use the threads to make an adaption of the sweetbag design. I’d change the pattern to be circular and make it into a small mat to go under a short candle to show off the spangles.

  471. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    I would use the thread to embellish some CQ blocks that I am working on.

  472. I would make a sweet bag; not sure if I would make the Agecroft or not until I looked at the directions.
    Joan B

  473. If I won the kit, I would have sooooooo much fun just playing with the thread colors. I literally drool when seeing the threads with all of the beautiful shades and textures. Seeing all of the
    threads inspires me to CREATE and I have such an
    urge to want to touch those threads and GET
    GOING on a project.
    I just love embroidery. I am addicted for sure!

  474. Hi Mary! I would actually use the kit to make the sweet bag. It’s a lovely pattern, and I have never worked anything with detached buttonhole or spiral trellis stitch. For me, it’s easier to learn at times by doing a kit and having all the materials on hand – I could focus on just learning the stitches. A year ago I would have probably passed this over, but more and more I’m drooling over learning the historical stuff. Thanks for offering this!

  475. I am a kit/project junky! I would definately attempt to make the bag. What a treasure you are for sharing your treasures with us!
    Kristy Remme

  476. I would attempt to make the bag and hope it wouldn’t be too hard for my talents. I love all things glitzy.

  477. Please enter me in the giveaway. The threads are sooo… beautiful! Honestly, I haven’t decided what I would use them for but I do know I would admire them for awhile and show them off before I would use them.

  478. I’d probably make the bag. Or maybe something flowery to hang up. A fine reason to root through the copy of the Ingersall(?) patterns or the herd of other old books from the Antique Pattern Library. While spending an appropriate amount of time petting them and just admiring their prettiness of course.

  479. Thank you so much for all your generosity and your dedication to publishing your wonderful website. I would definitely try to make the bag!

  480. Hi Mary,

    I agree. I think I need some silk and gold threads too. I have never sewn with either and would love to try a new type of thread! I would sew the Agecroft Sweet Bag kit. It is beautiful, and would give me the chance to get used to using silk thread.

    Here’s hoping you have a very Happy Easter!

    Vivian Maxey

  481. The idea that popped into my mind for using the kit was not as a sweet bag. I have a stalled project that has been waiting for the perfect complement. Years ago, when the Royal School was still teaching in Iowa, I took a goldwork class with Shelly Cox, a fantastic teacher with the RSN. We did a three day goldwork kit which I finished and I am really pleased with the outcome. It, however is still sitting in the drawer wrapped in acid-free tissue. I thought it would make half of an amazing evening bag. Something that wouldn’t get a ton of use but would be a special “dress-up” item I could treasure the rest of my life. The problem was that I hadn’t found a project to use on the reverse side of the bag. I’ve been tracking “the jacket project” and loved the pictures of how the spangles caught the candle light when they modeled the finished jacket. Somehow making myself a whole jacket still seems too big of an undertaking! However, the sweet bag stitching pattern from the kit, done up with those colors as one side of the evening bag seems do-able. So– that is how I’d use that beautiful kit, should it come my way!

  482. Oh how I would love to win this kit! It is lovely and I would definitely make it! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  483. I would definitely “try” to make the Sweet Bag. It’s so beautiful and the design is right up my alley. I’ve never used silk thread before and would the chance.

  484. I have always wanted to try my hand at Elizabethan Embroidery. It is definitely on my “Bucket List” of things do.

    I do think I would probably make it into something to hang on one of my empty walls.

    Honestly, it will most likely “age” for a few years. Isn’t that what it is supposed to do?


  485. Hello Mary
    What a lovely kit to win. I wouldn’t use it to make the agecroft sweet bag I’m afraid, but for one of my own designs. Until I see a piece of material or thread I never know what I am going to do. It has to ‘talk’ to me then the lightbulb switches on. mmmmm not mad really!

    Thankyou again.

  486. I would love these threads to begin my first ecclesiastical piece– I love how the threads are so luminous– I grew up in the Armenian Orthodox Church and the vestments worn by the clergy are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. My grandmother and grandauntie were raised in a French Catholic orphanage in Beirut and were taught embroidery,& lacemaking- I started stitching because it is definitely in my blood–I would like to dedicate my first ecclesiastical piece to their memory– I am envisioning a wonderful Armenian cross with 4 pomegranates…these threads would be such a gift to help me realize this vision. These threads are better than an Easter Basket full of chocolate I love them so much,
    All best,

  487. I have recently started to use these threads and they are really great, though the metalic threads are a little challenging. I would love to make the bag.

  488. Thank you so much for the give away. I would not make the bag but would try to use the threads for a design from an English spot sampler, which is something I have been wanting to try.

  489. I don’t have the magazine, so I can’t comment on if I would make the bag, The thread colors are so yummy, I just might, even tho I haven’t seen it! 🙂 I think tho, for awhile, I’d just look at them and pet them every now and then. Eventually a project would come along and I would use them, but you know, with any new thread or fabric, there is that honeymoon period! 🙂 Thank you for offering such a beautiful giveaway – hope you find your post! Karen

  490. Have been babysitting my 9 month old granddaughter for the last 2 1/2 months and have had no time or energy to embroider after she goes to bed at night.
    However, I have some free time for myself right now and want to get back to learning how to embroider. If I won the thread kit, I wouldn’t use it for the bag project because I think it might be too hard for me. Instead I would use the threads to work on a “create my own” embroidery piece for my daughter who appreciates my work even though I’m only a beginner (she has ‘appropriated’ two of my little embroidered pin cushions that she thinks are too wonderful to stick pins in). Your comment about the floche threads really got me interested in trying to work with floche. So far I have just embroidered with whatever threads I find in stores and have quite a collection. And even if floche turns out to be a favorite of mine, I can still use my other threads to practice different stitches after watching your great tutorials. Thanks for having such a great website.

  491. I would love to win this kit! I’ve been trying to build (slowly) my silk and metal thread collection and this would give me a real boost. I’m into monograms right now having burned myself out on samplers. I’ve had your needle and thread library videos on my ‘favorites’ for years now and refer to them often. Thanks so much for providing a hands-on resource. This has made a huge difference in my stitching. I enjoy the daily newsletters as well. Thanks again!

  492. What lovely threads I love to use silk threads I think it gives a needle work piece a luxury look to it and the colors are so so so bright and clear. I would use these wonderful threads on a piece that I am going to do it’s a Japanese Kimono. I am collecting silk threads to do this piece. It is stitches in all different types of stitches and I think silk threads would do justice to this piece. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to win these wonderful threads.Have a great week every body and Happy Easter.

  493. I was intriged as soon as I saw the Sweet Bag and would love to make it with the original threads, although I frequently tweak colors, stitches, etc., when doing my projects.

  494. I think I would like to try making the bag but first I would simply enjoy looking at the beautiful threads.

  495. I would definitely make the sweet bag, and it is very cloudy, rainy, and gloomy here in Detroit, which some new, pretty thread would most improve!

  496. I would use it to work on a project for a at Ft. Atkinson State Historical Park in Nebraska where I am involved in living history.

  497. I think I would end up with a bit of a hybrid. I have plans to hand dye some wool remnants and make some small zippered bags to give as gifts. I have been thinking of ways to embellish the outside, and the sheen of silk could look lovely when embroidered on a tweedy wool or for added detail in wool felt flowers. Or a bit of William Morris-esque pattern could be striking against something more rustic.

  498. I would probaby make the bag but with different threads. I would save the silk threads for something special. My late grandmother taught me how to embroider. She was left handed and I would sit across from her instead of next to her to watch her stitch. She particulary liked white work, as I do too. I also like ribbon embroidery. I have several pieces that she made. Thank goodness for TV featuring the RSN. I had no idea your website existed. Being from Kansas, I’m excited about your newsletters.

  499. Thanks Mary for your website. I love this site, there is some much information.

    I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bog

  500. I would not use the threads to make the bag, but would use them to give a luxurious look to my other embroideries. Thank you for your giveaways, but more importantly, the information you pass on to the rest of us. I enjoy your articles very much and I learn a lot.

  501. You are so sweet to give this away! I really love that bag and would use this to make it. Haven’t ever used silk so this is something new for me.

  502. If I were to be drawn for the kit I would likely use them in the kit and save the remainders. I have never done gold work or used silk threads. In this economy it’s tough to justify the expense for a first time effort.
    Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂
    thank you!

  503. Hello Mary happy belated birthday, thank you for your daily update I love it. I am definitely making the sweet bag. As an EGA member at large I wait for just the right project and this little bag was just the right one to make. I have never worked with silks but I love new challenges and can’t wait to jump in and start using the silk threads.

  504. Oh My
    I’ve been wanting to try silk threads for the longest time, but havn’t had the courage to get started. I would almost certainly use the threads if I won them for the sweet bag pattern; it is gorgeous.
    Thanks so much for offering this give-away. I always enjoy your site

  505. Dear Mary:
    First of all, thank you for your continuous inspiration and for all the lovely give-aways!!
    If I win this kit, I’d use it for my first project with silk threads, something unique and designed by me…
    Regards! Libertad S. from Argentina!

  506. Hi – Thanks for the giveaway! Yes, I think I will make the bag. I think it’s lovely.

    Judy Caruso

  507. What a beautiful thread collection. If I would be fortunate enough to win this, I would be using it on a spring skirt and top.

  508. Mary,
    I would definitely make the sweet bag. I really enjoy historical embroidery styles, and the threads are so beautiful.

  509. Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful group of threads! I have three books with almost the same designs as the Agecroft Sweet Bag….These books include patterns for a bag, hat, & some magnificent ornaments….I’ve been “biting at the bit” to do one or more of those designs, so I must admit that I’d use the threads to do one of them if I win these threads.

  510. Hi Mary-
    Thanks for another beautiful give away. If I did win this I think I would probably use the design in order to learn, but perhaps transfer/interpret it to another form.
    Thank you- Cindy B.

  511. I would LOVE the threads. And I might try the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I’ve been looking at books with blackwork and also Tudor era or style patterns and this project with these threads would be a really colorful way to practice the general style! Time for some color in spring, which is chilly and damp hereabouts.
    Ruth M


  513. These are such beautifu threads Mary and I think that I would have to spend time just looking at them and feeling them before I decided what to make with them, but I think it would be something Elizabethan, like the sweet bag.

  514. I would use all those beautiful colors to embroider a blanket and clothes for children. All children deserve lovely things in their lives to enable them to appreciate beauty, regardless of where they live, or how.

  515. Contest Question: “If you win, would you make the Agecroft Sweet Bag, or would you use the threads for some other purpose?”

    As an agriculture journalist for the past 10 years I am finally returning to my love of stitching… growing up on a farm was a great atmosphere to learn many wonderous things about life and the beautiful world around me.
    My mother was and still is an inspiration as she showed me at an early age to use needle and thread to create lovely images that I was tickled to see my own personality come alive in those crafts.
    I was so thrilled to find your website with the delicious patterns and colors that my enthusiasm flew into gear and I gathered up my old threads and fabrics and started stitching my heart away…
    Not only is it an enjoyable hobby but I find myself fantasizing about the subjects I am stitching as they come to life… it fills my heart with soothing comfort and a sense of accomplishment when I show off my finished work…
    If I should win this fantastic prize of lovely threads I should love to stitch up the Sweet Bag, it looks inviting and challenging as I have been dusting off my rusty stitching fingers I am setting out for more adventures in needles and threads.
    Thank you Mary Corbet for your wonderful website!


  516. Oh my oh my!
    I can think of so many projects I would love to use these beautiful threads on i think I would take a couple of days just looking at them as I often do when I get something as beautiful as these and then it comes the perfect design for them

  517. mary mary mary you always seem to amaze me at what your willing to give to us! You are such an wonderful person with a huge heart! I would use the thread for other embroidery projects and some quilting also! I want to do a crazy quilt and these thread would be lovely addition!

  518. Hi Mary, Thanks for sponsoring the silk thread give away. The thread is just gorgeous and if I win I would like to try stitching the Agecroft Sweet Bag. Happy Easter.
    Betsy S. in Raleigh, NC where my family and I are all well, but many people here need your prayers for their suffering from the devastation of the tornadoes over the weekend.

  519. I wouldn’t make the sweet bag, but to posess such beautiful threads would be an inspiration. Threads like these ae not available in our country – I’d be unique!

  520. Hi Mary,

    I am not sure what I will do with that thread. I may keep it forever with me.. those threads look too good to be used by me 🙂 I really don’t know what I will do with tha tread if I get it. But I wish I get it.

    -Viji Sunil

  521. You know? I almost bought this kit yesterday. I LOVE silk anything and I really love to stitch with silk thread. I love the sheen and feel. I would not have a need for the bag, but I would love to do something else with the thread and the fabric. I’m sure I would come up with something.

  522. I plan to make the sweetbag!I have gotten involved with historical reenactement in the last couple of years and things like this make the perfect sort of detail for one’s believability. I’ve been doing cotton floss embroidery for years and just learned metal thread embroidery last year- this would be the perfect project to combine silk (a completely new medium for me) and metal with the sense of history~

  523. These are beautiful threads, Mary. Thanks for your generous offer to give them away. I will use them to embellish my new quilt called Closet Garden which I am making out of my parents old suit coats and jackets that they were ready to put in the trash. Silk on the wool will be just the thing to add a touch of pizazz to these dark greys, blacks, plaids as well as the mix of tans and reds. With what is left over, I will use as spring garden threads in the centers of quilted flowers to give texture and sparkle to many projects through out the summer. It’s silk and fun to use, regardless of where or how!

  524. I would use the thread to finish a beautiful piece I’ve been working on depicting a lyre worked in gold and blue threads on navy linen. And as that would not use up all of it, I would have to play with the other threads and see what I can come up with.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  525. Hi Mary, I’ve never worked with this type of thread, so I would really love to have some! The sweet bag looks like a fun project but I might use the thread to do some Long/Short Embroidery or a Monogram project. Have a great Easter and thank you for the great giveaway!

  526. What a lovely giveaway! I would make the sweet bag if I was lucky enough to win. Something about Jacobean flowers fascinates me. The thread colors are gorgeous and I could use them for so many different projects. Thanks for the chance Mary!

  527. I don’t know what a sweet bag is really for so I would probably use the thread of a crazy quilt I am planning.

  528. JudyJ: My goodness!another wonderful giveaway! I would use the threads for the SweetBag. I’ve wanted to embroider one for a long time now, and this one is particularly pretty, I think. Besides, winning would most likely motivate me to join the local chapter of EGA, which I’ve been meaning to do for some time now! Thank you, Mary!

  529. Hi Mary!! Thank you so very much for everything that you share on your website & Facebook! I have learned so much from your tutorials and am eager to continue to learn much, much more!

    Yes, I think I would make the sweet bag from Access Commodities, as it is beautiful! My real reason why I would love to win your give-away is that I have been reluctant to purchase silk embroidery thread, due to not really knowing what I need. This would give me the opportunity to see what these luscious threads can do for me!!

    Thank you!
    Lisa Webster

  530. Me, I think I’d end up using them for an old papillion SAL which is a garden sampler sort of thing.

  531. I am a member of EGA – but also a quilter. I am into embelishing on quilts, so I’d probably use the threads for that – but am not against making the Agecroft Sweet Bag – very cute!! Looks like that is crewel work?

  532. Mary – thank you for a give-a-way! I do believe that I am a thread junkie as well. I was given a box of silk thread by a neighbor who moved away. The silk thread is wound on wooden spools so I am thinking it might be old. (The neighbor was 80 when she gave it to me and that was more than 10 years ago.)

    I don’t know what I would do with your threads if I won them. I would have to look at them for a while and see what they said to me!!

    Thanks again for a chance to win something so beautiful. Susan

  533. Hi Mary,

    Happy Easter & the silks are gorgeous! I do not have any yet, but if I did win these I would thread-paint beautiful butterflies in them. It would be so much fun with the golds & silks! Thank you.

  534. Oops. I gave the wrong Email address in #13.

    I would do something wee for a newly-ordained friend’s travelling communion linens.

  535. Gorgeous threads and fabulous giveaway! I wouldn’t stitch the sweet bag, I would use the threads on a couple of different projects I am designing myself – lots of different stitches, bead and various threads and fabrics. These would be perfect.

  536. Hi Mary – those are sure pretty! I’m not sure I’d do the Agecroft bag exactly, but I’d do either a sweetbag or a linen coif (cap) in the same style, for historical recreation events.
    (@ Carol Wicklund: one use for sweetbags was as elaborate gift-wrappers, and the name may have come from the custom of perfuming or “sweetening” them.)

  537. I have never stitched with gold thread. So, if I won the kit I would definitely stitch the sweetbag. This way I would at least have a guideline for my first endeavor.

  538. In addition to sharing all your knowledge with us, you are also a very generous soul. What a lovely gift. I would use the threads for something else. They threads are so precious, that if I am lucky to win them, I would give much thought on where and how to use them. Thanks again, for all the learning that I am getting from reading your blog.
    Esther in MA

  539. Not sure which I would make as I have never before had an opportunity to work such a project. I have been admiring this type of stitchery for a while now and would love to give it a try

  540. Last weekend our guild held a workshop in stumpwork. The teacher recommended your website and Oh My Goodness! What a great website it is! Watching the RSN video recalled the fabulous stitching tour I took last fall with an Australian group and Hampton court was one of our stops. Always a dream of mine to get there.

    As for your generous giveaway, a member of our needlework guild is getting married this summer. Our local quilting guild is making her a wedding quilt and our needlework guild will be doing the embellishing. If I win I will use and share these threads with our group to create the embellishments.

    Looking forward to revisiting your website often! Cheers — Phyllis

  541. I would make the sweet bag. I love the look and colors of the thread. You are so kind to your viewers. I just can’t wait to see the newsletter each day. I admit that I leave too many of your posts on my site so sometimes the computer works sooooo sloooooow. I truly love and use many of your patterns, tutorials, and ideas. Thank you.

  542. Beautiful threads! I think i would use them in an oriental pattern, perhaps something for my future daughter in law.
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  543. Hi Mary, yet another generous giveaway! If I were to win I’d most definitely make the adorable bag. It’s beautiful! Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Dianne in UT

  544. Ohhhh, what a gorgeous give-away!!! I’ve just discovered your blog and I have a LOT to learn. If I win I would love to make the beautiful bag, but I don’t think I’m ready for such a lovely project.I’m a very new newbie. vbg
    After I read all of your blog, and practice I hope I can make something as amazing, though! Thanks for the opportunity!!
    Jan Jarrell

  545. Ooh! I would not make the sweet bag, I think. I would probably work on some little Regency embroidered bags, or a bodice or something.

    Anna in Portland

  546. Hi Mary
    I do enjoy your blogs so much – don’t know how you manage to do one every day for us!
    The threads are such beautiful colours and I simply adore working with silk.

    I would probably use some of the threads for a stumpwork project and the blue thread would be used for a totally blue coloured project that is in my mind – its a competition around the colour blue!

    (from New Zealand)

  547. If I won these threads I would experiment with my own biscornu designs. I’ve only had teh opportunity to work with silks twice so far and would love the chance to work with a variety of hues.

  548. I don’t think I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag – I would use the threads for some other project that will come to me in a flash. I just recently used silk for the first time and it was wonderful to stitch with.
    Rita E in AZ

  549. Hi Mary,

    My name is Sandra I would love to be entered into your Give-Away. In answer to your question. If I was lucky enough to win his lovely thread kit, I think that I would make the Sweet Bag.


  550. Mary – I love your site, and am consistently blown away by your beautiful work. I wouldn’t
    make the sweet bag exactly, but would hunt for the perfect Jacobean crewel pattern and scale it down for silk (and throw in a little gold somewhere).

    Thanks so much!

  551. I’m so excited you have this wonderful gift to give away!!

    I myself would not do the sweetbag, primarily because I design pieces on silk gauze and these threads are absolutely perfect for 40M silk gauze.

    Soie Perle and Soie de Paris have a very wonderful sheen and depth of color that only this french silk manages. Of all the silks I’ve ever used nothing compares to the quality of the Access Commodities line, and I use them every chance I get.

    Just give me the opportunity and I’ll create a new treasure with these threads!

  552. First of all I would fondle and gaze at these lovely threads. Then I think I would use them for a sweet bag version of one in an old Inspirations magazine that has been on my to do list. Beautiful threads.

  553. I have never used silk thread and this looks gorgeous, I would use it on current projects of crazy quilting. Thank you so much for another giveaway. Gail Davis in Roseville.

  554. Mary, So glad I got through to you. am new to computer stuff but a friend and member of our Fla ANG sent me your website and thought I had died and gone to stitching heaven. All this information and connection possibilities Your the best If by luck I should win I would gift it to my friend Millie who sent me your website, she is the best and a great stitcher Look forward to your newsletters gives me a great reason to get on this strange contraption called a computer. Will stay in touch Myra

  555. This is a beautiful collection. I have made wedding gifts for Jewish weddings called “mazeltov bags”–they contain a glass (or a light bulb in the place of one) that the groom breaks underfoot at the conclusion of the ceremony, indicating that there is still brokenness in the world which requires effort to make the world “whole.” I usually embroider the names of the couple and the date of their wedding and embellish it with something personal.

  556. I love shiny threads, Mary! I would be using them for other purposes. Maybe I would try them for some machine embroidery. They’d also be good for some crazy quilting stitching.

  557. I would love to win the kit. I haven’t had the courage to use gold thread or spangles yet. The kit would entice me to do it! I definitely would make the bag. I have the EGA magazine. Thanks for your exciting offer!
    Claudia in NJ

  558. Happy Early Easter Greetings Mary,
    Christ has Risen,HE has Risen Indeed!
    Thank you for such a beautiful give-away. I would absolutely work the Agecroft Sweet Bag in the thread kit. It would be my first time to do such a kit and I am a cautious thrifty embroiderer the first time. Lovely colors!

  559. An excellent embroidery blog and very beautiful colored threads ,don’t ask what we do if we win this kit as you need green fingers for gardening ,you need just embroider fingers for embroidery i have loads of ideas when i see the kit,i can use it for spring frames for cushions and for young girls beauty full frocks…….Again heartily congrats for the blog

  560. Thanks again for your generosity, Mary. Should I be lucky enough to win, the threads would be used in my never-ending (seemingly) preparation for my exhibition. I just love silk, the lustre is so gorgeous and it is so much easier to work than rayon, and these colours are just mouth-watering!

  561. Fabulous color palate in this kit!

    To answer your question, the sweetbag in the kit does look lovely (and I love that they were used as a sort of packaging for gifts!), but I think these colors would also make an amazing embroidered 18th century pocket. However, I’d most likely adopt the sweetbag into more of a small 19th century reticule, perhaps with a background of black matte silk.

  562. The threads are beautiful and thanx for your lovely giveaways. I would love to use those threads for a needle painting project.

    Hope you have a wonderful easter.


  563. Hi Mary.
    I.m sure I would love to embroider with those beautiful threads especially the gold ones, and to feel how they effects on me when working with them in my hand,s. and I will try to embroider with another project. hope so. thanks.

  564. Hi Mary. This the first time I have logged onto your website. I am amazed at the lovely giveaway. I would use the threads to make the sweet bag. My embroidery buddy gave me your website address. Can’t wait to explore the rest of it. We both belong to the Western Australian Embroiderers’ Guild. Thank you Mary.


  565. Oh my, what a generous and beautiful give away. Not sure what I would make at this point but I love to do embroidery and quilting. I have enjoyed your website and your how to video’s. They have been so helpful to me.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  566. If I win the silk threads, I WOULD make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. I actually didn’t know what the bag looked like so I checked it out from the link you posted….it’s beautiful!
    Thank you for another give-away.

  567. Thank you so much for offering to share with others. These are beautiful threads and would look lovely used on a crazy quilt bag I have envisioned. I, too, have learned a lot from your website and appreciate your generosity in teaching us what you know. You’re a talented lady.

  568. Wow–you are very generous! I believe that if I won, I would make the sweetbag.

    Thank you for the chance to win those beautiful, scrumptious threads! And have a very happy Easter :-).

  569. I love the coloured silk and gold thread. If I became the winner of the kit, I would stitch the sweet bag. I have not used silk threads much and gold threads only once so would do the sweet bag with instructions the first time and would be more likely to branch out to projects of my own after that.

  570. Hi Mary, You always have great ideas! Well, with these spools of silk, I will venture to start my first embroidery project with silk. All I was missing was the proper silk thread. I will be a japanese book marker. There is a lot of detail and very fine design.
    Thanks again and keeping spreading your knowledge to the new and old embroiderer.
    Richard from Laval, (Qc.)

  571. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your give away contest. I
    would definitely do the bag. I am a beginner to embroidery and your web
    site has helped me along the way. The threads are beautiful and would be
    a joy to win.

  572. well smack – my comment disappeared again!

    Anyway, I’ve never had silk threads or goldwork things, so I’d probably make the sweet bag. After taking time to admire them on the spools of course. Or maybe a small flowery item for the wall?

    JustGail in Iowa

  573. wow – beautiful threads! If I won I would work on a sampler I’m making for my sister. Love your site and keep the ideas/tips flowing!

  574. Hi Mary,
    I’ve never used silk, and I would love to do the bag as a first.
    Happy Easter to you.

  575. What a lovely giveaway!!
    If I were to win I think I would use them to make a sampler, something I have been intending to do for years.
    I love your site and blog, nice to pop into my inbox each day.
    Sue T

  576. I would love some silk threads. And spangles! Who could pass up spangles? They’re so gorgeous. I would probably use them for another project. I have a few 18th century reproduction/embroidery projects already lined up.

    Btw, I love your site. Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  577. I would most likely use the silk threads in a miniature landscape or garden piece of my own design on painted silk fabric of my own design.

  578. I’d love a chance to enter for the beautiful threads and would probably make the sweet bag 🙂

  579. Mary, I recently found you on the web and have been greatly inspired! I’ve been doing counted thread embroidery for a long time, but have never worked with silk or gold threads. If I won this beautiful collection, I’d take the leap and try the sweet bag. Thanks for the chance, and have a Happy Easter!

  580. What beautiful fibers! I would definately make the sweet bag if I was the lucky winner. The colors are gorgeous and I also like the design the bag has. Thanks for your generous give away.

  581. wow, love the sheen on those threads. If I won, I would make the sweet bag–haven’t done some hand embroidery for a while. Your project that you’ve been spending bits of time on was an inspiration to me back in January–I am working on a counted cross stitch project–Dragon and Wizard on black–am using the same concept, minutes here and there–wow, every little bit(stitch) counts! :0) thank you for the push

  582. As much as the bag is lovely, I would use these threads to design a piece on canvas. I am playing with ideas/sketches for jewelry….
    Enjoy your blog – very informative.
    Pat W-S

  583. These threads are BEAUTIFUL. Not sure if I would do the bag, or maybe convert it into a needlebook, because the design is nice, and I too am new to embroidery proper(I’m more a x-stitcher), but I think this design would be lovely in a needlebook or project portfolio.

  584. In January I started designing. I draw and stitch and my daughter is the techie and one design a month is free for download from her blog “LittleLadybug’sCreations” (all things crafty blogspot) This month’s new design is a cross stitch. I am looking for new threads to try to see what is the most stitcher friendly. Some of what I used in this design were not. So I will stitch something different with the threads. Besdides Monday is my 63rd birthday. Wouldn’t you love to help me celebrate?

  585. These silk threads are really beautiful. I would probably not make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. My favorite items to make are bookmarks to give away on birthdays & Christmas so, I would use the silk thread on these. Also, my dream is to make a crazy quilt & this thread would be wonderful to use for the embroidery embellishment.

  586. What a marvelous set! Everyone would be so happy to win it! If I am so fortunate, I would stitch a picture of flowers with this silk to hang on the wall. Thank you so much for this give-away and for teaching us to do embroidery! Ana

  587. Not too sure what I would use such wonderful threads for but I am sure I could find something.
    Got everything crossed this time.

  588. I LOVE these thread colors. I enjoy combining hand embroidery and quilting. These would look great on a vintage- look quilt I am making that has hand embroidered hearts with alternating quilt blocks. I am planning on doing crazy quilt stitching in between the blocks and this thread would go great!

  589. I had planned on learning to quilt when I retire but have found that I enjoy embroidery and embellishment much more . I learned some embroidery as a Girl Scout many, many years ago and have been using your site to learn new stitches and techniques. I have fallen in love with crazy quilting on all the lush fabrics and on my first attempts used mostly purchased trims. Now want to expand my skill to include combinations of hand stitched seams and motifs. This kit would be the perfect inspiration to get started on my new adventure as I retired just a few months ago. I now have lots of time but no longer the funds to indulge in such beautiful threads. Hope I win!

  590. The thread kit is beautiful (sigh, heart a-flutter)! Just started stitching again after more years than I care to…well, not sure my skills are up to the level necessary, yet. Really just want to let you know yours is my “go-to” blog for re-education. Now, I must go get a mop there seems to be a puddle of drool by my chair. Thx for the chance to win and all your help via your blog.

  591. What a great giveaway! If I win, I would not do the Agecroft Sweetbag, but would, instead, do an Elizabethan design from my Inspirations magazine. Thanks and Happy Easter!

  592. You are actually giving all this gorgeousness away???? I know I certainly wouldn’t be so generous! For me it would be a case of mine, mine, ALL mine!!! To answer your question – I would first spend a great deal of time fondling and admiring it and then I would use it in all sorts of projects.

  593. I would love to make this! I have not worked with silk or gold threads..yet. I can imagine that silk requires more care but what a lovely sheen you get!
    It is a lovely pattern and kit. I would like to see you make it too!

  594. I would use the threads is a sampler I am planning for my grandaughter. Such beautiful colors. I have just recently discovered your blog and I love it!

  595. I usually design my own embroidery so if I won these beautiful threads I would design something especially for them. Maybe a Goldwork piece or an Elizabethan piece. Both would show them up to advantage. I love all embroidery – it is my passion!
    Lynette Hale.

  596. I love your tutortials and the way your site is put together. I am not a computer whiz and I can find the things I need easily. I am a member of the SCA and I am learning to do period embroidery. If I should win the thread kit I would use some of the threads to make a dog collar inspired by early 16th century collar presented to a Duke and Duchess as a wedding present.
    Thank you for all you embroidery tips as they have helped me a lot.

  597. Mary, I love your site. The videos are excellents and I hope I win the gift. I’d probably make the bag.
    Raquel Benatti – Brasil

  598. Dear Mary,
    I would definitely make the sweet sweet bag (whatever that is!) because I love all things shiny. The drawstring apparatus seems a little daunting but I would give it a try. If I am not the winner, I will do the bag anyway but in pearl cotton, I think, with sequins (?). Thank you so much for offering this to your readers. I truly love your informational emails. I look forward to them.
    Your faithful reader from Buffalo, New York –
    Marjorie Marcille

  599. Mary, What beautiful threads! I would probably use them on one of the lovely Hungarian designs you’ve shown lately, although the Jacobean sweetbag is precious, too. It would be hard to decide, but what a fun challenge!

  600. WOW, Mary, what beautiful threads! I’ve never worked with silk before, so this would be a pure delight. What a generous give-a-way. Thank you. If I win, I would begin making Christmas ornaments for all my family members (15). I have a beautiful pattern for different shapes highlighted with embroidery threads on soft white wool. These threads would look great. Thank you for this opportunity. Jeanne L.

  601. My sister has taught me embroidery. Which is a new love of mine. I would make something special for her as a thank you. I think that the silk would make it something special to cherish.

  602. I would make a sweet bag but would change the stitches to something less textured in appearance (such as long/short, satin etc.).

  603. The pattern is lovely and I would like to try working with silk thread. I would make a picture to have matted and put on my wall.

  604. if i win i would definitely make the Agecroft Sweet Bag and keep it as a token of my win.

    thanks for the giveaway

  605. Thanks for the chance for the thread. No I would not make the sweet bag. I should follow more rules, but I am a free thinker and I have other ideas for the spring thread.

  606. hi mary,how r u.I really like ur site and gold thread collection too.I will do embroidery on my daughter’s dresses.She is also very fond of all these type of work.She is just 4yrs old.If i will do embroidery with these threads her simple dress will look like unique dress.If i won then i will be very happy.Thanks mary for this wonderful opportunity.HAPPY EASTER TO ALL

  607. oh, I love! love! love! thread! And your giveaway thread looks delicious (yes, haven’t had my breakfast yet) and I’d love to win this! I would use the threads in my CQing, and I have several projects I’m working. These threads would be perfect! Thank you for the opportunity. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

  608. oh, I love! love! love! thread! And your giveaway thread looks delicious (yes, haven’t had my breakfast yet) and I’d love to win this! I would use the threads in my CQing, and I have several projects I’m working on. These threads would be perfect! Thank you for the opportunity. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

  609. Wow! What a giveaway, am I already late? I need too think what time is it in Kansas… should be a deal earlier than here!
    I dare say I would use it for my own project(probably something somewhat crazy-quiltish) since I get bored doing kits and I already have a kit on my hands. Also I never used silk or gold before so it would be all new and experimental!

  610. What a great idea, Thanks Mary. I’ve looked at several sweet bag patterns over the years but haven’t been game to try them. With those beautiful threads I’d have to embroider the bag. The colours would also be perfect for anembroidery I hope to do of my husband’s Eastern Rosella parrot, Jimmy who passed away recently.

  611. Thanks for this give-away.
    Happy Ester!!!

    If I have this threads, I would like to work on a saree(Indian saree)for my mother in low.She is a big fan of sarres.I have a design in mind.This threads will work great with sequin & kundan…

  612. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for offering this give-away! I am in a medieval re-enactment group and would definitely make the sweet bag.

    Silk is something that I have not had the opportunity to work with yet, so this would be perfect.

    Thank you again for all the time and effort you put into this wonderful site.

  613. Mary, I would probably use the threads for another project or several other projects.
    Have a great weekend, Nita Carroll

  614. i would make flowers on my little ones dress with these threads …. it would definitely look so good

    thank you for the giveaway

  615. What a great idea! Love the silks and yes, I would make the Agecroft Sweet Bag. Thank you for a the wonderful site. Sandi N in WI

  616. Hi Mary,

    How sweet of you to offer this kit as a give-away.

    I know I wouldn’t do the Sweet Bag because I don’t need one. Silk threads are so beautiful that I would want to do a display piece. What exactly? I don’t know, but I would definitely carefully choose a design fitting of such lovely threads.

  617. Dear Mary,

    Happy Easter! The Sweet Bag is beautiful, I’d love to make it. Your site has inspired me to get back into embroidery, I’ve been looking at different projects, just haven’t known where to start. Thank you for all of the wonderful information, you’re tutorials are the best!

  618. I would make this lovely bag — my first one! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway by you and Agecroft