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Who Won the Embroidery Kit, Scissors, and Evertites?


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Well, here it is – the winner of the Happy My Birthday to You Give-Away!

Berlin Embroidery Kit

It was a banner give-away and a banner birthday altogether, let me tell you! Over 750 folks participated in the give-away (thank you! and thanks for the birthday wishes!).

So who is going to enjoy the new DOVO embroidery scissors, the wild rose embroidery kit, and the Evertite frames? Well…. (drumroll)….

The Winner is:

Irene M in Portland Oregon!

Congratulations, Irene! Please drop me a line with a mailing address, and I’ll get that off to you as soon as possible! (Actually, the frames will come directly from a shop, but I’ll mail the scissors and kit.)

Thanks to all for participating! I’d dearly love to send you each your birthday wish, but then what would you have to dream about? It was fun to read your replies to the question. It’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

Later on, I’ll be reviewing a gorgeous new collection of silk and metal threads, and I’ll follow up on that discussion by giving a set of them away. So keep an eye out for that!



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(22) Comments

  1. Congratulations Irene! You will love the Evertite frame. How lucky to get them in addition to the kit & scissors.

  2. Mary,
    Thank you for doing such a great job with this website. It opens up possibilities for me in untold ways. I so enjoy going back in your archives and looking at some of the things you posted years ago. I am especially taken with the set of pillowcases you did as a Christmas giveaway. The black one and the white one with everyone asleep and awake. Just charming and I go back to it time and again. Pillowcases are something that I so enjoy doing and giving away. So keep up the great work and keep those giveaways coming–hope to get lucky one day.

  3. G’Day Mary and Irene, That sure was an interesting comp question. I might try and find your answer much later in the morning Irene. It’s 1a.m. here and feels like it too!
    Congratulations to you both, you are both winners.
    Cheers, Kath

  4. I was actually on FaceBook and saw the announcement. I flew out of my chair and went bouncing into the kitchen to tell my husband. I think he has bruises from all my excitement. LOL

    I’ve used stretcher bars before but have never seen the type that tighten. This will be a new treat for me. Everything is wonderful and I think you are amazing for sharing such wonderful treats on your birthday. Thank you so very much. I did send a note to you. Excuse the hysteria. LOL I’m just a bit happy. 🙂

  5. Irene, heartfelt congratulations to you!
    Happy stitching! and enjoy all the goodies Mary so generously included.
    So happy for you !!!

  6. Irene, congratulations. (Although I thought this one had been earmarked for me, alas! Wrong again.) Seriously I wish you joy and happiness and hope to hear of or see the finished project.

    To Mary, I hope your birthday is/was wonderful, and that you have many many more to come.

  7. congratulations Ir ene I hope you enjoy the wonderful gift and thank you Mary for your wonderful giveaway.

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