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What’s Up on Needle ‘n Thread? Here’s the News!


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Once in a while, I like to risk boring you with some behind-the-scenes news for Needle ‘n Thread, and today strikes me as the perfect day to do that.

Why the perfect day?

Because I just lost a batch of digital photos between my camera and my computer. I know they’re in that transfer cable somewhere, but no matter how hard I suck on the thing, I can’t seem to get them out.

Do you ever experience super-busy days, but still feel as if you are crawling when it comes to making progress? That’s me right now. Do you know why? Because hand embroidery is a slow process. It does not give instant results. It requires Time. And Time passes inordinately fast when you want a lot of it.

And when Time starts passing really fast, things start feeling a bit hairy, don’t they?

Goldwork Threads Waiting to be Plunged

I’d like to share with you my three main needlework-related focuses right now, along with some “minor” doo-dads that are simmering, too.

1. I’m stitching the sample for an upcoming online class which features a darling needlebook, in crewel work with a lot of special little touches, and taught from start to finish. The needlebook is designed by Bobbi Chase, and the class will be taught by me. The class will include the full kit. It’ll be an interactive class, you’ll be able to receive feedback, post pictures, chatter with classmates & me, and of course, there will be step-by-step photo instructions and, where needed, some video. The class is very limited in size, so do keep an eye out for the announcement for registration if you’re interested in joining up. You’ll have to act quickly! Look for registration in August. I’ll keep you posted on this!

2. I’m working on an ecclesiastical project, of which the Tudor Rose above is a part. Folks have asked for the overall design, so the rose can be seen in context. I’m not quite ready to share that yet, but don’t worry – I’ll definitely show it to you eventually. This project is part of an individual class that I’m teaching right now, and there’s no end-date on the class. I meet with the student twice a week, and we’re working through the project together. It’ll be a while, then, before the “real stuff” unfolds! As soon as it starts to, I’ll let you in on it.

3. Filming!! I’m not only filming stitches, but editing a lot of stitch video these days. That’s good news, and it’s about jolly time, eh? Look for some improvements and expansion in the how-to videos in the future.

So those are my three main focuses right now. But I have a few minor needlework things going on, too!

For “relaxation”, I’m working on an element of the Persian Blossom project from Talliaferro designs. I’ll be sharing the progress on that project over in the Ask & Share section, under the Royal Persian Blossom SAL. Some stitchers are already making good progress on theirs, but I have to admit, I’ve only finished half a row of long & short stitch. I’ll post photos later this weekend!

Goldwork Thread Organization

Frogs & elephants don’t have a lot in common, but I’m doodling up some fun projects that came to mind when I started organizing my stash of goldwork & real metal threads. They’re the types of projects that I’d expend all my efforts on, if I could, but everything else in my world would crumble if I did. I’m just enchanted with metal threads right now! If these turn into something worth sharing, you’ll be the first to know!

And finally, there’s the ever-present web-work / e-mail / catch-up game! If you’ve e-mailed me in the last week with a question and I haven’t responded yet, my apologies! I’m working my way through the inbox this weekend. Besides those daily tasks on my side of the computer screen, there have been a couple of other tasks that you probably haven’t noticed – one of which is server-switching. The server for Needle ‘n Thread was recently upgraded, but it’s switching to a dedicated server shortly. If there’s some down time, it’s because a few of these changes are going on. Nothing drastic. If I disappear, I promise I’ll be back!

So that’s what I’m up to! What about you? I hope your summer (or winter, for you lucky ducks who aren’t melting right now) is going well, that you’re getting all the things you want to get done, done, and that you’ve got a bit of time in there for stitching, too!


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(4) Comments

  1. Dear Mary

    My you have been busy and yes I have those days as well as you say hand embroidery is a slow process. Sorry to hear you lost photos it’s so annoying/frustrating when that happens.

    I would love to join you in your class can’t wait for the registration in August, Thanks for your continued hard work on Needlenthread.

    Regards Anita

  2. I’ve embellished about a third of the squares for my crazy quilt, I’m setting up my first-ever blackwork project, and I’m knitting a pair of socks for my sweetie, just to name the top three things in the queue right now.

  3. Hi Mary!

    I know what you mean. Sometimes my days are not just harry, but they are days where the hair on my head looks like the goldwork threads you posted, days where I feel like pulling my hair out! I love that picture in the context you posted it. Makes me laugh!

    I definitely interested in your online class. I would like to make a needlebook, for me Nd some for gifts. What pattern will we use? Is it silk? What colors? I wan’t to see. Also I have never taken an online class before. I am interested in the cost and the how to’s foe obtaining the kit too. I saw in one of your posts that needlebook you made, the Nichole pattern! I love it. I love the colors and I love the little flowers. My baby daughter is named Nicole, without the “h” so maybe I am just partial to it lol.

    You are sure a busy lady! Thank you for teaching us on your blog and for the tutorials and even online classes! You are very generous to share your wealth of knowledge with us. I know that all you do is time consuming, know it is very appreciated!!

    Thank you!

    Mindi Hammerstone

  4. Hi Mary,
    Well, it’s reassuring to remember that “hand embroidery is a slow process”! I was berating myself for having only stitched one and 3/4 lines of stem stitch on my Persian Blossom project, and thinking how s-l-o-w-l-y I stitch. I have three other crewel projects in various stages of progress, as well.

    It’s so interesting to read about your project updates. I certainly admire your ability to juggle all the projects you have going!
    -Sharon in France

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