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Second Day of Christmas: Goldwork Threads!


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Today’s give-away is courtesy of Berlin Embroidery Designs. Tanja Berlin has put together two beautiful collections of goldwork threads for the 12 Days of Christmas give-away series. That means that today, there are two winners to draw!

Goldwork Threads Berlin Embroidery

If you’ve been hankering to try goldwork, but haven’t invested yet in a variety of threads, you’ll find a wonderful variety in both goldwork thread collections here. If you already enjoy goldwork, these are threads you’ll love having in your stash!

Goldwork Threads Berlin Embroidery

Here’s a run-down of the goldwork threads you’ll find in each collection:

Set One:
Gold No. T71 Japan Thread: 10 Yards
Gilt No. 6 Bright Check Purl: 1 Yard
Gilt No. 6 Rough Purl: 1 Yard
Gold 2% WM No. 6 Smooth Purl: 1 Yard
Gilt No. 1 Pearl Purl: 1 Yard
Gilt No. 4 Smooth Passing: 4 Yards
Gold 2% WM No. 1 ½ Twist: 2 ½ Yards
Gold 2% WM Medium Rococco: 1 Yard
Gold 2% WM 36 x 6 Check Thread: 1 Yard
Goldwork Pad
Pair of Fine Tipped Tweezers
Spool of Gutermann Yellow Polyester Sewing Thread
No. 10 Crewel Embroidery Needles
Value: $70.00

Set two:
Gold No. T72 Japan Thread: 10 Yards
Gilt No. 7 Bright Check Purl: 1 Yard
Gold 2% WM No. 7 Rough Purl: 1 Yard
Gilt No. 7 Smooth Purl: 1 Yard
Gilt Super Pearl Purl: 1 Yard
Gold 2% No. 4 Smooth Passing: 3 Yards
Gold 2% WM No. 1 ½ Twist: 2 Yards
Gilt Very Fine Rococco: 1 Yard
Gold 2% WM 16 x 3 Check Thread: 1 Yard
Goldwork Pad
Pair of Fine Tipped Tweezers
Spool of Gutermann Yellow Polyester Sewing Thread
No. 10 Crewel Embroidery Needles
Value: $65.00

The two winners will receive either one of the sets.

Goldwork is considered an advanced embroidery technique, but frankly, goldwork is not difficult. The stitches involved are really quite basic; the most intimidating thing about goldwork is knowing what to do with what threads. With a nice variety of threads like these, you’ll have an opportunity to play around with the threads to see how they work.

Incidentally, Berlin Embroidery was on my Christmas Wish List this year, and I did get my Christmas wish! (Granted, I bought it for myself, but we’ll just keep that between you and me, ok?). You see, when the project line-up was announced some year and a half ago for the 2011 EGA national convention, I saw Tanja’s goldwork peacock feather project for the first time, and I fell in love with it! Then I saw it in person and up close last spring, and I really fell in love with it! So when she announced that her goldwork peacock feather kit had been released for general sale at the beginning of this December, I made up my mind that it would be my Christmas present.

Goldwork Embroidery Peacock Feather: Berlin Embroidery

The photo of the kit doesn’t do it justice. If you want to see it up close, you can see the goldwork peacock feather on Tanja’s site. Pretty, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to working it during 2012.

Give-Away Instructions

To enter today’s give-away for one of the two sets of goldwork threads shown above, please read and follow these simple instructions!

1. Leave a comment at the end of today’s article. If you click on that link, it will take you directly to the comment area, so that there are no mishaps! Comments delivered via e-mail or on other articles will not be included in the give-away.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

If you win this particular give-away, what do you hope to do with the threads?

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the “name” line above the comment box. For example, if your name happens to be Carol, you might include a last initial or a location, to differentiate yourself from the other Carols out there (example: Carol C.).

4. Leave your comment before January 9th, 2012, at 5:00 am Central Standard Time (Kansas, USA!). All winners for this series will be selected on January 9th, and announced that day here on Needle ‘n Thread. You’ll have to check back on January 9th to see if you’ve won, because the winners will need to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes. The Give-Away is Now Closed. Thanks for your interest!

Merry Second Day of Christmas!

Please do not panic if your comment does not show up immediately. All comments are moderated in the order in which they come in, and they will eventually be posted. If you are looking for your comment, please use the “older comments” and “newer comments” links at the top of the comments section. These will take you through all the comments pages, from newest to oldest.


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  1. Mary, my son is a priest and I will be using the thread on the albs I am embroidering for him. Because the alb is worn under, I do a border embroidery on the lower hem and sleeves. This is done is the seasonal colour with appropriate themes. Currently I am doing red and will include doves for Confirmation and some thing to represent martyrdom. These themes go inside the border.Some goldwork would add tremendously. Sue

  2. Having never done goldwork, I would use this as an opportunity to experiment with and see if I’d like to add this to my list of things to learn.

  3. OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GOLDWORK has always been one of my dreams. And to have a sampler of the threads would be fantastic. I could finally give it a try.

  4. Si tuviera la fortuna de ganar esta preciosidad de hilos, haría algo que adorne nuestra linda imagen de la Virgen Santísima en mi parroquia. Agradecida por su generosidad, sus explicaciones son muy claras y muy completas. Dios la bendiga siempre! Cariños desde Venezuela.

  5. Hi again, not sure if my comment got sent .. My keypad is ultra sensitive, just like me! Would love to win, I love Tanya as a teacher and designer. If I win, I will use the threads to embellish the outside of a piece I have finished, like a gold frame! These threads remind me of 5 golden rings!! … Jumping ahead past the birds in the song!

  6. If I win this set I, of course, hope to have a lot of fun with it!
    I haven’t worked with gold treads before, but it has definitely been on my wish list.
    I would make something out of Hazel Everett’s book, so I can follow the step-by-step instruction and it wouldn’t be so intimidating to make something beautiful.

  7. Goldwork has been an ambition of min for many, many years, but I have not had the goldwork wire. With so many designs now incorporating goldwork, I would like to try adding some to my crewel work.

  8. Oh this twelve days of Christmas is so much fun!
    Goldwork is on my list of techniques to explore in 2012. Planning on taking a correspondence course about it and have several books lined up in my library to read and a couple more to purchase.
    Would love to have any gold threads to accompany this study and hope to have a completed thistle and shamrock to show for my studies.

  9. You know, I’ve only ever done the most basic goldwork (couching, mainly). This would certainly be lots of fodder for experimentation and learning. If I win, I think I’ll do a bunch of small geometric patterns and turn the ones I’m happy with into a linked bracelet or necklace.

  10. WOW- goldwork threads!!!!! First off, I would put them under my pillow for safe keeping, and of course, they would be nearby so that I could sneak a peak every now and then. Next- touch them- hold them- ahhhh- gold threads! THEN- I would LOVE to try either stumpwork or Elizabthan embroidery with them. My eyes would be delighted- LOVE THEM!! Many thanks Mary and Berlin Embroidery Designs for this offering.
    Peg F. in NJ

  11. If I won the metalwork threads, I would finally have an opportunity to try working a project with these beautiful threads. I think I would enjoy making a monogram.


  12. Hi Mary, what a wonderful give-away!

    If I’d win one of these gorgeous sets, I’d try to monogram a few little things to gain some experiences with goldwork. These enormous variety of threads seems to be perfect for many little projects.

    Ann from Germany

  13. Oh, this one is so easy! I LOVE doing stump work beetles. So these lovely threads will be put to immediate use doing some more beetles on silk! Or, maybe they will be used in a dragonfly! Happy New Year! Cheers!

  14. I purchased two books about goldwork: A-Z of Goldwork and Hazel Everett’s Goldwork. It would be great to have such threads in order to learn how to do goldwork. Thank you for your give-aways and the chance to win.

  15. Lovely gold threads! I’m taking the CQJP 2012 challenge, and making a Christmas wall hanging from the blocks: gold work threads would be perfect for this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. My first and only goldwork project used goldwork in combination with shadow work embroidery. It turned out just beautifully, and the gold threads were a joy to work with. If I win one of the fabulous collections I plan to use the threads in another combination project.

  17. I discovered Needle ‘n Thread site earlier this year after commiting myself to reviving the Alter Guild at our small, wooden mission church. We, badly, need new alter linens, and since I used to embroider (self-taught) I decided to hone my skills – I never dreamed that I would find such a wealth of information to help me as I have found on this site. The beautiful peacock feather design reminded me of my first serious embroidery – an 18 in. by 24 in. (approx.) barnyard roosters that I did over 50 years ago. My goal for the goldwork threads would be to use them on the alter linens, intensely following instructions that I have found, and continue to find on Needle ‘n Thread. Thank you. Mary Ple

  18. I have long been thinking of an indian design but have not taken the time to draft and stitch it. It is a design that has spiritual significance. These threads would be so nice to use – gift, I’ve learned a lot from Tanja, New Year, auspicious start etc.

  19. I have an old magazine from Mary Hickmott(I think that’s the correct name) that has some goldwork designs in. I’d look one out and give it ago

  20. Wow! Goldwork is unbelievably beautiful. The quality of work I believe is a partnering of skill and design. The goldwork projects you have shown are so tantalizing that I know I would like think I could do that too! As the engine said,”I think I can, I think I can..” Winning the gold threads stash pack would be the start of what is undoubtedly a passion.

  21. I have watched your progress on various projects since around 2009. I am absolutely awed at your skills with gold work. I have never tried goldwork but your tutorials and daily blogs have given me the impetuous to actually attempt a small goldwork project for 2012-I would like to use the gold work thread collection for a small arts and crafts tile project that I have been mulling over using a small piece vintage linen that my grandmother had given me when I was a child.

  22. What would I do with these threads? PLAY, PLAY, PLAY PLAY!!!
    ooooh, so much fun!
    I haven’t done much goldwork before, so the result might simply be a small sampler of what can be done I would use to refer to in the future.

  23. If I were lucky enough to win the threads I would try to replicate the beautiful peacock feather so beautifully done by Tanja. I have a lovely box too that requires something special on the lid, so this would be the perfect opportunity to start working on it

  24. Oh my, another lovely give-away! Luscious threads, and what a wonderful opportunity to learn a new technique. I have wanted to learn goldwork to add to my crazy quilts but have put off buying any books or supplies because I have been afraid that the technique was too expensive or too difficult. This would be the perfect opportunity to try!

  25. Dear Mary,
    Happy 2nd Day of Christmas! I would love to win one of the goldwork thread collections. I have never tried goldwork but have wanted to. I have a wonderful book showing the techniques plus your website and feel that I could do it if I had the proper threads and materials.

    Thanks for this great offering.

  26. I would love to win one of these kits as a friend of mine is due to be consecrated Bishop next year and I would like to be able to embroider some Episcopal gloves and a Mitre.

  27. Gold work has always intimidated me and with so many other projects I’ve always held it at bay as a “some day” ambition. I have been wanting to make a linens bag for a new priest in our parish. (Priests keep their alter linens in them.) Picking out the design has been easy, but finding the right and deserving thread has been difficult as there are just so many to choose from and my knowledge of them is nill. I would use the gold threads for this long over due project. (And happily send you pictures of the finished project, too)
    Happy New Year!
    Mary Ann

  28. Mary,
    Oh, my goodness, what luscious assortments. I’m fond of peacock projects/colors, and had noticed the feather project in Needle Arts. Thanks for letting me know it’s available!

    Saw the Plimoth Jacket at Winterthur again yesterday, and am in awe of the accomplishment. I’d use these threads to make a spot sampler to get familiar with the different types, so I’d know what each of them can do.

    Once again, many thanks to you and all of those who contributed items. You inspire us!

  29. Boy I’m unsure, though I think some blackwork done with gold threads would be quite stunning at least I’d like to try.

  30. At the first photo I began salivating and my fingers itched to gently feel the texture of each type of thread. What would I do with them?…..
    I belong to a group of very talented, skilled, trained and artistic Stitchers. I’d like to gift most of the collection to the organization to be used in our continuing education in embroidery.
    With only a little experience working with metal or metalic threads, I believe one of the collections would inspire our more skilled stitchers to develpe mini-projects to help all of us increase our knolwedge.
    By the way, your photos are wonderful and very helpful.
    Lee F.

  31. My,My, what beautiful gold. I love it and have alway wanted to work with gold thread. I will us it on my crazy quilt projects, and I have a Christmas picture I have been wanting to do in golds. It would be beautiful. Hope I win!

  32. Wow how beautiful! I have never done gold work but would have all the necessary items to start if I was picked for this gift 🙂

  33. If I win this giveaway : I hope to add Goldwork to my bucket list for 2012!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity! I love seeing and learning from your website!

  34. i would love to try this gold work thread..I have never done gold work and be interested in trying a design in it.

    Joanie M in west TN

  35. J’ai investi dans l’achat d’un livre sur l’orfèvrerie dernièrement. Je n’ai pas encore essayé cette technique mais j’aimerais bien m’y mettre cette année surtout après avoir vu la plume de paon de Tanya Berlin. Cette technique est magnifique. Je crois bien que ce sera mon tout premier projet.

    Joyeux Noël et bonne année et merci pour tous vos précieux conseils.


  36. Thank you Tanya, for the very generous give-away packs. All those gold threads for the second day of Christmas, how wonderful.

    Of the many projects that I have in mind (and not enough time to do), one is a gold work dragon. My husband was born in the year of the Water Dragon and the coming year will be the Year of the Water Dragon again, so I would like to stitch it for his birthday.

  37. Well, that peacock feather is gorgeous! I loved it on the black background the best. I have some goldwork supplies but have not attempted their use yet. Perhaps winning one of the prizes would push me into beginning. A simple beginner sampler, like the one offered on Tanya’s site for free would most likely be my first project. However, I have wanted to do a gold dragonfly for ages…so I might just begin with something small like that as well. So much to do…and so little time!

  38. Oh my! I would love the chance to try out some of the goldwork techniques I’ve seen on your website. I’ve been doing counted cross stitch forever, but since I’ve been following your blog, my ambitions have widened considerably.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try to win this stash.

    Kathy Pennington
    Diggins, MO

  39. I have looked at that thread at the craft stores and have it on my crafting bucket list. If I were to win the drawing, I think that I will try to make a special card for someone.

  40. I hope to find a very beginner project to experiment with the threads and start a whole new collection of course! Gold is a girls best friend. LOL. Chris Beresford from Michigan

  41. If I were to win this array of gold threads?! I have a plan….not fleshed out yet, but it would be used to promote our EGA chapter’s ” Golden Anniversary”.

    I am currently president of The Philadelphia Chapter, and we will celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2014. Ours is the oldest chapter of the EGA! We have started planning for several events: we plan to host our Region’s seminar, have an exhibit, and hold at least one gold work workshop! This collection of threads would be perfect for a grand prize? Or to make a fabulous center medallion for our banner? Or to be the inspiration for a challenge? The mind reels…… I would love to have the chance to put this to good, good use to celebrate this milestone. Thank you for this opportunity to dream.

  42. The gold work was beautiful, catching the both the brilliance and mystery of this season. I am inspired to design and execute a piece for the Holidays, something to remind me of the Second Day of Christmas on darker days throughout the year.

  43. I’ve watched some of my fellow guild members do goldwork during open stitch meetings. It fascinates me but I’ve never had the courage to try and I know I’m not alone!
    Being Program Chair for my chapter I’m always trying to think of ways to keep our membership interested and engaged. We have a small chapter and I’d really love to design a program around these threads to give everyone a chance to try their hand with this technique.

  44. If I win these gorgeous threads, I will first do lots of reading on goldwork to learn more about how to best work with each of the threads. When I have a working knowledge of the threads, I may incorporate some goldwork into Brazilian embroidery but I will also look for a goldwork project, possibly even the Peacock feather,to stitch and utilize the threads.

  45. If I win the threads, I will use them on a full-size gentleman’s cap for my husband’s collection of embroidered hats.

  46. Last Christmas my sister made me a beautiful dragon fly out of gold work and I would love to be able to learn this technique. Something for Christmas would be ideal.

  47. The first thing I would probably do is just lay out the threads and look at them. Then I might do the peacock feather. I took a class with Tanya Berlin and her directions are great so I’m sure her collection of threads is great, too. How nice that designers share their talents and materials.

  48. I am designing a piece which will require about 75 % of it to be done in goldwork. I would love to win this and use it in the piece
    Beryl B

  49. nice collection of threads…
    i would use them to embellish a cuff probably; something small so i could try out each type and get a feel.
    i know it’s GOLDwork, but do these threads come in silver as well? or other metallic colors?
    love that peacock feather!

  50. I will try my first gold work project. I have admired Mary’s posts about gold work through out the year – now a chance to give it a try.

  51. I will try my first Gold Work project. I have admired Mary’s throughout this past year – now a chance to give it a try.

  52. The gold thread will be used to decorate a small box honoring my Godmother who died at the age of 103. Her love of crocheting, applique, sewing, knitting, and needlework of all kinds is what motivated me to begin my love affair with the same things at the age of seven. Lucia

  53. Oh no! I didn’t know about Tanya Berlin, but I followed the links and now I have to have a beginners goldwork kit, but which one to choose? If I won, I’d attempt your Tudor rose using only gold thread as a next project.

  54. These threads are so elegant looking. I have a good friend that I know would love to teach me how to do gold work I know I could make something spectacular with these gold threads. Perhaps something for Christman 2012

  55. MerryChristmas Mary,

    These golden threads are a real treasure! I would try to make golden bees to fly above that Somali Bee Eater!

    Cathy in PA

  56. Oh my goodness there is nothing better than GOLD!! I would first look at it for days and then use it in a project I am working on right now!!!!

  57. What a great gift! If I won, I would either try a Jane Nicholas design, or come up with my own. Something that would really play up the textural quality of the gold.

  58. If I win a Goldwork pack I would use them to try out one or two of the designs from Hazel Everett’s beautiful and informative new book on Goldwork that I received for Christmas, perhaps a Christmas decoration or a new needlebook.

  59. Designing my own embroidery and using the Eifel Tower as my subject is on my 2012 New Years resolution. These gold threads have inspired me to use goldwork in my design.

  60. Wow! That peacock feather is amazing. I would love to try working with these threads. I am nearing retirement and budget just won’t stretch to play with specialized threads like this.

    Thank you for offering a chance to win these threads.

    Becky in upstate SC

  61. If I were to win these threads, I would be able to learn goldwork. I simply have not had the funds to be able to do this kind of work, and not being sure where to start – well, I’d start with the threads! 🙂 I’d also do a lot of oohing and aahing!!!! Karen Gass

  62. The first grandchild of my parents (they only have three) just became engaged. I would like to use the gold threads to make a wedding gift for her, my niece — a framed goldwork piece in honor of her wedding day. If there is enough, I might also use some to make her something to wear or carry on her wedding day.

  63. I am a beginner in goldwork. I have never done it. I think that I would try a goldwork dragonfly pattern that I once saw.

  64. Mary!
    What glorious threads!!! I’m in awe of each and every one who can create something extraordinary with these fine threads. If I won them they would sit in my collection for quite a number of years I’m sure for I’m not at the stage of ability to do them justice yet. So Please don’t enter me in the drawing. I jusst had to pop in and tell you that the 12 days of Christmas is such a generous and lovely thing for you to do. Thank you!
    This is a treat for the eyes, and the heart.
    I hope you had the Merriest of Christmases and that this New Year will find you blessed beyond measure…peacock and all. :))
    Thank you for all you do for us!

  65. Oh, what a lovely give away. If I were to win this I would enhance several projects I have “on deck” — and probably come up with one that would showcase this bounty.

  66. Mary, you have a lovely Christmas gift! I have bookmarked Tanja’s website and will definitely think of her Pansy class as I am a beginner. I also like her Blackwork patterns.

  67. I had a class with Tanja and loved it. She is an excellent teacher. I saw the peacock feather at the class and would use the threads to stitch that design.

  68. I love viewing goldwork and have not done any yet so winning the set would be great to do this I would add it to flowers I embroider with silk thread. I am mostly home due to heart failure needlework embroidery are things I enjoy.

  69. If I were to win one of the beautiful collections of goldwork threads from Tanja Berlin I would like to use them to make needlework ‘smalls’ for my sewing box. Ihat way each time I used a needlebook, scrissor fob or case, and or pin cushion I would be able to admire the beautiful golden thread(s) and how they enchance each project.

  70. if I won these threads It would stop my friends from nagging me to get started and have a go ..lol I keep ummming and ahhhing and this would give me a push in the right direction *VBG … thanks for the chance 🙂 love mouse xxx

  71. Mary, I would love to win all these goldwok threads so that I could design something myself to use them on. I have some experience with goldwork, but have alot to still learn. I think they are so beautiful when finished. I love Tanya Berlin’s work and have done several of her pieces. Maybe I’ll try the peacock feather also. It is one of the most gorgeous ones that I have seen.
    Sharon K.

  72. I would never be able to afford to buy this beautiful collection of gold threads, so this would be a fabulous gift for me to win.
    I am a beginner so I would do some research first on how to stitch with them, and would possibly make something special first like an embroidered lavender or rose petal sachet

  73. Oh I want this so bad I can taste it…which would likely be cold and metallic. I’ve been learning some couching lately with DMC memory thread, since it’s cheaper than the good stuff, but if I won this prize, I would go completely nuts on some Elizabethan-style embroidery.

  74. Mary, What a beautiful collection of Goldwork threads. I haven’t worked with gold threads but am looking forward to doing so. Thank you

  75. I have purchased a couple of kits from Tania, and gold work is fascinating, my first , I couldn’t wait for instruction books, drew myself a gold fish and stitched it. OK but……..I am in the process of embroidering a book of linen with all the different techniques for my daughter, so it will be a kind of sampler. The peacock feather from Tania would make a lovely page.
    Thank you Mary

  76. If I won the gold thread, I would make a six inch cross and crown pattern on a journal cover. Ever since I saw your Prayer Book, I have wanted to use your pattern.

  77. Greetings, Mary. What a Christmas angel you are this year…or maybe a particularly delightful Christmas elf. The time between Christmas day and the end of the season can often be a bit of a letdown and a little devoid of excitement but you are not letting that happen to your readers this year! Thank you.

    I am a bit vague about what to do with it if I win one of the goldwork kits…surely some practice skirmishes will be necessary. My daughter was recently baptised into the Catholic Church and I think the goldwork materials would be wonderful worked into a small hanging commerating this event. What do you think?

    Barbara B., Ellettsville, IN

  78. I have learned quite a few embroidery techniques so far and I hope to be able to add goldwork to my list. Since Santa was in a hurry on Christmas eve, he forgot to stop in Alberta to bring me a kit on his way to Quebec, so please……..

  79. If I win, I think I will use the goldwork threads in a piece I would like to make for my husband. I would like to design a tapestry that would memorialize his great deeds, somewhat like the medieval sorts, and hang it in the stairway. Gold thread would make it regal. Thank you Mary,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  80. I am very interested in trying goldwork based on the articles that you have posted. I know that I can do a good job with these excellent supplies. Thanx to you and to Tanya.

  81. This is a beautiful give-away – Thank you! I tried goldwork years ago & loved it but never knew where to purchase thread. I would love to have these to try it again!

  82. What beautiful threads! If I should win, I would have an opportunity to learn this amazing technique! Imagine creating anything as beautiful as that peacock feather with my own hands!
    Thanks so much for having this wonderful giveaway!

  83. I’m going to use it for my class at the rsn that i’ll be taking in goldwork in a few months…very exciting. Thanks Mary

  84. Goldwork! Fun/hard/gorgeous. I’m trying to do one now and I have a love/hate relationship with it. The results are stunning. So, I guess the love wins. I would love to explore this technique more. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love to win.


  85. Oh–would love to get these. I would like to use some in the ring pillow I am going to stitch for my son’s wedding and then use them in some fairy patterns for my grand daughters. What fun!

  86. Oh what a gift this would. I would use the kit to learn a new technique. The gold work would make a wonderful addition to my repertoire. I love to learn new things!

  87. Hi Mary,

    I’ve always been intrigued with gold work and
    winning these threads would give me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of stitches
    using these gorgeous gold threads.


  88. This year I did my first goldwork piece, Circle With Blue Flower, as a group course. It was beautiful and a lot of fun to do, however challenging. Having these gold threads on hand, will encourage me to step out and do another piece on my own. This one for my beautiful granddaughter!

  89. Mary:
    What a wonderful “give away”. Have watched you comments and pictures on gold work and it is so beautiful. Would love to give it a try. Love any kind of hand work.



  90. Oh WOW! What a great beginning to a goldwork workbox. Mary, thanks to you and Tanya Berlin for making this opportunity available

    .I have been drooling over doing some goldwork ever since you came out with the Tudor Rose design, Mary. My budget wouldn’t stretch enough to get all the supplies at one time, so I couldn’t purchase the supplies needed but wanted to use the pattern for something special. I substituted DMC and Kreinik threads and put it in a needlbox lid for a very special friend. It turned out nice but not as nice as the goldwork and silk threads would have been, so I’m continuing to yearn for goldwork and silk threads.

    Many years ago I found a terrific bargain on wooden boxes that are approximately 1 foot square and approximately 3 inches high. they have an opening in the lid of approximately 11 ½” square; ideal for some kind of needlework. In the past I’ve made jewelry boxes and shadow boxes and put some counted cross stitch under glass in the jewelry box lids. I have three boxes left and I’ve been saving them to use for my granddaughters; something they can keep forever to remember their grandmother by when I’m gone. When I saw the monograms at the link Mary posted to the Antique Pattern Library site I knew they were perfect for those boxes and have already printed out the first initial and dug out my scroll frame. ( I’d planned on reading your instructions on how to set up the scroll frame when I logged onto your site today. Adding some goldwork accents to the monograms would be WONDERFUL!) When worked they would be placed under a round cut picture mat inside the lid which would accent the needlework plus protect the stitching and keep the glass off of the stitching so I could use padded stitches, French knots, etc. . The monograms would stretch and improve my embroidery skills and make something really unique for my girls. The plan is to make the boxes into jewelry boxes and give them to my three granddaughters, probably for high school graduation. As the girls are currently, 13, 10 and 5 I believe I’ll have plenty of time to learn the skills necessary for goldwork but I can’t learn the skills without the threads so if I’m a lucky winner, that’s what I’ll do with the threads. Isn’t it amazing how we plan out our needlework projects years in advance….lol…I’m glad to see that other people do it too and I’m not alone in my obsession. I’ll look forward to seeing your progress on the peacock feather. It is indeed very beautiful. Glad Santa was good to you…lol

    Sharyn in Cincinnati

  91. The assortment of gold threads would, indeed, be a wonderful gift for me to use to make something beautiful to display in my house. Thanks for the opportunity.

  92. I was given a pattern of a peacock that someone hand drew to make a pillow. I think these beautiful threads would be the perfect touch to make that pattern zing!! The pattern was drawn in the 40 or early 50’s. It’s on tissue paper. I’ve been wanting to make it for a very long time. Thanks for a chance to win.

  93. I would love to create a small hanging for the chapel of my new home – an assisted living manor.
    Took a couple of classes taught by Tanja, would recommend them.
    Louise Van B.
    Dec. 27, 2011.

  94. Hi,
    I have never worked with Gold before but it has always been one of my goals. I would love the opportunity to try it. And the peacock feather is beautiful.
    Cheryl H

  95. I have a small flower pattern that I have wanted to stitch in goldwork for ages. This prize would be perfect for that project. Thank you Mary and Tanja for the opportunity.

  96. I think I would use these beautiful threads to make a goldwork sampler to compare the different threads with different stitches.

  97. Hi Mary,

    I just want to tell you that I love,love,love your newsletter and look so forward to it every day!
    If I won the goldwork threads from Tanya Berlin-I would be in second heaven! I have only done a small amount of goldwork and am still learning. It’s such an incredible technique that requires lots of practice,so that’s what I would do with the threads-start a wonderful sampler to get in the practice.

    Many thanks,
    Laurie from Mississauga, On. Canada


  99. Happy Second day of Christmas. Absolutely stunning to see the peacock feather in person. I took Tanja’s class at EGA in Naples and it made me want to explore goldwork even further. Thank you for the opportunity.

  100. I’ve recently purchased a book on gold work, and haven’t organized my thoughts and ideas as to how I would like to start my first project. This would be so helpful!

    Happy Holidays!


  101. I love your blog and videos! I have learned so much and refer friends to your site for the excellent instructions and illustrations. I am working on a crazy quilt and embellishing it with laces – oh my,lots of laces!!, trims, silk ribbons, beads, stones & pearls. It is only in pinks and whites and fabrics that are silk, satin and velvet. I would use the gold threads to embellish designs and create more designs! I think this project is a lifetime project. I really don’t know how to stop – plus each day I learn more from you site… oh, how to stop?

  102. I’ve never dreamed of doing goldwork, but this collection of threads would certainly get me started on learning to use it. I’d have to give it some thought, but I’d look for a design that really, really grabs me the way you were drawn to the peacock feather. I’d like to do something special to leave to my son as a keepsake. Marvelous opportunity to make it especially grand with gold threads. Thanks.

  103. I would love to use the threads to recreate a small Elizabethan-style sweet bag. They are SO gorgeous!

  104. I’ve never had the opportunity to worked with gold thread but would love to give it a try. I lost my daughter recently. She was only 43. I hope to print and embroidery her picture and frame it for her children. My Sheila was an angel and I’d love to be able to use the gold thread to enhance her beauty. Thank you for your consideration and this opportunity.

  105. Wow I can see why you love the peacock feather it is beautiful! This is another technique I would love to learn so I would use the threads on my CQ project this year to start learning. I have always loved the loo of gold work!

  106. What a wonderful selection of gold threads. I have not tried goldwork yet so I think I would design a sampler to use these. It would be a learn as I go process but I would certainly enjoy these wonderful threads.

  107. Mary I will use the gold work threads to create design motifs on my crazy quilt blocks.
    Once again thanks to you for making this feasible and a big thanks to Tanja for her generosity.
    Susie Jarosz in Omaha

  108. Hi, Mary –

    I would love to win one of the set of goldwork threads. It would be a fabulous stash enhancement as well as an inspiration to continue to work on the design of a little project I have in mind – something still very nebulous but percolating in the gray matter! Thank you for making today so fun with the contest!


  109. If I win this giveaway, I’ll be able to practice the goldwork techniques I want to try out on synagogue decorations our group has been developing!
    Thank you for all the opportunities to be creative you provide us!

  110. wow! What a beautiful selection of threads. If I were to win, I know exactly where they would disappear to. I’ve been experimenting with Russian ecclesiastical embroidery and have a poruchi (cuffs) project of goldwork and pearls in the works for awhile, just been assembling the materials. This would go a long way toward starting.

  111. I love this peacock feather — especially the colors. I’ve tried or nue however, and I am no enamored with the technique. If I win the gold threads, I will use them to work a project in the new goldwork book that I have been drooling over. Thanks, Mary.

  112. When I read in your newsletter some months back about using Pearl Purl and Check Purl, I was intrigued. Six years in EGA had not exposed me to these wonderful sounding gold threads. Gold work looks like a wonderful new direction for me to go! The thought of working (playing) with such amazing-looking threads has me very excited.

    What a fabulous gift these threads will be for the lucky winners.

    Thanks for all your instruction and book reviews, and all you do for the art of embroidery.


  113. To be honest I have never worked with gold threads, but now would be a good time to start. I am stitching a peacock at present and to work the gold thread into this project would make it even more beautiful.
    Thanks for this opportunity to receive these unique and beautiful threads.
    Have a good day Mary
    Trish D

  114. I have never done any gold work so if I win one of the set I will experiment using some of the techniques you have shown us. I would make a sampler so that I would have a record of what I had done.

  115. First off, let me thank you for saying goldwork is not difficult, but learning what to do with the thread really is intimidating. I wish my second teacher had said that — learning it myself was a rather expensive lesson.

    What would I do with more gold to play with? I’ve printed out all your lessons on the Tudor Rose that you did. I want to make that as the top for a display stand. I’m reading Hazel Everett’s new book avidly and I want to make the Quatrefoil and Rococo hanging ornaments, and then the Elizabethan needle book. I’m adding gold and beads to blackwork now and I want to add gold to two crewel pieces that I’ll work on next.

  116. This threads are beautiful. I think i would like to make something for christmas on a black background using the threads. i’ll have to look for a pretty pattern if I win them.

    Donna Altieri

  117. I’ve used metallic thread on only one project, but would like to use it on a blackwork project. However, if I’m the lucky winner, I will share the booty with my sweet daughter.

  118. What wonderful threads! If I were lucky enough to be the winner, I’d like to try Berlin Embroidery Designs’ Harebell. It’s a beautiful design by the sponsor of today’s contest. I’ve never done goldwork, and this is designated as a good project for beginners. Thank you for the contest and for introducing me to this vendor! Theresa/OctoberLace

  119. I love this web site – I have been studying various embroideries especially goldwork as I want to use it on a vestment I am planning to make.

  120. Mary,
    So far each day is an amazing give away! If I were to win these gold threads, I will try to use the couching techniques for embroidered Christmas cards for next year. Thanks! Sheila K. from CA

  121. With those gold threads, I would start an embroidery of a rabbit – my husband’s sign. My husband and I have often discussed a goldwork rabbit when we sit in Indian or Thai restaurants and admire the embroidery on the wall.

  122. I would have to try it for the first time and then hopefully could get the peacock kit—it is so gorgeous!!

  123. Lovely! I’m NOT sure what I would do with this prize because I never thought in a million years I would have gold thread to work with. BUT I know that I could find something in Inspirations Magazine to try it with. I have also been contemplating a stumpwork & brazillian embroidery scene–I’ve ben thinking about this little picture & trying to compose it in my head for the last year. Gold work might make an interesting border!

  124. What beautiful threads! I’m just now getting into goldwork, and hope to finish two UFO’s that are currently languishing in my sewing room. If I were to win these I’d make something from all the ancient Egyptian images I’ve been collecting, maybe one of the goddesses.

  125. Dear Mary (& Tanja)

    Goldwork by Hazel Everett has been bought; new words. The only way to understand any new medium is to do it. Then I really didn’t know what the gold materials look like in reality compared with photos. So have been thinking of buying a kit but would that solve the problem as Tanya and you have by selecting different gold materials which I will combine with silk thread even perhaps silk ribbon….mmmm. (Love to buy the coloured gold for the flowers, but just starting)

    Just want a hands on experience of the materials please so I can then play & experiment.

  126. I’ve never tried goldwork, but I would very much like to. If I win one of these sets, I would learn this new technique!

  127. If I won, I’d use the threads to make a sampler of insects from my new book on goldwork.

  128. These kits are fantastic! I have signed up for the CQ Journal project and I have planned to apply different techniques to my blocks – things that I have wanted to try; but never got ” ’round to it!!”. So these threads, along with your helpful hints that you have shared with me (and many more!)would be wonderful to work with on this special endeavor. I am excited about trying new ideas and hope to come up with 12 months of different and fun techniques on my crazy quilt squares!

  129. I think if I won these, I would make a very elegant needle case for myself. I’ve been eyeing some Victorian designs that I think these would be amazing for!

  130. If I won the threads I would use them to embroider a DNA molecule (with the help of DW). This would make a stunning display for my biology classroom. Additionally, my hope is to pique interest in embroidery with my students.

  131. Such lovely threads! I just bought my first book on goldwork, and it has many lovely projects to learn with, so I would explore and experiment! Thank you again!

  132. If I were lucky enough to win these gorgeous threads, I would use them for freehand embroidery work I do on my fabric collages. I have a ton of beautiful velvets, satins, brocades and silk fabrics I have been creating with and this thread would be fabulous with the gold threads!

  133. What beautiful sets of gold work threads!

    I have done some goldwork before, but always from kits. I never did any of my own things since I didn’t know exactly how to choose the threads. This set of threads solves my problems!


  134. What beautiful threads. If I were lucky enough to win, I would certainly attempt a project with gold threads.

  135. I have been wanting to try goldwork ever since I discovered Cathy Hayes and her attept to recreate lady cursons peacock dress from the dehli durbar as a fundraiser. After watching her progress on livejournal, I want to try making one of the peacock feathers – which is when I went searching for instructions, and found this site! a kit like this would be perfect to make my own attempt. – Jessica s in torrance

  136. I would love to try goldwork but the threads are beyond my budget so if I won the threads I would be able to give it a try

  137. I would give the old threads to my daughter as she is a much better stitcher than I am and could create a beautiful piece from them.

  138. I have always wanted to try goldwork. I would start with a pattern like the feather or something simple to start, and make a design that could go on a pillow for my chair. Oh this is a great great giveaway.

  139. I would use these gorgeous threads on a crazy quilt wallhanging I’m planning as a graduation gift for the daughter of one of my dearest friend. She’s a glitz and glamour girl and goldwork stitches would be a good way to add this to her present! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  140. I have never tried goldwork before and so first I’d like to learn to work with it. Then . . I saw a beautiful blackwork embroidery piece once that had gold thread embellishing. I was really taken with this, so I would like to try using gold threads in blackwork.
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Vivian M.

  141. I love the look of goldwork, and it has been on my list of things to try for a while now. I have two projects in mind. A couple of years ago Inspirations had a piece with two goldwork frogs that I really loved. I also have Ruth Chamberlin’s Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork, and I would love to do some or all of the sampler on the cover. I would need a good look at the threads to narrow it down!

  142. I would learn a lot with these threads! They’re gorgeous and I’d love to learn how to work with them.

  143. I belong to a historical reenactment group and have done a bit of goldwork on clothing. While I’d like to do some more of that, I’d also like to experiment with some more modern designs.

  144. Of course both set are amazing …. I do love win anyone … I am crazy about work with gold threads since I have your here … so this this second day of giveaway leaves me with more water in the mouth … like a baby!!!

  145. I have been longing to try gold work. Winning one of these thread collections would make that longing a reality in 2012.

  146. If I were to win these threads, I would use them to make a special Christmas ornament for my tree. Goldwork is something I would like to master and this would be a terrific opportunity to try different threads.
    Winnifred, Braeside, Ontario

  147. I have always wanted to try goldwork. If I won this, I would use it in my crazy patch embroidery. I particularly like to make crazy patched blocks with white and off-white fabrics, then embellish them to death with white, gold and silver embroideries and beadwork.

  148. G’day Mary,
    I have a small, dark, carved wide frame with a small window opening. I’m saving it for an Or Nue beetle (that feather is gorgeous) that’s in an Inspirations (or is it Embroidery and Cross Stitch) magazine. So the passing thread, if appropriate, would be used for Mr. Beetle.
    For the bulk of the prize I would probably design a freestyle type of doodley pattern to kind of do a sampler for a…well, a whatever it looks like it should be for when it’s finished!
    A grateful thank you, Mary and Tanja Berlin for this very special giveaway.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

  149. Mary,
    I have never done any goldwork but I love the look and would love to try it. This giveaway would let me have the opportunity to try it and not have a large investment in an expensive medium. I love th peacock feather. My newly married daughter has fallen in love with peacocks and I am just waiting until all those lovely Hoffman fabrics come out in the spring to make her a bedroom ensemble and the peacock feather would be a lovely wall art piece.

  150. if i won these threads i would get together with my embroidery friend and we would find a project to work on together, thank you for the opportunity

  151. The peacock feather is lovely, as are the other projects worked in gold. The rooster is so regal! The Walnut Sewing Box is the perfect display piece. I have no gold threads, I am not sure why. I am reluctant to buy anything other than 6 strand floss. The gold thread would be a nice addition and I would love to give that peacock feather a try.

  152. Well…. besides admire and pet them if I won, I’d use them to do one of Jane Nicholas’ Turkish designs. I’ve been delaying getting the materials for one, but dying to do it!

  153. (please delete comment #48 – Forgot what project)
    Of course both set are amazing …. I do love win anyone … I am crazy about work with gold threads since I see yours here … I´ll try the pomegranate with real gold threads and not like mine actually with fake gold threads .. of course I´ll finish both … and send to you pictures!
    This second day of giveaway leaves me with more water in the mouth … like a baby!!!

  154. If you win this particular give-away, what do you hope to do with the threads?

    I’ve never done goldwork and I’d like to try it. These threads look awesome – I’ll have to look through my charts to see if I have anything worthy of stitching them on. I might just have to look for something like the peacock feather to stitch them on.

    Thanks, and happy New Year!

  155. I would love to win those beautiful threads to try my hand at gold work. I’ve not bought any because of the cost and if I didn’t use it, that would be a waste. Joan

  156. Happy 2nd Day of Christmas.
    If I won this gold work peice prize, I would take the opportunity to learn how to do gold work….
    I, in particular, would like to try that “corkscrew” metal thread that is seen on
    your website, it is awesome.
    Have a great day and thank you for the generosity of all your sponsors.

  157. Wow! I keep wanting to get into goldwork, but frankly I find the whole selection of types daunting. These samples would be a fantastic way to get my feet wet.

  158. Hi again,
    I noticed that Judy T. from South Carolina mentioned in her post today (#44) that she signed up for the “CQ Journal project” and is “excited about trying new ideas and hope to come up with 12 months of different and fun techniques on my crazy quilt squares!”
    I can’t find anything on your website about this, and I would LOVE to know about it. Crazy quilting is my favorite hand work and a monthly sampler sounds perfect for me! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  159. I would use the lovely gold threads to accent a stumpwork covered box that features oak leaves and acorns with my initials in the center.

  160. I’m just learning goldwork with one of Tanya Berlin’s kits and when completed I’d use those beautiful threads for an embroidery I designed of a bible verse with an illuminated capital and scrolling border. Thanks, Mary, for this fun filled opportunity.

  161. I have been buying books about goldwork for several years now. I leaf through them, say “Oh,wow!, and then onto the shelf they go. Winning the thread collection is just what I need to turn my procrastination into action.

  162. If I were to be a lucky winner it would make it possible for me to really do goldwork instead of improvising with other threads to learn how to do the stitches. Practice is good but the real thing would be so much more fun.

    I have my fingers crossed!

  163. Being mystified by the types of threads for goldwork, I was happy to see your review of Hazel Everett’s “Goldwork.” I promptly bought the book and rrrealllly like it! So if I get lucky on this drawing, I will use the threads to try some of the things in her book.


    Marilyn P. in Las Cruces, New Mexico

  164. I mostly do historical embroidery. I recently saw some Or Nue embroidery at the Cloisters museum in New York and it’s definitely on my list of things to try in 2012 :).

  165. I’ve been wanting to try goldwork ever since I saw a demonstration at the Stitching and Knitting Show in London UK in the fall – and this prize would be a big help on the way to my first attempt – a sheaf of wheat as I am a Prairie girl from Saskatchewan in Canada.
    Elizabeth L Mac

  166. I saw a gorgeous little icon back through your blog entries, I’d love to do something like that with some nice goldwork accents.

  167. I took a stumpwork workshop with my daughter and we learned goldwork by stitching insects. I had never thought embroidery could be so sculptural and fun. I invested in an insect stumpwork book that I would love to use again with access to more threads. Thanks for the chance.

  168. If I won this lovely give away, I would start one of the projects in the Royal School of Needlework’s Embroidery Technique book.

    Thank you.

  169. Hi
    i want to make a start on goldwork.the kits have introduced me to Tanja Berlin maybe goldwork too. itching to do peacock feather- after learning the basics. thank you
    ansu chennai

  170. I would love to have either one of the goldwork threads kit. I received a new book for Christmas, “Goldwork, Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration” by Hezel Everett. There is a beautiful bee there and these threads would help me do that project.

  171. I’ve never tried goldwork, I’ve always neen afraid of it coming out gaudy, but I’d sure like to prove myself wrong. 🙂

  172. What a beautiful collection of goldwork threads! I’ve tried goldwork a couple of times and fell in love. The thread isn’t easily avaialable in our area and it’s wonderful to see such a lovely collection. Since I’ve tried goldwork, I’ve been adding to my collection of books a couple of great books with designs that would be fun to work. Some of the Jane Nicholas designs would also be great to use these threads with. The different types of threads of intriguing to me, I hadn’t seen a couple of them and would love to try them out!

  173. Hi Mary,

    You wrote “Goldwork is considered an advanced embroidery technique, but frankly, goldwork is not difficult. The stitches involved are really quite basic; the most intimidating thing about goldwork is knowing what to do with what threads”, so I am more than ready to trust and try.

    Ginette of Mexico

  174. I’ve met Tanya and even worked a few simple designs (both hers and EAC). I’d love to try or nue and I do have enough threads. What I need is time. Are you giving away any? But the feather is gorgeous.

  175. I would be a newbie to goldwork and am interested in trying it out so these threads would be a great addition to get me going! Another creative venture in my embroidery world!
    Avis in VA

  176. If I win the thread, I will utilize it in my “Crazy Quilt” projects I have planned for sometime in the New Year. (After I complete a Halloween project I’m starting on. Krind

  177. When one breeds and presents dogs to judges for assessment, occasionally the dog earns points and ribbons. The dog is then photographed on a table. I’d like to make a lovely winner’s table cover with the embroidered kennel name and accompanying beautiful gold butterfly for those special occasions.

  178. What lovely giveaways! You and your sponsors are so generous. I would love to try goldwork and would have to look for a design that would give me a chance to play with several of the gold threads, should I be so lucky as to win one of the kits. I have a friend who does lovely work thatI would share with in exchange for some tutoring.

  179. I’m still a beginner in goldwork and having access to fine materials would be a joy. Yes! Please!. 🙂

  180. It would definitely be ecclesiastical embroidery. Your projects and clear instructions have been such an inspiration for me.
    Thank you and all your generous donors,
    Maria VF

  181. Gold Threads they are wonderful..I have made several of Tanja Berlins pieces in the thread painting and I love her pieces I would definetly buy one of her patterns like the peacock piece or do one of her beautiful designs…Her designs and instructions are the best…
    Thanks for the opportunity to win her exotic gold Threads

  182. Hi Mary,
    What a wonderful way to cap off Christmas and start the New Year! I LOVE gold work! If I were to win either selection I would definitely go for a piece which uses as many techniques as possible, just to see how the threads work, how “I” work 🙂 how to handle the threads and how the results turn out. Perhaps a set of flowers using Or Nue and definitely some Vermicelli! The leaves would give me good practice at sinking the threads at different lengths to give a smooth finish. Oh the possibilities!
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  183. Oh wow, I was wishing you would have Berlin gold work. Hope,hope,hope to make a silk hussif with golden trim.

  184. If I had a gift of gold threads I would just look at them for a week or two. Ahhh…. During that time I would gather all my gold work reading resources and do a bit of looking on the web for inspiration. I find that when I lay out a new project I do it two ways. Sometimes I design the pattern and then pull the threads I have, to see what I will need to purchase. But – if per chance – someone gave me some exotic gold work threads, I would design my project to fit my new treasures. That would be fun in it’s self as I could not only plan a new project but try some new kinds of gold threads that perhaps I had not tried before!

  185. My very first project when I joined our embroidery guild as a beginner last year was a goldwork dragonfly. It actually turned out beautifully. I mounted it on a wooden box and gave it to my sister, who lives in another town, for her birthday. I’d like to use these threads to do another goldwork project–one to keep for myself.

  186. Oh, such pretty strands! I’ve been wanting to try goldwork for ages, even showed some to my group of young embroidery students, but I just haven’t been brave enough. If those strands were to become mine, the first thing I would do is add some to a church linen I’m stitching with a grape/wheat design–fine gold threading through my wheat kernels would be lovely.

  187. Aren’t goldwork threads yummy? I have taken a few goldwork classes and if I were to win one of these kits, it would be time to design a goldwork piece of my own, like my children are always nagging me to do. I also fell in love with Tanya’s feather, but have not pursued it yet.

  188. Ooh, goldwork! I have not had an opportunity to try REAL goldwork yet (I have been playing around with the “fake” stuff!) Have been drooling over the work of Tanya and other artists and hope I get to try the assortment of threads–something I doubt I will be able to afford anytime soon…:( Love these giveaways!

  189. The goldwork peacock feather is stunning! I have done some goldwork and feel it just gives such a lift to any piece of embroidery!

  190. Wow, what a lovely giveaway, thank you. I’d like to do a sampler of fruit, apples, pears, strawberries and pomegranates, ooh and some acorns and oak leaves too. I have Ruth Chamberlin’s Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork, so I could use her lovely sampler as a guide.
    Lisa in Stirling, Ontario

  191. Hi Marymentor and a Blessed Holiday Season to you. I soooo much would like to win this “Day of Christmas” gift. Reason : I had bought a small package of Kreinick’s gold filament because I love love the metallic effect on a pastoral I’m doing and wanted to “jazz up” the sun in the sky. Apparently the thread I bought was the wrong thickness because I just wound up with a mess ! So obviously I need to compare and experiment with various goldwork threads,,,which, unfortunately as a Senior Citizen on fixed income is difficult for me to buy. So I would surely put these threads to good use and learn in the process. I’m always continuing to learn from you. Looking forward so much to your continuing tutelage in 2012. Happy holiday season, again, to your and all your loved ones. ……..Judy in Pittsburgh

  192. If I won the gold-work threads. I would use it on my CQ projects. I would love to try something like that beautiful feather, but I’m afraid I would need a kit with instructions having never used gold-work before.

  193. Oh my! What beautiful threads. I have not done “real” goldwork, just touches here and there. I would love to have these different threads and would likely order a pattern for goldwork and give it a real try.
    Sandy O. in Washington State

  194. HI Mary!
    Goldwork has long been on my list of things I REALLY want to learn. I have a couple books and read and re-read them until I feel confident..then I get to the point to order the supplies. The sizes and such don’t make sense to me! I’m hoping (if I win!!) to finally get past this huge stumbling block since a knowledgeable person will have selected them and they’ll all work together.
    Thanks and a Happy Thread-filled New Year!

  195. I’ve always been interested in goldwork but haven’t done any. This would give me a good opportunity to finally take my first steps with this technique.

  196. Mary, I would love to win one of these fabulous sets! I have a copy of Hazel Everett’s goldwork book burning a hole in my work basket! I would use the gold threads to complete one of the projects in that book.

  197. I follow your blogs on goldwork, wishing that I could try it myself, but knowing that I couldn’t afford the threads. What a treat it would be to be able to use those gorgeous threads in a project! Nancy in Newport

  198. I went on a goldwork basics course a few years back and would love to pick it up again.
    Please add me to the draw

  199. Great giveaway! I’ve been interested in goldwork since I first saw it, but have never got around to invest in the materials needed.

    If I won, I’m not sure what I’d make. Have seen some pretty stumpwork silk flowers with a gold thread outline so I might try that, seeing how stumpwork is one of the things I hope to learn 2012. Like that look of gold accents on silk embroidery, especially when blending the traditional with more modern takes on goldwork. Or perhaps I’d add some goldwork to my bead/pearl embroidered jewellery. I’m always looking for interesting ways to combine my beading with embroidery techniques.

  200. I’m a beginner in goldwork, and I’m following a course of goldwork in my town. Every year there is another type of embroidery they teach, I love it.
    Greetings, Aaltje

  201. Not sure exactly what I would do with the threads, as I’m a total newbie to gold work – but I I can’t wait to learn!

  202. Bonjour Mary,
    If I won the gold threads I would go to your instructions section and try a small pfoject. I am intimitated with gold work, it is beautiful…but looks difficult I watch carefully how you do it and I think I will be bold and try it.
    France from Canada.

  203. Wow, what a treat for a chance to win goldwork thread. I would use these threads to create birth announcement pictures for my grandsons.
    Gold is precious and so are my grandsons to me.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such a nice gift.

  204. I have been crocheting for our church. My plan is to begin hand embroidering for the altar. I believe gold work would be beautiful. However; I don’t know a thing about it. This would be an awesome learning opportunity.

  205. My husband and I are fascinated by goldwork. We would use the threads to make a project from the Hazel Evrett book you review recently. I am especially fond of her insects and snails. Merry Second day of Christmas!

  206. I recently purchased “Goldwotk-Techniqes, Projects and Pure Inspiration” and I am dying to do the project on the cover. However, I had no idea where to purchase the supplies. The items in either kit would give me a great head start. And now I know where to go for my other supplies!

  207. Wow! All that glitter is what any girl would love. I have been wanting to try my hand at goldwork and having a great selection of threads would be perfect for a sampler. Love that gold!!

    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  208. I took Tanja’s peacock feather class in Naples this year and love the technique. If I won a set of gold fibers, I’d try an ‘or nue’ project (probably abstract design) with circles or arcs, perhaps in gold, silver and copper with shades of turquoise and royal blue couching threads.

    Diane A. in Macon, Ga

  209. Oh, this is just too much fun, Mary and Tanya! I have a few goldwork threads, but not many. I would use them in a future project I have in my head, but haven’t quite had a chance to put to paper. In the meantime, I would bring them out and just look at them.

    Thank you Mary and Tanya!

  210. Ooo how exciting! I’m on my way out to pick up a used freestanding frame. I have only started doing metal thread embroidery in the last year and don’t have much in the way of supplies yet. I’ve been trying to figure out how best to spend my limited funds on both silk AND metal. This will definately make that choice easier!! For starters I want to make a period coat/jacket…and then we’ll see where it takes me! …so many choices and dreams~

  211. WOW! What would I do with these? I have never done gold work and didn’t think I could ever aford to try it. I think if I won I would search through your site and try one of the things you have as teaching tools. Maybe a sampler of sorts with the different types of thread. I’m so excited I can’t stop the ideas from comming.

  212. I know nothing about gold work but would love to learn a new skill! Having a chance to win all these goodies is so exciting. Thank you

  213. Wow! Thanks Tanya & Mary!
    I would love to have either set. I’ve just admired goldwork so far, but if I won either set, I’d probably look on Tanja’s site for an
    appropriate design & jump in!

  214. I just spoke with someone about stitching a medallion to apply to an altar cloth for our church. I think some of the gold threads would add a lot to that project.
    Your peacock feather project looks wonderful, it will be fun to follow along.
    Jane from Illinois

  215. Oh my word! I love a chance at any of it! I think this would really be the catalyst to make me have the gumption to give a whirl!

  216. WOW. those threads are pretty! I would love to win them so I can try some of the goldwork patterns I have seen out there.

  217. Oh my, these threads are just gorgeous. My head is spinning with possible projects. I’ve dabbled a bit in gold work and would love to do more. Perhaps a glittering Christmas ornament… a Fabrage-type Easter egg… or a panel on a 17th century type casket box that I’m planning. What fun these threads would be!!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness with these special gifts!

    Janice U.

  218. OOOOOOOH,Gold thread! I have not invested in gold threads yet, but have two books I`ve studied while I gather my courage. These would be a lovely start.
    Karole King

  219. Good Morning Mary,

    I think I would hold on to them until I get enough Hand Embroidery experience and when that happens I would incorporate it into an Ecclesiastical piece. Thank you for the chance to enter into the drawing.

    Jennifer G.

  220. Goldwork is so simple and elegant. What a great gift. Hopefully, planning their use will be as rewarding as actually using them, because that phase should be very important in employing such beautiful materials. So, the search for an appropriate project and a bit of play, as you call it, would be paramount in applying this wonderful collection of gold threads.

  221. I’ve never worked with gold threads before, but since our church Chrismon tree is in need of some new ornaments, this would be an excellent opportunity to try them out.

  222. The peacock feather is absolutely stunning! If I win the gold thread I will definitely try using it in my next crazy quilt project. Thanks for all the neat giveaways!

  223. Oh,
    What a wonderful addition these gold threads would
    make to my Marie Antoinette corset memorial embroidery!

  224. I would like to try some of that wonderful Arts and Crafts-era English embroidery. Something with Tudor roses would be perfect.

  225. Hi; I have tried a small smattering of Gold work and have a sampler pattern in a book I got last year and would love to do the sampler , so it would be a very nice way to start off 2012 to win all the threads I would need for the project. Happy 2012. Rena

  226. I would finally learn goldwork! I have tried many different embroidery techniques and this is one I have not tried yet. Your newsletter is very inspiring!

  227. I am so glad I found your blog and site this year. I am in love with learning the different things I can do with threads I never knew existed. I think I would take these and make some sort of night sky piece.

  228. I have been thinking about embroidering a tree and attaching small copper plates with the names of our family members to make it a “family tree”. The border frame would be beautiful done in gold-work, I believe.

  229. I will start goldwork, of course! And after seeing that gorgeous peacock feather, and what you are doing with gold thread in the medaillon, I want to have a go!
    Take care, Winnie

  230. Have never worked with gold thread, but seeing these make me want to try. If I were to win them, I would share them with my friend that first turned me on to your blog. I have learned so much from just reading your blog postings every day and following links to various tutorials and vendors. My pocketbook is a little thinner though, lol.

  231. Been wanting to try but as yet haven`t. So if I`m blessed enough to win a set , they`ll go into my stash to try thru the coming year. Love the works that you`ve had on your site. Thank you.

  232. What an exciting give-away. I have wanted to try my hand at gold work but the cost of the threads has been my biggest hurdle. I woult love to work one of the designs found on Needle ‘n Thread, perhaps the tulip that Mary did a year or two ago.

  233. Hi Mary.
    I’ve never worked with Gold Threads but I love to work Ecclesiastical pieces for our church in white so this would give me the chance to work a small piece with gold thread.
    Thank You.
    Pam in Hampshire UK

  234. Wowee, what an array! Thank you Mary & Tanya! I have subscribed to Tanya’s newsletter for years now. I think I would do one or two small projects with initials and a little crown on them. One for me, as I sign on my online groups as La Reine de Colouer (The Queen of Color) and one for my best friend as she is partial to crowns. Or maybe I will divide them and we can work them together. I have never had the luxury of working with gold threads, but I do know the techniques and stitches.

  235. I would just love, love to learn to work with gold threads. If I were to win one of these wonderful prizes I would finally obtain the wherewithal to attempt this beautiful embroidery.
    Alice the Loon

  236. I’ve wanted to try gold work for some time now. Either kit looks to have a nice variety of materials to begin experimenting with an easy pattern. How nice to have two chances to win!

  237. Beautiful collection! If I win this I am planning on designing some ornaments for gifts next year and doing a little gold work on them. This collection would really be fun to work with. Thanks for the give away. I hope I win.
    Mary Ann

  238. I’ve saved all your instructions for goldwork embroidery, just waiting to have the threads and the project to start! This looks like a good way to get going.

  239. Thanks so much Mary,
    Goldwork is my favorite stitching technique.
    I will use these gold threads to embroider a stomacher for one of my reproduction porcelain dolls. I am researching the 1770-1780 when the dresses were huge and their wigs even bigger.
    I plan to make a doll dress in Marie Antoinette style and my doll is going to a New Year Eve’s ball … The gold will make her stunning.
    Yes … this is what I will do with Tanja threads.

  240. I’m planning to stitch my own embroidered casket–and plan to include plenty of gold threads. This would be a great start to the process!

  241. If I were to win one of the goldwork kits, I would put it to use in ecclesiastical gold work–I am making several sets of stoles and other vestments for several friends from seminary and for myself, before I go off to Africa as a missionary theological educator. (I’m looking forward to seeing how the monogram project progresses.)

  242. Oh my, what awesome gold threads!

    I would use some of the gold threads for an Elizabethan glove project I’ve long wanted to work on, and maybe some of the other threads would be used in a project just focused on gold threads, probably a pretty Berlin sampler just to use them where they could be seen in their own sparkly glory.

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  243. I would love to win the thread. I am hoping to make my very first deacon’s stole for a friend who is in the educational program to become a deacon. I will have two years to complete it. I never tackled goldwork before, but it would be great and fit his personality!

  244. I have a love of ecclesiastical textiles and I think I would like to try goldwork embroidery on some of the stoles I have handwoven for pastors and deaconesses.

  245. Hi Mary and thanks for another wonderful opportunity!

    I love to embellish fabric and would use the gold threads to enhance a piece of printed flower fabric that I have. I would use beads and the gold threads.

    Thanks again!

    Jan B. from Florida

  246. I love sampler packs of just about anything! I like to use them to learn what might be my favorite in the group. Right now I am working on a sampler of coffee but I would love to try these gold threads. Justine

  247. Tanya Berlin’s work is always lovely; her peacock feather divine. Our guild has been planning on a goldwork workshop for awhile now. Having the gold threads would make the workshop affordable for me. Hope you’re having fun doing this for us!

  248. Wow!! What a great present. I would use these threads to expand my abilities. I have taken a few classes in goldwork and would like to try more on my own. Elaine R.

  249. Some members of my guild would like to learn goldwork but the materials are too expensive for some of them to buy a variety. This assortment would be enough for several people to make a sampler so that they would be able to identify the various items and then would only need to purchase what they need for a project.

  250. I would buy that Goldwork Techniques, Projects & Pure Inspiration book, and either pick a project from that or buy one of those amazing floral tile patterns, I love those.

  251. Good morning,
    If I won a collection of gold threads, I would pull all of my magazines off the shelves as I leafed throught them, looking for a perfect project to try some gold work. It would be great!

  252. Hi Mary,

    Wow! These are *incredible* giveaways! I’ve got some ideas percolating at the moment for a Louis XIV inspired baroque design, and I’m thinking that goldwork might be a really cool technique to try folding in to the final product. I don’t know beans about goldwork yet, but think I might be able to figure out how from going back through a lot of your old posts! Even if I don’t win, that’s okay, I really appreciate the photos and details of what are in the kits, so that I know what to purchase now. Congrats on the peacock photo. That will be really cool to see you stitch up! Happy New Years! 🙂

  253. As we are not near a needlework store where I am located I would most certainly start to work with them on one of the projects in the Inspirations magazines that I have tried to collect over the years.

  254. I would love to have the gold threads and would use them to embellish a jacket for evening wear. I think they are beautiful threads.

  255. I agree. I saw this peacock feather in person and it is stuuuuuupendous! Using gold threads can enhance almost any piece, I noticed. These gold threads would be a wonderful addition to any stash. I would use them to add glitter to a piece I am presently doing for my daughter. Thank you for your daily inspirations.

  256. I have always been intimidated by goldwork even though I have taken classes from Michele Roberts and Kay Stanis. I missed a chance to take a class from Tanya when she was here following our region seminar. Winning one of these sets of gold fiber might set me on the right path to actually try stitching goldwork. I hope so. And, by the way, I love the peacock feather also.

  257. What a wonderful gift. I love working with metal thresds. My first project was OrNue with an EGA guild. I learned how to work the piece and have since used gold work in other projects. If I am fortunate to win this gift I would use the supplies to create another OrNue piece I have been dreaming of, a beautiful butterfly. I had a Butterfly Bush by my dining room window and captured wonderful pictures to be used as inspiration. The idea has been on my mind for ages and I cannot wait to have the piece completed.

  258. Well – I won’t be doing 2 Turtle Doves with the gold work, but I have plans to do an Ecclesiastical embroidery of Dove and flames for Penticost. The gold work threads would certainly be a help with that project.

    I also have the design ready to do a crown and palm branches for Easter worked on linen in gold threads and then put on a silk background. The crown design is similar to an old piece that I found in a delightful book called “Threads of Gold, The Embroideries and Textiles of York Minster.” Either thread group would be well used and so much appreciated in my projects.

    Happy Second Day of Christmas!

  259. I would love to get back to gold work–I did some ecclesiastical pieces about 40 years ago. It could be time again!

  260. You really found some great gifts. I have been reading your gold work articles on how to do it for some time. I have used some of the tutorials to do other materials. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I might be able to do a real one. I love the feather too. You are so lucky.

  261. Mary, this is a wonderful surprise. If I win this give away, I would love to experiment with the Tudor Rose from your medallion project.

  262. Dear Mary

    I would really, dearly love to win either selection of the beautiful gold sets.
    My God Child and niece is getting married in July 2012 and I am planning to embroider a gift for them. I love gold thread and I am going to consult my book on A ~Z of goldwork and decide then. But what ever I decide to embroider I would use the various gold threads on silk fabric and combine them with silk thread and use the gold pads as motifs to enhance the chosen design.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  263. Hi Mary, Learning how to do goldwork has been on my list for a year or two and I would use one of these thread collections in a sampler, finally learning what each thread can be used for. It would be lovely – and sparkly! Thank you!

  264. I would like to use the gold thread on an angel motif. The tudor rose might be another project that I would like to tackle. Either set would give me inspiration to tackle either project.
    Thank you for your generosity.

  265. I would love to win the assortment of gold thread. Have never worked with it before and it looks like so much fun. Not to mention the pizzazz to a project. My Plan to the would be to embrodier my initials, what fun.

  266. I love goldwork, just finished the Fritillary flower and now started your Tudor Rose.
    If I won this prize I would work one of Tanya’s designs or I have a hankering to design and work an owl.

  267. If I win I will try to use these gold threads to finally learn goldwork. I’ve always wanted to do a dragon in goldwork.

  268. Can’t resist these giveaways! I would make one of Tanja’s designs using Mary’s goldwork couching tips!

  269. I’ll use the threads to embellish fabric postcards that I’ll be making throughout the year as I learn new embroidery stitches.

    Thanks for offering the drawing!

  270. Goldwork threads, eh. Well: WOW! Hmmm, what project would I apply them to. I know that I definitely have designs on making a “casket” (of the 16th century sewing tool type), and would start designing some of the panels using these gorgeous gold threads. It will be one of those projects that will be in-process for a few years. (hopefully not as long as the 20-year sampler!!) Fingers crossed, again!

  271. Dear Mary,
    That peacock feather is the most beautiful thing EVER. I am going to ask for that kit for my birthday next month. I have never worked in gold before, but, I promise that if I get one of these kits I will use it for the reliquary I am required to make for my fine arts degree.

  272. I have always been fascinated by goldwork but haven’t had the courage to try.

    What do I hope to do with the threads?

    I would find a beginner project and give it a go!

  273. Hi Mary,
    I have wanted to do a gold work project that came out in one of the Needlework Now magazines a long time ago and would use some of the threads on that, if I was lucky enough to win it. Have a great holiday season, enjoy it with family and friends.
    Joan from Canada

  274. If I win, it would be my first goldwork project, so I would start with something small, maybe an ornament.

  275. Hi Mary,
    I have been reading up on the ecclesiastical embroidery and would love to use those threads in that.
    Thank you very much!

  276. If I win that treads, I’ll like to embroider the Pomogranata. I’ve dreamed with that embroidery during long days, each day you give us the lessons…
    Thank you Mary.

  277. I have been working on a series of embroideries with the theme of “shoreline treasures”. I have taken some wonderful photos of kelp and washed up seaweed along our local coast. I want to interpret one of the photos of kelp in goldwork and these threads would definitely get me started on this project. The various textures of the threads will be perfect for interpreting the textures of the kelp and seaweed.

  278. Ooh how can anyone resist goldwork. I have been taking goldwork classes with the lovely ladies from Golden Hinde and am gradually building up my stash. I have also treated myself to Hazel Everett’s book so I would pick something from there to do. I can also use my new Millenium frame bought after reading your review Mary. Can’t wait to see what you are tempting us with next. Thanks again.

  279. How beautiful!
    I think I would do some sort of fancy single-letter monogram on the front of an etui…something that I would enjoy using and looking at often!
    Thanks for your generosity!

  280. Happy 2nd day of christmas. Hi, im mary varma, im presently in india. If i win this gold thread set then i would love to do tanja’s gold pecock feather, it looks absolutely beautiful, but im only a beginner in gold work and i dont have instructions to atleast try it. Anyway since im only a beginner i would be happy to try one of your patterns or one pattern from lilly’s legacy.

  281. I loved the pomegranate project you did, so I would do something like that. Or maybe a sampler. Hmmm, lots to think about if I’m lucky enough to win.

  282. That peacock feather kit is gorgeous! I look forward to your in-progress shots as you work on it :-).

    I’ve never done goldwork, but was inspired by a goldwork project in the newest issue of Inspirations magazine to put goldwork on my “must try” list for 2012. If I won these threads, I’d use them to practice goldwork so I’d feel more confident working that Honeybee project I saw in Inspirations.

  283. Hi Mary,
    If I receive one of these kits I will use it for making crosses to finish my current church project. What a great give away. Thank you and Tanja

  284. Wow this is exciting. I got the goldwork book you reviewed a month or 2 ago, but am still intimidated about how to get the right materials. There is a beautiful needlebook pattern in the book. That is what I would use the giveaway for.

    Thanks again.

  285. I am taking a course through the EGA soon. These threads would help me to get my needed supplies for the course.

    Mary in Oregon

  286. Mary–
    I enjoy learning to use any new embroidery technique or thread for embellishment. I am intimidated by the sheer cost of goldwork threads, as I am sometimes too enthusiastic, if you know what I mean. Winning one of the assortments would be a great way to begin learning to use these lovely, eye-catching threads. Speaking of which, the peacock feather project is FANTASTIC!! If I had some skill with goldwork, I would love to try it, as peacocks are my favorite motif right now. Thanks for providing this contest series for us. It is greatly appreciated.

  287. Hi Mary,

    I would like to make a small gift to give to Sr. Mary Michael at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville Ala. Sister has been a dear friend of mine for over 25 years and she just celebrated her 80th birthday. She is special and this would be such fun to do and would be received with great joy.

    Miss Lorraine

  288. I love the look of goldwork. I would use the gold thread to complete a Tanja Berlin piece I bought years ago.

  289. Hi Mary
    Another wonderful gift – this time this is something I have wanted for a long time to be able to do especially since I saw your rose design. My problem was knowing what to buy and what it actually looks like – I have since bought some books on it so am ready to give it a try and getting this variety of kit would be a wonderful start.
    Many thanks
    Eleanor – Isle of Man

  290. Didn’t even hesitate on this one! I would do exactly what you suggested, use this collection to get a feel for how each type of thread acts and is best used for.

    My weakness is collecting threads, going through my stash is my pancea when I don’t have a working project. I do not have any gold threads yet; boy would I like to get my hands on these.


  291. Thank you for offering this beautiful giveaway! I am following your blog with a big interest. If I am sooo lucky to win this giveaway, I will use the gold thread for my future project: casket with Russian fairy-tales heroes. Crossing fingers, Natalia F.

  292. IF I won the gold collection, I would use it for making a very special Miriabelia pattern of an angel for my youngest daughter.

    Rosabeth is my youngest and she was born on Valentines Day! She was born with golden curls which have never changed from birth. Her moniker is “Angel Baby” and she truly is!

    This would be an extra special Angel for my Angel Baby!

  293. Wow! Since I have never tried goldwork, I don’t know what I would make. But this would inspire me to try!

  294. What a wonderful gift either set would be! I would have study goldwork techniques and practice, but I have a beautiful cherry box just waiting for a special embroidered insert.

  295. Mary,

    It would take me a while to work up the courage
    to try them, but hopefully, their beauty would
    inspire me to put thread to needle and perhaps try using them on a stitch/fiber sampler.

  296. Oooh, day 2 is a wonderful prize! Thank you again.

    If I win these I will make something really beautiful for my sister for her Birthday in May. Her birthstone color is emerald green and this gold would show up on that color very well. Ooh, the wheels are turning in my head!

  297. Hi Mary
    I am designing a goldwork project for a contest and the sets you are offering have threads I have never seen. It would be a wonderful challenge to use them all in the project.
    Thanks for doing this.

  298. Holy cow! What a generous offer by Berlin Emboidery Designs! I am really enjoying watching you stitch the snowflake on the pseudo suede- I think it is just the geometry involved. It looks like a lot of fun. I’d like to do something similar with the gold threads on black – but turn it into a sun medallion. It would be a stretch of my capabilities, but a lot of fun to try! 🙂

  299. Dear Mary,
    What a feast for the eyes! Goldwork is my main delight and I belong to a small group called the Goldfingers!
    I am designing a new piece at the moment and would be thrilled to include any threads I was lucky enough to win!
    Thank you for your wonderful generosity

  300. So very beautiful! I have often looked at goldwork and wondered…could I do this? maybe? possibly? I think even an amateur attempt doing goldwork with arthric fingers would/could be beautiful…maybe?…possibly?

  301. About three or four years ago, I purchased the A-Z of Goldwork, not having a clue about how to get started or even really what it entailed, I just wanted to read the book to find out more about it. I never ventured into doing any projects though as I was so intimidated. Now after following you and voraciously perusing your site, I am so excited about this give-away and would love the opportunity to use one of these set to give goldwork a try. It would certainly be a way to “get my feet wet” without a lot of initial investment. What a wonderful prize! Thank you so much for these offerings!

  302. Um….let’s see. What would I do if I were to win either of these beautiful sets.
    I would seriously get in touch with my inner bling!

  303. My jaw dropped! How could I use these threads? Well, I want to sew icons for our Church and I have no idea at this point which kind of gold I would use, nor do I have the money to experiment. Perfect! Thanks again for the possibility.

  304. I would love to work with these beautiful threads. So many beautiful ideas floating around in my head!

  305. I would use them to make an ecclesiastical piece for a wonderful lady who has been very inspirational to me. Thank you for doing these giveaways, they are a lot of fun.

  306. This is hard to answer. I have goldwork books and each one has many beautiful projects and ideas. If I win, I’ll use the threads to steer me towards the final project. These give aways are beautiful. Thank you.
    Susan Donn

  307. What beautiful threads.
    I would use them to make a golden pomegranate..a pattern that I have saved for years.

  308. I’d love to have a nice collection of the gold threads!! Yes, I’ll use them and enjoy each and every stitch.

  309. Mary, first of all, thank you for this wonderful contest and for all of your tips and instructions throughout the year — you’ve really encouraged me to up my game in embroidery techniques. If I am lucky enough to win this, I hope to use the gold threads to make a medieval-style book cover on velvet with goldwork and jewels (I’m a book-lover and a historical re-enactor). Thanks again! Happy New Year!!

  310. If I were to win one of today’s goldwork prizes, I would use the threads on a Christmas Tree project I have just started planning.

  311. Thank you for this oportunity,these threads are very beautiful and I would really like to use them for celebration embroideries

  312. Having a selection of Goldwork threads in my stash would be fantastic and knowing what thread to use where. My first project would be something simple like a dragonfly – something simple but quite elegant. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these packs.

  313. If I won the goldwork material, I would finish an Or Nue project that I stopped years ago when I ran out of gold ‘stuff’.

  314. I would start playing with goldwork. It’s a type of embroidery that I haven’t explored yet, so this sampling would be a great way to start!

  315. Hi Mary,
    I am just startling to learn gold work embroidery and am currently “practising” with a kit I bought some time ago and do not now particularly like. I eventually want to get to the stage of doing some acceptable ecclesiastical

    Thanks to Tanya for her generosity in making this offer and yourself for organising it.


  316. Thank you Mary and Berlin Embroidery for the wonderful opportunity.

    I would use these threads on the waistcoat I am making for my son – he is getting married Dec 2012.

  317. Ooh, I have just the project in mind! I have a retired goldwork project from EGA that I’d love to do, but purchasing the gold threads was just beyond my budget, so the project has been languishing in the bottom of my to do pile. Having the threads would move it to the top of the heap!

  318. Oh I would love to win the beautiful gold threads…..What I would do is learn how to use them! What an awesome opportunity! Thank you Mary and Thank you Berlin Embroidery Designs!

  319. Hi Mary,
    This Christmas I made an embroidered Christmas Bell to hang on my Christmas tree, I used a lot of gold threads to embelish it.
    I enjoyed it so much I am going to do another one next Christmas. These threads would work beautifully 🙂

  320. Aloha Mary,
    Or nue is to embroidery what trompe l’oeil is to paining. I would have to use it for a pall cover idea that has been in my head for the last year-on red silk. Would love to win this one! Here’s to hope.
    Jacquelin Ihsan

  321. The sampling of gold threads would offer a chance to try some exquisite embroidery designs that I have so far shied away from. Thank you for putting together this 12 days of Christmas! So fun, but great to keep the season going through the 12th night.

  322. Hi Mary, If I were to win this, I would love to first of all, learn goldwork, (one thing I haven’t done thus far), and I would love to try the peacock feather pattern! My grandmother, born, raised and died in Kansas, used to raise peacocks. Now that she has passed away, (at 95 years of age), I would love to stitch this as a remembrance of her. And this collection of threads would be an excellent start to accomplish this.

    Thanks again for yet another opportunity to win some wonderful products!

  323. I would love to do the ‘Introduction to Goldwork’ project in Issue 72 of Inspirations Magazine. I love the look of Goldwork embroidery, but haven’t pursued my interest in it yet. The threads would definitely be a start. Gay B, South Africa

  324. I would use these gorgeous threads to learn how to do goldwork. I love it so much, but have done so little!

    Dawn C.
    Southcoast, Ma

  325. If I win a package of goldwork supplies I want to make a new angel for the top of our Christmas tree. I have the head and hands from a purchased ornament and I want to make a beautiful skirt and wings with golden embroidery.

  326. This will be uncharted territory for me, but I am game and would love to win this giveaway. I have read the articles in your newsletters following your goldwork projects so I do know a little from that. Thanks for the contest!

  327. It is my hope to learn how to use gold threads to, not only do gold work, but to embellish other embroidery projects. I think the gold threads would look great of the patchwork quilted christmas stockings I plan to make for several family members for next year. Thanks for making “after christmas” fun with the give-aways.

  328. Well I play in the SCA (www.sca.org) and have
    had a couple one-hour goldwork classes, but I
    plan to do some serious practice for a vestment
    project at church (we are an 8 year old startup
    and I think I should make a really nice set of green where everythign matches…)

  329. Wow. Um. Well…I have this photo I took of a wallflower surrounded by alyssum that would just pop with gold…or maybe that daisy centerpiece…or..

    Aw, man, Mary! Does I GOTTA decide??

    I think I’m with Kari Curley on this one…can’t I just gaze adoringly and dream? 🙂

  330. i would like to do the golden pomegranate that you did awhile back. it was the first piece of goldwork i fell in love with.

  331. Hi Mary, I’ve been experimenting with gold thread recently for some religious projects, and I would *love* to win one of these goldwork thread collections so I could learn new techniques and apply them to my designs. By the way, thank you for this wonderful site- I just discovered it a couple of months ago and I check it every day for new designs and tips 🙂

  332. Mary,
    Now that I have your church patterns book, getting one of these gold thread packs would give me a chance to try doing one with different threads.

  333. Mary,
    If I was lucky enough to win these threads, I would give them to a dear friend who loves goldwork and would like to try it. The cost is preventing me from just gifting her with the threads and her from simply purchasing them. It would be simply wonderful if I could give her a way to try something that she loves so much. Thank you for the chance.

  334. Actually I would like to start a small goldwork and bead embroidery project with a friend. I would also like to do a crazy quilt just to say I did one. 🙂 Thanks Mary

  335. Love that Tanya Berlin. I took her Blackwork Lovebirds class and enjoyed every minute. She is an incredible artist!!! If I were to win one of the goldwork packages, I will work one of your snowflake patterns on black suede with it. Happy 2nd Day of Christmas!This is a lot of fun Mary!!!

  336. Wow! The Peacock Feather is beautiful.
    What would I do? I really like the traditional paisley design. I think I would draw/design a paisley design and outline it, similarly to the peacock feather, with the gold.

  337. I have been wanting to try goldwork forever just haven’t taken the plunge yet. I would love to try a sampler to try out various techniques. I have always loved the way gold work over string padding looked and various laid work techniques. I would love to win this!

  338. Mary,
    What a great give away. I’m trying to learn how to do gold work.it seems to be lots of fun.the kit looks beautiful.The person who wins is going to have a fun time.
    Thanks, Nancy R

  339. I have never done Gold Work but 2012 is a year to learn something new so am anxious to try it and a ready made stash would give me something to start with.

  340. If I win this particular give-away, I know what I’ll do with the threads. They’ll give me the impetus to finally make the project pictured on the front of Alison Cole’s “All that glistens”. (And 4 or 5 other patterns in the book!)

  341. I’m new to embriodery, everything I know I’ve learned from you! I haven’t used goldwork threads, but I’ve enjoyed watching you use them, I love the flair they add to whatever you add them to!

  342. If I won this drawing, I would use the threads on a robe for a tree top angel for my grandmother. She used to have a gold tree angel that got mixed up in a goodwill box and we’ve missed it ever since. I would like to replace it using a combination of goldwork and bead embroidery.

  343. Those threads are gorgeous! I have been following your silver thread snowflake blogs and I think that’s what I’ll try to do: a gold snowflake for a pillowtop.

  344. I’ve got a project up my sleeve – a goldwork and silk project, designed by A.W. Pugin. It’s a Bishop’s Stole, and has a dragon on it. I’m calling it “What the Dragon Stole”. (yes, a pun).
    Lots of these threads would be useful for different parts of the piece.
    Plus, you can never have too many gold threads. So many types, so many different sizes!

  345. Good Day Mary,
    Tanja has an extraordinary site at Berlin Embroidery. I too would love to try and accomplish a piece using Goldwork. Loved going to Berlin’s website and looking around at all the wonderful things Tanja has to offer!
    May your day be blessed and again Mary thank you for your love of Hand Embroidery!

  346. Tried goldwork ,amy years ago and was frustrated. Maybe 2012 is the year for me to try again!

  347. If I win these gold threads I hope to use them to gain experience in beautiful gold work embroidery.

  348. Excited about this one I have never worked with gold before
    Thanks again Mary your giveaways are wonderful

    Bernadette Garcia Alb New Mexico

  349. Well, What would I do with them poses an interesting question since I have never done goldwork? I suppose I would learn a whole new skill to add to my treasure chest.


  350. Hi Mary! Thank you for the help:) I love the peacock project, it is stunning! If I were to win a collection of goldwork threads I would create a project with hummingbirds:) I recently purchased a wonderful goldwork book, so I would use it for reference and instructions. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful and beautiful collection of threads! Sincerely, Lisette Root

  351. What would I do with them? I would use them to try out a few of the ideas in the Hazel Everett book I plan to treat myself to soon.=)

    Thanks for hosting these events, Mary!

  352. Dear Mary, thank you very much for this kind idea. If I get the goldwork thread set, I will embroider a piece for the schrink of the church Nossa Senhora de Lurdes, in my hometown in Brazil (Botucatu). This church is called sanctuary, is very old, contains beautiful wall paintings and images but nowadays the monks (franziskaner) do not have any money for decoration, sometimes they does not have sufficient food and therefore the church interior and the altar have poor ornaments. Many greetings
    Rita Violante

  353. I haven’t had the chance to work in gold before, so I would read, read, read up on the techniques before plunging in to start any project! However, I believe I would try my hand at a pomegranite design, I soooo love them!

    Thank you for your generousity with these giveaways and for sharing your knowledge with us on a daily basis!! I have learned so much!

    Happy New Year!
    Lisa Webster

  354. If I could win a thread pack, I would give it to a friend who is struggling with the ‘wrong’ thread on a project because she can neither source nor afford the correct threads.

  355. I don’t know… I own stranded metallics for cross stitch, as well as some gutterman and kreinik blending filaments. I love using metallics, so definitely I would have fun experimenting with them.

  356. I knew nothing about gold work until I started reading Needle n’ Thread and saw the beautiful church vestments you do—-I guess I thought elves created all those items. If I won the gold, I would gaze upon the threads for quite a while, read your gold works posts again and I know inspiration would hit. Then for the execution of the project—-oh my.

  357. I recently added two Goldwork embroidery books to my collection, but have yet to begin a project. I started stitching a little over a year ago with the intention of someday being able to embroider church vestments in goldwork. If I won these threads, I would stitch a beginner project in one of these books.

  358. Dear Mary, What a good idea!
    I have received a Millinium Frame for Christmas and I want embroidery a veil for the tabernacle of my church. I would be very happy to win these Goldwork threads.
    Thank you for all, Mary, Louise

  359. This is absolutely perfect for me. I’ve loved goldwork and done a few of the techniques (see blog link below) combining it with crazy quilting but the materials are costly…. In October I asked for people interested in exploring goldwork techniques and crazy quilting combined.

    We’re going to start in January and there are about 12 of us…from the USA and also Canada, Australia and England. We are going to use faux gold or fool’s gold but having some of the REAL stuff would be FANTASTIC!!!!

    Gerry Krueger

  360. Again, what a great giveaway! I did an EGA gold work GCC last year but still need lots do practice. I would use these threads to improve my techniques.

  361. My sister is the one who is the true needle worker of the family, and I am just a novice. But I would love the oppotunity to work with gold thread, the honeysuckle on the Berlin website it beautiful! That is the one I would try. Thank you once again for this wonderful giveaway!

  362. The Goldwork threads are beautiful. I would use them on a liturgical piece – not sure at this point which design I would use – but I have several that I’ve designed for liturgical stoles.

  363. Wow….Gold threads! Your Twelve Days of Christmas is wonderful. If I am a lucky winner, I have an idea for a Victorian fan design that I would love to do in goldwork. I’ve bought many goldwork instructional books and just need to get the gold threads and supplies. Here’s me crossing my fingers!

  364. I plan to use gold work embroidery in the design for my latest Reniassance Faire court costume. My fingers’ have been itching to try gold work, but the pocketbook alas has not cooperated, or did Mr. Claus. I will be able to share this technique with many friends interested in historical embellishment. Thank you for being so generous to your fans’ and readers’.

  365. Mary, thank you so much for the chance to win such a lovely prize! I just love your site, and refer to it often to help me with my stitching! You have also opened up my eyes to what is available!

    If I were to win, I would love to try a small gold work project that I saw from the Gift of Stitching magazine, a small gold lion!

    Thanks again for all you do!

  366. Wow what an amazing give-away! I am trying to improve my skills in goldwork, however it is both difficult and expensive to get threads in my town. This would be a valuable contribution to my wee collection! I have some pictures that would look amazing with the addition of some goldwork.

  367. What wonderful things. I have wanted to try or nue for many years, but I think if I won these goldwork supplies the first thing I would make would be a stole and chasuble for my hubby.

  368. What will I do with them? Practice, practice, practice!!! I’m learning how to do goldwork so that I may help priests with vestments – restorations and new ones. And, God willing, these would certainly come in handy.

  369. Dear Mary,
    I am glad that you mentioned goldwork is an advanced technique, but it is not difficult. As I am a beginner and always want my own needle booklet, I would use the goldwork thread to embroider the Tudor rose on it.
    Thank you.

  370. These threads look wonderful. And this time it is very easy to answer to your question: I’ll continue my introduction with goldwork (the very first tries were in the lessons of “Thistle Threads”).
    Agne (Lithuania)

  371. I would defenitely make the beautiful pattern of a frog on a waterlily leaf
    I saw in an Australian Goldwork magazine. It will fit perfectly in my collection
    of frogs . It will be my third goldwork project.

  372. I am taking my first goldwork class in April. The class is sponsored by my EGA chapter. This selection of threads will be a good starter kit for my journey into goldwork.

  373. Oh Yum Yum Yum.
    Just perfect for my crazy quilting work or even in my mixed media work.
    Thanks for another oppurtunity to win

    Phillipa in NZ

  374. Mary,

    Thanks SO MUCH for your generosity! I, like others, might feel a little insecure diving right into the gold feather project by Ms. Berlin, but would fondle and treasure the beautiful design and fibers until I had completed some research! LOVELY!

  375. I haven’t learnt goldwork but it has been on my bucket list for ages. I am doing a year long embroidery course at the Embroiderer’s Guild of New South Wales this coming year and am hoping that Goldwork will be included. I would use these threads very carefully in the course

  376. Hi Mary,

    What fun. Those gold threads would be a treasure to work with. I sure would like to put together a plum of my own and display on my wall in the entry way. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!

  377. If I won, then it would be a chance for me to try out goldwork for the first time. I have some books about it and I would love to learn.

  378. Good evening Mary.
    I embroidered a lovely swirly Celtic tree earlier this year in gold, antique gold and silver anchor lame threads as a trial, but thought it would be stunning with a deep purple and gold. There is no where round here to shop for these products and an unknown quantity buying online if you haven’t used these items before. Seeing your gold work inspired me to do the tree, but it would be lovely to achieve the look that remains in my head.
    Thank you again Mary

    Karen lowrie, Kettering, UK

  379. If I were to win one of the thread collections, I would do something to help me practice goldwork technique–perhaps a sampler.

  380. Mary in one of your articles I saw a reference to incorporating gold work in a crazy quilt. If I win, that is what I would like to do. I plan to make a crazy quilt Victorian tree skirt, and I think the gold work would really make it something out of this world!

  381. Hi Mary,

    If I won, I would select a few small projects from Ruth Chamberlin’s Goldwork book, which I bought a while ago. I have wanted to try something, to see if Goldwork and I would get along! This would be the perfect opportunity. Thanks Mary!

    Susie H

  382. Please, please, please let me win. I took Tonja’s peacock feather class at the EGA Seminar in Naples this year and I am in love. I asked for Hazel Everett’s Goldwork book for Christmas as you’d recommended and my wonderful son gave it to me. It was the best present, but now I need threads!

  383. Hi Mary,
    How fun is this giveaway, not what I was expecting. Goldwork, as my grandson would say, wowwee. I would do something as wearable art! A pretty, but simple, design on a black coat. I hope your having fun this season Mary as you are providing us with some interesting project ideas!

  384. I’ve never used Goldwork threads before. I might use it to add a little sparkle to a cross stitched Christmas tree, or to add a little bling to an anniversary sampler.

  385. Oh! Tanja Berlin is tied for my most favorite teacher/artist! It was a happy accident when I stumbled upon her site as I was looking for info about the history of Berlin embroidery. She’s got a class in needle painting coming up at Shining Needle Society, too. I have to tell everyone!

    If I won one of these sets, I would redo her Blackwork Lovebirds and get the gold outlining done better this time. I might try some “Illuminated” Monograms, too. Basically–I would play!

  386. Hi Mary,
    You have really hit the Wow factor with this one. I would put these gorgous threads out on my work table and droole over them for a fortnight or so while I decided what special profect I could use them on. They are very beautiful and deserve a special project.

  387. Can I do goldwork? I sure would love to try it someday. I do love handwork but don’t do it much anymore. I would love to win this one!!

    Debi in MS

  388. Hi, I have never done any kind of goldwork, but have seen several projects that I would like to try. I would have to go back through my magazines and decide which one would work with the threads I received. Sandi now in Oregon

  389. If I win, I will practice some of the techniques I’m reading about in a goldwork book I bought at the ANG seminar this past summer. Thanks for your generosity with all the “Twelve Days” gifts!

  390. The first thing I would do would be to just stare at the beautiful beautiful threads. Then I would head to my shelf of goldwork embroidery books and spend HOURS picking out the very best project. I know there are lots I have bookmarked. . . which one would depend on my mood at the time.

  391. If I won the sets I would love to use them to learn to do gold work. I think the work you do is beautiful. You inspire me to take my work to a new level.

  392. I have always admired the Goldwork I have seen. Seeing the variety of gold threads will have my head spinning with dreams of gold.

  393. What a fabulous give-away. I have a pattern for a beautiful butterfly using several different types of goldwork threads which I would stitch with these lovely threads. Thanks for a great second day of Christmas, Mary.

  394. I have been looking at designs in European floors, tiles, gates, etc. and would like to try doing a design incorporating some gold work in areas to highlight them.

  395. Hi Mary

    I have looked at many of your projects on your site and have always been fascinated with the gold work but found it very intimidating. If I won a kit I would have a go at gold work for the first time instead of dreaming about doing it!

  396. Hi Mary!
    If I won this wonderful gift, I would try to incorporate the thread in the form of art quilting. Also, it would give me more incentive to combat my fear of working with metallic threads.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  397. Congratulations Mary–so glad to hear that Santa put an Or Nue Peacock kit in your stocking. I didn’t attend the EGA seminar in Naples, but that is the class I would have signed up for if I had. As to your question–better to ask “what NOT to do” with goldwork supplies if I’m a winner!! LOL My love for mixed media would lead me to continue to use metal threads with beads, mother-of-pearl carvings, cabochons & spangles. Metal adds dimension, defines spaces & adds some bling. What more could a gal want?

  398. HI Mary,
    I like to read your blog, I always find good informations. I like stitching goldwork. I done some projects. If I win those luxurious threadsI, I would like to create my own project and teach it. Excuse the way I wrote in English,
    Thank you very much,

    Nicole from Quebec

  399. I love gold and red together. Metalic thread always puts me in mind of geometric designs, I would look for an appropriate geometric pattern, possibly a spirograph, and stitch it on red silk to make a cover for a box.

  400. The peacock feather is beautiful! I have wanted to try goldwork it is so beautiful & interesting…it would be wonderful to win one of the kits!!!

  401. If i was to win the Berlin Embroidery gold threads I’d love to make something that i would recognize when finished lol……as I’m new to embroidery


  402. If I win the gold threads, I would embroider a tudor rose, following the instructions from Needle’n’thread.

  403. These awesome threads would certainly be useful in making banners for my local church. JennyP

  404. Goldwork is something I thought I’d never get a chance to do, the cost do materials seems prohibitive!

    I’d love to win and have a chance to learn how to best use each type of gold thread to its best advantage to bring my hand embroidery to a greater level of accomplishment.

  405. If I was to win one of these beautiful sets of goldwork threads I would use it to make a medallion for the back of a liturgical vestment. I would probably enlarge one of the embroidery patterns in my newly purchased “Church Patterns”.

  406. Since I was a young girl I have loved to embroider. I had not heard of goldwork until a few years ago, but I would love to give it a try to see if I find it as enjoyable as other kinds of embroidery I have tried.
    Rebecca M in Texas

  407. Denise – Australia

    Mary am I thick or what? Stunned more like it.

    I cannot believe that you have now offered another item for a gift to one of your viewers.
    It looks like Mr Santa has a rival in Mrs Santa. Or..is this an equal opportunity thing?!

    Why would I like your gold offer.
    It would help defray a bit of cost towards a small memorial, combined service banner. I have recently started to design one as I had in mind to make it for a small church in Townsville, North Queensland at Lavarack Barracks.

    I was involved with a group some thirty years ago in designing and making kneelers for this church and also made two extras and donated them.
    This one will be a gift in the memory of our fallen in Afganistan.

    So if my name is drawn out of the hat hoorah.

    But if not, I hope that the winner/s will enjoy using this selection, as gold work is most enjoyable as is embroidery of any type.

    Again my thanks Mary, for kindness on your part and the manufacturers who contribute.

    Mary if you are doing 12 days I can’t wait to see what else will come out of the sack.

    Kind regards to all

  408. I have always wanted to try goldwork but the prices of the gold have stopped me from proceeding. It would be wonderful to win the fibers so that members of my EGA could help me.

  409. Oh! Oh! Oh! I love gold threads! I took a course with Michele Roberts this summer and fell in love in metal threads. I do embroidery for my church (planning on a cope one of these days), so the gold threads would allow me to do more and they would also be a good guide as to what the different kinds of threads there are.

  410. Hi Mary, If i were to win the Goldwork giveaway, I would probably take a class or workshop in how to do goldwork.


    Marian (NZ)

  411. As always I look forward to Marys email every day!
    If I won the gold work threads I would be in heaven as I am wanting to start a silk ribbon boquet project
    with a gold work basket. It would give me allot of choices to use in the project.


  412. I have just begun to stitch with goldwork “threads” and absolutely love this technique and its history associated with the Church…I am aiming to stitch a Madonna and Child which would suit either of the packs on offer.

  413. Oh I love the luster of gold. I think first I’ll gaze upon the lovely bags of gold. Then I’ll have to go to Tana’s website to see what’s there. I took a needlepainting class from her a few years back and I just loved her work.


  414. Goldwork is a new technique for me. If I won the kit, it would be a good occasion for me to try this technique!! Thank you for the wonderful gift!

  415. Tanja is a fabulous teacher. If I win one of the gold sets, I will use it to stitch a design for Fiber Forum jurying in to become a full member.

  416. If I were to win the gold, I would use it on one of Tanja’s pieces as she does the most beautiful goldwork I have ever seen and would like to learn how to do this technique with her threads. I love your enewsletter as it is so full of interesting articles and ideas. Barbara E – December 27, 2011, 5:30 pm

  417. I love doing goldwork and I would design a western-style dragon to go with the Chinese dragon I designed about 4 years ago. I have also seen Tanja’s Or Nue Peacock Feather up close and it is also on my list of must haves.

  418. I’ve never used gold thread yet. But,if I win the gold, I will use them as accents in two projects I am currently gathering materials for, a dinosaur scene, and a dragon.

  419. Hi Mary,

    I know exactly what I would do with these threads.
    I have been asked to design/make the stoles for a dear friend of the family to present upon his ordination. These threads would be perfect for the simple cross I have planned to put on the front.

    Debbie Thompson
    O’Fallon, IL

  420. Wow, for sure a peacock feather! I’m working on a crazy quilt, and my mom and I have recently discussed me adding one to the quilt. I’m really enjoying using different mediums in my crazy quilt project, as I am fairly new to embroidery, (haven’t done any since the 70s)and want to incorporate as many different techniques as possible.

  421. Dear Mary,

    Wow! What an opportunity for someone. Here’s hoping I get lucky. I have spent many an hour at the Tanya Berlin website drooling over almost everything there, and would surely order one of her beginner’s series patterns and give it a try. Whoever wins will will be a very lucky and happy person, I think.

    Gerry (Alberta, Canada)

  422. Next year I’m doing a class in goldwork and having never tried it, these threads would give me a great start.

  423. I have not attempted a goldwork project yet. However, I have been glued to my recently acquired book “Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork”. I would love to use the threads from the giveaway create my own sampler using dried winter weeds (especially Queen Anne’s Lace!) as inspiration. The way the afternoon sun hits them as I am driving down the freeway reminds me of the different varieties of goldwork threads.

  424. Thank you so much for these wonderful giveaways! I have never tried goldwork, but admire the technique and would really love to learn. I have my eye on several of your lovely designs–especially the pomegranite corner and your church motifs. Those would be my first project after practicing the stitching.

    Sue U

  425. What a wonderful kit to give away. I would find a way to use the gold in stump work designs. My favorite motifs are birds and flowers and I know gold will fit into designs with these elements, maybe something like scrolls.
    Lee C.

  426. If I were to win one of the gold prizes, I would use part of it to learn goldwork and the rest to do a project showcasing what I learned.

    What a wonderful prize for a beginner or an advanced embroiderer.

  427. I have enjoyed Tanja Berlin’s work for a long time and have been lucky enough to take one or two of her classes at an EAC seminar. I think I might like to work an abstract pattern, or perhaps a piece for our church.
    Penny JB

  428. O! Wow! What a great giveaway! If I won this I would definitely give Goldwork a try! After seeing what you do with it, I really want to give it a go!

  429. Dear Mary,

    Thank you for your generosity. If I win these threads my primary goal would be to learn how to use them and apply them in such a way that your generosity would not be wasted.

  430. I’d like to try flames, like the flames on a matchbox car, in goldwork. I think it would be fun to give them a little gleam!

  431. I have always wanted to do some goldwork. What I would so with a kit if I won, would be to find a pattern that would show off the goldwork to its finest! This would be the best of all ways to start goldwork!
    Cathy S of MI

  432. I am preparing for an Or’ Nue. And when I even think of it, the spark makes me so happy. I would really love to do and Jacobean combined with this kind of mixed supply. Jacobean itself is a mix of stitches and colors. And it will be great to go with different kinds of metal thread !

  433. I f I won one of the gold packages I would stitch 4 glorious rich pomegranates in silk and gold–one for each corner of my prayershawl which I would dedicate to my mother and my grandparenst -all of whom were victims of Nazi Europe. As a Jew and feminist I wear a prayer shawl when I go to synagogue each Shabbat(Sabbath); and as my mother died when I was born, and my grandparents before I was born, a project like this would honour them and their heritage.

  434. First I would drool over it. After drying it off I would give it to my very best friend Harriet to work with. (She introduced me to your web site which I treasure.) She does beautiful needle work and has always wanted to do gold work. My pleasure would be to see her use this.

  435. Hello Mary, compliments of the season to you.
    We are just a few months short of our 50th (golden) wedding anniversary and for a while I have been toying with the idea of stitching something using gold threads to mark the occasion. However, goldwork thread selections are not readily available in New Zealand and if I were to win one of the gold thread packs, I will be head down, needle flashing, busy creating something symbolic to mark the occasion. Ever hopeful!

  436. Gold work is on my bucket list. I have seen so many beautiful projects in magazines that I would love to try. So many threads, so little time…….

  437. I have a few goldwork books that I drool over occasionally, but I have never tried tracking down an assortment of the seemingly hard-to-find threads. I’d love to try making an insect of some kind.

  438. What I would do with the threads?


    I play this game called Starcraft, and I would like to make in goldwork one of the playable units, with rich blues and gilt threads. Being a beginning goldworker, I think the juxtaposition of nerdiness and beauty would propel me through the frustrating parts of dealing with metal threads. 😀

  439. I would love the golden threads! I am planning on doing a Koi fish for one of my friends and these would be a gorgeous part of that piece!

  440. If I win the the gold threads from Tanja Berlin I would like to stitch your silk and goldwork tudor rose design. I took a class in threadpainting with Tanja in Oct. 2011. Her work is beautiful and she is an excellent teacher. I have done a little bit of gold work. I would really enjoy trying that tudor rose. Ana-Maria

  441. Gosh – if I was the lucky winner I would try out the threads with your beautiful snowflake pattern. Gold snowflakes look good too!

    Thanks – Toni Prada Lakeview OR

  442. I live in Budapest, Hungary; and I am in the USA right now for my daughter’s wedding and for Christmas with our families. In Budapest, I bought 4 back issues of a stitching magazine with a wonderful stumpwork project, for which I would use these wonderful gold threads. I can’t recall the name of the magazine nor can I remember the name of the project, but I can picture it clearly in my mind. The project requires a fair bit of gold thread, and these collections would give me the threads that I need. What a wonderful idea! Carolyn

  443. Goldwork threads are so beautiful! I think I would like to add them to some of the crazy quilting that I have been doing lately. It would be good to learn to use them correctly.

    Thanks again, Mary, for the chance to win something awesome!

  444. These are gorgeous threads. Either set would be a fabulous win. I would love to try one of Tanja’s free goldwork patterns, perhaps the Goldwork Sampler Heart Design.

  445. It is sooo hard to learn to do gold work! First I got the books, then I tried to plot a way to go to a “class” –too expensive, too far away. Then there is the problem of the materials. What do they look like? How much to order? What is the cost? With this wonderful array of gold threads, I would have the courage to dive right in on a project and learn a technique that I have only been reading and dreaming about.

  446. I would use the threads to enhance some of my up and coming needlepoint projects. I have dabbled with goldwork somewhat, and am willing to try it a bit more.

  447. What a wonderful selection of gold threads! I recently ordered a RSN book on gold work so if I were to win these gold threads I would use them to make one of the projects in that book.

  448. What an exquisite giveaway! If Tanja Berlin is reading these posts she’d be pleasantly surprised to learn how popular she, her work and her generous gifts are.

    I’ve been meaning to embroider something for a young priest in our parish who I think is going through a crisis in faith. Call me ambitious and foolish but I think some neat ecclesiastic embroidery of an ornamental cross with his initials on a linen pouch or small alter cloth might renew his faith in his vocation.

    In any case, I know God will find a way to guide his sheep back into the fold. Much love to you, Mary, Tanja, the winners and all our participants.

  449. Have only done goldwork once. For my sister when she was ordained and Episcopal priest. I made her a red raw silk Stole with goldwork on each end. It is absolutely gorgeoous. She still uses it.

  450. Would you use the gold threads to add a special spark to my projects while learning the uses for the different types of gold threads.

  451. I would love to use the threads to play around with some of the projects in Hazel Everett’s book; Goldwork. Which was on my Christmas wishlist and I was lucky enough to be given 🙂
    Sue, New Zealand

  452. I’ve seen some beautiful finished goldwork and felt intimidated by the idea of attempting something so beautiful. I do all kinds of needlework now, from clothing design and quilting to smocking and surface embroidery, and love to give goldwork a try. I’ll probably look and get a feel for it first and then select something that I feel appropriate for the thread. I love the flowers that grow in the south, so I might design a magnolia or dogwood flower to symbolize my home state.

    Thanks so much for all of the education that you do. I’ve enjoyed your site for a couple of years, and read it every day. Continue with the great ideas . . . and thanks for thinking of the 12 days of Christmas program. It’s something to really be proud of.

    Sue in Scobey

  453. I think I’ll do a crazy quilt with them. I once read an article you wrote about using gold work in quilts. I love the idea – that way, one can learn the techniques, the many small mistakes one makes along the way wouldn’t do much harm. Once I get the confidence, may be I’ll make something to hang on the walls of a prayer room.

  454. Hi Mary. What a beautiful peacock feather. I have wanted to try gold work for some time but not had the opportunity. I have a goldwork book by Alison Cole from Australia and if I was fortunate enough to win these beautiful gold threads I would certainly try some gold work.

  455. I’ve always wanted to try gold work but it’s a bit intimidating. I’ll be able to get started with these beautiful threads (and some good lessons).

  456. Mary, your Tudor Rose comes to mind when thinking of a design in goldwork. Thank you for the chance to win!
    Tanja Berlin is one generous lady to offer such a fabulous giveaway.

  457. Having never tried goldwork before I would use either pack to do some of the smaller goldwork projects from Inspirations magazine that I have been admiring over the years.

  458. I just LOVE Tanja’s peacock feather, but am afraid to order it. If I had the thread I would really enjoy learning how to use the thread and would embroider the peacock feather.

  459. If I were to win this kit, I would have to start it right away! 🙂 It’s absolutely stunning. I’ve never worked with gold thread before, so I’m sure I would be visiting your site quite often for advise.
    Thanks to you and Tanja Berlin for such a wonderful “giveaway”.

  460. Mary , Having done 2 goldwork classes now with kits provided it would be lovely to have that great prize to maybe start on a project of my own. I also love the peacock feather , looks almost magical .Thanks ,for the chance to win . Doreen M [ Australia ]

  461. I would have to learn goldwork technique and then I would probably challenge one of the designs from Ecclesiastical Embroidery or try goldwork accent to Monogram Letters for hand embroidery. Reading what you wrote about the Peacock Feather sounds interesting so I may even consider trying that project especially after I read that goldwork is not difficult. 🙂
    What a fun contest this is Mary and Thanks!
    Tess R.

  462. I would love to try these as I have never been able to afford this type of thread. I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far and would like to add another challenge.

  463. If I was lucky enough to win one of these kits I would look in my new Goldwork book by Hazel Everett (which I received for Christmas)and find a project or three in there. I really like the hanging decorations but I also like all the insects. Alternatively maybe the sampler. I do have a few threads but these would add to my very small collection.

    Thanks for doing this Mary – it is much appreciated. And thanks to Tanja Berlin for donating the giveaways.

    Michelle In Scotland

  464. Goldwork is just stunning, I have Jane Nicholas’ beetle book and Alison Coles’ books, that I drool over and are a great inspiration. I just need this kit to get me on the move! A finished project for a special wedding anniversary would be perfect.

  465. J’ai pas mal d’ouvrages sur un livre de broderie d’or et aussi votre Rose Tudor qui me tente beaucoup.
    Je saurai vraiment comment utiliser ces beaux fils.
    Merci de penser à nous en ces jours des Fêtes.
    Tous mes vœux pour la nouvelle année 2012

  466. Hi Mary,

    The first thing I will try is your Tudor rose 🙂 I loved it when I saw it for the first time :).


  467. I would use the threads to create a small goldwork sampler. I’d use seed pods as a theme and practice the techniques.

  468. OMG!! If I won this Gold threads stash… I would really have a reason to learn how to do gold work. The one project that I would try to attempt would be Mary’s Stylish Pomegranet she did using gold threads… I still am itching to try that one~

  469. Yet another great giveaway!

    Hmmm…let’s see…what would I do with the threads? Horde them in my stash?

    Actually, I’m going to be participating in a year long RR, embellishing wedges for a crazy quilt tree skirt. I think that gold elements would look fantastic on some of the wedges that I have seen already!

  470. If I won the gold threads I would use them to work samples for my site, to pass on information to my readers about the beauty of goldwork and what outlineis available on the web for other readers.

  471. I have an antique chalice that was given to my uncle, Father Edward Hartmann in thanksgiving from HRH King George VI after WWII in appreciation for his service as a chaplain to the people of England. I would love to embroider a chalice veil.

  472. Hi Mary, I really fancied your Xmas present to yourself :-)! What a stunning choice. I would love to win one of the goldwork thread packs as it would enable me to finish a project(Cushion Cover) I started some time back, but due to budget constraints could not afford the threads to finish it. Thanks for the chance to win! Anne Lemke Durban, RSA

  473. Hi Mary,

    I’m not quite sure what I would do with them but I know I would put them to good use! I would probably attempt a project in one of my Inspiration magazines. A lovely gift from Tanja.

  474. I took your advice, and my Christmas present to myself was Hazel Everett’s Goldwork book, so I need to try all the lovely Bugs, because they calling to me!

  475. I will make a Christmas tree ornament for next year. I would be interested in trying Japan Thread.

    I love your snow drop, it is a beautiful design which I intent making for my Christmas tree using blue linen most probably.

  476. What a lovely giveaway! I already do some goldwork. The first time I came across goldwork, about fifteen years ago, what inspired me to have a go was a little goldwork wren on a branch in a local exhibition. I tried to have a friendly chat with the woman stewarding it, (who hadn’t made the wren, incidentally) and who slightly knew my husband, and said how wonderful it was. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘that’s goldwork. You couldn’t possibly afford the threads!’ She was probably right … and I think I started doing goldwork just to spite her! I’m almost glad she was so rude as it’s a great technique and I really enjoy it, but the image of that wren has stuck with me all these years and I’d have a go at creating my own version if I won!

  477. since I never used Gold thread this would be a great opporunity to try it. the feather is very pretty……..

    Joanie M in west part of TN

  478. Dear Mary, a few years ago I bought Ruth Chamberlin’s Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork” to add to my library. The problem here in SA is the lack of gold threads. With my book and your tutorials and if I win, I will at last be able to try my hand on goldwork. Thank you and Tanja for this wonderful prize. Elza Bester Cape Town.

  479. Hi, Mary.

    Thanks to you and Tanja Berlin for such generosity.

    If I win this particular give-away, I plan to use the threads in a goldwork sampler. I can’t count the number of times over the past few decades that I’ve read and oggled books, including the reprint of Saint-Aubin’s “Art of the Embroiderer” from 1770. I’ve always wanted to explore this beautiful technique, and one of these kits would finally give me the chance to do that.


  480. I haven’t gotten to work with gold threads and this would be a perfect opportunity to learn! Perhaps I would do a lovely snowflake but in gold, rather than the silver you are doing.

  481. My goal for 2012 is to learn goldwork. I just received a new book titled, Goldwork: Techniques, projects and pure inspiration by Hazel Everett. Goldwork is so beautiful and I want to learn everything about it, so at first I would work on a sampler to learn every technique. I would truly love to win this giveaway.

  482. I would so love to try working with these types of threads – I’ve looked admiringly at your goldwork, especially the curly one that you wrap a coloured thread around, it looks so beautiful. Just to experiment would be nice, a finished little project would be wonderful.

  483. Goldwork intrigues me, but I’ve never had the courage to give it a try. I want to try one (or more) of the patterns from Jane Nicholas’ latest book. This would give me the push I need to do that. 🙂

  484. I would add them to a Jacobean piece that is currently running thru my thoughts. Think touches of gold would add a certain needed glow.

  485. I would like one of the kits to make a gift for out local church in celebration of my niece’s confirmation next year.

  486. Mary: I started learning goldwork this past year and will continue to explore it in 2012. If I won one of these packages, I would use them to make Christmas ornaments in rich jeweled colors (inspired by Hazel Everett’s gorgeous book). Janet.

  487. Another great giveaway. I live her in Utah and attend a small episcopal church in the heart of a predominantly mormon county, so it would be a used to make an alter linen for the parish. This is also what has attracted me to your work, your ecclesastical work is amazing.
    Shelly R. UT

  488. Oh wow! Even after all my drooling over your beautiful goldwork projects on this site, I never gave a whole lot of thought to trying it myself. But if given the chance, I think I’d use the threads to work up something super-special to frame for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. You make the techniques seem so approachable…

  489. Mary:
    What would I do with thread, first I think ornament for Christmas as I am making a wall Christmas tree made up of ornaments. So that would add some much needed sparkle.
    Happy New Year!

  490. Hankering to learn goldwork in 2012 after buying Hazel Everett’s Goldwork book but finding it rather expensive to get together the necessary threads etc. Stash is growing, but not fast enough

  491. Right now I am working on a goldwork class by Kay Stanis, so this lovely group of gold threads would be used to further my learning by making sparkly ornaments.

  492. I’m also picturing some beautiful Christmas ornaments made with the different types of gold threads. What a lovely sight that would be!

  493. For me it’s fun to imagine these threads in a beautiful embroidered leaf vine with the leaves outlined and veined in gold. Not having held and seen the threads and textures it’s hard to determine a project locked in stone, but this is what I envision.

  494. What would I do with a selection of gold threads? I’ve been doing some personal Elizabethan-style projects with gold passing thread, and others in the silk-wrapped purls. The next obvious step is to create a sweet bag on deep red velvet with purls and such.

  495. Good Morning Mary,
    WOW – Goldwork. This sounds scary but if I should win I would use it in Marion design which I hope to do and other church motifs.

  496. What a generous offer! I would use these threads for projects from Hazel Everett’s book “Goldwork Techniques” and for stump work I am just beginning to explore. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  497. I would love to use these threads in some freestyle embroidery and/or in some art books that I am constructing.

  498. I got Hazel Everett’s goldwork book for Christmas this year. I haven’t picked out a project yet, but I would use these threads to work something from it!

  499. The gold is lovely. I have a Dawn Thread Design that calls for gold and I have not purchased the gold. I would use some of it for that and some to experiment. Happy Holidays to all.


  500. The threads are an incredible give away!! I would hope to try to an Elizabethan purse – I have seen them in costume restoration salons and the detail reminds me of the Ecclesiastical designs you work, Mary.

  501. If I was to win, I would have the materials to try a technique of embroidery I haven’t had the chance to try before. I am very interested in seeing what can be done in the technique.

  502. Pretty, pretty, pretty thread. Who can ever have enough? I have been making applique quilts these last few years. Usually in a primitive folk art style. The trick is to hide my stitches. I am captivated by the luster of your medallion project and would love to try a project where my stitches are featured, not hidden.

  503. If I were one of the winners I would love to have a go at the gold work flower that is in the Royal School of Needlework book.

    Keep up the good work.


  504. I’d use the metal threads to complete the last step — 3 of 3 — in an EGA individual correspondence course which I hadn’t been able to finish on deadline (Life has interfered, numerous times). It’s too late to have the last step evaluated by the teacher, but I’d like to finish the project in 2012, just the same.
    And I’d also like to explore more goldwork in the new year.

  505. Hello Mary,
    Thanks for this exciting opportunity to enter the lucky draw. I just love your daily e-mails. I purchased a Goldwork kit about 2 years ago and slowly started collecting some gold threads. It is rather expensive and limited over here in South Africa. Since purchasing my kit, I have been following your Goldwork articles as well, as i feel rather nervous to start this project with limited knowledge on Goldwork. Looking forward to finally start this exciting project and I will do exactly that, should I be a lucky winner

  506. I would love to start on designing a chasuble, incredible ambitious but there it is. I have had an idea in mind for years. I would love to go into some more advanced methods of goldwork and I have a number of books on the subject. I have only done kits until now, and I want something that is me.

  507. I would love to try gold work and use the threads to try one of Tanya’s patterns. The harebell and honeysuckle are stunning.

  508. I’ve wanted to try goldwork for a long time, but I’ve been intimidated by the different types of threads and the cost, since I don’t really know what to buy. If I won this, then I would try out different techniques.

  509. I am going to be doing the goldwork component of the Royal School of Needlework’s Certificate Course in October. I would use these to complete a sampler of all the techniques I would need for the course piece!

    Marika M

  510. I’d love to make that peacock feather. It’s so pretty! I really like the idea of it in a box top, too. Thanks!

  511. I have never tried goldwork. I think I would start small adding some of the gold to a Blackwork design. Henry the 8th is a pattern I’m planning on doing this next year along with a Blackwork Elizabeth the 1st. However that pacock feather looks gorgeous.
    Debs in South Texas

  512. Hello Mary
    What a wonderful giveaway this time. If I am lucky enough to win one of these packages I would make a Goldwork sampler.

  513. I love those packages! I use gold threads in my embroidery. I haven’t tried goldwork itself yet. If I won, it might encourage me to do so!

    Heather M.
    British Columbia

  514. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what I’d do!

    I have never tried goldwork before, although I have drooled over your many posts about it. I guess I would try and follow one of the simpler examples you have blogged about, in the hope that my meagre skills will be up to the job!

  515. I have just received the Goldwoprk book you recommended last spring. It was preordered from Amazon and has fulfilled every wish in instruction and projects. Love the insects that she does and I hope to learn her techniques for those.

  516. I received Jane Nicholas’ Stumpwork book for Christmas. I would be able to do one of her projects using gold thread and not just gold-colored thread.

  517. Oh, my . . . either a Bible cover with or nue’, or a purse for my medieval-recreation garb. With stumpwork bugs from (I think) Jane Nicholson’s book.

  518. I’ve never done Goldwork before, but my ex-LNS owner does some lovely classes on them. If I got my greedy paws on these I’d be on the phone begging her for a tutorial. With her help and this site I have no doubts that I could create something spectacular.

  519. Mary,
    I would love to highlight some Christmas Angels with these wonderful gold threads.
    Thanks again.

  520. If I were to win today’s give-away I would start an extensive search for just the right pattern to use them on. I am self taught and lean so much by challenging myself with new techniques and tools. These threads would be a great addition to my lessons.

  521. I have a niece that is getting married soon and I would love to do a beautiful monogram in goldwork for her as a gift. Thanks for the chance to win!

  522. In July 2012 I am attending my first NZ Embroiderer’s Guild Conference and have booked on a goldwork workshop. I would love to practice goldwork before this time to get a “feel” of this wonderful medium.

  523. Hi Mary
    I love your blog, it is really interesting and I have learned a lot about embroidery since I discovered you. My parents are celebrating their Golden wedding this year and I would love to make a stylised family tree in coloured and gold embroidery. Your gift would give me an ideal basis with which to start.
    I will continue to enjoy your tutorials and your beautiful embroidered projects.
    Carol K

  524. I love these gold threads and I would use them on recycled or “upcycled” leather purses (clutches, large wallets, etc). I have previously been using sharpie gold leaf pens, but would love the dimensionality and regal-ness of gold embroidery!

  525. Hello there, these goldwork threads are stunning. I’ve only ever worked with DMC stranded gold, so this would be amazing. If I won I would like to approach my vicar for the honour of doing something for the Church. It is such a lovely Church, so I’d like to do something special. Regards Mandy. (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  526. I have some Christmas tree ornaments patterns that I didn’t get to. So I could use the gold threads on them. It would be fun to have a selection to work with. l.ott

  527. Mary,

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to
    work with many threads, but never gold work thread. Right now, I’m thinking Victorian Crazy Patch or Christmas ornaments.


    Fran Johnson
    Red Oak, TX

  528. Well, I’ve never done goldwork before, so I think that I’d make a sampler for myself. That way I’d get to see how each kind of thread performed and I’d have something beautiful when I was done!

  529. If I were to win .. I would try to create a goldwork Christmas rose (green with a hit of purple), flowering in winter with bracken around it.

  530. mmmmm, as a metalsmith who loves fiberarts, goldwork just makes sense for me. I’d like to try some ornate leaf designs, such as acanthus leaves, with a combination of the gold threads and reds.

  531. If you win this particular give-away, what do you hope to do with the threads?…….Hmmm well I’ve never used these before but like with a lot of my crafts I would probably make something for my mother…Thanks for the chance to win :O)

  532. I have a very small collection of goldwork threads and would love to expand my collection so I may tackle a project in one of the many goldwork books I have. It’s my goal to do a project in every needlework style that interests me (and that’s a lot of projects). Tina from Melbourne

  533. I’d try one of your designs, Mary. I don’t have many books on gold work, but I think some of your designs would be a great start.

    And thanks to Tanya, it certainly was generous to contribute 2 sets.

  534. Were I to win one of these lovely selections, they would likely be used in my stumpwork box project. I would place them mostly on the interior of the lid to illustrate the idea, ‘the glory of the King’s daughter is within’…thank you so much for the link to Tanja Berlin’s (now bookmarked) site…that is a hidden treasure indeed!

  535. I would use those beautiful gold threads for embroidering fabric angels for next year’s special Christmas ornaments.

  536. If I were lucky enough to win these amazing threads I would use them to create a sea creature in its natural landscape, showing the beautiful hues and reflections of the sea and using the goldwork to highlight the beauty of nature!

  537. I look forward to seeing you stitch the peacock feather, Mary.

    If I were to win one of the thread packs, I’d make a small purse. I’ve been meaning to make one for some time now, and those threads would push the project up the priority list.

  538. OOooooh I will have a wee play with everything and then try my own peacock feather – I love the one you have and will be ordering that kit now that I have seen it I am a peacock fanatic and have a growing collecting of everything peacock. So peacocks it will be for me in goldwork! I am just learning this technique so it will be a fun challenge.

  539. What a lovely give away. If I am one of the winners I would like to use some of the threads in some monograms for my daughters.

  540. If I were to win I would use them for a dragon fly design that I have been mulling in the back of my mind for quite some time now. This would be the incentive to actually sit down and create.

  541. How generous of you and Tanja Berlin! Goldwork seems to me to be most appropriate for the elegance of ecclesiastical designs. Inspired by designs on this website, these thread packets, and “Gold work is not difficult,” — one should take COURAGE and BEGIN!

  542. If I win the goldwork threads I’d give them to my grandmother who is the most talented seamstress I know. She doesn’t have a lot of money, and I know she’d be thrilled to work with something this nice.

  543. I will, of course, use them to bling everything up!

    Actually, I do quite a bit of needlepoint in addition to surface work and I have a project or two that would benefit from these beautiful threads.

  544. As you said learning how to use the different types of gold thread is key so I would try to experiment with each one to practice the type of stitch it is is
    Suited to.

  545. I would use the gold threads in an Elizabethan embroidery design I have wanted to begin. I looked at the pictures of the lovely peacock feather in the e-mail link, and I am struck by how beautiful and different the design looks on various background colors.

  546. Mary,

    Thank you for all you do for beginners like me. I would be so grateful to win this because I am learning embroidery to help a local Parish priest fix old vestments that were labors of love of Sisters from over a century ago. It is so difficult to fix vestments because quality materials like gold thread is difficult to find. This would help so much and do these works of art justice.

  547. It’s hard not to think of Rumplestiltskin while working with gold…

    I have seen the peacock feather design floating around on Pinterest, and managed to pin it down long enough to start dreaming about stitching one of my own! Lovely!

  548. If I should be so lucky, I would take the threads to the Gold Work Class at Country Bumpkin’s Beating around the Bush next year and learn how, what and where from an expert.

  549. If I won these threads. I would probably buy a kit or find abeautiful angel picture or something to use them on. I have followed your discriptions of using metal threads and the work always looks so beautiful. I would love to try them.

  550. If I should be so lucky, I would take the threads to the Goldwork Classes at Country Bumpkin’s “Beating around the Bush” next year and learn how, what and where from an expert.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


    Barbara Baker.

  551. What a great give-away this one is. I think I would use these to try out some of the ideas in Hazel Everett’s new book on Goldwork.

  552. I was planning to purchase the Goldwork Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration by Hazel Everett that you reviewed in September since I’ve always wanted to learn this technique. I would use the threads to practice some of the stitches or perhaps use on one the projects in the book.

  553. I have for many years now had my eye on goldwork and have yearned to start learning it. So far I’ve collected a number of goldwork books, but I sure could use a stash to kick start a new addiction! And thanks for the link to Tanja Berlin’s site where I, too, will be ordering the peacock feather kit (and who knows what else).

  554. I believe I would challenge myself to create a insert for a box top that used a paisley or heart pattern. I have done a some goldwork in classes at EGA and always wanted to do more, just couldn’t afford the materials. This would be the answer to a long held wish.

  555. Hi Mary, thank you. I have always wanted to try gold work. Any kit would be wonderful to add to my thread collection.

    Doto of Wanneroo, Western Australia

  556. Goldwork is something I have always wanted to try!

    I think I would start using them on a Father Christmas doll coat pattern, that I have. The poor doll has been naked for to long!

  557. I want to win so I can feel as if I’m worth my weight in gold. I know God thinks I am but sometimes it’s hard to remember myself. I think I would make my own design, and make a project just for me. A special reminder I am golden.

  558. I would love to use some of this gold thread in the peacock I am going to do. Also would like to do some flowers. I have a book on Goldwork and the projects are beautiful. You do a wonderful job teaching and sharing. Thank you for your time. Debra Puma

  559. I’d love to try my hand at one of the sampler tutorials on Tanjas site. I looked around there and saw several small beginner suitable goldwork samplers. I think this gold thread would be a good fit.

  560. These are lovely gifts! I have been contemplating to start learning goldwork, but haven’t got the opportunity so far, this would give me the first push. I think I would start with the Masterclass in Mary Hickmott’s New Stitches a few months ago.

  561. I haven’t try yet goldwork but I bought recentely Hazel Everett book and I dream on her beautiful work, so if I win I think my first project will be your Tudor Rose and after I shall try one of the project of Hazel Everett.
    Happy New Year
    Severine A

  562. What a stunning prize..thank you for your generosity. If I was fortunate to win I would certainly (at last) begin working on a family heirloom to be passed down for years to come.

  563. I have taken classes from Tanja twice through our local guild. She is a fabulous teacher with wonderful designs.

    I’d love to add these threads to my stash and try them out in the spring when I’m ready to start a new project.

  564. I would love to get back into doing embrodiery again. I think I would like to do a “D” fancy one and frame it.

  565. I’ve done some embroidery in my day but have never tried using gold threads… I’m thinking that it would look beautifully as embellishments on quilted pieces. Thanks for the chance!

  566. If I am ever so lucky to win this contest, I would create a ‘gilded’ illuminated image of St John for our little, 150 year old brick church in Cornwall – and then I would launch into my quest to create a series of small, long liturgically inspired wallhangings to complement our stained glass windows!

  567. If I win one of the goldwork kits I think I will buy one of Tanyas goldwork patterns and try that as I have always admired them.

  568. I have never worked with gold because I am too cheap to spend $$ on something I have no idea how to use. Were I to win this, I’d learn how to use them!

  569. I would most definately do some goldwork and also some of the lovely Christmas decorations some ladies in my sewing class made, they are true heirlooms to hand down to a younger generation and also lovely gifts.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  570. I think I would love to use them on a crazy quilt. I can imagine that they would give it some elegance.

  571. Oh what glorious threads! I would use them in crazy quilting- I would love to make a small wall hanging that uses fancy threads including silks and goldwork threads.
    Ruth Ann in London, Ontario

  572. This would be another new one for me. It actually scares me to try the gold work threads after watching your wonderful work with it. it would be a new challenge.



  573. I would LOVe to be able to try my hand at some Or Nue and also want to work on a re-creation of a goldwork Elizabethan book cover with these threads!

  574. Thanx for the contest…I’ve never worked with this thread…but, I am thinking they would make beautiful crocheted necklaces and bracelets.
    Thanks again,
    Gil Crews
    Terre Haute, Indiana

  575. You have opened up a whole new world of embroidery to me! I really want to learn goldwork. I sew a lot for our priests, and have longed to be able to present them with something this beautiful!

  576. I have a beautiful Madonna pattern which would look lovely in goldwork. It will cost a small fortune to get all the threads and this giveaway would greatly reduce the cost. Thank you for all your posts. I enjoy them very much!

  577. I would love to win some goldwork thread. I have seen all the amazing things that you have done on your site with it and I would love to have an opportunity to practice the vermicelli laying technique that you are using on your medallion!

  578. I began collecting a few items for goldwork last year when our EGA group took a class from Tanja Berlin. I would add this to my small stash, and then go through your Goldwork section and pick out something that I think would be doable for a beginning piece….of course, from there….who knows!!!!

  579. Definitely your gold sampler pattern. I have been looking at it for a long, long time, and would love to give it a go. The price of the supplies has held me back, so this would be lovely opportunity to try a new and lovely technique

  580. I collect, sew and repair ethnic costuming, both new and vintage. I would love to use these gold threads both in repairing embroidery on older costumes pieces and also trying some new embroidery on newer costumes.

  581. I’ve always wanted to buy goldwork threads ,but have never been sure of what to get exactly.If I win this,I get a chance to see them in real and attempt a small project with them and then finally get some more for the future 🙂

  582. I have been working on a dress made in a hand dyed fabric in varying shades of dark blue and have been wanting to add some gold into it somehow, this must be the solution! Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway.

  583. I had the priviledge of doing a Tanya Berlin goldwork workshop in Bermuda, and it IS easier then it looks. I would use the threads in a kit if I were lucky enough to win on a guild challange for our year end in June. They gave
    us the outline of a Butterfly and the challange is to do whatever you want with the
    outline, and I would like to do some goldwork on one of the ones I am doing.

  584. Mary,
    I’ve been ‘itching” to try goldwork. This prize would give me the ideal “excuse” to dive in. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  585. Your blog has gotten me interested in working with gold threads. I want to do some floral pictures that incorporate the gold thread.

  586. Goldwork is probably the one area of embroidery I would love to focus on and get really good at so I would use it for my new RSN book’s patterns. There’s a lovely tulip I would like to do.

  587. I adore goldwork and would love to have the chance to do another project. I would likely use them as a jumpstart on the supplies for one of Tanja’s projects featured in Inspirations. Congratulations on treating yourself to the peacock feather kit – I have seen it in person too and it is to die for!! I look forward to seeing photos as you work on it!

  588. Thank you for this opportunity. If I were to win one of the packets I’d find a nice small Goldwork project that was fairly simple and learn to do it, slowly but surely :).


  589. Goldwork is so beautiful. I would love these beautiful thread to complet a goldwork piece.
    It would be such fun to learn to work with these threads.

  590. What a lovely giveaway. I’m in the process of making an altar cloth for one of our church groups and this thread would look so gorgeous there.

  591. Mostly I would stare at them. You know, gaze upon their beauty, imagining all the different projects they could be used in. That is half the fun! I would take my time and pick the perfect project, then change my mind time and again. Makes me smile just thinking about it!

  592. Huh, what to do with those. Sheesh, I think I would tackle one of your Tudor Roses with those. I really like them, but I am hesitant to try them. You are such an accomplished embroiderer, and you are so neat with your stuff. I wish I could be half as organized as you are.

    I can really see a throw pillow (one of those “we aren’t allowed to put our heads on” as my husband says) with a beautiful Tudor rose in the middle.




  593. I’ve never done goldwork before, so the first thing I would do is search your site for your posts where you show the beautiful goldwork you did and learn from your tips and experiences.

  594. The goldwork threads would be a wonderful gift. I would use them to create a sampler like the one in The Beginnner’s Guide to Goldwork, a project I’ve wanted to do for the past four years.

  595. A recent issue of Inspirations magazine had a bee I would love to try to make with the gold thread

  596. I consider gold threads the “bling” of embroidery and I would love to use it as a finishing touch on several of my projects ( one of them is a tree topper and another a tudor rose). I can’t really afford those types of thread (my embroidery supply budget has already crept up enough 😉 and would I would love the oppurtunity to win some!

  597. How beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity!
    I have an image of a stylized sun & moon embroidery that would be greatly enhance by these gorgeous threads.

  598. I have to embroider on my bible cover, and what else would be good for that.
    thanks for the giveaway

  599. At long last, Mary, I’ve decided on what I’d do with the gold threads if I won them. I think I would try the beautiful pomegranite you did a while back with the flat silk and gold threads. That was just so pretty and you explained it so well I think I could manage it.
    Denise from Palm Desert

  600. If I was to have such a beautiful selection of gold threads, I’d enhance the bust of my bellydance costume with some beautiful scroll work. (I’m a bit too large for my cups and usually cheat with a fancy shirt underneath)

  601. Wow! This is an amazing giveaway! I think I’d like to work a floral motif using some colorful silk threads and outlines and stems with the gold. These would be great for experimenting!

  602. I have an unfinished piece of cross stitch with teeny tiny count adia cloth that I haven’t finished because I haven’t known what gold threads to use! It’s a beautiful angel with no sparkle 🙂

  603. Goldwork supplies are soooo beautiful – I want to touch, to feel weights and texture, to admire workmanship, and then my mind screams “don’t touch”.

  604. I’ve always wanted to try an Elizabethan inspired design in traditional materials. Gold work would be perfect for that. Or maybe a mixed media piece with gold and silk and beadwork.

  605. Hi Mary,
    I sawthis peacock done at the EAC Seminar last May and it was beautiful. Now maybe I’ll get the chance to do it myself.
    Bonnie B in N.B. Canada

  606. I have signed up to do a faux gold crazy quilt round robin in the new year and it would be such fun to be able to include a little bit of REAL goldwork thread in each of the pieces I work on.

  607. I would give these threads to my embroidery buddy. She has taught me so much about embroidery and using a sewing machine. She has expressed an interest in learning gold work and I would love to give her a way to try it out.

  608. I would want to use some of that gold thread on an embroidered ornament of some kind. Looks like a fabulous giveaway! Thank you.

  609. Dear Mary,
    What a special giveaway. I’ve purchased from Berlin Embroidery and have enjoyed both the supplies and Tanya’s kind service.

    If perchance I won, these threads would find their way, along with spangles, plate, and silk chenille embroidery, into a permutation (simpler) of the lady’s spencer (1790-1810) in Gail Marsh’s 18th Century Embroidery Techniques. Probably over a year-long project 🙂

    Very best,

    Natalie F.

  610. This give-away is truly overwhelming. I would love to try the iris project in the goldwork section from the Royal School of Needlework book on Embroidery Techniques. My father-in-law was a wonderful gardener & specialized in hybridizing iris & it would be a great way to remeber him.

  611. Oooh, I’m imagining doing so many Christmas projects with this thread. Thanks for the giveaway!

  612. Goldwork is a great love of mine and having just read the review you did on the new Goldwork book by Hazel Everett I just had to purchase it, in there is a lovely beetle I would do, I would share the use of the threads to do this with my friends that also enjoy Goldwork.

  613. I have been following your posts on goldwork and reading your reviews of books. I haven’t allowed myself to think of doing goldwork because of the cost.

    If I were to win, I would first work on developing my skills at goldwork. This start would allow me to progress – I could then justify buying books for example. This would open up the whole field of goldwork to me.

  614. Wow! What an amazing collection!!!

    Ever since I was lucky enough to be able to see Alastair MacLeod’s presentation of the history of Hand and Locke, but also some of the pieces they’ve done over the years, I’ve been in love with one piece in particular, a reproduction of a 15

  615. I am thinking of an underwater wall quilt with colourful fishes (with touches of gold), Poseidon with a golden trident, his wife, Amphitrite, in shimmery finery and sunlight filtering through the water.

  616. What amazing give-aways! I have enrolled to do two goldwork workshops in 2012 – small designs – a native kowhai flower and a beetle. I’m really looking forward to trying something new!

  617. I’m making a teacosy for my mom – I’d use a little to embellish that. Then I’d like to work through a “training kit” maybe Berlin’s Harebell. And, of course, to take out and “pet” every now and again because even on the skein the threads are so pretty 😉