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First Day of Christmas: Gorgeous Needlepainting Kits & a DVD!


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Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas Needlework Give-Away series! I’m very excited about this series of give-aways, each of which is sponsored by the designers, manufacturers, retailers, or artists featured in each give-away post.

For this series of give-aways, entering is very easy. Just read each article completely and follow the instructions at the end of the article.

For the First Day of Christmas give-away, we have three beautiful needle painting embroidery kits from Trish Burr, along with a set of her needle painting instructional DVDs. The winner will receive all three kits and the DVD set.

Trish Burr Needle Painting Kits & DVD

Trish Burr’s needle painting kits are gorgeous, and her instructional DVD on needle painting is a great way to become familiar with the nuances of this embroidery technique. I thought they were a perfect way to kick off this series! Well – that – and the birds are the closest I could come to a partridge in a pear tree.

Trish Burr Needle Painting Kits & DVD

The winner will receive Trish’s 2-DVD set, The Long & Short of It, which is an instructional workshop on long & short stitch needle painting.

Trish Burr Needle Painting Kits & DVD

In addition to the DVD set, you’ll receive three kits: this vibrant butterfly…

Trish Burr Needle Painting Kits & DVD

… this portrait of a Somali Bee Eater…

Trish Burr Needle Painting Kits & DVD

… and the Kotari Kingfisher.

The kits include pre-printed fabric, full instructions, and a DMC – Anchor thread list, so that you can use your own preferred stranded cotton to complete the embroidery.

Trish Burr is a master of needle painting. This year, she has published two books that are of particular interest to embroiderers interested in needle painting. The first is Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners, which teaches the basics of needle painting embroidery and takes the stitcher through many beautiful projects that are arranged in order of difficulty. It is the perfect learning book for needle painting!

The second book that Trish has had published this year – and which is not yet available in the US, but can be bought through overseas booksellers – is Colour Confidence in Embroidery. While particularly pertinent to embroiderers interested in long and short stitch shading, the book is really addressed to anyone who loves surface embroidery and other needlework that involves color. Whether you’re a cross-stitcher, needlepointer, surface embroiderer, needle painter – this book teaches the ins and outs of color selection in embroidery. It’s a fantastic book! It also includes plenty of projects for the beginning to advanced stitcher.

If you’re not familiar with Trish and her work, I suggest visiting her website, Trish Burr Embroidery. There, you’ll see some incredible masterpieces of needle painting!

Instructions for Entering the Give-Away

To enter today’s give-away, please read and follow these simple instructions!

1. Leave a comment at the end of today’s article. If you click on that link, it will take you directly to the comment area, so that there are no mishaps! Comments delivered via e-mail or on other articles will not be included in the give-away.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

Of the three kits featured above, which grabs you? (i.e. Which is your favorite?)

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the body of your comment, or on the “name” line above the comment box. If your name happens to be Joy, you might include a last initial or a location, to differentiate yourself from the other Joys out there (example: Joy in Madagascar).

4. Leave your comment before January 9th, 2012, at 5:00 am Central Time (Kansas, USA!). All winners for this series will be selected on January 9th, and announced that day here on Needle ‘n Thread. You’ll have to check back on January 9th to see if you’ve won, because the winners will need to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes. The Give-Away is Now Closed. Thanks for your interest!

Merry First Day of Christmas!

Please do not panic if your comment does not show up immediately. All comments are moderated in the order in which they come in, and they will eventually be posted. If you are looking for your comment, please use the “older comments” and “newer comments” links at the top of the comments section. These will take you through all the comments pages, from newest to oldest.


(1,142) Comments

  1. Joyeux Noel Mary,
    Many, many thanks for all you have done for
    us during this year. The Trish Burr kit I
    like the most is the Kotari Kingfisher.
    Colors, colors, they are most beautiful and
    it would be quite a challenge to embroider
    this gorgeous bird. Thank you Mary for
    France from Canada.

  2. I only learned of Trish Burr after your recent review of her new book, which is now on my wish list. I love the Kotari Kingfisher best of the three, and whoever wins this gift is going to be a very lucky stitcher!


  3. Oh Mary! I really would like to receive these books and DVDs. I try and try to get my needlepainting presentable – but I have to do much “reverse” stitching to get back to square one so that I can start again, and maybe do better next time. I would love to have help from Trish Burr.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thankyou. Catherine

  4. I really find it hard to pick. The butterfly caught my eye but then the kingfisher is so colorful. Maybe the Somali beecatcher because he reminds me of the chickadee in my yard. I would be more than beside myself to win thank you Onita of Michigan.

  5. My mum (rip) loves butterflies and loves the color red. Therefore I am drawn towards the beautiful butterfly and would stitch this and put it on the front cover of the memorial book I am doing. She would of been thrilled to have seen Trisha’s needlework butterfly.

  6. I love the color graduation in the kingfisher, so I guess that would be my favorite. Needlepainting looks so intimidating and oh so beautiful.

  7. The Kotari Kingfisher is a standout with the beautiful blue and its tender pose; as if giving you a side way glance. Love it.

  8. Mary, please include me in the drawing for the 1st Day of Christmas. I really like the Kotari Kingfisher kit best of the three kits shown. Thanks.


  9. Mary – These kits are just gorgeous. I love needle painting but have not done much of it. I would love to learn how to do this well! My favorite kit is the kingfisher. He/she has beautiful colors. He/she also has such an attitude! Definitely making a statement.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love to win these.
    Merry Christmas to you.

  10. The Somali Bee Eater kit is the more striking subject to me of the three kits highlighted. The color play in the feathers around the neck are amazing when you consider they’re just long and short stitches of embroidery thread.
    I’m excited that this contest is running and I’ll have the Needle ‘n Thread website/blog on my mind a lot while I wait to see who is the winner!

  11. Although I love all three of Trish Burr’s designs, there is something about the bee eater that really appeals to me. That red eye. That subtle coloring of the feathers. Yummy. Warm winter wishes to you Mary!

  12. Hello,
    my choice : the red (for passion) butterfly (to free my wings) and the flowers so I can take the time to smell them and learn how to paint with thread with Thish Burr.
    Thank you for all the informations you send me (I save every newsletter).
    All the best for the new year 2012.

  13. Wow, these are really nice! Hard to decide which one I like the most. The Kingfisher is really cute but I think the butterfly is the one I am most attracted too.

  14. The Kotari Kingfisher!!! I like challenges and this kingfisher sure does make me want to needlepaint! Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  15. I love them all, but the butterfly just pips the others for me. I adore butterflies, even this one that I can’t relate to (i.e. it isn’t a north European species!!)

    Which one do YOU like best??

  16. Wow, these really knocked my socks off, but the detail in the little kingfisher is amazing.

    Becky in upstate SC

  17. I am fairly new to needle painting, but find it a gorgeous technique. My husband loves birds and I have quite a variety of them. My favorite is a surface embroidery bell pull that I made many years ago. My favorite in this collection is the Somali Bee Eater. The detail in its face and neck appeal to me. It would be a treasure to add to my collection of birds.
    Kathy Miller

  18. My favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher. It looks so soft and real! I would like to learn this type of embroidery.

  19. What wonderful detail in Trish Burr’s embroidery. I like to incorporate detail into my projects. Help on color is always appreciated and this will be great reference material. It is exciting to learn and add new techniques to my work.

  20. The kingfisher is my number 1 choice then the beautiful rose. Thank you for offering these wonderful patterns.

  21. I like the Somali Bee Eater as I would love to learn the shading techniques and it looks so realistic. I have Trish’s Needle Painting Embroidery-Fresh Ideas for Beginners and have ordered the Colour Confidence in Embroidery from overseas. I think the DVD’s would be so helpful in learning her techniques.

  22. Mary, First, thank you for the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways. You are too good to us.

    Second, needlepainting is something at which I have never been very good. I am hoping Trish Burr’s instructions can enlighten me on the proper techniques.

    Thanks again,
    Joan S

  23. I would love to learn needle painting. I love embroidery, sewing, and smocking, and look forward to learning a new skill. I have several months of chemo ahead of me, and this would be a perfect time to focus on learning this technique. Thank you for the opportunity.

  24. Thanks for sharing during the Holidays! My favorite is the butterfly. I bought the book and it is wonderful.

  25. All of Trish Burr’s needlepaintings are so real looking and any one of them would be a joy to stitch. Of the three offered in this drawing the one that really “grabs” me is the butterfly. The butterfly represents new life in Christ. Thank you for the opportunity to win not only beautiful stitchery kits, but DVDs to help with the stitching.

    Happy New Year!

  26. The Katori Kingfisher………Oh Lord I think I might actually die without it!!! It is absolutely divine. He’s actually fluffy and the moss on the branch is incredibly realistic.

  27. The Kotari Kingfisher is my favourite. I love the colours, though it would be difficult for me to stitch him.

    Resmi from India.

  28. The Kotari Kingfisher really grabbed me! I love the color and the texture. It feels as if it were sitting right there in front of me.Trish Burr is truly talented. Her work is beautiful!

  29. What a lovely and generous prize! Hard to choose a favorite but the butterfly won and the Kingfisher came in as a close second. I am drawn to the vibrant colors of both.

  30. So, first, thank you to Trish Burr for this very generous first day of Christmas give-away and thank you for doing the give-away.

    It is very difficult to pick a favourite from the three stunning designs. Perhaps because it is Christmas, the red butterfly really caught my eye, so I will pick that one 🙂

    Merry First Day of Christmas and good luck to everyone.

  31. Love, love, love Trish Burr’s work and have her Colour Confidence book on pre-order. Although a newbie novice on needle painting…Trish’s DVDs and projects seem the perfect way to jump in. Mary I so enjoy your blog and look forward to it each morning. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration!

  32. I have been following this website for a few years now and have decided I so want to start a project using the silk painting needlework. I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful work and would like to add myself to one of the people would can and will achieve this tecnique. So very excited to get a kit and begin….
    Sincerely…. Kate Revell

  33. Kotari Kingfisher sits on his branch showing the world his vibrant in depth colors giving the appearance of soft, fluffy down-like feathers.

    He is just gorgeous!

    Claudia from La Grange, IL

  34. I especially liked the Kotari Kingfisher as I could see and feel the individual feathers. Just amazing work! I thank you for making us aware of Trish Burr.

  35. Ever since you introduced us to Trish, I’ve admired her work. Of the kits pictured the Kotari Kingfisher is definitely my favorite! Thanks, Mary, and happy holidays.

  36. I love the close up detail of the Somali Bee Eater. It looks like he is looking right at you.

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, and sharing your stash. I’m looking forward to seeing what is presented each and every day.

  37. My absolute favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher, what an artist she is, all the kits are beautiful.

  38. I am particularly fond of the Kotari Kingfisher because of the beautiful colors. The shading is exquisite.

  39. I love the kingfisher, it reminds me of a hurt kookaburra my dad found when we were kids living in Australia.

  40. Butterflies are my favourite things but the Kotari Kingfisher has to be the kit that really speaks to me. He just looks so cheeky. I would love to win this giveaway because my needlepainting skills definitely need improvement.

  41. Hi Mary,
    What a wonderful give away. For Christmas, my sweet hubby bought me the book “Needle Painting Embroidery – Fresh Ideas for Beginners” by Trish Burr. How wonderful it would be to have one of her kits to put my new found information to the test.
    Have a continuing happy holiday season.
    Vicki W.
    Ironwood, Michigan

  42. Awesome 1st day gifts! I love them all, but it I have to choose, then it would be the Butterfly!
    Please enter me in your drawing.

  43. Wow! What a superb give-a-away! I am going to find out more about Trish Burr – her needlework is wonderful. I particularly love the Kotari Kingfisher – it looks so lifelike and the blue is so vibrant. Would really love to stitch this gorgeous trio.

  44. First of all, Merry Christmas to you, too, and thank you for these wonderful give-aways. I think Trish Burr’s work is just awesome! I would love to learn this technique, although I am not sure that I am up to it. Between the three presented projects the one that grabs me the most has to be the Butterfly, because of the beautiful warm colours; but also the Kingfisher is very pretty with it’s beautiful plumage, and the Bee Eater is so realistic – it really seems to look at you! They’re all gorgeous! Wouldn’t it be great, if I would win one of them?
    Happy Holidays, Tina

  45. The Kotari Kingfisher speaks to me! The colors are so vibrant, the detail so life like. Everything in Minnesota is brown and dirty looking right now and nothing can grow outside. Oh, how I love MN winters. Not!

  46. Mary,

    Merry Christmas, and thank you for a series of giveaways. Loved reading about Trish Burr’s offerings. I’ve branched out from cross stitch into needlepoint and other counted embroidery. Now I’m starting the SNS Kimono class and picking my colors. Would love to have Trish’s information to help me develop this skill.
    I love strawberries, so the red butterfly caught my attention. However, the attitude of the Somali Bee Eater intrigues me. That’s one that I could look at over and over, and come up with a different answer each time.

  47. They are all spectacular, but the one that really “grabs” me is the Kotari Kingfisher. I love the look of fierce intent in the eye and the beautiful rich color blending.

  48. Hi Mary,
    What a wonderful prize for those of us with a love of long and short stitch and thread painting.

    My favourite kit is the Kotari Kingfisher as it most closely resembles a Kookaburra, a native bird of Australia. And with that glint in his eye, I am sure this bird will laugh long and hard at my long and short stitch efforts if I don’t get some more practice in.

    Having learnt long and short stitch in 2011 what better way to get better in 2012 than with Trish’s kits.

    Thanks for the opportunity
    Chris from Australia

  49. I love the cute little bee eater and as I am starting a new chapter in my lie – my kids are all out of the nest – I will be devoting time to embroidery again and learning new skills and needle painting is one I would love to learn.

  50. Definitely the bee eater. I love the closeup of his face and the subtle color shading. Thanks for the link to the books too.
    Carol in Northern Indiana

  51. Hi Mary, and merry Christmas to you. Thank you for your hard work this year and for making this competition possible.

    I love the butterfly kit – the colours of the butterfly and the strawberry were just beautiful.

    This is a really exciting time – thanks again.


  52. Gorgeous! Taking my embroidery to the next level! That will be my 2012 challenge. Thank you for sharing.

  53. Oh my! I would be out of my mind happy to win!

    It was my hope to purchase Trish’s latest book for beginners.

    Her work and designs are glorious and definitely piques my desire to attempt her style.

    My fingers are crossed.

  54. I’d LOVE to win Trish Burrs DVD, “The Long and Short if It”. I have been wanting to try this beautiful type of needlework. These are gorgeous!! Hard to choose, but I think I like the kingfisher best, we have these pretty little birds near our home and I have been wanting to stitch them.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity to win!!

    Jan M from Howell

  55. It’s hard to choose one favorite but I think the Somali Bee Eater grabs me most, love the shaded feathers. Happy Holidays, Mary!

  56. Trish Burr does beautiful work, but I in particular like the Kotari Kingfisher because he is puffy and soft looking! I have one book, but have not had the chance to work through it. Would love having a dvd set!!!!!

  57. I love the Butterfly kit because of the vibrant colors, but the bird kits are amazing because of the texture created by the embroidery technique! The color wins for me! Merry Christmas!!

  58. I like the Kotari Kingfisher best. Not only is the color choice and stitch method excellent, he seems to be totally focused on finding food, just like th kingfishers I’ve seen in the wild.

  59. The Kotari Kingfisher with it’s vibrant colors and details is my favorite. The vibrant red Butterfly with Strawberry flowers is second! Linda

  60. Hi Mary,

    This is going to be a lovely 12 Days of Christmas.
    I love all three of the kits, but I have a thing for butterflies, so I think that I like that one the best.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these; and have a very nice rest of the holiday.

    Kathy Pennington
    Diggins, MO

  61. These birds are gorgeous but the red butterfly is somewhat intriguing. It will certainly help me to appreciate further the talent of Trish Burr. I am currently experimenting this new embroidery technique (new to me!) and find it quite rewarding. Have a nice day!

  62. I’m usually attracted to color, but the Somali bee eater just makes me want to hold out my hand so he’ll land on my finger.

  63. My favorite Kit is the Kotari Kingfisher. I love to sit on the front porch and watch the birds and butterflies in my flower garden and trees. Learning to needle paint them to look life like with my thread, would make this beginner very pleased.
    Caroline Weber

  64. I like the Kingfisher best. I’ve never done long- and- short an it seems to be the most detailed. I would however love to do them all!

  65. The portrait of the Somali bee eater because the colours are so soft. His profile with the beak up is also unusual. Beautiful!

    Thanks Mary!

  66. I love the little blue Kingfisher. It looks so real and reminds me of embroidery of the Nineteenth Century. “Proper Ladies” were accomplished at “all” they did within the realm of home. Needlework was certainly among the many things they needed to do and to do it well. The Kingfisher looks so real I might need to look for birdseed or a worm!

  67. All three of Trish’s designs are attention-getting, but the Somali Bee Eater really attracted my attention. It looks so very real. It must be the eye…as if it’s watching for a bee! I have always been envious of those who can do this thread painting. I love painting with water colors, and I love embroidering linens, but I have never tried the thread painting. The idea of it is charming. Even if I don’t win, I am going to give thread painting a try in 2012.

  68. Happy Holidays to you Mary! Thanks for such a great celebration! Anything that Trish Burr does is phenomenal! I love all of her florals the best, so have to go with the butterfly as my favorite of the trio. I can see it fluttering among the blooms!

  69. The Somali Bee Eater is a delight, I loove his fluffy feathers and the subtle colours – not sure I could do him justice, but would like to try with help from Trish. Peg

  70. Dear Mary,

    The one I prefer is the butterfly : looks kind, bright and beautiful. It makes me think of all what you are doing for us and more especially of all what you are embroidering with the perfection that caracterizes you.

    My goal is to TRY to do as good as you : a long way for me…

    Thank you so much Mary and looking forward to reading you further …


  71. I think the portrait of the Somali Bee Eater captures me the most. I really like the delicate shading in his feathers, and the artful arch to his beak!

  72. The kingfisher is the most striking to me. The other two are beautiful as well, but the kingfisher is the one that really grabs me. Thanks for the great give-away! Happy New Year!

  73. The Kotari Kingfisher is my favorite. He’s just so little, and cute and fuzzy looking – I expect him to fly off the page any minute!Trish Burr has to be my favorite needlepainting/embroiderer – it’s just amazing what she does! Thank you for the giveaway!

    Karen Gass in Missouir

  74. Hi Mary,

    Such a lovely give away. I would consider myself as the luckiest,if I get this.

    My favourite is the butterfly sucking the nectar from the flower.


  75. The Kingfisher is my favorite…it shows not only a mastery of the technique but also of color including the realization of the bird. Trish has me enamored of her work and I want to learn this technique. I have lots of time bur almost no money to spend on Trish’s stuff. So being the winner would make me dance in the snow in my bare feet.

  76. I am totally crazy about birds, so the Kingfisher is my favourite. Who wouldn’t like to embroider these beautiful pictures?

  77. I love all three kits but the one that really grabs me is the butterfly and dogwoods. thank you so much for the giveaway-this gift would be perfect for me, as I am a beginner and want to learn more

  78. Good Morning! All three are beautiful … the butterfly is my favorite because of the vibrant colors. Thank you.

  79. All the kits are lovely. My favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher. He just shows so much attitude.
    Mary, your work inspires me. I have returned to embroidery after several years absence. I look forward to your daily e-mails and try out all the hints and tips your provide.
    Thank you so much
    Winnifred Masson

  80. Dear Mary,
    Thank You for providing this wonderful and quality blog. I look forward to each email and I’m absolutely in awe of all that you do. The information is so educational, the photo’s, so clear, and your writing style is superb. Honestly, my favorite!

    Thank you,
    Kaye in Austin TX

  81. Mary:

    I really like all three but my favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher. The colors and stitching is wonderful. Trish Burr’s work is just beautiful and I’ve looked at her kits but was not sure if I could do them. Would love to try needle painting. Thank you for all your give aways and all the information you give all of us.


  82. What a wonderful idea. I’ve only recently joined this group and thoroughly enjoy it. Much appreciated are you comments on satin stitch.
    I prefer the Somali Bee Eater as the feathers stand out so perfectly and the eye just seems to look right at you. The beak is istriguing.I’ve done some needle painting and am eager to improve my skills.
    Joan D.

  83. I think the composition and shading in the Somali Bee Eater would be perfect for expanding my abilities in stitchery. The color palate is pleasing to my eye and seems to combine so many colors that I couldn’t get bored.
    Your give-aways are always wonderful.
    Thank you,
    Lee F.

  84. I love everything by Trish Burr and a DVD instructional video would really get me into shape with enhancing my technique. I have the Colour Confidence in Embroidery on order.
    All of her kits are gorgeous but there is something special about the Somali Bee Eater portrait. He looks so ‘hopeful’. I guess he’s my favorite.
    Thanks so much!

  85. Merry Christmas, Mary!
    The Kotari Kingfisher is my favorite with its intense expression and its beautiful, subtle shading.

  86. Wow! What a wonderful way this giveaway would be to start the new year. I fell for the Somali Bee Eater, although I sure love the colors in the Kotari Kingfisher. Thanks for everything. You have rekindled my interest in embroidery and I am excited about continuing to broaden and improve my skills.

    Marilyn P. in Las Cruces, New Mexico

  87. What a decision! The expression in the Kingfisher’s eye called to me. The branch puts him in context – sitting and waiting for his next meal. I love to see our local kingfishers in the exact same position.
    Terry in PA

  88. Happy Christmas, Mary!! I don’t know if I was more excited about the arrival of Santa on Christmas Eve, or Mary on the first of 12-Days … ! Thank you so much for another of your wonderful give-aways.

    Trish Burr is such an unbelievable needle artist. I’ve gotten a couple of her books from our local library and am so inspired by her work. It would be wonderful to receive her kits and instructional DVDs. Of the three kits, my immediate attraction was to the Somali Bee Eater. The eye just grabbed me.

    Thanks for the fun and excitement of your give-away, Mary. And thank you most especially for your daily visit to my wonderful world of stitching.

  89. The Kotari Kingfisher is my favorite among the Trish Burr kits. I love the contrast between the blue tail feathers and the cream tummy and neck band. However, they are all lovely, aren’t they? Birds are wonderful creatures to study and admire, especially needle painted ones.

  90. I love the butterfly — the “scarlet swooper of the season” perhaps. The kingfisher is a close second, though — the glorious colors bring cheer to a drab New Jersey day. Trisha Burr’s work is amazing, and I’d love to watch her in action on a DVD. Thanks Mary not only for this contest but for the daily” win” you provide through your posts. In a world where work pressures make it difficult if not impossible for me to catch up with fellow stitchers in person, you serve as a stitching support group and help me remember that one of the reasons I do work such long hours is to get to the point in time when I will one day be able to stich to my heart’s content. Happy Boxing Day!

  91. I adore the kingfisher. He has such a look of stubborn determination that reminds me of my son as a child. I am also determined to learn needle painting this year and have ordered 2 of Trish Burr’s books. I am on a limited budget and like that I will be able to achieve great results using ordinary DMC floss, not expensive silks. I would love to win these kits and especially the dvd’s.

  92. Dear Mary,

    I love Trish’s work. I bought one of her books at an ANG seminar and will be taking my first class in needlepainting in June 2012. I love the Somali Bee Eater. Although they are all so realistic, he stands out with his vibrant eye and subtle shading throughout. Love your blog and look forward to it each and every day. Ruth

  93. Good afternoon Mary

    Love them all, but if I had to choose one it would be the butterfly and strawberry plant.

    I hope you had as good a Christmas as I did. Sooo relaxing and a tablet thingy to have fun making my own designs from my darling. I now need my son to show me how to work it he he.

    Take care

    Karen Lowrie, Kettering UK

  94. what a wonderful way to start the new year…you are always so generous with your give away’s and Trish’s kits are gorgeous..the Little Kotari Kingfisher is one of my absolute favorites and always captures my heart..thank you and Happy New Year…Rebecca Keith.

  95. This is easy! That little Kotari Kingfisher has been talking to me for a while; that focused look is so-o-o “kingfisher”.

  96. It’s the Bee Eater that captures my imagination, thought the coloration on the Kingfisher is exquisite. I’m excited for the 12 Days–I always learn about such wonderful artists and resources in your giveaways.

  97. I haven’t done much handwork lately but I would love to give it a try again. I love all of the kits, but if I have to pick one, I think the butterfly would be my choice. I love the colors.

    Debi from MS

  98. Mary:

    I love the butterfly. Thank you for this opportunity to win information and a kit from Trish Burr. I have already done her sampler Pansy and am totally hooked on this embroidery.
    I am looking forward to the days of Christmas and will be following you in 2012. Thanks for ALL that you contribute to the world of embroidery.

    Georgia Gal

  99. You have asked a question worthy of Solomon! In the end, the red butterfly kit wins. The strawberries in the background are the perfect spot motif for a CQ patch & a great way to brush up on long & short. Thanks for offering such a terrific stitchy gift!

  100. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I like the three studies, love flowers so the butterfly with the flower is beautiful but I have to say that sulking little kingfisher is so good, you could take him home…………Mary your site is my favourite part of the day,……..I do look forward to it and aspire to your excellence in embroidery.

  101. I have never done needle painting but have always been interested in it. It is amazing how many projects can come alive with this technique. I am all about learning new techniques to add to my needle work. The butterfly attraches me the most. It is so vibrant and so alive.

  102. I love the butterfly. I have been embroidering butterflies this year and the colors of this one are wonderful.

    Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing with us.

  103. My favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher — he is gorgeous. There are already 89 comments and it’s only 8:00 a.m. — boy you are popular Mary — you do such a great job and you’re fun too. Thank you so much for all your help, hard work and friendship,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  104. Wow such a hard decision!! Like having to pick my favorite child…but I’d have to say that the Kotari Kingfisher is my favorite. Although the other two are most beautiful! Thank you for a chance to win anything that Trish does…she’s a very talented woman. I’d be proud to own anything that she’s designed.

  105. My favorite of the three is the Kotari Kingfisher. I am fascinated at the realistic look that can be achieved with a needle and thread. My New Years resolution is to learn to do needle painting and this would be the perfect start. How wonderful it would be to have Trish Burr on DVD to guide me along the path.

    Thank you for your daily e-mails and this wonderful celebration of the 12 Days of Christmas

  106. I like the Kotari Kingfisher the best. It reminds of the Sacred Kingfisher in the book Colour Confidence which I ordered after you reviewed it the other day. Thanks.

  107. It’s a hard choice but I especially like the Kingfisher–he’s quite exotic looking. Thanks for the chance to win this prize.
    Char B

  108. Dear Mary,
    I hope you had a joyous Christmas.

    Although we’ve corresponded through e-mail, this is my first time writing to you on the comment board. I’ve always loved birds, but that bright red butterfly just grabs my eye.

    Both my grandmothers were seamstresses, and the one who lived nearer started me sewing, embroidering and crocheting when I was four years old. That was many years ago now, and crochet is too hard on my hands, but I continue to sew and during the past year have been getting back into embroidery.


  109. What a GLORIOUS way to start–and to combat post-Christmas blahs. 🙂

    Hard call between the bee eater and the kingfisher, but I think the expression on the kingfisher takes it. 🙂 Not to mention his incredible coloration–what can I say? I love blues!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next, but man, I’d be thrilled if I won any of ’em!

  110. Good Morning Mary,
    A lovely Boxing Day, especially with the opportunity to possibly win a beautiful gift too! I absolutley found that Kingfisher touch me the most, his little fluffy body and attitude is so wonderfully portrayed in Trish’s needlework. If I could only halfway complete the piece so well I would be thrilled. Thanks for everything you do to inspire us.
    Dottie J.

  111. Trish Burr is truely a master at her craft. What a wonderful opportunity to learn more about what I truely love to do. Hope your Christmas was a wonderful one.

  112. Well, the Kotari Kingfisher has my vote!! I have a little kingfisher that comes to my dock everyday to fish for his food. He is such a joy to watch!! Though I know it is not the same kind of kingfisher (probably a belted), he is similiar in color and shape. I love all the little birds that frequent my piece of heaven; and are such a blessing to me.
    I hope your new projects for the New Year are very successful – I so enjoy your blog..

  113. All the kits look beautiful but the butterfly caught my attention first. I think the colors of the butterfly look so life like or real.

    Sherri of Florida

  114. The Kotari Kingfisher! At first I saw the wonderful colors in the feathers and beak. The composition drew my eye to his eye, which makes the needlepainting look so realistic.

    Thank you for your daily updates. I look forward to them each day.

  115. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! and I wish you all brightest blessings for the New Year!

    Somali Bee Easter is my choice! He is sooooooooooo adorable! Again, I am not sure if I could do him justice but I would love to try.

  116. Mary,
    What a GREAT idea! It’s hard to decide which of the three grabs me, but I would have to say it’s the full size bird – because of the contrast of textures – the fluffy downiness of the feathers in contrast to the hard smoothness of the beak. I’d love to be able to paint – in any medium – thread, frosting, oils! Thanks.

  117. I like the rose, but my favorite must be the kingfisher. The colors are lovely, and reminds me of a real one I saw once.
    Thank you Mary, for organizing this giveaway.
    Bye, Winnie

  118. I just love the Kotari Kingfisher. I was hoping to ask for the new book for my birthday next month but it isn’t out till later this year in the UK. Winning the kit would make my year, as that’s how long it would take me. I have very little me time and get such a thrill from handling beautiful threads and a big sense of achievement making something appear from a blank background. I would love to see this happy little bird every time I walk past. I always display my work in progress, as it can be weeks before I get another chance but just seeing and then thinking about my work makes me happy in a calm yoga bliss sort of way. Thank you Mary, for introducing new worlds of stitching to me. I did not even know needlepainting existed before you introduced Trish Burr’s last book. Needlepainting a bird has been top of my wish list ever since. Fish would be fab too. I Love This!!!

  119. I was captivated by the butterfly, it seems about to fly away! So excited about your 12 days of Christmas, thank you for the chance to win and for your blot…I’ve been so inspired by you! Merry Christmas!

  120. I love the color in the Kotari Kinfisher which is absolutely gorgeous, but as a bird lover I like them all, they would be a challenge for me to do but I would love to try!

  121. Hi Mary–How could I not love the Somali Bee Eater. My late father-in-law spent more than three years helping the Somalis develop their agricultural practices and introducing drought-tolerant methods for livestock and plants. His frequent letters home talked about the fabulous birds that he would see and marvel at their ability to survive when life for so many was so difficult. Trish’s earlier books are inspirational and educational….I’m anxious for her new book to reach the US. Donna

  122. The Kingfisher has always been my favorite, from the first time I saw Trish’s work and still now. So very excited about your 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonder New Year!

  123. The Kotari Kingfisher is fabulous – I’ve always wanted to do one of Trish’s kits and these are lovely. I adore how the feathers look so “petable”! So much to learn from Trish Burr!

  124. Oh my gosh! It’s hard to choose, but the Kingfisher is sooo adorable! I just love Trish’s designs & have wanted to try one. Maybe a resolution for 2012 would be to do it. Thank you for offering these!

  125. Merry Christmas, Mary!! So fun that you are doing this Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway! I’m usually disappointed by the fact that Christmas activities cease as soon as the holiday actually arrives. Finally, some fun things to do *during* Christmas!

    I’m having trouble deciding which bird is more appealing. The bee-eater is so wistful, and the kingfisher so saucy. I really like them both. I guess I’ll plump down for the plump and compact kingfisher.

    Thank you so much Mary, and hope you’re having a wonderful vacation!

  126. My favorite is the Somali Bee Eater. My goodness! Those intricate stitches make him look so real. What a talent Trish Burr is! I am definately going to learn this technique and pass it to my grandchildren who are just now learning to embroider. Thanks for opening my eyes to yet another use of thread.

  127. This is such a wonderful embroidery gift. I love, love, love the Kingfisher! I can not think of a better way to spend the dark cold days and evenings of January/February then to sit by a fire and work on these. This is my kind of “nesting”. I am already working on them in my mind – and planning how I would do a workshop to teach needle painting. I teach embroidery workshops for beginners (usually a simple floral design) but I think a needle painting workshop will be my Spring offering this year! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Mary Ann – Needle Arts Guild of Historic Hudson Valley, Beacon NY

  128. Hard to say which one is my favorite. The Butterfly is so bright and vibrant it really catches the eye so will go with this one as the favorite.

  129. the somali bee eater is my favorite of the three because of the look in the eyes that says determination. the bee eater is going to accomplish it’s mission.

  130. I find the Somali Bee Eater absolutely stunning. The blending of colors in the feathers is so subtle, so realistic! I bless the friend who recommended your website to me.

  131. I keep trying to perfect my thread painting, but it takes a lot of practice to make it look good. I love the vibrant butterfly and it is probably easier than the birds, but all three are lovely. I also keep trying to win a giveaway–maybe someday I will make it. Thank you for all you do for us.

  132. The kingfisher!
    The colors are amazing and the look of his face is priceless!

    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  133. Merry Christmas, Mary! I love these birds and love the thought that this could be my first thread painting project since my first embroidery project almost 40 years ago was cross stitched birds and flowers kit which became a quilted bed spread. I tend to quilt everything! As I say this, I was really taken by the colors in the butterfly and plan to look for more of these projects in the new year to expand my hand embroidery work as well as my quilting. Thanks for offering these kits to us to start the New Year.

    Debbie Thompson
    O’Fallon, IL

  134. The Bee Eater is just striking, although it is hard to choose. I am sure they are all her favorites too. I love your newsletter. Thanks!

  135. Mary, This is a fabulous offer on your part…you are just so generous. The kit which grabs me the most is the butterfly…it is a beautiful rendition. And, mostly because my recently late sister loved them & everytime I see one, I think of her! Thank you.
    Sheila K in CA

  136. First, let me say ‘Thank You’ for your generous Twelve Day of Christmas! While all three pieces are exquisite, the Kotari Kingfisher is particularly keen. I enjoy watching birds at the feeder, and I don’t expect that I’ll ever see one like it!

  137. I love the Kotaki Kingfisher! I became a bird watcher when I married and was living in the middle of an Oklahoma pasture. Bluebirds were my favorite. The sun on their little bodies just made them glow. The first kingfisher I saw was in Colorado. Wow! What a great looking bird. We don’t see them in Oklahoma.
    I have Trish’s book “Colour Confidence…” on order – can’t wait to get it. I love color!

  138. I have tried several forms of needlework but not needlepainting. I would love to try this and from looking at several of Trish’s pictures and with your recomendations I would pick her instructions to try this form of embroidery. Both of the birds particularly appeal to me. I love birds. I used to paint and birds were a favorite subject.

  139. I can’t determine a favorite but the one that grabs me most is the kingfisher. His feathers look so real and the look in his eye is as though he is watching me watch him. Incredible, realistic detail!

  140. I showed these to my husband, who never saw needle painting before. He was floored. We both like the King Fisher the best. I like it best because I LOVE the leaves and branch. They are amazing even without the over-the-top beautiful bird!

  141. Kotari Kingfisher. I would love to be able to do something that realistic and beautiful! The reds in the butterfly though are a close second……

  142. HI,
    Thank you for all your wonderful emails. How does one choose one of the three? They are all
    beautiful. However, I love the colors in the Kotari Kingfisher.

  143. All three are beautiful, but the Somali bee eater is my favorite. Something about it just speaks to me.

  144. I am a huge fan of Trish Burr’s work and am proud to own almost all her books, certainly all the ones on thread painting which are just amaziing and which have to be the best books to learn from with great projects for all abilities. I am a bird lover so the kingfishers have my vote.
    Many thanks Mary and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  145. I have Trish Burr’s two needle painting books – both are gorgeous. I just finished the red poppy kit, and it turned out beautifully. Apparently, the new book on color will be available on Amazon in february. I will snap it up then.

    As far as the kits: Of the 3 offered I would most love to do the kingfisher. I love the electric blue color, and want to master the difficulty of the fluffed feathers.

  146. OH MY!!! What beautiful needlework, the colors are amazingly vivid especially in the butterfly. The detail work in the birds is so unbelievably life like. You could almost imagine the real birds to be right inside of your house. I have been doing counted needlework for 30+ years and could only dream of doing such an amazingly detailed piece of work.I have never tried needle painting before but I am very inspired by these kits. I love the butterfly the best because of the vivid colors and the delicate flower blossoms. Learning to do needle painting
    with the videos from such a master would be an honor and challenge to someday be able to do work as beautiful as she does.
    Pat Mc. Upstate NY

  147. Happy Holidays Mary, As always, your give-aways are fabulous. I follow Trish’s blog and am always amazed with her work. Of the three kits the Kotari Kingfisher is catches my eye the most. I love all of her bird kits.
    Thank you
    Jean B. in Greensboro NC

  148. The kingfisher looks as if he could fly off the branch at any second – stunning! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get back to more challenging embroidery (Santa gave me a book on Elizabethan embroidery) and thread painting has always intimidated me. I’m intrigued with this woman’s work – thanks for putting this together!
    Jo from Gloucester

  149. LOVE the Kingfisher. My husband’s favourite bird! These books & patterns are just amazing and I can’t wait to try them out.

  150. I love the Kotari Kingfisher. He looks like he is just about ready to dive off the branch and scoop up that fish he’s had is eye on.
    The detail is amazing. It looks like I could just reach out and touch his fuzzy little back!

  151. I have always loved watching the jaunty kingfishers here. They are so intent on waiting for that next meal. The look in Trish Burr’s little guy is so like the ones here. I would love the chance to stitch him.

  152. The kit that stands out to me is the butterfly. I love the flowers but really everything about it is beautiful. I would love to be able to needle paint like that. Thank you, Mary, for all the information you give us and your give-aways!

  153. They are all very beautiful, it is hard to chose a favorite but the red butterfly is so vibrant it has to be my favorite. Hoping to win. Thanks for your great website, it is extremely educational and helpful.


  154. My favorite is the Somali Bee Eater. He seems so alert. I have long beenintereseted in taking my stitchery to the next level and this would be it!

  155. All the kits are exquisite but the one that grabs me is the beautiful red butterfly with the contrasting background flowers and strawberries.
    Red is my favorite color.

  156. The kingfisher looks like he has just played in the bird bath and shook off the water by fluffing his feathers. He is my favorite because he looks alive. Incredible color and stitching.

  157. I am a beginner but so enjoy your columns. I am adding embroidery to my quilting and creating fun and intersting new ideas. Thanks so much. Spring is here, I am ready and love the birds.

  158. Definitely the vibrant butterfly! So lifelike, yet still delicate–that’s the one I would really like to stitch

  159. Thank you for your 12 Days of Christmas, you are very generous! I love needlepainting but I have to learn it properly; the Kotari Kingfisher is my favourite, he is just beautiful^!
    Mary , thank you for all you are doing for us!

  160. whilke i love butterflies, the shading detail on the birdies especially the somali caught my eye. i swear he blinked at me!

  161. Oh Mary-that beautiful red Butterfly is fabulous as are the the other two. The thought of having a video showing the steps of this beautiful type technique is something that really interests me. I am a visual learner and would love to be able to try this technique. Of course I hope I am the lucky person but whover it is will I am sure thank you for ever. What a very generous opportunity you have extended to us.

  162. Good Morning and Merry Christmas!!
    First I applaud you for resurrecting, to the public, the twelve days of
    The give away is a fun and creative activity!
    Any way, beside being all beautiful, I think the Kotari Kingfisher is quite amazing. I even pulled up web images to STARE at the amazing likeness the stiched bird has to the real thing. That being said… I thiink I would prefer to stich the butterfly because I love red and the kingfisher looks a bit daunting to stich.
    So my favorite….(hard to decide) is the butterfly.

  163. I have to say the butterfly is the one that I would love to do first. I have done Tanya Berlin’s needlepainting, but I really want to try one of Trish Burr’s. I love the coloring she has in all of her designs, but I think that the butterfly is my favorite because of the flowers that are added to the compositon.
    Sharon K.

  164. Happy Christmas to all!! One the first day of Christmas my true love says to me…The Long and the Short of It because our oldest daughter, who is a Fine Artist, designed the most beautiful rose as her first professional drawing…I am twitterpated with roses!!

  165. Merry Christmas! I love all of them, but probably the butterfly the best. We are trying to grow a butterfly garden, and have had a bit of success this year.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, it’s a great idea!

  166. The butterfly grabs me the most. But then, whenever I see a butterfly they “grab” me. Butterflies are so unigue and beautiful. Each one of the stitchings have such life like detail. Thanks for the opportunity to win these along with the DVD

  167. They are all beautiful but the Kingfisher is my favorite. It’s so realistic right down to the ecru “feathers” across the breat of this gorgeous bird.

  168. Mary! You want us to pick one favorite from Trish Burr? Hard request, BUT, I am leaning towards the butterfly. For Christmas I bought my granddaughter a butterfly sanctuary to grow butterflys – so that is how I made my decision – I LOVE THEM ALL!

  169. It may sound strange to compare the kingfisher to a cat, but this little fellow has the same expression in his eye that my Daniel had when he was a kitten and had just been scolded for getting into mischief. It is an expression not of contrition, but a “what’ll I get into next.”. I loved the kitten for it the first time I saw him. I love the kingfisher for the same reason.

  170. Wow, how do I choose? They are just fabulous. Which one? Well, I love the vibrant butterfly; it would sit neatly into the crazy quilt table runner I am making for the CQJP 2012 challenge. I have put both books on my birthday wish list.

  171. The butterfly and strawberries, definitely. I love the vibrant colors, and the delicate strawberries.
    Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  172. The Somali Bee Catcher is the kit I am drawn to. I love the softness of the feathers and the detail in his eyes. The butterfly is beautiful too! Trish does beautiful work, I am certain any of her kits would be a valuable needlework lesson.

  173. The Somali Bee Eater grabs me! I think he has a lot of personality, and he makes me want to learn needlepainting.

    Merry Christmas!

  174. What a lovely gesture on your part!

    Deciding is difficult. The buds fit so beautifully with another piece I have done; so that would be my first choice. The others are so tempting. I have beloved friends who would so enjoy the others!

  175. All of Trish Burr’s designs are lovely. I have some of her books and have started doing some needlepainting. I like the butterfly because I think it would be a great gift for a friend who likes red. Either one of the birds would be great, although I think I prefer the kingfisher, for a friend who was going to take a similar class from Tanya Berlin, then got sick and couldn’t go to the class. Thanks to Trish Burr for sharing her lovely designs and instructions.

  176. I love the kingfisher. I’ve done some needlepainting and know how complicated it can be, but it looks so like a piece of art. What really sells me on the kingfisher is the inclusion of the curled leaves on the branch that he is sitting on while waiting for dinner to swim by.

  177. I like butterfly best. I would really like to have the DVD set. I’ve learned lots from DVD’s in the past.

    Elaine in New Mexico

  178. I love them all, but the kingfisher looks as if he’s angry at the world and sewing him up would make ME happy! Although I have done long-and-short embroidery before, it’s never been in such detail, so I would love to learn this new technique. Thanks for doing this, Mary.

  179. Kingfisher.
    I once attemptrd to paint one, but it didn’t look as real as this one. Thank you, ShirleyD

  180. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. It truly makes the 12 Days of Christmas special. I love Trish Burr’s work and often find myself looking at her beautiful works on her website. I have never tried needlepainting, but find myself more and more drawn to it since I’ve started exploring satin stitching and some of the more advanced embroidery techniques (thanks to your wonder videos!). Of the 3 kits, the portrait of the Somali Bee Eater is my favorite. It so realistic that I feel as if he’s just finished preening and fluffing his feathers and has such a “Aren’t I beautiful” look in his eye.

    Thank you again for this wonderful give-away.

  181. How can anyone pick a favorite. 😉 But, since I have to I would say the Kingfisher is my favorite! Donna Dv from AR

  182. Of the choices, any of which would be a fabulous win, I select the Somali Bee Eater. His knowing glance reveals all and challenges the viewer to share this world space. Wonderful artistry!

  183. I just love the bold color of the butterfly. This is a wonderful giveaway, I have always wanted to try some of Trish’s works

  184. The Kotari Kingfisher grabs my attention he looks so real that if you reached out to touch him he would take flight he is beautiful…Trish Burrs Thread painting books and kits are to die for..Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful exotic pieces

  185. G’day Mary,
    You said these questions were going to be easy! Ha ha! So very hard to choose. The very day after Christmas, I’ll go with the seasons colours, the glorious red and crimson butterfly. The partly ripening strawberries and their accompanying colours of white ladies-in-waiting flowers are the perfect foil for the rich colour of the butterfly. I like that.
    Butterfly kisses for wishes? Definitely. It’s the season for magic.
    A delighted thank you to Trish and yourself, Mary, for offering this generous giveaway.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz.

  186. What a beautiful set of embroideries – I love the Kotari Kingfisher and would love to complete him and the other kits being given away. Trish Burr produces such beautiful designs and I am looking forward to getting a copy of her Colour Confidence for Embroiderers (was hoping to get it for Christmas but haven’t yet so may have to wait until my birthday).

  187. Hi Mary,
    Hope your Christmas was wonderful!
    I’m so very moved by the Kotali Kingfisher. The colors are so alluring and he looks like he’ll fly away at any min. I found I was holding my breath when I was studying him.
    Happy New year and thanks so much for this newest giveaway.
    My best,

  188. What a beautiful giveaway! I took Trish Burr’s online class this past summer and now have a lovely needlepainting hanging on my wall. The dvd is a must for anyone wanting to try needlepainting. My favorite project this time is the Katari Kingfisher. Trish’s birds are so realistic and I need a lot more practice to improve my skill.
    Joan M T

  189. I love that bright-eyed Somali Bee Eater – he has such a gleam in his intelligent little eye! But I think it is the way Trish has used color in the Bee Eater composition that really intriques me, and I would love to explore this technique as taught in in her DVD. Good luck to all!
    -Sharon in France

  190. A favorite of Trish Burr? That is nearly impossible, but I have to say that the butterfly grabs me the most. I purchased her book “Needlepainting for beginners”, and have read it many times, but have not had the courage or the time to try a project.
    Mary Corbet, you are a very generous person, and I love your newsletters.

  191. Thank you Mary for this great give-a-way! I live on the Gulf Coast and my favorite is the little Kingfisher. I just love the determined look on his face and all the colors of his feathers. He looks like he is ready to go and get his dinner.

  192. The butterfly, love them!! I have never needle painted but would love to learn. Thank you for the giveaway

  193. I love that little Kingfisher, something about the colors and pose just makes it so cute! It’s followed by the Bee Eater. In both cases the stitching makes it look like if you touched it, it would feel like feathers. I can only hope that if I did them, the results would be the same.

  194. I believe it almost impossible to choose a favorit. Because with threads, Trish Burr absolutely is stellar at capturing the essence of the thing, be it flower, insect or bird!

    She totally captured and expressed the regal nature of the butterfly! The quiet beauty of the Somali Bee Eater.

    I vote the Kotari Kingfisher. She totally nailed the fierce, focused little bird! Each specific colored strand of strategically placed floss emphasizing the attitude, determined spirit and fierce heart of that tiny dynamo!

  195. Thank you for you the 12 days of Christmas Contest. The Somali Bee Eater is my favorite. Winter in Michigan leaves us with mainly grey & brown birds at the feeders with the occasional flash of red from a cardinal. The Bee Eater reminds me of nuthatches that visit the feeders. They have similar long beaks and often watch me with one eye as they grab seeds. The long and short stitches on the Bee Eater look so much like tiny feathers.

  196. I love all of Trish Burr’s designs. This butterfly looks especially lovely to me and the body is very realistic. Happy Holidays, everyone.

  197. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway – I just got her needlepainting book as my Christmas gift to myself. Choosing a kit is really difficult as they are all so beautiful, but I guess the one that appeals the most to me is the Kotari Kingfisher. Good luck to everyone!

  198. Thanks for such a great, instructive site. The little Kingfisher is precious and I would love to try to stitch him. My skill level certainly would require the DVD because needlepainting is something I have not been able to perfect.

  199. It’s so hard to decide, but I think the Somali Bee Eater would be the first one I would stitch up. I love the shading.

  200. I’m so excited to have found this contest. Some friends mention it on another website but I had totally forgotten. But this morning pulled out my Needle Painting for Beginners to get started and was looking for a conversion chart when I came to the site and saw the headline.

    Out of the three posted patterns I love the Kingfisher, because of his projected attitude. I think he is so cool.


  201. I like the Somali Bee Eater. It is amazing what Trish can do with one strand of thread. Her work is awesome and I would love to learn her techniques. Also, thank you Mary for your wonderful, encouraging site. It give us inspiration.
    Karen “Northern California”

  202. Wow all these kits are awesome!!! I have to say the Kotari Kingfisher knocked my socks off!!! I can’t believe how realistic it looks!! The kingfisher seems like it could fly off at any moment. Trish Burr is a master at needle painting, I would love the chance to be able to learn from her. Thank you Mary for offering us all a chance to win this extradionary gift!

    Natasha from CT

  203. Hi Mary!

    Wow! I have to choose just one?! 🙂 The Kingfisher is a wonderfully exciting little creature, he’s my favorite. Such a pert little fellow!
    Jen in Oregon

  204. When I first seen needle painting I thought “WoW”, this form of embroidery is absolutely beautiful. So I purchased Trish Burr’s book “Needle Painting: Fresh Ideas for Beginners”, because heaven knows I’m a beginner at this type of embroidery. I am so looking forward to getting started now that I have her book.
    All three kits are gorgeous, but I like the butterfly the best. I think of them as flying jewels.

  205. Merry Christmas to all of the friends and fans out there. I got a new stitching book for Christmas.
    The Kotari Kingfisher bird caught my eye… beautiful colors of course, but he has attitude. You gotta love that. I know just who I’d give the finished project to.

  206. I love the color of the butterfly, but my favorite is the last one. The little bird looks like I could put out my hand and pick him up, right off the page.

  207. Trish’s work is all so beautiful that it is really hard to choose a favourite, but I think it would be the Kingfisher. To be honest tho’ I’d be happy to stitch any of them. I was lucky enough to take an on-line class with Trish and I learned so much from her.

  208. The Kingfisher is what “grabs” me. We live on a lake and have Kingfishers here. He looks as if he is about to leap off that branch and swoop down to the lake!
    I love Trish’s pieces and have been hesitant to try them…2012 is the year to plunge into a new needlework adventure!
    Thank you for your generous nature, Mary! I look forward to another year of Needle ‘n Thread and your wonderful insights, commentaries, teachings and meanderings!
    Connie :0)

  209. They are all spectacular, but the Kingfisher is my favorite. What a beautiful treatment of a beautiful bird! Thank you for doing this wonderful giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  210. Oh my gosh, the Kotari Kingfisher s fabulous, I can only dream that I could do it justice! I have not tried learning a technique from a DVD…maybe that would be the next best thing to having my grandmother by my side.
    Sandra Owen, Kennewick, WA

  211. I think that I would be able to finish one of these beautiful little paintings. I like the Kingfisher–I feel like I could reach out and pet his little head and back–soft and lovely. Happy New Year and thank you for the past year of my daily “fix” of the wonderful world that is today’s embroidery.

  212. Merry Christmas! I the look of the Kotari Kingfisher. I wanted to reach out and touch it! I would love to learn more about thread painting. Thank you!

  213. My favorite is the Kingfisher. He’s a beautiful little bird and I’d love to be able to stitch him!

  214. J’aime le papillon rouge! Il est tellemnt réel on dirais qu’il vas s’envoler du tissu, tous les modèles sont très beau mais le papillon est Vraiment le plus beau . Merci à toi Mary!!

  215. Thank you so much for the opportunity, Trish Burr’s work is wonderful. I particularly am taken with the Kingfisher, it’s got to be my favourite bird. Regards for the season. Mandy Currie

  216. I love the Kotari Kingfisher and the Somali Bee Eater the best. The beautiful colors used are luscious!

    Thanks for the opportunity to be added to the drawing for these great kits!

    Pam in IL

  217. What a wonderful give-a-way! My husband bought me Trish Burr’s Needle Painting Embroidery Fresh Ideas for Beginners book for Christmas this year. I would love to win these kits to see if I can implement her teachings. My favorite kit is the Kotari Kingfisher. Just look at that face! What’s not to love?

  218. This is soooo exciting!! Especially starting off with such a wonderful prize…I can’t wait to see what is next! It is so very hard to determine a favorite of these three kits, but if I have to choose, I think my favorite is the Somali Bee Eater…he’s very life-like in detail; the eye looks almost real. But I do love them all; they represent the beauty that is possible with needlepainting embroidery and they really inspire me to get started as I just recently ordered the Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners to add to my library! Thank you, Mary for being and for bringing constant inspiration to your readers…you are the gift that keeps on giving.
    Diana B. in La.

  219. I love Trish’s method of thread painting. I have bought 3 of her books (so far) and have the dvd on my wish list. Of the three kits, I adore the Somali Bee Eater. That would be the first one I would stitch if I am the lucky winner. This is fun — to have a chance at winning. Thanks, Mary, for providing this opportunity!

  220. Dear mary,
    thanks so much for this great idea.
    I love all Trish Burr’s work and one day I hope I could attend one of her classes maybe in South Africa.
    For now I just dream looking at her wonderful work.
    I love both of the birds … but I think they are too advanced for me. SO if I have to choose one design to do first it will be the butterfly.

  221. Hi Mary,

    Merry Xmas..Always loved and admired Trish’s needle painting.. Its a great give away. I loved the Katari Kingfisher.. It looks pretty real..a perfect one.. Have been long wishing to do a Trish’s needle painting.. Hope I can start the New Year with these wonderful kits.

  222. What an exciting and generous giveaway. The DVD’s would be especially helpful to increase my learning skills. The Kotari Kingfisher is probably my favorite, it is stunning with the gorgeous range of colors.

  223. I love the portrait of the Somali Bee Eater! Santa brought me Trish’s first book and this would be a wonderful addition. Good luck to everyone. Thank you Mary for this great site.

  224. Love, love, love the butterfly kit! Her work is beautiful and I would love the opportunity to create something as wonderful. Thank you for the chance. I love your daily e-mails; very fun to read, extremely informative, and your work is always amazing.
    Diana in Sioux Falls

  225. The Kotari Kingfisher is my favoite witht the rose a close second. Thanks for the opportunity to further my stitching knowledge!

  226. Hi Mary, I am a very new beginner who happened upon your website while searching online for information to learn hand embroidery (my mother did it when I was a child and has since passed away long ago and I would like to revive it for my new baby granddaughter). From the moment I clicked on your page, I have been mesmerized spending HOURS here learning. And a couple of days ago I came across Trish’s work under your pictures posted section and was SO incredibly amazed. The butterfly and sweet berries and blooms are my favorites but they are all STUNNING! I feel so blessed to have come across your site and I hope to soon be able to stitch some of these beautiful things you all make. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Catrina Byrge

  227. it would have to be the kotari kingfisher. i love birds. we have 11 each one is just precious to us. most of them live in our living room where i stitch. i do not need music or tv, i just listen to my birds. to stitch on the kotari would be so much fun amidst this. what a beautiful giveaway. thank you so much for the chance.

  228. Good morning Mary,
    Blessed Christmas to you! Thank you for the give away. I like the Bee Eater, he looks so real.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day,


  229. It’s hard to choose. The bee-eater is so subtle and neat! But I think the butterfly is the one I’d do first, on the theory that it’s the most manageable. I love this 12 days of Christmas thing!

  230. I love the kingfisher. I like to draw birds and would love to try one in needlepainting.
    Janet in Colorado

  231. Hi Mary,

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I would have to say they are all lovely and they all show the beauty in nature and how Great God is. The one that caught my eye the most is the Kotari Kingfisher I love the combination of the different colors they all compliment each other and the detailed work is just beautiful and admirable. Thank you for the chance to enter in the drawing.

    Thank you,
    Jenn G.

  232. O! How I would ADORE these needlepainting kits and DVDs. I’m trying to learn the art and they would help immensely.
    Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

  233. I love all the kits but the Somali Bee Eater is my favorite – the subtle color shading is exquisite.

    Thanks for including the link to her website. And thanks to Trish for the book on color for embroiderers!

    Ann Winschel

  234. Happy Boxing Day!
    I love all of the projects, but I think the Kingfisher is my favorite. I love the detail in his little feathers.

  235. Difficult as it is to choose, the butterfly is my favorite. I love those white blossoms best and the body of the butterfly looks so real.

  236. I love birds! Of the two shown in this article I would prefer the Kingfisher because it shows the full bird and some flora, too. While the Bee Eater gives greater detail to the lay of the feathers, learning a bit about branches, etc, would be useful–perhaps a bit more in line for a beginner in needle painting.

    Thank you, Mary, for this wonderful opportunity!

  237. Hi Mary! I love all of them but I think the bee eater is at the top! It looks like he’s going to jump off the fabric looking for a bite to eat! 🙂 Thank you for all the work you do with your website! You are amazing!

    Leslie Ehrlich

  238. Wow, it would be hard to choose! But I’m a botanist by training & inclination so I’d have to go with the butterfly, just for the detail on the flowers!
    Thank you for all you do on your website. And I hope your holidays are awesome.
    Tessa from Stellenbosch

  239. I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire Trish Burr’s work. I check her books out of the library so often that I’ve nearly worn them out. I’d love to have a chance to work one of her kits or own one of her books. Thank you for the chance for both.

    Mary C.

  240. Today is Saint Stephen’s day, and my name’s Stefania (Stephanie), so it looks like a gift for me that your first giveaway is about long and short stitch, my favourite technique. I like the flowers and the strawberries behind the butterfly, but the Kingfisher is my favourite because I’ve never tried to stitch feathers and it would be a nice way to practice.
    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  241. I’m having a hard time choosing which is my favorite, I love butterflies, but the Kotari Kingfisher is a favorite. I’d love to have all of them come live with me. I’d do the Kingfisher first. Thank you for your generosity!!

  242. They are all beautiful, but the Somali Bee Eater is my fave. He’s so cute. I have recently acquired Trish’s needle painting book and was blown away by the lovely creations in it. She is truly a talented needle artist.

  243. All of her work is gorgeous of course, but I am drawn to the Kingfisher. It looks so real that it could fly away! Merry Christmas Mary!

  244. Happy Holiday to you and yours!!!!

    They all look so wonderful, but the Kotari Kingfish has caught my eye. The color floss that is used make the bird look so real and almost touchable….


  245. Hello. Although the feathers on both of the birds are amazing, my favorite of the three has to be the butterfly. The brilliancy of the red coloring is warm and welcoming–and I bet would brighten up a dreary Ohio February. As a newbie to embroidery, I am facinated w/ needle painting and look forward to the chance to try it out. Thank you, Mary, for these 12 days. I look forward to each one. Dawn in Ohio.

  246. Mary, Thanks so much for your newsletters. They are so informative, well written, & beautiful to look at. Merry Christmas to one & all. Because the coloring on the Bee Eater has been blended so well, that’s my favorite.

  247. Ever so hard to choose – they are all stunning. When I first saw the rose, I was awed by the delicate shading in the leaves, and the clean, simple overall design. But when I saw the birds, I was smitten. The beautiful needlework AND the personality of the birds, as if they might move at any second. The kingfisher has stunning needlework and thoughtfully rendered details throughout. My favorite is the kingfisher. Merry Christmas.

  248. Hi Mary and thanks for another wonderful opportunity…

    My favorite is the butterfly design. I love the shading and details.

    Jan B. in Florida

  249. Mary, thank you for the opportunity to win one of these wonderful items. The butterfly grabs me the most. My daughter has started showing a preference for butterflies and it would be wonderful to be able to make this for her.

  250. The Somali Bee Eater is my favorite. The way she has done his feathers are so realistic it makes me want to reach out and touch him. I have purchased Trish’s first book, and have preordered the second on Amazon. Can’t wait!!!!

  251. Of all the kits I love the butterfly the most. It’s beautiful. Needle painting is beautiful. Debbie

  252. I love the bird designs best but have a hard time between the portrait or the whole bird. I would love to be able to learn to stitch something with that much detail. They are just so gorgeous. I just got her new book the beginner’s guide for myself as a gift with an Amazon gift card my husband gave me. Looking forward to that order coming in. Thanks for the opportunity to learn some new stitching techniques.

  253. I have done a lot of surface embroidery but no needle thread painting. I would love a tutorial for learning to do it correctly.


  254. I do like the Kotari Kingfisher for he looks like he is disgusted with his world. I empathise. I have tried one of Trish Burr’s little birds and am annoyed with myself for falling so far short of the result I would like. But, would truly like to try again (and again).
    I have gotten your book of church symbols and am trying to decide which lovely pattern to use to make an alter colth for my grandson-on-law who is a new minister. The book is amazing. Thank you for all your generous sharing with your creativity.

    Jeanne Beck

  255. The Trish Burr kit that is my favorite is the Somali Bee Eater. I’m amazed that the the finished product looks as though you could reach out and touch the feathers.I have not done any type of needlepainting but would love to learn. Happy New Year to all.

  256. What a fabulous give away! I am torn between the Somali Bee Eater and the Kotari Kingfisher for my favorite. The detail in the feathers on both birds is amazing!

  257. The beautiful butterfly kit is my favorite. I have always had a fasination with butterflys and am planting more butterfly bushes every year to have them around.


  258. Hi Mary,

    I hope your Christmas was very merry. What a wonderful way to start the 12 Days of Christmas in Needlework. I love the little kingfisher the best. Trish has created some beautiful bird designs. She does amazing things with shading and color and it really shows in the kingfisher. I’ve tried one of her birds and am anxious to do another.

    Lee C.

  259. I love the little kingfisher! I have always been fascinated by them. Needle painting is very intriguing and so beautiful!

  260. First of all Mary thanks for all the eye candy and information you give so freely. As to the kits first of all I liked the butterfly but then thought that it was a bit too much of a solid colour so then I went for the Somali Bee Eater,after thinking about that one for a bit I decided I liked the Kingfisher best. In short I like them all, whats not to like about any of them. Look forwrd to what is coming next.

  261. Mary I love her butterfly the most. Great designs. What a wonderful way to start the new year for someone…
    Thanks to you and Trish for this great opportunity.
    Susie J in Omaha

  262. the butterfly is my favorite! now im off to research needle painting, i just started embroidery and only know 3 stitches so far 😀

  263. Wow what hard choice! And what an opportunity! Ok, the Kotari Kingfisher is maybe the most complex, so I will choose that one. My goal is to learn how to embroider icons for the Church. That means some serious know-how, and I’ve got a long way to go. So I hope I can speed up the process by learning not only the long and short technique but also the traditional elements of light/dark, shape, line, color, and composition. I mean, you can learn a lot by practicing the stitches, but there’s so much more to it and I need help.
    Thank you Mary and Trish!!!

  264. What a wonderful give away! If I must choose, it would be Kotari Kingfisher. Hopefully the bud design will be included in the instructions!

  265. It’s the Bee Eater for me. He looks as though the last bee he ate made him really work for it.

  266. The prize is ALL of them? Eek!! They are all beautiful. I think I would choose the Kingfisher as my favorite in that it looks like it offers the most challenges in color shading — what Trish does SO WELL! And it looks so real! Fingers are crossed!

  267. I love the kingfisher best, but they are all gorgeous! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you give to teaching us the details of embroidery!!

  268. Hi Mary
    What a lovely give away, the three kits are beautiful and it was hard to pick a favorite. However, that said I just love the butterfly so that would have to be my favorite
    Joan Turrell from Canada

  269. I have been wanting to take a Trish Burr class! I hear wonderful things about her and her pieces are all so beautiful! My favorite of the three is the Somali Bee Eater. Why? He was looking at me and my son keeps bees. Anything with bees catches my attention.

  270. Happy Boxing Day!
    All of Trish Burr’s projects are beautiful yet my favourite is her butterfly. The subtle shading adds such dimensionality and life! The flowers and strawberries in the background are just as stunning. The butterfly’s body is so lifelike, it seems he could simply fly away!

  271. I am fascinated by needle painting and I had already decided that one of my goals for 2012 would be learn! (So what a serendipitous surprise when I opened my email from you this morning)
    I love the last of the kits shown, the kingfisher. I’m intrigued by the dimensions created by the technique as well as the textures. This little fella has personality and depth.

  272. Mary, I think you must be psychic, eventhough I got three beautiful embroidery books for Christmas, I was going to check out your reviews of Trish Burr’s books to select which one will be my next purchase! So thank you for this opportunity to win some of her expertise. I love the kingfisher with the twinkle in his eye he’s so cute and fluffy. The branch looks as if some kind of fungi is growing on it, and I would love to learn how to needlepaint to create such realistic beauty.
    Lisa in Stirling, Ontario

  273. I am intrigued by all three: however,the Dvds would be my pick. I would like to see the techniques used up close and personal. I have tried the short and long, but my work looks very amateurish. Your choices for give aways are extremely generous. Thank you

  274. There’s an almost palpable texture to the birds. The Kingfisher seems almost to glow, so I think I’d pick that one as my favorite.

  275. You have the bestest giveaways! I love the colors shown in the Kotari Kingfisher, but how can you choose a favorite? I would love to win as would anyone interested in needlework, but pick me!?!

  276. I would have to say the Kotari Kingfisher is the one that grabs my attention the most. I would love to learn needle painting and this would be wonderful.
    Debby Parker, Montana

  277. What beautiful kits. I have a strong leaning towards butterflies, so the vibrant red butterfly has to be my favourite. I am fascinated by the effect of the colours in each of the birds which give such a strong feeling of feathers. Amazing.

  278. This is a FANTASTIC giveaway. I’ve tried long-and-short stitch recently and, well, the results indicate the I could really use those DVDs. The butterfly is the most appealing to me because it looks the least intimidating. I can’t imagine being good enough to do those birds justice!

  279. Hello, Mary!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and thank you so much for the 12 days! I love the Kotari Kingfisher, as I have kingfishers in the creek near my house and love to watch them fishing in the deeper pool for small sunfish. Thanks again!

  280. Oh they are all so beautiful.

    But the one that caught my eye is the “Kotari Kingfisher”. I am a lover of birds.

    Thank you for such a gracious contest.

  281. The blues and greens of the Kingfisher are amazing but the color of the butterfly is so bright that it just grabs me. I have her new book on my wishlist, her use and understanding of color is such an inspiration.

  282. I LOVE the Kingfisher. I’ve never embroidered using a kit and its probably way over my skill level but a New Year is coming and I’m ready for a challenge.

  283. I like the Somali Bee Easter best of all. I know if I reach out and touch the bird, I will be able to stroke the feathers. The eye is staring back at me and I like the way only part of the bird is shown. The “fade out” is done so well.

    I am not a sharp needle stitcher, but Trish Burr could turn me into one. In the past year I followed her instructions to stitch one of her more basic designs.

    If I win the contest, I will stitch up the Somali Bee Eater and send photos for you to post.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  284. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. The picture which I would love to “paint” is the Kotari Kingfisher. Ir reminds me of my dad who loved birds.

  285. I love the little bee eater! Its face is so cute. I just received Trisha Burr’s Needle Painting Embroidery for Christmas and can’t wait to start learning.

  286. My favorite is the kingfisher, they are such colorful little birds! I have always been fond of them. There was a nesting pair in the tree across the street from my mother’s house, we used to watch them with binoculars. And I have an antique ceramic pitcher from the 1920’2 that features one on the side.
    Trish does such beautiful work, I would be thrilled to have these. :>)
    Valerie Kalyani in CA

  287. Trish Burr is a master at her craft :)! I love everything design she does. I love the kingfish, the colours and blending seem to be so very vibrant and plus that is my favourite colour combination.
    Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.
    On with some new projects and learning curves for the new coming year.

  288. Trish Burr’s designs are so beautiful and life like! Of the 3 kits pictured the Kotari Kingfisher is the one that grabs me. I love the blue used and the stitching looks like real feathers.

  289. Oh my, that Kotari Kingfisher is just amazing! I love the expression. I’ve never stitched an animal before (only stylized Celtic dragons a couple times), and I never really thought too much about doing it, but that gorgeous bird really is something! wow.

  290. Mary,
    These kits are sooooooooo beautiful. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I love the Kotari Kingfisher. He looks so soft. I love birds and have five parrots that are my “kids”. These kits would be most welcome as I have just had surgery on my leg, and have lots of time to stitch. Thank you, Mary, for this opportunity.

  291. Beautiful needle painting kits. My fav is the kingfisher. I have never done any needle painting so this would be a great way to learn.

  292. What a hard decision! They are all intriguing, but the one that really catches my eye is the Kingfisher. Thank you for offering this giveaway.
    Gayle Schipper

  293. I love the bee eater! It is so beautiful! I am just learning how to do needle painting. I can not tell you how grateful I am for your site. It is the best! Thank you for all your hard work!
    -Heather in Chicago

  294. Hello Mary,
    Wow this first give-away is amazing !!
    I prefer the kit of the portrait of the Somali Bee eater, because It looks not so complicated and let me feel confident in my capacity of embroidering it.

  295. The bee eater is so striking, its face just grabbed me! The subtle shading and bold stare just jumped out at me.

  296. I love all three kits … but Somali Bee Eater and he shades caught my eyes … love play with colors … and this bird is fantastic!! Trish is really an Artist of needle with capital A!!

  297. Happy Boxing day Mary and please can we can lots of the same in 2012?!!
    Now which one……..it will have to be the kingfisher, the colours are pure perfection and would look stunning in the right situation.
    Thanks for everything that you do.

  298. The Long and Short of It is my favorite – since I will be working on a christening gown for my first granddaughter – Sophia, and plan to embroider a similar motif! How lovely it all is though!

  299. Trish Burrs designs are just beautiful. I love all three designs…the vibrant colors are so beautiful! The one that is my favorite is the butterfly but I love the blending in the kingfisher and the bek of the bee eater! I just love her designs! This is a great way to celebrate with 12 days of Christmas!

  300. If I had to pick one of the 3 I would have to close my eyes and pick one as they all are very beautiful but there is something very unique about the little Somali Bee Eater. Very intriquing. The Bee Eater would be my choice.Thanks for this awesome contest Mary! 🙂
    Happy holidays to all!
    Tess from USA

  301. Merry Christmas.

    I love reading your daily emails, they are always so I interesting and ha e such useful information.

    My favorite giveaway is the Kotari Kingfisher, he looks very cute, however he also looks as if he is about to get himself into mischief!

    Thanks again for all your daily emails, I always look forward to reading them. Fiona from New Zealand

  302. I love the Kotari Kingfisher. I am currently working on a needlepainting project and I love the way the chest feathers merge with the wing feathers. The little details that Trish puts into her designs are so wonderful and they keep you looking at them past the first glance.

  303. Dear Mary,
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! All of the kits are lovely but the kingfisher looks to have such an attitude- he just makes me smile. Of course, the decision was a difficult one.
    Thank you for this offering!
    Peg F. from NJ

  304. Happy 1st Day of Christmas Mary. I’m very excited to see Trish Burr’s art in the contest. My favorite of the 3 patterns you show is the Kotari Kingfisher because he looks so ‘determined’ and I can almost feel his feathers as he looks so real. I guess that is why I bought Trishs’ book “Needle Painting Embroidery Fresh Ideas for Beginners” because I, too, am ‘determined’ to learn how to needle paint several of her prescious pieces!!! Thx for this opportunity Mary! Hug You.

  305. These designs are all gorgeous! I think my favorite is the butterfly because its colors just pop out and it is so vibrant! A very beautiful design!Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
    Pamir Karusagi

  306. The Kotari Kingfisher has to be my favourite. This little bird has such a presence! Gay B South Africa

  307. Hi, I like the Kingfisher, though all the designs are wonderful. Thanks for entering me in this giveaway. Sandi

  308. I thought all the examples shown were fantastic but I especially loved the Butterfly picture. The colors were gorgeous and the flowers seemed to have actual depth to them. I’ve only dabbled a very little bit in long and short stitch but these were certainly inspiration to delve further into this technique.

  309. Wow, what a way to start! My favorite kit is the butterfly kit; I like the vibrant color and the flowers. Looking forward to every day of your game!

  310. They are all beautiful, but the Samali Bee Eater caught my eye with it’s lovely colors and the way it looks so fluffy and soft.

  311. I have never done thread painting but have always wanted to try it. I love the Kingfisher above, but both birds are beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful blogs with lots of great information for a novice embroider as well as the experts.

  312. Hi Mary,

    This is such a great give-away!!!! I would love to win this so that I can learn how to needle paint, it is such beautiful work – I particularly like the butterfly one, it speaks to me; and I would definitely enjoy learning how to stitch it!!

  313. Thanks Mary for all the stitching fun and ideas. Trish Burr’s things are always beautiful but I think of this grouping my favorite is the butterfly.

  314. WOW, these are beautiful but I have never been disappointed in anything Trish does. I love the Somali Bee Eater, so beautifully done, as though I could stroke his soft, fluffy feathers! What a great giveaway and quality kits to make in the new year! Thanks for the opportunity Mary! Happy New Year everyone!

  315. You have inspired me to join my local embroidery guild. I want to do everything but just looking at Trish Burr’s embroidery designs makes me think back to the time when candies were sold behind a glass case in a “:candy store” It is difficult for me to choose but I think both birds fascinate me because When I sit in my sunroom I can watch the birds at my feeder. I feel as if I am in an aviary.
    Thank you for all your inspiration
    carol gross

  316. They are all exquisite and I’d cherish the opportunity to create any one of them but the Kotari Kingfisher is the most intriguing. I want to know what he’s so focused on! Is there a bug I can’t see? Also the colors and shadings would be challenging to replicate. Thank you!
    Robin S. smith

  317. All three of these kits are beautiful, but I would have to say that my favorite is the butterfly. I am always drawn to butterfly designs, and this one is so bright and colorful! This is so great that you are doing these 12 days of Christmas. And I just wanted to let you know, that your website inspires me so much! Every time I feel that lack of motivation with a project I just come on here to see the amazing things you have done and it helps me so much. Thank you!
    Jenilee E

  318. Definitely the Somali Bee Eater; its subtle shading is gorgeous. I’m anxiously awaiting Trish’s book on Colour Confidence to become available in the US.

  319. I am excited and grateful to be included in this giveaway! I love all the kits and really admire Trish’s work. My favorite kit is the Kotari Kingfisher for its soft and realistic look. I would love to learn to accomplish this!!

    Thanks so much, Jenny P. in Kansas City

  320. Trish Burr’s work is phenomenal! I truly can’t say which I like the best because all three are stunning. The detail is just unbelievable. I have never done thread painting yet and would love these kits to give it a go. Mary, you are so sweet and thoughtful to offer these giveaways for us! Thanks so much!

  321. I love the work of Trish Burr and have several of her books. I really like her birds, they look so fuzzy. However, my favorite kit is the butterfly. It is glorious.

    I don’t have a website, but I hope I can still enter.

    Thanks, Kendra H.

  322. What beautiful needle painting kits! Such a hard decision to choose a favorite, but I think it would have to be the Kotari Kingfisher. I love the way the feathers look. But each kit is very realistic and amazing!
    Thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  323. What a delightful give-a-way Mary! Thank You! My fave would be the butterfly…absolutely gorgeous colors and stitching. Sandy Todd

  324. I like that kingfisher – he looks like he’d be fun to stitch. Thank you for this opportunity!

  325. The Kotari Kingfisher. The colors are just amazing and it looks almost like you could reach out and feel the feathers.

  326. Pick me, pick me!!! I love the Kingfisher. He looked like he could speak to me. I am just a beginner but these kits could help me improve my stitching and allow me to learn thread painting. Pick me, pick me!!!

  327. I love the butterfly! what a neat kit. Thanks for your tips, it’s always great to read. 🙂

  328. I would choose the Butterfly. I just love it’s brilliant coloring and it’s my favorite color, as well!! This is a really great give-a-way, Mary.

  329. What a wonderful giveaway! The kingfisher is my favorite — we have kingfishers locally and they’re so shy that I don’t see them very often. I’d love to stitch one so that I could see him every day! 🙂

  330. It is very hard to decide which is the favorite of mine but I think it’s the Kingfisher. It has such beautiful colors and different shades of blue (which is my favorite color). I think I would enjoy stitching him–to me it would be a challenge of doing something different.
    Evelyn Stanish–December 26, 2011

  331. What a wonderful giveaway! They are all beautiful, but I like the kingfisher best – so expressive.

  332. What a wonderful way to start off a new year of stitching – I’d love to win! Thank you for your website. Your work is beautiful and your ideas are an inspiration! Thank You Thank You Thank You

  333. Wow. Trish is good. I like: Somali Bee Eater. The thread looks like a shag carpet. That is really good. That’s a technique I would love to learn.


  334. I have browsed Trish’s site and am eager to try this art form. I waterpaint but get bored with the two dimensional paper and paint form This my be the new watercolor for me!

  335. It’s really very difficult choose one of this amazing three! But was shoked coming to Kotari Kingfisher with such lovely character looking from it’s eyes!!! My greetings!

  336. I love them all and Butterflies are my special muse, but I loved the Kotari Kingfisher with all the detail and color in it. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

  337. I fell for the Kit called Kotari Kingfisher.
    I just want to reach out with my pointer finger and have the bird fly onto it. Should I win and be able to complete such a beautiful work of art, I would be like in heaven. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a kit.

  338. Although I’m a great lover of birds, and Trish Burr’s two patterns are outstanding, as always, it is the butterfly that drew my attention first. The butterfly’s vibrant colour shows the beautiful results produced by thread painting. I love it.

    Susan Donn

  339. My husband loves to sit on the porch and watch the numerous kinds of birds. I would enjoy learning how to make the different stitches that make up the embroidered bird and frame a completed one or two to put out for viewing. Presently, I do not know how to do this so this instruction book would be of the utmost confidence building I could find. Ms. Burr’s books are just so special.

    Thank you for the chance to win one.

  340. That’s a hard choice. I’ve got to say the kingfisher though because of the shading on his wing and look on his face.

  341. I pick the Somali bee eater. It looks so fuzzy and real, my fingers can almost feel the feathers.

  342. Thank you Mary for a lovely give-away. The Kotari kingfisher looks very similar to the kingfishers that regularly visit the dam on my property so that would have to be my favourite.

  343. Of the three Trish Burr designs on your newsletter today my favorite is the Somali Bee Eater. I have several of Ms Burr’s books and read them over and again although I haven’t yet attempted any projects (still working up the courage). I love the luscious colors on this little bird and the stitching makes me want to rub his little belly.

    I am very fond of your newsletter and read them all. Thank you so much for all you put into this and sharing so much of what you do.

    Lisa DeKalb

  344. Your giveaways are always so wonderful!
    I just love the butterfly and the strawberries are just so pretty
    Crossing my fingers thanks again for the oppertunity for one of to win this great giveaway

  345. Definitely the Somali Bee Eater. The shading in his neck is so subtle. It looks like he’s looking right at you! I was so impressed with your review of Trish’s “Colour Confidence in Embroidery” that I ordered it from the UK. It looks like just the book I’ve been wanting for years to help in selecting colours for my own designs.

  346. Wow!! What a fabulous giveaway.
    Choose a favourite?? They are all delicious 🙂
    I think the little bee eater has that “you lookin at me?” about him..

    But I love all Trishs’ work.

    Phillipa in NZ

  347. Hi Mary,

    I love all of the kits, especially because my last name is Bird. The study of birds has been a bit of a special area of interest to me. This winter I did a kit that showcased the reddest cardinals you’ve ev seen! I do have to say that the shocking red of the butterfly is what really captures my attention and would love to learn how to needle paint with these kits. Thank you!

    Melissa Bird

  348. The Kingfisher! Althoguh they are all beautiful. My 104 year old gradmother started me bird watching when I was very young. We have Kinfishers in Maine and I love watching and listening to them on our pond. My “beloved” is a phenominal bird carver and I would so love to accomplish the same level of color and detail with needle and thread that he can do with wood.

    Merry Christmas and wonderful New year to you all.

    Doreen B.

  349. Merry Christmas, Mary! Well its a tough call but I think it would have to be the kingfisher because the colors are so beautiful.

  350. Blessed Christmas, Mary!

    The butterfly is my favorite, the flowers remind me of spring.
    Thank you,
    Maria VF

  351. Dear Mary
    How exciting to have give-aways. I purchased ‘The Long and Short of It’ for a friends birthday after you pointed us in the direction of Trish. I have just seen part of and my friend was delighted to own it. Anyone including me wouyld be honoured to win anything at all.
    Compliments from down under
    Robyn K
    New Zealand

  352. Trish Burr’s designs and kits can be addicting, in a good way! I have worked a few of her simpler designs and then I do some surface embroidery or somethings else. I keep coming back to do more of her designs. Love the way she reminds one to go look at the real thing if possible and see the growth direction in a flower or feather , how the light plays on it, and study its colors and complimenting shadows. More instruction is always a plus. Birds and butterflies, oh my! I am looking forward to doing the little kingfisher one day.

    Merry Christmas!

  353. I love the vibrant butterfly. My daughter and I share a love of butterflies and I would like to make this for her.

  354. Love the Kotari Kingfisher. New to all this but want to give it a try. Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful kits.

  355. I just love Trish Burr’s birds that Somali King Fisher is incredible. Her skills are just mind blowing.

  356. I absolutely love your blog and have the link available on my blog for those who love needlework.
    My favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher. He is so cute and pudgy. I love doing eyes, and his eyes look so challenging!

  357. These are all fabulous kits, but the one that really ‘grabs’ me is the Somali Bee Eater with the subtle colours.
    Thanks for the competition.

  358. My favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher. I love to watch the birds here in the Northwest and have a friend who can identify them all! If I won this kit, I would stitch it for him as a gift to say thank you for all the wonderful chats we have had about birds.

    best wishes for a Happy New Year,

    ellen in Seattle

  359. The kingfisher grabs me. His coloring imparts that magical iridescence often seen in bird feathers. The entire collection is beautiful!

  360. I am in absolute awe at Trish’s work…every single piece of it. But since I have to choose a favorite, it’s the one with the flowers and butterfly.. .with my very favorite part being the strawberries because I absolutely love how the colors blend and work off one another. . . and in such a tiny space too.

  361. What beautiful work-takes my breath away-to think that we can all achieve this beautiful work is a tribute to you and the artist, Trish Burr! Thank you for sharing your gifts of expertise to us! I am grateful for that! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  362. Hi Mary. Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday.

    I love Kingfishers, so for me it would have to be the Kotari Kingfisher.
    Pam in Hampshire UK.

  363. Trish Burr does beautiful work and is an inspiration to do some of her projects. I would love getting any one of the kits!

  364. I have tried the needle painting from your tutorial. Wonderful sewing technique for the flowers on my crazy quilt. They look so real!! Thanks for this chance to win a great book.

  365. oh the kingfisher is the one! He looks so real you can take him off the page and hold him in your hands. What a talent she has.

  366. I like the Somali bee eater the best. His eye looks especially real, and the rest of him looks so touchable.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  367. Hello! I do love the Trish Burr books and embroideries. Actually, she is an artist, and I didn’t dare to start that great woman an embroidery. I hope to be a winner and I promise to try I’ll not be too bad embroiderer and to honor your gift. My favorite is the Butterfly, I do like the butterflies and the poppies. I like the silk’s red color, and I’ll make use the silk for the first time. Please, be comprehensive with my langage, Im from Belgium, french speaker.
    Thank you for all your so good concils and lessons, I’ve learning and Im learning a lot thanks to you.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

  368. I have purchased Trish Burr’s “Needle Painting Embroidery:Fresh Ideas for Beginers”, because I’ve never seen or done this type of embroidery and I’m so anxious to learn it, but don’t have a pattern as of yet. The kits would be fantastic to win. It would give me three beautiful patterns to get started on.
    All three kits are marvelous and beautiful, but I have to say that I would go with the butterfly. They are like flying jewels.
    Thanks Mary for having this 12 days of Christmas give away. Of course I’d love to win, but whoever does will have three gorgeous Embroidery Paintings to cherish.
    Trish from Ft. Garland

  369. My favorite one is the butterfly.
    Lovely white flowers on the background, with cute strawberries and a radiant red butterfly in front, I would love to stitch it!

  370. I like the butterfly, but the birds are wonderful too. I want to learn this technique. Sandra

  371. The Somali Bee eater gets my vote. I am amazed at the layering of color and the reality of the bird. Love it.

  372. Hi Mary: Every day I look forward to reading your website so it is exciting to be able to enter this contest. As an avid cross-stitcher, I have never done needle painting but seeing Trish Burr’s beautiful kits, I really would like to try this craft. Although I love the birds, I think my favorite is the butterfly because the picture also includes flowering strawberries. Thanks so much for your informative website.

  373. Wow! And this is only day one!

    Trish Burr’s work is truly beautiful. I would love to try needle painting it is so realistic. My Dad has always loved Kingfishers and that kit would be the one for me! Thanks Mary for such a lovely giveaway.

  374. As I live in NZ, the Kotare Kingfisher has to be my favourite. I have 2 pairs that visit my garden everyday. When the sun catches their wings, they turn irridescent blue, and their breasts become bright yellow like a sunflower. They are commonly known here as the sacred kingfisher. To have a permanent image of my kingfishers, stitched by me, on show in my home would be exquisite.

  375. What beautiful embroidery! I would love to learn to do this. I am drawn to the Kingfisher because of the beautiful blues, greens and browns .
    Thank you for this chance to win & for your wonderful website & blog.

  376. What a great start to the Twelve Days of Christmas! My favourite design is the Kotari Kingfisher although it looks like a lot of work for a beginner which is definitely where I’m at! So the DVDs would be a wonderful and helpful addition!

  377. I love the little Somali Bee Eater, the butterfly and the Kingfisher are beautiful, but the little bee eater is so sweet. Look at its eye. Perfect. He looks alive. Hope everyone had
    a wonderful Christmas!
    Pam in Alabama

  378. The Kotari Kingfisher’s beautiful plumage is wonderfully blended, his perch is nicely defined, and even the leaves contribute their part to the design balance. Furthermore, I like his demeanor…..an attitude of wise contemplation.
    Trisha Burr’s website is certinly worth visiting, too.
    Thank you for your attention to this important artist.

  379. All the kits are equally beautiful but my favorite is the Kingfisher because of the colors. I tend to gravitate toward one of two colorways in everything I do. It is either earth tones or jewel tones.I think the Kingfisher fits wonderfully into the jewel tone category.

  380. I just love the somali bee-eater, it looks so cute. I have just bought her book on needlepainting for beginners, and it looks gorgous and has tons of information. I am learning so much

  381. Of the three kits featured above, which grabs you? (i.e. Which is your favorite?)

    The vibrant red butterfly kit caught my eye immediately!

    thank you for your well written posts!
    lorraine in California
    mabbettLorraine at yahoo dot com

  382. Mary, thank you for this wonderful give away and your so very informative blog all through the year.

    My favourite of the kits is the Somali Bee Eater, the detailed colouring is exquisite and the texture make you want to stroke the little chap.

  383. Dear Mary,

    Thank you for this opportunity to win these gorgeous kits. I almost never win anything, but will keep my fingers (annd toes) crossed. I am most partial to the little Kingfisher. Such an intense look. I wonder if he has spied out his dinner. I have both of the books you mentioned on my wish list at amazon, and will probably order sometime in January.

    Gerry (Alberta, Canada)

  384. Hi Mary, Happy Holidays! The butterfly kit is the one that grabs me, partly because it is vibrant and beautiful, and mostly because it is a butterfly, since they have been special to me for a very long time. Thank you for your lovely and inspiring blog all this past year.

  385. Which one grabs me? I’d say the Kingfisher for all the blues appeals most, although the butterfly in all its red color is a very close second. The DVD is what I am interested in, as there are aspects of long & short I’m just not getting right.

    Thanks so much for offering these gifts during the 12 days of Christmas.

  386. Kotari Kingfisher is just lovely – such detail and done with stitches…I could only hope to do justice to the kit!

  387. I like the Somali Bee Eater because he looks so real and alive. And stitching just his portrait is even a bigger challange to make him come alive with his long beak, his clear eye that makes him look so alert and the suttle colours of his feather coat. I would love to learn how Trish makes her thread paintings come alive.

  388. I was instantly drawn to the Kotari Kingfisher. I love how Ms Burr was able to capture this little creature’s personality. I am a complete novice when it comes to these techniques but her designs are very inspirational and I am sure that with her clear instructions, even someone as green as I, could be proud of the completed project.

  389. I love love Trish Burr’s designs. They are definitly a work of art. I so want to do needlepainting. Sometimes directions in a book confuse me so it is a big bomusto have the DVDs. I love that she does bird and nature, that is mostly what I stitch.

  390. The butterfly is my favorite of the three designs.

    Mary, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2012 will be happy, healthy and prosperous. Thanks for the great newsletter.

    Red Oak, TX

  391. I love the butterfly. I subscribe to Inspiration Magazine, and have been fortunate to have read several of her projects/articles in Inspirations, but I’ve not been brave enough to do one yet!

    Carole in Granite Bay, CA

  392. Happy Holidays Mary and Trish! Oh gosh, Trish Burr is my favorite embroiderer! I love her designs and use of colors and her books are the best for instruction and inspiration. My favorite of the above.. hmmm.. although the butterfy is stunning, the Kotari Kingfisher grabs me. The more I look at it the more color shading I see.

    Thank you, Mary and Trish!

  393. I like the butterfly the best. her work is just so beautiful. I would love to learn how to do it.

  394. Those are some of the most beautiful nature embroideries I’ve seen in a while. The birds are so lifelike and the butterfly is just gorgeous. I don’t know if I could do Ms. Burr justice if I did get the chance to try some of her designs. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to win her DVD’s and Kits.
    Thank you Mary for this chance and for your wonderful instructions through your blog and emails.

  395. What a stunning butterfly…the colours are so vibrant and exciting. I have done some of Tanya Berlin’s thread painting and really enjoy the realistic detail of this technique. Trish Burr’s designs are on my “to do” list, so it would be wonderful to win and have this opportunity to work on Trish’s designs. Mary, thanks for a fabulous blog. I can’t wait to read it every day.

  396. It tough to choose, but I think the Kinfisher is my favorite.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway. I greatly admire Trish’s work. This would be a real treat.

  397. Although hard to pick one I would say my favourite would have to be the Kotari Kingfisher. Looks like a lot of work but the end result would be worth it. If only I could stitch like Trish Burr ! Thanks for the chance to win.

  398. I am an avid bird-watcher; so my favorite(s) are the birds…although the butterfly is almost a three-way tie! I would seriously consider using Trish`s techniques to design a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (native to PA) as they are my favorite feeder-bird in the summer! The deisngs Do look like a lot of work; but the results are beautiful..!

  399. Her work is amazing!! I can’t wait to learn how to thread paint myself.

    I am a caregiver for my parents and I have rediscovered embroidery as a way to relax and have some “me” time. I am looking forward to expanding my abilities but I have so much to learn.

    My favorite kit is the butterfly because of it’s beautiful colors but a close second is the little Bee Eater with it’s amazing feathering detail.

    Thanks for your willingness to share with us.

  400. Hi Mary, I love your website and look forward to reading your insights on embroidery daily.
    I just love that Kotari Kingfisher. His blues and greens are so vibrants and real that you could reach out and smooth his feathers. I wish that I could embroider like Trish Burr but I am just a beginner and have only done crewel in the past. I would love to learn how to do needle painting.
    Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.
    Diane from Windham, NH

  401. Dear Mary, thank you very much for such a great give-away. The beginning of it is very nice. I like Kingfisher the most. I guess, it is for more experienced stitchers, but I’d like to try stitching it very much. Maybe one day I’ll have such a possibility. At the moment I am planing to buy “Colour Confidence in Embroidery” and start learning colour shading myself.

  402. What a great giveaway! My favorite kit of the above may be the butterfly. For some reason the texture of it really appeals to me and I love that it looks a little more three dimensional. The DVD’s would be a great way to feel like a part of her class and learn some extra techniques!

    ammullins AT hotmail DOT com

  403. Hello, I think the Butterfly drew me in foremost, the little Kotari Kingfisher is right up there too. My mom loves birds and her husband, my step-father just passed away earlier this month, and I would love to make this for her. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this!

  404. I love the color combination on Kotari Kingfisher. It’s my favorite of the three. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you!

  405. Hi!!
    It’s a tough one to choose – but the Kotari Kingfisher is so very beautful!!
    I will investigate Tris Burr’s website –
    I would love to win the wonderful give away set. Thank you for all that you give to us

  406. What a wonderful giveaway. My favourite design is the kingfisher, beautiful. I’d love to win, please count me in.

  407. Thank you so much Mary! What a gorgeous gift! My favorite kit is the one with the butterfly, but the two others a so pretty! I’ve looked at Ms Burr work for the last three years and I’ve decided that I’ll learn needle painting in 2012. I would LOVE to be the winner but I’m just happy to participate in this great giveaway!

  408. At first glance the butterfly caught me but I like both birds too. It is really hard to pick. I love all her birds. Diane

  409. The Kotari Kingfisher is the kit that grabs me because of the shading and colours. This is what I have always admired about Trish Burr’s work. I have done one of her projects and have been trying unsuccessfully to save up for her DVD’s and books.

  410. Oh wow, what a marvellous giveaway – Trish is one of my favourite artists!
    My favourite of the 3 kits would be the butterfly but they are all gorgeous.
    Thanks for a great giveway Mary 🙂

  411. How do you choose from perfection, but the red and vibrant butterfly would be the choice of mine.
    Rosemary, Albury Australia

  412. The kit I am most enamored with is the Kotari Kingfisher. The detail of the bird is fabulous and also the branch with moss on it. With Trish’s DVD instructions, thread painting will surely be a delight to aspire to.

  413. Choosing one I like more than the others is not easy! I’ll go with the Kotari Kingfisher, but it’s a win by a hair. I like that it’s a full bird and the colors attract me. He also seems to have an interesting expression. If I win this day, I will love doing all the kits, but the instructional DVD is main draw for me. I’m sure I could learn so much from that!

  414. Kotari Kingfisher is KILLER! Really, I couldn’t complain about any of these designs but the Kingfisher is my favorite. It is often so hard to find something appropriate to stitch for the men in my family. The Kotari Kingfisher would make a handsome gift for any of my handsome sons.
    Thank you Mary for your generosity. I love receiving your newsletter.

  415. Oh, my gosh! What a wonderful giveaway. I love all the kits, but feel the Bee Eater would be an excellent project to learn Trish’s techniques. And the DVD would be the icingo n the cake. Thank you, Mary, for so willingly sharing your love of embroidery, I am learning so much from you.

  416. I have wanted a Trish Burr kit for a while, it’s so hard to choose.
    I’d probably end up going with the Kotari Kingfisher though.

  417. Happy First Day of Christmas, Mary! My favorite design is the Somali Bee Eater because he is so exquisitely fluffy and, at the same time, so exquisitely fierce!

  418. The colors on the Kingfisher are amazing! And I love the smug look on his face – he knows he’s a handsome boy. 😉

  419. I would love to learn this technique so that I could stitch the Kotari Kingfisher.
    Sandy in Washington State

  420. My favorite is the butterfly. I am drawn to anything butterfly and red is one of my favorite colors.

  421. What a great way to celebrate the holidays. My favourite is the butterfly! Oh my goodness. The colours and detail are stunning. 🙂

  422. My favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher, it’s just so colorful perched on its branch. Thanks for offering the contest.

  423. Hmm…it’s really hard to choose…but if I must I would choose the Kotari kingfisher. But then again the vibrant butterfly is really appealing and the Somali Bee Eater is lovely and looks entirely doable. They are all spectacular…which is what we’ve come to expect from Trish Burr. Thanks Mary!

  424. When I saw your posting on fb this morning i thought wow, what a beautiful butterly, I would love to stitch that design. i love Trish Burr’s work, just stunning.

  425. I am having a hard time picking a favorite. The kingfisher is so beautiful. But the butterfly is very, very nice. Then there is the bee eater… Being a beginner, I would find any of these challenging. Thank you for this chance to win my favorite: The Kingfisher!

  426. Mary, thanks so much for this fun way to make Christmas last longer. We always leave our tree and creche up until Epiphany for that reason. I LOVE the butterfly with the gorgeous strawberries, but I really want that dvd set. Awesome!!

  427. I haven’t seen one of Trish Burr’s kits i didn’t like, but of the tree shown, the Kingfisher is my favorite. It seems a photograph and then such a surprise to see something so life-like. We have Belted Kingfishers in our area and it’s always a treat to see one on a branch perch by the side of a stream. Thanks for the great give-away contest.

  428. I like the Kotari Kingfisher. It reminds me of spending long Sunday afternoons with my Dad bird watching. My dad passed away from brain cancer a few years ago and bright, unusual birds make me think of him. I used to draw pictures of the rare ones for him and he would hang them in his work area 🙂

  429. Aloha from Honolulu,
    The beak on the Somali Bee Eater takes my vote. A big beak to get a little bug! Wow!
    I have one of Trish’s books and use it but to have the visual aid of a dvd would be great. I learn better by “show rather than tell.”
    Happy New Year !
    Jacquelin Ihsan

  430. Mary, the Kotari Kingfisher just has to be my favourite! Those beautiful colours draw me in. The Somali Bee Eater is charming too. What a wonderful Christmas present to read your daily blog and to be drawn into all these possibilities. Thank-you, Sue Ellen

  431. What an exquisite embroiderer/designer Trish Burr is! The design I like the most is the Kingfisher (Kookaburra) as coming from Australia this is one of our much loved birds. We have them in our garden and I have dreamt of being able to replicate it in an embroidery. The DVDs would also be a bonus!

  432. What a wonderful prize to win(if I could only win it), I already have “Needle Painting Embroidery” and “The Long and Short of it” in my library and both have been extremely helpful in my needle painting, so far I have completed 3 projects and am very pleased with each one of them, Trish Burr’s instructions and illustrations are very clear and easy to follow. I like all 3 of the kits shown however I am drawn to “The Kotari Kingfisher”
    Fingers crossed Flora C

  433. They are all so beautiful, but not having done much of this technique, the Butterfly (especially the strawberries) looks like it would be easier to work. I LOVE the kingfisher (our daughter did a report on that bird and it would be fun to make for her–with a LOT more skill required. You’re so generous!

  434. They are all gorgeous but I particularly like the Kingfisher as is reminds me of the native Kingfisher’s in my native country New Zealand and also is it blue my favorite color. They spend a lot of time sitting in trees just like the Partridge!

  435. What a fantastic giveaway. I’m not sure if my skills are quite up to this yet but I’d love to try. I think my favrourite kit is the kingfisher. I love the fluffy texture of his feathers but most of all I love his slightly stern expression. It looks as though he is about to give someone a good talking to!

  436. I would be happy to own any work by Trish Burr but if I had to choose from among the three pieces offered I would choose the Kotari Kingfisher. His coloration is beautiful and subtle and I am fascinated by the leaves on the branch. Thanks so much for these offers. What fun.

  437. Hi! Mary, thanks again for such a wonderful give away. I am familiar with Trish and her work. After reading about Trish through your emails, I ordered the book “Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners”. And I just got another one of her books from Santa for Christmas. I love her work!!
    I love the vibrant butterfly kit, I think it is the vibrant red that draws me. Merry Christmas Mary, to you and all your readers.
    And God bless you in the new year.

  438. Thank you for planning such an exciting and wonderful event to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. I am continually amazed at the beauty items created with Needle and Thread. My favorite of the three kits is Kotari Kingfisher. The use of color is nothing short of spectacular! The detail on the leaves and the coloring of the feathers is absolutely stunning. I know the DVD’s would be a huge help in improving my skills.

  439. Oh, the butterfly! The rich color and the detail in the flowers. Yes please. I missed out on the last Trish Burr giveaway, I would really love this one.

  440. When I visit the San Diego Zoo, I love to see the Bee Eaters, but especially enjoy the Kingfisher birds. So I’d have to pick the Kotari Kingfisher. The butterfly is beautiful too. Would like to explore needle painting and would love to win!
    HeideW / Escondido, CA

  441. The Kotari Kingfisher is my favourite! I have completed a couple of threadpainting pieces, but never a bird. It would be a great challenge to work on something with such detail and vibrancy of colour.

  442. I absolutely love all of Trish Burr’s works. I had hoped to take one of her classes at Beating around the Bush but won’t be able to attend. 8-( My favorite of the three designs posted here is the Kingfisher probably because of the bright colors.

  443. What great designs for perfecting thread painting techniques! Love all three but the Kotari Kingfisher would be my favorite. The look in its eye as it studies its prey is so true to life.

    Tassies Sue

  444. Long and short stitch is a technique I have not mastered, but it offers so much – I would love to be able to do it!

    The Kingfisher is my favourite kit. They are such beautiful birds – such wonderful colours and this is captured in the embroidery most wonderfully. .

  445. I would love all three but the Kotari Kingfisher would be my favourite, beautiful shading and a perfect challenging lesson in the needlepainting I would love to do, Trish’s colouring is so close to reality,it is breathtaking. Thank you for the lovely offer of winning something so beautiful

  446. I was feeling a bit of the Boxing Day blues when your email popped up. The Twelve Days of Christmas is such a fun idea. It is so hard to pick just one but the Bee Eater is my favorite by a close margin. I feel as though if I just waited, I could see a breeze ruffle his feathers. I own Trish Burr’s beginner’s book and would love to own the DVDs and kits.

  447. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a design from Trish that I didn’t like. Of these, I love that little Kotari Kingfisher. The colors are so lively and bright.
    Thanks for this lovely way to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas!

  448. What gorgeous embroidery! I think the butterfly is very realistic looking. This technique gives the butterfly a 3-dimensional look against the dogwood branch in the background. I like the Bee Eater in the second picture as well. If you look closely, it almost has a smile on his face! The Kingfisher is my favorite of this trio because blue is my favorite color. The vibrant blues seem to make the bird’s feathers POP. I’ve been an avid cross stitcher for many years and would enjoy learning a new technique.

    Darlene Gorczyca, Lake Stevens, WA

  449. Dear Mary,
    I am such a fan of Trish Burr. Her thread painting is magnificent. I love thread painting because it is like a big girl version of coloring and I always loved to color. I also love nature and all of its wonderful colors. So thread painting is just a wonderful way to enjoy all. The kit I really love is the butterfly. It was such a difficult choice because I also love the kingfisher. I finally settled on the butterfly because my daughter and I have a special love for butterflies. It is a wonderful symbol of the metamorphosis we experience as Christians going from this body in this world and into the perfect body we have when we go to Heaven. My oldest daughter died at age 27 after battling kidney failure for twelve years. I think of her as going through this beautiful metamorphisis and having the perfect body that has nothing that hurts anymore, and standing in the presence of God- glowing in perfect beauty. There is a bigger story behind this, but it is too much to go into here. So without any more discussion, the butterfly is my choice.
    Kathy Rowell

  450. Wow! I love Trish Burr but the one of these kits that really grabs me is the Kingfisher. The vibrant mixture of colors is beautiful and I love how fluffy he looks! Plus, if I made it, it would match my sofa, so would be perfect for a pillowcase!

  451. I love the Kotari Kingfisher. The colors are beautiful and tho I don’t see a Kingfisher in my back yard I do watch many beautiful birds.

  452. Oh, I just love the Somali Bee Eater. It just jumps out at you with the colors. I hope someday I could do such beautiful work.

    Mary in Oregon

  453. I am truly a beginner. I found some embroidery pieces of my moms from
    The 1940s in a box and want to learn as much as I can about embroidery.
    There are no classes available where I live and need a tutorial. The
    Butterfly is my favorite. Mary M. In California

  454. I came across Trish Burr’s work a little over a year ago. I loved it so much, I bought one of her books for my cousin, as she enjoys embroidery. I just retired this year and would love the opportunity of winning, now that I have some time. My favorite is the butterfly. I love the flowers.

  455. I’m torn between the Somali Bee Eater and the Kotari Kingfisher. I’ve been doing needlepainting but have not been able to develop the texture and variation in color. Either of these kits could be a big help. Thanks for the 12 days of Christmas Mary. I never miss reading your newsletter but this will make the next 12 days extra exciting.

  456. Hi Mary; I love the kotari Kingfisher best of all. His colors grab me and he looks so grumpy. I just think he is one of the best images I have encountered in ages. Rena

  457. Hi, I’ve just got interested in embroidery, I must say you do a fantastic job, I’d like to think that someday mine will look as good as yours but I have a long way to go, I like the Kotari kingfisher best he actually looks like he is studying his next meal…great job


  458. I am partial to butterflies, but the more I look, the more I’m drawn to the Kingfisher. The color and detail of its feathers is gorgeous! I’ve never tried this technique before and look forward to checking out Trish Burr’s website. Merry Christmas!

  459. I haven’t heard of Trisha before but her design’s look very interesting.
    I like the kingfisher the best.

  460. Amazing site, great giveaway.
    All three are beautiful, but the butterfly calls to me most.

  461. They are all gorgeous but the Somali Bee Eater just makes me want to rub its “furry” little head!!!!

  462. I have learned so much since finding your site. Would love to try the butterfly first. The detail is great.

  463. Very difficult decision since all three are beautiful. The butterfly and the kingfisher appeal more with the hint of habitat that is included, but I would have to go with the kingfisher as my favorite. The subtler colors are more comfortable than the striking red butterfly. All three would be wonderful to stitch though and the DVD’s would be a great addition to my library.

  464. Mary,
    Love all your wonderful needlework information. I look forward to your blog everyday.My favorite is the kotari kingfisher.i’ve just purchased her first book.lots of great pictures and information.
    Thanks so much, nancy g

  465. Can’t decide which one I like best, but perhaps I might decide between the kingfisher or the butterfly, both so vibrantly colored. Maybe the kingfisher, best. Or maybe the butterfly in the strawberries. Or, wait, the kingfisher. Or the butterfly…or the kingfisher. So hard to choose.
    It’s nice to see someone celebrating the 12 days of Christmas at their proper season instead of during Advent. Thank you for that.
    Merry Christmas!

  466. I adore the Kingfisher!! Such gorgeous blues along with the other natural colors. He is so appealing. Thanks for the opportunity to enter! 🙂 -Peggy

  467. They are all lovely, but if I had to pick one I’d have to choose…

    Okay, okay, the kingfisher. 🙂

  468. What a fantastic giveaway! I really like the Kotari Kingfisher. I especially like the blue on it’s wings.

  469. Dear Mary,
    Merry Christmas and thank you for this wonderful and fun give-away that you’ve spent so much time organizing.
    Trish Burr is one of the best teachers of needle painting that I have found….these Australians are brilliant!!! I love the Kotari Kingfisher, and I believe I would learn the most from doing this project.
    I look forward to tomorrow!!!

  470. I truly loved all three kits, but I am partial to butterflies and flowers so the red butterfly gets my vote.

  471. Thanks, Mary for this fun give-away. You are the best!

    All 3 kits are wonderful. The kit that grabs me is the butterfly. I love that vibrant red! I’ve gone back to look at them 3 times already and have to say the Kingfisher is a close runner up. It’s really hard to decide!

  472. I like the kingfisher the best–the colors are amazing. Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

  473. My favorite of the three kits is
    Somali Bee Eater

    I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time, but haven’t taken that first step.

  474. My favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher. The color and details in his feathers are beautiful. He reminds me so much of the Azure kingfisher here in Australia that used to come every day many years ago and sit on my clothes line. He was so beautiful. I love Trish Burr’s work and up to now have not been fortunate enough to own one of her kits. I am a beginner when it comes to thread painting and I would so love to have her kingfisher kit and DVD to be able to learn from a master in this type of embroidery. Thank you Mary for offering this beautiful giveaway.

  475. Hello Mary,
    What an amazing way to start off the twelve days of Christmas. My favourite? Definitely the Kotari Kingfisher!
    After reading your review of Trish Burr’s new book on colour, I gave it to myself this Christmas.

  476. Kotari Kingfisher – the colors and the expression of this little bird catches my attention. Adorable!

    Thank you,

    -Meeta V.

  477. What a wonderful giveaway and a difficult choice between the Somali Bee Eater and the Kotari Kingfisher for an avid bird watcher like myself. The Kingfisher wins this time! I do love Trish Burr’s work which embroiders up beautifully.

  478. These are so beautiful! The butterfly is my favorite. I love how the strawberry blossoms just pop off the fabric.

  479. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Partridge in a Pear tree…and then I looked farther down the tree and saw a beautiful butterfly flying by me! The combination of the stunning color of the butterfly and the botanical look of the strawberry blossom makes that kit the one I’d very much like to receive!

  480. Love that Kotari Kingfisher – he has so much attitude & beautiful colors! Hope that he comes to my house.

  481. What a wonderful end of year happening. My fave would be the Kingfisher. We have a local kingfisher that hangs out in the willow down by our river. I’ve enjoyed sharing time with him.

  482. I love Trish Burr’s work – and the Kotari Kingfisher is particularly appealing – he looks so fat and fluffy sitting on his branch – I’d really enjoy stitching him!

    Penny JB

  483. kingfisher and butterfly………kingfisher because he / she looks like more real. butterfly because of its brightness

    Joanie M in west tn

  484. I’ve seen her work before and it is absolutely amazing. My favorite is the Somali Bee Eater. The birds look so life-like; you want to reach out and touch them.

  485. Mary, this is a difficult question. Each project is lovely. If I had to choose one it would be the Kingfisher. The colours are so rich. I love the little fellow.

    All the best,
    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  486. Hi Mary,
    I would like to enter the needle painting give-away.

    The work that interests me the most in the needle-painting, is the piece “The Kingfisher”. I love the intricacy of it and the subtle colours.

    Thank you for these contests and Happy New Year.!!!
    From Greta596 in Nanaimo, BC, Canada

  487. Hi Mary! Thanks for the great giveaways that are coming…

    I love the kingfisher. His colors are fabulous, and he looks like a real challenge!

    Carol S.

  488. All the kits are beautiful but I really loved the red butterfly. The DVDs are just what I need to learn this wonderful technique

  489. All three kits look fabulous, but I would have to go with the Kingfisher. There is so much ‘attitude’ in those eyes! Long & short stitch is something I need to work on, so this prize would be perfect!

  490. It’s hard to choose since all three are outstanding. I am drawn to the red of the butterfly and the white of the flower but I love the contemplative bird, the Kotari Kingfisher. Seems so peaceful in the rush of this season, or is he just glaring at the fish he is about to eat?

    I vote for the Kotari since it’s so unusual and so many great textures.

    Mary McCusker

  491. I love the Kingfisher! It looks like an audubon painting! Maybe someday I will have the skill to complete one like this!

  492. All are truly delightful, how can one choose. It would be a privilege to attempt them all. Thanks to you and the talents of Trish. All the best to you and everyone for 2012.

  493. My vote is for the beautiful blue Kingfisher…I am amazed at the ability of Trish Burr’s needlepainting to create such lifelike feathers and his expression shows that he is eyeing off his dinner close by!

  494. OK- so everyone loves the kingfisher and although I would love to say the butterfly (my number 2), just to be different……..I still have to say the kingfisher is my favorite….and my daughters too!

  495. I like the Somali Bee Eater the best. You are doing a great job Mary together with other designers. I am longing to own this DVD and a kit for long now. I wish I have little bit of luck !

    – Dhivya G

  496. Mary, Mary, Mary!!! They are all so beautiful but my eye was drawn to the Somali Bee Eater right away. As a beginner these DVD’s are just what I need to get started on Trish Burr’s works. I have admired her books you have blogged about, and went to her website, really, really beautiful kits. Of course your Tutorials are the best I have ever viewed, and I give your website out to everyone interested in needle work.

  497. Merry Christmas Mary!

    Well, all these kits are lovely, and the Kotari Kingfisher is especially beautiful, but I think I’d choose the Somali Bee Eater to make as a gift for my sister. Her son is a bee keeper, and they are fascinated by all things related to bees 🙂

    Thank you for your generosity,

    Cathy in PA

  498. The Kotari Kingfisher is unbelievably realistic. I would love to give it a try.
    Thanks for having this wonderful give away.

  499. While I like the strawberries, I think my favorite is the kingfisher. He’s so cute and fluffy.

  500. This is art, pure and simple. Each bird has personality, and the flowers probably even carry a fragrance!

    Thank you for sharing this skill and knowledge with others.

  501. That Kingfisher…WOW!!! He looks so lifelike!

    I am an avid cross stitcher and after 18 years those little cross stitches are getting rather boring to stitch. That little Kingfisher is telling me to give some other forms of needlework a good try!

  502. Good Day Mary,
    I was so taken aback with the long and short stitch embroidery by Trish Burr. I was first introduced to long and short stitch embroidery about 25 years ago. I found a few kits but they were very difficult to find. I guess I didn’t have the creative ability to make my own patterns so I let it go by the wayside. Can you imagine how blown away I was when you introduced us to Trish Burr’s kits!! It still amazes me that these stitches can make such masterpieces. It gives me hope that hand embroidery will continue to live on in this age of “lets find a machine to do it”! Thank you for your love,contribution and faithfulness to the art of embroidery. Thanks again for introducing us to Trish Burr! Love the blog and the kits, would love to have one. Gratefully, Elizabeth

  503. I love the Somali Bee Eater. The blended colours are just and look very realistic

    Carmen in London

  504. All the kits are beautiful. The Kotari Kingfisher feathers look so real I just want to touch the feathery bundle of color.

    Karole King

  505. I love all 3 kits. But my favorite is the Vibrant Butterfly. I have always wanted to learn to needle paint.

    LeAnn Smith in OK

  506. The Kingfisher is my favorite. I love the expression on his face, and the colors of his wings!
    Ren. Mondragon Taos

  507. Hi Mary, Merry Christmas to you. I think all three kits are gorgeous!I like the butterfly the best of them all. Thank you.
    Janice C.

  508. The Kotari Kingfisher grab me, I like the blue and the bird look so alive.
    I would like to do it. For sur I would not say no to the DVD.
    Great way to learn.
    Thank you Mary to make these 12 days possible.

    Ginette of Mexico

  509. I picked up Trish’s book for myself for my birthday earlier this month. I am thrilled with it. I can hardly wait for her book on color to be available in the states. If she can help me to be able to choose the bold colors of her work in my own work I will be ecstatic. I absolutely love that red butterfly! This is from one who usually chooses muted or country colors.

    Theresa E.

  510. Wow! Twelve days of Christmas! How exciting! And, to start out with Trish Burr’s DVD and kits….how can it get any better? Every single item is wonderful, but, I especially love the Kotori Kingfisher. It feels like you could just reach out and feel the soft feathers and the rough moss on the branches. If I win, I will have to give it all my effort to make it look anywhere near her perfection.

  511. I have never done thread painting but w/ instructions I will be able to. The kingfisher is my favorite. The blue feathers, so gentle looking and soft called to me. Thanks for the opprotunity

    Pat S from Colorado Springs

  512. The portrait of the Somali Bee eater intrigues me the most. Being new to needle painting , the head study looks a bit less intimidating to me. I would love to give any of the kits a go, however. They are all wonderful.

  513. My favorite by far is the kingfisher! I am not very good at this type of embroidery so this might spur me on to try it more. Thanks for doing these giveaways.

  514. I just adore Trish Burr’s designs. She is one very talented designer….
    Of the three designs featured in your post, it’s the butterfly that strikes me most. It is absolutely gorgeous.
    Thank you for your newsletters, I look forward to it every day.

  515. All three are beautiful, but the butterfly is my favorite – it reminds me of the ones that flutter around my passion flower vines here in Florida.

  516. My favorite piece of embroidery is the one with the butterfly and the strawberry blossoms. All of her work is magnificent.

  517. The Kotari kingfisher gets my vote for its careful attention to detail. This little birdie personifies skill, patience and perseverance as it waits for a morsel on the waterfront. Isn’t it ironic that that’s what ever embroiderer, including me, aspires for?

  518. The Somali Bee Eater is my favourite. This gorgous bird appeals in 3 ways. It’s long curved beak is perfect for plucking bees fron flowers, it’s red beady eye is so beautiful and the soft shaded coulors on its neck make it very beautiful and it would be a pleasure to work. Trish Burr id such a clever designer I would love the opportunity to work her designs especially with her videos to help.

  519. It is soooo hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve decided on the Kotari Kingfisher. He looks as if he’s just about to nod off after a full holiday schedule, and a job well done. He seems pleased with his efforts and the results, and is now going to enjoy a much deserved R E S T. It would be a fitting rememberance to have hanging in my home as a reminder of good cheer, good friends, good times, and a good night to all!

  520. Hello,
    I am Sarah from India. I liked these two books. Trish is my inspiration of needle painting.

    I like the kotari kingfisher kit more.

  521. It’s hard to pick; they all grab me. I could see the butterfly fitting in several places in my house, though, so I’ll go with that one!

  522. Hi Mary,
    I love the kingfisher. The sample in the photograph is amazing. The feathers look so downy and soft, I want to reach out and touch them! Thank you for another lovely giveaway.

    Susie H

  523. The one that grabs me is the Somali Bee Eater, because I am deathly allergic to bee stings! I can just picture stitching this bird and envisioning it protecting me!


  524. Hello Mary – What a delight to have Trish Burr featured in a giveaway. I have recently returned to stitching. Ms. Burr’s book was one of my most enjoyable purchases this year as I have always aspired to learn needlepainting techniques and master them.
    My vote for favorite would be the beeeater for the subtle colour variations in the feathers followed by the kingfisher for the devilish look in the eye and the lovely shades of blue.
    Thank you for the past year of your blog – I have learned so much and have been so entertained that I can barely wait for the next day’s edition. Have a wonderful healthy new year.

  525. I love butterflies but this time the Kingfisher wins. The colors draw me in, they are so striking. The lookon his face, of waiting for a catch to come along is amazing.

  526. Woops sorry Mary I misread the question,my answer should be… the ‘kit’ which grabs me most is the Kotari kingfisher. Kerrie M

  527. I love the Kingfisher! There were some beautiful photos of Kingfishers last year in the top photos somewhere. This reminds me of those.
    Sally K M

  528. Mary – the detail of Trish’s designs is awe inspiring. I love the realism of the birds, but believe, like so many of the other readers, that the butterfly is my favorite. I love the intensity of color and the hint of detail around the wings. At first glance the white flower reminded me of a dogwood, one of my favorite flowers, but looking at it closer, realized that it was not. I still loved the composition and the colors of the butterfly pattern the best.

  529. The butterfly is my favorite. I love the vibrant colors and the way the butterfly just looks so delicate. Just as in real life.

  530. I really like the Kotari Kingfisher. This one grabs me. The feathers on his chest look so soft and fluffy.

  531. Hi, my name’s mary, i’m from srilanka, currently living in india. Thanks for such a Wonderful 1st day of christmas. I dont like the 3 kits, i love all the 3 kits. Its difficult to select 1, but i like the kotari kingfisher very much. The blue shading of the kingfisher is simply superb. The butterfly and the somali bee eater is also equally beautiful, but its the kingfisher that gets my vote. Weather i win or not thanks once again for such wonderful giveaways.

  532. The Kotari Kingfisher grabs me with those blues!! It looks like a lot of opportunity to practice the painting – thank you hosting and sponsoring the giveaway!

  533. These are beautiful kits. All of them have lovely color shading. I’d choose the Somali Bee Eater, as i remember these from a trip to Africa. I think this kit could do them justice.

  534. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter another great contest!
    My favorite by far is the Kotari Kingfisher for the exquisite colors and detail. What a joy to stitch with such an array of beautiful colors. And he is so cute, so lifelike. I watch birds in the backyard all the time and wish we had birds of this intensity of color. I would love to be able to stitch this and proudly display it:)

  535. Hello Mary,

    Like most people I think that all three kits are absolutely gorgeous but I find that it is the Kingfisher that jumps out at me.

    The Mommy One

  536. Mary, I love all of Trish’s work. She is so talented. I particularly love tread painting.
    It is difficult to choose but if I must it would be the Kotari Kingfisher.

  537. Hi Mary,

    I loved all the three designs. But if I have to pick one I will go for the butterfly.The red color is so brilliant against the white flower .. I just love it.


  538. I love, love, love all of her work – so beautiful. If I had to pick one from this bunch the Kotari Kingfisher really caught my eye 🙂
    Sue, New Zealand

  539. Hi Mary, this competition is wonderful, thank you.

    My favourite kit is the Beautiful Butterfly.

    Marian (NZ)

  540. I would love to stitch the Kotari Kingfisher for its beautiful blues. Just bought one of her books which I saw reviewed here and it would be wonderful practice to start with this kit.

  541. Hi Mary, Thanks so much for introducing us once again to Trish Burr. She is just so amazing! I found it very difficult to choose between the three, and finally decided on the Kotari Kingfisher. It just stood out to me to be almost life like and the one I would like most to adorn my wall. Thanks for all your help, tips and hints throughout the year. God Bless! Anne Lemke Durban, RSA

  542. hi, for me it is the kingfisher. originally from Nebraska I now live in Australia and we have a sweet little azure kingfisher that catches bugs as the sun sets.

  543. Mary , Love all the designs & Trish does such magic with a needle it would be wonderful to work one of her kits with the DVD to give me all the hints & tips to refer to .Especially love the Kotari Kingfisher as I saw one similar to that while travelling in the Northern Territory [Aust]earlier this year Doreen .Ausrt

  544. I think that the butterfly is one of the most beautiful pieces of embroidery that I have ever seen. The colour is amazing, such a beautifuly deep red.

  545. Hi Mary!
    Wonderful give-away! I love it!
    I especially love the butterfly, I found out yesterday (!) that I’m pregnant!!! And I would love to make this for the nursery!
    It’s the best X-mas ever!!
    Gwen Kok, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

  546. The vibrant butterfly – it looks ‘alive’ – 3D!
    The kingfisher close 2nd – eye magnificent and feathers fantastic.
    Very proud of Trish Burr.
    Salmari South Africa

  547. Hi there. What a lovely way to spend the twelve days of Christmas learning about embroidery items and having a chance to win one! I love all of Trish Burrs kits. My favorite is the Kotare kingfisher because it’s so pretty.It stands out from the cloth and the feathers are so soft and fluffy.

  548. I love the Kingfisher. He is so fluffy and realistic. The colours are absolutely divine.I adore deep rich colours.I’m an embroiderer but have only completed one needle painting project . I would love to have some expert advise in Trish’s DVD’s.

  549. Love the butterfly Kit

    Butterflies are one of my favorite subjects, and this one with the dogwood is so pretty–
    The dogwood is our state flower as well.
    Trish is indeed a artist, that I admire.
    The detail that she has in her work is amazing

  550. I love Trish Burr’s stuff, needlepainting is definitely a direction I’m heading in. I like the Somali Bee Eater best. The colours in the wings just look wonderful – how does she know that they’ll go together so well!

  551. Hi Mary – Thanks for doing this. I don’t know if I already commented or not. My favorite is the kingfisher – He’s colorful and has such personality. Thanks for doing the giveaway. Judy

  552. It was love a first sight. Just me and the butterfly. What a thrill it would be to embroider this beautiful creature and frame it.

  553. I love the vibrant butterfly and would love to be able to improve my feeble attempts at thread painting.

  554. Hi Mary!

    Love all of them, but the subtle color changes of the Somali Bee Eater is calling me!

    Honey in Philly

  555. I purchased Trish Burr’s Needlepainting for Beginners and I’ve been practicing. A DVD would really help with the nuances of the techniques.

  556. The butterfly looks like just the sort of project to learn the technique. But I would probably still start with the kingfisher!

  557. Denise in Australia

    Christmas over…I am slowly recovering and starting to organise the up coming new year.

    Who wouldn’t love to receive a Trish Burr Bundle.
    I think her work is outstanding and I would like to get the opportunity to embroider the Kotari Kingfisher, I do like his intense look as he waits for a tasty morsel.

    Any of her designs would be fabulous as they are all quite beautiful and having the DVDs as well would be the icing on the cake. What a wonderful giveway. Thanks for the opportunity, Mary.

  558. All of the kits are beautiful! The Kingfisher would have to be my favorite. Thank you for this fabulous needlework give-away. What fun!

  559. COLOUR CONFIDENCE IN EMBROIDERY particularly appeals to me. I am usually frozen into inaction by inability to decide on colors, and I dither because I don’t know where to begin and lack of confidence. HOW do I choose colors?!

  560. Oh, dear! I misunderstood… Of the three kits, the butterfly appeals to me. My dogs are papillons, the French word for butterfly. How could I NOT be intrigued by the beautiful butterfly?!

  561. I have always loved Trish Burr’s work, but would dearly love to embroider the Kotari Kingfisher with its beautiful colours and the chalange in the stitching

  562. All three kits are beautiful and I love her fluffy birds but it is the vibrant color of the butterfly that caught my eye. What a great way to start the 12 days of Christmas.

  563. Mary, I love all the kits, and to win would be a fantastic New Year’s gift! The one that grabs me is the Kotari Kingfisher. We live beside a small lake and it’s wonderful to watch the kingfishers darting about. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  564. Hi Mary, Happy Holiday season. Wonderful gift. I like them all but my favourite is the somali bee eater. I like the subtlety of his ( or her!) colours. I like it’s long curvy beak. I would like to see this bird in the wild or hanging on my wall! Thanks for the chance to win and dream!

  565. Wow! My very favorite is butterflies, however, I am also a beginner at back yard birding. My grandmother made me butterflies and birds as I was growing up. I just recently scrounched up my cross stitching “supplies” that she gave me years ago and completed several projects for Christmas, 2011 gifts. This website and drawing kit seems like a way for me to remember Grandma and to keep the spirit of crafting as gifts alive in our family. I stumbled onto your website as I was looking for a video to explain the outline stitch. I am sure Grandma had a hand in helping me out. Thank you for the very clear instructional information from which I learned. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you.

  566. The Kingfisher is my favorite. You just want to scratch his belly, don’t you? Chris Beresford from Michigan

  567. Hi Mary,

    This is unfare but very difficult. I cannot chose between beautyfull and beatyfull. God’s creations always turn out beatyfull every time so is the products of Trish Burr who is blessed with a Godly talent. Thank you for a wonderfull website whereby I could and is still learning a lot.

    A Happy New 2012 to you all.

    Heleen Botha
    South Africa

  568. The vibrant butterfly is beautiful , very warming colors for a wintry day of needle painting embroidery !

  569. Hello Mary,
    First of all, I hope you had a nice Xmas. I see you got your embroidery present.
    I love Trish Burr’s work, it’s always so delicate and so lifelike. Of course, the three kits are beautiful, but if I had to choose – it would definitely be the “Somali Bee Eater”. First of all the size would be perfect for a first attempt at embroidering a bird and the colours and softness of this little bird’s head are just gorgeous.
    Wish you all the best for 2012.
    Maryvonne in Mauritius

  570. Merry Christmas Mary.
    Making a choice from three pieces of perfection is oh so difficult.I have studied the three for the last hour.The kingfisher has so many human features,the frown is my husband.The fluffed feathers are me and he just looks like a crabby senior citizen,such attitude.I think the reason I chose him is the lovely blue in the piece,I always love to add as much color as possible.The technique is something new for me,which only shows,that after 66 years of needlework,one has no excuse to ever give up on learning each day.I would love to win the kit and thank you for your colum,I am a faithful fan.Judy in Michigan.

  571. I love wildlife especially birds, and I love needlework and have been wanting to advance my surface embroidery techniques. Well this would be a perfect opportunity to do so! Thanks for the opportunity.

  572. Hi
    All three are amazing.But to choose one , My favorite is the beautiful red butterfly.may be the color used and the detailed work attracted me more towards butterfly.
    Hope i could win.
    Chandrakala from Massachusetts.

  573. Love the butterfly! Any on of these would be a wonderful way to expand my embroidery skills. Thank you for having this contest!

    Happy Holidays!

  574. It’s hard to choose between the birds, but for me the Kotari Kingfisher has the edge because it features not only the bird but the branches and leaves, which are beautifully rendered. The subtle shading and color blending on the Somali Bee Eater are something to behold, though.

  575. j am working the painting embrodery with your lessons and the book of Trish Burr “Fresh ideas for beginners” ,it is very beautiful and I would love more to work . All is very ,very nice but my favorite is the butterfly ,it color is very sparkling . Thank you very much Mary . Good luck for me and …for the other embroderer.

  576. Dear Mary –

    I have always steered clear of needle painting, thinking that it was much too advanced for me. However, since reading your blog, I have now caught the fever and am ready to jump in! Trish Burr’s paintings are magnificent – she is truly an artist and catches the nuances of the wildlife perfectly. Since my professional life is spent working at a zoo, you can imagine how close to my heart her work can be. If I had to choose (difficult!) I would choose the Somali bee eater because bee eaters are such wonderful birds and I’ve seen one in the wild in Africa. Thank you for your daily inspiration!

  577. Mary:
    I really love thread painting, and will actually have some time to work in the next few months. The kingfisher appeals to me most, as we have those birds (North American, not Kotari) in the creek near our house. Thank you for thye wonderful contest!

  578. Hi Mary,
    They are all 3 beautiful but my favorite is the Kotari Kingfisher. I love the blues/greens/golds of his feathers. There is also a lot of texture in the work too- the soft featherys, the bumpy tree branch – I found myself studying it a long time.
    Merry Christmas!
    Vivian M.

  579. Choosing between them is difficult. The butterfly pops out with the vivid red and the lovely strawberries, the kingfisher looks wonderfully detailed and challenging with the feathers going this way and that, and the beecatcher looks like the one to start with. I think the kingfisher is my favourite, though, with all that wonderful detail that Trish Burr is famous for.

  580. The Korati Kingfisher I just love birds. And seeing Trish Burr work has inspired me to get back to embroidery.

  581. Trish’s work is so beautiful. It would be hard to choose. I’d really love to try to win so I could try my hand at it.

    Mary Jane T

  582. Oh, those birds are just gorgeous. One would make a wonderful gift – when finished. I would love the Kingfisher.

  583. Hi mary,
    They are ALL beautiful but the one that stands out is the Katori Kingfisher. The colors, the shading, the technique. I would love to have anyone of these framed and on my wall.
    Merry Christmas
    Cheryl H