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Home Sweet Home – Book Give-Away!


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If you read my review of Carolyn Pearce’s new book, Home Sweet Home: An Embroidered Workbox, and you decided you just must have a copy, well – you’re in luck! Today, courtesy of Country Bumpkin, I’m giving away a copy of the book to TWO lucky winners!

And, on the even brighter side of things, I’ve got the books in my possession, so as soon as the give-away is over, if you win, your copy will be on its way to you, and you’ll have it possibly before it’s even available in stores. In the long-run, this doesn’t mean a lot, but if you’re super-eager to see it, this might be a good way to get your copy post-haste!

Home Sweet Home: An Embroidered Workbox

Just look at that gorgeous little cottage! You know you want to make one!

The give-away procedure is simple, but you really do have to follow the rules in order to be included in it, so read on…

Give-Away Rules

1. Leave a comment on this article, using the comment box below. (You can just click on that very long link, and it will take you straight to the comment box, even if you’re receiving this post in your daily e-mail.)

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

From what you’ve seen of the book, what’s your favorite part – the house, the accessories, the instructional content? What appeals to you most about this lovely book?

3. Make sure you leave a recognizable name, either in the comment or in the “name” form. If your name happens to be Mary, for example, you may need to clarify a little more about yourself: Mary from Albuquerque, Mary in Maine, Mary Blue Shoes, or something to that effect. You’ll want to differentiate yourself slightly from others with the same name. (I only make a point of this so that there’s no mix-up.)

4. The give-away closes Tuesday, December 6, 2011, at 5:00 am Kansas time, so get your comment in before then!

5. Check back for the winners, which I’ll announce on Tuesday. The winners will need to contact me with a shipping address within 48 hours.

Simple dimple!

Best of luck to you!

Thanks for your participation! This give-away is now ended – keep an eye out for similar upcoming events on Needle ‘n Thread!

It may take a while for your comment to appear, as comments are moderated individually by yours truly. If you don’t see your comment right away, don’t panic! It will eventually show up!


(727) Comments

  1. Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for the review and give-away.Everything is appealing,but I like the construction part.Congrats in advance to the lucky winner.

  2. Embroidered boxes fascinate me too! Especially when their functionality is related to the needlearts specifically. Embroidery of plants and wildlife enchants me and reminds me of many, many hours spent at peace with my needle ever since I learned to embroider at six years of age.

  3. Hi Mary

    This is such a gorgeous looking book. My favourite part is the instructional content – I know that from Inspirations magazine the instructions are likely to be great – such clear diagrams and detailed instructions. I don’t think I would make exactly that cottage but the techniques would be great to transfer to something closer to my house – I think at least one cat would need to make any appearance.

    I’d love to receive a copy of the book so please include me in the draw.

    Best wishes – and thanks for your generosity

    Guildford UK

  4. Thanks for this lovely opportunity, the whole book appeals to me, as a dollhouse builder I just love houses in any shape and form. As an embroiderer I love all the little accessories and since I learned most of my skills out of books a good instructional book is always welcome in my library.

    Elga (South Africa)

  5. I really love the house, and when I had seen your previous post on this , I really wondered if I could get it . now I have an opportunity for this. thanks .

  6. What a great opportunity! My favorite aspect is that it answers my age-old question – what do I DO with my embroidery?! The projects are all exactly my style. I was very excited about your review – I hope I win!

  7. I like the house itself best. Actually, I was a bit miffed when I saw this design as I’d been playing with the idea of doing one similar myself – only it would be a jewellery box, not a workbox. Although I had the idea about 3 years ago, I’d now feel like I was plagiarising!!!=)

  8. I love this book! First, the box caught my attention due to the detail and colors and whimsy. What a bonus to see the accessories too!
    Thank you for sharing it!

  9. ooo what a fantastic give away … I just drooled lady like of course, at the box the other day and I thought would love to have a go and see if I could make one … the instructions seem so clear and precise and I just love the rabbit and the strawberries up the side of the house … love mouse xxxx

  10. I love how the flowers “pop” out of you, even though they are small, they are so majestic!

  11. The little rabbit, she is so cute! My son loves rabbits. Perhaps I could use this as a tresured toybox. 🙂

  12. what appeals to me most about this book is everything. When I was looking at pictures and the ideas from it, I was thinking of my own
    “Home Sweet Home” and how cozy and comfy it is.
    I would love to own this book and create this beautiful home. I just fell in love with it when I saw it advertised and then when I looked at it I knew I would love to have it so I too could create
    my own embroidered “Home Sweet Home”….I even thought….maybe I could take these ideas and create one for my real house….hmmmmmmm…my creative mind is working! Thank you so much for giving away this beautiful book!

  13. My favorite part or parts of the book are the accessories but I’m eager to build the whole house as well. These lovely animals! 🙂

    So, the most lovely part of the book seems to be the picture on the cover as it totally sold me on wanting to hold this book in my hands. 🙂

  14. I know coveting is against the Ten Commandments. I broke them! Since the moment I saw this book, I knew I had to have it. I’ve done a lot of projects by C.A. Wells, creating etuis and pyramids and boxes, and a marvelous Shaker basket filled with smalls taught by Jackie Du Plessis. They opened, revealing their secret compartments, tools, pin cushions, scrimshaws. These will be such a joy to pass on to my daughter-in-law and nieces someday! This piece would be like a culmination of some of my most favorite completed projects. The book is absolutely exquisite! And owning this book would save me (at least for now) flying to Australia to take classes!!! Thank you for making this available to two lucky people!!! Joyce Harrison

  15. what a beautiful book – I would love a copy of it. I have been doing embroidery since I was a young girl. This would be a wonderful gift to have

  16. A precious little house. I remember my Grandmother in Germany working on beautiful little embroidery items like this house. I sat by her knee to learn many many years ago. My favorite part other than the pictures is the excellent instructions for the stitches. Always a helpful tool as I am a visual learner.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog, I learn so much each day. :o)

  17. It’s very difficult to say what my favorite part of this book could be. I mean, we have eye-candy, inspiration and instruction all rolled up in one gorgeous volumn. But, since an answer must be given, I’ll say the instrucional parts. The designs could be used on other things, the method can be used to design my own boxes, and I know I’ll learn new stitches when I try to make the box. What a wonderful book and giveaway. Thank you for showing us the beauty (and the work behind it) in the things you create.

  18. I really hope I win, because I have a little girl who would love this doll house, and my favorite part are all the flowers, especially the roses!

  19. Mary, Thank you for another generous giveaway.

    My favorite part, from what I’ve seen, is both the house and the instructional content. It sounds as if this isn’t just a project book. And I love that the project is useful & decorative. So often people ask me “what are you going to do with (whatever) when you’re done stitching?”.

    Would definitely contribute to my education in surface embroidery and finishing.

    Happy Holidays!

  20. This is a beautiful piece of art! My favorite aspect of the project is the house itself although I love it all! I really hope I win! I will begin work on this immediately if I do win. It will go to the head of my list of things to do!

  21. My favorite part of the book is the ability to disguise an ordinary box as something else, in this case a house. If I had to choose one favorite thing in the project I would have to say the neat lift out tray. I look forward to making it.

  22. Beautiful yet ingenious.
    Whimsical yet functional.
    Challenging yet attainable.
    This book is a “must- have” for the discerning stitcher. The concise instructions increase the book’s value. Well done!

  23. Hi Mary,

    This is such a lovely book. The project in total is very pretty, the whole project is well thouhgt out.
    I would love to have this book, for the know how, the instructions, all teh different stitches, the patterns. And it looks lovely to just look through in a free hour. If I get the book I will make the box, and accesories. It will keep me busy for quite some time. From your review I can see techniques I have not tried before.
    Bye, Winnie from the Netherlands

  24. Where to start. I loved the book when you first showed it. First, I like that it is a learning book. I love to embroider,,but have much to learn. I just love the colored pictures,,love the designs. Everything about this book is so beautiful.
    I know I would enjoy stitching the boxes, and learn at the same time.
    Mary in Charleston,SC

  25. I love books that provide significant instructions and build skills at the same time. This book does both. I would love to work on this cottage for my sewing table.

  26. This whole concept is totally adorable. It would be enough that its a precious little house that opens up. But the idea that it has a tray and all the smalls match is just completely engaging – like a doll house for sewing things. I love things like this – I make smalls all the time, but I never thought to put them all in their own matching house. This would be the perfect project for winter evenings – a little house where it is always Spring complete with flowers and a bunny by the front door. I have always wanted to try doing an embroidered box and this looks like it would be a wonderful way to start.

  27. The overall look of the cottage and accessories enchants. I would like the book for the detailed instructions, which, w/out those, the cottage would just be a pretty picture. (what I like most)
    Oh, I so hope I win!
    Rebecca W in Albuquerque

  28. It’s a tough question, but I think the instructions win. I’m a great fan of the A to Z books. They have been useful to me both in teaching and doing my own projects. They’re almost as good as having someone sit with me to show me the stitches. This would be a great addition to my reference shelf.

  29. Hi Mary, thank you for offering yet another great book..I liked the project and your words which enticed me more are, “Talk about variety! There are 55 stitches on the list for the box. There are 21 different types of thread, working out to 63 skeins overall”
    So far I never tried embroidery other than on dresses and sarees..count me in please..

  30. This whole book is extremely appealing, but if I had to narrow it down I would say the cute little accessories. There are just so many different techniques to do. I know I would definitely complete them one by one as I am very guilty of starting larger projects and not finishing I’m ashamed to say! Once they were all done then, the house would certainly be next. The instructions and pictures are so clear. Excellent book.

  31. i have 5 daughters and 5 granddaughters that would love the cottages and i love doing embroidery work so what fun this book would bring to alot of us. I thought how would i order or find this book since i can’t order anything on line maybe i will get a chance to own this book thank you

  32. I have always loved making houses. Very fascinating to me. Would love to win the book. Thanks so much for all your advice and help. I look forward to your emails. Thanks also for your generosity.

    Ruth Wildermuth

  33. I really like the look of the accessories, I kinda doubt I would do the whole house, but I simply adore the little tapemeasure holder and the thimble house and what other things I can see from you review.

    Tania from Denmark

  34. I think it is an enchanting project. We are currently building our own home and it seems fitting to have a lovely embroidery project to do to commemorate this one time event. I am also sure I could learn a great deal of new stitches doing this project.

  35. Thanks so much for the giveaway. The usefulness of the project is most inspiring! How fun it would be to have something so pretty and be able to actually use it too! Michigan gives us many long hours to sit and stitch. This looks like a great project to welcome spring. You are very generous to share like this! Chris Beresford in snowy Michigan!

  36. Hi Mary! Thanks for the chance to win this book! As much as I would like to tell you that I liked the book for instructions and and stitch diagrams, I have to say that you had me at the pictures of the house! lol! It is so gosh darn cute! Thanks again!

  37. OOOOOhhhhh! What a lovely book!! I would love to make this quaint little noose. I like that it has true instructions, not just pretty pictures. The snail and lady bug are sooo cool. what a great chance to learn all of these 55 different stitches. my favorite part is the great little containers inside. These would be great to make for tiny gift boxes. I think this would be a highlight of my stitching projects.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  38. Hi Mary. What a fabulous giveaway! I think my favorite part is each little design to stitch. I just love that tree with the bunny at the base. This would be a great Christmas present. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Hi Mary,
    Just want to say I love to read about your stitching life every day and admire your beautiful work. I think what I would like most about this book is the instruction, as a beginner it appears to be very clear. You also would have a functional piece of art when you are finished this project. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win.
    Debbie S. – Little Britain, Canada

  40. Oh my, it’s really hard to say what my favorite part is, but having to choose, I guess it would be the instructional part. Being familiar with CountryBumpkin books, I just know this is a book that will be read and used for years. I just simply “need” to make that little home!

  41. Mary,

    The workbox is adorable; the instructional part is good but the inspirational part is better. I love all of your book reviews which I read before buying any embroidery book. Thank you for your help!

  42. I’m a beginner and I’d be happy to use this wonderful book for learning! I’d like to learn different technicks. and, sure, I love accessoires. and that instructions “how to do” – it’s my dream for the moment 🙂
    Thank you!

  43. I like the rabbit. I like how he stands next to the door, and how the rose vine grows. I like that there are so many different stitches in the piece. I like how it reminds me of being little. I like how I see something new everytime I look.

  44. My favorite part is the house because it’s like a treasure chest filled with handmade items by someone you love. The embroidery is beautiful! Each accessory is like a precious gem. I want to make one for each of my granddaughters. I will also include a piece of jewelry to make it even more special. I love the book because it includes the instructions for each item. That eliminates me having to search for other patterns. The photography is very nice too. I fell in love with that house and that book the moment I saw it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this drawing!

  45. Every part of this book sounds to be exceptional. But perhaps the most educational
    part will be the construction techniques. Sure
    hope I win.

  46. Hi Mary- one glimpse, and I decided to get this book and to make this cottage with the whole interior- so sweet! the cottage would fit perfectly to my victorian wardrobe which I’m sewing just now. I like the outside of the cottage- lovely, but all these tiny acessoires are realy must-haves. The instructions seem very clear and easy to follow.
    I really would love to win this book!
    Thank you so much for this thread and all your interesting posts-every day I’m looking forward to learn something new! And thanks of course for your generosity with nice giving-aways!

  47. I especially love the house–I have a thing for architecture in any form.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win one.


  48. I have a book about embroidering boxes, but it is not nearly as interesting as this one seems to be. I love the house and the variety of stitches. I would love to win it — thank you.

  49. What a wonderful book! I’ve got it in my wish list for when it’s available – the best part (to me) is the little cottage. You can find other sources for the accessories, but I’ve never seen a little cottage stitched like this! Adorable!
    Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday!

  50. I like the projects, and would probably make most, if not all, of them for myself. However, I love the individual motifs. I’m making little zippered wool-felt purses for my gal-pals this year, and would love to embroider the tree designs on some of them, and the strawberry plant on at least one of them. Oh, and the bunny on one….Thank you, Country Bumpkin & Mary for offering this wonderful book.

  51. Hello Mary
    I thought that the book looked fascinating and I think for me it would be the instructions for the construction of such a beautiful article as well as the adorable items you could make to fit inside it which would also make lovely gifts for a special stitching friend. All very deliious.
    Many thanks and have a great weekend.
    Eleanor – Isle of Man

  52. What I find most appealing about this is that it is both incredibly beautiful, but also very practical. It’s such a lovely way to showcase embroidery. I’m hoping to make it for my mom, an avid needleworker, who is far, far away, so she can think of me every time she sits down to sew!

  53. The embroidery work is stunning and is my favorite part, and of course, the how to do it
    comes next for I would love to make four of these for my grandkids, one for each.

  54. It reminds me of a treasure chest! The house is a quaint cottage with my favorite – ribbon embroidery! And the gems inside – I LOVE the roll of measuring tape, and the sweet little tools of the trade, each made delicately! It would be nice to make and own this. If I don’t win it- I will get this book anyway! I hope this admission doesn’t disqualify me for the drawing!!

  55. As someone who is new to embroidery, I am finding that I enjoy the process just as much as the finished product. I love how the author takes the time to explain the different stages of the process in great detail (especially the prep and finishing!). As for the project itself, I absolutely adore the accessories!

  56. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for offering this book as gift to all your readers 🙂
    I loved the roof. The tiled look reminded me of my ancestral home. 🙂

    Once again thank you !!

    -Viji Sunil

  57. What do I like most? Probably that it is so completely adaptable. Though that little bunny kind of calls out … and the strawberries…. and … But, yeah, that the book includes such full instructions that really any designs could be used is pretty great.

  58. The whole idea of making a little embroidered house sounds like a wonderful challenge and the cottage with the bunny on the front is adorable. My favorite part is all the accessories that go neatly inside.

  59. I first saw this book advertised the magazine. I was excited to see the cottage.
    It was really beautiful the smalls are really great.I really hope to stitch this
    Unique design.

  60. Goodmorning Mary! You are up awfully early.

    What caught my eye to begin with was the color scheme used. It matches my house. Especiilay my sewing room. I love the panel with the bunny, he reminds me of Peter Rabbit, one of my absolutely favorite books when I was a kid, (along with the Velveteen Rabbit). And the cherry blossom tree next to him. It is pink, my favorite color. The box itself is most appealing because it looks like an heirloom item and I love that, how rewarding would it to be to finish that project and be able to say, ‘I did that.’?

    Thank you for your fun give aways and including me in your activities every day. This is the email I look for every morning.

    Melissa from Utah

  61. Are you kidding me, what’s not to love about this project. A house with bunnies and bees (I have a soft spot for bunnies and bees), who wouldn’t want to do this project. It is hard to pick a favorite part of the book, but the directions that you show in your review seem very complete and I like the fact that there are so many asssembly pictures both in color and black and white. Good Luck to everyone on this wonderful opportunity. Thanks.

  62. Mary, Thanks for the give away! Great Idea! Since I set eyes on this very sweet project the accessories caught my attention. The wonderful potential for gifts from these great little gems is fabulous! I think I can see a contest coming on in the future 🙂 Make it a great one! Cheryl from Davison,MI.

  63. wonderful book, I would get it for the inspirations, beautifully done, my complements to the author and thank you for sharing it with us Mary, I love your daily emails and I am so happy I came upon your website and signed up for them – have a wonderful stitching day:)

  64. Oh what a wonderful book. I can’t wait to make the cottage and all the accessories. The instructions are excellent, as they usually are from Country Bumpkin.

    My favourite part are the accessories, though I just adore the rabbits on the outside of the cottage.

    Mary, thank you for once again having a give away. I hope I am one of the lucky winners.

  65. What’s not to like about this book! WOW! I have never attempted anything quite this detailed and can imagine how much you could learn. Truly an heirloom piece of art (useful, too). I love houses and this would fit right in. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win!

  66. Hi Mary,
    Ths thing that interests me most is the insructional content and illustrations of how to make the box. Would love to win this book because making a box is definitely in my future.

  67. What a great giveaway! What a hard decision – but I think the thing I would love the most would be the instructions because you could use them on many projects!

  68. Books published by Country Bumpkin never disappoint, and this looks like another winner. I love the fact that the instructional content is not only applicable to this project, the Home Sweet Home project, but also helps to upgrade one’s skills to take on other, or enhance current projects. Yay Carolyn Pearce!!! Yay Country Bumpkins!!!

  69. Thank you for another wonderful giveaway.

    I absolutely love the house, but all the wonderful little bits & pieces that go with it – completely decorated, of course – are just beautiful. They take this project to a whole other level. It is truly a stunning work of art and one I would truly love to do.

    Gee, I sure hope I win!!

  70. From what I’ve seen of the book, everything in appeals to me! The layout, colors, instructions and of course, the cottage all draw me in and I think I could spend many hours with the book.

    Thank you for sharing the book with us.

  71. Thank you for reviewing this wonderful book. I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw the cover. It is whimsical but challenging and all the great accessories are a bonus. As much as I love the look of them I would not even attempt it without good instructions. This is a book I want to have and use. Thank you.

  72. I love the finished house so much and the book looks like it would lead me nicely through the process. What wonderful gifts to make for family and friends who also love needleworking.
    Thank you so much for a chance to win a book on my “must have” list.

  73. What a precious book. The accessories are tops on my list. One of the main reasons I love the book is that it is possible to break down all the projects into managable time slots amidst the crazy business of life. In a little time I could have a little house to add to my collection of cottages. The instructions are excellent also.

  74. Mary,
    I LOVE this project – it’s charming. The vines and trees on the sides, the embellishments, the beautry of something so functional, and all of the variety. What a great way to learn such plethora of tecniques while producing a treasure. What’s not to like? lol If I had to narrow it down to one thing I’d have to say it’s overall charm – it’s overpowering. 🙂
    Thank you SEW much for the chance to win a copy of this book.

  75. I love the idea that it’s like a kit and a masterclass all in one book. For a novice, it would be brilliant to be able to start with the small accessories and then build up to the cottage as confidence grows. Definitely on my Christmas list!

  76. My home is overflowing with large embroidered pieces on the walls. Now that I’m in my 70s, I am working on smaller projects….biscornu, needle cases and tiny baskets I can give away. When I saw this sewing house, I was captivated by the creativity that went into making it. The fact that it has several things inside it makes it a mystery. Are there more biscornu? Tiny etui? Sweet flowers? I would love to find out!

  77. Mary, what a lovely give-away! I love everything I’ve seen about this charming book, but my favorite part is the house.I love beautiful boxes, and this whimsical cottage is just enchanting! What an heirloom this sewing box would be for my one granddaughter!
    Thanks for so generously sharing your expertise in this wonderful art and for another beautiful give-away.

  78. I am an absolute sucker for little boxes. Doesn’t matter what they are made of – tin, wood, cardboard, paper, plastic canvas, embroidery, etc. So what appeals to me is the final product – the little box. Also, my English grandmother made a tea cosy that looked a lot like this – she knitted it with white walls and dark brown for the roof and she embroidered windows, doors, and all sorts of flowers around the walls. This little house reminds me so much of Nanny’s tea cosy. Janet Noble

  79. The house of this book is lovely. I appreciate quite particularly the accessories, very delicates. I think with the pictures, I could make all the project although I don’t spike and learn well english
    Thank for your generosity and all you give us on your blog

  80. The reason I like any Country Bumpkin book is the pictorial instructions. What I particularly like about the ‘Home Sweet Home’ book is 1) the variety of stitches and 2) the construction of the house. Both of these points I will be able to carry over to other projects.

  81. The book is showing you how to make a doll house for grown up women. I don’t think there is anything better than that! …oh, and you can always tell your husband that it is a great embroidery exercise (will probably roll his eyes like mine did, but will swallow).

  82. I love boxes! Small, medium, large, divided, undivided, wooden, ceramic, fabric, you name it, they intrigue me and capture my heart. For that reason I find the instructional content most fascinating about this book because I would very much like to be able to make other boxes.

  83. I have always loved making sewing sets. I think there is something very calming for me in using a coordinated set when I do my stitching. Having a “box” to put all of these precious pieces in is so much a plus!! From the previous emails and video I have seen, the book of instructions is more than up to the standards I expect from Carolyn and Country Bumpkin’s projects. The addition of the embroidered bag is some much a bonus. As a gardener, this project allows me to combine my two “addictions”. And, this is something I can do here in Northern Virginia during the next three months when I can’t get into the garden. Thanks so much for your generosity in doing this.

  84. Thank you Mary! What a lovely Christmas gift for the lucky winners!! I agree with some of the other entrants–the instructional element is the key. Box making–cartonnage–is an art form in & of itself & so well-suited to needlework applications. Most of the books I’ve seen are French, so this is an “in English” opportunity to create something beautiful & useful. It sure would be fun to take to an EGA or ANG seminar! Or convert it to a purse a la Timmy Woods!! Oooh the possibilities…

  85. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway Mary. I have been salivating over this book for weeks now. I love the diversity of the stitches and the fact that there are nine accessories. It’s beautiful and practical too, what more could we wish for?

  86. I was amazed at this book when I saw it on your website, but assumed I would never be able to make one, because I assumed you had to have carpentry skills, or someone who had this. Unfortunately, I lost this in 2004 when my father died.

    However, as I watch the video again (and again), I realized the box is made from mount board, a material I have used. Now it’s just a matter of time before I will be making this project!

    I would love an early copy, but never the less will purchase it on Amazon when it is available. Thanks for the opportunity. Bless you, Libby in Oklahoma

  87. You are very generous in passing on your finds.I like the instructions the best but the accessories are a very close 2nd
    House is not something I think I would ever do

  88. What a lovely and generous giveaway!!!! The part I like most is the little rabbit!! But the intructions seem so well explained!!! I would love to win it!

  89. Mary – I LOVE this book! I’ve been haunted by the pictures and the desire to do something like this for a jewelry box for my daughter, something she can treasure! Thanks for bringing this book and many others to my attention!

  90. Thanks you for the wonderful giveaway Mary!! I just love the little home and this looks like the challenge that I have been looking for to advance my skills.


  91. I am absolutely dying to get my hands on this book. I have been wanting to make an etui for a long time and the way it takes one right through the whole process, from stitch instructions to assembly is what appeals to me the most. I can’t wait!!!!

  92. What a wounderful counrty cottage!!! I fell in love with it all when I first saw it. I especially like all of the accessories that go with it. I make a lot of etui’s as gifts for friends to keep their needles and small embroidery scissors in. I would love to make several of these houses to give to my two daughters, several granddaughters, and many friends. You are very generious to share with others. Thank you, Linda in Nevada

  93. I just loved the overall look of the book and think the end project would be a terrific gift for my embroidry friend. The directions looked very organized.

  94. I’m a beginner embroiderer. I would be able to learn so much from this book as I worked through the project. Plus the finished project is lovely (assuming mine would look anything like the one pictured). Thank you for passing on information about this book.

  95. Mary,
    I just fell in love with this book when I read your review. The cottage is lovely with all of the accessories. My favorite part is the instructional detail and how it could be transferred to other projects (especially the finishing). I have been looking for some options on displaying my finished work and this looks like it has some wonderful ideas.

  96. Thank you Mary for this Christmas surprise! As a fairly new stitcher this book would be a wonderful way to learn oh so many beautiful stitches and techniques. What isn’t to love?

  97. What a Fantastic Giveaway!!!!
    It’s Great that you can keep all your goodies in one Beautiful place…I love that there are matching accessories. Please enter me in your drawing for ther book.

  98. I think this is absolutely darling and I am most excited about the visual assembly instructions since this is so often lacking on dimensional projects.

  99. Mary,

    The book looks wonderful. I like the idea of having the finishing techniques for all the pieces.

    I have really enjoyed your daily postings.


  100. I just want to make the cattage to use next to my wonderful embroidery area in my sunroom. It would just look so pretty and useful besides. Love
    bunny rabbits! One specific thing is very hard to pick as all the accoutrements are just splendiferous!!!
    Avis in Va

  101. i think i’d start making the smaller items first – each one is so cute! the stitching is really incredible on everything. makes me want to start embroidering right now.
    the pages of instruction look very detailed and clear which is always a huge plus.
    i love little cottages like this – it would be a fun project to make everything pictured.

  102. What a wonderful give-away! Thank you, Mary. I love everything I have seen so far. But my favorite is definitely the accessories. They are all completely darling! Barbara in Indiana aka barbobbi.

  103. If forced to narrow down to 1 favorite thing – I’ll go with the embroidery designs. Just the right amount of cuteness without being overdone.

    I like that the house is actually a useful object, although I’d hate to get it dirty from handling it. The divided tray (and instructions) – sweet! Much better than 1 big open area.

  104. Hi – I think this book is awesome. The end products – house/accessories are lovely. But what really appeals to me is the detailed instructions on constructing these items. It gets the creative juices flowing about other possibilities besides the specific house/items in the book. What about creating other 3-D stitched items? What about varying styles of objects? Stitching techniques? Fabrics? Threads? Oh, the possibilities are endless. Yes, I would like this book to explore.

    Thanks again for doing this.

  105. I like the instructions and the way it is broken down one section at a time. Looks like you can learn a lot from the book. I hope to make this for my Mom to sit by her chair while she sews.

  106. This is not going to be a quick project to complete. However the smaller supporting items (pin cushion etc) will provide contrast and portability and that feeling of achievement to keep you focused on the final goal. Yes its the design and the instruction for making which set this apart from the usual projects.
    Mary from Scotland

  107. I am embroidering for the first time since I was a child. The work that I did then was very simple – mostly straight stitch with a few lazy daisies and french knots on pre-printed pillow cases. Now I’m a quilter so I’ve started with red work on a quilt (although I’m using pale yellow instead of red).

    I’ve been reading your blog every day, and exploring your web site. What an inspiration! I’d really like to do something more involved for my next project. This book looks like a perfect place to begin. I love the idea of starting with some of the smaller pieces. And, being a beginner, I especially appreciate the detailed instructions.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and web site!

  108. What a beautiful book. Despite the wonders of the internet, a book is tactile, with the beautiful pictures and organized information. I think my favorite part (if I must choose) is the instructional value of stitches and construction. Or maybe the wonderful stitchery itself. I would love to have this book in my library. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  109. What appeals to me is the way the book gives complete instructions with pictures on how to make this beautiful little house. I really like every part of the house, especially the bunny. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome book.

  110. I love the Embroidery on it and how the roof works
    I just made my own house but had to make a plain roof as the first two I tried didn’t work at all.
    So it work be nice to see how it all works properly. I love the Pea pod side.

    Suzy Red

  111. To answer the question directly: The “idiot instructions” and the layout of it did. Cause this idiot (points to self) cause use all the instructions I can get. Like you I am fascinated by embroidered boxes… been that way since I was a kid. I’ve only recently been able to get my hands of the books (thanks to your reviews) of how to make them. A few of the boxes is on the to get to list. 🙂

    I was reading your post on this book and immediately wanted to place an order, then remembered that it wasn’t out yet. 🙁 I am still in the process of making myself a Gingerbread house from a kit I purchased with Nordic Needle.

  112. I just love boxes – to which my husband could attest. A little house with embroidery – what could be better. I can see mine with a different season represented on each side. What a fun project book!

  113. The book review, with the images, were impressive. The roof stitching, the hinge detail and the little buttons that the box sits is an indication that the project is well designed. The stitch details makes you want to touch it.

  114. Thanks so much for this great holiday gift! I love the little embroidery house. I love the most that every part is different. I love the sugar pea section, I love the bunny and all the accessories. But what I think I will like the most are: the instructions. So far from your description and pictures the instructions seem very easy to follow. I cannot wait. Grazie mille.

  115. Hi Mary,

    I love the look of the projects in this book and would love to try them. I enjoy any kind of embellishment project.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Jan B. from Florida

  116. Oh this looks fantastic !!
    I really love this little house, with all these lovely accessories. Well, I already made a tape measure cover (I’ve discovered the right word !!), and I would really appreciate to learn the technics of the books.
    Maybe will I be lucky ??

  117. Mary,
    This book is beautiful. I love love,love everything about it.I intend to buy it if I don’t win it. This project is everything that I love about needlework. The colors are gorgeous, the variety of stitches is wonderful(no boredom here), and from what I’ve seen,the instructions are superb.
    Thank you, Mary for reviewing this book and for giving me the chance to win it.Happy Holidays!

  118. Mary, what is not to like about “Home Sweet Home”. I have looked at caskets before but this is one I believe I can actually do. The books by “country bumpkin” are amazing, in the photography and also in their diagrams. I’m not sure which part is my favorite, I like them all!!!!!! I’m interested in how they made the insert amd the smalls. Again, what is not to like!!!!!!
    Cathy from Michigan

  119. I like the accessories the best – I am still a relative newbie and they seem managable but lovely! This book looks like it will hold my hand through the process of growing in my skill level!

  120. Hi Mary,
    Since reading your wonderful review of this book I was so excited and just knew I have to get a copy. Email was sent immediately with a link as a great big fat hint to my husband just in case he was looking for ideas for my Christmas pressie! I just love Country Bumpkin and have been a subscriber to Classic Inspirations for years so I know that I will, as always, be very impressed with the content and clear instructions for this adorable little cottage. What do I like best? All of it but I love the internal compartments with the accessories all hiding behind those beautiful leaded windows.
    I couldn’t think of a more charming project to cheer me up during the winter!

  121. The entire book looks really great but as a novice at embroidery I would have to say the instructions intrigue me the most. Having the finished sewing box with all the contents is a real plus. Right now I am practicing the different stitches on a plain piece of muslin.

  122. What a beautiful book! I love the instructional portion because I am now learning new stitches, so this would be a Bible for me! And, of course I want to make that house, AND all of the accessories. I am getting close to retirement and looking for fun ways to fill my days!

    This is IT!

  123. This is one of the cutest projects I’ve seen in a long time. My favorite part is the instructional and functional value. I teach home schooled girls(5-17yrs) sewing and they have been bugging me to teach them to embroider! This is the a perfect project to teach someone the art of embroidery and they will have a functional workbox and heirloom in the end….The girls would love it!!

  124. Thanks for the great book review. I’d love to have this book, especially for the construction information and all the cute accessories. Keep up the good work reviewing books for us. It’s much appreciated.

  125. I love the complete instructions. I will learn so much in the process of completing a piece of funcional art.

  126. I love the accessories, but they NEED their house! This is a lovely book. From what you’ve shown us, Mary, the instructions are very well done step-by-step, & look so easy to follow, so that would be what appeals to me the most. I’m a dunce without step-by-step instructions. LOL!

  127. Oh my, what a beautiful little house! after having made one needlebox using your Tudor Rose design, i’ve got the box bug! I’ve been wanting to come up with something that will be challenging to do after Christmas when the snow falls and I can’t get outside. This I think would be a wonderful anti-cabin fever project. I’m especially interested in the constructions (my grandson used to say constructions instead of instructions when he was little and it’s use has become part of our family vocabulary…lol) and the variety of embroidery stitches involvedwill definitely be a learning experience. The tudor rose i recently did is the first bit of hand embroidery i’ve done in a long time and it has given me the itch to do more.

    I’ve learned a lot from your site and appreciate your being there to teach us.

    sharyn gruener

  128. The house is so cute I also like the accessories. I have been away from embroidery for a long time and it is nice to work on little projects that go together that involve so many different stitches. I also want to say I just joined your newsletter and I have found it very helpful. Your are doing a great job.

  129. this book is so wonderful.
    every thinks are so précious and the techniques will be help me in different projects.
    I don’t fin it in FRANCE so I try your GIVE AWAY ! Thanks so mutch, thanks for every thinks you do.

  130. I’m so excited to get ahold of this book! The instructional content is a huge draw. But, to be honest, the cottage is so, so irresistably adorable I can hardly stand it. Then the accessories make it cuter & would be amazing & not too huge projects to make as gifts. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  131. I would make the adorable little house first–it is so sweet!! Thanks for the chance to win the book,
    Karen in Breezy Point

  132. Mary, this offer is so generous. The project is so adorable that it is difficult to choose a favorite part but, if pressed, I would have to say the instruction on how to make all these wonderful stitches and construction. Congratulations to whomever gets this amazing book!

  133. Mary, the details are spectacular. You can accomplish one accessory at a time and then when put all together be the envy of all your friends. The instructions look great and easy to understand.
    Thanks for putting the review out for us.
    Claire in Florida

  134. Oh my goodness, what isn’t there to love about this book? The house is a must make, but the accessories are just adorable too! I think this book could definitely keep me busy for quite some time! From what I can see the instructions are wonderful!

  135. What a wonderful book! It looks like it has everything a good book should have: great illustration, clear intructions of new techniques, and projects of all types. I gon’t know what I’d do first if I won this book, take my time and savor every page or jump right in on one of the projects. I do know that I’d love to complete all of the projects.

  136. Kudos to the publishers for letting you give away two copies of this fascinating book! My favorite part is definitely the assembly explanation. Construction of something as elaborate as this seems so difficult. The little accessories are charming and the design of the outside seems so Beatrix Potter, but I am dying to know just how it all goes together. It would be fun to attempt one’s own design and then make it up into something totally unique. Regardless whether I win or not, thanks very much for reviewing this book.

  137. I love the house it’s 3D and so beautiful. I just wanted it sitting on my living room mantel.

  138. I am longing to make the box as a jewelry box for my niece who was an avid rabbit collector as a child. That bunny by the front door is what grabbed me.

  139. I think my favorite thing about this book will be the variety of projects. I adore books with lots of little useful things, and this looks right up my alley.

  140. Hi,Mary!

    Splendid book!I’ve never worked such a needlework project and the house is so beautiful!I like the side of it with the little bunny sitting near the tree and the pretty roof.But what attracted me most are the many techniques used in this needlework project, that can be used in many other projects and I am willing to learn and improve it.
    Thank you for everything you do for us and please forgive my language!

    +Ana from Budapest,Hungary+

  141. What another wonderful giveaway! This book intrigued me from the start. I have quite a few of the A-Z books and they are so fabulous! There are several things that interest me about this book. I work on a lot of smalls (with a full-time job I don’t often have the time and/or patience for large projects) and I enjoy working on needlework accessory smalls the most. I do all my own finishing and I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes. I could learn a lot about finishing techniques from this book. I also am very big into learning new techniques and stitches because I don’t want to be bored. I should be master of at least some but I’m a dabbler in many. Good luck to me!

  142. Hi; The cottage is wonderful and now that I have the idea of how to put these projects together ( at one time I was afraid to even get started for fear I would ruin things) I would love to have the book. Thanks for the chance to participate. Merry Christmas. Rena.

  143. You have to be kidding–right? Pick my favorite part? All of it, of course! I first saw this in my copy of Inspiration magazine and thought it was the most adorable project I had ever seen. Not only are the instructions great, even for a relative beginner like me, but the project is ‘to die for.’

  144. Oh, this book with it’s so sweet house has been circling in my head since you first showed it. I would love to win it! I am in awe over the precious embroidery on the house. Thanks for the chance.

  145. The instructional aspect has a lot of appeal. It makes it possible to go from this project to wherever your imagination may lead.


  146. Hello Mary!

    You find the cutest things to stitch! I probably wouldn’t attempt a project like this if I hadn’t taken your online class this fall. I really learned your philosophy of 15 minute stitching and being patient waiting for each lesson to really enjoy the process. This seems like a really time consuming project, but with each element broken down, something worth tackling. I like the basket side the best – it reminds me of the nest! – but would look forward to the leaves (fly stitch?!) and the flowers look fun too. I also can’t help but imagine what I would do with the finished project and can picture it in a glass cottage terrarium I have among my birdhouse collection.

    Thanks Mary! Karen

  147. I like that it has such detailed instructions on constructing the various pieces. It is adorable and looks like it would be a really fun challenging project.

  148. From what I have read and seen of this beautiful project it looks like a fun thing to do not just one piece but all of them..What a beautiful project this would be to do and the Book looks wonderful and it’s a lovely keepsake and something you can do more than once just think you could take any piece and make a gift for some one that you love and is into the same hobby as you needlework..Thank Mary for the opportunity to win this wonderful book…Everyone Have a Happy and wonderful Christmas to you all and especially to you Mary for all the wonderful articles and projects you have sent us all…MERRY CHRISTMAS

  149. I dearly love tiny things, and this tiny little (functional) house immediately appealed to me. I imagine it as an heirloom that will be passed on for generations with stories of how Grandma Heidi (which is what I hope they call me) made pretty things for people she loved. I imagine children wanting to play pretend with the little house, making up stories about who would live there. Would they be the little mice from “The Tailor of Gloucester”? Would they be a Borrower family? One day I’ll make this little house and be delighted every time I take it out to work on something.

  150. I love the visual step by step photos and the wonderful accessories that I can make as gifts for my friends. Caroline W from CA

  151. I love everything about the house and its content. I really can’t make a choice.
    I know the books from Country Bumpkin have always very clear instructions and pictures, so this is the perfect book and I want it badly 😉

  152. Hi

    This is a stunning book! I just love this little house! My favourite part is the accessories. They just look so cute! It’s like opening up a treasure chest!

  153. I love all of it! The house is charming, I would love to live in a house like this, but since that’s not possible, stitching it would be the next best thing! I am also particularly interested in the instructional content, as I am very excited about learning all the techniques for a project like this. Thank you for letting us know about this wonderful book.
    Kathy from McKinney

  154. The ‘Cottage’s’ well illustrated instructions can assist any level crafter/stitcher in constructing a charming family heirloom. With accessories begging to be used by crafting hands, and aided by a vivid stitch dictionary, this volume will remain a favorite of mine for years to come. My fingers’ are itching to start assembling all of those sweetly stitched accessories. Thank you for the delightful give away.

  155. OMG OMG !!!!! I love you..I love you & of course Country bumpkin for being so generous!!!

    What appeals to me most is the detailing on the house…the bee, the gecko, the flowers winding along the walls, the fruit & the bunny. The accessories just complete it& your description of the instructions will make it very do-able I’m sure. As I mentioned before, I’d love to do this along with my daughter…I’m sure it will be treasured. I live in India & could never get my hands on it…sooo….hope I’m lucky!!

  156. What I like best (it was sooo hard to decide) is the wide variety of stitches. So many things I see lately are just backstitch & an occasional lazy daisy. While those are usually pretty – and work up fast for a little gift – I’d like something with a variety to improve my stitching skills.
    Thanks for your wonderful website – I’ve learned a lot here.
    Dianne in Amarillo

  157. The designs are beautiful, but definitely the instructional content appeals most. I taught a friend to embroider and she loves it. She has bought several of the A-Z stitch guides and likes to design her own small pieces. I think she’d love this book and would make the entire project in small bits, learning more and more, and enjoying it immensely. I was already thinking of buying a copy when it’s available to give to her for this year’s Christmas present.

  158. I like the instructional content. In your review you said that there is a lot of information that would help in various other projects, as well as this one. There appears to be a lot of photos, which is always so much more helpful than just a description. Also. . . that bunny is just so darned cute!!

  159. I started embroidery as a child and have recently come back to it. This book looks so great with so many techniques for me to try and learn. I like all the projects I have seen in the book but especially like the detailed instructions for the stitches.

  160. The book looks well done with clear instructions and awesome photos.
    The stiched details is the “fall in love with” stuff that makes you want to do the same and make beauty come alive with your needle. In particular, i think it is also great that they included small projects for the needle enthusiast! Great stuff.

  161. I love the different techniques shown. Although I am up in the air as to making the house, all of the accessories are definitely on my want to try list!

  162. I really love the house! It would be such a beautiful thing to make and pass on. I love that the book is a step-by-step project. And since I’m still relatively new to embroidery, the instructional information would be so helpful with this and future projects.

  163. My favorite part of the book is the beautiful colors and detail of the house.
    The embroidery stitches look three dimensional. The house is so inviting and reminds me of a children’s story. I would love to make it.


  164. I just love tiny things, and I’m a sucker for sewing boxes. I especially adore tiny little accessories and things that fit neatly into other things, so I choose the accessories–but it’s not really fair to make me choose because I love all of it! Especially the tree with the basket underneath.

  165. I love all project .. many kind of stitches, many possibilities for others … but the accessories catch my special attention … I would love win this book as a birthday gift (next 9,dec) ….
    Walfrida from Brazil

  166. It’s all wonderful, from the detailed instructions to the piece itself. It took my breath away and it’s a “must have” for my stash! Thank you for your great site.

  167. These past few days I have longingly looked at this beautiful cover project but decided I could not at this time afford it. The little house itself is so enchanting, the accessories an added bonus and detailed instructions for creating it is just what I need, as I am a one-colour embroiderer.

  168. OMG I love everything about this book- the photography, the instructional content, the projects. Country Bumpkin always does fine publishing.

  169. What is my favorite part of the book? Well from reading your review and seeing the photos, it has to be the house and how lovely it is and then it’s also very functional! I actually thought about buying it because it looks so wonderful and I really like things that are functional that people make to look good. I think the fact that you stated how detailed the instructions are make me wish I had this book to actually work on creating one. Thank you very much for offering these here!

  170. This book excites me! Not only is it extremely educational and teaches a wide variety of stitches and techniques, it’s also extremely cute! I love most that when you’re done you have a beautiful display box with your different accessories. I’ve fell back in love with embroidery and with moving into my new apartment this would be beautiful to display.

  171. Oh, my! Such lovely stitches. I am itching to make the accessories for myself and my stitchin’ friends. The intructions look very well done,too, so it should be fun to work though these projects.

  172. Oh, I just love this little cutie. I can’t pick any one thing that I like better. I think the little vines going up the side of the house and the little rabbit has got to be the cutiest. I love all the little accessories that go so neatly within the house. Every thing has such cute little motifs on them and I love that all of this just fits so neatly inside. The directions look very good so, I don’t see any problem with understanding how to put this together or to stitch it. I seen this little cottage awhile ago when Country Bumpkin first started to advertise pre-ordering. I would just love to get a copy of this absolutely adorable little cottage. I only have so much wall space but, this could go on anything and would certainly be the talk of my EGA’s Showcase exhibit. Such a precious little english cottage, I just love it.

  173. I think the house would be a wonderful project. I am retiring the end of 2011 and looking for something to challenge me.

  174. Hi, this is such a cute house, so hard to choose the best bit. But the best bits for me are the little bee by the apple tree and the bunny rabbit on the front!


  175. Thank you so much for all of your great postings, instructions and give-aways. This book and project really appealed to me for it’s usefulness, creativity and lovely appearance. My craft area is in an open and well used area of the house and I have been looking for a way to “corral” all of my accessories so that they’re neatly organized, but also have something beautiful to share with the rest of the family. This little cottage fits the bill! I immediately decided to order a copy when available, but even better to win one in your give-away.

    Thank you again for your wonderful website.

  176. I am enchanted by the house! I have just finished the Nesting Place project and feel very empowered to take on more embroidery! I am an experienced canvas worker but have always wanted to broaden my skills. The house would be a wonderful opportunity to learn more stitches and then have a beautiful, functional piece for my stitching studio!

  177. What a cute book! I especially loved the use of multiple stitches (since that is how I work) and the small charms within the emmbroidery–I am a sucker for tiny charms! And since growing up and playing with, and making items for, dolls..I have had a love for miniature things…and I hope my granddaughter (she is 1 1/2 right now) will appreciate this little house when she is older!

  178. This is such a gorgeous project and what an instructional book!!

    I’d have to say that my favourite is the mix of techniques – there’s something for everyone with this beautiful project. Personally, that gorgeous climbing rose growing up the wall is my favourite part – it’s just so delicate and beautifully proportioned.

    Whoever wins will be very lucky indeed! Thank you for another generous giveaway Mary!

  179. Hello Mary, thank you so much for holding such a lovely giveaway, it’s just the cream on the top, you ask which part is the best, it’s such a tough question, the accessories are just to lovely, the workbook itself is a work of art and the instructions are wonderful, clear and easy to understand. So how can I choose, I just love it all. Regards Mandy Currie (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  180. I loved this book the minute I saw it on your website. I’m so glad you review these books, threads, fabrics, etc. I want to learn some of the techniques in this book. It looks like a great book for that and down the road – maybe the embroidery box. Thanks.

  181. I have been wanting to make an embroidered box for soooo! long and this looks to be just the book to get me started.
    I like the way it looks as if it would be a springboard to making other boxes. The instructions look incredibly clear and the embroidery looks quite beautiful.
    I think that the thing I like most is the wonderful coordination of the pieces together with the house, which makes you just want to dive in and be inspired.

  182. Hi Mary!
    I must confess that just the cover of the book gives the wish of having this book! After your review the wish became stronger.
    Thanks for this opportunity.
    xx Meri from Portugal

  183. Oh my word! We have to choose? I love having instructions for constructing the accessories. Even more, I love, love, love the little critters. As a huge stumpwork fan, I adore this project/book.

  184. Morning Mary! I am so excited about this book – saw a preview of it on another website and I would love to add it to my library! I don’t know what I like best – I am just in awe at how someone can take an idea and make it real. I have lots of ideas in my head, but figuring out how to really make them is a whole other level that I haven’t been able to reach.

    Thank you for sharing – I love reading your tips and comments every day! It reminds me to get out the stitching if only for a few minutes a day!

    Kathy in Kenai

  185. Good morning Mary,

    The instructions are what captured my attention, it is refreshing to have clarity combined with illustrations.

    Maria VF

  186. I love the house itself and the instructions are great. I can picture this house on my table in the living room. Gorgeous.

  187. The full package is just so wonderful! The concept, the photos and the instructional content on each part of the process. That said, the embroidered scenes are darling and so varied in detail, I think I’d be tempted to embroider these even if they weren’t on a charming and useful house-shaped box.

  188. I really love the design of the whole package! The instructions appear to be very clear, even for the great little accessories! My favorite from the beginning was the design of the little animals. I love bunnies and birds, so the project is right up my ally. My collections of pincushions doesn’t include any so lovely as the one I could make with this design. Each item is designed by itself completely, yet all work so lovely together. Hope to use this book for years!

  189. I like the book because of the so very well illustrated instructions of so many different techniques even though it is one project. In my mind I was already using the book as spring board to so many new and different projects.Would be great reference book in my library.
    Ana-Maria from Cambridge ON

  190. I just LOVE the idea of constructing something 3 dimensional. I love the clear instructions of ALL parts of the house, but most of all I would just show it off on my living room coffee table.

  191. Hi Mary. I think the overall instructions and the photo content do it for me.
    I think this little book would be well used.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
    Pam. UK

  192. Hello Mary,

    I have been reading your news letters on a daily basis since October of this year, but I don’t leave comments since I don’t have anything constructive to add. I don’t have much experience. I am learning by reading since I don’t have hands-on experience yet.

    I love goldwork and I have some Arabic calligraphy that I would like to do in goldwork and consult you about some advice.

    I like the house box, I like the fact that the book has a lot of images. I hope, by reading the construction section to give me some ideas about making something similar.

    I have read a book at the Public Library that is similar, but it is cross stitch. The title is:3-D Cross Stitch: More then 25 Original Designs . By: Meg Evershed. Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. ISBN: 0-8069-5895-2.

    I love your book reviews; keep up the good work.
    Please, enter me in your book give away.


  193. For me the Stitch Dictionary is a must, and when it shows such detailed pics on the speicial stitches used, that I need most. But the book, as a whole looks fantastic with many details,and not just with one project. She has taken time to show how to do all the extra smaller projects, what a real bonus that is.

  194. Dear Santa….The “Home Sweet Home” by Carolyn Pierce is in the top five on my list this year. The photos are melt in your mittens, inspiring. Now that I am retired, I want to step up my embroidery skills and create several 2012 Christmas gifts for my family. Merry Christmas!

  195. As for me, I think the instructional part of the book was the most fascinating to me. If it weren’t for that, don’t think that you could accomplish something like this to do. Love the stitching on the sides.

  196. Mary, I think that the house is the most adorable thing that I have ever seen. I really don’t know what I love the most about it. I want to learn more finishing skills, and this would be just the thing that could help
    me do that. I also have a thing for houses. I learned how to do punch needle just so that I could do a house pattern that I had seen.
    I love the variety of stitches and threads that will be used, especially on something so special as this. I really think that this would be a treasure now and on into the future. I would just love to own it.

  197. What a great give away. I’m smitten by the outside of the cottage. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  198. I enjoyed the article you wrote on Home Sweet Home and immediately went out to the website to review the project. I adore the individual items; they are incredibly cute (as is the entire project) but what I am most interested in is how to construct the house and its insert. It appeals to me that the project is functional as well as pretty.

    I hope I win! I hope I win! I hope I win!

  199. Home Sweet Home is a perfect book for any student of needlework with its colorful photographs and easy to understand directions. The project is great for me as I can work on the “home” at home while taking a smaller project to guild meeting, etc. When I look at the individual figures on the walls, my mind wanders and I start thinking how I can use something in another design. For example, the “bunny” is so detailed I can see it chewing on flowers in a garden in a bookmark for a friend. Not only does this motivate stitchers, the directions and photographers enable us to finish our “home” and work on making it ours! Thank you for sharing this fantastic book with us.

  200. Mary,
    An easier question to answer would be what don’t you like about this book? On second thought that would be difficult too. It has to be the instruction and the use of various threads. I often get stuck using the same old threads and stitches. With there being such a variety of threads and stitches, I am sure to discover something new. The little house has so many wonderful little motif element that would bu cute used elsewhere. Thanks for the opportunity to win a very nice addition to anyone’s library.

  201. While the house is charming, and the motifs are lovely and varied, and the accessories intriguing and inviting―it is the instruction and the finishing that would most attract me to this book.

  202. All is very beautiful..I like bit more the house,and i like embroder very much. Good luck to me ..and good luck to everybody.Thank you very much Mary

  203. I think my favorite “part” would not necessarily be a part, but an observation that the overall look of the project is at the same time whimsical and quite dignified. I don’t know if that’s due to the color scheme, or how it was all drawn but it’s beautiful and fun. Not like a kiddie project. Since I’m a newbie, this would sure come in handy to help me start building my stash of embroidery “stuff.”

  204. I think I love the instructions. Every project in the book is just beautiful but the instructions from Country Bumpkins is also exceptional. So I know if I get the book I won’t have to worry about how to finish it.

  205. Dear Mary:
    I would not only like to make the little cottage, I would like to live in it! I have recently made three pincushions with some embroidery on each but none are as lovely as this one. This is a work of art and love. The roses trailing up walls make we want to dig out my copies of Jane Austen’s books.
    I read your blog daily and have learned so much. I’m practicing needle painting using Trish Burr’s book “Fresh Ideas for Beginners”. Thanks for all your book recommendations.

  206. Hi Mary, this book is an exception one. I will be doing the house and all of the pieces that go inside. Cannot wait to get started, this is exactly the kind of needlework I love to do. I love the stitchery guide because you can never learn enough about stitches.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  207. Home Sweet Home. . .my favorite part of this book must be the cover for the tape measure. What beautiful work, and how practical! I belong to a guild that makes vestments by hand,and I would LOVE to make the covered tape measure for all of the members! I’d love to make the entire set for our chairperson, who lives in a beautiful house much like the one in the project!
    Blessings to you–GoldenJJ

  208. Mary,
    When I saw this little house and knew that I could make it, I said “ahhhh” it was so cute. I would love to have this book because since my mother is going to be 90 this weekend, and she loved to sew, but can’t now due to her arthritis in her hands, I would love to make her one before something happens to her and she couldn’t see it. Thanks. Terry

  209. I absolutely love what I’ve seen of this book from your review. I am somewhat new to surface embroidery, but it looks like it would be a great learning project with so many different techniques included and such clear instructions. The pictures make it easy to visualize what exactly you need to do.

    I think my favorite part of the project would be the accessories. I love the tape measure case. I’ve always had a hard time figuring out how to store a tape measure.

    This is exactly the kind of project book I am looking for to get the feel of everything embroidery. I’ve been learning to hand sew and this would give me a chance to construct something worth keeping (or giving to friends!).

  210. Hi Mary, this book is an inspiration to all. I will be doing the house and all of the pieces that go inside. Cannot wait to get started, this is exactly the kind of needlework I love to do. I love the stitchery guide because you can never learn enough about stitches.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  211. I love all of it because I’m entranced by miniature things, but I’m especially drawn to the strawberry motif! It’s on my wishlist already.

  212. At Amazon’s site I was able to look through the book and loved all the different designs and stitching all over the outside of the cottage, not to mention the roof!I searched info on the construction, but there was none available. If it’s made out of wood, I have a source that can build one for me, as soon as I finish the embroidery.

  213. I actually gasped when I saw the cover of this book.

    It’s the spitting image of a little wooden house my grandfather made and painted for me when I was a child – the green roof, the climbing vines up the sides, even the odd placement of the doors and windows. It’s really uncanny.

    As a self-taught stitcher (who’s largely still a beginner), I’d love the opportunity to improve my technique with a project that sparks so many lovely memories.

  214. This beautiful book has exceptionally good instructions that appear easy to follow. Thank you for the opportunity to sign up for this giveaway.

  215. Lovely and practical projects — big and small — meticulously explained and beautifully illustrated. All this wrapped up in a delightful publication — with a great review from Mary Corbet! One couldn’t hope for more. Can’t wait to work with this book.

  216. I am so excited about a book that puts design, instruction and inspiration all in one place!
    I am hoping to use the book as a jumping off point for teaching my needlework guild the various skills that are incorporated in building this wonderful house…please pick me!

  217. I just love the outside of the house. The little animals are so cute.

    Sharon Howell
    Greenwood IN

  218. I love everything!!!!!!! I want to make it all?
    and if I do not win the book I will definitely be buying it.

    All the way, with love, from Sue in Northern Portugal

  219. This looks like a great book. I really love all the accessories for the inside. I have been wanting to make a really involved project and the embroidery is beautiful. Thanks for this opportunity!!

  220. I was just thinking i wish the postage from australia wasn’t so expensive! i would adore those books! what a great xmas giveaway. thanks so much country bumpkin!
    I’ve never seen one of these houses before so i can’t wait to make something that will be an heirloom for my granddaughter. To me that’s the most appealing part – a treasure for the future!
    Donna from Florida

  221. hi miss mary..
    greetings. i havnt commented on the site ever,but have mailed you once, n as i mentioned then, i am new to embroidery but trying hard and learning new things everyday, though for my level,it might be too much to make that now, but i will make that house one day, so i thought maybe try getting the book from you,as a beginner’s charm/luck?!!
    well, to answer your ques, i love that there are so many beauties inside that lovely home, just like when you get to open a gift to find another inside,and still its explained so well that i too can dare to and will make it..

  222. I think the whole book looks wonderful. It would be a keepsake when finished. What I like most about the book is that it is a complete project with all coordinating pieces.

    Mary In Oregon

  223. This book project appeals to me because of its three dimensional articles–not only the house, but also the pin cushion and two other items which I believe are a spool holder and tape measure cover. The finished articles include some that are different from other accessories which adds real interest–I noticed a holder for a round thread cutter and a beaded thread counter. The versatility of designs with instructions that can be used for other embroidery is very attractive. The many photo images in the instructions add color and clarity.

  224. Mary, it was you who introduced to me the idea of embroidered boxes for sewing caddies. Until I stumbled upon your site, I was a “Oh, I wish I knew how they made that girl” (Well, maybe not so much a girl anymore.) I would love the instuctions for all the accessories. What an additon to an embroiderer’s library this book will make!! Hope I win and kudos to anyone who does win. Jana Krumrey

  225. Carolyn Pearce is a very gifted needlwork designer and I love her work. I have her project book “The Embroidered Village Bag” all kitted up and ready to start, and Home Sweet Home would be additional inspiration for that piece and many other projects.

  226. I like the looks of the diagrams and how them seem very detailed and also, that there are stitch diagrams for the more “obsure” stitches. I love to collect and have accessible books for reference as well as projects!

    I haven’t done very much surface embroidery type of stitching, mainly cross-stitch, specialty stitches and hardanger, oh, and some Brazilian embroidery too.

    I really like the side of the house with the tree, bunny, flowers, bee hive, etc. It’s so very fun looking!!!! I love it!

  227. I love the styling of the exterior. There is so much to look at and I envision a great conversation piece both with the children in my family and the adults. I also love the fact that I could learn so much from the instructional content and would be much better at embroidery by the end of the project.

  228. Hi Mary,
    What a generous offer! From the moment I saw this book I loved it. I am a collector of boxes and to be able to make one as beautiful as this one is a dream come true. Cottages are a favorite of mine and this one is stunning in its detail and beauty. I have started up my embroidery again after many years and this would be a wonderful tutorial with a beautiful end in sight as I learned new stitches and brushed up on old ones.
    I have several of the Country Bumpkin books on needlework and always when I look through them for ideas I am in awe of the details in their instructions. This would indeed be a treasure to have:)

  229. This sort of project is a total mystery to me – I’d love the book to shed some light on how to construct something like this!

  230. Mary, what an intriquing project! I cannot believe that little house holds all those lovely accessories…if the pictures you showed of directions are as easy as they look,this would be a great family heirloom to pass on. With all the small projects, you would never get tired of working on them! Judy

  231. ILOVE the whole thing and I would make every single thing. I have never seen anything so wonderful! JaneS, Long Island

  232. What is there not to love about the entire book? I want to live in a little, flower covered cottage just like it. The embroidery is so pretty and the instructions seem to be detailed. I just love it all!!

    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  233. I love making a stitched item that can be used. This lovely little house with accessories is not only useful, but beautiful and I definitely intend to make it. I love the stitching accessories and feel they just add to the dimensional interest of the whole project. I also would like this book for the instructional value. Knowing Country Bumpkin the way I do, I know the instructions will be clear, concise and easy to follow. I love this book and project.

  234. What appeals to me about this project is that it has It all! The accessories for your stitching projects AND it’s an instant heirloom. Plus it is absolutely adorable. Also the instructions are seemingly so complete and so well illustrated and photographed that maybe even I can accomplish this wonderful work and have it to pass down to my children and so on. It has all the whimsy and sweetness that I love. All in one cozy cottage. Thank you for offering the give-away Mary. Have a wonderful Christmas. I so enjoy your site and have learned a lot, both thru your videos and tutorials.

  235. Mary, this is the cutiest way to display a “Samplier” that I have ever seen. I see so many more ideas for this beautiful box, a young girls jewelery box, a keepsake box for the young married couple and the list goes on.The details for the many stitches and the cutiest designs for the sides of the cottage are the cutiest. Carolyn has really out done herself, a great designer she is. Merry Christmas to both of you and the Happiest of a New Year.

  236. The exterior of the box is so beautiful, so reminiscent of our ideal of an English country cottage. I can picture Miss Marple living here but she would be knitting, not embroidering. The instructions for all the various stitches and construction of the box look very clear. Having made a few simple boxes, I’d appreciate some more clarity in fastening the pieces together. Altogether, the project looks like a keepsake to be handed down to my future generations.

  237. I have always been intrigued by houses, especially charming cottages such as this one. I look forward to the photos, I confess, and the instructional part to advance my skills.

  238. Wow! Since watching Erica Wilson transform a brick into a cottage with embroidered linen, I have always wanted (since middle school) to make a needlework house. Finally, for my 50th birthday gift to myself, I plan to start stitching the historic needlework casket project in 2012. What a yummy and inspiring companion this book would be with its detailed finishing instructions and stand-alone sewing accoutrements. I could fill up my house with essential treasures — I’d definitely put that darling snail on my scissors keep!

  239. From what I’ve seen, Carolyn Pearce’s book, Home Sweet Home, an Embroidery Workbox is one I must add to my library. I love the box – it is both charming and functional. What I am most interested in though is the instructional content – mainly finishing techniques, both of the house and the accessories. I believe that the finishing can enhance a piece if done nicely – and the box and accessories look like they were finished by professionals. I want to be able to do that!

  240. Oh dear Mary,

    What a wonderful Christmas gif this book would be. What I like BEST is the box itself, and EVERYTHING about the box; the design, the too cute for words bunny and BEES! especially. It would be such a neat reminder of all the cute little cottages I saw in the Cotswalds last spring, covered with flowers; I think I’d live with it for a little while, and then give to my sister who does needlework and loves … BEES!

    Thanks again for the chance to win, and for your generosity.

    Cathy in PA

  241. I think the whole book looks amazing. The cottage itself if super cute, and it seems like the instructions would be simple enough to follow. My favorite part, however, would probably be that the box has a function, and so does each item that is made to go in the box. I love to do embroidery (even though I am still relatively new at it), but I have a hard time with pretty things that just sit around. I need to do more to finish my pieces so they can be on display. I would love to get a copy of the A-Z stitch guide… maybe that would make a good Christmas present… 🙂

  242. Oh Marymentor:
    I LOVE this little treasure ! I immediately “checked it out” for price, etc and put it on to my wish list. I especially like the exterior artistry. The flowering trees motivates me to look more into the book I bought on The Artwork of Ribbon Flowers. And the roof “tiles” are so perfect. I really want to know how to do that. THanks for the opportunity to get this book. …….. Judy in Pittsburgh

  243. I am addict to your site. New to embrodery I learn everything from your video. This time I would like to work on a big project. This little house with the flowers would be a big challenge.Thank you for being there.
    Ginette of Mexico

  244. I love the book! This little cottage house is cute! But I’m really interested at the instruction which teaches how to make other embroidered boxes. I made carton box but I don’t know what fabric should I use. The best would be an embroidery.

  245. i love everything about this book, but i think my favorite are the accessories…not just beautiful but actually useable and i can’t wait to stitch them and use them all.
    kelly…from weed

  246. I love everything about the book but if I must choose, I would say that darling little cottage work box! I, and hubby 🙂 would love to have my things tucked into such beautiful storage and I am drooling at the idea of working the lovely details! Truth be told, I will buy the book if I don’t win!
    Love your blog so much!

  247. Hi!

    Thank you very much for the fantastic work you are doing each and every day!
    I loved the overall Design of the Project and specifically the chance it gives me to do sth so complex! Let’s face it: I would love to this projekt but without this book I wouldn’t even know where to start!

  248. Mary, this beautiful book leaves nothing to chance. Even I could complete this project. I love every part of the book, the completeness of the instructions, the beauty of the entire project leaves my mouth watering. If I win this book, I guarantee that I will make this project.

  249. Ooooh, I love this book. What an exciting project. Can’t wait to do something in 3-D.

    P.S. Thank you for your daily e-mail. It really brightens my inbox!

    Brneda in Oregon, USA

  250. That book is so lovely. My favorite part would be the inspiration and ideas that would come from it. I could test my skill on some of the smaller projects before even attempting something on the scale of that beautiful house.

  251. I love the scenery on the outside of the box. It could be turned into a dollhouse for children, even! With embroidered pillow dolls and animals to go with it!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book! what a fantastic Holiday gift for someone!

    Happy Holiday Season to you all!

    Eva in NC

  252. I like the instructional component. I’m always looking for ways of learning more. It’s also pretty inspiring in itself. I’m drawn to it because it reminds me of a quieter, gentler time when everyone sat and chatted and stitched.

  253. I just fell in love with the little house and the way it’s embroidered! It’s such a clever design and would be an heirloom for generations. So “Winnie the Pooh”!

  254. Thank you for the opportunity to view and possibly win this book. I think the photography is great and I really am drawn to the pincushion. The stitch guide looks fantastic, too.

  255. I think my favorite parts of the book are the wonderful photos of the cottage house, the illustrations, and the embroidered cottage house workbox itself. Just looking at the pages brings back warm memories of the Beatrix Potter books about Peter Rabbit. I can imagine spending some delightful spring mornings in a lovely flower garden embroidering this cottage house. Then using the workbox as I teach my granddaughter how to embroidery. It truly is a wonderful book and an enchanting project to create!

    Sue from Huntsville

  256. I really,really want to make an embroidered casket and this book will provide me with the detailed instructions I need. I love the A-Z books with their quality instructions so I am sure that this book will be just as good.
    But the best enticement is that this little house is just simply so cute and intriguing.

  257. I like the project. I done before something similar, the little house workboxe from http://www.ricamoletueidee.it/lo_scrigno_dei_sogni.htm This new one is more sophisticate, it is done with surface embroidery. I would like to work with more acurate finishing instruction. I do not see inside the new book but I have another book from the same designer The Embroidered Village Bag. Her explaination was clear and really good. It is difficult to find a favorite part but I like a lot the house box and the inside tray. Excuse the way I wrote in English my first language is French.
    Nicole Gelinas

  258. The house brings me back to my days of reading Pride and Prejudice! It reminds me of a dear English cottage. I love how the box is not just a project in itself, but a keepsake that will keep on giving!

  259. Hi,

    This “Home Sweet Home” would really make my new home under construction very sweet indeed.

    My favorite part is the “House” itself..which has a fruit and flowery garden , which becomes very sweet even for the bees and bunnies too.

  260. You will probably be getting a lot of entries from Cyberstitchers EGA members because we’ve all been drooling over this book since it’s release was first announced! What I love the most and what I just HAVE to make is the house itself. I love Carolyn Pearce’s projects but after seeing your review of the book (and all the pictures!), I know it’s hopeless to even imagine that I can live without this book. I even thought of places that I could add Stumpwork pieces to the sides of the house!

    Celeste in CA

  261. I collect house tins so love the idea of creating my own house embroideries. They are so cute and will fit right in with my other houses.

  262. This will sound dopey, but when I saw the picture of the neat tree with bee skep under it, I knew this beautiful cottage would make a great gift for my beekeeper daughter. The wonderful stitching portrays her and her hubby’s endeavors at maintaining a small home in the country growing huge quantities of flowers and edibles and bees. AND she’s a stitcher herself. The instructions look priceless themselves, but the lovely needlework accessories is my favorite part of the book.

  263. Country Bumpkin’s beautiful instructions are a good part of what made me fall in love with “Inspirations” magazine. And this looks like an wonderful example.
    Plus I have always been a fan of embroidered boxes.

  264. Of course the cottage and its accoutrements are wonderful and cute, but I’m sure the instructions live up to their high standards. So I’ll choose the instructions, because no matter how cute, if you can’t follow the How-tos,
    what good is the cuteness?
    Rosemary in NC

  265. The book is equisite, I love each and every project, the embellishments, the stitches (which I am new to embroidery so they would be so helpful, the colors, the designs. What is my favorite? Oh my, everything–it looks so helpful and organized with complete information. I would love to own this book and begin the projects. Gail from Roseville, CA

  266. Hi Mary,

    What a charming project! Serious eye candy for needleworkers of all stripes. While I’m loving the instructional content, I have to be honest with you, it’s all selling to the little girl inside that wants to have an excuse to go play for an afternoon. Or many, in order to go make a dollhouse. “Oh I must go sew, because I have to learn how to do all these things…” Hahahaha, who needs clean socks anyway!

  267. I know this sounds crazy, but I love the roof! The whole project feels like a wonderful exploration into the world of embroidery. I’m a member of a specialty group of EGA (Embroider’s Guild of America) called Stitching with a Twist, where we explore stitching “outside the box”. How appropriate would this project be! I’ve learned so much this past year from Mary Corbett too! Thanks for stretching my stitching mind! Merry Christmas.

    Lynette in Georgia

  268. It’s tough to pick…I expect great ideas and instructions from Country Bumpkin. I love the concept of a house etui. I like to see how they put threads and materials together–until Inspirations came along I pretty much used one thread type per project (floss, perle, or wool) and never thought to combine more than floss and ribbon. But in the end I’d mostly like to read the book for the assembly and finishing instructions…I feel inspired to design my own container and smalls.

  269. I am immediately drawn to the lovely cottage, and would love to begin stitching!!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such a wonderful book 🙂

  270. I love boxes/etuis of any kind & this one looks to be a wonderful challenge & learning experience! The instructions look fantastic too. Can’t wait to get my copy, whether I’m lucky enough to win one or have to wait until I can order.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Julie H

  271. What I love most about this project is the project itself, a cottage which would allow the imagination to run rampant while stitching.

    What I enjoy most about the book is the simplicity of the instructions showing that anyone can accomplish this project.

  272. I am just back from a trip to Australia – where I visited the Country Bumpkin Store- and just drooled in every room as I gazed at all the wonderful heirloom sewing and smocked pieces on display. And I saw the wee house and fell in love with the whole thing!
    I enjoy stitching in all mediums and collect and embroider stitched houses. I know that the high quality of instructions for working this house found in this book will be excellent!

  273. Do I have to choose just one favorite part? I love the house, always want smalls, and think the bit of the instructions you showed will come in handy on many projects–so I can’t decide on only one part!

  274. I loved the inspirations and educational value…I did a lot of hand work but because of health reasons have not been able to keep up with my work. I have changed medication and am now enjoying everything I have missed for so many years This book would be a great addition to keeping me inspired and using my habds for sometthing I truly enjoy Donna Backlund CO

  275. I love the rabbit. I love rabbits! But look at the roof and window details and all the other little details. Wow! what fun this would be to make!

  276. I love how the house combines so many techniques in creative ways. It looks like an excellent project or group of projects to learn new stitches.

  277. I love that you end up with something beautiful and yet functional too. It looks like something one would leave to a cherished granddaughter 🙂

  278. Wonderful book! Would love to get it to start work on during the holidays! What I love best is the cottage itself, and the appeal of good instructions is palpable. Can’t wait to make it, sooner or later. Thanks for the chance to make it sooner, have a very happy holiday!

  279. G’day Mary,
    A hard one, but will have to say the motifs themselves. All those clever, scrumpticious little animals, fruits, flowers, insects, architectural findings, trees and bushes. The way these are grouped enhances the picture story telling too and endears each one to the other and to me.
    Cheers, KathfromOz.

  280. Awww Mary…I knew you hand something up your sleeve! What a beautiful give-a-way! I’m a huge fan of anyone who’s publication has detailed instructions and illustrations. This one looks as though it fits the bill. My favorite part?…the stitch instructions in the back. Kudos to her for not assuming that EVERY embroiderer is completely “stitch savy”!

  281. this is the cutest little box. i have a couple of friends that would love any one of the projects as a gift.

  282. The rabbit on the front of the house is my favorite. And the windows, we don’t use that kind of design for windows here very much. But I love it!

  283. Mary – I’ve enjoyed your reviews and bought some, including from the Country Bumpkin! They’re so beautifully done and have wonderful instructions. I’d love to make the box and accessories, but have never done so much embroidery. I know I’d have no problem following the directions! Thanks for the opportunity to get one!!

  284. The little house is just irresistible…I would have to make it first. Love the entire book though. Joan in reno

  285. The house is to die for. Just the project I’ve been looking for to kick off 2012 with. Enough to get my teeth into, and special enough to make for my beloved grand daughter.

  286. Hi Mary,
    I really enjoyed reading your review and thought that the instructions and content of the book were wonderful. However, if I had to pick my favorite part it would have to be the side of the house with the bunny who I think is just delightful. Thanks for the beautiful give away.
    Joan from Canada

  287. This book and its contents are simply exquisite. I love the cottage project and in particular the illustrated instructions appear to be so clear. Having recently taken early retirement I would love this book and a new sewing challenge with a difference. Thanks.

  288. Queridas Amigas:
    Mi nombre es Rossana Hernandez, soy de origen peruano pero vivo hace 20 anos en Suiza. desde pequena me gusto los bordados y los trabajos manuales asi como la costura.
    El libro de la cajita de costura me encanto y espero poder realizarlo pronto. La parte que mas me gusto es la del centimetro. Quisiera hacerla para regalarla a mi hija Emma de 12 anos, esperando que se apasione por la costura y el bordado.
    Bueno seguir disfrutando de vuestros articulos.
    Rossana Hernandez-Fornari

  289. It combines so many favorite things – a cottage, critters, bees that take me back to my childhood (Grandpop was a beekeeper), climbing roses and even mullion windows.. I’ve just these past few years taken up embroidery again, after 30+ years of no embroidery, so I love the idea of utilizing the many different fibers and stitches. I love decorative items in the house, but they “have” to have a practical purpose. This darling workbox fits the bill!

  290. Mary,
    This has got to be one of the prettiest projects I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t decide on just one thing. The little house is spectacular and all the things inside so precious….and I just know the book with its instructions is going to be a good “read” and easy to follow… all the Country Bumpkin stuff is so well done.

  291. I love that the book is three things in one: 1. functional, because the end results are all functional items; 2. instructional, with the pages and pages of embroidery techniques; and finally, it’s absolutely beautiful (enough said)!

  292. I would have to say the accessories are my favorite part of this project. Doing handwork with such lovely accessories carries me back in time when ladies wearing beautiful fabrics sat and visited, drank tea, and worked on beautiful handwork, making treasures and enriching their lives with friendship. Today our fast pace requires us to forego this rewarding past time and there are times when I crave the personal aspect of comraderie and simplicity of purpose represented by those times. Of course, I always imagine myself in a position to enjoy that pasttime and not as the one making the tea.

    Robin in Spokane Valley, Washington

  293. I love the detailed comment on the book. I was incredibly tempted today to purchase the book. I guess now I can wait to see if I am lucky enough to win one.
    Thanks for this chance at luck. Even if I do not win it, someone will and that is great. We all need to share our love of needlework as much as possible.

  294. I think that this book is unique. I love everything on it. The scenes on the sides of the book seems like parts of fairy tales.My favorite part is the instructional because it gives me clear details,step by step.Looking at the review, I just can conclude what I always have thought: Embroidery is a world out of this world.

  295. The book looks so precious – I am especially enamoured with the little bunny – since I had a pet rabbit as a kid!! Thanks for your wonderful and helpful emails. I love embroidery and your daily emails are inspiring me!!

  296. My favorite part of the book, aside from the wonderful photographs, is the accessory packet. I’m definitely a “scissors slut” and love anything that has to do with stitching tools. Thanks, Mary, for introducing this book to your readers.

  297. I just love the cottage. Never saw anything so creative and fun to make. I am expecting my fourth granddaughter and think this would make a perfect “Welcome to the World” gift.

  298. I’m always looking to learn more ways to ply my needle, and this book is full of little jewels. And the best part is the advice in the book. I think this is a really great project book!

  299. I’ve seen this project before and would love to receive a copy – it looks like it would be fun to work on! Thanks for the giveaway.

  300. I love the look of the house itself, I would love to stitch it and the instructions I saw looked very helpful, I hope I’m one of the lucky ones/#!!!

  301. Well – there are TWO parts I like “best.” One is the general embroidered-box-construction instructions. I really want a 17th-century embroidered “casket” . . . no, I really want to take Trish Burr’s on-line university in making a 17th-century embroidered casket, but I haven’t even looked at the price because I’m sure it will be that far outside the budget. This would get me started doing my own.
    Two is, specifically, the measuring-tape cover. My measuring tape has a plastic case printed with medical equipment advertising, and it seriously needs prettying-up.

  302. Oops – not Trish Burr. Tricia Nguyen-Wilson of Thistle Threads is doing the embroidered casket class.

  303. I love the look of the project, but what interests me most is the finishing instructions for the box and accessories! So often, I’ve seen wonderful looking patterns, but can’t figure out how they go together. From the glimpses you gave us of this book, it looks like the instructions are clear and detailed enough that I could actually put the finished stitching together.
    Thanks for the chance to get the book, and good luck to everyone.

  304. All I know is the picture on the front and I fell in love. I want to make it now. I can’t wait to see what other goodies are on the inside.

  305. What a great give-away!! 🙂 So excited to be able to enter. What I like most? You said it is teaching you as you make the items- I think that’s great. Instructive and you have something wonderful when you’re done! -Peggy (aka the knitter PickleSoup on Ravelry :P).

  306. Mary,
    When I saw the Home Sweet Home embroidered workbox book review in your daily blog (which I read devotedly on a daily basis), I thought it was one of the cutest little “sewing boxes” I’d ever seen. I have been making smalls and putting together sewing boxes (from shaker box, to fabric, to wood box with fancy stitched lid). I have 5 granddaughters and have been working so that each will have a special sewing box made by Grandma… My favorite part is the little house as it reminds me of my youngest granddaughter, Cassandra, who is just 3-1/2 now, because the bunny, strawberrys, bugs and flowers remind me of her and innocence. The book makes this project look doable, with clear directions, beautiful pictures and would be a very special treat for a very special girl. The book also teaches some techniques I haven’t tried yet.
    If I don’t win a copy, it will be a purchase I make so I can make the house and all it’s contents!
    Thank you for all you do to share your love of stitching and the how to’s. I so appreciate your daily email.
    Have a great day! Linda

  307. Hi Mary, thank you for a chance to win another terrific ‘give-away’.
    I have made the Village Bag by carolyn Pearce and just loved collecting all the bits and pieces for it and making it up.
    When I first saw this little house about to be made into an instructional book I couldn’t wait to start collecting again. I love the whole thing:)

  308. I LOVE all the Country Bumpkin books in their ABC series. The directions and explainations of stitches and techniques are so clear and the photos are WONDERFUL for a visual learner like me. I would welcome a copy of the Home Sweet Home book and look forward to getting to work on my own little cottage!
    Dolores in Michigan

  309. The beauty combined with functionality is what is love most about the design.
    I love the way the project is broken down into easy small parts in the book, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the project.
    An absolute delight as I have found previous country bumpkin publications to be

  310. Everything about this book appeals to me, but the cottage is just so gorgeous. Thanks for giving us the chance to win such a lovely book.

  311. “Rich” and “Delicious” come to mind regarding Country Bumpkin’s HOME SWEET HOME by Carolyn Pearce. Here we have a book for all time: the past with quaint flowers and cute animals, the present with a nifty specific project laid out in detail, and the future with examples and instructions to carry us forward into the execution of our own original designs.
    Thank you for featuring this book.

  312. Hi Mary,

    Favourite? That’s hard to choose; I’d say it’s a toss-up between the accessories and the instructions’ set-up. Between stitches and assembly and the fact that the layout looks very clear.
    Thanks for an awesome blog, I’m always learning from you!

  313. I am in love with the details on the outside of the house! I have been lusting after Cath Kidson’s sewing box and would love to make one of my own.

  314. I am at present living in France & there is a feeling of nostalga for me when I see a country cottage. I would love to be able to make it.

  315. I love the outside of the workbox. The box looks like a quaint cottage in the Cottswalds. Every time I see a picture of this project, it makes me smile. If I don’t win this book, I will buy it.
    Happy stitching,

  316. Mary,

    We are blessed that you share your love of embroidery with the world. I would consider myself blessed to win and ultimately own a book of this caliber, because from your description, the instructional content would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s stitching library. I feel that it would be a must assessed reference tool.


  317. What has appealled to me the most was the little bunny at the base of the tree. This added so much charm to the overall design of the house. Looks like this project would be a real challenge and learning experience to make.

    Thank You for making this a Hope, Dream, Wish for this Blessed Holiday Season.

  318. Wow, that house is gorgeous. Hard to pick one part of the book. But i I had to, it would probably be the instructional content. What you learned from this one project, you could apply to so much.

  319. The cottage looks very interesting and should give lots of room for sewing needs. The book looks as if you get comprehensive instructions for stitching the embroidery as well as making up the box itself, and the accessories are a BONUS!
    Returning to embroidery recently after having to leave if 50 years ago, your publications (paper and on the web) are inspiring and encouraging, as well as clear and helpful.
    Many thanks for all the support.

  320. If I were to choose only one thing to love about the book from what I’ve seen so far, it would be the drawer with it’s little sections for each of the accessories. That for me lifts the whole project beyond anything I’ve seen before.

  321. My Dear Mary – just when I was beginning to think the spirit of Christmas was dead and gone, comes this wonderful gesture. What a surprise and what a beautiful offer. Just love the house – and it’s contents – but best of all is the ‘how to do it’. Looks like even a less than perfect embroiderer would have a chance of making something really stunning. Thank you for your offer, Mary. I hope – I hope – I hope…….

  322. What I love most about this book and the design is the detailed instructions and the pattern is available in the book!! The whole thing is an exquisite series of projects!

  323. Dear Mary: One of my favorite stitching projects is that of a cottage behind a wall covered in hollyhocks. It is a combination of brazillian and ribbon embroidery and beading. I plan to make a padded panel of it for a carry-all bag. I have not been stitching long but have so appreciated publications that are clear and simple…..a kind of Martha Stewart approach to beauty. This book has certainly given that impression with the attention to instructional detail. You are very generous in your give-aways and I always enjoy the color and creativity of your website. Thank you. Alice Hughes, Vancouver Island, Canada

  324. My favorite part of the book: all of it! 🙂 I love the fact that it’s a box, and especially that it has compartments and would love the instructions for doing that. I also think the accessories are gorgeous and the box too. Plus it gives me a chance to try my hand at surface embroidery as opposed to counted work.

  325. Oh, my goodness, this is just the most charming little sewing box I’ve ever seen! I don’t know if my skill level would allow me to tackle the main event, which is absolutely my favorite part! But I would certainly give the lovely little pin cushion and tape measure cover the old college try! You know how certain somethings just hit you and take your breath away? That’s the reaction I had to this book. Just lovely and so very intriguing! This would be a delight to own. Many thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

  326. I love love LOVE the cottage!!! I am just now getting into embroidery and love learning new techniques. And I am very ambitious when it comes to my projects! Can’t wait for the book to come out. Even if I do have to wait until next year!!

  327. Well I went for a look
    At the Home Sweet Home book.
    I found photos and tips galore
    And full instructions and more
    The colour,designs and uses abound.
    When I make this project, my friends I will astound.

  328. Hi Mary,
    It is so difficult to decide on just one thing about this book that is outstanding. For me, it is a toss-up between the excellent instructions for making the the house and its elements, and the wonderful little contents of the house.

    Thanks to you and Country Bumpkin for making this offer available.

  329. Hello Mary! I would love to win a copy of this book. I really like the fact that all of the sides are different and that the box contains all of the little “goodies” inside making it a very complete and handy storage option for those of us who enjoy needlework so much. How fun!
    Brenda Day, Wilmington, Ohio

  330. This is something that you would love to make and give to a special sewing buddy. The accessories look so neat. It would be fun to
    master the accessories and give them as gifts and then later on give the house to keep them in. Wouldn’t that be a “Wow factor”? How
    surprised would someone be to get the accessories all thru the year and then at Christmas get the house to put them in?

  331. This well-imagined workbox is a small compendium of techniques and tools that is designed to fascinate, delight,and inspire forever. I especially love that all the wonderful little accessories have gone beyond pretty and practical and have become intrinsic aspects of a larger story. It is alive and magical and I would love to pass it on to my granddaughter. Thanks for sharing.

  332. I loved everything about this little cottage! I actually tried to find a way to preorder one but I could not seem to link up anywhere. . . perhaps it is because I am from Canada. If I had to choose, I think I would make the little inside pieces first and then move to the outside which are uniquely beautiful!

    Deborah Smyth from Canada.

  333. My favorite part of the book is the completeness. Everything you need for this project and the all the things you will learn to use on other projects.
    The stitches page description and photographs are so clear. The amazing colors and numbers of threads, and fun beads and sequins — there is nothing to not like about this book!

  334. I love how the accessories really compliment the house, and the clear instructions that go with it. What a beautiful project this would be

  335. Hi Mary well have read all the comments before me and wasnt going to bother but what the heck I love the idea of the house its use of lots of threads and stitches makes it like a workbox sampler also i can see it inspiring new stitchers and would be great worked as a group project C/Bumpkin instructions are brilliant. I make alot of little gifts for friends and family and i could see the spool holder being a favourite im sure everyone needs one!I love rabbits too and may be tempted to add another one or two. Anyway thanks for the opportunity love your daily letters. Carolyn from Hawkes Bay New Zealand.

  336. I liked the instruction the most about the book. 1 Project with so many techniques. As a fledgling “needle artist” I look for projects that provide opportunities to learn. And the house is a beautiful project on its own. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!

  337. I liked the instruction the most about the book. 1 Project with so many techniques. As a fledgling “needle artist” I look for projects that provide opportunities to learn. And the house is a beautiful project on its own. Good luck to all!

  338. I think my favourite part is that adorable house. That said, without the terrific instructions, I’d be lost… 🙂

  339. The book is so attractive and beautifully produced. It works through all the elements of the cottage and surprises inside in a clear and logical sequence. I love the actual embroidery and would use some elements of it but I really would like it to help me do something a little different. I am going to be moving on from my double-story old Victorian house after living in it for 40 years and have intended to make a similar work box looking something like the house and garden. Having clear instructions for how to make the trays and accessories would be a wonderful plus for me. I plan to make it as an heirloom piece.

  340. Hi Mary, I love it all!! But I would probably begin by making some of the accessories first. I’ve been wanting to make a needlebook and was hoping to be able to get in on your next “The Nesting Place”. Either way, I’d love to have this book!

  341. I am very intrigued by this book. I have a couple of other buildings/etui patterns, and I would love to have another set of instructions on how to put the box together. Thank you for sharing!
    Jane from Illinois

  342. I love how much it reminds me of the tiny stone cottages that my mother used to collect when I was little – she did crewel work for years and years and I always thought it looked too complicated to try…until I found your website and videos! Now I am home with my baby daughter and discovering that embroidery might be my new passion. I would love to have this book, as it really seems like I could learn a lot while ending up with something so lovely to use and display!
    Shannon in Virginia

  343. I fell in love with the house, but always love to learn new techniques and haven’t ever had an embroidered house before, thanks for offering this opportunity to win one of the books. barb

  344. Wow! I was just about to sign up on the waiting list when I had my daily read of your post. What do I love most – I fell in love with the items on the cover and everything from that point is icing on the cake. I know if the instructions are anything like those in inspirations, they are super fantastic!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  345. I have been thinking about making really beautiful sewing sets for my 5 daughters. I have collected least ten ideas ranging from machine embroidery to preprinted fabric.
    They are sitting in a box.
    Now,will be making 5 of these and giving the for their birthdays(!)as even the non-stitchers will treasure and disply this lovely cottage

  346. There are so many things to love about this book, but I think I like the construction and finishing instructions the best. And I like how such a large project can be broken into small bits with so many stitches and techniques.

  347. Hi Mary,

    What a wonderful book. Everything about it is great but to have such complete instructions really makes it for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Trish from Whangarei NZ

  348. I would love to win the book, which is certainly cute. However, I think it would be most useful for the stitch instructions and designs. Thanks.

  349. This is an awesome book. I think I love the little house the best but having the small things to make first really gives you some practice.

  350. Oh, this book has intrigued me from the first time I saw it. As I am ‘camping out’ in my new home and could use a good ‘winter project’ — and this is a GREAT winter project! appropriate as i am ‘nesting’ and have that cottage kind of feeling — this would be so nice. I’m hoping!……. thanks, Mary, for this and the entire year of amusement that you have provided!

  351. I love the picture on the front of this book. I have been doing embroidery for over 40 years. It’s such a relaxing hobbie. I love it!!

  352. Hi Mary,
    I love the looks of this book. I especially love all the fun details in the embroidery parts.
    Janet in Colorado

  353. What a wonderful book. I love miniatures and especially houses. I really like to step by step instructions and the embroidery instructions in the back of the book. I love to try new projects and expand on the skills I already know. I hope I win!

  354. The cottage itself is my favorite part. It looks just like a place I’d love to live in! The idea of a book devoted to this project intriques me and I love the pictures!

  355. Hi Mary,
    I’m a sucker for accessories, so I think they would be my favourite part but then again, that house is just ducky and I love that it has all the instructions so well laid out, so I guess I’m saying all of it is my favourite! Thank you for all the inspiration.
    Alison in Sydney

  356. I think I like the instructions best, although it is hard to choose! I don’t know if I’m a good enough stitcher to tackle any of this, but I’m drooling for the chance to try. I’ve already got Amazon set up to send me an email when they have the book available, so if I don’t win (and my luck really isn’t that good!) I’ll be buying it when they finally get it!

  357. This is a fabulous book in so many ways; the photography, the sheer mastery of the embroidery techniques, the artistry of the combination of stitches. But I think what appeals to me most, as an engineer and math professor, is that the instructions are so CLEAR and well laid-out. More than that, this presentation of “how to” surpasses many professional manufacturing instructions I’ve seen.

    I’m a novice in the embroidery area, and found your blog only recently – and have already recommended it to several friends who stitch beautifully. I can’t wait to see the snowflake on the pseudo-suede finished because, like the book discussed above, your instructions and delineation of your design development is astonishingly clear, and gives great insight into my own attempts to stitch meaningfully and well.

  358. La maison me plait beaucoup, elle m’emmène dans le monde féérique de mon enfance, et fait partie de mes projets!
    Mandine de France

  359. Hi Mary, my favorite part of the book would be, based on the pictures from your review, the easy instructions and the real pretty pictures. As for what I find the most appealing about the book well getting a chance to make such a cute little house!

  360. Hi, this past summer was wild kingdom outside my kitchen window. I just wished my flowers had looked as lovely as those on the box. We certainly had all the critters! Way to go northern Virginia!

  361. To me, this book looks like the whole package is just marvellous – the highly detailed instructions, the beautiful photography, and then the whimsical, cottage feeling projects themselves (I have a particular attachment to cute little things, so the accessories really appeal).
    Thank you for the opportunity to win, this would be a very welcome Christmas present!

    Kelly from The Land Downunder

  362. The house, accessories and instructions seem to integrate well together so the book is more than the sum of its parts. This book would be a must have in anyone’s library. My favourite part would be the house. I’d like to stitch it first and then have a lovely time filling it up with all the accessories.

  363. Love the pictures and detailed instructions to bring a little beauty into our lives through a favorite hobby.

    Sue in Michigan

  364. Wish I could have his gift right away. Would love to make one just like one in the picture with all the beautiful work on it.

  365. I thought the instructional content would be most helpful. I would love to just look through it, as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  366. What fascinates me most about the Home Sweet Home book is the use of so many different stitches as well as the fact that each wall is distinct – no boredom in this embroidery project!

  367. The cottage is so adorable, but the best part for me is all of the detailed instructions and pictures the could be applied to so many other projects

  368. From you review of the book, it appears that the instructions are wonderfully comprehensive. The house is a work of art, but that it holds the little tray of sewing accessories adds another dimension. I think starting with the accessories would be a good way to familiarize yourself with the techinques before starting the house project. If I had to pick a part of the book that I like the most, it would be the detailed instructions and photos. Truly an inspiration.

  369. The book looks beautiful. I love a challenge and trying different finishing techniques. This book seems like it has extensive and easy to read directions. Thank you.

  370. Everything about this book looks pleasing to me.
    I don’t own any books like this. This little house could be a display of any needle work design you can come up with.
    learning how to buld the house structure to put the embroidery on will be all new to me and what i would want to learn from the book most. Thank You Mary as always for your great Emails.


  371. Hello Mary

    What a wonderful review you did. I thought it was wonderful how you kept saying you can get so much more from the book, other than the house itself. The part of the house I enjoy the most was the color. The beige almost looks like it has a lot of texture to it. My favorite part of the book that you’ve shown was two things:

    1) The size of the image. Being a guy, you know we are visual, so if I don’t see clear steps in images, I’m not motivated to finish or start. I won’t even learn a new recipe without first seeing a picture of it. LOL

    2) The attention she and the publisher put into, is a delight for a beginner. That is so important in these types of books.

    Having a book with 52 stitches is amazing. I do a lot of home sewing, and I’m really good at it, but now there’s an interest in learning how to stitch by hand. I would enjoy having this book in my sewing room.

    Thanks Mary

    Jical J
    Atlanta GA

  372. Hi Mary,
    I had to go back and be sure and I still am – I love the stitch dictionary. I am always wanting to learn more about embroidery and its history. This book seems to be clear and percise and should be in everyones library. I know I certainly want it in mine!

  373. My favorite part of the book is the clear construction directions. I love that it’s so well made that it is an heirloom as soon as it’s finished. I love that it’ll be something to pass on to future needleworkers in the family who would love it as much I would.

  374. I really like the heirloom quality of this project and the fact that it is a beautiful display of needlework.

  375. I thought at first that it was the accessories that have the greatest appeal to me. Then really looking it over it is the house itself so very interesting. I love boxes, and this looks like a very special box that would hold very interesting things right where I sit.

    Thank you for offering this give away. Good luck to all, and Happy Holidays!

  376. I would love to try my hands on making myself an accessories box for my stitching supplies. The instructions look like it would be easy for me to follow. I enjoy reading all of your Needles’N Threads information. Very informative and helpful.


  377. Hi Mary!

    I absolutely love all the accessories, and how they fit into the house. I recently picked up one of CB’s books on embroidered purses, and it answered every question I had on the subject pretty much. I would love to have a guide to making all of the accessories, and the house instructions are definitely a bonus. Plus, it’s just so cute!

    Mary Martin
    Houston, TX

  378. Wow mary, What a challenge! 55 various stitches and a variety of different thread types. All made so much easier with the beautiful photos, diagrams and detailed instructions.The best thing is the option to stitch it all, or even just stitch smaller items for unique gifts.I just love the whole concept!

  379. I saw this on the Country Bumpkin web site before your review and thought it was very charming. I would love to have this house sitting in my sewing room.

  380. I’d kill to get a copy of this book except if I did they’d take away my scissors and needles when they put me in jail, so what would be the point?!

  381. Oops! In my previous comment I obviously hadn’t read the instructions since I didn’t say what I liked best about the book. that would be the construction information. It’s a very cleverly put-together project.

  382. Mary I would love to have a copy of Carolyn Pearce’s new book. By your review and the pictures it would really be fun to make for my daughter and then maybe just as much fun to make one for myself. Thank you

  383. Greetings;
    My favorite part would be the no-nonsense instructions. Judging from your review of the book; the instructions, diagrams and pictures explaining the construction of the house and accessories appear to be straight forward enough so that a beginner, like me, could build on what she has learned from your website and complete the projects.
    Thanks, Deyonne

  384. Mary – This is a wonderful give-away! I love everything about this little box, but if I had to choose what I love most I’d say it’s the “innards” – all those adorable holders for our needlework tools. Too cute! Thank you – and Country Bumpkin – for making this available.

  385. My favorite part of this book is the rose bush on the front of the house…and the needle book!
    RMondragon Taos NM

  386. This little cottage is so sweet. While I love the entire house, the accessories are very nice and would make great gifts (who am I kidding?? I’m still working on a friend’s birthday gift, the little needlework book from “Inspirations” with the strawberries and bullions!). The wonderful thing about Country Bumpkin books is that their instructions are always easy to follow. And if it takes a while to finish one project before going on to the next, the books are so inspirational, I just take them to bed with me and imprint the projects in the creative part of my brain for later (I think it’s still there…). Thanks, Mary. I’ve bought quite a few of the books in my embroidery library based on your reviews. And thanks for the opportunity, Country Bumpkin!

  387. Heavens! What a treat! How can I possibly choose what I like best among the house, the accessories, and the instructional content? But, being a book learner, I have to go with the content. As much as I admire the house and the accessories, I can’t create them without the words. As a technical editor, I live and breathe instructions. To be able to write so that others can learn is a gift. I give away everything I make. I would love to have this book to make something for myself that I would cherish forever! Thank you for sharing this book with us.

  388. Mary:
    I am drooling over this book, and will have to order it – IF I don’t get lucky and win! My favorite part would be all the accessories, so you can practice before making the lovely box. Can’t wait!

  389. This book is a treasure to all embroidery lovers….the house with the accessories is awesome. I would love to have this book.

  390. This book is a tresure for all embroidery lovers. The house with accessories is really awesome. Iwould love to have this book

  391. I fell in love with this little embroidered box! I am a quilter, but recently have been obsessed with all things embroidery. I take my stitchin to work with me, I am a school bus driver and have lots of waiting time…my little bag goes with me wherever I go. I have learned to stitch mostly online, through blogs and youtube. I love this project mostly for the instructions, there is a tremendous variety of stitches and materials, beads and whatnots. Opportunity to “make it my own” with supplies I can find here in the US…I know that my friends are gonna stitch along with me on this one! Maybe we will start a group! PLEASE DONT MAKE ME WAIT UNTIL APRIL, WHEN IT WILL BE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!!

  392. The books looks like something that could be useful, as well as, an intricate craft for a storage box. The different sides of the box looks like a wonderful gift to make for someone.
    Thank you and Country Bumpkin for your generous offer as a giveaway.

  393. OMG, this is the cutest project book I have ever seen. My favorite is the bunny by the front door. Can you just imagine how fun it would be to have this treasure all finished and filled up. Love it!!!Thank you and Country Bumpkin.

  394. Mary, so thoughtful of you to consider this for a giveaway. The book looks wonderful, the house is awesome and what I like the most is that it is a project book that provides instructions to make the house and learn as you go. Thanks for the opportunity!

  395. I love the idea of constructing the house. It would be so fun to make a whole little village of them!

  396. I love it! A place for everything, and everything in its place! I love that each element is so richly embroidered and the designs are just lovely. Boxes are a favorite of mine and this little cottage is so exquisite. Takes my breath away!

  397. Hi Mary,

    Its gonna add double cheers to Christmas with this great giveaway!!

    I just loved everything about abt it.,. the house was sooo pretty!!! Showcasing 55 stiches all in one, it would be a great project to get the hands on! The instructions looked pretty clear and detailed as well..

  398. It’s the house itself which intrigues me the most. Stitching and assembling it would be kind of like building my own little cottage! The variety of stitches adds so much personality.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a copy of this book. 🙂

  399. I love doing crosstitch and hardanger and have not done much embroidery. I think this project could make me a convert. It is outstanding and it would have to go to the top of the to do list. Can hardly wait for it to become available.
    Alice CA.

  400. I love the trees and flowers on the box sides. I spent 5 years searching for threads and buttons for her Village Bag project and 2 months of stitching to complete it. This looks like another excellent challenge from Carolyn.

  401. Hi Mary – This is exciting! I sent your review to my kids and asked them to put the book on my wish list!
    What I really like most about this book is that I can create, learn and master different stitches using my needlework skills. I like to learn through projects. I am self-taught and I’ve learned by reading clear stitch guides. I LOVE projects that are beautiful with a variety of stitches.

    Your review made me feel confident that I will be guided step by step through the process. This book will masterfully take me through all the stitches and each of the project to create a beautiful piece. And I promise, I’ll keep you posted one project at a time because I would really appreciate your feedback as well!!Thank-you- Sharon

  402. My favorite part is simply the entire house–you can set it out anywhere just to have a hiding place for stitching items. This book shows a charming and fun way to create a little cottage after having the enjoyment of learning and applying all of the stitches. Shrink me nad I’ll live in it!

  403. Hi Mary,
    I absolutely adore all parts of this book as I have seen it reviewed on your site and that of Country Bumpkin. If I was hard pressed to choose I would probably work the ‘smalls’. Thank you for your generosity in giving away the books and your wonder web site which gives endless encouragement and tons of information to us stitchers. Penny JB

  404. Mary this is a wonderful chance to win a book that I REALLY would like to have. There ae so many techniques in this book. I have dabbled in some of them, but would love to make this house and all the accessories just for the beauty of the project. It would make a wonderful conversation piece to showcase handwork and be very utilitarian as well. If I were going to BATB this would be one of the purchases I would be bring back autographed. Love, love, love.

  405. I love the little scenes around the house. I am also very interested in the finishing instructions. I would be thrilled to be picked for a free book!!!

  406. My favorite part of the book is that when the roof of the beautiful house is lifted, there are rooms with lovely accessories in them.

  407. Oh how I love that little house and all its sewing contents! The best part for me is that with the super instructional section, I will really be able to make it my own without much guesswork. I’ve seen so many wonderful things to construct but the instructions were so sketchy that I’d get completely discouraged before I “never” began!

  408. Dear Mary,
    Thank you so much for all the things you share on your blog–it’s been so much fun to read and learn!
    I love the fact that the lessons and ideas in this book can be applied to other things as well. Also what you said about the book being all about learning, and particularly the pleasure of learning in such beautiful and inspiring surroundings.
    Much Love,

  409. I just ran across your site and was looking around…O.M.G. I saw your Home Sweet Home Giveaway. Unfortunately, this is the first time seeing your book, so I cannot enter of course. But I just wanted you to know, I’ve “NEVER” seen such “GORGEOUS” work. I’ve recently became disabled and do not get out much, so I’m looking for projects I can do at home (although that’s difficult also, because I can’t sit too long). My question is do you sell this BOOK and or the COTTAGE her on your website? If so, what is the price. I guess I should have searched your site a little more before emailing you, but I just got so excited when I saw it…also, I need to get up and walk around. Thanks, Frances

  410. the house appeals to me – an embroidery project with an element of mystery to the passerby…enticing them to look and even peek – it’s not a tissue box …it’s not a jewelry box. The instructional content seems to be OUTSTANDING and easy to follow. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I LOVE YOUR blog.

  411. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for sharing the information about this book with all of us. It would be a challenging year-long project for most of us.

  412. As soon as I read your review, I knew I just HAD to have this book! First of all the challenge of doing all the stitching both the house and the contents, and secondly, to have a lovely talking point when I go to stitching days around our Guild region!

    It would be lovely to win the book and get an advance read of it!

  413. Hi Mary! I really like to see what our Australian friends are up to! I like the instructional aspects of what was shown of the book. And I like the insprational ideas that are sure to rise up. Thanks to you and to Country Bumpkin!

  414. The house and its contents are all wonderful. What I like best is the “Beatrix Potter” feel to the designs. I will definitely be making this to go with my Mrs. Rabbit figurines. Thanks to you and Country Bumpkin for this marvelous giveaway. Sure hope I win.

  415. I think my favorite part of the book will be the instructions on making the box as this will allow me to scale it up, do my own variation, etc. and have a useful item at the end! I hope I win a copy!
    Ann in Surrey, BC

  416. What a treasure, lovely to look at, easy to read and a wonderful project to keep. I am new to embroidery and as I live in the far northern reaches of Botswana books, magazines and the web are my teachers. Project books provide a particularly useful and satisfying way of learning. The outcome is a thing of beauty and the process develops my skills.

  417. I ordered this gorgeous on the 16th September from Country Bumpkin here in Australia; because I think it is just the most exquisite little house with all the critters and so on. Of course the bibs and bobs will be beautiful and useful too, what’s more they will all match each other! I started checking the mail box daily and then oh no we have to wait until the middle of November. Now it is December and still no book – hope my tears at seeing it again on your email don’t short out my computer!

  418. As I am a very new to embroidery I liked the small asscessories best. Not only are they beautiful but the smaller projects would be less intimidating for a new sticher to tackle. I also love your site for all of the instructional helps and free patterns that you share. Patty Daw Ft. Walton Beach, Fl

  419. this is a truly beautiful project, and will make a lovely family heirloom.
    The best part for me is the embroidery detail.
    each picture could stand alone as a single item.
    I love it and would dearly love to win it.
    Rosemary from South Australia.

  420. Carolyn has created a book that combines learning about so many threads and techniques with stitching that turns into a lovely functional piece. It’s inspirational!

  421. The part that appeals most to me is the house itself. While the contents are lovely, I probably wouldn’t make those… just the house and then variations of it along with some little dolls for my granddaughter.

  422. My friend made this little house in a workshop at Koala Conventions with Carolyn Pearce and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is absolutely gorgous. The attention to detail is superb and the lucky winner will be delighted with this wonderful project. I have already pre-ordered the book so am not entering the compition but I know the lucky winner will be thrilled.

  423. This is Lorraine from Saratoga Springs. Now I love the box. Years ago my favorite toy was my dollhouse. It fell apart. When I grew up I wrote a poem about my dollhouse. This embroidered box is a House and how I envision decorating the outside of a dollhouse. Spectacular. I then would have an absolutely gorgeous heirloom to give to my great grandchild. If I don’t win I will give my very first embroidered dresser scarf that I embroidered at age 10 and put it in my then “hope chest” which was my dresser drawer.
    What a beauty-the colors were questionable. Ha Ha

  424. oh dear, what’s not to love about the entire book. the house, the accessories, the colours, the techniques, the intricacies. my bookcase would be chuffed to have this book sitting on it…when i am not using it, that is. thank you for the opportunity.

  425. The accessories definitely, though I will admit the instructional content is high on the list. It is an adorable set, the big question would be keep it or regift to my best friend.

  426. Wow! Who could choose just one item! Like any great piece of art, you could look at this project indefinitely and still find something new to amaze and excite you. The project would truly be an heirloom that would inspire future generations to take up the needle and create!

  427. How could I choose a favourite when the whole book lookes totally inspirational, so it would have to be the detailed instuctions on how to achieve such perfect cuteness.
    I saw this advertised in the recent Inspiations magazine and showed it to hubby, hint hint, and thought, I will just have to save my pocket money as he said ‘ oh that’s pretty’ and turned back to his book.
    Thank you for giving everyone a chance to win this little gem Mary and Country Bumpkin
    Karen in Kettering UK

  428. This book is an example for how the world has to be. A cosy, friendly and shining world.You will make this house with several friends and you have to work together.

  429. My Embroidery/quilting group of 9 members have just completed “The Embroidered Village bag” by Carolyn Pearce as a group challenge we all enjoyed doing this so much, and also adding our own individual touch to it, we were excited to read that she had a new design which is the embroidery work box and have talked about buying this book for our next group Challenge, I would love to win this book for the group.

  430. I would love this project book. Everything about it is just adorable, but the little rabbit by the front door is probably my favorite, along with that pretty tree. I am curious how the whole thing is constructed, too. Iam sure the possibilities for something like this are endless 🙂

  431. that cottage is adorable! i plan to make a pin cushion similar to this one. i have learned so much from this web site! keep up the good work.

  432. My favorite part is the instructional, or maybe the panels, or wait . . . maybe the little creatures surrounding the cottage or the lovely plantings. Maybe it is the techniques, or even the beautifully designed accessories. Of one thing I am certain . . . This is a lovely book, one certain to be treasured and referred to for a long time.

  433. This book is a collectible for an artist. It is an heirloom book with the level of detail for anyone minimally knowledgeable of handwork. It’s contents create a magic house….a magic box….holding treasures. This project is definitely one to enjoy making for personal possession. My favorite accessory is the pin cushion. I am amazed and in awe of the functionality of the completed house and all the accessories as well as the beauty of this book. With all our digital conveniences and pdf files and notebooks for ebooks, I still buy books, especially those you recommend, Mary. Thanks for your reviews, Ginger Lane in WV and SC

  434. I love the house and the flowers on it.As per your review,I believe that the instructions are up to the mark.Colorful pictures alone do not make a book.So for me ,the house and the instructions for making it is what makes it worthwhile.

  435. I would love to add this beautiful book to my collection. The delicate details are what I enjoy the most. Thanks for the chance to own this book, Mary!!

  436. I love all the beautiful details, especially the insects, the ladybird and bee and the flowers.

  437. I really love the superb strawberry on the side! The whole house is wonderful, it reminds me of chilhood stories.

  438. I love the luscious house/home best!
    Its charm and appeal stem from a careful combination of textures stitches, soft appealing colors and the charm that perhaps with good instruction – I could actually accomplish this needlework! The sweet appeal of carefully planned and executed needlecraft. A giant “ah” factor. I believe that this little home speaks to the old fashioned nesting instinct – to gather the tiniest, most charming little soothers to get through the day.

    Please enter me in your contest – I am soo glad you found this book! Charlotte

  439. Oh, Mary!
    The entire book is just fabulous – I had already viewed the you tube video many times! I
    love the house most – the different designs & stitches on each side, but especially the roof tiles. Truly a wonderful project!

  440. This is such a lovely project. The items are neat, pleasing to look at and supplies a wonderful storage area. Very pleasing use of color. Most of all I am excited about the different stitches used beyond the basics. The instructions alone are valuable and can be incorporated in other projects. We never stop learning or being reminded of stitches we knew.

  441. Uma casa deve ser tecida com fios alegres e coloridos como nossos dias.
    Uma casa deve ser bordada dia a dia, com amor, amizade e carinho. Belíssima obra!
    Lindos bordados!
    Lindos como nossos dias.
    érica naves

  442. My favorite thing about this book is that glorious little cottage on the cover!! It’s too charming for words. I’d love to have my very own!!

  443. I had read about Home Sweet Home on the Country Bumpkin web site. While I don’t know if I would actually make the house I can already think of a couple friends who would appreciate the lovely accessories. Plus, I think the directions would be wonderful as they are with Inspirations and A-Z books. They are a good reference when doing other projects.

  444. I think my favorite part are all of the smaller projects, especially the instructions for finishing.

  445. The whole thing is just so lovely but the house itself is what drew me. The flowers on the side are really very charming. I like too that this is a project that would very likely take me some time to finish. The older I get the more I appreciate such things it seems. Is that odd?

    Thanks for the giveaway Mary. I had thought to order it when I first saw it here but the price is a bit beyond me at the moment (being Christmas and all that).

  446. I love the rabbit and the tree/vine creeping up the wall of the house. Absolutely beautiful. The step by step instructions look really good–especially for someone like me who is not very adept with embroidery.

  447. Hi, Something about textile houses always gets me – quilted, stuffed, whatever. Little houses are just too sweet. Love it.

  448. The house itself is what drew me the most. I have to admit, I’m in love with that little bunny next to the front door. 🙂

  449. You use the word “besotted” in your review. That sums it up for me. I am besotted with the whole thing, beginning with the embroidered bunny, the flowers and strawberries, the whole idea of a 3D embroidered cottage, but then, oh swoon, opening it up to reveal more treasures inside, each as delightful as the house, and practical. The fact that I could actually make this myself makes it a must-have book. I already have ideas other than a workbox for this. I can’t decide what I like best about it…maybe the fact that is is a door opening to some wonderful crafty adventures.

  450. HI Mary
    The title appeals to me the most. I have moved 1800 miles across the country from KCK to Oregon last month and am in need of my “home sweet home”! Being in transition is always challenging, enlightening but really tiring…..everything we own are in boxes right now!
    I just love the accessories in this book and would love to make some of these projects to help my rented townhome start to feel like home!
    Thanks so much

  451. I think it’s a toss up between the instructional content and the adorable projects. they’re just so beautiful.

  452. Your review of this book is so thorough! How does one decide just one thing to love about it? At first the house itself drew me in, then the smalls were so cute; but for me the reason I just have to have this book is the details in how to construct the tray and the overall construction of the house. I haven’t worked on a project that opens at the top the way this particular house does. The book looks like it would be drool worthy just to look through its beautiful pages. Thanks for sharing the info!

  453. I love the house the most but all the little extras are very cool as well. I just love the detail work on the house – especially the flowers!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  454. I love the accessories. With limited time, I am always looking for mini pieces that can work up quickly. With these it seems I could satisfy that itch but then have a really nice coordinated set that might make me sit down to finish the bigger piece.

  455. Oh Mary!! I can’t tell you how badly I want this book!! When I gave my family my Christmas Wish list, this was the very first item on my very short list! I am rather picky about the books I buy. And use the ones I have OFTEN! This will be more than a book to sit on my shelf. I plan on making the entire project and soaking in all the beauty and knowledge from cover to cover. I don’t think I have a favorite ‘thing’, It’s the WHOLE BOOK! All the projects, the delicate little flowers and adorable critters, the way they all nestle together when they are completed… Aaahhhh… I can’t wait to get started! I haven’t been THIS excited about a project in a very long time! I usually enjoy creating things for my friends and family but this time, the first one will be for ME!
    Happy Holidays! May the Season bring Joy and Laughter to us All….
    ~Sandi Ratliff (Happy Stitcher in Florida)

  456. Hi Mary A friend forwarded this to me, I am pretty much a newbie at silk embroidery, she has tried to get me involved by sending this over to me. I must admit this is the most beautiful book I have seen!! Where does one start with what they love, I love ALL of it! I’m sure this book would be the one to get me started with hand embroidery. Thank you for reviewing it. Cheryl Binkley CA

  457. I would love to win this book. I love the little projects and how wel she seems to explain how to do them. As a new embroiderier. I think I could learn a lot from these projects. I just love the ideas.

  458. I would love to win the book because that little house is calling my name! LOL Everything about the book appeals to me, especially the instructional content.But my very favorite part is the little house.

  459. Oh, such a pretty book – my favourites are the sections about the construction of the box and the shown pincushions are so pretty 🙂

  460. With limited time, I am always looking for mini pieces that can work up quickly and that I can carry with me so I can take advantage of small little snippets of time. With these it seems I could satisfy that itch but then have a really nice coordinated set that would inspire me to finish the bigger piece.

  461. What an enchanting little house this is. It has true fairy tale qualities. I especially love the orange tree. I think I would most enjoy stitching the little accessories. Thank you for the opportunity to win, Mary, and Happy Holidays to all the embroiderers out there.

  462. Dear Mary,
    I must have the bunny at the front door of the house! All four sides are wonderful but the front door bunny is the best.

    I had knee replacement surgery on November 21, 2011 and I used a baby quilt cross stitch kit as a crutch to get me through the waiting room appointments, hours of rehab and just plain boredom. The 12 inch squares fit into a convenient size tote and was always available. I purchased the A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2 and kept it in the tote, too. Instead of all cross stitch, satin stitch and back stitch recommended I substituted many of the stitches with more interesting stitches such as rope stitch, coral stitch, ladder stitch, Romanian stitch, and Hungarian Braided stitch.

    I tried the Plaited Braid stitch in the book unsuccessfully but did achieve the braid stitch in your tutorial to make a “fine” dumpster body for the dump truck. The spider web made great hub caps on the dump truck and racing cars.

    It has been wonderful fun and I learned a lot.
    I am to have the second knee replacement surgery on December 19, 2011 and I would love to have Carolyn Pearce’s Home Sweet Home: An Embroidered Workbox project to start during this recovery. I enjoy needlework projects that can be fun, lovely, and serve a useful purpose. I have just the place to put the finished product.

    Thank you for filling many lonely, painful hours with something to anticipate and a tangible reward at the end.

    Debbie Brian

  463. I had always wanted to make a quilt with little houses until I saw a finished embroidered house at my local EGA meeting. It was breath-taking! I would love to know how to do one so this book would be perfect for the project.

    Thanks Mary!
    Claudia from NJ

  464. Hi Mary ~ What a lovely complete project. Each side of the house has its individual charm, but the bunny and Spring blossoms on the front is my favorite. I have a friend who does this kind of projects – complete sets. Her work is amazing – it would be as beautiful as in the book. I would love to win this – I would give it her.
    Happy Holidays to all.
    Sharon Shetley

  465. What a beautiful project. I love the accessories inside the house the best.
    A chance to win this book; Would be delightful!!!!

  466. What do I like about this book? What’s not to like? The pictures I’ve seen online are yummy and I think it’d make a great coffee table book when I’m finished with the house and the accessories! I especially want to make the scissor fob as I collect scissors and like to have a hand-made fob on every pair. Enjoy your weekend! – Wendy in South Carolina

  467. Oh boy! This is so neat. I think my favorite part are the trees growing by the side of the house. The accessories are cute, too. The whole house is like stumpwork, but more functional. I could see doing some of the animals in stumpwork instead of appliqué.

    Thanks for this review!

  468. Hello,
    I learnt about this book review through Racaire. I do love everything about this book, workbox, accessories etc. But if I have to choose one, as a beginner, I would say I like the detailed instruction with step by step illustration.
    Thank you for reviewing this lovely book.

  469. What a generous offer! The whole house is darling, and I really love the smalls (the little tools), but I think what appeals to me most about this is the idea of working through the whole book as a project, and learning all the new techniques. I’ve mostly done counted work and have been wanting to branch out into more surface embroidery, but despite collecting some issues and books from “Inspirations,” haven’t taken the plunge. Oddly enough, I find the idea of starting at the beginning of this book and working straight through to the end, doing every bit, really energizing!


  470. I love this house…wouldn’t it be great to use also as a little house for my granddaughters to play with…and one for me with the accessories!

  471. Mary, this is the most exciting way to display a “Samplier” that I have seen in a long time. The Cottage drew me in and the idea of the instructions to help to bring it all together. A Keepsake for sure and a beautiful gift for a newly married couple to house their memories to come. A cute jewelry box for a young girl and the display of a embroidery box and the small items by my favorite chair to enjoy and pass down this lovely heirloom. Carolyn has given such a beautiful gift to all of us.

  472. I love the way the decorations on the box really suit the idea of a cosy home, as well as being able to be used as motifs in themselves for other projects.

  473. Yikes! What to choose, what to choose? I’m loving the cottage, the accessories, and the instructional portion, but if you insist that I choose, then I choose the instructional portion. Til now, have only done quilting and counted cross stitch…but want to try my hand at embroidery. Found your website via the DMC website. Thanks for such a wonderful site, and thanks for the book review.

  474. Oh dear! I deleted my comment when trying to get un-notified of follow up comments on this thread..way too many comments in my email folder! So, here we go again. I love everything about this project. The different stitches, the cottage itself, the mullioned windows, the critters, the bee and skep which reminds me of my grandpop. The best thing is the fact that it is decorative “and” serves a purpose – my favorite mix. Thanks so much for the give-a-way, and good luck everyone!

  475. Why must I have this book? Oh! let me count the ways…First, as a Country Bumpkin publication, I know I’ll get thorough and accurate instructions that are truly usable. Second, I want to make the little house and fill it with all the goodies pictured – or at least start with the smalls. Third, I want to adapt some of the features and motifs on the sides of the project to a little embroidered box house I have already started – A languishing UFO that I have decided MUST get done this winter… perhaps this book will help me with some of the technical issues I am having with my box; I think this is the biggest reason I feel I need this book. And last but not least, there’s the adorable rabbit – what can I say? Even if I don’t win it from you, I’m preparing for Mr. Bunny to arrive in the mail along with the beehive and the beetles and the flowers and vines…I’ll just have to budget this in somehow.

    Thanks so much for reviewing it,
    elisabeth in CT

  476. I have to say that I would love to make the house, and the tray for inside. I’d then put all my old needleworking treasures from my mother and grandmother inside. Thanks for a chance to win Mary!

  477. Oh, Mary–thank-you again! Not only for the chance to win the book but for your generosity in sharing your needlework world. Reading your blog is like having a very special angel who shares knowledge and inspiration like gold dust.
    What do I like best about the book? Well, everything, but I think that learning how to construct the little house would enable me to make more houses that could be personalized for very, very, very special family members. Thanks again!

  478. From what I’ve seen of the book, what I like the most in it is the attention to detail – in all senses: not only the is house’s decoration full of delightful little things to discover, but its interior seems so well-designed, and the instructions seem to be very clear and thoughtful. It’s amazing how much you can learn making a single item!

  479. Such an awesome giveaway!
    I love the stitching on the beautiful cottage and the accessories that go with it.
    Such a beautiful heirloom to make and display. Thelma from Arkansas

  480. I have always wanted to make an embroidered box and this one is so lovely with all the different designs on every side.
    have a wonderful Holiday season
    Ilkley in Brisbane

  481. I’ve been wanting to make one of these needlework sets, and what better example than one by Inspirations with all those fantastic, detailed instructions. The floral details on each side of the house are a dream.

  482. The house is lovely, and the bunny is too cute! But I most look forward to the instructional portion, so I can learn to recreate some of the beaytiful details! Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a copy of this wondeful book!

  483. My favorite part is the instructional material. I would love to learn how to construct the workbox and all of the accessories.

  484. What a beautiful idea! I am checking my budget to see if I can afford this for myself or if I will have to wait for post-Christmas financial “stability”. Note: I do not make mention of buying it for anyone else before buying it for myself – 😉

    I can see this project becoming an heirloom for a little girl or young lady from a beloved aunt or grandmother. Just lovely…..

  485. I love your daily tutorials, and have a great many saved in a file…if only i could manufacture time!…i looked up this book on line and totally intend to make the little house, however i will wait for amazon.com to come out with it as the shipping costs from australia are a bit prohibitive…thank you for the opporunity to win this lovely book from your site…Dianne

  486. I am loving the thread cutter cover and I don’t even own a thread cutter, but I would buy one just for this! I love the bee skep actually I would love the whole cottage and all the pieces that go with it.

  487. The cottage is just so pretty! I want to stitch it and I want to live in it! And the extras, well what can I say?! I just adore all those little extra pretty things! It’s one of those “needful” things. I NEED to hold the book, I NEED to buy the supplies. I just NEED it period!

  488. I’ve been following your blog for a while am just in awe of your work! But it’s also a wonderful learning source as well. This book looks so awesome on many levels; I think that the part that I would enjoy the most is the instructions. I’ve made a few pieces requiring “construction” and it’s very interesting and it sounds like this book would be a great addition to my reference library.

    Thank you for all your wonderful pieces you share with us.

    Debby in Colorado

  489. I like the quirky house. What also appeals is that the instructions appear to be very thorough (they even show you how to build the inner tray).

  490. I absolutely LOVE the little cottage and would absolutely love to see one in my home! I guess I have to win the book in order for that to happen!

  491. I love the house. The instructions look detailed and illustrated but the best part is the design on the sides of the house. It is just darling.

  492. This is one of the cutest projects I’ve seen. I love all of it. Most of all I love the instructional value of the project and all the inticate details…Did I say I love it!!
    Peggy in Waterloo

  493. As I have said before, I love Country Bumpkin books and I am sure this will be no different. The thing I love the most, which I learned from your review Mary, is that although the whole book is devoted to this one project, the techniques are quite portable and can be used elsewhere. But what really grabs the heartstrings are those glorious jewel-like little oranges in the basket under the tree.

  494. There’s so much that attracts me to this book that it’s hard to pick just one thing! But I’m especially drawn to the designs on the side of the house – the flowering tree by the front door, the fruit tree with an overflowing basket and all the other little details.

  495. The rabbits. I love the rabbits. I’ve made one simple box from “Making Hand-Sewn Boxes” by Jackie Woolsey, a book you reviewed in 2010. A simple box, but it turned out well and I’d like to try the more complex interiors in “Home Sweet Home.” And the rabbits. Always the rabbits.

  496. I really like all those beautiful accessories. The book seems to have very detailed instructions, with so many photos to go along with the instructions. That’s definitely a good thing!

  497. The embroidery instructions look absolutely amazing. Although I’m not sure which intrigues me more, the photographic directions or the exquisite charm of the project. I’ve always wanted to live within the pages of Helen Craig’s illustrations. This charming cottage certainly reflects the same wonder. I’d love to win a copy. Thank you for the opportunity.

  498. Home Sweet Home did such a good job on the instructions in their book, you just can’t go wrong. I would love to make the box. I have a table next to where I work that is always a mess with threads, needles and etc. The box would look nice setting there and I could find everything. What a wonderful project! Debra Puma

  499. I think the entire book is wonderful, the pictures,written discriptions etc… This book would be a wonderful addition to my library. I would love to win this book so I could create this project from doing the embroidery to finally bringing the project into a three dimensional piece…My favorite part of the book are the instructions. If feel that the combination of written instructons and the pictoral instructions are the best way to enable a person (me) to complete this project.

  500. Although the whole of this book, from what I’ve seen in your review looks fabulous. I think the bits that really interest me are the stitching accessories. I love making different needle cases and scissor cases and pin cushions and… you get the idea!

  501. I was looking through some of my stash while tidying up this weekend, and found some items that I was given years ago that now I’m not keen on doing as I have “grown” in my likes and now don’t like simple things that much. The challenge for me is to attempt to do a project that tests my skills, and which I end up saying: “I didn’t know I would be able to make this”. This book would certainly take me out of my comfort zone and stretch my learning curve. Its wonderful today that authors can still come up with projects like this which are so innovative and appealing and provide terrific instructions so we don’t fall by the way. (And yes, that bunny is very cute!!).

    Julie in Australia

  502. I simply love the photo of the finished project, the house as it stands with its scattered accessories, so I would vote the house the best.It brings out the little girl in me rather than the sewing enthusiastic and gives me the feeling of having a doll’s house, which I never had in my childhood.There will be all kinds of books but not one like this.

  503. Hi Mary,

    I love everything about the book and the project, but possibly my favorite part is the instructions for some new stitches and techniques. This looks like the perfect project to take up the rest of the winter while waiting for spring – a condition you are probably very familiar with since you are located less than 100 miles west of me – I’m in Southwester Missouri.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the book

    Kathy Pennington

  504. Mary
    You are so generous to give us a chance to win this book. The house is simply gorgeous and having such an excellent stitcher giving instructions of the stitching and construction of the house is a real treasure. Please enter my name in the give away.

  505. Wow! What a great book. A treasure trove of information and a treasure to make. What could be better! I think the construction techniques would be the thing that I would be most interested in. And teh instructions look very detailed. Thanks so much for the detailed review and the giveaway!


  506. Good Morning Mary,
    What a truly delightful idea – a little cottage to create with all the proper attachments. I have a fondnest (actually obsession would be more accuate) for scissors fobs, needle holers, etc. How much fun to create all these things and more on a cold winters evening. Then, tuck them safely in their newly created cottage for safe keeping and most important ready for use. For this senior it would be a dream come true.

  507. I would love this book! I think that the bunny is so cute. Making the house with all those nice instructions, you can’t go wrong. I see lot of possibilities. Thanks for a wonderful drawing. Love your newsletter and website.

  508. This is an amazing book! I adore the tree with the beehive and the instruction/demo pages are excellent! My creative juices are overflowing with ideas to make the cottage and accessories my own. Many times, how-to books do not have quality pictures and concise instructions, however, “Home Sweet Home” is easy for everyone to understand in order to create the projects.

  509. What a beautiful book ! I’ve lost my heart to the little house, its simply beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway..

  510. Hi Mary,

    Thank you so much for all that you do. I’ve learned quite a bit from the website & continue to use the instructions area every time I need a stitch refresher.

    As to the book, I would say the house is what appeals to me most considering the first thing I thought was “Wonder if I can make that house into an etui?” I love the overall look and the fact that there are all the neat accessories inside makes it even better (maybe whole village?)

    Thank you so much for sharing two copies of the book, I’m sure whomever you choose as the recipients will have a very happy holiday this year.

  511. I guess my first comment is lost in cyber space somewhere. I love this box and would dearly love to have the book. There are so many new stitches to learn…lol! Ever since I made the needlebox with the tudor rose in it, i’ve been bitten by the box bug! I’ve been gathering supplies little by little so that after christmas when the weather is bad and I can’t get out and about, I’ll have something to do to arrest the cabin fever! I use a walker and am unable to go outside when there is snow and/or ice on the sidewalks and parking lots. This etui would be a great anti-cabin fever remedy. You’re very good to offer so much of your knowledge and expertise to the world. Thanks ever so much.


  512. I recently visited the V & A museum in London and marvelled at Martha Edlin’s embroidered casket.To have created such a masterpiece at 11 years old is a feat of craftsmanship that I can only dream of.I saw the picture on the front of this book and thought, yes this is something I can do, it is beautiful and practical. It would stretch my capabilities to the limit but I think when completed would have a wow factor all of its own.So what I love most are the photographs and close ups of each part of the box

  513. I have a special corner in my heart for Country Bumpkin. (Small houses and accessories also fit in that corner. If you’ve never experiences Country Bumpkin, start with this sweet house.

  514. I’ve never seen anything quite like this box! It’s beautiful and the best part-after reading/looking at your review is, I could do this!! The instructions step by step look very detailed. When you look at the finished product it’s overwhelming but one step at a time is possible for me! The perfect project to expand my horizons. I must say you have exposed me to so much in the embroidery world over the last 2 yrs I’ve been following you Mary. Thank you.

  515. It’s definitely about the house! When something as large as a house is miniaturized, it magically transports us. All the rest is there to inform us that something useful and worthwhile will come of the adventure. Thank you for all your great book reviews.

  516. I Love inspirations magazine and after futile attempts to find it locally recently I decided to subscribe. That is where I first saw this book. I fell in love with it. I love, love, love this whole thing. I am intrigued by learning new stitches. I have wanted to make an embroidered box for a while and this one is the one. So please put me on the list for a chance at this book. I just hope I can find all the components to complete it. I would love to make that my new year’s start. I love the details of the little animals and there is no place like home.

  517. My favorite part is the roses on the front of the house and in some of its accessories. I love the fact that this is functional and for what you’ve shown of the book, it looks like it’s perfectly explained with diagrams and pictures which I think are very important because I’m a beginner.
    This book definitely reminded me of home, when I was a kid I used to play with my mom’s craft work box (I still do sometimes :p), it was fun to play with those trays full of buttons and thread spools. Happy moments indeed!
    I also wanted to thank you because I found your review of one of Trish Burr’s books very useful and I finally received the book and I’m very happy with it!

  518. My favorite part is the house…I just love the little bunny and tree by the door. It would make such an adorable gift me to make for my step-mother, who loves to embroider. I think the instructional part and accessories just become like the icing on the cake to help make it all complete.

  519. Hi Mary, This is such a lovely book! I love all the bits that go into it and the fact that the instructions are included on how to make them. I also love the instructions on how to make up the box, my husband and I want to design a casket each for our 3 daughters as a heirloom keepsake, and this book would be extremely helpful!

  520. Incredible is the only word for the house! The instructions and illustrations seem to be so clear that I think I could actually make the box and all the tiny tools therein…what fun to try! I discovered your website about nine months ago and I’m using it as my “carrot” to make me check my email every day.Thank you for being so generous with your talents in this area. I finally understand how to do a satin stitch that looks okay.

  521. This book can be used in many different ways – it walks you through creating a sewing casket in the shape of house along with the little accessories that make a casket so much fun to explore but it also includes instructions for 55 different stitches and on assembling 3 dimensional structues. All this along with gorgeous pictures.

  522. Hi Mary, I love your website and look forward to reading it. My favorite part of the project is the house, but especially the bunny. What a sweetie. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.

  523. My favourite part of this book is the house and how all of the little accessories fit inside. It would be such a conversation piece and a pleasure to work. Thank-you for the opportunity to win.

  524. Hi Mary
    Caroline Pearce’s thoughtful explanations and detailed directions assists even the most hesitant emboiderer to work – and finish – this delightful project; in whole or part. Each part of the project can also be developmented further in the embroiderers’ own journey in stitch. A very generous book in concept and design.
    Catherine K.

  525. Your review has left me wanting this book. I have many of the a-z books and subscribe to Inspirations Magazine for a number of years now. I have never seen more explicit directions and images. One is never left questioning technique as it is always displayed to perfection. Every little detail is magnificant. I can’t pick out one specific detail that I like best. I Love it All!

  526. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the entire book! I have to say I think my favorite part is the stitching accessories. What avid stitcher doesn’t want pretty things in her collection? I think the most appealing thing in this book is the vast variety of stitches, threads, techniques….it has so much to offer! I love your daily mail. Thanks for providing few minutes each day giving me a chance to breath and do something for myself.

  527. I love absolutely everything I have seen in this book!! Everything is gorgeous. I could not choose a single favorite with months of pouring over it.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  528. I love the box itself! I was so disappointed to learn the book would not be available until the spring. I hope I am a lucky winner!!

  529. Oh my goodness, if that isn’t the cutest project!
    And it looks like it is full of great tips and tricks for making the stitches. I would love this book for the techniques…but would also make some of the projects.

  530. I would love to win this book. I have always wanted to make a stitching house and with this book I think it would be possible. Anything from Country Bumpkin is always first rate and you will learn something from the book. Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful gift, especially during the holidays!

  531. I love this book for it’s variety! I love the house design with all the little details and the matching accessories just add to the project.

    As someone who is relatively new to embroidery, I love the detailed instructions and the accompanying pictures. Just think of the hours of enjoyment we can all get out of this one!!

  532. I absolutely love the projects in this book – I have an obsession with small houses and boxes, and this book combines both! There are so many things to love about this book that it is difficult to choose a favorite, however, I’ll give it a try . . . the beautiful details on each piece (all the adorable animals, bugs, flowers, etc) demand a closer look – there is so much to see and appreciate! These details, and the variety of stitches used to complete them, make these projects a work of art that I will be able to proudly display in my home (“Yes, believe it or not, I made that!”) and one day pass on to my grandchildren.

  533. I would love to win this book. I love everything about it. And who doesn’t love a gorgeous homemade box!

  534. Mary,
    This is so sweet of you to give away a copy of this book! I just love the whole look of the house. I would really enjoy embroidering and putting together this house. My house is still in the process of remodeling and it would be nice to be able to finish a house in a few weeks rather than few years (more like 12 years :)) I hope I win.

  535. Mary,

    Thanks for the great review and for this chance. I’ve been interested since I first heard of the book and your review is so helpful. It’s really hard to say what I want the most. I know the instructions will be great as I love Inspirations and all of their A-Z books. That said, it’s the adorable house that really calls to me. So I think it has to be the house. Of course, I’d need to fill the house with those accessories, too!

  536. Man this hits so many of the things that I like, miniature houses, smalls, embroidered trees. I guess my favourite is the house itself with it’s lovely trees. It would be so much fun to do this project. Thanks for reviewing it.

  537. The house itself caught my eye immediately.
    All of the delightful little accessories are simply an additional treat. What a joy this would be to stitch!

  538. Hi Mary,
    When I saw your mail on the give-away, I thought I would not enter as it’s likely to have hundreds of answers, but then I thought “why not”, this time it could my luck.
    I love books and since I’ve been reading your blog, quite a few books have landed on my shelves.. don’t know how.
    This particular book looks fantastic, although I don’t think I would embroider the whole house, the small accessories is what I’d go for, and following virtually step to step instructions is my cup of tea. I like to make small things, suppose because I have no staying power and easily abandon things that take too long to finish.
    Take care.

  539. The house and the accessories are just too cute. They’ve got flowers, animals, fruits and many other interesting things. The accessories include all that you need for sewing and embroidery. It is exciting because it gives a feeling of playing house which we all did as children. I am sure it will be very rewarding once the project is completed.

  540. Dear Mary
    What a fantastic project for 2012. I love every aspect of this book – the storybook cottage, the clear instructions but most of all the cute accessories.
    Thanks for your daily mail!

  541. A beautiful book with very clear instructions for a really innovative way to house a stitchers’ favourite tools & “pretties”! I love it all & would love to own the book so that I could make the house & its contents & drool at the same time!

  542. Love the cottage and all its fine details.Makes me feel like i’m Alice in wonderland,meeting Beatrix Potter and friends, Discovering small details over and over again.Wouldn’t be able to make them without the well explained instructions. Please let this also be for overseas residents, thank you

  543. Hi Mary
    Thanks for reviewing this book, its great to get a look inside before the book is released. The designs by Carolyn Pearce are what appeals to me most. I can see them used not only for making this fantastic work box and accesories but also used in other embroidery pieces. She really designs lovely pieces the projects will be endless.

  544. When I read your review of this book, I immediately fell in love with it! The cottage is so cute, but I also like the fact that every step is explained so well in the book. It would be a great exercise to complete the whole project, what with all the different stitches and skills involved. Thus, I would be over the moon should I be the happy winner. And thanks for the give-away!

  545. Mary: There are two things that appeal to me about this book: (1) I am a sucker for little boxes of any type – embroidered, wooden, tin, you name it; and (2) it reminds me of a favorite tea cosy my English grandmother knitted and embroidered that looked like an English cottage. She knitted the walls with cream wool and the roof with dark gray wool, then embroidered doors, windows, and lots of details such as leafy vines, flower pots, birds, etc., all around the sides. Thank you for making this lovely give-away available. Janet Noble.

  546. This book looks fantastic. Ive never done any 3 dimensional embroidery before so the whole thing is so exciting to me. I particularly like the acessories as I can get those started and finished in the same year!!!!! ( I have a big UFO problem in my house)
    thankyou mary

  547. I love embroidered houses, and to be able to make one this charming that is free-standing would be a delight! Thanks for all the embroidery you have introduced. Yours is the blog I read first, every day!

  548. I like the house and accessories, but the favorite part of this book for me would definitely be the finishing instructions. I’ve been wanting to make a box or chest, and those instructions would really help!

  549. This project book looks awesome. Just from what you have shared with us, I love it. The projects look so charming and doable for me. I could start with some of the little items and get my feet wet. The pictures and the illustrations seem like they would be easy to understand. I love to look at books like these. You learn so much! This is the kind of book that is fun to look at but contains so much information that I can see will be a go to book for many other projects going forward.

    Thanks for sharing!

  550. I think learning about all the finishing techniques would be most interesting. The house is fascinating. LKW in NJ

  551. Oh my … the house really has been on my mind! My husband always told me: if you’re still thinking about it in 3 days, buy it.

    It would even better to win this dream house for my house – to replace my dollhouse, which is still in the garage.

    The tudor rose tape measure is beautiful.

  552. I think tiny things involve a mystery about them. so it always has you looking in to see what more there is. And having flowers all about a house for me to make is pure fun ! I don’t have a blog but I have you on RSS and look foward to your writing every day. Maureen in Tx

  553. Hi
    I love this embroidered home with the accessories- If it had no accessories, then I would love the house alone. The embroidery makes the house
    quaint as though it were in a beautiful garden. It’s a beautiful item for an antique chest of drawers in a bedroom.

  554. Mary, this time your question is so difficult. What i like the most in this book? I do not know. It would be great to have such a house or to make some accessories for my friends. But I guess, that instructional content is the most valuable thing. One could create all town with it.
    Agne Z.

  555. This book looks like a treasure trove of beautiful stitching projects and ideas. It appeals to me as a collector of unique and beautiful (not to mention FUN) sewing accessories, and as a person who likes to stitch a project that has a “use”. I’d love to turn to it for ideas and instructions. I’d start (I think) with my favorite piece (the house) and work my way through the book page by page until I had it filled with sewing treasures. Who knows, long after I’m gone, maybe that house would charm some other person into loving sewing as much as I do. Heaven knows the pleasure that learning sewing CAN bring not only the stitcher, but the beholder.

  556. I have adored miniature houses since I was a small girl and would love to be able to stitch this particular one! While stitching, I would imagine myself inside this wee cottage as a woman of its time stitching away at her “fancies”. Making this home and following the instructional “lessons” would also brush up some of my needle skills that I’ve allowed to languish in a dusty corner somewhere (maybe even in this small cottage!). As always, Mary, thanks for your blog! Noel

  557. I just love this whole set. I like all of it but especially the cottage. Can’t you see it setting on a shelf of its own?

  558. Il libro è strepitoso. Sul web l’ho cercato più volte La parte che mi piace di più è la didattica, infatti non se ne sa mai abbastanza. Avevo provato in passato a fare una casa ricamata così ma ho dovuto sospendere il lavoro per le difficoltà incontrate. Spero con il libro di riuscire. Ciao.

  559. I live in the desert in California. I have visitors from nature every day. So the rabbit at the door has to be my favorite. Of course,
    like everyone else I would love to win one of the books.

  560. A beautiful, interesting book I look forward to reading and thank you for the wonderful review.
    I love the entire cottage and its contents but best of all I like the detailed instructions and logical order in which everything is laid out.

    Best wishes.
    Maureen – Florida

  561. My favourite part of the book is the instructional content. I have just started out in the world of embroidery, and the projects in this book are absolutely fabulous. It is quite tough for a beginner like me, but i am realy starting to love embroidery.

  562. I have seen chatelaines and other collections of sewing implements but I just love the way all the items are combined into one darling little house.


  563. What I love most about this book is that it inspires creativity and imagination. It brings back memories of my childhood fantasies.
    I would love to have this book to guide me in creating embroidered works as keepsakes for my grandchildren.

  564. Adoro o seu site. Sou Portuguesa, desde pequena que gosto de lavores, mas apenas agora estou iniciando o trabalho de bordado o seu site e maravilhas como este livro são a minha inspiração e que me fazer quer ir mais além. Com livros como estes não há vontade desistir e como pessoas como a Mery posso sonhar.

  565. It’s a gorgeous book, with so many wonderful items to stitch. I think I really like the House box best, especially the little critters lurking around. And the orange tree! Love your daily newsletters, thanks c

  566. The English Cottage is so adorable and all the accessories that go with it. I would love to make this as a gift for my 2 grand daughters as a keepsake. They love little houses like this one as well as I do. Just looking at it takes me away to a far off imaginary fairy tale land and seems to relieve all the stress and worries of the everyday life.This book speaks for itself.Winning this book would be such a wonderful gift and if I don’t win and I hope Santa receives my request for this book;)Thanks Mary for this contest and good luck to everyone!

  567. I am hoping to be a lucky winner. What I most like are the small items in the book. I can tell you this, I would probably use the flower designs in other projects that I work on!
    I will check back tomorrow to see who the lucky winner is.

    Love this site for its tutorials and hints!

  568. I love this book! The cottage is fantastic, along with all the accesories. I would stitch every one of them. Country Bumpkin always makes quality books with thorough instructiions. It would be a pleasure to stitch this in the coming New Year.

    Dawn C.
    Southcoast, MA

  569. My favorite part of the book is the detailed instructions. It looks like I could sit and follow them step by step and produce the lovely box and any of the individual components. And to top that off, if I win the book I will pass it along to a very dear friend who has shared her love of needlework with me for more than 25 years.

    Gail from NC

  570. After reading your review, my favorite part would have to be the clear instructions with pictures and a stitch dictionary. Would love to make all the projects in the book and then take that experience to make and design my own projects. Thanks for the chance to win; I enjoy reading your daily newsletter.

  571. I love the accessories and the instructiional content and what appeals to me most is the beauty of it all.

  572. I love this book.Keeping all the little things in one place.I have done needlework for years,and have decided I love surface embroidery best.this is a wonderful book for this.But best of all it would be for me.most everything I make is a gift for someone. Thank You for this chance

  573. Where to start? I appreciate a book with such clear instructions, since I’m home-bound of late and can’t get out to classes. I always wanted a doll house as a child, and I still find miniatures fascinating. Also, I can’t resist the bunny – my 3-year-old granddaughter, Sophie, loves bunnies – and he’s got a carrot! (which Sophie has told me is what bunnies eat). Plus Country Bumpkin does such a beautiful job on their magazines and books – I love just looking through them! That’s much the same reason I enjoy you blog – great ideas and beautiful pictures and ideas. Keep up the good work!
    Tricia from Rochester, NY

  574. I loved the projects in the book, they are so amazingly beautiful. What I liked best though is that it includes the lift out patterns. What a thoughtful inclusion.


  575. I love embroidery. I love the layout of this website and the roof stitch on the workbox, but best of all… I love the bunny! I am a sucker for buns.

    It is so exciting to see your new work on this topic. I carried Erica Wilson’s embroidery book everywhere as a teen and dreamed of projects. Remember she had chapters on goldwork, blackwork, etc? KUTGW

  576. Love it all! I think I would start with some of the smaller projects, but would love to assemble the house.

  577. As always thank you May for the opportunity; all that accessories are lovely and also the instructional part looks great !
    Country Bumpikin publications are always a fantastic source of ideas.

  578. What a fabulous book and giveaway. I love the cottage and would thoroughly enjoy working on this project. If I had to choose just one aspect of the book I would have to say the instruction. You mentioned it walks one through one panel at a time and in stitch sequence. I tend to be a visual learner so having pictures along with a clear explanation for stitches is extremely helpful to me. Thank you again. Blessings, Linda Hardesty

  579. Oooohhh…I’d love this book! I’ve long since run out of places for “hanging art” so what I find very appealing about this book is that it presents a valid (as in worthy) project that will yield a useful item. And to have good instruction for new stitches and other instruction puts it over the top; a whole winter’s worth of learning and fun in one package!

    Many thanks for being so steady at this blog, too. It keeps this old lady out of a lot of trouble; I’m very much isolated at home, especially winters, so I look forward every morning to your visit and seeing what you’ve got going here. 🙂

  580. After reading your review and watching the YouTube video from Country Bumpkin, I think my favorite part of the book would be the instructions. I recently saw a class offered on making an embroidered box but cannot afford the tuition. Having a book like this would show me how to make the box–the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

  581. I loved everything about this book. The “house” itself is so darling and the details make it exquisite. I loved the idea of it being a useful sewing box.

    The book had clear instructions and thought the illustrations really made it easy for us to work on the project.

  582. I love all country bumpkin publications, so after seeing this book in inspirations magazine I said ” I want it” I love box and all needlework accessories. so why not to try?! Thank you Mary for lessons , reviews and for this giveaway!

  583. What a delightful little cottage, it would be such a lovely project to start a new year. All the fun of a new little house without the bother of moving, stay at home and stitch in comfort.

  584. I would love to read this book and get inspired to make my own needlework accessories! While I like the outside of the house, it is the lift out tray inside, full of little organizers and tools, that really catches my eye.

  585. Hi Mary! What a fabulous book to preview! I love the clarity of the instructions and am inspired to attempt the cottage right off the bat. My daughter recently became interested in hand embroidery and have enjoyed sharing and encouraging that interest even though we are miles apart. I also have two young grandaughters that I hope to encourage an interest or at least an appreciation in the art and tradition of hand embroidery. I think the projects in this book could go a long way in encouraging that interest.

  586. I LOVE this book for Two (I’m cheating) reasons: It’s a masterpiece for the amount of work that went into it – it is a beauty because of the tools incorporated with it; and I think the instructional portion of it alone is worth the price of the book since it could be used for myriad other projects.
    As always, thanks Mary!

  587. The over-all finish is truly what I love about this book! The little animals and insects all over it are so charming. It looks like a doll’s house, and if I made it I think I would have to craft a special little dolly to live in it too. The instructions appear to be very clear and detailed so you would have confidence in having your own finish look as good.

  588. What I liked about the book is it’s wide appeal–to miniaturists as well as those who craft with needle and thread. Also, showing needlecraft in a three dimension form is another way of showing the art’s versatility. Last but not least, it’s wonderful to have a book with simple instructions showing everyone how to do something.

  589. I find this project just fascinating! It is decorative and useful. It would make a great gift ~ the book or the finished project. I would have loved a to know about projects like this when I was growing up! It would make a darling addition to a young girls bedroom along with a tea set and porcelain dolls=)

  590. Embroidery of all type is a passion. Just the idea of making such a project is inspiring. I really like the idea that they are presented with instructions that make it almost fool proof. I like combing different techniques and do it frequently on my projects. I truely enjoy reading your emails and get a lot of wonderful information and inspiration. Country Bumpkin is unique in that they always no matter how small the project use the same approach and it makes it easy to try difficult stitches and clarifies directions. I would truey love to win a copy and would put it to good use. Thank you. Susan , Auburn New York

  591. I can’t wait to get started! Reading this review made me want to ditch all my other activities and start the Home Sweet Home Workbox. What a beauty! If I ever completed it it would replace my dollhouse as focal point in the entry way.

  592. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for such a thorough review. The entire set of projects look wonderful. I’m most charmed by the accessories! And though I know I wouldn’t get around to stitching this soon, I’m really looking forward to simply pouring over the instructions. This book looks like a real treasure!

    Thanks to you and Country Bumpkin for the giveaway!

  593. Hands down, I love the workbox. The embroidery is lovely and I really like making useful things out of my embroidery. There’s only so many stitcheries you can hang on the walls and how much fun to eventually be surrounded by beautiful things in a home.

  594. I like how it takes the skills embroiderers know and use them in a creative, outside of the normal 2D way that is not only cute, it’s functional! and not a pin cushion 😉

  595. The challenge of this piece is the delight of a stitcher. The design is exquisite and the colors yummy. It would please me to take on such a challenge and watch the pieces work into the entire project. The tools inside are the icing on the cake. Would love to stitch it. Thank you, Mary, for this gift and for your daily column that comes to me.
    Carolyn Yurko December 5, 2011 1:30pm

  596. Okay, I apologize for being too fast with the comment button! I liked the different projects – some smaller and more manageable and then I love the workbox/house! Something for everyone!

  597. Mary, What I liked most about the book is the instructional content. If I were to never get around to starting, much less completing the project(s), the book is still a great reference for techniques in stitching and finishing. I am in charge of the education in my local EGA chapter and am always looking for references like this. Thanks for providing great information for needleworkers!

  598. It was your review complete with photos of the interior that propelled my interest as I love to think that if I organize things, my creative clutter will make the artistic focus easy to accomplish. I’ve shared your review with my EGA stitching friends as a 2012 accessory making idea and the book ideal for our circulating library. Last year I made a velvet-lined coffin shaped container for my stitching tools after years of hearing about needlework caskets; next year a house, please! Christine A in San Francisco

  599. I love this book! The house looks just like the house we saw this summer in Stratford on Avon – the house of William Shakespeare. The whole project looks very intriguing and the fact that the instructions are included and in such detail is fantastic. I am a younger stitcher and am trying desperately to learn new skills and pass them on so we don’t loose this lovely art form.

  600. What’s not to love about this book! My favorite thing is the house. It beacons you to look inside and when you do treasures never cease. It is truly a lovely project using some of the most beautiful colors and stitches. What appeals to me most about this lovely book is the detailed content, inspiring me to learn something new with the option of working the entire project or breaking it down into smaller projects. Thank you for this opportunity and for all your inspirational posts.

  601. The cottage is wonderful, but probably I would stitch only the accessories: the thimble holder is really cute and the spool holder is such a neat idea!
    Anyway, I’m always looking for different stitches or new ways to use known stitches, so the best thing for me in the book is the instructional content.
    I like to look at the details of the stitches and the finishing techniques… they’re a source of inspiration for different projects.
    Thanks for you wonderful blog!

  602. Hi Mary,

    I like the whole book and I have been waiting patiently for it to come to a store near me so that I can look at it more closely. I think I would enjoy doing any project from the book.

  603. Oh, Give me a Home,where the bees buzz and roam and the bunnies sit among flowers all day…So much to love about this book and project! For me it is the sweetness and charm of the subjects Caroline uses, bunnies, flowers, beautiful nature. I love embroidery that stirs the heart and warms the soul. All with an amazing range of techniques and skill to challenge all needleworkers at every level. Truly a masterpiece!

  604. I would love to be entered into the contest for this book! I think the small accessories are most appealing to me, some I know I can complete without a commitment to a long term time commitment.
    The pictures are so engaging! Makes me want to try them all!

  605. Mary, the whole project is exquisite making it hard to choose my favourite thing about the book. I find the accessories particularly charming though, so will opt for those.

  606. Not only did I check out the Country Bumpkin site but the YouTube presentation. I love all the smalls included and each part of the project is so wonderfully illustrated. The instructions for all the parts are very detailed and I believe even a beginner could use this book to create all the lovely designs.

    Linda Miller

  607. I like it because it’s a cottage. I have stitched many cottage’s and have 8 framed and hanging on the wall. One in progress, and so many more waiting. I have Meg Evershed’s book on 3-D cottages waiting to be stitched, I already bought the display case for them. Years ago I attempted to design my own sewing basket cottage but got hung up trying to figure out the roof. I could sure use her instructions.

  608. The workbox is beautiful! Not only would I love to make that beautiful little house but it would be great to learn some new and more advanced techniques!

  609. Oh my, do come by my cottage for a cup of tea. Because one always starts from the ground up to build, I’d probably make a few of the smaller items to be used while I build the cottage. Having seen the video and your write up, the detailed instructions will allow for many new stitches to be perfected and used as a constant reference for other projects. I need a Home Sweet Home Cottage to add to my sewing room! Thanks for all you inspire us to try!! Gloria from Texas

  610. The little box is beautiful and I love that it has instructions! I could never imagine the special design!!

  611. Dear Mary
    I wish everyone the best to win this charming book. I am going to the launch Wed 7th where I look forward to checking out this home. If only it could be lifesize. If you like I can give a customer’s view of the real thing – but how could it look any better?

  612. Hi Mary, This dear little cottage, complete with garden and tiny wildlife, is such a lovely project. Whether the embroiderer starts with the small pieces or stitches the whole, the book will be a star of one’s collection. Although I should love to win one of your copies, it will be irresistible to have regardless. Embroiderer’s Nobel to Carolyn Pearce!

  613. Mary,
    I would be so thrilled to win this present!
    I think the little accessories are so special.
    All of those finishing instructions would be so valuable to learn for many applications.
    I would love to make the box – but it probably would be safer to start with one of the smaller projects.
    Those instructions look fascinating.
    Melissa from Tennessee

  614. After an absence from embroidery what a beautiful start and inspiration your Home Sweet Home workbox wpuld be, to look at it while making all other projects would be truly inspiring, I love the trees, flowers and the homely effect you have created, Thank you for sharing your gift of embroidery with us.

  615. That book looks lovely. I cannot decide whether I like the house best or the accessories. I love them all!

    Heather, Vancouver, BC

  616. I like the instructions best, I think. In particular how to make the 3-dimensional box and the accessories inside. It reminds me of a modern day version of the caskets made by women in the 17th Century. And while, of course, the design by the author is lovely, it is nice that she has provided enough information to create our own little masterpieces using our own individual tastes and skills.

    Thanks for making the book available to a couple of lucky readers early. It would be like an early Chrismtas gift.

    Alice in Las Cruces, NM (where it is SNOWING, if you can believe it.)

  617. Well I love houses, so making anything house-themed is a joy in itself. I’m sure I’d learn some great finishing techniques too. Thanks for offering this draw!