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I’m creeping towards the end of the monogram on the Medallion Project – not quite there yet, but I’ll be finished with it by the end of this weekend, and started on the next step in the whole project.

In the meantime, this is where I am at this point:

Goldwork & Silk Church Embroidery Project

The Lizardine goldwork thread is nice to use! I really love it – it’s worked out quite well for the edging on this project.

Where to Find Lizardine

Many folks have asked where to find this goldwork thread. Check Thistle Threads, online. Or Traditional Stitches in Canada. It’s not an inexpensive thread, but if stretched (the way I’m using it in this project), it goes a lot farther than you’d imagine. I’ve still got a good 12″ or so left from a 36″ piece after cutting all the threads for the monogram. When you stretch it, you get at least double the length from one piece. I wouldn’t advise stretching it too far, though – just about double will do. To stretch Lizardine, you grip the ends and just gently pull it apart. It does not spring back, so once it’s stretched, it’s stretched. Better to stretch slowly to the point you want, then to yank it apart, only to realize you’ve stretched it too far!

In fact, I over-stretched a piece a little farther than I would have liked, but I still used it. You can’t tell the difference from afar, but if I had stretched it just a bit farther, I wouldn’t have been able to use it, and it would’ve been a waste (at least for this project).

So, that’s Lizardine, and that’s where you can find it.

Incidentally, I’ve had a lot of requests for information on where to get Fine D’Aubusson wool for embroidery, and Hedgehog carries that, too – so if you’re looking for a good wool for hand embroidery (it’s the same wool I used in the Nesting Place project), it’s a good time to pick some up on sale!

Upcoming on Needle ‘n Thread

Next week, I’ll be on the road (Alabama, here I come!), but you’ll still find plenty of stitchy information popping up on Needle ‘n Thread! There’s some Stitch Play, where you can see some fun things you can do with basic embroidery stitches; a Stitch Glitch, that shows how to end and start a thread in a more complicated stitch; a book review of a Really Beautiful Book out this year that you just might have to add to your wish list; and a project update! And of course… who knows what else! Maybe some news from Alabama? I’ll still be connected, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line, leave comments, and whatnot, ok?

Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully, we can all get some quality time in with our needle and thread!

If you’d like access to all the tips and techniques discussed in the Medallion Project, including complete step-by-step coverage of the Tudor-Style Rose, conveniently collected in one document, interlinked, referenced, and indexed, why not add the Marian Medallion Project e-book to your library? It’s packed full of all kinds of embroidery tips for undertaking a project like this, all in a convenient electronic format for easy searching.


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  1. Mary, the Lizardine is fabulous as an outline on the Medallion Project! One thing, do you have any videos on how to use this thread? It really sets off the work! Thanks!

    1. Hi, Cathy – I don’t have any videos on using this thread right now. Someday? We shall see! I’m in the midst of re-doing the present collection of videos. Once I get that done, I plan to expand the collection quite a bit. ~MC

  2. A little dear, eh? With that in mind I clicked over to see just how dear it was, expecting the worst…I was surprised to see its only $11 a yard when not on sale. I really expected twice that!

    I’ve never done metalwork but after seeing this and other projects, I’d like to. Somewhere on this huge site I have seen a piece using either this or the pearl purl used to make an oval frame, and I wondered how hard it is to match up the ends so flawlessly? It’s just gorgeous!

    1. Hi, Jenn – I’ll be going over that very question a little later on, when I get to the center of the roses on this piece, as well as the little round dots. But that’s the nice thing about the coiled wires. You just turn them so that the coils match up. Sometimes, I have to use a pair of tweezers, or snip off a tiny excess burr, but normally, the coils match up practically seamlessly, and if they don’t, it’s just a matter of nudging them til they do…


  3. Hello Mary,

    Lizardine is similar to jaceron and pearl pearl. I’ve found when I work with jaceron and pearl pearl I have better luck if I streech small sections at a time rather than from the ends. This way I can control the amount of stretch. Is there a reason why you pull the lizardine from the ends rather then easing along the piece to be stretched?


    1. Hi, Kimberly – I find that slowly pulling from both ends gives me the most even and consistent stretch across the whole thread. I always a problem pulling in little increments, because there’s always at least one coil right before or after the pull that’s not even with the others. Perhaps that’s something I should practice a bit! But I do prefer pulling from both ends, because then I’m always sure of evenly spaced coils.


  4. The lizardine is just beautiful and complements the rest of the piece very nicely. Thanks for the reminder about the sale at Hedgehog Handworks, I just visited it and dropped a bundle on some lovely metal threads for a project I have in mind.

    Have a good time in Alabama.

  5. Mary,
    Have been following all of your posts and just wanted to let you know that The Medallion Project is looking stellar!!!
    I for one appreciate all of the detail, the links and the time you put into your blog to help us learn, not only techniques, but “tools and products”, resources, etc.

  6. Mary, just wanted to say that I’m really happy you’ve added the “Stitch Glitch” feature; it is so VERY helpful. Not knowing how to change threads in mid-stream in certain stitches was a real missing link/weak point for me. Thank you.

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