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Blissful Beginnings – A Beautiful Book of Embroidered Blankets!!


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It’s the perfect time of year for cozy embroidery projects, and nothing in the world is quite as cozy as a beautiful, soft blanket! And if there’s a baby or a toddler wrapped up in it, that’s even better!

If you want to embroider some gorgeous blankets, you’ll find Blissful Beginnings a real treasure. It’s a compilation of gorgeous embroidered blankets that have come out over the years in different Inspirations publications.

Whether the book is used to make the blankets as designed, or whether you devise some other use for the embroidery designs within, or whether you want instructions on constructing blankets that you personalize with your own embroidery designs, you’ll find this delightful blanket book a handy reference for your needlework library.

Here’s my review of Blissful Beginnings!

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

Blissful Beginnings: Embroidered Blankets to Cherish is a compilation of 10 projects designed by various world class needlework artists, including Carolyn Pearce (of Home Sweet Home fame) and Susan O’Connor (Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth, which is a gem of a book).

Most of the projects are blankets suitable for babies, toddlers, and tykes, but some of the projects are adorably “accent” projects that accompany the blankets.

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

In the quality fashion that we’ve come to expect from Country Bumpkin Publications, the beginning of the book is devoted to preliminary information necessary to getting the projects underway.

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

From measuring fabric and preparing it to breaking down skeins of threads into easy-to-use bundles, the first part of the book is where you’ll find all kinds of useful information for setting up embroidery projects. While the info specifically targets the making of blankets, most of it is applicable to any kind of embroidery venture.

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

And then we get right into the projects. Each chapter features beautiful photos of the finished project, of course! Country Bumpkin’s photography is always amazing!

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

This “Joy” blanket project includes instructions for making the stackable cloth bricks in the photo, too. I like the little accessory projects! If you don’t have time to make a full-fledged blanket, the little projects make super baby gifts on their own.

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

There’s a nice variation in the embroidered blankets in the book. They’re not all “baby” themed. I like this paisley blanket, with its multiple embroidery stitches and fillings. I could see using it as a throw blanket, and not necessarily for just a wee thing, either. This is a classy, timeless design.

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

In each chapter, you’ll find a list of requirements for the project, along with preparation notes on layout and setting up the embroidery. The back of the book contains pull-out patterns covered with the embroidery designs, ready to transfer, while the chapters take you through the steps to complete the project.

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

Instructions are given by way of artistically rendered diagrams (the diagrams throughout this book are particularly beautifully done), as well as finished photos for comparison.

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

It’s very nice to have clear photos throughout the book of the finished elements, too. This particular little guy comes from my absolutely favorite blanket in the book, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” – so, so cute!

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

At the end of the book, you’ll find in one place all the detailed diagrams for the construction of the blankets. These instructions take you step-by-step through the whole assembly process for the various styles of blankets in the book. Now, I’m not an avid seamstress (I “get by” when it comes to sewing), but I have no problem reading these instructions and understanding exactly what to do, to finish the blanket. They are very clear and accessible instructions.

Blissful Beginnings Embroidered Blankets Book

You’ll also find a lovely stitch dictionary in the back of the book. I’ve become used to Inspiration Magazine’s step-by-step photos in their stitch instructions, so I was particularly surprised and enchanted with these graphic illustrations of the individual stitches. They’re so pretty!

The very last part of the book is the pull-out pattern section, which I didn’t pull out, because I’m not ready to take the book apart yet.

If you’re hankering to make a blanket, this is a terrific book to have in your embroidery library!

Where to Find It

You can find Blissful Beginnings through the following book affiliates:

In the US, you can find Blissful Beginnings through Amazon.

Worldwide with free shipping, you can find Blissful Beginnings through Book Depository.


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  1. You’ve written a wonderful review and it certainly sounds and looks like an amazing embroidery book… can’t wait to see it in real life! One can never have too many embroidery books!!!

    Late 2012 isn’t that far away anymore… somebody said the other day, its less than 6 weeks till Christmas! Far out, this year has flown.

  2. My mother just sent me the pattern she has been using to embroider all the baby blankets in our family for over 40 years. It was in tatters and literally crumbling in my fingers. I was able to save it and make a usable copy to carry on her legacy. My BFF just announced her pregnancy and I’m THRILLED to be able to make her one!!

  3. Dear Mary

    Another wonderful Country Bumpkin surprise. I love Inspiration Magazine so if the book is the same quality of their magazines than it will be inspirational, can’t wait for the publication.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  4. HI Mary, Love the book. The blankets have a fresh and new look to them. Can’t go wrong with a Country Bumpkin book. Thanks for the review.

  5. That is the sweetest book of embroidery I have ever seen. Mary Had A Little Lamb….took my breath away. That Forget Me Not piece is a real treasure. I need to have a grandchild to make something for!

  6. Love the blocks – would be a great blanket for a pram, and the blocks would be a great pram toy! Gorgeous; but who could expect otherwise from Country Bumpkin?!

  7. I love that book because it gives great instructions and pictures that beginners like me find most helpful. Your review also gives a really good cross-section of things to come in the book. Thanks for sharing…. Sandra Bowman

  8. With the preliminaries explained sooo fantastically in the intro, the book makes it possible for even the learner of these needlework style to have a go. 🙂

    I’ll be pushing for my Guild to add Blissful Beginnings to our list of new library books for 2013.

  9. I am moving into a very remote area and I love hand embroidery. To win this book would be a ” Blissful Beginning”. I will have time on my hands to do some preemie blankets for the NICU and doing for children is my great love. I am a grandmother of 13 and great grandmother of 2. None live less than 500 miles from me so doing for them is difficult. This would make a move I do not want to make a little less stressful. Thank you for such a generous offer.

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