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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Stitch Beautifully – a Give-Away – and a Winner


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Stitch Beautifully. I think this is a great motto for embroiderers – something that we all try to aspire to in our own way.

Admittedly, I don’t always succeed! There are days when I make a perfect mess with my stitching, and I have to rip it out and start again. But that doesn’t keep me from aspiring to stitch beautifully. Pretty much, all my efforts are aimed towards that simply put phrase.

And today’s give-away is aimed at keeping us all inspired to Stitch Beautifully!

Stitch Beautifully

I’m giving away five Stitch Beautifully zipper bags made by Access Commodities. They’re great little bags! Heavy duty and clear, with a sturdy zipper and pink ribbon zipper pull, they’re perfect for storing stitching accessories, tools, threads for a portable project, and the like.

Little project bags like this are so handy! I’m forever using similar pouches for separate projects that I have going. It helps me keep each project organized and ready to grab at a moment’s notice.

Stitch Beautifully

Inside the bag, you’ll find a full spool of Soie Gobelins, which is a fine, tightly twisted filament silk thread, perfect for detail stitching.

You’ll also find a little pad of sticky notes. I love sticky notes! I use them All the Time. They are my Second Brain. And I love it when I find sticky notes that are stitch-related (which isn’t often!). Makes me feel somehow better about having them stuck all over every surface in my workroom…

Stitch Beautifully

It’s a nice little package of stitchy treats that would be fun to see in your mailbox!

Give-Away Guidelines

To enter today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below (on this article on the website, not via e-mail), answering the following question:

What’s your favorite embroidery stitch?

2. In your comment (either in the name line on the comment form or in the comment box), please make sure you leave a recognizable, non-confusable name. For example, if your name is Pat, please qualify that somehow, since there are lots of Pats out there!

3. Leave your comment before 5:00 am, Friday, January 18th. I’ll announce five winners that day!

A Winner Already

On Saturday’s blog post, I asked readers to take a stab at naming the two stitches bordering the lattice work sample from Friday’s article. You can read the challenge to name the stitches here.

Name that Stitch

What’s the light blue and dark blue outline in the photo above? It’s Hungarian braided chain stitch, with one side whipped.

Name that Stitch

And what’s the reddish-orange outline in this photo? It’s interlaced chain stitch, which we’ve covered in the Stitch Fun series – only I didn’t couch the outside of the lacing stitches.

For the first person who named & explained correctly what was going on in those outlines, I reserved one of these bags (I have six).

The winner from Saturday’s guessing game is Brynn! She was the first to name both correctly. The second stitch, she described as a chain stitch with either a buttonhole or Pekinese-type lacing on both sides. She’s right – it’s essentially a chain stitch with the lacing done like a Pekinese stitch.

Thanks for playing that game. It was fun! I might do more of that in the future.

But I’m not making you work quite so hard for a chance to win one of these cute little bags today. Just tell us your favorite embroidery stitch in the comment you leave below, and you’ll have a chance to win one of the five remaining bags.

Go to it!


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(383) Comments

  1. Thank you for your very informative blog.

    My current favorite embroidery stitch is beaded back stitch. I’m using it on my daughter’s wedding dress: off shoulder sleeves and upper part of bodice will be heavily beaded.

    Ground fabric is doupioni with silk organza underlining (to help hold up all those beads and in all that thread) and your blog has been very, very helpful to me.

    I also want to mention especially your tip about using Sulky Solvy to transfer the pattern. And using Flair pens.

    Thank you again!

  2. I don’t know a stitch that I don’t love, that said I do have a least favorite … will that work LOL. I really try to avoid the “queen stitch”. I have a project with a queenstitch background done in green on green thread. I work on it for a while then go onto something else. I really do want to finish this beautiful project. Someday I will.

  3. I would love to enter in your give-away. My favorite embroidery stitch is long and short stitch. I love the way the design change depending on the length of the stitch. I am eager to learn all different kinds of embroidery stitches.
    Susan Low

  4. I love the feather stitch. You can use so many different mediums of threads from floss to yarn! I love adding beads to this stitch, it makes for a great combination stitch. thanks for all you do Mary! Love your blog, your posts and followers!

  5. I live for the clear project bags! I must have 10 of them in all different sizes. They are a must for me whenever I start a new project. I’d love to win this one!

    I just learned to do French knots this weekend so that is my favorite stitch of the moment. Your video was invaluable in my learning. I must have watched it 10 times. 🙂

    1. Did you make your clear project bags or buy them somewhere. I know making them is a cinch but I don’t want another project and I would like clear bags.

  6. I have always liked the buillion stitch but seeing your interlaced chain stitch makes me want to learn that one. Very cute.

  7. My favourite stitch. Isn’t really a stitch, it’s trellis’. I got hooked on trellis doing Jacobean crewel and now look for anything to do a trellis on. They can be infinitely variable and no two are alike.

  8. My favourite is a spiderweb rose worked in ribbon! It’s the fastest way to stitch up a beautiful, life-like rose, and when you use a variegated ribbon it just makes it all so much better! I think some people wouldn’t say this is a “stitch” per se, but I definitely think it is, and generally it is the stitch I do which gets the most exclamations of joy!

  9. I know they are the very basic of stitches, but the stem or satin stitch has been my favorite because I relate it to the stitching that my Grandma did on so many items – redwork,towels, etc.

  10. My favorite stitch is the outline stitch. It was one of the first stitches I learned and I still use it often. Although I have been playing with some of the stitches you have shown in stitch fun and I may change my mind in the future.

  11. I like the chair sttich because yu can elongate it, stack it, use 2 colores, whip it, etc. It goes around curves, can be an outline or a filling stitch.

  12. Hi Mary,

    My favorite stich is the split stitch. Simple, yet so versatile. I use it as a border stitch, a filling stitch and padding stitch for the satin stitch! And it has taken me sometime to get it right too. So yeah, my favorite stitch would be the split stitch 🙂

  13. My favorite stitch is the French knot. I love the bumpy texture it adds. Bit it’s kinda like children, isn’t it? Trying to pick a favorite ?? I really love them all, and can’t wait to master more of them.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity. The bag looks great for projects.

  14. My favorite stitch has to be the straight stitch mainly because I use it for filling, and etc. I love that I can basically put it in many places and even cover those pesky parts of stitching I am not happy with.

    Avis in VA

  15. Definitely bullion stitch…I learned to do them before I knew they were supposed to be difficult, always an advantage. And you can do so much with them!

  16. Right now, mine is the Basque stitch — mainly because I’m a beginner, and it’s one of the few I can execute well, ha!

  17. Long and short stitch, you can achieve such beautiful realistic effects with it, especially when you have such wonderful teachers as Trish Burr, I’ve just finished her little bee eater, I’m not displeased with the result

  18. I love trying new stitches, but probably my favorite is vine stitch (also outline stitch.) I find myself using vine and some filler stitch in just about every project. Long and short stitch would be a close second.

    Thank you and Access Commodities for this giveaway!

  19. I don’t care if this sounds lame, but the stem stitch is my favorite. The stem stitch can be the backbone of a design or a simply lovely line.

  20. Hi Mary,

    I love the French Knot. It is such a fun little stitch. I am now trying to conquer the interlaced herringbone stitch. Lovely but complicated.

    Thanks for the give away.

  21. Lovely giveaway Mary. My favourite stitch is knot(s)plural. Any knot, whether individual – like French or colonial – or in a line like palestrina or knotted stem stitch. Give me knots every time, there is just so much you can do with them.

  22. Mary – getting organized is one thing – STAYING organized is the challenge. I could really use these neat little bags for all sorts of do-dads.
    Mary Ann

  23. Mary, My favorite stitch is satin stitch. I love many other stitches and love to learn new ones as well or refresh my memory on stitches that I haven’t done in a while. I must tell you that I love your website and have learned so much from you. I love to watch your videos to see how stitches should be done. It is so much better that diagrams in books, to actually see it done.
    Thank You

  24. I love the detached-button-hole stitch from Brazilian Embrodiery. Can you show and give us some tips on that type of emboridery? I love your news pages and I forward them on to my students. Thank you Agnes Davis

  25. It’s so hard to pick just one! I do love the woven picot stitch, but there are so many others I enjoy doing too! ( I won’t list them– it would be a long list…lol) Thanks, Mary, for the chance to win a goodie bag.

  26. My favorite embroidery stitch. Hmmm. From the answers to the outlines on your lattice fill, I don’t know the first thing on embroidery stitches. The only fancy stitch I have actually used is a feather stitch. I used it in conjunction with chain stitch on a reproduction of an old English smock. I guess feather stitch would qualify as my favorite. It turned out really well.

  27. My favorite stitch, just because it’s so useful and versatile, is Stem Stitch(or Outline). As an outline, it helps me to define various areas, can be used as a filler, can be “decorated” in several ways (lace it, whip it, buttonhole it, bead it, etc). Also easy to do with any kind of thread.

    Hoping to win, your fan…. Ginger

  28. What a sweet bag. I love the clear zipper pouches to put my handwork supplies in. I like to buy little clear cosmetic bags to hold things in. It is so nice to have my things in clear bags so that I can see what the project or supplies in them are at a glance.
    Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  29. Hi Mary, and happy new year! Thanks for this great giveaway. One can never have too many bags for projects … Although it would be nice to see the projects finished and bags emptied sometime!my favourite stitch is French knot because my grandmother taught it to me almost 50 years ago! It is also very versatile.

  30. I’m always going to the stem stitch on my projects so I guess it has becoming my favorite stitch. I like its flexibility. Thank you!

  31. I love using pouches for separate projects as well. My favorite stitch is either feather or buttonhole, but for the past many years the most frequently used is cross stitch!

    Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win.

  32. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch…which I found out today I was mistakenly calling the outline stitch. I thought the terms were interchangeable until I looked it up to be sure I was calling the stitch by the correct name.

    The stem stitch is the first stitch I learned to do when I was first taught embroidery by my mom. I don’t want to say I am old but I have been using the stem stitch for 40 years…I may not have the name down but I do have the stitch down. 🙂

  33. Its hard to choose just one. Probably the one I use the most in my crazy quilting is the straight stitch because it is so versatile. But, I also love feather stitch and the fish-bone stitch for leaves.

  34. I really like the look of the queen stitch. I really don’t have a favorite. I love to stitch and love the look of the finished project!!!

  35. Just the plain cross-stitch….I love its symmetry. Standing by itself, it isn’t so much but when combined with more of them, it is so beautiful to me!

  36. I love doing the trellis stitch with the French knots. I covers a lot of area and is so impressive looking. People think it is more complicated than it is. I just break it down is small steps and I find it very relaxing.

  37. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It was the first embroidery stitch my Grandma taught me when I was little. So it is also sentimental to me.

  38. I love the Queen stitch. It is elegant yet not difficult to do.
    I think it totally dresses up a stitched sampler or any piece of needlework. Theresa

  39. I have not entered one of your lovely contests before but this one captured my feelings about the embroidery I have conentrated on the past 21 years – Traditional Jap;anese Embroidery. Silk is my favourite medium and the stitching I strive to perfect is laid flat silk – my teacher constantly reminded her students to “strive for perfection” even knowing you would probably never get there. As I sit down at my frame, 5am most days, I remind myself of this every day.

  40. Hi Mary my favorite stitch is the chain stitch there are so many ways to use this stitch. Thanks for the opportunity to enter..

  41. Oh I’m such a twit! I didn’t even see the rest of that pale blue as part of the same stitch and I couldn’t understand why people were talking about chain stitch! I can see it now, of course! 🙂

    Anyway, my favourite stitch – wow! You said you weren’t making us work so hard for this, but actually that’s a really hard question! I love plain old silk shading – not sure what you call the stitch – long and short, silk-shading stitch? I think it looks wonderful when you get it right, but it’s so easy to get wrong … although Trish Burr’s books help a lot! That’s probably my favourite to look at. My favourite to do would have to be raised fishbone stitch, because it makes such beautiful, neat leaves (or even fishes) and it can make me LOOK like a really neat and competent embroiderer. The same cannot be said, alas, for silk shading!

  42. My favorite embroidery stitch is usually the one I’m working with! It’s all part of making the project come to life. What fun!

  43. Oh, this is an easy one! Stem Stitch…hands down! But there are some close competitors; such as the French Knot, the Detached Chain, and the Split Stitch.

  44. This is my first giveaway challenge, so here goes! I’m relearning embroidery, having moved away from it for many years, and love your site, Mary. I am tending to adopt new, favorite stitches with each one I get under my belt, once again. I really enjoy combining stitches and find the chain stitch remarkably flexible for this purpose. At the moment, I’m putting a border around a pillow cover that combines chain, French knot, and lazy daisy stitches to create a wavy line with flowers shooting off the curves. Very pretty effect! Thanks to you and all the commenters for helping me get back into this fulfilling art. Am having a blast!

  45. Mary, my favorite stitch is the feather stitch. There are so many variations and ways to use this stitch as well as using a variety of threads and ribbon. Always like having my projects in their own baggie. Thoroughly enjoy your newsletters and the many opportunities you offer us to win great products.

  46. Stem Stitch. I am a rudimentary hand stitcher so that this is my favorite stitch that I can do fairly well. I can’t say why. I just like it. However, the long and short stitch, if that is the correct name, mesmerizes me. Thanks for giving these bags away. They are the best.

  47. My very favorite is the chevron because I love all the different ways I can build on it with other stitches and beads. Your videos are excellent. Thanks for all you do to keep this art alive.

  48. Hello Mary,

    I do not have a favourite stitch, I am beginning and still finding new stitches.

    I love the idea of your project bag, I have been trying to work out how to make one and of course embroider it.

  49. I think my favourite stitch is stem/outline stitch. It is so versatile, an edging , a filling, a cord (when you do 2 or more side by side). Open, close, small, large, tight loose…the variations are endless.

  50. What a delightful surprise if you draw my name. Since I have many (we don’t count, do we) half done projects, I will definitely use them. And the sticky notes and (WOW) silk thread!

    No one fav stitch but you have introduced me to many I love!

  51. a favourite stitch, I have to say I love most of them, I love stem stitch and use it a lot! thanks for the chance to win Mary, I LOVE clear bags for projects and would love to win this – happy stitching everyone 🙂 KarenB – Onario

  52. My favourite stitch is the Hungarian Braided Chain stitch. It is such an easy but effective stitch that allows others to think I so much more skilled than I actually am!

  53. My favorite stitch by far is stem stitch! I love the twisted, ropy look of it, I love how fast it works up, and I love how versatile it is – it can do straight lines, gentle curves, tight curves, and sharp corners as well as serve as a filling!

    Thanks for all your wonderful giveaways, Mary!

  54. My favorite stitch is queen stitch, doing some 17th century work, and I love the way it gives texture to the area being worked.

  55. I have 2 favorite stitches especially using waterlilies by caron the stitches are Basketweave stitch which is great for backgrounds and the Bound Cross stitch.which makes the caron waterlilies threads look gourgous. Such cute little bags Mary great fro carrying thread or tools to class.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of them. And the thread is wonderful too.

  56. I love so many embroidery stitches for so many different reasons. Today my favorite is French knots. They are fun to make and add a little “happy sas” to whatever you are working on.

  57. My favorite is chain stitch in all its variations because it’s easy to do and showcases the threads so nicely on the front. It’s a great start when I’m just doodling on fabric.

    Belated Happy New Year, by the way.

  58. I love using the French knot. It is such a versatile stitch…in that it can be polka dots, buds on a flower, leaves in the trees or just give texture to a design. Thanks for all your little tidbits. They help me so much.

  59. G’day Mary,
    First up, congratulations to Brynn, well done…
    and my favourite stitch is this @@@, French Knots.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

  60. I have 2 favorite ‘go to’ stitches that I use way too often as I can stitch them without thinking, the Back stitch and the Stem Stitch.
    You encourage me to venture out more, but sometimes these are just my ‘safe’ stitches that allow me to embroider with no stress.
    I think I use the back stitch the most.

  61. I would say that my favorite stitch is the outline stitch. I learned to do it when I was about 12 and use it most. I know it is called other names but that is what we called it.

  62. Maybe I am just practical, but I really do like the lowly cross stitch. I finds its way in all my work. Long and short stitch would be next. Very practical little stitches.

  63. While I don’t really have a favorite stitch I like the finished look of long and short shading. I also like doing a variety of intricate stitches on canvas, or at least I like them when they are finished.

  64. I love the fly stitch. It is very versatile and can be used in many different embroideries.
    Kathy from McKinney

  65. My all time favorite stitch is the bullion knot!

    I love them in part because everyone else hates them, and in part because they are so flexible. They can be used for a HUGE number of things on a canvas.

    Once you know how to make them properly, they are not hard.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!

  66. Thanks for chance to win. I do crazy quilting and love herringbone stitch. It is
    So hard to pick just one stitch. I also love buillion stitch roses which I learned in
    a class by Sharon Boggon in CT. I just packed a ziplock sandwich bag with a small CQ project. Would have been much nicer to take along one of
    your bags. Love your blog, thanks for all your hard work.

  67. Hello Mary,
    I love the bouillion stitch,you can make beautifull roses with this stitch.
    Hoping to win the give-away.
    Greetings, Maria from the Netherlands

  68. I am pretty much a “love the one you’re with” person (at least as far as embroidery stitches go!) but having just finished my first queen’s stitches; I must admit to being in love. The detail, the ripples, the contrast between the high and lows, and the tension all combine to make it a lovely little stitch. And when you combine several of them in a certain pattern and top with the luscious smoothness of satin stitch; you get a strawberry! The thought of putting 96 stitches into a half inch triangle just boggles my mind….it must be love!

  69. The Smyrna Stitch is my favorite. I love the symmetry of the stitch when I am cross stitching.
    I love your blog and have learned so-o-o much from you.

    Thank you – Beverley E

  70. Boy oh boy do I need this one! Ikeep my stash of thread in shoe boxes. Trouble is it gets all tangled up! Sometimes quite a messy situation. I need help. Please.
    My favourite stitch at the moment is the bullion stitch. I am making roses on a cushion right now and having great fun.

  71. My Favorite embroidery stitch is the one I use when I can’t figure out what to do, it is a combination of the backstitch and running stitch, when I am doing corners etc. I start out with a little running stitch, then backstitch into the running stitch and so on until I get around the corner, love it and it always looks good (at least I think it does the trick)

    And I love all your suggestions, ideas, tips, hints etc. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents.

  72. Good old cross stitch is my first choice then the spiderweb rose–love how it looks! Thanks for the chance of another give away. I have enjoyed learning so much from your projects and articles.

  73. Since I’m pretty much a beginner at embroidery, not having done very much in nearly 40 years, my current favorite is the chain stitch. But, I can see from your recent posts since I’m a fairly new follower, that there are going to be a lot of new favorites on my horizon!

  74. Hi
    I have been working on a white work project with our guild and pulled thread embroidery is currently my favourite. However, next week it might be sashiko since we are staring a project using that technique.
    Love you stitch instructions the best.

  75. I LOVE French Knots!! They are soo simple but so useful!! One moment they could be part of a little birds’ eye and the next they could be buttons on a little red jacket! Plus they are fun to make!
    Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!!

  76. Beautiful bag, just right to store my needle case, Thread Heaven, scissors, and the such in. Most people hate French Knots but I love making them and looking at them because of the texture. So many stitches that are useful or appropriate for whatever project you’re working on. I love the Turkish rug stitch you showed us. I used it for a kitty I made recently, then I gave it a collar made with little glass pearls. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  77. Dear Mary

    Thanks for your lovely Stitch Beautiful give away gifts. I got it completely wrong I really thought the dark blue was stem stitch congrats to Brynn.

    I have so many favorite stitches where do I begin. One of my favorites is stem stitch because it’s so versatile you can use it as an outline or as a filling or you can interchange with different shades like needlepainting, you can whip it as I did with the sheep in the Agnes Dei it looked so realistic. I also like long and short stitch it looks so pretty as the different shades/colours are added especially with silk thread emmmmmm lovely. Another favourite is satin stitch and laid silk stitch which I really enjoyed and added to this I like vermicelli goldwork I loved doing this it was so therapeutic and as I progressed the laid silk and goldwork looked so pretty…….
    and than there is the French Knot, Buttonhole, Lattice stitch, chain, herring bone, bullion emmmm lovely,………..in fact any/all stitches I like they are all lovely and look amazing when stitched.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  78. As an “Art Quilter!”, I find your site informative and inspiring! I love the way the ART forms are merging so I am using many embroidery stitches on my quilts!!!
    My favorite stitch presently is the Pekinese Stitch as it adds great texture…but one of many that I use and THANKS to your site, I am ” testing” many new stitches!!

  79. I really like the French Knot. It can turn so many things into beauty, fun, interesting! It can be the ‘main’ attraction, a ‘dressing’, a ‘fun accessory’, so to speak! and it’s ‘fun’ to make!

  80. My favorite stitch is the colonial knot. It is a pretty little filling stitch, flower or just about anything else.

  81. My favorite stitch is the Lattice type stitch group! I think they look so elegant and orderly and neat and tidy 🙂

  82. I love the way a French knot looks and feels. It gives a lot of dimension and interest to an otherwise ordinary piece. I am looking forward to learning more stitches from your wonderful tutorials. Thank you, for your beautiful website.

  83. My favourite stitch is the French Knot- probably because I can embroider it while not thinking and I don’t mind if they are somewhat wonky. I love the texture from the French Knot stitch.

  84. I like all stitches that I have learned because I just love to have fabric, needle and thread in my hands, very relaxing. But I guess it would be smyrna and its veriations.

    Texas Hill Country

  85. It is hard to pick just one stitch. If I think about it I would have to pick chain stitch. I pick this one because it covers an outline very nicely and can be used a a filling.

  86. My favorite is the twisted chain stitch because of memories it has for me.

    It was the last stitch my grandmother taught me before she passed away. Her work was true art but like many foolish people, by the time I realize it and wanted to learn, she was getting very old and only able to get me started. My ambition is to come close to the beauty of her work and get my granddaughters interested before I am too old to taught them.!!!!!
    Beside, I think this little stitch is just fun.

  87. Hi, Mary. Happy New year to you. Even when I am not doing any embroidery myself your blog keeps me in the loop! This question sounds so simple but, really, it is hard! I love the effect of trellis work but is it a stitch in itself or just a combination of other stitches? After that, I rather like buttonhole (at least I think it must be called that–the one often used to secure and outline applique?). Now I must look up queen stitch which several others have mentioned and I have never heard of it. Always something new to learn at Needle & Thread! Thank you and Stitch Beautifully for the generous give-away. Barbara in Ellettsville.

  88. Hi – my favourite stitch is (now!) Long and Short Stitch. The reason I have recently grown to love it is because I feel I can now do it well! For some time I have struggled to get it right but suddenly it fell into place. When done really well it looks absolutely amazing, whether the final piece is plain or shaded – wow.

  89. I must say the BASKETWEAVE stitch! Yes, the first I learned! Obviously the “workhorse” of canvas work. I do NOT work it as TENT (back and forth) which is far less robust; I cannot tell you how many gals I have taught the “basketweaving” technique! When I look at a canvas, I see the stitches DIAGONALLY!!

    I was blessed with living in London, England for many years. I learned to “needlepoint” in California, brought back the sampler idea, and ended up teaching for some years. THEN I took a City and Guilds Embroidery 2-year course. After ALL the techniques I learned and mastered, it was CANVAS WORK that stayed my VERY favorite!!!! I often use other stitches, make up my own designs and help friends!

    A friend in England introduced me to your website, which I then shared with a group of “stitchers” in my village. We have such fun!!

    Thank you for your beautiful daily missives and enthusiasm!

  90. I always look forward to receiving, seeing and reading the beautiful stitches for needlework. Things that I never could be done using thread and needle.
    Your tips always help us, regardless how experience a person is.
    Thank you! Have a great day!

  91. Padded satin stitch worked in silk is my current favorite. I love it’s three dimensional quality.

    Thank you for the give away and the great blog.

  92. Ahh, it *is* tough to guess… there can be several possibilities… all those words jumped in my mind – whipped, interlaced, chain… Now I see my mistakes… But that’s ok 🙂 I’m just glad to see a new combination that looks very effective

    My favourite stitch… Although I mostly do cross stitch, I find surface embroidery fascinating and so far I’m staying a “fan” of simple and smooth satin stitch (which is also essential in another favourite type of embroidery – hardanger 🙂

    Thank you

  93. Oh, so difficult to pick just one. I love the look of satin stitch especially with sheen. But, I do love the stem stitch/outline stitch. Ever since I started to color as a child I liked outlining my finished picture and somehow the outline stitch continues to give a “finished” look to things.

  94. My favorite stitch is the Cretan Stitch. I just like the rythem of it. Though I also love to fill a field with French Knots on occasion also. Thank you for the chance.

  95. Choose just one favorite stitch? I love them all! Most of my embroidery is done free-hand on wool applique and I have used thousands of Bullion Knots. I find the Bullions to be so versatile when embellishing. So for today, the Bullion is my favorite.

  96. I think my favorite stitch would be the back stitch. I’m always amazed at what a difference a little line around or in some stitching can make in the way it looks.

  97. I love the blanket stitch – it binds edges and it is decorative. It is versatile and it leaves little ‘open edge boxes’ that you can add stitches inside of.

    BTW I love your blog and your newsletter.

  98. I have to say that the french knot is one of my favorites. It’s a simple little stitch, but adds so much when done and placed well. Thanks for the give-away!

  99. The bag is great; the stitching beautiful. Just love this giveaway! Sticky notes are indeed one’s second brain! They help me so much. Thank you so much.

  100. When I was 7 or 8 yrs old I went snooping in a box that contained my baby clothes. Their I found a hand made sweater.beautiful. I was very impressed with the tiny pink flowers I never forgot those and when I got older I set out to find out what they were. I found the name bullion roses. be no matter who I looked I couldn’t fine how to make them.[I started to embroidery at age 8 but my teacher couldn’t find the stitch,I finally found it when I took a french hand sewing class. a long search but worth it.I love that stitch

  101. My favorite embroidery stitch is the French Knot – seems so simple, but I always have to take my time to make them appear “just so” – they are a great filler and a skill to make as well, which keeps me on my toes. I love project bags too, and would love to win one of these – thanks for the opportunity!!!

  102. Thank you for the opportunity to win, Mary. You are always so generous. My favorite stitch is the detached chain and all its variations…of course the outline stitch is right up there, lol. I like to keep it simple.

  103. I like the Guilloche stitch, mainly because it can use a variety of colors to complete it adding to the beauty of the piece. It also reminds me of a lacy effect when doing borders in a piece.

  104. My favourite stitch is the stem stitch. There are so many great ones. I would like to embroider some christmas stockings over the year for my children. I love this site for great idea’s. Thank you for all your work.

    BC canada

  105. Project bags – you really can’t have enough, can you? Favorite may be relative, but my go-to embroidery stitch will probably always be stem stitch, followed closely by chain. I do medieval/Renaissance embroidery most of the time, and nothing fills space and shades areas quite like either of those stitches. Also, truthfully, stem is the first stitch I ever embroidered because I made it up myself – I was a kid at the time, I didn’t have resources. Stem just is a very intuitive stitch and works up very quickly. I’m loving the stitch play series for just that reason – cool things to do with stitches that you already may know and want to expand on.

  106. Chain stitch and every variation of it. I fell in love doing a three-dimensional piece many years ago when I wanted to make a lichen-covered rock and ended up with seafoam on a sandy shore instead.

  107. My favorite stitch is the split stitch. It is both versatile and forgiving. It goes around curves, yet you can also box it in. You can shade a dress or face or just go in fabulous Celtic circles. If you miss a stitch, you don’t need to rip anything out (since it is actually pretty difficult to un-stitch it), just sneak back in and insert the missed stitch.

    A lovely, fun and friendly stitch – I love it!

  108. What a fine Give-away! My favorite stitch is Satin stitch. It can be padded for extra loft. It can be shaded. It’s infinitely usable.

  109. Thanks Mary! It was a hoot playing, I loved having to use my thinker on that one! I’m always trying variations at home (but they surely aren’t as beautiful as yours!). Good luck to you others! And…just keep stitching! 😉

    1. Despite several explanations, the difference between a colonial knot and a French knot still eludes me. Can you enlighten me?

  110. Hello
    My favorite stitch is the bullion because it can be used in so many different ways. It looks elegant and complicated but is not.
    Rural Indiana is as bleak as Kansas at this time of year so enjoying the extra stitching time. Love your website. Your newsletters give me something ‘stitchy’ to look forward to each morning. Little enticements like today’s give away add extra spice.

  111. Thank you for your great stitching hints and ideas. I so look forward to your articles each day. I just used the twisted chain stitch on a project that turned out to look great. So I really love this stitch now. I’ll use something else another time that really works in that case and it will be my favorite at that time. Can’t pick only one stitch as they all have a time and place. Ganet

  112. I do a lot of crazy quilting, and my favorite stitch has become the feather stitch. It’s versatile and quick, and makes a big statement. I also use the chain stitch often, just because I’m good at it, and people oooh and awww over my tiny stitches. It’s always good to get our egos fed.
    Nancy in Newport

  113. I just love the queen stitch! I’ve been working on a reproduction sampler from the 17th century and it’s got quite a lot of them. The beauty of it is that the more you do, the better you get at them. Of course, this is true of all embroidery stitches, but I must say that acceptable long and short stitches continue to elude me!

  114. I love little bags like these! I’d love to have one – and if I don’t win one of them, I’d like to know where I could buy one!

    As far as favorite stitches go, I am basically a needlepointer who loves overdyed threads and specialty stitches. I guess my favorite is any form of Bargello…

    Ellen in VA

  115. French Knots! Without hesitation, I add knots to everything. Love the clear bag. It will come in handy whenever SharonB gets back on line and starts up TAST 2013. My needle is threaded and at attention.

  116. Hi mary,

    i dont have a favourite stitch coz when i learn to do a stitch correctly, it becomes easy and it also becomes a favorite, but i always like stem and chain stitch, easy and nice.

  117. My current favorite stitch is the Hungarian Chain stitch. I outlines look so much better with this than just a plain back stitch. Thanks for showing it.

  118. Some years ago my LNS owner introduced me to specialty stitches and I was hooked. The more complicated the stitch, the better! If I had to pick just one favorite stitch, it would be the Queen stitch. I love it’s numerous “legs” and versatility of direction which lends itself to the stitch being used for a variety of textures and elements. Can you tell I love the Queen? LOL

  119. Hello Mary,
    The best Embroidery stitch that i like the most is the “HUNGARIAN BRAIDED CHAIN STITCH”.I work with this stitch on most of my embroidery works that i do and it looks really beautiful and also,many people have passed a “GOOD COMMENT”on this hungarian braided chain stitch work!

  120. Oh, my! That is a difficult question, Mary. I love trying out new and different stitches, like the Aztec stitch or various knots (I’m especially fond of coral knots for some reason), but if I have to choose, I think it must be the unassuming cross stitch – sometimes, that’s all one needs to find contentment! Thanks again for another fun quiz. Happy stitching!

  121. My favorite stitch is the long and short stitch. So many beautiful effects can be achieved with this stitch. Thanks, Mary for this opportunity.

    Pat J

  122. The things that will keep sneaking themselves into my counted-thread designs are eyelets – any kind – star, algerian, buttonhole, half-eyelets, quarter eyelets… Current favourite stitch for me right now is pinapple stitch – which is what I call French stitch adapted for use on linen rather than canvas. I’m having great fun with that. Right now, I’m working a little pinapple-stitch border pattern on a mat and, guess what? It’s edged with buttonhole half-eyelets!

  123. My favorite stitch is the lazy daisy stitch, because for many years I thought I invented it! I learned the very basics of embroidery from my grandmother when I was very young. She gave me a stamped tea towel, a package of needles, and a skein of DMC. But our family moved across the country before I could learn anything beyond the straight stitch, and there was no one to teach me any more.

    I perservered on my own, though I began to get pretty tired of stitching around each petal of each little flower. My straight stitches got longer and longer, and each petal used fewer and fewer, until I figured out I could do a whole petal with just a loop and a stitch. It was several years later, when I found a book on embroidery in the library, that I discovered my little shortcut was old news to the rest of the stitching world.

    I still smile every time I use the that stitch, and think of that old tea towel and how clever I felt for “inventing” the lazy daisy stitch!

  124. My absolute favorite stitch is the feather stitch, whether single or double. I’m of the opinion that almost all embroidery can be improved by adding some feather stitches to it. Love the project bags, I’m always on the lookout for good ones. (especially ones with silk thread inside)

  125. Love getting your emails, they are always so full of good things. And winning a gift would only be icing on the cake.

    Thank you for your generosity,

  126. I love them all..how can I choose one. Anything with beads is very special And Turkey Work..just the name is fun.. Thank you for all your instructions and videos. G Daniece Clark

  127. I actually have two favorites. The stem stitch because it is so versatile and can be used for outlining or lettering and so much more. Also, the French knot. This stitch took me (it seemed) forever to learn when I was a child. They would unravel or not be evenly sized…I love how they give such texture to a project.

    Thank you for the opportunity today.

  128. My favorite stitch is anything that lays beautifully, and especially ones that show off my gorgeous silk overdyes. I can just Zen right out once I get the rhythm going and I am koo-koo about the results.

  129. I would have to pick the chain stitch as my favorite, since it shows up somewhere on everything I make. Thanks for sharing your talent with us, I have learned a lot.

  130. I love,love, love French knots! I look for ways to work them into my embroidery. They are so versatile depending on type of floss, number of threads or twists. My friends refer to me as the queen of French knots and almost always pass their work on to me to do them. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these adorable bags.

  131. My favorite stitch the stem stitch..
    Dwyta (although I’m pretty sure I’m the only one, I’m the Dwyta from Spokane)

  132. I really like french knots. I made a negative space name embroidery for our new granddaughter. I did a ton of knots with a varigated pink thread, it turned out beautifully.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Diana in Sioux Falls

  133. Hello. This giveaway is lovely and practical.
    My favorite stitch is a simple one, the blanket stitch. It’s very easy and practical and one that I don’t forget how to execute.

  134. Hi, I am new to your blog and enjoy it very much.
    My favorite stitch is the french knot.

    Thanks for all the effort you put into the blog.

  135. I have just re-discovered your site and have made sure the members of my local embroidery group know it also. It is so informative, not to mention beautiful stitching.
    My favourite stitch would have to be the feather stitch because of its’ versatility.
    Thanks for all your work. Lexa

  136. Hi there…I would have to say that my favourite embroidery stitch is the back stitch. Once can accomplish so many wonderful projects with this one stitch.
    A close second would be the French Knot that I also love.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely giveaway.

  137. Hi Mary! Oh I just love your give-a-away’s! You do such a wonderful job with needle n’ thread too!
    My favorite embroidery stitch is the heavy chain stitch which I actually learned form your website. It’s soo much fun and easy to do and it looks beautiful.

  138. I love the bag and could really use dozens of them! My favorite embroidery stitch is spider stitch and french knots.

  139. cross stitch is my fav. All embroidery makes me think of times long ago sitting with my grandmother embroidering pillowcases. It had to be just right according to Grandma or out it came until perfect.

  140. My favourite stitch of the moment is long and short stitch as I am currently playing with stumpwork. Recently my mother had a heart attack and I was hunting high and low for something to put a little stitching project in to carry with me when I went to sit with her. I eventually put it in a sandwich bag, not ideal. The zipper bag above would have been perfect, not sure if they sell them this side of the pond.
    I love how you always manage to come up with something new to show us.

  141. That is a hard question since I use many stitches when I needlepoint. I guess the Mosaic stitch is my favorite since it is my Go To stitch on many occasions. It is easily adaptable for backgrounds and I use it in other applications as well.

    It was also one of the first stitches I learned when I needlepointed my children’s Christmas stockings many years ago.

    Thanks Pam

  142. Hi, Mary!
    My favorite stitch is the Queen stitch. It’s a little fussy to execute, but totally worth the trouble! (Show me a queen who isn’t!) The Queen stitch is simple enough for a beginner yet somewhat formal in appearance. It makes lovely grapes or berries, especially in a period sampler. Thanks for asking!
    Mary L in Virginia

  143. I love the stiches that weave such as the herringbone. Though I am now very excited to try the trellis after your demo last week.
    This is my favorite blog.

  144. I love the stiches that weave such as the herringbone. Though I am now very excited to try the trellis after your demo last week.
    This is my favorite blog. Thanks

  145. My favourite embroidery stitch?? That’s like asking me who is my favourite child!!
    My go to stitch is stem stitch-so versatile and so useful.
    But then there’s chain stitch and all its variations.
    And a bargello pattern is always lovely—
    Now ask me about my least favourite and i would reply a Long and short stitch for filling and shading-simply horrendous for me

  146. I love your blog
    My favorite embroidery stitch at the moment is the detached buttonhole that I am trying to learn and to master.I am embroidering a project that involves Elizabethan embroidery, that is new to me.I consult your blog for information and is really great.
    Thank you

  147. My favorite stitch has always been the satin stitch, or more recently a padded satin stitch. I absolutely love to see the smooth surface created by laying threads next to one another and the addition of “padding” which creates a more textural surface design. I appreciate the different looks created by using different threads. You have shared some of the most beautiful examples I have seen which always inspire me to try something new!

  148. I guess I better learn to love the Smyrna stitch because my new EGA monthly project
    is outlined with hundreds of them.

    Pat S. of Lebanon

  149. My favorite stitch is the Palestrina knot. It was the first fancy stitch I learned and I used it in a border on a piece that turned out “mighty fine.” I haven’t had a chance to use it much since then, but the fact that it was the “first” makes it special. I should tell you that I actually don’t know many more fancy stitches. That is why I read your blog avidly.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  150. I use a wide variety of stitches but primarily the cross stitch as I use it for decorative edgings on ornaments to finish them with a technique I learned at our EGA group. I have really turned those gals onto your website and receive many thanks for comments for doing so. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas and your blog fills the bill!

  151. Upon reflection, I am interested to learn that my favourite stitch is probably the French knot! Or in French, point de noeud or simply “knot stitch.” LOL.

    You can do so many different things with this simple stitch. Single wraps, double wraps, small or large, loose or tight. In the past two weeks I’ve used French knots for flower centres, petals, whole flowers, leaves, cherries, as well as in a row to divide sections on a sampler. I particularly like them en masse, but no matter how they are used, I always like them!

    Jeepers, 195 comments already!

  152. My favorite stitch is the straight stitch. You can do almost anything with this stitch. I particularly love to do painting with threads work so the straight stitch is a must.

  153. It is so hard to pick a favorite stitch especially since I do crazy quilting. However, I think my new favorite for now at least is the hungarian braided chain stitch. Thanks for showing your beautiful work!

  154. I love the montenegrin stitch. Long stretches take a lot of concentration and its a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when it works out perfectly.

  155. At any given moment, my favorite sstitch is the one I’m current working on — especially if it is a new stitch and if silk threads are involved! I particularly love the Japanese embroidery stitches that build layer upon layer to yield intricate-looking beautiful stitches.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog! It is a nice highlight to every day!

  156. Hi Mary,

    Well, I really like braided stitches. They are fun to do, and work up so beautifully. However, my all time favorite stitch is the split stitch. It is simple, elegant and endlessly useful.

  157. Another great give away – you do such great little contests. My favourite stitch is the bullion. I have only done a few but it is because of your website that I was able to do this stitch on a recent project – the instructions included in the project were truly awful and I would have abandoned it completely had I not looked up your site for help. The finished project was fantastic.

    So …. LOVE doing bullions now.

    Heather from South Surrey, BC, Canada – currently snowing like crazy!!!

  158. Favorite Stitch – I like an easy outline stitch since I stitch to relax – just get started and go! Might add some french knots for texture, but keep it simple!

  159. My favorite embroidery stitch is turkey work. I love embroidering animals and turkey work is wonderful for wispy tails on cute little chipmunks.
    Thank you Mary for all you do.

  160. Hi Mary, I like the feather stitch. It can be big or small, curvy or straight, embellished or not and goes quickly, looks decorative and is fun to do. Thanks for your many giveaways!

  161. I would like to enter the giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity. I really like the colonial knot. I know there isn’t much difference between colonial and French knots, but to me the colonial knot is more fun to stitch.

    From Cheryl in San Diego

  162. Hi Mary
    In answer to your question to my favourite stitch – its all your fault! I am hooked on the Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch! I love it and have finished your ‘peacock’ design and your ‘hungarian redwork’ design. I am now going through all my ‘unfinished’ embroideries to see if I can finish them with this stitch. It is fast, covers well, looks terrific and extremely easy to do. Just love it!


    Chris Bennett

  163. My favorite stitch is the herringbone stitch..it’s so versatile and decorative and can be encrusted easily!!
    I just love the little bags you;re offering!!!

  164. My favorite stitch is the Palestrina Knot. I first encountered this stitch on a pair of linen pillow cases that I bought at a garage sale.

    I have been using them for many years and they are now starting to show wear on the linen not the embroidery.

    Dolores Still, Poulsbo, WA

  165. I don’t have a favorite embroidery stitch since I have not done any work yet. I bought all the things I need to get started, but my friend who lived here moved. Needless to say, she was going to be my teacher. So, now I have to rely on your website to get started. Embroidery has been my passion for a long time. Redwork will be my first piece of art work. Can’t wait to get started. Please pick me.

  166. I know it is a very basic stitch but I love using the stem stitch very very small stitches. I use one sometimes two silk appliqué thread to outline appliqué on my quilts. I take my block with a small hoop, thread, threaded and fine scissors and tale it every where I go. I can stitch it in my sleep and it always looks good and enhances my quilts. Sometimes I just want to stitch veins in leaves and it is perfect.

  167. The chain stitch is my go to stitch. Mostly because it has so many variations. It is an easy stitch to do, works well with many different fibers, curves nicely and plays well with other stitches.

    I always enjoy learning a new stitch and applying it into a design. I have found your tutorials extremely helpful and pass your web link along to fellow stitches frequently. Thanks!

  168. It is soo hard to choose as I have been embroidering for so long. I don’t know every stitch but the ones I do know hold very happy memories so how could they not be my favourites! I would have to say lazy daisy stitch but of course it needs a stem so stem stitch too, ( fond memories of embroidering table cloths with my mum when I was wee!) and satin stitch, I love satin stitch it is so satisfying when you have finished and it is neat and even and smooth. Then cross stitches, so easy to do and long armed cross stitch (finally) is a huge, current favourite of mine.
    Ok I have over egged the pudding now so I am guessing no prizes for me , but I don’t mind, I just enjoyed sharing!

  169. I am not sure my favourite stitch has a name. It starts with a simple straight stitch, which you then have to cross with another straight stitch. Cross it in any direction, anywhere along that first straight stitch. Each subsequent stitch has to cross the last one laid down. As the straight stitches can be laid in any direction and can be of any length, you can move around and fill an area with lovely texture. I call the process ‘crossed stitch’, but it must not be confused with traditional cross stitching which is very precise, exact and regimented. Working ‘crossed stitch’ is random and fluid, and quite therapeutic. Work it with the full strand of floss or a thread that doesn’t need to be divided.

    (…and my lake was named for an Irish lord!)

  170. ONLY ONE Youi must be kidding, how can a real stitcher have only one favorite. I love variations of cross stitches and while I like queen stitches in moderation, several years ago I stitched a design with way too many. intertwined and several colors. Think it was “my darling daughter”

  171. Oh, these bags will be welcomed here. I store all my little projects in bags like that. This is a great give-a-way. Thanks Sharon

  172. I like your questions and give aways Mary…although don’t want to enter in this give away because I already have this kind of bag.
    It is hard to choose just one stitch because all have something interesting and when they are combine, they create something more beautiful. but I like texture, so one of the stitches I like is Portuguese stem stitch…

  173. My favorite stitch is the outline stitch. It is the one I’m most comfortable with but I am trying out the backstitch stitch. Thanks for this opportunity.

  174. Hi Mary, thank you Mary for the excellent web site and blog – as a “beginner” I really enjoy the Bullion stitch or the French knot – I can actual create a whole picture with this stitch alone! Cheers Lee

  175. My favorite is definitely the feather stitch. It was one of the first ones I learned and I love all the things I can do with it.

  176. I love cross stitch. I know it’s always listed separately than embroidery, but that’s where it started, isn’t it? Almost everything I do is cross-stitch. I also love the daisy stitch, it’s fun! Thank you for the chance to win.

  177. Hi Mary,
    My favourite stitch is, Old English Knot, Palestrina Knot or Double Knot stitch, call it what you like, it has a lovely rhythm that it very relaxing. I have done a lot of it and I find it is as good as meditation, I love it.

  178. Hi Mary,
    I think the lattice stitch is one of my favorite stitches to look at. However I love to stitch the lazy daisy stitch. Most of the embroidery stitches are so much fun to do. Would love to win the nice zipper bag with accessories inside. Fun stuff! Thanks again for the giveaway!
    Mary Ann/Cincinnati

  179. My favorite stitch is the one that I will learn next to fit a specific need in a project that I am working on. I love learning a new stitch and seeing what sort of texture and pattern it develops as I use it. It is kind of like opening a door into its possibilities.

  180. I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon and I think I have to say that satin stitch is my favourite, though stem stitch would run it a very close second.

    I’m just beginning to learn Long and Short Stitch from Trish Burr’s lovely books and I think that in time, when I have more experience, for the beauty it can transpose into embroidery.

    Thankyou for the website, Mary, its my oasis in the middle of the working day.

  181. I love your blog.

    Right now I love the lazy daisy. I really only know that and the straight stith, but I love the way you show the stitches, and I am getting more brave, and plan on trying/experimenting with more.
    thank you for all you do and share
    Donna D

  182. The chain stitch is my favorite because it can be plain, wrapped, woven, beads added to it, be packed, be doubled, etc, etc, etc. So many uses and so easy to execute.

  183. I like the stem stitch –something very soothing about working it. Also, it makes me think of my dear Grandma and all the 100’s of dishtowels she embroidered.

  184. My favorite stitch all centers around hardanger and pulled thread designs and projects. But the colors and various stitches you have been using in your embroidery projects makes we want to retry this again.

  185. All of my friends know that I’m a bit touched in the head, so none of them would be surprised that my favorite are French Knots.
    I love how they can make up a lambies coat, or add elegance to surface embroidery.

  186. Hi Mary,

    This is a wonderful giveaway and so very thoughtful of you to offer this to us.

    As a sole caregiver around the clock for my husband organization is of the utmost concern. This gift you are offering is the perfect way to keep small things organized and ready at hand. I would love to try the thread that comes with it along with the other goodies.

    Helen in SW FL

  187. I think the basic stem stitch is probably my favorite because it’s the first I learned and was the staple stitch for me for a LONG time. The long and short stitch is becoming my favorite as I practice and learn more about it.

    Thank you for all the helpful information you provide!

  188. My favorite stitch — I am a beginner at embroidery. I saw a display at our local library — I like stumpwork and my favorite is the RAISED STEM BAND. One of the first things I learned and I am getting so much better at it now. I wish I would have started this hobby 50 years ago.

  189. My favorite stitch is the buttonhole stitch because I love to do it and there are so many variations. Second runner-up is the chain stitch for the same reasons.

  190. Since I’m real new to hand embroidery my favorite stich is the blanket stich. I make wool penny rugs and I am praticing your blanket stich with beads. Looks pretty good. Thanks, Neena

  191. French knots! I love them because they’re so versatile–big, lumpy ones; little tiny tidy ones; ones done with floss; ones done with ribbon; scattered about on felt; lined up in orderly rows on canvas–lots of possibilities!

  192. Hello,
    My favorite stitch is good old back stitch. I love it because it is versatile and it feel good to sew with it! 🙂
    Thank you so much!
    Rachel L

  193. I love the stem stitch. And just because it is the very first one Mom taught me after running stitch and back stitch. It was her favorite and I loved to watch her stitch it. She was so graceful and beautiful when stitching and I so much wanted to be just like her when I was 5. She gave me a pillowcase with an Aunt Martha owl iron-on to learn on. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  194. Colonial knot is one of my favorites, since being taught to do it properly, I find it very versatile. When I “clump” them together with a variegated thread, they look terrific, but they look great by themselves too.

  195. Hey Mary! My favorite stitch is the backstitch. Even though the stitch is simple, it can be used for very elaborate designs. It quick,simple and pretty! I love it!

  196. My default favorite emroidery stitch is the simple cross-stitch. It allows me to go into “no brainer” mode. If the project is canvas, then it’s basketweave, Again the no brainer mode.

  197. Hi my favourite stitch at the moment is Palestrina stitch, cant get enough of it.Another is cast on stitch that I am slowly learning to do.
    Lyn M

  198. I like the Colonial Knot over the French Knot. It is much easier to do, more uniformed and you don’t have the trouble with it falling apart, etc. that you do with the French Knot and it looks the same. I teach it to those that have problems with the French Knot. Right now I am working on a landscape embroidery and have threads stacked on a table. This bag would help!

  199. My favourite is chain stitch because it’s quick and so versatile. It changes with every use – lines, curves, singles. I love it with variegated silk ribbon made into draped falls of flowers like coral vine, lupins, daisies, fantasy flowers with beaded insides… It reminds me of my mother, because she used it often in her later years, embroidering Jacobean and Scandinavian designs on cushions, tea towels, apron pockets etc for raising money for church fetes.

  200. I love French Knots because they are so versatile.
    They can be points or lines, filling in stitches or shading stitches.
    They can be done in so many types of thread from single silks to chunky yarn and everything in between.
    They even look great when done in great clusters of different threads
    They are fun to do once you have mastered the technique and you can do them in front of the telly or while travelling.
    How versatile is that?

    Gillian in Geelong

  201. Just the right bag for all my accessories and threads. Even enough room for a pattern . A great way to spread the joy of stitching and encouraging others.

  202. Thank you for this sweet give-a-way. I am currently still enamored with the delightful, and ever changeable lattice stitch. I am fashioning a 1700’s stomacher, and plotting out the future embroidery pattern, with the lattice stitch playing a promenent role.

  203. I do most of my stitching on linen or even weave, so,my favorite stitches
    Are those with a definite count. My favorites are the intricate counted
    Jessica’s and sprats heads, and I love the rhythem of the count. The
    Remind me of the pictures people used to make by driving nails in wood
    And passing string around them in an intricate pattern.

  204. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. It is a neat little stitch that always looks clean and pretty in everything embroidery. I use it frequently and it stitches up very quickly too.
    Would love to win one of the pouches. The Soie Gobelins is extra special too. Not sure of the pronunciation though. Is the “o” like the o in no or is it like the o in goblin? I prefer not to be thread illiterate.

  205. My favorite embroidery stitch has to be Rhodes stitch. I love the way it builds up into those little hearts, circles or squares. It just looks so good, complete and happy in itself. A dear little stitch I love to use at every opportunity.

  206. Hi Mary,
    My favourite stitch has always been chain stitch, in the past year I attended a Guild workshop on chain stitch and was astonished to find how many variables there were I thought I knew it all and this was going to be a dull workshop.I like your current project where you used Hungarian Braided chain it really sets the border of. I have used it in quilting as well, it popped up nicely on my project.
    Fingers crossed that I win this little pouch.
    Flora C.

  207. I think there are 4 or 5 stitches that are tied at 1st place for me. I LOVE Drizzle Stitch! I also Love Buttonhole Wheel Cup Stitch; Cast-On and Double Cast-On Stitches; Bullion Stitch; Pekinese Stitch; Palestrina–oh heck, there are too, too many awesome stitches to choose just 1!! What kind of question is this really, (ahaha)!

  208. The bags look wonderful! I have embroidered most of my life using DMC floss and crewel yarns that came with kits. I also do needle-turn applique. Experts seem to agree that the silk threads make the applique look wonderful. I’ve had a couple of flowers and a basket that I’ve done with silk threads, but it has been a while. I am try silk thread embroidery and begin practicing some new stitches that I’ve discovered on this blog. My favorite stitch is the lazy daisy stitch–simple, but I’m determined to learn some new favorites soon.

  209. I think French knots, or colonial, you can use them in lots of ways. For flower centres, fruit on tiny trees, scattered as a filler, but then I really do love stem stitch, lazy daisy, buttonhole
    and then what about bullion, Vandyke, oh I guess I like lots.
    Thank you for keeping us amused and informed love the way you make up words to describe what you are doing. By the way unpicking is just reverse sewing! Sandy D

  210. Chain Stitch is king.. it’s uses are varied
    From lacing and whipping , lengthened or squat–
    Chain Stitch is my vote no matter what!
    For details and outlines, for flowers or tears
    Chain Stitch has remained my favourite
    through out all the years.

  211. My favourite stitch is chain stitch. No matter how bad my stitches get (and they can be pretty bad!), it always looks neat and tidy. It has so many uses and is so versatile – plus you can do whipped chain with other threads or silk ribbon – giving it a really classy look.
    If in doubt, or I cannot quite manage the selected stitch, I can always do chain stitch in one of its many froms.

  212. Most of the time my favorite stitch is the Long and Short stitch, but at this moment in time my favorite is called Twilling. I had never heard of it and saw it used on a quilt. I just had to try it out really like the look. I am still fairly new to embroidery so do not know many stitches yet. I just need more time in the day. LOL

  213. I love your website and have been using it to do some fancy embroidery on a project I began in a class taught by Sue Spargo. Thank you for all of your wonderful stitch lessons.

  214. My favorite embroidery stitch is the simple Stem Stitch because I can do,so many things with it. Outlining, thread shading/painting, filling in of portions in a design that is simple and not fussy so as to highlight other more textural stitched elements and that the stitch takes on different appearance depending upon the type of thread and finish of the thread.
    I am Marcia Acker-Missall.

    I simply adore Mary Corbet and her fabulously energetic and informative website. I look forwardmtomreading each post.

  215. My favorite embroidery stitch is one of the easiest stitches we sew. It is the lazy daisy stitch. This is the stitch I loved to do as a little girl just learning how to color pictures with thread. Even today as I’m embroidering that simple, but beautiful stitch, it reminds me of evenings at home with my Mom and my Aunt who lived with us, making flowers or leaves with the lazy daisy stitch. Today I wish I had a penny for every one I’ve sewn.

  216. My favorite stitch is padded satin stitch. I love how it shines when you use a silk or smooth cotton. I have tried it with perle cotton, but it just does not have the ability to lay down and shine like a stranded silk or cotton.

  217. Every time (so far) I learn a new stitch, it seems to be my favorite. I just used the Coral Stitch close together to fill in hair on a girl. It looks wonderful!

  218. Hi Mary! I like the long and short stitch as it allows me to accomplish some really cool shading. Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. I’d have to say the chain stitch is my favorite stitch. It’s a quick fill-in. It also tolerates the laundry very well, making it nice to use on items that will be laundered frequently.
    Jean in Nevada

  220. Hi Mary!
    This is a tough question. My favorite stitch depends on what I am doing…..I like things with texture, such as a weaving stitch. I did a piece years ago where you used a chain stitch but hooked the rows together and only attached them on the edged (of strawberries). Then you stuffed the strawberry to make it 3-D. I don’t know what the official name of the stitch is, but it was fun to do!

  221. My favorite stitch is chain stitch. I have no idea why, but I like all of the variations and I think it is FUN to do. It was also one of the very first stitches I learned.

  222. my favorite stitch is pekinese stitch .i like that stitch bcoz its very easy to understand and also can be used for outline.and wen used with super color combo it will fun to watch it

  223. I will be 62 on Wednesday. I’m just trying to finish a project of stamped cross stitch. So right now, that’s my favorite stitch.

  224. The first time I saw the Rhodes heart done by Shay Pendray on tv, I had to find a project using that stitch. Love it in so many variations. And thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. Learning a lot. Thanks

  225. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch, I literally just started hand embroidering yesterday with a little martha stewart kit I got a JoAnn’s, but now I think I’m addicted!

  226. Plain old long and short. It’s always useful. I like to do a lot of bright, almost primitive work and I can use it to add texture and interest by being a little wonky or using a differnt kind of thread.

  227. Love your blog ,I have learn soooo much….as for my favorite stitch it all depends which one I am using at the time ….just when I think i have a favorite , I try another and wow that is my favorite…..

  228. Im relearning it all , I geuss I use to complain when my grandmother made me sit still and work on samplers and pillow cases I much rather have been out with my pony. All I a remember was the chain stich so that is my favorite . What a excellent site this is ! Thank you!
    Jennifer Holdcroft

  229. My favorite stitching is Bargello so I guess my favorite stitch is upright Gobelin. I like it so much because it can be zen stitching.

    Jacquie in sunny (and very cold) AZ

  230. I think my favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It can be wide, or narrow, or disconnected (the lazy daisy stitch). I once saw an entire redwork quilt done in chain stitch, and later I read that that was the only way it should be done (100 years ago).

  231. Right now my favorite stitch is the stem stitch. This is simply becuase after finding your website I finally figure out why my stitches never looked quite right! Now I’m doing a stamped table runner that has a TON of stem stitching in it to practice!

  232. As an artist, I like the long and short stitch for realistic results.

    *However,* my **favorite stitch** is the bullion stitch! I love to embellish mittens and other items I have knitted with the the bullion stitch as the star of the project!!

  233. It isn’t a very exotic stitch, but my favorite stitch is a double feather stitch. I use it mainly for embellishment in heirloom sewing (baby garments mainly). I love this stitch so much and I always look for places that I can use it. It’s one of those relaxing stitches that doesn’t require a lot of concentration and I can watch tv or talk to friends while doing it.

  234. Mary, It is always lovely to watch you stitch – you do such beautiful work! My favorite stitch is the pin stitch or Point de Paris. This stitch is very versatile and can be done on all types of projects from garments to towels and cloths to samplers. For me though, the reason that I love it so much is that the rhythm is very soothing and relaxing, to the point of being comforting! Happy Stitching! Vaune

  235. If one must choose a preference, I’d have to say the Palestrina stitch as it outlines in such an elegant yet easy manner.

    It would be easier to list my least favorite stitch… the French knot!

    Love the photography of your work. Thanks for sharing.

  236. How can you pick one stitch as a favorite. I taught my self surface embroidery as a small girl. I have so many stitches in my repertoire it seems impossible to pick only one. I love all chain stitches, love queen stitch, love french knots & colonial knot, love rhodes and jessica stitches, and trellis stitch.

    Have loved watching the videos on different stitch play stitches with fun colors. Would love a practice sampler with all the stitches and lots of color. Looking forward to more stitches.

  237. For the beautiful flow of colour and shading effects I think the split stitch would be my favourite. They are all great fun and very satifying and I appreciate the introduction of new stitches which you are constantly providing for us, Mary, thank-you. I am realising that I have used a fairly limited palette of a few stitches but you are sucessfully encouraging me to broaden my horizons.

  238. As of now, I have a relatively small repertoire of stitches to my credit. Particularly, compared to the many and varied ones I have seen in your newsletter. However, I ‘ m constantly trying to improve my favorite stem stitch to make it fit all my embroidery projects. So much so that I hesitate to try new stitches. I collect pretty threads, needles and all things stitchery. These ‘Stitch Beautifully” bags would work just fine!

  239. Mary – I also love French knots – how they add just the right touch
    at just the right point. I also love this little bag and think I could
    really use one as I have three projects underway all at the same time.
    This wod be a perfect way to stay organized. Thankyou, Mary for
    another great gift-give-away!!

  240. My favorite stitch is the bullion. I remember the first one I made. It was with rayon thread for a Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. It was like I just performed a magic trick.

    Mary in Oregon

  241. Hi Mary, first, congratulations to Brynn. I didn’t know what the first stitch (the blue) was, but I did guess the second was chain stitch that was whipped in some way.

    Which brings me to today’s giveaway competition, as chain stitch is my favourite embroidery stitch because it was the very first stitch my Mother taught me how to do.

    Marian (NZ)

  242. My favorite emboidery stitch is the feather stitch. I use it alot in my crazy quilting blocks because it can represent many things. and it can be used in combination with beads and silk ribbon

  243. My absolute favorite stitch is the Colonial knot. It is easier to do than the French knot and I love the texture and accents it adds to my quilt blocks. However, the Cretan stitch comes in second and really close.

    HUGS Kristie

  244. Mary, my favorite stitch is currently the chain stitch. Before I realized that a whole bunch of lazy daisy stitches joined = a chain – I loved the looks of the lazy daisy stitch – and the formation – so, now, I try to use the chain stitch when the occasion arises. I really love those little bags –
    Thank you for the chance to win one.

  245. Right now, I enjoy using a raised emboridery stitch to create three dimensional flowers. It takes me all day to make one flower that looks like a flower! The stitches that I’ve used are the buillion knot and cast on stitch. It looks like the buillion knots make prettier flowers for me right now.

  246. Aaauurrgghhh. How can anyone name just one stitch? The stem stitch because it can do almost anything. French knots, because–well, they are French knots, you know? Seed stitches because they perform such a cool, beautiful function. Only one? Really?

    OK, if I must (sigh) the French knot. They are fun, unique, look so cool when bunched together and add interest like no other when done alone.

    Now I’m feeling like I’ve betrayed the other stitches…. I might get over it if I win one of those cool bags and Friday is my birthday! Regardless, this is a fun one. Thanks Mary.

  247. My very favorite stitch would have to be the Algerian eyelet. Hard to mess up, and always beautiful. It can make a dainty, lacy look.
    Again, thank you for the opportunity, and know how much I love your daily newsletter.

  248. Hm, favorite stitch — can’t really narrow it down, but my usual “go to” are Bayeux Stitch (ok, a compound of stitches), stem, split and herringbone. I recently did a piece with speckle work which I enjoyed a lot.

  249. Hi Mary,

    My favorite stitch has to be Satin stitch. When it’s done correctly it is truly beautiful. People will look at a piece of hand-work done in Satin stitch and think…”embroidery”, even if they don’t know anything about it. I’ve learned a lot about Satin stitch and other stitches from your website. Now when I outline with a split stitch, my Satin stitching is much better!I still have a lot to learn, but I’m thankful God has given me another day to pursue this hobby.

  250. Hi Mary, my favorite stitch(s) are klosters & hardanger fillings, nun stitch, lacy buttonhole edge, rhodes, and several more! Love specialty stitches. These bags look wonderful. I have one or two that I currently use for small projects. The thread looks so nice (never used it before), and love sticky notes…use them a lot! Thanks for always inspiring us, Mary!

  251. I love texture in embroidery so it would have to Ribbed Wheel Filling. I like to vary the number of spokes according to the size of the wheel, and the thread. I also like to make part-wheels (so I suppose that would be detached back-stitch), and to vary the extent to which I fill the spokes.

  252. This sweet little bag, beats the zipper plastic storage bags I use. I like to keep several projects at the ready to grab as I go out the door so I have quite a few “baggies” occupied with thread, needles and scissors.
    My favorite embroidery stitch…I am not sure I could choose just one, the more I stitch the more stitches I fall in love with. Nostalgically I would have to say the Cross Stitch. One of the first stitches I learned on pre-printed small samplers.

  253. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Woven Picot. It is fun to work, and I love the 3-dimensional outcome!

  254. Picking a favorite stitch is like standing in the ice cream shop and deciding what to order regardless of the customer line behind you. Very hard to do!! I suppose I would have to say the buttonhole stitch and all its variations. I have a self designed sampler made only with buttonhole stitches including flowers and a snail. It’s a most versatile stitch, surface, space as is lace and utility.

  255. Although I have been doing embroidery for years in my quilts, I have been doing only the basics in stitch types. A friend recently told me about this blog and my eyes are going WOW! The lattice work that I have seen in the last few blogs have been just fantastic and may be my favorite at this point in time. I am hooked.

  256. What’s your favorite embroidery stitch?
    What a question ? I’m always learning new stitches(from your website)so a favorite stitch that would be hard one for me to put on finger on just one stitch.

  257. Hi Mary,

    I am just starting out with embroidery and so far my favourite stitch is chain stitch. This is a lovely bag for organizing a project on-the-go!

    Warm regards,
    Mary Kassam

  258. My favourite stitch is the buttonhole – totally versatile, it is a stitch that can be as beautiful as you want it, but also incredibly functional like in the case of cutwork embroidery. I use it often, in many different ways.

  259. I love the cross stitch, especially when used with gingham & the “Chicken Scratch” pattern which I have discovered & thanks to your site with the turorial & free patterns! So glad to have found you!!

  260. In all honestly, my favorite stitch is the cross stitch. I absolutely love cross stitching, it is how I first got into embroidery and I find it so soothing. Sometimes it even makes me sleepy!
    I also love the look of the woven picot, though I haven’t actually tried stitching it yet.

  261. My favorite stitch is the “Queen Stitch” – looks difficult but is really quite easy if you just relax into the series of stitches that comprise it. It makes into lovely floral shapes with a little texture. NICE!

  262. My favorite stitch is satin stitch, because I grew up surrounded by gorgeous Hungarian embroidery, courtesy of my Budapest-born mother. From the little Lowly Worm mom stitched to cover a nosebleed spot on my security blanket when I was a child, to the gorgeous silk scarf covered with traditional Hungarian flower patterns, satin stitch was everywhere. So beautiful!

  263. Hi! My favorite stitch is the french knot, because as a little girl learning it, I thought it was such a fancy stitch. I still love it & love improving on it. Thanks for the opportunity of the give-away.

  264. Hm, I think my favorite might be the stem stitch because of its versatility. Depending on which way it goes, it can also be called the outline stitch. If you think upside down, it’s also a back stitch, if you can do it perfectly, of course! It can also have another life, in smocking, for if you toss the thread up and down, you’ve got the cable stitch!

  265. I enjoy a simple outline stitch. I like to embroider pillowcases and tea towels to give as gifts, and the outline stitch goes along very quickly.

  266. My favorite stitch that I want to master is the long and short stitch. You’ve done such nice tutorials o it that I want to do some nature studies using it. And a project bag would be perfect to keep that project separate and ready to go anywhere.

  267. Hello.
    My favorite is stem stitch. I like how “ropy” the stitch looks and how fun it is to do. Thank you.

  268. I looooove the fly stitch. I’ve used it for plants, leaves, trees and bushes and my ABSOLUTE favorite: feathers. It can be manipulated to have subtle dimension. Did I say I looooove the fly stitch?

  269. Eyelets. On nice fine linen. As a design, as an accent or as a flower center.
    Single or in clusters. Love them.
    A very close second is hemstitching.

  270. Hi Mary, I think one of my favorite stitches is the Algerian eyelet stitch (as well as others like it – such as the Rhodes Star.

    Thanks for another fun give-away!

    Cindy 🙂

  271. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for all your hard work. You are an inspiration! My favourite stitch? That is difficult to answer except to say that it is the stitch that looks just right! I find satin stitch the most difficult to get looking good. I love looking at monograms on historical pieces because the satin stitch is usually exquisite. But for sheer enjoyment, I like herringbone and feather stitches … OK that’s two whole family of stitches.

  272. My favorite is the Open Cretan Stitch, this stich is made using stitches that are vertical along the top and bottom edges.

    It can be used to outline shapes, as a border, or to join two pieces of material together
    Its a very nice stitch I used it to make the border of my sheets and also my thablecloth and also when I am doing my grand daughter dresses, its a very nice stitch and easy to do

  273. Well, I don’t know many stitches since I’m a wanna be newby! Basically, I think that I’m getting better at the back stitch, so I guess that is my favorite at this moment!

  274. So many stitches are fun to do, but I love the beautiful shading and realism achieved by the long and short stitch.

  275. Hi Mary,

    First I want to thank you for the “Name That Stitch” Challenge, it REALLY made me closely examine the work to determine the stitch type. Alas, I only decyphered 1 correctly, but before I started reading Neadle n Thread I wouldn’t have had a hope of IDing either. So I am pleased to have correctly identified at least one!!! Anyway, I would request more of these “make us THINK” challenges.

    Second, my favorite stitch is usually the LATEST one I have learned, because I am so excited about adding to my repitoie.

    As always, thanks for a fabulous sharing & learning experience.

  276. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. Probably because it goes fast you know you are making progress on your project.

  277. I love doing the French Knot. It’s a fun little stitch to do! This looks like a great project bag. I tend to use baggies, which fall apart!

  278. I recently rediscovered my love for embroidery and finished a project I had started years ago. Love the satin stitch. But am looking for a new project to use the buttonhole stitch on, ha, satin stitch with a border, gotta love that.

  279. Just love the bullion knot (that does qualify as a stitch I hope), it can be used in so many ways and I really appreciate the added texture it gives my work.

  280. I “love” making picots in Hardanger. When they sit properly, it helps to make the item so much more lacy. I just can’t get them consistently. When they don’t work, they disappear behind the fabric, or look like little nubby knots.

  281. Hello. I have to start off by saying how fortunate I am to have found your website! I love your projects, pictures, and appreciate your well-written articles. It seems to be rare to find sites these days with correct grammar and spelling, too! 🙂
    I so enjoy your emails, actually as much as “Inspirations” which is saying a lot
    It is difficult to find much enjoyment when having depression most of my life but beautiful stitchery can always bring on a smile.
    As to my favorite stitch, I apologize that I don’t have one! I guess I would have to say the current stitch that I happen to be using is my favorite! Watching any stitch come alive through the use of only a needle and thread has always amazed me.
    To everyone, stitch beautifully! 🙂

  282. Thank you for your generosity again Mary. I would have to say my favorite stitch is the rhodes, in all of it’s variations. It’s just fun. Teresa

  283. I started out years ago with cross stitch and a little crewel. Later i branched out to hardanger and pulled thread. Now i like any specialty stitches that are part of a pattern and often enjoy the ones most i am just learning. I rarely stitch something now that is all cross stitches, so my favorite stitch is usuallyl the one I am currently stitching.
    Your blog is so beautiful and educational. Maybe some day I will branch out to surface embroidery.i

  284. Hi Mary! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize! 🙂

    I think my favourite stitch is the Queen stitch. Once I figured out how to do them. And I like bullion knots. You can make such lovely roses with them! 🙂

    Thanks again for the chance to win!

  285. Good morning Mary!
    My favorite stitch is the Casalguidi stitch. It looks so incredible when worked but difficult to achieve. Of course, when it brings together fellow embroiderers from across the world, it has got to be a favorite! This experience happened to me and a friendship was formed and is still being enjoyed to this day- a delightful experience.
    Thank you for this lovely give-away
    Peg F. from NJ

  286. I love the coral stitch. Your website is fantastic and a wonderful source of inspiration and I am excited about strengthening my embroidery skills this year. Thanks so much for all you do! Your work is gorgeous! Vanya

  287. My favorite stitch is probably the spider web wheel one. I don’t use it allot, but there are so many possibilitys for it! I love it! Thanks for the give away! I would really like to win!

  288. It would be much easier to say what I don’t like (lazy daisy)than what I do like. I really like most of them. I love Queen stitch and I love the rhythm of knotted diamond stitch. All of them are fun!

    Thanks so much for your great blog!

  289. Hello Mary

    I just saw the lattice filling stitch on the Stitch Fun series and it is so well demonstrated, the corner filling part reminds me of the Indian Kutch embroidery and that is my favorite stitch. Any stitch that is technical ., I mean a little mistake made, the stitch compels you to undo.. it is typical pattern bound way of completing the stitch and very mathematical too.

    Not counting me for the give away, I was inspired by the latest in Stitch fun and hence wanted to add to this..

  290. My favorite stitch is long and short stitch. I like to use it for thread painting. It makes the flowers come to life.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these cute bags.
    Smita – India.

  291. Hi,
    I started checking your site for some simple embroidery patterns for making Easter egg designs for my baby boy’s T-shirt.Now I am so addicted that as soon as my baby sleeps I grab my needle and thread.
    I have tried out just a few stitches, of which my favourite would be a tie between stem stitch and colonial knot stitch.Stem stitch was perfect for my Easter egg’s border and colonial knot is such a beautiful stitch.It reminds me of bloomed roses in a garden.
    Thanks a ton for this wonderful website.

  292. My answer will be stem stitch. It goes very fast and may be used not only for making lines but also as a filling stitch.

    Susan F. from Wisconsin

  293. Hmmm…picking a favorite stitch in my sewing is like trying to pick a favorite child. To enjoy ‘stitching beautifully’ I’ve loved to learn and have fun incorporating the wide variety of stitches in my sewing to make the variety interesting to look at, and satisfying to practice and sew.

    My current favorite is the long and short stitch. It’s challenging to get those stiches just right around the petals or edges. Adding the variety of colors for shading make this a winner of a beautiful stitch.
    Roxanne in Mpls.

  294. hi
    whenever having doubts in hand embroideries, and for colour cominations ,for tutorial,i used to refer this site only. after my quick embroidery classes, some times due to my busy sheddule , i cant recollect the stitches taught by my tutor.

    during my free time i will use yours as my tutor, and got credits. thanks to you. my tutor will say you are pickuping fsast. but iam using yours, watching again and again and completing in time.thanks for sharing your ideas and skills.

    1. hello
      inside first stitchis chain stitch with interlacind onside of the chain , second one is with two rows of chain connected bycable stich.
      i wouldlike to participate inyour competition

  295. I love the feather stitch. I have used different fibers while crazy quilting and the finished seam is beautiful. The choice of fibers and the embellishing of this stitch makes each seam unique.

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