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Butterfly Kit Winners & New for Needlepainting


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Good morning, stitchy world!

Time to announce the winners of the three beautiful butterfly needlepainting embroidery kits from Trish Burr from the give-away posted earlier this week!

In addition to that, we’ll look at some new needlepainting resources that Trish has recently released. For those who wish to perfect their needlepainting skills and have a color resource at their fingertips, you’ll want to take a look!

Butterfly Embroidery Kit by Trish Burr

I do believe the blue butterfly was the favorite among the comments on the give-away. I didn’t work up any stats on that, but, as I recall, practically every other comment mentioned the blue butterfly! Or maybe I just had blue butterflies on my mind…

In any case, all three butterflies are beautiful! There’s just something about needlepainting and butterflies – they go so well together!

The following embroiderers, drawn randomly, will each receive one of Trish’s butterfly needlepainting kits in the mail:

Alicia Tessari, who wrote: I don’t expect my answer to be different from most of all the others, but I love all three of them. Maybe I feel a little more inclined to the blue one, but the flowers on the red butterfly are adorable! and the orange..Hm! yes, all three of them. Thank you so much Mary and Trish for this giveaway.

Sheila Keeling, who commented: Thanks to Trish for this great giveaway! I think my favorite is yours…love the red & the strawberries. This would be a great way to practice what I learned in your online class some time ago. And, it would be a great birthday gift (mine is Feb 2nd)! – Happy Birthday! Couldn’t have planned that better if I wanted to!

Sue Marsh, who responded: Oh Mary, how can one choose which is the favorite? I can’t, each has its own beauty and would be a joy to stitch. Thanks for the beautiful give away.

Congratulations, ladies! Please do drop me a line with your mailing address and I will get these out to you as soon as possible!

Butterflies as Digital Downloads

You can find all of Trish Burr’s butterflies available in her Etsy shop as digital downloads, too, if you’re interesting in working one of them. The digital download is the full instruction book, so you can work your own butterfly on your choice of fabric. I find the digital downloads a more economic way of enjoying Trish’s designs – postage is not involved!

New Out from Trish

Traditional Embroidery Colour Schemes

Trish has two more embroidery-related booklets available in her shop, both of which will come in handy for anyone interested in needlepainting or embroidery in general. The first is a Color Scheme Booklet – 56 pages of color schemes mapped out with corresponding DMC threads colors. There are some little sample projects scattered throughout the book, too, with line drawings in the back so that you can work the samples. I haven’t seen the book yet myself, but it looks like a gem. You can read about Traditional Embroidery Colour Schemes on Trish’s blog.

She also announced her new Introduction to Miniature Needle Painting booklet, which includes another darling miniature needlepainting project, step-by-step.

Remember to pay attention to the shipping… The booklets are coming from South Africa, so shipping is somewhat high when ordered singly. You might pool your resources with your embroidery buddies and see if you can combine shipping on multiple items, to help reduce the cost for everyone overall. Just a thought!

Thanks to all for participating in the give-away – wish I could send you each a butterfly! But I do send you good wishes for a great weekend and a productive February!


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(8) Comments

  1. Dear Mary

    Congratulations to Alicia, Shiela (Happy Birthday for tomorrow what a lovely birthday present) and Sue enjoy your wonderful give-aways. Thanks Mary and Trish for the opportunity of participating in a lovely give-away. I will definitely look up Trish’s web to view her books.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  2. G’day Mary, happened to be up so checked the post. Congratulations to the lucky winners who, no doubt, will be all a flutter now!
    I had already put an order in for the 2 booklets and a couple of other items after seeing them in the Country Bumpkin newsletter earlier in the evening. Exciting!
    Thanks for the good wishes. May your weekend be full of charm and delights too. Cheers, Kath.

  3. Hi mary,

    Congratulations to the winners and nice idea giving everyone a butterfly, thank you. Thanks for the link to Trish burr’s site and i would like to know if its possible to do embroidery with crochet thread. Both me & my mother used to crochet, and we have some threads left, its a thick thread, i want to know if it can be used for something like whitework? Since i have restarted my embroidery work, i just thought why not use it, but i would like your advise on it before i do anything with the thread.

    1. Hi, Mary – It depends on the thread. Certain threads (like the higher perle cotton numbers 8 & 12) are often used for embroidery. You can also use cebelia and cordonnet for some types of embroidery, too. They’re used sometimes in needle lace applications, and they do work for some types of heavier surface embroidery as well. But threads like Aunt Lydia’s crochet cotton don’t hold up so well to embroidery. It fuzzes up pretty quickly! Hope that helps! ~MC

  4. congratulations ladies. How wonderful for you! Happy stitching! And thank you to Mary and Trish for the lovely giveaway!

  5. Congrats to the winners! Isn’t this a great way to start the day? I love to see people win things. Shoot, I’ve even been known to shed a tear while watching the Jeopardy Teen Tournament. Have fun you three with your new goodies.

  6. My congratulations to the lucky winners also. This is such a special place to come for knowledge and inspiration I always feel like I am opening a present.
    I have just ordered Trish’s DVD. She is going to be off to Paris so I better download a little butterfly before she shuts down for a bit. Thanks for all the encouragement. We should all send you a picture of our first butterflies.

  7. Hi, Mary, I love Trish’s work and color sense. Congratulations,y’all, have fun. Just FYI, the blue butterfly looks like a Morpho. They occur in Mrxico, Central and South America. My husband has one in his collection. I’ve seen them in the wild. They are big and slow but really hard to catch.

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