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Red Embroidery Scissors – A Give-Away!


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Yesterday, we looked at two pairs of Bohin scissors on the needlework market, and today, courtesy of Access Commodities, I’m giving away a pair of these red needlework scissors. Not only are they red, but they cut really well!

Red Embroidery Scissors by Bohin

There they are. I love ’em!

If you’d like to enter today’s give-away, it’s really simple. Just follow these guidelines:

Give-Away Guidelines

1. Leave a comment below (on the give-away article on Needle ‘n Thread – not via e-mail or on another article on the website, please). Just follow this link to the correct place to leave a comment.

2. In your comment, answer the following:

If you are looking for a pair of embroidery scissors, what attracts you to a specific pair? Is it functionality? Promised longevity? Size of blades? Cosmetic appeal? Price range? In short, what do you look for in embroidery scissors?

3. Please be sure to leave a recognizable name either in the “name” line on the comment form or in the comment box. For example, if your name is Margaret, since there are several Margarets out there, you might write Margaret S. or Margaret in Montana, or something like that.

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am Central Daylight Time (Kansas, USA), Thursday, May 9. I’ll announce the winner (by random drawing) on Thursday. This Give-Away is ended.

And that’s it! Go to it! And by next Thursday, just think – you might have a brand new pair of Red scissors that you can cherish forever!

Enjoy the weekend!


(705) Comments

  1. when I need to buy a pair of scissors, I look at the price, size and what I am going to use it for. I have several sharp and tiny scissors as I do a lot of needlework. I do have one good pair of Gingher shears (pinking and regular) and they are still sharp….may be that says that I don’t use them that often.

  2. I’m so excited to enter this lovely give away! These scissors are so beautiful and since they are a very noticeable shade of red, perhaps my family won’t be tempted to grab them and use them to cut things they shouldn’t. (I could fill books with stories of my husband and boys using my good scissors to cut things like rubber baler belts, PVC pipe, wire, you name it…) Who knows, If I were to be so lucky as to win this give away, it might save someone’s life!

  3. Mary, I love the red scissors! I look for something that will fit my fingers. Next, I want sharp blades and points that will clip the threads close to my work. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Connie in Columbus, OH

  4. I would love these scissors. I need ” sharp to the tip ” scissors for my applique and embroidery work. Price is not usually a factor, just quality. So far I haven’t tried Bohin scissors. Thanks for all you share.

  5. Love these! I have an addiction to embroidery scissors. It’s kinda nutty how much I love them. I usually look at how they feel in my hand, and how they cut first. Then I get sucked in by how they look. 😉 I’ve been burned by a few cutesy pairs, though, that end up not cutting well at all, and that gets frustrating! 😉

    Rachel Hobson
    averagejanecrafter at gmail dot com

  6. Hi Mary — when shopping for embroidery scissors, I look first for handles that will be comfortable for my fingers; if the holes are too small, it doesn’t matter how sharp the blade, they won’t get used. Thanks for doing this give-away!

  7. For me the sturdiness and length of the blades are important features. I need to make sure they can survive being a little battered in my travel kit, and of course they have to fit in it.

  8. Hi Mary!

    I usually buy scissors based on price, but that’s only because of budgetary reasons. Without a doubt I would prefer a pair of stylish scissors that are super sharp and feel good in my hands, since I am using them all the time. These red scissors are cool! Hope to win them 😀

  9. Red is one of my favorite colors, and I’ve never seen red scissors! I love them & would use them for all of my needlework projects.

  10. I love scissors! I like the points to be sharp, very sharp, in fact. I like the holes to fit comfortably also. I would love to add the red ones to my sewing boxes, which require a pair for eac one!
    Cathy from Houston

  11. I definitely look for scissors that are sharp and will cut well. That’s first and foremost. But I do love scissors, so I also love to see pretty scissors. I tend to like the smaller sizes, although larger ones are good for my sewing. I go for everything! Price is a factor, but if I love them enough, I go for it anyway.

  12. I love scissors and become quite attached to some. Of course, a good pair must cut well but my favorite pair belonged to my mother. She is with me when I use them.

  13. Good Morning,
    I look for weight and function in a good pair of scissors; something that fits my hand, has good points and is sharp to the ends of the cutting surfaces. Love the red…. it’ll make them easy to find!

  14. Ideally, I’m looking at longevity/quality, functionality that matches what I need, and looks. Realistically, though, it usually goes more along the lines of “I need scissors NOW and I have $xx, what does JoAnn have?”

    I’m not a very good planner, apparently!

  15. I’m definitely a practical type of gal. My scissors are for…well…cutting. I want them to be functional, efficient, and long lasting. Red would be nice also because they would be easy to spot in the midst of my usual stitching chaos.

  16. I think there are several considerations for myself when purchasing embroidery scissor, or, indeed, scissor of any kind. The first is functionality: are they fit for the purpose for which I require them? The second is quality: are they the best of their kind and are they going to last? The third is price: can I afford the top of the line? And the very last is design!

  17. Oh my goodness! I love scissors and red. Heaven! I have tried cute, cheap scissors and I am usualky dissapointed. Love my ginghers. Had them for years and still going strong. I want sharp.

  18. Just the ones I need for my new stitching basket!! When I buy scissors it’s mainly appeal. I have a couple I use but there’s always the ones that just look lovely.

  19. I love all scissors, lol. The cute “themed” ones – I keep witch embroidery scissors with my halloween projects, etc. if possible!
    Overall though a quality scissor is what matters most. My embroidery scissors are used to cut embroidery threads only and so I am willing to pay a lot of money for the quality of the scissor – the name is not important to me – its how they cut.
    Now the RED on these – GREAT IDEA – you should be able to spot them really quickly!

  20. I collect embroidery scissors and I do not have these lovely Red ones. when my mother dies many years ago, as I went through her projects I noticed she had a pair of scissors in each projects supplies. I thought to myself ” what in the world are you thinking Mother?” Now I know beside being wonder in looks, feel, cutting and many other ways scissors are something that we all need more of.. I now have enough pairs of scissors to fill each project maybe three times. I sure to not have to look for a pair of scissors when I need them.

  21. The thing I look for the most is the sharpness. I hate it when I get fuzzy edges on my thread. I too am a lover of red. It just makes me feel good to use a red tool. I really enjoy your daily newsletter. I appreciate the your commitment to our embroidery education.

  22. LOVE, LOVE the red scissors! I have a small collection of embroidery scissors (<25) in all colors I have been able to find. BUT no red ones – my absolute favorite color!!!

  23. Scissors! Scissors! Scissors! Like most of us embroiderers, I have invested in so many pairs that don’t work as promised, so when I happen upon a pair that I like, I keep them forever. The red scissors look great! Would live to try them out and add them to my few favorites! Thanks, Mary!

  24. I used to look only at the cosmetic appeal – Love the beautiful scissors that are decorative and functional. Now, after purchasing a really good pair, I think about it’s functionality more – ie size and purpose.

    Thank you and Access for offering such a beautiful giveaway!

  25. Embroidery scissors need to be able to cut and clip floss and yarn yet also small enough to fit in hoops and totes for travel.
    Pretty colors are nice but not essential and FREE gifts are always best.

  26. Well, I bought my last pair of sissors becaused they had a curved blade, were made in Spain and I was outside a store that sold sissors in a square in Barcelona. So on that frivolous note, I would love to add a beautiful pair of red sissors to my collection, especially one that is well balanced, sharp, and with perfect openings for my thumb and finger.

  27. I first look for functionality when looking for a new pair of scissors, but I have to admit if I saw a red pair of scissors I would be drawn to those first since I am an Aries baby and red is our color.

  28. Sharpness, comfort, size. But frankly, I look for recommendations from bloggers that I follow (like you, Mary!). Hearing from someone who’s used the scissors and comments on all the features is most helpful.

  29. I’d love to try these… just saw them briefly but did not get a chance to ‘test’ them.
    I love scissors! So, to your question – First I look for precision cutting ability, then overall workmanship, then the company’s support system. My favorite company so far is Dovo… I enjoy their attention to detail and my scissor sets have not let me down to date.
    Would love to try these though because it would be good to have them in the ‘for class’ bag.

  30. I own several pair of thread scissors but keep going back to the same pair because they are sharp – they cut the thread cleanly the first time, no matter which wonky angle I’m holding them, but the tips are somewhat blunt. I have another pair of thread scissors that might be better cutters than my favorites, but they have extremely sharp tips and these tend to pierce the fabric and snag up on all kinds of unexpected things.

    The answer – sharp, clean thread cutters with somewhat blunt tips.

  31. I love these red scissors. I have not tried the bohin scissors but love their needles. I have lots of scissors but when buying new it is usually because I am enchanted with the style or need a pair for a particular purpose. Any excuse will do for a new pair of scissors for my collection. Thanks for the chance Mary

  32. The price is always a concern but my husband has always told me;”You get what you pay for ” so the need comes first.I don’t collect scissors and I have bought some really bad ones that are not worth using and a few really good scissors that no one is allowed to use but I’m sure these red scissors are good if they are used by you.Thank you for a wonderful web site and all that you share with everyone. Pat

  33. I love embroidery scissors!! I too have several. I have scissors assigned for different types of work. Needlepoint is a sturdier scissor with a heavy threader attached to it by a ribbon. I have a very sharp and delicate pair for fine embroidery. A stork one for cross stitch. There is another for crewel work. All of them have a threaders attached to the scissors by a ribbon or are part of a fob. I desperately need a pair like this but cannot afford them. This would be a dream come true. I too adore red!! Blue is my second favorite. I have a pair of real silver scissors from my grandmother. They need to be repaired. Cannot find anyone who will work on such a fine pair. I recall using them as a child. I think this is what inspired my love of scissors!

  34. I want scissors to “feel” right in my hand and on my fingers … I prefer short and very sharp blades and I think red would be perfect for keeping track of them. I also like to add covers to the tips of the blades. Thank you for your inspiration and generosity. Judy C in NC

  35. When I need to purchase a pair of scissors, I first look at price, but also balance that with size/weight as well as what they are designed for. Thank you for offering these scissors as a give away!

  36. I’m always on the lookout for really good scissors – with really, really sharp points. The best for goldwork, then to be used for embroidery; sharp points are so important when cutting away fabric in whitework, applique, or carrickmacross lace, and to getting up close and personal with the threads!

    love the website!

  37. Love the little red scissors!!! When I buy scissors I go for functionality. What am I using them for. I look at the length of blades are they comfortable in my hand and on my fingers. Are they sharp good points on them. But sometimes I just love the colour of them but that is rare. Colour does not really matter and price does not matter either I want a good scissor if I’m using good threads and other tools I need good scissors also. Thanks for the opportunity to win these neat scissors Mary.

  38. I think I have a scissors fetish. When I buy a new pair, I “try” them on — if they feel good on my short fat fingers they almost always go home with me — and if they cut well — they leave the building. Think those red ones have my name on them.
    Or, they should have my name on them.

  39. Red is my favorite color and since I love quality scissors and have a sizeable collection of all sizes and types of scissors, I had to enter this giveaway. For embroidery scissors, I look for this size finger openings which reduce stress for my hands and provide the balance I need since I have some joint issues in my thumb now. I also look for sharpness to the tip so whether snipping threads closely or trimming cloth, the scissor is precise. L. Peters

  40. What precious little scissors. Never saw red scissors before but must have them in my collection. The size looks perfect for cutwork and trimming seams in dress making. The shape and size will be perfect for my appliqué work as well. Can’t wait to try them, as I have been wanting to own Bohin’s. They will be coveted by my sewing friends too. 🙂

  41. I have to say the eye appeal does draw me in, but I always go back to the quality of the scissors in the end. I am only now starting to appreciate just how much of a difference the quality can make!

  42. I’m always on a quest for scissors. I’m a leftie but use only right hand scissors. I do a lot of cut work so thin, pointed blades seem to work best. Right now I’m looking for a little larger scissor for general use and the Bohin red would be just right. I use only Bohin needles which I buy in bulk and their scissors have peaked my interest so I would love the opportunity to have the “red” reside in my sewing basket. Dovo scissors are a dream of mine, too, but they are sooooo pricey. Oh well, one can dream and hope!

  43. Oh my,
    If I’m going to be honest, I must admit that the first thing that attracts me to these beautiful red scissors is the “cosmetic” appeal!!!! I LOVE “eye candy!” It just adds to the whimsical fun of the art of embroidering or any other sewing to have such a fun pair to work with 😉
    Why I would be the envy of the Sewing Circles! LoL! Functionality too, is important. That would be my second choice.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “rowdy red!”

  44. The first thing I look for is if they are made for left handed people. Then I look for comfort…do they fit my hand comfortably. Then I want to make sure they cut for the job I am doing. Looks always helps but function usually wins out. It is always nice if they are whimsical but usually you do not find that made for a left handed person. Specialty scissors for the left handed person is hard to find.

  45. I have many pairs of embroidery scissors…lots of trial and error. My favourite so far is because they are just the right size, but more importantly the thumb holes are enlarged. I have a large hand and tiny little scissors typically don’t work for me. I would love to add a bright red pair to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity.

  46. I cannot have too many scissors. I look for scissors that are not only beautiful to look at but feel good in my hands. They must have a very sharp point and can cut close to my fabric.
    I would love these “Red” scissors in my collection.

  47. For me, the purpose for which the scissors are intended is first, followed by how they feel in my hands and price. There are brands I automatically look at first because of experience with their quality and durability, but I will try a different brand if they can be returned if they are pricey and don’t work for me. I would love to try out these red scissors!

  48. I have to say I am slave to esthetics, most of the time. My favourite scissors are tiny matte black ones from sublime stitching. I also have a few thread snips that have a very sturdy cover on them for throwing into a project bag and running out the door. Doesn’t stop me stabbing myself on the needles, but at least the scissors are safe. 🙂

  49. What better accessory than a pair of red scissors. Especially since red is my favorite color. They are wonderful.

  50. I just love scissors and will buy what jumps out and appeals to me. The red scissors did just that and I would love them. Please enter me in your give away
    Denise from South Dakota

  51. Hi, I look for scissors that are big enough to find, I am always sitting on them or lost them in a basket. They should be very sharp and different to make it into my collection, I am not obsessed, hope to win. Mary in RI

  52. These could easily become my favorite scissor. I look for two specific things. One is comfort when using. I have arthritis and the grips must be large enough and the scissors must be easily opened and closed. The second thing is functionality as far as being sharp enough to cut very fine thread to heavier thread. I like to have several different size scissors for different projects and since I always have more than one project going I like to have a pair with each project. I would give these scissors a really good home.

  53. I will purchase scissors using the following guidelines: They must be sharp to the tip, allow my fingers to slide into the holes easily when I pick them up, and be comfortable to use. I seem to have turned into a scissor collector, so they must be somewhat unusual in appearance or color to attract my attention. I hope to win the red ones!

  54. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Functionality is very important. I do cut-work and shuttle tatting as well as embroidery and I need a different scissors point for each. In theory you can unpick tatting but too frequently you need to just cut out mistakes or changes of mind.

    Price and appearance count also.

  55. Actually, I’m just learning about scissors. You have to use them on a variety of projects to know what you need. When I got into embroidery a couple of years ago, I was told to buy one pair of scissors for cutting regular threads and one pair for cutting metal threads because metal would dull the blades. Of course, I didn’t know there were special scissors for cutting metal until later. I just bought two pair of inexpensive regular embroidery scissors. Just the other day, when ripping out some work, I realized that I need a pair of scissors with thinner blades. I’ll be asking for a pair of Dovo for Christmas. On my current project, I have to cut out tiny pieces of felt for padding. My embroidery scissors are too small and my sewing scissors are too big. I bet these red scissors would be just right!

  56. Like you, Mary, I seem to have amassed a collection of scissors – but none like these red ones. I check first for comfort, i.e. the size of the finger openings, and then for functionality. I use my Carrickmacross/Lace ones a lot, whenever I have to cut threads. They have a bulge on the dull side of one blade that you put against the embroidery you don’t want to cut by mistake. I’ve never seen scissors like these Bohin ones and would love to add a pair to my collection.

  57. Love these red scissors! What I look for in scissors has changed over the years. Because I’ve developed arthritis in my hands scissors must not be too small and must use work with great ease and no effort…and these cute red ones will surely fit the bill.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!
    Louise from the Great State of Texas

  58. Unfortunately price has a big place but I look for scissors that suit what I’m using them for. For embroidery I like scissor with small, sharp blades although I do have one pair with curved blades that work well too. For sewing I need the ones with a spring to help with arthritis in my hands. But I’m sure I could find a place in my needlework basket for the lovely red pair.

  59. What a great give a way! when looking for scissors I do look at the quality of the scissor…is it sharp.. will they last… will they function well for me…I do alot of needlework and have different scissors for different tasks.. this particular pair draws my attention because #1 they are Bohin and #2 the are RED!! I love the color red.. it is one of my favorite colors to stitch with so a red pair of scissors would be just wonderful… Thank you for the chance to win these great red scissors!

  60. Sharpness of the blades and reputation of the manufacturer is of utmost importance to me. It is also important that I can tell my scissors from other people’s as I tend to mis-locate (lose) mine rather easily. Red would do it I think, yes.


  61. Functionality, would have to be top priority. Cosmetic appearances, is nice, but what is the use of having scissors that look good only. they’d just sit there taking up room in your kit. I’ve recently found, that just because it’s small, fits into the kit and looks good, (the pair I own now) I noticed, it doesn’t always have a precise cut. And it used to, so in addition to the functionality, appearances, size.. I’m looking for quality, and Red, is so pretty!

  62. I like nice sharp scissors that can cut in tiny places, and that work for a long time without getting dull 😉

  63. Relatively new to needle work and I’ve been using cuticle scissors and I think it’s time to upgrade ! Love the color !

  64. When looking for embroidery scissors, my first concern is the size of the handles. If my fingers get stuck in them I get frustrated and start looking for another pair quickly! Then I look for sharpness and smooth cutting. Of course, having a cool color like red would be like icing on the cake to a color girl like me :*)

  65. Since retiring, I rarely buy new scissors. But, when I do, the price HAS to come first. After that, then sharpness, style of the scissors, manufacturer all come into play. One thing I have learned, however, is that not all scissors are worth the money. I have a couple of pair of inexpensive scissors that are so dull that you can’t cut anything with them, but I now use them for metallic threads. And I also have a couple of pair of very inexpensive scissors that came from a woodworking catalog that I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars. They are nice and sharp, and best of all, stay sharp.

  66. An embroidery scissor should have several qualities. First and foremost, it should make a clean, accurate snip the first time. It should have a nice, sharp point that cuts right to the tip to access all areas of the needlework project. It should fit comfortably in the hand to prevent unnecessary pain or pressure points. Ideally it would be nice if it were compact enough to fit into a smaller place in the sewing box. Appearance is less important…….form follows function. If a new, unusual design accomplishes the above it would be fine with me. I would be thrilled to b the lucky winner of this lovely red scissor. Red happens to be my favorite color. Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. I look for sharp, fine points. And yes, I do have a mighty collection of scissors as well.
    Shortly after we were married (47+ years ago), on one of his many trips, my husband bought me 5 pairs of Weiss scissors-he didn’t know which kind I’d want so he bought one of each that he saw! They’re still beautifully sharp and still my go to scissors. So is he , by the way!

  68. Realistically I probably don’t NEED to buy another pair of scissors — ever. But I am tempted by those with a specific function, different size,shape, or color, or just because they call to me — as these red ones do.

  69. !. feel of the scissors in my hand.
    2. shape and sharpness of the blades.

    I do like other products by Bohin so these little RED (a bonus) scissors would be great in my sewing basket. Easy to find.

    Thanks to you and Access Commodities.

  70. For embroidery scissors, I first look for size (not too small) and the color red! I would love to have this medium-sized pair to use with the redwork I’m doing. Wouldn’t that be appropriate? =)

  71. Hi Mary. I must confess that I’ve only bought one pair of scissors before, and they were for wool rug hooking. The other scissors I have were inherited from my mother and father, and the pair I use in my embroidery was a gift from a friend. So, I’d really like to have a new pair!
    If I was to shop for a pair of embroidery scissors, I would first look for a good fit (I have a large hand) and a good sharp edge.
    Thanks for the chance to win this pair of red scissors.

  72. G’day Mary, and appreciative thanks to Access Commodities,
    Embroidery scissors – comfort is a consideration for my arthritic hands. They must also feel good during the cutting action-one can’t relax with ‘gritty’ scissors. Length of blade is according to specific embroidery snipping needs and is important if I’m not to be frustrated while working.
    Not really important for the work at hand, but I do love an attractive scissor. Colour isn’t important to me though, just as long as they’re RED!
    Cheers, Kath from Oz.

  73. To me when buying a pair of scissors, I prefer sharp edged ones…they have to be small and light to carry about and lastly the actual appearance of the scissors is important too.

    Thanks a million for the wonderful and thoughtful giveaway.

  74. After deciding which type of scissor I need, the first thing that attracts me is the quality. I do appreciate and search for things that are not disposable and scissors for me have that appeal of a heirloom tool, something that I cherish and would like to leave to my daughter ( probably because I have one that I inherited from my grandma and I cherish it a lot). The last thing is the price, some of them are too expensive or too fancy, so I think I try to make a balance between quality,price and look.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  75. The red scissors are perfect! I look for a pair of scissors that feel comfortable and are sharp. I do a lot of embroidering and hand sewing of heirloom clothing for children. For forty years, since high school, I have been enjoying the stitches of Jacobean crewelwork. I have had many scissors but not a RED pair! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these scissors and the opportunity of a give away.

  76. Fabulous opportunity to up-date/up-grade cherished embroidery notions – Thank you!
    As I age (LOL), so does the equipment; over time, I have found that finger/thumb slots in my standard scissors are no longer comfortable – and look for larger/longer slots – this should fit the bill!
    Thanks, again!
    Grandmother Carolyn

  77. I look for functionality first-color and cuteness do not matter only the ability to cut what I want the way I want it cut. Of course finding a pair on sale is always a plus.

  78. I can’t pass up scissors of any kind. I have expensive ones, cute ones, and at least one pair in every project. And,I confess I have many projects going at the same time. I guess you would say I am obsessed with scissors.
    Love your newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity to own another pair of scissors.

  79. I love to collect scissors and I look for a unique shape, color or design when choosing a scissor to add to my collection. For everyday use in stitching and quilting my scissor needs to be appropriate for the task.

    I’ve searched for a shop that carries these beautiful red scissors and was unable to locate a shop. Can you let us know where we might find these scissors to purchase if we’re not the lucky winner?

  80. I’m just starting embroidery and collecting my supplies. In buying scissors, right now I mainly look at price, hoping that the more expensive they are, the longer they last! I also will look at buying the correct scissors for the project/future projects. Thanks!

  81. Wow…how would I look with these stylish red scissors in my hands as I quietly took them out in the middle of a stitching group on the beach this summer? Absolutely fantastic and the envy of all my stitching friends! I have never tried Bohin scissors but think these would do the trick. I look for comfort in the hand and the ability to cut close to my stitching the first time (not cutting over and over to get all the threads!). Also, I could spot these beauties anywhere and if someone borrowed them, they would certainly know they didn’t belong to them and would return them; therefore, the least likely chance of “walking away.” Access Commodities and Needle ‘n Thread, thank you for giving us the chance to win these beautiful scissors!

  82. Hi Mary, I love having scissors that don’t hurt my hands, that cut well and will last a good long time. These red scissors won’t get lost in my embroidery box 🙂

  83. Of course I’m attracted to cute embroidery scissors, but they also have to be sharp! I like that these scissors have a bit of a serrated edge–that really helps to grab the thread to cut it exactly where you need it to cut. I’ve been using Karen Kay Buckley’s embroidery scissors lately and the serrated edge is such a great idea.

  84. Love the red! I use gingher scissors which I like alot. I have a small pair for embroidery and a large one for cutting fabric but no mid size pair. Would love to try these.

  85. I think you need to start with what you require of your scissors, cutting your embroidery thread in which case a small pair would be good or cutting large pieces of material therefore you would need a larger pair, then do not look at the price initially – take them in your hands and see how they feel and better still if you have the opportunity to see how they cut for your particular use then you will know if they are right for you. A good pair of scissors is heaven.
    Many thanks Mary for another wonderful give away. Have a great weekend – we are enjoying a long weekend here in the Isle of Man.

  86. Normally I would choose a pair of embroidery scissors based on their functionality, but Yousa! Those are a gorgeous red, my favorite color!

  87. My husband does a lot of “WOOD” things so I always feel that the right tools make for a great project. Scissors and embroidery or sewing is a very definite essential and sharp, comfortable to hold, and yes, a delight to see in your sewing box all matter.

  88. I bought scissors last year because I needed them and they looked really nice ; the handle was shaped and designed into a beautiful peacock! Needless to say they aren’t holding up very well! Next time I will look for quality and durability!

    Maria M in PA

  89. Love love love red. Good scissors make any project much easier. And May 9 th is my birthday.

  90. I look for the price and the sharpness and the size of the scissors. I love the red scissors 🙂 I have one other pair that is a collector’s edition.

  91. I do a lot of applique with felted wool. I need SHARP scissors to cut intricate shapes. These look likely.

    Love your blog!

  92. When looking for a pair of embroidery scissors, I first look at price and then pick the best within my price range. “Best” means sharpness, especially at the points. Embroidery scissors and sewing scissors are used interchangeably and I need really sharp points for sewing and snipping threads.
    Often I will ask my friends for their opinion on the scissors they use.

  93. I love scissors and have a bit of a collection myself. I prefer very fine, sharp points, small – love tiny scissors, and something that looks traditional or old fashioned, or unusual. Price-wise, I’ve been known to spend more than I probably should, but oh well. Don’t have any red scissors and would love to add a pair to my collection.

  94. I love to look at embroidery scissors. The color, shape and design appeal to me, particularly if they are unusual. I then make sure they are very sharp and have fine points on the blade. I am less concerned about who makes them.

  95. Mary —
    Ooooo scissors! Thank you for giving away these scissors! I would love to be a collector of scissors! I started my collection a while back – a neat tiny pair of sajou scissors – and had a list of wants — but education budgets have been cut therefore teaching hours have been cut therefore scissor budgets have been cut – no scissor pun intended. I have a 15-year-old pair of gingher embroidery scissors that I still love, that still cut threads, but l woukd like something different now and then — variety is the spice of life you know —- and these are red! How fun!!

  96. Hi,

    Finding scissors that work as advertised is so hard for me. I am left handed, but have used right handed so long, that even the true lefties are a problem. I would love to try this brand and these are a fabulous, fun color! Thanks, Lillian

  97. I’m with you, Mary! Any scissors that are red deserve a place in my sewing box. It looks like they definitely deserve a place in my sewing box and if I get them I solemnly promise not to use them on anything but thread and to get them a very special scissor fob.

    Mary C.

  98. I look for form and function. How well do the scissors do their intended job? And how pleasing are they, ergonomically and aesthetically? Life is too short to have displeasing tools for my hobby!

  99. Hi Mary,
    When I am looking to buy new embroidery scissors (which I do more often than I should admit because I misplace them..) I look for 4 things. Price, blade length (short) and sharpness, left handedness :), and color! I love color! These red ones look great and maybe I could spot them easier from wherever I might lay them down……Thanks for the givaway and the daily email..keeps me inspired!

  100. I would love to win those red scissors!!! I have one pair of small scissors that I use to embroider and my husband and grandchildren always want to use them. I would have those little red scissors just for me.

  101. I look for size that fits my fingers, also sharp tips and color….I love red and price. If they are a really good quality I will pay the price because I do a lot of needlework….

  102. I have never had special embroidery scissors, but for me I think the important thing would be are they sharp and pointed, and do they feel good in the finger holes?

  103. I’m sure my scissors choose me. When I see them they just scream out “TAKE ME HOME” and of course I agree.
    Invariably they will be very sharp and cut right to the point….often in beautiful colors and patterns. Sadly for me they often go missing amongst my many projects….however there are always more just begging for me to take them home…..how can a girl (I use the term loosely) so no.

  104. Hope you didn’t mean mailing address, as you didn’t say email, either.

    So, embroidery scissors, I am on a limited income, so usually have to make do with Walmart scissors.:{ I have always wanted a really good pair of scissors. I need longevity, the best quality I can afford, and very sharp ones with a very small point.

    I would so love to have these scissors.

  105. Be still my heart….adorable, GOOD, red scissors!! I look for and prefer sharp, dependable, long-lived and last but not least, pretty scissors!!! I’m swooning over these.
    Thanks for the chance to win these, Mary.

  106. When looking for a pair of scissors, I first consider what they will be used for (type, and requirements)Will I need extreme sharpness, etc.
    The length and size is important. Finally comfort/how well they feel when I am cutting something

  107. I so enjoy your website! My mom had two very special things when she arrived in Canada after World War II from France. One was her big black scissors for fabric and second were her tiny scissors for her embroidery. I had loved to embroider as a kid (not so much now), so before she passed away she gave me both scissors. I think it is what got me into sewing once again. Admiring your website encouraged me to practice my stitches. Both scissors are still very functional and from time to time we have them sharpened. I have bought another pair, but they don’t compare to my mom’s and am definitely sure they won’t last as long!

  108. When I look for embroidery scissors I look for handles that are large enough for my hands. They need a good sharp blade too. I do love pretty ones as well. I think those red ones are delightful.
    Carol, Windsor, CA

  109. i buy scissors for such a weak reason: cuteness, visual appeal, redness! and boy, do these fit the bill! i love your clearly written blog..it’s the most helpful one around and i would love to own something that you do ,too. immature, i know, but true! kindest regards, lucia

  110. Hi Mary!

    I find that perhaps the best reason for scissors that have a color would be that I could discern which are mine and which belong elsewhere in the house. My scissors tend to sprout legs and end up in all kinds of places. At least if they were red, they might not have as much tendency to migrate around the house.
    The sharpness of scissors is always important to me to be able to clip my threads where I’d like to have them clipped and not leave fuzzy ends. I’d certainly love to try theseout.
    Thanks, Cris

  111. The Red scissors sound wonderful! I look for several things in scissors. Functionality, of course, including how they fit and feel in my hand. I also look at their manufacture–the quality of materials, and are the efficiently and elegantly designed. And, I look at where and by whom they are made. Has the company been doing business for years and is this their speciality?

  112. Actually, I have been looking for embroidery scissors and the most imprtant criteria are that they cut really well. Secondarily, blade size is important especially with thread – smaller is quicker. Of course there are other characteristics that might influence my decision, but these are the most important.

  113. Oh My Red Scissors! I was just reading all about these yesterday on your blog and now today a give-away. I love scissors and usually select them for their eye appeal before their function. These cherry red are really cheery! Thank you very much for this opportunity. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts…

  114. I love the red color. They would be easy to find in my sewing basket. They look like they are sturdy and would stay sharp a long time. I’m also a quilter and I think they would be great for applique.

  115. I guess my criteria would be price, functionality, and promised longevity. These red ones look great.
    Laura from Upstate NY

  116. I look at the manufacturer first. Then the size and finally, how it feels in my hand, if it is uncomfortable, what is the point in buying it, I’ll never use it no matter how sharp they are.

  117. Hello,
    I would love to have a pair of red scissors in my collection of various needlework notions. I love a good pair of scissors! Thank you for offering a chance to win a pair of red scissors!

  118. Well, talking about embroidery scissors, I look at qualities like how sharp they are at the point, how narrow they are at the point, and how sharp they are overall first as well as how smooth the action is. Secondly I look at how they feel in my hand. Can I pick them up easily with one hand or do I need to “put them on” with 2 hands? Then I look at what is the limit of their use. By this I mean will they only be good for snipping threads or will I be comfortable using them for applique when cutting into points and trimming into concave seams, etc. In other words, how functional are they? If they score well with all these characteristics, they are usually good quality and will last. Then I look at the price. If they are too much and I still want them badly enough I save for them. If not, I just keep making do without them. I have found that the brand name has a great deal to do with the quality, so I look at the reputation of the manufacturer, too. I have to admit that aesthetics do have something to do with it, but I think that’s the part that catches my eye in the beginning, but still, if they look to be really great scissors, it’s not all that important to me.

    I think that these red scissors would be a “go to” pair in my sewing box. At first the red turned me off, but I could see myself thinking, “Where are my red scissors?” if they performed as you described.

    Thanks, Mary. You made me think about it. Thanks also for another great giveaway. Please know you are appreciated by many.

  119. My criteria for embroidery scissors are 1) functionality – I buy with a specific use in mind; i.e., Hardanger scissors, or very fine blades for silk or floche, and esthetic appeal. I have to like the way they look! Would love to win the red scissors, as I am starting to do some applique work and I think the would work Very Nicely for cutting out shapes. Thank you for this lovely giveaway opportunity.
    -Sharon in France

  120. I have to admit that my eye is most often drawn to a fancy form, but with scissors, function has to come first. So I start with what they look like and then move on to the ones where function AND form meet. By function, they have to be sharp, not loose and last for quite a few cuttings. I have small hands so a too small size is never a problem.

  121. I do love red scissors. As a leftie, I will often look for left-handed ease of use. However, good solid sharp scissors are my go to. My parents gave me a pair of bandage scissors with my intials on ’em when I graduated H. S and planned to go into nursing, but that was a wash, and the scissors taught me the need for the right tool (those scissors can’t cut for beans)

    I use tiny stork scissors and with my size, they aren’t easy, but still the best type for needlework. These new red ones look like they would do the job quite well. Thanx for the opportunity to try for them.

  122. I want scissors that, with good care, keep their fine sharp edges for a long time and don’t wobble around the joining bolt. I treated myself to good fabric shears for sewing, but all of my little ones belonged to my mother. I suspect that when we were kids, we got into her good scissors, so even with the help of a good technician, I have not been able to return my little ones to the to their best. Sounds like this red pair would be a real treat. Thanks for your column. It makes my day!

  123. Eu observo bastante as laminas que devem ser muito afiadas, ajustadas, cortar em toda sua extensão (da pontinha até o cantinho interno), o tamanho tem que ser compatível com minhas mãos pequenas, se o preço for “salgado” não é problema porque elas duram uma vida…
    Eu adoraria ganhar uma dessas!!!!
    Um abraço!

  124. Hi Mary!
    I ‘regift’ inexpensive, moderately good scissors in etui or case samples in classes. When I look for embroidery or metal thread scissors, color or design may catch my eye, but tightly matched, thin and tiny blades win the day. Functionality is very important. With the advent of rotary cutters, fabric scissors that dent my fingers are no longer urgent.

  125. When looking for scissors I want them to be sharp, and look for designs, colour and anything else that makes them attractive, and they must be a reasonable price unless I am having them as a present.

  126. Mary I fall into a lot of the categories mentioned. I love a cute pair of scissors-animal designs, floral designs, specific functionality, etc., but the most important thing is that they cut well. There is nothing worse than picking up a pair of scissors and they have a dead spot. I recently spent quite a lot getting a number pairs sharpened because I am so bad about putting the dull ones back in the drawer and buying a replacement.
    I LOVE these red scissors. If I don’t win I will probably just buy a pair.

  127. He woo Mary, when looking for a pair of scissors I look for a special spark that each and every pair of scissors emit. They have to be pretty to behold, be ble to cut well, they have to feel great in my hands and the best. Look well let’s be honest red scissors scream at me they want to be downunder in the bears embroidery den they really do
    Love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxo
    Ps Mary love your posts xoxo

  128. I love a good pair of scissors! I like the small travel sized style as I often take my work on the road. Red, would probably help me not loose them like I typically do 🙂 also, I look for pointy tip as that helps get close to my work and I do appreciate quality that will last! Thanks for all your information and how to’s that helped me and inspired me to learn and try more!!

  129. I love scissors. Especially embroidery scissors. They have to have sharp points, sharp blades, and feel right in my hand as I have hands that are quite small. It’s always a bonus if they’re lovely and bring a smile each time I reach for them. I’d not be completely honest if I said appearances didn’t matter as long as they were functional because you and I both know that I’d reach for those colorful ones every time. As a lover of red, I think the scissors you’re so generously giving away are just beautiful!

  130. First of all, the scissors must be sharp, then able to reach hard to get places accurately. The value of scissors as a tool in embroidery can’t be overestimated!

  131. I have to say that I am first drawn in by the “look” of the scissors, so to find a gorgeous pair of scissors that also works amazingly well is wonderful! Red is my favorite color, so I would LOVE these.

  132. I adore really good functioning embroidery scissors and treat them like gold. It is the function of the scissor that is my primary interest and will decide if I buy them or not.
    There is nothing like a scissor that cuts my threads cleanly and with the first clip. The next concern is cost and how comfortable the scissor is to use and lastly the look.
    I could use a NEW pair for sure.

  133. I am attracted to the functionality and longevity. Its always nice if they have cosmetic appeal but that is not what get the job done. It is also nice to have large enough holes to accommodate arthritic fingers.
    Carol Davis

  134. Trying to invest in the best tools and products for embroidery has been very educational. I must admit scissors haven’t been targeted. I ponder every dollar spent that does not go into the finished work. Just beginning this adventure in February there have been lots of investments books, threads, needles, threads, fabric, threads, stand, threads. Have I mentioned threads?
    My little fiskars are comforting, but sometimes to tiny and bite the fabric. I have looked at the ones you suggested from Tanja Berlins site and they look very practical. Practical is good, but practical and sassy are fun. I have the heart and mind of a kid, but the eyes aren’t what they were. I think if I were out to purchase scissors I would look for a bit larger than the 2-1/2″ I have, good finger ease and a bright color so I am not fumbling to see them right off. I am right handed but have no peripheral vision in my right eye so I set up in front of my work. I set my tools to the left, but fumble more because I again am right handed. In fact I am always looking for a better way to keep my scissors with me without stabbing my leg or catching them on something. Thanks again Mary for all the research and information you offer. P.S. I am still giggling over the comment from the yesterday where her husband used her good red scissors to cut his toenails. Your site teaches me so much but makes me laugh out loud too.

  135. I, too, try not to call myself a scissors collector but seem to have quite a number. I look for small, sharp points for “unsewing” and close clipping and, more recently, ease of holding. These cute red scissors look like they would fit all my needs. But, I would be thrilled to give them to my sewing friend who not only could use a new pair of excellent scissors, but would really LOVE red ones. Of course I would try them first so I would know whether to invest in a pair for myself, too!

  136. Hello Mary,
    Love the red scissors. The color should help finding them . I look for scissors with a sharp tip and comfortable fit on my fingers. I have arthritis in my fingers and hands so I must have comfort in the grip and a sure snip.
    Karole in Texas

  137. Oh how I would love to own these scissors! Not only are they RED – my favorite color, and sound like the most amazing scissors ever to be invented on the planet, but more than all their amazing abilities, they are larger than normal and since I have large hands, I find the tiny embroidery scissors to be very uncomfortable, and difficult to use in precision work. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Pick me, pick me!

  138. Hi Mary I am looking for quality in scissors, good balance, sharp blades and a product that will last me a long time!


  139. Scissors – one day I collected all my scissors hiding in project bags and containers and drawers… I do have a collection! I love to use scissors that cut precisely and to the point. I keep my sewing scissors sharpened and everyone in my house knows that they are only for sewing.

  140. First the looks attract me, then the feel, and if they cut beautifully, I am lost. The size is important, but the buttery feel when cutting is like catnip. The only fly in the ointment is price, if they are out of my league, it becomes a wistful longing rather than a true desire.
    Luckily for me, the scissor thieves in this house know that if scissors are in my stitching area, they are off limits, unless of course they want to learn to stitch!

  141. Hope you don’t mind me asking a “teacher” question about scissors. Right now I actually feel like I am at a desk raising my hand and asking Ms.Corbett to call on me. Assuming you have here goes…. I grew up learning my mother’s broken English and struggled with our English language through my early elementary years.
    Why do we refer to scissors in the plural and than also call them a “pair of scissors”? It is a curious thing to me.

  142. When buying scissors, I look for a sharp, long lasting, high quality product. I haven’t shopped for a pair in a really long time, because I have had success in these areas. Extra scissors or always nice, for the various embroidery stations I keep around the house ; )

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  143. I look for weight and size in my scissors because I’m carrying my work everywhere so I can work when I get a few spare minutes where ever I am.

  144. Wow, these red scissors are to die for! I always look for comfort first…do the handles work with my fingers? Then, I go for sharpness all the way down to the point of the blade. Thanks, Mary 🙂

  145. First and foremost sharpness…particularly the points. Then unique design and size. I just can’t help myself. I love to collect them.

  146. I love the red scissors. I don’t know that I have bought any great scissors. I have a cute little pair I bought at my favorite quilt shop that I carry in my needlework bag. They are pretty sharp but I bought them because they were sweet looking. I also have an old pair that were my grandmothers. Price has always been a part of my decision making when buying things for myself.

  147. I want scissors that perform well first of all. I have scissors that range from $2-$100. So price isn’t tooooo much of a factor if they perform. I LOVE serrated scissors for trimming. I AM a scissor collector but I am not looking to be cured! 🙂

  148. I look for scissors with a good name and good steel. The price is important, too, and they need to be small. I expect to pay a little more for good ones. We have someone in our village that can sharpen scissors, and I keep mine sharp, believe me. Threading needles is tough enough at my age without the thread ends looking like Jacques’ tail (first scene in Disney’s Cinderella). Ha. Thanks for letting us visit. I love your site.

  149. I’d just love a new pair of scissors that fit my arthritic fingers and cut nicely! Pat in SNJ

  150. HI Mary!
    I love scissors and I they are the first place I visit while wandering through fabric stores. I am enough of an engineer that I marvel at the “workings” and how nice they feel in my hands.
    You mentioned in your review that they cut well, even in very tight areas. Perfect! The serration on the blades makes them a perfect choice, also, since I will use them at my loom as I weave, and later as I add the surface embroidery and beading to my garments. So, perfect! and the color will add a sparkle.
    Lovely and thank you for your morning newsletter, information on what is of interest to “us” and this opportunity.

  151. Thx for the opportunity to win these gorgeous scissors. When I’m buying scissors I see how they feel while I’m cutting – a good fit is key – as well as size and yes, price comes into it. My granddaughter would tell you I’d pick these because red is my favorite color!

  152. I am fairly new to your wonderful website, Mary, and have become addicted to your posts and suggestions. Thank you. I have started by following your latest project and find my little scissors made in China completely inadequate. I have caught the embroidery bug and am surfing your suggested sites for a really nice pair (or three!)

    What do I look for in scissors? I am left handed, so I look for a comfortable finger hold (not too small) with a nice weight and smooth open/close feeling to the movement. Of course, a nice clean cut and sharp point are musts. But the aesthetics of the tool must be there, too, as I get so much pleasure from the rituals of sewing and needlework.

    My left-handed Gingher shears have been decimated by my teenage boy – finding them in his workshop beside the wire cutters last month made my stomach drop,(and my blood boil).

    So presently using kitchen scissors for sewing and Chinese scissors for your project – a shameful admission on such an erudite site! ! Your beautiful red scissors look like a cut above so here I submit my bid:

    With eyes on the web
    I view with great pleasure
    Those lovely red snippers
    That cut thread to measure

    So needle’n’thread
    Please answer my prayer
    To sent me the Bohin
    Ruby scissors so fair!

  153. I’m with you, Mary. Love those red scissors. I like scissors with largish finger holes, really sharp blades and generally I like shorter blades since they seem to get right next to the fabric to cut threads. Your description of these sounds like they do that function well. I’m not a scissors collector but since I tend to mislay my scissors often I like to keep a pair in every room next to every chair where I might conceivably work. Thankfully my husband is respectful of my needlework scissors.

  154. Hello, Mary – Before I offer my thoughts on scissors, let me say thank you for all your hard work on your site and your videos. I must say your stitch demonstrations explain their execution better than most any book of pictures has for me in years. And your commentary takes the fear and mystery out of them making embroidery much more approachable. So, here are my thoughts on scissors. For me, scissors should have a smoothe action with no binding or catches all the way to the tip. And it is important the needle-sharp scissor tip must meet at the point and not pass each other or stop short. Price is not normally a factor within reason. Modern technology should be able to engineer these scissors for less than $100. Collector scissors are in a different class all their own. I like Inox blades, certainly, rust-free and something with a little weight and balance to it. Also, being male in a female dominated tradition, I do look for finger holes that can accommodate my larger fingers. Thanks for asking, Mary. Happy Stitching!

  155. I just love scissors and have several pair that belonged to my mother and grandmother. These are mostly large tailor’s scissors. What I look for in embroidery scissors are, first of all, the size of the finger holes. I have big thumbs (or maybe I’m all thumbs)and need a pair that makes my thumbs comfortable. Then I want really, really sharp scissors. And finally I like colors, or all types and these red ones are just wonderful.

  156. Mary,
    I look for several things in scissors. First, what will I use it for? If it is in my carry around bag, then I use cheap kids scissors. If they are lost, oh well. But if I am doing close work such as Hardanger or cut work, then I want a really good pair. Good point, stays sharp and not too pricey. But I have been known to buy scissors to match a project I am working on and I love the color red!

  157. What a lovely pair of scissors. I always look at the handle. Will it fit my fingers.
    And of course the color is important as well.
    I want my scissors to be nice and sharp. I am fond of this one that is presented in this give-away.
    I have a pair of Gingher scissors for my patchwork. But I am looking for a pair of good embroidery scissors, so it would be lovely to win this lovely give-away.

  158. Red scissors, what will they think of next!! I judge scissors by, first, do they work for the use I need them for. Once I get to the right type of scissors, I first want them to be a comfortable fit for my hand and then sharp. They need to be of a quality to maintain their edge. However, I will confess I have purchased scissors because they called to me. That is the excuse my daughter uses to buy purses. I think I have the same issue with scissors.

  159. Hi

    I usually get scissors based on what I need them for. For hardanger I need a small very sahrp pair while when I work with felt they need to be a normal size. I do love the novelty scissors. Having a pair to match a time of year or holiday is always fun to have and since I am always wokring on something and have it out, it is like decorating my sewing area. I do want the scissors to last…that is important as well.
    Cost is very important too, especially during these times.

  160. I am always looking for new scissors to add to my Collection [yes, it’s a Collection] but I am difficult to please. Sharp to the tip – always; tiny nippers for detail work, large shears for fabrics … must be easily hidden so no one cuts hair, paper, wires, plastic. And it is the balance, too. If I fall in love with the feel in my hand and the smooth action, price is not a factor. Thank you, Mary ♥

  161. For me, I look at the quality, size, and fit. To me nothing is worse than getting a pair of scissors that are ‘painful’ to use. Love to try a pair of these little reds ones. Thanks for showing them to us.

  162. I would like scissors by many factors. Firstly based on the blade sharpness and second preference comes by its look n feel. Light weight, price, length are few other factors. As a needle n thread work novice I am still exploring things like these.


  163. The red scissors are lovely. I have found that I really like a long sharp blade on scissors. To me a sharp blade and one that stays that way is most important. But it certainly helps if they are red!:)
    Jan in North Georgia

  164. Red scissors would be a plus when grabbing the right pair for a project. Scissors have to be a sharp pair for applique and embroidery, all the way to the tip.

  165. When I buy scissors, I look for sharpness and materials that will last. These red ones remind me of my mother’s favorite handwork scissors. She used them for years until the pin wore out.

  166. I LOVE RED. I need reliability. Small cutting potential. Portability. Visual appeal and THOSE have it!

  167. I am always attracted to color, and I collect some scissors just for their attractive or unusual designs. That said, I then have specific pairs for cutting metallics, hardanger, etc. Price has to be part of the final decision.

  168. I would love to have a pair of red bohins! The Bohin Missouri scissors are my favorite pair, because they are very sharp, feel great in the hand, and are named after my home state! What’s not to love?

  169. Hi Mary, Another wonderful give-away. Thank you. I never thought of myself as a collector of scissors but when you ran a bit about that some time ago I realized I was, indeed, a collector!
    In embroidery scissors I first look at the blades: are they pointed enough to get into the spaces I will have; are they sharp and will they stay that way; and lastly, I look at how they feel in my hand.
    I wish I could say that price was a consideration but I have several very expensive scissors and I was quite willing to pay the price for them and they have not disappointed me. If the price is really a problem then I just do without until/unless I can afford them.
    In closing: I love scissors!

  170. When I’m looking for a pair of scissors for embroidery, I usually just grab whatever pair I can put my hands on first! But I’m happiest when I actually have my little sharp pair of official embroidery scissors handy. I’m sure I bought them because they were small and relatively cheap!

  171. Hi Mary!
    LOVE, LOVE the red scissors!!!! The size is perfect for the handwork I do and maybe I would never lose them since they are red!!!
    I have really enjoyed you website, especially the liturgical patterns. Thank you for sharing with us!
    Cathy Easley
    Summerville, SC

  172. This first thing I make note of is the quality of the scissors, which can at times be evident from the brand name. I then ensure that the scissors feel comfortable when I handle them. No sense in buying high quality scissors that I can’t use comfortably. Looks are also part of the equation. I like nothing more than using quality scissors that fit comfortably in my grip which look beautiful. That’s it. Quality, comfort and beauty! How can one go wrong with that.

  173. Mary, I love scissors of all kinds. I want them to not only look good, but to cut well, and to feel well in the hand. I also like to have a variety of makers and countries that they are made in. I don’t have anly Bohin’s, but have been wanting to try some. I would just love to win these lovely red scissors.
    I would also like to thank you for the wonderful job you do with this web site and how you have helped all of the stitchers to feel like someone else out there besides us is doing this. I have learned a ton from you and hope to learn alot more.

  174. Price range, sharpness and blade size are the major aspects I look for. Aesthetics are close behind, tho. ^_^

  175. Looking for a pair of embroidery scissors first brings to mind sharpness of the blades, size, and then price. Looking and buying are separate. When I actually buy, price plays a large factor.

  176. I only use my needlework scissors for needlework. I look for reasonably priced scissors with comfortable handles, very sharp at the tip, and the overall size to be small. RED makes them a little more unique as I’ve not seen scissors before in is color.

  177. I love these red scissors and WANT them. I have a pair of 19th C reproduction scissors that I hold as my model–sharp, small and cheap ($3.00 US)and long lasting. But RED is my favorite color and the fact that these are longer make them most attractive. Please, please, let me own them!

  178. When it comes to embroidery scissors, I will mostly use them for thread/floss cutting and not fabric cutting. A short blade is good but it needs to be a sharp tip. The scissor must be able to cut everywhere along the blade including the pointed tips. The finger holes should be comfortable. The overall scissor to have a balance weight is also good. I really respect good tools. Thanks so very much for the “give aways” you sponsor for us.

  179. Hi Mary. Always look forward to your reviews. When buying scissors I look for good quality. The red ones would look neat in a special sewing case I made to celebrate my retirement. Yahoo more time to stitch ( sort of).

  180. When looking at purchasing scissors, I look at not only the price, but how they fit in my hand and, the most important, if they are distinguishable from my other scissors. For instance, if I’m purchasing a set for metallics, I make sure they can be picked up and used for only metallics, so I don’t ruin my other sets. Therefore, the red pain you’re giving away, would be ideal for my purpose!

  181. I look for the sharpness, but looks are a definite attracting too. There’s a job in picking up an attractive tool during my sewing time; the best way I can describe it that it’s a quiet little joy that adds to my pleasure.

    Thanks for the chance to win — those red scissors are gorgeous and I have already checked out the web site you recommended!

  182. I, like you, love scissors and have several pairs.Functionality, of course, comes first.The blades must be sharp and have a good point.Then comes design. I have a pair of scissors that are a black cat when closed.Fun!I also have a pair for metal threads.A tiny pair for travel, and an antique silver pair from Tiffany just to look at.

  183. These scissors are so cute! Yes…to me scissors can be cute. I look for scissors with sharp points and price is definitely a factor.

  184. I want sharp, smooth cuts for starters. The red color would be an eye catcher. Each pair that joins the tool kit has a purpose and sometimes more that one pair is needed… Multiple tool kits. 🙂 . Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  185. Usually, functionality is my concern — BUT these cute little red scissors win my heart over – AND they are functional – to boot!! Thanks for the chance to place these in my hands. Blessings!!


  187. I would love to win this pair of scissors! Especially love the color and the shape!

  188. The red scissors are so cute! I would love to win them. When looking for embroidery scissors, I look for scissors that cut cleanly and closely. Next is price. Thanks for the hosting the giveaway!
    Kathy In Texas

  189. when I’m looking for new scissors I try to keep in mind what I’ll be primarily using them for. A bright colour is best so I can see them straight away as I stitch on the sofa with my things round me. lovely sharp blades & as pointy as possible for those rogue confetti stitches that go wrong, nice sized handles that aren’t so small my finger won’t get through and most of all will they last longer than 1 project, I have had a pair that broke before my project was finished!

  190. When looking for embroidery scissors , I look for a size that I think comfortable , and also quality , thanks for the chance to win these very cute red scissors . Sheila in Nova Scotia

  191. I have been searching for a pair of embroidery scissors. When I saw the word red, I had to stop and read. I only use the Bohin needles when I embroider due to their sharpness and ease of use, I can only imagine these scissors are as excellent as the needles. Iʻm dying to win and try them.

  192. Two things are most important to me — functionality (preferably good at more than one thing) and whether they are comfortable to hold and use. You got me really fired up about these!

  193. I want them SHARP! and very pointed points!

    And then I look at the prettiness of them–probably why I love Dovo scissors so much. And why I have so few scissors . . .

  194. I purchase scissors based on need and quality. I would buy these scissors because I love anything Bohin; they have proven their quality to me already. I use their needles and I have a tiny pair of their embroidery scissors. I have an old pair of Fiskar embroidery scissors and they are wearing out. I need a pair of good every day embroidery scissors.

  195. I like really pointed scissors and it wouldn’t hurt one little bit if they were cute!

  196. I recently bought a pair of sewing scissors and looked at the way they felt in my hands, how easy for me to cut with. (my arthritis dict ates some of this) Then I looked at price. They would do me no good no matter the price if I couldn’t use them! The color doesn’t generally matter though I love those red scissors

  197. The first thing I look for when purchasing a pair of scissors are how large the holes are for my fingers and comfort, next a point and sharp.

  198. I love scissors that are very light in weight and that cut easily. Some of my favorites are the Sajou faux Mother of Pearl scissors and the Bohin little small ones. I have a special pair from Nougent that are sublime.

  199. HI Mary!! When I look at scissors I look at price, size, what will it be used for and does it just plain “attract” me (if that makes sense). I don’t have any scissors right now that would “fit the bill” for cutting metal threads and I would love to add such a nice pair of scissors for that especially.

    From a fellow, former Kansas dweller–have a beautiful day!

    Cindy J

  200. First of all, I listen to ‘snip’ of the blades about an inch or two away from my ear, to assess their crisp sharpness of them – essential. If they don’t have the right note, they’re not the scissors for me, as they won’t last. Secondly is how they feel in my hand, thirdly is the visual aesthetic, and finally, the price – if I don’t need a bank loan to buy them, then they’re mine!

  201. what i like in a pair of scissors is price and how it handles in my hand and how it feels .something that cuts thread easy.red would be nice so i can find them i lose them a lot

  202. I want scissors that cut really well and second I look for the esthetics of the scissor. At first glance, I loved the color red but plain nevertheless.
    Upon reevaluation, it occurs to me, what a great idea the color red is. It will make it much easier to find, as I misplace scissors often.

  203. I look for sharpness and comfort when using them. I also like a ‘sharp’ looking pair…pun intended! I will pay more if I know they offer a quality product. The red coating is eye catching. Would be hard to misplace that pair!

  204. Thank you for this give-away opportunity.
    When I am looking for (embroidery) scissors, I look for how comfortable they are to use, particularly with regard to my fingers. promise of longevity and durability would be important.
    How sharp are the blades and how closely can I get to the fabric to cut threads is an important consideration. If the better quality scissors are too expensive, then blade sharpness and comfort of use are what I would look for. I would also prefer scissors that are not too heavy.
    Best regards,

  205. I have several small scissors which I use for embroidery and other needlework but this appeals to me a lot. I love the color and the fact that you are using it must be good in every respect 🙂



  206. Hello Mary,

    I love scissors, Ik zou deze schaar heel graag willen winnen.

  207. When I buy a pair of scissors, I usually go by recommendation of a friend, but I also like the appeal of how they look. I love red. I do want them to work well.

  208. when I need new embroidery scissors, price is definitely a consideration, I want decent quality at a reasonable price. good looks are a bonus!! Elizabeth from Saskatoon

  209. One of the first things I look for is scissors that are comfortable on my hands. I have an arthritic thumb so comfort is important!

    I also like scissors that will last. It’s a waste of money to buy cheaply made scissors that dull or fall apart. I’d rather spend the money to get something that will hang in there.

  210. What I look for in a pair of embroidery scissors is that they’re sharp and able to get close to my work. Those red scissors would like very nice in my sewing basket. Thank you for a chance to win them.

  211. When I am buying scissors I am looking for sharp blades that meet up nicely first and formost. If they are sharp then they just seem to have a better hand feel. They must be of good quality and I don’t mind paying a reasonable price for that. Nothing cheap but nothing to out of the world either. I do like a nice color more to distinguish them from my kids scissors but color is not the determining factor. Thank you for the contest.

  212. If you are looking for a pair of embroidery scissors, what attracts you to a specific pair? Is it functionality? Promised longevity? Size of blades? Cosmetic appeal? Price range? In short, what do you look for in embroidery scissors?

    I look for all of the above and most of all, the fit to my hand and fingers.

    Wendy in San Diego

  213. I like a pair of scissors to fit my fingers nicely and then the feel of how the blades cut. Makes all the difference! I like them to be very sharp and love a nice pointed end too. I love colored ones, usually just find that in the handle..how nice to find the whole pair colored…and in my favorite color..RED!!!

    Thank you for having this nice give away..hope I win these lovely scissors.

    I love Bohin brand, I buy their needles all the time and have a pair of their scissors, which I love.

    Judy in Kansas

  214. I love ‘red’ and what it comes in a tool like scissors how much better can it be!! I like to have several good pairs which I keep with different projects. If they are compact, sharp and red it is a perfect combination and everyone will know they are mine!

  215. I love the red. It is my favorite color. It will make them easy to find when I need them. I look for sharp points that can get under threads and durability. Many of the “plastic” scissors cannot be sharpened. I also look at the size of the finger holes and how they fit in my hand. It is handy when your embroidery scissors can cut a small piece of material.

  216. I’m with you on having good tools. I would love to add these red beauties to mine. I’ve tried other Bohin products and was very please with their performance. Thanks for alerting your blog followers that they make scissors, too.

  217. I love those red scissors – I look for ones that will last a long time, are super sharp and are comfortable in arthritic hands. Having a pair that are pretty to look at is also a very good reason!

  218. I first look at the size of the finger holes. Then I look at the length of the blade. Then I just hope they’re really sharp!

  219. I’m shallow…looks attract me first, then price. I do all forms of craftwork that requires scissors, needlework, sewing, paperwork, so I have amassed quite a collection of quality scissors that are functional. I can now buy scissors that are decorative and functional. (I don’t buy scissors that are cheap just because they are pretty….they have to cut well also.)

  220. I have several different pairs of scissors. I have several pairs that I can pack away in a small container to pop into my project bag when traveling around.

    I have one pair that I leave at home for my project sitting in my favorite chair.

    I look for sharp easy to handle scissors. I want sharp tips for snipping threads close. I want a good pair that will last a lifetime….or a good long time that require infrequent sharping….because it is hard to fine someone that know how to do that. I want it to be reasonable priced….paying for what you are getting not just a name.

    and these red ones are sure pretty!!!

  221. I just love scissors! All kinds, shapes, sizes, prices. Once I purchase a big box of scissors from a salvage company. They were small scissors that had been confiscated from passengers at O’Hare airport. Husband helped me sort them and wash them. Boy, were they ever dirty. Amazing what people will carry around. We gave most to charity – animal shelter thrift shop. Some went into embroidery kits for families of wounded soldiers – EGA outreach. I still have a few pair.

    Elaine in New Mexico

  222. I think I have a certain affection for small scissors which I use mainly for fine work. What I admire is refined craftsmanship and fine points.

  223. I suppose it would be best to confess to feeling pangs of coveteousness every time you put some delightfully amazing item on your blog and these red scissors are particularly desirable. Precision, reliability, comfortable to use, long lasting, decorative, sheer excellence in design (that sounds a bit like a commercial) are factors that I can think of when choosing (anything really.) The cost too but if the scissors (or whatever) weigh up well a good tool is really worth it’s weight in gold. As it happens, I am partial to red and it stands out well amongst other colours. This could be useful in locating them.. losing track of scissors happens a bit more these days:)

  224. Truth be told, my eye will lock on to a pair of scissors that has a unique feature to them…like these red scissors! Then if they are able to slice and cut with no effort, I will usually have them in my grasp for purchase. I will mentally negotiate the price in my head making sure that I am paying for quality v. cuteness. Sometimes it becomes a mental battle as I walk up to the cash register. Really appreciate the chance to win these scissors. Thanks…ml

  225. I love those red scissors. Make them easy to find too. I look for sharp, fine scissors for cutting linen close to stitches. I like all kinds of scissors: ones for paper and ones for fabric. I never heard of the Bohin scissors before so thank you for telling us about them.

  226. Functionality tops everything for me. If they do not cut the way that I want then they are useless. But different tasks require different scissors so I can still collect scissors. The itty bitty ones are the most irresistible. And no red scissors in my collection yet. Maybe…..

  227. When I am looking to buy a pair of scissors I usually look for functionality first because if I am actually looking for a pair I have a purpose in mind. BUT…I usually just buy a pair at random because of their look, sharpness, quality, and cost.

  228. I have a mix of cosmetic and functional scissors – one I bought solely because its pink (but is also compact and has a curved tip!) and one that I used to use in fashion sewing, with a good spring and very sharp blades. It’s a bit big for embroidery scissors though. I am in love with these red ones though! So visually striking and useful!

  229. I love the color of these scissors but more importantly they fit the bill on size/sturdiness. For me comfort in my hand is a big deal, I use my scissors very regularly for needlework/applique and there is nothing worse than having a red mark on my hand because they don’t quite fit right 🙁 Would love to try these out.

  230. love small very sharp scissors. Need to be light in weight because I use them a lot!

  231. Scissors, much like other needlework toys, call my name and I then have to buy them! It could be beautifully sharp points, a shiny finish, a fun color or print, a unique shape, or a fun size – there’s not one characteristic that is always present. All I know is that I do love scissors, have plenty to last my entire lifetime, but REALLY NEED THESE RED ONES!

    Thanks for the fun contest, Mary!

  232. Functionality would be a first prerequisite. Are they sharp? How do they cut fabric? Do they cut or pull? And cost plays a factor. And then you dangle “red”
    Scissors in front of me! LOL. I love red. Thanks for the chance to win.

  233. Ohhh, scissors!! Unfortunately, over the years price has had a good deal to do with which ones I buy. But putting that aside in a dream world, I want scissors with a good reputation of quality and longevity, balance, ability to be sharpened easily, and then for the fun part, a wonderful whimsical design and color. Tools are a big part of the fun of needlework (or any work). Thanks, Mary. You help make life fun.

  234. When I look for a new pair of embroidery scissors I want the to look substantial, be priced economically and be sharp for cutting right to the tip!

  235. Hi Mary! When looking at scissors, I look at functionality and longevity. And the maker. Some are better than others. But I also look at the length of the blade depending on what I am using them for. Thanks!!

  236. Confession! I don’t need to buy any more scissors!! But find myself buying more for a variety of reasons. There’s it is matches the project, like a scissor fob. There’s size: petite for airline and/or purse, medium for most projects, and larger for cutting fabric. How about appearance: effiel tower, cat, witches, etc. Practically, it’s the what’s the scissor to be used for: cutting hardanger, metal threads, fabric, etc. There’s the very impractical of I CAN”T find my scissors, they just seem to hide. So really any reason will do, even if it is “Just Because”.

  237. The Red Scissors look great! I choose scissors based on the quality – will they cut well and stay sharp for a long time. I also prefer to buy scissors are pretty as that makes it more enjoyable to use them.

  238. Functionality is definitely number one. I think it’s really important to have the right tool for the job. (At least that’s what I tell myself to justify another purchase!) Equally important is quality. I’d much rather pay a little more for scissors that cut well. Lastly, are they pretty. I like scissors that look beautiful.

  239. The most important fact when I am looking for a pair of scissors is that I can cut at the first attempt.Then, I check brands and prices. Last year I bought a pair and since the first time I had to try more than once to cut the thread. I would love to be lucky enough to win this pair of red scissors.

  240. I look for very sharp tips, as I do a lot of Hardanger and Cutwork. I have to tell you I have fallen in love with the red scissors. My favorite color is red, and I have quite a bit of red in my sewing room. They would just be so pretty. “Sigh”. Thank you for the chance.

  241. What I look for in scissors is how it fits in my hand and how my hand feels using them. And if needed, can they be resharpened? Okay, they won’t strictly be used for embroidery but also paper-cutting.

  242. First, when scissors are manufactured it is good to know that the manufacturer is reliable and pristine in craftsmanship. Therefore, they have to be very sharp so my first attempt at cutting is successful. Second, the scissors have to have a large enough room to fit my thumb. I dislike when my thumb is a bit swollen from the heat and the scissor attaches and I have to use soap to free the scissors to slide off my finger. That is time consuming and it hurts too. Third, I am not particularly interested in color, but red would be easiest to find if someone in the house used them for what they are not suppose to. Then, they would have to go to jail. Ha Ha

  243. While I do love cute scissors (such as my stork ones), functionality and how well the blades cut are more important. Has to be sharp!
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  244. I consider the name brand, use and size, price and if pretty that is an extra bonus. I love the red scissors. I have 2 gingher scissors that were my Mothers and 2 pair of embroidery scissors.


  245. My scissors must be sharp to the tip and easy to fit on my fingers. I love these red scissors!! I wear red glasses and red shoes…I think I need a red pair of scissors to go along with my look. LOL

  246. Since scissors are not one of my addictions, usually I look for function–sharp blades and comfortable holes–and price when shopping for them. I have found some pretty nice scissors for a pretty small price, and that’s a perfect combination for me. Maybe an especially nice pair of red scissors would be the start of a love affair and lead to a serious scissor collection…..

  247. As I’ve gotten older, I look for features in embroidery scissors that enable me to keep sewing despite my arthritis, specifically large,comfortable finger holes. I also look for good quality for a given price. As it gets harder to find someone to sharpen scissor blades, a long lasting edge becomes essential. Lastly, cute scissors will win out if everything else is a tie.

  248. I, too, only purchase scissors for usage, not as a collector, but somehow I’ve got quite a collection of them anyway! My main focus when buying scissors is “will it work for what I am doing”? So my answer is functionality.

  249. So far I am still just a novice needle worker & have been getting by with ordinary used-for-everything scissors that sometimes won’t snip the thread. Yeah, it is time for a proper pair. I think one of the first things I would consider is cost, then sharpness & how they fit my fingers. Those red Bohin scissors look just about perfect! I’d like to kick my skills up a notch (or two).

  250. When shopping for embroidery scissors I want pointy and sharp tips but they also need to be comfortable in my hand. I buy with a coupon or on sale so that price doesn’t have to be an issue. That way I can get quality and cute. I have a favorite pair that I have used for years and they have served me well but I would love to try these. Plus they are red!!

  251. When buying scissors the things that I look for are functionality, (will they do the tasks I want them to) do they open and close smoothly and easily and do the points align properly, will they hold their sharp edge, are they comfortable on the fingers, and do they look good. I look for quality not so much at the cost.

  252. I would definitely be drawn to these little red scissors when looking for a new pair! But generally, I look for functionality, quality workmanship, and price.

    Thanks Mary!

  253. I love cute unique scissors! I am always looking for unique scissors that cut well. Smooth operating scissors are important…no sticking, smooth cutting action, these Res scissors are so unique and I got a chuckle when I saw them, because they reminded me of the red stapler! Who doesn’t need a pair is red scissors! I love embroidery scissors because they are so dainty. These Red scissors look very robust and the color would make them so easy to find in my basket! 🙂

  254. Hi Mary,
    It would be awesome to win the scissors from you. What I would look for is they have to cut well and then probably cosmetics. I’m a sucker for the bird ones and the red are beautiful. Thank you
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  255. Hi Mary,
    I was wondering if you were going to give away those scissors & sure enough, there they are! Great deal for one of us. I look for sharpness, ease of cutting & thin tips that cut when I look for embroidery scissors. It is hard to find ones where the tips actually cut well. Thanks, Mary.
    Sheila from CA

  256. Since I’m a leftie and find it difficult to find left handed scissors that work well for me, I tend to look for the right handed ones that fit my hand and seem easy to use for me. How did you know that Red is my favorite color. I would be thrilled to win a pair of these fabulous scissors.

  257. When I look for a pair of scissors, particularly embroidery scissors, I look for extra sharp cutting edges, a long fine tip, finger holes that fit comfortably (easy on easy off) something that makes them easy to find. That’s why these red scissors are so desirable.

  258. The size and sharpness of the blades are key factors in my scissors purchasing, but I have been known to buy some because they are pretty. Hard to resist a pretty shade of blue or polka dots. 🙂

  259. I look for scissors that are well made, comfortable to use, fit easily in my hand, and if they’re really, really cute, that helps too! Claire in California

  260. I look for function as number 1. It must have a clear, crisp cut. For my purpose at the time – length may enter into the equation. Also, it’s OK if it’s RED.

  261. I try to find scissors that are of a good quality and can do the job without, though, a super high price. Appearance is not that important but some are awfully cute.

    Thanks again Mary,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  262. Steps in the endless hunt for the perfect pair of embroidery scissors:
    1) How the scissors fit my hand, and the size of the finger holes.
    2) How small, and sharp are the scissor’s blades and tips.
    3) The quality of the construction, and material of said scissors.
    4) Cosmetics, the more unique the better!
    5) Price

    The above steps are often rearranged to suit my pleasure!

  263. I look out for the scissors which is not heavy. I like light weight sharp blades scissors which cuts the piece of cloth with ease.

  264. My primary reason is what I’m going to use them for, after that it’s more what they look like and how they feel in my hand. I rarely buy scissors if they are in a sealed pack, since I can’t really test them. I have a pair of scissors in every project and several extras, so I fully understand the depth of your obsession, oops sorry, not obsession…. love of scissors 🙂

  265. I love a colorful pair of scissors. Despite the fact that I hint broadly at Christmas time I never seem to get any. I love the look of these.

  266. I look for functionality (sharp blades that close with precision, smooth operation. comfort, etc.) but am often swayed by aesthetics — especially if they are red!

  267. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

    When looking for scissors, they must feel good in my hand as well as cut through fabric like butter.


  268. Sometimes I buy scissors on the spur of the moment but when I am seriously looking for scissors I look at the handles because I am left handed and I don’t need blisters from using scissors.

  269. The look of the scissors first is what catches my eye. Clean lines, sharp looking, and funny looking.I have a tiny pair of scissors with a rooster on it, which I love, as they are humorous. I also look at price. Too inexpensive and I worry they won’t function well.

  270. Of the scissors I’ve bought myself, I must admit I’m all about appearances. I squealed like a child and pounced on the purple-handled scissors when I saw them in my LNS.

    The reality is this: if they don’t fit my fingers, and are too loose or too stiff, I won’t use them. The tiny, fairly bland-looking scissors that were a gift are my go-to for their sharp and precise blades and just-right grip. Sorry, my purple beauty!

  271. Oh Mary, I have spent 50 of my 73 years trying to find a pair of embroidery scissors that will not go dull !! I know they’re costly but you get what you pay for….yes ? And I love love love RED !! I Need these scissors !! 😀

  272. I’m looking for a new pair of embroidery sissors because I used them constantly and the pair I have now has a burr on the blade. In addition to durability and sharpness, I look for sissors with finger holes comfortable enough for my rather large finger and thumb. Price is important to me as well.

  273. Would love to win these embroidery scissors, Perfect to handle, small enough for tight spots. Red color would make them easy to find in my embroidery basket. Price is not an objection when it comes to a great pair of scissors. My mother, God rest her soul, told me quality not quantity was the best Use the scissors for what they are meant and they will last you a lifetime.

  274. PO Box 2482, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
    What I look for is something that is easy to use, especially on hands that are having challenges with mobility. I have a hard time getting around at times, and I need to be able to “see” my scissors. These lovely red ones look like they could be found by their color.

    Sorry to put the email up there, the internet wouldn’t allow me to submit this with my address there.

  275. These would be so perfect for the intricate projects I’m working in, a bridal handkerchief and lace garter for my daughters wedding.

  276. I look for good quality, and obviously they have to cut things – they’re scissors, after all. I really like unusual tools, scissors included.

  277. Sharp and precise..yes! Red..a bonus. My children who are adults with families of their own still ask if a pair of scissors they find at my house are for paper or fabric. Must have ingrained that well. No one would use these but me.

  278. I would like to find a pair of scissors that cuts well and has big enough handles for my swollen joints. I haven’t found a pair my thumb joints fit in yet without getting stuck, so I just use regular house hold scissors or sewing scissors if they are nearby.

  279. What I look for in a pair of embroidery scissors is a sharp point and nice sizes finger holes.

  280. want to win these cute and special red scissors. I need them for all the things I do.

  281. When I look for scissors, I look for sharpness. It’s a bonus, if they also have eye appeal. Thanks, Jane in MO

  282. I’m afraid it’s appearance that first appeals to me in needlework tools and the red scissors are very cheerful and eye-catching. I’m sure they are comfortable too!

  283. I look for longevity and comfort. I’m not too concerned about how pretty my scissors are these days.

  284. Hi Mary? I love reading all the posts. Reading what other people do and use is wonderful for a beginner like me.

    What I look for in scissors? Well, they have to be SHARP and they have to feel good in my hand. Its a very personal thing. I will go days looking for the right pair. It doesn’t matter what they look like.

    I have a rotary cutter that was very cheap and isn’t very pretty but it feels great in my hand. Funny thing is, I have several of the exact same make and I know my special one by the way it feels.

    Thank you so much for all you do. I truly enjoy reading your posts.

  285. I look for functionality first – sharpness and accuracy. For snipping threads being able to snip where you want but not snip things nearby. For trimming fabric being able to get the scissors in where you want them and then cut cleanly. After that it would be portability. If I accomplish anything it’s because I use the spare moments here and there and being able to have my tools at hand is really important! There’s always room in my life for a stay-at-home pair of scissors and a portable pair. 🙂

  286. I look for very smooth, well made scissors. I love the feel of a precise pair of scissors with no burrs or bumps or nicks and with a little bit of heft. They feel good on my hand and I know they will be reliable for a long time. With scissors, you get what you pay for!

  287. I like small embroidery scissors, and very sharp. I love to look at them at the store and see the different designs. I pay as much as I can afford for them because they are such and important part of your work. I love the red ones and I would be so happy to win them!

  288. I look for the weight of scissors. How they feel in my hands. I need the holes to accommodate my swollen arthritic joints. Of course, the blades should cut precisely and clean. I never thought of color before seeing the red ones in the article, but I think they are quite elegant and would certainly help me keep track of them.

  289. Sharpness & ease of handling (size) are the two qualities I look for in embroidery scissors. The scissors have to fit comfortably on my hand, have the blades at the right angle & the blades have to be sharp.

  290. I like small scissors, functional and beautiful and I have not even pretty red scissors! Thank you for this opportunity.
    Anne L

  291. I am always looking for good scissors. I want cute,sharp, and will last for a long time.

  292. When I purchase a pair of embroidery scissors my first criteria is quality. If they are well made I am willing to pay more. Price and size are next. If they are expensive I would think “do I really need them?” I often carry my embroidery with me so they can’t be too big. If they are pretty that is a bonus (but plain and well made trumps pretty). I think the red scissors are lovely and I could use them for my embroidery as well as sewing projects. Great give-away.

  293. I look for scissors that are sharp, easy to see, easy to hold, small, and with a reasonable price.

  294. I love the red! I look for sharp, enduring, pretty scissors. I am looking for a new pair but the price of really good ones is offputting. Also having fingers bigger than mice toes makes fitting an important point also.
    Thank you for all of your reviews!

  295. OMG. when you reviewed these the other day,I knew I needed them. The size and quality seams to be perfect and of course the fact that they’re all red is adorable! I find that if you can afford better quality scissors they will make your life much easier, but you will have to find a good hiding place so the rest of the family keeps their hands off.

  296. Well, Mary, like you, I am not a collector of scissors. 😉 But I do have several pairs and wouldn’t turn down these gorgeous red things. Esthetics are important … shape, colour, material. But so is functionality. They must cut accurately, stay sharp for a very long time, and stay true. Nothing worse than a cheap pair of scissors where the blades start to wiggle because of faulty design or manufacture.

  297. what can i say? i just love scissors. i have far more than a normal person should need, but how can you resist scissors? some do not work as well as others, but they are still “cute”. there is an appropriate pair in every room of the house and in the car. the best ones are in my office, paper and fabric scissors. the best pair? my mum’s from when i was little. red, how cool.

  298. When looking to buy scissors I look for a sharp blade and tip, size and cuteness.

  299. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win these cute little red scissors. My main interests in scissors are: 1. Are they sharp? 2. Will they stay sharp? 3. Do they fit my hand/are they comfortable to use?
    I sure hope I win. Thank you and Access Commodities for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.

  300. In any scissors I first want to feel it in my hand. Does it feel solid, is it easy to work with? Then I want blades that cut sharply and evenly, I have had scissors that fray the thread and they are just not worth it. Finally I look at price, My best scissors were not cheap but they last, hold an edge and work well. A pretty red color doesn’t hurt either!

  301. Dear Mary, Like you I love red! I choose scissors often by their design and if they are a nice colour or sparkly, that’s great! I like the feel of scissors, how the blades come together and I have a Sajou pair that fit all those criteria! But they are not RED!! Thanks for the great website; it’s a fun break in my day!

  302. RED scissors. I would love to meet this new friend! I look for scissors that cut every time.

  303. I look for a variety of things, first how well they cut, so that it is a clean cut and sharp enough blades to do the job. Sharp points are a must too! I look at price as that is a consideration, also the design, color or pattern of the scissors. I love bright colors and red is my fave so I really hope I win these!!

  304. I love when there is a good scissor recommendation, along with comfort and, of course, that they are sharp and work well. Thanks


  306. I have a scissor fettish, in my view one can never have too many pairs of scissors. I have complete a red work necessarie with Margaret Light and I thought a pair of red embroidery scissors would be just the thing to complete it.

    When choosing scissors I always look at the size, length of the bade, how well they cut, what they look like. Price sometimes comes into it, but if they are going to suit the purpose and they look and feel great that I’d most important!

  307. Hi, Mary! I love to have scissors to match my needle minders, my thread winders, my stitched fobs, etc. …but I won’t keep a pair of scissors that don’t cut well. I travel a lot, so I need several airline-approved scissors (especially cheap ones, in case they’re confiscated!), and I use metallics often, so I need special pairs of scissors for those threads…I guess I AM a collector. First, I look at the decorative design of the scissors (because I’m visually-oriented), then brand (so I know they will work!), then price. If I have a special cutting job in mind (Hardanger, metallics, travel) then I size them up for my task at hand. I’d love to try a pair of the RED bohin scissors; I don’t have one of those. 😉

    May the 4th be with you!

  308. there is nothing more beautiful to hold in your hands than a good pair of scissor especially red one!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I look for fit- how does nit feel in your hand/\and how does it cut- are the scissors sharp right to the tip- with tips as well that can get between threads and do what you wat- whenb i have such a pir of scissors heaven help the person who uses them for papaer!!!

    oh i would love a new pair my last really good scissors got carried away by the airpot security guard

  309. For embroidery I look for size and shape. And once I’ve found that perfect pair I guard them, protect them and love them. But that perfect pair is hard to find. It’s easier to guard them and protect them now that all 7 kids have moved out. Now it’s only the hubby I have to hide them from 🙂

    Sharon in Bakersfield

  310. Love the functional, sharp and nifty embroidery scissors with a detail flair. Perfect size for snipping the ends of most fabrics and threads. Hoo-rah for red scissors – what a blast.

  311. How to explain the reason a specific pair of scissors appeals to me? It’s visceral first and shape,color and quality have a lot to do with that. Then it must have sharp, sharp points and blades that will snip the embroidery threads cleanly and also cut the single threads in a piece of 1300 linen that I want to do drawn thread work on or in hardanger.
    AND RED! that would be a first and I would love to win them.

  312. When I look for a pair of embroidery scissors, I look mostly at functionality. Usually spending a little more means better quality and longer lasting.

  313. I look for price and size. I like my embroidery scissors to have a very sharp blade and small tip. Right now I am using scissors I don’t like as I lost my small Gingher’s and desperately need a new pair that are not in the budget. Thank you for an opportunity to win new ones!

  314. The first thing I look for in scissors is functionality. There is nothing more frustrating than inferior tools! After that – pretty or sparkly, without question!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  315. I am a beginner —- would love a nice pair of scissors—not just the ones from JoAnn Fabrics. They work, but would love a really nice pair.

  316. When I shop for scissors I look at the size of the blade, how close to the fabric it can cut, sharpness and the I like a pair that is attractive or fun looking! Such as these red scissors) I have a pair of small Bohin scissors that are very fine and have lovely blue flowered handle. They are my favorite pair when stitching. I have an extensive collection of scissors from many years of stitching. I would love to add these to my collection!

  317. I prefer scissors that have sharp points and slightly larger finger holes . The last pair I got was Premax spin lock with a curved blade which I really like. Have a number of scissors ….Dovo,Gingher,Premax and some less costly ones.
    The red ones are lovely….a larger pair would be very useful. Thanks for the chance. Happy Stitching.

  318. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity! When I shop for scissors, I look first for a pair that suites the type of work I am interested in doing, eg. embroidery vs. quilting. Then I like to try them out for size- they have to fit my fingers properly and comfortably. The beautiful red color of these scissors- truly an added bonus. They look terrific.
    Peg in NJ

  319. look fooooor–always–a sissors that will cut Iclose to the fabric and

  320. I love a good pair of embroidery scissors that can get into tight places, especially since I make quite a few mistakes! I always gravitate towards the ones that have an interesting or novel look, but if the functionality is not there, I can’t justify spending the money.

  321. I love scissors so have several. I look for appearance, size and the sizes of the fingerholes if I am actually going to use them. Some are just for looks in a needlecase. They need to be sharp and cut to the tip. Red is my favorite color so that helps. Would love to win.
    Connie L. in Texas

  322. Love the color. I look for sharpness in scissors. aand the “feel” in my hand.
    Pat Burdnest

  323. For me selecting a pair of scissors is like picking out a pair of shoes. They need to fit, perform well, be cute, and economical. Well….maybe not so much the economical thing. Thanks Mary for this beautiful give-a-way!

    Karen from Iowa

  324. Functionality! Just wish I could convince some manufacturers to “gussy up” their superb scissors. OR–convince other manufacturers to make their cute ones do a better job! Price is usually not a consideration. I don’t collect scissors either, but seem to have acquired some for “show” & some for “go” over the years. Is it just me or are the red Bohin scissors more similar in size to embroidery scissors used in the 1940’s & 1950’s?? Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity Mary!

  325. I like my scissors small but useful. Too big scissors get in the way, too small is just annoying. You are right that a good pair of scissors just feels right.

  326. I like scissors that hold their sharpness well, and look pretty. Red is my favorite color, too! 🙂

  327. I have not bought embroidery scissors in at least 10 years so I am looking for a new pair. First they have to be small. Second, they have to be cute. I have stork scissors now which are getting a little loose but I love to look at them. Last, I look at comments by people who own the scissors. If there’s a down side, I want to know it before I spend what I know you have to spend for good little scissors. Judith

  328. Hi Mary, I must confess I am a lot like you, I love scissors. Especially brightly coloured ones. I spent a fortune on a pair of Gingher scissors that have brightly coloured flowers painted all over them. They are fantastic for cutting fabric for crazy quilting. I love Kai brand for cutting hardanger. I think these red scissors look great. Thanks for the great article on the different scissor brands , I enjoyed reading it. Bye for now, Jane McIvor.

  329. I am still new to this and don’t yet have a pair of dedicated embroidery scissors. If I were to get a pair price would be my first consideration then aesthetic appeal. I would want something pretty that says “my embroidery scissors.”

  330. Wow I love the color of these scissors! How exciting that there is a give away for them! They are so pretty. I wonder if the color would help to keep them from disappearing lol
    Thanks for the generosity.

  331. Red Scissors are perfect – they will stand out nicely as the one pair of scissors no one else should use. And, being a RED fan what more could a person want??!! I love this site and check it daily no matter what else I leave unattended. Thanks for all the great things you bring to us…. SandyB

  332. The most imporatant thing, for me, with scissors is sharp, sharp, sharp. The only embroidery scissors I have are my Great Grandmothers stork scissors. They were the only thing I inherited when she passed 30 years ago. They weren’t that sharp when I got them and are even less sharp now. I’ve had other scissors in my hands to buy but somehow always manage to go home without. In the end I feel my Granny close when I use them. But, I must say, I’m very sure she wants me to have those red beauties! Thanks for all your great work on this site. I find myself here every day.

  333. Several pairs of scissors have been my favorite over the years. Currently, the small Gingher scissors in Pewter are definitely the ones I cherish. These are a pair of ‘no paper EVER’ scissors that are only used for snipping embroidery threads. I remember coming home from a vacation where we had a house sitter. I had told her the dining room was off limits. Imagine my distress when I arrived home to fine she had violated that rule and used my good Gingher shears to cut roses! They were a mess, black and ragged gouges on the blades. I cried as I cleaned them. I sent them to Gingher who miraculously repaired them. I don’t leave them available to ANYONE now. They are under lock and key!
    I would love a pair of red Gingher scissors. I cherish a good pair!

  334. Hi Mary!!

    I’ve never used anything but the small scissors with the curved blades made by Fiskars. I have two pair of them! I use them because they fit my fingers well, they can be easily found at Wal-Mart and they are fairly cheap, but last forever (as long as I can keep them away from my kids). Would love to give another brand a try. The Red Scissors would let me do that.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Kelly Searles
    Chickamauga, GA

  335. Scissors with perfect balance welcoming the caress of my hand and working in unison with my brain and fingers – what better tool could one ever ask for?

  336. Scissors! I love them! I have several different sizes and shapes. Every pair have a different ability to make my work easier, from the fine tiny shears for cutting close to a stumpwork piece to the kitchen shears for cutting heavy meats.
    I would love to add the red embroidery scissors to my collection as they will quickly have a place of their own specialty.

  337. When looking for scissors (and of course it
    doesn’t have to be a necessity) my first
    criteria is how sharp they are. Then size
    in relation to how they will be used is very
    important. Overall aesthetics are a consideration as well.

    Pat from Lebanon

  338. I would love to be entered to win a pair of these precious red scissors. WOW! RED…..REALLY?? YIPPEE!!!it has been a dream of mine to own a pair of Bohin scissors and red just topps the chart!When I buy scissors for needlework first comes functionality,second comes quality and last comes prettyness.Thanks so much for this wonderful offer and good luck everyone.

  339. I didn’t think I was a scissor collector … until one day I counted how many pair I actually have in my sewing room. I’ve decided you can never have too many! I love to do embroidery so I want scissors that cut right to the point, are super sharp, comfortable on my bony thumb and if they are pretty, then that’s an added bonus.

  340. I look for reputable brands, sharp edges, longevity and appearance is a bonus.

  341. The little red scissors are a real class act. I’ve been using a pair of stork embroidery scissors for just about everything but now that our EGA group has been working on learning hardanger, it would be lovely to own a pair of sharp scissors. Just a note that I really enjoy your daily newsletters.

  342. When I look for scissors….I’m always looking for scissors. I have 3 teens in the house. They have taken over/ruined most of my stuff. I’ m now trying to rebuild with excellent tools. When I look for scissors I look for scissors I will be able to find. Has anyone found any with a lockbox?

  343. I have bought scissors because I needed a new pair, because I had a coupon and I could afford an expensive pair or simply because they were pretty (those usually don’t cut very well, though).

  344. When looking for scissors, I first want to make sure they will work for their intended purpose. For Hardanger and some other needlework, very sharp, fine points are required. I must admit to loving beautiful scissors, and there are many on the market. I will not pay an extremely high price for
    scissors just because of a name.

    The red scissors are truly interesting and Bohin scissors are high quality. Thank you for the opportunity to win a pair.

  345. When I look at a pair of scissors, I look at many things. The price is important of course. I read reviews such as the ones that you give to help me make my mind up. I like scissors that not only look good, but do the job that I ask of them. Thank you for the chance to win a pair of these beautiful scissors.

  346. I would love a pair of embroidery scissors. I have a nice pair of the 8 in Ginghers that I love and use all the time and a pair of the small Fiskars with the spring which are a life saver! At the moment, function and price are my biggest concerns with any tools. These would be absolutely wonderful!

  347. The first thing I look for and need is that the scissors cut well for the intended use. Then I check the shape to make sure they won’t hurt my hands. Appearance is also important. I want to be able to distinguish them from others that I already have. I admit to a scissor fetish, having grown up in a household of three girls and Mom who all sewed with only one pair of scissors available. Now I keep them everywhere.

  348. What a wonderful giveaway! I look for scissors that “grab” the thread and cut exactly where I want them to–and cut all the way to the end of the point.

  349. I look for small very sharp scissors, I seem to collect them too. I like to get close to thread to snip and not leave little threads behind. Red my favorite color…need scissors to match my red lipstick………………..

  350. I am looking for a pair of sharp embroidery scissors that are small in size. I am returning to embroidery as a past time after a break of about thirty years!I need to create a new embroidery kit. I would love to own these beautiful scissors.
    Thank you for the great give-a-way!

  351. And I thought I was the only scissors addict! SOOOO glad to find company. But my excuse is “It’s genetic”, when I inherited my mothers stash, I discovered that she was a scissor junky as well. Her collection was the beginning of my collection. When I get a new pair, it’s usually for an exact purpose, but generally the biggest thing is sharpness. If they aren’t as sharp as blue cheese for breakfast, I don’t want ’em. And I don’t trust any yahoo to sharpen them either. 20 years ago I let a dude sharpen a pair of my Ghinger dressmakers, and I’m still hacked at the result. So I buy good, sharp ones, treat them well and never take ’em to a sewing class; no matter how much I love the women there! I share my Fiskars!!!!

  352. What impresses me most about scissors is how well they maintain their sharp edges. I have been using Dovo scissors for quite a while now, and maybe it’s time to try something new?
    Thanks for your offer.

  353. Hello Mary, thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I look for promised longevity and functionality in scissors of course, it helps if they look as pretty as your red pair. Kind Regards Mandy Currie (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  354. I like a vintage, antique looking pair of scissors. But look means nothing if the scissors are not sharp enough to cut well.

  355. I love scissors! I mainly buy them on the feel of two things -the finger holes- are they comfortable? and second- how smooth the opening and closing of the blades feel.
    You know some scissors can be stiff and if so they don’t always get smooth.

  356. What’s not to love about these scissors,they are RED,tick all the boxes and are looking for a good home.
    They are singing to me

  357. Am new to embroidery, am learning about best threads, fabrics, scissors and all the lovelies required for this fun hobby. I saw and read about these red scissors on your site; I used to sew and love scissors that have a good hand feel and longevity…but these red ones would be such fun as well! I’ve ever seen these before. Thanks for the chance to win…how special!

  358. I look for the best compromise between function and cost. Which means, right now, that I have two pairs: one my mom gave me, and the *whisper* dissection scissors from first year that I only used on seaweed! 🙂

    Thank you for your hard work.

  359. I want embroidery scissors that cut to the tip of the point and also smoothly cut fabric. I applique, so I’m often cutting fabric and not just threads. Price matters, but I’m always willing to pay for quality. Cuteness is always a plus. I always hope people notice my cute scissors and not the fact that my circles occasionally get a little wonky!

  360. Hi Mary – to me scissors are vitally important to do a good job. I firstly look for the sharpest and finest points, size and then cost. Scissors to me have to ‘feel’ right.
    Regards Chris

  361. Hi Mary,
    I admit shamelessly that its the beauty! I love beautiful things in my sewing box. When stitching with friends we love looking at each others wonderful things.
    Speaking of wonderful things, your emails in my inbox fit that catagory.

  362. When looking at scissors, I look for sharp pointed end, thumb and finger holes large enough for me, overall size and then the price.

  363. This is a lovely give away! When I am buying new scissors for embroidery or cross stitch – I look for something sharp and small – easy to cut small, tiny threads 🙂

  364. I look for a pair that fits my hand, one that cuts clear to the end oftheblade…and they have to look Good! And, by the way…they have to cut well!!!

  365. Functionality is the most important feature followed by longevity . I love something crafted so well that I can use it and then pass it on.
    I really love your blog, it is so inspirational

  366. Hello Mary,
    Although I too proclaim that I’m not a scissor collector, but I can’t help but admire the handiness, dependability and charm of scissors. When purchasing scissors, I like to think it’s all about practical use, quality, and sharpness of blade. But, when it comes to embroidery scissors, the beauty of these tools above all the other notions and the necessity to cut, clean each time – makes scissors the most noble of all instruments. There’s a certain beauty to the machined metal and the satisfaction in having a clean snip from smooth blades. When scissors are not useful and ready to do the job well, then what’s the point? (forgive the pun). Thanks for the opportunity to win the red Bohins. (Red – how very regal!) If I win them, I’ll definitely put them to good use.

  367. I look for good functionality – sharp and well cutting blades

  368. Love the red color, they will be hard to lose. When I shop I look for gomfortable handles and sharp blades.

  369. These scissors are beautiful!! I love red–my favorite color. I look for applique and embroidery scissors–ones that feel good in my little hands and not too big as I take them with me when I travel. I need good, smooth, clean snips. Oh how I would love to try these!

  370. I’m returning to embroidery. I think I like the scissors because of the color and can easily be seen among all my other scissors. Small is my preference .

  371. Hmmmm. Scissors. Well, I love the shapes and sizes of the small embroidery scissors these days. I love ALOT of them, but can’t afford very many, but I do look for unusual ones. Secondly, I try to find out the reputation – if they’re good and sharp, and stay sharp. Third, of course, it depends on need. Not too long ago, I had a need for good pinking shears. It was almost impossible to find in my small town. I didn’t want to order them online because I wanted to SEE them and hold them and ask if they would serve me well. Last is price. Everything is SO expensive but what I will spend depends on need, want and my mood. LOL.

  372. I look for quality first and foremost in a pair of scissors. They have to be able to cut well! After that, I definitely like scissors that are aesthetically pleasing. Price range doesn’t worry me too much. I’d prefer to get one expensive quality pair that will last me my whole life rather than keep buying cheap pairs that go blunt or break!

  373. Good scissors have smooth action and are sharp all of the way to the tip. They also must stay sharp. Of secondary importance is comfort. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair of the red scissors.

  374. Look first–they have to be pleasing to the eye. Next how they feel in the hand–do they fit the purpose. Price is important too but if they don’t “call” me doesn’t mater if it is a good price or expensive. I love my little Davos–so sharp and feel so nice. I have some nice Gingher but they just don’t “talk to me” like my Davos do! LOL. I would be honored to give these red scissors a loving home!

  375. Functionality is key for me with scissors, as it is with any tool. There is nothing worse than trying to cut fabric with either dull or the wrong scissors. This is particularly crucial with cutwork of any type. Cost is also an issue. I can’t afford really expensive scissors but I do try to buy the bet I can afford.

  376. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that when it comes to embroidery scissors it is all about how cute they look for me. I’m not serious enough about embroidery to really invest much in specialised tools yet, so usually use whatever scissors I have on hand. But with all needlework I find that whenever I upgrade to good tools it is hard to go back!

  377. I am proud to say I do collect scissors and I love these red ones. Theses would be perfect for my appliqué/needlework projects.

  378. The style of the scissors attracts me initially, the size, shape, colour. They must catch my eye & appeal to me. Then I look further at the scissors, ask questions about them, try them for comfort in my hand. They must be sharp & be able to do the task I need them for. (Did I just say “need”). Then, if I really love them, if they tick all the boxes for me & I can afford them, I’ll probably buy them.

  379. When I buy a pair (or two) of scissors, I make sure that they are small, don’t hurt my hand and are a good price. I love small scissors that are sharp and will stand up to my endless needle work.

  380. I like to be sure they feel comfortable as well as have a good cut. It does help if they are pretty too! I love having a pair in with every project that I am working on. I do not look at cost, one of expensive pair broke while I was cutting and it was just luck that I did not damage my fabric. I would love to have a red pair….

  381. First and foremost, scissors need to cut really well. But, you can’t try before you buy can you?? Often you can’t even feel them in your hand because of packaging or buying online!! So I guess it comes down to The Look, and then hope the rest follows (of course, reputation goes a long way in the final decision).

  382. I have to admit that I am terribly superficial when it comes to my embroidery scissors – the cuter the better! Each of my projects has its own pair, so I get to look forward to seeing them each in turn. I will not call myself a collector *yet*, but I am perfectly willing to give an adorable pair a good stitchy home 🙂


  383. When buying embroidery scissors I look for comfort in the “rings,” tiny point, sharp, will last and a reasonable price. I like a tiny sharp point because I also applique quilts and sometimes I use my embroidery scissors to trim a thread that will not behave.

  384. i just inherested lots of grammas embroidered doillies and pillowcases…….what to do…..so i figure i should learn a little something to show to the kids

  385. Cuteness: ALWAYS cuteness!! But I can be swayed by an incredibly functional SHARP pair of scissors (Kai)! I think these red guys have it all!

  386. The scissors that I like to use need to have a a good scissor action, and preferably do not leave threads hanging after they have cut a piece of material. They must be easy to handle and manouvere whilst using them. I believe that you need several pairs of good scissors to do different tasks as it is impossible to expect one pair of scissors to manage all sewing and seedlework projects. After all not all humans can handle all tasks so we should not expect our tools of trade too.

  387. i really dont know what a good pair of scissors look or work like…..it sure would be nice to have a good pair just to have the experiance and since i am starting my first project……good scissors seem to be a necessity………….and these scissors look so beautifull. if you like them then they must be awesome!

  388. Hi Mary, I look for a nice sharp point and the right size for the work. The color red would be extra special!!! I also like a nice comfortable fit for my fingers. Thanks!

  389. Color doesn’t matter to me. There are three things I look for: good fit to my hand, sharpness of blade, and sharp points. Plain and simple!

  390. Dear Mary,
    I am not all tha young [in age] anymore, but my love for sewing is a passion, whether it is sewing and learning new aspects of it, admiring, or passing the word around! After reading your description of the lovely looking red scissors and especially of the easy-to-use blades,I have fallen for it. It has everything I am looking for in a pair of scissors. It seems functional, easy to handle and will continue to give my children &/grandchildren –whoever uses it most,- a sense of connection with their mom/grandma, long after I am gone; and motivate them into continuing with this fine art. It is really appealing, even at first sight. The only thing missing in your information was the price! I hope it is within my budget, [if I am not the recipient of your give-away], as we have recently moved here and need to build up a set of new tools for my hobbies. A scissor like this would surely be precious.

  391. When I buy a pair of scissors, I do keep the price in mind, but I also want to make sure they are going to be good and sharp!! There is nothing more frustrating than scissors that don’t cut well. I also look at the size of the scissors, how well they will “fit”, and consider what I am getting them for. Since I do hand applique, I like narrow points for getting into those tight curves. And, I am a push-over for any pair that is cute…..

  392. My favourite embroidery scissors are my curved blade Bohin scissors. They are beautiful to use have narrow blades are beautifully weighted and best of all the curved blades take the points away from the fabric when ccutting making it less likely to inadvertantly cut fabric or threads you don’t want cut.
    I love the red scissors they look so good.

  393. Functionality is the most important. If it doesn’t perform, who needs it. The “red” would get my attention first. Thus appearance would be the first thing to catch my attention, then the brand name would be significant but not the deciding factor. Lovely give away. Thanks!

  394. I look for scissors that are very sharp and seem sturdy, but of course they have to be eye-catching too. I admit to having (way) more than one pair of embroidery scissors. If these red scissors were to come my way, they would be a gift to my mother, who taught me how to stitch and sew and who loves everything red. Thanks for an adorable giveaway!

  395. I haven’t bought many scissors but I have chosen on promised longevity for reasonable price. To date my scissors have lasted very well. Purchase of any of the very expensive french brands will have to wait until I will the lottery.
    My last scissor purchase were “scissoroo” brand, which feature a kangaroo. I bought the collector set of four, and had lovely presents for my crafty sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. I have kept one pair for myself and have the last pair set aside for when my daughter gets into stitching. Hope springs eternal!

  396. I recently shopped for a pair of embroidery scissors to see what was out there. I look at size initially, choosing small mainly for the ease of portability. I also like scissors that are pretty. I have a pair of sewing scissors from Gingher that are covered in a little flower pattern that look so lovely and do the job of cutting fabric quite well.

    There are so many embroidery scissors out there that are quite pretty but are also very useful. I’ve only recently learned the importance of the curved scissor variety.

    Anyway, I ended up buying a small pair of embroidery scissors that were very inexpensive and happen to fit comfortably into the category of: “You get what you pay for!” Yes, they are poopy scissors. I can’t get them off my thumb easily and they seem to have “burs” that snag just about any thing I use them on. Poopy, poopy scissors. I guess I was lured by the shiny gold color. Where’s your Mother when you need her?

    – Connie (CoSuDu in Edmonton, Canada for a brief time)

  397. I look at the esthetics of the scissors as well as how well it will cut thread…If it costs too much, then I won’t purchase it…

  398. Red just happens to be my favorite color. Yippie!!! My self I look for the size first , then price. But if they were red , they’d be in my basket.I’m crazy for anything red. Hope i win. Eileene in Arkansas

  399. Well, Mary, you’ve said it all yesterday! Red, red, red!! What a gorgeous colour.

    Why do I like red, well, have you ever noticed that you settle down for a relaxing stitch, reach the end of your thread, and then start looking all over the house for your scissors?? I have meant to make a scissor fob to help find mine more easily, but I must say, a RED pair would be so much easier to find as well as adding a cheery note to your day!

    Julie N

  400. I “try them on for size” so I guess I look for comfort of fit and of course how cute they are.. want sharp points and blades.

    Thanks so much for a chance.. Red is my favorite color.

  401. My almost historic collection of precious and aged scissors has at last stopped giving me stirling service and I have had to retire them. Newer acquisitions have not been satisfactory and do not stay very long among the tools on my stitching table. Having been delighted with The Bohan Needles I purchased last year, I would be totally delighted and grateful to receive a pair of Bohan scissors to use and enjoy. Thanks for the opportunity to win and, also for letting me know that Bohan also makes good scissors as well as needles.

  402. At this point in my life, my first consideration is generally price, but also making sure quality is there. I like Ginghers for this reason. I can purchase them at the local craft stores with coupons which makes them affordable.

    I’m certainly not a scissors collector, I think I only have one pair with a shaped handle, but I do like having a pair in each project bag. I still have the first pair of Gingher embroidery scissors that my mother bought me for my birthday when I was a teenager.

    My favorite color is red, so I love these scissors! Thank you for offering us the opportunity to receive out very own pair.

  403. I’d love to look for beauty, functionality, and longevity. I do not think I’ve ever bought embroidery scissors–I was given a pair of Ginghers long long ago and have used them ever since, along with a nice pair that came with my sewing machine when I bought it.

  404. Hi Mary, I love my scissors, too. I look for specific functionality in my scissors. I have scissors for cutting fabric, scissors for cutting threads in kloster blocks in hardanger embroidery and scissors for my general embroidery projects. With that said, I have to watch the price of a new pair of scissors or wait until I have saved the money to get a particular pair if they are out of range of my pocketbook. I know that I can’t live without my scissors and I would love the opportunity to win a new pair!

    Marcia in Bantam, CT

  405. I think the feel of the scissors is important, both in the hand, and the way the blades slide past each other. Alas, I’m afraid price has to play a big part in the decision.

  406. I am always looking for new embroidery sissors. They must be small, with the blades about 1 1/2 inches. Very sharp and able to hold their edge. I do a lot of work with silk and a nice clean cut is important. Red is one of my favored colors. If someone say that I had red sissors they’d say ‘oh yeah – that’s you.’
    Thanks for all your instruction and inspiration.


  407. When I purchase a pair of scissores the first criteria is functionality. I like to work with the best tool I can get/afford for a specific task. Next the scissors should be of a durable material and long lasting. And thirdly the beauty of its shape and how it fits my fingers. The red pair is simple and yet so beautiful. I have never had a red pair of scissors. I would love to own one. I would love to to win the red pair of schissors.
    Ana-Maria from Cambridge

  408. I just need a pair of scissors that when I put them down I can find them again, and SHARP so I don’t have to keep slicing through the thread in my needlework. If I am lucky enough to win these I promise to never let them out of my hand made embroidered scissor pouch except on very special occasions Thank You for all you do
    Marie Landry

  409. Hi Mary, Another generous give-away – thank you!
    I love scissors and I love red. The combination is irrestible and I would LOVE to own them.

    Victoria Gemmell
    North Vancouver, Canada

  410. I adore scissors, and these red ones are pretty fabulous!
    I buy scissors for a variety of reasons, and try to keep a pair in the ‘project bag’ of each of my current projects.
    I buy scissors for a variety of reasons – because they are cute, the handle is pretty or I need something special for a project or they just “call my name” and I can’t resist!
    Right now I am drawn to specialty scissors – curved, serrated, blunt tip, sharp to tip, goldwork, etc.

  411. Hey Mary! I love the look of these scissors…and I’m trusting your word as to how well they cut…you’ve never fibbed to me before right?!
    I like a double duty scissor. I like the blade to have a curve to it for cutting applique pieces as well as embroidery thread. These aren’t curved, but, heh! I’d love to have them. Thanks for the chance.

  412. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for another informative review. Appearance and quality. I’m happy to pay good money for scissors that are made to last and stay sharp, and that I also like the look and feel of in my hands.

  413. I love red! When looking for scissors, I look for the functionality of the pair relative to my stitching need. Price is not a factor as I expect to pay for the quality of a tool that will last for my purpose. I need to have them “fit” my hand also. Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  414. When looking for scissors I like the look of older styles, retro style I guess you could say They need to have a good weight just like a good pen. They need to have personality, distinct colour or unique handle. Besides my glasses and my needles, my scissors are my most important tool.

  415. I look at function and longevity. And the red scissors you are so generously offering are awesome.

    Thanks for the chance.

  416. I love red!!! When buying scissors I look for longevity of the blades, reputation and how they feel in my hands. What a fun contest!

  417. Scissors are something of an indulgence in luxury for me. I only have one pair at the moment as I wanted to afford the best at the time. To me quality and blade size is essential. This is closely followed by colour! I am a gold and red girl and will always be easily swayed to purchase these colours. I currently have a gold pair so a red pair would be fabulous please! I would cherish them as much as I do my gold ones.

  418. When I look for scissors, I look for a comfortable pair that will feel good in my hand and will do the job. I generally go for high quality first and then if they have a little color and personality that’s a plus. This little red pair looks like winner. If I don’t win I might have to go to Access Commodities to get a pair. Thanks so much for the give-a-way.

  419. I look for comfort first. They must fit my rather large fingers. Secondly, I look for functionality- they must be sharp with a very tight clip at the tip of scissors. Thirdly, I consider the price although price is not a huge factor. I am willing to pay for the functionality and comfort. What I love the most about these scissors is the color -RED- which will help with location. I can never find my scissors. Do these scissors have an alarm too? Red is wonderful!!! Would look to have them!!!!

  420. Red, Red, Red! Sharp…cuts well and Bohin…love the brand…what more can you ask for?

  421. May be a little silly, but I find the look of sissors most appealing, and these red ones are a sure win!

  422. When I reach for my scissors I always think of my mum. They bring back the best memories of the sewing basket and the wonderful Sundays of my childhood, when we baked all morning, and stitched all afternoon. Embroidery scissors were honoured in our home then, and are still now treated with great respect, kept sharp, clean, and always put away with great care. The pictures of those sweet red scissors are taking me back in time to a lovely place.

  423. Their purpose – spring loaded for repetitive cutting, serrated for appliqué, or just nice and sharp for close up trimming! Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world!

  424. I usually look for fine, sharp pointed scissors for fine needlework,needle weaving and hardanger. For one of my favourite styles of embroidery Stumpwork, they especially need to have narrow sharp points that will cut the fabric extremely close to the wires for detached elements. Having said that I could use another pair of scissors for thicker threads such as crewel wools or perle threads. The red ones would stand out amongst my tools at my Guild meetings.

  425. I look at price, endurance and also comfort. Some scissors have uncomfortable holes and not useful because of that.

  426. I look at the durability of the scissors and how well they retain their sharpness. But I have to admit I really love the color of these red scissors. I love the color red!! I would love to win them and be able to use them everyday. Thanks Mary for the give-a-way.

  427. I have been looking, lately, for scissors, but have felt at a bit of a loss, so far as decision making – there aren’t a lot of places I can go actually TRY them out, to see how they feel in my hands, where I live, so I’m not sure how to decide. I’d like something that feels good in my hands, is sharp, small enough, high enough quality, but not crazy expensive… Well, who knows really? I’ll probably just go on using my same old pair for a long time, even though I’d like something that’ll cut a little more smoothly, in absence of actually being able to TRY something out.

  428. When I choose a pair of scissors, I look for functionality, but they way they look, feel in my hand and price certainly influence my choice. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome red scissors!

  429. Main consideration is for a pair of scissors that fit my hands obtained at a reasonable price that are suited for the job I need them to do. But I must admit red scissors start out with a lot of bonus points. I think everything should come in red!

  430. I look for scissors that are a good weight, sharp enough and easy to cut with. If they meet those criteria, I look for something that is pretty and not too expensive.

  431. Scissors have to feel just right before I will purchase them. There must be room for my fingers, but the balance must be correct before they start cutting. I also like the blades to be serrated and very sharp, so they slice through fabric like butter. I love to appliqué and sharp, serrated small scissors are so helpful. Thank you for telling us about these beautiful red scissors, I’m sure whoever is selected will really rejoy them.

  432. When I look for a new pair of scissors the most important things to me are comfort and sharpness. I suffer from arthritis in all my fingers, it never stops me from doing what I love (embroidery, sewing) but there are days I’m a little slower, lol.
    The extra bonus with this lovely give away is the colour, my favourite, just looking at them makes me smile =)

  433. Unfortunately there are times when I am unsatisfied with my work and feel the need to unpick, hence the need for some sharp scissors.
    Many thanks Pauline

  434. I must confess… I seem to be a scissor collector… I LOVE a good pair of scissors… I look for function, durability, beauty, size, and color… I guess you’d call me a scissor snob and I’d love to own a pair of these… Gail

  435. Obviously, the cosmetic appeal grabs me first. Next is price. If I feel I can afford them, then I try them on for fit. I check to see how they feel in my hand and how they feel when I open and close them. It’s always nice if I can “test cut” something with them, thread, metallics, fabric — depending on their main purpose. One can never have too many needlework tools, especially scissors. We all need a pair for each purpose in each area where we stitch, and sets in a traveling case and wherever else might be handy.

  436. When looking at needlepoint tools, whether it be scissors or something else, I like recommendations. I like to know from fellow stitchers what they like about a pair of scissors and why. After weighing the pros and cons I buy the pretty ones!! What can I say pretty always wins and these are really cute and fun. Have fun with the contest.

  437. Red scissors! I would be so thrilled to own such an item! The shade of red is fantastic!
    When I purchase scissors I first check out how comfortable they are to hold. I have a beautiful pair of Dovo dressmaking shears that rub on a spot on my thumb(Sadly, they are rarely used).
    Sharpness is another factor I look for.

    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  438. Aesthetics, feel, action, and material. I haven’t purchased embroidery scissors before, and have been using the Revlon cuticle scissors my mother-in-law sent me for my needlework. I also use my all purpose Fiskars. I’d love to get a beautiful pair of embroidery scissors, but faint when I see the prices. So whatever I end up purchasing would need to be under $20.

    Red is my favorite color! In my home office, my desk is red; my chair is red; the hand-me-down rug is red; the tape dispenser is red; and the Ikea lamp is red too. I’d love to add a pair of red scissors!

  439. I love the look of my scissors. Usually I go for the storks because they are cute and very sharp. I love the red scissors and the sharpe edge would be perfect.

  440. I look for something that strikes my eye then size
    is important for needlework. I love red!! I do a lot of needlework and I have a couple that I use exclusively for needlework. Of course I must consider price as well.

  441. I am looking for a pair of sissors that feel good in your hand and that are sharp and cut well. i don’t care how they look if they work great, but if they are nice looking well thats cool beans!!!!!

  442. I look for a smooth snip, sharp tips and clean cut. With that said I love the looks or design of some scissors, pretty, elegant, antique looking are all desirable in a scissors. I don’t like them to be so small I can’t get my fingers in them easily but a good 4 to 5 inch blade is a great size for my hands.

  443. Functionality, feel and eye appeal are all important considerations when I look at embroidery scissors. Like you, I didn’t start out to have a scissors collection.

    I’d love to add your red scissors to my “accidental collection!”

  444. Oh, Mary- these are great looking scissors. I am usually impressed with the appearance of embroidery scissors, but have ‘not bought’ a pair that didn’t appear to cut well – though I have regretted it in some cases. These seem to be a positive in both cases. Thanks for this opportunity to own this great pair.

  445. When I shop for embroidery scissors, I look for good quality – sharp and sturdy. I also look at the hole size. Will it be comfortable to use. I also look to see if they have shifty eyes, because they may be the type that hide from you 😀 Red scissors would be easier to find if they roam.

  446. For embroider scissors I first look at size. I like small and portable. Sharp too! Nothing worse then having to saw through your threads! Unfortunately I have to pay attention to price. I wish I could buy the best out there, but I can’t. So I get what I can afford and take care of them. A little pair of red scissors would be a welcome addition 🙂

  447. I always want a pair of scissors that cuts small fine threads closely and without fraying any ends of what they are cutting. I like fit and finger hole size to be comfortable and the scissors should be in a mid-range price rather than something that “breaks the bank”. Red is my favorite color and a pair of these beautiful red scissors would make quite a lovely addition to my sewing box.

  448. I love the red scissors not only are they pretty they would be easy to find since they have such a georgous color that will show up easily when you are trying to find them. I look for the best feel in my hand, the best price with a nice long life expectancy! I am always watchful of the price since I am on a limited budget but would like to be able to keep them for a long time, when I become comfortable with the scissors I enjoy having them for a long time. I look for great quality, feel & nice length of blade. This is another one of of your great give-a-ways… Thank you for the chance to try something so great even if I am not the one that is the winner someone should be extremely happy with their prize.

  449. I love red, I wear red shoes,red car, red bag etc. I do a lot of handsewing and like smallish sharp scissors with good blades. these suit my artistic personality. Love them. They would be well used and well loved.

  450. To me scissors must function well and last a good long time.Since I’m on a tight budget I look for a good price too, but I’ll save up for good pair.

  451. The scissors are really eye catching. . . and that’s one thing I look for. Small scissors easily work their way out of sight. I only have one pair of really good scissors and altho I tied a ribbon to them, one of the clunkyones are first to show up.

  452. I think I collect scissors. If I don’t why do I have so many pairs! My “working”
    Scissors tend to be ginghers or dovos because they cut smooth and have
    Fine tips and are long lasting. Then there are the ones that are too pretty
    To pass buy even if they don’t cut all that well! I have ones that match my
    Various hussifs and needle rolls, and every active project bag has a scissor
    In it, and I always have a number of projects going at one time.
    Then there are the ones bought in different countries when traveling
    Because they were made in that country. I wonder when a collection of
    Scissors becomes a hord of scissors! Thank you for the chance to add
    Another to my collection!

  453. I have to admit that the darling embroidery scissors are the ones that draw my attention. Embroidery is a pleasure. My scissors are every bit as pleasant to use as my bag and threads. Makes sense, right? I like my scissors to have some weight, comfortable finger holes, and a longer blade rather than shorter. And all those attributes are worthless without cutting ability. I suppose cutting ability first, comfort second, and then the prettiest of the selection!
    Thanks, j

  454. I love scissors I’m kinda addicted to them. The red color is great easy to find. I’d love them.

  455. When I’m looking for a pair of scissors I’m looking at how they are made,if they are sturdy and going to last me a long time(hopefully forever).The price is also something that will help sway me to make the purchase.These red ones are perfect for it’s my favorite color.

  456. When I’m looking for a pair of scissors I’m looking at how they are made,if they are sturdy and going to last me a long time(hopefully forever). The price is also something that will help sway me to make the purchase.These red ones are perfect for it’s my favorite color.

  457. I think price should never be the first consideration while getting a good embroidery tool. One always has to work backwards – If the Embroidery scissors are small and sharp they are good enough for me. If they are also beautifully crafted or painted that’s definitely a wow factor and 80% chances that I’ll pay for it!!

  458. I definitely look for quality in a pair of scissors. I’m not afraid to pay for supplies that perform well over time. In the end you save money by not replacing them again and again.

  459. Great scissors! I love red too! I have been blessed with many talents, but sewing and crafts are my favorite! I would love to win!
    I love your site! I am learning more each and. every day. Thanks!

  460. The overall requirement when I purchase embroidery scissors is quality. I want them to function well, to snip threads cleanly and without pulling. They must fit comfortably in my hand without being heavy. Usually I select a smaller blade as I have a good pair of dress shears for fabric. I enjoy the appeal of “fancy” designs on the scissors but cosmetic appearance is last on my list.

  461. I love scissors. I try to have a pair in each project bag so I don’t have to look for one every time I sit down to sew. I look for size – not too big. I look for sharpness – I like to have them able to cut all the way to the point. And I like them to be pretty….however, I never saw a pair of scissors I didn’t like!!

  462. Scissors must feel right in my hand be easy to use eg opening and closing have sharp points for the right pair price is not important

  463. I want small scissors that will fit into the pocket of my dmc floss organizer. They also shouldn’t be too expensive… And if they are pretty or fun-looking in some way, all the better!

  464. I look for scissors that will last and stay sharp, but not cost a small fortune.

  465. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for this fantastic give-away. I don’t have alot of experience with shopping for good scissors but when I do, I keep in mind what I need them for and value for money. I buy the very best my widow’s pension budget can afford. Also, how they fit my hand. If they aren’t comfortable I can’t use them with these dumb arthritic hands. I love those red ones – if I win them, maybe I won’t constantly be searching for them like I do my other pair 😉

    Good luck to all,

  466. Hi Mary,
    I look for a pleasing design, a good hand feel and of course I like them to cut well. I do enjoy the ‘object-ness’ of things, especially when all its material aspects have been skillfully attended to. And imagine a Red pair of scissors? How swell!

  467. When looking for a pair of scissors, I judge them by the feel in my hand. Also I judge them by function of what I will be using them for.

    Mary in Oregon

  468. Inside me is a red person trying to get out! The Bohin scissors are my color! Every pair of scissors I have are unique, and each pair became mine because it felt right. Sometimes the shape of the handles, sometimes the feel of them in my hand, and sometimes the quality of the blades compels me to purchase. My sewing scissors have black handles with pink and red rosebuds all over, and they cut like a dream.

  469. Every pair of scissors I have are unique, and each pair became mine because it felt right. Sometimes the shape of the handles, sometimes the feel of them in my hand, and sometimes the quality of the blades compels me to purchase. My sewing scissors have black handles with pink and red rosebuds all over, and they cut like a dream. Inside me is a red person trying to get out! The Bohin scissors are my color!

  470. I ‘love’ scissors. When I look for a pair to purchase I first look for functionality (what job are they going to do?); then I look for a pair of scissors that are neat (tidy – not the Americanism of cuteness – although this comes along later in the process). I have small hands so a pair of large cutting shears would be pointless as I would have control over them. I like small sharp pointed scissors for embroidery work, with a slim blade and they must fit comfortably into my hand. There is nothing worse than picking up a pair of scissors that feel ‘clunky’ in your hands and fingers. When all the necessary ‘working’ boxes are ticked I turn to how I ‘feel’ about the scissors. Are they pleasing to the eye, are they ‘neat’ (Americanism).
    I live in South Africa so some scissors that one can buy over the internet (not the best way to purchase scissors), or even in shops here in SA are very expensive because of our exchange rate but all the same I try to purchase scissors that are the best that I can afford.

  471. Hi Mary, I love any scissors, like you I dont ‘collect’ them but if I see a pair that appeal to me I will buy them. I love little embroidery scissors the most.
    Thank you Mary for this give away 🙂

  472. I look for how well they are manufactured, and whether they are going to last for a long time. Size is a factor, as well as ho well they fit my fingers. Using uncomfortable scissors is a nightmare.

    Ella from Cambridge, UK.

  473. I like helpful tools. Sharp, easy to work with, I suppose that would be an opinion,
    Red scissors would be easy to see and find, as I’m not to organized at my table!
    I prefer to spend the money once on a tool looking at the quality, as opposed to
    Purchasing cheaper , easy to break or dull often.
    Carol Davis Flagstaff, Az

  474. I look for a larger pair of scissors for embroidery than what you normally see as embroidery type scissors. I want the blades to be strong enough to be able to cut a small piece of material such as for appliqué, but still be tight enough to cut fine threads. These usually requires about a 4″ blade scissors. I love the bright color coated colors, especially red, and I generally like to pay in the $20-30 range. High enough to get a good pair of scissors, but not too expensive. I’d love to add these scissors to my notions and be able to share them with my stitch group.

  475. I have to admit, the first thing that attracts me to a pair of scissors is if they are unique, different from any pair I already have. But when I’m seriously shopping I look for something that fits comfortably in my hand and has a super sharp tip.

  476. I have never had a ‘proper’ pair of embroidery scissors, they have normally been just a cheap pair that I have struggled to keep out of the children’s hands! But thank you Mary for posting your article about the red scissors, lucky me my husband is thinking of getting me some proper ones for my embroidery!!

  477. Functionality and hand comfort are my main concerns. I am an avid seamstress and my favorite pair of scissors , by far, are the “half-scissors” that are held in the hand as you sew, never having to put them down or pick them up to use.I have many pair of scissors from dressmaking shears to leather shears and everything in between. But I do not have a pair of embroidery scissors.
    Also, I have large hands and nothing is worse than having to use scissors that leave ridges on your hands from the ill fit.Not to mention the pain of said ridges. The scissors you described looked like they would be soooo comfortable to hold.

  478. when I look, and I seem to be always looking, I want sharp, sharp, sharp, then big finger holes, then cute(although cute sometimes comes first) then price. I want them to work well above all.
    I have “acquired” several pair trying to find the right ones……I am still looking. my faves are a pair of 5″ ginghers with the tailor points and another pair of “gold” handle ginghers. both have large finger holes and both quite reasonably priced.
    would love to try the primax and the dovo…they will be on my Christmas list.

  479. I once advised my children [now adults}to surround themselves with beautiful things. Beautiful and something that shows it’s personality, be it scissors, clothes, shoes, what ever it is. Something that shows flair, that’s what I look for. Durable & able to perform well, yes. The budget does need to be respected, of course. If the item does not have these appeals then it is not purchased. My poor arthritic knees complain that I need to keep pushing on at times but there it is.

  480. I look for size, fit of my fingers with the scissors and I also want something that attracts my fancy (I like the look of) They must be sharp and work smoothly with no places that catch as you use them for cutting. A really well made pair of scissors is heaven when you are cutting thread or fabric!

  481. I would love a pair of these. I really struggle to find good scissors as I have hypermobile fingers and lots of scissors are too hard for me to use. I have bought so many pairs that don’t work for me but I can’t buy these sort where I live. I’d love to be able to give them a try.

  482. I look for sharpness all the way to the tip. a pointed tip that can get into small places and I don’t mind if they are attractive and easy to find.

  483. I do love scissors, for me first comes functionality and size of the blade, then the quality and price, better longevity will be cherry on cake.

  484. My first critera for scissors is do they do the job really well. If they are beautiful to look at AND well priced-that’s icing on the cake.

  485. Functionality is my priority – ease to use, sharp blades and points that will access the trickiest spots.
    “Red” scissors sound wonderful – easy to find when I set them down!

  486. I must be the most impractical person ever. When I look for a pair of embroidery scissors I want them to be right-handed and pretty. Those are my criteria. Pretty has gotten me scissors shaped like storks and rabbits and with candy- striped handles. Right-handed is from growing up in a household where I was the only right-handed person. I still remembering the first pair of right-handed sewing scissors my mother bought me when I was in Jr. High. I cherished them. I know it is a little backward to crave right-handed scissors when most of them in the world are right- handed, but when you grow up in a household of left-handed scissors, it is a real fear!

  487. I don’t ” collect” things either; but, I like having an assortment of tools and gadgets for a special purpose. Scissors are important. I keep all my stitching scissors together and choose one for the project I am working on. I like high quality comfortable scissors. But occasionally I like something that has a “cool” look, too. It just makes stitching that more enjoyable!
    P.S. I absolutely love your newsletter and am thrilled with the millenium frame and stand that I bought. Please continue the wonderful items you share with us!

  488. In scissors I look at the blade length and size , sharpness and the appearance.
    I like fun decorated and the red ones are great, as red is my favorite color.

  489. For me the most important thing is the feel of the scissors. They must be comfortable to cut with so the finger holes must be just right, not too small or too large. Of course they must cut well. What appeals to me about the red ones is the colour – they would be hard to loose sight of. Thanks for a chance to win this give away.

  490. I would have to admit the first thing that catches my eye would be cosmetic. Then I consider cost, function and of course, extreme sharpness. I only have a couple of pair of needlework scissors, neither of which were considered expensive. Thanks again for offering a great giveaway. I haven’t seen a pair of red scissors since my mother used some when I was very young so this pair actually brings back fond memories 🙂

  491. Mary,

    When I select scissors, I consider all of the points you mentioned, but in this order,
    All are important, but as a practical yankee, I have to rate the features in this order in making my purchase.

    Thanks for all you do & explain to us
    Gayle in Maine

  492. Great looking scissors and that is what I am looking forward to adding to my collections. My Mother and Aunt introduced me to sewing. My Aunt to embroidery and my Mother to clothes. Their mother was a seamstress who could fashion an outfit without the use of a pattern. So with the model and encourgement from ancestors, I was hooked into the creative art of all kinds of sewing.
    Love it.

  493. I’ve succumbed to the addiction of scissors acquisition too! I make many “smalls” & for those sets I usually just get inexpensive scissors to go with. For actual use, I look for scissors that have fine points for cut work & feel great in my hand. My all time favorite are my pewter Dovo’s– they cut like “buttah”! I’d love to try the Bohin scissors & this red pair are lovely! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Julie H

  494. First, thank you for the lovely giveaway, and for all the wonderful information you share every day.
    When selecting a pair of embroidery scissors, the first thing I look for is that they fit my large fingers comfortably. This is imperative for good control of the blades. Once that’s established, I prefer blades that are fairly short, with fine points, and sharp all the way to the tip. Some scissors are good in the first 2, and fall short in the last. Price isn’t of much concern – these are among a needleworker’s tools. Mechanics buy the best that they can afford, and I feel that we should also, as a rule.

  495. I would like to say I pick scissors for beauty and whimsy … but in reality, I pick them for cold, hard practicality. Maybe this pair would be the best of both worlds?

  496. I love scissors! Losing everything in the Central Texas Complex Wildfires of 9-4-11, I am trying to recoup everything for my studio. When I buy scissors I check for comfort of use, sharpness to the point, and then, something in the look that sets them apart. I have never had a pair of Bohin scissors, but love their needles which I replaced immediately after the fires.
    Debbie H. in central Texas

  497. Thank-you Mary for the give-away!

    I look for the size and how the scissor cut. I like to have beautiful thing so the beauty of the scissor is a factor in my decision and than I look for the price!


  498. When looking for a new pair of scissors I immediately lured by cosmetic value and then I look for the blades to be at a nice angle and pointed just right.

  499. I look for small sharp scissors that I can find easily in my sewing basket. These would certainly fill the bill. It would be like having your own pair of ruby red slippers!

  500. Hi Mary,
    I don’t collect scissors but I do have a few pairs. I like to have a pair of embroidery scissors with each project; that way I don’t ever have to go looking. Giving that as a basis, my criteria for scissors are:
    -They must be SHARP (!) and cut right to the very, very tips!
    -Each pair has to be comfortable and the right size for the project.
    Of course having a pair of scissors with each project brings up the matter of price.
    -Good reliable scissors at a price that fits my budget. I have sewing shears which were worth every extravagant penny!
    Those Bohin Red scissors would be a wonderfully special and wonderfully usable treasure!

  501. I look for a scissors that will be easy to spot and pick up inbetween all my cottons, materials etc. on the table, naturally they have to be sharp 🙂

  502. I teach children how to embroider. I can always use another pair of scissors. I never saw a red pair. There cute and look very confortable. Thank you for this chance to win such a wounderful gift. I will share with my class. Have a great day!

  503. Functionality is paramount; however, I do love a pretty pair of scissors.

  504. What I look for in scissors is functionality because lets face it if they are the right size, pretty, last for a lifetime and are in my price range but they don’t do their job, they are USELESS. “The right tool for the right job” Few scissors make the CUT. ha ha gotta love that pun.

  505. The scissors have to fit comfortably in my hand and I don’t like to have to struggle to get the job done. They should work on almost any angle. I also recently learned it was important to get special scissors for cutting metal.

  506. When I look for scissors I want a pair that cuts extremely well. That said, I am a sucker for a cute pair of scissors.

  507. Good morning,Mary
    I love the easier to hold scissors feature, Arthritis is an issue for me.
    Red is one of my favorite colors and is often my choice for my embroidery projects. This giveaway is terrific ! Your website has been an inspiration for me
    over time. Thanks!!

  508. I look for a scissors that will not “walk away” from my cart to be used by my family for purposes other than what God intended them for! Love the RED!

  509. I love the color red. When I look for scissors I look at the size and shape of the blades. One other thing I look at is the value for the price.

  510. When I look for embroidery scissors, I look for over-all size and how long they will stay sharp. I also look for versatility. I would love to win these scissors because I am just getting back into embroidery.

  511. I love embroidery scissors and while I don’t really collect them I must admit that I own several pairs. I think the first thing that attracts me to a certain pair is the cosmetic appeal, the color, the uniqueness of them, how they look over all, but I really don’t go for the cutesy look. Then their functionality , size of blades and price is also a big factor. The bottom line is I don’t have a pair of red scissors and they look wonderful and I would love to win them. Thanks for the chance.

  512. I love the red scissors. the size is just right for many crafts and the points are a great tool. I can’t have enough scissors. Where I live we do not have a place to purchase them.

  513. Hi Mary,

    It would be so nice to just ask my husband, “Please bring me my red scissors.” and have him know exactly, without a doubt, which scissors to go get. My husband is a doll, a prince among men, but he’s neither a mind-reader or a very good guesser (at all), and this would be such a huge help!!! **very big grins**

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

  514. Scissors,my nemesis, for them I will search high and low. Sharp points and cutting edges,comfortable to hold, yes,important but oh they must also be beautiful and special. A treasure.

  515. the first thing I do is listen to recommendations then check price. Next I try them out for the feel with my fingers and the quality and look of them. Thanks for the chance to try to win a pair.

  516. Scissors are just one of my quirky fetishes. I sew and also do needlework and other crafts and have assigned specific scissors to specific tasks. I haven’t found my ideal scissor for needlework and stump work, and am looking for comfortable fit, blade sharpness and small tip to be able to cut close to the fabric I am using. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway promotion.

  517. Price is a big factor but longevity coupled with reputation. Also comfort – you would think somehow there is an international standard for scissor comfort/angle ease of cutting but apparently not because some scissors are definitely more hand friendly. Nevertheless, a RED scissors Is brilliant to stand out in the drawer/bin/table. Thank you.

  518. When I buy a scissors, I look at the function first, so size and weight are important, then I consider the price, style and color. Admittedly, however if they are inexpensive and cute, I sometimes buy them just because I can like the paisley handled sewing shears I found for $4 and the Simplicity embroidery scissors I found on sale for under $5.

  519. Hi Mary,

    I own three pairs of embroidery scissors, each selected for its functionality and quality, and each purchased as the need arose. My first pair, my “go-to” scissors, are Gingher embroidery scissors, not fancy, but wonderful to use every day that I stitch. They are very sharp, and they fit my hand. My second pair, a fine, small pair of Dovo scissors, was purchased for Hardanger initially, and has proven very useful for other techniques (notably stumpwork). The third pair is a recent purchase, a pair that I use for goldwork, which I ventured into for several Christmas ornaments last year. Based on my experience with Bohin needles, I would expect Bohin scissors to be of excellent quality as well, and I would love to have a pair of red scissors.

    Sandra L in Maryland

  520. Hi Mary,

    Ease of use is paramount. I need to be comfortable, especially when doing Hardanger. If my scissors cause me pain I can’t enjoy my embroidery.

    My current favourite all-purpose pair of scissors are my 3 1/2 inch stork Gingher. They are sharp, comfy and pretty.

    I must admit that I am coveting those red scissors, they match my car! 🙂

  521. When buying scissors the main criteria is what I am going to be using them for – I’m not going to buy expensive scissors to cut paper. The size and how they feel are also important. Are they sharp? Are they sturdy? Although I don’t collect scissors I do own several pairs – I tend to keep them with the various embroidery projects I have going.

  522. When I buy a pair of scissors, I base my decision on looks, price and sharp blades — sharp all the way to the point. In addition to embroidery, I do a fair amount of appliqué (cotton and wool). Cutting into tight places is very important, as well as cutting off tiny pieces.
    Charlene in Illinois

  523. I usually buy a pair of scissors for a certain type or types of sewing. I have those with serrated blades, zig zag blades, curved blades, short fine blades, fabric shears, etc. The one guiding factor is comfort. I have some I just don’t use (except when they’re the closest) because they have finger holds that just are too small for comfort! Their color and shape comes next. Red is a great color! Thanks for the offer.

  524. I like a pair of scissors that isn’t too large and unweildy to hold and they must be sharp so you don’t have to keep trying to cut through. If they’re good ones, I don’t think it’s that important how much they are as long as it’s not totally unrealistic. Red scissors would be a wonderful thing to own so hope I win some.

  525. I collect embroidery scissors and display them with my needlework tools. I am picky, picky, picky though. They have to appeal to me in some way, either their shape, size, or color. I have to “like” them. I pick up antique ones and modern ones; very eclectic is how I would term the collection. But mostly, I like RED. It is my very favorite color. My favorite pair to work with, however, are my Sajou tortoise shell. I don’t know how to explain the blades – they don’t go side by side to cut – they cross over each other. There must be a term for that. Any way, they are my favorite for snipping threads. But my favorites for working with applique or something involving snipping fabric are my very sharp plaid Ginghers. I’ve not tried a pair of Bohin’s. Thanks for the chance.

  526. For me, scissors are about function first. Although, I do love it when they are visually appealing too!

  527. Hi Mary,
    Scissors need to have quality metal, sharp tight blades and comfortable finger grips. The size was important when the airlines wouldn’t let sharp things on board. But now I take along a pair of small children’s scissors when flying. Makes me really appreciate good scissors when back at home after a trip! Thanks again for a great give away. Annette in Vanc.

  528. The price is a big factor for me in addition to the size and sharpness of the blade, and it doesn’t hurt to have a pair that looks cute as well!

  529. I look for scissors that are sharp and snip the threads easily. I also like small ones that I can tuck easily in with my project as they don’t take too much space when I travel. Price is important as I would hate to misplace an expensive pair.

  530. Mary, I am learning so much just reading your entries. I only signed up 4-6 weeks ago. I’ve learned that I know NOTHING about embroidery. I am enjoying reading your blog. Maybe soon, I’ll be able to do a project along with you. What a joy to learn so much about scissors and the red ones are adorable!

  531. My mother is a seamstress and learned to sew from her. When we were young, her small little sewing scissors had a king emblem on it and we called it her king-cut. Many times, she would call out “who took my king-cut?!” I try to guard mine from my family, too, but really need a nice, new, and sharp sewing scissors. I would love to have this pretty red one! Maybe it could be my red-cut!!

  532. When I look for embroidery scissors, I look at the points and the size of the blade. I like a thin and narrow blade. The next thing is the opening for the fingers. To small makes for uncomfortable cutting. They need to be sharp and the last thing I look at is the over-all shape. I like them to have a good shape! The red ones look awesome…and I love red!

  533. A girl can never have too many pairs of scissors (or handbags)! I consider purpose, construction, comfort in the hand and price, However I always choose any colour as long as it’s RED…. I’ve never seen RED scissors before they’ll never be lost amongst the fabrics.

  534. Scissors – they are such an important tool – I choose on size, comfort, functionality, recommendations and unfortunately, cost has to come into consideration. To win this pair would be a dream cone true!
    Thanks for the opportunity to dream 🙂

  535. I rarely buy scissors, and then only when I have a specific need. The most recent pair I got were for detailed applique, so I was looking for comfortable handles and short blades.

  536. I love to collect anything pretty. So when it comes to embroidery scissors, I try to choose something functional, but sometimes functional scissors are no where near pretty. When I saw these red scissors I knew they were meant for me!!! I’m crossing my fingers!
    ~Sky from California~

  537. Hi Mary, I hope you are having a great day:) Scissors scissors, I so love scissors!I have two groups of scissors which live on my tables, well three if you count the paper ones…The truth is, they are all like friends to me, and like regular friends, down deep you know there are great friends, good friends, and, well let’s face it, poopy friends! You know sure as heck, if you try to use those poopy scissors, rather than go and get better ones, you’ll regret it…lol! The trick is to have a mixed group of scissors close at hand:)Beauty is wonderful, but most of my beautiful scissors just lay like queens in the little piles of scissors close by, so I can admire them, and every now and then I will use them, just to watch them cut:) Have a great day/evening Mary,
    Lisette in Southwest Oregon

  538. Scissors are one of my needlework obsessions! The look, the feel ( especially the weight) and the ‘snip’ factor ( I love the sound of good scissors at work). I have my favourite ginghers but recently purchased a pair of Dovos on the strength of your recommendation Mary. I would love to win these!

  539. When I look for embroidery scissors I look for nice sharp points and a smooth action. Of course there are different scissors for different purposes…. Goldwork scissors for metal threads, thin sharp points for hardanger. And a general purpose pair for when the little ones are too small, cutting of a piece of fabric for a ground. For someone who doesn’t collect scissors I seem to have more than I thought. Oh and of course I collect anything with rabbits so my rabbit scissors don’t count!

  540. What initially attracts me to a pair is is its cosmetic appeal. Are they pretty or cute? Second, are the blades sharp, pointy, and narrow? And third, are they different than what I currently own?

  541. I need a pair of embroidery scissors that give a good clean cut. Although appearance isn’t everything it does make the scissors more enjoyable to use, and red? It just doesn’t get any better than that.

  542. I always look for functionality and longevity when I choose my embroidery scissors. Has to be sharp and precise!

  543. I have thing with scissors and I like to collect them. There are several projects that I always have going and I like to have a pair of scissors for each. When buying new ones first I look at what they need to do, then size, shape and then price. I will be adding the Bohin ones to my list next time I need some, so pretty.

  544. Wow..another great giveaway! Money is tight and I’m trying my best to avoid using credit cards so I try to put aside a little every pay day to purchase another tool or supply for my hobbies. Whether its scissors or a floor stand, I look first for the highest quality item and then the price. I’m a fairly simple gal so the fancy designs are usually last on my list. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate in another giveaway.

  545. I like scissors! I buy pretty pairs and use them. If they work well, they migrate to the top of my workbox, if they do not, they end up in the bottom. I don’t have any outrageously expensive ones.

  546. Mostly it’s functionality – sharp, comfortable handles, etc. But looks also come into it, as does price. I have to admit that I sometimes buy scissors for their beauty only to be disappointed by their functionality. …

  547. When I’m looking for a pair of scissors, I like to “try them on”, ie, see if they feel comfortable in my hand and I especially like it when there’s that tiny little “snick” noise when the snip is completed. I like a pair of scissors that promise longevity and I am willing to pay a bit more for good scissors. And pretty…they have to be pretty. My favorite color is red and these scissors are just too cute!

  548. I would love to own a pair of embroidery scissors that would cut the threads with one snip.A sleek well fitting pair to get into the tiny places and cut the threads without chewing away at the threads.A quality pair to fit my hand and to cherish and to be the proud owner of one of the finest embroidery scissors made.Thank you for a chance of owning a pair of the finest scissors,carol

  549. The first thing I consider when buying scissors is how well they cut. Then I look at how attractive the scissors are. The third item on my list is price. I have quite a collection of scissors, but in spite of this, I still keep buying more. Maybe I should take them all out and set them on a table so the shock will make me take stock of how many more do I really need…

  550. With scissors I look for functionality and also recommendations from fellow stitchers, you can’t beat word of mouth! These red scissors are pretty, yes, but their value comes from your endorsement and explanation in the previous post. Thank you Mary & Access!

  551. Essential attributes for embroidery scissors are for me = ease of holding, sharpness and delicate points.

  552. I have to admit that, I also am awkwardly attracted to scissors of all kinds. Don’t think I will ever have enough! The only requirement that I seek, is finger holes big enough not to get stick in & sharpness.

    Missy in Colorado

  553. I am a scissor hoarder. I dare not count the number that I have. I immediately fell in love with the red Bohin. All of the questions that you asked us to answer are the reasons for my purchases. After trying every brand, Bohin has become my scissor of choice. And, red is my favorite color. So, they are made for me.

  554. Love sharp scissors with good points, interesting shape, and red ones would really stand out. Also would need to be comfortable to use. Love to win these!

  555. I am drawn to a pair of scissors primarily by the feel of them in my hand but these are red and that is a no-brainer for me. I am drawn to anything red and a stitcher cannot have too many scissors.

    Vera in WV

  556. I am mostly interested in a scissor’s ability to stay sharp. The price is also a factor, of course 🙂

  557. My preference on scissors is first and foremost how they cut, so function. Then how they feel in my hand. However, since my favorite color is red. I would love to own this pair of RED scissors. Thanks for the opportunity.

  558. i am a new embroiderer and am always fascinated by the choices of needles, threads, scissors, patterns, and all of the items available to crafters. the many pairs of scissors i have already purchased do the job very well, but i am sooo interested in those red scissors and all merchandise pertaining to this new venture that i am presently undertaking. i do take the cost into consideration but pretty much end up purchasing what i think might be interesting and helpful to me. i find that it is so important to have the right tools to work with otherwise you find yourself very frustrated and ready give up.

  559. Hi Mary!
    What cute scissors! I have to admit, I look for a cuteness factor, along with how sharp they are. I love little things, so love little scissors that fit in an Altoid’s box. (I have a bunch I covered and use for storing needles, thimbles, scissors, etc. while stitching.)

    I have a tiny pair that belonged to my grandma. They are no longer sharp, and I haven’t been successful at sharpening them. Someday when I am outside Alaska I will take them to get sharpened. Lots of people here sharpen fishing knives, but look at you funny when you pull out a 2″ pair of scissors lol!

  560. First I look for comfort in scissors, how sharp they are for fine cutting and If they are curved scissors for easy trimming. I would love to try out these scissors because they look comfortable and sharp. To win these scissors would be a terrific birthday gift for me on May 9th. Thanks for the a opportunity.

    Deb jones

  561. As I have severe arthritis in my hands, I look for scissors with larger finger and thumb spaces. A fine point and very sharp. These features enable me to continue to embroider, a passion of mine. The old saying “if you don’t use it you lose it” is so true.

  562. I have a ‘collection’ already yet if I am honest, they need to be pretty, then easy to handle because it will be ‘possibly’ wee hours of the morning I am using them…so they need to have ‘some’ weight in them to help with the work. Beautifully balanced scissors are a joy. Sharp clean edges, smooth cutting sound/lack of sound, and really good workings. Thats all 🙂

  563. Embroidery scissors should be rather small in size but fit my fingers well. I like them sharp and quite often look at certain brands because I know them like Havel’s and Gingher. I do love scissors and always am on the look-out for new ones that work well. Just call me LJ or Linda.

  564. I have a variety of quality of scissors; some are inexpensive to have included in each of my project bags that I only need to use to snip threads. Then I have some quality scissors for more specific cutting needs. I like scissors – all colors of scissors. Red is one of my favorite colors and a red pair of Bohin scissors would be a nice addition.
    Thank you and Access Commodities
    Sharon S ~ Modesto, CA

  565. I look at a few things. Price, of course is primary as I am on a budget. Having said that, my Grandmother always said you get what you pay for. I look for blades that come to a fine point and have no gaps between the blades when functioning. Although I may be tempted by the looks of the scissors, they muchs fit into my first two requirements. Case and point, there are some absolutely darling polka dot scissors on the market that are quite inexpensive. However, when it comes to functionality, they don’t perform very well, so much as I love the way they look, I don’t own them!

  566. Being new to hand stitching, I’m looking for function. I want sharp to the tip and something that will fit over my pudgy fingers. Something made locally will get my attention but sometimes price has a greater pull on my budget. Although pink is my all time favorite color, how can a gal go wrong with red scissors!;)

  567. I would LOVE a pair of scissors that are sharp and compact. I do a lot of embroidery and cross-stitch. I also love a nice medium size sharp scissors for cutting linen or whatever material I am using to fancy up!! The red scissors you showed would fit beautifully in my craft room!

  568. I would say functionality, followed closely by esthetics and then by price.

  569. Red scissors, who would have thought. I love them. When shopping for embroidery scissors I look first for the shape of the scissor blades and then the strength and sharpness of the material that they are made from. Finally the shape and comfort of the finger holes is also important as I work my scissors hard and they must be kind to my hands.

  570. I won’t say when I need to buy scissors, because I buy them when I don’t really need to as well. I love scissors – actually I love good tools whatever they are. My husband also loves good tools and has been picking up the occasional pair of antique scissors for me, one of which is a buttonhole scissors. If anyone knows about these I would appreciate some information.

    However that isn’t what we are here for. I look mostly for quality, regardless of price. I want them to be sharp and to stay that way, be balanced and not rust. My most recent purchase was a pair of Gingher curved embroidery scissors about 5″ long and I am not overly impressed with them. It is very difficult when all you have is a photograph on a computer, actually to see what the quality is like. And this is why I love it when you Mary do one of these reviews. Given the quality of your embroidery I trust implicitly that you will only choose tools of excellent quality too. And that these ones are red! is a special bonus.

  571. Hi Mary,
    Another give away and this time it is RED, it stands out and goes faster so they say, I love scissors I have a few in fact quite a few, I look for sharpness of their blades and secondly for their appearance this is a must, I like them to be a little different and RED is GOOD, and nobody but me is allowed to touch them
    Flora (Australia)

  572. I am a rookie at sewing, and I might say I love shopping for new tools and the scissors are making me drool right nw. Usually I shop for functionality and how often will I use it.

  573. I’d love to win these scissors! I look first at blade size and then at price when choosing a pair of scissors. I’m on a budget so price is important so I can afford all the other embroidery supplies that I want to try!

  574. Ode to Scissors

    When you cut fabric smooth
    I giggle with glee
    The way you slice and rip
    Brings me to my knees

    The size of your handles
    Your sharp blade to my stitch

    Is a cause for sheer ecstasy.

  575. It is functionality for me. They just have to feel good and work–you know?

  576. First thing I need to look for is comfort in gripping them since I have a physical disability in my right hand. And just as important is their ability to cut easily. If the scissors fit those two requirements, I consider them excellent scissors.

    Jacqueline Strand in Florida

  577. Like with all purchases it’s too important to me to leave it to just one factor. I like to compare different scissors and see what fits my pocket as well as my fancy 🙂

  578. Hi Mary!
    When looking for a pair of scissors, color and/or design always attracts me first. But, then I have to be realistic and check to see if they will serve their purpose, with sharp blades and functionality, instead of just “looking pretty”. I have some Bohin needles, which I love, so I am certain that these scissors are not only beautiful, but of the highest quality. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this give-away!

  579. I have bought scissors for many reasons. Functionality, looks, recommended, for a specific type of stitching (i.e. Hardanger) and heck, even becasue I was feeling patriotic. I am getting quite a collection going. Basically, I want them sharp and to cut well. Not to picky after all! But I do love a beautiful pair of scissors! Thanks for the chance to win, Mary 🙂

  580. I look for a pair of scissors that will function really well, and of course the price is always a considering factor. Love your website. I enjoy it every morning. Thank you.

  581. I love working with tools that look good and function well. It gives me a sense of pleasure and satisfaction to make something beautiful by using tools that are beautiful and that work as they should.

  582. My fingers have to be able to slip in and out smoothly – there is nothing more painful than twisting you finger joints out of a pair of scissors.

    (Love these red ones)

  583. There is no doubt but that ours is the most useful metal by far said the scissors, with something of a sneer. Ahhh a befitting companion….

  584. It really depends on what particular aspect of needlework I need them for. Am I looking for hardanger scissors? Sharp, sharp point. Am I looking to address my floss? Good sharp edge. Am I going to be using them for an extended period of time? Something I can hold for awhile. Unfortunately, since money is always an issue, I also require something that will hold its edge, last for awhile, and doesn’t require me to sell a child (okay, sometimes I’d be willing . . . ).

    I recently discovered the cuticle scissors from Slice, Inc. (http://www.sliceproducts.com/product/cuticle-scissors-0), and they are currently my favorite. They’re sharp and really easy to hold and control. And while they’re a little pricey at $20, they should last for awhile.

  585. Your comments on the red sissors was very interesting. I seem to leave my sissors at the EGA Meetings and am always looking for a pair. Also they are always getting dull and finding a person to sharpen them is getting impossible. So the red ones found like a great pair for hand work and also for sewing.

  586. When I look for embroidery scissors I look for functionality as well as a decorative appeal. Why can’t a tool be practical as well as pretty?!

  587. Dear Mary

    My favourite scissors is Kai, not only do they stay sharp, the cut like melted butter. Easy on the hands. Have not tried the Bohin scissors, would love to have a pair. I quilt, smock, do cross-stitch, embroidery. I must say thank you for the book reviews: I have bought some books because of them, which I would never have looked at. I currently collect more books than I have time to do everything I would love to, winter is when I get time to do the things I love. Summer is for lots of time with family.

  588. First things First- If they’re Red and cute – it a must to have – go for it and it’s a bonus when they fit all the other catagories –

  589. When shopping for scissors, I first look for something very sharp, then I look for something that looks out of the ordinary-like red. I also like older scissors with a history-grandma’s, great-aunt’s, etc. Unfortunately these aren’t always sharp but I can use them occasionally and remember the previous owner by doing so.

  590. Hello Mary,

    I look for functionality and if I can find a pair that also look great – even better. I do like the red – nice color for a pair of shoes (love red shoes!!)

    Thanks Mary for another great give away!

  591. Excellent give-away!

    Precision, narrow blades, and sharpness are what I value most in scissors. Pretty is enjoyable, but pretty doesn’t give the accurate, neat clip of a pair with excellent mechanics, steel, and finish. Clip close, clip precise!

    Thanks for making these available. -K.

  592. Quality attracts me to a new pair of scissors, I like a pair of scissors to be sharp to the tip as well. I use them for embroidery, applique, quilting and sewing . When I saw those red scissors I knew I wanted a pair of them. I love the color and I love quality sewing tools, the kind that will be come heirlooms to hand down to my grand daughter someday.

    Kathleen in Northern VA.

  593. Red scissors are the best, because you will always be able to find them amongest your embroidery. There is nothing more maddening than not being able to find your scissors when you have run out of time and need to finish off a gift in a hurry!

  594. I’d love to be a scissor collector! Unfortunately, my budget won’t let me. 🙁 So, when I need a new pair of scissors I look for a pair that is really sharp, comfortable to hold and not too expensive.

  595. WOW! Red? Seriously??? I dearly love anything red – guess that’s why I’m totally into ‘Redwork Embroidery’! My first choice in scissors is how well they cut, the size is next and finally the price. However, a RED pair certainly would factor in there as I’ve never even seen one! LOL!
    Would love to win this – thanks for the giveaway!
    Barbara in TN

  596. I love getting a new scissors! I look for a sharp pointed scissors at a reasonable price and various lengths depending on what I am using it for.

  597. A micro tip that is really sharp, with a price point affordable is important. And RED is my favorite color!

  598. Sharpness is key for me….as I do a lot of Hardanger besides embroidery. I have a small assortment of scissors and love to interchange them depending on the project I am working on. Red is also my favorite color! Thanks for the giveaway! Grace from MN

  599. Dear Mary

    Thanks to Access Commodities for the lovely scissors. Oh scissors what can I say I love them all, different shapes, sizes, colours, different size blades and I especially like your red bohin give-away scissors.

    What attracts me to scissors is functionality and longevity and brand names like Bohin, Dovo or Gingher are of high quality, sharp and they last. Another important aspect is price range I’m on a budget and therefore I have to be careful when buying embroidery accessories. Although cheap scissors are not necessarily ideal I do like Tanja Berlin petite scissors which are very reasonably priced and sharp. I also love cosmetic appeal, pretty coloured scissors with unusual shapes which I daydream about but are not always practical.
    Functionality, longevity, size of blades, price range are all important when choosing scissors and it would be difficult to choose which is most important as they all are.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  600. My answer is — it all depends! Sometimes I buy for size (to fit in a specific container), sometimes it is by look, sometimes for use (like for cutwork or Hardanger) and sometimes by price (I keep a pair in every project so the project is always ready to pick up and go and tend to keep less expensive pairs in those). Needless to say, you can never have enough scissors!

  601. When I buy embroidery scissors, I look at everything, style, longevity, aesthetics and ease of use. The red would be really nice because I can find it easily in my bag.

  602. I love scissors! My husband always laughs at my amount of scissors, but they all have their uses! 🙂 I am still trying to find the perfect embroidery scissors. I want something that has comfortable handles, a sheath, and are very sharp. I have had a couple of different pairs of embroidery scissors, but haven’t ever found my perfect pair. Price is also a concern.

    Thanks for this give away! I love the color of these scissors!
    -Heather S. in Chicago

  603. I love scissors of all types, but in embroidery scissors I first look at the size and quality of the blades, (I want them to be sharp and smooth)and of course the price is always a factor. I love the red because they would be easy to spot!!

  604. When looking for new scissors, I especially look for blades that are small and very sharp, able to cut close to threads for drawn thread and cutwork. I also want the scissors, if possible, to be beautifully crafted — functional works of art. It is important to me to work with beautiful, yet very functional, tools. The great think about the red scissors also will that they will be more difficult to “lose” among the embroidery project paraphernalia — the color will really help them stand out!

  605. What I look for in scissors first of the reputation of the manufacture, the purpose I need the scissors for, last and most important is how they feel in my hand for use.

  606. I buy scissors for their functionality for the use I have in mind. Because I do fashion sewing, applique and surface stitchery I have several pairs of scissors each for specialized uses. Scissors must be comfortable in my hand. I also keep in mind the price and try to get the best value for my money. I would love to have a pair of red scissors – they would be so much easier to find amongst my threads and fabric!
    Eleanor in Saskatchewan

  607. Dear Mary
    I did not know that I was a collector of scissors but it seems that I am. I have at least one pair of scissors in every room of my house. The main consideration for a pair of sewing scissors are sharp, relatively small blades and finger holes that my swollen fingers can fit through. The really cute scissors that close up to be a black cat were an impulse purchase that I cannot use because the finger holes are too small. best regards
    Sandra in Cassidy.

    1. It’s okay Cassidy,

      I have three pairs of scissors in my room. We’re in this together.

      Best, Maureen

      p.s. black cats are super cute.

  608. When I am in the market for scissors, I like a pair that is comfortable for a leftie, and I do also consider price. Sharpness is a given, when you buy needlework scissors.

  609. Mary,

    All things being equal, a fancier pair of scissors will win out over a plain pair any day. But things aren’t equal, and some weight and sharpness is nice. These red pair certainly will attract attention and – from what you said – do what they’re supposed to do. Thanks for the chance!

  610. I love scissors! I love red!! This is a match made for me. I specifically shop for function and pretty in scissors, even if I have to save for them. The right tools are essential in needlework! Thanks!

  611. Definitely sharpness and size of blades.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Robin Foster

  612. Oooo! How excitng. I have been saving my pennies and looking at scissors for awhile. I have an inexpensive pair i have been using for a long time In a new pair, I want somthing very sharp and long-lasting. I would like for it to be comfortable. Of course, cute is an added bonus.

  613. I’m attracted to embroidery scissors that are guaranteed to cut small pieces of fabric as well as thread. I like small scissors that fit well on my fingers. Price is always a consideration.

  614. When looking for embroidery scissors I used to look specifically at the size of the scissors. Lately I’ve been looking for a pair that I KNOW will stay sharp for years to come. The pair I’m currently using I’ve had for years. They are a non-descript brand and have gotten to the point that they barely cut regular DMC embroidery floss.
    As I have exponentially increased the amount of embroidery I now do (I play with the SCA and do historical embroidery now) I have been on the lookout for a solid pair of scissors that will last for years.

  615. I’d probably have to say that cosmetic appeal, price, and size all play a factor into choosing embroidery scissors. This red pair is lovely!

    Anne in NYC

  616. So far I have been fortunate in that I have had several good pairs of embroidery scissors given to me. I have to admit to using mostly whichever pair is at hand. For hardanger I tend to look for my small very sharp pair.

  617. When I buy a pair of scissors, I check the comfort in my hand, the sharpness of the blades and look for a good “cutting” feel when used. The appearance of the scissors occasionally affects my buying decision, but I am more affected by the shape of the blades, i.e., serrated for metal threads, curved tip for certain ripping chores, pointy tips for other tasks. I really don’t buy very many scissors compared to other people; I but I do buy way more threads!

  618. from JudysPod. Your red scissors are an interesting shape. It looks like they can lay on that short side and cut very close to the surface without poking into the surface. I would love to have them. I recently have a renewed interest in handsewing and embroidery after being away from it for a very long time. I am looking forward to being inspired by your blog.

  619. I do a lot of needlework so scissors have to be sharp. Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful red ones. Love to watch your progress on all you do.

  620. Oh cool!!

    I look for a pair that doesnt dig.into my fingers especially noty thumb. They.must be well made and strudy with a good sharp point. I like some of the cute pairs but if they are too thin and dig into my thumb I don’t buy them. I have a set of Ginghers. Embroidery, small snips, tailoring, and full size cutting and zig zag. First and foremost they must do the job.

    Love your work.and your blog. Thank yoy for sharing!!

    Cynthia Long is Seattle

  621. I definitely, and most importantly, look for a pair of scissors that are sharp and small enough to get in and cut precisely and closely to the ground fabric. However, after considering these factors, I do like my scissors to be pretty! Shiny things always catch my eye.

  622. Here lately I have been torn between functionality and cosmetic appeal. I have several sewing boxes,baskets and trays and I want a devoted pair of scissors for each one that ties in visually, but pretty scissors don’t amount to much if they don’t cut…when it comes to scissors nothing is as pretty as a nice clean snip.

  623. I love Bohin products, from their marking pencils to needles and everything in between.

  624. The best pair of embroidery scissors are small enough to fit into a carry-along embroidery bag, but large enough to be comfortable for the fingers. The quality of the blade is always important–we all want a perfectly clean cut, right? And since they are in constant use, it’s a plus if they are appealing to the eye!

  625. I look for blade size and shape, sharpness, cleanness of cut, smooth action, overall size fit for my hands. Toughness and beauty of design also count. Being really well made and able to be repaired and sharpened has to be balanced with the price. Right now I’m looking for a good pair to replace my worn out gingher’s…

  626. Ooooh, I do love your give-aways. I look for scissors that look good, feel good in my hand and cut well. I try not to worry about the price as I have found that some of the lower priced ones really don’t stand up well and the more expensive ones have lasted for years. I am also a bit of a fanatic – NO one is allowed to touch them but me. Not even to snip a loose thread.

    I did purchase a pair of Dovo scissors based on your recommendation and I truly love them. I am sure that this pair is equally as good and I would love to win them.

    Heather McKinnon in scorching hot Surrey, BC, Canada

  627. I look for scissors that are super-sharp right to the tip, so necessary for hardanger and other embroidery. Comfortable to use is very important too. Cute to look at regarding colour and shape is also a plus and something I do look for!!

  628. The scissors I like need to be a little larger which makes them easier to hold. They need to be able to cut close as I do needle painting, hardanger and etc. These look like they would meet my needs and I need a pair. Red is a good color so I can find them faster. My Ginghers need to be sharpen again. Even if I do not win this pair I thank you for sharing.
    Debra Puma

  629. You can never have enough scissors.
    I look for the size of finger grip holes – they need to be comfortable.
    The shaft needs to be right for the task – small to large each has its purpose.
    Finally, I look for something different, unusual that will make scissors an item to admire.
    The red are adorable, would definitely be useful.

  630. Thanks to you and Access Commodities for a chance to win these cute scissors!

    Until I found your website and started reading your posts, the ubiquitous stork embroidery scissors were all I knew. I thought they came with the territory.

    But I’m not in Kansas anymore!

    Now I’m wishing for a pair of Dovo or those that look like a bird with a red eye or these red Bohin scissors.

    I’ll be looking for fit, function, and fun!

  631. I’m always looking for new scissors to use with my numerous projects. They need to be sharp, long lasting and affordable since I tend to keep a pair with each of my current projects. It’s easier to stay on top of what I need for each project.

  632. Dear Mary,

    I love your website and blog. I’ve started embroidery only a year ago and though I’m currently only cross-stitching your tips helps me a lot. And it also inspires me to maybe start different kinds of embroidery in future.
    Because my budget is extremely limited I have been using a normal pair of sciccors until recently when I bought my first ‘real’ pair. In buying it I looked for practicality but most of all price. I am really loving the difference with my old normal sciccors and how close I can get to my work, so maybe one day I’ll invest in some good quality ones…

  633. I like my scissors to suit the job I am currently doing. The handles and blades are very important. Having said that I love a pretty pair as well, especially if they are functional! These red ones seem to do all of that.

  634. Scissors – I have several but there is one that has the name “piece of junk”, one that is only for metals, one that is only ok, and one that is my best hardanger scissor but it needs sharpening. And I can’t seem to find the one I want. What a mess. I could definitely use a red pair – especially if it has a nice sharp fine thin blade.

    I always hide my scissors from my husband – you don’t want them used on paper, etc.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  635. Wow! Thanks for the opportunity to win these beautiful scissors. What attracts me to a specific pair is scissors: are they a comfortable fit, do they open and close smoothly, will they do the job that I need done and are they affordable. If all things are equal, then I go for cosmetic appeal. What a luxury to own a RED pair of scissors!

  636. My very basic criteria is that the blades have absolutely no gap between them so that they fit closely together. But I also look for very sharp points on my embroidery scissors.

  637. I love those red scissors. I look for scissors that I can get my thumb in and out easly. Why is it just because the scissors are small that they make the finger holes smaller too.

  638. Ah, scissorss. I have been blessed with many, many pairs of scissors. My mother and grandmother were both seamstresses and needleworkers; so I have various types from them. And every time someone we knew was “downsizing”, I know that a little voice told them to pass along all of their sewing supplies. As a result, I have 15″ long library scissors, buttonhole scissors, bent shears and yes, even bowing off scisssors for bobbin lace (those are pairs with dull, slightly separated blades for fastening pairs when cutting off threads). So I buy scissors based upon function – applique scissors, small snips, and some for special projects. But red scissors with sharp blades – oh, my! What a find.

  639. When I am considering new embroidery scissors, I first consider what I want to do with them. Sometimes I just need a pair of good scissors that can cut thread. Other times I need a very pointy or maybe curvy scissors. Once, I have that out of the way, I do like to purchase a pair of scissors that I think are pretty or cute. Finally, I look at price. Many times this will be the factor that quickly narrows down by scissor choices.

  640. My favorite scissors have large finger holes, serrated, short sharp points. I want to be able to pick up the scissors, use them and put them down without my fingers getting stuck.

  641. I choose scissors for the sharpness and pointedness of their blades. They need to be able to cut into tiny spaces while also cutting silk threads. Plus the handles have to be comfortable to grip.

    I think the red colour is wonderful and would make them easy to find.

    Thank you for having another great give-away.

  642. Thank you so much for the give-away.

    Being a very practical person, I look for functionality in scissors. It must be the right size/blade for whatever use I’m putting them to. AND, if their red color draws my attention to them in the drawer, so much the better!!

  643. All of my fabric and embroidery scissors are “worker bees” so cosmetic appeal isn’t a major factor. I was however given a pair of golde