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Red, Red Scissors!


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I’m not a scissor collector. No, really! I’m not.

At least, I don’t intend to be. But scissors are an important part of needlework, and good scissors – well, good scissors are just good.

So yes, I have a few pairs, and now and then, I like to write about them. They are my tried-and-true assistants. And they work hard for their moment in the spotlight.

Bohin, the needlework tool company in France that specializes in high quality needles for handwork, also makes scissors. They have a terrific line of delicate little embroidery scissors, but they also have two specific pairs of needlework scissors that, though somewhat hefty in comparison to their more delicate brethren, are marvelous tools.

Bohin needlework scissors

This is one pair. They are Red Scissors… and I just love red. But I like these scissors not just because they’re red (though admittedly, that was the initial attraction!).

Bohin’s red needlework scissors are good quality, well-made, strong, durable scissors. And they are sharp. And they really cut, which is the most essential aspect of any pair of scissors.

Bohin needlework scissors

Here they are, lined up next to a few pairs of needlework scissors. Above, you can see the little rainbow thread cutters by Sew Mate with the blue handles, then a pair of Bohin’s regular fine embroidery scissors, then Bohin’s red scissors, followed by the silver Italian-made Premax ring-lock scissors, and finally, a pair of Italian-made goldwork scissors.

Though Bohin’s red scissors are much larger than the others – note the blade is longer and wider – they cut really, really well, and though they look significantly large, they can get down close to regular needlework without a problem.

I like them very much. In the hand, they feel good. They have a good weight and smooth movement.

And did I mention they can really cut?

Besides using them for needlework, I use them to trim small pieces of fabric. Their size being much smaller than sewing sheers, but their blades being longer and wider than regular little embroidery scissors, they cut small bits of fabric – especially finicky little bits of felt and the like – really well.

Bohin needlework scissors

This second pair of Bohin scissors – new on the market – is significantly larger than the needlework scissors. Note the handles – comfy, comfy handles.

They treat the hands very nicely, even when cutting things that are tough to cut.

Bohin needlework scissors

You can see that they have one lightly serrated blade. Why? Because they’re used for cutting tougher metal threads. The serrated blade grips the metal thread and holds it in place. They’re especially nice when cutting heavy purls and pearl purls, plate, and stronger metallic threads.

Bohin’s scissor range is growing significantly. If you’re looking for quality scissors, you can find Bohin scissors in different fine needlework shops. These two are particularly imported by Access Commodities, so you can find them at any store that carries goods from Access Commodities.

An excellent source for good needlework scissors that fit different budget ranges, check out Anita’s Little Stitches. They carry scissor brands like Dovo, Premax (the candy cane ones are so cute – I could eat them!), Bohin, and Kai scissors from Japan. I use all these brands interchangeably and like them all.

Yes. It seems I have a growing affection for scissors. I often give scissors as gifts to needleworking friends. And I often receive scissors as gifts from family and friends. I like scissors. I like them a lot.

But I’m not a scissor collector.

No, really! I’m not!

What about you? Do you play favorites with scissors? Do you collect them? Are you scissor obsessed? (I’m fighting against it, but …) Do you have any particular scissors you would recommend? Scissor talk, anyone? Have your say below!

And just between you and me and all my scissors, I’m giving away a brand spanking new pair of scissors tomorrow. And just a hint: they’re Red! So stay tuned…


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  1. Ah there’s nothing like a sharp and comfortable pair of scissors for general cutting duties. I have my fine stork scissors for threads and a decent pair of dressmaking shears for cutting lengths of fabric. But for everything else I have traditional Chinese half-moon handled scissors in various sizes. (Often sold as ‘bonsai scissors’.) As a left-hander, they stopped me getting sore thumbs, and they cut through wire, thick card, fine paper. They stay sharp for years and give me great control of the blades. Wonderful tools – I’d be lost without them.

  2. My favorite pair of scissors for handwork is a pair I bought while visiting Sturbridge Colonial Village in MA. They are reproductions of scissors used in colonial times and can be used in either hand. They are small, but not tiny, and very sharp. I keep them in my “traveling needlework pouch” that I bring along to keep me busy on long car trips.

    1. I ALSO have some “colonial village” spring (duck mouth style, with no pivot) type snipping buddies. Only I got them at a museum here in California. The blacksmith/ferrier demonstrators make them I think. The pair I have in my project box are over a decade old, and I also have a backup pair about half that age. I am 100% sure that they still sell them and they are extremely popular, because we tend to go to the museum every couple of years (since I was a child) and a couple of times they have been out of stock. The last time we asked about them, the cashier indicated that people usually buy a few pairs at a time, either as gifts, or one pair for each of their children etc, so they tend to go quickly. She said that they are popular because they can take a beating from active kids. My brass workhorse thimbles came from there as well! They do not come in “sizes” they are on the cashier counter in a basket and you find one that fits the right finger. 🙂 I was thrilled to find them, because thimble “”sizes”” don’t work for me. I wonder how many people actually can use thimble sizes, since everyones fingers are different, and they sell them packaged so that no one can try them for size….. At another museum I found an old style, tiny magnifying glass that I use also.

  3. I have a few scissors – my favorite – go to scissors – would be my fiskars softgrip ones – large bright orange handles and very small pointy blades that cut fine thread and fabric wonderfully. They usually sit by my sewing machine to snip – and can also cut that thick mylar for quilting stencils. Yes, sounds like an awful scissor keeper – but I have had this pair for maybe ten years now – and it keeps on snipping and cutting. However, my favorite color is red and acqua – so I would love to see what’s in store for tomorrow.

  4. I am a scissors collector. I must have at least
    20 and still counting! I just purchased the Premax ring lock and they are like silk in my hands. My Dear Jane scissors are wonderful for all of the applique that I do. I love, love the red scissors you highlighted. Oooo! I just might have to get those.

  5. I got a pair of preemies at a seminar and panic when I can’t find them. They’re small enough to maneuver thru cutwork designs. And I still hang onto my stork scissors.

  6. I have a terrible scissors habit. And by terrible, I mean my propensity to lose them! My little Gingher stork scissors? Missing. The purple Fiskars I use for yarn? Gone.

    And then, I’ll eventually give up and replace them. And then when I clean out my craft room, this happens: http://instagram.com/p/YELffpPz5x/ (I also have this problem with seam rippers – can you tell?)

  7. I love good scissors and have several different ones. My favorite ones right now are by Mundial, “golden Chanticleer”. I’ve had these for several years and they are still as sharp as ever. Nola

  8. I just have fabric shears in the family sewing cabinet, embroidery snips in my grab and go box and backup pairs of both in my sewing machine drawer. We are not fussy, so we do not go out of our way to buy special pairs of scissors. Also, in regards to scissors, I am (my family is too) an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” sort, and not inclined to test a bazillion brands of scissors if the ones I already have are fine. We do use scissors for various things, but we do not overdo it because some scissors are cheap and are easily replaced, like the ones we have in the garage for opening bags of cat litter etc, they are over two decades old so we only use them for the scut jobs now. When they finally kick the bucket, we will take the worst other pair in the house for the garage and buy a new pair to replace the pair that was demoted. Yes, demoted, they started life as mail openers and other paper jobs, then they were moved to the kitchen to open (for example) bags of dried fruit or jamming sugar. Then about 5 years ago, it was moved to the garage for cat litter etc because the ones we had before for that got a busted (plastic) handle after we dropped them. They were like 30 or more years old. We have several other scissors, one for use in the kitchen, another for paper jobs, one for cutting herbs from the container outside etc, but we are talking about fabric and floss buddies, so the others can just sit.

  9. Funny that you brought up scissors today. I’ve been shopping for a new sewing shears and finally just decided to live with another cheap Fiskars for the time being, just becasue the handle was decorated with this beautiful paisley pattern, not becasue they were gret scissors. I, too, have noticed that my own collection is growing, not because I planned to collect them, but I have been using them in many different places and decided I was tired of having them upstairs when I needed them downstairs or at my sewing machine when I needed them in my needlework basket. I have never seen Bohin scissors, but I did discover that the Ginghers are kept under the cutting table at work because they are a highly shoplifted item. I have my original Knip sewing shears that my mom bought me in 1978. It is the equivalent of a green handled Fiskars. It is a little dull, but I now use it as my paper scissors just to have it around. My favortie scissors is my Gingher Featherweight, but it is starting to get old as well, hence the shopping. Of course I have a stork and a couple of small embroidery scissors to cut threads with at the sewing machine. One thing I have discovered is that my Simplicity embroidery scissors has stayed sharp and continues to be my go to for hand embroidery. We also have several old rusty black handled “mailroom” scissors that seem to be too dull for usefulness, but too nostalgic to throw out. Does anyone actually ever throw away old scissors?

    1. We do not, unless they break, and that has only been two pair that I remember in my whole life. We also do not buy any unless we need to replace broken ones, and we got the two replacement pairs at a fabric store when we were there already for another reason.

  10. I wish I was a scissor collector like you but I have always wanted to see before buy. So that has limited my buying. How I would love to have just one pair of red scissors , not only because they would be so special and good, but red is my most favorite color. In fact I have on a red shirt today.

  11. The serrated edge is good for “grabbing” metal threads AND it is also an asset when you are trying to cut more wibbly fabrics — the kinds that like to scoot out from under your scissors like crepes, silks, voiles – they “grip” the fabric and afford a much straighter cut. Hurray for scissors!!

  12. Tenho umas 6 tesouras. Para fios, tecidos e papel/manta acrilica. O importante é que estejam afiadissimas.
    Amei a sua vermelhinha!!!!
    Um abraço!


  13. I have two pairs of Bohin scissors for embroidery. One is silver with small fine straight blades and, the second, is silver and a little longer with very fine curved blades and bent handle. The second is my favorite when trimming in a hoop.
    I also have smaller and medium sized scissors by Elan, from Japan, that have serrated blades. These are wonderful for working with wool. They have strong blades to cut wool appliques and are good for crewel type yarns. I’ve never worked with metal threads, but they might be good for that, too.
    Then I have classic German made embroidery scissors I inherited. They need sharpening to be really useful, but I just enjoy looking at their delicate form.
    Hmmm…no RED scissors yet, but I’m hopeful!

  14. I don’t have a lot of scissors but probably more than I can use. I tend to use a clunky pair of scissors to snip my threads. They’re cheap and don’t have sharp tips on them. But if they get lost, I don’t care. That’s good. But I also use them because they’re pink. I have this fascination with “cute” scissors. When I go shopping I love to look at all the patterned scissors, the teeny weeny scissors, etc. It’s the “Awwww” factor. Shame on me. 🙂

  15. My scissors are holy ground and my family knows that they out of bounds and not to be used by anyone but me. Love Kai and my stork.

  16. I think your Red scissors kick everything up a notch.This is a fun subject. Everyone needs a lovely pair of little scissors. I am a scissor giver. Though nothing frilly, I like to give the little fiskar snippers. They are smooth and comfortable for your finger area and a lovely little sharp snip. I have never thought about how happy and comforting it is to see my little scissors in my backpack or setting next to my work.

  17. Dear Mary

    Thanks for the article on scissors, I really like your collection of different shaped scissors. Oh how I love scissors especially tiny ones that get into small spaces and snip, snip, snip, I love my sew mate scissors from Berlin Embroidery (I’ve just ordered more pairs) they are so tiny and nifty and truly get into places that other scissors dare to go!!! Oh I love scissor talk it turns me on Ha! Ha!

    Regards Anita Simmance

  18. As an antique shop owner I have to tell you that as soon as you get a third item of something you are a COLLECTOR!! But that is NOT A BAD THING! Especially in the case of scissors. How can you have too many?
    I too have the problem of losing something, buying a replacement and having it show up. Save your receipts (LOL)
    I do love the look of those red scissors… and… the usefulness you talk about. May have to get me some…..

  19. I’m not a scissors collector either!! A big ahem to that . . . I feel that on their own they’re lonely, so need companionship. Plus, it’s a good excuse for me to make another in my line of scissors cases – They’re made out of linen 22ct fabric, and I use a blackwork technique with colours. All sizes, so thay coordinate; they protect the scissors (I incorporate a blade tip protector),which, if decent scissors have been bought is esential. Scissors make fabulous gifts, especially high class ones.

  20. I could certainly become a scissors collector after reading everyone’s comments. I just found a pair of Gingher embroidery scissors on sale, and I feel so lucky to have them. I have a pair of Solingin fabric shears that I have had for years, which need sharpening. I have to guard them like a hawk because with the red handles the kids/grandkids grab them whenever they are making something with sticks and string, etc. I have various other scissors, none of which are special – or sharp! Now I will have to take inventory and see what’s in my “sewing/work” (junk) room that I may have forgotten I had. I know there are little stork scissors in there somewhere…

  21. I don’t collect scissors but they seem to multiply over night! I’m also lucky to have my mother’s scissors..tho they don’t cut as well as I’d like!! Those red ones are cuties!! Thanks for letting us have a peek.

  22. I also am NOT a scissors collector…I just think the next pair my be better, no matter how good the ones I already have are. And my scissors pins I wear , are just so pretty, & the thread rack hanging full of different scissors (no, not any thread!), well that ‘just happened’. But I will admit, when I saw the BIG wooden scissors..for wall décor..hadda’ have it!

  23. Although not really related to needlework per-say, I have a pair of silver rose pruning shears from my now deceased grandmother that mean the world to me. Even as a broke college student in a tiny, third floor apartment with windows that only open 2 inches I grow micro-mini pink roses and use those shears and think of my grandmother (they were both extremely beautiful and slightly impractical). Between the scissors and a silver tea and coffee service I inherited from the same grandmother, I now have the task of polishing silver once or twice a year. Most of my friends don’t even know that silver needs to be polished. (Who thought it would be a good idea to make gardening equipment out of silver, honestly?)

    On a needlework note, I have had the same cheap kids scissors for over 4 years. I tell myself I’ll get some proper needlework scissors when I finally lose those cheap ones, but of course I couldn’t lose them if I tried. But I do mostly cross stitch and other counted work, I don’t really require the best scissors (but they sure would be nice).

  24. Hi there! My favorite scissors are a pair I received while I was working at my last place of employment, which was a hospital! One of the nurses had open a sterile instrument pack to use on a patient, and hadn’t used the scissors, so she handed them to me. They’re on the small size, but have comfortable finger openings, are extremely sharp, and have tine, tiny points which make it possible to go under threads in order to snip them without cutting the fabric threads. I use them for counted cross stitching, knitting, and embroidery! I don’t know what I’d do without them – They are indispensable! Thanks for the chance to enter the contest!

  25. Love Scissors. Have several pairs in many sizes Always looking for new ones in case they are just a little bit better than the last pair I bought. Like the idea of red handles…I could then find them in my sewing box with out having to take everything out..Linda

  26. The article made me think more about scissors. I have two pair I use for crewel work; one I purchased 40 years ago as part of a sewing kit, and the other I found among my mother’s things after she died recently.

    I can’t identify either as no names appear, although one pair says ‘stainless.’ I guess I’ve gotten along all right so far, but perhaps a new pair is a future purchase. You’ve given e a lot to think about. Thanks. Now, if only there were a pair which would improve my stitching!! That I’d run out and buy.

  27. I don’t collect scissors, either! I consider a ‘collection’ as something you display. I’m just looking for the perfect pair of scissors for each job.

    I’m very interested in the new Bohin serrated edge scissor.Besides cutting metal thread, serrated edge scissors are perfect for cutting cloth because the serration grips the cloth as you cut. I use Karen Kay Buckley seratted edge scissors,with the green handles, as my thread clippers. They snip thread perfectly.

    My favorite fabric scissors at the moment are my Dovo shears. Big handles, sharp blades and like you said about the Bohin scissors, they just feel good in my hand.

    Yes, I have ‘not collected’ about 100 pair of scissors over the years. If I was a true collector, I’d know exactly how many I have.

  28. Mary–

    It seems that I AM a scissors collector. Almost every time I travel to a needlework seminar, or to a new place, I bring home at least one pair of scissors. I especially like the Gingher Designer scissors for their beauty, but my favorite pair of scissors for actually cutting is my Sew Mate scissor, like you show above. And the best part is, if they get dull, they’re cheap so I can just buy a new one!

    OH! You probably want to know how many I have. I would guess about 30.

  29. I have mainly used gingher scissors and really love them as they are also very sharp. The also allow you to mail them in for free maintanance and sharpening for life once you purchase. I have a very small pair and a large pair but I have no med size scissors and I loved the red ones you wrote about today. Please include me in you giveaway as I would love to try them out!

    1. I have about 10 of the gingher designer series. I love them, very pretty. The handles all have a different design. It is true that you can send them in for maintenance and sharpening, but it is NOT free. Last I checked it was $7 a pair of scissors.

  30. At a recent conference we named our “addictions.”
    Floss Fluzzy, Sissor Slut. We chose not to identify fabric or thread.

  31. I try to follow the advice of William Morris ” Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. These scissors meet that criteria. They are designed to follow their function which is another designer’s adage. They instantly reminded me of a heron my favorite bird. I love them. Thanks.

  32. Okay, I’ll admit it. I probably need a 12-step group for serious scissor addition. Hi, my name is Julianne and I love scissors. I love strawberries too so I love red!

  33. I just LOVE scissors, needles, pins … tools and accessories. 🙂 I too have a few pair of favorite scissors. I use the elan 4″ micro serrated scissors for ribbon work. They always make a wonderful clean cut with one snip. For my every day fiber snipping I have been using Kai or a German brand with blue and black coated finger holes. For travelling on a plane I use a pair of teeny tiny scissors that come in a red snap pouch from The Scarlet Lady in Austin, TX.

  34. I love a good pair of scissors. My favorites are DOVO, but I totally love Bohin also! Not to mention a good scissor is essential to your tool box.

  35. I do quite a bit of applique and have found that serrated are wonderful!!! They seem to grab the fabric or thread and cut it beautifully! Karen Kay Buckley has some of the best scissors that I’ve found. I love them! Good tools make all the difference in your work, not only in the ease of doing it, but also the end result. Ya can’t have enough tools!!!! LOL!!!

  36. I received a pair of curved scissors in an Opportunity Basket at a national seminar a few years ago and when I began to use them I was amazed at how sharp they are and the curve really makes getting close to the canvas when using stretcher bars. They have become my favorite.

  37. I have a few pairs of scissors, but I do love them and I’m always on the look out for new ones to add to my collection. The latest I found were a small black pair from Kai, and they are wonderful for metal threads as they have a serrated edge. I have three boys (who have all made it to adult hood) and they even know not to touch any of my scissors!! Since my embroidery has become more in depth, having the right kind of scissors for the job has become more important as well.

  38. Hello! I had a great pair by Gingher and I believe they were stolen on my AIRTRAN flight last week. I had checked my bag in and the scissors were jissing when I got home…no inspection label, naturally. So disappointed!! Your red scissors look darling and also like they are very effective. I hope I will win them!!! happy stitching!

  39. LOVE the red!Iam also fond of the color red,can a girl have too many pairs of scissors? I tend to buy only the more tiny, delicate type of embroidery ones.REALLY have to many,but now I’m curious to what they would feel like to use!So,i will try to win them first,LOL!

  40. I had to laugh when I read today’s blog. I have a pair of Dovo’s, but I never use them. Always saving them for “something special”. Usually I use Ginghers.

  41. I too love scissors and have several pairs that I just can’t live without. I still regret the ones that got away! On a trip to visit a friend in Colorado, I carefully packed a favorite pair of sterling handled scissor in my checked luggage. Good move, because they were still confisticating them from carryons. But woe be me, I wasn’t so careful on the trip home and forgot they were in my handbag. Such a difficult choice–miss the plane so I could take the scissors to the post office or go home without them. Sigh, I still miss those scissors like a good friend and think of them often.

  42. ooooooo, I love scissors and have far too many trying to find just the “right” pair.
    I have mostly ginghers and a pair of reproduction scissors that have that bonsai look that seem to be my go to pair with perle cottons and a small pair of gold handled ginghers for regular floss. I don’t have any red and I do loves me some red……just ordered my first pair of bohin…..little tiny ones for travel. love Anita”s little stitches site. the French needle has some drool worthy ones too, but I am in no position to pay 550.00 for a pair of scissors…all hand forged…lovely.
    thinking about the primax ones……….
    I am NOT a collector either. lol

  43. Dear Mary
    Let me tell you about my lovely Red Bohin Scissors…..
    I have had 4 males in my household and found great trouble keeping my sewing and embroidery scissors safe from men. So, I too loved these little red scissors and proceeded to show the family my new purchases and warned all they were not to be touched! Sadly not long after this found Male 1 cutting toenails with said scissors and remarking just how good they were.
    When asked why he was using these precious pair I was told he saw the RED and remembered I had told them how good they were. Duh! I have now decided to only use tiny stork scissors that any make would fail to fit their fingers into.
    New Zealand

  44. I find it very hard to get good scissors here. DH wanted to buy me some for my birthday but no luck

  45. Hi Mary,
    I’m not a scissor collector either, so I was completely perplexed when my husband asked me one day, “Am I allowed to use these scissors”…..he was referring to the kitchen scissors, you know the ones always kept in the third drawer & used for a myriad of tasks.
    Hmm, perhaps I am a tad overprotective of my scissors. My numerous pairs of scissors, I love scissors, but I don’t collect them either……wonder how many you need to make a collection?
    I have some Bohin needles but no Bohin scissors. Often, we can’t get the same products here in Australia, but we’ve always got the Internet. Having said that, I do like to see & feel threads before I buy them. One of life’s little luxuries.

    1. Put 2 or 3 items together and you have a collection! Be careful though if you don’t want every gift thereafter to be along the same lines. A friend had her collection of 3 hand bells together on her piano. Someone noticed and bought her another and so it went on. The last count was 18! That was ok except she really only wanted exceptional quality ones but feels obliged to display them all. She’s a tad uppish and when ‘exceptional quality’ friends call she feels embarrassed about the lesser quality bells. Oh, if all our troubles were so…small. : )

  46. I really like Solingen (Dovo) and Bohin the best of all the scissors out there. Solingen just glides through and are sharp. Bohin seems to have a little more weight and I do like their handles that have designs on them. And they both cut so very nicely and a good scissor is a true treasure.

    But, really. One can Never have too many scissors! If for nothing else, you need something to hang all this scissor fobs and trinkets and jewels on! 😀

  47. I’m one to have several pairs as well but I have my special ones. These sound like thier very very nice ones…would love to have a pair, try a pair…heck I JUSY LOVE MY SCISSORS.

  48. G’day Mary,
    ‘My love is like a red, red rose.’ I certainly love THAT colour red. Not so much the utility red of the larger scissors. Being brought up in the era of red heads not to wear red or pink, perhaps I wasn’t given much of an opportunity to love it. Blue and green not to be seen, without another colour in between too, but I do love the blues and greens together so that theory goes out the colour window.
    Miss redhead 4, granddaughter, wears all colours and is gorgeous in them. Even if the Great Grannie (not on my side!!) wouldn’t accept the darlingest photo of her at 9mths because she was in pink!
    Oh, that’s right, scissors. Yes, well, I don’t intentionally collect scissors, but, I think if I rounded them all up from this tin, that bag, the drawer over there etc I’d be surprised at the collection I do have. I’m certainly not a connoisseur of embroidery scissors but it’s obvious if a pair won’t do the job. Like the fellow at the art exhibition who said he didn’t know a lot about paintings but he knew what he liked.
    Cheers, Kath.

  49. I never thought about it…but I do have quite a few pairs of scissors and I do have my favorites. Most of mine aren’t so expensive like some of yours. Some of mine I never use and dare anyone else to use them either. I have my mom’s little stork scissors on a shelf in the sewing room and my grandfather’s barber scissors that wouldn’t cut mustard. And my favorite color is red.

    Debi in MS

  50. Red scissors! Nice idea since I’m always losing my scissors among the yarns, threads and fabrics. I have several pair of orange scissors and snips that appear and disappear regularly among the different work nests in my house. I think they are friendly since they seem to migrate to where they’re needed without my having to hunt too hard. I wish I had an easy design for a scissors case so I could give them fun homes that would keep them more visible.

  51. When I saw the title, I thought “Ooooh…must see” (red being my favorite color, and always being interested in a new type of scissors). I’m not a collector, but have acquired a few pair. I have 2 pair of “good” embroidery scissors – Gingher epaulettes & a pair just marked “Solingen”. I would love to have a pair of the elegant-looking Premax ringlocks & a pair of Kais, bith of which I’ve heard good things about. And a pair of Red Bohins. 🙂 And a pair of HiyaHiya “kitty snips” of I can find them anywhere.
    My workhorse scissors are Westcot, purchased 7-8 yrs ago at WalMart for about $7. I was going to a large stitch-in AND working with metallics at the time – a double whammy for good scissors. I figured I wouldn’t mind losing or ruining them. (They were definitely the Ugly Ducklings at stitch-in.) However, I’ve found that I LIKE them, and have them hanging on the football team I found at Home Depot. They’ve been badly abused, which I normally wouldn’t do. They’re titanium-coated (nothing sticks), short, sharp to the tip, and have large cushioned fingerholes. The blade is curved, so not suitable for cutting fabric, but it has cut everything else very satisfactorily – all types of threads from silks to metallics, waste canvas, perforated paper (small areas), paper, plastic packaging, stray hairs, trimming of needlepoint canvas & fabric, and they’ve been used as an emergency screwdriver more than a few times. Only recently have they started to dull a bit, and the cushioning has worn off, so I gave them to my husband & bought myself a new pair.

  52. My scissors have to fit my fingers & be comfortable as my ole friend arthur will let me know!! Plus, must be sharp.

  53. Sharpness, especially at the tips, is my first preference, but price is important too. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I’ve never seen red sicssors!

  54. Gracias ,este es un tema en el que nunca pensamos pero con unos buenos elementos de costura nuestra labor es muy facil de ejecutar y mejorar

  55. I would love to buy a pair of the red Bohin scissors.
    Please let me know if I can purchase a pair.
    Thank you very much.
    Gloria Gandy

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