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Embroidered Little Things – Getting Closer!


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How long has it been since I started making these little embroidered things? I started talking about them last summer – almost a year to the day, today – after I had already been playing around with them for months. And you know, given the fact that these things are little, you’d think that they’d also be quick!

And they are, when it comes to making them. When it comes to putting together an e-book about them, that’s a Whole Nuther Story!

The other day, I had a little family reunion with many of them. It was a regular little party!


We took group photos as well as individual mug shots. Besides the fact that there were a couple instructional sections of the book that need some polishing work and some new photos, I realized that I didn’t have a decent cover for the book.


This is one attempt at the cover photo. I like the color and the photos, but I think I need to bring the Lavender Honey items more into prominence, since the title of the book is Lavender Honey & Other Little Things.

On the other hand, at what point do you draw the line and say, “That’ll do, pig, that’ll do”?

Oh my goodness. Why didn’t I do a pig Little Thing?!

(By the way, that was a reference to Babe. I’m not calling myself derogatory names…)

My favorite part about creating this whole e-book could be the collection of little needlebooks, little scissor fobs, little ornaments, little buttons for magnets, needleminders, scissor pulls, and so forth, and little pin wheels that I’ve accrued. I’m flush with little accessories everywhere! I have a needlebook for every project I could possibly do in the next ten years.

Overkill. Definitely overkill.


The more I work through the book to make corrections and clarify points, the more I realize the book is not really about embroidering, although there’s a good bit of embroidery instruction in it.

Really, it’s more about Making. The embroidery is almost secondary to the whole creation of the Little Thing. The whole notion of creating a Finished Something is the focus of the book.


But it’s not about Making at the level of expert. While stitchers with advanced skills will like the book for fun, quick project ideas, it is suited to absolute beginners, too – for those who have never made their embroidery into something finished. The finished Little Things introduce basic finish work with simple approaches. And that’s what makes the book different and fun!

I’ve had a blast preparing the projects in the book, stitching samples, taking photos (hundreds and hundreds of photos!) and putting the book together. I’m excited that it’s finally heading towards the finish line!

Lavender Honey & Other Little Things is coming Very Soon…. as in, next week! Look for it!


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  1. I can’t wait to see the eBook – I have been thinking about making a new needlebook for myself but haven’t been able to lock in on how I want to do it nor the medium to use. Anticipating the inspiration from your book.

  2. O Mary, how lovely! And yes please – a Little Thing with a pig would be nice… Pink and chubby – something like Babe.

  3. Thank you, Mary, this has really cheered my day. Its a beautiful Friday here in the UK but I have been feeling very glum as my sweet and gentle little cat will be put to sleep this afternoon – she has renal failure and things are getting very tough for her.

    I have been looking forward to this book since you first mentioned it and to hear that its likely to be coming next week gives me something to really look forward to.

  4. Such lovely little things! The e-book will surely be fantabulous. I have an entire storage box full of things both little and big waiting to be finished. Finishing is definitely my nemesis. I have many finishing books and many while wonderful tend to lean towards people with finishing expertise. The fact that this book will be helpful for the novice finisher is exciting. I can’t wait until it comes out.

  5. Mary, just things pictures makes a person excited to see the end result! Lovely work and I know the e-book will be too.

  6. I can see these being used as luggage fobs. Wouldn’t that make a lovely little keepsake for someone going on a trip? And a most unique identifier amongst all those black suitcases.

    Or as a key ring, a quick ornament with a wedding year or birthdate of newborn child.


  7. I cannot wait for this project book. This looks like a great way to get into embroidery when you don’t have a lot of time for large projects. I like your “grid” cover attempt.

  8. Congratulations on nearing the completion of this sweet book. I just love the little things you’ve created. I like your choice for the cover, but I really like the pile of sweet little things all together in the first photo. Makes me want to touch them all and see what’s under the top.
    What a lovely sharing of your amazing talents as an embroider and as a teacher. I can’t wait to get the e-book. It’s been fun to watch it come together over the past year and that’s what makes it even more special to me. You are truly an amazing lady!

  9. These are delightful. Just had to add it to my Pinterest page. Thanks for making it so easy too. I need all the cyber help I can get. LOL

  10. Dear Mary

    At last congratulations on completing the e-book can’t wait to own a copy. I’m coming to the end of my current project and want a new project to get my teeth into and I’m sure there will be something in the Lavender Honey and other things to occupy my time. Thanks for creating this book I’m sure it will be full of wonderful little embroideries for us little embroiders to enjoy.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  11. Mary, just as I was thinking ‘not another teaser’ 🙂 you have brightened my day with these beautiful pictures and the ETA.
    I can’t wait to see and of course buy the booklet. I am fanatic about needleworks and smalls and have been on tenderhooks to get my little ‘paws’ on it.

    Keep up the fantastic work, Mary. While I read a lot of needlework related stuff, yours is the single ‘daily must read’ blog.


  12. I like the idea of making little things like this. Great idea. Once completed, I would be interested in buying it for sure. Thank you, Mary!

  13. I can’t wait for your e-book, Mary! I’d love to have a few of these “little things” going between–and simultaneous to–bigger projects. And give ’em to everybody I know! These look just beautiful. Not overkill at all! 🙂

  14. I only recently came upon your website last week. I usually do needlework on vacation when I have free time at the pool or on our 24 hour train ride to Florida. You are so amazing. I can’t wait to see your new book. I have only begun to explore your site and have already started on a new work.

  15. Just love little things and miniatures …..thank you Mary
    Looking forward to the eBook for lots more inspiration.
    Have also discovered some at garnetfleuri.com.au on Etsy ….lovely little patchwork and other treasures.

  16. Oh good, next week, I’m looking forward to those lovely designs. I love to make little embroideries for my family for Christmas and finish them as gift card holders or ornaments–small keepsakes. I need to start about now so I can have a bunch made by 12/25/13.

  17. Hi Mary – finally and at long last 🙂 Glad the waiting for this lovely e-book of little things is almost over. Thank you for all your hard work on it.

  18. Undoubtedly by now you will have sorted your problem with the cover, but I will throw in my 2cents worth anyway, lol. How about ‘muting’ the colour of the border, leaving the lavender honey pieces in full and glorious colour in the centre?

    As I said, just my 2 cents worth. I reckon it looks great in any case.

  19. Hi Mary,
    This is just gorgeous. I had a thought while looking at all the lovely little pictures … that they would be beautiful stitched onto squares for baby cubes. 🙂 They would be even prettier sitting inside the cot … with lavender added to the filling. Just a thought … Can you tell that I have a granddaughter due in two weeks?? :))
    Thanks for providing wonderful inspiration once again!! Cheers from Oz. 🙂

  20. Mary, I love little things – as in miniature anything. I think it’s mostly a female thing. Don’t know why. Your ebook is a wonderful idea to nudge the creativity gene in the slow pokes like me. Beautiful little needle books would be perfect Thank you gifts AND, the embroidery part is something that I can do while waiting for appointments – instead of rereading the magazines I read at the last appointment. THANK YOU. Can’t wait for you to say “It’s ready, start now”

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