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End of the Summer, End of a Project


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Labor Day weekend always marks the official end of summer in my mind.

Given the fact that the summer temperatures still soar here in Kansas until well into September, I’m not really sure why that is. I suspect that it has to do with the fact that, when I was growing up, the new school year started after Labor Day. And then there was the “white shoe rule,” that unwritten rule (or maybe it was written?) that said you shouldn’t wear white shoes after Labor Day, since it wasn’t summer anymore. Remember that?

Both of those points are pretty much defunct now. Schools start well before Labor Day and white shoes seem to be fair game any time.

Still, I like to have something to officially mark the end of summer. And this year, that something is the End of a Project.

Floral Monograms

What project? It’s this stitch sampler alphabet – 26 letters worked with almost 30 different stitches and stitch combinations. I did hit the original goal of at least 25 stitches and combinations, and in fact went beyond it! I love it when that happens.

There are over 60 stitches and stitch combinations in the alphabet!

And it’s all been assembled into an easy-to-use e-book, with all kinds of photo instruction and step-by-step by step guides, to help you successfully stitch your own beautiful letters! You can find Stitch Sampler Alphabet available here.

Floral Monograms

You’d expect the Z to be the final letter of the alphabet, but in fact, it was the O. For some reason, when I originally transferred all the letters, I missed the O. Poor O!

One thing that made this project move along with relative speed was the pre-packaging of each letter into its own “kit” so that it was ready to grab and start on when the previous letter was finished. Although I pre-selected most of the colors to make up the kits, admittedly, there were changes along the way.

Floral Monograms

Along the way, I kept notes on the threads and the stitch combinations used for each letter. All the notes are on 3×5 index cards, so that I can easily put them in order and use them for reference while writing.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet is Available for You Now!

The Stitch Sampler Floral Alphabet, suitable for beginners and beyond, is highly customizable, so that each embroiderer’s finished letter – whether you stitch one, or the whole alphabet – can be unique. At the same time, for those who like to follow a set pattern and color scheme, all the information to do so is in the e-book.

The e-book contains the line patterns for all the letters, step-by-step stitch guides, and a stitch dictionary with step-by-step photos for over 60 stitches and combinations of stitches.

If you want to enjoy some endlessly varied stitching, this is a great way to do it!

You can find Stitch Sampler Alphabet available here.

I hope your summer (or winter, depending on where you are!) was a fantastic one, and that the next season is just as glorious!


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(20) Comments

  1. I cannot wait for this. I plan to make a present for a friend’s wedding in November – hopefully the e-book will be ready before then? Fingers crossed. It looks so pretty – congratulations!


  2. Love your alphabet and can’t wait for the e-book. Your tutorials and other instructions have helped to greatly improve my stitching. Yours are the best and most easily understood!

  3. The letters I see here are so sweet; I’m sure the rest of the alphabet is gorgeous. I want to drop everything and make one right now. I love your methodical, organized approach to the project details, a tribute to your background as a teacher.
    My recollection is it wasn’t just white shoes, but white clothes as well that were not to be worn between Labor Day and Memorial Day. I suppose it is a gentle reminder to wear clothing appropriate to the season for your own comfort. But the States are so vast, that the rule could never, ever apply logically to everyone at once. Or maybe it is just a reflection of people’s penchant for making snide remarks about other people. Rules make it easy to separate those in the know from those who are clueless.

  4. I can`t hardly wait for this one! So many possibilities for more than just an alphabet. I love the idea to learn how to put together my own combinations. Thank you for the pattern and color schematics because I am fairly new at embroidery – you thought of everything I was hoping for.

  5. I had to laugh about your remark about not wearing white shoes after Labor day. It was followed religiously during that time (my time).

  6. I am so excited to learn this will be an e-book! I love making gifts for my loved ones and this will be perfect for so many occasions. I have been drooling over all the samples you have been posting, and now am thrilled I’ll have access to your beautiful designs!

  7. Mary,
    I hope you mean really near future. I want to make some Gifts for friends and would love to do pillows, but I need to get started soon. I was hoping you would do an ebook of all these lovely letters that you have been showing us for months.

    You really are an inspiration!

  8. Ooh! I can’t wait for The Stitch Sampler Floral Alphabet ebook. I’ve been keeping track of your progress and can’t wait to make my own set.

  9. Mary, did I miss the floral monogram ebook? Is it finished and out there (in the cloud?) or is it yet to come? I am looking forward to it. Thanks, Sue

  10. Lovely! Simply lovely and cannot wait for the ebook to come out – will be first in line for this one! Congratulations on a terrific finish!
    Barbara in TN

  11. Dear Mary,

    when, When, WHEN will this e-book pattern be available? I’m so very eager to begin using it. Please say it will be soon!!

    Best wishes and keep up your amazing work,

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