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Merry Christmas Give-Away! Embroidery Books & Kits for 2014


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Good morning, Friends! Today’s the eve of Christmas Eve, and it’s Monday, and it’s just a little over a week before we ring in 2014.

And all of those together make it a great day for a very special give-away!

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Margaret Lee’s beautiful and instructive new book, The Art of Chinese Embroidery.

The Art of Chinese Embroidery by Margaret Lee

Today, thanks to the folks at Country Bumpkin, I’m giving away two copies of The Art of Chinese Embroidery, both signed by Margaret Lee.

But wait! There’s more! And this part is quite delectable, too!

Margaret Lee Embroidery Kit

Accompanying each copy will be one of Margaret’s project kits that include everything you need to complete one of the projects found in the book, except an embroidery frame and scissors.

Margaret Lee Embroidery

One winner will receive a kit for this gorgeous project…

Margaret Lee Embroidery

…and the other will receive a kit for this gorgeous project.

Trust me, they’re both gorgeous projects!

And the kits themselves are gorgeous, too. They come packaged neatly in a red foil decorative box, replete with printed fabric, all the silk threads required for the project, lacing threads, clear photographs, and needles. I reviewed Margaret Lee’s embroidery kits quite a while ago – you can check out that review to get a better idea of what the kits are all about.

The book covers both projects thoroughly, so you will find excellent instruction within the pages of your new book!

So, for two lucky winners, I’ll be mailing you a signed copy of Margaret Lee’s The Art of Chinese Embroidery and one complete kit, so that you can learn the art of Chinese embroidery in 2014.

If you’ve been pining for the book since I reviewed it, and want to learn this exquisite art, then this give-away is definitely for you! And although your new gift won’t arrive before Christmas, you’ll still get it early enough in the year to add it to your needlework list for 2014.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended.

This give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. I have the kits and books here in Kansas, and will ship them wherever they need to go!

If you’d like to enter, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below. Your comment must be left at the end of today’s article on Needle ‘n Thread. Just follow this link to go directly to the comment form. Comments left via email or on another article are not eligible.

2. In your comment, please answer the following:

What appeals to you most about Chinese embroidery? Is it the silk thread? The elegance of the designs? the realism achieved by Chinese embroidery? Is it the challenge of it? Is it the opportunity to add a new technique to your repertoire? Or is it something else?

3. Please be sure to include a name with your comment, either in the “name” line on the comment form or at the end of your comment. Anonymous comments are not eligible. In order to avoid confusion when the winner is announced, it is helpful if you make your name distinguishable from others with the same name by including a location or last initial or something like that. If your name is Sue, for example, you might write “Sue in Syracuse” or “Sue J” or a nickname like “Sewing Sue.”

4. You do not need to fill in the “URL” or “website” line on the comment form. If you do not have your own website or blog, go ahead and leave that line blank, please.

5. Leave your comment by Monday, December 30, at 5:00 am CST (Kansas, USA). I’ll randomly draw the winners on Monday morning and announce them that day. You’ll need to check back on Needle ‘n Thread on December 30th to see if you won. The winners will need to contact me with a mailing address within 48 hours. If I don’t hear from the winners, I’ll re-draw. So don’t forget to check back!

If you receive the daily newsletter, the announcement will come in your email inbox.

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So, Merry Eve of Christmas Eve! Leave your comment for the give-away (following the guidelines above), and then go forth and have a wonderful day!


(749) Comments

  1. Oooohhhhh…I love the realism of Chinese embroidery and would love to terry my hand at a new technique! Thanks so much for the contest and Merry Christmas!

  2. What a lovely book – I have indeed been pining for this book since your review of it. For me the lure is the beautiful designs – so elegant and realistic. I LOVE the fish, and have friends who keep fish just like it – this would be a perfect design for them. I also love working in silk, I love the wonderful sheen it has. An altogether wonderful giveaway – thank you for the opportunity to take part, Mary and Margaret.

    I wish you, and your family and friends a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    God bless you.

  3. What appeals to me most about Chinese embroidery is the subject matter of nature, the glorious silks, and the ways the Chinese style is both the same and different than the embroidery we do here in the United States. The last makes it very interesting to read and learn about, so a chance to do that plus try my hand is very appealing. Thank you, Mary! (And many thanks to Margaret Lee for doing this.)

  4. Hi, Mary. I always enjoy trying new techniques, and while I know I don’t have the time to become proficient at Chinese embroidery, I would still love to try working one of the designs. I think it is the elegance and perfection of the work that appeals to me the most.

    What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks a bunch. Sandi in Oregon.

  5. I was totally captivated by your review. I am taking Japanese Embroidery classes and am curious as to what the differences are between the two. I love the fibers and techniques of Japanese Embroidery as well as the realism you can get. I am alwys interested in learning new techiques and, if I don’t win this contest, will probably buy the book for my collection. I hope that doesn’t factor in to my chances – LOL!

  6. Hi Mary,

    vow this is lovely book, actually i follow country bumpkin series, and chinese embroidery technique, i really want to learn it. It inspires me with its realistic work,color blending technique, how to approach a design….

  7. I would love to win one of these lovely project kits. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Stay inspired!

  8. Hi Mary,
    What an incredible give away! Your book reviews always send me in search of the book and I’ve managed to start a nice library of embroidery books. Chinese embroidery has fascinated me for many years, ever since I saw completed works for sale in an art gallery while on vacation. I thought it would be a lovely momento of our trip, and picked out a small floral picture. When I asked about it’s price……..well, let’s just say I found another trip momento. I understand the investment of time required to complete such detailed pieces of embroidery. I am amazed by the sutle shading of the colors of silk (I can never find that many shades of one color), and I would love to learn the technique of Chinese embroidery through completing one of Margaret Lee’s kits.

    1. Chinese embroidery, I see, as the penultimate test of skill and “oneness” with your embroidery. Every piece, no matter what the style, I enjoy but the flawless nature of stranded silk embroidery seems the luxury vehicle of embroidery styles. Every flaw shows, some easier to fix than others, yet a perfect stitch shines like a beacon of beauty. The style emphasizes the beauty and ritual of seeking “the perfect stitch” one by one over the completion of the piece. I will admit it entrances me.

  9. Hello Mary, for a beginner like me, Chinese embroidery looks like pretty daunting. However, it looks so pretty and am sure that such a lovely book and kit will get me hooked! 🙂 Thanks for your generosity!

  10. I just don’t know what it is about Chinese embroidery. It appeals to me on some sort of viceral level. There is a local library book on Chinese embroidery that I must have checked out ten times or more. Your review of this one made me drool. (very messy) The techniques are so different. Then there is the silk. (sigh)
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest and for Country Bumpkin for making it possible. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. I love the challenge in this detailed technique. I’m really interested in learning how to do it (and do it well) and then including it in some of my own designs.

  12. Hi Mary, the appeal, for me, is the challenge of a new technique, the realism, the materials…..ok so it’s everything!

    Merry Christmas!

  13. oh it’s the challenge of adding a new technique to my repertoire and the projects are so beautiful – this would make a lovely Christmas present for me! Elizabeth in Saskatoon

  14. I love the elegance of the designs and how realistic they look. I would love to win one of these.
    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and projects with us. I have learned so much from you.

  15. WOW! Those kits are beautiful. But Chinese embroidery scares me. It is kind of like sushi. You can do it, but to do it well means many years of intensive practice. Still, I would love to learn to embroider with silk and have been totally afraid to try! I suppose this would FORCE me to try, which isn’t always a bad thing 🙂

  16. Oh my goodness! The beauty and serenity of Chinese embroidery is what draws me. (I like asian designs in general). I would love to try a new skill, too!

  17. Mary, I’m so excited about this give away. I love the silk, the realism and the challenge of this type of embroidery. I’ve been daydreaming about this since you reviewed the book. Thank you so much to you and to Country Bumpkin for offering this gift to us.

    Merry Christmas! Debbie Thompson

  18. I love the elegance and style of the Chinese embroidery. And, having just done my first work with silk thread on a sampler I am eager to do more.
    Thank you!

  19. Thanks for another great give-away, Mary! Very generous of you! I think the style of Chinese silk embroidery is what’s so attractive. The designs flow and curve so beautifully. Add to that the fact that the silks are so sumptuous! The way they show grades of color and reflect light are gorgeous. Not sure I could ever achieve this look, but I would love to try.
    Merry Christmas to you, Mary, and to all of your many fans. Stay safe everyone – lot’s of ice up here in Vermont!!!

  20. I’ve never done Chinese Embroidery. It looks so gentle and soft, yet, real! I really love the fact that it uses silk threads! What a fun thing to know how to do!

  21. You have to stop reviewing these great books. I’m getting myself into trouble ordering them. I just received the bead embroidery book. Anyhow, Chinese embroidery is just beautiful. There’s really nothing else I can say about it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  22. Last year I aw a copy of Threads of Light which is about Souchou embroidery. Since then I have unsuccessfully been trying to figure out how to actually do this fabulously realistic work. This book is just the answer I have been waiting for. It looks wonderful and maybe I could get that realistic outcome I’ve been trying to achieve.

  23. Oh, I’ve been wanting to do Chinese Ebroidery for years and the review of this book by you just stimulated that desire even moreso. Thank you so much for this review and this offer but should you choose my name I’d like you to pick another who will enjoy this as much as me. Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones and thank you for the wonderfully inspirational blog/website. h

  24. The elegance and intricacies of Chinese embroidery appeal to me. This would bea new technique to add to my “stitching repetoir”. Jenny in Charleston.

  25. I love the sophistication, yet simplicity, in the design in Chinese embroidery. There is a sheer, transcendent joy in the depictions of the natural world.

  26. Hello, Mary. I’m so excited about your giveaway.

    I love the elegance and seeming simplicity of Chinese embroidery. But then when I look closer, I see the subtle, gorgeous blending of colours that is truly inspiring. I would love to try one of these projects; the experience would stretch the bounds of my capability for sure. But I know I would learn so much, and take all my work to the next level. Thank you for giving me a chance to win this beautiful book and a kit to go with it!

  27. Mary

    There truly is a Santa and her name is Mary.

    I find Chinese embroidery breath-takingly beautiful and consider the book a piece of art that would be a joy to read and study. This type of embroidery has appealed to me for years but I have not had the courage to try it, one of the kits would provide all the impetus I need.

    Thanks for yet another give-away and I hope your holidays are full of peace

  28. Gorgeous! I have started experimenting with needlework, including canvas, embroidery, hardanger. Would love to try one of these kits.

  29. I would LOVE to have this book and kit. I’ve mostly done needlepoint and counted cross-stitch. Your blog has opened my eyes to a world of embroidery that I never knew existed and you’ve given me the courage to branch out a bit. This book and the kit would be wonderful because I very much want to learn how to work with silk to create realistic embroidery. Thank you for all you do for us, your readers. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

  30. Such an interesting art form. I am anxious to return to embroidery after several years doing needlepoint. Would love to spend this year of freedom ( newly retired!!!) delving into something this delicious;

  31. I absolutely love how the silk thread comes to life.. Each piece is so unique and elegant.. It is wonderful to see the designs created and the results–WOW.
    I have done several pieces of needle painting but this would be a whole new adventure.
    I would be so happy to give this technique a try. I would be up for the challenge.

  32. The silk thread, realism, elegance…to me it’s an awe inspiring challenge! I would love to actually give something like this a try! Oh my!

  33. Where to start! I just love chinese embroidery – the colours, the shine of the silk threads, the elegance of the designs As a newbie to silk painting embroidery I like the challenge but also just how relaxing and meditative the work can be. This kind of embroidery is what I really want to get to grips with over this next year and I must admit the pictures of the two kits look wonderful and a real inspiration. Thank you for all you share.

  34. La verdad es que me interesan varias cosas, por un lado el realismo, la propia seda y el aprender una técnica nueva. No sé cual de las tres cosas me motiva más para participar en este estupendo sorteo.
    Gracias por organizarlo y por enseñarnos tantas cosas.
    ¡Feliz Navidad!

  35. Hi Mary,
    Last november I met Margaret Lee during a chines beadembroidery class in The Netherlands. I saw her Chinese Su embroidery work and believe it or not you had too look twice to be sure it wasn’t a picture! Seeing her work i decided it would be awesome to follow one of het classes during her visit to the Netherlands next year…. Winning a kit would be a fantastic opportunity to “practice” already before following a workshop.

  36. This is some of the finest work I can imagine doing. I have never worked with silk but it intrigues me so very much. I love your emails and have a very nice collection of Someday projects. I have made some of the work on random fabrics which I plan (don’t we all). To make a crazy guilt with them. keep the email letter going in love with it

  37. Wow that is neat 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this gorgeous kits and the book of course.

    What I love about the Chinese embroidery is the elegance of the finished product and the realism XD
    And it is always nice to put a new technique to the set of already known

    Merry Christmas

  38. Such a beautiful art form. I have admired its beauty and intricacy many times. The twin lures of working with silk and learning a new technique are what draws me in. Thank you for this opportunity to perhaps receive this beautiful book. Wishing you a very special Christmas time.

  39. I would love to add this to my embroidery library. Oh my, those fibers! It would definitely be Merry Chrostmas to me!

  40. Chinese embroidery, I see, as the penultimate test of skill and “oneness” with your embroidery. Every piece, no matter what the style, I enjoy but the flawless nature of stranded silk embroidery seems the luxury vehicle of embroidery styles. Every flaw shows, some easier to fix than others, yet a perfect stitch shines like a beacon of beauty. The style emphasizes the beauty and ritual of seeking “the perfect stitch” one by one over the completion of the piece. I will admit it entrances me.

  41. The designs of Chinese embroidery are fabulous. I bet the book will provide hundreds of hours of reading and inspiration, and I can see myself becoming OCD completing either beautiful project.
    Thank you for arranging yet another giveaway.
    And thank you for your continuing gifts of inspiration, expertise and education you give all of us readers who faithfully follow your daily blog.
    May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year.

  42. I’ve always been drawn to Chinese embroidery. I do love the realism of it but my favorite thing about it has always been its delicacy and beauty. It’s almost dream-like in its presentation.

    Thanks for the give-away, Mary, and Merry Christmas!

  43. What a wonderful book! I love the exquisite detail of Chinese embroidery and the lovely materials to make it. I would enjoy learning this technique very much! Please enter me in your contest. Thank you and a blessed Christmas and new year to you!

  44. I wish you a mery Christmas and a happy new year. I love daily your email. And your beautiful work.
    Many greetings from the Netherlands, Anita

  45. For me the most impressive in the Chinese embroidery is the realism. It challenge me into be precise, specially when working with motifs dealing with nature. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  46. Your weekly chats are so inspiring and educational…and to also have a chance to win a beautiful gift as well is incredible. I love the opportunity to learn a new technique especially with the elegance of these kits. Thank you to you and to Margaret Lee for the opportunity! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  47. I wanted to get this book when you first reviewed it, but just couldn’t swing it. Now the chance to get my own copy along with a kit is just fantastic! I’ve been working with silks and love the way the colors change with direction and how beautifully they work together. I’d love the opportunity to try this fascinating form of needlework.

  48. I have been fascinated by Chinese and Japanese embroidery for a number of years now. I’ve tried simple Japanese, but hesitated to do Chinese, because of its complexity. My New Year’s resolution (a bit early!) is to complete at least one Chinese-inspired project in 2014, so a chance to win one of these books would be a perfect way to get me started.

    I love your blog and have followed it for a couple of years now. The accuracy and beauty of your stitching is amazing, as is your breadth of stitching skills. Keep up the good work and best wishes for a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

  49. I have enjoyed doing crewel and cross stitch for years. I have always been fascinated by Chinese embroidery, especially the double sided style. Learning how to do this is my ultimate goal in my crafting life. I have looked for classes on the technique but with no luck. Now there is a gorgeous book to show me how. Please pick me computer, I am soooo ready to leap into Chinese embroidery!! Happy New Year all!

  50. Chinese embroidery interests me because I like the simplicity and clean lines of the designs. The silk adds sheen and is my thread of choice.

    Thank you for your newsletter. I told my daughter in law about it and she too is hooked.

    Dilys P in VA

  51. A very Merry give-away indeed. I love how the clean design comes out looking so realistic with the use of the silk threads. How our eye catches the light produced by the delicate design and silk threads makes it look so real. The book is gorgeous as are the kits. Thanks again for the giveaway.
    Merry Christmas
    Maggie in Toronto

  52. Merry Christmas Mary, I found out about this exquisite embroidery some years ago at the Quilt Fair in Perth West Oz. They had an exhibition and it was breathtaking. Having an obsession with silk thread ( the sheen of the silk threads is what I love the most) I have tried my hand even with the chinese threads, which I might add I cannot master and it is difficult to find instruction other than yourself. The realism of the art is amazing. I even purchased a completed silk painting from China to see how they did it. To be able to have a book with projects would be a dream come true and I practice, practice practice very day.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  53. I find the Chinese embroidery to be absolutely beautiful! I’m dying to get my hands on a new project and learn something new! Thanks for the opportunity.
    I hope you have a merry Christmas!
    Leighann, Tx

  54. Everything you mentioned interest me. I have seen some very old Chinese silk embroidery pieces and they are exquisite.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas,

  55. My goal for 2014 is to learn a new skill, one that is a higher level for me — out of the box you might say. The colored threads for Chinese embroidery would be like working with threads of paint, creating a design that seems to lift off of the fabric, as though a real plant, fish, or other design is just lying on a canvas. Chinese art of embroider makes the ordinary or simplistic come to life, to be enjoyed. This type of embroidery would be like having the “ancients” sitting on your shoulder, encouraging you to remember that each stitch becomes a cell on which you will gain a whole. It will be my Zen.

  56. Yes, yes and yes! I have a mentor that now lives in Macau who loves Chinese embroidery–working this kit would teach me new things and be the perfect gift for him! I was drooling over the book when you reviewed it. What a great giveaway! Thank you so much for your site and everything you do to keep it current and interesting.

  57. I use to be so dedicated to needle arts. Then life began happening I gave birth to a special needs twin son. Justin died in 2000.

    Then in 2009 I was diagnosed with Mutiple Sclerosis. My love for needle work art has returned with a vengeance and this gift would help me tremendously.

  58. I would love to learn to paint with silk. I have tried and just cannot paint with paint. I think this would be the perfect chance to try a new technique. Thank you so much. Deb from CT

  59. I have never tried this type of embroidery before and would love to give the flower a try. I find the designs elegant and contemporary. Soothing and simple-in-appearance, but not so much in the detail needed to make it look so effortless on the fabric. I love the colors and the appearance of texture. Heck! I just love embroidery period! Thanks for this opportunity to add a bit of excitement into my holiday! I’ll be watching my email more closely than my Christmas stocking!

  60. What a beautiful book! I enjoy “looking” at Chinese Embroidery, I have always been afraid to tackle it. I am looking at a small bamboo stem that a Chinese friend stitched for me years ago and I am still in awe of the simple beauty of it. I promised myself that in 2014 I would dare myself to expand my comfort zone and just go for it. I suppose the challenge of the stitching would get to me first, then the shear simplicity yet complex design to create what looks to be a painting would inspire me and then learning the stitches themselves would be the icing on the cake. Merry Christmas!

  61. I just love to work with silks and winning one of these kits would give me a great chance learn new techniques. What a wonderful way it would be to start the New Year! Merry Merry, Mary!

  62. I love the simplicity of the design of the Chinese embroidery. It looks so simple but to be well done perfection is required.

    Thanks for the website. I visit daily and love learning new embroidery.

  63. What appeals to me is the beauty of it, the silk threads, and the opportunity to make something that is beautiful and life-like from embroidery. Sigh — it is just so beautiful, and I would love the chance to improve my skills.
    Thanks for the give-away Mary. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  64. Oh so many things appeal to me about Chinese embroidery. But mostly its the beauty of them. The skill involved in creating them is impressive. Trying to do one myself would be like reaching for the stars. But trying is what life’s all about.

    Ann Davis in CA

  65. I would love to get the book and kit because I would enjoy stitching it. I collect Chinese celadon porcelain and embroidery. I traveled to China to study embroidery and love both the feel and the stitchability of the threads. The subtle shading of the colors create a beautiful and realistic floral design.

  66. Mary, This is exectlty the give away I’ve been waiting for. I would love to do this for the experience, the beauty of it and the silk. These kits look so beautiful and I would love to have the book so that I could learn even more about this type of embroidery. Hope I win.

  67. Mary, Mary…
    I learned about Chinese embroidery in your Su embroidery article. I went to the website and fell in love. The realism of it is wonderful, but what draws me is the luxuriousness that is achieved, and the challenge that the technique provides. I am a lover of detail and Chinese embroidery delivers in spades!
    I went to Margaret Lee’s website after your Saturday post and it was lust at first sight. Her work is beautiful, her galleries…oh my, be still my heart. I looked at her book; clearly written for one wanting to be successful in this gorgeous art form. The simplicity of the designs in the kits highlights the thread technique.
    I gush; I apologize. Winning one of these would make 2014 the best year. Thank you for offering it.

  68. All of it! I get lost in the design, so elegant and complex. I am always looking to learn a new technique and eager to challenge myself. When I read your review I found myself imagining that I could learn to do such stitching. I would love eto win one of the books in your giveaway. Challenge me for the new year!

  69. I love the beauty and elegance of Chinese embroidery. It is also a technique that I would like to learn. I’m fairly new to embroidery but I am absolutely in love with it and love to try new things. One of the gorgeous Chinese embroidery kits would be perfect. Especially, because my birthday is January 20! What a perfect gift it would be!

  70. I have seen a few pieces of Chinese embroidery from members of my EGA group, and the pieces were just gorgeous – they looked like paintings. Not having had the opportunity to take such a class, an at-home instructional book, along with a kit to work on, would be a dream come true. Working with silks always seems to elevate one’s work but for me, most importantly, I would love to take up the challenge and learn a new embroidery technique.

  71. Oh I love both Japanese and Chinese embroidery so much. It’s silk, it’s precise, it’s just perfect…what’s not to love? 😀 I’ve tried Japanese twisted silk embroidery but not Chinese and would LOVE to be able to have a go at it. I have the perfect place to put it when it’s finished too. Beneath the scroll painting my uncle brought me back from China.

  72. When you reviewed this book, I was blown away with the beauty of it, and the elegance, technique, and challenge of doing it. Use of the silk thread is something I can always learn more about.
    OT From an estate, someone gave me leftover needlework. In it I found a goldwork kit. the thread was wrapped around small tubes in white paper that was almost like white transfer paper. The threads looked like what you work with. I think I’m going to finish it. Barb W, MO

  73. I put this book on my birthday/Christmas list when I first saw it advertised in Inspirations last summer! In case it doesn’t show up under the tree, I’m adding my name here as well.

    I love the beauty and challenge of Chinese embroidery! Not many (if any) people where I live do it, so I’ve had precious few opportunities to see it up close and learn how to do it. I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret in Australia last year, and would love to have her book on my bookshelf–where I’m sure it wouldn’t stay for long! The kits are lovely as well!

    Thanks for offering the great giveaway, Mary!

    Carol S.

  74. Love Chinese embroidery .. It brings back memories of my childhood when the hawkers would come around to our house with their suitcases full of shiny fabrics & colourful embroideries when we lived in Penang … I used to have some lovely Chinese embroidered clothing … & have loved it ever since. This would be an amazing challenge to attempt to rekindle something of my childhood when my family was all together … & we were all young, happy & Oh so innocent. 🙂

  75. Dear Mary:

    I haven’t much hope of winning, since I’m in Canada, and most online offers don’t end up over here.
    I could say how much I love the colours, realism, etc. But everyone else is saying the same thing.
    What I will say about Chinese embroidery is that it is a heritage that needs to be preserved. Hand work, in all countries, even China, is slowly becoming a lot art. The general trend is to go to machines work, yes, even in much of China. The old ways are dieing. Every stitcher, who creates a stitching masterpiece, such as this book, every stitcher, who receives this book, and tries to learn what it has to tell, every stitcher, who guides a child’s hands on her first stitch…or an adult’s hands is preserving a heritage in danger of extinction. (No joke. This is a conversation over heard at a stitching show. “Oh, do you embroider? What kind of machine do you have?….By hand! Embroidery can be done by hand?!”
    So this book is important, whoever gets it and uses it, will be doing her/his part to save something beautiful.
    Alixandra Jordan
    perpetual basic stitches instructor
    Canadian Embroiderers’ Guild – London

  76. I am having a difficult time choosing which aspect I love the most. I guess my top would be the elegance. (The design, the style what is there that we could not love?) I always enjoy learning new techniques and stitches. I love your web site for that reason. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful, creative 2014.

  77. I am always looking for new and interesting embroidery techniques. Living on Maui there is a large Chinese effect on decorating. The beautiful pictures of the fish and flowers are so lovely. Koa ponds are popular here. I also love the shimmer of the silk threads and the elegance of the finished pictures. Merry Christmas to you!!!

  78. Mary, I have loved the realism of Chinese embroidery since you first introduced it on your website. It is beautiful! The sheen of the silk threads & vibrant colours used certainly are eye candy. I still have not used silk threads to embroider. A manicure would be the first requirement for me!!

    Merry Christmas.
    Linda A, Ontario, Canada

  79. Everything you mentioned interests me, especially the silk thread which I’ve never tried and very much want to. And then there’s the koi on the book cover. I can sit and stare at a koi pond until I catch them starting to roll their eyes. For some reason they just don’t find me as fascinating as I find them!

    Any of these would be wonderful to win…

    Typing with fingers crossed,

  80. I find the Chinese people’s skill at threadpainting to be amazing, and would love to learn to do it so I can practice, practice, practice! The realism they achieve is breathtaking.

    Thank you,

  81. The realism of the shading is so impressive in this type of embroidery. I’ve never attempted that before. I’d love to give it a whirl especially with those beautiful silks. ^_^

  82. I love the Chinese embroidery for it’s design, it’s realism! and it’s elegance. I would love to win this give-A-Way which would be a great winter project. I would love to try the silk floss but it is too pricey for me. Keeping my fingers crossed, that I am one of the lucky winners. If I am not, the congratulations to the two winners.

  83. How exciting! I am enthralled with the intricacy and beauty of Chinese embroidery. I have not tried it, but I would love to do it at long last. This book would be the inspiration and the with the kit it would impossible to resist.

  84. I’m so in awe of the realism achieved in Chinese Embroidery. I currently take Japanese Embroidery classes and love the look of the silk threads and the shine that can be achieved with it. Even though I have some experience with the silk threads, I’m still a little intimidated with trying the Chinese embroidery. I hope to give it a try someday. The book looks like a wonderful reference book.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  85. Good Morning Mary,
    One thing I like about Chinese embroidery is shown in the two kits above. Taking One flower and then exploring the depths of it. Sort of like Japanese flower arranging where one flower or maybe two is all you need. No business. Just pure elegance. If you have one perfect flower, why do any more? To me that is what Chinese embroidery is about. I also love the Koi fish. I made a wool blanket for my grandson that had needlepainted Koi fish on it. Not as elaborate as theirs but still fun. Thank you so much for the chance. Have a wonderful Christmas. I’ll be thinking of you in my home state while I’m down here in Texas.

  86. I would love to try the Chinese Embroidery. Over the years I have tried many different types of embroidery, yet somehow Chinese slipped by me. What a wonderful way to start the new year, a new technique, a new book, and a new project….does it get any better than that???

  87. I feel my opinion about China and the Chinese is coloured by the actuality and by what I see in newsbulletins.This beautiful, fragile way of embroidery shows me another side of Chinese culture.It helps me bring my ideas about the people in China in balance. And I am sure that if I get the chance to try this, it will make me feel balanced as well. Merry christmas and happy new year!

  88. What a wonderful giveaway, Mary!

    Chinese embroidery is without doubt, for me anyway, the most beautiful of all. The simplicity, the colors, the threads, the exquisite detail, the beauty of a single branch, a bird…just to look at this book is an inspiration. I have just re-started my embroidery adventure after a break of needlepoint and realize why I loved it so much. To advance to this level is something I can only hope for but the fun involved in that effort is well worth it! Happy holidays to you and thanks so much for all you offer!

  89. What appeals to me about Chinese embroidery is all of the things you listed. I love the elegance, realism, the challenge, the silk thread and the technique. I would love, love, love, to win the book and a kit. What a great Christmas present that would be!

  90. Chinese Embroidery looks so beautifull und really difficult. I just started to work with silk and love it. I want to give it a try.

    Thx for the give away and Merry christmas
    Heike W.

  91. What a wonderful opportunity and a beautiful piece of embroidery. I am not afraid to try new things as that is the only way I can grow as an embroiderer. I love the realism of this type of embroidery. I have some pieces I acquired in China and would love the opportunity to try it myself.

  92. I have always loved anything oriental. My home has many oriental objects in all of the rooms. THese are beautiful designs and would look great in any room!!

  93. I love the realism of Chinese Embroidery not to mention the craftsmanship of this artform.

  94. Oooooh, I have been drooling over this book and wanting to order it, but with so many gifts to buy, I can only hope to be a lucky winner.
    I have done a tiny bit with silk thread, and love everything about using silk. the projects in this book are more difficult than any I have done, but always love a challenge. The realism is exquisite.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  95. My favourite thing is the realism achieved by Chinese embroidery and I would love to learn the technique. Apart from creating something beautiful, it would give me a reason to remember to put my hand lotion on and get my hands nice and smooth.

  96. I love the artistry of Chinese embroidery. Growing up with several of these framed beauties in my home, I experienced embroidery as my first works of art.

    I never made this connection before, but perhaps that’s why I enjoyed embroidery so much as a kid. My mom would take me to Leggetts and I would buy a flower kit and follow the instructions.

    Now, in middle age, as I take embroidery up again, I first thought I was doing it to make something beautiful with my hands. But I wonder if my pleasure comes from a connection to those silk paintings from childhood.

  97. would love to learn a new techniques.
    the kits are exquisite and would be a wonderful way to learn this. the silk threads are gorgeous!!

  98. CHinese embroidery is a wonderful link to the long ago past. When I stitch,I always feel a link with embroiderers long gone, and the artists who created Chinese work, with its painterly skills as well as stitching skills, appeal so much. To have the chance to study this book, which I could never fit into my budget, would be a privilege, and a way into that world. Liz a.

  99. This is a wonderful give away. It is a form of embroidery I would love to try for many reasons. Silk thread, beautiful design and it is just beautiful..

  100. When I look at Chines embroidery I am in awe to think that someone can actually stitch such beauty. The grace of the designs, the sheen of the silk the blending of colors leave me speechless. I would love to win the give-a-way and learn how its done and to try my hand at it. Maybe even accomplish a piece of this art.

    Geri G

  101. I just love the way colors pop with the silk threads – of course, the designs are what make that happen too!

    Barbara from Schulenburg

  102. I love the clean designs that make excellent use of white space to focus on the embroidery. The color palettes are so peaceful and calming and very different from the bright colors I usually choose. The opportunity to work with silk threads to do the exquisite shading would be a real pleasure! Projects in this book would challenge me to learn new skills. I’d love to have the book! The embroidery kit would be the nicest I’ve worked with.

  103. What appeals to be me about Chinese Embroidery is the realism you can achieve and the elegance you get with the silk threads.

  104. What I love about Chinese embroidery is the challenge of the new technique. I have looked at these projects and have debated about trying them. They both look so wonderfuly elegent it makes me wonder if my skills are up to the challenge. The flow and the beauty of most Chinese embroidery makes my fingers itch to try them.

  105. Hi Mary,

    What appeals to me most about this beautiful book and the Chinese embroidery technique is the realism and dimension rendered in the silk. I’ve been experimenting with needle painting techniques and would love to learn the Chinese techniques with the silk.

    It doesn’t hurt that I have a friend for whom the end result of either of the kits would make a perfect gift. She speaks Mandrin Chinese and would definitely appreciate the finished piece, maybe for NEXT Christmas. 😉

    May you and yours have a lovely Holiday Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year . . .


  106. What an amazing give away.. I would love to try Chinese embroidery.. the beautiful look, the silk threads and trying another technique.

  107. I’ve always been attracted to Chinese embroidery because of the colors. It is amazing how much detail they can achieve through their choice in color and their shading. Also, I love the subject type, especially the ones with flowers or Koi fish.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂


  108. I just love Oriental design. I find it so graceful and beautiful in every aspect. My fingers are itching to take up the fine silk threads and begin stitching one of the designs in the fabulous book.

  109. Ever since I saw your review of that book, I have thought how amazing it would be to have such realism in stitching. I love working with silk threads. So, oh yes, would love to win this giveaway. I hope whoever wins these will share their experience with this marvelous gift. Thank you for offering it. I so enjoy following your stitchery. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  110. What I love about Chinese embroidery is the realism of it. I would love to be able to learn how to embroider like that. I have never worked with silk threads so this would be another learning experience. I have some pieces of Chinese embroidery that my step-dad picked up in China in the forties and they are just absolutely beautiful.

  111. I am always challenging myself to learn a new craft. With the cold winter upon us, I “hibernate” and do crafts. What a wondeful way to spend that time than to learn a totally (to me) new craft. Season’s Greetings to all and thanks Mary for your great site.

  112. I love the realism and elegance of Chinese embroidery! We have three beautiful pieces of Chinese embroidery at my workplace, which were brought back from China by my employer many years ago. To have an opportunity to try my hand at this technique and to have my own beautiful piece to display would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity!

  113. I was fascinated with this book, but when I saw the price, I decided I would have to pass it up, so I would LOVE to win this book. I have done thread painting with embroidery floss. I have done soft shaded with silk and wool. I am very much a realist in my embroidery. To be able to achieve this level of realism is what I really want!!!

    Thank you for your book reviews.
    Have Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

  114. OH, MY! What a wonderful opportunity! When I read your review, Mary, I knew I needed to put this book on my “must get someday” list. Last year, I tried thread painting for the first time – loved the little project, just simple DMC floss and a wonderful, low-key way to enjoy the technique.

    But, wow, what an opportunity to take the next step! I would so love a copy of Margaret’s book and a kit. I must say the elegance and realism of Chinese embroidery hold so much appeal to my eyes and I would love the opportunity to take my little baby steps with thread painting and cotton floss to the next level by seeing in person, with my own eyes, how silk will transform the design.

    Thank you as always, Mary, for you delightful and informative daily postings and for all the opportunities and give-aways that you offer! Happy Holidays! Peace and Joy for the new year!

    arlene c. in NJ

  115. oh how gorgeous, Mary! I like Chinese needlepainting so much, the hand dyed silks and the finesse of the stitchwork; I like the realism and bright colors.

  116. Chinese embroidery is like a beautiful watercolor, the difference being the medium used. I would truly love to learn this embroidery technique. A person could get lost working this type of embroidery. The end results would certainly be something to take pride in. I have the time to dedicate to learning this type of embroidery and the desire to do so. If I were chosen as one of the winners I would immerse myself in it until I could be as good as possible, then I think I’d like to teach others here. We have a l

  117. I have never done chinese embroidery before. It is very beautiful and hope that I can do it justice. I hope I win. Thank you.

  118. I think it’s the elegance of the designs, so complex, yet so simple at the same time. And it would be new technique for me, one I would love to master.

  119. Chienese embroidery is the ultimate in needlepainting and its the beautiful realism that draws me to it. Never had the courage before to try but this would be worth accomplishing. Thanks for GIVEAWAY- Ms. Mary
    Northern Cailf

  120. Chinese embroidery is some of the most beautiful mainly due to the intricate designs, realistic colors, and use of silk threads! I have not attempted it before, but am ready to try.

  121. As an artist, I’ve been fascinated by Chinese art. I love to paint and draw already, and have learned calligraphy, but never tried my hand at embroidery. Over seven years ago, I was hit head-on by a young person who fell asleep while driving home from work. I lost the use of my hands, among other very serious injuries. Slowly, over the years, I’ve gain some use and can again paint and draw to my heart’s content. I thought about embroidery again, and decided to use it as therapy to regain more fine skills. When I read your review of this book, I was completely captivated! My artist’s soul drank in the little I saw. I remember thinking to embroider like that would be more satisfying than even reproducing the image in oils. This was a high goal to attain! Thank you for offering the book to be won, and thank you for such an informative and inspiring blog! Merry Christmas!

    Jenelle Harrell

  122. My mother-in-law loved Asian Art, and collected many items. When she passed on, my husband and I were blessed to receive it all, including some beautiful, framed embroidery pieces. I love studying them and trying to figure out the technique. I’d love to learn more about it and attempt a piece of my own!

    Jennifer D., Nashua, NH

  123. I saw some Chinese embroidery nicely framed at an art show and was astounded at the subtlety and realism of it. As I recall the artists dyed their own silk and then produced lovely images that from a few feet away looked like photographs. I would love to learn more about Chinese embroidery and try a bit of it. Merry Christmas to you Mary. Your daily articles are like a year-long gift, which I always look forward to.

  124. I think the new technique and the chalenge are what appeal most to me. I am always wanting to dabble in new things, and I can never pick out anything easy 🙂
    Have a very merry christmas!

  125. Intriguing,amazing realistic detail and beauty. The patience this must take. I love anything silk, and the history of Chinese Embroidery seems so exotic and beyond reach, but……anything can be learned for sure.
    Mary, you have such nice give-a ways.

  126. Chinese embroidery history, small handmade gifts, books and the beautiful fabric to embellish appeals to me the most. The calm nature patterns take me away to a quite place in this busy world. Caroline Weber from California

  127. I remember being fascinated by Chinese embrodiery when I visited Hong Kong as a teenager. They are so realistic, so elegant and I always wondered how they were so neat on the back.

    I am rediscovering embrodiery and trying different forms so would love to receive this giveaway

  128. Wow! Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway. Two people are going to be very lucky. I’ve always admired Chinesse embroidery and have been lucky enough to see it up close in person. I can’t even begin to describe how exquisite these pieces are. The detail work and shading are so fine that it feels like the silk has been painted onto the fabric. I’ve also seen pieces where you can’t tell the back from the front. These are just amazing! I can only hope (and practice for an eternity) that my work will be as lovely as the pieces I’ve seen.
    Also, I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And to thank you for writing such a wonderful blog.

  129. Well Mary….
    You have been RESPONSIBLE for me ‘turning into’ an Embroidery artist….I used to draw and paint…BUT now…. I use Needle and thread….I have a ‘need’ to produce a REALIST look in my work….I have been needle painting beautiful birds, from pictures in magazines, I am really pleased with the results….I would LOVE to have the chance to try my hand at this beautiful art form…the realism of Chinese embroidery is just beautiful.
    Merry Christmas
    Roxann from St Helen Michigan

  130. I have never done Chinese embroidery. I always like learning new things. I love the silk and the realism. I am always in awe when I see it.

  131. I love the design of Chinese embroidery. The flow of the colors, the realism, the silk all just get to me. I would love to win so I can try this new technique.

  132. I love the realism and the richness of chinese embroidery. I have done some silk shading with cottons and enjoyed it thoroughly. It would be wonderful to try it again! All the best for the holiday season!

  133. I would like work on chinese embroidery as it is
    beautiful and aesthetic. I have worked on chinese ebroidery with chrysanthemum flowers. It would be
    thrilling to have one. I wish you and your family
    a very happy hollidays and Peaceful New Year.

  134. Saw a beautiful two-sided Chinese embroidery at Queen of Angel’s Hospital in Los Angeles years ago. Red carp on one side and white egret on the other. Amazing!

    My goal in life is to learn something new every day – Ancora Imparo.

    Would love to add this book to my collection of “things to learn!”

  135. A friend of mine sent me to your site and I feel in love!! I have the email with your review of the The Art of Chinese Embroidery sitting in my in box to remind me to find the book.
    I’m a beginner and just learning, the designs, color, use of thread seem amazing in the book! Which I hope to learn at some point 🙂

  136. I recently returned to cross-stitching and embroidery during a stint with unemployment…it was a way to keep my hands busy! I am interested in trying new techniques on new fabrics. I’d really like to try Chinese embroidery and then add a few Chinese characters to the piece, such as courage and strength, and give this to my significant other who has studied Martial Arts for many years.

    I’m starting my library of stitching books and this would be a great first addition to it! Thanks for the opportunity and for the awesome website that I’ve learned so much from
    Deb Raske

  137. what a WONDERFUL book. would LOVE,LOVE to get me hand into that silk and try my have at it. Have been admiring her stuff for some time and what an opportunity this would be. LOVE your column everyday. A needle in hand everyday is my motto and it makes me so very happy.

  138. The exquisite detail from simple designs of nature appeal to me a great deal. Just looking through the book would be a Christmas treat, but learning techniques from it would be even better.
    Please continue with all that you do for the Embroiderer’s of the world. Happy Holidays with heartfelt thanks and best STITCHES in the New Year.

  139. I would love to give Chinese Embroidery a try winning the kit would be a wonderful opportunity.

    The book is absolutely lovely and would be a wonderful addition to any embroidery collection!

  140. I believe my attraction to Chinese embroidery started as a child. My mother had a robe with Chinese embroidery on it and I can remember always touching the thread and looking at the dragons, rickshaws. It seemed very exotic and I would make up stories about the design. When living in Ohio in the 70s, I would take silk and metal thread embroidery lessons.

  141. The graceful and elegant designs of Chinese embroidery are always an inspiration to me to try and perfect my own stitching. And, of course, the shiny silk threads are always the perfect thing in any form of needlework. Keeping my fingers crossed for a copy of the book.

  142. Where to begin to describe the appeal of Chinese embroidery? I have to start with the challenge combined with the exquisite results that can be achieved with excellent technique. I am lusting for this book!

    Merry, merry Christmas to you, Mary, and stockings full of thanks for your interesting, informative, and inspiring work.

  143. I Just love to look at Chinese embroideries. It’s the quality of the designs, the beautiful shiny silk threads. The lifelike quality of the fish, birds and plants. It is all so stunningly beautiful. I think it would be quite a challenge to work in silk threads on a Chinese embroidery project but I would really like to have a go!

    Happy Christmas and many thanks to Mary Corbet and Margaret Lee for the giveaway.

  144. These are absolutely gorgeous. I would love to win a book and a kit. When I visit museums favorite displays are oriental works of all kinds. Can see myself curled up reading and planning how to do such a project. Look foreward to reading your e-mails, thank you for the give aways. Sue from Pensacola

  145. what appeals to me most about this kind of embroidery is that it seems much more than “just” another piece of beautiful embroidery – rather a sort of meditation, a way of looking at life, its creation and beauty. Thank you so much for your blogging and this contest. Merry Christmas.

  146. I read a few times the review you wrote about the book on Chinese Embroidery, I absolutely LOVE the work done in there! It is so very realistic, and I can imagine a lifetime of constantly learning more and more of the techniques used. Working with the silks would be so enchanting, I’d be so very careful not to ruin it all with rough hands. Thank you to both you Mary, And Country Bumpkin for their generosity, regardless of who wins.

  147. Love this book – I’ve been saving up to get it as I love the realism, the “painted embroidery.” Even if I never embroider as is shown, I will love looking at what can be done. Thanks for the opportunity to comment, and thank you being generous to your readers. A most Merry Christmas to you!

  148. I love the grace, beauty and elegance of Chinese embroidery. From the richness of color that can be achieved to the delicate shading that brings a piece to life. I have yet to try this technique and your review of this book has made the temptation to try this technique irresistible. Thank you for your review of this book and this giveaway. Have a Merry Christmas.

  149. Mary, you expressed everything that I’ve been feeling since you reviewed this glorious book. I love the realism, love the shine of the silk, love the simple elegance of the designs. Also, the opportunity to learn a new technique is so appealing to this grandmother.

    Thank you and Country Bumpkin for the opportunity
    for the wonderful giveaway. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season.

  150. First, thank you! Chinese embroidery frankly scares me because it looks so fine and delicate as well as a challenge. New year = new project!

  151. Seasons Greetings to all! There are several things which appeal to me
    About Japanese embroidery. Firstly, just to look at the simplicity of the
    Lines, and the lovely flowers brings an Instant feeling of peacefulness to me.
    Then of course, I love the look and feel of the silks. I have done a very small
    Piece and thank Country Bumbkin for the wonerful opportunity to perhaps
    Be the proud owner of one of these books!!!

  152. a big YES to all your questions! But it would definitely be the elegance of the designs and the realism achieved. Just gorgeous. I will definitely be challenged by it and I absolutely love any opportunity to add new techniques to my repertoire.

    Thank you for another lovely giveaway and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I look forward to another year of eye candy and tips from your wonderful website.

  153. Merry Christmas! Margaret Lee’s book and kit are so beautiful. The book looks amazing with all the detailed directions. The designs are definitly elegant but the simplicity of the two offered make it look like I could do this. I think it would be a challenge and something new to learn. My parents were in the service and I have always loved one of the panels that they brought home. Its a large scene framed in a two panel frame. Beautiful outdoor scene of rice paddies and birds and huts all magically designed to flow. I would love to be able to work on either the Rising Star or Three Sisters. I have never used silk so that would be interesting, I love the sheen the silk has, flowers are more realistic with the sheen. Thanks you for offering Margaret Lee’s book and kits for us.

  154. I’m Chinese, married to an Irishman. Growing up, my house was filled with silk embroidery pictures. I never appreciated them, let alone the workmanship. When I took up embroidery, as an adult, I find myself in awe of the craft and would love to ‘attempt’this technique.

    By the way, all the pictures are at my mother’s house.

  155. I’ve been wanting to get my paws on this book since I first heard it was going to be published. I adore Chinese Embroidery as I find the lustre and sheen of the silks simply seductive and are in awe of how light plays with the silks. The complexity and beauty of this technique are greatly admired and its only in my dreams that I could achieve such beauty embroidery technically – Silk painting in its finest form. Merry Christmas everyone!

  156. I love the almost spiritual feeling of Chinese embroidery–the peacefulness of each scene. That and the challenge of accomplishing it–knowing my embroidery efforts are not always peaceful and meditative.
    Thanks for the chance to win this gift.

  157. Asian art has the subtly and delicacy that I am always hopeful to achieve. Although, at times, I feel as though I am as subtle and delicate as an elephant. To study it in a book in my hands would be close to a religious experience, for me.

  158. I have been watching the publication of Margaret Lee’s book and deciding whether or not to order it. The illustrations are beautiful and I’m sure the directions are wonderful. I love needlepainting, but have never done anything like Margaret’s work, but would love to try. Having traveled & lived in Asia I am a great admirer of their work, the time & patience it takes it amazing. I’m sure you ever wins this “give-away will love it. Fran, Canada

  159. While I love the elegance and challenge of Chinese Embroidery, my favorite thing is the silk thread. I that the stitching experience is so much better with silk even if sometimes it doesn’t make much difference in the finished look (sometimes it does). I am rapidly becoming spoiled by silk threads! Would love to try these kits.

    Jane Briscoe

  160. Chinese embroidery and Chinese art in general has always appealed to me, in part due to what it *implies* rather than spells out. By that I mean it uses a deft line here and there to express so much, rather than the photographic realism favored by many artists in the West.

    Mary, what a great contest and great website you faithfully populate with your insights and techniques. Thank you for all your good work!

  161. I really love this give-away! I am always in awe when I see Chinese Silk Embroidery, because of it’s realism and the skill, time and dedication the embroiderers are bound to invest in it. Having the chance to try my hand at it would be just fabulous!
    Thank you for another great give-away and have a Merry Christmas!

  162. I would love to learn to work with the silk threads. Oh and to try to achieve some level of realism would be great too. Have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all that you do for the emboidery community out here.

  163. Thank you for this great giveaway! Chinese Embroidery is beautiful! I love the simplicity and serenity of the finished product. It is simple and elegant beauty. I find it quite peaceful. I would love to learn how to do this embroidery. It would be a new challenge and add to my skills. Again, thank you for this great giveaway.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas and Good Wishes for the New Year.

  164. I have wanted for a few years to try Chinese embroidery but thought I was getting too old and didn’t know where I could go to learn. Your review of the book inspired me but I could not afford it so it would be wonderful to win the book and a kit so I could give it a try. I love their silk threads which are so fine.

  165. What I love about Chinese embroidery is the elegance of the design, the threads. I have not yet attempted to do it, but have always wanted to try. :o)

  166. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. Your’s is a post I always look forward to in my mail box 🙂

  167. My Aunt Eileen, who instilled a great love of needlework in me, also left me with an appreciation of Chinese Embroidery. It is the combination of the threads, the talent of the stitchers and the exquisite designs. I had already decided that my 2014 GOAL…not News Years resolution..is to “jump in with both feet” and begin and complete a beginners Chinese silk embroidery project. I had planned to order a kit after the holidays. In fact, I have been, enjoyably, practicing new stitches and methods with DMC.

  168. I would be overjoyed to win one of Margaret Lee’s new book. I have been watching it develop on the Country Bumpkin website and I read your review and became entranced with the delicate beauty and intrinsic detail of the designs. Several years ago I saw an exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum of Chinese embroidery among other artifacts of the imperial court and fell in love. I would love to be able to work with the silks and try a new skill in an attempt to create something so completely realistic.

  169. I love Chinese embroidery! The fine stitches, the sheen of the threads, the simple elegance of the finished pictures. I still have an embroidered hanky I have had since I was a small child. It is Chinese and has little lavender flowers and is reversible! I used to turn it over and over, marveling at how it was made. The book looks fabulous and the kits are exciting! Thank you for the entry opportunity!

  170. Hello from windy and rainy Aberdeenshire…and Season’s Greetings, one and all!!

    I thought I’d take a chance and enter this opportunity to perhaps win this beautiful book and an ethereal Chinese embroidery kit.

    My hobby is watercolour painting and,over the years I have been enthralled by the transparency, luminosity and colour of Chinese artist’s work….and on rice paper to boot! Now, after becoming somewhat jaded by cross-stitch, practicing crewel work and playing around with my own designs (HA!!!), you help me stumble onto the same luminosity and colour of Chinese watercolour but in silk threads….painted with a needle, not a brush…..stunning!! Absolutely stunning. And, like those watercolours,this embroidery gives an almost soul edifying sense of peace.
    The forms have a gentleness about them, a delicacy of touch…and I would LOVE to be given the opportunity to attempt to follow Margaret Lee’s beautiful designs.

    With (hopeful) regards (and crossed fingers!)
    Fiona from Scotland

  171. Chinese embroidery has been on my bucket list for some time because I really want to learn the technique and I love a challenge. A friend of a friend gave me a floor frame to use with Chinese embroidery. I only had to pay the postage. Aren’t embroidery friends great. I understand that you can’t do dishes for a whole two weeks before you work on Chinese embroidery so that your hands won’t snag the silk. Tell me that isn’t a good reason to do silk Chinese embroidery!!!

  172. What a wonderful giveaway!!! I love Chinese embroidery. The book is a beautiful reference and the project is lovely. Would love to try it! Thanks so much. Merry Christmas

  173. I have always loved embroidery. I started when I was in the 5th grade. But as I got older, I had other “priorities” and put aside my hobby. Many years later, I rediscovered my passion. I am so loving trying all types of techniques. I would so enjoy adding this one. I have admired from afar! Now I would like to try for myself.
    Thank you,

  174. Merry Christmas to you too!!!! What a wonderful gift! I just love Animal Art and Chinese painting and enbroidery excel so much in it! I just love it! And to work with silk! That’s a dream come true! I dream of this book since first seing it on your blog. I would love to receive it!!!

    Best wishes for 2014!

  175. Honestly it is a combination of the beauty and the detailed perfection, if that makes any sense. It seems to bring to life the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing well. The shine of the silk thread doesn’t hurt either. It is an area of embroidery that I have not yet tried but I would love to. Merry Christmas.

  176. I love the simplicity of the design and the wonderful fibers which make the overall appearance so classy. Of course the simplicity is deceiving as I’m sure the actual technique is not simple. So learning a new technique is always a wonderful thing. I’d love to win the book but even if i don’t it’s on my “to buy” list.

  177. The silk thread, challenge and the opportunity to add a new technique to your repertoire.

  178. Some years ago I had the opportunity to see a piece of museum quality Chinese reversible embroidery. I could hardly believe that such work was even possible. That made me aware of the incredible skill involved in Chinese embroidery as a whole. Though I hold little hope in becoming anywhere near that skilled, it would be lovely to try even a small project.

  179. I would love to win this drawing. Margaret Lee’s book in on my wish list already and to have supplies for a project from the book would be heaven! Yes yes yes…all that you said….simple, yet beautiful lines, luscious shiny silks, and a great challenge!

  180. I would love to win the giveaway. I love Chinese embroidery, but have never had the chance to try it. It looks so delicate and ethereal. Thank you for this chance. Blessings

  181. Chinese embroidery in my eyes is as close to realism as it gets. It’s a mixture of the fabrics used,the silk threads not to mention the subject of the design. Anyone who loves embroidery will love this prize package. What a wonderful giveaway!

  182. So much of Chinese embroidery appeals to me. The designs are often so simple yet convey so much. I love the use of the graceful curved lines. And of course using silk threads lets us see different colours at different angles. They reflect light so beautifully

  183. What first called my attention about Chinese embroidery, was the realism the way the depict nature, in my country was difficult to find books about it but everytime I went to a Chinese restaurant I spent quite a while lookingat the threads and colors and trying to imagine myself doing it. I’d love to have one of those kits! Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing your passion for embroidery with us. Merry Christmas

  184. Incredible. I would love to be able to create one of her masterpieces. I met her at BATB 2011, but, did not feel as tho I could do this but would love to try.
    Thank you for all that you do for the stitching world. We would be lost without you.

  185. How beautiful. I think that what most attracts me to these projects is the silk. Also, the chance to try an new technique.



  186. Wow! My first day of enjoying your gorgeous site and I may have the chance to win this beautiful book and kit!!!
    SO excited

  187. I always like to try new things and techniques. Some I like and continue, others I’m just happy to have had the experience. I do tend toward more complicated or flashy techniques like Goldwork and Japanese embroidery but love crewel and canvas work just as much. I would like to try a Chinese technique just to see…..

  188. Oh Mary you’ve done it again! Since your review of this beautiful book I’ve been longing to tackle this artform of Chinese embroidery. I love all kinds of embroidery, but have never had the opportunity to try Chinese embroidery. The pictures look so realistic and the silks look heavenly. I would love to rise to the ultimate challenge of this technique
    Happy Christmas

  189. Beautiful book! I have never tried this type of embroidery and would love the challenge of something new. And I love working with silk thread.

  190. Just beautiful! I have been admiring this style of needle work for a few years now. I have mastered other styles and I am ready to try something new and expand my skill.

  191. Chinese embroidery is awesome! It is so precise and I just love the fine stitches and how they blend so beautifully. Of course the silk thread has a lot to do with that. I have a piece that a friend brought back from China and I just love looking at it! Thank you for your wonderful site and Blog.

  192. I love the realism of Chinese Embroidery! I draws me to it and I would love to learn the technique. I do simple embroidery but my heart would sing if I could learn to add more realism to my embroidery items. I also love the feel of silk and the sheen and depth it gives the embroidery. Merry Christmas!

  193. Hi Mary,
    You know how much I love needle painting, but I have never attended any formal tuition. The knowledge I have, I got through books and magazines. For once it will be wonderful to have a new challenge and learn something new. Chinese embroidery has always intrigued me ever since you published those exquisite photos a few years back.
    I would also like to wish you a blessed Christmas and only the best for the New Year. Love, Elza Bester, Cape Town.

  194. This book is gorgeous and very instructive. I read your review about the book – The Art of Chinese Embroidery and this book is definitely on my wish list. My goal for 2014 is to improve my needlework skills and learn as many different embroidery techniques as possible. Needle painting has piqued my interest for awhile and would love to learn more about the technique. Looking at the illustrations in your review of the book, Chinese embroidery is a technique that I would definitely like to learn. The illustrations are so realistic and elegant. – Kat Watson, Houston, TX

  195. I think my eyes popped out when I saw this book and the giveaway. Chinese embroidery makes me salivate!! I am an embroiderer and adore working with single strands of silk threads. I am getting ready to stitch “The Tall Book of Christmas” with silk on silk and this book reminds me of why I love it so. I also teach embroidery to children ages 5 and up and have two other Chinese books that I show them and they are always in awe. As I only have three projects in the works, this kit would make an absolutely marvelous addition to my studio!! Ohlone Art Camp is viewable on FaceBook. If I win this kit, I will post it there for all to see! If I don’t win, I will still post that I love your website and stitching! Have a glorious holiday season and a Happy New Year!!

  196. Mary what I love most in chinese embroidery is silk threads. It is always nice to learn new embroidery technique..
    “Mary wish You and all your near n dears A very happy Christmas”

  197. I have been lusting after this book ever since seeing your recent review! I love the look of the fine detailed shading of the Chinese embroidery & would love to try my hand at it.
    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win this amazing giveaway!

    Julie Harvey

  198. Greetings,
    What is not to love about Chinese embroidery? It is an artform that reached absolute perfection centuries ago. Of course I whould want to try it! I’ve never worked with silk thread before but have wanted to for years. What appeals most? The whole concept but mainly the challenge. I would be both proud and honored to win this wonderful book and the ultimate beautiful kit. Thank you. Sincerely, Chaney Noe in rural Oklahoma

  199. Oh What a Wonder!!
    I would love to win this gift to acquire a new technique for the sake of embroidery with silk, so soft fiber that fascinates me … The result is an incredible beauty. Thank you to the author and to you Mary.

  200. The book looks exciting. I think Chinese embroidery looks elegant and it would push me to reine and learn new stitching skills…always a good thing. I would “stay safe” if not for blogs like yours that say “try this”

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book and accompaniments

  201. magnifique lindo el libro y los bordados me encanta bordar pero la tecnoca de el bordado japones es el sueno ,gracias Mary yo la sigo siempre y la agradesco de darnos las pequenas informaciones sobre el bordado en oro !!!!!!!!le deceo una feliz navidad y un prospero ano nuevo

  202. Hi Mary
    What a wonderful Christmas surprise for one of us who follow your column daily. I have got so much information from it and so have many of our guild members.
    I have had an interest in Chinese embroidery for a long time and have even got a few threads to try it but haven’t had the courage yet – but I will.
    This book seems perfect because it is for beginners and the photos in many of the books are intimidating to say the least.
    Have a wonderful holiday yourself – we are getting out of the ice storm and hope to be travelling tomorrow.
    Best wishes

  203. Please, please, please a Christmas gift for me. So want to learn this amazingly beautiful embroidery technique.

  204. Hi Mary
    I´ve always admired Chinese silk embroidery and although I don´t aspire to attain such perfection, this would be a wonderful opportunity to try silk painting and have a taste of such a masterful technique. Here´s hoping my Xmas angel is listening to me! Thank you and a lovely Xmas to you!

  205. Mary, Oh, it’s gorgeous! I love the depth, the gradations in color and the luxurious silk sheen. Thank you for your inspiring daily newsletter and have a very wonderful new year stitching up beautiful embroidery!

  206. I have been interested in Chinese art and textiles for years but would like to know more about this ancient art. It has always been incredible to me the detail and realism of the embroidered flowers and birds but still so identifiable as Chinese. I would love an opportunity to work through a kit to have a more intimate knowledge of the art. Thank you for this chance, best, Charlotte

  207. Oh wow–would I love to win one of these kits. I think the beauty of the pieces is what calls to me. Just so elegant and “real”. I would be happy as a clam to win either!

  208. What appeals to you most about Chinese embroidery? It seems to me that Chinese embroidery is serene or at least looking at it makes me feel rested. Is it the silk thread? It might be the silk thread, but more so, it seems to be the design itself. The elegance of the designs? I think it is more here with the elegance of the design. The realism achieved by Chinese embroidery? This is definitely part of the appeal of Chinese embroidery. Is it the challenge of it? I have never done Chinese embroidery so I don’t know what type of challenge it is. Is it the opportunity to add a new technique to your repertoire? Yes, the opportunity to do something new to add to my repertoire would be wonderful. Or is it something else? I believe learning a new technique would be the best thing were I to win this giveaway.

  209. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, I think that it is the lovely silk threads that appeal to me just the look and feel of the silk. I would love to win and add try out this lovely technique.
    Best wishes for the Christmas season to you and yours
    Joan Turrell from Vancouver BC Canada

  210. I would love to be entered in today’s give away. I love the elgance of Chineses embroidery as well as the use of the silk. I have always admired Chinese embroidery. There is something soothing in their embroidery that is appealing to me.

  211. Chinese embroidery is so beautiful to view online. I have only seen it once in real life at my new dentist he is chinese and his sister-in-law gifted him some beautiful life size fish which hangs just so us dental patients can look at it before dental work.The silk is so beautiful. I bought a little silk online because of seeing in real life so to win a wonderful book and a pretty project kit would be lovely.Beautiful giveaway. Merry Christmas to you Mary and Merry Christmas to all who read here.

  212. The serenity of the embroidery is the main reason I am drawn to it. The subjects depicted by the exquisite stitching always calm me. The silks seem to take on a life of their own.

  213. I love this book and Chinese embroidery in general. I love silk thread so shiny and elegant. Chinese embroidery gives me a quiet and calm feeling. Thank you for the giveaway.

  214. Chinese Embroidery is beautiful. I love working with silk and have thought about purchasing the book ever since you reviewed it. Winning it and the kit would be the best Christmas present! Thank you Mary and also Margaret Lee. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  215. As a teacher of traditional Japanese embroidery, I am often asked by my students what the difference is between Japanese and Chinese embroidery. This book would certainly have all the answers for us, and stitching the project would give me another example to add to my repetoire. Needless to say, much appreciated.

  216. I appreciate the simple, yet elegant graphics of the illustrations used in Chinese embroidery. Combine those graphics with the luster of silk thread and you can’t help but have a masterpiece. I would love to learn this skill and have the ability to produce true works of art to give as gifts.

  217. Thanks as always for the good information you always provide. I look forward to attempting Chinese embroidery. I have enjoyed working with silk threads in the past. One of my favorites and look forward to the challenge of Chinese embroidery.

  218. Oh, my goodness, I would love to have this book! It is beautiful. On top of that, I would love to try a new technique!!! I love to stitch and am always looking for something new to try. Merry Christmas to you and yours and blessings in the New Year.

  219. Merry Christmas! I have wanted The Art of Chinese Embroidery since the first moment I laid eyes on it. The realism of Chinese embroidery is so unlike most embroidery projects available to us in the U.S. To have the opportunity to receive the book AND one of Margaret Lee’s kits is one that I can’t bypass. I have to try to win them. Thank you, Mary and Country Bumpkin!

  220. I Loved your review. I have been trying to learn Japanese Embroidery and I attended a short workshop with Midori Matsushima at the knitting and stitching show at Harrogate (u.k)Japanese embroidery is so rich and I am wondering how many similarities there might be between Japanese and Chinese embroidery? I am sure If I won the prize I could find out.

  221. Hi Mary

    I’ve always loved chinese embroidery – I love silk, I love the designs and I relish the opportunity winning this would give me to have a go at such a beautiful technique.

    best wishes for Christmas.

  222. When I visited China several years ago, I visited an embroidery workshop. The realism achieved with a needle and thread is simply amazing. And I think the beautiful, rich colors of the silk threads are absolutely scrumptious.
    It would be fun to try my hand at it

  223. Hi Mary-
    What appeals to me about Chinese embroidery is the challenge of learning a new technique that also includes new-to-me materials. It’s what I thrive on! Merry Christmas!

  224. There are many elements that appeal to me. I love Chinese art. Whether it’s hand painted scenes on silk scrolls, or the beauty of silk embroidery. The daintiness of Chinese silk embroidery is a wonder to me and my big clumsy hands. I have been looking at this book lately. I collect embroidery technique books and I also would love to try a new technique. I love the history behind embroidery and all needle arts. Thanks for the fun give a way Mary! Have a blessed Christmas!

    Melissa Bird from Utah!

  225. Wow Mary! What an incredible give away! Thanks to Country Bumpkin for giving you this opportunity. I think what appeals to me most about Chinese embroidery is the beauty, elegance, and realism of the florals. (I admire the fish but am not really into them.)I would love to learn this new technique. Thanks, Sheila from CA

  226. I ooohhhddd and ahhhd when you reviewed this book. I adore flowers and these look like paintings. Thank you for your reviews.

  227. Such a lovely gift from the generous hearts of Mary and Country Bumpkin! I love the beauty of the Art.The simplicity of Chinese embroidery is conveyed so well.Silk is the perfect medium. The is a quote by Dorothy Dunnett,a writer, portrait painter that asks,”Where are the links of chain….. that join us to the past.” This is a link. Touch history.
    Karole in Texas

  228. I have been doing Japanese Embroidery for the past 10 years and love it so I would love to find out how Chinese Embroidery is different. I love working with the silks too and the designs in this book are so realistic that I want to see how they are done. So many reasons to want this book.

    Thank you for all you do – I have not commented before but I love your blog.

  229. Chinese embroidery has always impressed me with its delicateness! Not sure that that’s a word, but how the individual threads combine in such an amazing way to create such a detailed image.

    This is a generous giveaway! Thanks.

  230. I have been captivated by Chinese Embroidery and the incredible detail in it since I saw a magnificent display presented by the Chinese government in Seattle about 30 years ago. I enjoy needlepainting and would be delighted if I were to win the Margaret book and kit. Thank you to Country Bumpkin and a happy,peaceful season to you and your family.


  231. I recently went to an exhibition of Chinese costume, “Phoenixes and Dragons” at the University of Leeds International Textile Archive and was entranced by the embroidery on the ceremonial robes, collars, badges of rank etc
    I would love to learn more about the technique of Chinese embroidery, Margaret Lee’s book and a kit sounds a perfect starting point – and a wonderful Christmas treat. Merry Christmas Mary.

  232. I’ve got to say it’s the realism. I love needlepainting and I’m working through Trish Burr’s book, and this seems to take it to the next level. Plus, who doesn’t love silk?

  233. Merry Christmas Mary! While I do love to work with silk thread, the absolute beauty of these designs would be what attracts me most. It would be a great challenge for me as well!! I love the color choices too.Thank you so much, Mary for this wonderful gift opportunity!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  234. I have a piece of Asian Embroidery that my father had gotten and I was always fascinated by the stitching. It is an exquisite piece and to be able to even “try”
    my hand at this type of embroidery would be a gift….

  235. What a gorgeous book and kit!! I would like to find this book to make something for my best friend who loves oriental designs. I shall be looking for it at the book stores.

  236. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful book and kit! I read your blog everyday and love what you do with silk. I have never tried using silk and would cherish the opportunity to own a book and kit with this detail and beauty. Right now I am working on your Crewel Rooster. It is delightful and so much fun. Again, thank you for this opportunity to broaden my techniques! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  237. I greatly admire the beautiful simplicity and shading of Chinese embroidery and how Margaret Lee captures that in her kits. I would be honored to stitch either of them.

  238. I would never have believed I could attempt this work if I hadn’t taken the Vintage Strawberries class through Needle ‘n Thread. This would be the best Christmas present!

  239. What fantastic giveaways! The allure of the Chinese embroidery is the chance to try a new technique. Each of the projects is beautiful. I have never tried silk thread and what a chance of a life time that would be. Thank you for the joy you bring each day. Merry, merry Christmas.

  240. I would love a chance to try Chinese embroidery! love the realistic look of the koi fish it would make a perfect gift for my husband. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway and for your wonderful website!

  241. What a wonderful giveaway! I love the realism and elegance of Chinese embroidery. Merry Christmas!

  242. Mary,

    Silken treasure is the way I think of Chinese embroidery book. An ancient art that was created by Chinese masters using silk threads of every color and hue – i imagine these gifted artists using gold needles and silk threads to paint the world around them. And every silken embroidered picture, a window into their world along with their beliefs, hopes and dreams!

    I am drawn to become a novice to this ancient art form and study using my needle as a paintbrush. I already love the way silk threads lay on fabric – shining and rich in color, and the way silks feel when you pull silk threads through your fingers! I hope one day to create a silk embroidery picture that reflects the world I live!

  243. Hi Mary,

    For me the appeal is the realism plus the lovely thread. The combination results in a subtlety and depth that I really appreciate. Not to mention that I’m always excited to try a new technique!

    Thanks & happy holidays!

  244. Hi!
    It’s my 65th birthday today and I would love nothing more than to be the lucky recipient of any of the special items you described!

    I’ve been embroidering for most of my life and continue to hone my skills. For this reason, I have purchased – whenever I’m able – wonderful resource books for my needlework library.

    It’s only recently, though, that I’ve given myself permission to enjoy the works pictured in the books without feeling morally obligated to create every single project!!! It has really taken the pressure off!!!

    Anyway, I love your blog and thank you for providing such a witty, informative, inspiring message!


  245. I tried to identify one of the reasons identified in the question and I simply couldn’t! I started my responses with “I love the aesthetics of Chinese embroidery,” and then quickly moved to “I love the nuance and subtlety of the silk thread.” But then I moved right onto “I love the challenge of the technique” and finished with “Developing my skill set is a major consideration.” So there we have it.

    I know! I know! “Most” indicates “superlative” comparison so if I had to choose, it would be the aesthetic of Chinese embroidery. It’s simply stunning.

  246. Chinese embroidery is very beautiful. As per Feng Shui gold fish/koi attracts wealth. Would be a wonderful gift for a winner of the contest.
    Merry Christmas, Merry! May all your dreams come true!

  247. I have always had a special interest in learning this type of embroidery. There is a fluidity to Chinese embroidery that puts it in its own unique category. I love that it is a “silk art”, and owning this book would be a an important part of my embroidery reference collection.

    Thank you for having this give-a-way, and have a wonderful Holiday!

  248. What intrigues me about the Chinese embroidery is the realism. I especially enjoy items from nature. The silk has such a wonderful sheen to it and the brilliance of color in silk is uncompariable. Thank you for sponsoring this give-away. Merry Christmas!

  249. I would love the challenge of learning the techniques of such an intricate form of embroidery. Chinese embroidery has an elegance and charm that pleases the eye and the joy of working in silk threads which give beautiful contrasts and sheens in any embroidery cannot be surpassed. Thank you so much for offering two copies of the book and kit. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  250. Margaret Lee’s book has been on my wish list for sometime! I want to learn her techniques and I love to work with silk. I do find her designs elegant and I would love to have a kit and try my hand at silk shading. I am so inspired by her work and I believe this would take my stitching to another dimension!! I am living in Hope!

    Joyce in Toronto

  251. My son, spent his last semester of law school in Japan. I was hoping for some oriental needlework as a gift, but unfortunately I was not lucky to receive it then. maybe this year will be different as the two kits are just beautiful.

    thanks and happy holiday.
    Jo-Ann Carroll

  252. Merry Christmas, Mary!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this BEAUTIFUL kit. That’s what appeals to me, the beauty of it. Also, it would be a new technique for me, what a fun challenge for the new year!
    Love your emails and your website! Keep up the wonderful work.
    Diana in Sioux Falls

  253. I’ve been intrigued with Chinese embroidery ever since my mother-in-law gave me a Chinese purse she bought in China in the 1930s. The “blind” stitch was used on it. I do like the realism of it. I see things more realistically than in the impressionist form. I also just love beautiful books and I am working on a talk for my art study club on the history of embroidery. This would be a great book to add. Thanks for the opportunity. I still have the original email on my computer to remind me that I want the book!

  254. living in the Far East gave me the opportunity to
    visit many places where hand embroidery was being done. The delicately artistic and realistic work of the Chinese was my favorite. even if I could never achieve such mastery in executing ay design, I would be thrilled to have that book on my work table and consider it the bible of embroidery.
    Thank for the opportunity to participate in such unattainable offer

  255. Chinese embroidery is truly embroidery art. Whenever I see Chinese embroidery, I truly fell a sense of awe. The technique, the fine embroidery, and the silk shading produce an incredible result. I have done shading with DMC, but never with silk. This would be a true challenge for me and a thrilling one. As I said I am just in awe of the beauty of Chinese embroidery. Merry Christmas Mary, thank you for your work and sharing.

  256. I have special appreciation for Chinese embroidery after my trip to Beijing in 1986 when travel to China was opening. I saw many lovely antique examples of embroidery and was impressed by the invisible embroideries which are stitched with the finest of silk strands on sheer silks and mounted in frames. I would love to add this book to my textile library! Thank you for the give away and for your incredible contribution to all embroiders.

  257. I think Chinese embroidery is beautiful and so delicate looking. I especially like their designs and their use of silks with subtle as well as vibrant shades is incredible. I would love to receive your generous Christmas giveaway gift.

  258. I’m not sure this is for me because I have such a problem being neat and tidy,but I’ve been working the last year with my dear Mother sitting on my shoulder reminding me to “take your time”, “re-do it if you’re not pleased with it” and most importantly-“keep your mind on what you are doing NOW and not what you think you should be doing instead of stitching”. One of these projects would be a great challenge but I’d love it.
    Thank you, Mary and I wish you a Blessed Christnas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  259. I love the silk threads and the realism of Chinese embroidery! Thank you for all you do on needle n’ thread, and Merry Christmas!

  260. I love everything about Chinese embroidery! The realism, the design, the flow of the designs, the elegance,and colors and using silk, need I go on! It’s just beautiful as a whole and I love learning new techniques to add to my skills and books to my embroidery library!

  261. I love the elegancy of the embroidery. Spare is great. I have never worked with silk thread and would like to try. I would like to add this to my experience.

  262. I spent a year in Taiwan and really came to appreciate the detailed work of the Chinese craftsman. Their ability to create realism in the tinyest of items. I still enjoy Chinese items after all these years.

    When you reviewed the book, I was transported back to watching those craftsmen again. The details of the stitchery are a joy to behold.

  263. I just read the newsletter about the Chinese embroidery. You continue to challenge me, and I love that…..;)

  264. Oh my gosh! How I would love to win this prize! I love working with silk threads, the lustre and realism you can achieve is like nothing else on earth. I do a lot of thread painting, I had quite a nice stash, which I lost when I lost my home a while ago…now I would dearly love to rebuild it, and this would be a beautiful addition….fingers crossed, and whoever does win it is very lucky indeed!

  265. I love the realism but I have heard it takes many years of practice to get good at Chinese embroidery. I have several books of botanical paintings and I am trying to get up my courage to try doing a realistic embroidery of a lily. Maybe this book and a kit would get me over the hump! Merry Christmas and a happy and productive 2014 for everyone and especially you Mary!

  266. Once again … Thank you so much for yet another wonderful give-away opportunity!

    The main thing that attracts me to this style of embroidery is the realism achieved. It’s just so beautiful.

    I wish you and your loved ones a joyous Christmas, Mary.

  267. Many years ago, I was invited to an exhibition featuring the Terracotta Soldiers in the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. Along with these sculptures was a display of Chinese embroidered silks consisting of robes, shoes and other clothing that literally took my breath away. The embroidery was so perfect and I imagined that whoever created those garments must have practiced the art for the better part of a lifetime. There were images of birds, flowers, leaves, fish, dragons and other animals so richly colored and detailed. I must have looked at the display for hours wondering how long it had taken to finish a single garment since they were practically covered with silk threads. Chinese embroidery is an amazing skill that I can only dream about having, but I would love to try!

  268. I love Chinese Silk Embroidery as it is just so beautifull when the light catches the silk and it looks as if it is moving. I don’t think I could ever achieve a masterpiece like Margaret Lee but I would love to try, especially with her instructions, to produce something passable.

    Kind regards

    Joyce Bargh

  269. I would love to try this new form. I like the spareness of the picture and the idea of trying silk thread.

  270. My answer may put the moderator off — sorry! First I love that this embroidery glorifies the real flower or creature exactly as God made it. Second, I’ve sewn with silk but never done embroidery with it. And third, my immediate past life was near Hong Kong. I was a banker’s daughter and when our prosperous life fell apart, . . . I have a vivid memory of standing in a doorway wearing red silk, hand on hip, hungry and praying “Choose me! Choose me!” I fed my little brothers and sisters with my work! So I am wondering if, given all the wherewithall, I would somehow remember learning to do this work, or wanting to learn, or having such embroidery in my home in that life. The chance to find out would be a privilege! Thank you, Mary, for a whole year of rich input! Happy Christmas, sweet lady!

  271. I love the realism, the colors. I love anything Chinese. Well, maybe not their government!

    Elaine in New Mexico

  272. The beauty and precision of this work is something I can only aspire to, but, with a lot of time and patience I should love to achieve something that resembles the original. This book would be a dream come true. I love stitching, and will continue to perfect my work.

  273. I have been reading up on chinese embroidery just this week. It is so beautiful. I hope to give it a try….the colors and how they blend….oh my…
    It would be the best christmas gift I could hope for. I love to learn something new and share it with others. I am not a pro but when I embroider I feel so happy and content. It is a great pass time.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  274. trovo affascinante la diversità di cultura che risulta anche dal ricamo, oltre alla bellezza come ricerca

  275. I have always admired Chinese silk embroidery but have not tried it yet. It has such a delicate, detailed look. I am drawn to designs that include nature, both animals and plants. As a gardener, I love flowers. I love working with silk so Margaret Lee’s designs would be an excellent way to combine all of my loves.

  276. I’m in love with how beautifully the colors blend and shine in Chinese embroidery! I go all gooey inside whenever I see pictures. ^_^

  277. Is it the silk thread? – YES! Isit the elegance of the designs? – YES! Is it the realism achieved by Chinese embroidery? – YES! Is it the challenge of it? – YES! Is it the opportunity to add a new technique to your repertoire? – YES!

    I love all of these things. Thank you for yet another wonderful give-away.

  278. It’s hard to say for me what my favorite part is. I love the silk thread, the elegand designs and the reality of the designs equally as much. I want to try my hand at this beautiful embroidery. it is so spectacular and appealling.
    Thank you!

  279. There is so much that appeals to me. The elegance, the beauty, the challenge, and the materials. Love them all!

  280. Mary, this book abounds with artistic realism – I would love to own this book and kit. Thanks for the chance.

  281. I always enjoy a challenge when doing needlework. It is very therapeutic for me. I very much enjoy learning new types of needlework!

  282. I love the elegance of the Chinese embroidery. This would be new to me, and love to learn new techniques. Thanks for the review of this book. Merry Christmas

  283. Because of your blog I am getting back into embroidery after years. I am a quilter and have been using embroidery this past year or so to embellish my quilts. I am so drawn toward Asian design and art – elegant with beautiful detail. My studio is filled and my office are filled with beautiful Asian inspired arts. This beautiful book and kit would be just the thing to get me to complete a whole embroidery project. I know just where I would hang it! Thank you so much for your daily inspiration and Happy Holidays. Stay warm.

  284. About 30 years ago I went to the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto where they had a Chinese exhibit with crafts people demonstrating their various skills. One was a lady embroidering. Her work was unbelievable. I sat and watched her while my husband took the children to see their interests. I can still see her with her tiny needle and fine, fine thread. In 2 hours she only filled in about one square inch. Oh, but how amazing that inch was. I thought I am going to do that someday. Life got in the way but now I am retired and starting to embroider again slowly building my skills and taking on more intricate projects. I will never reach the demonstrator’s level but I would like to try.

  285. Not only am I fascinated by the challenge and realism of Chinese embroidery but I also want to learn it solely to surprise a friend of mine who is a HUGE fan. One day I’ll present her with a koi or crane and she will lose her mind. 🙂

  286. Chinese Embroidery is indeed elegant and lovely, much like I’d like to be! I don’t know if its a challenge, having never tried it, but it is on my list of things to do. I have been stitching for more than 30 years and I never get tired of the needle in my hand. I would love to get my fingers on that lovely thread!

  287. Oh, these are truly drool-worthy! How beautiful: both book and kits. The questions are easy to answer: all of the above. I’m not sure about the “something else,” but I’m game to learn what surprises this book and the kits have in store.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these gorgeous items. Happy Holidays!

  288. I love Chinese embroidery for the vivid details that make the embroidery come alive. I will love to win the book.

  289. I love the detail of Chinese Embroidery. The silk used on the designs brings out the beauty of each piece. The colors are vibrant and truly an art to complete each piece. I own several pieces myself.

  290. I would love to try Chinese embroider. When we visited there some years ago, I was fascinated watching a young girl embroider a double-sided piece. So fascinated, that I had to buy one that I still love. I love the realistic effects in Chinese embroidery.

  291. The soft silk and the realistic designs brings the piece alive! I think chinese embroidery is so rich in culture and history, I’ve got to give it a try! Thank you Mary

  292. Chinese embroidery captures real life. The forms are beautiful and so graceful. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the drawing for the book and kit. I would dearly love to win.

  293. I truly admire Chinese embroidery. I live near San Francisco and love to visit China Town. They have a gallery/store that displays many large pieces of Chinese embroidery. I can’t pull myself away from them. I enjoy working with silk and the realism of the subjects in Chinese embroidery is outstanding. Thank you for your gifts and the opportunity to learn more about the art.

  294. This a technique I have been planning to attempt since purchasing 2 Egret pictures at a fair. I gaze at them longingly but need a spur to attempt this sumptuous work. Your review of the book indicates that this might be just what I need. Merry Christmas and Happy 2014.

  295. I enjoy the shading aspects of Chinese embroidery, and the way the light falls on the silks and enhances the colour choices to create a more realistic image. I would love a chance to sew with silks as they are currently far out of my price range… Thanks for all of your blog posts, tips, techniques and give-aways this year. You have inspired me to be a lot more adventurous with my embroidery projects and I currently have q double quilt on the go. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Ella from Southampton, UK.

  296. What i like Most about Chinese embroidery is the beautiful silk threads used . It. Looks just like a painting. I Would Love the Challenge of creating something so Magnificent!

  297. I love oriental embroidery. Many years ago in 1987 my husband sent me to Hong Kong for my birthday. He made the mistake of telling me that if I ran out of money to go to the American Express office and get more; I did, three times! I had clothes made and bought fasinating needle arts tools. What a wonderful time it was. The book would bring back great memories and give me a lift in the stitchery department that I have needed for a while. There isn’t any materials like silk to work with.

  298. I am lucky to have two finished pieces of reversible Chinese embroidery, given to me by two friends who bought them while visiting China.
    I love the colors and the silk threads, and would like to learn this technique.
    I love your blog and look forward to it each morning. Merry Christmas!
    Alice in PA.

  299. The first trip I made was to China where we visited a silk embroidery business, I was almost speechless when I saw the beauty of those gorgeous realistic images rendered in shining silk thread, I wanted to buy all of them but had to settle for a small one that I could afford and that would fit in my suitcase. Ever since then I have wanted to return. Since that is unlikely, I can think of nothing that I’d like nearly as well as trying to learn the techniques myself. I particularly like the flowers in Chinese embroidery-they are not just beautiful and exquisitely stitched, but they are natural looking and not as contrived as the patterns of Japanese embroidery.

  300. It’s got to be the realism and the challenge! And the beauty! Oooh, and the history! Oh, and the silk! Oh, just everything! I think the Chinese have been making beautiful embroideries since my mothers were sewing skins together!

    Joyous Christmas, Mary, and blessings!

  301. I don’t often enter giveaways for kits because I feel I’m not up to the level of workmanship required. However, the Chinese needle painting has strong memories for me as I grew up in Asia. The exquisite beauty of the design and the materials combined will surely spur me on to complete one of these projects to hang in my workroom. My workroom is still being plastered and supplied with power and light, but I already have a clear Oriental theme in mind when I get to decorate it. A Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it.

  302. I just love the way Chinese art looks. It’s so soft and serene. I just adore your site. I have been embroidering for about 2 years now. When I saw your site I was very happy.

  303. Thank you so much for the give-away. My daughter lived in China for three years teaching at a University and I remember seeing one beautiful large screen of embroidered cranes. Really amazing the way the light plays on the silk threads.

  304. Chinese embroidery just blows my mind. Such a high degree of skill and artistry by the human hand reminds me that anything is possible if we just focus our minds and practise, practise, practise!

  305. Margaret Lee does such exquisite work, it would be so awesome to use her book as guide. I would love to use my silk threads to try one of the pieces in her book. I love the orchids, they are so real. Merry Christmas!

  306. Merry Christmas to you Mary! What a fabulous gift you are offering! While I love almost anything done with a needle and thread I am totally enthralled with Chinese embroidery! I love the delicate beauty and the amazing shading it offers. I have always liked the poetry of Asian designs…a single motif can tell an entire story, I would be so excited to receive this book and kit! I think it would have to be the very first project I start in the new year! And I even know that, when finished, would be a gift to my son, who is currently in China, for his company.
    My heartfelt best wishes for a healthy new year to you and yours!
    Laurie in CT

  307. Oh I looooove Chinese Embroidery – the realism, the sheen of the silks, the amazing shading, everything about it!! I would love to learn a new technique and this would really spur me on, as I am very mush a ‘book’ learner!
    Thanks for this awesome draw

  308. Mary, another wonderful give-away and another heartfelt thank you.
    The answer to your question is: all of the above. I love working with silk threads — or rather, the outcome — as in the past, the silk threads have shredded my hands. I want to learn more about a technique I tried some years ago and the best would be to be able to recreate the great beauty of these pieces.
    Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas, Mary.

  309. I am always enthusiastic about your give-aways but this tops my list. I’d asked for the book on Chinese embroidery for Christmas but got solemn looks over the price. Now 2 books are being offered as well as the kits. I’m over the moon at all this generosity.

    Thank you for all you do to educate, inspire, and touch our souls with beauty. Seasons best to you and your loved ones.

  310. I love the realism of Chinese Embroidery and the beautiful silks. In addition, I love the elegance of the pieces and the fish as I have a small koi pond in our backyard and love how beautiful they are


  311. I love the silk thread – so shiny and smooth. The embroidery is just amazing. I saw a round embroider in a frame at a shop and the embroidery was so incredibly fine – of goldfish – and it was equally beautiful on both sides. Lovely. I’d love to see the book.

  312. I love the precision that Chinese embroidery takes! I went to China a few years ago and toured a silk factory. Seeing these women standing in front of a huge piece of fabric with these amazingly small needles and incredibly thin silk making such beautiful art was what originally inspired me to start embroidering! All of the art that the Chinese people do is distinguishable from other art because of the exactness of the work, which is something that I strive for in my own work. My cousins now have adopted three Chinese girls from orphanages all over China and bring home a new piece of embroidery every time. I would love to try my hand at this technique!

    Merry Christmas!

  313. I absolutely LOVE the realism and beauty that can be accomplished in Chinese silk embroidery. This technique is very challenging and I would welcome the opportunity to have Margaret Lee’s book and project. They are both exquisite. Thanks again for all of your wonderful tips and demonstration of stitches throughout 2013. Pat B. from London, Ontario, Canada

  314. The elegance and the realism are what first attracted me to Chinese embroidery. Then add the beauty of the silks. For me, this is one of your best giveaways and I would be so excited to win. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year!

  315. It is amazing how detailed they look, almost like picture.
    Trying this would be a big challenge.

  316. Mary, I wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas!

    What I love in Chinese embroidery is its elegance and fragility. It looks like something unbelievable, taken from reality and somehow put into frame. I was always dreaming to try something of this style. Maybe one day I’ll do this.


  317. What can I say about the embroidery to do it justice. The whole concept is wonderful, and if I could be just a bit good at it I would be so made up. The colours, the designs and working with silk thread is heaven.
    Thanks for offering the chance to win.
    Enjoy your Christmas and New Year,

  318. Hello Mary
    ( sorry I answer my first comment not correct) Last saterday I follow a workshop by Jessica Grimm in crewel embroidery, it was my first time. What a beautiful technique, I love it. Also I take a look in the book of Margaret Lee. I hope I come so far to learn this, So beautiful. So I want to learn a new technique.
    I wish you a mery Christmas and a happy new year.
    And I love your site with your beautiful video’s and tips. Thank you very much.
    Many greetings from the Netherlands, Anita

  319. Oh how I love chinese embroidery!!The realism and the grace of the designs. I am especially fond of the flora and fauna designes. The shading is so fantastic. I have always wanted to try my hand at this type of embroider but haven’t done so yet.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enterr this draw.
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and nothing but happy needles and thread wishes for the New Year.

  320. So very many things appeal to me about Chinese embroidery. I have always admired the clarity and beauty of their designs, the texture of the silks used and the pure clean line they achieve working with such precision and dedication. The Chinese techniques are one of the very few types of embroidery I have never done and your review of this lovely book has rekindled in me a determination to master the work. Thank you for giving two of us the opportunity to achieve this ambition. A Happy Christmas to all at Needle and Thread.

  321. I love anything silk. Thread, fabric,or fibers.
    The Chinese designs are so pleasing to the eye. I’ve been reading you news letters for almost a year and have tried every new thing you have shown us. Can’t say I’m an expert by any means but I’m still trying. Chinese embroidery would be one more thing to add to my skills. I have a daughter-in-law and son who live in Japan. She does beautiful work and I would like to see what the difference is.
    Sincerely yours,
    Nelda Wagner

  322. I think this style of embroidery represents my ultimate goal in my quest to improve my technique. If I could master it I feel that I would really have achieved something, particularly as I am a late starter with embroidery. I love the exquisite detail and the lustre of the silk. I haven’t yet tried working with silk and your blog postings of how difficult the different types of silk can be to work with do make it seem rather daunting. The book and one of the kits would be a great way to start.

  323. I love the Chinese style of watercolors and nature images. So lifelike, and so beautiful!
    Thanks for having the contest!

  324. The.natural themes and beautiful shading of Su embroidery are what attracts me. Stitching gives us time to calm down and contemplate our blessings and by producing an embroidery using a serene Su design helps us keep that feeling of calm. I also love the challenge of learning such a wonderful stitching technique.
    Thank you Mary, Margaret Lee and Country Bumpkin for this great opportunity.

  325. I love the play of light on the silk fibers. The flat silk technique is challenging but when well done, there is nothing to compare.

  326. I am thrilled to have the opportumity to possibly win anything by Margaret Lee. I love her projects.I have wanted to order one of these kits, so just the opportunity to enter for a prize. It is a challenge to attempt her project. The pictures are awesome. Thank you …Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

  327. I Love the delicacy and realism of the embroidery. It is absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for the give a way! How very Merry Christmas of You!!
    Sharon B.

  328. I like the designs, specifically the asymmetry of them. This looks like a lovely book and a wonderful, generous giveaway. Thank you.

  329. I love the beauty of this style of embroidery: the graceful designs, the colors, and the silk. I’ve never worked with silk before, and I do want to try it. Thank you for this give-away. Have a beautiful merry Christmas.

  330. As I am always up for a new technique, Margaret Lee’s book and designs are right up my alley. I love silk threads….just the way they feel make me want to stitch with them. And, the Chinese designs, illustrating life and nature, is the perfect compliment to the silk. I am looking forward to adding Chinese Embroidery to my repertoire.

  331. I bought this book from the pre-order for my wife and myself, and it is just wonderful. I would be able to use a second copy as a gift, and the kit would be put to good use.

  332. I fell in love with the book when I read your review! I think that the beauty and details in the examples are breath taking, and a technique I would love to try. I love working with silk as well, because I love the sheen you get with those threads. Have a wonderful holiday, and thank you for the contest. Roxane in Cincinnati

  333. It would make my holidays to win a copy of the book and a kit. I am fascinated by Chinese embroidery, it just looks so elegant and beautiful. It would definitely be a challenge for me as I am still new to embroidery but I would love to try.

  334. I have been doing embroidery since I was 5 years old. My mom started us out with pillowcases that were stamped with a floral design. Needlework of any sort is my passion and my “go to” when I need to escape everyday life. I think the Chinese embroidery looks like an awesome challenge and quite an artform. I would love to add that to my 60 years of needlework accomplishments. Needleowrk never gets old or boring. I plan to teach my granddaughter once she’s old enough. Thanks for all you do for us through your website.

  335. I would love to learn the technique. I think that it holds lessons which would apply across the board to all forms of needlework. And it is so expressive and fine. I would love to try it.

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  336. I am new to embroidery and have been fascinated with needle painting. I have been working on several projects and am hooked for life! Your website has been invaluable to teach me the stitches and I am game for more. Thank you so much for all your time and have a very Merry Christmas!!

  337. The elegance and finesse of Chinese embroidery is so appealling. The challenge of “painting” with threads. And I find it fascinating that there is symbolism and meaning behind each motif, flower and animal

  338. Chinese art of all types has fascinated me for years. There is a sophistication apparent even in their minimalist designs that really appeals to me. The color choices I see, including their love of red and gold and dread of black, are a part of that appreciation. To see a piece of Chinese needlework with cranes, flowers, and trees along side one of the oldest of tea services, just simple bowls, makes an inspiring contrast. I would love to learn more about the needlework offered in this book and the kits. Thanks so much for offering this!

  339. I always love to learn something new and I do think working with silk is an art especially the way the Chinese do so. And a new book in my library to start the new year is always a good thing. Thank you for this wonderful blog and all you do to promote this lovely art form…Merry Christmas to all sudu in kc.

  340. Oh, me, me…please, pick me!!! This book is gorgeous. I already study traditional Japanese embroidery. There really is a difference. Japanese embroidery uses negative space a lot. I don’t notice that in Chinese embroidery. I love the designs, of course, but also the colors. The silk thread and fabric are fabulous.

  341. I think it appeals to me because of the challenge. I am not a ‘natural’ artist, so I’d like to see if i could pull something like this off. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

  342. My dear daughter-in-law who is Chinese and a resident of China gave me an exquisite Chinese embroidery. The fabric is so sheer you can almost see your hand behind it. The front and back of the pandas are so perfectly done that you can’t tell the back from the front. In fact, it is mounted in a frame so both sides can be seen. That perfect attention to detail and planning is what fascinates me along with the beautiful colors and sheen of the silk thread. I would love to read more about silk embroidery and try it. What a way to honor her, her family, and her heritage.

  343. Chinese embroidery brings back wonderful memories of my great-grandmother, who traveled (from Kansas) to China in the 1930s. She brought home three incredibly beautiful embroidered panels of birds and foliage that were later made into a large folding screen. Someday it will be mine! Until then, I’m always entranced by any fine example of Chinese embroidery and I’d love to learn how to create something that is even one-tenth as beautiful.

  344. I’m amazed by the lifelike quality of Chinese embroidery and on a personal note the challenge to create something like it.

  345. I personally have never tried Chinese embroidery, but would very much like to try it. Most of what I have seen of it is gorgeous!!!

  346. What is not to like about Chinese embroidery? I can’t get enough of stitching and this is one more thing I would love to add to what I can do! The fine silk thread is seductive and the realistic looking images embroidered with this technique keep me amazed for hours just enjoying looking at examples of this type of embroidery. I would love to get one of the kits to try this embroidery that so fascinates me.

  347. Your review was excellent and inspired me to add this technique to my list. She does such delicate and lovely work. It would be a treat to work one of these designs.

  348. Oh Mary, what a wonderful give away! I just love everything about Chinese embroidery! The realism, the beauty, the elegance of all of the designs! Being a beginner, I haven’t had the opportunity to work with silk yet, but I plan on trying one day. I have been eyeing this beautiful book since I found out about it. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for everything you do!

  349. A couple of years ago my wife and I went to an art show in Scottsdale, AZ. It was the first time I encountered Chinese embroidery. I was initially convinced it was photography. It was only after very close study that I realized it was needlework and stunning at that. Since then, attempting to do that type of embroidery has been on my to-do list. This book and kit combination would be a good way to start. Thanks for doing this.

  350. The elegance and soft colors of Chinese embroidery just take my breath away. I had the opportunity to work with a piece many, many years ago and have never forgotten the sheer beauty of it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win and may you and your family have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

  351. I pretty much like all embroidery. The fru-fru santas and raindeer are fun but I am drawn to the classic elegance of the Chinese Embroidery. The koi and the orchids beg to be framed and hung.

  352. Beauty. Subject. New Technique. Silk. Color. Design. That is what draws me to this giveaway. And to think that I have a chance at winning an opportunity like this is very, very nice. Thank you, Country Bumpkin and thank you, Mary for this wonderful chance to take a deep plunge in a challenging direction.

  353. The elegance of the design is what appeals to me. The Chinese designs are so soothing to my soul. I love stitching with silk and have been dying to try one of Margaret’s designs ever since you reviewed those red boxes. Her book is top of my wish list so this giveaway would be a real treat.

    Merry Christmas and think you for your most informative web site.

  354. Chinese silk embroidery it just has to be the very best of all !Just breath taking,perfection isn,t it ? What appeals to me is that ,this is the one form of embroidery that I have always thought that I could never do ..and yet now… maybe I could give it a go .
    Silk so precious…the designs so beautiful . Yes certainly a challenge ! Me! Me! Me!
    Daisy Debs Cornwall UK

  355. I am Karin, born in the old hospital bldg at Ft. Riley in 1935 to a mother who loved to knit, embroider and do crewel work. Needless to say her only daughter, me, learned to love it all as well, especially the elegance and beauty and intricacy of Chinese embroidery. I would be delighted to win a book.

  356. Oh my goodness, I got so excited when I saw this book on Chinese embroidery. I have an affinity for oriental art, especially long and short stitching, blending colors so beautifully. I bought a printed Chinese dragon hanging that I will embelish with Brazilian embroidery and beads for my bedroom. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I love your video lessons, have been doing each of them in order on doodle cloth. Dorothy

  357. Merry Christmas Mary, Would love to win this beautiful book. Personally I think Chinese embroidery is neat and exacting. The ooh and aah is understated. It should be shock and awe for the realism. Would I ever love to receive this win. Lorraine

  358. What I love so much is the realistic artistry of the Chinese embroidery. I appreciate the time, the expertise and the talent that is required to accomplish anything so beautiful.
    Thanks again for such a wonderful give away.
    Anne in Vancouver

  359. I Love the silk in Chinese Embroidery. I would love to add this technique to my must do’s. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Pattie

  360. I was FLOORED by the beauty, and how realistic the embroidery is. It’s amazing that a person actually did that with thread and a needle. To win a book and kit to learn how to do that would be awesome, a chance to add another skill. Thank you for your give-aways. Merry Christmas.

  361. The Chinese embroidery book would be a fantastic new year challenge for 2014, it is a goal I have always wanted to achieve. The embroidery is beautiful and fantastically fine in its detail and realism; as well as being exceptionally scrumptious to view.

  362. What a challenge. Silk embroidery is lovely, I remember seeing pieces at exhibit Expo in Ca. Each side of the piece was a different picture. Just the color shading is magnificant…even on color shows as several colors.

    What a journey for 2014. I need good luck.

  363. There is something so clear and clean about the lines of Chinese embroidery. I have always wanted to try it and when I saw this book on your newsletter I fell in love with it. I can think of nothing more wonderful than to win this drawing. An opportunity of a lifetime.
    Thanks for being at my computer each day I look forward to each article.
    pick me, pick me…..please!

  364. When I see Chinese embroidery I’m reminded of a phrase a professor of mine once used, “it’s simplicity beyond sophistication.” The subtle turns of the flowers which play on angles and lighting is indescribably beautiful.

  365. Oh wow! The book alone would be a huge asset to my research into Chinese embroidery. It would also open up an entire new realm of needlework to play with. The Chinese silk definitely provides a new thread challenge but adds so much sheen and amazingly tiny details. Exploring this phenomenal artform is a wonderful experience.

  366. I would so love to try a new technique. Silk, oh be still my throbbing heart! You are always so generous with your giveaways, and this one looks to be another of your outstanding prizes.

  367. I have twin granddaughters who were born in China. When my daughter and her husband went to China to pick them up, they also brought back lovely souvenirs. They have given me a piece of double-sided Chinese embroidery and an embroidered panel.
    I have collected other Chinese embroidery pieces also.
    I would love to know more about the techniques that are used in this exquisite embroidery.
    Thanks for such a great offer!

  368. Oh, oh, oh! I LOVE Chinese embroidery and would cherish the book and the chance to learn the technique. My DIL is Asian ( half Chinese) and the house is filled with Asian things. Learning
    this would double the enjoyment.
    Thanks so much for the chance—and merry Christmas to you and yours.

  369. I am amazed at the elegance and realism of the Chinese embroidery. It makes you want to be ladylike; suave and debonaire. The colors are so vibrant you want to hold them close to your heart. It would be an honor to learn this technique. Whoever wins it will be blessed.

  370. I would love to win the book and project kit you are offering. It would be an opportunity to learn something new and different than what I grew up with. The finished product looks so elegant and real, that you just want to touch it!

  371. I saw some Chinese embroidery at an art sale. I was enthralled at how realistic the pieces looked. The threads and the shading were wonderful. The book would be a joy to peruse, not to mention being able to do a piece from it.
    Carol b (Cln crs)

  372. As a student of Chinese history,language and culture for the past 50 years everything Chinese fascinates me and Chinese embroidery is very beautiful.

  373. The simplicity & elegance of this work is so beautiful . Have been reading about Chinese Embroidery in Inspirations & your review & would dearly love the chance to try either of the pieces shown & have that book on my bookshelf . The challenge of it would be daunting but would love to give it a go . Thanks & Happy Christmas

  374. I grew up with embroidery pictures around my grandparents’ home. The shading always drew me in. The book alone would be wonderful to have; I’m almost afraid that I’ll be too intimidated to start the kit.

  375. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I think it’s the realism of Chinese embroidery that appeals the most, that and the beautiful silks. I just adore the work I’ve seen and would love to try my hand.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous 2014.

  376. I love the beautiful designs worked in silk that are part of the Chinese embroidery traditions. It is amazing that so many Chinese embroiderers are so talented and skilled. I was privileged to have traveled to China in 1993 and took three days of classes at the Suzhou Embroidery Institute.
    Merry Christmas. I enjoy your column so much.

  377. Ever since I saw that review on Chinese needle painting, I have always wondered a lot about Oriental embroidery and the exquisite delicacy that it evokes in every piece. I have only embroidered as a hobby until I was around 22, and it’s only now eight years later that I’m picking up where I left off (thanks to my reimmersion in costuming)and I’ve so much to learn, both in technique and experience.

    Chinese embroidery is one that makes me want to bleed my fingers to master, because of the high level of intricacy of the images the needle literally paints on the fabric. Only goldwork has an equal footing to Chinese embroidery in my interest book (and that is thanks to Miss Corbet ^-^.) And I think as an Asian it’s only fair to learn as much as I can of the sublime art that is Chinese embroidery.

  378. What a beautiful book to have. The appeal of Chinese embroidery to me is the challenge for the hands and the feast for the eyes! The silk threads along with the graceful designs make the embroideries mesmerizing. Would love to try Chinese embroidery. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win this giveaway!

  379. What I love most about the Chinese embroidery is definitely the elegance of the design. I would love to have a house (or at least a room!) decorated in this elegant style. So calming and peaceful and gorgeous!

  380. All my life I have been fascinated by the Orient. My father spent a couple of years in Shanghai in the Twenties, and often talked of it.
    Chinese embroidery is exquisite, and makes great use of my favourite satin stitch (and long and short, of course). I enjoyed your review of this amazing book – I have several examples of Chinese embroidery, and have longed to learn how to do it myself – or at least try to do it even half as well. Sorry about the postage to England, but I really would adore having this book and a kit would be the lichi on the top!

  381. Hi Mary! I hope you have a super Christmas, you deserve it! Thank You so much for all the things you share with us:) I love Chinese Embroidery, and the silks are very much a part of that. I favor it over Japanese Embroidery because it is more freeform and animal oriented. I would love to add this to my library, no question! If it’s about needlework, it is all good! I would love such a beautiful project to work on through the winter:) Lisette in Oregon

  382. The shapes, style and beautiful colour blending appeal to me most about Chinese embroidery. I am drawn to the simpler examples which echo the beautiful Chinese brush art.
    in Qld, Australia

  383. So much appeals about this form of embroidery, the realism particularly as well as the challenge of mastering such a technique

  384. Chinese embroidery to me is ‘just different’. Everything about it is different from Australian embroidery. I love the smoothness of the embroidery and the lovely lines you get. You feel you can touch it as it looks so real. It is exquisite.

    Chris B

  385. If I am lucky enough, this kit will help me overcome my fear of working with silk threads, add a new technique to those I already have and surely amaze my friends who have not heard of this type of embroidery. And seeing the price of these kits I can only say that this would be a wonderful Christmas present. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2014.

  386. Never too late to try something new and Chinese embroidery would be just the right thing to try! It is so beautiful..rich, elegant, sophisticated…has it all.

  387. I think it is as clever as water painting. The art of using color in such subtle ways is extraordinary. I would love the challenge of learning the skill this book offers. You have wetted my appetite with the review, and I have tried to purchase the book, but it is not in this country yet.
    Merry Christmas from Liverpool, England.

  388. It’s impossible to choose only one thing to love about Chinese embroidery. The designs are amazing in their beauty, the threads and colors are exactly what is needed to bring life to the piece. I have done only a little silk embroidery so far, but I am determined to learn more this art. Your offering this opportunity is a wonderful gift to all of us–whether or not we win. Thank you for providing so much enjoyment and help daily. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  389. Another VERY generous giveaway. I’m guessing I’m not in the running as I’m in the UK but I’ll say what appeals to me most anyway! It’s very hard to pick what appeals MOST but the things that appeal are the clean design, the realism and that wonderful sheen you can only get with silk – just fabulous. I think it’s the last one that appeals most but they all go together to create the appeal.

  390. I love Chinese embroidery because it reminds me so much of Japanese embroidery but without the symbolism of Japanese Embroidery. It is more real and looks as if you could touch it and it would be alive weather plant or animal. I want to get the book when it becomes available here in the US. Receiving it earlier could work just as well however.
    My study of Japanese Embroidery has been so much fun.
    Thank you Mary B.

  391. I love chinese embroidery because it’s really elegant, and very meticulous. I am not familiar with this technique yet, but i am eager to learn.

  392. A book and a kit. How wonderful. I would love to learn a new technique. Love working with silks.
    Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

  393. I became fascinated with Chinese embroidery after seeing an exhibition in Christchurch, NZ. I couldn’t believe the pictures were stitched. I have collected everything possible regarding thread painting since that time but have not found anything that comes near to the beauty of Chinese Embroidery and whilst I know at 73 it is unlikely I would ever reach the high skill level involved, if I could just achieve finishing one picture that I found acceptable I would feel my years of passion for embroidery would have been worth while.

    After the Christchurch earthquake where we lost our home and the devastation still throughout our city being able to create something of such beauty to display in our new house would be a link with our old home where many hours were spent stitching.

    1. I became fascinated with Chinese embroidery after seeing an exhibition in Christchurch, NZ. I couldn’t believe the pictures were stitched. I have collected everything possible regarding thread painting since that time but have not found anything that comes near to the beauty of Chinese Embroidery and whilst I know at 73 it is unlikely I would ever reach the high skill level involved, if I could just achieve finishing one picture that I found acceptable I would feel my years of passion for embroidery would have been worth while.

  394. I love the luscious silk, the beautiful, realistic designs. I’d be thrilled to get the chance to try may hand at Chinese embroidery! When you reviewed the book I went online and almost ordered it for myself – it looks so lovely – but held back knowing that the holidays were coming up. I know that I could learn a lot about colour, design and technique from the book and that I could apply to any creative endeavour.

    Thanks for the chance to win Mary and Country Bumpkin!

  395. Hi Mary-What appeals the most about Chinese Embroidery? EVERYTHING! To me the color pallet of silk thread, combined with Ms Lee’s exquisite designs create the ultimate in artistic achievement. I would love to accept the challenge of learning this new technique . Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!

  396. I was fortunate enough to meet Margaret at a Japanese embroidery exhibition several years ago and have been desperate to learn from her. I haven’t been able to afford her courses in Canberra but her book or kits would be the next best thing!

  397. What a lovely give-away! I am intrigued by the delicacy and intricacy of Chinese embroidery, as well as the possibility to work with silk threads, which I have not yet done. My goal each year is to learn or perfect a specific needlework technique; I once vowed to myself to become as proficient in the needle-arts as I possibly could, and this has given me great satisfaction thus far. I thank you for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills.

  398. I love Chinese embroidery, not only for the colors and an appreciation of all the hard work and skill that goes into each piece, but also because they have a subtle, watercolor look to the pieces. They are truly fine art!

  399. That anyone is able to achieve such realism with a needle and thread is a marvel to me. I have had Margaret Lee’s book on my wish list since reading your review, and to win a copy and a kit would be a wonderful way to start the New Year. Many thanks for this great contest and for all the fantastic information you provide all year. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

  400. Oh it is the silk that catches me – how magnificient and beautiful the book pictures are. I love the flowers and birds, so exquisite. I would love to learn about this art of Chinese embroidery.

  401. Because of you Mary and all I’ve learned and enjoyed, I am going to be changing my art “name” in the future when we move! I absolutely am entranced by all these new arts/techniques you bring to us.
    I think it is the designs – they are so “simple” (simply) elegant. They have that KISS factor! The threads also are just so stunning. But to accomplish that beauty with such simplicity of design is true mastery. I think that is what appeals to me most. Without gorgeous design, no matter how beautiful the technique or the threads it just wouldn’t be the same.

  402. Hi Mary,
    As an observer, so to speak, the elegance and detail of the work appeals; especially how part of the artist’s skill is in hiding how much skill is needed.
    As someone who fights with a needle regularly ^_^ the challenge and the promise of producing a beatiful product is what appeals

    Thank you so much!
    Tessa in Stellenbosch

  403. This is the giveaway of my dreams. I have always loved Chinese embroidery.My godmother had a collection of this beautiful work but unfortunately I do not know what happened to it after she died. I saw some when we visited China in 1997 but stupidly did not buy any. I would love to win this prize so I can try stitching it myself.

  404. I am intrigued with the oriental embroidery and have been for a long time. The shading and the interpretation is phenomanel . How they can do such intricate work and precise interpretation of the chosen image is mystifying and incredibly beautiful.
    This is a skill I have wanted to learn for a long time and this would be good instruction and motivator.
    From a young age I have admired their skills with the needle and thread.
    Jane J

  405. Oh, my! I’m hyperventilating. What a giveaway. I’ve been drooling over this book since you posted a review of it! I love everything about Chinese embroidery. The designs are so deceptively simple – yet exquisitely detailed. A kit of one of the projects would be a wonderful learning opportunity for me – both in the technique and in working with silk. Thanks for this chance to win both!

  406. What a wonderful treasure this would be! I can’t imagine being able to do one of those beautiful kits, but I would sure love to try.

  407. I have always loved Chinese designs, culture, writing, tradition, languages, etc… I find that it is usually intricate, delicate and flow with grace…like the Chinese dancers. I have been fascinated every since I read Pearl Buck’s stories of Chinese culture as a teenager. I would love to learn new technique as part of expanding my knowledge of Chinese culture. Thank you for the contest! Merry Christmas!!!

  408. Firstly, I send my Best Wishes to you Mary and all the members of our circle. May you all stay safe, be happy and that the New Year is Joyous.

    Mary, thanks for the really beaut give away and to Country Bumpkin for their really lovely and kind donation.

    I have already got the book but will have to wait until after Xmas to get a kit which I would love to learn, Chinese Silk Embroidery as I do like Asian work especially Chinese and Japanese. A change from our other embroidery styles.
    I like working with silk as the silk colours are so bright and clear, if that makes sense and the feel is so soft.

    Well if I am lucky to win this give away I would be a very busy stitcher.

    Kind regards to you and all

    Martha May

  409. I am impressed by the elegantly delicate nature the silk thread gives the leaves, flowers and birds in Chinese embroidery. Leaves,flowers and birds are my favorite patterns to use in needlework so I’m anxious to have the opportunity to learn such a beautiful type of embroidery as the Chinese embroidery, especially as it is available in a kit with clear instructions. I’m an adventurous beginner who has a good grasp of crewel embroidery. I’d love to be able to learn a new technique as presented in one of Margaret Lee’s kits. Thanks for the opportunity to win one along with The Art of Chinese Embroidery.

  410. Oh my, Mary, the book is breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve been fortunate to visit China and have seen these embroideries up close-the realism and needlework expertise is beyond compare. It would make such a wonderful addition to my library and incentive to try my hand at learning the skill. Thanks for this opportunity and Happy Holidays!
    Judy in VT

  411. I have wanted to learn Chinese embroidery since I visited the embroidery institute in Hanchow in 1997. I have always admired the delicacy and naturalism of the flowers and animals in this technique.The book looks beautiful and the silks yummy.

  412. SILK! Of course the simple elegance of the designs and the realism that can be achieved by a good stitcher are also a huge draw. But, I mean really, SILK! *grin* What else is there to say?

    Thank you Mary and Country Bumpkin for your generosity.

    The very best of the holiday season to you and yours. 🙂

  413. Merry Christmas, Mary!
    I love the colors and gleam of the silk. Plus, the workmanship makes everything look even better.
    Thank you for this opportunity,

  414. All of your questions are right on the mark. Her work is elegance to the nth degree. I can’t think of a better way to start out the new year than by learning a new technique especially one that makes me long to finger the pages.

  415. Ooooooh that book – I have tried to get it through Amazon and it said not available so I sit and wait. I love all things long and short because it is so realistic and working with silk is amazing. It is hard to pick only one appeal to this particular type of embroidery as they all apply. To own this book and a kit would be wonderful as it is just beautiful. All the best to all the stitcher’s around the world and I wish you all a happy Christmas with your loved ones and thanks to Mary for another inspiring year and here’s to 2014!

  416. I love all things about Chinese embroidery and have always wondered whether I could actually learn how to do it, so this give-away would be such a welcome gift. I really admire the attention to detail and the beautiful results that the masters can achieve! Would very much like to put it top of my ‘to do’ list for 2014.

  417. The realism really appeals to me. The precision of each stitch and the blending of colors are exquisite. I have finally begun using silk threads for my projects and am beginning to work on needle painting. Having this book to guide me and either of these stunning projects would push me to do more, to learn some new techniques and bring my current ones to a new level.

  418. I love the elegant designs and calming colors of the Chinese embroidery. Its also great that something that looks so simple isn’t 🙂

  419. I have long admired Chinese embroidery, the technique, the delicate shading and sheen of the silk threads, and the use of natural subjects for their designs. I tried a painting kit once to emulate the art – not my best decision unfortunately – so would love learn from this exciting book but as a pension these kits are beyond my reach. Never the less I can enjoy watching others create these pieces instead. Look forward to your newsy, informative newsletters Mary – please keep them up.

  420. Oh, please please PLEASE pick me! I have been to both Hong Kong and the Suzhou region, and even went to the school in Suzhou where they teach this embroidery, and embroider it for sale. Amazing!!!! Even my DH was impressed….we bought several pieces, and I am aching to learn! In Hong Kong, I sat in the shop with a young lady and chatted for hours about the technique, her training, and the skill level of various pieces. She let me play with her silk! Sigh…..

  421. Oh my I just love how realistic Chinese embroidery is and it would be awesome to try a new technique.

    Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful New Year 🙂

    Tammy W

  422. The koi are so fluid and real, that I expect them to swim off the fabric! Chinese embroidery is just as fine an art as any painting by a renaissance master and I would love to have this book!

  423. Hello Mary,

    I would love to wind one of the books with a project. I have dabbled a little into Chinese embroidery, but found I need much more practice and instruction. Getting the silk to sit right has been my biggest challenge, on top of having very dry fingers so the thread snags on my fingers often. Can’t get use to wearing gloves doing the stitching.

    Merry Christmas.

  424. Happy Christmas Mary. Thanks for this opportunity to enter yet another give away competition. Love the simplicity of the designs in the book and can see how difficult they would be to execute. I would love the opportunity to try .

  425. There is a quiet beauty and elegance to Chinese embroidery that speaks to me.
    I was so enticed by the review of Margaret Lee’s book on your website that I had to try to win it! I would love to learn the techniques in her book and expand my embroidery skills.
    Amy M.

  426. I have taken classes with Margaret Lee for Japanese Embroidery and love it. I would love the chance to be able to try my hand at Chinese Embroidery, particularly with Margaret’s instructions in her new book. Margaret is one of the best teachers I’ve had and her passion for embroidery shows through her teaching.

  427. Oh, Mary – what a spectacularly generous give-away! I’ve been fantasizing and drooling over the possibility of getting this book ever since your review…with the wonderful teaser photos! The fish! The birds! The flowers!! Oh, my……the mind boggles. Although years ago I was moderately skilled at crewelwork, this super-realistic silk painting is way beyond anything I’ve tried. It would be a wonderful stretch to give this a try. Merry Christmas!!

    Lita in Mount Pleasant, SC

  428. Chinese embroidery appeals to me because it seems to make the design come alive. Also, I love the silk threads. As a child, I read all of Pearl Bucks books which gave me a connection to China. About eleven years ago, my husband and I went on a tour of China and I’d love to go there again and see different places. This book and kit would provide a link to my past and future. I hope that I am lucky enough to win this fabulous prize.

  429. I’m probably too late, I save my email from “Needle `n Thread” till I have time to sit down and read it throughly. Oriental art work and decor is a favorite of mine and I will buy this book anyway.

    Thanks for the great news letters,
    Kathy Wilso

  430. How exciting! My passion for Chinese embroidery began in my teens (in the ’70s) when I got a holiday job in a shop that sold all sorts of hand worked Chinese textiles. This opened my eyes to all the beautiful hand embroidered and hand sewn silk blouses and hand beaded wool and angora cardigans which became my wardrobe staples. My love affair with Chinese embroidery has never abated from that time. Although I’ve tried my hand at many different embroidery techniques, I haven’t yet attempted to do anything quite so intricate and challenging as the work in this beautiful book. I’m thrilled by the chance to give it a go!

  431. What an amazing giveaway! What I admire most in Chinese embroidery is how delicate it seems and also how much intention seems to be contained in every stitch to achieve the realism of the end result.

  432. Oh my! I rarely try for give- sways because it is disappointing to not win, but this I have to try for! I’ve loved Chinese embroidery for year but do not have access to classes or supplies. I’ve looked on e-bay and even there the prices are more than I can pay. I would dearly love to learn these techniques. I’ve been embroidering for 51 years now and love it so.

    Thank you for considering me! Diana R. Thomas
    19322 141st. Ave. SE.
    Renton, WA. 98058

  433. I have had such a terrible miserable month. Just about everything that could go wrong has; including not having any stitching time. I was about to give up hope until I saw your offer. I think Chinese embroidery is beyond gorgeous. It is a technique that I have wanted to learn for years. I have read every library book available and every online source I can find. I’ve even bought silk threads, and here I sit, unable to get started. I love to learn new techniques and and how to use new (to me) materials. Thank you for the opportunity to maybe get a book and a kit. (I never know if I am buying the correct materials, when I purchase on my own.

    Mary in B.R.

  434. Chinese Embroidery is like a delicacy to me, you admire and savor it a little at a time, like eating Chinese “dim sum”. I have long wanted to learn the exquisite technique of Chinese Embroidery and needle painting. I have dabbled in it on and off throughout the years, with only “passable” results.

    When I read your review and saw the impeccably detailed instructions and magnificently embroidered projects – something just clicked, I knew “this is it”! No more dabbling, time to sit down and really give this wonderful art form the time and dedication it deserves. I would love to have Ms. Lee’s book and kit to kick-start my New Year’s Resolution. And that resolution is to learn the beautiful, elegant and ancient art of Chinese Embroidery!

  435. Oh My!!
    What an amazing Christmas Gift this would make for ME!! Such gorgeous embroidery has captured my eye for years. To have the opportunity to learn from Margaret Lee’s gorgeous book AND one of her kits would be glorious! That would be a lovely way to start 2014!
    Happy Holidays to All.
    SandiR {Happy Stitcher in Florida}

  436. Hi Mary,
    Merry Christmas! I love Chinese embroidery be cause of the natural themes. I love the plants and animals and how realistic they look. What a special gift you are giving away!


  437. I am returning to fine hand embroidery after a long hiatus. When my children were very young, I found Japanese embroidery and fell in love with the beauty of the design and threads – both silk and gold. I would love to explore the world of Chinese embroidery with its elegance of design. Beautiful!

    Merry Christmas Mary! May your New Year be filled with living family & friends.
    Donna Talipsky

  438. Mary:
    Oh, my, how do I tell you which one of the seven questions is applicable when they all apply? I have been in love with oriental art for many years and have quite a collection of oriental dishes that my Mom collected over the years.
    Thank you for the opportunity too add my name to this give-away. I think that my greatest answer will be to learn some new techniques.

  439. Hello Mary,
    Margaret Lee’s “The Art of Chinese Embroidery” and her beautiful kits are so appealing for many reasons – the elegant designs, detailed photography and techniques and the history of Chinese Embroidery. I recently took a class in basic needlepainting and would love to learn this advanced technique of Chinese Embroidery.

    Best wishes for 2014.

  440. I so long to attempt this embroidery style, and have wondered if I am skilled enough. It is so very beautiful to look at, and thank you Mary, Margaret and Country Bumpkin for offering someone the chance to ‘have a go’, at this Christmas time.

  441. Chinese embroidery represents a segment of a very old culture steeped in tradition and pride. You can look back upon their work from centuries ago and still see the traditions and subject matter today; their work is timeless. I’m amazed that human hands are capable of creating such beauty from the colorful silks to the thousands of individual stitches. I can only hope to acquire a fraction of this talent.

    Merry Christmas & Happy 2014

  442. After seeing the Chinese exhibit in1988 I have been intrigued by the perfect stitching n silk threads of this work. It is exquisite .

  443. Oh My! The designs are beautiful. In the framed picture, it looks like it is going to jump off the page. The dimension, or from what I can see from the photos, is amazing. I haven’t done anything like this yet and would certainly like to! Crossing my fingers and hoping Santa is good to you in Kansas!

  444. I saw some Chinese Embroidery pieces about 20 years ago and I was amazed at the fine detail and realistic effects. I’m so pleased to see a book available that teaches these techniques.

  445. I love the look of needlepainting, and Chinese embroidery seems to take that to a whole new level. Thank you for the giveaway!

  446. I think Chinese embroidery is stunningly beautiful and what appeals most is the idea of creating something that at on e looks realistic yet is stylistically elegant. I’d love to try it one day and a kit would be the perfect way.

  447. Country Bumpkin are awesome! Beautiful books and projects. For me the beauty of Chinese embroidery is not only the exquisite skill, but the fact it’s a thousand years of handed down exquisite skill. From generation to generation, fulfilling what we would all like to ensure. The beauty of embroidery living on.

  448. These two projects are to die for! I love the intricacy of both pieces and they are so realistic. Botanicals are always my favorite subject-matter to stitch. Thanks for the opportunity to explore a new-to-me style of embroidery. Happy holidays, Mary!

  449. What a wonderful prize, I will be hoping that it arrives in my mail box.
    I love all Oriental embroidery. I think what appeals to me the most is the wonderful shading done with silk threads. The designs, of course are wonderfully delicate and graceful.

  450. I love a challenge and these designs look like they are very detail oriented. I love realism, especially in flowers and animals. I have yet to buy and try silk but have been intrigued since you mention it so often in your blog. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  451. What an amazing give-away! As a beginner, I definitely don’t have the skills to win this, but the techniques and effects are just jaw-droppingly beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the review and learned something along the way. NatalieF

  452. E’ difficile dire cosa mi piace del ricamo cinese:tutto
    il realismo: sfiorando solo l’immagine sul libro sembra di sentire le piume degli uccelli,
    la raffinatezza dei disegni,
    la lucentezza della seta e i suoi spessori,
    i tempi che credo lunghissimi per fare un lavoro (come una preghiera infinita),
    le emozioni che mi provoca solo il guardare.
    Mi piace spaziare fra tecniche diverse di ricamo e questa e’ stata il mio sogno negli ultimi anni.
    Riusciro’ a fare anche solo un piccolo kit?
    Spero che con la traduzione tu riesca ad interpretare il mio commento.
    Buon 2014

  453. What is not to like about that book! I find the embroidery frames she uses intriguing. I love silk thread. I love to do nature projects. The finished project is gorgeous.

  454. I would have to say the simple elegance and apparently effortless precision and detail involved in Chinese embroidery is what captures my attention the most. What a great give-away!

    A Blessed Christmas season to you and your family Mary!

  455. Thanks for the opportunity Mary! While still a newbie to embroidery, though dabbling my whole life even as a child I was fascinated with Chinese embroidery. There was a great family owned Chinese restaurant we went to when I was a child that had embroidered pieces on the walls. In my other art do a lot of realism, so that appeals to me a lot with the designs. It is almost like the work will start moving any second; the fish and water, the flowers will sway and the birds will fly. It is lovely art, embroidered or painted.

  456. I’ve never actually done any Chinese embroidery though I do think it is beautiful. I would love to try it!

  457. Oh Mary, This is the loveliest, the most elegant give-away you have ever done. Thank you.

    I love everything about Chinese embroidery, but especially the sheen of their silks.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  458. I love Chinese embroidery because it’s so beautiful! It looks so real, and that is baffling to me, how someone can use a needle and thread and make something look so real! It’s so perfect like a picture or painting.
    Merry Christmas, Mary!

  459. Hello…There are many things that I find attractive about Chinese embroidery including the history…but perhaps the most appealing aspect to me is–for lack of a better (real?)word–its otherworldliness.

  460. Oh, my! What a wonderful give-away! The silk threads and the marvelous range of colors used in the embroidery is stuning. I take a quick deep breath every time I see it.

  461. I think the designs are very elegant, and I’d love to learn how to do silk embroidery! (I tried silk once and ended up in a huge tangle, so I need some instruction how best to handle silk threads) Thanks for the chance to win.
    Merry Christmas!

  462. Mary,

    I was lucky enough to visit China in 2007 with my son on a school band trip. I was fascinated with the embroidery on display in a number of the sites we visited and at one we were privileged to watch some women working on their pieces. I had to be dragged away to move on to the next site. To win this book would be amazing. And the extra goodies??? Heaven!!!

    Dreaming of winning,
    Heather in Sunny South Surrey

  463. I love the silk threads for many reasons, the threads sew extremely well and the colors are superb. Chinese embroidery is so distinctive that I can’t help but to be drawn to it. Thank you for your wonderful on-going info on stitching and books etc. I look forward to your comments and info every day. SandyB in OR

  464. I think the pure elegance of the design is what catches my eye. I have not tried Chinese embroidery although I constantly find myself responding the beauty of it. I also like that the red chop stamp is a part of the work, it ‘authenticates’ the whole.

  465. To me, the beauty of Chinese embroidery is primarily due to the realistic appearance of the subject matter. The stitch perfection and the shine of the silk threads also add to the loveliness.

    Thanks so much for your informative website. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this endeavor!

    Susan from Texas

  466. When I first started along my textile road I was drawn to Asian textiles. I loved the simplicity and complexity of the designs, the textiles used, the weaves and colors used,and the silk and gold thread that is so resplendent on the garments. My first love. And it still is.
    Merry Christmas and thank you for a wonderful giveaway, Mary, and Country Bumpkin.

  467. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for the wonderful gift of your Blog. I love the realism and fine delicacy that can be achieved with Chinese silk embroidery. It is difficult to imagine being able to create that look myself but I’m up for the challenge. So I’m a good test case for one of Margaret’s kits. Mary a very Merry Christmas to you too!

  468. Loved your review. I’ve always admired the light and shade, movement and depth Chinese embroidery achieves with mainly straight stitches and beautiful silk threads. Would love to have a go at this – why not add another technique to my embroidery toolbox. Thanks for offering such lovely give aways at Christmas.

  469. Hi Mary.
    I think Chinese embroidery is so elegant, graceful and peaceful. The completed works are stunning and so realistic. I would love to improve my basic needlepainting skills.
    Thank you very much for all that you share.
    Merry Christmas and warm wishes for the coming year.
    Kathy – shivering in northeast Ohio

  470. Hi

    I think everything you mentioned about Chinese embroidery is why I am interested in this embroidery. I love the detail and the use of the silk threads. I have always wanted to try this embroidery. It would be a neat project to start the new year off.

  471. I love the beauty of Chinese embroidery. I have some pieces at home and aspire; oh, how I aspire to produce something even remotely resembling the elegance of the talented ladies of China.

  472. I think that the simplicity of the embroidery, knowing that it isn’t simple at all is what attracts me — the shading, the silk, the beauty of the pattern. I’d love to try a new technique.

  473. Opportunity to add a new technique, silk thread and design elegance – you are so correct. You are opening a whole new world to me.

  474. I would be very excited to win the book and project. My husband is Chinese (I am not) and his parents have given us various small Chinese embroideries over the years. I do not know how to do this type of embroidery, but would love to learn. I do many other types of embroidery, but nothing like the Chinese embroidery. I love working with silk threads, and this seems to be the ultimate use of silk threads.

  475. I have long enjoyed the looks of this style, yet have not taken the time to try it. I would like to try something new in the new year. Oh yeah, I also love working with silk threads!

  476. I would love to add Japanese Embroidery to my repitrare. I also love how real the emroidery looks when it is finished. Working with silk threads is such a joy! The two kits you are giving away are simply gorgeous and since the book is published by Country Bumpkin (the people that publish the “Inspiration’s Magazine) it will be gorgeous as well! Thank you so much for your give-aways

  477. Chinese embroidery. It is so much more than a picture! The history of this culturally exquisite art form that Margaret Lee has embraced and is sharing with everyone takes your breath away! I feel I am seeing a story when I gaze upon her work. What is the real story being told, what do those particular colours of silk telling us? And knowing it will last for generations due to the filament silk woven throughout. How many threads were used in those tiny areas? Oh the list goes on……..art at its finest!

  478. Love, love, LOVE the realistic look of Chinese embroidery and would love to win one of the prizes. Thank you so much for the opportunity to preview the book and for a chance to win!

  479. Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for another great give-away! I love the elegance of any Chinese embroidery I have seen. It seems so stately and sophisticated. I assume it is because of the play of light on those gorgeous silk threads and would love to be able to create such a piece of art.
    Merry Christmas from the other side of the world!

  480. The Chinese embroidery is beautiful. I have done a little Japanese embroidery and learned a lot about working with silk and metal to create very special designs. I have also seen some Korean silk embroidery. Having a kit and detailed instructions would make the Chinese embroidery a realistic challenge.

  481. Oh My goodness, this book has been on my wish list since you reviewed it. What’s not to love with type of embroidery, I think for me it is the delicate way each pattern comes to life. To have the opportunity to win this, after what has been a harsh and very difficult year would be the perfect ‘gift’.
    Good luck to everyone, may you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy 2014, stay safe.
    Thank you Mary for all your hard work this year it has been my one shining moment =)

  482. Chinese embroidery is new to me and the realism is quite startling. I love silk thread embroidery and this seems to take it to whole new level. Would love to try one of these kits.

  483. Mary, I love the colours and the beauty of Chinese embroidery. Their gentle transition from one colour to another and the detail is second to none. I would love to win this book and kit. Thank-you for allowing us an opportunity and for all of your book reviews, they most certainly assist us in choosing good education needlework books. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Nova Scotia, Canada

  484. i have done almost every kind of embroidery, well shall I say that i have at least tried to do most kinds of embroidery,so i would really like to see what Chinese is like…

  485. I read your review of this book and fell in love with it. I like the simple but realistic designs. They just seem to flow. I also love the look of the silk thread although I have not used any yet. That is on my agenda for the year 2014. It would make a beautiful present for my daughter.

  486. Merry Christmas dear Mary!!
    I´m writting from Spain, and I love your gorgeous work.
    and now I´m very pleasant to hear you talking about that “ART”, chinese embroidery!
    it´s a realistic and beautiful technic…and I´d love know it better!
    thanks a lot for this amazing chance!
    and thanks again for all!
    Feliz Navidad y los mejores deseos para el año 2014!!

  487. This beautiful book would provide me with the opportunity to learn another wonderful embroidery technique. I love all the embroidery in the book, and would very much cherish the opportunity to become immersed in the fabulous colours and to luxuriate in the pleasure of using the wonderfully exquisite silks. Artistic bliss!!! Heaven!!!

  488. I am thrilled to see someone else on my “heart wave” length. Her embroideries make my heart sing. we could have wonderful conversations regarding silk threads and “sugas”. Thank you , Mary Corbett, for featuring that artist and her embroideries.

  489. I love the subtle, delicate shading in Chinese embroidery. The koi on the cover of the book are gorgeous. Thank you for the contest!

  490. All of the above! I always like learning new techniques and I have yet to work with silk thread. I also love the realiztic imagery – I have a few Chinese pieces of art on my walls. Either of these kits would look lovely next to them.

  491. I love the intricacy of such styles as Chinese embroidery. I play with the SCA, a group that recreates the middle ages, and I love the idea of learning new and different styles of embroidery, whether modern or historic, and seeing how they can be used in recreation purposes. Then there’s the idea of doing silk embroidery, something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I first came across this blog.

  492. Mary, you have the best give-aways. This is such a beautiful book and it is a technique I have not tried yet. Having a kit as well is icing on the cake.

  493. What a gorgeous book! The subtle shading of Chinese embroidery is so beautiful – must take the time to learn and practice it.

    Merry Christmas!

  494. I adore working with silk thread and have put learning Chinese embroidery on the “things to learn” list. Many of the designs are gorgeous for the seeming simplicity that is really quite intricate in its design and workmanship. Also, the historical aspects of it intrigue me.

  495. All the points you mention would apply … learning new techniques esp. with filament silk and esp. Chinese embroidery is something I want to concentrate on in 2014. Would love to win something on your site… this would be GREAT!

  496. I have always been fascinated with Chinese Embroidery. When the world’s fair was in Knoxville TN, I spent half the day watching 2 ladies do this. It is so real and delicate and to me magical! I love a challenge and can learn most things on my own, with instructions. I have learned to do most of the needlework techniques on my bucket list but this is one of those things that I have not had the opportunity to learn. Thank you so much for giving us all this opportunity to try to win this amazing package. And thank you for all the work you do on your daily newsletter! It is the highlight of my day. Sonja

  497. Hi Mary,

    What a lovely give-away. I suppose I’m attracted to Chinese Embroidery because it looks so challenging and demanding. I love thread painting, and I guess this is the ultimate form. I’m an actress and a singer/dancer, and it’s difficult to look at one’s own mistakes while performing, but by practicing something like drawing, painting, needlework, etc. I can see where something could use improvement, and I can go back and re-work my artwork or needle project in a very tactile way. When I go back to working on a scene study/monologue/song/dance I am more in tune with my body and can sense what might be better choices for me to make….oh, and the portrait work I do — which is old master-style, is much better. So trying out Chinese Embroidery will make me more sensitive to the other art forms I do and more patient…either that, or I’ll completely flip out from the intensity of it all! (Not really).

    Thank you for your beautiful blog!
    Sabrina of Lawrence

  498. I am just returning to needlework after many years of quilting. This looks challenging and a lot of fun to accomplish.

  499. Chinese embroidery no matter how ancient, is timeless. The designs, the blending of colors, the stitches fit right in with contemporary fiber art that makes me want to learn the techniques. That’s the first reason I am drawn to it. The second? When I see a beautiful embroidery, especially in person, that is 300, 500, even 1,000 years old — I feel like I am seeing the hands of a person from another era. What an amazing link.

  500. Happy holidays, Mary! I’ve never done Chinese embroidery, but I’ve seen it a lot at the major craft fair here. I’ve always been attracted to the fine-ness of it, and that it comes out so flat. Maybe it’s what you call the realism.

  501. Pick me! Pick me! I love the elegance of Chinese embroidery. It looks so realistic. I must admit that I lust after the book more than the project. Just to drool over the pictures…

  502. I love the simple elegance of Chinese embroidery. This is one technique I’d love to study. To me it seems that once the skill is perfected it becomes a meditation on simple line and form. So beautiful!

  503. I love this book. I spent a week in China last spring and a half day at an embroidery school. The work was exquisite. I bought a very small piece of silk embroidery worked by a first year student. I wanted to purchase a kit so I could try my hand at it but they didn’t sell them. I would so love to have this and one of the kits. What a wonderful Christmas present to me this would be.

  504. I love the realism of Chinese embroidery and would find the challenge of a new technique exciting! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  505. Chinese embroidery captivates my mind through
    its’ absolutely beautiful interpretation of
    nature. The silk threads add to the visual
    appeal. I would love to try this art form with
    the aid of the book and kits you are so generous
    to give away. Merry Christmas.

  506. I am so fascinated by Chinese embroidery and what a wonderful way to start learning about it.
    This is a lovely book and it would be fun to go through it.

  507. I love the elegance of anything Chinese or Japanese. Love the look of it. The silk is differently eye appealing. Thanks for the chance to win this great book, would love to have this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  508. Hi,

    This would be the best gift I can give to my best friend. She is the one who taught me embroidery. She has a passion for all kind of embroidery and she is a very good teacher. This book will be an addition to her wonderful collection of books and to her knowledge.

    Nathalie (Québec, Canada)
    Merry Christmas

  509. ELEGANCE !–the same elegance which pervades Chinese pottery, wood carvings, paintings, and home furnishings.
    “Thank you,” to Country Bumpkin and to you Mary for sharing this lovely art.

  510. OOOOH!!! I would love this book! It’s already on my wish list! I love the beauty and the realism and the precision of Chinese Su Embroidery. I wish…..
    Joanna in Boston

  511. Hi Mary,
    Chinese embroidery is so beautifull, it’s delicate and the details are amazing. It’s a big challenge for those of us who grab a few hours and sometimes minutes for our needlework. I’m lucky since I am retired I have much more time for my passions embroidery and crochet.

  512. What appeals to me most with Chinese embroidery – it’s over the top beautiful!! The luster of the silk threads and the detail of the designs, it would be fabulous to win one of the books or the kit. Thank you very much and have a Merry Christmas.

  513. I love these designs – they are breathtaking! I love how Chinese embroidery is so fine and well done it is almost painting like and I would like to master that as well. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  514. My husband collects Japanese woodblock prints and scrolls, mostly nature prints and landscapes. To me, Chinese embroidery is the way I can relate to his loves. In addition, I have a true fascination with color and light, and the way the light is reflected off the silks, the colors of the silks, their subtlety, is something that I find myself looking at again and again. This is a technique I’d love to learn, and would really like to win this book – and of course, one of the kits! In addition, my mom loves flowers and I’d love to stitch up one of these beauties for her!

  515. The realistic nature, the elegance of the finished article, the delicacy of the colours as they blend, is pure joy in my eyes. Being one with nature and embroidery. Many thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  516. I love how Chinese Embroidery gives dimension to the wonders of nature. It make you feel like you can almost smell the flowers. Thanks for the opportunity!

  517. Mary, I was so captivated by the description of the book on Chinese embroidery. I have been doing embellishing on crazy quilt squares, and recently embroidered a dragon and fish on a friend’s Chinese crazy quilt square. I would like to learn how to use silk thread, it appears very vibrant in color, and another thread medium to try.

  518. What a wonderful book full of exquisite designs! I love the detail. This would definitely be a challenge worth exploring. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win one! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  519. Chinese embroidery is beautiful. I would enjoy learning the techniques involved. Thank you so much for your newsletters and give aways.

  520. The gorgeous realism achieved through Chinese embroide. ry is the most appealin thing to me.

  521. What a fabulous opportunity. I have loved Chinese embroidery since I first saw some in – wait for it – a restaurant in Manchester, UK. I love the subtle sheen of the silk and the stunningly complex simplicity of the designs which remind me of Japanese ikebana. I would really love to add this to my repertoire: as my health is deteriorating I need to concentrate more on work I can do sitting down but I want to do things that will challenge me.

    I wish you all the peace and happiness in the world and hope your celebration is everything you want it to be.

  522. I just love Chinese embroidery. I guess this goes back to having my Dad be an exchange student to China when he was 18. So I grew up with China in my heart. When my parents died, we could choose what we wanted that they left…and I got two framed pictures of Chinese embroidery and a wall hanging that I remembered as a child. I just hope that one of our son’s will want these silk scenes from long ago. The fine art is so beautiful as is the art in these books and the beautiful Kit. Thank you so much for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  523. I am a beginner and have not had courage to attempt silk thread yet. This would be very exciting ! The pictures are beautiful !

  524. What an amazing book. I am a beginner and have not had courage to attempt silk thread yet. This would be very exciting ! The pictures are beautiful !

  525. Would love to try my hand at a new technique, Chinese embroidery may be outside my current skill level, but you never know until you try. 🙂

  526. I love both the realism and the silk threads used in Chinese embroidery. Silk thread almost literally makes my mouth water. I’d love the book, but I think I’d love the kit even more, with its chance to really try the technique with the correct supplies.

  527. Mary
    Oh how I would love to win this book and kit!!!! I love the silk and detail in Chinese Embroidery. One of the chinese eating places we used to go to had a beautiful hand embroidered picture in there I looked and looked at it every time we went in there.
    Thank you for everything you do Mary

    Robin Marks

  528. I absolutely adore the texture of the silk with the twist as well as the various colors. They are so bright and pretty. I always love the excitement of adding a new skill to the current state of knowledge and it is definitely a challenge and something to look forward to accomplishing.
    Seasons Greetings. Stay warm wherever you are in the chilly midwest.

  529. Chinese Embroidery looks very real life. The subject matter are beautiful. What a lovely opportunity to learn a new form of embroidery. Thanks for giving away the books and kits. What a Merrry Christmas!!

  530. I am drawn to Chinese Embroidery by the elegance of the flow of the design. Once in a Mobile Museum, I saw a young Chinese girl embroidering a thin silk organza. you could see through it and the back and front were both as beautiful. I was fascinated and then began my embroidering journey!

  531. I love the realism of the embroidery designs. I have never worked with silk. Hope to win so that I could give it a try.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Keep up what you are doing you are my inspiration to try new and unique things.

  532. I love how delicate everything is. It’s realistic, and yet dream like. I’ve thought about trying it, but I’m just not sure where to start, or whether I could really do it justice.

  533. It is the use of silk threads and vibrant colors in elegant designs – designs that give a new technique to learn and designs that are realistic, yet transcend reality into a whole new world of beauty.

  534. G’day Mary,
    And thank you Country Bumpkin.
    The realism is a drawcard with it’s gentle intricate detail. It’s something more than realism though. There’s an overall flowing softness woven with simplicity of design that shines out for me.
    Wishing you, and your’s, very, very special days Mary.
    Cheers, with love for the season. Kath from Oz.

  535. I’m always amazed by the delicacy and realism of Chinese embroidery. I would not have thought that such effects were even possible. I would love to get a chance to try it out—I hope my skills would be up to the challenge!

  536. I was given some Chinese embroidery pictures by a very good friend some 40 years ago. What fascinated me was the silk thread and the use of it in long and short stitch. Whereas I have used long and short stitch to fill a design, this picture’s long and short is more spaced out leaving the fabric underneath partially exposed. The overall effect is stunning.Would love to learn this art.
    Ros Clark

  537. I love the serenity and the detail of the Chinese embroidery. That is what embroidery means to me; a chance to let the stress of the day retreat and enjoy a serene moment (or two or three) to watch the magic occur with needle and thread. Happy holidays!

  538. I had read about Chinese double sided embroidery and thought it was beautiful. I was able to go to China in 2002 with my sister and when I was in Xian I found a beautiful piece of Peony flowers with butterflies that I purchased. I love the brilliant colors of silk and the wonderful designs. I would love to stitch a piece myself.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  539. What appeals to me most about Chinese embroidery is the realism. I also like that the kits are done by Margaret Lee. I’m sure I could learn the technique from her directions. She was one of my favorite teachers back when there were embroidery seminars in the area.

  540. What a wonderful giveaway! Just this year, I began exploring silk thread and Japanese and Chinese embroidery: breathtaking!! I was instantly captured by the exquisite attention to detail and, yes, the elegance. I have been so struck by how silk thread doesn’t nest or tangle, even when I cut longer lengths. I now use it for embroidery, handwork, and even jewelry making (knotting). Winning Margaret Lee’s wonderfully detailed and beautifully written and photographed book–and a kit to boot–would be an awesome way to usher in 2014. Merry Christmas, everyone.

  541. Dear Mary,
    thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize. Chinese embroidery is a real challenge for me, not to mention the beauty of it. i’ll keep my fingers crossed. very merry christmas.

  542. This is such a contrast to the Western styles of embroidery that I have grown up with. I would love to work one of these kits and study that gorgeous book carefully. The discipline of such detailed, controlled stitchery would be very, very good for my progress as an embroiderer. I have long been fascinated by the aesthetics of Chinese art and design – their window-lattice patterns are a great source of inspiration for counted thread embroidery. But I’ve not studied Chinese embroidery techniques. If I were the lucky winner, I would play my CDs of traditional Chinese music while I read and stitch, and be taken miles away from cold and rainy Shrewsbury.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Mary.

  543. Hi Mary I have always love working with shiny threads I would love to learn this special type of embroidery love Poppi

  544. I’ve always loved chinese painting techniques, brush strokes and figures -the koi fish, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums. And ever since I’ve begun needle painting, chinese embroidery has newer fascination for me.
    I think I like the silk thread, the elegant designs, the realism and the challenge of learning something new.
    The gifts are wonderful and I can only hope to be the lucky number picked out.

  545. Chinese Embroidery is a challenge for any one who loves and does embroidery. Like Chinese paintings, Chinese Embroideries reflect the artists skills in creating a master piece by using the silk threads in producing very elegant and realistic pieces. I love Chinese paintings as well as their embroidery.

    I love their realism, usage of beautiful silk threads, their technique-in short love everything about their embroideries.

    I would very much love to win this book to add to my collection and learn something new.

    Wishing you and all artists visiting this site Merry Christmas and Happy New Year….

  546. Hi Mary! Count me in for this one.=)

    What appeals to me most? Well, there are many things that you mentioned yourself – the detail, the adding of another technique to my skills base, but I think for me, it’s the fact that its Chinese and, as a Chinese language teacher by profession, I feel kind of ‘at home’ with things Chinese.=)

  547. I love the beauty and realism of Chinese embroidery. Also, the silks are absolutely stunning.

  548. I always love a challenge and I love trying new things, so Chinese embroidery fits into that category for me. The chance to use silk threads is also a great selling point.

    Merry Christmas Mary!

  549. I love the silk threads and the delicate nature of Chinese embroidery. The colors are rich. I would like to try it someday.

  550. Hello, Mary. Merry Christmas. And thanks to you, Margaret Lee, and Country Bumpkin for this great offer.

    Ever since I received a gift of a small two-sided embroidered panel many years ago, and later purchased the book “Threads of Light,” I’ve loved Chinese embroidery. As with Chinese watercolor, I believe it’s the spare elegance and precision that appeal most to me. There isn’t a line or shape anywhere in the work that isn’t essential.

  551. Chinese embroidery is so realistic and beautiful, almost looks like it was painted on the fabric. I would love to learn a new technique

  552. This method of embroidery is so defined with details making it look like it is painted. I was unable to attend the book launch by Country Bumpkin in Adelaide as I live in the country, 3 hours away. It would be so great to be able to own my own copy of the book and a kit to start learning the method for myself. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to win.

  553. Happy Holidays and thanks for the gorgeous giveaway. I had seen samples of Chinese embroidery years ago and thought, “I could never do that.” When I read your review of the Lee book, I thought, “Maybe I can do that!” To me, the most appealing aspect of Chinese embroidery is the realism…the objects and animals seems as if you could just reach out and touch! This would be a wonderful opportunity to try my hand at this technique.

  554. What appeals to me about Chinese embroidery is the combination of the needlepainting technique and silk threads. You can’t get better than that! Merry Christmas!

  555. Love your blog–loved the review– & would love to win the book and kit. Chinese embroidery is elegant in its materials, and designs. There is nothing I don’t like about it.

  556. I have been doing bunka for many years it is the same concept but I use a punch needle .i would love to try Chinese embroidery.i love the realism of these pictures and the 3 D look..These crafts are truly named painting with thread.i would love to win this book but if not i will buy it because I am interested in tackling this craft.thank you and have a merry Christmas

  557. I love it. I like to stitch needle painting. I would like to have it and give it to my guild library. It could be a good Christmas gift. Excuse the way I wrote in English my first language is French.

    Nicole in Quebec

  558. To add a new technique and especially one with silk threads would be fantastic. I would love to read the book, over and over. Thank you.

  559. I love the preciseness of Chinese embroidery and the challenge of making something beautiful from silk thread! I would love to have the book in my collection and try my hand at one of her lovely projects. Thank you for the opportunity to perhaps win the book.

  560. Chinese embroidery exudes elegance born in antiquity and mastered through centuries of practice. When I see it, I do not automatically respond, “ I can do that,” as I do with many other art forms. Just taming the silk before it goes into a needle is a challenge for me. Presenting the gradual flow of colors without ripples is another challenge of technique that is only mastered through practice. The floral and animal designs executed by Chinese masters are breathtaking. However, what interests me further is the possibilities of transferring these skills to western themes. That is why I would like a copy of Margaret Lee’s book to study and one of her kits.

    Thank you, Mary, for this offer and for all your instruction and insights on “Needlenthread.” It’s the only thing I read daily!
    Sarah R. in e-TN

  561. Merry X-mas . I want to learn something new and a new technique. By this way one can also learn the customs n traditions of the region.Thanks for giving an opportunity to participate. nk

  562. What a wonderful giveaway! I purchased 2 Chinese silk embroideries in the 1970’s in Borneo. Everywhere I have lived since then, they have been hanging in the dining area. I’ve always wanted to try silk embroidery and think about it everytime I look at the ones I own.

  563. The realism and the beauty are what draws me to Chinese embroidery, likewise Japanese! It’s the lovely culmination of years upon years of hard work. It’s something I definitely want to learn one day.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and I am so glad I discovered your site this year!

  564. Mary:

    Altho’ I have already signed into the give-a-way and after reading your letter today, I just wanted to wish you a blessed and joyous Christmas holiday season and thank you for all
    that you do for those of us in cyber world.
    Maybe all that snow and ice will be gone before you know it. Loved the pic of your house. No
    need to answer this one so after reading it just delete it.
    Queenie jane

  565. Hello Mary,

    What a lovely give-away, it appeals to me as a next step towards improving my fine embroidery skills. The designs are elegant and so suitable to make a start into working with silk. Haven’t ventured into using it yet, so a good project for a new year. Happy Christmas and all good things in 2014.

  566. I like the realism and elegance of chinese embroidery. Thank you Mary. A great christmas to all.


  567. Thank you for an opportunity to win such a beautiful kit. Chinese embroidery appeals to me because of the intricate work and beautiful rich colors. Each thread adds dimension and depth to the softly curving lines. The simple yet dramatic designs are exciting and challenging for my novice skills.

  568. The flat silk thread is what I love about Chinese embroidery, and I can’t pass up a chance at a book that with good explanations of how to manage it!

  569. Bonjour Mary,

    Merci pour vos newsletter toujours très enrichissantes. Pour moi la broderie chinoise atteint la perfection, la finesse des détails et des couleurs est la plus représentative de la peinture à l’aiguille.
    Bien cordialement et joyeuses fêtes.

    Françoise Semé

  570. I love the vibrancy of the silks, but also the delicacy of the detail. I’d love to learn how to achieve it!

  571. I just love how … simply elegant the designs are. They never look cartoony. They never look overwrought or like only a grandma aught to hang such a thing on her wall. They are just so … tasteful!

  572. I have long admired Chinese and Japanese embroidery with the beautiful threads and discipline.

  573. I am so fascinated by Chinese embroidery! Every time I see a piece, I feel as though I could reach out and touch the real object of what is captured there in thread. It is just so incredibly realistic! I would love to be able to learn this art. Thank you for offering the give-away. I hope I win! Have a blessed Christmas!

  574. This book is on my wish list and possibly a kit. I love the look and feel of the silks.I’m new to this type of embroidery but really enjoy it and love to see my projects come together. Thankyou for the chance to enter.Pat.

  575. You have the most wonderful giveaways Mary! Every one of them is something that any stitcher would be thrilled to receive. So…I must throw my name into the hat for this one too! To answer the question of the day…I think the amazing degree of realism in Chinese embroidery is what appeals to me the most. Secondly, it would have to be silk threads….mmmmm, yummy!

  576. What appeals to you most about Chinese embroidery? It is serene and without confusion and the finished embroidery is always elegant and realistic. It is relaxing to work on. I do crazy quilts and love working with silk threads. It is a challenge to make my embroidery look like the beauty and perfection of the real work but the silk thread helps make the finished job look really good.

  577. Wow, thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I have been drooling over this book since I learned of its existence. It’s hard to pick what appeals to me most about Chinese embroidery, because, really, all of it is appealing! I would love the challenge of trying to achieve the delicacy and realism of the technique.

    Merry Christmas, Mary! Thanks for another year of beauty and instruction. 🙂

  578. I love the exquisite detail and delicate look of Chinese Embroidery. It is just fascinating but also looks intimidating but not impossible.
    Thank you for the give-away.
    Happy Holidays!!!

  579. Being a member of The Embroiderers’ Guild of America I am always looking to take on a new techinque. The Chinese embroidery with its realism, great colors and silk threads have peeked my interest. Living in the Midwest, there can be a lot of “down” time in the winter so a sewing challenge would be welcomed. Thank you for having a contest to futher introduce Chinese embroidery to us.
    Happy Holidays!

  580. There are many things that appeal about Chinese embroidery but mostly I love the silks and their luscious saturated colors. I have never worked with filament silk and admit to being very intimidated by it but would love the chance to overcome my fear!

  581. I think it’s the rich colours and realism that strike me most in Chinese embroidery – and also that I have very fond memories of a trip to China 🙂 Thank for offering this draw, and Merry Christmas.

  582. Hi Mary,
    A happy Xmas to you,
    I love chinese embroidery because it is visually stunning. It’s like chinese landscape painting, where the negative (empty) spaces are just as important as the filled in spaces. It always appears to so controlled but the impact hits you like a ton of bricks. I would love to learn how to do it simply for the challenge and also for its beauty. Have a great day!

  583. I love the look of Chinese embroidery. It is so incredible, you can almost believe the cranes have feathers, the pine trees have needles and the fish have scales. And the flowers! I wish they looked like that in my garden. The silk threads enhance the effect by shading it so that the picture appears to move. When I Margaret Lee’s kits on the Country Bumpkin site, I wanted each and every one of them. Now that I am retiring at the end of 2013, it would be wonderful to have the book and kit for a first project to start my retirement.

  584. Merry Christmas Mary!

    I love everything about Chinese embroidery and have admired Margaret Lee’s talent for a long time. When I read about her new book, I was looking forward to purchasing it (still have not got around to doing so!). Her kits are also beautiful.

  585. The appeal for me is definitely the painterly, fluid realism achieved! The lines and the movement in these pieces have me drooling!

    I love silk, but hey, I’ve done cross stitch in silk.

  586. I love your website and would love to have the opportunity to add a new technique to my repertoire. I want to learn how to do this. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Jinna in Wichita

  587. The sheer technical challenge – it causes the same awe with which I look at Japanese embroidery. Well, and the silk threads, of course; I could get lost staring at those colors!

  588. I really enjoy the realism. I have always wanted to complete a piece of needlework that liked like a photograph.

    Mary in Oregon

  589. I love the realism achieved in Chinese embroidery. I had to stop myself from ordering the book immediately after reading your review. It lead to my looking at various other items of Chinese embroidery. The silks are beautiful and while I don’t think I would spend the time needed to become really an expert I know the book would provide wonderful inspiration to become better. Thanks for providing such a wonderful prize.

  590. Thank you Mary for your wonderful website. I have learned so much over the last few years and use it all the time. Love the regular emails. Chinese embroidery is just beautiful. The wonderful silk thread, the colours, the glorious designs it’s in a whole place of its own. I would love the challenge of embroidering one of these pictures, that’s after spending days just looking at the book! And then spreading the silk all over my desk just for the pleasure of looking and feeling it.
    Love to you
    Old Reynella Sue xxx

  591. I love the realism!!! Needle “paintning” is indeed the correct description! I am hoping this book helps me to improve my long and short technique.

    Thanks so much for the review and the give-away! Merry Christmas!

  592. Happy Christmas, Mary! What a wonderful giveaway.

    For me, the attraction of Chinese embroidery is how with just a few seemingly simple lines it can express so much. Well, that and the silk. Ooh, I love silk.


  593. Chinese Embroidery is so gorgeous and elegant, I would love to try my hand at this technique! Thanks, Mary for your wonderful reviews and giveaways – Merry Christmas!!

  594. Hello Mary:

    I like beauty and simplicity (less ornate than other styles) of the Chinese floral designs. The project would be challenging and hopefully help me improve my skills.

  595. I have always admired Chinese embroidery. It looks so lifelike …..the animals seems to come to life and the plants make you want to touch them. The details….

  596. Greetings Mary

    What a delight your news letter provides. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

    Margaret Lee’s work is so wonderful and her kits seem to be a true experience in the ancient art form. Chinese history, philosophy and artistic expression is reflected in their embroidery, as well as their devotion to a project.

    Thank you for your wonderful artistic expression as well.

    Maurine Hansen

  597. Embroidery was introduced to me by my late mom when I was just a toddler, I used to enjoy watching my mother sew up all the initials on the handkerchiefs for my late dad. Mom used to embroider on almost everything in the house. Learning new types of embroidery will mean keeping mom’s memory alive…thanks for the gorgeous giveaway.

    Wishing you and your family a Joyous Christmas!

  598. It’s a beautiful art form. The designs are elegance & realism hold the eyes, then the threads of silk that are used in the pieces. I’ve not embroidered with silk yet but will try it this coming year. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

  599. I really love the silk thread and the elegance of Chinese embroidery. It is so beautiful and I’ve always wanted to learn to do this and your website and blog have really taught me quite a bit. It definitely looks challenging, but I will keep at it until I learn how. This embroidery in particular caught my eye because of the artistry and difficulty level, which just makes the finished work more satisfying. I would really love to win one of these and I appreciate the chance. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  600. I like the realism of Chinese embroidery as well as the silk threads used in the technique. The emphasis on shading and “thread painting” gives these projects a realism and an “art” not captured in other needlework techniques that I have seen. Each stitch is perfect in its color and in its execution. The finished projects look like they belong in a art gallery for finished oil paintings! If you do only one truly great embroidery project in your life, doing one of these will probably accomplish that goal for you – I know it would for me. Thanks.

  601. Hi, This book is beautiful. I love how the pictures come alive with the silk thread very stunning. I would love to win this book and kit. Learning a new needlework technique would be a welcomed challenge for the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Jean in Missouri

  602. Hi Mary!
    Chinese embroidery is actually the genre that got me started on this as a hobby. I just find it astounding how effective the technique is at creating realistic images. It’s incredible how the artist is able to build up seemingly simple stitches to create such beauty.
    Merry Christmas!

  603. Tthe subjects of Chinese embroidery are what appeal to me the most, and trying a new technique is always fun. Thank you!

  604. I love all the different embroidery techniques and enjoy learning and perfecting new ones. Chinese embroidery appeals to me especially because I have always been drawn to things from the East. I appreciate the use of thread and color to create the beautiful and exotic designs. When you first spoke about this book I knew it was one that I would put on my wish list. Working one of her designs would be such a great pleasure. I would treasure this book and kit!

  605. Hi mary,

    Merry christmas to u & ur family. Thanx for the giveaway. I’m mary varma from india. I love the elegance of the designs used in chinese embroidery and the challenge it poses. It’s definitely an honour to add to my repertoire because of the way silk thread is used in this kind of embroidery. Lots of love. Take care.

  606. It’s the shading – such lovely shading that brings it to life. So much like thread painting, yet so different. I fear I’d have to wear gloves while using silk though, even using sugar scrubs and moisturizers constantly.

  607. I love all the things mentioned in you comment requirements. If I had to choose, it would be the challenge to something new. Being a self taught crafter, I love the challenge of the new and intricate.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  608. Chinese embroidery is so gorgeous! I love the graceful realism of the designs. They always look so peaceful. I’ve done a little needle painting and would love to try my hand at Chinese embroidery. It seems to require more perfection, which will be a challenge!

  609. I would absolute love receiving one of these gifts as a belated Christmas gift. In fact, Ms. Lee’s book is one thing I put on my own list of embroidery-related items to purchase in 2014. I am drawn to the incredible realism achieved in this type of art form and just love the way that the artist’s skill magically blends the silks together to create scenes that are a joy to the eye.

    Thank you for hosting this marvelous site and such fabulous giveaways.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

  610. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mary.
    I have been focusing on needlepainting for a while – your sampler and a beginner’s pansy class from Tanja Berlin.
    I am hooked! My first pansy was much less than perfect but it is acceptable enough to lace and frame. I have non-stitching friends who will think it is just marvelous!
    The Chinese embroidery appeals to me for the realism and the challenge. What also appeals to me about this book is it is from Country Bumpkin; they always put out a stellar product.
    I do have two Chinese embroidery books and as lovely as they are, they are somewhat short in instruction and technique. Margaret Lee’s book appears to have made this right.
    I do hope my name is drawn.
    Your website is so good – it is now the first thing I open in the morning.
    Sharon Gray
    in snowy Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  611. Oh, I learn japanese embroidery , but It seems to me chinese embroidery is more beautifull
    The subtleties of colors due to the silk sons(threads) and the beauty of past empietant =one real challenge for every embroiderer, and I hope to arrive there one day !!
    Thank you for the dream

  612. I would love to learn more about Chinese embroidery – I love the silk thread and fabrics that are used. It’s like “painting” with beautiful threads. I can do most kinds of handwork, but have always been intimidated by this one. Maybe this would be the inspiration I need to move forward with it.

  613. Want to add to my embroidery skills.The chinese embroidery is breath taking. What a challenge.
    Dianne of Wesson

  614. I love the beauty of it. The silk, the images themselves; they just match up to look like the best of art.

  615. What i find most appealing about Chinese embroidery is that it is so delicate. and i think this is because of th silk threads used for it.
    its like a poetry in threads….
    Suja Mohan

  616. Dear Mary,
    I had purchased some Chinese
    Embroidery thread a while back. It is so beautiful.
    But that was as far as I got. I wasn’t
    Sure what book to purchase. The book in your contest
    Sounds perfect.
    Merry Christmas. Love your blog.

  617. The first thing that attracts me to Chinese embroidery is the elegance and the simplicity of the designs. After that, the silk threads, the wonderful use of color and the use of few different stitches has me wanting to study more about this type of embroidery.

    I would love the opportunity to embark on a whole new adventure in 2014.

  618. I love to try new techniques.The designs looks lovely and it would be a delight to work on those silky threads. Thank you for the opportunity. Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

  619. I love reading your blog but have not done much hand embroidery in a while. I need to get back to something productive. I love the detail in the Chinese embroidery. At the beginning of 2013, I set two goals for myself. One I achieved. I think I need to set a goal to do and complete more handwork in 2014. This book would be a good starting place.
    Debi from FL

  620. I’ve always been interested in silk shading and the Chinese people are masters of it. (The Chinese people invented silk embroidery as early as the 2nd century BC.) The combination of luxurious colours, lustrous sheen, high design accuracy, lifelike realism, and hidden symbolism has always appealed to me. Winning the giveaway would help me to learn new techniques as well as undertake new project challenges.

  621. I simply love the varied regional differences in chinese embroidery, the delicacy for the shu embroidery and the more colourful embroideries of the yue-style. I would love to add another book about Chinese Embroidery to my Library.
    I would also like to recommend “Chinese Embroidery : Traditional Techniques” by Josiane Bertin-Guess.

  622. I have always been amazed at the beauty and detail of Chinese embroidery, the realism and the subtlety of the shading, the delicate colors used. And the joy of working with silk — an added pleasure! What a wonderful book and give-away! Thank you for this opportunity!

  623. The grace and perfection of Chinese Embroidery are what appeal to me. This looks like a marvelous book and how great that the kit comes with it. Happy Holidays.

  624. I would love to win one of these! I love the way the colors just blend into one another. I love how real and elegant chinese embroidery appears. Thanks Mary and have a Happy New Year!

  625. I would love a copy of Margaret Lee’s book. Although I have done some thread painting, I’m not an expert but I have volunteered to teach a mini workshop at our Guild in the spring and would really appreciate being able to share this book with members of our Guild.
    Barbara in Canada

  626. Thank you for the daily information and inspiration throughout the year. I look forward to reading your post every day. Thank you for all of the give-aways, too! As for Chinese embroidery, I like the artistic elegance of the designs. They are beautiful. I hope your Christmas was meaningful and wonderful!

  627. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. I have been stitching since my teen years, but in the last two years, I decided to stretch my skills into the next levels. I’ve worked several of Trish Burr’s needlepainting designs, as well as one of Helen Stevens’s butterflies in silk and a needle tray from an Inspirations issue. And I’ve been working a sampler based on the lovely technique videos that you create. I even took the plunge of creating my own design (a needlepainted wren) based on your advice. I have been eyeing *The Art of Chinese Embroidery* since it was first advertised, and I would love to try one of the designs as my next adventure. Thank you again for all you do for us, and best wishes for the New Year!

  628. Merry Christmas Mary, I hope you had a wonderful day. I would love to have this book on The Art of Chinese Embroidery, the work is gorgeous. I would love to do a project to get better acquainted with this awesome embroidery. I have done one needle painting project which was a Trish Burr little bird, and for a first project it’s ok, but I really would like to get much better and with the book and kit to go along with it would be wonderful. Happy New Year.
    Rose Mary Muller

  629. Chinese embroidery appeals to me because of how it reminds me of watercolor studies in it’s composition. It’s always fascinated me because of this and has been a technique I’d like to learn.