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Beam ‘n Read Light Give-Away!


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Because it’s Monday, and I Love Mondays – and because Christmas is coming – and because we all need a little light in our lives – today, I’m giving away a Beam ‘n Read light, courtesy of the Beam ‘n Read folks who make it!

If you’re unfamiliar with this little light, you can read my review of the Beam ‘n Read light here on Needle ‘n Thread. It’s definitely a handy light, especially if you’re prone to electrical failures right when you’re in the middle of stitching – not too uncommon during the winter months!

Beam 'n Read Light

I’ve received a lot of feedback since reviewing the Beam ‘n Read light.

Some folks absolutely love it. Some want to love it, but find that it doesn’t project the light at the right angle for them. One store owner wrote and said that they call it the (ahem…’scuse me) “boob light” because it seems to sit at a better angle for those who are somewhat endowed.

Well, not to get too personal here, but…it works for me. And I’m not. At best, we’re talking about a B here, unless I happen to lose some of those extra pounds that invariably cling to every part of me, and then we’re talking A. I think one of the difficulties people may have with it is that they try to hang it too low. If you shorten the strap so that the light sits between the chest and the chin, it works.

I see the Beam ‘n Read as a provisional light. It’s not a light I’d use every single day or in every single circumstance. It’s definitely a light I’d use for needlework or reading while traveling (in the car, in the hotel room, on a plane) or in classroom situations; it’s a light I’d use when I’m trying not to be obtrusive in the living room, when other folks are watching movies or whatnot; it’s a light I’d use in emergencies (power failures!); and it’s a light I’d use for circumstances like camping or whenever I’m away from any regular electrical source.

Beam 'n Read Light

It shines on a good area. One reader said she likes it because the area the light hits is much broader than most small clip-on travel lights. I agree with that!

While I find little use for the magnifier, two readers noted that the magnifier works great for them. They said it’s the perfect amount of magnification for them, as long as the work is held in just the right place. One reader noted that the magnifier seems to “brighten up” her work even more, when used with the light.

So a lot of positives came in from readers who already use this light!

I also heard from a couple shop owners who suggested checking local needlework or quilt shops for it. Apparently, many carry it. The company sells the Beam ‘n Read light directly on Amazon, so if you don’t have a local source, you can check there. For less than $30, you can’t beat it as a travel light!

Beam ‘n Read Light Give-Away

So, the folks who make the light liked my review and wanted to offer a light for a give-away – to which I happily acquiesced, thinking it would make a nice Christmas gift for one you!

And on the bright side (ha! no pun intended!), whereas a give-away like this is normally only open to folks in the States because of steep shipping prices – or, in some cases, with some lights, because of differences in electrical sources – in this case, the give-away is open to everyone, wherever you are! Just keep in mind that the light requires AA batteries to operate.

If you’re overseas and the light is not available in your country, if you win the give-away, you’ll be the envy of all your stitching buddies.

Give-Away Guidelines

To sign up for today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below, on this article on Needle ‘n Thread (not via email, not on any other article). Just follow this link to the comment form. Comments received elsewhere don’t qualify.

2. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the comment box or in the “name” line on the comment form. For example, if your name is Mary, there are lots of Marys out there, so adding a last initial, last name, location (Mary in Madagascar, for example) or a nickname will help avoid confusion when the winner is announced.

3. In your comment, please answer the following:

Do you take needlework with you wherever you go? Or are you a stay-at-home embroiderer?

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am CST (that’s Kansas, USA) Saturday, December 21st, and I’ll announce the winner that day. The winner must contact me with a mailing address, so keep an eye out on Saturday! The light probably won’t make it to the winner by Christmas, but it will arrive shortly thereafter, so you can savor it as a final gift of the season!

So – leave your comment – and then go enjoy the rest of your Monday!

I hope you’re not too caught up with Christmas Franticism right now – wishing you a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing week!


(585) Comments

  1. What a super-useful giveaway, Mary! I like to have a mixture of projects in hand: the slow, important ones that only get done at home in the proper chair and a clear light, and the smaller, portable, less-fussy ones that get stitched on train journeys and at bus stops, in wet lunch breaks and waiting rooms – anywhere that I can sneak in a little stitching time if can see well enough to work.

  2. The only time I take my needlework is when I sit in the car to pick my young son up at school. Our doctors and dentists, etc., are quite prompt and I rarely sit in waiting rooms long enough to even get a project out of the bag! So, it is generally my evening relaxing time. Thanks for a great giveaway

  3. My goodness how I would love this light.I’ve never seen one like it in the UK.It would be a blessing for me as I am disabled and often have to spend time in hospital. I’m a night owl but ‘lights’ out is at 10.3 pm .With this light I
    could carry on stitching without disturbing anyone else. Blessings and good luck to all other entrants.

  4. Hi Mary. Thanks for another great give-away to go with your always useful stitchery advice. At this point in my life, I am a stay-at-home stitcher though I used to take my needle work with me on suitable occasions. I am more of a stay-at-home person in general now. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Barbara B. in Ellettsville

  5. I am one of those who take my embroidery wherever I go. With having a husband in the nursing home, my embroidery gives me something else to think about. It is relaxation from a stressful day. I would love to have one of the lights. Thank you for your giveaway.

  6. I take my needlework everywhere I go, most of the time not even picking it up! But at least I have it with me, just in case the spirit moves me!!

  7. I don’t take needlework everywhere I go but I do take it lots of places. I even made a special carrying case so I would have all of my cq supplies in one easy to carry tote.

  8. Would love to use the light! I find bright light is essential now for most kinds of stitching, the older I get! Thanks for the opportunity. I take stitching everywhere, just in case I have a few minutes.

  9. I always take sewing of some sort in the car. I find it is wasted time and like to make the best use of it. The work is usually handwork of some sort. Last time we were driving, however, I had 30 tote bags to turn to the right side. I did it while hubby drove. This light is awesome. I am always sad when it gets dark and I have to put my projects away.

  10. I pack my needlework projects before I pack my clothes for any overnight trip. And I have projects for day trips, doctors’ appointments, any possible delay that might occur.

  11. I take my needlework everywhere that there could be a moment to sit and stitch. I have a Dazor lamp at home for light, but, I would love a light that can go with me. I love to do Hardanger, so, a bright light is essential!

  12. I have tried many different lights/magnifiers and none of them were suitable for my needs. Since I had cataract surgery, I need more light to see what I am doing than previously.
    I would love to have this light as it appears to be exactly what I need.

  13. Love this handy light. Amazing how they keep coming out with great things to keep us stitching…. Love it!

  14. I do carry my embroidery with me, soon is our visit to my in=laws for Christmas and as England is such a dark country, this light will be very much needed here indeed 🙂

  15. I’m a stay-at-home embroiderer, mostly because I like to stitch large projects. But I have my knitting always with me. I can’t stand to wait somewhere or to be in the car without something to do!

  16. I often take needlework with me to practise when I am away from home and would love to win this lamp. Recently I attended a 2 day embroidery workshop and had some stitching to do for the next day. The lighting in the hotel and especially my room was so poor and dim that the only place to stitch with good lighting was in the bathroom!

    1. I always take a 100 watt light bulb with me when I travel and stay overnight anywhere. I just exchange it for the evening. Return original in the morning. Works for me!

  17. Soon after Christmas we are leaving for a three month RV camping trip and I never go anywhere without a years supply of needlework with me. I am in the midst of choosing a myriad of projects at the moment. A light is essential to see small linen count and I need more light than most ladies due to small pupil size. Thank you for the chance to win in this give away. Love your daily update Mary.

  18. I saw this light at a stitchery show in Wisconsin. Looked great and would love to win this one. Hope it’s my lucky day. I love your website. Happy Holidays!

  19. I think this light would prove very useful. I always take needlework with me. This light seems like it would be especially good in the car and on a plane. I have had eye surgery and need bright light to do needlework and read.
    Carol b (cln cors)

  20. What a great idea! I travel with my husband a lot in a camper and there is always insufficient light, especially for something where precision is needed. Would also be great for reading when hubs is sleeping. Thanks for the offer!

  21. I always take work with me! I knit in the car u ntil it gets too dark to see, and I do counted thread work wherever we are. This light would be fabulous in hotels and at my Mother-in-law’s, where the light is purposely kept dim so that others may better see the TV. I’ve learned not to bring super-fine work with me there, but this light would change all that!

  22. I think this would be perfect to have. Most of the time, I find it hard to see with just the light in the room where I am working. With this, it would shine the light directly on my work.

    Sometimes I take my embroidery or other type of needlework with me. During daylight hours outside, I have no problem seeing what I am doing, but once the daylight starts leaving, I then have a hard time viewing my work.

    Yes, I need to look into getting one of these.

    I would love for my name to be chosen as the winner. Thank you for offering it up for a prize.

  23. I always take a project with me, whether I get to work on it is another matter though. What a lovely giveaway Mary…Merry Christmas!!

  24. Used to take knitting and cross-stitch with me,in a take-it-with-me/leave-the-house bag.
    What a blessing this would be for those who travel and spend time in hotels with ‘mood lighting’! And waiting rooms! And to have something to put light where you need it, especially in evenings. Am a newbie at stitchery, have registered for a few on-line classes and look forward to my new ‘adventure’. This light is portable and would be part of my take-it-with-me kit.
    Thank you for your informative site.

    Elizabeth in ON, Canada

  25. I travel quite a bit and can generally be found in my hotel room at night, feet propped up and stitching away on one of my “travel” projects.

  26. I am always looking for a good source of light, in waiting rooms, traveling by plane and car and in classes. I always take projects with me but usually need additional light, particularly since I am getting older. (What? Me?). I enjoy your emails and look forward to them. Although I learned to embroider from my mother when I was a child, your columns remind me what a beginner I am but give me hope to improve. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.

  27. I haven’t found a light that works for me
    Would love to try this one while I embroidery at night.

  28. I always take my embroidery with me when I travel, but usually find hotel lighting so bad that I can’t do it unless I have brought supplemental lighting. Once you’ve gotten used to good lighting at home, it’s hard to do without it.

  29. I always have needlework with me…it could be embroidery or my quilting hexagons. I always have my magnifying glasses, so a travelling light would be the perfect accessory to my embroidery! Thanks for hosting this give-away!

    Peggy in Quebec

  30. This would be a tremendous light to own as I have always travelled with some embroidery and/or other needlework. I have spent over 16 years working in Africa — some very remote places — so this would be a wonderful tool given the lack of electricity in most locations. Working on embroidery projects has been a powerful opener in building relationships with the women; they often are proud to show and teach their traditional techniques (which becomes a huge blessing/learning for me). Although I have been stateside for a couple years now, I am once again on the road back to Africa. What an impact this small light would have!

  31. I am most definitely a embroider everywhere type person. I take embroidery to work with me to do during lunch break, and I am thinking about what to take with me at Christmas, even though I am only away for one night. I think I might be a bit fixated!

    What was great recently was that I was caught in a traffic jam on the way to work – there was a crane on fire and the traffic looked like being stopped for an hour or two. For the first 20 mins I was impatient, anxious and unhappy and then I realised that of course, I had my embroidery with me, so I got it out and stitched whilst waiting for the traffic to clear – bonus!

  32. I’d love to have that light. We have power outages all the time.

    I never took a sewing project with me, except for vacation, but I’m rethinking that.

  33. As I am a carer, I very often have very poor lighting. The Beam n Read light would give so many more hours of embroidery and smocking time.And what can be a stressful job at times add many hours of happieness to my soul.

  34. The Bean N Read Light would come in handy for me because it’s much bigger then the old light I own. I like very much that it run on batteries as we do get a lot of power outages here in sunny Florida in our rainy seasons. Hope you have a great Christmas.Remember the reason for the season.

  35. I take my needlework with me everywhere I go, except to the TV room in our house. My husband prefers to watch TV in the dark and I hate to disturb him with the amount of light I usually need to see my work. After all, the TV is in his “man cave” and most of the rest of the house it taken over by my projects.

    I really enjoy your blog and the stitch videos. Since I teach embroidery to others, I always review the videos before class and encourage my students to do the same if they forget how to work a stitch.

    Happy holidays.

  36. I would much rather stay at home and stitch, but there is always a project in my bag when I’m out and about!

    April in Methwold

  37. Traveling with my needlework has become second nature to me. where I go it goes. I even take it when we go on fishing trips. And no I don’t fish, but fishing gives me a lot of free time to sew ( I love fishing camp). The lighting in the cottage is not the best for hand work so have been looking into alternate light sources to travel with and this looks like a very useful item. Love your web site and have found when I want to try a new stitch I will watch a tutoral over and over until I fell comfortable with actually trying it with needle and thread. Thanks Mary and have a great holiday

  38. Thank you so much for this give-away Mary. I always take my work in progress with me wherever I go, and sometimes I can not do anything because of lack of light. And above all I am at the age where every bit of light and even magnifying is very welcome. I have been asking all around now for many weeks, visiting even my optometrist to ask about something like this, but no good answer until today. Thank you so much for this article and the review. Have a very blessed holiday!

  39. I always have needlework with me. I never know where I might end up so I carry a number of small projects. Light on the subject would really help.
    This seems like the answer to a problem that I have had for years.

  40. I stitch in both places … I’ll take something portable (like Hardanger) when I know I’m going to have to sit an wait for longer than just 5 minutes … which is always the case at the doctors / dentists office.

  41. My stitching goes several times a week to our stitch-ins….so I have a bag with my portable stitching and any extra things needed . Other projects are stitched at home in my studio using a floor stand.
    Thanks for give away and happy stitching.

  42. Do you take needlework with you wherever you go? I take my work to all the Dr. appointments, when driving my friends who have various health problems.
    One of my friends is a stay-at-home Cross Stitcher who is slowly going blind? I bought 9ct canvas to see if it would help keep her busy. This lamp would inspire her to keep trying.
    Caroline in Ventura

  43. I am definitely an ‘omnivorous’ embroiderer and like to have a small, compact project handy whenever I expect a window of opportunity to stitch – in hospital, on trains, lunchtime in the park, coffee with a friend at her place (she knits, I stitch, we chat – perfect harmony!) My personal record is finishing a point de croix square for a quilt on a remote wild beach on Ithaka, Greece…
    Even in the house I like to be able to join the rest of the family in the kitchen or sitting room, rather than burying myself in the workshop all the time; due to health problems have to spend a few days in bed on a regular basis – and such a light would make such a huge difference. I read your review on it a few weeks ago and tried to find it online, but looks like it is not available in UK…

  44. Would love this light! I take stitching every where. I have a large bag/box for long road trips and long visits in one place. It holds 2-3 projects. A small bag with 1 project for sitting in doctors offices, etc. A very small bag for airplane trips, it will have some thing small that I want to make several of, bookmarks for book club members or small ornaments for sttiching groups.

    Patricia C
    Texas Hill Country

  45. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

    Q. Do you take needlework with you wherever you go? Or are you a stay-at-home embroiderer?
    A. I am a stay-at-home embroiderer who needs magnification and extra light and who works while sitting with my family.

  46. I absolutely love this light. It is not perfect, but nothing is, right. Great in the car or hotel rooms where there is noooo light. What a great giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  47. Hi – I usually do most of my stitching on the couch at home, but I have taken my project to work when I am working on something simple. My usual travel craft is knitting, though. Socks are very portable projects.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the light 🙂

  48. Hi Mary,

    I am a stay at home embroider. I do my embroidery at night while watching mindless TV(and as most know, there usually is nothing on the box except that). I need good lighting with these old eyes and really don’t have it without bothering my husband who sits at the other end of the couch. Would love to have this to use along with my reading glasses.

    Thank you for all your tips and techniques. I have become a better embroider due to it.

    Have a Blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.

  49. Have needlework, will travel!!! I take it with me everywhere- it would be great to have a light that is both effective and truly portable.

  50. This would be a great travel light to take on vacations. While on vacation, some sites have cut cost with more efficient lighting. Unfortunately this lighting is horrible and sometimes next to impossible for stitching. Now I’ve tried to bring or buy my own light bulbs at the site but often they cannot be used with the light fixture! Very frustrating. To add to the frustration, airlines are getting slap happy with baggage charges..so do I leave out the bulky light or several pieces of clothing?!!! It’s a dilemma!!!
    Carolyn J

  51. Mary – Always have my projects ready to go with me in all my travels. More light is essential especially the older I’m getting and this give-away is fantastic!! I’ve learned so much from your site and look forward to reading it every day!
    Judy F in VT

  52. What a lovely little travel light. I usually stitch large, BAP’s at home where I have my stand set up with good lighting and such, but I do stitch away from home, usually while my DD is at her activities, working on smaller projects. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays 🙂

  53. I am very addicted to needle work and I always carry it around,even when I am traveling by public vehicle, a bus or train for an instance or even when I go to visit my relatives during vacations. I feel very glad when strangers next to me in such places recognise the kind of embroidery I am working on or at least start a conversation with me just to know the name of a particular stitch that I am working on. .

  54. I’m more likely to carry knitting with me than stitching, but as I get older I’m finding I need really good light to do just about anything…and I need it at the right angle. This puppy looks perfect!

  55. My needlework is both a relaxing time at home and away projects. The projects are so easy to take with me and while, sometimes I get may only get a few stitches completed – a few here, a few there – it gets finished.

  56. Would love to have one of those lights. I sure do take needlework everywhere. We travel to Colorado from Illinois often and always have some needlework in my hands while we travel. Looks like a really nice light.

  57. I love lights, and I take my embroidery everywhere I go. One never knows when opportunity will rear it’s head. I love this light, and I also love your website. If I win the light, I will be the happiest camper in the campground. Thanks for all you do for us.

  58. It goes where I go if I think I’ll have a few minua tes to to it. I have a seeyourstuff bag and a metal box that is my travel it with scissors, needless, hobby screwdriver, needle threaders, etc. Works great and I get my fix! Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. I love crocheting at night and have three lights burning so that I can see the stitches. this light will help immensely with the close work crocheting and with English smocking. Great idea to promote your lights by giving some of them to those of us who love needlework. Thanks.

  60. Do you take needlework with you wherever you go? Or are you a stay-at-home embroiderer? I do not take my needlework with me wherever I go, but I do take it to my mom’s house to work on while she knits. I also take it to a group called Busy Hands where we meet with other like-minded people and at noon we take turns as the hostess and serve a lunch to all that come.

  61. Hi Mary,

    Mostly a stay at home embroiderer- on rare occasions will take it with me when I’m spending a fair amount of time somewhere else. One of the reasons is always about lighting and being able to see my work clearly. So a light like this would make it a lot easier to take stitching with me. Thanks

  62. I could no more leave my house without handwork than I could leave without clothes! And I often don’t get a chance to do any….but it is my security blanket….just in case! I carry an altoid container with a strip magnet in the lid for my needles, a couple of bobbins of thread, floss etc., tiny scissors. Then I usually have a zip lock baggy with my current quilt block for embroidery, or other small project that will easily fit in my purse. I also always have precut fabric for tiny hexagons that I continually English Paper Piece. Perfect for those moments waiting at the Dr. office, etc.

  63. I do not take my embroidery with me as I am the driver but do love to work on it at night. Usually have 2 kitties for company as I stitch.

  64. Oh Mary,
    You are wonderful. Living in rural Nebraska, one must drive to everything.. I keep a stitching bag packed for car trips, and always have it by my coat. I feel bad when I have to be the driver and can’t get in time on the latest project..
    Thanks for the opportunity to own this light.

  65. Me gusta mucho coser y me llevo siempre alguna labor cuando viajo. Me encantaría ganar este maravilloso premio.

    Muchas gracias por tu magnífica página.

  66. Being a lady of a certain age and with each year that passes I find I need really good light to embroider, especially at night. It would be so handy to have a little light to take with me when attending Guild meetings or stitching at someone’s house, where you might find yourself in a corner of a room and not near a natural light source. Let that little light shine!

  67. I love to have this for two reasons:
    First, I need always something to relax before I go to bed, like reading and embroidery, and my partner hates the light. So, it will give me the “privacy” I really need.

    Secondly, Since I like also leather embossing, it will be very helpful. I live in Costa Rica and like this are very expensive at customs. Thanks for this opportunity.

  68. I travel a lot when I stitch, that is in a semi truck. So there is never enough light and I’m always looking for good light and magnification. I would love to try the Beam &Read. I have tried numerous lights and so far none have been great. Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

  69. I used to take some needlework to everywhere I go.
    Not for last few months because I was operated on my two eyes. It run well and the high recommendation for reading and embroidering is to have always a very good light So you can understand how I’m interested in that kind of light. Hope next January I’ll come back to my needles and threads – i’m missing them so much!
    Thanks Mary for once more great giveaway!

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family

  70. Thanks for hosting another giveaway. I really appreciate it when you review stitching tools. There’s a measure of comfort that you speak from experience and not an affiliation! I like that this light has a magnifier.

  71. Although I usually work at home, I also enjoy workshops (often with poor lighting) so like to take a portable light. I also like taking a piece on vacation and although being outdoors is magnificent, sometimes a light works well in a cottage. This light would be perfect!

  72. I recently purchased a magnifier with daylight attached and find it amazing. The reason for my comment is that my elderly mother has problems with seeing, and thought it would be useful for her.

  73. What a great idea! I have recently returned to needlework via quilting and my failing eyesight requires more magnification and light. I take my needlework with me when I travel and can see many situations that would work for me, i.e. in bed, or watching TV, or visiting my dad, visiting my kids, being outside. Perfect giveaway!

  74. I’ve been wishing for a good light when I’m not at home. I attend a stitch together group once a month and just the shop light makes it difficult to see well enough to stitch even with a magnifying attachment to my glasses. This would be so perfect. I would like to take my work with me when on vacation but haven’t been able to since I can never see well enough to make it pleasant. This would be just so perfect.

  75. Mary, this is a “special” request. I would love to have this light, I do take my needlework along at times, I could also really use this light at times with my other artwork. But do I need it? Not as much as someone like:

    > LESLEY WALKER December 16, 2013 at 7:11 am
    My goodness how I would love this light.I’ve never seen one like it in the UK.It would be a blessing for me as I am disabled and often have to spend time in hospital. I’m a night owl but ‘lights’ out is at 10.3 pm .With this light I could carry on stitching without disturbing anyone else. Blessings and good luck to all other entrants.<

    May I request that if I were lucky enough to be chosen you would please send it to her. And if I WERE that lucky, please tell her Merry Christmas from Carol Andre'. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you too and everyone of your readers here. Hugs and Blessings of the Season to you all.

  76. I used to be a take with me but now that I am mostly confined at home, I am an at home embroiderer. This light looks absolutely wonderful for persons like me who are so flat chested that a fried egg would be an improvement.
    Thank you and this company for the opportunity.

  77. As a french reader I just discover your website and enjoy it since.

    I take my needle work everywhere I go. My sisters call it “my toy”. We are 6 sisters and 4 of us are now needlewoork addict. We share the discovery on the web while the 2 others sisters create jewellery. ” Moments de bonheur. ”

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, it keeps us up to date.

    Merry Christmas to the team! And long life to your website.

  78. I would LOVE one of these lights! I am just starting your lessons on long and short stitches and know I will need better, portable light to work on these. I work on my embroidery both at home and on the go. Instead of punching the keys on that cell phone like everyone else, I would rather be learning/making something beautiful and lasting.


  79. Normally I just embroider at home. I have nine children and they tend to trod on anything that I might accidentally leave on the floor of our van. I keep to snuggly tucked in a bag, hanging on a high hook in my bedroom.

  80. I rarely stitch anywhere but home. That is partly because I tend to spread out a lot, but also because yes, there is never enough light in other places. You had enough favorable comments to make this seem worth trying, so it would be a nice last Christmas gift!

  81. I think the Beam ‘n Read would solve a problem for me. I’m a stay-at-home embroider BUT I like to work on my crewel project while my husband & I watch our favorite programs on the computer. The overhead light isn’t bright enough & my shadow hangs over my work. I have to move this way & that to get the light! The Beam ‘n Read would shine brightly enough for me to see my stitching & wouldn’t cast any shadow.

  82. Yes. Besides a novel to read and a book of puzzles, I always take a needlework project with me when I go away. Never know what I’ll be in the mood for to fill any empty minutes! And that little light would be perfect for any choice I make. Thanks for the chance.

  83. I am mainly a stay-at-home embroiderer as I like to have a good light and a comfortable seat with my Necessaire floor-standing frame when I sew. However, when we go away on holiday I couldn’t leave my embroidery at home for a whole fortnight, so I take my frame and mag-light with me. My family patiently put up with all the extra luggage I bring, but I’m sure they’d be very pleased if I had a more compact travel light! Here’s hoping 🙂 Thank you, Mary.

  84. This wonderful lite and magnifier helps those who are aging to keep their hands still busy both in or out of the home. I sure would enjoy this simple pleasure as it would enable me the opportunity to sit with my husband and not interfer with his TV watching by needing all the lights on for my crafting.
    Thanks Mary for your always thinking of others!

  85. Hi Mary,
    Sometimes I take my embroidery with me (if I took it to work – I wouldn’t get any work done!!)It would certainly be a great help when I go to my Embroiderer’s Guild meetings. AND – it would be nice to continue to embroider when we loose power – which we did just the other day.
    Thanks again for another great give-away.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Mary!!

  86. I do a lot of needlework in the car. It saves a great deal of arguments…..I do not back seat drive if I am stitching.

  87. Just one more letter in Holly and Joy! I hope that I have enough time to finish it in the next few days, what with school and all. I don’t normally take my stitching with me places, I’m always afraid I’ll stick myself if we hit a bump while travelling. But I do take it places every once in a while.

    Faithful Reader,

  88. Hi Mary, Great give-away. I always need lots of light for everything. I have been getting lots of needlework done this year picking my Grandson up after school. They stopped the bus pick-up this year and I notice lots of Grandparents in the parking lot. Thank goodness for us! Thank you.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Connie in cold and snowy Columbus, OH

  89. I don’t take my work because I must have good light and magnification for these awful eyes of mine. I’ve had to pass up many workshop opportunities because of it. At home I have a big Dazor light on a moving base, but this looks like something that might help away from home. There’s a potential workshop coming up nearby that maybe I could attend with a light like this one.Merry Christmas!

  90. When on trips of a couple of days, I always take some needlework — then try to find a well-lighted spot where I can put all the pieces (thread, needles, etc) and comfortably work.
    Also stitch with a few other ‘needlers’ about once a month. Same situation applies — try to find a well-lighted spot. But, I also work at home — in many different spots.
    Great give-away idea! Good to be able to carry your light with you!
    And a wonderful Holiday to you — and keep those interesting blogs coming!

  91. I have a number of different projects which require various amounts of concentration and light. I always have some embroidery with me and take along the one that best fits the circumstances – the only place I cannot icons is in the car.

  92. I belong to an embroidery guild and 3 stitching groups so I take a lot of stitching with me and work in some spots where the lighting is not always the best. This light would be quite useful.

  93. Hi Mary, This looks like a great light. I do most of my stitching at home, but sometimes I take it with me if I have a small project on a hoop or frame that is very portable. I also need to have alot of light and a magnifier to see with so this would be an awsome thing to own.

  94. I have several small plastic boxes containing all the elements needed to stitch on a little something project. The amount of concentration required for each little boxed project determines which one comes with me for those little bits of reclaimed time on the go.

  95. I currently have a head type lamp for extra light, but it has its limitations. Since I have beginning cataracts, the extra light is essential. This light looks like it is perfect. Thanks for the giveaway. Keep up the great website. I read it every day.

  96. Hi Mary. You are my lifesaver with the project I’m on right now. Your sense of humour is part of my enjoyment. And your tips such as the sticky tape cleaning the unpicking, of which I have done A LOT. Thank you SO much. And now, the light. I have bought lights over the years (I’m a septuagenarian)and found problems with them, ditto magnifiers with lights, but your pic has sold me on this one.. because it looks as though you don’t have to keep your head bent at an angle for working, and because living in rural Lincolnshire, we are prone to power failures. Win or not, chest-challenged or not, I WILL HAVE this light. A BIG THANK YOU.

  97. Oh I never thought of using a light in this way. How handy this would be. Thanks so much for the give away.

  98. Mary, One of the first things I think of when we plan a vacation or I take a business trip is what project(s) will I take with me. Usually it is something small and portable, but it depends on whether the trip is driving or flying. If I’m driving I may take a larger project or something I’m working on. Years ago I made a special kit for travel it’s a padded sort of briefcase that has pockets and areas for storing everything I need. But I have to lug along one of my Ott lights or go without. I’d love to have this light, it would make stitching on the go very, very easy. Plus I could use it at home too instead of trying to find the best position for a light next to my chair. Thanks for such a lovely gift to one of us stitchers. Sharon

  99. My name is barbara, and I am a stitchaholic. Yes, it took years for me to admit it. Apparently it came as no surprise to my family. For those of us who share this affliction, you know I must have stitching wherever I am or go. Not everyone understands this, or indeed, provides adequate lighting. Hotels, airports and cars are a few places with substandard lighting (gasp!). Even my family members have low lighting (gasp gasp!). I have a drawer full of clip on lighting that dont work for a variety of reasons. This light could be the end of my search for adequate lighting, and enable my stitching addiction. But we won’t talk about that…

  100. Light and magnification is certainly what I need for my needlework. I would like to take my needlework with me when I go out, but right now the lamp/magnifier I use is too bulky to travel with. So I hope I can get a chance to use this great tool.
    Mary Jo Neyer

  101. So far I am a stay-at-home embroiderer..I find I need good lighting and a comfortable place to sit while embroidering.

  102. I’d love this light as I’m a member of 4 stitching groups and every week I’m out and about stitching. In a nursing home, library, food court or private home. Many times the light isn’t bright enough and there isn’t a power source to plug in my Ott light. We try to stitch in public to introduce others to the hobby. I’d love to try out this light. Thanks for the offer.

  103. I used to be a “take along” person but as I get older I really need the light to be just right and it seldom is if I’m not at home. I would especially love to bring my projects along when we travel and this light could be the answer! Thanks for a great giveaway and a fantastic website and newsletter. Happy Holidays!

  104. I am a stay at home embroiderer. I would like to be able to take the work with me, but have not figured out how do to so and keep it clean while working as I live in the boonies on gravel roads.

  105. My needlework travels far and wide with me. We travel in a RV so of course my needlework is always with me. That is the beauty of this hobby it is so transportable!

  106. I take my needle work every where I go. We do a lot of retriever training where we throw bumpers for the dogs, the land is pretty quick but in the water it takes awhile for the dog to swim out and get them so I even stitch in the canoe :0)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. I’m mostly an at-home needleworker – I find my knitting travels more easily. But if I’m going to go on vacation, then I’ll definitely bring my needlework. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. I generally embroider at the end of the day or on the weekend to relax, where I find enjoyment in creating something beautiful for someone I love.

  109. This past year, I googled “chickenscratch” and found all your articles. My Mother had taught me the basic stitches over 40 years ago.This year, I followed your suggestion and Laurie Latour’s tree patterns to make cards for my immediate family.I will be mounting and taking pics to send to you this Wed.after my trip to Micheal’s for the stock cards.
    We live in a rural Smokey Mt.community, about 30 minutes to any shopping!(We try to go into town every 2 weeks.)This light would be wonderful at night to magnify and illuminate my gingham embroidery(during our frequent power outages).Love the beauty and serenity of the mountains, but am not too fond of the isolation,wind,ice and snow.

  110. Yes indeed I travel with needlework, knitting,and reading. My husband, now retired, spends more time in Dr. appts.and it`s so much better than the magazines or TV offered. I think this would be very helpful for any take along needlework.
    Karole In Texas

  111. ‘With a needle’ is my handle: sewing, knitting, embroidery, applique, crewel. Being able to have a needle in my hand from a very young age, has given me such joy and the opportunity to create decorative pictures, clothing, handbags, pillows, etc as gifts and for my household. Wherever I travel my needlework project comes along. Lighting is usually very poor and this light would be wonderful; especially when visiting my children (4 married – living in 4 different states) none of which inherited the mania for needlework and have poor lighting in their homes. At home I use an Ott-lite on a side table. This Beam n Read lite would definitely be a wonderful traveling companion, in the car, the plane or train.

  112. This sounds like a very handy little light. I have tried and tried to stitch in the car but get yucky motion sickness so I don’t get a lot done when driving. But, I don’t mind long airplane trips because its such a luxury to have a chunk of uninterrupted time to myself! It never fails to interest people and its fun when people stop in the aisle to comment on my work.

  113. Thanks for offering this give away! I try to take stitching with me where ever I go, but some stitching projects just don’t travel well. Recently though I’ve been learning tatting and have gotten good enough that I can take it with me easily.

  114. This sounds great! Never have enough lightand would be great iif the power goes out! Thanks for offering it, Mary will make a great stocking gift.

  115. This is a great light! I travel for work -mostly on an airplane. I always have needlework with me where ever I go. For airplane travel it’s often Hardanger because it’s usually one-thread and one-fabric. I don’t do the cutwork on the plane but I do anything else. When I’m in the car, it’s all harder, depending upon the speed and road conditions but I always have it with and try!
    Thanks for a great giveaway. I will definitely use it.
    Judy C

  116. Oh, yes I bring my embroidery out of the house! I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful embroidery café that I visit. My embroidery also tags along to waiting rooms, train rides and any time I expect (and some where I don’t) that there will be time to work. Not all projects are suitable for travel, but I always keep at least one that is.

  117. I don’t get out of the house very much so I don’t take any needlework with me because of that fact. I’m disabled and therefore spends 95% of my time alone at home. Needlework and reading are the two pastimes that give me the most joy and it’s difficult to come up with things to do when the power is out. Can’t even watch tv or get on the computer so it would be lovely to have this light in order to do needlework or read during the sometimes long power outages we have here in Kansas.

    I enjoy reading your blog very much and always look forward to the next installment. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  118. Please, Oh, Please! Ever since I read your review I’ve been trying to find a reasonable Canadian source – one lists this for 133% more than the US source. Not fair!
    I am a social embroiderer, carrying my work to gatherings far and wide – three guilds and two small groups. All too often light sources in church halls and friends’ homes are inadequate. A convenient portable light would make life so much easier. My stitching friends would be amazed and impressed!

  119. I am thinking that both of us….my husband and I….will be wanting this light at the same time. I stitch at home and he reads at home. SO! I went ahead and ordered one from Amazon.com just to be sure that we MIGHT have two lights in the house to use for books and stitching. Of course this time of year I am not doing much stitching! But once the days are free of cleaning, baking and writing cards, I will be able to stitch to my heart’s content. Ahhhh…..that will be a taste of heaven!

  120. I am both ! I have a project on the go for home , every place , and journey !
    I always carry a little piece of embroidery in my handbag….in case we are held up somewhere in the car , or waiting at the dentist..I could never just sit and do nothing !
    At home I love to stitch in the evenings and the problem for me is all the horrible new energy efficient light bulbs not giving enough light , might as well stitch by candle light ! Our eye sight is SO precious , we stitchers must do all we can to preserve it . A great give away.. . good luck everyone ! DaisyDebs Cornwall England

  121. What a nice giveaway !!! So I try to win it of course.
    When I go on holidays I always take an embroidery with me. So my hands are never unoccupied.
    Have a nice day !

  122. That looks like a really handy light! I do take smaller projects with me everywhere, but not larger ones like a little purse I’m working on, but not the shirt I’m also working on with a lot of colors of thread.

  123. Oh, my gosh! I take needlework almost everywhere I go, and this little light would be wonderful! My friend has one, and I tried it out over the weekend. It’s really great, with a good field of bright light and not heavy on the neck? Would love to have one! Thanks, Mary!

  124. I love this light. I am 60 years old on the 17 th of this month, and I need all the light I can get on the projects I do. I have an ott lamp by my side the ceiling light but I never thought of using the ” beam and read” light. maybe with the “Beam n Read” light I won’t have to have every light in the house on my back. Just imagine the freedom I will have.

  125. I would love this light. I stitch at home, in the car, on a plane, in the doctors office, you name it – I am there with my stitching!

  126. Stay at home embroiderer and just found your website. Love it! Love it! Love it! Can’t wait to start some new things in a new light.

  127. If I am going to be in the car for a long time I take handwork with me other wise I pretty much am a at home stitcher.

    Thanks for a chance.

  128. I always take my stitching with me when I go out of town. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in a blizzard or have car trouble and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hotel room with extra time on your hands and WITHOUT your stitching. This light would be a perfect addition to my traveling stitching bag!

    Happy Holidays!

  129. I take my needle work everywhere I go, so I have been searching for a battery powered light to use when I am away from home. The “Beam & Read” light looks like just the type of portable illumination I have been looking for. The other battery powered lights I have found, just don’t give off enough light, where I need it. The “Beam & Read” light is the first,take along light, I have seen with the multiple lights, so I think I would like to give it a try!

  130. I always take a project with me when I can, whether it be knitting or embroidery. Especially if there is a long car ride ahead of me (and I’m not driving) I bring a project along so my hands have something to do to pass the time. Unfortunately working on stitching in a car only works during the daytime without a good light. Alas I have looked a long time for a GOOD light and never found anything but clip on lights that work for books, but not so much for needlework. This Beam ‘n read is the first one I have ever seen that goes around the neck instead of trying to attach to a book or table. Thanks for the great give away chance!

  131. I have always taken my embroidery with me – even leave one in the car…..just in case. This is a perfect light to keep close…maybe for stitching while waiting for my grand daughter at dance class. PERFECT for those “aging” eyes of mine. THANKS

  132. I sometimes take needlework with me to appointments I know I’ll have to wait in a waiting room for!

  133. I am a taker … my needlework goes with me. Especially when we travel. I have embroidered in Russia, England, China and everywhere else we have gone. Part of the fun is chatting with the folks who want to know if I am knitting or crocheting. 🙂

  134. I do carry needlework with me wherever I am…in the car, to meetings, camping, etc. While this light would not fit all situations, it would be nice to have one for night drives and camping.

  135. I normally stitch at home, but while spending the winter months in the sunny south I find myself looking forward to stitching with friends and fellow stitchers ar a shop on a weekly basis. I feel myself lucky to have walked into The Attic Needlework Shop about ten years ago and found these beautiful stitchers. Thank you for all your information published on your site.

  136. I suspect that my grandchildren will remember me as the Nana with the needle in her hand. I’ve hauled my stitching to soccer games, on car trips and Dr. appointments. I rarely go to movies because I can’t stitch there. I’d love to have a portable light to carry along. ‘Tho I still wouldn’t stitch in a movie theatre.

  137. I would take my embroidery with me on trips or vacations where I know I’ll have time to pull everything out and set up my work space. If I’m just waiting for my daughter at the dance studio or during an appointment, I would rather take some crochet or knitting along since I seem to not need as much work space for those projects. I used to take some simple cross-stitch projects with me on business trips with a small scissor and a Q-snap frame (so you can tell it was quite a while ago because I was allowed to bring scissors on the plane!) I once got stuck at Chicago’s O’Hare airport and I was REALLY glad I had my stitching with me! No matter where I go, I need to be working on something with yarn or thread!!!

  138. What a wonderful little helper! I am not an embroiderer yet but this site sure inspires me! I knit and crochet and take a project with me on car trips and occasions where I will be waiting for any length of time. This light would be most helpful in the evening while my husband and I watch TV and movies. He likes the lights off so knitting or crochet isn’t possible for me but with this item definitely so!

  139. I have my handwork with me always! The light would make life so much easier so I don’t have to find a spot in the light but can just keep stitching. I have a very little tolerance for just waiting and if I have to sit for more than about 45 seconds out comes something to keep my occupied. I’ve even done handwork waiting for the traffic jam to clear and I was the driver! Yes I set it down when traffic moves…My dear hubby says I can even stitch in my sleep…

  140. It depends where I go–I have definitely taken my embroidery when visiting my sister, my mom and my husband’s family. I’ve even been brave and taken it on the plane at the risk of my embroidery scissors being taken away (so far, so good!). But the last time we went on vacation (Seattle for a conference since I would have down-time while my husband was in sessions) I took it and was so busy wandering around that I never even touched it, haha. ^_^

  141. I take my needlework wherever I go. I have to have my hands busy when I sit down in the evenings. It is the only way I can relax. Working with threads and colors just washes away the day’s tensions.

  142. i take my embroidery when i go out. i love the little things and work on bigger projects when at home. i hope to win this as amazon.com wont ship to canada.

  143. I love this light! In fact I’ve asked for one for Christmas after reading your review. I take embroidery projects with me everywhere. Have to keep those hands busy and it helps with keeping up on special occasion gifts. I even take projects on vacation with me!
    Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful light and Happy Holidays.

  144. At this moment I’m trying to decide WHICH project I’ll take with me on our winter get away–and also HOW MANY!!!I usually take one new project and some UFO’s.

  145. Oh yes, my embroidery goes almost everywhere with me. I take it to work so I can work on it during lunch, I take it along to doctors appointments, while watching grandchildren, and on car and plane trips. I feel lost if I don’t have a project with me, its like a security blanket! I draw the line at church and meetings, etc. It would be wonderful to have a great light to pack along.

  146. OMG there is always at least one piece of needlework with me anywhere I go and a couple live in my car for those just in case times! My husband always gets bent out of shape when we travel as my stitching projects occupy more space in the car than the clothes and dogs. After all one must be prepared for any circumstances! Merry Christmas to all!

  147. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for continuing to share your enthusiasm and knowledge on your blog. It is fun being part of a community of people who love to embroider!

    If you happen to draw my name for the light, please give it to the woman who embroiders while visiting her husband at the nursing home or the woman who frequently ends up in the hospital. I would enjoy having the light, but would be even happier knowing that one of them received the light.

    Blessings of the season to all,
    Liz Carney, RN

  148. Thank you for this great giveaway. I most definitely take my stitching with me when I travel. I can’t stitch in the car but I can stitch in the airport, hotel rooms, on a train and on a plane. A light like this would be so useful in all those situations.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  149. I take needlework (broadly speaking – I am including knitting and crocheting here too ;^) ) many places, though not everywhere I go. I’ve only recently taken up stitching again recently, inspired by your website I’ve started doing some embroidered (ok, cross-stitched with a few lazy daisy/chain stitch flowers, but it is a start :^) ) hand towels for my SIL’s Christmas gift and I took them with me on the plane to Australia earlier this month. (Sadly, my folding scissors were confiscated in Brisabne airport when we changed planes for Sydney – everything made it through TSA in DC and Dallas, though!)

  150. I take needlework projects with me only on a long trip involving hours of travel time. I work on it in the evenings only, sitting directly under a pole lamp while watching television. My husband doesn’t like the lamp, so this small beam light might help quite a bit.
    Debbie S.

  151. I take needlework with me everywhere I go. I always have some project going. Taking my needlework with me helps pass time away while being productive and making something beautiful at the same time. This light would be a great help!!

  152. I travel a lot for work and so I have some very well travelled projects. If I’m at home I rarely sit down without some project on the go but often the lighting when I am away from home proves to be a problem.

    I also stitch a lot when I’m travelling (as a passenger!) in the car and this would give me a chance to carry on when the natural light just isn’t good enough.

  153. Dear Mary

    Thanks to Bean n’ Read for offering this great give-away. I would love to win this light as I use lighting all the time and this seems to be great for when you are away from home. I do take needlework with me if I’m away for more then a day because I have to have something to do with my hands and as I love embroidery I tend to take my current embroidery project . When I went to Turkey a couple of years ago I took the Nesting Place project and had ample time to embroider and it’s also a good conversation piece and a way of getting to know strangers especially as I was with a large group of people, in fact some of the Turkish waiters told me that their grandmothers embroidered and they became very friendly towards me during my stay.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  154. Would love to have one of these! I really enjoy your explanations of everything. I appreciate the ‘don’t do’s” , so helpful.

  155. What a nice give-away!

    I normally stitch only at home, however I usually keep a small stitching project at work. One easily started and stopped that fits in the desk drawer. Usually something like ornaments. Although I did stitch a hardanger sampler at work and home one time due to time schedule to get it done. Even so, the light at home isn’t always the greatest.

  156. I tried a friend’s and really thought it would be great for that project I travel around with or for watching TV. I found that shortening the strap helped to angle it where I needed it as my chest would be no help at all.

  157. Yes! I take my hand work with me everywhere–you never know when you may be able to get a few stitches done. My embroidery goes with me to our third Tuesday sew-in too–I hate hauling my sewing machine for one day of sewing, when I can visit and hand sew instead!

  158. I often take needlework with me when I travel. Unfortunately it usually stays it the bag I packed it in. I believe this light would remedy that situation. The lighting in hotels is usually too dim and the lighting while stitching in the car can change as you are moving. This light would help tremendously in both situations. Thank you Beam ‘n Read and Mary for offering us a chance to win one of these lights!

  159. I’m a stay at home cross stitcher, I need to spread out all my supplies around me! I like to take my crocheting with me when I travel – and the light would help with that. Elizabeth in Saskatoon

  160. This is the best idea. I would actually be able to do needlework in the living room withmy hubby. I have a good sewing light that I keep by my sewing machine. I have taken it to the living room but it puts off enough light that it’s distracting to others. This would be such a welcomed Christmas prestent for me. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  161. Would love a chance to win this light! I don’t take my stitching everywhere, but I do stitch at guild meetings, stitch groups at other people’s houses, waiting rooms, etc. I also do a lot of stitching while hubby is watching the TV, but so far he’s been too polite to say anything about the massive light that I use!

  162. I would love to get this light. I need a bright lite now at my age to see clearly. I am a stay at home embroiderer. I am do not have to sit in a waiting room long enough to take any stitching. Thanks for a chance to win.
    Judi in Ga

  163. Several people who are using this light give it great reviews just as you have. Guess that settles it, I now know what I want for Christmas (besides a live in maid which I have asked for every year and never get). As for do I take needle work with me wherever I go? OF COURSE! Merry Christmas to all. L

  164. I do tend to take needlework with me wherever I go if I know there will be a few minutes to wait or relax. We recently went to a drive-in movie in a small town 30 miles away, and knowing there would be good light for awhile after we parked but before the movie started, I brought a project. Those little bits of time are becoming more common than a real stitching session for me, and I do get things accomplished in them. This light would work great for me!

  165. I don’t take stitching with me for short jaunts, but make several out of state trips a year and always take a project along to make the time go faster. This light looks like it would work well in the car as well as sitting in a doctor’s office. And I have (ahem) the preferred physical requirements. Would love to own one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  166. I’ve recently had cataract surgery and added a high power lense so I could see better. I couldn’t see far away before the surgery and now with the surgery I can’t see up close. I’ve tried everything from clip-ons and the cheaters from the store. This light would solve my problem, more light and a magnifier.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m a “B” so that area would work too. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Lea Rae

  167. I spent 16+ years working with women in various parts of Africa, most without electricity, and always take a project along — a great way to open conversations, build relationships, and invite them to teach me from their own artisanal styles. This light would be a tremendous blessing in those places. Although I have been stateside for a couple years, steps are in progress to return to Africa. How wonderful it would be to take this light along! Thanks for all the wonderful posts and give-aways!

  168. Hi Mary, I would like to have this light to help with lighting up my work. I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica and I am on heavy doses of Prednisone and it has really affected my eyes sight. I sit under bright lights to do any kind of work and it helps. I do carry my work every where, I have had so many Dr.s appointments and I always have it with me. I could really use this light and It seems that it is not cumbersome and easy to use.

  169. That comment about having to be well endowed cracked me up. lol! I’m definitely not well endowed, but I’m willing to try it anyway. Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. I do take needlework with me everywhere, but part of the reason I don’t actually do it, is the light (especially in hotel rooms) is often very bad! This seems like a great solution!

    1. I would love to get my hands on one of these lights..We live on a farm in Mozambique,where we run all our lights from solar panels.. All 3 my daughters love to do embroidery with me,so we constantly fight over who can have the brightest light for the evening.. I dont take my needle work along every time,but I do buy new embroidery supplies wherever we go..
      Good luck to everyone and may you all have a blessed Christmas… Greetings from Africa xx

  171. What a great solution! I take my needlework wherever I go and lighting is often a problem. I spent 3 weeks in Italy once and during that time embroidered a christening gown for a dear friend’s grandchild. We laughed when we realized I could have added a label saying, “Hand embroidered in Italy.”

  172. ciao a tutti, direi che il ricamo è un ottimo hobby anche perché si può fare ovunque, ma amo ricamare in casa e da sola

  173. Thank you for all of your valuable reviews. Your insights have helped me find great tools, kits, and books.
    I have a tote I take with me when I know I’m going to have some waiting time. It contains both knitting and a small, hooped embroidery project. I don’t take my project on the stretcher bars because I’m afraid it will get dirty or damaged.
    Thanks for the great give away. Happy Holidays!

  174. During the winter months I do almost all my handwork at home because I live at 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies where weather can be extreme.
    This light would be just perfect as I often am
    without power during high winds and deep snow.

  175. Sounds like one fabulous tool, especially for an older person (me) who really needs a good light to do needlework!
    I really like your instructional postings, but I wish I were more talented! Thanks so much for your great ideas.

  176. I so so so want this light! I’ve got a small reading lamp to clip on my work, that keeps bouncing and getting in the way. I often take my embroidery with me, because I’m stitching mostly medival related stuff. So I take them to the festivals and make something I would call “publich stitching” or so in englisch. I just show the visitors how it was done long time ago and what stitches and techniques were used. And because in the camps there’s no electrical light, I musst lay down my work when it’s getting dark. A candle just don’t make enough light for embroidery. Sometimes I use my little clip on lamp, but… meah it’s not always usefull.
    Thanks Mary for the give away and also for your fantastic blog, that I followed only silent till today!

  177. everywhere! And lately there have been a *lot* of waiting rooms and it’s a soothing passtime while I wait on my husband’ medical appointments. Great give-away, Mary … thank you!

  178. When you reviewed this a while ago, I put this on my Amazon wish list. I had forgotten about it until this weekend when I traveled with my husband. Why do hotels all have pitiful lighting? Then I read your blog post on FBI and was reminded of the perfect travel light for stitching. I always have my stitching bag with me when I travel, but I need the light. Thanks for the reminder! If I don’t win the giveaway, maybe Santa will remember…

  179. I always take my needlepoint with me when I’m traveling (plane, bus, train), especially if I’m going to be away overnight or longer. But I usually only take it in the car if I’m going on a long trip (& not driving) or if I’m working on a small portable piece.
    Mary, thanks for all your great advice, info and give aways and I’m always impressed at how quickly and thoroughly you respond to our questions or comments! You really are amazing!

  180. Mary, I take needlework everywhere, just in case! I may not get to pick it up, but just knowing it is with me is a good feeling. I need bright light or daylight to stitch these days so this give away sounds very useful. I love your blog and all the wonderful info you so generously share with your readers. Thanks!

  181. I’m strictly a stay at home embroiderer, except when I go on vacation. I can’t sleep on planes so I always make sure to have a project with me to keep busy 🙂

  182. I take my embroidery everywhere. I love to be able to be doing my projects while traveling or waiting in a drs. office. I enjoyed the article because it was honest and said some actually don’t like the light. I would think it would be love at first sight, first because I have a more than ample bosom (TMI?) and because the combo of magnification and light for my old eyes would be fabulous. I especially can see myself using it when everyone is watching tv because they like to do that with the lights out and that just does not make for good stitches!

  183. Hi, thank you for this opportunity & for all of the tutorials you offer. I have saved all of your emails since I found your site. I am a stitch-at-home person, probably because I don’t go much. I like to sit in my overstuffed chair with all of my goodies on the overstuffed arms and stitch and watch a good movie. I usually have to bring a light from another room and then I’m down on all fours to plug it in, I’m sure you get the picture. A light with batteries & (ahem) a magnifier would be perfect!

  184. I am almost compulsive about having a portable project with me at all times. It is amazing the people who will start a conversation because they also either embroidery or know someone who does. I have a friend with a beam and read and she let me borrow it when I was struggling with putting on a black binding with black thread. It was like working in the daylight. Now I have light envy, and the light is on my Christmas wish list. Thanks you for the chance to perhaps win one.

  185. Stitching in the car is never an option because the light is just not right. I have never seen this light, would love one, as the sun go down here at 16h30. Thank you Mary for loving mondays and Christmas, your giveaways is amazing.

  186. I am never without my stitching! The only place it doesn’t go is church!! It’s amazing what you can get done at red lights!

  187. You meet so many nice people when you take your stitching out in public. My car repair place has floor to ceiling north light in their waiting place, and it is a beautiful place to sit and work. So many men especially tell me about the stitching their mother used to do when I stitch in a waiting room.

  188. Being retired I have started doing embroidery. This is done usually at home; I do take a bag when we go away on holiday but the work does not always come out.

    I do find that a good light is essential, natural daylight does not last very long at this time of year.

  189. I travel a lot and always take some form of embroidery with me, however I often find that in the places we stay, hotels and holiday apartments, the lighting is very subdued and nowhere near bright enough for stitching. This light looks ideal for those trips and would live in my suitcase ready for the next trip away along with my travel embroidery project.

  190. The Beam and Read seems to be just what I need. I presently own a Carson magnifier, with light, that works when it’s not constantly falling off my chest, and since I always bring some sort of embroidery or needlework when I babysit my granddaughter, having a portable magnifier with light is essential. I love to embroider, mainly for the feeling of relaxation, certainly not for my skill, but I believe that practice makes perfect, and good lighting and magnification will go a long way towards making that happen.

  191. I would love to win the Beam and Read light! I take my needlework everywhere, even if it is only a short distance–if I am a passenger, i kn

  192. I would love to own. I always need better lighting and hardly stitch at night due to my poor lighting here.

  193. I have always had a project with me. I make needlelace in airports and doctor’s offices. I have made bobbin lace on trains; I knit on buses and, if I’m not driving, in cars. I don’t normally take my embroidery with me, but there have been occasions. I always end up with children and ladies of all ages looking and commenting. I’ve even had one Chinese lady tear the work from my hands so that she could examine it more closely.

  194. I carry my embroidery most everywhere, especially nice when having airport delays! I have noticed that young children seem to slowly gravitate to me to see what I am making. It always is fun to show them how to make a stitch or two. A light would be great to have anywhere or any place.

  195. I always take my stitching away with me. Always. Even on my daily journey to work. However, I rarely get good enough light to do much and those book lights simply don’t do the job. So sadly, although I try to make the most of every opportunity, I often end up reading instead. Just think how much I could get done if I really could stitch a little bit here and a little bit there. Great giveaway, especially as Amazon UK didn’t seem to stock the light when I looked after your review.

  196. Thanks for the opportunity to win this light! I take my stitching with me to work on while waiting for my daughter at lessons, while waiting at the doctor’s office, while waiting…you get the picture! It is amazing how much one can accomplish while waiting! This light would make it easier to stitch while waiting. Happy Holidays to all!

  197. Hi Mary. Thanks for this great giveaway. I almost always take needlework of one sort or another with me, usually tatting in the car since it’s quite portable. (I found I get too many punctures if I’m using a sewing needle lol)
    Thanks for the chance to win the light. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  198. I used to take it everywhere, but in the last few years, I only do needlework at home. Crochet work is sometimes taken out and about, now. It’s easier to lug around, set up, etc. I’m just not as adept as I used to be!! :o)

  199. take my current project everywhere and work while away from home…but… not while in a moving vehicle!!! Sadly, I’m a victim of kinetosis, but I always have time to stitch away once I’ve arrived at my destination.

  200. Hi-Mary, I like the looks of the Beam n’Read light. I’d use it for my sewing machine work to eliminate front shadows, because the attached flex-necks that come with factory machines always seem to get in the way!
    My technician could use one too! If I win it, I will pass along the info.
    To answer the qualifying question: I take it along if it only requires one thread or skein at the moment that I am packing it, even if later on it will get complicated!

  201. Needlework is always with me — Always. Something to keep me busy, and sometimes it is something I start just for travel, no reason or goal in mind. One of the big problems, dim light in other homes, motels, dark in the car. This is a great solution and give away. Thanks!

  202. Wow, love that this light is battery operated. Easily moved from place to place for easy set-up. I typically stitch at home in my favorite chair and under my only really good light. Happy holidays,Mary!

  203. OH! really a funtastic tool for every embroider. If you wont write about this we might not be seen.
    Thank you MARY LOL

  204. I NEED the Beam and Read light! I take my needlework wherever I go; and this light would be a godsend! We do a lot of traveling in the summer on our motorcycle. I give up taking a lot of ‘non-essentials’ (make up, curling iron) to make room for my needlework. There is a limit as to how much you can pack on a ‘bike;’ a normal flashlight light doesn’t work…we need 2 hands to do needlework. During a 2 week period we will usually stay in 8 or 9 different places. My needlework gives me something to do when hubby is sleeping, or we are stuck in a hotel waiting out a thunderstorm or (as this year) a series of tornadoes; however it is very difficult to do this in the bathroom! If I turn on a light in the main room, it wakes him up. This light would also be quite valuable during the many storms we get in/near our hometown. So far this year we’ve had 3 tornados, as well as numerous electrical storms that have knocked out the power. We live ‘out in the country’ and there are few homes on our road, so we are not considered a priority when it comes to getting the power on.
    I quit smoking this past Feb., after smoking for 37 yrs. I’ve done very well, but need to keep my hands busy, especially when I’m nervous…i.e. during power outages…
    Puh-leeze choose me for this wonderful light. BTW: O Crafty 1 is re: Star Wars….Obi Wan Kenobi…per my son’s friend who is also a Star Wars fan and appreciates the needlework and other crafts that I do (that have saved his ‘bacon’ numerous times).

  205. I take my needlework with me. I hate for my hands to be idle so long car trips (even 30 minute ones) or waiting in Dr offices are perfect times to bring a project. I feel like I make good use of my time and it keeps me from getting impatient.

    I was so happy to discover that I could take it with me on the airplane when traveling to Montana to visit my daughter. I think I would have gone stir crazy if I couldn’t have stitched during the flights.

  206. I would love to live on the bright side! Finally a good use of my figure instead of just catching crumbs. I usually just embroider at home, but in different rooms to find a quiet spot. Thank you for all the wonderful tips.

  207. Do you take needlework with you wherever you go? Or are you a stay-at-home embroiderer?

    Hi Mary
    I fly regularly, and have recently discovered how to meet the TSA guidelines and embroider on flights. This is just great, but I find the lighting on the planes not quite enough for this work – but I have the time to do it, and I’ve found, lots of interest from cabin crew and passengers in my efforts. It would be great to win the Beam’n’Read light for my benefit, and for those admiring the work!
    Thank you.
    Merry Christmas to you.
    Kind regards, Di

  208. I almost always have some stitching with me, but I have various projects for various kinds of situations – one project for when I have lots of time to devote to my project, one for times when I’m really distracted or have very little room (the car), and one for mornings, when I’m wide awake and the light is fabulous (40 count silk).

  209. I am a stay at home embroiderer. This light would be perfect for when I want to work on my sewing when my husband is watching television. He lights to have the lights off and I like to have bright light for sewing. This would be the perfect compromise. It would actually mean we could be in the same room while I am working on a project!

  210. Several of my friends (our crazy quilt group) have this light and think it is super. I had been thinking I might like one but haven’t gotten around to it yet, then the other day I was sew on a quilt binding (dark on dark) and would have given almost anything to have had some sort of direct light on the area I was stitching. I could only sew for a short time before my eyes decided it was enough. So I really think this is something that would work for me in any hand work I might do – be it bindings or embroidery work on my crazy quilts piece, etc.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  211. This little light looks wonderful 🙂 I take my needlework on long trips of course, but for the most part I love to curl up on the couch and stitch away!

  212. I always take needlework with me when I’ll be away overnight. This light would be perfect because planes, hotel rooms, and even friends’ houses never seem to have good lighting where I want to work.

  213. Hi, Mary! Thank you for making your blog.
    I generally do needlework at home–but I take beads with me when traveling…even if the traveling is to the auto shop. I just pack up the Tupperware-type dish with the beads for something simple like wire-wrapped loop rosary or bracelet and keep busy with it.
    Before starting on my daughter’s wedding dress, I took threads, hoops, stabilizer, fabric, and beads along to test bead embroidery stitches for that project. (In the Rubbermaid dish with lid!)
    It’s very calming on a road trip.
    The reason straight embroidery doesn’t go on the road with me is that I’m not disciplined enough to have a small packet of supplies to carry. Guess that could become a resolution for the new year.
    — Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
    Karen Leonard

  214. My needlework is always packed for trips… camping, air travel etc. I seldom work on it as much as I anticipate so that leaves the bulk of my work being done at home.
    Weds. morning is quilt/stitch group and the overhead commercial lighting just doesn’t cut it.
    Being in the NW we don’t have many power outages but are now experiencing our annual sun outage. Oh for the days when it doesn’t turn dark before afternoon is over!
    Enjoy your holidays everyone!

  215. Hi Mary! Thanks for the giveaway! I take my needlework with me to the Dr.s office, airplanes and in the car waiting for my grandson. I would love to have the light. Thank you for your website. Diana D. in Houston Texas

  216. Well I don’t take my stitching everywhere I go but I do take it when we travel or if I am going to be waiting ( for example – a flight). I love when people come up to me and we start a conversation about what I am stitching.It is a great way to help pass time.
    For pieces that require more concentration I save those for stitching at home.

  217. I have two projects going at any given time. One at the very least, in the living room by my chair and another in a bag I keep in the car for driving trips, and when we are at parties, church, doctors offices, lectures or visiting friends. I like to have something to do with my hands at all times and I don’t like to be bored.

    Often I will listen to a book while embroidering. Last week, at the oncologist, she looked at my progress and asked how to make a stitch, she learned how to do the stitch on the piece I was working excited to show her own daughter the stitch.

    The hardest times to work are in the car as the sun has set or in low light areas which seem to be in abundance. I think that taking embroidery out in public reminds people of the art and reminds them of embroidery in their family. It is always good and positive.

  218. I am a take-it-with-me-girl on the embroidery! I am so slow, I need every spare moment I get. Actually brought my embroidery to work today to stitch a bit on my lunch hour 🙂

    These “older” eyes would love to win this new “Beam and Read” light!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  219. I am definately a stitch anywhere person.

    About the only time I do not have it with me is grocery shopping at a store about a mile away.

    My tote usually has two frame mounted projects, with everything else I might need right there too. Each project in the tote is in a separate large bag. I also have my tool holder at one corner, and a pharmacists bottle to use as a temporary trash can in the other corner.

    There are times when I never open the tote, prompting my husband to fuss, but I still take the tote nearly everywhere “just in case”.

    Actually, I am hyperactive, and the worst torture for me is being forced to just sit and wait. As soon as the bad feelings start I take a project out of the bag and that helps me to calm down.

    I also keep the tote in the car, “just in case” there is a traffic jam, or even a longish red light.

    A journey of 1000 miles starts with the first stitch.

  220. I am a stay at home stitcher and the light looks like it would be great to use, my house is quite dark in the evening. Thank you.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  221. Instead of taking my embroidery with me, I usually take my tatting or crocheting instead. They are smaller and easier to take. And I usually don’t like to be interrupted when working on embroidery so I don’t lose the “flow” of the stitching. But this doesn’t hinder the tatting or crocheting. But I think this light would help in any needle working, not just embroidery. God bless you for all your generous giveaways!

  222. Sounds good – I might like to try it. Since I am a B also – it might work well for me too! Thanks for the chance.

  223. I’d bookmarked your review of this light last month because it seemed like a potential perfect solution for travel. I always take a project with me, and, as you mention, hotel lighting just isn’t sufficient. I travelled weekly for work for 5 years (2 or 3 nights a week) and this would have been a real plus for all of those hotel nights! Thanks for the opportunity, and happy holidays to all.

  224. My needlework sometimes gets more mileage than one of my cars! I do take needlework w me as a rule wherever I go but have had to slow done on my stitchery as my vision is poor due to an injury to my eye. This would help a lot! Traveling or at home it would be great! Thank you for the wish!

  225. I take all types of projects where ever I go. Whether it is traveling in the motorhome or car. I can not sit with idle hands.

    This looks like something that would come in very handy to me.

  226. Mary, thanks for offering this give away! I take needlework everywhere I go. We like to travel and I have taken stitching on trips to Alaska, Japan and Italy. The Beam ‘n Read Light looks perfect for stitching in the car and far away places.

  227. G’day Mary, I’m a take it with you at home embroiderer! I seem to settle into this chair in that room or in this room at that table or….
    I’m too self conscious (yes, me!) to stitch in public at Drs etc so it’s not enjoyable and I don’t stitch well then.
    Travel time is non-stitchable due to motion sickness. Otherwise I’d certainly stitch then with hubby driving. My camera comes into it’s own then. I don’t seem to get sick looking around and clicking away. It’s quite amazing what really good shots you can get through the car window at 100ks as well as some fascinating abstract results for freestyle embroidery inspiration. Getting off the track here. Thanks for the giveaway Mary and Beam ‘n Read folks.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz.

  228. OK, I confess. There is always an itty bitty project in my purse, sometime larger in car, and part of packing the luggage includes what project(s) to bring along. All of which could use extra lighting.
    Even brought easy to stitch project when working the Board of Elections.

  229. I always have something to work on – in the car, at the doctor’s office, during choir practice (our tenors and basses always need extra work to get their part!). I just hate having idle hands – just time wasted!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Merry Christmas, Carrie Plane Nut

  230. I am usually a stay-at-home stitcher, because my current light/magnifier is large and on a stand and I feel my needlework stays cleaner, than being carted around. Would like to try this one!

    Thanks Mary!

  231. Wonderful light… I rarely take my work with me these days, only when I know I’ll be waiting awhile. Often, I work while others are playing video games in a dim room. A lovely Christmas to you! Thank you.

  232. I take needlework with me when traveling. I cannot go very long without doing some type of sewing. Thank you for this great giveaway. They light sounds like a great help for needlework either at home or when traveling.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  233. Well, I haven’t gone many places in the past few years. But when I go on a trip, I nearly always try to take some embroidery with me–and then it’s too dark in the car, or there’s no time, or something else happens and almost nothing gets done. But maybe this light will help!

  234. Hi Mary,

    I take some needlework and books WHEREVER I go. I have various baskets, compartmentalized boxes with silk ribbons, threads, fabrics, needles, small projects ready … a selection thereof always spends 3/4 of the year in our vintage travel trailer LOL. MORE LIGHT is always MOST welcome, and I’d really like to give this little light a try. THANKS for your generosity!

    Cathy in PA

  235. I take my needlepoint with me all all the time because I teach needlepoint.
    I would love a “boob” light. I am nicely, but not overly, endowed.

  236. This light looks amazing. I have a magnifier like this (hangs around your neck) but it does not have a light. I always carry a bit of needlework with me, great when you have to wait in a doctor’s office, at an airport, etc. — a wait anywhere, really. I’m limited to what needlework I can carry to do since I need a light and magnifier to do fine needlework. Hint, hint, the Beam ‘n read light seems like it would be perfect.

    P.S. Love your website, I just bought a Tambour needle and will try that technique next.

  237. Oh, how I’d love to win this. My husband complains about my light when he likes to watch TV in a darker room. I like to always have some sort of handwork with me whether it be applique or embroidery.

  238. I have even been known to do needle work at RR crossings (which are numerous in my town) while waiting for a freighter with a 100 cars to move around from one track to another (at less than a snail’s pace). Vacations, lunch, before work, friend’s house–you name it and I have probably done needle work in the situation. This light would absolutely provide me with more beams in the family room so I don’t have to banish myself to the bedroom while others are watching TV/movies and wishing I would turn down the lights. Thank you for the opportunity to find other niches for needle work!!

  239. I’ve been looking at light for a while now, but many are simply out of my price range! If i don’t win your give-away, I’m going to do some additional research on this light.
    I don’t go anywhere without a project of some sort. I really dislike sitting around and waiting. The light in my car and other isn’t sufficient, some restaurants are very dimly lit, etc., so having a light like this one would be fabulous.
    Thanks so much for your blog. I love the photos, enjoy your style of writing and have learned so much about needlework in the short time I’ve been reading. The give-aways just add to the fun!!
    Merry Christmas!

  240. I’ve taken my stitching on camping trips, but never have a good enough light source to stitch in the trailer. I’m sure having a light like this one would end that problem.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
    Sandy In Montana

  241. I would love to have one of these, but I really want Lesley Walker below to win one, because it sounds like she needs it more than I do.

  242. This is a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win. I definitely take needlework with me when I travel…I take some even when I know I will likely have to wait for a while when I am going to an appointment. We all know what “they” say about idle hands.

  243. I create with my embroidery whenever and wherever….living room, kitchen, bedroom, even sometimes–in the bathroom…if I’m trying to get things done…sometimes I need all the time I have! and of course I take it with me whenever I don’t have to drive, or sitting and waiting, waiting, waiting…just like waiting for Santa Claus…it’s a must to keep my projects moving along! As I’m getting older a light would be wonderful to have! Thanks a bunch for all you give us through your newsletters and giving.

  244. I always have a tote bag packed so that whenever I leave the house, I can take some embroidery with me. I favor sturdy embroidery that doesn’t require a magnifier. Thepiece is often smocking or 10 to an inch canvas. I usually plan and pack my embroidery projects before clothes when going on overnight trips.

    I especially value having some soothing embroidery with me when staying with family members during their hospitalizations or at home recovery from surgery. They do not feel they must visit with me and can get their much needed rest if I am quietly stitching.

    A small, battery powered light source sounds ideal for visiting family. Often others will be watching television and I have to exile myself to another room to be close to an outlet if I want to stitch.

  245. I always take some stitching with me when I go on my long trips to India. A place known for its power outages and other hardships this handy gadget would be a boon when I finally sit down to relax with my stitching and the lights go out not knowing when it will return. This would be the first thing a pack!
    What a wonderful give away. Thank you.

  246. This light looks like the perfect solution. I have spent a lot of time in hospital rooms or visiting ill family members this past year, and this type of light would permit me to ease a little of the stress by taking my needlework with me and sewing when the ill are resting. Regardless of my email address, I am now doing more stitchery than quilting, thanks to your marvelous emails and website.

  247. I would love to win this light. I always have a needlework bag with me, no matter where I go. Would love to have a good light to take along with me. Thanks for the chance to win this…and especially THANK YOU for your wonderful website and newsletter. You just make my day when I get your email…….

  248. I always have a small project to stitch in my bag. A small portable light would be terrific. You are so right about hotel rooms, most often too dark.
    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Holidays.

  249. I simply can NOT stitch in the car or a waiting room. But, I absolutely haul my projects and supplies to work almost every day so that I can sneak in a little stitching time during breaks and the lunch hour. (I tend to look like a bag lady, lol.) But those few minutes add up to accomplishing a lot of work over the long run.

  250. This is so ironic as yesterday I was looking for a new light to do my needlework. The wires are coming out of the lamp I have and the “shade” dangles. I have tried fixing it with electrical tape.
    As to my needlework, I take it everywhere. I have found there are times that I could have been working on it. I got my oil changed in my car and had to sit awhile in the waiting room. Thank goodness I had something to work on. Thanks Mary.

  251. Thank you for the giveaway! I always have multiple knitting, stitching and sewing projects going on, and the smaller projects always make it into my bag to take out. One never knows when the wait is longer than expected or if there is some found time among the errands. The stitching I take with me is mostly canvas work or embroidery, unless I know I can sit somewhere for counted stitch work.

  252. I don’t go very many places, but when I do, I take my needlework with me. On my last vacation trying to stitch in the hotel room sent me to the only store I could find and I ended up with one of those bicyclist’s head band lights. I looked like a retarded miner, I’m sure, lol. Wish I’d had one of these.
    Thanks for offering another great giveaway, Mary.

  253. Whenever I pack for a trip, be it for just one day or three weeks -just across state lines or cross country, I grab my travel embroidery pouch. In my travel pouch I keep a simple seasonal project of Hardanger, Swedish Weaving, or white work. I also have my TSA friendly thread cutter packed so I don’t loose any more of my favorite embroidery scissors :). These projects are usually left behind as a thank you for my hostess.

  254. I take it absolutely EVERYWHERE. I cannot help myself, even where it seems obvious I will not get a chance to work on it. BECAUSE…you never know!

  255. I have been wanting a light since forever. I am a stay at home embroiderer. No matter where I go in my house there is never enough light. When I do work, it’s very rough on the eyes, I never feel I can do my best work for lack of light. This would be a great Christmas gift!

  256. Hi Mary,

    That light sounds like it would be ideal for so many situations, and since I’m on the downhill side of 40, I can use the magnifier, too, I love to bring a project with me whenever I leave the house. If I find that I have time to kill, I’d rather be productive (although I do read my share of knitting magazines and crafting blogs, lol)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours,
    Betsy in the gray and rainy Seattle suburbs

  257. Thank you, Mary, for another great give-away! What fun!
    I take a project with me whenever I go out. This week I will be going to South America and Antarctica. I have two projects going with me from Susan O’Connor’s Beacon, NY, October classes.
    Thanks again, Mary!
    P.S. What battery-operated light/magnifier would you recommend, please, that I take with me to Country Bumpkin’s “Beating Around The Bush” (Australia, September 2014)? I really, really need your expert advice on this one, please!
    Thank you again, Mary

  258. I’m too disorganized to take things with me. I do it at home only. But hey, maybe this light would inspire me to get my act together to take something with me.

  259. I’m pretty much a stay at home stitcher these days. Right now I’m in the midst of Christmas baking and am just itching to be stitching instead! First of the year I’m making myself a travel stitching bag so that’s it’s more convenient for take along. Would love to add a pocket to fit this lamp. Thanks so much for the great give-a-way.

  260. I take my work with me wherever I go. Most places–homes, hotels, the car at night– don’t have adequate lighting. I have to keep some travel pieces handy for low light situations (travelling). This looks like an ideal solution. With it I would be able to work when I visit my grandsons and my parents. I don’t like sitting without something on my hands and would prefer needlework over AngryBirds!

  261. If I can get my act together, I’ll take stitching with me. But that’s a big IF! Well, that’s something to work on in the new year.

    I so enjoy reading all your posts and seeing all your beautiful stitching. Thank you for all you share with us.

    Thanks also to you and the folks at Beam ‘n Read for a chance to see (with) the light.

    Merry Christmas to you, Mary!

  262. I take my needle work with me whereever I go.
    Even if I did little work, I am happy.
    But at times, I do not do any, but love to have
    the same with me, some kind of an emotional satisfaction.


  263. I think this light would be very handy for stitching in hotel rooms! I take my needlework with me when I travel, but I often have problems getting enough light to stitch with.

    Have a great holiday, and stay warm!
    Mary in MN

  264. I have taken needlework with me in the past when outside the house, and worked quite a bit on it while being a passenger in a car. I haven’t lately, though I do sometimes like to have some ready for long flights, just in case. 🙂

  265. I take my projects everywhere – I’ve recently starting going to movies again… and would love to be able to work and watch. This would be perfect.

  266. The Beam ‘n Read Light sounds like exactly what I need with hubby and the kids either gaming or watching movies in the evening, it would be the perfect light source for stitching!

  267. I am your stitcher at home; the thought of taking the stitching/accoutrement anywhere is just too cumbersome. Thanks for the contest invitation; have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Sandra/Point Pelee

  268. I am a stay at home Mom. Would like to win the light. It would be very handy at nights when I do most of my needlework

  269. I would LOVE a light like that! We drive long distances & I have to stop stitching when it gets dark. It would also be great for watching TV & sewing – my light would not bother others in the room as much.

  270. Merry Christmas, Mary!
    I usually bring a project with me, I use ziplock bags to keep supplies together.
    I don’t always get a chance to work on my project but it’s nice to have it with, just in case.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a cool light.
    Diana Kohnke

  271. Dear Mary,

    I used to take projects with me when I traveled. However, usually my friends didn’t have enough light for me to be able to stitch. This portable light looks perfect for the purpose.

    Merry Christmas.

  272. I love to take small projects with me, but cannot when I visit my daughter as the lights where she lives are really poor – so to win this would be a real treat.

  273. I do take certain needlework with me. I like to take things like cross stitch and things that can be worked easily. Last year I was making yo-yo’s for a project and liked them for portability.

    A portable light would be handy.

  274. I live in absolute terror of boredom, particularly stitching boredom. Whenever I travel I take a needlework project of some kind with me ~ it’s become a security blanket. But, what’s interesting is how much it connects people; I can’t tell you how many interesting folk I have met because my needlework caught their eye. I would love to have such good light available! Thank you for chance to win this. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed…

  275. I would love the opportunity to win a Beam n’ Read light, this is awesome.

    I tend to do most of my needlework at home but have, on occassion been known to take some smaller projects with me to work on either in the car or Dr.’s office.

  276. How wonderful! What a great option for lighting especially for someone who has started to wear glasses for reading and stitching. UGH! I also find I need additional lighting to see and was trying to find the largest spot light on the market. Of course, the question is where do you put it? This would be perfect and I do have the ‘chest’ for it! Pick me! Pick me!hahahahh

  277. Hi Mary
    I’m from Australia and my husband sometimes travels for business and I accompany him. This is by car and many long miles. I sit beside him stitching away. We cover a lot of territory and I stitch a lot of stitches!
    I am so excited by this giveaway! I have tried to find an outlet for the beam n read in Australia but no luck. My vision is not great and I am always looking for new lighting aids. I have been most impressed by the reviews for this light.
    Thanks for the chance to perhaps own one!

  278. I usually just do needlework at home, but I will occasionally take a small project with me if I know I’m going to be waiting somewhere a long time. I have a cute little re-purposed pouch (meant for coupons) that I use as my traveling stitching bag. I also just want to say thank you for this wonderful site – I’ve learned so much from you!

  279. I have an old Beam N Read which I dearly love. I use it when I am in the ice fishing shanty to knit, read and embroider while my husband follows his love of fishing. Would love to have another. One for home and one for my carry along project.

  280. I live in the cloudy and grey Pacific Northwest, where a bit of extra light is always appreciated. Season’s Greetings to you and stitchers everywhere!

  281. Hi, Mary! Great giveaway and something I may spring for if I don’t win. I would not take charted cross-stitch on the road unless a long stay were in the picture. Embroidery I would use this light with would be feather-stitching on a doll dress or a red-work picture — something pre-stamped. I also knit and have all sorts of projects to take along. A light like this would let me move along on wool lace gloves or swirling color hats or socks! Thank you! Mimi in South Lake Tahoe, CA

  282. I take stitching everywhere and much more than I could possibly get finished. Always have small project in my bag, just in case!

  283. I would love to win this light! I’m a new follower of your blog & I’m enjoying going through the archives & reading.

    1. I forgot to add, I usually do my crafting at home. Occasionally I’ll work on something with a friend away from home.

  284. I’d be nuts if I didn’t have my needlework with me! I currently have a piece in the car, a piece in my purse, and a piece tucked into my suitcase in case one of the others gets finished and I’m in danger of being out of stitching. And I travel with books too! I think this light would be a great fit as it goes on you, not your frame. Love your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  285. Yes, I usually take a small piece of needlework with me everywhere…95% of the time.
    I had/have one of these lights. It’s small and easy to pack but my husband likes it too so we share it. 🙂 Thanks.

  286. Hi Mary! I myself love all different lights, and I am a stay at home embroiderer. I would love to add this to my tools! Have a great day, Lisette

  287. I take a project with me wherever I can. I used to take a book and couldn’t leave the house without one!! But now..it’s a small sewing project. I don’t get many times when I’m not the driver so I take full advantage of it. Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy stitching one!! Pam

  288. In answer to your question…I am serious needleworker AT HOME! The reason…I am so careful of my fibers and I try very hard to avoid any dirt. I sound obsessed, (I know) but I have to be honest…I AM! 🙂

  289. What a nice offer! I’m an intermediate needleworker right now, but would like to become an expert. This light would help so much as I don’t seem to have a place where I can see to do what I want or need to do on my projects. I’m looking forward to the winner announcement!

  290. I don’t go anywhere without something to work on!!! My husband does all the driving so I do handwork, needlework, crochet, knit. Anything to not go “stir-crazy” in the car. I pack extra projects just in case I finish one or get stuck on a pattern or whatever. I have project bags set with the items needed for a project. I do have to remember to transfer the small scissors between the bags I am working on.

  291. Hi Mary,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
    I have bags of needlework that go with me wherever I go. One bag if it is a day trip and three if it is longer and one small plastic container for small things I can do in the car.
    My biggest problem is the lighting I need. I have tried to find a reasonable priced light with magnifier but they seem to be few out that will work without being plugged in or something to sit them on. Thanks Mary.

  292. Yes, absolutely, I take some kind of needlework when I go anywhere for any length of time. I would love this light because motel rooms are especially challenging light-wise and I stay up later than my husband and always have to improvise something somehow to keep light from getting over to his side.
    Your blog is really stimulating even though I don’t do a lot of the type of needlework you do.
    D D’Amelio

  293. Since both my children and grandchildren – and siblings – are scattered all over the eastern half of the US, my needlework is the first thing I pack when we hit the road. The light would be a great addition to my travel bag since not everyone in my family is as fanatic about handwork as I am so lighting can be a major problem (and I have the proper frontal endowments to support such a light!)

  294. I find that I am needing more and more lighting help as I get older. I have’nt seen this one in person but would love to have it to try out

    Ellen in VA

  295. I definitely take embroidery with me. I started because I always seem to be waiting 15 mins here and there when I am picking up my kids. After a few years of having a project on hand it amazes me how often I have a chance to do a few stitches.

  296. Oh, yes, I don’t take a step out of the house without a little stitching project in my purse. I’m more likely to forget my phone or car keys than my stitching. I keep a handful of those little-bitty cross stitch kits handy so I can grab one and go. I have a quilted fabric cover meant for paper-back size books and it’s perfect for sliding a kit into one side and a pair of scissors and needlebook into the other. It fits nicely in my purse, keeps everything neat and clean, and even matches my wallet!

  297. I do take needlework wherever I go; at least whenever I know there is going to be some ‘sitting down’ time. Holidays especially although I have to admit that it sometimes comes back with very little progress made. Lighting – or lack of it – is often an issue when travelling.

  298. I love to stay home and stitch but I travel a lot and always take stitching with me. Right now I am in Switzerland visiting my daughter and family for the holidays and just this morning (while stitching) I realized how much I needed a small lamp/light to help me……..the Beam ‘n Read would be perfect!!! There is not much sunshine here especially in the winter so this lamp would certainly be put to good use! Maybe it will be waiting for me when I return home to Texas in January!!! :-=)

  299. I need as much light as I can get and the Beam and Read sounds ideal so hoping it is my lucky Monday.

  300. Hi Mary

    This light would be an absolute bonus for me. My eyes are not what they used to be and it would be catastrophic if I have to give up my embroidery. I take my embroidery with me when I am visiting my mother as she loves to embroider too. We have a lovely day sewing and chatting.

  301. I ALWAYS have needlework with me on trips – I travel abroad quarterly for work and I always have 2-3 projects to work on during the long 20hr flights so having some viable light is a must. I’ve tried the little magnifier with the small light – its better than nothing, but only barely. This looks like it’d be a great addition to my trips. Thanks!

  302. I take needlework with me everywhere! I am a cancer patient and have spend many hours in doctors offices either waiting to see them or receiving treatment. It helps to pass the time and I have something to show in the end. It has encouraged several of the nurses, staff and even other patients to start stitching or opens up conversation.

    Thanks for the question and the give away.

    Merry Christmas!

  303. Merry Christmas Mary, You are one of the people I am thankful for this year. I do not bring my embroidery with me because I can’t seem to concentrate on what I am doing with distractions. I would love the Beam and Read because getting older with eye site difficulties is more strain on the eyes. Light helps protect your eyes for needlework. I’m sending my letter to Santa today and looking forward to winning. Ha Ha

  304. I don’t travel without at least one stitching project. Often I will have more than one with me since some are better suited to different modes of travel.

  305. I usually take handwork with me nearly everywhere I go. It’s an hour drive up through beautiful country to go major shopping and I like to have something to do. You are so kind to have these give-aways. Would love to win the lamp. Old eyes need bright light. Merry Christmas.

  306. As a full-time working mother of 4 children ranging in age from 15 – 7, the best time for me to stitch is during my commute which is 45 minutes each way by train. My eyes are still relatively good, but the light is not sufficient for counted embroidery work on finer linens or for cutting work on my hardanger projects. I would also be able to utilize such a light on those nights when I have insomnia and don’t want to wake up my husband by turning on the light. Thank you, Mary, for offering such great giveaways.

  307. I take needlework with me every where I go; work, vacation,doctor’s office, even the hospital. It keeps me sane.

  308. Quilter here, and reworker of clothes, often employing decorative stitching in both. All of it has benefited from your good, clear instruction, photos and humor.

    I no longer drive due to eyesight problems and am limited to daylight sewing almost exclusively. Doing nice handwork from dusk onward would be possible with good light where I want it and magnification when necessary. Oh, yes, I would get a lot more accomplished!

    1. This light with magnifier would enable me to do handwork after dusk and on overcast days. I stopped driving a few years ago after losing parts of my field of vision. Sewing, quilting and decorative stitching for myself and others has been part of my life for decades. Now I’m limited to not working after dusk or on overcast days. I love your instructions, photos, and humor.

  309. I take my needlework with me on trips – it is a special treat! I often have more uninterrupted stitching time on the road than I do when I’m home!

  310. I usually have separate projects for at home and on the road. I can smock in the car, but embroidery and needlepoint are best done at home with extra magnification. I would love to win the light.

    Jane Briscoe

  311. Dear Mary,
    I’m travelling around Australia in a caravan with my husband. I have four of the overhead cupboards filled with my embroidery threads, needles, scissors and lots more “I need these” bits & pieces. And I have some projects under the bed. I take something with me all the time, mostly my practise piece as I can follow a new stitch on my iPad. Often when we are camping, we don’t have power, so a light with batteries is ideal for me, particularly one I can hang around my neck. Thank you for giving us Aussies a chance to win the light.
    Merry Xmas

  312. It should cast the light in just the right space if you know what I mean. I am not a B!

    I take my work EVERYWHERE! There is something to work on at all times. Small things go with me, larger things stay at home.

    Thank you for your give away. I would love to have the light.

  313. Well, this is one easy question to answer! I’m traveling right now – and I have a couple of projects with me to see me through the three weeks I’m to be away from home. And boy would I love a light like this. Stitching in the daytime is okay, as I can usually sit near a window, but at night, it’s virtually impossible with the awful lighting in the room we’re in. NEXT time, I’m going to bring along some kind of light and this little gadget looks promising – so here’s hoping I’m chosen. Thanks for the opportunity to win, Mary!

  314. Im mostly an at home stitcher. I have an embroidery stand that I utterly adore, frankly i dont know how i got on without it! so I choose knitting to keep traveling hands occupied.

  315. Howdy from Texas. I do carry needlework to appointments. And most definitely when I’m waiting for sweet hubby as he shops at our local home improvement store. Time goes by so much faster with a project that’s fun and beautiful in hand. My favorite place to stitch is still at home where I have everything I need at my finger tips. I would love to light up my stitching world with this great giveaway your offering. I will also take this opportunity to wish you a Blessed Holiday.

  316. I am a stay-at-home needleworker. I especially enjoy doing needlework while watching my favorite TV shows–like Chopped and Iron Chef. Something about the combination of food and handwork is very satisfying.

    Kathy S (clothqueen)

  317. WOW that would be such a BIG help. It is difficult to find a light that is just where you want it. I have a really hard time with that. I must have tried a dozen lamps and none of them give enough light on the right spot to work well. They always seem to be too far or too bright or leave a shadow. This looks like it would shine the right amount of light in the right place without shadows.

  318. I ALWAYS have something in my purse or tote wherever I go. Never know when you will have some “spare” moments to work on something and I just have to be doing something. Gets people interested in what you are doing and possibly might get a newbie into the art! Gotta keep it going. : D

  319. I always have to have my needlework with me everywhere I go. Once I get started with a project I just can’t seem to stop! It’s a very relaxing thing for me and so much fun to do. This light looks amazing, as I am in need of good lighting at the moment since my eyesight tends to become a little fuzzy at times with poor lighting. Happy Holidays Mary!

  320. I carry my needlework wherever I go — for 16+ years this meant throughout Africa, most often in remote places (no electricity, etc.). The needlework is a terrific “ice-breaker” for connecting with the women I worked with and allowed them also to share with me from their own traditions. This light would be wonderful to have and use in these places. I have been stateside for a couple years, but wheels are turning for a return to Africa. Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!

  321. I take my needlework with me almost everywhere I go. I don’t always get to work on it. One reason is because the lighting is not good. This light would definitely make it easier to work on my needlework on the go! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  322. Usually, stitching is done at home, because I need better light than most of my outside the home provides… This might solve that issue. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  323. I loved your note about the brilliant light accessory! It is ideal for needlework while travelling. My needle projects go with me wherever I go and the light aid would be a great help in those places where the light is dim. I would love to win on your offer. Imagine all the free advertizing the light would get when fellow needle artists see me using it on board a plane or train? And, think of all the wonderful people I would meet while giving my sales pitch?

    Thanks for the opportunity to own a Beam ‘n Read Light!

    Claire from Canada

  324. I was just going to buy a light and was perusing offers.
    So I thank you for the opportunity to win one

  325. I take my needlework with me always — I used to stitch on planes (with my Elan lapstand and clip on magnifier)etc. but haven’t felt like it recently… perhaps the movies are at fault, perhaps life has been just a bit too hectic lately…

  326. What a wonderful gift. I stitch mainly at home but always have trouble finding a light that is “right”. When I do travel the stitching comes too but the light is usually dim and romantic, not useful at all!
    Have a peaceful Christmas.

  327. I am definitely a travel with needlework; embroidery (blackmwork or cross stitch) when travelling internationally and knitting when travelling by car (Note only when a passenger :-)). I even choose my transit airports by the lighting – Amsterdam and Paris where possible. I have travelling embroidery and at home embroidery projects on the go and now having a daylight magnifier lamp at home miss teh light when I am travelling and would love one of these lights.

  328. Hm – I’m mostly an at-home stitcher, but did go through a spell where I took my bag o’ floss on the road with me. Hm – with such a light, maybe I could try that again 😉

  329. I often take my needlework away with me, but I don’t always get to work on it. Having said that, this last weekend I was away and didn’t take any, but the October trip to London I took two, finished up one piece and cracked on with the other!

  330. I rather tend to stay at home with embroidery and bead work, for two reasons:
    1) Because of the light problems I face outside my home;
    2) I usually like to have all my stash available around me.

  331. I do my most intricate and difficult embroidery at home, but have several “travel” projects. Good lighting is the biggest challenge when not stitching at home. The beam and read looks like a great solution!

  332. I am primarily a stay at home stitcher. the exception is for vacations and when I travel for work. Stitching is relaxing for me so vacations often involve time to stitch and when I am stuck in a hotel room I often like to stitch. But these are often small projects like Christmas ornamments

  333. Hi Mary, I’m definitely a take my embroidery EVERYWHERE person. I have an ‘on-the-go’ project that is always in a ready to take state and, in case I forget to grab that in a rush to leave the house, I also have a number of tiny cross stitch kits that stay permanently in my handbag. I leave no possible stitching opportunity go. Coincidentally, I’ve been looking around for a portable stitching light (hubby’s led book light just doesn’t do the trick)and your review seems that the beam n read ticks all the boxes.

  334. I frequently take some hand needlework with me on trips and even on short jaunts. I like to keep my hands busy, but in a dimly lit room, my old eyes don’t see quite well enough to enjoy it.

  335. OH! I was hoping you would offer this as a give-away. It’s such a “usable” gift!

    Yes, I ALWAYS take needlework with me. I keep craft bag packed that is for traveling & keep it replenished at all times.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  336. I try to have two pieces of counted cross stitching in progress. One stays at home. It is generally a more complicated one that requires constant reference to the chart and that takes a long time to complete. The other goes out with me. Usually it is a Christmas ornament. It is small and relatively simple. If I were to lose it, I would be willing and able to begin again.

  337. Hi Mary, This is a fun give-away! I usually stay at home to embroider, except when I head to the coast with the quilt gang – then I definitely need all the light I can get! This would help immensely, as I bring two flip-up lights and that is often still not enough

  338. I’m a stay-at-home stitcher, because to be realistic, when I travel I’m caught up in all the experiences of travelling, such as visiting with friends and family as well as sightseeing.

  339. I would love to have this light…I take handwork with me wherever I go. Embroidery has saved my sanity so often. Thank you for sponsoring these giveaways and bless the companies who do them. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year all.

  340. Dear Mary
    I take my embroidery everywhere, we spend a lot of time in our motorhome but it’s very frustrating that the light just isn’t adequate and as I’ve just bought the Chinese Embroidery book you reviewd as well as the kit to start I have an even greater need for a good light than with wool crewel embroidery. Can’t find anything nearly as good as this light sounds.
    Regards, Kim.

  341. I take my needlework with me but I seem to get more stitching done sitting at home! Thanks for the info on the light

  342. Thanks for a great give-away. I take many classes and I’m always having a hard time trying to stitch at night in my hotel room. This light looks like it would be perfect for that!

  343. Hi Mary. The light I feel would be a great asset. I do most of my stitching at home but often take things with me just in case I get the opportunity to do a bit as I hate sitting staring into space and thinking ‘I could be doing a bit of stitching’ I do think the type of project you have at hand makes the difference whether it is portable or not so it is always good to have that small piece that does not need constant chart watching. Good luck everyone and have a wonderful Christmas and every good wish for 2014.

  344. I take it every vacation and roadtrip but actually work on it about 50% of the time! It never fails that if I don’t take it, I wish that I had. Love to win that light so pick me!!
    Renee Wheeler
    Austin, TX

  345. Always! One never knows when a few minutes/hours may be available!
    Furthermore, many rewarding conversations have begun because someone saw me stitching. It’s rich with adventure beyond itself!

    Thanks to Beam “n Read for their donation and to you for promoting the give-away.

  346. I travel quite a lot, and I take my embroidery with me all the time! Usually, I have two projects, one at a frame that I keep in my studio, and one in a hoop that I take with me. I keep my threads in a little ziplock bag, my tools in another and my embroidery in a bubble envelope to keep it safe when it’s in my bag. Long trainrides are so much more fun when you have hours of stitching to look forward to 😀

  347. I don’t usually carry embroidery projects with me, partly because I can’t count on having enough light to see tiny stitches, and partly because I like to have my supplies arranged around me where I can see and reach them easily. Usually I’ll carry other kinds of needlework projects, like knitting or crochet. If I had the Beam n Read light, that would certainly eliminate one excuse!

  348. Seasons Greetings! My stitching goes EVERYWHERE with me, and I stitch
    Every day. Since I have a number of things going at anyone time it is
    Usually more then one goes along with me. I use my clip on magnifier
    Glasses, and some sort of light if needed. This light looks very interesting!!

  349. My needlework follows me to appointments where I’m not sure how long I’ll be waiting, on car trips, vacation, visits to family, etc.. But mostly, we visit every evening while relaxing and watching TV.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  350. Hello Mary,
    What a wonderful gadget just what I need to allow me to be more mobile around the house since Im always a stay-at-home embroider. Sometimes I just want to sit in the living room and enjoy the view of our patio while I embroider but the lighting isn’t up to par. This would be the perfect solution. I just love your website. Every new stitch I learn comes from your helpful videos. Thanks for sharing your talent. Best wishes for the holidays.

  351. How fabulous to have such a handy light source – I have a standard lamp for home, but whenever I’m out and about with my small project embroidery, I have to rely on the vagaries of natural light or the public lighting. This item would be ideal to fit into my bag.

  352. Oh this is such a wonderful giveaway!

    I tend to only stitch at home–first, because I don’t travel much, but also because I prefer to have as little distraction as possible from what I’m doing.

    Thank you, Mary!

  353. Hi Mary
    I carry my “take-along” project whenever I go out but always take a book as well: some environments are not adequate for embroidering (lighting, for example)! So this little gadget would certainly solve that problem! Here´s hoping…

  354. I would LOVE to win this light,thank you so much for the opportunity! I really enjoy the articles where you teach us about new products that are designed to make it easier to do needlework. I am one of those needle workers who has to almost constantly have a project in my hands! It drives me crazy to be stuck waiting somewhere with nothing to work on!

  355. Dear Mary, Not only do I travel with handwork, but it is my FIRST consideration when going on a trip. As I have several projects going at a time, I can choose among the many for whatever mode of transportation or accommodation I will be using.
    I have just gotten back from Hawaii and not only had the time of my life and read 3 books (one on the very long plane trip from the East Coast!), but brought a lovely embroidery with me and managed some peaceful stitching time in that Paradise.
    I can knit in the car and cannot think of the last trip I may have made without some handwork with me. I have worked in offices and cars, in hospitals, on trains and planes, in cars, in others homes — in short, anywhere I can.
    Thanks again for such a nice give-away.

  356. Hello…I LOVE the idea of this light…more for reading about needlework than for even doing it! This will help me while away the hours sitting on my sofa with some of those wonderful books you’ve reviewed that have such fabulous pictures. And I expect it’ll come in handy for all sorts of crafting purposes…but imagine especially shining its light on ecclesiastical goldwork! Be still my heart! Kate aka kdk

  357. I have a couple of grab and go bags at the ready. I spend time waiting these days, in the car, in doctor offices, waiting for my muchkins in driveways, sitting in my fold up chair, sitting in bleachers, sitting in arenas, with a wip on my lap. The eyes need light to keep the headache at bay, so now that the sun is setting so early in the evening in this neck of the woods, I am not able to get as much time in as I’d like while waiting for the muchkins. These projects are simple and don’t require much concentration. The other stitching — the do not talk to me while I am doing this project, is done at home! Merry Christmas Mary! Your blog rocks!

  358. I typically only take my stitching when I am
    going to a stitching get together. I would find
    this light useful for my evening stitching when
    I try not to disturb my husband while he is
    watching TV and I am sewing. Thanks for the
    give away!

    Pat from Lebanon

  359. In the dark winter evenings when it is raining outside I find it hard to see some of the stitches and would love one of these lamps to show me where to put my needle!

  360. Would love to own this light, it looks like just the thing for stitching late into the night!

  361. I always have a small cross stitch project in my purse so I can take it out whenever I have the chance. I travel a lot by train and I can really relax and forget about the stressed commuters around me. I’m always looking for practical tools and tricks to make stitching while on the go a little easier.

  362. I’m in a group that we affectionately call knitty quilty because some of us knit, some of us quilt, and I like to bring my embroidery along sometimes. So nice to have a portable craft. We meet at each other’s homes in the evening once a month but often the light isn’t good enough for detailed work. I’d love to have a little portable light. Oh, my DH and I like to go camping, too, and I often wear a headlamp but it attracts the moths around my face, maybe this light is a better alternative!

  363. I only embroider at home or at my local quilt shop during bee. I would embroidery at more locations if I had a great travel light! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  364. Oh my1 I would love this light. I always have some form of needlework with me wherever I go. I suffer from chronic pain that makes most day to day activites difficult. I have also recently been diagnosed with some chronic eye issues that will only get worse over time. The light with a magnifier would be unbelievably helpful since needlework allows me to distract myself from my medical issues. Needlework has saved my life.
    I look forward to your daily blogs. I now have a whole wish list for some of the “toys” you have described in your emails. You also challenge me to try new techniques. Thank you so much.
    Pat G.

  365. Thanks for telling us about this light. I have not heard about it until todsy.
    I think it would be great to use while in the car.

  366. I used to take my work with me often. Now, however, my vision isn’t what it used to be and I find that the light situations in other places is often not optimal. Also, I have greater trouble stitching at night than I used to. So, for me, this little light could be ideal. Thanks, Mary, for all your contribution to the stitching community.

  367. I take stuff with me everywhere, I always have a bag packed that I can grab as I’m walking out the door! Right now it’s loaded with some baby socks, a crocheted snowflake, and a cross-stitch ornament on perforated paper (all in various stages of completion). That Beam n ‘Read would be great for stitching in the coffeeshop. Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  368. I always take something with me, embroidery, crochet, hand piecing, something…this would be perfect, as hotel lighting is usually awful. Keep up the good work, I love your writing.

  369. Mary…

    In the Winter, I sit in my home in the living room by the fireplace (and TV) and I embroider under my Ott light. In the good weather, my hubby, two Scottie dogs and I go camping in our RV. I embroider as we sit outside the RV under the beautiful sunlit skies. When it rains during a camping outing, we stay inside the RV where the lighting is not very good. Dear Santa Mary…I would really like to ask for a Beam ‘n Read light so that I can embroider while camping in the rain! Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  370. I was just saying to my daughter I would like to find something like this light. I love to embroidery and am currently staying with my daughter due to having medical treatments. The lighting in her family room in the evening is not what I am used to so it prevents me from stitching in the evening. I love your website and truly enjoy getting your messages. Thank you for all that you do and please have a Merry Christmas too!

  371. I take my embroidery everywhere. I have little kits made up, that I can just grab when I am on the go.

    Mary in Oregon

  372. I often take my needlework with me while waiting at the doctor’s office as my husband goes so often. Last time while he was having more testing, I managed to embroider for an hour straight sitting in front of a window so I was so happy to get something accomplished. Having good light is so important for these old eyes, so I think the neck light would be wonderful.
    Good luck to all and thanks to you for this generous giveaway.
    Merry Christmas
    maggie in Maine

  373. Hi Mary, Love your website , I just started my love for embroidery. I take my embroidery to work with me,practice between clients.

  374. Hello Mary – such a great give-a-way! Not seen a light like this before. I take my embroidery everywhere with me – especially to the snow in winter where my grand children live (Snowy Mountains Australia). They frequently loose power in the winter months, and sometimes for 1 or 2 days. A light like this would make for much less frustration and keep me content with my sewing.The young ones seem to cope well without light – but me not so! My 8yr old also likes to sew with me which is lovely as she is great company.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and Happy and safe New Year. Thanks for such a fantastic blog – it’s the best.


  375. This is what I do in the evening but that is when we watch TV
    I could use this because the hubby wants all lights out.. But then I would have my personal light
    I love your emails and look forwRd to them

  376. I take embroidery or knitting with me when I travel or if I am goign to wait somewhere with good light! It is lighting that some times tilts me toward knitting while waiting rather than embroidery as I can knit in most light levels.

    The great thing about both is that people come to ask about what I am doing and what I am making so it’s surruptious outreach.

  377. Being one of those people who are of the ‘endowed’ version, I expect this light would work well for me. I must admit I don’t take my embroidery along with me, but I do take my knitting quite often, particularly if there is a medical appointment involved.

  378. I take my appliqué and embroidery wherever I go. I have my car kit, when I’m stuck in the car waiting for kids, uo to larger and multiple kits when I am flying, or on a road trip. Sometimes my projects bag is bigger than my suitcase when I’m on a long trip

  379. I always take something to stitch, but often the light isn’t good enough to even get it out – this beauty would solve all that and would (maybe) save some of those mistakes that happen when stitching in an unfamiliar environment with poor light as an extra input!

  380. Thank you Mary for the chance to win this great light. I always take my needlework with me just in case I might get time to stitch. Happy Holidays

  381. I had a Beam ‘n read years ago that I used all the time for both reading and stitching. It enabled me to do both in the car(while riding not driving :)) I always have something to read and stitch with me. One of the slots that hold the strap on my Beam ‘n Read broke and I had forgotten about it until your article. It really did work well for me.

  382. Thank you for the review of the travel light. It looks just perfect. At present I use a clip on one. It is hard to adjust and keeps falling off. I take my hand stitching everywhere with me. I even stitch in the car when I am a passenger. Barbara A

  383. oh would love to win that light. i used to carry my needlework with me but not anymore. i carry my e-book now. i stitch lots at home. thank you for offering this giveaway.

  384. Please light up my life! I have old eyes and need this light for cross stitch and embroidery. I take my needlework with me everywhere in a cigar tin. I embroider on the subway, bus, in taxies, at intermission, at the library and during boring work meetings. I love needlework–it’s relaxing and so fun to make beauty with my hands.

  385. Oh my, what a wonderful light. My projects go when I do and some lighting is next to awful. This little helper would truly be a asset. I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms for patients and this past summer I made a wrong turn in the mountains of Oregon (like 300 miles wrong turn ) so I had to get a motel room. They always have poor lighting 🙂
    Merry Christmas Mary and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  386. Dear Mary,
    I am a “home” embroiderer. I like to sit and embroider in peace and quiet with my own thoughts. Also I would be anxious about my work becoming soiled and otherwise damaged, misplaced or lost if I took it out with me. But I do think about embroidery ideas when I’m out and about, and often write notes and draw little sketches on pieces of paper.

  387. I take little projects with me all the time! While in a waiting room, car waiting on kids, or while traveling! 🙂

  388. Hi Mary!

    First of all I want to thank you for your interesting emails. I look forward to reading it first thing every morning.
    I stitch at home and also away with a group of stitching girls. Good light is a problem at a couple of the houses where we stitch though. It looks like this light would solve a big problem for me!

    Thanks for all the work you put into your blog. It is very much appreciated.

  389. I always have a bag with a small project to grab and go, but sometimes the lack of good lighting makes it difficult to stitch away from home. Having a battery powered light will be a great addition to my tote. Thank you for a great give away and enjoy your holidays.

  390. Yes, my stitching goes everywhere. I keep a kit in my vechile always. I use to drive all day as a rep and I could get a few stitches in at traffiic jams. And many times I carry something else to work.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  391. I take a bag of something to do with me whenever I go overnight or someplace where I know I’ll be waiting and won’t have WIFI. Most of the time I end up not using it, but it just makes me feel better having it! Thanks to the Beam n’ Read people for offering to ship out of the U.S.!

  392. I take my stitching with me everywhere. I have several projects I work on. Small projects to travel with me, larger projects for while I’m watching tv, waiting for dinner etc, larger projects for dedicated stitching time. I always have a needle and thread with me(what if I get stuck somewhere!?!… need a worse case scenario project in the car as well.

  393. I always took an embroidery project when travelling until 911 and needles, scissors, etc. were banned. It was great to pass the time on a plane working on a project. Now any time I am checking luggage a project goes too. Hotel lighting is the pits. This light looks like just the thing to have. Thank you for the chance to receive a needlework Christmas present 🙂

  394. I take my needlework in the car when its a long drive or when we vacation. On straight roads all is good, but as soon as we get in the mountains or on curvy roads, the needlework gets put up. Stitching always makes the time in the car go faster and I can still watch scenery and sew. Thanks again for another nice give-away.
    Anne in Vancouver

  395. Mary: Thanks for your reply. I will try this
    again. I would love to have the light which sounds fantastic. Since I am confined to the house these days, this would be a most useful and worth while light for me. I could use this very well as I basically have two fried so being “plump” would never be am hindrance.
    I love to make blocks and add embroidery on almost of my quilt blocks. Thanks to you and the manufacture for this wonderful gift.

  396. I will confess that I have several projects going at anyone time. I just want to do everything at the same time, so finishing is often a big celebration for me. But part of the luxury of having several projects, in the pile to work on,is that I always carry a small project in my purse, packed in a small stitch bag. That way, I never have an excuse for being bored. I stitch in the doctor’s waiting room, at the movies or even during my church’s annual meeting (I wasn’t the only one, so there ;-)). I find that my purse projects don’t get done quickly, but I do see many folks get interested in what I am doing.

  397. It’s summer on this side of the world. Camping time. A time to relax and stitch. The best LIGHT is under the sun shelter, during the day. The best TIME to stitch is when the sun goes down, but the head torch just doesn’t do it. A Beam ‘n’ Read would be just brilliant. Literally.

  398. Hi Mary, what a great light this would be for my “getting older” eyes. It would be a treat
    to be able to see better at my EGA meeting when I stitch and on the go. For power outages that go on and on how great it would be to stitch away those long hours waiting for the lights to come back on. Thanks Theresa

  399. I usually take a simple project with me to work for my lunch break. That’s really the only place I go where I have a significant amount of time to work on something.

  400. While I prefer to do my needlework at home, I do take it on trips and have had fun showing my granddaughter some stitches. The problem with traveling is bad light: this offering will certainly solve that problem! Thank you for thinking of us.
    Barbara in Kennett Square, PA

  401. I take my needlework everywhere I go except for work and church. If I didn’t, I’d never get much done. This light would be a huge help. Thank you for the review and for the give-away!

  402. Having old eyes means I need extra light to see when reading or stitching. I am usually doing one or the other. When the power is out or I am away from home the thing I miss most is being able to see well enough to do these things. Plus this light is portable too. I woulod really appreciate this tool.

  403. We live in a caravan and are traveling around New Zealand until we want to go back to our home iin Christchurch. So a light would be a great addition to my embroidery stash. I have a lot of my favorite things with me but have a lot waiting in storage. This light sounds just the right thing for my embroidery in the caravan. Merry Christmas to you all and I would be thrilled to have this extra special gift for Christmas.

  404. Definately a stay at home needleworker. Most of my trips away from home are too short to really get into a project and I always worry about the item getting soiled so I prefer to do my stitching at home.

  405. I ALWAYS have a stitching project with me – I get a ton done during waits at the doctor, ortho, and dental offices, sitting at the dance studio waiting for my daughter, or wherever. I love it because it allows me to still participate in conversation around me and is a great conversation starter itself. I have had many people take up stitching for the first time, or restart after many years of not stitching, just because of me sitting quietly and working away on a project.

  406. Cool giveaway!

    It’s not so much that my needlework travels or is stationary. It’s more that I only take embroidery somewhere I’ll be able to spread out. Embroidery is not a car project for me. Guaranteed if I try, a needle will make its way somewhere uncomfortable.

    So knitting for the car or bus. But embroidery for the comfy armchair beside a fireplace, wherever that might be.

  407. I take some kind of hand work with me everywhere. We travel a lot in our motorhome and the lighting is the worst ever. Looks like this light would greatly improve my handwork!
    thanks for a great giveaway and a chance to win. Love all your site and all your help for this beginner!

  408. I do take my needlework with me when we travel. I also tend to move about the house with it when at home. Since some eye surgery a year ago I find I do need more light and this little light would come in very hand.

  409. Hi Mary,
    I take my needlepoint everywhere, but not other types of stitching. The pieces are small, so they don’t take up too much room in my handbag. I keep them in a ziplock bag to keep them clean. Love to stitch. Louise in Decorah

  410. I do take stitching with me when I know I will be sitting and waiting. It is a Mill Hill kit so it is very portable. I have it stashed in its own little pouch so it is easy to grab and go.

  411. Hi! Mostly I am a stay at home embroiderer, but when I am traveling, I then take projects with me. I like that this is a very portable endeavor. I also like to take kits with me when I travel.

  412. The light will be perfect for me. In 2014, I will take time to do Hardanger embroidery and as for my knitting or crochet projects I will take my embroidery with me. I do have a floor lamp but it is not very practical since I move a lot. The lamp could be handy for knitting or crochet also.
    Thank you for all the information in each newsletter. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.
    Mafyb (Françoise Beauchamp)

  413. Never leave home without one! At least one piece of needlework ‘just in case’. Just in case the car breaks down, the train in late, the doctor is delayed…..etc. Recently I enjoyed a wonderful trip to India and had one and a spare little something to work on…….but everything was too exciting and there were no delays anywhere. So now I get to dream about all things Indian while I sit back in the Australian sun and stitch. Summer brings storms and lightning however, and that means power outages. A light would be marvellous…..for stitching and dreaming.
    Barbara Lady AB

  414. This sounds fabulous and something I could well do with, so I’ll put my name in again – as someone famous said once ‘fortune favours the brave’ and some else said, ‘hope springeth eternal….’ and so on. I’d love a light like this, as I can’t bear those things that go around your head, they give me a headache in no time flat.

    Thank you again, Mary, for a great opportunity.

  415. Hi Mary,
    What a great idea!
    I am a chronic take-it-with-me needleworker. I rarely go anywhere without a project. You never know when you might have some time to stitch! I don’t always get a lot done when traveling, but I am always prepared. The few times I don’t have a project, I regret it. I have several in bags/containers that are easy to take.

    I am reading the reply below….I want to say to Kris when your kids grow up you will have more time to take projects with you!

  416. I love to take my needlework where ever I go but sometimes the lighting isn’t good enough to stitch by, so this little light would be just wonderful.
    Thank you for such an inspirational blog

  417. This would be great. I do take needle work with me even if there’s only a slight chance I’ll get to work on it.

  418. When I flew to Australia to visit my son and daughter I have to admit I took more embroidery with me then clothes =)

    I packed the necessities and then the really really important things…thread, needle case, fabric, pattern…enough to last me the trip.

    The light would be awesome to pack for my next trip.

    Have a wonderful, blessed and safe Christmas Mary and thank you for great 2013

  419. Can’t leave home without it…I hate being bored and so I always carry something with me to stitch on…I just grab my stitch bag and go….thanks for al the wonderful giveaways…happy holidays to you!

  420. I have a little of both.
    I keep a few projects going that are suitable for “travel” – these are mostly projects that are more forgiving and don’t require “alot” of magnification. Smocking is good for this, as well as handwork, hemstitching and the like.
    Then I have some projects that I would only work on at home. These are the more meticulous projects – things I really need to work on under magnification, possibly in natural afternoon light. This mostly includes super-fine embroidery and counted work.
    Either way, it keeps my hands happy and my mind in tact!

  421. Hello to all of you
    If i embroider anywhere ? Well let´s see … At the hospital ( to investigate my neck that does not appreciate too much my days of embroidery – no time loosing !), when visiting friends embroiderers (what i enjoy and do frequently, my hobby being a very good social opportunity), on the plane (to places where i can see other types of embroidery), in the train to paris or london (to visit embroidery exhibitions or fairs) and most of all … On the sailing boat ! For this last, if the sea is not as still as needed, i take a pill against seasickness to be able to give all the needed attention to the stitches … The only remaining problem for me is the light. In our world of energy saving it looks as if people are returning to candles. Everywhere light must be soft if not inexistant. A little extra light is really welcome for my practice !

  422. Well, my eyes are going but I am not losing my endowed lower neck, so it seems like this is the light for me!

  423. I would like to take my embroidery with me wherever I go, but find that I never have enough light as I do mostly thread painting. The ‘Beam n Read’ would be a big help in my weekly embroidery meeting also as we meet in a old community hall with bad lighting.

  424. Hi Mary,
    I’ve severe social anxiety and find it difficult to manage groups of four or more people. Carrying my embroidery everywhere gives me something to focus on, and helps me to manage my hands & conversations. Right now I’m working on creating a scissors case that will protect the blades, because m hardangerscissors got bent by the tin! Crafting has provided a remarkable gift, and embroidery is the best 🙂
    Thank you for organising these giveaways, and thanks to the sponsors!
    Tessa in Stellenbosch

  425. Hi Mary , I’m a take it away with me person! I like to take embroidery with me on weekends away, camping holidays and caravanning . My lovely husband even went to the trouble of hitching up an inverter to an old car battery so I could run a bright light when we travelled up the famous Birdsville Track in outback Australia. This is long before battery powered lights were readily available. On that trip I completed a storey book for my grand daughter all by that light! With my eyesight getting worse with age (65) and a cateract growing on my left eye a good light is important to me and hopefully I will be lucky enough to win the Beam n Read light. Thanks for the opportunity.

  426. Hi Mary, I prefer working in the comfort of my own home, but if I know that I am going to get some quiet and alone time (like in a hospital waiting room and not like a getaway or holiday!), then I don’t mind carrying my embroidery around!

  427. Hi Mary,
    I have seen one and I would love one it is on my shopping list, it would fit nicely in my embroidery travel bag, yes I do both embroidery at home and travel.

    Fingers crossed


  428. Thank you for this opportunity. I would love to have this light as I have difficulty seeing when I settled in to do my nightly needlework on the sofa. I like to be with family and the lighting is poor in our living room. This would help tremendously as I have found the older that I get, the more light I need.

  429. I always have a few works in progress and take a smaller stitching project w/ me when I know I am going to do some sitting and waiting! thanks!

  430. Mary:
    I decided to try once again. Since I am a homebound quilter at this stage of my life, the light would be a blessing for me. As flat chested as a fried egg, the light would be most useful and I would love to have one. Blessings on you and the manufacturer for this gift of love.

  431. As I am a brand new enthusiastic embroiderer, I take my needle work everywhere!! I predominantly embroider at home though and I think this little light would be perfect since there are times when it seems I can’t get enough light on my work. And I think the magnifier would be a cool little addition for my aging eyes! Thank you Mary!! 😀

  432. I would love to win the light but I just read the comment from Lesley Walker from UK and she could really use it! Please put her name in again for my entry! God bless you and your readers and have a Merry Christmas!

  433. Oh my! I would LOVE a Beam and Read! I do take my work with me on the go. Never know when you may have a chance to work on it. My house is so dark in the evenings that it is hard to do any needle work at all, and I have found some hotel rooms are also not set up for piecework lighting wise. Can be so frustrating to have inspiration and no means to funnel it! Please consider me.

  434. Do you take needlework with you wherever you go? Or are you a stay-at-home embroiderer?

    I carry my crochet and needlework with me wherever i go. But i don’t work on it while travelling, unless I am doing a very small project..like small granny squares in crochet and hankies, napkins in embroidery 🙂

  435. Some women will say one can never have enough diamonds, but I think one can never have enough light.

  436. Bonjour Mary
    Votre travail est tout simplement magnifique.
    Joyeux Noël et une très bonne année à venir.

  437. I love taking a needlework project and a book with me in my ‘car bag’ just in case I get a bit of time. It’s amazing how much I can get done with these little snatches of time.

  438. I always have embroidery with me. It’s funny that many non-crafty type people will often sneer, this includes family members. That is of course until they come up to me and ask if by chance do I have a needle, thread, possibly scissors. I just smile and say that it is a good thing that I have my little old lady needlework “hobby” with me and pull out whatever they need. Thank you for another wonderful giveaway opportunity.

  439. I take needlework everywhere I go. That is the only way for me to get anything finished. When I am at home, I do projects on the sewing machine which are not portable. I have stood in line at the bank doing embroidery! It is always good at the doctor’s office – and it is quiet there! Sometimes I think it is an interruption when the doctor finally comes in!

  440. Hi Mary,
    Well I need a full concentration for doing embroidery so that’s why I do it at home when my two naughty kids are at school. Then I take my all incomplete projects out and try to complete them. Let me say this give away is awesome.

  441. As I face ageing with anticipation of retirement I eagerly look forward to spending more time doing what I love. I find such enjoyment working with my hands. All this said, I find it increasingly difficult to see what I’m doing. Lighting and a lot of it is the key to me doing my best work. I have tried and continue to look high and low for the best way to light my work Portability is also important. I am always on the go as I am a disaster volunteer and it means I do a lot of unplanned travel. I need to bring portable handwork with me to fill the sometime lonely nights.

  442. I have one special go to bag that is always packed with one special project. I know I can grab it should I be making any kind of trip that would include periods of waiting. Even when faced with getting everything ready for a car trip vacation I know I can always grab “my bag” and have my project ready to go. Of course, this project has been ongoing for a LONG time – will have to take more trips to get it done!

  443. I carry projects with me wherever I go — especially for the 16+ years working in Africa. Needlework is a great way to open conversations, build relationships, and encourage sharing in both directions. This light would be a great tool as much of my Africa time is spent away from modern conveniences. Thank you for this give-away!

  444. Hello Mary
    I embroider/stitch wherever and whenever I can : I stitch on the TGV (fast French train), on the plane, on the suburb train when commuting, in fact, anytime and anyplace I don’t feel too self-conscious.
    The only place I don’t stitch on is the bus because the ride is too bumpy (lots of cobblestones still). Stitching in a car is OK.
    I wish you the best of holidays !

  445. I have a bag that I carry everywhere that contains embroidery, a hand spindle for wool and a small loom. (Ya know, idle hands and all) One never knows if you’ll be waiting forever someplace 🙂 I also embroider in the evenings while watching tv. This light would be wonderful for me whether at home or away! Barabal in Charleston, SC

  446. Whether I take my sewing with me depends on where I’m going. I can’t sew in class, but if i’m going to granny’s, I always have a project.

  447. I live in an area with a lot of power outages due to falling trees, crazy drivers, chewing squirrels, you name it. This battery powered light would be perfect for those times when I am embroidering and the lights go out!

  448. I am a stay-at-home embroiderer, but I move from room to room. I have my “necessaire” stand in one room, but can’t find room in other rooms . Sometimes I would just like to sit in my easy chair and stitch, but the light is not quite good enough and neither are my eyes!

  449. I always travel with some needlework! I find it very relaxing on an airplane, in the hotel room or even when visiting relatives. I usually take something not too complicated so I can still join in the conversations. A little extra light would always help.

  450. I don’t usually take work with me – unless I am traveling and planning to stay a while. Just for trips around home, no.

  451. I used to take something small with me until I started having vision issues…Some of it’s just the usual lack of elasticity to the lens, but when I had to take my glasses OFF to see the stitches, it was time to leave it at home. Now, I use a lighted magnifier.

  452. The Beam ‘n Read light would extend my needlework hours past the light of the Sun which would would lift my winter spirits!

    Thank you for the opportunity and for enlightening me of such a wonderful device.

  453. I’m a stay-at-home stitcher, but sometimes using my Ott floor light bothers other people in the room, so it would be great to have a more personal light source. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  454. The Beam and read light sounds like exactly what I need to do my hand embroidery and other hand work. I never seem to have enough light to see what I’m doing, so I tend to not work on it as much as I’d like. I tend to do this sort of work in the evenings and it’s just not working out, as I’m getting older and just can’t see as well. This sounds like just what I need and would work great in the car as well while traveling to Minnesota to visit my daughter. Twelve hour trips mean lots of time for handwork if I can just see well enough

  455. Feeling lucky and blessed. In getting a touch older I have found the eyes aren’t what they used to be and this light would be wonderful to have.

  456. I am a stitcher and take it everywhere. I usually leave a project in the car. Everywhere I go so goes my stitchery. My husband plays in two softball leagues. One league they play five games in two days. I can get quite a lot of stitching done in that amount of time. Makes gift making easier.

  457. A light like this would be very welcome to me. It would help me doing my embroidery in our caravan in springtime and on evenings. Now I sometimes have to stop because I can’t see my work very well and them I make mistakes especially in choosing the right the colours.
    And what is life without light!

  458. The Beam and Read light would be a perfect addition to my stitching travel bag. I love to stitch whenever there is a spare moment, but my eyesight is such that magnifition and bright light are necessities for my favorite 32 count, or higher, linens. I nearly always take stitching with me to appointments where I expect be waiting for over five minutes. Those few minutes of stitching time add up and result in more finished projects.

  459. Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway! I’m a new embroiderer so mostly a stay at home embroiderer for now. Merry Christmas! =)

  460. I absolutely do take at least one needlework project with me wherever I go. Friends joke that my stitching bag is permanently attached to my arm. I stitch a lot of ornaments & other small projects, so there are generally 2-4 in my bag in various stages of completion. I depend on MagEyes, but they are only so much help when the lighting is poor. Of late, I find frequently find myself in one location where “poor” is an understatement – “nonexistent” would be more accurate. I would love a chance at the light, and thank you for offering it. We have plenty of batteries on hand. 🙂

  461. Enjoyed the article on Beam n Read light. I take a needlework project everywhere I go. Sometimes I keep one in the car in case of a breakdown of my old car.

    I would like to try the light and am a well-endowed person so have not been able to use this type of light before. Maybe this is the one.

    Dolores Still, Poulsbo, WA

  462. I keep thinking I’d like to take my embroidery projects with me wherever I go, but it always seems like too much of a hassle to gather everything up and carry it around without damaging it, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t do my best work under less than ideal circumstances. So, I take a book with me instead, for when I have a little down time away from home.

    Cassandra on Long Island, NY

  463. this light looks like the perfect light for me . I always have a piece of embroidery with me. Even at meeting, in the car, dr. office and at home. Can’t leave home without it. This would be a great Christmas present. THANKYOU JO MCHENRY

  464. I just found your needlenthread website, so I am very excited to have found you! I have done alot of different kinds of needlework over the years. I started out with cross stitch, but primarily have done more hand embroidery lately. I love the different kind of stitches that make each piece so unique.I always take the smaller pieces I am working on, if I find I will have time to work on them away from home, so I could most definitely use a portable light source! Just happy to have found you!

  465. Hi Mary

    what a lovely idea: and how useful! I like to stitch at home – mainly because I find my projects are too big to travel – but perhaps with such a light I might be tempted to start something smaller and more portable. Best wishes

  466. I do both. Many times I carry a tiny cross stitch piece with me if I feel the need to stitch. When I am going to be sitting for awhile like a plane ride, I bring larger projects with. Then I have big projects on frames that are kept for home only. I love having an extra light source. Thanks for this opportunity!

  467. I always take a small project whenever I leave home. I like being able to fill unexpected waiting periods with something productive. Of course, lighting is often a problem so a light such as this would be very helpful.

  468. Mary, I would like to stitching 25 hours of each day (and I do try most days!) and would obviously need some really good light to achieve that. I would love to be a new owner of the Beam “N Read light this Christmas.

  469. Yes!! I always have some kind of project with me, even have one stashed in the car in case of emergency. Of course, there are some that are “at home” projects (smaller count, touchier threads, more complicated patterns) but my friends call me the perf paper queen because I almost always have a project on perf paper going since it is easy to work on in questionable light (the give away would help with that problem!)

  470. I prefer doing needlework at home in my comfy chair at my work desk. However, last year I was working across various countries in Europe, and so I took some unfinished crewelwork projects along with me in order to complete them before returning home. (But I don’t have the guts to embroider in moving cars/buses/trains! And I’ll never risk taking my work aboard a plane – I once saw airport security confiscate a small pair of scissors belonging to another passenger.)

    This year I’ll be working in India, where frequent power cuts along with my worsening eyesight are set to conspire against how much needlework I can get done. So I would be really grateful if I won the Beam ‘n Read light. 🙂

  471. I have been looking at these lights and wondering if they are worth the trouble. Sounds like I’ll have to give it a try. I used to carry needlework projects with me. That was back when I could see (and remember!) charts and directions and was not as easily distracted! These days I can’t stitch unless I have everything lined up just so and have blocked out a comfortable stretch of time. Ah, the perils – er, joys – of old age!

  472. For the last 18 years while I was towing my children back and forth from numerous activities my only option was taking my embroidery with me everywhere because I hardly had time at home. I was younger and light was not much of an issue. Now I feel I need more light in my sewing room to see my embroideries. With more time at home I use my hand embroidery skills to machine embroidery quite a bit.

  473. What a wonderful gift!

    I take something with me everywhere. It may be a small embroidery project that doesn’t require a great deal of concentration (like working a repetitive border on a small sampler or a biscornu, etc), or my “on the road” knitting project as I can’t stitch while the car is actually moving. Always a book in progress, too.

  474. Most definitely I take my needlework along when RVing and visiting family for short stays, on long car rides too. I have a few little lights but nothing as big as the give-away. Thanks for sharing your talent and skill, Mary!

  475. This appears to be something that will be very helpful to me. As I get older, my poor eyes are having a hard time with my needlework and beading. I hope I win this!

  476. Yes! I hate to waste time sitting and doing nothing. Just got home from Vegas where I realized that I had NOT brought anything to embroider. Fortunately, I found a great little needlework shop that was happy to send me home with lots of lovely linen and silk thread!

  477. Great giveaway!!! It would really come in handy when I am trying to crochet at night in the car while my husband is driving. Thanks for the chance to win.

  478. Mary, I carry my small needle work projects with me everywhere I go. Besides giving me something useful to do while I wait, it helps me use my time more constructively. It also helps me strike up conversation with strangers, and hopefully enthuse some of them to take to an embroidery piece themselves. The light is a wonderful idea and I’d so very much love to win it.

  479. Hello mary,

    Thanx for this essential giveaway. I’m a stay at home embroiderist. I’m from india and power cuts here are common no matter whatever day, time or season. When there’s no current in the morning’s i sit in the patio or near a window, but it gets difficult in the evenings or when it rains. I Wish u and everyone a very Merry Christmas and advance congratulations to whoever wins this giveaway.

  480. I take my embroidery where ever I’m going. You can frequently see me stitching away on Amtrak when I go to visit my mom. People are fascinated by what I’m doing and that I’m doing it on a moving train. 🙂

  481. I am a stay at home embroider because I have a nasty habit of losing things and screwing things up royally when out of my area.
    I really hope Lesley Walker gets it! It’s awful to be a night owl and have enforced lights out!

  482. Hi, I would really like to win the beam and read light. I have never seen one and apart from your review, had never heard about them. I am slowly going blind and at the same time a mad Crazy Quilter. I even take mine to Bingo, Doctors, anywhere I have to wait. I am doing a memory quilt for each of my four kids while I can still see. 1&1/2 down. I live in Australia

  483. ooooh, oooh! what a great light! I stitch at work during lunch break, as well as at home. Even at home though, I can always use additional light. I find myself wanting to haul my big end-table lamp and hold it over my work. Needless to say, it’s a tad cumbersome and impractical, as the lampshade keeps knocking my glasses off.

  484. I can’t go away without taking at least one embroidery project with me and more often than not I will take a choice of projects, even when I know it is unlikely that I will be able to work on them. Lighting is often a big challenge when traveling particularly with camping! 🙂

  485. This light looks so amazing! My mom always used the circular light with magnifier in the middle, my dad calls it the “airport landing strip light” because it’s so bright and shines across the room!
    Anyhow! Do I take my Stitching projects with me? Is “sometimes” a good answer? I actually work at an apparel company, running industrial embroidery machines, and sometimes in the winter it gets slow, so I take my Stitching to work with me. Also, if I’m going somewhere that will be “boring” and I’ll be sitting a lot, I will take something to work on and keep my hands busy. I don’t stitch in the car though, as I’m prone to car sickness. I wish I could, my mom and grandmother were always Stitching on long drives. I imagine it would pass the time!

    Well, that certainly was a long answer! I hope I win the light, I could use it daily in my home! As of now, I drag a lamp across the room to put it behind me to light my work! With this light, I would have to rearrange the living room! I think I’m gonna buy it if I don’t win it! Thanks for showing it to me! – Katie Mueller

  486. I love this website.
    I do all my embroidery at home as I have an incurable and untreatable eye disease called Retinas Pigmentosa which is slowly robbing me of my sight.
    However, when the light is right I still love to do embroidery and this light machine would help enormously.

  487. What a great giveaway! I take my stitching everywhere. Anywhere I can grab a few minutes of time.
    -Heather in Chicago

  488. I usually bring my needlework on vacation and sometime lighting is a problem. The other day I took a small biscornu project to work. Pulled it out at lunch and had a had time seeing. This light would definitely help.

  489. Hi, Mary
    Another great giveaway! I take needlework every where I go,and a good
    Light source can be a challenge. This terrific light would be a real solution.
    Once again I appreciate the many tools you have found that makes our
    Needlework so satisfying .

  490. Mary, I have been away from needlework for a while, but am anxious to get back into it. You can bet when I do, I will always have a smaller project that I can take with me. I can think of certain situations for myself where this light would be a great help. Thanks for the opportunity!

  491. This would come in Handy for me since I cross-stitch at the library, at my sisters and even at Doctors office. Oh! I love to stitch on those long rides and almost forgot at camp. I would love to have the Beam ‘n Read Light. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  492. What a great tool this little light would be! I am a stitcher who needs variety. I work like crazy on important projects either at home or on a trip, but I need a tea towel or quick ornament available for those moments when I am looking for a diversion. I keep them in a bag in the car in case I find myself with a quick minute!

  493. I historically have been mostly an at-home stitcher, however as my time has become more limited I have been trying to be more creative in finding stitching time, which often means away from home. A small, battery-operating light is super helpful for this as lugging a big plug-in light is not appealing or practical. I definitely want to try the beam & read!

  494. What a wonderful giveaway! I always have “work” with me! I even carry it when I know I might not get to do it, you never know and I have needles ready! Then there’re are the projects I can only do at home with no distractions and perfect light!

  495. I used to take my projects with me especially if I was taking the bus or had to sit for long periods of time. It was relaxing and helped me stay awake! I don’t usually have that opportunity anymore. However, with getting older my eyesight is becoming a challenge and having the light would help me because I don’t have one close to my chair! Mary I love your website, so much valuable information and I love getting your emails! Keep up the great work! I love it!

  496. I’d love to have a Beam N Read Light, so I can take my casket work with me anywhere I go. You never know when your’re going to need it, the light, I mean.

  497. My favorite place, of course, is at home. I do drag my needlework wherever I go,however — on vacations, to friend’s homes, and to classes. This light looks very interesting. I think I have the boobs to support it!!

  498. I am a stay at home embroidery person. If I take my stitching on the road, I always forget something, so I leave everything at home. Please enter me in the drawing for the light, it looks to be just what I need or want.

    Roxie in KS

  499. Hi Mary
    Just started getting your newsletters and I can’t tell you enough how helpful they are. I do take needlework with me wherever I go when I might have some waiting time. I bring something that is not too complicated. When I am stitching and waiting,the time seems to go faster and I don’t feel like I am wasting my time.

  500. What a nice giveaway, Mary! This looks like a very useful light. I used to have something similar, however, I’m almost never a passenger anymore while traveling, since I’m the driver. Do I take needlework with me wherever I go? Silly question! I take AT LEAST least 1 project with me everywhere (sometimes both needlework and beading). I also take a book with me. I never know when I might have free time, so I’m always prepared. Thanks for a chance for this giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  501. Dear Mary,
    I’ve been enjoying your email tutorials for sometime now, and find your site exceptionally thorough and easy to understand. I generally do my hand work during the evening hours at my home. For christmas this year, I will be traveling by train to see family and I’m thinking I’ll take some handwork along as I will be traveling during the evening hours. A Beam ‘n Read Light to take along would certainly make this Christmas special for me. Thanks for your untiring devotion to embroidery lovers everywhere. Your creative ideas and advice have been an inspiration to me and has sparked my own desire to make something beautiful for those I love. God bless you and all your needle ‘n thread devotee’s during this holiday season.

  502. I’m definitely a stay at home girl. I just like being able to have an organized workspace; taking all my tools with me would be chaos!

  503. I don’t always carry handwork, but like to have something with me when I travel. Usually an embroidery piece, hexagons, etc.

  504. Sign me up for the giveaway please. As my eyes get older, the more light the better! Big projects stay at home; when I travel I kit up small projects such as ornaments. They don’t take up much room so I can usually bring along a selection to choose from.

  505. Hello Mary
    I am a stay at home embroiderer. Recently retired and love having the time to pursue this beautiful craft(or rather art), I don’t have much experience and really appreciate the information on your site. The light looks like a great must have as my body often casts shadows over my work.
    Once again thank you for your site.
    Kind regards Katharyne

  506. This light seems like a very handy tool…particularly when you are traveling. Also, I love the fact it comes with filters. I like a lot of your readers try to squeeze in some quality sewing time while waiting (doctors office, airport, etc.) It also occurred to me that this light could have many uses. My husband is a book collector and we often go to auctions where the lighting is not the best. It is a real challenge to read (or see) in those circumstances! Beam N’ read could be a multi-tasker.

  507. I do embroidery at home most of the time; however, when I travel, the sewing kit goes with me. I always need extra lighting with all my needlework. Thanks for the opportunity to win a much needed tool.

  508. Hi Mary:Seasons greetings to you and yours. Thank you for yet another lovely giveaway ! In my neck of the woods, we are having avery cold and definetely white Christmas.., too much of the white stuff, if you ask me! And because it is dark before 5 pm right now, extra light would be very handy! But , yes I do take handwork with me when I go out…I would take it everywhere, if I could. I have even been known to pull a little piece of smocking from my pocket to work on while standing in line at the checkout! But lately, the type of work I have been concentrating on requires extra light and magnification, which isnt always practical. Having a little light like this would make traveling with handwork much more convenient!
    Thank you again, and best wishes to all!

  509. So far I do stay at home needlework. I’m new and still learning a lot but I love it so far! 🙂 I don’t get out much, but I plan to take with me occasionally soon. Thanks for a chance and Merry Christmas!

  510. Kewl light Mary! Yes, I do take my embroidery with me when I travel as well as when I have a doctor appointment and know that I will have a bit of a wait in the outer office. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Merry Christmas!

  511. My needlework usually travels with me everywhere, but only those projects that are going to be washed. I do not take silk ribbon or silk needle painting projects with me. I get a lot done while my kids are at the playground. Airplane time is great for stitching too!

  512. Hi Mary:

    Please enter me in the drawing for this light. I take some kind of hand work with me just about everywhere but most importantly I take it with me when I ride in s vehicle with my husband. I do this so I can keep my eyes focused on something other than the way he is driving…lol…our marriage wouldn’t last without doing this…seriously.

  513. Light is good! Portable light is even better.
    My knitting is easier to carry with me, but I have embroidered in public often. It just depends on which project I can’t bear to leave behind. Cutwork is fun in public – people tend to get a horrified look when you take scissors to your work. 🙂

  514. Christmas would definitely come early with this little gem. The eyes are not what they used to be but the desire to create is even stronger!

  515. I’m not an on-the go-stitcher (in the car, etc.), but I definitely could use this in other rooms of my old house that doesn’t have many electrical plugs. The battery operation would give me the chance to sit on the couch in thr L.R. & stitch at night, which I can’t do now as I can’t plug another light in near me…..I would love this…

  516. Depending on the project, I do carry it with me . Larger projects I do at home. The light sure would come in handy for my embroidery work.

  517. **I would LOVE to take my needlework wherever I go….just this past Thanksgiving with family laughing, eating at a family members home, I had the current embroidery I was working on; my sister crocheting with no need for much light, turning out the squares. There I was straining to see details with my oldish eyes. Managed a little work, but it was too frustrating with low light. The next day observing the work I did there was horrid, so immediately cut that mess out! I’ve been wondering how an embroiderer manages to get work done if they want to take their piece wherever they go. Obviously the Beam N Read! Your site is by far the beginning & the end of all things embroidery…so nice for a novice like me to be able to go to your site and have complete, accurate, detailed, (& fun) solutions to my questions. thank you.

  518. I am a stay at home embroiderer for the most part. Though I do travel with a sampler piece I’ve been working on for ages to practice new stitches that I will use for the work which is dressed on a frame.

    Happy holidays!

  519. What a nice opportunity for a really great little light that would be really handy for not just embroidery but for other crafts like cared making and scrap booking. I’m a stay at home embroider the type of emeroidery I do I can’t cart it around with me. But I have in my stash a Trish Burr miniature to do that I will be able to cart around with me hopefully. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize of this great little light could find lots of ways to use it. Have a very merry Christmas

  520. Hello! First, I have to say that I am totally in awe of your work, Mary! The Mission Rose piece is turning out to be extrordinary. Totally awesome! The truth is, most of my embroidery time is spent when I am away from home. With seven children my time doing things for pleasure is relagated to car time or destination vacation when everyone is occupied with something else. This light certainly looks amazing…and would allow more time to get things done traveling at night! Merry Christmas!

  521. You wrote a great review. It was very smart of the Beam ‘n’ Light people to recognize that. I do take my embroidery projects on the road. This light would be perfect for long train rides where the lighting is just dreadful. Happy Holidays to you and a Big Thank You for all the great information and inspiration you provide.

  522. This light looks like it could come in really handy. I do usually have something needlework related with me when I travel, and I travel A LOT (basically twice a week), otherwise I would never get anything finished. But I don’t usually take it with me to doctors etc. – it actually never occurred to me, until reading some of these comments. Maybe next time, I will take a smaller project along!
    Thanks for the give-away and have a Merry Christmas!

  523. Thanks Mary for a super giveaway. I would use it frequently in the next few weeks with day patient hospital treatments, and then a stay of four weeks. Much time to need my embroidery with me to give me something else on which to concentrate.
    Happy Christmas to you and all your family,and looking forward to stitching alongside you next year.

  524. This looks like it would a wonderful light. I always take my stitching with me – the only problem is poor lighting. I sometimes have to put my stitching away until I can get home, simply because of not being able to see it well. I think this could be a brilliant solution!

  525. Thanks, Mary, for another super review…..light us up for a better view.

    My back’s giving out,
    Likewise the knees.
    The old eyes aren’t so sharp
    And I pee when I sneeze.
    But I love logging on
    At Needle and Thread
    And trying new stitches
    Before I am dead!

    The wiring in our home
    is more decrepit than I am.
    The portable light would
    Help me to try ’em…..

    Though my breasts are deflated-
    By my stomach supported
    The Beam & Read unit
    Should work as reported.

  526. I take my embroidery just about everywhere we go. Sometimes my mind is so much on whatever I’m working on, that I can’t seem to think of anything else. This can cause a bit of a problem if you’re in the doctor’s office and she’s asking you what brings you in…I have come very close to answering with “I’m having trouble getting those detached chains all the same size.” ..and speaking of doctor’s offices, I can really use one of the Beam and Read lights! The waiting room lights are way too dim to get my stitching done!

  527. Ohh,I so want one! I would love to win it, I take sewing/quilting, reading with me every were I go. Thanks for the chance! vicki seals vickise at gmail dot com

  528. I wasn’t going to try to win this light, because I never win anything. But, this would be fantastic to win this since it would be ideal to stitch on 22 ct. canvas, which I prefer in stitching needlepoint. I have a hard time stitching at night due to the lighting in my kitchen, where I prefer to stitch. Thank you for such a wonderful give-away.


  529. I stitch nearly everywhere: in the bus or in the train, waiting for the doctor. For this I have few different projects. Of course, I cannot take some big project with me, while traveling, but I have some smaller ones for such moments.

    Have a nice Christmas time!


  530. Good morning, Mary,

    Hope you’re surviving the cold ok now your boiler is fixed (I have the opposite problem, it was 43C here yesterday, and the aircon in my studio is u/s). Thank you for this giveaway – I am definitely a take-it-with-you kind of stitcher! I would have loved this light when I was spending weekends at my younger son’s house while renos were going on – he has no mains power and I am always looking for ways to do things that don’t make the generator turn on! Last time I went I made fabric strip 2 ply cord in front of the fire with no lights on, because I can do it without looking. (You can also do it on a plane as you don’t need scissors or needle…)

    Anyway, I would love the light, both for stitching and reading.

    Have a lovely Christmas, full of joy because you will have finished the Mission Rose. Thank you again for sharing so much with us! Judes

  531. Today’s article is on Goldwork and plunging gold threads. Your suggestions about size 18 needle for plunging threads is helpful.

    I think your whole newsletterr is very helpful and I appreciate your taking the initiative and time to establish it and keep up with it. You took the time a few days ago to answer my question about Zwicky and I really appreciated it. I am always interrested in your latest information.

  532. I am responding to the light give away. The article today is on plunging goldwork. I forgot to say that I take needlework with me wherever I go. My latest interest is wool appliqaue.

  533. Do you take needlework with you wherever you go? Or are you a stay-at-home embroiderer?

    The only time I take my embroidery with me is each Tuesday we have “Busy Hands” and a group of us ladies work on some kind of handwork together and lunch rotates through the membership.

  534. I always carry at least one small project with me wherever I go. That way I always have something to work on if I’m looking for something to do.

  535. I don’t carry a project with me all the time, just when I think I’ll have a decent period of time to work on it. I’ve regretted not having something with me a few times, but overall have had a project when I needed one. This would be a great accessory to have, especially during the winter (those long nights) and eyes of a certain age! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  536. This is such a great give away! I like to always have a small project with me to work on. I especially enjoy working on a project at night after work. This would be splendid to win and stitch in bed at night,
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  537. I really appreciate the opportunity to win this light! I always take needlework with me when I travel. I love the idea that the light can be used in the car and where ever else that there is no convenient light source. It would seem that it would be ideal during air travel.

  538. I do my embroidery at home just now although my recent projects could be taken with me – that’s what I do as I move about the house to embroider. So far my projects have fitted in 12″ hoop.
    I have used many hints from here on organising threads and equipment to enable me to do this.


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