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Crewel Intentions: Winner!


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Today, I’m happy to announce the winner of a copy of Hazel Blomkamp’s lovely embroidery book, Crewel Intentions, from last week’s embroidery book give-away.

And what a great way to start October, right? Thinking of Hazel’s gorgeous Jacobean-esque designs, planning some new embroidery projects…

Crewel Intentions by Hazel Blomkamp

Incidentally, speaking of Hazel’s designs and this particular one (“Late Harvest” from Crewel Intentions), I think I’ll be setting up this project to embroider on this winter. I’ll let you know when I get going on it. It won’t be my main project, but I do want to set it up and work on it off and on, just for the sheer pleasure of it.

If you want to join me, you’re welcome to. You can find my review of Crewel Intentions here, so you know what to expect as far as instructions go. And you can find information below on where to find the book, and on Hazel’s kits, if you want to go the kit route.

Crewel Intentions Give-Away Winner

Back to the winner!

The question I posed was whether or not you’re a seasonal stitcher. By that, I meant do you stitch according to the season – do you stitch holiday projects, spring projects, summer and fall projects, winter projects, when the seasons change? Do you find yourself choosing colors and textures and so forth, based on the season? Or even based on your mood as influenced by the season? Do you like stitching Christmas projects, Halloween projects…?

Crewel Intentions

I’m not really a seasonal stitcher. I do find, though, that my color choices and even thread and texture choices are somewhat influenced by the season. For example, I’d be more inclined to embroider a wool blanket during the winter. During the summer, the thought would not occur to me. In the fall, I like working with autumn colors. In the spring, I tend to want to work with bright, lighter colors. But for all that, I don’t really embroider seasonally-themed projects during any specific season.

And all that being said, that doesn’t mean I never would! I like to leave myself open for every contingency!

Congratulations to Karen Hilinski, who unabashedly admits she pulls out her knitting needles when the weather starts getting cooler!

I am not sure that I should admit this here, but when the weather starts getting cooler, unless I have an embroidery project going, I pull out my knitting needles. When I am embroidering, I never think about the season, rather I am guided by what I want to make, usually something in white work or if I am making something for someone. I have Hazel’s last book and I love it – the colors, beads, and especially the Jacobean designs.

Please drop me a line with your mailing address, Karen, and I’ll get crewel Intentions off to you soon.

Crewel Intentions by Hazel Blomkamp

Where to Find

You can order Crewel Intentions through Amazon in the US now.

Worldwide, you can find Crewel Intentions through Book Depository, with free shipping, and where they have it currently listed as shipping within 24 hours.


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(10) Comments

  1. HI Mary
    Just letting your readers know that at Allthreads Embroidery we have in stock, all of the printed panel and bead packs featured in Hazel’s book, Crewel Intentions as well as the print and bead packs from her earlier book, Crewel Twists.
    This might be of interest to your readers in Australia.

  2. Good morning, Mary. I ordered Crewel Intentions this morning from The Book Depository (can’t beat free shipping!). I had begun the EGS’s master class in crewel , key word begun, but this is the kind of embellished crewel for which I long. I am happy to read you will be doing Late Harvest and I am considering buying the kit from Hazel and stitching along with you. It’s gorgeous, good choice!

  3. Congratulations Karen! It looks like a gorgeous book with interesting techniques. I’m positive you’ll enjoy it immensely.

  4. Me again. I meant to write EGA’s class but you probably knew that. Anyway, question: will you be buying the kit and using the cotton/linen blend fabric supplied or will you be going with your usual linen?

    1. Yes, I’m using the kit. I’m not 100% sure about the linen yet – the kit hasn’t arrived! I’ll mention if I make any changes at all. But I like the idea of not having to transfer the design myself… :-/

    2. Agreed. I would be willing to bet Hazel would use good fabric since it’s her name on the kit and, frankly, I guess I’d rather use “transfer” time for stitching!

  5. Congratulations Karen.

    I love this book and am planning to stitch three of its projects: Sherry for Jack, Pertinacity and Late Harvest. I have accumulated all the materials, now I just have to finish up a few other projects and put needle to fabric.

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