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Unveiling Embroidery Treasures from Muncaster Castle


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The other day, I promised further details on the live-stream event from Muncaster Castle, where Phillipa Turnbull will be giving a talk and unveiling some of the seldom-seen embroidery treasures of Muncaster as part of the Lady Anne’s Needlework Retreat.

So, here they are, the promised details and the embedded video for viewing later!

Muncaster Castle Embroideries

Email Subscribers

If you are an email subscriber to Needle ‘n Thread, the video below will not show up in your email.

You’ll need to click through to today’s article on the website with this link to view the video on Needle ‘n Thread: Unveiling Embroidery Treasures from Muncaster Castle

Muncaster Castle Embroideries

The event will take place at Muncaster between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon tomorrow, October 1st. If you want to watch it live, you just need to figure out what time it is at your place, when it’s 10:00 am in England. But there’s a really easy way to do that!

How To Calculate the Time for You

If you click the play button on the embedded video, you’ll see a countdown to the approximate start of the live stream from wherever you are.

That countdown is synced to the viewers, so you’ll can add the number of hours to your present time, to know when to expect the live stream to start (approximately).

The Live Stream Video

You can view the live stream right here on Needle ‘n Thread, using the video player below:

Email Subscribers – Here’s the direct link to the article again: Unveiling Embroidery Treasures from Muncaster Castle.

You can enlarge the screen size by clicking the 4-corners icon in the lower right corner of the video.

Good News for Sleepers!

For those who can’t make the appointment in the wee hours to watch the event live, never fear! Once it plays live, it’ll be available for recorded playback. So if you miss it the first time round, you can pop back here to watch the video whenever your time allows.

Will You Attend, Live?

It’ll be dark at 4:00 am here in Kansas when it’s 10:00 am in sunny England, but I plan to watch it live.

It’s always fun to watch something like this, when you know it’s going on right now – they’re seeing what you’re seeing, right now.

True, I suppose it’s not quite the same as tuning in for a royal wedding, but hey, it’s still fun!

And no, I won’t be drinking tea and eating scones at 4:00 am.

Unless, of course, you want to come over and join me – then I’ll be happy to put the kettle on!

Are you going to tune in live?


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(63) Comments

  1. I will try hard to tune in at 2am, but if not I will certainly watch it later, I would prefer to watch that than a royal wedding. I’d make a dental appointment before watching a royal wedding to be honest. Those are for countries with Monarchical governments, not for me.

  2. Lovely Mary. Wish I could watch and chat with you, I make a ‘mean’ scone and know just the place buy some double-clotted Devon-shire Cream!
    FYI,for some reason I didn’t receive my usual copy of NeedlenThread via email today… I always read from the website, however that little mail note is my daily reminder of happiness just around the corner.
    Thanks for all you do,

    1. Hi, Cynthia! I’d love one your “mean” scones! πŸ™‚ The newsletter came out a little late today, as I had to iron out some details before posting. But you probably got the newsletter by now? Let me know, if not! ~MC

    2. Hi Cynthia and Mary, Well, I’m in. Scones and double clotted Devon-shire Cream. The intercity train here was advertising Devon-shire tea (scones, jam and cream) on the way to a flower festival earlier this week. Must make some for “afters” tonight for the 7pm video streaming. Pity I can’t get double clotted Devon-shire cream here in Australia.

  3. I live in Maine so I am going assume that this means I will need to tune in at 4AM to watch it live. I will be having a cup of coffee instead of tea. Mary thank you for setting this up so people like myself can watch it. ~ Epona

  4. I wish I could join you for cup of tea at 4 o’clock in the morning in Kansas, but unfortunately Kansas is a little bit far from where I live πŸ™‚


  5. Good Morning, Mrs. Corbet! I hope it is a lovely fall day where you are, just like it is where I am. WOW! What generosity between you and Ms. Turnbull to do this for us free-of-charge! It always restores my faith in humanity when good people do things like this. I WISH I could stay up! Unfortunately health issues forbid it.

    I had a wonderful time staying up for the Royal wedding until the lest ten minutes and I got so sick! Still, the embroidery on that McQueen gown… I drool just thinking about it! Of course, I’d want the tiara too!

  6. 11 o’clock in Paris, my boss back after 3 days out… I guess I won’t have a minute left to watch it live ! But playback, why not, this week-end with a nice cup of tea and cookies ?

  7. Marie,
    It’s really very nice, amazing what you are proposing today Mary, had already think about it and realize I will follow without question, the time is the same in France. But I still would have liked to share with you a good baguette at 4am … You are always so super Mary. Thank you very much.

  8. Just wanted to thank you for all your work in letting us watch this live and again later!!! I am so glad I found your web site, the information and news is always wonderful! thanks again

  9. Thank you so much for going through all this effort for us, Mary. I have to be at the hospital with my husband for an outpatient surgery at that time, so I have to wait and watch the taped version. But you can bet I will be watching as soon as I can!

  10. Hi Mary:

    I tend to be a bit of a night owl so I hope to watch the stream tonight!! I can’t wait!! I am VERY excited about it!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making it avialable!!! YOU ARE A DOLL!!



  11. Thank you Mary, it is 6.13am here in Hobart Australia, I am sitting quietly with coffee in hand waiting for the live broadcast in a few minutes time.
    Enjoy the show everyone…

  12. Hi Mary
    I am fortunate to be living in New Zealand so I will watch the live screening at 10pm tonight. I will have a scone and a cup of tea as my late night supper and think of you watching at the same time.

    Thanks for opening up such a wonderful world to me in embroidery.

  13. Woops! I could be sitting here for a while, having just returned from a month in the UK I had forgotten that we in Australia are in front by half a day almost. Could have been waiting for a while he….
    Please delete my earlier comment Mary, thank you.
    Regards Eve

  14. Hi Mary I live in the UK so will watch it live. A bit early for me for scones but the tea is a good idea. Thank you for organising this Philippa does some really beautiful work.

  15. oh, wonderful that it will be available later! I was waiting to break the news to my bf (yes, I have a bf these days and he’s *lovely*) that we were spending our Thursday (your Wednesday) date watching “an embroidery lady in a castle”.

  16. 10 hours and 46 minutes to go!

    Just to set the record straight, so you all don’t think I’m the cat’s meow on this, The Crewel Work Company is organizing the live stream. I’m just a…a… What’s the word? A conduit? Yes, that is me. A conduit!

    Hope everyone enjoys it!

  17. This is so cool! I follow The Unbroken Thread, and Kathy is at the retreat!!! I have always dreamed of attending a retreat like this, and now I can actually be apart of it! Thank you so much!
    Happy Stitching!

  18. I plan to be watching! Of course 10am UK time is easy in New Zealand – we are just 12 hours ahead of the UK. Except that we went to summer time last Sunday – now, what is the UK doing?

    It should be a late night for me, but not as late as yours, Mary. Thank you for passing this on.

  19. Hello – Looking forward very much to watching the live show over here in Perth, Western Australia. Perfect timing too as it will be around 16.45 in the afternoon for me. Thank you for setting it all up Mary…

    1. LOL! Hi, Carol-Anne! It’s thunderstorming something fierce here. The electricity is off and on, so not sure I’ll catch the whole live stream. In the meantime…Must. Drink. Coffee….

  20. I’ve been up since 4:30 trying to watch, but had the same picture for a while, so, in between making a pot of coffee, switching the laundry, unloading the dishwasher, etc, I checked. No luck. Now it tells me an error has occurred and to try again later…oh well, I’m up and at ’em so will get many things done before the rest of the world rises!

    1. Hi, Kasjes – Yes, I was up at 4:00 and didn’t get any video until just around 5:00 am. I got about 15 minutes before it cut off. Unfortunately, with live streaming, if you break the stream or stop it for some reason, it won’t pick up again. Definitely a learning curve here, but I think it bodes well for future events like this. It worked, just perhaps not as well as one could wish, and now that they know what worked and what didn’t, next time, I’m sure there will be an improvement!

      Like you, I’ve been multi-tasking. I’m two hours ahead of my normal start time for the day’s work, so not a wasted morning. As long as I don’t convince myself I deserve a two hour nap mid-day, I’ll be ahead of the game for once! πŸ™‚

    2. And wow – what I did see – those embroidered bed hangings are Gorgeous! I would love to see them in person. And I loved Phillipa’s descriptions of the stitches used. I also thought it was interesting that the wool on the more amateur piece was like the softer wool that we’re used to today, while the larger piece (apparently more professionally done) featured wool with a much tighter twist. I enjoyed what I saw! And everyone in the video was very gracious and welcoming. So thanks to the folks at Muncaster and to Phillipa and her crew for bringing it to us!

  21. I am so disappointed. I’m watching the replay and the sound quality and picture are really poor. The sound seems to be stabalizing at around 7 minutes in, but the picture is nearly always out of focus and jumping all over the place – I can’t really see the stitches at all because everything is so fuzzy and blurred!

    I think I’ll just have to make the journery and look at them for real sometime!

    1. Yes, it was a bit disappointing, but it was a first attempt. Hopefully, they’ll be able to work the kinks out and do it (or something similar) again, soon – though for this type of presentation and event, I don’t really mind a pre-recorded video.

  22. Hi Mary,

    Was so looking forward to this video. Unfortunately here in Texas it was blurry and very out of focus. I did appreciate their attempt to give us this wonderful opportunity. However if you have chance to communicate with them I would suggest they use a higher resolution camera. They also need to focus the lens better and slowly pan the area. This will eliminate the jerky motions.

    Barbara La Belle

  23. I’m having a hard day. Can’t I just skidoo into that picture? (reference: In the cartoon Blues Clues they can “skidoo” into pictures and explore)

  24. Well, thank you Phillipa for trialling a direct broadcast from Muncaster Castle and thank you Mary for spreading the world to a world-wide audience of embroidery enthusiasts. I found something: when the video stopped, I moved the “button” on the slide time-lapse bar (my description, not the correct name)and low and behold, very clear images appeared, frame by frame on the bottom of the screen. So I look forward to seeing more of these beautiful embroideries. Also, what an immense responsibility the castle owners’ have with such important period textiles, artworks, furniture etc surrounding them in their day to day world. It reminded me a little of one Downton Abbey character who was surprised when her fiancee suggested they go furniture shopping and she replied along the lines of that generally wasn’t a consideration as “usually we inherit ours”. But a whole castle’s worth? What a job.

    1. Thank you Katherine for the tip on clearing up the images…Putting on this program was a marvelous idea and I really hope it can be developed. Yes, there were technical glitches, but I just consider it a work in progress, and marvel at the idea alone. Very ‘Star Trek’ with the live streaming video…kudos to Philippa and Company on this first of what I hope is many such ‘tours’ to come.
      And Thank you Mary, for helping to get the word out!

    2. I’m excited to see the concept develop! It’s a great way for the whole world to see some beautiful treasures and to take part in these tours. I’m confident the glitches will all work out, and I can’t wait until the next round from Phillipa and her crew!

  25. I’m not sure if you know the answer to this but I finally had the time to try and watch the video today and it says it is private. πŸ™ Was there a set time to watch it by? I went to YouTube and found the Lady Anne Retreat channel and it says it has no videos. Which I assume is because the videos are private. Any suggestions?

  26. Muncaster Castle

    I tried to watch the presentation this mooring (Friday) and was informed that the presentation is “Private.” I could not watch the entire video during the week. What is my problem? thank you in advance. S

    1. Hi, Susan – I believe they’ll be releasing a clearer, professional video soon. The live stream and subsequent recording was a little choppy and blurry, so the next one should be better! I’ll let everyone know when it’s available!

  27. I also found the “private” thing, so I checked to see if others had the same problem. Yup, so now I will wait patiently for you (Mary) to tell us “It’s ON”!!! LOL. Thanks so much to everyone involved in allowing the world to share this sort of special thing. What a wonderful world we live in!

  28. Good Morning Mary, I tried to watch the Muncaster video but it was too blurry so I just tried again and now when I click on it, it says that the video is “private”? Has anyone else reported my problems and do you know if we can still see it?


  29. Mary, I was sick on Tuesday and did not get to try to watch the video until today. sniffle, sniffle.
    When I click the “play” arrow, a message comes up that says the video is private.
    Was there a time limit to watch it? I am so sorry I missed it–but thanks for the opportunity anyway.

    1. The first experience with the live stream was a little bumpy. They’re working on a professional video on the same subject and hopefully will have it out in the next couple weeks.

    2. Thanks for the reply! Should have read the prior comments first! But I’ll blame my lack of thinking on the sniffles.

    1. The first experience with the live stream was a little bumpy. They’re working on a professional video on the same subject to replace this one and hopefully will have it out in the next couple weeks.

  30. Dear Mary

    I tried to get the link to watch the unveiling of Embroidery Treasures of Muncaster Castle, unfortunately it did not work. I could not watch it when it was been streamed live, as I was helping my neighbour at the time.
    Kindest regards.


    PS: Thank you for all the inspiration you give us all with every post. Hummingbirds are not easy to capture on film or fabric. Hang in there, I got my photo of the bird. It was worth the wait!

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