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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Stitch Sampler Alphabet – Available Now!


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As promised, today’s the Big Launch Day for Stitch Sampler Alphabet: Decorative Initials in a Variety of Stitches! I’m very excited to be able to offer this PDF printable to you, so that you can embroider your own stunning letters in a whole bunch of Really Fun Stitches.

Here’s a preview of what you can find inside Stitch Sampler Alphabet, with details on how to procure it, how to use it, and how to breeze through the simple technical stuff.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet - How to Embroider Decorative Initials and Monograms in a Variety of Stitches

What can you expect to find in Stitch Sampler Alphabet? Let’s break it down!

The book begins with an introduction with all the nitty-gritty information on copyright, how to use the book, how to use the letter layout guides, how to use the stitch dictionary, and the basics you’ll need to get started stitching the projects.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet - How to Embroider Decorative Initials and Monograms in a Variety of Stitches

Then we move into Section One: The Method and Order of Stitching.

Here, we work through a letter together, step-by-step, so that you can see how the letters develop and what order to stitch any letter in. There are plenty of tips along the way, and (of course!) plenty of clear photos.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet - How to Embroider Decorative Initials and Monograms in a Variety of Stitches

Section Two is the Alphabet! Here, you’ll see stitched samples of all the letters of the alphabet, in large, clear photos, along with materials used for each letter, and a thorough run-down on the stitches used to embroider them.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet - How to Embroider Decorative Initials and Monograms in a Variety of Stitches

There’s a layout guide for each letter, to show you which stitches and combinations are worked in each section of the letter.

Under the layout guide is an overview of the stitches used in each section, arranged by corresponding numbers.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet - How to Embroider Decorative Initials and Monograms in a Variety of Stitches

Following the layout guide for each letter, you’ll find a page of close-up photos of each section of the letter, with elaboration on the stitches used to create that particular section.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet - How to Embroider Decorative Initials and Monograms in a Variety of Stitches

Notice the light gold lines underneath the stitch names? Those indicate links to the instructions for that particular stitch, so that, when viewing on your computer or compatible device, you can jump straight to the stitch instructions you want.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet - How to Embroider Decorative Initials and Monograms in a Variety of Stitches

In Section Three, you’ll find a thorough stitch dictionary that covers every stitch and technique used in the Stitch Sampler Alphabet. Each stitch is worked in out in photos, step-by-step, with accompanying text.

Notice the little yellow boxes along the way, too. Those are stitch tips – little hints, ideas, and tricks that will help you out and provide ideas and inspiration for exploring other possibilities.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet - How to Embroider Decorative Initials and Monograms in a Variety of Stitches

Section Four provides you with patterns for all the letters, in bold, clear lines for easy tracing.

Section Five is a list of resources where you can find all the materials used in the stitched samples you see in the book.

The Advantages of the E-Book

I know some folks prefer traditional books, but since that’s not an option for me right now, PDFs are the best way I can deliver this kind of content to you.

There are some advantages to e-books over regular books, and with this particular PDF, you’ll enjoy especially the fact that you can zoom in on pictures to see the details larger than life and crystal clear.

On the stitching side, the fun thing about this particular project book is that the techniques in it are not just applicable to the letters provided in the book. You can substitute letter styles that you might like better and apply the same stitching concepts to them.

Additionally, the stitching techniques can be used in all kinds of surface embroidery – they’re not just for stitching decorative initials. The instructions in the book will come in handy on any embroidery projects that would benefit from decorative lines.

The Technical Stuff

Stitch Sampler Alphabet comes to you as a PDF, which means that it is delivered to you in electronic format via a download link in your email.

As a PDF, the document is viewable on any compatible device. This means you can view it on your desktop computer, your laptop, your iPad or other tablet, your Kindle, your Nook – in short, on any device on which you can view PDFs. You just have to download it to your computer first, and then move it out from there to your favorite device.

The PDF is optimized for printing at a high quality setting, so that you can also print all or part of it on your home computer, or you can take it to a printing service to have a personal copy printed.

The PDF is even interactive. You can click on the headings in the Table of Contents to jump right to the section you want to view. You can click on the stitch names and jump right to the instructions for those stitches. You can view the PDF with thumbnails or bookmarks, and easily navigate from section to section.

Delivery and Download

When you purchase Stitch Sampler Alphabet through the shop here on Needle ‘n Thread, you’ll be taken through a checkout process that will eventually land you with a Paypal option. If you don’t have a Paypal account, that’s ok! You can check out with a credit card through Paypal, without opening an account.

Anywhere from a couple minutes up to an hour later (depending on traffic), you will receive an email with a download link in it. It’s very important that you enter your delivery email address correctly when you check out, because that’s how I get the download link to you.

For security purposes, the download link is good for a limited time and for a limited number of downloads, although you can always write to me for a re-set if you lose your copy or have problems with downloading or syncing to other devices.

When you receive the link, it’s best to download your copy right away to your computer and save it in a particular file, where you’ll be able to find it. From there, you can sync it to whatever device you want to use to view it, you can use it right there on your computer, or you can print it.

The file is large (90MB), so please be patient with the download.

If there’s a problem…

If for any reason, you have download difficulties, never fear! Just drop me a line with the email address you used to make the purchase, and I’ll take care of you!

In the Shop

You’ll find Stitch Sampler Alphabet right here, in my shop:

Click here to purchase your copy
of Stitch Sampler Alphabet

Thank you!

Thanks so much for your encouragement, support and patience through this project. I hope you enjoy stitching the projects in Stitch Sampler Alphabet as much as I did!

And you know… if you ever get stuck on anything, I’m just right here, waiting to help!


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(216) Comments

    1. Thanks, Risa!! The letters are a fun exercise in stitching, that’s for sure. Once you get started exploring the stitches, it’s kind of addicting!

  1. Congratulations, Mary!
    It looks GORGEOUS!!! You’ve done a fabulous job!
    The email came through straight away and I couldn’t wait to look through it! I love the cheery colours and stunning combination of stitches!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Oh, gosh, thanks Lorraine – that’s such a shot in the arm! You’d be surprised the inhibitions one feels, right before pushing the buttons to release something! So I really appreciate your speedy feedback!

  2. Oh, Mary … !!!! This was SO worth the wait. I am thrilled with your Stitch Sampler Alphabet and already have plans for its use. You are an amazing “needlewoman”, and such an inspiration to me.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

    Best Wishes to you.

  3. Finally!!! The loooooong wait is over.
    But why, oh why, did I download it this early in the morning??? I have to wait all day to go home and start stitching! Should I take a sickday and go home now??? shhhhhhh. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Mary, Your Alphabet Stitch Sampler is gorgeous! Thank you so very much for all the time and effort that went into producing such a beautiful manuscript and for sharing this with all of us. This is the reading material that I shall be enjoying for quite sometime and am looking forward to trying all of this. Have a grand day. Louisa

  5. The book is great. The pictures are very clear even when zoomed in at 173%. By the time I make a decision on which letter(s), fabric, threads and colors to use, you will have a new book finished. SIGH!

  6. I just purchased this – I have been waiting so patiently and it is well worth it! I LOVE THIS!!! You are so talented and such a good teacher and author. Thank you for helping to keep the art of Embroidery alive and helping new people explore the art form!

    Maria McCabe

  7. So happy to purchase this. You have worked so hard! I hope my fellow stitchers will forgive me if I say that I think $18/$22 is too low a price; I’m sure you considered many factors before setting it there, but I would pay more! Have you thought about putting a “donate to the site” button on the website? You are a daily visit for me, and I appreciate your dedication. –Sarah

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah!

      I do struggle over the price for ebooks, to tell you the truth. I want them to be accessible and affordable, but at the same time, there’s the time & cost of materials to make the projects, the time to create the e-book, the expense of hosting them & delivering them, paying for software, etc. etc. But I do think $22 is an ok price – I make some profit, though certainly not a killing. And I wanted to do the break at first, because I know even $22 is a lot of money for some folks, and maybe they’ll be able to enjoy the book better at $18, where they might not be able to get it at $22.

      I don’t know – it’s always a tough decision, the whole pricing thing! :-/

    2. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this book Mary, just looking at it inspires me to improve my embroidery and dare to….
      I really have to thank you for keeping the price within a reachable amount, don’t get me wrong if you increased the costs,I’d just save to buy it =) But today I jumped in and bought it.

      For those who have mentioned the price please consider 2 things:

      For those of us in other countries the conversion rate can be daunting AUS vs USD not so great this at $18USD cost me $23.89AUD plus fees.(But I’m worth it)

      Plus some of us are on very limited income.

      Time to choose a letter and sew, big hugs Mary and thank you =)

  8. My husband just bought this for me (although he doesn’t know it yet). Thank you for such a lovely ebook!

  9. Done! (Doesn’t Paypal make acquisition of additional stitching necessities simple…!) The book looks splendid, and you have really taken advantage of a computer’s clickability: it’s so easy to navigate. Many congratulations, and it might just help me pluck up the courage to reenter the world of non-counted surface stitching. In fact, I’m just off to investigate my stash…

    1. Hi, Serinde! Oh, goodie! I’m glad you’re taking the plunge and finding the courage! Trust me, nothing to be scared of – you’ll enjoy it! Can’t wait to hear how you get on. Keep me posted!

  10. MARY!!!!!

    The file was sent before I even clicked out of the order confirmation page!

    I was going to wait until I got home tonight to order it, but, let’s face it, I could not wait. I’ve scrolled through ten or so pages, and have forced myself to stop drooling, er, looking, because I am supposed to be packing and checking out of the hotel this morning.


    It is beautiful. You have done SUCH a good job!

    Tomorrow, I’ll get it printed, and then, the stitch fun truly begins! (See what I did there?)

    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done, Mary. Excellently formatted and photographed book, and I’m so happy to have it!

    1. Thanks, Liz! I’m glad you like it! You’ll have tons of fun with the stitching part. I have to admit, they’re really the most fun things I’ve ever embroidered, when taken as a whole project. And once you start exploring all the combinations and so forth, you’ll start coming up with your own ideas and your own combinations…and then look out! It’s definitely addictive!

  11. Mary,

    Can’t wait to start reviewing you new book. The photos you show are beautiful. I find your books so easy to understand for a new embroiderer like me. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Collee – Thanks so much! I hope you like it! The letters are really heaps of fun to stitch. While I’m glad the book is launched, I’m a little sad I don’t have an excuse to keep stitching more letters….!

  12. Dear Mary

    Early to today to purchase my copy of the alphabet sampler e-book which I have just done and downloaded so now I’m going to browse through my new long awaited e-book and view all the lovely goodies inside. Thanks so much Mary for this I can’t wait to look at it and thanks for the reduced price. Everything worked so quick from add to cart to the email and the downloading so thank you very much. Got to go to look at my new e-book!!!!!!

    Regards Anita Simmance

    1. That’s great to hear, Anita! I’m glad it went smoothly! There are occasional hitches, but hopefully, they’ll be minimal for anyone who experiences a hitch.

      I am so glad you like the book! And I hope you have a great time with the letters!

  13. Mary, congratulations and kudos on your accomplishment! I love having a PDF. It won’t get dog-eared from constant use! Thank you so much for the excellent resource!

  14. Wonderful book, Mary! I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I plan to wind those letters for my monogram together, and use your ideas for floral placement. You have given us hints along the way of what is in the book, but there’s nothing like the book itself! Thank you so very much for putting it together for us.

  15. Mary, I eagerly purchased my copy – and what an extraordinary book, I am beyond pleased! Your book is extremely weighty in content, lush with color and exquisite photography – such a springboard of creativity to any who purchase it. Positively makes my fingers itch to try it out! Mary, this book must have been so laborious and time consuming to make, I hope word gets spread ’round the world about it and it does very well for you – I’m sure it will!

    Tomi Jane in Minnesota

    1. Thanks so much, Tomi Jane! So happy to hear you’re happy with it! I hope people see it as a springboard, because that’s really what it’s meant to be. Once you start playing with the stitch combos, you’ll be making up your own in no time!

  16. Thank you, Mary, you brightened my Monday! From purchase to download took no more than 10 minutes. I was able to enjoy my initial perusal of the book on my subway commute! I love it, can’t wait to get home and start playing along!

  17. Wow, this is even nicer than I thought it would be!
    The alphabet is every bit as pretty as I imagined from the photographs, but I hadn’t realized how very useful a pdf would be. I love the hyperlinks to the stitches (easy switching back and forth if you forget exactly how a stitch is done), and with a frame that fits exactly round a tablet, I can trace the letters straight from the book, zoomed to the precise size I want.
    Thank you so much for making this!

  18. Oh, Mary! I just finished browsing through my copy & I’m just in love with the stitch & color combinations. Well done, Mary!

  19. Mary…the book is W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L !!!!! The link was in my email by the time that I finished with PayPal.

    I am so thrilled with how the book is interactive … both in going from one place to another within the book … plus for accessing videos of “how to” on your blog! I am so IMPRESSED ๐Ÿ™‚ and I can’t wait to get stitching … giggle giggle… in just a few minutes! Yes, I already chose my letter this weekend … got my fabric … have my hoop, needle, and threads all lined up … and I am raring to go!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh gosh, thanks so much, Bonnie! You probably will never guess how much all these kind and enthusiastic comments mean to me! My little secret is this: I’m a chicken, and I always have such inhibitions right before I do something like this. I don’t know if other people do, or if it’s just me, but I’m never sure how well anything I do will go over, if it’s good enough, if it’s what people want or are hoping for…. so I do a LOT of second-guessing. Once the book was released and people started commenting so enthusiastically on it, I felt a little better! So thank you, very much!

  20. Congratulations Mary,
    Can’t wait for my book to arrive. I can see your beautiful initials on pin cushion pillows or padded Christmas ornaments. They will make the perfect holiday gift for my craft circle friends. Wishing you much success in your book launch.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Your book link arrived quickly and downloaded with no problems. Love it! Thanks so much for your stitching inspirations.

  21. Woohoo! Just received my copy and can’t wait to leisurely go through it and think about how I want to use your delicious designs. I’ve been needleworking since I was a kid, but your lessons have surely taught me a lot more than the basics my mom passed on. You do such wonderful work. Thank you!

  22. Thank you Mary! That was a fast transition! My hubby also paid for half so I have both of you to thank. I’m looking forward to digging into this work and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. Blessings to you!

    1. Coming back to say that after I posted I’ve been exploring ‘the book’ and being only at letter N I had to come back and say that I am awestruck! The letter A in itself is a masterpiece. I’m looking forward to many years of gift giving!

    2. Thanks, Jennifer! You know, I have a whole alphabet (and then some) of finished letter samples, and I’ve been thinking the same thing – my Christmas list should be mostly taken care of! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. How wonderful! I made myself do all my house-work before I even logged onto my computer ….well I think I got the big chunks anyway. I received my download within seconds of hitting the “order” button. I took a quick look at the book and the amount of work you put into this is staggering! Now for my FIRST cup of coffee and a leisurely perusal of all the pictures so I can choose the first letter I’ll stitch. Thanx for all you do…what a great job!

  24. Thank you! You’ve gotten my week off to a brilliant start! Your book is gorgeous–and even more wonderful than I hoped. I am going to love working my way through it!

  25. G’day Mary,
    Well, you’ve done it again. WOW, what an amazing accomplishment and an extraordinary book. Congratulations and thank you.
    I’m grateful for the discount as the exchange rate is weaker just now and bumped it up to almost Aust $24. BUT…I wasn’t going to wait around until it evened out a bit, no way!
    All transaction was very smooth and the book is even better than you advertise when it’s downloaded, and that’s a surprise as wouldn’t think could get better!
    Cheers, Kath

  26. I just downloaded my copy. BRAVO Mary, BRAVO!! It is a wonderful book. I have been able to read the first few pages of instruction and they are very clear and encouraging. Oh and those colors and stitches so inspiring!
    Especially for someone who can never chose color combinations and always sticks to white. It is everything I hoped it would be! Congratulations!

  27. Dear Mary,

    Congratulations,being waiting for this and just I just ordered my copy.
    Can’t wait to see what else you are going to publish.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks, Anna-Maria! You know, someone asked me that this morning. I have several ideas floating in my head – and a couple things half-way started. I’m not sure what’s going to come to the surface, yet, though!

  28. Hi Mary, The book came through straight away and I love love love it! Well done! Can’t wait to start stitching.Thank you so much.

  29. Within 10 minutes I placed my order, received it, downloaded it and did a cursory exploration. Thanks Mary!! I am going to love having this resource and plan on spending some delight hours with what it offers. Highly recommend everyone treat themselves to this.

  30. Hi Mary,

    I had to post again, to say THANK YOU again…
    because WOW!WOW!WOW! I love books and collect books, but I have to say, I quite like my first E-Book and it was so quick and easy, no waiting for Amazon.
    Mary the work that you have put into this publication, the level of detail, I could well be sitting right next to you Mary.

    You are one in a MILLION Mary, GOD BLESS,please go on to publish more books.

  31. Felicidades maravilloso E-book. Siento no saber ingles pero las fotos son tan perfectas que no me hace falta. Me gustan mucho sus bordados y como usa las diferentes puntadas.

  32. Mary you are very talented and it’s very inspiring to see all the hard work you do here on your website. I have been reading the new stitch sampler and it’s wonderful. I love it. Thank you for the time you put into creating this ebook. I can’t wait to do some stitching and see where it leads me.

  33. I’ve been wanting to do a sampler to learn some new stitches and practice and am so excited to do this one! I’m still fairly new to embroidery. If I want to do this as a complete sampler all on one piece of fabric, could I use DMC floss? Would I need to make the letters slightly smaller? Not sure how to handle this.

    Thanks! It’s so beautiful!

    1. Hi, Heather!

      It would make a pretty large sampler, if you leave the letters the size they are. You could reduce them slightly and still use the same threads. Floche and coton a broder 25 are both slightly finer than 2 strands of DMC floss – floche working up the finer of the two, I think – so if you are going to reduce the size of the letters, I think I’d use floche. But you can always try one – or part of one – on a piece of scrap fabric (like a doodle cloth) just to see how the threads work on the different sized letter. That’s what I’d do – I’d test the threads first, before setting up a whole sampler.

      Thanks, Heather! I’m glad you like the book!

  34. I have a couple questions Mary.

    One: My first project will be a D for my 84 year old friend. The color combos best for her are A and C. Now with the D you have used 3 shades of coral and in the A & C you have used Light Pink 776 and Dark Pink 893. Can you please give a third pink that would blend beautifully with those?

    Two: I would like to add an “&” between two letters for a wedding gift. Do you have an “&” in your many wonderful gifts that maybe I have missed that you could share the link.

    And, I will love you forever as well!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Jennifer – Thanks for your questions!

      If you look at the color range for any of those DMC colors, you’ll usually find another shade in the same number sequence that will give you a lighter or darker shade to go along with it. So, for example, if I have 112 and 114 listed in the book, they probably have a 113 or a 115 that is in the same color range. (Those numbers were totally made up, just for an example…) This applies to all the colors, pretty much. Sometimes, with the greens, you might not find a lighter or darker, because I had to mix some of those up a bit on some of the letters (especially those on green fabric), but with the pinks, corals, purples, you should be able to find lighter or darker shades by looking at the same number sequence and seeing which shades are there. Maybe if you look up 893, to see if there’s a lighter pink right around that number, it would give you a medium that would work. If you want to use floche, this color card may help: https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/DMC-Floche-Color-Card-USA.pdf You can’t always trust computer images for colors, but I use it for reference when I’m ordering threads, and it works pretty well.

      I don’t have an ampersand for this particular alphabet, I’m afraid! Can you draw one, or perhaps try enlarging one from a computer font – that would probably work best!

      Hope that helps!

  35. me again! and I ADORE THE BOOK!! Thank you so much.
    I’m just curious: when you stitched the samples, did you go in A-to-Z order? Or did you skip around the alphabet? Were certain letters harder than others?
    Can’t wait to get started on my own versions!

    1. Hi, Sarah – Mostly, it was A-Z, although… come to think of it… I started with B. There were a couple instances of skipping around, because, for some of the samples, they’re actually stitched on the same piece of cloth, but not necessarily in alphabetical order! But in general, it went from beginning to end, over a period of time, so there’s a bit of evolving going on as the alphabet progresses. There weren’t any letters I found easier or harder than others. The M is a favorite, just because there’s so much space for embellishment. The W is not as much of a favorite, because the color scheme is so wild – but there are parts of it I like. The X is a favorite, but I don’t know one person in all my acquaintances with an X for an initial. I have no idea what I’ll ever do with it! Maybe just mark The Spot with it? And I enjoyed stitching the D, the C, and the T – those are probably my three favorites! Although I like the O, too, even though it’s simpler. There are a couple letters in there I would have liked to have stitched again, but it got to the point where I was re-stitching so many letters that, if I kept going, I never would have finished the book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Wow Mary! Have been waiting for this since you first gave it a mention and I’m thrilled because it looks fabulous! Thank you soooo much for all the hard work putting it together for us to share. I’m off now, to wallow in all the yummy details!

  37. Just wanted to send a huge thank you for sending me the PDF file for your new Ebook so quickly. I was so happy to receive this wonderful book about your Embroidery stitch sampler Alphabet, that I have already printed it out and am hungry to study these pages and learn this beautiful alphabet. I too, have learned to embroider as a young girl. The passion has continued to grow all these years. I am now teaching my grand daughters to embroider as well. What fun we have. Thank you again Mary. God bless you richly! Roxanne

    1. Thanks, Roxanne! I’m glad you like the e-book!! And I’m so happy to hear you’re teaching your granddaughters to stitch – good, good, good!!

  38. Hello!

    I just purchased your e-book and the process from beginning to end went very smooth. I got my email immediately and it did not take long to download the book. I am so excited to have this. I just love your work Mary!


  39. Oh Mary, it’s beautiful! I knew it would be, but it’s even more beautiful than I hoped! My only regret is that I try to have no more than 3 WIP at a time, so I won’t be able to start using it until I finish working through your lovely l&s tutorial.

  40. Yayyy! I’ve been so looking forward to your book and now it’s here, and I’ve got my copy. What a great book, it’s so nice that each letter has specific stitch and color suggestions. These will be a real pleasure to stitch up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Estou encantada com seus bordados, ja fiz uma amostra de todos,mas estou apaixonada pelas letras bordadas, nao vejo a hora de adquirir o livro, parabens por seus belos bordados, sao encantadores.OBRIGADO.

  42. Dear Mary, I’ve just received the 3 L’s — Letters, Lavenders, and Lattices. They are all Lovely. Thanks so much for putting these together. What fun! Glad I have all week to figure out what to start with this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been using your flowers-inside-heart design as my doodle cloth. I plan to try out some of the combinations on that, too.

    Thank you again for everything you do for us!

  43. Dearest Mary,

    Thank you so very much for all your hard work in preparing this beautiful book for all of us embroiders and want to be embroiderers so that we can all with one accord drool, dream and do.

    By 3pm the important pages were printed out and put in a file so that 3 young girls could also share in our drooling . They are looking forward to embroidering their intitials with Mary’s fine instructions. I must add that they were very struck by all the fine details and the time that it took to prรฉpare it all.

    Thanks again dear Mary

    Wishing you a lovely day filled with many blessings


  44. Thank you for this book, Mary! I’ve been waiting for it since your first announcement and it certainly lived up expectations. Thank you for putting it together.

  45. Miss Mary – I don’t know why I always call you that – obviously I’m YEARS older than you – maybe a sign of respect? I dearly love your website, designs, daily newsletters and just your general love for embroidery that you share with all of us. Your vast knowledge of stitching is equal to none and for you to share that with us is commendable. Your latest endeavor “The Stitch Sampler Alphabet” is just as wonderful as I expected. I’ve been waiting for this day ever since you first mentioned it in your newsletter (which sent me frantically searching your site for the whole pattern!). Thank you just doesn’t ‘do it’ for me, but hopefully you will understand just how much you are admired and appreciated. $18.00 just doesn’t do this justice – well worth way more than that to me in MY book!
    Thanks again –
    Barbara in TN

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara! You’re from Tennessee – I think it explains the “Miss Mary”! I grew up in the South, so I’m used to hearing “Miss” in front of first names. It doesn’t happen out here in KS often! I’m so glad you enjoy the book – thank you so much!

    2. I have to agree. Now that I have the book we’ve all been waiting for, I feel that it is worth more than twenty or so dollars!

      Mary, I’m just beyond impressed with the work you’ve done here. I don’t think you could have been any more thorough. I very much hope you’re making money from the sales of your book. I do not exaggerate when I say that this is one of the best instructionals (is that even a word?) I’ve ever seen!

    3. Thanks so much, Liz! There is one other thing I would have liked to add to the e-book, and that was a section on floral alternatives – for example, tutorials for bullion flowers, ribbon flowers, just different types of stitched flowers that could be substituted and mixed up a bit in the floral bunches. But it would have made the book too, too long! So maybe that’s something for some other time!

  46. Yesterday I purchased, downloaded, and printed my ebook, “Stitch Sampler Alphabet.” It is full of beautiful color and samples, instructions and supplies, and creativity. Thanks so much for doing a wonderful job on the book. Now I can’t wait to get started on my letters, too.

    Today I stitch.

  47. Estou encantada com seus trabalhos. Amo bordados mas nรฃo sei muita coisa. O que รฉ o ponto sample????? Vocรช ensina bordar esses monograma? Adoraria aprender. Preciso caprichar no enxoval da minha filha. Beijos. Tenha um excelente dia!!!!

  48. How beautiful and inspiring!
    But much more! Information is so accessible! You are a genius at cross-referencing. Thank you for making it so practical and helpful.

  49. OMG!!! This is just gorgeous! Thanks for all your hard work – we definitely appreciate it. I love the way you intermingle so many regular stitches to create a wonderful work of art for us. I’m thinking about working “C” on some pillowcases for a wedding gift. But maybe after I see them completed – the bride and groom will never see them! Does anyone else do that?

  50. I have learned so much from you Mary – and now that I find myself working more with curves and coils I really look forward to learning from your alphabet series – it really is beautiful. Thank you for this and for your wonderful website.

  51. Hi Mary, I have my samlper downloaded and have done some preliminary reading. I am a needlework novice and I’m wondering if I can substitute 2 strands of DMC floss for the floche as it would be easier for me to get. Are the color numbers the same for these DMC products? Any pros and cons to this approach would be appreciated. Thanks for this beautiful project and resource!

    1. Hi, Kirin – yes, the color numbers are the same across these DMC products, and 2 strands of floss will substitute. If you look at the J, it’s embroidered with 2 strands of floss. Also, the stitch tip on the page talks all about thread substitutions. Hope that helps! Thanks a bunch!

  52. Wonderful – you, your daily emails, and the “Stitched Sampler Alphabet” e-book. There was no trouble downloading it. Now, I look forward to enjoying all of the beautiful colors and stitches. Mary, thank you for sharing your talents.

  53. Hi Mary!! Yesterday I have bought your FANTASTIC e-book (with my husbandยดs credit card)and I just wanted you to know that itยดs simply WONDERFULL, I am very satisfied and RECOMMEND your e-book.
    So, I just want to thank you your efford on trying to offered an excellent material!
    Hughs from Argentina!
    Yours sincerely, Paula.

  54. Wow – I love the book Mary! Inspirations A-Z quality. You’ve produced a marvelous book. Thank you ever so much

  55. Good Morning Mary! I’ve been picking “Stitch Sampler Alphabet” apart the last couple of days, deciding on my favorite thread and fabric choices and trying to decipher the thread colors available per thread type with DMC. Also viewing websites for linen types. After researching I have found that “Apple Green” linen is my favorite colored linen. Unfortunately, I can’t find the Apple Green linen at the websites provided in Section Five: Resource List. I did a Google Search and I couldn’t find a comparison. Any help provided will be very much appreciated. Thank you Mary.

    1. Hi Mary, I went to their site and it says Light Green but it doesn’t look the same. Maybe it’s the computer or maybe they stopped carrying. I’m so sorry to be a pain, but would you mind checking sometime to see if it’s the same thing. I really love that fabric you used. Thank you

    2. Hi, Jennifer – you’re right. I just re-checked them. The H is actually done on a different linen – it’s a Sotema linen from Italy. The P and the S are done on the stuff from Wool & Hoop. The lighting when photographing is part of the problem. It doesn’t alway get the color just right. And then viewing it on a screen or printing RGB is also going to make a little difference, too. I’m guessing Ulster Linen Company is where their linen comes from, and Ulster has two colors listed – light green and lime green – so it could be lime green. You can see the colors listed here: http://ulsterlinen.com/medium_weight_linen.htm I ordered the sample pack from Wool & Hoop, and that’s where the that fabric came from. So you might ask them what color green is in their sample pack.

    3. I clicked on the link to Ulster Linen and see that they are wholesale. I didn’t see a list of retailers. Do you know of anyone who sells their linen? I’ve Google Searched and can find no one.

    4. Hi Mary, I’ve decided the best for me is to dye my own Apple Green. I’m pretty excited about this. I hope that I haven’t cause you to spend unnecessary time. Blessings!

    5. Hi, Jennifer! You’ll have to let me know how it goes! I’ve always wanted to dye my own linen, but haven’t been able to dabble in that just yet!

  56. I have been waiting for this ebook for quite a while, and I must say, it was worth the wait!!! It’s so perfect. The stitch dictionary, the explanation of the order of the stitches, EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for producing such an amazing product!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie!! I’m glad you like it.

      I just discovered this morning that I’m going to have to publish a short errata statement about a couple of the thread color numbers that I mixed up. :-/ So now we know it really isn’t perfect! (Not that I thought it was – I mean, what is? But I did try!!)

  57. OMG!!!! It was even better than I thought it would be. The book is absolutely fantastic! Such beautiful stitches and composition of stitches. So much talent! I want to do every letter! Anxious to see how others use their finished letters in projects.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful book!

    1. Thanks, Jean! I’m so glad you like it so much!! I’m going to set up a photo group for people to post photos of their letters if they want, so hopefully, we will see lots of them!

  58. Mary, your book is absolutely gorgeous, besides being so well organized. Although, I haven’t done anything but look and look and look, I have plans to make a sample “book” of each letter…..my summer project.
    Thank you so much for doing what you do!!

    1. Oh, that sounds fun, Terry!! The great thing about this approach to mixing up stitches and the like is that it is Never Boring! It’s addicting – you’ll be driven on and on to try the next thing!

      And that could be a wonderful thing….but it could also be problematic, you know, if you have laundry to do, work to go to, stuff like that…! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I’m excited to begin the Alphabet sampler, but was wondering how to display all 26 letters, having never done a sampler, is it best to frame each as 8×8, or all 26 on one cloth? (26 is an unusual grid) or make a book? Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried signing up to “ask and share” but couldn’t. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Dorian – It’s not really designed as a complete alphabet sampler, but rather as decorative initials (hence, the subtitle). If you are going to lay it out, though, and work it as a whole sampler, it would be so much fun!! It would be quite large. You could lay the letters out into a grid, and just space them differently, depending on which letters are in which line. I haven’t taken the time to do it, but I would imagine that lines with letters like M and W in them will not hold as many letters as lines with I and J in them, because M and W are so much wider. So you might be able to work up a pleasing layout with the 26 letters, without having a few hanging over by themselves in a line. And you could always center the last line, anyway, and maybe work some decoration on each side of the shorter line, or something like that. If you do it, I’d love to see photos!!

    2. Dorian, I usually do alphabet samplers in four rows: six letters on the first row, seven letters on the second and third rows, and six letters on the fourth row. It isn’t an even grid like a 5 X 5 would be, but it’s more visually pleasing than the usual arrangements you see for alphabets (like the last row with just Y and Z, which drives me banana nuts).

  60. Mary, the book is stunning! Such clear photos and explanations. I love it! I am a crazy quilter. Besides stitching a letter, I can see using portions of letters to fill many areas in crazy quilts. I saw in a comment below that you weren’t sure if you would ever use the letter X. Actually that is the first letter that I am trying–at least a part of it. I needed something like a long narrow s-curve to fill an area on my current project. The cross from upper left to lower right on the letter X is perfect. Last night I embroidered the flowers on both ends. Can’t wait to start the stitch combinations to make the cross between them.

  61. Mary, you’ve done it again. I adore the stitch combinations and the colors (a big thank you for that), but most of I swoon over the ELEGANT letters!

  62. I am thrilled with this and Mary is so very helpful.

    Also it has many help links embedded in it … take advantage of these even if you have stitched for a long time.

    Thank you so much for all your help and accommodation Mary ~

  63. Please do not feel limited to do samplers.

    I have already started my Christmas Decorations.

    Each child will get one with their initials on.

    They can be used anywhere and for any creative purpose you can come up with ..

    1. I’m about to start monogrammed Christmas stockings…using the designs from the book, of course!

  64. Good morning Mary, Just read all comments & ditto to all. One that hit a note is about left out letter stitchings, different type of stitched florals, bullions,ribbon flowers & bunches could translate into a suppliment…?? Maybe? I also like the idea of a stitchers show case. a Happy Stitcher, Barb Phx, Az.

    1. Hi, Barbara! Not sure quite what you mean by left out letter stitching, but the other idea of different florals, etc., may be something for the future. Right now, I’ve got a couple other things on my plate that I have to clear off – and then, hopefully!

      I’ll set up a place for photos, probably on Flickr, and let folks know about it, if they want to use it!

  65. Mary ~ I downloaded the e-book first thing Monday AM. It was quick and easy. It is a beautifully done book, as your’s always are. Your price (even at $22.00) is so reasonable, considering the price of soft cover books like this. It is a reference book that will used for many years. I downloaded it to my desk top computer, then onto my ipad, so will always have it with me. It will be nice to have to look through on my next train trip. Thank you also for the information about where to find the linen – I just ordered the sample pack. I am not sure if I will do any of the letters, but mostly made the purchase for all the stitches, which I can use on so many other projects. I do like the “S”, will have to find something to use that letter at least. Thank you so much, I know you spent many hours putting this book together for us. Also, I really like the e-books, my library of stitching books is overflowing .

  66. ‘Tis done and all paid for Mary. It looks fabulous as I would expect from you and even if I don’t embroider every letter in the alphabet, I will have heaps of fun drooling over yours.

  67. I just finished my first letter – the “C” which is the initial of my last name – and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. Now I’m going back to another project (one from Jan Kerton) and plan to use some of my new-found knowledge to complete it. Thanks so much for all your work and talent. You are fantastic!

  68. Purchased and downloaded the book seamlessly. Since I like to have pages in my hand, I printed it. When I tried printing all at once, I wasn’t sure what my printer was doing so I printed 20 pages at a time. I’m not very tech savvy so it was a gentle way for me to get my book. Now I’ll use page covers and a binder so I droll over the illustrations without damaging the printing. Thank you, Mary, for all the work.

  69. Mistress Mary, not at all contrary,
    I couldnt get your book until last night due to the need for software updates, but it is in my hot little hands now!! Sooo Beautiful!!! Part of my goal this year has been to learn new stitches to use in my crazy quilting, and your book shows great ways to combine simple stitches for complex looks. I can’t wait to get started. Newborn baby Matilda (2 weeks old!) is getting the first piece. I think she really needs a pillow with here initial on it, don’t you. I would love to see a group started with photos of completed projects inspired by this book. Not that you don’t have enough to do, but it would be great! Thank you for all you do. I am constantly telling people about your site!

  70. Dear Mary,
    Thank you all the way from the Czech Republic. I can’t wait for the children to go to sleep so that I can start exploring your book. I love our books in our bookcase and I have been telling my family that no e-book will every enter our house. Thanks to you, I am the first one to break the rule:-). I love reading your daily posts, I love your work, and thank you for sharing all your knowledge. You are a fantastic teacher!
    Thank you again, Marketa

  71. I am very, very happy for buying the E-Book Stitch Sampler Alphabet, this is so beautiful,the letters,the color combinations, the stitches used in each of the letters are simply a perfect combination.
    For me, that I do not understand, I do not speak much English are helpful, fabulous photographs, explanations and step by step you take with such clarity and simplicity insurmountable.
    Thanks you so much for sharing this with all your followers.

    Yo estoy muy, muy feliz por haber comprado el E-Book Stitch Sampler Alphabet, este es muy hermoso, las letras, las combinaciones de color, las puntadas empleadas en cada una de las letras, son simplemente una conjugacion perfecta.
    Para mi, que, yo no entiendo, yo no hablo mucho ingles son de gran ayuda, las fotografias fabulosas, las explicaciones y paso a paso que das con tanta claridad y sencillez insuperables .
    Muchas, muchas gracias, por compartir esto con todas tus seguidoras.

  72. Hi Mary

    Have one question that concerns me…….do you think I will be able to download your new e-book “Stitch Sampler Alphabet because I have dial up???? What I have seen on your web site I really like it.
    Nancy Anderson

    1. Hi, Nancy – it depends on how reliable your dial up connection is. Have you ever downloaded a 90MB file over the connection? If you have, and it works, then you should be fine. If your connection jumps off and on, it might be more difficult. I can send you the link another way, too, so that you don’t have to rely on the auto link, which times out after so many download attempts. If you purchase it and have any difficulties, you just need to email me and we can work out a different delivery system. Thanks for asking!

  73. Mary,
    I am late in getting to the game, but am so happy for this book! I have drooled over yours and Elizabetta’s monograms for years! I have even tried to freehand some while looking at pics from both of your sites (haven’t succeeded very well!)!
    Thank you so much for this! Perhaps now, I can complete these projects!! This book is a life saver!

  74. Hi,
    Just checked with my husband and he saved the file! You can tell I’m so computer illiterate. Thanks.


    —–My first impressions of the book:

    This book is very beautiful.

    First of all your sense of color is quite refined.

    But it is your stitch combinations that really blew me away in my very cursory first glance.

    The way you build from very simple stitches toward much more complex combinations with clear and (seemingly) easy steps has me on the edge of my seat to get started. They all look both super interesting to figure out and very pleasing to the eye. Lets just say I am happily overwhelmed!

    —–A more personal thank you re. what this book means to me:

    As a kid I got into cross stitch (and some light knitting) which I adored and spent hours at but I never had the guts to block out a bunch of time to learn (the seemingly more complex) traditional embroidery (what no grid, no pattern!?).

    Fast forward 20+ years (spent sewing sometimes, but not stitching for decoration).. and I happened upon my old boxes of dnc thread. That’s when I found your website (via pinterest)!

    For most of the summer I have been doing some quick projects here and there practicing stitches thanks to your videos. I finally feel confident enough to try one of your beautifully crafted letters and I cannot wait to get going. (it helps thinking – if I get stuck I can fall back on the videos for reference)

    Thank you for making embroidery accessible in a way traditional books could never have accomplished, and moreover for reignighting a love of decorative needlecraft that has always been a joy but I now feel confident to expand upon in ways I never would have tried on my own.

    I believe your work is especially important in the preservation of a colloquial artform that could otherwise be at risk of dying out in the face of the rising tide of the digital age.

    Thanks again!!

  76. I just want to thank you soooooooooo much, I learn a lot from your YouTube vidio
    I did not do hand sweing since 1998. Now I started again with your help

    Many thanksโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
    Ghada from Saudi Arabia

  77. Dear Mary,
    Love love your website.
    I am going to be teaching a hand embroidery class in February. Do you have any suggestions on how I can be successful teaching.
    Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely, Rose

  78. I am debating on this book and the Jacobean Jumble. Since I am not starting on Crewel until I get comfortable with just cotton floss/perle cotton and stitching in general, perhaps I should purchase this one?

    I love this alphabet/letter e-book. They are so dainty and lovely and if you knew me, you would say “Christi, this is so you BUY IT NOW!”. Plus, this seems like a book that the stitches would carry over more into stitches that I will use more regularly. Hmmm…I know I am going to buy both of them, but I can only do one this month. I am going to sleep on it and when I come home tomorrow (big day at JoAnn’s for 100 skeins of floss WOO HOO – thread is so dang ADDICTING!)I will make my decision. ;0-)

    I hope you are feeling well, I know you’re going through a tough time. I have reined myself in and not written comments as I am sure you have better things to do than read and answer my long winded comments! Have a good day and know positive vibes have been sent to you every day.

    1. Hi, Christi – oh, I’d go for the alphabet, too. It’s the stitches, you know! They’re so much fun, once you start playing with all the combinations! And like you said, they can be used in a whole bunch of other projects. But I’m kind of partial to the alphabet, personally. It was fun to do!

  79. Hi Mary – Just purchased the e-book and it’s downloading now! I also went to JoAnn’s and purchased 104 skeins of thread. Why is thread so addicting? I have tons of top-stitching and quilting thread, skeins and skeins of expensive yarn. I can’t wait to use my new skeins of thread on the lettering. I have over 250 skeins of floss, 10 skeins of perle cotton, 3 balls of 5, 8, 12 along with 10 skeins of sating. I think I am just going to save up and purchase the 454 colors of floss on DMC website. If I can get them to deliver to a PO Box!

    Hope you are having a good day and I will post a picture of my first letter when it’s done in the Ask & Share area. Thank you so much for inspiring me and putting this book out. I have been wanting to buy it for a few weeks now and I am just so excited!!!

    Your determined beginner ;0-)

  80. Dear Mary, Just purchased your Stitch Sampler Alphabet book. I would have done it earlier but somehow missed your post that it was available. Well done!!!!! I appreciate all the work you’ve put into it. Clear stitch instructions – with photos – and your work is always a delight. Thank you.

    1. Catherine,

      Isn’t this e-book the best e-book ever? I am a database developer/programmer (retired) so I have read my fair share of e-books, but I have never seen/read such a wonderfully put together book like this. The internal and external links help immensely. I just love this book. I printout all the stitches and have done most of them in perle cotton. Now that I have a stand and can use both hands for stitching, I am now starting at the beginning and doing them all again with floss.

      I love this book and highly recommend it to anyone/everyone, no matter their level of embroidery skills.

      Plus, the letters are just beautiful!

      Best Regards,

  81. Mary,

    I purchased this sampler a while ago but I was afraid to try anything in it for quite some time. However, I finally used it to make my first letter and I wanted to thank you so very much for publishing it.

    While I expected clearly written directions (having been a follower of yours for a while now!), what I did not expect was the confidence it gave me. I am so grateful you broke down the letters into parts and then explained the build-up of each section.

    I am new to an embroidery guild, and most of the ladies are cross-stitch fans. When they saw my “W” (https://www.thecrafties.com/2017/06/corbets-stitch-sampler-w/), many complimented me by saying “I could never do that!”. In response, I said “Do you know NeedlenThread? Mary wrote this amazing book…..” and I told them how I shared their reticence and that I am super confident now to go tackle my own fonts! I hope you picked up a few more followers;)

    Thanks so much for teaching me.

  82. What beautiful letters, the best I’ve seen by far. My only thought is that I wish there was a book instead of PDF, would personally prefer this medium.

  83. Could you tell me the approximate size of the letters in this sampler? I’m looking for a letter to put on a handkerchief. I think these are fairly large, correct? They look absolutely lovely! — Linda

    1. These are larger, Linda – about 3″ high. You can reduce them in size and modify the amount of and weight of stitches on each letter, but it would take some experimenting, as the ebook demonstrates how to work the 3″ letters.

    2. Thanks for the reply Mary. I’m so in love with these letters and think they will be a great way to introduce myself to some stitches that I’m going to get the ebook and find some uses for them ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I’ll have to make a sunglasses case ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thank you!

  84. I have a question before I buy. Are there lower case letters too? If not, is there a comparable book that includes them? I want to embroider namesโ€ฆ

    1. Hi, Kathy – I’m afraid it doesn’t include lower case letters. But you can take the concepts in the e-book and use computer fonts to create you own lettering lines, and then stitch those using the concepts in the e-book. That’s what I would do. You just have to be able to enlarge and manipulate the printed fonts the way you want them – most desktop publishing software can do this.

  85. Iโ€™m interested in this ebook. Does it take you through step by step; colours youโ€™ve used, stitches youโ€™ve used ?
    Iโ€™m just a bit anxious of spending money on an item thatโ€™s too complicated for me.
    Many thanks

    1. Yes, Stitch Sample Alphabet details stitches and colors used on each letter, and there is a step-by-step stitch dictionary that covers all the stitches. ๐Ÿ™‚

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