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The Mother of All Snowflakes – Free Pattern


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Just popping in to share with you another free snowflake pattern, in case you’re stitching up any holiday flakes this year!

This particular pattern is for a rather large snowflake – it would make a nice focal point on a table cloth or table runner, especially if surrounded by smaller flakes arranged in a pleasing way.

But it might just work on its own, on a little red cloth napkin, which is how I’m stitching it up. Granted, it takes almost a quarter of the cloth napkin – but it’s pretty, and it’s fun to stitch.

Large Snowflake Cross Stitch Pattern

For those of you just joining in on this particular stitchy series of snowflakes and other folk designs that can be embroidered on plain weave fabric using counted cross stitch, you’ll find all the previous articles explaining what I’m doing and how, along with other free patterns, through the following links:

Folky Flakes for Holiday Stitching – a free corner pattern, plus an introduction to counted work on plain weave fabric.

Cross Stitch & Counted Work on Plain Weave Fabric – some ways to achieve a grid when the fabric doesn’t offer one.

Snowflake 2 – Another folky flake.

Deer & Tree Stitching Pattern – suitable for cross stitch, filet work, filet crochet, and other gridded techniques, too.

French Knot Snowflake Pattern – also suited to Sardinian Knot Embroidery and to beadwork.

Free Large Snowflake Pattern for Cross Stitch & Other Counted Work

Here’s the handy dandy PDF printable for the large snowflake shown above. When you print it, make sure you choose “scale to fit page” or “shrink to fit” or something similar in your print settings, so that it prints on one page.

Large Snowflake Pattern for Cross Stitch & Other Counted Work (PDF)

I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Hi Mary, That’s pretty! I’d like to make it on a sapphire blue ground with snow white floss and a midnight black ground with silver shot floss. Please post the one you’re doing in red. Thanks.

  2. The snowflake patterns are lovely. I knit also and they translate well for that purpose too–especially fine gauge work (fingering weight yarn)! Thank you Mary. I hope this post finds you well and continuing with your healing. Margaret

  3. That is a good sized flake. On 14/28 count fabric for cross stitch, it comes out to 5 inches square. I think I’d use a smaller count, maybe even over one, and stitch it up for a card. It would look so delicate on a small count.

    Did you ever come up with a solution for the French knot flake? 🙂

    And off topic for a moment: after all these years of reading your blog I realized I never signed up for your newsletter. I’ve tried twice now with no result. The little voice comes on telling me to check my email for the confirmation but it never comes in. Oh dear.

    1. Hi, Irene – I just tried to sign you up. It still requires a confirmation – hopefully, this time it will come through. You can also check your spam filter, just in case. Thanks!

    2. Thank you so much. I feel foolish now. We had to change our email server (?) a few months ago and everything looks different. I saw a “clutter” folder and assumed that was spam or junk mail. Never understood why it was always empty. I went looking around and there is a “junk” mail folder only it’s not always visible. There were the confirmation emails. 🙂 I am now signed up. Again, thank you for your help and nudge in the right direction.

  4. Dear Mary

    The Mother of all Snowflakes is another lovely pattern, very large but as you say it would make a lovely centre decoration on a table cloth or runner. All the links above are great for making Christmas embroidery presents, my favourite is the the Deer and Tree stitching pattern. Thanks for sharing with us another free lovely snowflake pattern and for the links to the other seasonal patterns in this series. Thinking of you and sending lots of Blessings.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  5. *Ooohs and aaahs over pattern*

    *Adds to list of projects to start on after holidays*

    *Notices how long list is getting*

    *Blames Mary for long list*

  6. What an incredible pattern! thanks for designing it, and sharing it.

    How are doing?May all goodness come your way.
    in gassho

  7. What a lovely pattern. It would make a lovely card or something for a winter wedding — all those hearts in the centre!

    I’ve enjoyed all these little patterns. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for another lovely pattern! I’d probably work this one in colour, not snowflaky at all. The local shopping mall was playing ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’ this morning as I tried to shop early to beat the heat. Already over 90F at 10 am. (I’m in Melbourne, Australia.) Keep warm, keep safe, and here’s hoping the next few weeks don’t knock you around too badly.

  9. Dear Mary,

    Love all the snowflake designs. Too late for this Christmas but there is always next year and I have been looking for something fun to embroidery.

    Hope you are feeling better. May 2016 bring you good health and much happiness. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for all you do for the world of embroidery.

    Merry Christmas.

  10. thanks for the heads up re your mini-vacation till the 4th…absolutely…it’s time to do a little resting and re-couping(is that a word?)and catching up on some things as desired, as energy will permit. And thank you so much for the health update….also after the new year, i will be tring out that soluble stuff….lol….i love those snowflakes!

  11. Lovely snowflakes! Very calming during the holiday rush…I added them to a green Christmas tree scene…thank you for slowing down Christmas season with beauty – very nice to have a little something put aside to give for surprise guest 🙂

    Thought of you included with my prayers…

  12. Dear Mary,
    I have to thank you so much once again for all you do and share with us on your page. I totally appreciate all your advice, hints and the most beautiful of patterns you share so freely share with all of us who love to learn the art of embroidery.

  13. Would really appreciate the free snowflake pattern e-mailed to me. Great for the upcoming holiday season.Many thanks,
    Kind regards,

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