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Magnificent Crewel Give-Away & Your Opinion, Please


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For the past several months, Laura Turnbull and I have been chatting back and forth about crewel embroidery kits from The Crewel Work Company.

Not only have the kit offerings at The Crewel Work Company expanded quite a bit recently, but Phillipa and her daughter Laura are in the process of deciding on some new offerings to add to their gorgeous line of historic crewel embroidery kits. And, to that end, they want your help!

To entice you to help them make some decisions on upcoming kits, they’ve graciously offered a magnificent give-away here on Needle ‘n Thread, for three winners. The prize? Ohhhhhhhh……..

Take a look at this!

Mellerstain Firescreen Crewel Work

Three participants in today’s give-away will win the Mellerstain Firescreen kit from The Crewel Work Company, which is newly back in stock.

This is a large and magnificent recreation of an original 19th century design from Mellerstain House in Scotland. The linen size for this piece is 30″ x 24″ and the design size is 20″ x 16″. The finished piece can be used as a fire screen (the finishing furniture is not included), or it can be made up into a wall hanging or a framed piece.

The design features all kinds of elements that are typical of traditional crewel work – from foliage and rolling hills, to frolicking deer and other wildlife, to the main attraction – two parrots perched in a Tree of Life – and all are worked in a variety of stitches normally associated with crewel embroidery.

Mellerstain Firescreen Crewel Work

The kit includes detailed step-by-step instructions, a full-sized layout chart for all the stitches and colors, a beginner’s booklet titled “The Essential Guide for Newcomers to Crewel Work” (which includes tips and techniques that will help you successfully complete the embroidery), linen twill accurately pre-printed with the design, all the Appleton wool necessary to complete the fire screen, and needles.

Your Opinion, Please, on Crewel Possibilities

To participate in today’s give-away, I’m going to make you work for it! But don’t worry! It’s not too hard, and it will be fun!

You see, Phillipa and Laura are working on future kits to offer at The Crewel Work Company, and they’d like to hear your feedback on some Crewel Possibilities.

So, to enter today’s give-away, all you have to do is take a look at the following possibilities for future crewel work kits and share your thoughts in the comment section below, guided by these questions:

1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

Here the designs in question and a little information about them.

#1. The Wemyss Panel

Wemyss Panel Crewel Work

The style, materials and scale of this bed pelmet are typical of Scottish crewel work around 1670. It celebrates the restoration of the King, represented by the lion.

The pelmet and its pair were taken to the trenches during the First World War by the then Earl of Wemyss, as a reminder of his home, Wemyss Castle. Surprisingly, the Earl and the bed hangings survived the trenches unscathed.

Incidentally, the lion’s teeth were added later than the 17th century, probably by the Earl himself, giving the lion a unique character and personality.

Wemyss Panel Crewel Work

The pillow above, featuring an excerpt from the panel, will soon be available in kit from from The Crewel Work Company.

The whole re-creation of the panel would be approximately 45″ x 15″.

#2. The Restoration Pillow

Restoration Pillow Crewel Work

This cushion is part of a pair originally embroidered in the 1660s and is in Phillipa’s private crewel work collection. The unmistakeable face of Charles II triumphantly looks out of this rich ‘Tree of Life’ design.

The original, seen above, is quite faded.

Restoration Pillow Crewel Work

Using the reverse side of the crewel work, and relying on Phillipa’s experience studying crewel work from the same period, the re-creation would feature vivid, rich colors, and the finished size would be approximately 25″ square.

#3. The Glasgow Bedspread

Glasgow Bedspread Crewel Work

This vast embroidery is part of Phillipa’s private crewel work collection.

If you’re familiar with Phillipa’s kit collections, you’ll recognize the repeated design as her Jacobean Fantasy Kit.

Glasgow Bedspread Crewel Work

The original embroidery was completed in Glasgow, Scotland and is signed and dated by the embroiderer, “E.M. 1914”, the very same year the First World War broke out in Europe.

Glasgow Bedspread Crewel Work

“E.M.” had a wonderful color sense, combining a peaceful undertone of soft deep pewter greys with vibrant accents of bright color.

This vast piece would be a master class in soft shading with long & short stitch! The approximate size would be 120″ x 60″, making a magnificent Arts and Crafts floral coverlet for a piano or table.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now ended. Thanks for participating!

To enter today’s give-away of three Mellerstain Firescreen crewel embroidery kits from the Crewel Work Company, please follow these guidelines:

1. Review the above crewel possibilities and the questions posed in bold above them, and leave your answer, thoughts, insights, and opinions in the comment section below. Entries made via email or left on other articles will not be eligible.

2. In your comment, please make sure you answer the questions posed above! You’ll find them in bold!

3. In order to avoid any confusion when the winners are announced, please make sure that you leave a recognizable name either in the “name” line of the comment form or in the comment box. Please also make sure that your email address is entered accurately.

4. The give-away ends Saturday, March 19th, at 5:00 am CDT (Kansas, USA). Three winners will be drawn randomly and announced that day. The winners will need to contact me with mailing information, which I will forward on to The Crewel Work Company.

So, if you’d love to have one of these gorgeous fire screen kits from The Crewel Work Company, go to it! Take a look at the Crewel Possibilities shown above, consider the questions, and let us know your thoughts!


(729) Comments

  1. Ove the firescreen. I also love all three of the ideas but my favorite is #3 Glasgow Bedspread and think it would be a great kit. I like the design, color and flow of the piece. It is also lighter in feel than the other two pieces and I like that. Generally I prefer smaller pieces but I will work on larger pieces if I love them.

    1. Wow how very generous of you to be doing this. Out of all the designs I much prefer the Glasgow bedspread firstly for its design and the colours are so beautiful, tranquil and very pleasing to the eye. If a kit was available for this I would definitely want to order it and get cracking on it as it’s an heirloom that one could pass down the family line. My eldest daughter who loves crewel work like me would also appreciate such a magnificent piece to do. The other pieces are ok with their colours but do not stand out for me like the Glasgow bedspread. It’s a stunner. But having said that if I had to choose another kit I would go for the restoration pillow as again I love the bold colours In this design and the lion is so much nicer and no teeth!!! After all that has been said and done I buy kits that appeal to me for their beauty and interest no matter what the size. I could see the Glasgow bedspread done in embroidery floss as there is the most magnificent choice out there now. What fun that would be deciding on all the colours textures and variations. Have a lovely day and hope you making good progress in yourself.

  2. I favour the Glasgow bedspread because this style of flower is my favourite of all time. I would love to take on a project of this size once I dust off my skills and get back to crewel, but to be really, helpfully, honest, I think I would be more likely to actually buy a smaller project at this point in my life,

  3. I like #2 — that lion’s face is amazing! I like the idea of large projects but in reality — I’m not getting enough work done on small ones to really justify too many large ones. Anything larger than a pillow would be hard to carve out time for. What I do love about these kits is the direct ties to history!

  4. My favorite of these is #3 the Glasgow Bedspread. I like the challenge of a complex project. I prefer smaller projects that are made into some object and are not just framed. The Glasgow Bedspread would also be a nice smaller project done in silk embroidery flosses.

  5. I love the Crewel Work Company’s designs and often go drool at their website. Large designs like these proposed would be a nice addition to the collection. Of the three, I like the restoration lion pillow best, it has all of the traditional crewel elements I like, the mounds, tree, flowers, lots of leaves, plus the lion, almost rampant but propped a bit. The Wemyss lion panel is also very cool. The unusual shape could be perfect for some settings. I’d like to stitch the leaves in the panel. The lion’s teeth are perfect! The Glasgow bedspread doesn’t excite me as much; it feels repetitious. I think the current project is sufficient.

    My concern would be cost. The cost of their kits has kept me from purchasing. I feel confident in developing a smaller designs myself and have stuck with doing that or EGA projects for the most part. I would not feel confident to design large and complex design like these, but I expect the cost would be prohibitive for me.

  6. I would chose #3 Glasgow Bedspread because you wouldn’t find anything like it anywhere else. The flowers are beautiful and it would be a joy to stitch. What a treasure it would be when finished.

  7. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    I like the Glasgow bedspread the most, mainly because I could think of multiple ways to incorporate it into my home decor. The bright colors and the motifs fit in well to a modern household.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    I don’t have a preference as to size. I like all different sorts of projects.


  8. I love the firescreen design. It’s been on my wishlist since I saw it on your website. Among the three designs #3. Definitely #3. I just love the colors and the different flowers. It would take me years to stitch, but it would be an heirloom piece I could pass down.

  9. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    For me, it is all about what design appeals to me most and color but not so much on historical value. I also know myself as a stitcher and can say that The Restoration Pillow has the most appeal. The design is packed full of color which is something I love. The more color and shading the better. The bedspread has a lot of color as well but I find myself having a hard time finishing projects that repeat. Plus, I love the lion.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    I have no preference to size. Currently, I am working on a canvas work rug and a 24 inch square pillow so clearly, size does not matter. I think it best to have a variety of sizes available to appeal to the widest possible group of consumers.

    Thank you for this give-away. The fire screen is incredible as are the three discussion designs. There really is no one that is not appealing.

  10. The Glasgow bedspread. Flowers and foliage…because of all the wonderful green shades available to bring them to life. Medium size pieces are most probably a favorite as it doesn’t take such a long time to complete.

  11. Good morning,
    In response to the selects, below are my comments.

    My favorite is the Restoration Pillow and second is the Glasgow Bedspread. While they are all lovely, I would not make something as big as the Glasgow Bedspread. I simply have no place to put it and I am older(haha) and afraid I wouldn’t finish it. I would, however, make it as a pillow. The colors are beautiful and the design so delicate. It simply speaks a spring fresh garden to me. The Wemyss Panel doesn’t have enough color for me and I might have to leave the lions teeth off. Sorry, Earl. The Restoration Pillow is full of life and what a regal lion. This design reminds me of when I went to Scotland. The history, the colors of Scotland, how regal a design and that face on the lion. How can you not just smile and want to hug his magisty.

    I typically like smaller designs, but have made a few larger ones if they catch my eye. Larger projects get too overwhelming for me at times and I don’t finish them. The color and history of a piece is what I watch for. I do love a challenge, but in a piece that isn’t too big.


  12. 1. I would like to see #3. The Glasgow Bedspread… I love the style, love Jacobean! Something like this is to be made and cherished for many many years. A labour of love, with NO doubt. And being it is crewel, it is keeping an old technique alive.

    2. I would stitch a full sized bedspread. I prefer big projects. A kit keeps the style/design accurate, keeps all the colors true to their origins.

  13. WOW what a treat, Mary. I absolutely love the firescreen image. Beautiful. Re your questions, I think #3 the Glasgow Bedspread is a beautiful design. Would love to see a kit, and the bigger and more intricate the design, the better. I always bite off more than I can chew…….LOL………but the end result is worth every minute. The bedspread is so airy and delicate. My 2nd choice would be the Restoration Pillow. Hugs, Mary.

  14. #3 the Glasgow Bedspread is the prettiest color palette for modern times, and is also the happiest pattern imo.

    Thank you for the chance to win and to see all these beautiful pieces!

  15. I adore the restoration pillow. The lion is magnificent and regal which I think epitomises crewel work. The depth and colour is all I would want in a kit. Having said that all 3 are beautiful. I would try to stitch any size of designs whether my talents are good enough for larger projects is another matter. These as with other kits from the Crewel Work Company are heirlooms and that carries on the tradition of crewel work. I am lucky and have attended one of the retreats and have kits to be sewn.

  16. 1. I just love the Glasgow Bedspread. I would like to see it as a kit, because I have never seen anything comparable out there.
    2. Yes I would stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity. I prefer, however, smaller projects usually, but I would make an exception in this case!

  17. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    The Glasgow bedspread is my favorite of the three kits (though the restoration pillow is a close second). I love, love, love the colors in both of these but the reason that the Glasgow is my favorite is the size and complexity. I love small kits but I also would love to see kits and projects that are ready to go that tackle pieces of this size and complexity. As an intermediate stitcher, these provide me with enough guidance to feel assured when I start without limiting me to the “same old” small cushion designs.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    I love large, grand projects! I usually feel confident setting up my own small projects so having something that is large but prepped to go can reduce the intimidation. Also, how many pillows can I stitch? The chance to make something large and different is a huge draw for me.

  18. #1 for sure. The bedspread is lovely, but you would need to have sizes or have a smaller piece. Charles II looks like a caricature of the original for some reason. But I love the lion, and the 2 sizes are each lovely.

  19. I like the Restoration Pillow best. I like the subject matter and colors. I would work on larger pieces (and do) but a bedspread may be more than I would want to tackle.

  20. I like number three, the Glasgow bedspread. It’s charming and I love it’s colors. It would be an enjoyable challenge. I like a variety of projects, small and large.

  21. OMG! The prize is simply gorgeous and I love those lions!

    It was very hard to decide do I like more #1 or #2. After a lot of zooming and thinking, I decided I like the #2 the best. This is because the design is well-balanced, it is rich (there is a lot going on) and the pose and the expression of the lion are simply irresistible – plus there is even a crown! It makes such an interesting story and I would like to start stiching it right away.

    2. Well, I would be open to any size if the design is just right. 🙂 I think this is a nice size as it would make a showy giant pillow. However, it would probably be more versatile (in home decor) if it came in a standard pillow size. The design would be hard to crop though – all the details are just so lovely. I like small designs as they are more quickly to work. Also they aren’t so big investments for those of us who need to count their coins. However, small designs are usually also simplified (like with reduced background), and I prefer detailed. So… the answer is yes, I would stich in this size and complexity – especially the complexity!

  22. I love the The Wemyss Panel. The unique colors, the bird and the story about the lion being the representation of the king (then the smile added later) are what drew me to my choice. I also don’t see very many patterns that are more horizontal then vertical. So it was unique that way too. I do love to tell a story about a piece that I make. The historical story behind it adds to sharing the work with others.

    I love a challenge and often finish larger projects sooner than smaller ones. Size would not deter me if I loved the project. So if given the choice, I would buy a larger one if it fit in my budget, but would buy the smaller one if price was the factor.

  23. First, I prefer the Glasgow Bedspread because (1) I love Jacobean embroidery and (2) I love the colors in this piece.

    Second, I would (and do) stitch large and complex pieces. While I enjoy pieces of various sizes, I enjoy the challenge of stitching large, detailed pieces. However, if the Bedspread were done as a small piece (such as a pillow or bolster) I’d love stitching that also.

  24. #2 Restoration pillow. I would definitely like to see it as a crewel embroidery kit because I like the size, not too big and not too small. I like the color combos and the texture possibilities.

    I prefer grand projects that provide an opportunity to combine techniques and textures and colors. In all of the choices you provided I can see an exciting option of adding in some goldwork and some stump work.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Michele Traugutt

  25. The Glasgow bedspread caught my attention because of all the beautiful colors. Doing a project of this size gives me the feel of making history by having an item that would be handed down by generations.

    While I’d love to have the time to do a larger project, working full time leaves me wanting only small projects to work on. I love the thought of historical period pieces.

  26. I prefer the Glasgow bedspread. It reminds me of projects I worked on when I gave tours at 18th century townhouses in college. I spent my time doing needlework while waiting for my turn to conduct a tour. It was over 40 years ago and I still have those pieces and many more.
    As for size, I enjoy any size depending on the design and my mood.

  27. 1. I choose the firescreen. I love the animals as well as the nature motifs.
    2. The idea of doing something that big is intimidating to me and I probably would not do it (it would be very expensive too, as well). I tend to do kits that are a bit smaller. They don’t have to be tiny, but 20 x 16 is big. I am working on a project now that is probably about 12 x 14 and it is taking me a loonnng time!

  28. 1. Ans: I really love the firescreen as my first choice; however I would love to work on all of them.They are equally beautiful in their own right.My children are of Scottish heritage with a very typical scottish name; the wemyss panel/lion would make wonderful unique gifts.

    2. Ans: Yes I would definetely work on something this size as one can only make so many pillows or sampler sizes. The possibilities for decoration with these larger sizes would be endless.

  29. I love the Glasgow Bedspread. The colors are so beautiful and shading on the flowers is great! The size is a bit large for me to take on at this point but in a smaller version, maybe a bed panel for the end of a bed or pillows…..

  30. My choice is #3 Glasgow Bedspread. I like this gardenscape of whimsical, other-worldly flowers. The mixed palette of soft and vibrant colours is pleasing to the senses; the lovely fluidity of the piece really caught my eye. I would like it in a smaller dimension, and would add it as wearable art to the back and perhaps front panels of a spring/summer jacket, or a make a ‘market bag’ to carry my gear to fibre festivals, embroidery meetings and special events 🙂

  31. The Restoration Pillow is my favorite because of the tree of life and the lion. It’s colorful and would be a nice addition to my living room. I would do the Wemyss Panel for my guest room. It’s bold and would draw people’s eyes to the lovely window. As for size, I tend to stay with smaller projects such as pillows or panels for framing; and have also done some Christmas ornaments. Fast and satisfying!

  32. As a former “oil painting artist” that has moved my creative expression over to the fiber arts, I find the Wemyss Panel to be of particular interest and a wonderful source of inspiration. A large kit like this becomes “an old friend I sit with each night” and work on small sections until completed no matter how long it takes. I have in my stock some old tapestry wool that I have been carting around for 30 years that I could use to further embellish a piece such as this. I would start with this kit, finish it, then use some of my old wool to further embellish and turn this into a large long pillow for my sofa. So yes, I like large kits, and yes, I would buy it. Best Valerie

  33. Being Scottish myself and loving crewel work, I love all the designs! I especially like the Wemyss Panel and Pillow and will look forward to the pillow being available! I also love the Glasgow Bedspread! Big or little projects are wonderful! Sometimes as I work on a small project I wish it would not end, so a large project like the bedspread or firescreen would be a wonderful project to work on! I really appreciate the effort you go to, to design or translate these ancient works back to life! They certainly continue to keep the history alive!
    Thank you again!

  34. I love all of them! I think the Glasgow Bedspread is my favorite. I search for these kind of designs and work at learning the stitches. There is something so amazing about working at embroidery that has been ongoing for hundreds of years.

  35. The Glasgow is absolutely my favourite, an elegant design which would fit in with modern decor, but still has the lovely Jacobean feel. The colours are really fresh, and not too overpowering.

    As to the size of the pieces, I would LOVE the option of the large, dramatic heirloom sizes, but honestly the cost would be prohibitive, and also I know that personally, the more massive a project, the more likely it is to end up a UFO!
    I would love to see some of these projects as little details on pincushions, needles keeps, book covers etc. Small pieces that you can buy and complete no matter how much life gets away from you, and perhaps as little sets, for example three different motifs which you can purchase separately, but they would match beautifully if framed as a trio. (The Wemyss came a close second, btw!)

  36. I love all things crewel, so I like all four pieces. But my favorites would be the glasgow Bedspread and the firescreen. I really like the flowers and the colors.
    The traditional designs really appeal to me as a history teacher and I even tell my students about them sometimes, using them to illustrate a specific period of history. I usually work on larger pieces. I don’t mind if it takes years to finish a piece. I always have a few on hand to work on whichever takes my fancy. In the end I always finish them. It is the process I enjoy most and looking at and working on a beautiful design is never boring. Especially if there are many new and interesting stitches to try!

  37. I would be most likely to do number 2, the Restoration pillow, for two reasons. The first is that the face on the lion gives it a touch of whimsy – I am a pushover for the combination of formal and whimsical – and the second is the manageable size. I adore the bedspread but know that one of my dogs or children (or husband) would accidentally do something bad to it before I was even close to done with it. It would also be too large to work on in the living room, where the rest of the family often is and where I like to be with them.

  38. I really like #2! I like that it is a large piece but not HUGE! I really love all of the design elements- the lion, the flowers, and the hillocks. And of course, something from that time period really gets me going! 😉 As for the size of projects, I do like the idea of big impressive pieces, but as a working mother of two young boys, projects take me a looooong time to finish. Therefore, right now, I tend to do more small projects. I would probably purchase the kit and put it in my stash for some future time. Thanks for letting us participate in this discussion- I have gone to The Crewel Work Company’s website many times and drooled over the kits!

  39. Dear Mary, All three pieces are stunning. I would especially love the Glasgow bedspread. Flowers are my favorite things to embroider and I am ready for a lovely crewel piece having envied your work on Late Harvest. This embroidery has so many opportunities to practice long and short and other crewel stitches. It is so beautiful and would look just right on my dining table.

    I prefer larger, more complex pieces. Now that I am retired, I spend much of my times stitching. I also have to say that good kits of the quality Philippa and Laura Turnbull’s company sells are not available in any of the needlework shops I use here in the Phoenix area. I think they would be welcomed as a new-old challenge for our local stitching groups.

    I would love to have the firescreen. It looks like so much fun to stitch and I know just the spot for it, finished and framed. Thanks, Mary, for arranging this treat for us. Here’s hoping, Charlotte

  40. Any one of them would be a joy to do.Each one has its own special features which would make it so hard to choose. But if I were to be put on the spot I think the bedspread would get my vote,or perhaps the cushion. I would love to see either one as a kit form
    but perhaps work on the cushion first and work up to the bedspread. Either one would look great in my home.

  41. I love the fire screen and want it for my new house! My favorite is #3, the Glasgow bed and I would love to make it in the grand size as a coverlet. The colors are just perfect for my decorating style.

  42. I have a definite penchant for the vivid colors and stitches of Panel #2 The Restoration Pillow! I also like the veracity Phillipa employed in connection with a historical period from over three hundred years ago! The size of the project is not even in consideration when such a quality piece is available to be worked on, achieved and preserved as a precious personal heirloom, to be treasured for a long time!

  43. I like number 3, Glasgow Bedspread. I would like a smaller kit of that. I don’t like the heavy lions on the other two pieces, maybe they could be replaced with something else.
    I’ve never tried something so large and complex, but it should last me for several years. Maybe the “Bedspread” could become a pillow or a firescreen.

  44. I am in love with #3, the Glasgow Bedspread. I love complex projects that have a functional aspect to them as well, plus I just love the colors and shapes in that piece. I would absolutely work on a project this complex – I prefer massive undertakings, rather than the smaller ones. The sense of accomplishment once you’re done is just wonderful! That said, the smaller projects serve a purpose as well, but I prefer the larger, more complex projects.

  45. I would select the Glasglow Bedspread as I have a fondness for flower patterns. It depends on the subject matter on which I favor in terms of the size of the project. I tend to do smaller ones due to lack of free time, however, if I fall in love with a larger one, I will do it, but it would take me a lot longer than others.

  46. Wow, I’d probably pick the #3 Glasgow Bedspread. I love the floral pattern and the colors are gorgeous–it would be an amazing thing to pass down through the family. I typically do smaller projects but I’m trying to branch out. I think having a kit would make a big project feel more accessible because the colors are already located for you.

  47. They are all beautiful pieces, but the Glasgow Bedspread is number one for me. I love the flowing patterns and the really soft colors.

    Size of a project is never a deciding factor for me. If I love something, the size doesn’t matter.
    Thank you for a chance to win such a prize! Linda S Pewaukee WI

  48. I like all of them but the Glasgow Bedspread is simply beautiful, so that would be my choice. However, as I’m new to crewel embroidery, it would have to be as a small project a whole bedspread would over-facing!

  49. I love the Wemyss panel. I have been longing to make a table runner of this size. The lion with the teeth really makes the whole piece so wonderful, not afraid of a large project and already made so many pillows.

  50. I Love the Glasglow Bedspread. The colors and the design are beautiful. I do not think I would do the Bedspread but would love to do smaller projects using this pattern and color. I am new to this type of work.

  51. I love Design #3, the bedspread. I enjoy stitching with a variety of colorful threads and this fulfills that requirement. I also think the flower designs are very beautiful. I would not, however, stitch it as a bedspread. I would much prefer a smaller size, in the 20″ range. I have far too many other projects I want to complete in my remaining years to take on a huge project.

  52. Those are gorgeous! I especially like no. 2, the Restoration Pillow. I love to resurrect old patterns and techniques and it it incredible how much of the former glory she was able to coax out with careful study.

    As far as project size goes, bring it on! As I’ve gotten older I’ve stopped focusing on quick finishes and started making larger and more intricate items. I now embroider huck blankets and goldwork pieces instead of just little motifs in cotton, and to see a piece grow and evolve over so many hours is a pleasure.

  53. I prefer the Glasgow Bedspread because the design is pretty and looks simpler, less complicated. I would not stitch any of these three projects because of the size. I prefer small projects.

  54. Hello Mary, The sun is shining here in Ottawa – spring is around the corner and away will go the snow.
    Just the perfect time for a contest.
    First, the favourite piece is the Glasgow bedspread. The design is flowing with lovely colours – calm and charming for any bedroom. It is a ‘wow’ piece, indeed.
    Second, yes I would do a larger grand piece as it provides the point of interest to a room. Smaller pieces can get ‘lost’ visually if there are too many.
    Just now working on a piece my mother started in 1960,s – linen tablecloth which will look lovely on a table. However, that is not to say I would not do a smaller piece such as the fire screen. It is the placement in a room that would demand your attention!

    1. Hi Nancy. I’m from Ottawa too. Where do you go to buy your stitching supplies since Cross-stitch Cupboard closed?

  55. I like The Glasgow Bedspread pattern. It reminds me of William Morris designs. The flowers seem to float delicately throughout the pattern and the colors are so rich. It depends what strikes my interest when it comes to the size of the pattern. I enjoy working on large as well as small projects.

  56. What a generous give-away! I’m drooling all over my laptop!

    Okay, to answer the questions:

    1. I’m equally torn between the Wemyss panel and the bedspread, but, in the end, I’d most likely go with the bedspread because I know exactly who I’d gift it to when finished stitching it.

    2. I have no problem at all taking on the challenge of a large piece, but given the cost of such a large kit, a pattern-only option would be a good idea. I find that the cost of entire kits often keeps stitchers from making a purchase. Another option would be to create smaller kits based on the large ones. For example, decorative pillows to complement the bedspread, or smaller versions of the Wemyss panel.

    But I’m pretty much dying over the firescreen and the bedspread!

  57. Such a choice, all are lovely. But if I have to choose I would say the #3. The Glasgow Bedspread for it’s overall beauty and variety of uses: individual flowers, one strip of it for a border or the whole thing.
    I enjoy both for kits: occassionally I want to complete something quicker or smaller purpose; but sometimes, especially over winter, I love to dive into a big project and not have to change it.

  58. Ode to the Earl. If his crewel embriodery could survive wars, they deserve to inspire future thread artists. As a Quilter who love appliqué, The Glascow beadspread is just the project I would love to do. Nothing quite like it out there! Lots of embroidery, shading and creating an heirloom. Kits could be created with wool, silk or floss? To accommodate those with eczema, especially as wool is not friendly to their skin?.

  59. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    I like no. 2 the best. It has a gentle feeling and I like doing projects with animals. The face on the lion appeals to me whereas the smile on no. 1 I do not like at all, which is too bad because I like the shading in the body of the lion and the vegetation. I think the smile on the lion would be particularly disappointing as a feature on such a large piece.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    I prefer small or medium size kits. The bedspread would be way to large for me. 25″ square or small is about right for me.

  60. My favorite is the Restoration Pillow. It has a wonderful variety of colors and design elements that keep it from being boring and the overall design is lively and fun. It is also a very usable size, either as a pillow or picture. If I like the design, and I have a place/use for it, the size/complexity of a kit doesn’t matter to me. I want the finished object and will do the work required to get it.

  61. I would like the option to purchase both sizes – the ones shown on this post and smaller kits. My favorite is the Glasgow spread but in smaller kits.

  62. I like both the Weymyss panel and the Glasgow bedspread. Not so much the middle one. I don’t think I’d ever get a whole bedspread done, but maybe offering the bedspread as blocks and use sashing? So it’d be like an embroidered quilt? I’d do the Weymyss as it is. I love the colors and the shading. It’d just take me a long time to do it!

  63. 1. My favorite is the “Tree of Life” design, and as you say the face of Charles II looks out. My British ancestry draws me to this design & I appreciate its antiquity.

    2. I like making pillow covers, but I do find that most of these examples are a little too “busy” for me to tackle. Though once accomplished they are an heirloom that cannot be denied. However, something less intricate maybe?

  64. 1: I really love #2. The Restoration pillow is both beautiful and charming. I love the bedspread as well, but the motif is something more easily found in other kits.

    2: Yes, I would definitely do large involved projects. I’m in the midst of Thistle Threads casket class and the big projects are such a fun immersion in the techniques. I also do historical reenactment, so I already have a tendency to love large functional items.

  65. I would love to win the gorgeous fire screen.
    On the review question, I am most drawn to the Glasgow bedspread. I love the floral motifs. As a beginner, I know I should stick to something smaller. Most of my experience is in cross stitch, but I have begun dabbling in surface embroidery. But I have always been drawn to large, intricate designs, so I can definitely see a market for that type of work. Price would be my major concern for a larger project. I hope a review from a beginner is helpful.

  66. My favorite is the Glasgow bedspread. It’s beautiful. A piece like that would make any bedroom feel luxurious. I would definitely work on a larger scale kit. The harder it is the more satisfaction I get with the results. Embroidery is something I enjoy doing. I cannot draw or paint, so embroidery is my way of “painting” with thread. Every project I’ve finished always amazes me. I credit the designer who allows me to feel like an artist.

  67. 1 knowing Phillipa’s targeted clients, I would imagine that there would be a market for the full size kits, but I also think that there is a second market for the smaller versions, considering how well some of the other kits available in the UK are selling at the moment, and the interest there has been in the two “Crewel Intentions” books

    2 Personally the large kits would undoubtedly be beyond my budget, much as I would love to stitch them! I would however be delighted to stitch some of the smaller ones, particularly if they could be cushion size.

  68. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    I like the Restoration Pillow panel the best for the variety and intensity of the colors. The history of Charles II, the symbolism of the lion, tree of life, the bird, the strawberries below, the other flora all indicative of the time I find fascinating.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    I prefer larger projects, but the costs are prohibitive. I am grateful, though, for the larger panel sections that might be made available.

  69. I would stitch any of the three designs presented, but the Restoration Pillow is my favorite, so many elements, and I love the crowned lion. I have not yet worked a large piece, as a new stitcher they feel intimidating, but I love knowing they are out there, something for me to aspire to.

  70. While the bedspread/ coverlet is stunning. I would find it too cumbersome for my workspace and I might get bogged down on it.
    I love the horizontal panel and despite its size would be tempted to try it! I think that is my favorite piece.
    Regarding the pillows- they are charming and pillows are a nice mid-size project that most of us would not find intimidating.
    I am happy to see crewel having a resurgence your designs are fabulous.
    Regarding overall preference on project size- I enjoy having a small travel piece going as well as one or more large projects. Thank you hope I covered it. I would faint with happiness if I won! Karen Spalink

  71. I like #2, The Restoration Pillow. I like the boldness of that flower and there is something quite cheeky about it that I like. It makes me smile.

    I prefer smaller kits. I have so many projects to work on that I tend to get frustrated with larger pieces because I just don’t have the time. Plus I’m very new to embroidery and larger kits are a bit intimidating.

  72. Although I love to see the larger pieces and admire them and what is involved in creating them, I am relatively new to crewel and prefer the smaller designs that include all required materials and detailed instructions. So far as the design elements is concerned I prefer the lighter overall effect like the bedspread over the more dense motifs.

  73. Thank you for this giveaway! Here are my responses:
    1. Oh, I am hard-pressed to choose between 1 and 2 since I love lion motifs. I like the Wemyss cushion showing part of the design paired with the longer panel…but I love the lion in the restoratioin pillow with his wonderful crown! Okay–I choose the Restoration Pillow!
    2. Currently, I like smaller projects because I am so busy with work and I can actually complete them and finish them into something–cushion, pinkeep or whatever. But the idea of a larger piece, like the firescreen you are offering, is certainly doable.If it’s a large piece with small motifs all over, that is also achievable for me because I can do one a night, for example.

  74. My favorite is # 3. Although I love it, it is unlikely I’d work a project that large. I would do the other two.

  75. I prefer the bedspread design. It is beautiful, and doesn’t have a lion, which I don’t find attractive however historic he might be! I would love the bedspread design done in a smaller pillow size. I know that the full size would be overwhelming.

  76. 1. Would absolutely love to do the fire screen as crewel is one of my faves. The kit I would most like to do is #3 – the bedspread – I am redoing my bedroom in white with colour accents (wall hangings, bedding, etc.) so that would be perfect on the bed. My second favourite would be the Wemyss Panel because I immediately thought of the Wemyss School.
    2. Yes, I would stitch something this large as I have done all sizes and am not intimidated by size, although the bedspread would be the largest I have ever done and therefore a new challenge. My choice for embroidery is whether I like the piece and would keep it or enjoy giving it to someone who would appreciate it. I buy kits regardless of size or type of embroidery. That is how I have learned different techniques and added to my tool kit over the years.

  77. Glasgow is my favorite, love the colors and the design. As a newbie I have a passion for learning, that’s why I love your site, also why I usually pick smaller projects.

  78. Of the three designs I prefer the ‘bedspread’ as it I think it would be beautiful even in a contemporary setting. I like to have a large project but often do smaller ones at the same time to give myself a change. I’m not sure I could afford the larger kits though, lovely as they are.

  79. My favorite is the Glasgow Bedspread. It has such pretty colors and a happy design. I would like to see it as a kit, a project that I could pick up and work on in the evenings while I relax.

    The Restoration Pillow would be my next choice. It is probably the size with which I would be most comfortable.

    I think I would embroider a piece the size of the bedspread only once as it would take me forever to finish. Most of the time I prefer medium sized projects. A bit of a challenge, but finished in my lifetime.

  80. I love all 3 of the designs but as an average embroiderer I am drawn to #2 the Restoration Pillow. I would be a little intimidated to attempt such as large item as a bedspread. It would be nice to have several kits that could be combined to create a larger piece like a bench or a longer bolster pillow. A center design and coordinating designs for each side that could be used as stand alone pillows or together for a longer pillow or bench.

  81. I love the fire screen and really hope to win this contest!

    As to your questions:

    1. Review the kits
    The first two pillows have great colors and look like fun to stitch. I’m not super fond of the lion in either one, though. While he is true to the period, he would be a bit odd in my home. I do love the stitching on them, though. Maybe they could be offered in two choices – with the lion and without. The bedspread is my favorite of the three. It has a lovely pattern and great colors. It looks like it could be a bit repetitive to stitch though. That would be the one I would like most to see as a kit.

    2. I have never tackled a project as large as the bedspread, but I would like to, I think. One can only embroider so many pillows and wall hangings, yes? The idea of embroidering a bedspread is intriguing to me. I like to make things that are challenging to embroider, beautiful, and useful, or at least semi-useful. It is intimidating, no doubt, but I would love to have the option.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  82. The design of the kit is what appeals to me most rather than the historical reference. If I like the design then I will be more drawn to it. However having done several classes at the Wemyss School of Needlework I am drawn to the Wemyss panel. I would love to see this as a kit as the long shape appeals to me. My favourite though is the Restoration Pillow, the full coverage of the material and that lion! he is wonderful who wouldn’t want to stitch him. The size and complexity of a kit does affect what I would purchase. For me personally although I love the look of the Glasgow bedspread I would not wish to stitch this as the cost would of the kit would be too expensive for me and the time to complete a project of this size ….I doubt I would have the patience to finish it can see myself loosing interest and feel disheartened and putting away. I like the idea of stitching a cushion, footstool small panel size that would probably be as large as I would go and would happily stitch smaller sizes if they were complex enough to hold my interest.

  83. Love the Glasgow Bedspread! Even have in mind who it would be a gift for…A kit would be wonderful! My preference on sizes of kits usually depends if I feel emotionally attached to it! I am a glutton for stitching challenges! I am finding now however the older I get I want smaller items to stitch (they can still be complex) because I need to finish them…so that is the only drawback for this bedspread…I can still have fantasies about stitching it though!!!

  84. Oh wow! I have to say I like the restoration pillow the best. I like the history attached. The size also seems a bit manageable. Every once in awhile, I will do a really big project. It has to be something special that caught my eye. In between, smaller projects are easier to carry around.. All the projects are gorgeous. A masterclass of the bedspread would be terrific. It does have wonderful color. I would vote restoration pillow first choice, bedspread second, panel third. The size and work of bedspread would give me pause. I would have to be at the right period in my life to undertake it!! But I would love it!

  85. i love all the kits at the crewel work company. just purchased the marriage pillow. the cost of the kits keeps me from buying more often once a year at most. I like projects anywhere from 12″ to 25″. My favorite would be the restoration pillow at 25″. I also like the design and colors.

    I like the design of the wemyss panel and would work a piece that size 15″ x 45″ but not sure I could afford the cost of the project.

    I also love the colors and design in the glasgow bedspread but the size would be too much for me. would love to see something around 20″ to 25″.

    to keep costs down is there an american source where we can buy these kits? Would you consider selling just the printed fabric with directions and let us buy the wool local in order to keep costs down. I just love your work and would buy them all but my budget only allows for one once a year.

  86. I love the restoration pillow and the Scottish bedspread. The lion is spectacular. The features and expression give me a happy feeling -a mischievous lion. The colors make the lion the focal point. The Scottish bedspread is soft, gentle and relaxing. It reminds me of spring. I would like a smaller, more manageable size for each project. When I’m choosing a piece of needlework I look for one that evokes positive feelings. Then I look at the colors. Again – how do they make me feel. In the two pieces that I have chosen they are just right. I wouldn’t change anything. I am a slow thoughtful needleworker and I would like to finish it in my lifetime. Therefore smaller pieces. This is the piece that would become a family heirloom. If I had unlimited financial resources I would scoop these up in a heartbeat, but I don’t. I would love to win either of these pieces.

  87. Question 1: I like #3, The Glasgow Bedspread best because of the beautiful color choices and because it does look very ‘Arts and Crafts’ period style. Our house was built in 1912 and we are currently restoring it to fit the Arts and Crafts style. This coverlet would be a project that would fit perfectly in our house! I also love the soft shading of the design. It would definitely give me lots of practice to perfect that technique!
    Question 2: I like projects of all sizes, but a big project is especially nice to have in a kit form since I don’t have to spend time figuring what yarns to buy, and have the large design pre-printed on the fabric – another real time-saver.

  88. While all the embroidered examples are just gorgeous and difficult to choose just one my favorite is the “Tree of Life”! How wonderful to restore this unique find that is in your collection.
    In regards to preference of size of kits I prefer small kits to ensure they are completed and enjoyed. Although the 25 inch completed size of the “Tree of Life” is a perfect size project that can be completed and enjoyed for years to come!
    Thanks for asking and hosting this giveaway!

  89. I especially like #1, Weymyss Panel, and might stitch it in the longer Pelmet version, but the pillow version is very desirable. The colors are wonderful since I love the blue green teal color and earth tones which fit into my decorating scheme well. However, the longer panel has possibilities for companion pillows using the two other designs on the left.

    #2 does not appeal to me mainly because of the vividness of the colors although the 25 inch size is good.

    #3 is not appealing to me because of the size and also the overall design which does not have a central theme. I understand it is intended for a coverlet and would be great for that, but it is not my preference.

    Generally I prefer kits in smaller sizes and of less comlexity given my limited experience with crewel.

  90. Wow! Those are incredible designs. Sadly, as a relative novice to crewel I find them overwhelming. I would not take on a project that big unless I was really experienced and into historical embroidery. I do like elements of each of the projects, but in each one there is also something I don’t like – especially the lion’s teeth!
    That said, my favorite is the Wemyss pillow (minus the lion teeth). I love the composition of the design and I think it would make a lovely framed piece or pillow. It would make a great kit because the colors are attractive and would go with any décor. I would not take on the entire panel, because I don’t have a place to display something like that, and I don’t know anyone who would appreciate the finished item as a gift. The other two projects are too big, too busy and too complex for me.
    The restoration pillow is also a bit too large a project for a kit, and I wouldn’t have known that was Charles II. I think it would have a limited appeal. Again I love the colors and design, but it is too busy for my taste. A smaller design, say 14 x 14, with fewer flowers so you could appreciate them individually would suit me better.
    I don’t know anyone who has a coverlet for a piano or a table, but I absolutely love the design and colors of the Glasgow Bedspread. This would have been my number 1 pick if it wasn’t so large. I would be interested in doing this design in a smaller project, maybe three different designs as pillow-size projects. They could be used as pillows or framed as art work.
    I really appreciate the hard work that went into these designs, but for me anything larger than about 16 x 16 would have limited appeal. A huge consideration for me is the cost of a kit. The larger kits just cost more and most are beyond the limits of my budget. I love to stitch, sew, knit, crochet, and I just don’t have that kind of dedication and available time to take on a large project. I want the satisfaction of completing a project and displaying it, not the frustration of another unfinished project.
    Now, the fireplace screen, even though it is a larger piece, is just lovely. I like the composition and the design, plus there is enough white space to make it really stand out. I would definitely finish that project if I were lucky enough to win it!

  91. I love the bedspread. It is beautiful in a understated way. # 3 The Glasgow Bedspread.
    I have seen the beautiful fire place screen, and it is lovely, in an old world way. Love this designs.

  92. I love all three but particularly the Glascow Bedspread. I’ve always loved Jacobean crewel work for the fanciful flowers and bright colours. Although I usually prefer smaller projects, I would definitely take on the challenge of doing such a lovely piece.

  93. The firescreen is absolutely stunning.

    Of the three designs, I love the Glasgow bedspread but would be more likely to purchase a kit of the Restoration Pillow. The bedspread is simply too large a project to take on for me. I would love to see a kit of the pillow. The crowned lion is so different and adds a lot of charm to the flower forest.

    In general I prefer smaller projects especially if they are kits. With these kind of complex designs having a kit saves a lot of shopping time.

  94. Question #1: My preferred crewel embroidery kit would have to be the Glasgow Bedspread. Aside from the overall beauty of the piece, it reminds me of a beautiful meadow of flowers in which I would just like to sit and just feel the smells, colors and peace that it evokes. I would love to see this as a kit so that I may have the opportunity to purchase it and make it!

    Question #2: Large projects attract me much more than smaller ones because a large one allows the one to really enjoy the process and evolution of the piece as it is stitched. Also I enjoy the challenge of a large kit that requires many colors and many types of stitching. Small projects, although fun, do not fit that bill. I feel a sense of loss when I finish a project that I have loved making and so a large project delays that feeling. And, there is the sense of accomplishment in completing a large piece.

  95. #2 The Restoration Pillow and #3 The Glasgow Bedspread
    I like the colors in both projects. I love the illustration-type quality of The Restoration Pillow. It is quirky, colorful and bold.
    The Glasgow Bedspread is a dream project of being able to create a large piece that might take years to complete (at least for me) but would represent an accomplishment and satisfaction that only the completion of something this large could produce.
    Yes, I would selectively choose a kit of magnificent proportions and complexity (size dictates the choosing of only one since the time spent on its completion would preclude me from much else).
    Of course, smaller kits that can be finished in a few weeks or months always fill in those open moments to do something quick and easy. (Actually a small yet complex kit would be welcome,also!)

  96. I also love the #3 Glasgow Bedspread and think it would appeal to many people with the many colors and airiness. Maybe they could design the kit to make it smaller or the full size of the bedspread. I would make it smaller as I have never done a crewel piece but it is on my bucket list to do. I know I can accomplish it.

  97. #1 My favorite is #1,The Wemyss Panel. I love the colors. Cost would be a factor. It is actually larger than I would probably like to do but if I liked it enough I would do a larger design like this.
    #2 I would prefer smaller projects.

  98. Wow, what a terrific prize! I’m happy to participate. All of these crewel projects are interesting to me. I often take on big projects that I find difficult to finish. I really enjoy smaller crewel projects which offer a large variety of stitches.

    The restoration pillow is my favorite of the above projects although they are all quite stunning! As I mentioned above, I prefer a smaller project with a large variety of stitches.
    These Jacobean designs are absolutely gorgeous and the colors are so beautiful. Oh, how I would love to win!! I will be working on getting my certification in Jacobean Crewel, this Spring. Thank you!

  99. Wow!!!! These are amazing. Yes, I would definitely stitch these designs, particularly the Glascow bedspread (#3). I would also love to complete the Wemyss Panel. Not the pillow, but the panel to leave across the foot of a bed. I have never shied away from large projects, and actually prefer them. I have searching for something to use as a fire screen; those is perfect. If I don’t win it, I will have to ask for a birthday gift.

  100. The Wemyss lion makes me laugh by showing off his dentin while the wind is blowing mane. He looks pretty pleased with himself. I think that the two lion pieces can stand alone being on a cushion and should be offered as a small project. Yet having a pattern for an entire bed linen as the Glasgow Bedspread would be offered is rare especially with it already being transferred onto the fabric. I would not attempt transferring that one my own.

    Thank you so much Phillipa, Laura and Mary for the chance to win a firescreen embroidery pattern. It would look perfect in my home.

  101. I would love to stitch the design: The Tree of Life. Something from the old country where one of my Grandmother’s family came from would be an exciting addition to my home. In addition my family was know to have a relationship of support to Charles II. The way the artist has depicted him is delightful.

    Stitching crewel was the first type of fine embroidery I attempted as a young wife. It would be ideal to do more and honor our family background.

  102. Question 1: My favorite is #3 The Glasgow Bedspread. The colors and delicacy of the design convey a feeling of spring and therefore joy and renewal. I love the way the repeated motifs are each done in unique colorways. What a beautiful piece for a bedroom or my garden/guest room/stitching/office. Question 2: I’ve been thinking about this exact subject. I have just come back to stitching 5 years or so ago and already feel drawn toward larger and/or more utilitarian pieces. After all the hours of work, the pieces become your babies and it is nice to use and see them used. So I see utilitarian pieces, like a bedspread or coverlet, as appealing. I would also think younger stitchers would be drawn to them as well. I know when I was young and embroidered, I only did clothing.

  103. I just love the colors in #3 Glasgow Bedspread. I usually work small, but would love, love to work a large piece in this beautiful pattern for my home. Wouldn’t it be fun to decorate a whole room around the colors in this piece?

    Reading other people’s comments, it seems the Bedspread is the favorite. Maybe the Turnbull ladies could work up something smaller in this color scheme…

  104. I like the Glasgow Bedspread the most and think it would be lovely to work on. The colors are soft and the design just seems to flow along. The others seem kind of heavy in construction and not as soothing. All three are beautiful, but I really like the bedspread.

  105. Wow, that’s a fabulous prize. I would love to tackle that! Here’s my “review”:

    I am listing my choices and the reasons:
    1. The Restoration Pillow: a nice size. Colours are nice and balanced throughout the piece. I wasn’t sure about the “face” at first glance, but since it is a likeness of the king himself, that makes it more appealing. I like the fact that it reflects the original so well.
    2. The bedspread. I like the muted colours and the repeated elements giving a flow and symmetry. The shading is lovely. The colour choices are lovely; I like the bright yellow/gold and the blues providing pop and contrast. But, it’s too big for me to tackle, and I think the elements might become repetitive.
    3. Wemyss. It is a bit too stark and primitive in design. I like the trees and the leaves but there is too much white space. The lion does not seem integrated into the design.

    Question 2: Complexity trumps size. I like to try different colours/stitches/designs but the bedspread would be too daunting. I actually might like it better if the design was a border (or an element) rather than all over.

    So, there you go! Thanks for asking 🙂

  106. 1. I like the second and third kits best (the first one seems a bit heavy – bigger, thicker stitching.) Together, they remind me of the first crewel I did in about 1962 – it was a beautiful Jacobean 24″x30″ wall hanging and I loved working on it. The designs were new to me (I was just a kid) and the colors and stitches were fascinating.

    2. I would work something the size of the third kit just once, but I would enjoy it and display it forever. I’d love to have several choices of kits like the second one – and eventually work them all. I don’t care for crewel in too small a scale – probably nothing less than about 12×15.

  107. I would love to see the Restoration pillow as a kit – it is a treat to see “authentic” colours in such embroidery instead of their centuries-faded versions. I will never forget the “shock” of the colours used in the Governor’s Palace at Williamsburg – a real insight.
    As far as size is concerned, I think for most people this pillow, or the extracted part of the Wemyss panel, is already a very major undertaking. Anything larger would not even be in the once-in-a-lifetime category.


  108. All three are beautiful! My favorite is #3! But as a newbie it would too much for me at this time! Maybe offer it as a pillow. but something to work up to. I like the fact that on #1 Wemyss Panal you would have two size options.

  109. Thank you to Mary and The Crewel Work Company for the opportunity. I prefer the second option. I don’t like to do projects bigger than that.

  110. My favorite is the bedspread. I also like the Screen. I like the overall design as apposed to an individual motif. As to the size of the project, I do enjoy a bigger project and I do work steadily to complete large projects.

  111. My vote is for the Glasgow bedspread. Below are my ramblings that led to my decision.

    I like the Wemyss panel more than the pillow. The lion is my least favorite part of the panel, so, since the lion dominates the pillow, I like the panel better. I am tired of simplistic stitching, that seems to be the fashion now, so complexity is to my liking.

    As far as the restoration pillow is concerned, not being from England, I probably would not stitch this, but it is a marvelous design.

    I do love the Glasgow bedspread. It is an awfully big piece, but then, I have seen wing chairs upholstered in crewel and just loved them. This might lend itself to that. I would be tempted to try this.

    The size of the Glasgow bedspread might put me off. That is why I might be more inclined to try the Wemyss panel. However it is really a toss-up between the two. The more I think about it the more I am drawn to the bedspread, so I guess my vote is for the Glasgow bedspread

  112. Oh WOW! I just love crewel. I also love the firescreen. I’ve never done anything that big. I could see me doing it and hanging it up in my home.

    As for the survey, I guess I like the Glasgow Bedspread. I like the subject of the flowers and the colors. I’m just not into English designs with those lions. (I’m not English) Nature scenes are my thing.

    But as for size, I like the size of the other 2 better. Given my hectic lifestyle, I prefer smaller sizes so I can finish them sooner. Smaller sizes are also easier to give away as gifts for people.

    Complexity does not bother me. I look at it as an opportunity to learn something new. LOL another reason to visit Mary’s site!

  113. I love #3 Glasgow Bedspread, it is so light and airy but so full of color and intrigue. Would love to see it in a kit but I think the cost to me would prohibit me from purchasing it. I am on a limited budget and really have to be selective in the purchases I make.

  114. My favorite is #2 the Restoration Pillow. I love the design and the colors. It is a good size for a project that you want to become immersed in and also know you will be able to finish in a reasonable length of time. I loved the bedspread but wonder how many years it would take to finish.
    I enjoy both large and small size projects. A large one calls to me to work on it and it becomes an enjoyable part of my life for a few months as I keep them on a stand in my family room. I have sometimes hated to see a large project end.
    I also enjoy small projects, especially if I can take them with me when I travel. I also prefer a smaller project if I plan on giving it away as a gift as I know I will be able to finish it in a shorter time frame.
    It would be nice to have the option of doing a section of a large design as a smaller kit. It would seem to me the designer would be able to satisfy more people with a minimal amount of work by doing a mini version of a larger kit.
    Thanks to you and Phillipa for all you do to enhance the embroidery world.

  115. #3 The Glasgow Bedspread is my choice. I understand the meaning & history and unbelievable crewel work of the first two, however I do not smile when I see them. The Glasgow Bedspread makes me feel good, & there is a lot of work in that Bedspread. So, it would be nice to be smiling the whole time : )

  116. I love complex pieces to stitch. For me it isn’t much fun. Unless it is difficult to do.
    I would be most likely to do the Glasgow bedspread piece. If I stitched the Wemyss piece, which I really like as well, I would omit the teeth as I find them disturbing

  117. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I would be great to get back into crewel work.
    I really love #3 – Glasgow Bedspread. The colors and design appeal to me more than the other two.
    That being said, I would suggest that they make the design available in a smaller format as well. A pillow? I have done tablecloths in the past, but currently wouldn’t take on a project this large. I do a lot of my stitching as part of various stitching groups and would not carrying something this large around to the meetings. 18×18 is about the maximum size for me. Thanks.

  118. I love the Glasgow bedspread. The flowers no leaves are beautiful. Normally I would prefer a smaller project such as pillow size so I would finish it

  119. I enjoyed the article on the Turnbulls’ crewel work. I have long admired their designs and kits.

    1. Of the three designs, I like #3, The Glasgow Bedspread best, mostly because I love floral designs and am not found of the lion or the monkey.
    I do love deers, rabbits, squirrels, etc. I enjoy seeing something like this in kit form because it makes it so much easier than having to look for all the ingredients in different places.

    2. I actually prefer smaller sizes….the firescreen size is probably as large as I would attempt. They are just so much more manageable to hold and stitch on.

  120. I would purchase kit number 3 because I like a challenge and I love the colours , shapes and the design. It would make a beautiful present and a keepsake.
    Yes , I would stitch a kit of this size as I love to have a work in progress and it would not take me too long either. I started cross stitch with book marks and cards and ended up stitching 48″ x 72″ pictures , so , I do love a challenge. Being a full time home carer to the aged , I have plenty of time for stitch work and crewel is my new “love”.

  121. Let me just start by saying, I like each of them for different reasons. The restoration pillow is my favorite.

    The Wemyss Panel is nice, not so much the pillow with the toothy lion, but the other two-thirds of the panel are akin to the arts and crafts movement with rich colors and a spot of pop from the red.

    I like the Restoration Pillow, best, because of it’s size as it would be perfect for a pillow, the bright colors are beautiful and because of it’s pictorial style.

    The Glasgow Beadspread is even livelier in color, very traditional, and very tempting but I probably wouldn’t gravitate to it because I wouldn’t have a need for a coverlet.

    Personally, I don’t shy away from large complex projects and enjoy having one to visit while enjoying smaller projects for their portability.

    TMI, perhaps, but each are special and Mary was right this was fun! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

  122. I love all the designs, but the Glasgow bedspread is magnificent! I love the colors as well as the beautiful design. The size is daunting, but if a kit were available I like it enough to give it a try. I usually tackle projects that are smaller, but I do enjoy having larger pieces that I work on over a long period of time.

  123. Realistically, project number 2 would most likely be an ideal project for me since I’m an ambitious beginner, who often times gets distracted by other projects. It does seem complex enough to keep my interest, which many kits don’t. Something small that I might actually finish one day and more in my price range.

    However, my heart sings for #3. It has so much going for it. It is a piece that survives from a time period beyond the heyday of crewel. Even though it was worked over 100 years ago, it still has a modern touch to it. It would be a monstrous kit though and quite possibly be more than this ambitious beginner could tackle. But I’d still love to try.

  124. Oh. I adore the lion pillow with his silly grin!All three projects are wonderful.I am getting older and only take on small projects now because I want to see it finished but I would love to have the bedspread if someone else made it for me.

  125. . Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why? The bedspread is my favorite I love the design. The repetitive motif means I can control the size – from pillow to bedspread – and I really enjoy the color range it’s down in. The Wemyss panel is interesting, but I’m just not sure where I’d put it. Valance? Top of wall hanging? I like the coordinating pillow idea, but the lion’s toothy smile is off putting to me. Personal preference there – others may like it.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones? I like projects that are customizable. For the bedspread, a kit would be interesting, but from a store perspective, how do you cost that out? That’s a lot of fabric and floss to invest in, just to have sit on the shelf if it doesn’t move. I’d consider maybe making it available by special order as a kit so customers have the option of getting it but your inventory isn’t tied up.

    Overall, I decide on project size more by occasion – Christmas, birthday, new baby, company start up – first, then look at what I think the person would like. Some of my appliqué quilts have taken me a couple years to do. Some tea cup warmers took an afternoon. I generally have several projects of varied length and complexity going at the same time.

  126. I LOVE #2: the Restoration Pillow. It’s do-able in both size and complexity. And it makes me smile… the Lion seems rather happy with himself, adding a touch of whimsy, yet it is clearly a piece set in history.

    While the larger projects are lovely, they require more dedication of time and effort than is generally available. It’s hard to maintain a project as involved as the bedspread with all the other demands of daily life. And not to be indelicate, but there is the cost to consider. I adore the Crewel Work Company’s offerings but am hesitant to plunge in on the more expensive pieces until I feel more secure in my skills (and perseverance!).

    I like all three projects, but the Restoration Pillow has stolen my heart! Please make this one available.

  127. Oh wow. What a fantastic opportunity!

    I like the Glasgow Bedspread the best followed by elements of the Wemyss Panel. I would like to see crewel kits of the blossom in the Wemyss Panel and of the second picture Mary put up of the Glasgow Bedspread. (Have you thought about starting a series of Jacobean Fantasies?) The reason why is that those floral motifs appeal to me the most. I like stitching animals but not the lions in any of the pieces shown. (Sorry, just not my thing.)

    I like stitching large complex crewel embroidery. However if I am going to invest my time in something large, it will almost always be something I design myself. Maybe instead of copying the panel or bedspread exactly, you could offer a class or kit where students design their own bedspread? Perhaps print the vines and let students figure out where to place the leaves and blossoms themselves.

    In general, I only buy kits that are small to medium sized generally due to cost and shipping fees. I loved your Secret Squirrel kit and would be interested in whatever else you develop with the Glasgow Bedspread. So to answer question #2, yes but I want to see how much it’ll cost first.

    Hope that answers your question and please consider bringing back the Secret squirrel. It was a fun little kit.

  128. I prefer #2. The Restoration Pillow. I like the size and shape of the piece. The vibrant colors are spectacular and I love viewing the original as compared to the re-creation. I would love to see this one as a kit. This size would probably be the largest I would stitch. The bedspread would be too overwhelming a project for me because of the size. Though I am sure it would be beautiful. I usually prefer smaller projects that I feel can be completed in a more timely manner.

  129. The firescreen is gorgeous! What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you.

    1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why? While I most favor the Glasgow Bedspread, that is quite a commitment in time and cost. I would definitely take on a smaller rendition of it, like a pillow, if that were offered. The elements in it are my favorite.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones? I prefer smaller projects because I can afford those. The bedspread kit would likely be beyond my budget.

  130. l would love to work on the Glasgow bedspread which is my favourite as l love the tradition flowers, which are beautiful and would be a joy to stitch. l prefer smaller kits to work on but what love to do a bigger one when time will allow. Also l think the colours would fit in with modern decor and would make me smile and lift the spirit of anyone looking at it.

  131. I would buy and sew the “Glasgow Bedspread” because the flowers are beautiful and I’m not fond of the faces on the lions.
    When buying kits size doesn’t matter to me as much as the design. I prefer designs that offer a challenge and expand my embroidery skills.
    Deb Pereira

  132. My vote is for #2 the Restoration Pillow. I would like a kit for this. The design is beautiful, and since I have never done crewel from this period, I would love to stitch it…in a kit. I tend to work on large pieces, so a 25-inch piece would be fine. I guess that would be a mid-sized piece.

  133. I love the lion panel! It would look beautiful framed And hanging over a bed! The bedspread is beautiful but I don’t see myself tackling anything that large or redundant. The repeated pattern would get old over the years! But I would love to own it!!❤️ Monkey pillow would be fun to do also. The lion pillow would be my first choice however.

  134. I like #3 The Glasgow Bedspread the best, I think it’s beautiful and feminine and I love the way it flows. I would love to see it in a kit!
    I think it would great as any number of smaller things such as cushions or bags or screens or iPad/laptop cases, and of course lovely as curtains or a bedspread or pelmet (not that I have the bed for that!).
    I would stitch crewel kits for the smaller projects. I’m not sure for the larger. Maybe as a border? It would depend on how/if it could be constructed using a normal large embroidery frame. TBH a lot of it is a matter of time, though I sometimes think it is a shame there is such a dearth of large scale furnishing kits on the market.

  135. 1. Which of the following do you like best and why? I really like the Restoration Pillow #2. My 1st thought is “I can do this!” And my 2nd is, “I can complete this!” I love the Restoration period. The design is cheery, jaunty.I like the other two but “I can do this!” isn’t my 1st thought.
    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Unsure about bedspread size. Pillow or accessory – Yes!

  136. The restoration pillow – the historical aspect, keeping that history alive, the elements interpreted. The whimsy of it makes me smile.

    On size I go both ways. The size of the project for me really depends on if I like it. If I think I want to “take it along”, smaller, but sometimes the sheer size of it is an attraction, especially when historic.

  137. 1. All 3 projects are beautiful, but if I had to pick one I would go with #1, the Wemyss Panel. It’s a lovely classic design, the lion lends a bit of whimsy and the colors are gorgeous. The interesting history around the piece adds additional meaning as well. Perhaps you could consider minor alterations of the bird on the left hand side of the original design to make a second coordinating pillow kit?

    2. Yes, I prefer larger kits for wall hangings or pillows. There are already a lot of very small kits on the market and you really can’t do much with them when you’re done except put them in a small frame. The medium and large projects such as the Mellerstain are a much larger investment of time and materials but they really have the “wow” factor that makes them heirloom quality.

    Additional comment: I know the Crewel Work Company specializes primarily in reproduction Jacobean designs, which are beautiful. However if they are ever interested in expanding their repertoire of designs while remaining true to the heritage of historic British needlework, there are some stunning original William Morris designs that would look gorgeous and lend themselves very well to a crewel kit as well.

    1. I agree, Katie… the William Morris designs would be a real treat. And while they are a bit of a stretch from the Jacobean focus, they would be a nice complement. Both periods rely on recognizable repeats, glorious colors, and fine workmanship. They clearly mark their periods. I would love to have them available as kits from the Crewel Work Company.

  138. I love the Glasgow bedspread best. What a delight. I would make such a large item for myself and hand it down. I have been thinking of doing a large bench cover in crewel.
    I am up for a large project and would love to tackle such a lifetime project!
    Now, off to ensure I teach all the nieces and nephews to appreciate stitching!

  139. My favourite is the Restoration pillow. It would be wonderful to stitch something that harks back to a completely different era. I love all the designs but the pressure of a huge project would spoil my enjoyment of the stitching,and as my time is limited due to injuries I want to know I can complete the task!

  140. I prefer the Weymess panel. I like the earth tones and the size. For me personally, large items are too time-consuming and expensive

  141. I would select the Wemyss Lion because of its utter uniqueness. I have never seen a kit similar to it. I would also like to make the elongated panel which I think would be lovely made into a foot piece to place on the end of a bed. The Restoration was a close second, but I have made Lady Anne’s Flowers which is part of the design – absolutely exquisite coloring. In truth, I would buy both.I prefer larger, more complex designs that can have multiple uses – I used Lady Anne’s Flowers as a pocket on a tote bag. Congratulations on your beautiful designs.

  142. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    My preference in order are first #3 the Glasgow bedspread because of the design, but this is a HUGE undertaking and cost will be a factor I fear. There is room to offer a kit in various sizes and almost instructions for several versions – an exact replica and/or an enhanced version with colour options. What fun. I love the bright colors and the motifs which will add richness to any decor. My second choice is the #1 firescreen Wymyss panel and then the pillow. All are extraordinary

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    No preference as to size, but from experience the smaller undertakings often get finished. Currently I work on projects of all sizes, with some more portable than others which means there is always something on the go in my hand. Electing to complete larger scale pieces of course is joyful since there is the total immersion moving forward one stitch at a time. 🙂

  143. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    The Glasgow Bedspread colors and design are my favorite, but I would prefer in a smaller size, perhaps a lap blanket.

    The restoration pillow is also very attractive, but I would prefer the lion without teeth! The size on this piece is very doable.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    I would definitely consider a Glasgow Bedspread kit in a smaller size (a lap blanket).

    The Restored Pillow would make a very interesting pillow or wall hanging, but I do not think my skills are up to the task.

  144. I like the Restoration Pillow the best as it is a do-able size, and it offers the greatest number of different images to be stitched without too many repeated elements. I could see being excited as you work this piece– “Wow, I did a good job on those leaves; I can’t wait to move on to the flower and the lion. Plus the crown looks like fun!” I would stitch crewel kits of a bigger size and more complexity if they offered diversity in the imagery and stitches used. The Historical aspect is intriguing and only enhances the value of the pieces.

  145. Ooh that’s a gorgeous piece.
    #1 I like #3 the best, the Glasgow bedspread. I love the colours and I love flowers. It would look lovely in my living room as a cushion cover!
    #2 I would probably not choose a large piece to stitch – I prefer smaller pieces. I live in a tiny house and wouldn’t have space to display anything large.
    Thanks Mary and thanks to Phillipa and Laura. That’s a very generous gift to give away.

  146. 1. I think my favorite design is no. 2. The colors and stitch combinations, the subject matter, they all appeal to me!

    2. I love the idea of doing the lareger scale kits, but in all practicality the cost would probably be too much of a deterrent at this point. I’ve been eyeing the smaller kits and hoping I might be able to get one for a birthday or Christmas!

  147. Of the pieces shown, my favorite would be the Glasgow Bedspread. I love the colors and open design… lots of possibilities for use once completed.

    Small vs Large, Complex vs Simple? Well it depends on what I have just finished! There is nothing better than being hip-deep in crewel yarns while working on a large and complex piece, but sometimes for a breather, small and straightforward is a welcome too.

  148. I like #2 because it looks like it would be so much fun to work on. The lion is magnificent and I love the large flowers and bright colors as well as the historic theme. I prefer projects that are not too big. A bedspread would be too large for me to tackle, but I would enjoy working on a large pillow for example, and anything smaller. #2 is a good example of they type of size & complexity I like to work on.

  149. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why? I like the Jacobean Fantasy the best because of the colors and the more modern, cleaner lines. I just recently purchased my first kit from you. I received the Woodsworth Cuckoo and a frame. I am very excited about moving toward this more free stitching. I have been use to Hardanger and counted thread instructions. I would like to see more kits that are inspired by nature, gardens, birds and in nature garden colors. I am not drawn to crowns and smiling lions.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones? I like all sizes of kits and embroidery. Usually I have a specific idea of what the finished kit would be used for. The cuckoo I purchased will be going on a specific wall in my family room. Usually I am making something for a gift for a wedding, christening or simply a family member. That drives what size of work I will start.

  150. Of the three pieces, I prefer the Glasgow Bedspread. Everything about it is stunning and I feel like it would be my “pride and joy” piece of crewel. I think the size and intricacy of the piece add to it’s grandeur and that once completed, would be cherished for generations.

    I prefer both small and large kits. I enjoy using smaller kits to learn and hone skills, but thoroughly enjoy large kits to display skill mastery. I think the size of all three potential kits is a reasonable one and would feel comfortable taking on any of them. I would definitely stitch a kit in the size of the bedspread, even though it may take years as we are a family with small children. I feel like the end results would be worth the time spent.

    Thank you for the opportunity to potentially win one of your lovely kits!

  151. The wemyss panel is not only breathtaking and the perfect size project to complete and would look grand on the dinning room table ,or hanging on the entryway wall . They are all beautiful , …I was brought into quilting many years ago but soon found myself enjoying handwork so much more fulfilling , not only do I love the work itself but the feeling of the texture is so fabulous, and the acomplishment when it’s done. Thank you for a glance at your beautiful works , sincerely Janette Viner

  152. The fireplace is one of my favorites from Phillipa. I love the new pieces being considered. Especially the lion piece. It reminds me of a rug hooking piece I wanted to hook. The bedspread is amazing!!

  153. How to choose from such beautiful pieces? I love the Glasgow bedspread but feel it a little too ambitious for my experience of crewel work – but the colours are gorgeous and it is my preferred piece, followed by the restoration pillow and lastly the Wemyss panel. The fire screen kit is lovely and I should love to win it.
    Fingers crossed!

  154. The one that I really love is the The Glasgow Bedspread its so colourful and with spring in the air this is really beautiful. I think all three are nice but the Bedspread catches my eye the most.
    I don’t normally do this size but if its something I love I would do this size I usually work on smaller projects. But if I saw this kit in a store or on line I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it as it is so beautiful colourful and has a light airy feel to it. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  155. my goodness what a generous offer! I love seeing the complex designs, and would do one in a heartbeat(well I would certainly work on one…hoping mightily to male it a finish!) and yes, i would buy one if it was affordable for me.I do adore that bed pelmet design…!

    Thank you so very much…both mary and the shop!!

  156. I discovered Crewelwork Co when I wanted to create a church banner. I love the linen fabric and Appleton yarns, so what I’m trying to say is large doesn’t deter me and I love the the Wemyss panel and the story behind it. I would frame it to hang above a sofa,bed,large desk or side board.It would be a focal point in any room no matter what decorating style. I would definitely buy this kit.

  157. I love the Weymuss Panel, because the lion reminds me of the African lion, which is being hunted to extinction. The survival of the lions is very close to my heart and of course it its blue, which I love. I don’t think the size is too big – won’t take forever to finish and makes a beautiful cushion. The size of the project does not bother me, as long as I love the subject. They are all beautiful, by the way. Very talented!

  158. Hi

    My favourite is the Glasgow bedspread. It is so beautiful and adaptable for various uses such as cushions, pictures, bedspreads, firescreens, bed pelmet to name just a few. Giving customers the choice of smaller or larger kits would be good so that if beginners, as confidence grew they could attempt the larger kits. I like to have a choice of size of kits and also price has a part to play as some people cannot afford large kits. It would be a good idea to offer just the printed fabric without the threads so that people who already have a stash of wools could utilise them.
    I like challenges so would love to attempt a large project like this especially as I’ve recently retired and have more time!

  159. This firescreen is stunning! Concerning the three options for kits, my first choice would be #1, The Wemyss Panel. Although I think it is a difficult choice,I like the earthy colour scheme and I like the provenance of the piece. I am also attracted to piece that contain animals or birds. As far as stitching larger and more complicated pieces, that is my preference. I would like to work on a significant piece that could be used and displayed within my home and I like to learn.

  160. Question 1
    #3. The Glasgow Bedspread is my favorite. I love the colors and would enjoy the repeating design elements.

    Question 2
    I enjoy doing projects that are big enough to make them into something useful such as a pillow. There is only so much wall space for framed pictures. The price would have a factor as to whether or not I would be able to undertake a large project

  161. I love the restoration pillow kit. The colors are vibrant and I think it is beautiful.

    I have never tried crewel work so I would like to see a range of skill levels available. I also think a variety of sizes would suit me, as I am a multiple wip person. A large project and a small project going at the same time is the way I often work

  162. Would love to win a fire screen as I just threw out our old metal screen this am. I like the Glasgow spread the best for both the trailing design and the fact that it could be used in so many ways since it is so large. That being said I’d have to give up all my other stitching obsessions to ever stitch a piece this large! I prefer the fire screen size or pillow size which seems more reasonable to actually be accomplished in my remaining life!

  163. It is lovely to offer an opinion on a craft I love so much.
    My preference of the 3 designs is ‘The Glasgow Bedspread’, the colours and designs are beautiful. Personally, I am not so keen on heraldic type designs and gravitate to designs in softer colours.
    If I really like a design, I will buy it, whether it is large or small, but cost factors, perhaps play the biggest part in my actual buying, I may covet something but if it is more than I can afford, then I am afraid it will remain on my ‘wish list.’

  164. All three designs are gorgeous. No other word for that. But if the #3 Glasgow Bedspread would be made into a kit, I would order it at once. It’s much more pleasant to the eye than the other two, which are much too dense for my taste. I prefer big projects, but I also love smaller ones to take somewhere, if only I have something to do!

  165. I love the boldness of colors in the restoration pillow, so I definitely choose #2. I will work larger projects but time demands I choose smaller projects usually.

  166. I adore the Restoration Pillow kit with the vibrant, rich colors, and demonstrating the historic and cultural significance of Charles II. The tree of knowledge connects heaven to the underworld, and the tree of life, connects all forms of creation. The world tree is portrayed in various religions and philosophies as the same tree. This is what I see in this kit. I would be so proud to complete such a work and to display it in my home!

  167. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity….

    I love the Glasgow Bedspread as a design, the colours and patterns are beautiful, however the size would be daunting for me as well as the potential cost. My husband says he would put it in my ‘box’ with me when I go, so that I could finish it !!

    The Restoration Pillow is a truly magnificent piece of work. It fulfills many of the reasons for enjoying Crewel work, the historical links, lots of colour and shape and character, balance and pleasure of stitching, all that shading and hillocks, the leaves and the lion, birds and flowers. The size would be more realistic for me to complete with a piece of work that would fit into the context of my home or as a gift.
    I would love to see these pieces prepared for sale. I am sure they will meet the needs and wishes of your many and diverse customers. Costs do count for many of us but fortunately not all, so there would be a place for all.
    Kindest regards

  168. I like the Wymyss Panel best and would love to see it as a kit. Its bold, beautiful imagery would be something I would really enjoy working on. And the history behind it would make it a wonderful conversation piece for my living room.

    I prefer smaller projects to the really large ones — mostly because I am just returning to embroidery after a 20 year hiatus and I find I get tired and my fingers get sore if I stitch too long. A huge project would be very daunting for me right now. But smaller kits would travel well, and I could see results more quickly. Cheers!

  169. 1) I love the Glasgow Bedspread. The colors and motifs really appeal to me. The other two are more bold and chunky looking.

    2) I probably wouldn’t stitch something that large. The fire screen is probably as large as I would go with crewel work.

  170. I liked the Glasgow bedspread design. I think this would be a fabulous kit to have and devote time to. I generally like large embroidery projects as there is a lot of chance to do detailed embroidery. Large projects have a wider colour scope. At the end, it feels exhilarating to have set such a goal and reaching it. The finished work always has a special place in my heart and home. I would go for large kits if they are available like this bedspread. I also feel that I am in someway learning and preserving the large original designs by replicating them in kits like these.

  171. My favourite is #3 Glasgow bedspread because of the colours and it looks unique from other designs. It would look lovely on the bed. I also like the fire screen design as well.

    I would prefer smaller pieces because I feel overwhelmed with larger designs. I am afraid that I don’t have much time on earth to stitch huge designs. I don’t know how long my eyes will allow me to continue to do needlework. Small projects works best for me.

    Also the cost of the kits would be a factor since I am on a fixed income.

    Thank you for the give-away.

  172. The firescreen is magnificent!
    1. I like the Weymess panel best because it looks like something I would stitch and would like to have in my home, except I don’t think I would add the teeth! I like the other projects, the bedspread looks like a lifetime project. It is truly gorgeous.
    2. Yes I would stitch a project of this size and complexity. I like both small projects that I can work quickly and larger projects that require a larger investment of time. The larger projects I see as more of a skills challenge, and I am proud of them when they are done.

  173. I love the pillow! The lion and the red flower really catch my attention. The size of a piece doesn’t matter to me if I love the project. So if the project is attractive the size can be large or small for me. However, I know a lot of the stitchers in my group prefer smaller pieces since they work up faster.

  174. 1. I like the last design best, the delicate floral design is beautiful. It would make a lovely kit but it is so large. Maybe it could be offered in different sizes. Kits are a great way to try something new.

    2. I love the IDEA of the super large kits but with my limited time (and resources lol) I would prefer a smaller kit. But offering the kit in different sizes would be great. And would perhaps entice some into the larger sizes after trying the small ones.

  175. Wow. What fantastic pieces and love the historical aspect of them. The Glasgow bedspread is my favorite but the size would be overwhelming. A cushion size would be better and doable. The Wemyss Panel is fun but I do think they should have kept the needle away from the Earl!!

  176. In response to question 1, I would vote for the Glasgow spread, but in a smaller pillow size. Anything much larger while gorgeous would be time prohibitive and more costly as a kit. The coloration of the Glasgow kit would expand the current offerings of Crewelwork.com. I like The Restoration pillow but it is too similar to Lady Anne’s flower and I would not want to repeat the design. In regards to larger projects, I very much like the Wemyss panel, but only in the pillow soon to be offered, which I look forward to purchasing. I think there can be more a market to offer more of the Rabbits! size project, as I made that kit and placed it inside of a Sudberry wood box, which was perfect fit and my mother purchased one as well with a box to make for a gift. That is a missing segment which could be a goo

  177. Wow, I love them all, but I would want to see the third one, the Glasgow Bedspread, in kit form. I love the colours and the pattern in that. The others are great but it is the bedspread that I prefer.

    It would be wonderful to win this piece. I haven’t picked up a needle for a little while and need the inspiration.

    Heather M.

  178. I really like #2 The Restoration Pillow. The colors drew me in first and then the design. I would stitch this as a kit if available. I prefer pillow size or smaller kits. I like to get it done and move on. Crewel is beautiful!

  179. I have admired The Crewel Work Company’s kits for a long time and the fire screen has always been my all-time favorite.

    I’m a little torn as to which potential pattern I like best. I love the vibrant colors of the Glasgow bedspread. It has a joyful color palette and a great sense of fun. On the other hand, I do like variety in the motifs and it seems like the bedspread is mostly repeating motifs, though a decent number of them. I love the history of the Wemyss panel but it would not attract me as a project since the colors are pretty uniform and it seems a little more simple so it doesn’t quite have the visual impact of the bedspread, although the motifs do seem more varied. Just based on gut reaction, I would have to go with the Glasgow bedspread. It is visually striking with fun colors and a very easy to appreciate prettiness about it. In theory, I also think there could be a lot of room for improvisation in stitches and technique for the stitcher who likes to individualize their projects or who likes to experiment with their own variations on a given design. Finally, the design makes it very easy to incorporate into a variety of home decor styles for display after it is done.

    I do sometimes do smaller projects and kits but mostly to relax and take a break from more absorbing projects that take more mental energy and creativity. My true love is the large, involved stitching project for a variety of reasons. I find the larger projects to be more challenging, which ultimately makes me a better stitcher and I learn more from them. I also think the end result tends to be more satisfying. Not that I haven’t made small projects that have turned out beautifully and filled with charm but I feel like a technically challenging, artistically complex large piece is more rewarding in the long run and frankly they tend to be more beautiful (to me at least) and more impactful. I also think you get out of a project what you put into it. I don’t know how to describe it. I love pieces that I feel like I have been on a journey with, like a voyage of discovery. We both develop together – my project growing a little every day toward completion and my own skills and knowledge as a stitcher growing alongside. I think it’s hard to get that with smaller, easier projects. They are quicker and fit into busy schedules better but you don’t develop that connection with the piece that comes with that long journey to completion. I would rather spend a lot of time and money on a larger, more involved project that will be a true heirloom and work of art, a piece that I would feel is a real “accomplishment”and that I hope would change me as a stitcher and add to my appreciation of embroidery in general. In fact, I am getting motivated just talking about it. I think it’s time to get stitching :).

  180. No1 – the kit I would love to do is The Glasgow Bedspread as it is bright and cheerful. It would be a great kit to do as I would love to have it on my bed, as it looks such a cheerful design and it would make me smile every time I looked at it.
    No2 – I choose the Glasgow bedspread as a kit I would love to make, but I think I would have to have something else to make as well, as I can imagine personally I would work on it for a time and then get frustrated that it was taking so long, but I know that I would come back to it as it looks beautiful.

  181. In response to question 1, I would vote for the Glasgow spread, but in a smaller pillow size. Anything much larger while gorgeous would be time prohibitive and more costly as a kit. The coloration of the Glasgow kit would expand the current offerings of Crewelwork.com. I like The Restoration pillow but it is too similar to Lady Anne’s flower and I would not want to repeat the design. In regards to larger projects, I very much like the Wemyss panel, but only in the pillow soon to be offered, which I look forward to purchasing. I think there can be more a market to offer more of the Rabbits! size project, as I made that kit and placed it inside of a Sudberry wood box, which was a perfect fit and my mother purchased one as well with a box to make for a gift. Not only do you have a small gift to give that can go in any room, but it may encourage the one who receives the gift, to start one herself!

  182. The firescreen give-away is very nice. I can’t imagine working on a project much larger than this. That said, my favorite piece would have to be the Glasgow Bedspread, though the size and probable cost would most likely rule it out as a realistic goal.

    The Wemyss panel is my least favorite, mostly because of the awful grin on the lion. (The earl should not have been allowed near a needle.)

    The Restoration Pillow is a more doable size, and I like the design, though I’m not that taken with the crown.

    Thank you for the opportunity for the drawing on the firescreen.

  183. I love the firescreen. I may just have to get that one (unless I win it 🙂 ) My favorite would be #3 Glasgow Bedspread because of the style. I love that floral flow of design and would finish it, even though it’s a large project, because I just love it. I would normally prefer a smaller kit, though, like pillow size. My second choice would be #2.

  184. I would very much like to be included in the drawing for the Crewel Work drawing.
    The Glasgow bed spread and the Restoration Pillow are absolutely gorgeous and it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to stitch them. I am particularly drawn to them as my ancestry is Scots. As to the size, these works of art are larger than I normally do. Regardless, I would give each my very best stitching talent and enjoy each stitch. While I do not normally purchase kits I believe to do justice to these pieces it would be prudent to use what should be used to recreate the beauty. I wish that the Earl had left the lion alone. Thank you for this opportunity.

  185. The Mellerstain firescreen is gorgeous! All three ideas are also gorgeous but my favorite is #2 The Restoration Pillow. I love the deep rich colors and the lion is amazing…it would make for a gorgeous pillow! I generally prefer medium to small size projects…if a project is too big I tend to lose interest and put it aside. Price is another factor. I love the Glasgow Bedspread but would never tackle a project that big or expensive…I would if it was a pillow. Thank you and The Crewel Work Company!

  186. I love to do crewel work and have done several of Phillipa’s kits. One of the problems is that there are few crewel kits for experienced
    Stitchers. I bought a fire screen in anticipation of having to design a crewel design. The one being offered would be perfect.

    Of the ones you showed for opinion, I loved the Restoration piece as well as the
    Repetitive bedspread. I love the size of doing something meaningful rather than just another pillow. I would be so honored to have the privilege of stitching the

    Best regards, Darcy Walker

  187. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    I love the piece with the lion. I would buy that. I tend to love the unusual.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    I like to work on large pieces. They take more time but when completed you really have something!

    Elaine in New Mexico

  188. Oh My .. Oh my.. The Wemyss Panel .. Has stolen my heart . I have never done anything quite so big OR lovely before .. Thank you for this creation to feast my eyes on ..

  189. I like the Glasgow Bedspread the best for the design. It is a gorgeous Jacobean but it is too big a project for me. The 25″ Restoration Pillow size is not too big and would be nice as a historical wall hanging. The Wemyss Panel is just not my style. I pick a project for the design not the size although I usually don’t stitch projects less than 5″. I have a 40″ x 20″ 1975 crewel nature scene with beautiful flowers and a cute little chipmunk which was a work of love.
    The Firescreen is gorgeous and would make a wonderful wall hanging.
    Thank you Mary for what you do.
    Diane from NH

  190. I love all three of the designs. They are all beautiful. The lions are great. Not sure about those teeth, but that little bit of history is wonderful. The Glasgow bedspread has such beautiful colors and the flowers and vines just flow so lovely. The Restoration Panel has all the elements of this type of work. I am working so I generally look for smaller projects. Crewel work is some of my favorite so maybe I would take on the challenge of a large project. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pieces with us.

  191. Definitely, definitely the Glasgow Bedspread No. 3 for me! the bigger the better!

    I only take on big projects as they are usually quite hard to find, so with the effort and cost involved it makes you finish them to hand them on when you are gone!

  192. Crewel Possibilities
    Submitted by Erin Rodewald
    March 11, 2016

    First, let me stipulate that I would enthusiastically embark on all of these wonderful kits from The Crewel Work Company! To ask which I like best is akin to asking which of my daughters I adore most. Like my girls, each of these designs is charming and unique and entirely captivating. Were it my decision, I would offer all three. But as a businesswoman myself, I understand the importance of strategic planning, and so I offer this review with the hope that Phillipa and Laura ultimately elect to introduce all three designs in the future.

    Question #1
    The Wemyss Panel is endearing for its remarkable history. There is something very satisfying about working a piece that carries an enduring story of the past, as if providing a bridge to bygone generations. I like the color palette of this project and the variety of stitches it would afford. The re-creation technique used to craft the Restoration Pillow project is clever. I love the whimsy of the Charles II character in this piece, as well as the vivid colors. The Glasgow Bedspread reminds me of the beautiful textiles I have admired while traveling through Europe. This delicate and intricate design holds my attention – I find myself discovering something delightful with each new look, as if walking through garden. I am consistently drawn into the Glasgow project and its variety of stitches, vibrant colors, and meandering design, which is an indication that it is the project I would likely select to take home with me.

    Question #2
    I have not attempted a “grand” project as yet, although I have been preparing myself for that endeavor. For me to make the leap, it would be important for my confidence level to have thorough instructions, perhaps even access to video tutorials. Also, a design that lends itself to smaller projects within the larger one would provide not only practice, but also a sense of accomplishment in the short-term. With the Glasgow project, for example, I would likely work one or more of the beautiful flowers separately to start.

  193. I really like them all, but of the three, my top favorite is #3 because I love florals and the colors appeal to me.

    Yes, I would definitely stitch large and complex crewel kits because the small projects sometimes go so quickly and then I’m on the hunt for the next one while I’m still involved in this one. That distraction (and its ensuing panic) is eliminated while working on a substantial project.

    In my opinion, making up larger projects yields those wonderful “statement pieces” that become a magnificent focal point in any room, as opposed to a bunch of tiny items and bric-a-brac that isn’t really useful.

    Thanks for asking.

  194. I think all three of the designs are quite beautiful, but The Restoration Pillow is my favorite. The re-creation that was done in this is amazing. I love all the deep rich colors and how you have taken something out of history and made it appealing today. I could see this piece as a crewel kit for an heirloom piece that could be done and enjoyed for many generations to come, just as the original was. I like the bigger pieces of embroidery to work on. I do embroidery to relax and have something for my hands to do if sitting and watching television. I don’t mind that a piece may take me a year or more to complete, but I know that I have really done something and learned something when I’m done.

  195. I would choose the pillow but my lion would not have any teeth. I am primarily a quilter so I would not get involved with a crewel project much larger than that. Actually, I am imagining it as the center medallion of a beautiful quilt.

  196. The absolutely love the Glasgow Bedspread. What a legacy to work this out for future generations.
    Even in a smaller version, it would be magnificent.

  197. Thanks for asking my opinion
    Question #1. I like the Glasgow Bedspread #3
    This is the style I like best. I like the colors.
    I would do a large or med size kits. My skills need to improve and this would make it happen

    Question 2. No. At this time I need to improve my skills. I am learning and working at my lvl. But I feel that I would work up to grand projects. I do like large challenging

    Alice Woodard

  198. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway, this is amazing! For several years, I have admired all the designs from The Crewel Work Company. I like the cool colors in Design #1. Normally, I stitch smaller designs, but I am intrigued by the Wemyss Panel.
    Design #3 is amazing. I would love to be able to stitch this piece if there was an opportunity to choose from several color selections.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    Normally, I stay away from kits because they are often of lower quality than if you choose the supplies on your own. That being said, these kits are of great quality. Having a color choice would be ideal. If large projects are available, possibly having segments of the large piece made into smaller projects would be an option which would appeal to two different groups of stitchers.

  199. What a lovely idea! I have looked at their website before, but their prices are intimidating, especially as I do not consider myself a master embroiderer! I am drawn to the Restoration Pillow, both because of its design and its size. While the Glasgow Bedspread is lovely, its size would make it a project that I might never get around to finishing. Another reason I like the Restoration Pillow is because of its theme; I am drawn to the leaves and the lion. It would be the perfect size for a pillow,and thus would find a happy home here with me.

  200. I liked #3, the Glosgow bedspread the best, because it is both beautiful and practical. The color combinations are absolutely beautiful. I would buy it as a kit. I prefer larger projects. The more complex the more fun for me. It’s like reading a huge epic instead of a short novel. I get a chance to see the “character” of the project developed more.

  201. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway, this is amazing! For several years, I have admired all the designs from The Crewel Work Company. I like the cool colors in Design #1. Normally, I stitch smaller designs, but I am intrigued by the Wemyss Panel.
    Design #3 is amazing. I would love to be able to stitch this piece if there was an opportunity to choose from several color selections.
    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    Normally, I stay away from kits because they are often of lower quality than if you choose the supplies on your own. That being said, these kits are of great quality. Having a color choice would be ideal. If large projects are available, possibly having segments of the large piece made into smaller projects would be an option which would appeal to two different groups of stitchers.

    I love your DVD! I hope you come out with more in the future.

  202. The three designs are handsome, each in its own way. My favorite is the Weymess Panel. The toothy lion makes me smile, but beyond that, I like the rather uncomplicated design and the beautifully striking colors and effect of the foliage. The limited palette places great emphasis on the fantastic, funny lion. Knowing that the teeth were added at a later time makes lions grin all the more fun, although it was probably meant as a symbol of ferocity. Perfect colors! For me, the size of this project is just right. Larger projects are rather daunting, and tend not to be finished in one time period. Smaller ones seem more like practice pieces.

  203. OH what glorious beauties these are!
    In regards to the first question, I was instantly drawn to #3, the Glasgow Bedspread. I’m a sucker for floral themes, and the gorgeous repetition on this humongous piece allows for endless stitch possibilities! I also adore having a piece that I can come back to again and again, so the size of the kit does not scare me away 🙂
    As for question 2, kits in larger sizes are fantastic! Kits are such an excellent way to explore a new piece of embroidery without having to do so much of the initial prep work (of which I abhor), I find myself drawn to them repeatedly, large or small.

  204. I love surface embroidery and would love to work the firescreen, traditional patterns are my favorite . As far as the 3 projects go, they would all take me a long time to complete as I’m a slow stitcher, but the one I would choose is the 3’rd lovely , soft , bedspread and in my dreams I would finish it as a piano cover for my over 100 yr. old baby grand . Dream on Louise !

  205. I like the restoration pillow. The combination of flora and fauna are my favorite. It is uplifting ans fun. I prefer the larger pieces in crewel. Just more working space for detail. They are all wonderful though.

  206. The one I am most attracted to is the Restoration Pillow (#2). I like the density and the proportions. Just seems the most “balanced” to me. I do like the bedspread (#3), but kind of fear I might start and not finish — getting a bit bored with the repetition. Maybe not. I don’t know if the size bothers me or not — probably not, but I am never sure what project will “catch” me. The large coverlet would probably be a most expensive kit, which would deter me from purchasing it (given my lack of confidence that I would finish it completely).

  207. I love the Glasgow Bedspread best. It would be a huge undertaking, the colors are lovely and the pattern is fantastic. Would fit in very nice in my 100 year old house.

    The firescreen is absolutely beautiful!

  208. I prefer the Glasgow Bedspread because I have so often enjoyed thread painting many Jacobean patterns and would love to do one in crewel work. Thinking of the wools makes me itch to do a crewel piece. My second favorite is the Wemyss Panel – which has a bit of my favorite Jacobean again. I challenge myself to do one rather large complex pattern every so often – about once every other year and would love to see these in the larger selection, but as I get older, would be more likely to buy the smaller in kit form – particularly if the tracing were already done on the fabric. I would love to challenge myself in the coming months with the crewel kit for the firescreen. I don’t have a fire place, but would definitely make it for a wall hanging. Thank you Mary for the opportunity to possibly win this prize!

  209. I would love to enter into the world of the Restoration Pillow. The rich colours and stitching draw you into the elaborate life at the court of the Stuart monarchs. I like the pieces I work to have story to become immersed in, so that I can feel a connection between myself and the needle-workers of the period. This involvement helps to keep you interested in a larger project.
    By the time you have completed the project you not only have a fabulous piece to proudly display, but also an interesting conversation piece about which you can speak with some authority (if you’ve done you research properly) The best of both worlds!

  210. I would like to see The Restoration Pillow design as a kit. I think it is the best as the colours and designs will go with the Jacobean Idyll kit and The Lady Anne’s Flowers kit (that is part of the same design). I love to do the bigger statement pieces to have in my home. I do make smaller pieces but they do not have the same effect for me. This piece would look stunning on the wall or as a cushion.

  211. The Glasgow Bedspread defines for me the purpose in taking up a needlecraft – function and beauty. The cost would be worth the absolute gorgeous needlework that would be topping that place of serenity and peace – my own bedroom. I value being surrounded only by handmade items and photos taken by loved ones of loved ones in my bedroom. The beauty of the flowers – the colors – what a stunning visual before you close your eyes to sleep! Only sweet dreams could await. I like both small and large projects – each has a place for me – small for travel and vacation – larger projects for the sense of accomplishment when they are complete. My standard for choice? Whatever brings me joy in the creation.

  212. Hi Mary. I think the Glasgow Bedspread is my favourite – I love the colours – very fresh and spring-like. I think it would make a fantastic kit – a long term project for a keen crewel embroidery enthusiast. For myself, I’ve never tried crewel embroidery, so I would much prefer smaller kits so I could have a go and get a result within a short period of time. I think there is a place for both small, mediupm and large kits in the company’s portfolio – to suit both experience and pocket! Hope this is helpful. Jean.x

  213. The Glasgow Bedspread– definitely. It’s so peaceful and would look beautiful in almost any room. The colors are so tranquil! Makes me feel like a child again exploring the flower covered meadows! Sigh!! Such good memories. I would defiantly buy this kit. You I love the larger projects because when I finish I truly feel as though I have made a piece of history to be enjoyed for many generations to come. Thanks for sharing! Diana

  214. My absolute favorite is #3 the Glasgow bedspread. It has a lighter feel to it, like spring. I will freely admit though I am unlikely to take on a project that size only because I have so many projects I also want to do. Maybe it is was offered more as a crib quilt size or a throw size I would be tempted or some other smaller version. Beautiful design though! The other two are just too heavy for my tastes and are unlikely to fit in my decor, size-wise though they are definitely more manageable. And the firescreen is amazing!

  215. I prefer the Restoration Pillow for its provenance answer it’s whimsical, almost children’s illustration style. They are all lovely but I prefer the direct reproductions to the modern iteration of older styles.

    I prefer complexity to scale these days, as I have never successfully completed the many huge projects I have purchased and or started. But small scale complexity is fun and finishable. But gorgeous kits of any kind are mouthwateringly luscious.

  216. I absolutely love the Glasgow Bedspread because I like the repeat of the same motifs in various colors. The problems are that in our modern homes there wouldn’t be the space to display it properly and It seems like a project for a group. I think that 60″ x 30″ would be much more manageable. Could the motifs be made a little smaller?

  217. I like the bedspread, love the flower design of it. Elements of that I would certainly stitch, but not a whole bedspread. A bedspread kit I would not buy. But for a pillow or wallhanging, I would.
    the Wemyss panel I like too, because of the colors and the shape.
    I tend to go for smaller projects, because I like to do a lot of different things, and techniques.

  218. The Wemyss Panel is wonderful on many levels. Size – there are several pieces in the quilt/embroidery world that are of this size and getting a great reception. There are classes on the pieces that are filling up across the nation. The richness of the colors would appeal to anyone that really likes arts and crafts movement pieces as well as crewelwork. The small pillow is a fun piece with all the personality of the lion. He reminds me of the stumpwork pieces and I would totally do that pillow. The larger valance is more problematic for me personally as most of my work is small fine gold, pearl and beadwork.
    + info — Tree of Life pillow – tree of life is a very big market in itself. There are lots of people who google the term who do embroidery in the Druidic/Pagan groups who I think would be all over this kit. The size is a great size for pillow or wall piece.
    — The bed spread is lovely but it has 3 strikes – time, cost, practicality. While people do quilts in this size, few are full on art quilts that would take the same level of money and time. Not a US market thing – in my opinion.

  219. THE GLASGOW BEDSPREAD a million times! I’ve never seen a kit anything like this, and never imagined making an entire bedspread. I would love some of these larger kits, there are plenty on the smaller and simpler side available, and preparing such a large piece on my own is daunting. These are fantastic.

  220. I would pick number 1, The Wemyss Panel. It is a clear design with beautiful rich colors, and a manageable size. I would be interested in the smaller kits so I could experience the beauty of design and color, and expect to finish the project in a timely manor. Price, is also a consideration for me.
    Thank you, I’ve enjoy looking and reading about all the projects.

  221. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    I like best the restoration pillow, because the colors are beautiful and I love trees and leaves. For me would be the first time to embroider crewel, and I am trying to learn about it. This pillow has an interesting antique design that recreates the work of needle workers and designers, from seventeen century. I would like to have this pillow on my bed.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    I prefer to embroider crewel kits with complexity, but small to medium in size. I like to learn from the needlework when I am stitching something new, and the small size kits with cute details are always enchanting for me.

  222. I really like #3, the Glasgow bedspread because of the vibrant colors and the beautiful flowers. I love the flow and the way that the vines connect and pull it all together. It could easily fit into any decor.
    I prefer large projects as I find they are easier to work on than tiny ones, although I’m sure that it would take years for me to complete a grand one!
    Thank you so much for all of your gorgeous creations and your inspiration and encouragement.

  223. The Glasgow Bedspread, is my favorite piece. The pattern with all the beautiful flowers makes me happy. Buying a kit is great, but because I usually substitute some colors, having an option to buy the pattern is always welcome.
    Tackling a large, complex piece was intimating as a beginner, but now I would love the challenge. The more you stitch, your confidence builds and your stitches flow with ease.
    All three designs are unique and would offer a great restoration piece to have in my home.
    Thank you

  224. If forced to choose, it would be the Glasgow Bedspread. But, all three designs are wonderful. I chose the Bedspread because it has so much in it, a lot of designs for play and experiment. I prefer larger pieces because I like to make a bold statement with my needlework.

  225. I loved each project as they were shown but it seemed that each one was better than the one before it. My favorite of the three projects is the Glasgow bedspread. The colors are incredible and it is such a beautiful feminine work. I think it would display well most anywhere in my home.
    I would have no difficulty purchasing and working on a large project. Most of my projects are chosen because I like them and I have never looked at size when choosing them.

  226. Wow! This is the best give-away ever!
    First of all, it is good to know that someone creates new kits in this style. Unfortunately, there are not as many crewel kits in the market as the fans of technique would want.

    1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    I like the third kit most and the second least for the same reason: when I think about crewel kits, I somehow expect “Jacobean look” of that which means curly leaves, twigs and flowers, although I know that crewel has long and diverse history and does not have to be “curly”. Of course, this is personal preference only.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    The third one looks too big a project to me. Besides the cost which is going to be high, I suppose, I am not self-confident enough to engage in such long-term work. I tend to refrain from such, fearing that I am not able to finish the work. So I personally prefer smaller projects. First and second seem to be right size not to evoke such doubts.

  227. I like The Wemyss Panel for the rectangular shape and lovely blooming trees. I like the lush Glasgow Bedspread and would love to complete a project like this.

    In a perfect world, I’d love to complete a grand sized kit. But I am among the hoi polloi and should probably stick to small kits what are easier to finish.

    I’d be willing to purchase a beginner kit that teaches all the stitches, similar to a sampler. And would love a beginner kid geared toward kids to purchase for my nieces and nephews.

  228. I like The Wemyss Panel for the rectangular shape and lovely blooming trees. I like the lush Glasgow Bedspread and would love to complete a project like this.

    In a perfect world, I’d love to complete a grand sized kit. But I am among the hoi polloi and should probably stick to small kits what are easier to finish.

    I’d be willing to purchase a beginner kit that teaches all the stitches, similar to a sampler. And would love a beginner kit geared toward kids to purchase for my nieces and nephews.

  229. The embroidery that I like best is the Glasgow Bedspread. It is so beautiful that words can hardly do it justice. I love all the colors, the pattern, the timeless beauty of it that will always be held in high regard. I love the colors and the stitches. I would love to be able to stitch a piece such as this. I love crewel work so much and I have done one of your pieces and loved it very much. I would love to be able to work on this if it were a kit, although I would like it to be available in a smaller size or maybe three different sizes if that would be possible.

  230. I like the colors and complexity of stitches in the Restoration Pillow. It is the one I would buy. The Glasglow Bedspread is lovely, but I wouldn’t do it because of the repetition. I know the repetition is what makes a large piece like this useful but I wouldn’t chose to complete it. I would make a design this large if I absolutely loved it.

  231. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    I really love the panel in #1 with that glorious lion but I’d love to see more of it than appears on the cushion which I assume is the kit. So of the three kits, I like the second one with the regal lion and the fun bird.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    I’ve only done one of Philippa’s kits before, and while I enjoyed it, I found that it was finished too soon! I’d love something more complex and detailed. Of course, more complex kits are always going to be more expensive, so I wonder whether Philippa would ever consider the option of just selling the printed fabric with instructions, that could be stitched up with the sewer’s existing collection of threads?

  232. I like the Wemyss panel best because I like the colours and the bigger, bold shapes. Honestly, I’m not that keen on the lion’s teeth though. I think it makes it look a bit comical.
    I love working big pieces as long as they’re not too fiddly. Although I like the Glasgow bed spread, I think I would get quite bored and discouraged with how much there was to do. Maybe just sections of it would make a good selection of kits.

    I think if you were selling big pieces it might be an idea to have to be the option of the pattern only so people could by cheaper yarn, or buy it in stages if money was an issue.

    Go for it. I think your stuff is wonderful.

  233. I like the Glasgow Bedspread the most. This was a very hard decision to choose amongst the 3 pieces. I am drawn to my choice because I love flowers very much. I work in needlepoint, Brazilian Embroidery and crewel utilizing florals, different stitches and many types of threads. This piece reminds me of the wallpaper that is in bedroom of Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom aboard the Royal yacht, Britannia. I visited it two years ago when in Edinburgh, Scotland. I would stitch this kit even though it is large and complex because I approach all my projects with an eye on segments, elements and composition. This piece has it all for me. I prefer larger pieces over small ones. I put a lot of effort into preparation, research and time. I have done small pieces in the past when I was learning techniques. Now I am at a place in my life I want to put all of what I have learned into a project that can be relished and become an heirloom for my great-grand children.

  234. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why? ……….. I love the #3 Glasgow Bed Spread. Its repeating design makes it perfect to be sold by the metre for covering chairs or for adorning a very special bed. Or soft furnishing for those who wish to work within a smaller or project; or those who want to have a large project. It would also allow you tailor make several items to adorn the home.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones………..I would like to stitch bigger projects, but would love the luxury of buying by the metre as this gives flexibility and will also meet the diverse market.

    I also love the restoration cushion and that would make a great large project to do.

    Kindest Regards, Deborah Simpson

  235. Definitely the Glasgow bedspread is my favorite of the three. I appreciate the others as historical objects but the design and colors of the bedspread call to me. I love big projects, partially because I am forever an optimist when it comes to projects–the bigger the better! But I am also lucky to live in an old house where displaying such a piece actually “fits” with the style and decor. I can picture that screen in front of my fireplace! And working the kit would be learning how to do crewel embroidery–a win-win scenario!

  236. Oh. My. The bedspread. I love a project that goes on forever and this one definitely would. A good crewel project is like an extended meditation and who coulnd’t use that?

  237. 1. I think the Glasgow Bedspread would make a beautiful crewel kit because of the diversity of the stitches and the variety of colors used.
    2. I love the stitches and wool thread used in crewel embroidery, so the larger and more elaborate the design is, the more fun it is for me!

  238. I like the resotoration pillow best, lovely range of colours and interesting small details like the lions crown. I enjoy doing projects with detail, and lots of things to draw your eye around a piece, they’re also interesting to stitch. My second Favorite is the pelmet for the same reasons.
    I’ would stitch a large project, but the cost of a very large kit all in one go might put people off. The restoration pillow as a larger piece is good as it has lots of smaller elements that are all different. The bedspread isn’t as interesting to me as the elements and colours are quite similar.

  239. My favourite is the Glasgow bedspread. I think both the design and the colours are beautiful and would work well in a traditional interior. I like the 2nd design too – but I’m not keen on the colours. I think I would prefer it to look a little aged (though perhaps not so aged as the original!)

    I do like a project that will last a while (I once spent 10 years cross stitching a carpet), so I wouldn’t be put off by large or complex kits.

  240. I have not done crewel in a couple of years. My husband loves the pieces that I have done. I would do the bedspread piece and than the restoration piece. I will have to keep an eye out for future crewel work projects. Thank you

  241. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    I’m torn between the Wemyss and the Glasgow. I prefer the design of Glasgow but the size of the project for Wemyss. I’m going to go for the Wemyss – it is unusual, to me [I mostly do cross stitch and this isn’t a style I would select] and the project is a manageable size. The Glasgow project is beautiful and the colours really speak to me but that kind of a project is far beyond my skills at crewel work. Also, from the description, these motifs have been used in another small kit which would be more manageable for me.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    Kits the size of Glasgow, for me, are something I would admire but not purchase. I know how much time I have available and stitching is not my only hobby and sadly I haven’t been able to break my bad habit of sleeping at night – just think of all the stitching one could do between midnight and 6am! I am sure that there are some stitchers who would embark happily on a huge bedspread sized piece but there are also others who would prefer to work on smaller pieces. Also price becomes a factor, as I live in Canda I have to consider the cost of the kit, conversion to Canadian currency and the cost of shipping – that little bit of math has stopped me from ordering many things.

  242. Of the three options I like the Glasgow Bedspread most. It’s beautiful and appealing. I would like to see it as a kit because the average embroiderer may want to do a project like that but be daunted by the logistics of creating it and therefore never begin. Having such a kit available to purchase would allow an embroiderer to take on such a large piece.

    I would definitely stitch a crewel kit of that size and complexity. I enjoy the challenge and getting better at surface embroidery is important to me. Currently I stitch medium to large size pieces and have only done a couple of crewel with wool.

  243. Very pretty work, (1)The Wemyss panel is beautiful, I am not crazy about the Lion teeth, It looks like dentures. The pillow 25″ size would be a project I might consider, after I try my hand at a smaller kit to learn how to do this. (2) The restoration pillow is interesting, again. I would need a smaller learning kit first. (3) The Glasgow bedspread is certainly a WOW! Too advanced for me as a beginner. The panel for the fire place is beautiful.

  244. Although I like #2, my absolute favorite is #3- The Glasgow Bedspread. It is so beautiful. The colors and shading, the lightness and the beauty of the repeated floral design is just awesome.
    I like both large and small projects, and I usually have at least one of each large and small going at the same time. So yes, I would love to do a project of these sizes.

  245. The Glasgow Bedspread is my choice. I like that it is large and will defiantly stand out prominently where it is placed. I prefer grand projects that “show-off” the beauty of the work. If I am spending time working on something I want it to be special, something I could not afford to purchase as a completed work. This piece would bring beauty to a room and be a show stopper.

  246. 1. I love the Glasgow bedspread. The colors are gorgeous. The other two pieces are lovely, but they are too bold for my taste.

    2. While I usually like smaller projects, I would do the Glasgow bedspread because I find it so lovely, and I love to do soft shading.

    The Mellerstain fire screen is a piece that I have been drooling over for quite some time. I would be “over the moon” happy if I won it.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  247. They would all make wonderful kits, but, the one I like the best is #1, the Wemyss Panel (and pillow). This is something I would love to stitch and frame combined with the matching pillow. The colors are magnificent and reminiscent of those that would have been used during that time period. Having the additional story about the Earl makes it even more special for me. I love crewel and especially in large sizes and the complexity does not put me off at all – I like the challenge. I often have a large project going and pop in a small one here and there for some instant (I use the word loosely) gratification, and then go back to my large project. These are all so beautiful and Phillipa has a great eye for design and color. I have admired the Mellerstain Firescreen for quite a while but cost at the exchange rate was prohibitive. I very much would love this as my next project and would be ever so grateful if I won it.

  248. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    All of the designs appeal to me for their historical perspective, movement, colour, crewel technique and beauty. My favourite would be the Wemyss panel, because of the bold and natural flow of the design, the beauty of the lion, and size. The fact that it is a historically accurate crewel piece, attracts me enormously
    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    I would if I had the time. The bedspread or table cover is spectacular and a tour de force. The design has such a romantic feel about it and would enhance any room.
    Thank you so much for giving ardent embroiderers the opportunity to win such a beautiful kit as the firescreen. I have looked at it often and thought ‘one day.’

  249. All three are gorgeous. I know I would never get done with a bedspread though and I prefer the other two. The Restoration pillow is my favorite and is a size I could realistically get done in a reasonable time period. Projects as large as the firescreen or the bedspread are just more than I want to tackle.

  250. I like the #3 choice best because of colors and “spring” time feel that it portrays. I prefer a smaller size because large size is unwieldy to stitch. The complexity is not a problem. It would be a lovely stitched piece.

  251. My choice would be the Glasgow bedspread as I love the colours and theme. To me it is airy and welcoming. I think it would appeal to the widest audience in terms of age, skill set and decor. It is not too old fashioned or modern and is accomplishable by many however not everyone wants to stitch a project this large. While I am able to stitch the bedspread, I doubt I would want to spend so long on one project. I would suggest a long panel which could be made into a pillow or firescreen, but repeated for a larger project like the bedspread or a table cloth edging. As to preference for kit size, I just love to embroider so any size is wonderful! I am not daunted by number of threads, size of fabric,complexity of pattern or style of embroidery. Each provides an opportunity to stretch my stitchy skills and hopefully grow them. Thank you, Mary, for being my first and always go to source for anything thread related.

  252. I like the Glasgow Bedspread the best because of the style and the colors. I like to have a few projects going at the same time, so the bedspread would be the big one that would take me a while to complete. The cost of it would be the only thing to prevent me from buying it. If it were offered as the pattern, instructions and a color guide, but without the yarns, that would keep the cost down and allow me to buy it now. The yarns could be bought as needed, therefore, keeping my upfront costs lower for something that will take me a while to do. The yarns could be offered separately in small groups.
    I like smaller projects too, but this bedspread is really special and serves a purpose.

  253. 1-I like the best, #2 The Restoration Pillow. When you see the back and appreciate how it was, with those bright colors and amazing design. The lion is magnificent. i would love to see it as a crewel embroidery kit, because, thou intricate and detailed to stitch, it can be done with a stichable time frame.
    2-I would definitely stitch these crewel embroidery kits if available, and would encourage Phillipa to do all three. I have done some of her smaller kits, but would love the challenge of a larger one. What a learning experience it would be! Thanks for letting us share with you these magnificent pieces and I very happy that the Mellerstain Firescreen crewel embroidery kit is available.

  254. I love all the designs, but the Wemyss Panel would be my choice to make. As a decorative painter is appeals to my eye.
    I typically like smaller projects, since at 85 I am still not exempt from being distracted by some
    “shiny new thing” and tend to try the new for awhile. I have never done crewel but have always loved all the colors and bold designs.

  255. My favorite of these projects would be the bedspread, followed by the pillow, and yes I would like to purchase it as a kit. I like getting it as a kit as I don’t have to figure out how much fiber I need in each color, and the colors are specifically selected to create the effect desired.
    Yes – I would purchase kits in all sizes – but especially in large projects where it is so hard to determine how much of a fiber you need to complete a project so you can purchase enough in the same dye lot! I like all size projects – but prefer medium sized ones. Smaller kits seem like you just in the grove just as you finish – larger kits can be intimidating so they better be worth all the time and effort. medium kits tend to give you a good sense of accomplishment, but not intimidate.

  256. These are beautiful! The Wemyss Panel and the
    Restoration Pillow are my favorites. I like the combination of the animals and plants in one design. Reminds me of the 17th century embroideries, which I love. I do like the sizes, and they would make either nice pillows or framed pieces. Although I do like bigger pieces, they usually languish for attention, but too small and I think, “What will I use this for?”. I like the sizes she has in the pictures you posted.

  257. I love the one in the fire screen for sure. The Restoration Pillow is my favorite. I am an avid Adam and Eve person so a Tree of Life with the Lion is awesome. It is very unique. The lion with teeth creeped me out LOL. I love larger designs. I frame most of my items so like them in larger picture size. Thanks for reviewing this the link to the company is a must go for me.

  258. Hi Mary,
    I love the bedspread. It is beautiful and I love the floral designs. Crewel has always been my preferred mode of needle work. I love the floral patterns and designs and all!then textures you can make.

    Up until a moth ago I would have not hesitated to Dona huge project. I have a lung condition that is not looking good …so now I am going to finish my granddaughter’s birth announcement and start one for the baby due in August. My daughter may have to fill in the name, etc. And need to rehome a stash if anyone is interested!

  259. First, what a GREAT giveaway! Now, to business. I would prefer #3 the Glasgow Bedspread because the design feels more contemporary and I love the colors.

  260. I like #2 – the Restoration Pillow because i have found the people who like crewel are also history buffs. They (and I) like the fact that we can connect with “stitchers of the past’ by bringing to life their handiwork with some contemporary threads and techniques. It is a way to honor them – the time and love they put into their work and to honor all the women before us who are our present day partners in inspiration.
    I would gladly work the 25′ size. I prefer a manageable medium size rather then a larger size which may take forever to stitch.

  261. #3 the Glasgow bedspread, is a beauty; I fantasize stitching it. But it’s size might prevent me from working on other projects. #2 is intriguing in its historical whimsy, with Old Rowley’s face smugly reflective of his many female conquests. And it shares with the Wemyss panel many of the glories of Jacobean embroidery. What a conundrum! The winner: Charley the lion-stamina’d monarch.

  262. I love the fire screens and the bedspread. I would be much more likely to Finnish the fire screen so that’s where my vote goes. I am someone who takes her time with large projects such as the screen and can already picture where I’d hang it.

    I find hand needlework and my hand quilting projects I find very relaxing. My unwind go to projects are always hand work. I can see this project taking many months to complete but would relish every second of it.

    Stephanie G. In NJ

  263. Wow, the fireplace screen tugs at my Scottish genes! My favorite style of crewel is Jacobean. Of the three kits, I think I would like the first one the most, but I would prefer to have it turned 90 degrees and have the lion towards the bottom. I really like the stylized flowers in the second one but I don’t think I would stitch Charles II’s face in! The third piece is fantastic but way too big for my house. I would want to hang it but I don’t have a wall big enough to do it. Of course I could cut it down. I am able to stitch designs with this complexity but would not want to tackle anything as big as the third one. We have a wood burning stove, unused for 10 months out of the year. I really want a screen to hide it!

  264. Love the Glasgow Bedspread. It would’ be great to see it available as a kit. With a project that large and with so much time that’s to be invested, it would be great to have assistance in navigating the whole thing (color layout, thread, needles, instructions in stitching, etc).

    Yes I would take on a project this large and complex. It’s gorgeous and one of a kind!

  265. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    I love #2, if it were a kit. I love the pattern, it’s very ‘busy’ with a lot of background details, and I love the dark green and pink tones, I love rich colors, and not pastels. And the lion is wonderful!

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    Personally, I would never attempt a crewel kit that was very large (like the bedspread). Although it’s absolutely beautiful, I just prefer working on smaller projects. Complexity of kits doesn’t matter to me. The more complex a kit it, the better opportunity it is for me to work on my stitching skills, and I enjoy learning new stitches. I prefer working on smaller pieces, like pillows and pieces that can be framed.

    Ashley Sara

  266. My preference would be #3 although none of the designs really grab me. I like the composition of the Wemyss cushion but the toothy lion puts me right off. I would have chosen the Restoration pillow but it is too busy and I am put off it by the tree trunk – for me, it is too dominant. Although I have opted for #3, there is no focal point, which I find disconcerting but I do love its feeling of lightness. The colours are delightful too. Size? They are a good size; I wouldn’t want to work anything larger at this stage of my needlework journey!

  267. I love all these pieces, beautiful works of art. I stitch everything from the very tiny to larger more time consuming pieces. But the one that truly speaks to me is the Glasgow Bedspread. I gasped as the picture scrolled up! The kit would be out of my financial reach I am sure. And I would not work it as a bedspread. The first thing that popped into my head was what a stunning Renaissance Fair costume I could fabricate from this design! I tend dress as a highlander when I go as I am a Scot on my father’s side of the family. I can just *see* the embroidered bodice and front panel of a skirt with a green over skirt and how beautiful it would be. I would love to be able to purchase a pattern, it would bring a large project like this into possibility.

  268. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    First off, I like all three crewel kits because each one has different challenges. Of the three, if I had to choose one kit over the other I would choose the Restoration Pillow. It has vivid colors and many options for beautiful stitching. As an accent pillow this would be a beautiful addition to any home décor. I could frame this as a stunning piece of artwork which would command a prominent place in my home.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    I always like a challenge so having a larger kit would be something to take up the long winter months. The smaller kits are always something that I take with me when I travel so I can get my fix for crewel. I would love to stitch the Glasgow Bedspread. It would look lovely on the bed in our master bedroom.

    Thank you for bringing the Mellerstain Firescreen back! Debbie Dillow

  269. The Glasgow Bedspread because it lacks beasties!

    However, the designs are magnificent and can be used in multiple ways.
    Still, smaller sizes are preferable for a million and one reasons, the big one being that we live in smaller and smaller places.

  270. I love the Wemyss panel and the Restoration Pillow. The Glasgow Bedspread is much larger than anything I would do. I want to have a challenge, once mastered I want to try something new. I think The Glasgow Bedspread would take to long to complete, for me. I also don’t want a project that is to small, that once completed you can’t do anything with it. They are all beautiful, and I would happily stitch any of them.

  271. 1. The luscious richness of the pillow is hard to get over…such a luxurious flower velvety looking I much prefer the “aged” colors and would really want to have a golden linen background…the other colors just feel at home in the spotty faded slubby pillow…I want that kit. So, this is my favorite. I would buy it even if I couldn’t finish it (which I would exert every effort to do) Very pleasurable to handle the threads and even make the stitches, handle the fabric and threads.

    2. I have no history of working a large project…and yet was just enthralled by Mary Corbets’ ecclesiastical piece a couple of years ago. It is difficult for me to be objective as mostly I just crave the sensations and the gorgeous luscious sheen of the needlework itself as well as the finished pieces.

    Yes. I would be on-board with a large piece like the fireplace screen or wallcoverings. If I saw this and it was available – I would take an extra job if need be to afford it.

    Thank you – Charlotte

  272. My favorite is the Wemyss Panel. Being of Scottish origin and having one room of my house decorated in a medieval theme, it would fit in well. I would definitely buy the kit if available. I love large designs—they make a bold statement. But I also love smaller designs for pillows, table tops, etc. The firescreen design is beautiful.

  273. I love #1. If that was made into a kit I would definitely purchase it. I like wall hanging size but not enormous. Thank you for offering a site that allows those of us who love hand embroidery to have a source to go to.

  274. A Jacobean style embroidery has always caught my eye and my interest. The Glasgow Bedspread is divine and I love it best. I’d love to see a smaller kit of the different sections might be, as in a set of pillows. I fear a grand project would take me forever and it is just to beautiful to not complete, enjoy and treasure…. The Glasgow Bedspread is truly an especially lovely design.

  275. The bedspread is my favorite. However, I don’t think I would ever do it or the other pieces pictured because I am not sure where they would go when finished. The firescreen is something I would love to do and am considering it because I have a place to use it.

  276. I absolutely love the design of the firescreen and would be thrilled to be awarded it in your drawing!! I do favor the painterly designs.

    As for my favorite of the 3 designs, the #3 Glasgow Bedspread speaks to me the most because of the more refined artistry of the motif. I also love the vibrant colors.

    It would be spectacular as a large piece, but it would no doubt be too expensive for me to purchase. I would buy it in a pillow size. What I suggest to you is to offer the design in two different sizes. I think you will have more customers purchasing it if they have that option.

    Keep up the delightful work!

  277. Hola, qué emoción, no puedo creer este concurso, elijo la colcha!!!! Los tres me parecen lindisimos. Soy de Argentina y aca es muy difícil encontrar alguien que enseñe Crewel, en agosto estuve en Philadelhia y me compre todos los libros y dentro de mi presupuesto lana appleton crewel, me estoy haciendo un pequeño tapiz. Mi sueño sería aprender todo los puntos a la perfección, bajo todas las páginas tuyas María y así bordo.
    Lindo sería poder tener el árbol de la vida, pero acá no se consigue el material. Tengo que pedir cada vez que alguien viaja que me traigan de allí. Perdón pero no hablo inglés, pero tengo el traductor y así bordo.
    Gracias y mil gracias por este magnífico concurso, espero tener suerte y por favor sigan enseñando!!!
    Por parte de madre mi origen es Irlandés. De allí debe venir mi pasión por el crewel.
    Cariños y suerte a todas las participantes.

  278. I LOVE the fireplace screen ever since I saw it on their website, and I would love to win it! Thank you for the opportunity.

    My favorite of the three is the Wemyss panel, especially the fact that it is of a configuration that would fit perhaps over a doorway. I also like the bedspread, but the cost would keep me from buying a kit this large; it would look lovely as a pillow. I enjoy large projects, but lack of wall space is becoming the problem!

  279. Of the three designs I really love the bedspread – it feels modern and fresh. I could envisage using it in a modern home. I also like the cushion.

    Yes I certainly would do a larger piece that I love but would be concerned about the price!

  280. I love them all,but having to choose, I will go with the lion. He has such personality. At this stage of my life, I prefer smaller projects Twenty years ago I would have loved to work the bed cover. I still love the design and color pallet and think the kit is well worth doing, just not for me now.

  281. I like crewel needlework, but I haven’t done much of it. 1. My favorite is the Restoration Pillow. I like the lion and the colors.2.Because I am more of a beginner, I would prefer smaller projects. If I was very ambitious, I would love to do the coverlet. I love the colors and the flowers.I love learning the history of the pieces.

  282. I would do the 3rd option mainly because I love floral patterns. I’m definitely more of a smaller project person. I don’t think I have the patience for anything too big but it’d be fun to try. I also don’t have much time and use embroidering as a way to unwind after a long day.

  283. I would purchase the Glascow Bedspread. In purchasing kits I decide On the actually design, style, colour and don’t think about sized.
    I love the history element of crewel company pieces and attention to detail.

  284. Dear Ladies, Thank you for asking for our opinion. Frankly, I would not be inclined to purchase any piece so large. I am drawn to the much smaller projects finished as box/basket tops, small framed pieces, frame weight, needle books, small pillows, etc. This is mainly due to the lack of time I have for stitching and the number of projects I already own. Subject wise, I enjoy the pastoral scene: a deer or bunny, strawberry, flower, etc. and a variety of stitches. Project 3 is my favorite design of the 3.

  285. I am a total newbie to crewel work but am fascinated by it. I have my eye on the ‘Rabbits’ kit by the Crewel Work Company…
    To answer the questions, while I love the bedspread, with the beautiful and delicate shading, I think the size would put me off a bit. I was drawn to the Wemyss panel (I think the lion’s face has so much character and makes me smile!) I would definitely think about purchasing that one.
    Again, as a newbie, I would start with smaller pieces, but as I improve and get bitten by the crewel work bug, I may progress to a larger piece. However, I remember seeing Philippa on the Create and Craft TV channel and she said ‘always work on a design you love, even if it is more complex, as you will enjoy it so much more’ (or words to that effect).
    Best wishes

  286. I love the fire screen kit! I would complete it and enjoy it!

    I would like The Wemyss Panel if we could clip the Lions off.
    Then one with teeth is even worse.

    I think the restoration pillow looks lumpy and difficult so I would not choose that kit.
    The Glasgow bedspread would be good in pillow size, but bedspread size I think is too big of a project and would not wear well has a bedspread at least in my house. I don’t mean to hurt any feelings just my opinion.

  287. Oh how I would love this firescreen kit!
    Of the three kits, I prefer the Wemyss panel. As much as I am attracted to the very large projects, I would prefer something not quite so large with lots of variety of stitches. Stitching a repetitive pattern like a bed hanging would become boring for me. I would love to see more kits available with jacobean embroidery patterns. Thanks

  288. # 1 speaks to my heart because I am a WEMYSS. I am especially partial to loins. I seem to be partial to horizontal projects in my own designs and would do it in a mirror image as well to use as a horizontal piece in reminiscence of the original piece.
    I love the King Charles lion as well. Would be a great gift for my husband as he is a Leo.
    The fire screen is nice and light. The design makes this piece well worth working on a larger piece.

  289. I like the Restoration pillow. The composition is my favorite because I like designs that have less negative space. I like the look of a riot of color, texture, stitches, shapes etc. I think crewel work lends itself well to this sort of cornucopia approach. Personally I would like to see more large, complex designs available. I don’t think it would put off beginners but rather inspire them!

  290. I do like crewel embroidery very much and would enjoy doing one of the pillows but would not take on a project as large as the bed cover, even though it is very attractive. I found it very informative that she used the back/inside of the piece to determine the original colors. thank you for the oppertunity to win the fire screen, I don’t have a fireplace but would probably make a wall hanging of it.

  291. My absolute favorite is the striking Weymyss bed pelmet. The highly stylized design utilizes such beautiful shades of green, rust and gold, leading the eye to a lion that is spectacularly humorous. I very much enjoy pieces with a historical context, and the fact that the Earl himself may have added the teeth to the lion makes the piece all the more intriguing to me. Designs and embroidery originating from Scotland are of great interest me especially right now as we research my husband’s family roots in Scotland. If the bed pelmet were available as a kit, the stitcher would be guaranteed that all of the materials typically used for Scottish crewel work of this period would be included – the wide variety of subtle shades of green, rust and gold, as well as the fabric. The finished piece would become a cherished heirloom.

    Factors that attract me to a crewel piece (the balance and selection of colors used, the combination of techniques employed, and any unique features), as well as the nature of the piece (its historical background, how it might be finished and displayed, and the overall artistic impact of the piece) would determine my desire to stitch a piece, rather than its size and complexity. So, I would say “yes,” that I would stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they were available. But, I would also say, that if I felt a similar attraction to a smaller, less grand kit, I would stitch that one, too.

  292. 1. I love all three designs but am intimidated by the size of the long panel and the bedspread. However, I do love the airy, delicate design of the bedspread. If this design could be kitted up as a 14-inch pillow, I might buy it.

    2. Yes, I would stitch crewel kits of this complexity but I’m not sure I would purchase a bedspread size or the very long runner. As a general rule I prefer smaller projects.

  293. 1. I like #3 the Glasgow Bedspread, followed by #2 the Restoration Pillow. I would love to see the flowers and leaves from both projects as kits. The flowers depicted in the Glasgow Bedspread have the most exquisite color combinations that would be a joy stitching. The two large flowers and especially leaves from the Restoration Pillow are excellent projects to do separately but they would still look as a unique collection as pillows or framed pictures.
    2. I would stitch projects this complexity, but not this size. I would prefer smaller sizes. Both projects give the option for lesser or higher complexity, smaller kits as well as higher complexity larger kits.

  294. Hi Mary, Philippa and Laura.

    I LOVE the Glasgow bedspread for its colours and diversity of stitches and items, although I am quite sure it would be well beyond my skill set. My second favourite is King Charles the Lion, which is fun and whimsical, and much more up my ability avenue.

    In terms of size, I think the bedspread, even reduced in size to suit as a drapery for a piano or table or something would be too big for a single person. If a group of stitchers wanted to work on it together for, say, a Club table covering, e.g., for something like a Women’s Institute meeting idea, that size might work well. For a single person, however, I think it would take too long although would be gratifying when finished.

    The Royal Lion’s size seems about right for a single stitcher to tackle without feeling overwhelmed. There’s enough variety in the piece to allow a person to move around as the feeling took her without making her feel as though it was a project with no end.

    The full-size wall hanging (example #1) would provide more scope than the pillow size shown in the second photo. It does seem very dark in the photo though, so perhaps the dimensions with that much dark green would be too much. You could use it as a pelmet though if you had a single window somewhere in need of a bit of sprucing up.

    No, I think the perfect size is example #2, the Royal Lion, at 25″ square.


  295. All of the pieces are gorgeous!!!!! Personally I would love to work on the fire screen or on #3 The Glasgow bedspread. I often work on small pieces and end up sewing them together because the patterns seems to flow. I have, and would do a larger piece willingly! I love the colors and I do LOVE to embroider florals!

  296. Love the fire screen, it would be so inspiring to work. I would also like to see The Restoration Pillow in kit form. The shading is so lovely and would be so enjoyable to work.
    I am widow and have worked all sizes of projects. I have a lot of alone time and will sit in the eve and stich and listen to music. And maybe enjoy a glass of wine. There is something so life affirming taking needle and thread and creating beauty.
    Would love to win. Good luck to all, we are sisters in our love of needlework.

  297. 1. I like the coverlet the best. It’s beautiful. Altho’ very large, yes, I would tackle this.
    2. In general, small kits seem to be available across crewel designers, but not larger pieces. I would love to see larger pieces, with some complexity, available. I favor floral pieces, not so much the historical pieces.

  298. Oh, my – what a wonderful opportunity – thank you! I have Phillipa’s dvd on crewel, and an avid interest in crewel embroidery. I like the #3 -The Glasgow Bedspread the best. The reason is that I love the design, and it’s on the light and airy side. However, a bedspread size would be more than I would wish to take on! Perhaps something like a 16″ x 20″ size would appeal to me. Large enough to be a challenge. I am not interested in small sizes for crewel work. I guess I am a middle of the road girl! Again, thank you.

  299. 1. I like the bedspread pattern the best. It’s graphic and would fit well even in a modern/contemporary home if mixed well with other patterns. That said, I LOVE the colors in #1. The controlled pallet makes the project look somewhat out of the ordinary for crewelwork.

    2. I would not make something as big as intended for #3. I think it could make a nice giant pillow or panel (30x30ish), but anything better measured in feet than in inches is too much of a time investment for me. I think I would feel like I would never finish!

  300. My favorite of the three designs is the Glasgow bedspread. It is a nice symmetrical design with beautiful colors. Overall, just a well-designed piece. I also like that when finished it would be a functional piece instead of just a decorative object. If larger kits were available I would stitch them. I’m a new embroiderer so I’ve only tried small to medium projects so far, but I would like to embroider a larger, complex project one day. I like the idea of a grand project because I think it can tell a larger story in the way embroidery has done historically, so I’d like to be able to accomplish a large piece in that tradition.

  301. Question 1:I like #2, The Restoration Pillow, the best. I think it would make a good kit because of the variety of motifs and colors.
    Question 2:I probably would not stitch a kit in this size & complexity now because I have had very little crewel experience. But, it is something I would like to work up to.
    Question 3: I would prefer smaller projects initially to hone my crewel techniques. But once I have done a few small projects I would be ready to attempt a larger one.

  302. Me, again. I forgot to answer the 2nd question and don’t want to be left out of this giveaway! So, having said that I love #3 for its design and colors, I want to say that, generally, I work larger or more complex designs because I have found that unless a small piece is mounted on a box or jar or framed quite lavishly, people tend to respect/appreciate larger works and don’t understand the amount of work required even for a small piece. Thank you Mary and The Crewel Work Company for this chance. Quite generous!

  303. The Restoration pillow! I just like the design and the colors.

    Right now I prefer smaller projects; I’m a beginner. Once I’ve gotten a bit more experience I’ll want to stitch bigger projects too.

  304. I like the Wemyss Panel and appears to be a project that we could finish. I would change the lion’s teeth, sorry Earl! But, I love the Glasgow Bedspread and would like to hear how one stitches such a large project. I am head over heels in love with the Mellerstain Firscreen kit. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  305. I like the Glasgow Bedspread. First, I am partial to flowers. Second, it looks like any one particular flower is not that complicated and can be worked on independently. So, the entire project doesn’t seem overwhelming. I do enjoy stitching large and complex projects. But I also will stitch smaller projects. The pattern subject/design and colors are more important to me than the size of the project.

  306. I absolutely love the Wemyss Panel, especially the incorporation of the lion. The lion is quite unique and adds verve to the panel. I would love to see this as a kit. Also the small “pillow-sized” kit that will soon be available captures the essence of the Wemyss Panel.

    I typically stitch crewel pieces that are smaller than a whole panel, but for a larger piece that talks to me, as this lion does, I would consider stitching it.

  307. This is exciting news indeed!! The Mellerstain Firescreen is a stunning piece. And it has everything – history, grandeur, wonderful animals (love the animals!), leaves and acorns, the wonderful mounds . . . It is a breathtaking piece!

    And the news that the Crewel Work Co. will be adding new designs is exciting! Although I would ALSO ask, pretty please, that they bring back a few of the old ones. . . especially the large oak tree that was (I believe) part of the Elizabethan series. I’ve only seen it when squizzing about online.

    Now to the questions about the possibilities presented:

    1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    While #3 The Glasgow Bedspread has lovely colorful flowers, I don’t see a story there. I like both #2 The Restoration Pillow and #1 The Wemyss Panel.

    But I find myself most drawn to #1 The Wemyss Panel – especially the long full panel (45″ x 15″) with the bold design. In the long piece we get the magnificent lion, the large exotic bird, and that wonderful rose-colored flower in the center!

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    Definitely, yes, I would stitch a kit in this size and with this complexity. I do love small pieces, but there something uniquely exciting about tackling a large piece which has multiple elements, tells a story, and which will challenge you.

    Katrina M.

  308. I vote for The Restoration Pillow because of the brilliant colors and the whimsical lion (I particularly like the smile on his face).

    I would stitch something of this complexity and size if it were readily available. However, I also like to intersperse smaller projects with larger ones. Having said that, there are so many motifs and areas on The Restoration Pillow that completing each would feel like a small project accomplished.

  309. I already sent my comment in Spanish but it was apparently rejected. So I begin sending my excuses because my terrible english. What I want to say Is that I choose number # 3. María, I love crewel and I always follow your lectures by Internet. Although my language difficulties I enjoy very much what you teach.
    Thank you very much for this opportunity. I hope I could win!!!!!!!
    Receive my best regards from Argentina.

  310. I would love to do number 2 – The Restoration Pillow. Love all the colours in it and I would thoroughly enjoy developing my skills in this wonderful art form. I have one fo Philippa’s kits which I am enjoying so much.
    I am a (male) cross-stitcher, and love working on large pieces. A large crewel piece to work on would be such great fun -all those lovely wools to work with – what more could you want.

  311. I love all three designs, but the bedspread motif
    has a light and happy feel about it. It would make an ideal gift for a future daughter-in-law and pass on to a granddaughter-a labor of love. A great project to lighten a long winter.

  312. wemyss panel- like the design, don’t like the colours, the size is good, don’t like the lions teeth. Would not buy this because of the colours.

    Restoration pillow – really like this design and the colours, good size would buy this. would like to see this as a kit, colours attract me to this.

    Glasgow bedspread – really like this design and colours, size too large for me to want to buy it, would buy a smaller size. Would like to see it as a kit, would make a good kit, it’s beautiful. I enjoy all the history explained with all three of these pieces. Like small medium kits, if they are too large they seem intimidating.

  313. My favorite is the Wemyss Panel,except for the teeth. I love the Restoration pillow with, it has a fiber art feel with dimension,,the Glasgow is beautiful but the size would lose my interest after awhile, too much repetition over a large area. I would do the restoration pillow,,size, dimension and all the botanicals have my interest

  314. For me, without doubt, would be No3, Glasgow Bedspread. This is unusual, different, would be a joy to embroider and soothing on the eye when finished. What a delight this would be finished. Obviously this would be a long project, but worth it – the comments from people along the way would be well worth it. I like kits that come with everything including the needle. On another note – I gave a ‘small’ kit to a friend who broke her leg and was unable to move – she loved the kit I bought her as she did not have to get up to find anything to be able to complete it during her convalescence. (I lent her my embroidery scissors so she could sit and be happy absorbed in her favourite past-time – crewel embroidery!)

  315. Without a doubt it would be the 17th Century Wemyss Panel!! You pioneered the other takes on this crewel style and now their are many variations. All beautiful and you are happy when you complete one. My first ever Crewel work was the large ‘ tree of life’ from you and it is still a firm favourite. I was so proud of what I achieved and it sent me forth to look at other forms of embroidery: painted thread work, Stumpwork and gold work. I would now love to attempt something from a different era. I adore the era’s philosophy of more is less. I want to do that lion.!! Winning, would be great, but I would like to see this in your repertoire as I would do it and probably feel the pride I felt when I did my first ever crewel work. Yours.

  316. I *covet* the Glasgow bedspread. I’ll probably never work anything that huge, and I’ll be surprised if very many people do, but it’s the sort of project I daydream of. Someday I will stitch the Jacobean Fantasy taken from it, or something very similar.
    The Restoration Pillow, in its probable-kit appearance, is too modern-looking for my crewel-eye. I don’t know why; it just doesn’t appeal. And the lion with the king’s face reminds me of the work of Anne Geddes, which gives me the creeps.
    The Wemyss panel, now, that one both appeals to my sense of what crewel “ought to” be (i.e., recognizably historical) and is within what I think I could finish well. Given that the Turnbulls are running a business, that one is my pick.

  317. 1/ I am a beginner but I love the colorful design art on the Revised Restoration Pillow. So many details and colors. This would be nice to work on intermittently.
    2/ Personally, I enjoy working on this size project or smaller. Then I would be able to finish it.
    Thank you for the offer,
    Nark from Arkansas

  318. Phillipa and Laura, what a lovely opportunity to help. I have the most beautiful carved fire screen just waiting for a design large enough I would have to turn the prize into a cushion and purchase the tree of life to get close though.
    I have a passion for anything around this era so my absolute fav is the Wemyss panel I love the deep smokey colours and the lion obviously, not sure about the teeth but the King liked them old enough for me. It would be nice to embroider something a little different from stool top cushion etc. number 2 the tree of life a very close 2nd again the colours speak to me and the balance in this is superb my fingers are twitching already I also love the crown on the lion. Number 3 is not to my taste but very pretty.
    Size : doesn’t come into for me The most important thing is DO I LOVE IT!! If so stop wasting time and let’s get started.

  319. These are all very impressive pieces. Not only in size but also in design and color.
    I think that they would fit almost any house décor.
    My favorite has to be #3. The colors and style would appeal to most people; & I think that the size is just right.
    These sizes, while large aren’t beyond most people. But I would like to see them in a smaller size too. I think that they would make an excellent grouping in the smaller sizes. The colors as well as design would work well together. Even thou they are from differing times. Crewel Work Company really places the bar high, in quality & choice! This is a great opportunity for someone to try out one of your projects! I would love to know which Nancy would (will) pick?

  320. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    I like to work with colorful threads and yarns. I like both the The Restoration Pillow
    And the The Glasgow Bedspread best. However, if I had to pick one, it would be the Glasgow Bedspread because it is a more versatile design, and it goes with my decor a little better.
    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    Yes, definitely, I love to challenge myself with projects of large sizes, and more difficult complexity. What I usually like to do is to work on a larger project at home over a longer period of time, and work on smaller kits and projects as well, that I can take with me on travel and when I am in waiting rooms, at break, etc. The smaller projects are usually great for giving as presents, including in other projects such as photo albums, bags, clothes, pillows, boxes, cards and much more. The larger projects I keep for myself or give to someone very special.

  321. What a veritable feast for the eyes! I love the Glasgow bedspread the most (my great-grandmother Nellie was from Kilmarnoch, Scotland, and I have several of her silk and embroidered hankies on my display board that have inspired me). Many of us hesitate to take on large projects, as we rarely have the time to embark on them in our busy culture, but employing Mary’s 15-minute a day suggestion, the Glasgow bedspread would be so wonderful to pick up every day to stitch on (thank you for that simple hint, Mary; you really do get projects completed this way). Working on the bedspread would also be working on a family heirloom to pass down through the generations, and I love that idea. The thought that your great grandchildren might inherit it someday is so fun to think of (stitching for the future). As far as sizes go, I would offer a kit of three different sizes. As just one example, I’d offer the large Glasgow bedspread kit; then perhaps a medium-sized kit, like a tablecloth or table runner with designs from the bedspread; and then a small kit for a pillow (or wall hanging, tote, clutch, etc.). Having all three choices would accommodate all preferences (but I especially love the “grand scale” idea). I love projects in kits because everything is gathered together already; it’s like having your own personal consultant, and it makes it so easy to get started. I find myself buying kits more often now; they are investments in crewel therapy! Happy stitching everyone!

  322. Good night Mary,
    Here my answers:
    1 Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    The Glasgow Bedspread is gorgeus, I love the colours, the light and the flowers, it seems so bright…The other projects are very “dark” for me
    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    I prefer smaller projects. Often the big projects seem endless, and finally, when they have been finished, I have no idea what to do with them

  323. I love, love the fire screen. I love the challenge of the larger projects and would readily purchase a large project if available.

  324. 1. I like the Glasgow bedspread because i just started to do Crewel embroidery and I love it. The flowers in subtle shades and bright colors add a timeless charm to this piece and I would be proud to own such a bedspread made by my own hands.
    2. For a beginner like myself such a project may seem daunting but I am up for the challenge because I will learn the intricacies of Crewel embroidery and I prefer larger pieces than small ones.

  325. I love #3, the Glasgow Bedspread. While I am of scottish descent and descended from some quite famous Scots, I was raised in the U.S. I feel no personal connection to kings or queens. However, the beautiful florals as well as forest wildlife are subjects that everyone can connect with.

    1. I also like kits of all sizes. Large projects with many repeats are great when you want to put your brain on autopilot and not have to think too hard. The smaller ones are portable and good for learning new techniques.

  326. 1. Definitely the Glasgow bedspread. One part of me wants to leave a beautiful reminder of myself for the future. The other part likes the practical use of the object.

    2. The size of the project varies for me based on the purpose but a larger project such as this is something I would embrace. I thoroughly enjoy the making of and the look crewel work.

  327. #2 The Restoration Pillow. I love the variety colors and that the design covers the majority of the piece. The size of the project is just right and would make a useful pillow rather than a wall hanging. The design could incorporate many different stitches. I have to admit that the bedspread is spectacular but a rather large commitment for me.

  328. I like the pattern of the Glasgow bed spread the best because it is classic and colorful. I don’t think I would work a project of this size though because it is just too large. A pillow size or wall hanging would be better. I would love to win the giveaway as it is so pretty and I already have a fire screen!

  329. The Glasgow bead spread would be my choice. I love the others as well though however the colour choice and flow of the work is very appealing.
    I would love to follow a large crewel piece as a kit there would be no problems with getting fabric big enough and then sourcing all the Appletons wool.

  330. 1. My favorite is Number three, the Glasgow bedspread, because the colors are gorgeous and the challenge of such a large project would be exciting.

    2. My projects have ranged from the tiny (1.5″) to fairly substantial (16″20″) and I have a few larger (20″x40″) projects that I’m excited to work on in the next few years. I’d love to see more large kits offered. The majority of my projects are smaller (e.g., 5″x7″) because it can be fun to do a few quick projects between the big ones.

  331. I would love to see the Restoration Pillow as a kit. I like the detail, the colors, & the history it portrays. The Wemyss Panel is not detailed enough; the Glasgow Bedspread lacks a focal point. I am most attracted to the Restoration Pillow.
    I would definitely do a large piece. I have done allot of embroidery. At this point I like working on things that make a statement.

  332. I would like to see the Wemyss Panel as a kit. I enjoy historic patterns with animals and birds, and the panel is different enough to stand out from what is currently available.
    It was a very difficult decision as all three provide something different and appealing.
    Normally I do smaller projects. The Glasgow Bedspread would be so large and costly I would not be likely to purchase. It would definitely be a “project of a lifetime”. It is stunningly beautiful and tempting and I wouldn’t hesitate if smaller. I would like to see it offered in multiple sizes.

  333. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why? I absolutely love #2 The Restoration Pillow – besides being a beautiful colorway &design, I love the fact that it has historical significance. The size makes it portable for taking it along to work on during ‘lulls and waiting for appointments, or outside in the fields to enjoy nature while I work on my favorite needlework technique’

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    I would stitch the larger size and complexity of crewel kits, but would realize the length of time needed to complete it would require patience and diligence – making it worth the wait! I choose my kits/projects according to design complexity, color, and final destination, so I can go either way if the pattern & project is what I am looking for. I will pay the higher cost for a historical reproduction if it goes with the theme of a room or has a stitch that is new and challenging! Thanks for offering these awesome projects and allowing we long-time(me=47+ years) stitchers a say.

  334. I absolutely love the history of embroidery of any kind. Having some Scottish in me I think draws me to the stories of these magnificant pieces. The colors are so vibrant. I am going to have to seriously consider one of the kits. I really do not know which lion I like the best they are both charming. I have been tempted by some larger pieces but have not taken the jump. I will certainly go look at The Crewel Company site. Diane

  335. My preference is #2 the restoration pillow. I like the history and the attention to reproducing it in a faithful way in terms of method and colours. I can also see how it will sit happily with my contemporary sensibilities in home design.

    As a relatively new embroiderer I want to challenge myself but don’t want to feel overwhelmed. So a piece of the size of #2, that has a diversity of techniques / stitches is a good to keep my interest and confidence that I will complete the project, as well as further develop my skills.

    I would be daunted by a project of the size of the bedspread, but can see that for some experienced embroiderers, with the time, it would be a great challenge.

  336. I love the restoration pillow! I look for kits that have all the colors already perfectly blended together and save me time trying to source all the materials.
    The 25″ size is perfect for me. Complex enough to keep me interested but won’t take “forever”.

  337. The firescreen is amazing!
    1. I like all three designs, but the pelmet speaks to me; it’s rare that we see true reproductions of bed hangings from that time period, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to stitch!
    2. I am always taking on large projects. I love complexity, and they may take me years to complete, but in many ways that just means I get more fun for the money I spend! 🙂 That said, I also love small projects that I can complete relatively quickly.

  338. All 3 designs are stunning….while I adore the pattern of #3, for me a piece that size would just take too much time – too many projects already in the UFO and to-be-started piles, so something of this size would be a bit daunting (although it would make a fabulous group project). Overall I would choose design #2, as from a personal point of view I love 17th century embroidery designs and allegories etc as well as the history of the period. The colours are varied and lovely, and I like having that connection to the original cushion and Charles II.

  339. I would choose the Glascow bedspread! I love working in this sort of colour palette and could envisage this piece in my daughter’s home over the family piano which has been passed down through four generations and will go to my granddaughter. It would be a beautiful contribution to the family history for the generations to come. I definitely would stitch a kit this size as I love a challenge, especially if I have a purpose for the piece. This size embroidery would become the focal piece, to be worked over time with smaller less demanding work providing some light relief along the journey. So from this you can see that I like a mixture of size and complexity in my work. I don’t have a preference as I continually have a big complex work underway whilst I work on smaller projects which are often for gifts. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  340. Oh my oh my oh my. These are gorgeous and reminiscent of the crewel I grew up with and learned as a teenager. The Glasgow Bedspread is a life achievement that I would tackle, although I might not finish it in my lifetime! Might they offer an option for a footer for a bed, maybe not so large?

    The fire screen is exquisite too. I’ll definitely be checking out their web site!

  341. I agree with most everyone that all three designs are wonderful. The Glasgow bedspread has such a light, airy, Spring-like feel to it. The Weymss panel has a good design, but the colors are not to my taste. The project I would really love to do is the Restoration pillow. The lion has one cocked eyebrow, rather like my son has, and just a little twitch in stitching his mouth will give you a smirking lion ! I seem to have a touch of “horror vacui” a fear of empty spaces. So the nicely snugged together elements really appeal to me.

    For such a nice piece I would buy it and keep it near me to work on as I have time. I have been doing a lot of small projects and I have a hankering for a substantial one. Recently, the small pieces have ended up as gifts, and this is something I would clearly keep for myself!

  342. My favourite to stitch would be #1, but my favourite to look at would be #3 (does that make one whit of sense whatsoever??). As for the size question – for me it would have to be smaller projects because I live in an apartment and simply don’t have space to either execute or display large pieces. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the large pieces, but they’re just not doable for me.

  343. I’m in a color-loving mood today and most days, so it’s quite easy to choose #3, the bedspread. It’s beautiful and colorful and has wonderful classic designs I know I’d love working. But I’m also realistic about the size of the project and have to admit I’d have a hard time finishing such a large project not just because of the time involved, but also the “where in the world would I be able to set up to work on this” dilemma. I’d love to see the design offered as a panel kit about a third the size of the bedspread. I’d buy that in a heartbeat! Most of the crewel I’ve done has been rather large scale, as big as or a little larger than the firescreen, but I’ve also done smaller pieces as well. While the size is a bit of a consideration, usually it’s the design and purpose (gift, decor, etc.) that helps me to decide what I want to do. I’m pretty sure I would never work something as large as the bedspread. It’s just an impractical size for my work space and absolutely no one other than me would appreciate the amount of work it would take. That’s not to say I need my work to be oohed and ahhed over. But it’s important to me to know if it leaves my hands, it will be properly cared for. I just can’t convince myself that the bedspread is something I’d take on.

  344. I love them all and hope they release them all eventually. My favorite will be #3 and then #2. I’m sure Phillipa will not be surprised by the heavy voting for #3. She said Harry tells her that Americans love pretty things and that one is pretty with soft colors. I took her class at the Ford mansion in Detroit a few years ago and was just blown away. If anyone ever has a chance to take a class with her, please go for it.

    Please don’t enter me in the drawing as I have the firescreen kit. I have my eye on The Wordsworth Cuckoo kit next. I’m working on the stag pillow right now that compliments the firescreen. I have the complimentary Millerstein bird pillow we started in the class done.

    The one thing with Crewel, is it stitches up fast in my opinion. I like all size projects. So sorry, no help there… I think they stitch up quick, so a grande size project would appeal to me.

  345. I like all three, but the Glasgow bedspread is my favorite. I like having the larger pieces available and having them put together as a kit is a preferred way to go, as in the bedspread for instance. I also see merit in offering pattern only, allowing a person to pick and choose the content and colors. Smaller kits I would be more likely to buy, unless the piece was too magnificent to “chop” up. I would prefer having the options to chose from. I want it all I guess! 🙂

  346. Magnificent work! At this stage of needle-work in my life, I would probably opt for a 25″ pillow. In the past I have done the crewel work on a window pelmet – One of a series of 7 for a friends house. So the smaller pillow or wall hangings (framed) would be more my speed. Love to work the traditional designs! I would be interested in a kit this side, and with complex patterns and stitches. The larger pieces would not be of interest to me. (too many other stitching projects going on!)
    These are all very delightful designs and am happy to know of these 2 creators!

  347. I have such a passion for crewel work. I would love to see the Glasgow Bedspread recreated because I love the variety of colours in the piece.
    Mostly I like to do smaller pieces because I have some expectation of finishing it but there is an amazing sense of satisfaction in finishing a larger piece and recreating something with so much historical significance makes it even better.
    Regards, Roma

  348. The restoration pillow is my favorite both in looks and size
    It would give a great deal of enjoyment from start to finish.
    It would be quite unique and tasteful in several home styles.

  349. All the designs are lovely but I’d go for the lion, I like the simplicity of the colours and the clear space around the lion and other detail, its larger but not intense and overwhelming. I must admit I prefer smaller projects as I’m more likely to get them finished but they also require less outlay financially, unlike the larger pieces, which isn’t always possible. Larger pieces also don’t travel so well, I like to take my stitching with me when I know I’m going to have time to kill. For me larger pieces are a treat, a gift etc. and something to do over a long period of time between small ones.

  350. My favorite is the restoration pillow. I like the colour combinations of this one and can see it as a large kit (fire guard, large pillow) for the adventurous but also with a couple of complementary smaller kits – the red flower and the lion as focal points for the less ambitious. As a large 25″ square, this would be a lovely cushion on my bed – one decorative focal point!

    I’d consider a large project like this as a crewel project – and have done one of similar size – and I’d have to have a use for it (e.g. firescreen, large pillow) rather than just as something to frame.

    The bedspread is a nice design but it is too big for me and the colours are less interesting. I am not sure what I would do with the panel and I find hte lion’s teeth off putting!!

  351. I prefer #1 but would like to see it in a pillow / picture size. That is the size that is my favorite but I like smaller pieces too. The fire screen would be a dream come true!
    Fingers crossed.

  352. My favorite is The Restoration Pillow. The lion’s face, with apologies to Charles II, draws me in. His stance is unusual and differs from the more common reclining lion, and his facial expression both whimsical and thoughtful portrays depth of character unique in most needlework.

    However, how many pillows can one accommodate on an average size sofa? From a commercial and business standpoint The Glasgow Bedspread is probably too big and complicated to be a best seller However, it makes my needle fingers tingle. There are so few kits available in this size and complexity that crewel lovers such as me would queue up for a chance to purchase this example.

    In conclusion The Restoration Pillow is probably the more prudent commercial choice, and it is indeed superb. However, I would dream of owning both choices #2 and #3.

  353. I like the Glasgow bedspread the most, however I wouldn’t personally buy such a large piece in a kit. As a kit, I like the Restoration pillow because it’s intricate and yet doable.
    I don’t care for the teeth on the lion.

  354. I would like to see the Wemyss Panel as a kit.
    Having just completed a course with Phillipa in NZ I am excited by the Traditional Technique and having seen the original would love to do a kit of it.
    It is slightly bigger than a pillow project but not more than I think could be handled by most stitchers or what most stitchers could face doing as a single project.
    As a project it also offers so much variety of shape and stitch use that I think many Crewel enthusiasts would love to do it.

  355. Of the three #1 would be my preference and I would would choose to do the larger panel. The pillow portion looks incomplete somehow to my eye.
    I like the second one as well but that would be a too large pillow. Many while #3 is lovely it would take the rest of my life to finish and I have too many things in line I want to complete. I am in process of stitching a very large crewel piece now ( about 30×30) and they do go quite quickly especially if the elements are all different.

  356. I’ve done the firescreen-twice-to upholster the sides of an end table, and these kits are the absolute BEST!! For those who don’t win, go out and buy the kits! No, I don’t have any connection except having made them.

  357. I would do #2, the Restoration Pillow, as the first project. I really like the design (particularly the lion) and the colour palette. At 25″ square I figure it would fit on my largest slate frame and I can see that I could set it up and work on it consistently. It would get done!

    I do love #3 The Glasgow Blanket and would tackle this one next but I suspect it is a candidate for getting started, then put away for a bit, then out it would come again. I usually do crewel on a slate frame so I am thinking how I would achieve even tension and consistency. I guess I would have to invest in a good quality hoop. For all my concerns though, I wouldn’t be able to resist. I love the challenge of a big project pitched at an advanced level – how else do we get better at what we do and ensure traditional embroidery techniques are maintained so that they live on.

  358. I really like the design and bright colors of the Glasgow Bedspread​, but the size does put me off a bit. I think I’d like it better in a long pillow or table runner or bed runner size. That said, it would be exciting to try something this large and to end up with a completed piece of this size. I love projects that make me grow my skills. The Restoration Pillow is a beauty, and a great size; The Wemyss Panel is a style and colors not for me.

  359. I love, love, love the Wemyss panel, the art work is
    exquiste and the colors very typical crewel colors.
    A project the size of the the fireplace screen would not deter me if it was something that I really wanted to do.

  360. All three are wonderful and I would like to try my hand at all of them. But being asked to choose just one, I would choose #2. I like the lion’s expressive face. It would make a beautiful firescreen. It looks complex enough to hold my interest.
    As for size of projects, I like all sizes. If the pattern appeals to me I don’t mind what size it is. My preference is for complex patterns but since I make lots of gifts, I usually match the pattern to the person I am making it for. I do like the historical connection with all the projects shown here.

  361. Personally I like #1 the Wemyss panel best, as the aesthetic is closer to my own favourite time period and I delight in those gloriouly rich colours, while that lion is amusing.

    On the other hand, I think #3 the Glasgow bedspread would make the best kit, as softer colours make it more adaptable to modern usage and the repeating-in-different-colours pattern is more amenable to using portions as accents, continuing the theme without being overwhelming.

    Any of these pieces would make a lovely kit, either in large or small. I like that these finish as useful items – beauty with purpose – and prefer my projects the larger and more intricate the better. Always stretching to improve.

    Thank you for your efforts on these projects!

  362. I like the The Wemyss Panel. I prefer to work on pillow size projects. I enjoy working on projects that are portable so pillow size is usually what I choose. I like the project, but I have to admit, the lion’s teeth are a bit troubling.
    I like the pattern of the Glasgow Bedspread, but it is too large a project for me. I am a slow stitcher so I probably could not finish it in my lifetime. I would like it in a pillow size.

  363. Love the pelmet,and the idea that it anchored a soldier through the war is inspiring. Also I have a spot in my house were a pelmet piece would work beautifully. Next how many cushions can one have -and giveaway? The idea of pieces that one can use in beautiful furniture is setting up heirlooms for the future The Glasgow bedspread is stunning and I can see it in a small folding screen that I have waiting for a decision as to what to put in it. Not enough hours in the day and one lifetime not long enough !! Thank you for the opportunity just the thought and possibility is exciting Best wishes and positive vibes to you Mary Chris from australia

  364. Oh my what a choice! I love the restoration pillow and would enjoy working on a piece this size. I love the fuller embroidery with lots to look at rather than the open background. The colour variation is delicious and the history of the piece wonderful to know. When stitching on a historical piece I like to research the time and put myself in the original stitchers shoes…quite scary sometimes if you think of Henry vIii and his wives!

  365. I am torn between the Wemyss Panel and the Restoration Pillow. I love them both but the colours in the pillow have a bigger pull on me.
    I like to buy patterns in kit form as it’s just so much easier than trying to find all needed supplies. I trust that the makers will use quality products. I live in Northern Alberta–there are no shops up here!
    I’ve only ever stitched a couple small pieces when I was younger, I just didn’t have the time or patience for anything bigger. Now that I’m retired, I’m more interested in tackling larger projects.

  366. I really like #3 the Glasgow bedspread best because I like the sweet color combinations. It would be like having Spring and Summer all year long. Even though it’s a big piece to work on, and it would take awhile, I think it would be a pleasure to spend time working on it. While I like short and sweet projects, I feel like a crewel kit of this size is a most rewarding undertaking. I would buy them if they were made available for purchase. It’s handy to have all the colors and ground fabric all in one kit rather than trying to track down the needed colors at whatever sources.

  367. I love the Glasgow Bedspread pattern! It is light-hearted and gay in its design and the author’s color sense is just as mine is. But I would prefer to work it much, much smaller. I think a table runner would be beautiful in this design. At 76, I don’t feel I have the energy or life left to work on a bedspread, but a table runner would be perfect.

  368. What magnificent pieces. It is a hard choice, but I would pick “The Restoration Pillow” The colors are lovely and the lion is wonderful up against the tree. He is a very regal looking fellow and all the colors in the piece are wonderful. It is a good size project, but not overwhelming and would be a great piece to give me many hours of stitching pleasure.

  369. I like the Wemyss pillow best: good design, love the colours and would like to have the lion in my home. What a smile!
    I don’t use much embroidery wool,prefer silk so a kit would be convenient with all the threads assembled and ready to go.
    Price would not be a big factor in my choice.

    I find the Restoration Pillow’s design too crowded and heavy looking. I would not work it.
    The Glasgow Bedspread is beautiful, lovely colours and the design is so pretty.However, I am too old to start it now but would do a cushion.

  370. Love the firescreen. I would choose #3 because I love the colors and the flowers. Although I would love the challenge of the bigger kits, I would have to vote for smaller projects. Unfortunately, my budget does not usually allow me to purchase the larger kits.

  371. All three are beautiful but my favourite would be the Glasgow Bedspread it looks light and summery. The history of The Wemyss Panel is interesting and I would love to do the pillow excerpt, as smaller projects with lots of different stitches and colours I find more challenging.

  372. I love all three pieces. Thank you for considering complex and larger kits. My favorite is the Glasgow Bedspread. What an elegant design.

  373. As a beginner ,I prefer small to medium size kits . But the design I find most enticing is the Restoration Pillow. The wonderful Charles II lion, vibrant color pallet, tree of life and historical significance combine to provide a wonderful project that I would certainly purchase. Once I have more crewel experience I would be open to the larger kits you are considering. They are all beautiful!!
    Sincerely Karen Johnson

  374. I like the third piece, the Glasgow Bedspread. I don’t like the dull colors of the other two. I don’t think I’d enjoy stitching the full spread, I don’t have the space for such work. A lap robe size might be doable. What I like best about such projects is the opportunity to connect with history and learn something new to me about stitching. I don’t really NEED anything else in a project as my space is too small for any more decorative arts.

    One thing I find difficult about doing any kind of kit–indeed all aspects of fiber art–is the cost. Those of us on fixed incomes and love this type of work must make choices between health and art. I have appreciated vendors who offer plans to spread the cost out. I focus on the artists/designers whose treasures accessible and rarely look at others. Unfortunate for all concerned, but the simple fact of life in our economy.

  375. The fire screen is stunning. Of the possible kit ideas The Glasgow Bedspread is so beautifuland delicate looking. I think it would make a perfect pillow kit – can’t you picture ir on a sofa or in a chair.

    A large project is fine every now and then but, since I quilt and knit, I prefer a medium or smaller project. All of these would make beautiful kits. On the Weymmis panel and Tree Of Life I might not add the critters – or I might depending on how I felt when I got to them. They are lovely. So yes I would purchase a large project if it was stunning. An interesting/cute medium kit would have my name on it – especially floral and animals included. Small kits are like candy, one is not enough. Small gives you the opportunity to stitch scenes, flowers, animals, etc. and not be committed to something long term. Done, start another one.

  376. 1. The Restoration Pillow is my favorite of the three, and the design I would most like to see as a kit. The colors and design have a lot of personality, which would make it fun to stitch, and I think it would look great framed and hung on a wall.
    2. I also like the Restoration Pillow for its size. 25″ square is a manageable size for me. Its portable, perfect size for a cushion or pillow, and it is a size I could actually finish. I do like the idea of a long panel, but not sure what I would do with it when done. The bedspread is gorgeous, but too ambitious for me. I work all day and stitch a little each night, so I need projects that are easy to pick up and work on a little bit at a time, but not so large that I can’t finish it or loose interest in it before I am halfway through.

  377. I choose the restoration pillow #2. Such lively colors and the lion makes me smile. Now that I am retired and have more disposable income I still don’t want to commit to a huge project. I would like to leave behind a FINISHED project.

  378. – As much as I love the dorky lion I would choose to do the Restoration Pillow. It seems so vibrant and would be a fun pillow to have as a centerpiece.

    – I like to learn with smaller pieces then dive into large ones to challenge myself. These larger pieces are all appealing and would be stunning to show off in the home.

  379. Oh. My. Gosh! Beautiful give away! I’m drooling!!
    It’s such a difficult choice between #1 The Wemyss Panel and #2 The Restoration Pillow, that I’m at a loss on which to choose. I guess if I HAD to, I’d say the Wemyss panel, just because the lion is so whimsical and I love the story about the panel going to the WWI trenches.

    As far as project sizes go, I tend to prefer smaller ones because they’re easier to fit into my busy schedule and my budget.

  380. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    My favourite is the Retoration Lion – think it has a fun aspect to it and the ties to history make it unique. Lots of different shapes and colours to keep me enthusiastic about working on it.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    I don’t have a preference but tend to wander off easily if the project is too repetitive. The bedspread would be hard for me to finish – so the smaller projects would be my preference for these three.

  381. Love the Glasglow bedspread and the restoration pillow. I do work on both large and small pieces and would be interested in buying kits for them. I would definitely buy a kit for the pillow. Cost would be a consideration for the bedspread.

  382. I choose the Restoration Pillow. The colors are so vivid and I like the abundance of flowers. I prefer kits for this type of project mainly so I don’t have to hunt down the supplies needed. I would favor a smaller project. The larger ones require more room than I have available.

  383. Question #1—I prefer the Restoration pillow out of the three because of the vibrant colors, design complexity, it is a doable size for me, and my eyes jumped to it immediately!

    Question #2—I prefer smaller projects. A longer project panel or bedspread would project would be out of the question for me.

    Thanks for sharing these new designs with us.

  384. Question #1—I prefer the Restoration pillow out of the three because of the vibrant colors, design complexity, it is a doable size for me, and my eyes jumped to it immediately!

    Question #2—I prefer smaller projects. A longer project panel or bedspread would project would be out of the question for me.

  385. My preference would be the Glasglow bedspread. I would really prefer a smaller size, but could adapt it to various projects. I think it’s a beautiful piece and would become a family heirloom. I would definitely want it in a kit format because I would want everything needed before beginning any stitching.

    As far as size goes, right now in my life I would prefer to work on the smaller sized projects, but if I love the design I would alter the size to fit. I think it would be good to give people a choice of sizes, and offer the pattern only.

  386. I love the Glasgow Bedspread. It has a wonderful detail to it, and a pattern that could be set into any number of things, as well as a large swath of history. I would love to see this as a pattern.

    I love all sizes of patterns. The one I chose would work for both large and small kits. I have felt that there are seasons for my taste in project sizes. In the summer, I like quick, small kits and projects. Larger kits suit better for the winter, when you have the time to put into them.

    I hope this helps!

  387. #1. The Wemyss Panel
    This would be my first choice, although all of them are lovely. I love the colours in the Wemyss Panel
    I like doing large pieces and feel this would be a great addition to receive and to stitch.
    The project would be a fun and watching it as it develops would be of great joy.
    I would stitch the crewel kit in the size that it is designed . Smaller kits are also fine but as I said earlier I do love the challenge of a larger piece.
    My preference is larger kits.

  388. I aspire to do anything embroidery and have yet to do Crewel work, too much choice and not enough time. The only wool I have worked with is for a panel from the Bayeux tapestry and it was a joy.

    That said, my first choice is (3) the beautiful bedspread, can see it on a bed now and it could become a family treasure. It would take a long time to do, but the possibilities are endless. It could even be used to cover an antique chair.The beautiful colours would make it a must have in any home.

    The size of the the kit would not be a problem but the cost may be a be prohibitive for some. I personally have only done much smaller projects because I am very impatient. Have done a couple of panels which were used for a chair and it was a wonderful exercise, but it was in cotton thread on linen.

    I would love to do crewel work as I have seen some magnificent work done by some wonderful artists and it seems the wool is very easy to work with and it moves along quickly (more so than with silk threads) To start my wool crewel adventure it would be just wonderful to win the firescreen kit as it is on my bucket list.

    My second choice is the beautiful cushion and third is the panel, even though I love them allI am not too sure about the “teeth” on the lion, although it would provide a bit of humour in my home.

    Thank you Mary once again for your wonderful stitchery information.

    Cheers Lois

  389. My favorite one is the Glasgow Bedspread. I really like Jacobean patterns. I’ve been wanting to start a crewel kit and would love to do one of these kits. I prefer larger kits; it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something if I finish a big project.

  390. Thank you both, Laura and Mary, for this giveaway and for the opportunity to offer some thoughts on future kits. I love TCWC kits. They are exceptional. My favorite among these three options is #2, the Restoration Pillow. The colors and design elements would be a lot of fun to work and a pleasure to display. As for size, the 25″ square is about as big as I’d want to go. The bedspread, while beautiful, would be difficult to manage. After a while, I think the repetitive nature of the bedspread’s design would also be less interesting to work on.

  391. I like the bedspread . The Colors are amazing .i don’t think I would get a project this size finished . For size I would prefer the size of the fire screen.i could see myself buying it and not getting it done so yeah prefer the smaller size

  392. Hi love the restoration pillow. That piece is wonderful. It would be something I could actually finish and could keep for myself. The colours are bold and stunning.

    I prefer smaller kits as I am still learning. The fire screen would be marvouls to do for a wall hanging above my fireplace.

    As always, thank you for all your tutorials and wonderful guidance on various subjects. I watch over and over the technecs and work on the different stitches.
    Thank you thank you

  393. Absolutely love the Glasgow bedspread. The colours are so vibrant. Would prefer a smaller project but if I truly love something will take on any size!

    And the firescreen is gorgeous. Have just the frame here for it too.

  394. I like number 1. A good size to work on, and would make a great pillow.

    I really like the history included with all 3 pieces, just fascinating and somehow makes them More.

    My second choice would be number 3 because I do really like the floral design. I can see doing a lot of different projects based on this desgn.

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway :)!

  395. 1) the Glasgow bedspread as it is something I would use. It is stunning!
    2) If a project is as beautiful as this bedspread, the size would not be an issue. I equate the size of a stitching project to reading a novel. I enjoy the big complex historical stories, but sometimes need a 300 pager to rest my mind. Is there a way to get a large complex project other than to design your own?
    I understand the historical significance of the lions, but I do not like the faces, so would not attempt them at any size. (The tree of life and red flower are gorgeous, but lion face is a deal breaker)

  396. I love the #3 Glasgow Bedspread but would never work anything that large. I would be most likely to work a project the size of a pillow or smaller. I would be more likely to purchase and work #2 The Restoration Lion than the other pieces because of its size.

    I enjoy working on large projects but anything larger than the fire screen would be very difficult to display in my house.

  397. Although all three designs are lovely, I would choose the Restoration Pillow for the whimsical pattern and gorgeous colours. It can’t help but make one feel happier to stitch such a happy and bright pattern. What a gorgeous lion!

    I would probably stitch this in cushion size, and the complexity makes it more interesting. I tend to stitch projects from small to large, so the size is not a limiting factor if it is something that I like.

  398. I don’t need to be a entered for the draw, so if my name comes up, please draw again. (I already won one of their beautiful kits in the past and think someone else should get the chance!)

    Just wanted to chime in that I generally prefer the smaller pieces because they feel less overwhelming and more likely something I’d actually finish. I really like both the top pieces (and the third but its so big!) and think they look like do-able and eye-catching pieces. (Though I think the teeth on that lion would make me insane – they’re kind of ugly!)

  399. 1. I like #1, the Wemyss Panel, best. Just because I like the design the best (although the teeth are indeed a bit creepy.) I like #1 and #2 as well because I like pictures that are pictures, not just patterns, which is more what #3 is.
    2. I LOVE larger projects. I would most certainly be into purchasing and completing crewel kits of great complexity and size.

  400. I am torn between the Charles the II cushion (because of its complexity and historical component) and the bedspread but have chosen the bedspread from Glasgow. This is because I want to do work that has complexity, historical significance, colour but most all, a practical application. I am so tired of doing embroideries for which I can’t find a purpose – yet another one framed or another cushion? I want challenges that will stimulate me and have some use. Although what I do about my cat on the bedspread I don’t know!!!!

  401. These kits are all absolutely beautiful. But the size ia pretty overwhelming. I’m getting along in years and starting to downsize my projects since I would have to live approx. 300 years to finish everything. However, should I be so lucky as to win — I would give this new project a super-high priority.

  402. I love the Glasgow Bedspread. However, I’m not sure I could ever commit to a project that large. In general, I prefer smaller projects. They are more realistic for me.

  403. #1 This is a beautiful crewel work design that you could use for a runner. Or split up for smaller deigns.i am not particularly drawn to the design. Nor would I use more then one design in this side because of unlike in my grandmothers era do zi have the more then one piece of furniture that I would use a runner on.
    #2 This size is more to my liking as I could use it as a pillow or a middle of table cover or frame it. I really like the design of the era so I probably would buy this size design and the design it self.
    #3 I love the design. I love the size as I could use it on any of my beds or a wall hanging. The colors a beautiful and go with the more modern designs in a home if I. Wished to give it as a present. The only draw back would be the size and if I had the time to do something that size. If I could get #3 designs in #3 size it would be the perfect. Kit for me.

    1. In my #3 answer. I meant if I could get #3 design in #2 size. I would definitely buy it.
      In my #1 answer I meant to say unlike in my grandmothers era I only have one piece of furniture I could use that size design on.

  404. Who could resist the King’s head peeking out over the mane! The Restoration Pillow would be brilliant, as I have just read a book about this particular king. Phillipa has just been to NZ, and although I couldn’t make it to one of her workshops, the comments from others have been so enthusiastic.

  405. Thanks Mary. My what a huge response you are getting!

    1. The pattern I like best is the Glasgow Bedspread – the colours are divine. I like the other two designs as well but not enough to purchase.
    2. I love complex crewel kits and would not shy away from a large one but the cost is usually a barrier. It’s nice to have options for different price points/sizes.

  406. Number 2 the Restoration Pilllow, I like the overall design. I think the size is very marketable for a kit.

  407. My first choice would be the Glasgow bedspread it would make such a beautiful unique wedding gift. The design is intricate, which would certainly be challenging and the colour choices in the design are gorgeous.

    My second choice is the restoration pillow. It would be nice to have the option of a large and small kit. The pillow again is a lovely design and has history behind it.

  408. OMG! Love that fire screen – it speaks to me both with how it looks and for its inspiration (part of my ancestry goes back to Haddington. Anyway – as to the three crewel projects you are showcasing…my favourite is the Glasgow bedspread for its look, but it is probably a bigger project than I would tackle. I would love a portion of it for a pillow or wall hanging though. I like both of the other projects, but would probably go with the Weymiss pillow – love that lion!

  409. Hi Mary,
    What an opportunity! Okay, if money were no object, I would have to pick the Glasgow Bedspread. I would enjoy the challenge of creating a once in a lifetime project. Knowing that the wools would be a large part of the kit cost, perhaps the kit could be offered with the option of purchasing all the wool necessary to complete, or without, and leave it up to the stitcher to buy as they need it.

    My second choice would be the Wemyss Panel. I could see the long panel in a mirror double and made up into a fabulous cornice with solid drapes below.

    My vote is for larger, more difficult kits. There are a lot of smaller kits and instructional books with smaller projects, but no large project kits. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your fantastic kits!

  410. this is by far the hardest to pick!!! i would love to make a bedspread but the no.2 lion has caught my eye and i cannot get him out of my head. i like doing small, but the last few crewel i have worked on were 18 x 34 and i enjoyed it . i would love to work on the colors and stitches of the lion and his beard /mane is breathtaking. i hope to win and would love working on anything you picked out for me

  411. Wow, what splendid generosity. Thanks to all.

    I would prefer the Wemyss piece and the Glasgow bedspread, simply because they don’t have any birds (I am ornithophobic). For that reason, please don’t include me in this giveaway.

    I generally prefer pieces of a size that are can be held in the hand rather than on a frame, since I spend a great deal of time sitting in bed working (I also have multiple physical problems – oh woe is me, lol) but the greater the complexity the better.

    Good luck to all the entrants, may the best win.
    And thanks again to Mary and the Turnbulls. (Are they related to our Prime Minister, do you think?)

  412. The Wemyss Panel is my favorite. It is fun, idiosyncratic and has a cool history. Being a pelmet is rather neat too. It is not the usual piece expected by a kit, so it really gets one thinking about what window could be wonderfully dressed by this beauty.

    In regards to size, something the size of a bedspread is just too much for me. I really fear I’d be overwhelmed and never get the project done. Work space and storage are also issues. Perhaps short or cafe curtain panel size (a pair is ok) would be my maximum comfortable size.

  413. Love all 3 but the the Glasgow Bedspread makes my heart sing! I’d certainly prefer projects smaller than that one, but in the case of the bedspread, would certainly make an exception!

  414. All of the Crewel Company designs are fantastic. My favorite of these designs is the Glasgow Bedspread. I prefer smaller kits but want the complexity of these kits. I would love to tackle this design in a bed runner or wall project. Just a comment on the other designs, I love all the flowers in the colorful splendor as well as the stitches they are done in.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

    Gay E S

  415. 1. I like the Restoration Pillow the best because I love the monkey. I have monkeys on my dining room chair upholstery. I’d love to see the Restoration pillow as a crewel kit.
    2. I’d buy a complex crewel kit like the bedspread, start it, and leave it on a frame promising myself I’ll finish it “someday.” Smaller projects are less intimidating but larger projects are challenging/bucket list items.

  416. I like # 3 The Glasgow Bedspread! I like working on large projects. I really like the colors and the flowers. I would love to hand this down to my daughter and down through the generations.

  417. I prefer the Restoration Pillow (Tree of Life) as it offers lots of color and personality, but doesn’t feel like it would take so much detail work to complete.
    I would stitch a large piece if it had personal value to me; for example I have a kit for “The Last Supper” and although it is a very complex project, it has significance to me. Being able to purchase projects like these as kits means I don’t need to spend a lot of time acquiring materials, but can get into stitching faster!

  418. The one I’m most interested in seeing developed is the bed hanging. I enjoy large projects and the lion is irresistible with his toothy grin. I might work the bedspread but it would have to be a wall hanging or such as we have a cat and I wouldn’t risk the work by putting it on a flat surface. OK, the pillow is absolutely crying out for some serious work space as well. I’m hooked!

  419. Thank you Mary, for offering a wonderful opportunity for your readers! The firescreen design looks wonderful. I like that it is an historical piece that would still look fresh and modern in any setting.

    Question #1: I would prefer the Glasgow bedspread, for much the same reason as above: I am drawn more to reproduction items that are still able to fit well within a modern decor. The design and colors immediately caught my eye.

    Question #2: I would love to try a project this size if available. Yes, it would be a long process, but the beauty of the design and the quality of the materials would make it well worth the time and effort.

  420. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why? I like the Restoration Pillow best. I love the colors and the story the Restoration pillow tells. And it has a bird in it! It’s a project I can see myself enjoying stitching and completing.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones? I prefer smaller projects due to time constraints. If I could sit and stitch most of the day I’d do more larger projects. I’m not sure I’d buy a large kit due to costs mostly. When I do large projects I create them myself.

    I love the fire screen and if I win one, I’ll find the time to stitch and stitch and complete it!!! Thank you for the opportunity.

  421. Hi Mary, Thanks for thaïs opportunity to participate!
    I prefer the design of the Glasgow beadspread because of the lovely colours and shades.
    But I don’t think I would have the patience to work on such a big project. I would prefer a smaller size one that I would be sure to be able to finish. So I prefer smaller kits to very large ones.

  422. For pure style, I absolutely love the bed spread. I love the shading and the design of it. But the size of it is, I admit, extremely intimidating. I tend toward smaller projects due to time restraints. I would absolutely stitch something big and complex if it fell in my lap, but I’m not certain I would pursue it.

    These are all delightful, though. It’s great to see this kind of historical recreation.

  423. What wonderful crewelwork! Yes i would do the Wemyss panel as a panel. It would make a gret bead head or topper. The beadspread is wonderful too. Although tis would be a commitment it would be awesome to have an actual piece remade for the original purpose. It looks like lots of work but there is plenty of space around the motifs and crewel work goes so fast. Keep them comming Phillipa.

  424. I prefer the Wemyss Panel. I like the long, narrow shape and scale. That shape is excellent to hang over a sofa, a sideboard or a towel rack. It is difficult to find kits that are long and narrow and complicated enough that I’d be proud to display as a piece of art in my home.
    If I’m to pay international shipping and then wait several weeks for it to arrive for a Crewel Work Co or Blomkamp kit I’d like it to be a more advanced piece. I’d like to be able to take my time and enjoy stitching it. I’d like it to be suitably complicated so when people ask me where I got it and I tell them I stitched it myself from a kit they’re inspired to do some stitching of their own. It is not uncommon for me to have a larger, more complex piece in a frame and a smaller piece going simultaneously. Larger pieces can feel repetitive and having a small quickie around for when I want to stitch but don’t want to get out the magnifying light out is a nice contrast. I’m unlikely to seek out an international kit for a small, simple thing. There are domestic designers who can send lovely small things quickly and inexpensively.

  425. Dear Mary,
    The fire screen is magnificent!
    I love the fun designs of the first two projects but #3 the Glasgow bedspread is just beautiful, especially the design and the colours.
    My preference is for grand magnificent projects, but having smaller kits available as a try out of the technique and project type that can be made up and given as gifts is good too.
    Thank you Mary.

  426. While a difficult decision, with those alluring options from which to choose, I would opt for the (#3) Glasgow bedspread. Traditional designs of crewel work have always been my favorite form of stitching and I have just finally begun to truly enjoy and fully appreciate long and short stitches that are so integral to the beauty and dimension of crewel pieces. With a kit of that size, and I do prefer larger kits, I would have wonderful hours of lovely wool stitching to always look forward to and my family would ultimately have a beautiful and functional heirloom for many years to come.

  427. 1. Not an easy choice. The bedspread wins for overall loveliness. It is, indeed, peaceful. The Weymuss group designs are bold and beautiful — very striking. The stories associated with them are intriguing. Not sure about the lion with his comical mouth. Love the story, but not sure if I’d want to add that detail because it is distracting from the overall designs, which I love. Likewise, the lion in the Restoration Pillow is intriguing but a bit comical (less so than Weymuss Lion). The botanicals, while lovely, are my least favorite of the three. I favor the Weymuss set, lion and all.
    2. I would consider the firescreen a grand achievement and a keepsake. But I lean towards smaller. I don’t live in a grand house, nor do I have grand skills. I lean towards smaller items for my small house and small skills.

  428. One of the first Stitched items I did when I was first married, over 59 years ago, were Jacobean framed pieces.They were quite large for a first timer, but I finished and have loved Crewel ever since.I adore The Crewel Work Company, drool over all their items, but realize at this stage in my life, I am not going to do many Firescreen or Bedspread size projects. Pillow size or framed pieces are better for me. The Restoration Pillow or the Lion one are my favorites. I love the Traditional Elements of either. If I won the Firescreen kit I would gladly put other things aside and start stitching

  429. I like the Restoration pillow best closely followed by the Glasgow bedspread. And it is the brighter colours of these two that attract me to them. Plus the lion is gorgeous and the history behind the pillow adds something special. Love that historic pieces are being made available this way for us to tackle.

    In terms of size of project, I would be worried that the bedspread one would be ungainly to try and work with and without some sort of payment plan, would be out of reach of many to do. Cushions / pillows / firescreens or panels are more easily able to be worked on from my own standpoint and easier to integrate into my home décor or give as gifts.

  430. The Glasgow Bedspread takes my breath away and I would love to work on a piece of the size and scope. I love working on large projects and feel such a sense of accomplishment when I finish one. I have no children so the only legacy I will leave in this world is the work of my hands, as other needleworkers before me have. To leave a piece that someone, someday would consider art is a hope of mine. These kits carry on a legacy on their own and to do them and do them well makes me happy.

  431. 1. I love the lion in #1. Honestly I like all of them but his teeth are so very wonderful.

    2. I think the largest size I would be willing to do is like the fire screen. That size and smaller is great for me because I don’t have time and really don’t want another project that takes me years.

  432. My favorite is the Restoration Pillow because the design is lovely, detailed and colorful, and the lion makes me smile. Also, it is not so large that it would be a daunting task to undertake. But, that begin said, I also enjoy larger projects that I know will take me, perhaps, years to complete (like the project you told us about recently, Mary!). The Glasgow Bedspread would be one of those major projects, but how glorious it would be to complete that last stitch and then bathe in the beauty and richness of the work!

  433. The Glasgow Bedspread is feminine and gorgeous. Although the design is appealing to me it seems too tiring to work on because so much of it consists of repeated elements, just in different colors. 🙂 On the other hand, I can definitely imagine myself having a lot of fun working on the magnificent Wemyss Panel! Love the color and style!

    So far my biggest embroidery attempt is 13″x13″ but I will not shy away from a bigger piece enchanting me.

  434. I LOVE #3, the Glosgow Beadsrpread, the best, because I like them a little more challenging and something that everyone around me is not doing. I think it would make a great kit with its lovely colors and design. I would do, and have done, a project of this size, but I like smaller embroidery projects, as well. I think everyone should do one massive project just to say they did it! But I have to say, I like the Restoration Pillow, too. Love the history lesson!!

  435. Of the 3 designs shown, my favourite is the Wemymss panel closely followed by the Restoration Pillow. They represent the era that I am most intrigued by. Whilst I would like to think I would stitch a project of the size of the panel, the cost involved would be possibly prohibitive.

  436. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    My favourite is #2 The Restoration Pillow. How exciting to see this re-creation included as a kit. The Tree of Life with its stylised flowers and the gorgeous Lion King ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to Crewel Work and the Jacobean Period.
    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones? If I had to stitch a large “grand” kit although I would enjoy the challenge, I would be afraid that I would not finished it. Also the cost of such a large piece would also be a large factor for me. I like the challenge of something complex as it keeps me interested.

  437. All three are divine. To me, the historical information behind them gives depth. Things with a specific historical link always make me feel more connected with those that have gone before us. In a minor way, it gives a fleeting chance to walk in their shoes, without all their difficulties! There is a certain harmony between the beautiful Mellerstain Firescreen and The Glasgow Bedspread so I would have to pick the bedspread. What a brilliant excuse to get both! Just a matter of time and money…

    “Size matters not!” Personally I have always enjoyed having a variety of sizes and uses for pieces. A simple little detail to add to an infant’s gift through to complex table runners. Practical pieces that can be part of our every day lives to add small touches of beauty. It is worth the investment of time. Is there anything more beautiful than pulling out a piece created by a great grandparent for a birthday, knowing that it was part of their little celebrations just like it is part of ours? I simply adore the delicate little jug cover that my Great Grandmother made with tiny glass beads around the edge. We cautiously use it every Easter. It is like she is there with my children and me. I would hope that any of the pieces in this article would have the same longevity.

  438. The Glasgow bedspread wins hands down for me, the overall pattern idea is a different format for a kit and the colours are fresh and clean. The size would be a challenge and who doesn’t love a challenge especially when it’s finished!
    I’d buy one today

  439. Regarding question number one, although all three are marvelous historic projects, I would definitely prefer the third option, the Glasgow Bedspread. The Wemyss Panel and the Restoration Pillow both commemorate a specific ocasion, whereas the Glasgow Bedspread speaks eternally of hope and love. It sings with the optimism of its creator for a wonderful tomorrow. It is a piece that will always provide sunny, peaceful feelings when you look at it. In the grand scheme of things, these feelings are far more enduring than the other pieces which can provide a glimpse into history’s more violent or volatile moments.

  440. Q1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    THE RESTORATION PILLOW. Its shape is satisfying, the design is interesting, with different motifs – the birds, tree, flowers, LOTS of leaves, and of course the delightful lion. The colours are clear and well-blended.

    Q2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    YES, I WOULD. I have been working on one of the “Crewel Intentions” designs, and it will be used as a replacement table top, rather than the footstool that it was designed for. I do small designs, as well as larger ones, and have room for them all. Making heirlooms – things that my family will enjoy as much as I have, is an exciting challenge.

  441. All the three pieces are beautiful. I would like to see #3 Glasgow bedspread pattern as a kit because I love all over vibrant patterns . Yes, I would like to stitch more complex and larger patterns . Thanks for opportunity to win a wonderful kit.

  442. I love crewel but I am justca beginner so I wouldn’t purchase a big project to start with. Having said that,The Glasgow Bedspread is really beautiful with all the colours I love. Due to space constraints I would have to go small not big most of the time

  443. My favourite as a future kit has to be the magnificent Glasgow Bedspread for the history behind it and the delightful colours giving brightness yet softness to this regal piece. It is worked predominantly in my favourite stitch, long & short which allows for the subtleness to the changes in colour. It would be wonderful to do, to have and to hand down with in my family.
    As to the size preference, I do not have one, it all comes down to the composition and colours and that is why I would love the Fire Screen kit.

  444. 1. I love the style of the Wemyss pillow, but not sure about those teeth! All three designs are lovely, but my favourite is the Restoration Pillow, and yes, I would love to see it as a kit, and/or as just the printed fabric. I like its complexity and the freshness of the design, and of course, the King.
    2. Yes, I would stitch designs this size. Smaller ones are great for a quick crewelfix, but I love to have a big complex project on the go that will be my companion for as long as I want to take to work it. I am finally beginning to appreciate that speed isn’t everything, and slow stitching can be a kind of meditation. Not to mention how proud I would be to have something like that finally finished and on display in my home.

  445. I love the designs and would love to do the Restoration pillow. Of the designs I like most the bedspread but at my age would not start a project that size because I might not have time or eyesight to finish it. I especially like the colours in this design and the design itself would look so good on that size of piece. Generally I refer smaller pieces i.e. pillow size or smaller, but that is partly because of my old age. I love things which have history with them.

  446. I like best the first one : The Wemyss Panel. Essentially because the design and the size. I prefer smaller size – they give me more changes to end the projects.
    I like so much the Appleton wools and I like best the reds, roses, greys, beiges, and browns.

  447. I have to say, I adore the goofy grin on the lion, which seems to echo the smile of the Weymss porcelain cats, so it would have to be the Weymss Panel for me!

    And while I must concur with those who usually stitch small things, I think the full size panel looks almost irresistible. A nice long bolster, maybe, since my bed doesn’t have a place for hangings.

  448. I love the Restoration Pillow the best. I would love to see this as a kit because I love the rich history of crewel work and the incredible amount of historical and cultural context you see in so many of the pieces. The pillow is just such a piece. My favorite decoration in our home growing up was a beautiful faux medieval tapestry. I would love to recreate a period piece of my own someday.

    I would absolutely buy and work kits this size/intricacy if available. I love both small and large projects. I think it is lovely to have one large project you always have going and a few small projects to switch things up and give you some quick satisfaction. Nothing equals the sense of accomplishment gotten from a large, intricate piece being completed.

  449. I have wanted to create this firescreen for years now, since I first discovered it. My favorite in the featured possibilities is the Glasgow Bedspread. I like the overall look of the latter and can visualize it in my home more than I can the others. I’ve generally done smaller projects. This would be a beautiful major undertaking. Smaller projects are probably less daunting because they can be completed sooner, but what heirlooms the larger pieces would become!

  450. In answer to your questions; I prefer the look of project # 1, the Wemyss panel, the best. I like the greenery and the lion, so traditional. I think it might be nice to work in the lager size format. I usually do small size ones, but that it usually all that is available to purchase. I so love it framed in the fire place screen furniture, so very lovely.

    ~Gin K.~

  451. Hi, i love crewel work, among all three, my favorite is #3 Glasgow Bedspread, i loved its pattern, color tone and the work. Since these are antique patterns, i would love to have it as kit.
    Preethi GA

  452. The Glasgow Bedspread is my favorite because it’s more feminine, more colorful and a more useful piece to show off. The Mellerstain firescreen kit is a gorgeous piece.

  453. 1. Glasgow bedspread; the repeat would make a great seat cushion or cover and colors could be adjusted for all decor schemes
    2. Yes,I like larger projects they can be adapted to other uses more easily. And the bedspread could be easily stitched in a smaller size if airport wanted to.

  454. I love the firescreen and would use it as a screen. The bedspread is lovely. The size is daunting and would be hard to use. Maybe half that size could rest on the back of a couch or a drape across the end of the bed (I wouldn’t want to sleep under something that was so much work).

    The larger design is appealing, I think making one large project would satisfy the urge to create, that several small projects wouldn’t satisfy.

    Thank you for the beautiful designs you provide. Eye candy for all!

  455. I would vote for the Restoration Pillow. I think it is stunning and I have stitched the companion piece which was marvelous fun. I would/do stitch larger, more complicated pieces.

  456. I would choose the restoration pillow. I have a passion for “tree of life” depictions and even made a quilted wall-hanging with embroidery and beads and dolls. It is big enough to cover a single/twin bed but because of the embellishments, not good to sleep with.
    I would certainly use a kit to embroider a pillow of that size. I’m not as adventurous to try the coverlet and although I do love the panel in #1, I much prefer the #2 Restoration Pillow project.

  457. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?

    No question they are all gorgeous, but my favorite is the Glasgow Bedspread. I love the flowers and how the colors pop out in the small bursts of flowers. In addition, stitching long and short stitch is a soothing, meditative activity that engages the mind just enough to make it interesting, but not so much that I cannot sit in front of the TV and work on this project.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?

    Yes, small pieces give one a sense of accomplishment more quickly, but as Mary wrote in her recent blog post, “Half: Embroidery, Pessimism, and Optimism,” she experienced a bit of sadness at her project being half over. While I do love the idea of finishing up a small project, there is something really amazing about being immersed in a large project. It’s like wrapping this comforting blanket of crewel work around yourself while you work on it. A project such as this would truly become part of the “fabric of one’s life.”

    I am pretty new to embroidery, but am falling in love with it. I embrace the challenge of working on increasingly complex pieces so that I increase my skills and develop more comfort with each stitch that I learn.

  458. First I want to say that the Mellerstain Firescreen has been in my bucket list since you wrote about Phillipa awhile back.

    To answer your first question. My favorite is the Glasgow Bedspread. It is truly beautiful and I would love to make it. I do have questions reference this project and how to present it? Would the master class be in person or internet? Would the project cost be so expensive that it would limit the customer base? My second favorite is the Restoration Pillow. I like the size of the project and the colors. It is very doable and the possible project cost makes it a nice Christmas or Birthday present. The Wemyss Panel is interesting because I don’t see it as a big project but three smaller projects – the lion and the tree, the center flower and the Griffon/bird.

    Question 2. I am a big fan of large and very complex projects. One project I knitted, the experience level was listed as suicidal instead of beginner/intermediate/experienced. Not only did I finish it but I enjoyed making it.

  459. 1. I love The Glasgow bedspread the best as the bright colors and intricate vines really appeal to me. I would love to see this produced as a kit as it would be a lovely addition to my home decor. I love intricate designs and colorful palates.

    2. I would definitely stitch a kit of this size as I love a challenge and would love to experience the thrill of completing a piece of this magnitude. I love projects of all sizes and would welcome a magnificent project such as this.

    Thank you for offering this give away opportunity. I love the fire screen too!!!

  460. Third one, definitely. I know the color palette of the other two is in accordance with traditional crewel but the lovely colors of that bedspread already made that decision for me. Also, I like colorful silk shading with crewel wool which the third one employs splendidly.
    As of big projects, I like them more than small ones even though small ones is more practical for my skill level at the moment. My dream project is a crewel folding screen for my bedroom. And I think the third option would make a great one.

  461. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    #2 I like the size. Doable without being overwhelmingly large. I really like #3 but know it would never be finished.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones.
    I would try it depending on the cost. I prefer smaller projects to assure they get finished in the time I have to work on projects. I feel a sense of satisfaction when a project is done, failure when it sits for too long.

  462. What difficult decision to make all three designs are lovely. The simplicity of the Weymss cushion design based on the pelmet is delightful especially with the lion’s special teeth! The Glasgow bedspread design has lovely movement to it and the colours tone well together. However I think the restoration pillow wins in my eyes as from the picture above it looks a more stylised tree of life design and the lion standing regally upright by the tree with its wonderful face of Charles II would be fun to work. It is full of symbolism and rich I colour.

    Crewel work is great fun to do and I enjoy the challenge of trying new stitches to obtain a special effect. I have worked a number of projects mainly cushions of different sizes and small pieces which I like to use as sample pieces and work them while travelling. I have worked a number of Crewel Company kits which I have purchased from Liberty’s but last year they failed me by having none in stock! I have been involved in making bedspreads so large projects are not an impossibility but I think cushions are more useful in today’s life and achievable.
    The cost for us to buy such a kit would be high especially with our exchange
    May the Crewel company continue to be successful in producing such tempting kits and how wonderful it would be to go on one of their tours

  463. I have always done cross stitch and crewel embroidery. The size does not matter as it will be something to cherish and hand down for generations to come. I think #3 the Glasgow Bedspread can be finished so many ways. Large picture, small pillow, and who knows an actual bedspread.

  464. I really like the whole panel of #1 and would definitely like to make this.
    Number 2: Not so much, it is pretty but that lion just hits a discord with me.
    Number 3: Is stunning and would be the first on my list to complete out of all of the three. The colours and pattern is wonderful and I could see myself making use of the completed piece =)

    Thank you all for this give away so exciting.

  465. Je prefère le no 3 par couleurs et les possibilités d’applications. On peux faire des vêtements et des recouvrements de meuble. J’aime bien avoir le choix des grandeurs, on pourrait avoir plusieurs choix. Petitet complexe, ou grandeur coussin pour avoir plus de facilité.
    J’adore le crewel. Merci de nous faire connaître ces artistes.

  466. I like a mix of the simple and the complex. It’s a matter of time and place. If I am traveling-small, compact pieces easily packed and hooped are my choice. Long winter days and nights would be an opportunity to do the larger pieces-like the coverlet. Crewel is one of my favorite stitching media and I look forward to attending my crewel group’s quarterly meetings and finding new stitches to learn and challenges to overcome.

  467. 1. The Glasgow Bedspread is my favorite, because of the Jacobean style.

    2. It would be a long term project for sure! Not having worked on embroidery projects this big it’s hard to say whether or not I would enjoy the larger kits.

  468. Out of the three kits, I would have to choose the Restoration Pillow. All three proposed kits are beautiful, but the level of detail and richness of colors made this one my favorite. I prefer working on multiple large projects at one time, even though completion takes forever. For me it’s usually about the process, so having an interesting and engaging project to work on is most important to me.

  469. The one I like best is The Glasgow Bedspread. As a kit – the same. Because it is stunning and beautiful and makes me happy. It has all of the grace of old embroidery to me. It says class and beauty. I would like to stitch kits of this size & complexity. In fact all of the sizes of all three above. The Wemyss Panel doesn’t have enough of the crewel beauty that I like – it is over simplified for my own preference. The Restoration Pillow has lots of the beauty – but it seems to packed in to me. The Glasgow Bedspread is perfection, nailed.

  470. My favorite is #2 The Restoration Pillow. I love the historic look and the Tree of Life. It is also my preference for size – perfect for a small wallhanging or large pillow cover, or could be incorporated into a quilt. The size would not be so overwhelming for a beginner embroiderer like me. Although both are beautiful, #1 shape seems impractical, and #3 size seems too daunting.

  471. The project I like best is the “The Restoration Pillow”. I would love to see that as a crewel embroidery kit most because of it’s size for a starter but also it’s whimsical content and history!
    I would stitch crewel kits in the smaller size and complexity if they were made available. That would be my preference for kits of this size and complexity now because of experience. However, in preferring the smaller projects presently does not mean the larger and much grander project like the “The Glasgow Bedspread” would be out of the question for me to do a a kit if available. It is magnificent!
    Barbara Dennis

  472. 1.Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    The Bedspread is my favorite, the restoration pillow minus the lion is my second favorite. I love playing with colors and the bedspread gives me ample opportunity for the same.

    The wemyss panel unfortunately is too green for me and I absolutely did not like the smiling king of the jungle.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    I’ve no specific preference as such – it depends on how much I am taken with the project. If it is love at first sight, then the size doesn’t matter ;)From the business point of view,may I suggest Philipa and Laura to go for smaller sized kits and give a pre-order option for larger sized ones so that they get guaranteed business.

  473. I liked all of them but the most I liked is #3 Glasgow Bedspread . It’s just beautiful . It’ll be an honour to own such a wonderful piece of art . It’s not just one design , it seems to be a collection of designs. And I always love to take big projects .It challenges me to my limit of patients ,exceeds my limit and ultimately gives me peace ,which is why I love embroidery (traditional art) and sewing

  474. Wow! How can you choose between any of these options? The allover crewel with flowers is pastel colors is beautiful and I love anything with lions in it, but I think the Restoration Pillow is my favorite. Anything Jacobean is appealing to me, especially Charles II and those stunning stumpwork caskets. The lion is exceptional and I would love working this as a pillow or a screen or picture. As far as projects go, working a large project is preferable. Small projects are equally appealing and provide a quiet relief while working away at something larger but larger projects are more engaging for me and often result in a more unique display and presentation.

    Thank you for offering this great opportunity. SharonP

  475. which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    I like the restoration pillow best because of its colours, historical links and the wonderful variety of shapes and stitches. This pillow would be great fun to stitch and something I can see myself achieving.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available?
    The pelmet shape is very attractive and I can see it fitting into a modern home very well. My own preference is for brighter colours and know that replicating the faded colours of the originals appeals to many folk. The Glasgow bed cover is amazing. I love the colour way but such a size is simply too much for me as an older stitcher and the cost would be outside of my budget.

    Thank you so much Philippa and Mary for both the give away and the chance to share our opinions about possible future projects.

  476. I love the Glasgow bedspread, as I prefer florals and the colors are lovely. I might make something this size once or twice, but typically I make smaller projects as the larger ones take me a very long time to finish.

  477. 1. I like all the designs because I am seeing the value of stitching one large heirloom piece rather than multiple smaller pieces. I’m hoping all will be available and that I can afford one or several! Of these shown, I like The Restoration Pillow because of its wonderful colors and shading! If I were younger (and had more years!), I’d love to stitch the bed panels!
    2. Please design more projects that are larger and more challenging! I would definitely purchase and make. Love everything about crewel – the feel of the wool, the colors available, the shading, the stitches.

  478. I prefer the restoration pillow. The colors are beautiful and I like the way the design covers the entire area. The lion is gorgeous. I am interested in taking on larger projects but I am not enamoured with the bedspread kit. I prefer a design with a focus rather than an all-over pattern. If asked to rank the pieces, I would select the first one as my second choice for this reason.

  479. I really like the Glasgow Bedspread, #3. I like the variety of patterns and colours which I think would fit in well in a variety of homes if the needleworker wanted to make this a feature display in a room. I prefer a smaller piece as I do not have a huge home, do lots of needlework and like to have my efforts on my walls to give me delight and good memories.

  480. My own preference is for the Glasgow bedspread, EM. I enjoy working the various stitches I see in there, including some filling stitches that appear to be trellised, and the colors are truly lovely and easy to fit in to any house. As far as size of projects is concerned, I do like working a major project as part of my needlework. Lots of smaller things along the way give me a break and let me enjoy the feeling of completing things, but I am usually working on something larger most of the time.

  481. I LOVE the Glasglow Bedspread! It is my favorite! It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the repeating patterns, beautiful colors and the way it all flows together.

    Overall, I prefer smaller kits. The Restoration pillow is wonderful. They travel well and can be completed faster. But the Glasglow bedspread is so amazing I had to choose it. It would definitely be worth all time invested.

  482. I think all three are beautiful, but my favourite is the Glasgow Bedspread. I appreciate that it is a very large project, but I think it has great potential as a timeless family heirloom, and this would help to justify the resources that would need to go into it.
    Second choice would be the Restoration Pillow, which is probably more do-able for most of us.
    Perhaps a segment of the Glasgow Bedspread could also be offered as cushion kit? Might be a way to “test-drive” before purchasing the full bedspread-size kit.

  483. 1. I love the Glasgow bedspread and would like to see it as a kit. I would enjoy very much to Work on it for a very long time.

    2. I would like to stitch a kit in this size although I prefer to make miniature kits but I think that this marvellous bedspred would not be easy to make in miniature. I would love to have it on my bed.

  484. Hello. I want to say first off that Phillipa is a true and generous needlewoman. I had the very great pleasure of meeting her a few years ago in her home. It was spontaneous, and kind and unforgettable for me that Phillipa showed me her treasures and sat me down for a quick lesson in crewel work. I have seen the original bedspread, and it is unbelievably gorgeous, and large and a project that would keep one busy for a very long time. It would also cost a fortune to reproduce! I would be very reluctant to use it as a table covering, or for a bed, as I could never be sure that something or someone (kids, dogs, cats and accident prone adults) wouldn’t stain or dirty it. I would turn it into a wall hanging of the finest type. Something along the lines of the unicorn tapestry. I would think this project would be a bit of an opus and would be very nice to slowly work away at, and given my nature of always needing gratification, it would be put aside to start and finish smaller works, and then be picked up again, until somewhere down the road, after many years it would be done. The individual elements in this piece are so lovely that I am happy small areas have been extracted and turned into pillow. I envision a wonderful tea cosy as well. The Wymss design I find a tad unsettling given the garish grin of the lion. I realize the toothy grin was added later, and can be removed, but I also feel the design seems a bit disconnected, though I am not sure why. Certainly trees and lions go together, but it is almost as if my eye cannot settle on what is important in this piece – the lions face is almost off the “page”, which leaves his backend in more of a prominent position though neither follow the rule of thirds, which is a design technique that gives energy and direction for the eye to follow. Of the three designs I would purchase first the Restoration pillow. I love the tension in the piece, the almost sexual nature of the lion standing up embracing the tree – the humour in it and the whimsy. The expression on the lions face is sublime, and the colour of the surrounding floral fantasy is intoxicating. I love how the red flower takes your eye and leads you right in to the lion. There are more things to discover about this design than at first glance, which I really like. The blue bird, the growing shoots, the tiny strawberries. So much to create. To sum it up then, first pick is the restoration pillow – the size seems perfect, likely affordable and the design exciting. Second, would be the Glasgow bedspread, as a wonderful opus, and a project to invest in and spend many many hours completing. The Wymss Lion, is not for me, but two out of three ain’t bad. 🙂 The fire screen kit is gorgeous. Such a generous prize. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope I have helped in some way. Cheers!

  485. 1. I love #3, the Glasgow bedspread. I love the colors and floral design. It reminds me of my trip to Scotland. My preference would to have this in a kit in a smaller size so it can be completed in a shorter period of time and commitment.
    2. My preference would be smaller size (pillow size) or a little larger size kit. Too large of a kit or it may become a UFO.

    Carol Gray

  486. I prefer the Restoration Pillow because of the lovely colors and the difficulty of the embroidery. I always want to work on large, difficult embroideries. I enjoy the challenge.

    I enjoy larger pieces to work on, so I would like all of these designs.

  487. 1.
    The Restoration pillow, #2, appeals to me as a doable and handsome kit option.

    2. I have worked on some large projects and treasured them for years. I have also enjoyed simpler ones, in the end I prefer the grand ones that gain places of honor in my home.

    Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful firescreen kit.

  488. I love the bedspread, it is so pretty. However I would prefer to see smaller rather than larger kits available, as they would be within the budget of more embroiderers who want to produce a really nice example of crewel work.

  489. Oh, I love #2. I have a passion for Tree of Life designs. The colors in this piece of needlework are so brillant and beautiful. I can picture embellishing it with some small jewels. It would make a beautiful, one of a kind, firescreen. At the moment my fireplace looks quite bare, this project would take it over the top.
    I would stitch crewel kits of this size.
    Like the Tree of Life, I would love to branch out to new challenges and this one definitely speaks to me. Usually I work on small to medium pieces, I relish the promise of such an interesting historical needlework project.

  490. I prefer number two as a potential kit. The Wemyss lion’s face is a bit too gruesome for my American taste. The Restoration pillow has the Jacobean feel that I enjoy, plus the benefit of having many small motifs within the design that can be stitched, completed and enjoyed as work progresses. The Glasgow bedspread is truly a labor of love and would surely be magnificent when completed by someone who could afford the linen and yarn it would consume. However, it could never be used as a bedspread or displayed save under the most solemn of circumstances. Not too long ago I purchased a pair of hand made Louise Chrimes designed linen bedspreads from the 1950s. They obviously had never touched a bed. I ended up giving them to Mrs. Chrimes’ great grandson because I was afraid my cats would ruin them. Since I have limited stitching time, the Firescreen would be the most ambitious project I’d consider. Small kits are good for taking on vacation or giving as gifts. I do the medium size for myself and my home, and admire whoever does the huge ones, because I never will. In the medium size kits I look for ones that give satisfaction as you stitch, having discrete motifs and a variety of colors.

  491. My favourite is the Restoration Pillow. I like the colours and variety of stitches and know that my interest would be held if I was developing new skills. The size would not be daunting and the finished piece would be stunning. I like the Glasgow Bedspread but know the cost would be prohibitive. A smaller kit based on this design would be of interest especially if it incorporated some unusual/complex stitches.

  492. I prefer the Glasgow bedspread, the colours are gorgeous.
    I’d like to think I’d tackle a project of that size, but in reality I wouldn’t know what to do with it, I’d be terrified to use it on a bed in case the stitches got snagged so in reality I think I would go for something on a smaller scale.
    Good luck with the new designs,
    Kind regards

  493. I love the The Wemyss Panel and will buy the kit. I like pieces that reproduce a historic original (which all three do). I also love quirky birds and animals. I’m a beginner and don’t have a lot of time or embroidery stamina, so pillow size is good for me. I can’t image doing a whole bedspread. I’d also purchase very small kits. The portability of a small project is nice for me and I like kits that make you look at an element in a larger historic original in a new way–zeroing in on an interesting flower or animal deepens my appreciation for the skill and design of the original.

  494. My first choice is the Wemyss panel. I like it the best. The teeth and the history behind them are just so interesting.

    I like more involved, challenging projects, but then I am not a beginner.

  495. I love them all! However, if I must choose one then it would be #3. The Glasgow Bedspread. I am in the planning stages of designing bed curtains and this would be a great addition to my room.
    I love large kits, especially if they have history attached to them. The fireplace screen would make the room complete!

    Thank you for offering this drawing!
    Barbara Downey

  496. No doubt about it #1 as a kit would be a clear choice for my next crewel project. The colors the subject and the size all appeal to me. Stitching a bed pelmet is a piece I have been looking for,for some time. There are so many pillow designs out there but few of this unusual size like that of the long narrow crewel piece. It seems to me that many may choose this as a refreshing piece to work with. Love the lion and the story adds such interest and detail.
    What I look for in a crewel kit is color and design first. The size is really not much of a consideration as long as I really like what I see and could find a useful place in my home to show case my efforts.
    My to do list has contained the Mellerstain fire screen for quite some time now. What a gorgeous piece of stitching it is. Some what of a challenge for me to give it it’s due but would sure love the opportunity to try. Crewel embroidery has been a passion of mine for years and my expertise gets better with each piece I work.

  497. I choose The Wemyss Panel for a kit project. I have framed needlepoint/pettipoint pieces measuring 24″x30″ on my walls and people are amazed they are not painted but made by hand. I would cherish the opportunity to make a crewel panel worthy of the cost of framing. Being a Scot,it would be a true heirloom to hand down in our family. As to complexity, I love a challenge; that is how I mature in my craft. All Hail King George!

  498. I love the Glasgow bedspread.I live just outside Glasgow and would love to embroider a piece that comes from the city that means so much to me.I am lucky enough to be studying with the Royal School of Needlework in one of their satalite schools in Glasgow so I feel I would be able to complete the embroidery to a high standard give the tuition I have received.

    1. The piece I would choose out of the three pieces is the Glasgow bedspread.I live just outside Glasgow and I would love to embroider a piece that comes from the City that I have so many connections with. I am lucky enough to be studying with the Royal School of Needlework in one of their satalite schools in Glasgow. As I have completed the unit on Jacobean Crewelwork I feel I would be able to complete the com roofers to the high standard it deserves.

  499. They are all beautiful, buuuut…
    1. #2, the Restoration Pillow, draws my eye more, the jewel tone colors and classic design are fabulous! Being of medium difficulty (I would say that, anyway) it is just enough for a beginner to learn something new, and an advanced stitcher to finish quickly. I myself do not enjoy very long term projects, 2 months compared to 2 years, say.
    2. I prefer smaller projects, for these reasons: a very large project can be cost prohibitive, and a pillow or framed piece can be just right, cost-wise. It is also easier, size-wise, to finish, and then the finished piece is perfect for yourself or a special gift, as it will fit easily into your existing decor. There’s always room for another pillow! Some people may prefer a very large project that is really a statement piece, something more unusual and challenging.

  500. I am not very experienced in Crewel, having had only one class. I made a cushion, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I went on to make a chair back, while my mother-in-law made a fire screen.

    1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why? I enjoy the Glasgow Bedspread for the very diversity of it. You can look at it forever and not get bored. Also the scale of the project: I would like to tackle a large project, but having said that, I would not afford the cost of materials. I reckon it would be a specialised item that would, on my part, be totally absorbing (in a good way.)

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones? I would like a project that was 50-75cm square, but as a wall hanging or framed piece, so a picture. I like the Restoration Pillow in that way. Smaller projects, even a small cushion, seem somehow wrong to me, because crewel work is sturdy and bold. It can be complex, and subtle, but not delicate. What I like best about crewel is that combination, sturdy and subtle. It can be extraordinary, and yet it seems inviting.
    I will add that what I would really, really like is a design in crewel work that reflected some of the artists of the Glasgow School of Art. Not just MacIntosh, or even the Glasgow Boys, but there were a group called the Glasgow Women (or girls? I can’t recall) that I’ve read of recently. I wouldn’t have the knowledge or skill to even start such a design, but I would love a kit!
    ~ Sally-Ann in Sanquhar, Scotland.

  501. I have worked on crewel for years and have a great fascination with the art form. My favorite is #3, the Glasgow Bedspread I like the other patterns, but am not drawn to them as much as the Glasgow Bedspread project.
    I have always admired the fire screen kit and have looked at purchasing it but it was out of stock at the time. I often go to the website to look at what is available and what project I want to put on my “wish list.”
    I like to have varying size projects to work on. Some long term, others short term. I would buy either a large or a small project.
    Thank you for all you do for us stitchers. It is especially amazing given your health is not at baseline. I wish you well on a rapid recovery.

  502. 1. I love the Glasgow bedspread. It is as joyous as it is glorious! I would like to see it made into a kit because the pattern could be utilized in so many ways. It lends itself beautifully to a giant bedspread or a tiny pillow. It could be adapted to so many projects.

    2. I prefer smaller kits. They are easier to actually do finish.


  503. I absolutely love #3 – the Glasgow Bedspread. It is so beautiful. I like the adaptability of this design to fit in with my current surroundings but it has the potential to enhance the living space of future generations. It is definitely an heirloom piece. It brings the beauty of the outdoors – indoors. I am more likely to focus on smaller projects but I do choose carefully when selecting a bigger project. It needs to be of worth to me to consider spending so much time on it. This is definitely one of those projects that I would choose. It is truly a beautiful piece.

  504. I love #3, primarily because of the floral motifs and pretty colors. I am just crazy for florals. However, I would like to see it done as a pillow or bolster. I would not stitch such a large project as a bed or table cover. Too many projects and too little time, so I prefer the smaller projects, such as fire screen, pillow, bolster, or table runner. Thank you for the chance to win!
    Gale Worthington Schwarb
    Edmonds, Washington

  505. Hi Mary,

    I would like to see the number 2, the restoration pillow as a kit as I like the range of colours in the piece, and the fact that it is a smaller piece of embroidery than the bedspread.

    I probably wouldn’t stitch a kit the size of the bedspread, as I prefer to design my own patterns when it comes to the grander larger projects. I like doing the medium to small size kits as you learn a lot of techniques and colour blending etc from doing these. In general I prefer the larger projects as you get to see them grow over a longer period of time, though shorter projects are useful to ‘split up’ the larger projects.

    I have had my eye on the firescreen for a while now and would love a chance to give it a go.


    Ella Richards from Southampton, UK.

  506. I like #2 as I think it has purrsonality and
    beautiful florals.
    I am not as experienced in crewel but enjoy
    improving my skills so I would prefer to do smaller pieces.
    But if I see a larger project I like it does not
    deter me.
    I like kits as they provide you with the materials and you can start right away and
    be confident that you can complete the project.

  507. #1 in a kit I like the colors, design and especially the history. #3 is beautiful but full size is too large. I won’t live long enough to complete. Both large grand kits but also smaller for quick results and to practice for a larger piece.I’m drooling on the screen thinking of the beautiful threads. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  508. I love the restoration pillow. It is just stunning. I am increasingly looking for complexity in what I stitch. I’ve been stitching for a long time and I want to challenge myself. Size doesn’t matter!

  509. My first favorite is the fire screen, but that’s not in the running. While I don’t mind large projects, the Glasgow bedspread would interest me if it was a rectangular pillow size.
    The one I would actually chose is #2. The strong colors, variety of shapes, and size are appealing.

  510. My favorite was #3 because it had delicate, flowing flowers and leaves and I liked the color scheme. I would like the kit as a smaller size (maybe a pillow or sham). Too many things I want to stitch in this life to go much bigger than that!

  511. I like the wemyss panel best as it has clear and bold lines,with great colours. Yes I would stitch a bigger panel like that.

  512. Although the larger pieces are quite lovely, I prefer the smaller projects because they are more versatile. My favorite is the Restoration Pillow because of the variety of vibrant colors which could be used with several color schemes.

  513. 1. My favourite is The Glasgow Bedspread. Absolutely stunning.
    2. I generally prefer smaller projects but something like The Glasgow Bedspread would be worth making.
    The only problem I would have is if Appleton wools were used. I don’t like them. There are better and finer alternatives.

  514. I love the lion with the Kings face, I would do any size I guess even though the fire screen looks more aproachable. I love it all!

  515. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    I love the restoration pillow, The colors and the historical story it tells makes it irresistible. It would be a challenge for this advanced/beginner but just the right size to feel like I could finish it without it languishing in a corner.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available?
    Yes absolutely. I’m very drawn to the historical projects and would be thrilled to work the firescreen and would do a larger project that had the variety I look for.
    The bedspread is gorgeous but I feel I may get weary of the the repeat while working on it.
    I like the idea of creatures and would love a grotto with a mermaid.

  516. I would choose the Glasgow Bedspread (#3), as I very much enjoy the large variety of colors used, and Jacobean work. The design is not cluttered, and I could see if complementing many types of decor.

    I would love to work on a huge piece like this, as it would be simply stunning upon completion.

  517. My favorite of the kit choices is the Restoration Pillow. The colors used are attractive and the design is more balanced than the other two designs. The bedspread design is too repetitive for me. I enjoy working on both large and small projects – the size of these kits would not be a problem.

  518. My cat Malcolm, who believes he is a miniature lion (beige tabby, very large, and 23 pounds!) was all set to have me vote for #1, and then he saw #2. Despite the adorable toothy grin of Lion #1, we prefer Lion #2, because of its wider diversity of color. (If we could vote for two, we would also vote for #1).

    Yes, I would stitch kits of this size and diversity. I put about 20-30 hours per week into stitching, so if I worked only small, easy kits, I would run out of wall space. However, I do like both large and small kits. It’s nice occasionally to do something that works up quickly, as a relief from projects that take a month of more to work.

  519. 1. I like #2 The Restoration Pillow the best – the colors are very nice and I can’t resist the lion with his crown!

    2. I would stitch crewel kits of this size and complexity. For the most part, however, I prefer smaller kits as I am more likely to complete them.

    All of the choices are beautiful, and I would love to have the time to do them all!

  520. Wow, what an amazing give-away!

    As to the questions:
    1. The kit I like best is the second one, with the third being a close second. I’m really loving the abundance of all the different foliage, and the dignified look on the lion’s face. And although it’s a rather large pieces, it seems like it would be easy to take parts of the design and use them for smaller scale work. And I love that sort of adaptability. No.3 too looks like it could be adapted to a whole range of sizes, and I love flowers, period. The story behind the lion of no.1 is amusing, but his smile just may be a tad too goofy for me.

    2. I’m a novice in crewel stitching, so I’m not ready for a large-scale set just yet. But it is something I enjoy immensely, and I definitely would like to get a kit that size. For larger works I prefer having all materials ready to go. Something to work on during the winter months. For smaller pieces I usually get the pattern only, and gather the materials myself. I like to gift these to crafting friends to introduce them to embroidery. What I’m getting at: options! Full kits, pre-printed fabric, or just patters, it’s good to have choice.


  521. What an amazing prize!!
    I like the Glasgow Bedspread best by far. It would be easily adaptable to larger or smaller project as well. It could also be offered in different colourways.
    I love doing larger projects. I always have 1 or 2 small things on the go that I can take along with me to appointments, etc. but I do like to have a more significant and challenging project on the go at home.

  522. 1. I love the bedspread best because I prefer flowers to animals, it looks more dainty and I love the colours. I do not think I would ever finish anything this big though, I would prefer to see it as a table runner.

    2.I am unlikely to stitch really large projects although I have made a quilt with Jacobean flowers appliqued onto it. I prefer smaller projects.

  523. My favorite piece of the three is number 3 The Glasgow Bedspread, although it was a difficult decision.
    I think they all offer something different in style, complexity and technique but the bedspread appealed to my love of smaller motifs and softer colours.
    I love to see projects created which are a true reproduction of the original be it tiny or on a grander scale so I love that Phillipa is contemplating producing this to scale. I think there would definitely be a market for it. I think working on a project like this would be an adventure and the size of it simply contributes to the awe I feel for the extrodinary talent of the needle workers of the past.

  524. Q1: The Restoration Pillow. They’re all gorgeous though, it was very hard to choose a winner.
    Q2: I *want* to stitch projects of this size and complexity! But my skills don’t reach quite so far just yet. An aspirational stitcher! (And I’ve had the Mellerstain Firescreen in my “STITCHING TO BUY” folder for YEARS.) For now, would buy smaller, less complex projects to suit my alleged skills. 🙂

  525. I would go for the Glasgow Bedspread. I like the All over look. Instead of just one large image. Besides this can also be broke down into smaller projects like curtin draw backs to match!Any thing the company makes it just wonderful and of top quality. Am I bad to just collect her kits to just oh and ah over them?

    1. I would like to revise my answer. I would love the Glasgow Bedspread. But never could afford the whole quilt cost! I would suggest selling the pattern with the fabric and thread as a separate option. The pattern for smaller items. Like chair covers, pillows, and like I said before as a embellishment on my bedroom curtains and pullbacks. I already have tons of thread, so would not need a full kit.

  526. Love the Glasgow bedspread. Collets are muted and soft.
    Would prefer smaller piece. 18×18 Max

  527. Number three, the Glasgow Bedspread. I think this would appeal to more sewers and the style is appropriate to a greater number of homes. Plus on a personal note I think the lions teeth are awful.

  528. Hello!
    I absolutely adore “The Restoration Pillow”. I love the bird, the butterfly, the flowers, the crewel hills, the different leaves, berries, the gorgeous crowned lion (Charles II), and the deep, rich colors that compliment one another so perfectly. I prefer small and large complex kits. It just depends on what I am in the mood for. I love larger kits, because they can be enjoyed over lots of time and they always turn out so spectacular. Their size adds a lot to their presence. So yes, I would be very interested in larger kits. Also, crewel embroidery is my favorite!
    Lisa Loynd

  529. What absolutely wonderful projects. In answer to question 1 I would love to embroider the Restoration Pillow and I believe it is essential to keep these projects to the forefront of todays drive to bring embroidery back into todays creative arts for all. In answer to question 2 I would love to see the larger projects available, as I am hoping to be able to leave my own heirloom.

  530. I would totally love to have the Glasgow Bedspread made available. It would be a perfect piece for me if it was available as a print on fabric with a recommended line of fibres that could be purchased on the side in small batches, making it easier on the pocket book. Being an intermediate and passionate stitcher, I love learning new techniques and I am not at all daunted with large projects. I am currently stitching up a large rug using a William Morris print for my home, and would welcome this bedspread!

  531. I love The Weymss Panel the best. It reminds me of some of the grand embroideries I saw in bedrooms when I visited many heritage homes in the UK.

    The other two panels are excellent as well, with the Restoration being my next choice due to its its historical links to the Kings of England which is a passion of mine.

    I would probably not do the third offering, as I have nowhere grand enough to display it in my home.

    I love panels of this size and complexity. Whilst I like cushions, you can only display so many in your home, so would have no problem doing panels of this size and complexity. This is mainly due to your excellent notes. Cost is a factor as I live in Australia.

    Thank you for continuing to make wonderful crewel embroidery designs available.

  532. My favorite is the pillow number 2. Even like it all faded. Probably wouldn’t attempt a really large project. I’m not that good, but love trying. Cost would be a factor, as well. I do like a challenge though. If it is too small and easy, I’m not interested. I remember when I wanted to learn stained glass, they wanted me to make a ” sun catcher”. I said, ” I don’t think so, I need to make a window.” And, I did!

  533. Oh my, these are all so beautiful–crewel work is what got me interested in embroidery in the first place! Of these three, I like #1, the Weymess Panel, the best. Those teeth are awesome! I would be happy to tackle projects of this size and complexity based on historic pieces.

  534. #3, The Glasgow Bedspread would be my preference – the colours, the design, the timelessness of it seems to suit my tastes. I think this as a kit would be a spectacular piece. However, I don’t know if I would purchase a piece this large – the time it would take, to the exclusion of so many other pieces that call my name, would be hard commit to. But honestly, smaller pieces to turn into pillows aren’t for me either – there is a moratorium on pillows in my house 🙂

  535. 1. Of the three my eye is drawn to number 2, The Restoration Pillow, due to the rich and varying colours. To me, this design is the most interesting. My favourite part is the bird in the top left corner. I also like the story behind it and the age of the design.

    2. Up until a few months ago when I had no experience of crewel stitching, I would not have considered purchasing a kit this size as I would have judged it to be too complex. I would not want to spend a significant amount of money on something that would turn out looking poor. However, I have recently purchased a Crewelwork Company Kit in order to teach myself crewel stitches and due to the instructions I have found it to be much easier than I was expecting. Due to this, the size and complexity of a kit such as this would now be an enticing challenge.
    In general, preference of kit size depends on what I would turn the design into. I have had enough of making designs that are a perfect size for a cushion and I would like to make something that is different. If I am making something for myself I like a challenge and so a larger kit would fit that. If I were to make something for a friend, then a smaller design is preferable as I usually decide to make something last minute and time is a factor.

  536. 1. Which of the following do you like best and would you like to see as a crewel embroidery kit and why?
    I really like the Glasgow Bedspread. The others are nice, but the lack of animals in the third option make it more versatile.

    2. Would you stitch crewel kits in this size and complexity if they are made available? Or do you not prefer kits of this size and complexity? Do you prefer smaller projects or larger, grand ones?
    I like both larger and smaller projects. Larger ones have that “wow” factor, while smaller ones give you that satisfaction of completion earlier.

  537. All 3 pieces are gorgeous! I tend to gravitate toward large projects, sometimes without meaning to. They are just more interesting and include so much! The firescreen would be my favorite although the others are also lovely. I began to stich crewel pieces years ago, moved into counted work and now want to return to my roots — big projects, surface stitching. It would be wonderful to jump in with such a lovely project. Thanks for making it available.

  538. All three have interesting designs, the bold colours of the Restoration pillow is appealing. In Queensland natures colours are vivid. The slightly smaller pieces are easier to handle in our hot climate. That does not rule out my working larger pieces, it just takes longer.
    Catherine Punter, Bundaberg

  539. The firescreen is a lovely design & I would enjoy getting my hands on it!

    I like the bedspread pattern the best. I like the design elements in this better than the other 2 choices. I enjoy gardening & am drawn to flower designs & I really like the “Jacobean” style flowers.

    I am a quilter so I would enjoy doing a piece of this size. I have visited many sites that have on line quilt collections & love to see the early embroidered quilts that have been made from the recycling of the embroidered bed draperies.

    Doing it up as a kit would be the best option for me, as I live in a small town in BC, Canada that does not have easy access to the supplies requited for a project of this type. Most suppliers would be on-line from the USA & then you get in to exchange rate, shipping costs etc. Much easier to get all the supplies in a kit.

  540. The Wemyss Panel is my hands down favorite! Who could resist the lion with the toothy grin. He makes me smile. Beyond that, the limited palette is very appealing, as well as the rich colors. This piece is just about the right size and complexity for me. Very large projects are sometimes daunting, and very small pieces seem like practice projects. Thank you to Mary and Phillipa and Laura for letting us dream and talk about The Crewel Work Company possibilities.

  541. Number 1 is a difficult question to answer as each work is so beautiful. However, I feel my choice would be The Glasgow Bedspread because of the very delicate colouring and open intricacies of the design. With regards to question 2, I would love to embark on a large piece. Life may not be long enough. Therefore, at this stage of my life and my skill level I feel a smaller piece would be more achievable. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a competition for such an exquisite piece of crewel embroidery.

  542. 1. I love all three ideas but my favorite is the Restoration Pillow. I love that it has a bit of whimsy along with the rich colors and historic style.
    2. In general I pick crewel kits because they speak to me, without consideration of their perceived difficulty. For projects #1 and #2, absolutely, I would stitch crewel kits in this size. However, I would find the size of kit #3 a little daunting at the moment, but would consider it as a project for after retirement. I watched both my grandmother and my great-grandmother complete projects of a similar size when I was a child, and it would be a good way to follow in their path.

  543. I have wanted to try crewel embroidery for a while. My mother showed me how to embroidery as a child. Now I am really interested in learning different stitches and techniques. However I am a little intimidated by the intricate stitches and coloring not sure I can do it. The thought of doing a piece is scary as well as exciting for me. I would love to win one of the kits. Thank you for the give-a-way.

  544. The three designs are remarkable, not only for the intricacies of the stitches and colours but also for the historical aspect of each one. I was greatly amused by the Restoration Pillow mainly because there is a distinct possibility of there being a king Charles 111. I believe the currwent Prince of Wales would be highly amused by the Lion King! My choice would fall to the Glasgow Bedspread . The reasons for my choice being that I have that great Scottish heritage of stoicism which has provided me with the power, if you like, to take on challenges which this embroidery would be. It would make the perfect cover for my piano which my daughter will inherit and I feel sure she would treasure it and pass it on to her daughter. It has all the hallmarks of the very beautiful Crewel Company designs, many of which I have completed including the Mellerstain Parrots cushion and the Jacobean Fantasy cushion.
    I always take the smaller pieces when I travel to Europe each year for three months ‘saving’ the larger pieces to savour in front of our log fire in the Australian winter.

  545. Wow, what a GORGEOUS kit! Totally in love!

    I do love the recreations of the first two options, particularly with those lions, so full of character. My favourite is the Glasgow Bedspread, which is just stunning. Stitching a whole bedspread is intimidating, but if it was offered as a cushion or hanging also, you could work the small one before taking the leap to the bedspread. As there are many colour choices within the motifs, you wouldn’t feel like you were stitching the same thing over and over.

    I have an uncle who I am sure could turn out a wooden firescreen, if I’m lucky enough to win. Thanks to The Crewel Work Company for such a gorgeous prize, I hope they get the feedback they’re after.
    Thanks to Mary too, my thoughts are with you!
    Melissa 🙂

  546. Of the three I prefer the Glasgow Bedspread. I love the all over flower pattern and the colors. I personally do not like animals in my crewel pieces as the look out of place. The birds are ok in a piece but lions,no. I would take on a large complex project but usually the price is prohibitive . My dream was to do a chair in crewel, using an all over repeating pattern, but I usually settle for a larger size pillow. If price were no object , the large complex pieces would win every time.

  547. I love #3. I’ve always wanted to do Jacobean embroidery and this ticks all the right boxes.
    Being such a large piece, the beauty of a kit means you don’t have to worry about running out of thread and trying to source the same dye lot.
    I like the challenge of a larger piece, but it could also be done as smaller pieces. It would make a wonderful heirloom to be passed down through the family.

  548. Of the three…. my favorite would have to be the Glasgow Bedspread for the color scheme.
    I love the idea of a large project with more involved challenging stitches that could be worked on little by little, here and there. In the end, it would be a project that one could really be proud to have finished and treasured for years to come! I love both small and medium sized projects, as well.

  549. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary! The birds and beasts in that design are great. I’d love to have it in my stash.

    I would prefer #2. Love the colors in that design!

    The lion’s teeth in that first project are a bit creepy…

    As for project size, that is not something I consider when choosing a project. Color and subject matter are more important to me. If I like the project enough and think I might stitch it, I would buy it. I would ever NOT buy a project I liked because it was too big.

    Carol S. in MN

  550. #3 Glasgow Bedspread is my favorite of the offerings.

    I would absolutely tackle a project of this size and complexity. These are particularly interesting because of the historical significance.

  551. 1. My absolute favorite is the Glasgow Bedspread, and if this were available as a kit I would pounce on the opportunity to purchase it. I love large projects whose fate isn’t limited to framing and hanging on the wall, or being turned into a cushion. I would feel like a time traveler stitching this, imagining what it might have been like to live in times when home furnishings, decorations, and clothing were the product of women’s hands, not a purchase from a big department store, or just a pleasant past-time. I also love the soothing repetition of the design, and the many opportunities to practice and perfect stitch direction and shading. I also love this coverlet because it’s not easy to find beautiful, large, complex, historical embroidery kits with the design transferred onto high-quality fabrics.

    2. I would definitely like to stitch crewel embroidery kits of this size and complexity if they were made available. I do like smaller projects as well, but there is something very satisfying and comforting about sinking your teeth (and needle!) into something which will take a deliciously long time to complete. Kind of like reading Les Miserables, which you want never to end.

  552. I prefer #3, the Restoration Pillow design featuring the Tree of Life. I would be happy if the lion were offered in an optional design, one not of the monarch but simply a lion. I prefer smaller projects because I am more likely to finish them and I like to work on a variety of projects. In fact I would be pleased to work a botanical segment of any of these three designs into a small eyeglass case or evening purse rather than a pillow. My work is better displayed if I can wear it or carry it with me!

  553. My favourite kit is definitely the second one. I like the way the lion’s general shape, the position of his body and the whole composition that seems balanced and at the same time original.
    I would stitch kits this size and complexity. Even if I like the idea of huge projects I think these three are of the right size.
    Oh, and the fire screen is gorgeous!

  554. I have already worked Mellorstain and its mate, hanging in a place of honor. I would love to work another pattern. I love many crewel stitches and the large Broderies. I would be honored to work another. Thank you.

  555. I was just looking at the Crewel Work Company’s website a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed to see that the Mellerstain firescreen kit was out of stock (unless you were buying from the USA), so that’s wonderful news that it’s back!

    I love the rich colours of The Wemyss Panel and The Restoration Pillow but my favourite is definitely The Glasgow Bedspread. It’s absolutely stunning and the many colours makes it very versatile as a piece of interior decoration!

    I think it would look beautiful as a bolster cushion and would love to see it available in a range of kits. Both small and large projects appeal to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to tackle a piece as large as this, however I would want to use it as a bedspread and the proposed size of 120″ x 60″ would fit across a king sized bed, but not everybody has a big bed, so a variation in sizes would make it more sell-able and affordable to more people I think. Even used as a table cover, 120″ seems too long. I have an 8 seater table and whilst 60″ would be perfect width-wise, the 120″ length would drape too long over the ends of the table.

  556. It is hard to choose which I like best as I love doing crewel work.however, I think I will vote for the Restoration pillow.
    Though these articles will take some time, I usually have a couple of projects on at same time, so would always finish it.
    I hope Phillips eventually does the three different designs.
    Cost is always a consideration with larger projects, but the kits are always well done.: especially the instructions.

  557. Beautiful firesecreen. I love the Glasgiw Bedspread, not just because I’m a Glaswegian but because of the flowing pattern and gorgeous colours. But it would be much too big for me to undertake, and I would be more likely to buy the existing Jacobean Fantasy cushion which is smaller and more do-able. It also lacks the repetition of the bigger piece.

    I think the one I would be most likely to buy is the Restorstion cushion, as I prefer the colours of that to the Wemyss pillow – that pop of red makes it for me.
    I am at an age where really large projects don’t appeal. I want to feel I am making some progress after a couple of hours’ stitching, so smaller pieces appeal to me. But not so small they’re fiddly!

  558. The bedspread is simply glorious – for me personally, the colours really speak to my aesthetic. But most importantly, the reason this particular option is my favourite is purely for practicality. Sure, it would take forever, but being able to display one’s work in a bedspread would be truly special; more so than a pelmet or a pillow. For embroidery work of this magnitude, I want to be able to display it in a way that displays not only the intricacies of the considerable design, but the hours upon hours that would go into the work – the callouses, the broken needles, the lost scissors…

  559. 1) The kit that I felt the impulse to order was the #3 Glasgow bedspread. I like practical things that are also beautiful. I could see that being a beautiful table spread for a table with a glass top that would be put on top of it to protect it. I like the design flow and the color selections.

    2)From a commercial point of view, I could see an issue with going with the very large projects. While I would order one to make, I would only order one. I could see people ordering multiple pillow kits for sets, I could also see myself ordering a pillow kit as a gift for a friend. I would have to really love someone to get them the bedspread. It would be very difficult to justify the cost of that purchase more than once unless they really decide to give me a massive raise. So at most I would purchase 2.

  560. Hi Mary, I think I would first choose the Glasgow bedspread because of the gorgeous colour play of the design. The shades are more pastel and spring like than much of the other Jacobean stuff I have seen. As a second choice I would choose the Restoration pillow because I love the rich colours and the play of serious mixed with whimsical in the piece.
    I would definitely want the full sized & complexity of the designs for either. Perhaps with a print out in the instructions that offered people the option of doing their own smaller scaled design. I hope this helps the crewel company make a selection. I hadn’t heard of them before but I am glad to follow them now.

  561. The fire screen is fantastic, someone will be very lucky to win it.
    My favorite of the three is number 1. I really don’t care for the size of the whole piece but I love the excerpt size. (Only because I wouldn’t know what to do with it.). I am a history buff and I love working on a piece that tells a story. I also love the boldness of the pattern and the colors. I like the number 2 piece almost as much. The number 3 piece is way to large and there are too many repeated patterns, I would get board and never finish it. My favorites are wall hangings with many different elements.

  562. Hi Mary, I think the fire screen look fabulous, and if I made it, I would definitely keep it as a screen, although It is also great to see the other old items, and to know someone is making the effort to reproduce them for all of us.
    In answer to your questions, I like the Wemyss Panel best, partly because it has a great design, but also because it is something a bit different; there are only do many cushions I want in my life, and so much crewel work seems to end up that way.
    I guess for that reason, yes I would make up something like the fire screen and the panel, because I like to have one larger project on the go all of the time. As I am still working full time, and travel a lot, I also keep several smaller projects about, needle books, pincushions etc (Inspirations Magazine is my main source for ideas for these). Also, because of my current lifestyle, I wouldn’t do something as big as the bedspread, it would go on too long and I would get disheartened.
    Maybe in a few years when I retire I will look at it differently, but I am already aiming to do the casket project when that day arrives, so that would put it back a few more years.
    Thanks to both you and Phillipa for such a great offer, and best wishes for your speedy recovery.

  563. I love the bedspread pattern and the colors are just beautiful but the size is too big for me. Please offer this pattern in a smaller size. Would love to work something 20″ to 25″. I can work the difficulty of the pattern just not a bedspread size. Would you consider selling just the printed linen with directions as this would keep costs down as
    I live in the states. This pattern is special and I hope you pick it for a kit.

  564. Having stitched several of Phillipa’s kits before her color sense is amazing. I love the Jacobean coverlet as the colors and the piece is beautiful. I like kits of every size. I would love to tackle something the size of the coverlet and as a kit it would be wonderful. I do not think most people have the time I have. My only issue with the coverlet is there is no focal point. I like tackling something that when finished could be a piece that would be a discussion piece in my home. My children are always asking for something for their homes that will be a legacy piece for their children. I would certainly think any of the large kits would do that.


  565. 1. I like smaller projects like the Wemyss Panel and The Restoration Pillow; whereas the Glasgow bedspread is beyond my skill set and available time. I would likely frame the Wemysss Panel and the Restoration Pillow.

    2. I like the Restoration Pillow best because of the strong circular design, selected hues, and the juxtaposition of contrasts within the space of the design.

    My eye is drawn immediately to the red flower and then follows a circular path along the leaves in a clockwise direction. My eye stops at the center of attention, the Lion.

    From the Lion, my eye is drawn to the bird, the light colored tulip to the right of the Lion, and then to the warm colored base embroidered with warm hues and lighter values that move the design forward in space while darker hues within the leaves recede, giving depth to the design.

    The juxtaposition of the of the Lion against darker hues within the leaves is nicely balanced and brings the Lion forward. The Lion is nicely placed such that circular movement is created with the red flower, bird, tulip, and Lion. The Lion is somewhat off centered to right and (he) is well founded within the piece by the vertical stem and the scalloped base. The shading of the grapes located between the Lion’s head, dark flower and grapes creates a back and forth tension that draws my eye back to the red flower, and back to the circular design of the leaves. My eye is never pulled out of the design. Well Done. So, my choice would be the The Restoration Pillow for a future “kit” project based on size and the very nice design.

  566. All three are beautiful but my favorite is #2, the Restoration Pillow, because of the colors and design. I also like the florals in #3, but I would never be able to stitch the whole bedspread because of the size and because the cost would probably be out of my price range.I would like a smaller project using similar elements as I do prefer smaller kits.

  567. I like #3 as the design gives you the freedom to stitch as much or as little as you want. I prefer smaller kits as they are easier to complete when you have many projects on the burner at the same time. I do like #2.also although I would take the monkey out and put another smaller flower in its place.

  568. 1. It’s hard to choose, but I like the Restoration Pillow the best. I choose that because of the intensity of the color and design. I would like to see it as a kit because it provides challenging complexity but is not so large that I will never get it done.

    2. I don’t think I would ever stitch the Glasgow bedspread despite the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous; it is so large that I would lose interest long before it was done. The Wemyss Panel would be more manageable, but I would be more likely to do a kit the size of the Restoration Pillow. I find as I get older that I prefer complex projects, but I have so many different interests that undertaking a large project like the Glasgow Bedspread is not feasible. I am more likely to do smaller projects.

  569. My favorite is the Restoration Pillow, i love the colors, the size and the bold design.

    Yes, i would stitch crewel kits in this complexity but in medium size, like the size of a pillow.

  570. I. I like the Restoration Pillow the best. The colors and size are appealing to me. The Panel has too much green in it for me and the Glasgow bedspread would probably be really expensive, even though I think it is very pretty.
    2. The only thing that would deter me is price, when it comes to a kit. I would like maybe a lap blanket size kit. A panel would be okay if there were many colors and stitch styles in it. The bedspread is really pretty and would take me 5 years to do.

  571. #2 The Restoration Pillow is my pick and it is beautiful. The kits are beautiful but would like smaller projects in kit form.

  572. #3 The Glasgow Bedspread.

    Oh goodness what’s not to love, the bedspread is sublime. Phillipa’s (Doyenne of British crewel work) her website is food for the soul if you love historical crewel work.

    What I like about her kit is that you know if is out of your league, however with her precise instructions it becomes a joy to work.

    While I do love #1/#2, the colours in the bedspread are so appealing and versatile.

    I would love to see this done as a Bed runner or even as a Fire screen.

    I would definitely buy this

    This would be my PIECE DE RESISTANCE.

    Thanks as always Mary