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Embroidery Classes on Sale through the Weekend


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Since many of you write now and then asking about class sale prices for the hand embroidery classes available on Craftsy, I thought I better give you a Big Heads Up about this weekend’s class sale!

It’s a good one, and if you’ve been contemplating signing up, now’s a good time to do it!

Craftsy Summer Class Sale

With the Craftsy summer class sale, you’ll find all their classes discounted to at least 50%.

But more to the point for us, there are eight hand embroidery classes available, and they’re all $19.99 each.

I’ve reviewed quite a few of the hand embroidery classes that are available on Craftsy. My absolute favorites are Goldwork Embroidery by Lucy Barter and Stumpwork Raised Embroidery Essentials by Celeste Chalasani. Those are links to my reviews, where I’ve explored the classes in depth for you, in case you want to know more about them.

Why Online Classes?

There are many good reasons for taking online classes, but three in particular stand out:

1. They’re super affordable.

2. You have access to world-class teachers sharing their knowledge and skills with you.

3. You can work at your own pace, returning as often as you want to watch and re-watch the instruction.

You really can’t go wrong with them. Think about it: for less than the price of a book, you’ve got quality video instruction right at your fingertips whenever you want it.

For those of you who have been inquiring about goldwork and stumpwork especially, I highly recommend the goldwork and the stumpwork classes. In both of them, you get the essentials, plus a whole lot more. If you want to expand your stitching skills to goldwork and stumpwork, these classes are great way to get you started.

So, if you’ve been thinking about taking some online embroidery classes this summer, here’s your chance to get the ones you want at a great price! Once you have ’em, they’re yours forever, so do it. Take the plunge! You won’t be sorry!

The links to Craftsy classes are affiliate links, which means I get a small kickback if you sign up for them through Needle ‘n Thread. Every little bit counts!

Coming Up on Needle ‘n Thread

Did I or did I not finish Late Harvest? Well, as of this very moment, writing this article, I have not. But we aren’t at mid-month yet (which was the deadline) and I only have some bead work left. If the weekend goes as planned, next week, you’ll see the Big Finish!

I have a couple designer kits to review for you. I’ll also be unfolding my next follow-along needlework adventures with you soon.

I’m dabbling with possibly the weirdest embroidery project I’ve ever worked. It’s rather…psychedelic, for lack of a better word. I can’t wait to show it to you!

And next week, I’ll have a helper for a few days. Guess what I’m going to do? Yes! I’m organizing! I’ll be out in my workroom, organizing bookshelves and supplies. I plan to take before and after pictures – only because I like to embarrass myself.

For those who are waiting for a personal update, I promise one by the end of the month. I won’t have anything significant to share with you until after June 21st, so look for it then! In the meantime, I’m doing quite well, thanks to all your kindness, solicitude, encouragement, prayers, and support!

I hope you have a terrific weekend!


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(9) Comments

  1. Mary, thank you for cluing us in on
    these Craftsy classes! They have been a great
    visual tool ! When I need to learn something or
    want to discoversomething new,,this is where I come to
    Needlenthread ! Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Mary, I’m doing the stumpwork course. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. My post peeve though is that Apple users can download the videos but Android users can’t. No reduction in price for Android users either. Helen

  3. Dear Mary

    Yes these Craftsy classes are great I signed up for the bead and stumpwork although I haven’t looked all through them yet, but it’s on my to do list. I do hope you finish the Late Harvest project. I can’t wait to see the psychedelic project that looks really interesting. Good luck with clearing your workroom look forward to the before and after photos. Thanks for sharing the Craftsy sale classes with us and I hope you have a great weekend.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  4. Hi Mary,
    I’m so glad you are doing well and look forward to your update. I’m also interested in your clearing out your workroom, as I’m putting my sewing room together and can use all the ideas I can find. Take care,

  5. Dear Mary,

    I hope things are going well for you. Thanks for the heads up on the Craftsy sale. The last time you wrote about them I visited and came away with more than just embroidery classes ggggg
    Unfortunately I have only done one so far, but that’s another story ….

    Please do tell us about your organizing with plenty of photos. I think most of us are interested in other people’s studios or work spaces. But this is even of more interest to me as we are just starting to submit plans to the council for my new 40ft x 20ft studio (I am also a spinner and weaver so need the space). And I am very interested in how everyone sets up their work space. So please let us know what you do, Mary.

    Looking forward to seeing Late Harvest finished. Good luck with all your other projects. I look forward to seeing them.

    I look forward to hearing your personal up date, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Cheers Judy
    S E Queensland,

    1. Hi Judy,
      I would love to see your new art studio when it is finished. Maybe you could send Mary a photo or two and she could put it on her page for all of us to see. I also like to see other peoples’ studios and how they organize their space.

      Barbara L.

  6. Dear Mary,
    So glad to hear that you are coming along well through your health challenges. Keep smiling and looking forward.

    Mike Parr

  7. The Craftsy classes are wonderful and also a great value!

    I’m also looking forward to seeing your workroom reorganization! I’m hoping to do a major re-org later this year.


  8. Hmmmm… Just reviewed Coloris threads, now have a psychedelic project…hmmmm. Nope, probably no connection.

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