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Foral Alphabet Letters: I, J, K and L


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This morning, I’m sending out to you four more letters in the floral script monogram alphabet – letters I though L.

If you’re just joining us recently on Needle ‘n Thread, you’ll find all the earlier letters in this beautiful alphabet available here, on the monogram index, and I’ll be adding the rest of them as I get them cleaned up for you.

You’ll also find stitching tips and ideas on each article for these letters, if you’re looking for ideas on how to embroider them.

So, here are the next four letters with some more stitching ideas!

Floral Script Monogram: Letter I

As is often the case in old monogram alphabets, the I and the J were not both present in this alphabet. This is the original I, above.

But I tend to like I’s and J’s that have a little variation to them, so this is how I adjusted the J:

Floral Script Monogram: Letter J

It’s a little scripty, but now that I look at it, it occurs to me that you can still use both letters (I and J) interchangeably! Pick whichever one you like best!

Incidentally, you can also use the I above as a T. The T in this alphabet is a different style, but if you like a T in the style of the I above, it would work as long as you aren’t embroidering both letters (T and I) on the same project.

We already chatted about using a combination of long and short stitch and stem stitch on these letters, and we talked about combining shadow work embroidery and regular surface embroidery, too.

Today, my stitching tip is to go traditional, with classic monogram embroidery, which generally involves satin stitch.

Floral Script Monogram: Letter K

Here on Needle ‘n Thread, you’ll find a lot of tips for creating beautiful satin stitch in hand embroidery.

Some of those apply directly to monogramming. For example, this article begins a short series that takes you step by step through a monogram project featuring satin stitch. At the end of the article, you’ll find chronological links to the other articles in the series.

Floral Script Monogram: Letter L

If you really want to get into traditional monogramming, then I strongly encourage you to invest in one of the best books on the subject – Monograms: The Art of Embroidered Letters by Susan O’Connor.

Here’s my in-depth review of that book, with links to where you can find it affordably now that it’s back in print. It was out of print for a while, and prices soared to ridiculous heights in used book sources. Whew! Glad it’s available again!

If you have any interest in traditional monogramming – or in whitework embroidery – you’ll never be sorry for adding that book to your library!

PDF Printable for Letters I through L

Here’s the handy PDF printable that you can download and keep, for letters I through L. The letter’s will print at 2.5″ tall, if you choose “100%” or “no scaling” or a similar option in your printer settings. You can also enlarge or reduce them on your computer or on a photocopy machine.

Floral Script Alphabet Letters I through L (PDF)

You can find the rest of the letters in this alphabet, and several other complete monogram alphabets, available here on Needle ‘n Thread.

Favorite Monograms – PDF Collection

This complete alphabet is available in PDF format in Favorite Monograms, a collection of 16 monogram alphabets perfect for hand embroidery and other crafts.

Favorite Monograms for Hand Embroidery and Other Crafts

In the photo above, you can see samples of each alphabet available in Favorite Monograms.

Each letter in each alphabet in Favorite Monograms has been carefully traced into a clean line drawing that can be easily enlarged or reduced on a home printer or a photocopier. If printed straight from the PDF, the letters print at 2.5″ high, when choosing “no scaling” or “100%” in your printer settings.

The 16-alphabet collection is delivered as via a download link to your inbox shortly after purchase, so that you can begin creating right away! Priced at less than $1.00 per complete alphabet, monogram lovers can’t go wrong with this collection!

Favorite Monograms is available in my shop, here.


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(9) Comments

  1. Dear Mary

    I like the L and K of the Floral Script alphabet and after re-reading your step by step guide to stitching a monogram I can see that satin stitch would be ideal for the floral script alphabet and would look lovely as a personalised hand towel project. Thanks for sharing the I,J,K, and L floral script monograms with us and for creating them for our use, such a lot of work for you and really appreciated. I hope you are well.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  2. Glad to have the “J” that we so often have to adapt for ourselves from classic resources. And for some odd reason, in seeing this particular script, I keep thinking there’s a “tongue” draping over the bottom and the paired half blossoms project around “eyes”: maybe I’m too much influenced by the animated flowers in the garden from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It will just be another way to interpret this monogram…

    1. You saw the tongue too! I thought I’d been spending too much time with the puppies, it looks to me like it’s panting . . . or sticking its tongue out.
      I’m liking this one – it’s just frilly enough. Thank you, Mary, for your work!

  3. Good grief, Mary!
    Got up early to check your blog, read “Feral alphabet”
    and nearly dropped my laptop!
    Thanks for yet another lovely heap of inspiration and look after yourself.

    1. What happened that we are not getting the complete script floral alphabet. I really need this because I like the monograms so much

  4. Thank you Mary for the beautiful “J” and for being so generous by sharing with us. I aim to produce the same quality work as you one of these days.

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