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Stitcher’s Christmas #5: Online Stumpwork Class & Kit


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Happy Monday to you!

As we head a little closer to Christmas, A Stitcher’s Christmas – my series of embroidery-related give-aways to add to your holiday celebrations – is heating up!

So let’s start the week with another delectable pre-Christmas give-away! Today, it’s A Stitcher’s Christmas #5 – and it involves free tuition to an online class and the full materials kit.

Read on for the details…!

A Stitcher's Christmas #5: online class & kit

The Stumpwork Class…

Courtesy of Craftsy, today’s winner will receive free tuition to Celeste Chalasani’s online stumpwork embroidery class.

You can read my review of Celeste’s stumpwork embroidery class here, with all the details about what you’ll learn in the class. It’s a fantastic class, perfect for stitchers who’ve never done stumpwork, but equally good for those who want to brush up or even just try a new project!

…and the Class Kit!

Celeste Chalasani very graciously offered a full class kit for today’s give-away winner. The kit includes everything you need to create the gorgeous floral stumpwork project featured in her online Craftsy class – threads, fabrics, notions (wires and so forth). All you need to provide is a hoop, scissors, and needles!

Incidentally, if you’re already enrolled in Celeste’s stumpwork class or you just want the kit, you can email Celeste about purchasing it at kits(at)celestechalasani.com. Many of you who signed up for that class when I first reviewed it have asked about kits, so now you know – they’re available!

Perfect for a New Year’s Resolution

Every year, I resolve to try at least one new needlework technique during the year. If you do the same thing, you’ll find that embroidery and needlework will offer you a lifetime of exploration, excitement, and inspiration!

If you’ve wanted to learn stumpwork, but you’ve just not taken the leap yet, Celeste’s class is a great way to learn! And with 2017 right around the corner, maybe it’s time to promise yourself you’ll try something new!

And a class and kit combo is a great way to start!

If you want to join in A Stitcher’s Christmas #5, for the stumpwork class and kit, here are the guidelines:

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now ended. Thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment below. You can follow this link to get to the comment box. Comments left on other articles on Needle ‘n Thread or sent in via email are not eligible.

2. Please leave a recognizable name either in the name line or in the comment box, so that there’s no confusion when the winner is announced.

3. You are not required to fill in the “Website” line on the form. This is for folks who have their own website or blog. Please leave it blank if you don’t have one.

4. In your comment, please answer the following:

If you could have your own “ideal stitching spot,” what would it be like? Maybe you already have it – what’s your stitching spot like? Maybe you have a dream of an ideal stitching spot – what’s it like in your dream? Or maybe you’ve just never thought about it, and that’s fine, too!

5. Submit your comment by Friday, December 16, 5:00 am central standard time (that’s in Kansas, USA). The winner will be randomly drawn that morning and announced in the next give-away. I’ll also notify the winner by email.

6. The winner will need to respond with mailing information within 48 hours, or another winner will be randomly drawn.

The give-away is open to everyone. You can enter each give-away in A Stitcher’s Christmas when they are published here on Needle ‘n Thread, but you can only enter each give-away once. Please don’t leave multiple comments on any one give-away.

Ready to learn stumpwork, or take your stumpwork to a new level? Go forth and comment!

Don’t fret if your comment does not appear on the site immediately. Comments are queued for moderation, to avoid spammers. Sometimes, it takes a while for me to work through the list, but eventually, it will show up!


(716) Comments

  1. Wow, that looks great! I would love to try stumpwork. I haven’t really thought about my ideal stitching spot but it would have plenty of light!

  2. What a treasure to give away!

    My ideal stitching spot would be in a south facing turret surrounded by bay windows. A pair of trestles would be set up to receive the natural light. A night stand would be next to them to hold whatever materials I needed. My other stitching supplies would be neatly organized and accessible in the room. There would also be a ergonomic rolling chair so I could easily stand and stretch every so often.

    1. My ideal place to stitch is on my couch in my living room because, the lighting is wonderful,and it comfortable.

    2. Now that I’m retiring at the end of the month, I’ll have to find an ideal spot. Wherever it comes to be, it will be ideal as I won’t have to watch the clock and can have peace and serenity to enjoy my every stitch.

      I’ve never tried doing stump work but have always thought it lovely. I enjoy the added dimension and how life-like it makes your creation.

  3. My favorite stitching spot is in the car with my husband driving, on the way to an extended ski trip. I always think of you as we travel on I 70 through Kansas on the way to the Rockies.

  4. My stitching spot is a wing-back chair beside a large picture window that looks out onto woods, currently snow encrusted. I have a cute cabinet on one side with a multitude of drawer and two glass doors into a section where I keep boxes of my embroidery threads. To my right is a table with elegantly curved legs which has my laptop and a photo of my Mum and Dad on the top, and a phone, together with sundry sewing/embroidery tools not currently in the cabinet on the lower shelf. It is a beautiful spot because I can sit and stitch and listen to audio books at the same time. I don’t think it can get any better. It’s definitely my happy place.


  5. Hi Mary, I have an attic room that I use as a sewing room and have my stitching frame set up there too. It is a lovely room with vaulted ceiling. Very cozy. Have a wonderful holiday, Mary.

  6. In front of a large window, sitting in my rocking chair, with a view of nature’s best, our native land!

  7. My favorite stitching spot is on my cozy couch with my Lap App on my knee – a perfect spot with good natural light to learn a new skill or hone an old one.

  8. I’m fairly easy-going, so I’m content just about anywhere and haven’t thought much on ideal settings for stitching (or any hobby, really.) But now that I’m thinking about it:

    My spot is outside, and it’s permanently sunny, and 77 degrees, with no wind, and (Very Important!) no bugs whatsoever. I’d like a deck, in a vast and luscious flower garden, with tons of pillows and cushions to rest on as I work.

    Yep, that’ll happen. πŸ˜€ Thank you for the fantastic opportunity to learn something new!

  9. My ideal stitching spot would be in front of a big window to be able to take advantage of all that beautiful natural light.

  10. I spend a lot of time stitching in “the chair”, next to the window where I can look out at the neighbourhood, close to my magnifier light, with the stereo on. In the summertime, the chair moves outdoors under a tree.

  11. Hi Mary!

    So far, simply icking up my embrodiery project sends me in my happy place, but I admit I enjoy it more when I’m at my parents’ or grandparents’ home to do it: it’s just so warm and homey! I live in a one-room student apaprtment for now, but when I have my own real appartment or house, I’d love to have a cozy space dedicated to sewing/embroidery, with a comfy armchair and a general “country cottage” vintage vibe to it, I think. I can just picture myself embroidering by some fireplace on a cold December night, almost like in a period movie.

  12. I’ve been dreaming of an ideal sewing spot for years! It would be in a room with lots of natural light and great views of the backyard—-snowy in winter; flowers blooming in the summer! A recliner is a must along with a floor lamp that has a magnifier and beautiful daylight qualities. A table along side will hold my coffee or ice water—whatever the season dictates—-along with my sewing accessories within arms reach. Either music or listening to a recorded book—-and cat nearby—-complete my dream personal sewing area!!!

  13. I have the almost perfect stitching spot. It’s in my basement, so cool and fresh all year long. I have a floor stand with excellent OTT Light lighting, a confortable and straight cheependale armchair with foot stool. Beside, a nice cheependale little table with my stitching cabinet. The only thing missing is that the TV in that room is not linked with cable. But it’s the only thing missing! I LOVE my stitching spot!

  14. I have always coveted the classic gothic/Victorian turret/tower room as a sewing-and-reading nook – windows on three sides, window-seats under them, and modern heating – real castles get COLD!

  15. My ideal stitching spot…let’s see. I love the woods, so there has to be windows that look out into a peaceful forest. I love warmth, so a wood stove for the winter is a must. Then again, cool breezes in the summer require well placed windows. Lots of shelves with doors; Lots of workspace to spread out projects; Room for at least two sewing machines; A great sound system; Nice non flourecent lighting; A comfy couch/ seating are near sturdy bookshelves; A coffee maker. And extra chairs for visiting kids and friends. Aside from that, I will be thankful for the basement laundry room sewing area I have.

    Carla, not near the woods, in PA

  16. My ideal stitching spot would allow me to keep my supplies and tools at hand all the time, with my magnifier light set up and a comfy rocking chair!

  17. I always have wanted to learn stumpwork, specifically to make a bee skep and bees everywhere.

    My ideal stitching spot would be a ladies’ sitting room, like the grand dames had off their bedrooms. Mine would have a large bay window and be furnished with lovely 18th century antiques…and a big television for movies.

  18. My ideal stitching spot would include a supportive chair and a wall mounted, lighted magnifying glass – alas I’m getting older!

  19. I would love to have one room I could set up as a stitching retreat! It would have shelves to store my stash, a comfy chair, with a table just the right height to put my Ottlite.

  20. What a nice prize package. This would be a great way to learn stump work. My ideal stitching spot with be a room with plenty of natural light and lots of work and storage space.

  21. My ideal stitching spot would include a comfy chair in a well-lit room overlooking a beautiful woods with lots of woodland flowers. I would have a Stella light so I could see the intricacy of my stitches and a Needle Needs Necessaire complete frame. There would be organized shelving that would hold all my beautiful embroidery threads and wools in a color-coded order. There would be plenty of books referencing embroidery from around the world for inspiration. There would be soft classical piano music playing in the background as I stitched. Sounds like heaven…

    Debbie Dillow

  22. My ideal stitching spot would be one with lots of light — preferably natural daylight. Also would want a comfortable chair, table for supplies, magnifier light also. A good view outside would also be nice.

  23. Living in AZ I have a south facing patio – on warm days, I love to sit on my patio and do needlework. I have lots of quail and bunnies to keep me company. My fountain attracts many species of birds – the hummers are my favorite, and we are lucky to have many here in the desert southwest. Being able to stitch outside is my idea of a perfect day….and I have lots of perfect days.
    The stumpwork class has been on my wish list for several months – but I have had concerns regarding the supply list. What a wonderful gift to have both.

  24. Ooooh. I haven’t dared think about this one: a partnership of two folks in poor health does not financial abundance make however emotionally rich we are.
    A comfy, well-designed chair, a stand suited to my back & hands, excellent lighting, proper storage, ventilation and a wireless set of headphones. Everything else would be gravy.
    This is an amazing giveaway; thank you both so mich!
    StelliesTessa in Jhb

  25. We built our dream house and moved in February. I have everything I could possible want in my stitching room. I also have a wonderful sun room off from it where I can have all of my stitching friends over to stitch once a month. We live in the country and my sunroom faces the lake. I Love it. Would love to win the stumpwork kit

  26. I’m in one of my favorite spots right now, which is a nice warm chair in the living room where I can listen to music or a movie while working. The spot I’d love to have is one like yours, with really good light and space to spread out. And some magnification, since my eyes aren’t getting any younger.

  27. My ideal stitching spot is my LazyBoy chair in a bright sunny South Florida window with a pleasant view of garden. I also enjoy the back patio almost every day. Nothing beats daylight for stitching. Stumpwork is definitely on my to-do list.

  28. thanks for the give away – my idea stitching spot has a comfortable chair and excellent lighting near my work table where i can post the picture and directions for easy reference.

    mary sue c

  29. I have dabbled in “baby” stumpwork projects. A detached leaf here, a raised stem there and find it fascinating. I would really like a class that can fit into my 80 hour weeks. Right at the moment I have no time for organized classes. Something I can do at my leisure(right) is all that fits for the foreseeable future.

  30. I love the topics you pick for comments.
    I dream of a spot in a stone castle where the window sills are wide and deep enough for a pillows and seating. The area is quite, but I am able to play with century music, better yet: a small minstrel group. The walls are covered with ancient tapestries. I have the solitude to dream and do my stump work which is pretty new to me.

  31. Stumpwork is such a beautiful type of embroidery. I have done a little bit of stumpwork but would love to learn more about this technique. My ideal stitching spot is in my favorite chair with a floor ott light by my chair. I look forward to your emails and all the wonderful information you share with us. Thank you very much.
    Judy Carr

  32. My favorite stitching spot would be where natural light would be. My eyes aren’t what they used to be so light is important. I keep a lamp over my left shoulder when sitting in my favorite chair. I love stumpwork and have practiced some. This looks like a great idea to get me back to one of my loves. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful kit!!

  33. Jane R from Madison, WI

    I already have the best place to stitch. It is the living room where I sit in a comfy chair. In the summer I look out the window at trees. In the winter I enjoy the warmth of the fire in the fireplace.

  34. Ideal Stitching Spot: Outdoors under a tree in my gliding rocker, accompanied only by the chuckle of a nearby stream. And no mosquitoes, please!

  35. If I could have my most ideal stitching spot I would start with the room…a nice six sided room with windows with views on several sides which would also have great lighting (for nighttime) with pull down style lamps. The main stitching spot would be a pair of comfy chairs with said lights on one side and the great window lighting on the other. Also in this room would be a table and comfortable rolling office chair for needed flat jobs also with good lights. While I’m at it I’d love a great music system and a good wall TV with cable of course! Now for storage, I’d need a large cupboard with doors, a large closet, and many open shelves. To decorate I’d love a cork board for ideas, some great art of my choosing, a mirror, and a designer rug….some squishy pillows as well. How about a mini fridge for water and snacks? Bathroom around the corner?
    Welcome to my world — alas, Some Day!! Thanks for inspiring me to dream! Merry Christmas!

  36. My favorite stitching spot would have great natural lighting with lots of windows, but also room for a good lamp, a small stand with drawers to hold all my tools so they would be handy, and a comfortable chair. Thanks for another lovely give-away!

  37. My favorite spot to stitch is next to my mother and sister in Charleston, SC, with Laura Jenkins Thompson.

  38. Well, right now my stitching spot is quite tiny; it’s a small sewing desk right next to my computer. What is my “dream sewing spot?” It’s a great big room with no other uses than my sewing desk and a large hobby table for my fabrics, light box, etc.

  39. I want someplace that is well lit with a comfortable chair and that has all my supplies (including a telephone) within an arm’s reach since I dislike having to get up just when I’m getting started going good on something to search for a tool or answer the phone. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing class.

  40. What a lovely giveaway, my ideal stitching spot would be somewhere quiet with good daylight preferably upstairs away from my kids. I would love to have a space that I could leave set up all the time (not having to tidy away everything after a stitching session would be bliss!) A comfy chair would also be a must too x

  41. My ideal sewing spot is on a boat on a beautiful lake with a handsome and kind man rowing and handing me my threads, etc while I sew. But since that isn’t the case, it’s sitting in my recliner, my little dog sleeping on my lap, iced tea on one side and all my “tools” on the other and sewing for hours. Lois A in Idaho.

  42. Oh, I know that dream spot and it is coming one day when we move for our retirement home. It is in a room with large windows. There is an oversized, but low stuffed chair with a large ottoman and there is a strong floor daylight just above the right back corner. Nothing else matters, except lots of closet space to organize all my sewing. Thank you for asking and especially this wonderful give-away. I can’t wait to hear everyone else’s response.

  43. I would love to have a little cabin off a walking path from my house. It would be in the woods by a stream with lots of window for natural lighting and plenty of book shelves for all my stitching books and a big, old snuggly rocking chair. I have to have the rocking chair!
    Merry Christmas

  44. My favorite stitching spot is at my desk. I sit in front of a large window, with a view of the Puget Sound. The light is great and I am able to spread out my supplies. It will be an ideal spot once I replace the footrest.

  45. That looks wonderful, I would really like to try it. My ideal spot–comfy chair, good light, music & no clutter!! I’ve got the chair,the light and the music, but need more shelves, storage etc!!!

  46. Just now I dont have good lighting or a comfy chair so an ideal
    spot would provide those important elements. Id love a small
    fireplace, a large window and snow falling in the wooded view.

  47. I travel quite a bit for work so my ideal stitching spot is either a window seat on an airplane or the passenger seat in the car. The natural lighting is the absolute best!! To me- it’s all about perfect lighting!!

  48. My ideal stitching place would be a big bay window with a window seat that overlooks the ocean. The light would be superb and the view inspiring.

  49. I have not learned stumpwork yet. I agree that it is a good practice to learn a new technique every year. Thank you Mary.

  50. My ideal (and fantasy) stitching spot would have to include a bubble around my work and my tools to keep any curious little hands or paws away. Extra ideal would be for my work-in-progress to magically reject fur and dirt and hoop rings so I can leave it up without worry! πŸ™‚ Other than a good chair and good light, that’s all I need. A girl can dream, right?

    Thank you for the chance at the give-away!

  51. I suppose I have my ideal stitching spot. On the sofa, pile of cushions and a quilt, foot stool, embroidery stand, OTT light… but then that’s my ideal realistic stitching spot. Maybe a real ideal stitching spot would be by the sea, in the garden of a lovely little cottage, umbrella to shade me from the (not too hot) sun, butler on hand to bring me cold drinks!

  52. I would love the learn Stumpwork – I love that the flowers are so lifelike. My dream place to stitch would in the wilds of Dartmoor, surrounded by the colourful heathers, while wrapped up in a cosy woolly jumper and sipping tea from a flask – i have simple pleasures.

  53. My perfect spot would be in a room full of windows, among the trees, on a lake. I’d have an overstuffed chair with all of my supplies handy and a light to help me see my stitches. ❀️

  54. My ideal stitching spot, would be in a well lit historic property with views of a rural or costal landscape.

  55. My favorite stitching spot is in my recliner. It offers cushy comfort while supporting my legs.

  56. A bright and cheery sunroom with a great recliner. The sound of birds outside would be a great addition!

  57. My ideal stitching spot would be an enclosed porch, or sitting room, with windows all around, to let in as much natural light as possible. I would be surrounded by lots of plants and greenery, and would sit in a very comfortable rocker. Classical music would be playing, or perhaps an audio book, and my kitty would be soaking up the sunshine in the window. While sipping tea, I could see the snow fall in winter, and in summer I could see and hear the birds chirping. Perhaps a little fountain could provide the soothing sound of water falling.

  58. I think, (I hope), my husband is building me a universal stitching stand for Christmas, (he’s very crafty with wood), that will hold hoops, stretcher bars, or scroll bars . I already have the perfect chair, and a rocking foot stool, in a well lit area, and magnification if I need it. With the addition of the stand, I’ll have the perfect spot!

  59. My favorite stitching spot is in my living room which I have setup with a good lighting and my System 4. If I have a small project, I can usually stitch anywhere I have good light.

  60. I have an almost ideal stitching spot if only we didn’t need the dining room table once in a while! It’s in front of the large dining room window overlooking our backyard (presently covered in snow). Plus I can see out our floor to ceiling and wall to wall windows in our living room. The view there is a park like setting–snow covered trees right now. I have all my stuff set up there.
    So what am I doing here?? Think I’ll head there instead!

  61. Good morning Mary
    My ideal stitching spot will include sunlight. Yes, we all have great lamps for use
    but nothing is better than sunlight. And, if it reflects off pure, new white snow
    all the better. A comfortable chair, near by table, and a coffee maker will make a very comfortable space for me.

  62. Oops, I forgot to answer the question. My favorite stitching pace is on my back porch IF the weather allows it. However, most likely I stitch at my high work table in my favorite tall chair, with good OTT lighting and my special glasses. this is a lovely spot too, where I can get “in the zone.”

  63. Ideal dream: a quiet, uncluttered, roomy space with a lot of natural light and views of nature out the windows. And reading or magnifying glasses close at hand, and quality non-natural light devices at hand. Have never tried Stumpwork and sounds most interesting.

  64. I have never tried Stumpwork. I’ve had opportunities to take a class nearby but never had the time. An online course would be perfect.
    My ideal stitching spot would be with a comfortable chair/seat with arm support or at a table in good “daylight” but out of the sun and wind.
    Thank you. πŸ™‚

  65. My favourite place to stitch is in my sunporch. It is a 3-season porch and I enjoy the beautiful natural sunlight. During the winter I rely on my ott-lights but it’s not the same.

  66. What a wonderful give-away!!!

    My ideal spot would be sitting with my mother in her living room, a pot of tea to share, chattering away. I miss more than I can say the opportunity to stitch with her.

  67. My favorite stitching spot is the flying bridge on our boat on San Francisco Bay. It’s up high, has great light and I can see activity all around.

    Vicki Shelton

  68. Oh what a gorgeous give-away! I’ve had my eye on a couple of Craftsy classes (including this one) for a while. πŸ™‚ My ideal stitching spot is in the conservatory at the back of the house. We moved here a year ago and I’m in stitching heaven settled on a comfy sofa, heater switched on, my Needle Needs floor frame/ lamp set up and a project on the go. I’m currently working on a whitework Lizzy Landsberry design, but I’ve got a Lanarte cross stitch design ready to go next … and I’m intending to work the Home Sweet Home workbox after that. So … imagine me ensconced with my stitching, cuppa by my side and a gorgeous view over the garden to the Welsh hills beyond. I’m sure I could squeeze in Celeste’s stumpwork class as well … hee hee πŸ™‚

  69. The perfect stitching spot. It would have the perfect light, all the time. A peaceful spot, with a comfortable chair, everything one would need to stitch. The right project for my skills and the ispiration to create, beautiful embroidered masterpieces! In the real world, my skills need lots of practice, the amazing thing is, I keep on trying. One day I will get better at making my dream projects.

  70. In my dreams I would have the perfect stitching room. First I want a good source of natural light that also provides a view of a garden filled with flowers, water and birds.
    I would love shelves with tons of books, an electric tea pot, and all the beads ,threads and tools I could use to enhance my stitching.

  71. My ideal stitching spot would be one where I could spread out my project supplies and not worry about them getting dirty. LOL I used to be able to do this on the couch with my wonderful floor stand, and then we got a puppy. Now that puppy is 11 and has a “little brother” who is 10 and I still rarely get out large stitching projects at home. My stitching spot has become more mobile and is usually found in a coffee shop, centered around my table clamp and a hot chocolate.

  72. My favorite stitching spot is in my recliner, set in front of a window and next to a table that has all my stitching supplies at hand. Of course, my stitching spot is never complete without one of my dogs in my lap!

  73. My perfect stitching spot would be in front of a large window in a perfectly clutter free studio where everything is organized .
    Carol b(cc)

  74. My ideal spot to sit and embroider is in my studio early morning when the sun rises, the light is perfect for about an hour, no need for a lamp or light of any kind there are no shadows just the sunshine rays, I have a project set up on a frame ready to sit and stitch it is a perfect time.
    I love stump work and would really enjoy learning more on this style of embroidery.

  75. My dream stitching spot would start with Stella lighting. A lazy boy wing chair. Coffee not too far away. Remote control to infinite music and movie channels. I would have one of those 3 tier sewing boxes next to me full of designer floss. My chair would be sitting next to a window so I could open a it in the summer and the window would be near the fireplace for winter stitching. Now I want to create my spot. Thank you Mary for a great plan.

  76. My perfect stitching area would be a comfy overstuffed chair with a foot rest, a side table for my supplies and a good source of adjustable lighting.

  77. My perfect stitching spot would be glass on three sides…facing the mountains or the northern ocean…climate controlled but easily opened to the breeze…daylight lighting for non sunny days. 4th wall would have efficient storage for ALL my fibers, scissors, hoops, etc. A comfortable ergonomic chair. You get the idea. I do not have one.

  78. I have never thought of what my ideal stitching spot would be like. I guess I would like a peaceful spot, quiet, lots of light and a comfortable chair. A small table to keep my supplies organized would make it an ideal setting. Thank you for the chance to win.

  79. Hmm, I guess I’ve never really thought about it but I know it would have lots of bright natural light. Perhaps in my dream spot I would also be surrounded by beautiful accessories like that entire stitched collection in the Home Sweet Home and Inspirations giveaway.

    What a sweet spot that would be!

    May the Spirit of Joy be yours!

    Catrina Byrge

  80. I think an ideal spot is in the corner of our dining room, a nice spot with plenty of windows overlooking a lovely old oak tree. Thank you for offering this class and material!

  81. I currently have a pretty good set-up for my stitching. I sit on a cushioned straight back chair at a 3 ft square table with a good magnifier light and facing the TV(I mostly listen). So far so good! But I am am a messy worker and am surrounded by other projects and materials I don’t need at that moment. Usually this is because I’m so anxious to get stated on the next great project…..Like the stumpwork giveaway!

  82. My ideal stitching spot would have tons of sunlight, reference books, a roaring fireplace, a great record player, and a cat sleeping a respectful distance away!

  83. My ideal spot for embroidering would be a sunroom, allowing plenty of natural light and views of a beautiful garden. I would work in a soft, but firm supportive chair and tables on each side for my supplies for that particular project. One table would have my lighted magnifier attached to it. The room would also have cabinets to store all my fabrics, threads and other supplies. I’m dreaming big!!

  84. I would love a window nook with the sun shining in. Music playing. My dog sitting near me looking as cute as ever

  85. I can stitch anywhere. It’s the stitching that makes my creative juices flow, not the location. So I can stitch on a ✈️ , I can stitch on a , I can stitch in the rain β˜”οΈ; if it’s stitching, I can do it anywhere!

  86. I have my perfect stitching spot. It’s in the tv room in front of a large 3 pane window with a floor lamp, a stitching light and magnifier beside my chair. Oh, and I sit on a recliner so I can put my feet up. A table beside the chair holds my stitching supplies.

  87. Thoughts of spring take me to a lovely wraparound porch where I’d be set up with threads in all the colors of nature by my side. Being surrounded by flowering plants, gentle wildlife, and a bit of birdsong sounds very pleasant to me.

  88. Hi:) I am not sure what my comment is supposed to be… so I will just say, I would like to take this class to learn those basics that you outlined in your class review. Since I don’t know how to do any of them really. I do love to embroider however. Thank you!

  89. My ideal stitching spot would be a wing chair facing a large picture window with of view of a lake or ocean with all my stitching needs on side table with a nice cup of tea!!!
    Wow can I go there now!!!

  90. What a great giveaway! Would love to learn stumpwork. When I embroider, I love to have a comfy chair, a footstool, good lighting, my magnifier glasses, and my supplies close at hand.

  91. I would like a space with lots of natural light or bright lights for night time embroidery. I’d like lots of storage, a real set of trestles for my slate frame and a comfy chair. I’d also like a table and chair set away from my sewing area so that I can enjoy a hot beverage without fearing that I’d spill on my work. Thank you for this opportunity!

  92. I already have a nice, comfortable spot to stitch with a full-spectrum light over my shoulder. To be an ideal spot though, I’d have a beautiful view out the window instead of a city street to look at.
    I’ve never tried stumpwork and would like to give it a try.

  93. Hi Mary and happy holidays! I love to stitch in the sun on my cottage deck. It’s lovely to see things in natural light even if it shows up some things that are best left hidden. The craftsy classes are wonderful! Thanks all!

  94. I mostly stitch in my dining room. I’ve bought myself a nice chair that’s very comfy with quite low arms so I can move my elbows around easily. The room looks out onto the garden and gets the afternoon sun – I love it.

  95. My idea of the perfect place to do stitching is at a window seat. That way I would have perfect lighting. Thank you. Betty

  96. I would like a room with large windows facing a wooded area. My work table would be large enough to hold all kinds on sewing projects. Importantly, I would need access to a radio or CD player.

  97. As I love Stump Work once again I am trying to win one of your compitions as the prize looks wonderful.
    Thanks Mary for giving your followers the chance to win such wonderful items.
    Beryl (South Yorkshire)

  98. Dear Mary, you have brought up a very itchy question regarding a stitching spot (I call it My Playroom when I think about it).
    As a matter of fact I do have a stitching spot at home but it is scattered throughout all the house. A drawer here, a shelf there, a table in another place, the computer in the kitchen and the threads upstairs, where have the scissors gone to?please clear the table so we can prepare dinner!……. Anyhow I will surely find a suitable place for this week’s should it come my way.

  99. My ideal stitching spot would have lots of light, a table at the right height with space for a magnifier, a comfortable chair and lots of storage for embroidery supplies and UFOs and in a place where I would not have to put the stitching all away each day.

  100. I have my ideal stitching spot, complete with floor lamp and table for items I can grab for stitching convenient to me and a comfortable recliner. Thank you, Susan in Mississippi

  101. Ideal stitchy spot would be a whole room! With huge bay windows, skylights, a kitchenette, an ironing board built into the wall, benches with storage lining the perimeter and a wood burning stove πŸ˜€

  102. My ideal stitching spot is in nature. Surrounded by the sounds of babbling water and the smell of sweet sunshine and the quiet that comes into your soul when you are filled up with intoxicating beauty and peace. My spot would include curious creatures, wild and free roaming around me in harmony. My seat would be a tuffet made of moss and soft grass and my table would be a stump of weathered wood polished by nature to a satin finish. I would carry a basket of nibbles to entice the beasts and a thermos of wild grown tea. I would stitch until the light fades and the treats are all gone. I would shake out the crumbs for the small creatures and walk home with my soul expanded and my needlework neatly folded.

  103. the ideal stitching spot? I first thought I would like a nice warm place, a comfy chair, perfect natural light and a great view, preferably of trees and flowing water, but then I decided i would probably spend too much time looking at the view and dreaming rather than stitching, so i will settle for my sewing room, which has the first three requirements!

  104. My ideal stitching spot would be a room with a fireplace and a cozy chair with all my stitching stuff.

  105. ‘ideal’ stitching spot is whatever I can make it to enjoy some time with my needlework.
    Lately life has taught me to not worry about ‘ideal’ so much but to make the most of life as it evolves…

  106. I’m very excited for the chance to win this kit. I signed up for the class a few weeks ago and I’m trying to get past all the busyness of the holidays before I start the class. I’m such a beginner, but very enthusiastic! I’m all in! As of last night, we have a new great grandson and so must first make the Welcome, Baby! quilt. Life is good.

  107. Stumpwork would be something new and exciting to try. I am fortunate to have several places to comfortably do handwork. My main requirement is good lighting.

  108. It would definitely be in a studio by a beautiful lake or ocean. My space is non existent now and I often daydream of “my own” space someday. Sigh!

  109. I have been wanting to try stump work.
    I have a great stitching spot already. I have a very comfortable chair.i am near a large window with lots of natural light. I have music, and the TV, so I’m all set.

  110. I would have a special room with lots of windows! I would be able to look outside and get the natural lighting. It would have a good desk and chair to work at. And over in the corner it would have an easy chair for when I just wanted to relax and stitch. On one wall (without windows) it would have floor to ceiling shelves. Some with doors and others without so that my books would be easy to get to. Now that I am through dreaming I guess I had better get back to work. Thank you for all the special give-a-ways!

  111. I think I already have an almost perfect stitching place set up and I enjoy stitching there. I sit on my couch with a light over my left should with an end table on the right to hold extra supplies. Also I keep the rest of my couch cleared for any other supplies I need to lay there. Would love to win the stitching class and kit to give 3-D stitching a try. Kay H

  112. I have never done stumpwork embroidery, though it is on my list techniques to learn. I am mostly self taught except what my mother taught me, but stumpwork has always seemed to be one of the ones I would have to take class for. My daughters favorite flower is the poppy so this class seems to be perfect!
    I found my favorite stitching spot this last fall but have had to give it up on account of the weather! I had major back surgery the second week of August. While I was recuperating my husband put up a 5 foot porch swing and a hammock chair on our back porch. We wanted the extra long porch swing so all of the grandkids could pile onto it with us at one time. I left the hammock chair alone until one day when our 4 mo old granddaughter was visiting and would not be calmed down. Taking her outside to swing her I looked at the hammock chair and thought why not? When I had settled into it it felt like heaven. It supported my back completely. I started it spinning which surprised the little one out of her crying and we had a nice time outside while she took a nap. The next day I was out there with some stitching. I was able to sit in that chair for longer periods than I had in years. The natural light was wonderful. I had a small table we had bought to put between the chair and swing to put my kit of supplies on. Now midway through December it is too cold and I am back inside waiting for spring. Living in the Fort Worth area of Texas it is either cold or hot. Our spring and fall seasons are extremely short. I will be using them to full advantage when they are here though. Thank you so much for the chance Mary.

  113. My ideal stitching spot would be my own little office with all my supplies, books , lights etc. at hand whenever I have the time or in the mood to stitch! Thanks for the giveaway.

  114. My ideal stitching spot is my old drafting table and tall stool with good lighting. I feel less stress with my shoulders straight. I do like the Craftsy site.

  115. This project is beautiful!!
    My ideal stitching spot has no clocks and no intercom or phones for anyone to contact me while I am stitching. I live next to the Gulf of Mexico and the gentle sound of the waves is soothing. The sunlight in Florida is unlike anywhere else on earth as we have no specific direction for the light so large windows is a must. I would want a large enough space to be surrounded by my yarns, threads and materials, books and a design table. A really comfortable chair that fits nicely in my wonderful space. Oh yeah, Santa I want this for Christmas.

  116. Embroidery is my first love in crafting. I would love to learn stump work. I sure hope I win. Thank you for offering this. Hope you are doing good. And getting well.

  117. Wow, I would love to win Celeste’s kit. I’ve always wanted to learn stumpwork. My favorite stitching spot here in northern Wisconsin is in our sunroom. Lot’s of windows so plenty of light. I can gather all my necessities and sit for hours happily stitching.

  118. My ideal stitching spot would be a room on the second floor of my house in the corner with windows on two sides overlooking a garden. Plus a great stitching chair, plenty of artificial light and everything organized and in its own place.

  119. My dream stitching spot is right in my living room! My table in front of me, my magnifying light next to me and a favorite movie on the television. Heaven!

  120. Thanks for the give away. I’m not sure what would be my favorite place to stitch in. I seem to just like to stitch sitting on the couch in the living room. I don’t use anywhere else so I guess that’s it!

  121. OH Mary!

    What a question! I dream of this every day! A Dream Stitching Spot–Mine would hold every type of embroidery thread and color organized in little drawers! It would have warm Early American Stained shelves stocked with every type of stitching fabric in my most favorite colors. It would have the most comfortable straight back chair, with foot stool. It would be a warm peaceful place, playing beautiful Celtic Music and have a full cup of Red Rose Tea with milk and sugar always available.
    My trusty accessories-scissors (several different pairs), and magnifier would be at my side along with every type of stitching frame on the market so I could use a different one every day!

    And now I sit here drooling because it’s all I can think about!

    Thanks Mary and Craftys/Celeste Chalasani for the fabulous give-away! I would love to learn stumpwork in 2017!


  122. I have recently dedicated an upstairs room in my house as the textile studio. However, getting everything arranged just to my liking remains a work in progress – or is it my largest UFO? Even though it faces north, I wish the windows were larger…but there’s a wonderful stitching chair, great artificial lights and most things can be arranged within reach for long sessions. There’s a radio for companionship – or my stitching friend comes over…I really have nothing to complain over. It’s a lovely spot, and I know I’m very, very lucky!

  123. My ideal stitching spot would be a cubby with tables front and back and a huge window to the side. half of the back wall would be a bookcase with cubby bins where I could astore supplies, next to the window would be more cubby holes for more storage. And a nice somfy chair that rolls all over. My, sounds familiar, it is. It’s the place I have set up in my dinning room to stitch in. I have never tried stumpwork, it looks hard but would like to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  124. I am one of the lucky ones who does have a stitching spot. Ihave a table win front of a comfy chair with an OTT light and magnification. However, it is in my living room. So occasionally it needs to be “put away” so that other activities can happen in the living room!

  125. my ideal stitching spot is my easy chair, in my room, which has tables surrounding it for all the things I need to be creative. My sewing machine is close by if needed. My TV is on and I can listen and look up when needed. The dog has his own easy chair though He sometimes wants mine. If I get up I loose it but he gives it up when I come back to it. I enjoy being surrounded by everything I need to be creative.

  126. I am so lucky to have a small bedroom set aside for a sewing studio. It has room for my two machines, a cutting table, and drawers for fabric and notions. It even has a nice view of our back hillside garden. BUT…there is no room for a comfy armchair. In a perfect world, I would magically expand the room to fit that chair facing the windows.

  127. I’ve been really captured by the idea of attempting stumpwork as I’ve been teaching myself surface embroidery after years of false starts with attempting cross stitch.What a great idea.

    Honestly, a warm, wide chair–deeply plush–with a low and broad table in front of me to spread out. Perhaps out on a porch, in Spring and Summer, in a closed in space listening to the outside. For winter, inside, with a nice radio nearby for listening to podcasts while I work.

  128. Soo….everyone is going to shudder but I really love stitching outdoors. You have to have the perfect weather not too windy, not too cold. You obviously cannot stitch in the snow!!! But on the perfect day it is heavenly.

  129. A comfortable chair and table, with lots of good light would be perfection for me. The table needs to be just for stitching, so I can leave my accessories out, ready for a spare minute or two of stitching. Bliss!

  130. My ideal stitching spot would have a beautiful slate frame in front of a big window. A small, pretty table with a drawer or two would sit next to me for storage and prettiness.

  131. My ideal stitching spot would be a glassed in sunroom. This would give me plenty of light and the view of the outside would be inspiration.

    Stumpwork is one thing that I haven’t tried yet. I’ve been thinking about taking a course once I get caught up on some other projects.

    Vickie (vjvl51)

  132. My ideal stitching spot would be in a sunny, quiet room w/ lots of windows looking out over our mountains. There would be enough handy table or cabinet space to hold all my STUFF, plus room for a coffee cup. πŸ™‚
    Thank you Mary for these fun give-aways.

  133. My ideal stitching spot would be in front of a big window that overlooked the ocean along the Oregon Coast. It is fascinating to watch the water and waves change as the weather changes. Of course, this would also provide lots of natural light, an addition bonus. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  134. My ideal stitching spot finally became an actuality last year. I have a wonderful sunny and bright breakfast room that is ideal. The light floods in, the sun keeps it warm and cozy and I’m in stitches heaven whenever I settle in to work…as I’m going to do this very moment!

  135. I am thinking a nice comfortable window seat with lots of pillows, a pot of hot tea, and a side table to old all my supplies. Almost forgot, I must have an ottoman for the kitty to sleep on since she needs to be in the middle of it all.

  136. Not sure there is ever an Ideal spot for stitching,but mine would have to include my cat for company and a constant supply of hot tea.

  137. My ideal stitching spot? Natural light all day, an adjustable embroidery stand, and a good sound system for music and recorded books. Add me, thankful to be embroidering, a work light and magnifier and a few comfy chairs for company (or for reading embroidery books), and it’s perfect!
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  138. I have a pretty good spot for stitching…a good lamp, a good view of the tv, but what I really need at 4’9″ is a really comfy chair or chaise! Having short limbs, it is hard to get my feet on the floor and my back supported at the same time.
    I have done some stumpwork learning from instructions but I’m sure there are nuances I am not aware of.

  139. My ideal stitching spot would be in a comfortable chair, next to a window so I would have natural light, and close to an electrical outlet so I could use a light at night or when it is less than ideal stitching. i would also have a tv on the wall for background noise and a radio for music. Finally, I would have a nice stitching stand so that I don’t get a backache. Until then, I will make do with my side chair next to the window…I think I’ll work on getting a stand first.

  140. Oh my, what a prize! I would love to win. My ideal stitching spot would be a four seasons room with glass on three walls for lots of light. Living in the woods i don’t have as much natural light as I would like.

  141. I’d love to have a comfortable chair beside a picture window looking out on a pond and trees with
    a bird feeder too. Need room for a good light, side table and slate frame.

  142. What a wonderful opportunity! To be able to take the class and work with exactly the materials that the instructor in using! I live in a rural area, believe me, that kit would be priceless.

    I like the idea of learning a new style of needlework each year. Thanks for the thought.


  143. Wow stumpwork always looked amazing to me but I always shy away from it. With this kit and class even I could learn this beautiful stitching. Whoever wins is going to be very lucky!

  144. Hi. I’m just starting to learn stumpwork. My ideal stitching spot will be the patio of the house I hope to buy in the Spring, where I can sew and watch the birds on the feeders in my new garden.

    Sarah Williamson

  145. My ideal stitching spot would be an armchair with some sort of nice sewing box table next to it. Right now it’s the sofa in front of the TV, which is fine but gets messy because everybody is there. But I want to be able to watch/listen to something while I stitch, so putting it in the other room isn’t ideal either. Oh dear! Also I need something with better back support, but our sofa really really needs replacing, so hopefully that will happen sometime soonish.

  146. Hi, all,

    My a favorite stitching spot would have a comfy chair, great light, and a table to organize my supplies.

    Beth B.

  147. My ideal stitching spot is in progress. The old, comfortable chair is ready, the three cones lamp from my grandfather is getting new cones and electricity. I’m fixng my old round teak table with drawers, where I can keep all my sewing stash at hand… well maybe not all of it since I have a quite a big stash of sewing goods. This will be perfect in couple of weeks! Thank you Mary, once again for your good work.

  148. WOW!! I am lucky and blessed to take 2 of Celeste’s classes. She is a wonderful person and excellent teacher. In fact, there is a pictures of my piece is on the EGA Midhudson facebook site. I would take another of her classes in a hearbeat. Mary thank you for your daily posts. I believe that I have encouraged most of my EGA group to get your daily needle and thread emails. Once again thank you and have a Merry Christmas. Happy Stitching.

  149. A comfortable chair. A good light.

    Within reach, shallow drawers in which to put threads, ribbons, hoops and other necessary tools. Must be enclosed to keep out dust and light.

    A space to hold current project(s).

  150. My ideal stitching spot would have a very comfy chair, a lovely ottoman to keep my feet up and a fireplace. Pretty tables and baskets for supplies, lots of windows with bird feeders to welcome feathered friends. Finally, in this quiet, perfect spot, I would have my coffee/tee maker to keep me warm!

  151. This class sounds very interesting! I always wanted to know what Stumpwork meant. Reading your description of the class makes me want to register for this class. But, I will wait to see if I WIN it instead.

    I have two favorite places to sit and stitch. One is by the breakfast nook where I can see everyone in my family coming in and out and being able to chat with them while I am stitching. The second place is a “quiet” room upstairs when I don’t like to be interrupted often and just need “me” time.

    Can’t wait to hear who wins this class!

  152. My ideal spot would be a place with lots of sunshine, a very comfortable chair with all the supplies I needed within easy reach or nearby (all neatly organized of course). This sounds like a great class. I enjoyed the preview.

  153. My spot would be a warm, well lit room where I would be able to stitch all day without interruption!

  154. Ah, my ideal stitching spot is an old 1,000 acre plantation in Northern Virginia. Beautiful, beautiful trees and grounds, sparse human presence, and teeming with the beautiful sounds of birds, insects, and rustling leaves. A feast for the senses….quietly stitching under the warm sun–which also makes my silk threads shine!–is the best way to enjoy this treasure of nature.

  155. What a wonderful opportunity!! Thank you so much for the chance to enter!! My ideal stitchy spot would have a super comfy large chair that I once sat in (it felt like sitting in a cloud, literally!), excellent lighting, a footstool, a laptop table to hold my table stand, a small table on one side to hold necessities, plenty of large windows overlooking the sea through a lovely garden that could be open for a cool breeze but not too hot, soft music in the background, some other comfy spots for others to join me, and a dog and cat to keep me company πŸ™‚

  156. My stitching spot is my comfy chair and footstool with a great standup magnifyer with light, also a rolling chart for equipment. I can watch TV and look out the window while making embroidered felt stockings.

  157. My favorite stitching spot is by our big picture window. There is a comfy chair ,next to it is my mom sewing box full of threads and needles. And when I want to stitch at night I have an ott light.
    Nina Burnsides

  158. Thanks for all you do, Mary! A year ago I’d never even heard of stump embroidery! What needlework I did was just what I’d learned as a child. Last year I had to stop working because of my severe and frequent migraines. On good days I needed a project so I started an embroidery project that I had wanted to do for years
    Then I found Pinterest which led me to you. A whole new world! Anyway, my dream spot would include a fluffy chaise with a lovely lamp over my shoulder and my cedar chest with my supplies and work bag with the current project. Also, I’d like a small TV always tuned in to old black and white movies!

  159. My room would be yellow. With all the light PG&E can provide. Slate frame. Optic glasses so no other magnification needed. Lovely symphony music. My dog Bella and me. Perfect!

  160. My ideal stitching spot is well lighted and has a large recliner, so my cat can sleep beside my lap, instead of on it. With a stand to hold work in front of me and raised arm supports so I can stitch while supported, but not having to bend my neck.

    Good magnifying glasses and voice controlled audiobook system are there too. And a table for supplies that doesn’t let anything fall off the edges.

  161. My ideal stitching spot varies by season. When days are warm, it’s on the porch – just me and the sound of birds on the feeders. In the winter it’s curled up in front of the fireplace. Of course I have several feline friends enjoying the warmth with me, and of course one has to have some lap time, making it quite difficult to stitch.

  162. For so long I have admired stumpwork, especially wired flowers and dragonfly wings, etc. I have only stitched one piece and it was fun! Would love to try another to see if I still have what it takes πŸ™‚

  163. I have a perfect stitching spot with a wall of windows behind me for light. Now if I could just find some time to go there.

    Elaine in New Mexico

  164. My ideal stitching spot would be sitting outside of my travel trailer at a Campground or RV park. And if the weather is not nice it is toasty inside and a nice place to stitch.

  165. My ideal stitching spot is a corner of my craft room. I have my husband’s old desk repurposed as embroidery station. It was made by his neighbor when he was a little boy.

  166. Opps, I enjoy sitting in my front room, listening to audio books with the dogs and cats close by while I stitch.

  167. My ideal stitching spot is a comfortable chair next to a big window with a good light and magnifier in addition. There must be music and natural sounds from outside in the summer, and cozy warmth in the winter, but always music. I need a cabinet close by to hold my items safe for the current project, and a notebook for inspirations that come while stitching. Another chair for friends, and a table for tea. This would be my happy place.

  168. This giveaway is wonderful !

    My favorite place for handwork would be a tidy place where I could see nature, any season, and have lovely, happy music going. A cup of good tea, good lighting and comfortable temperature are a given.

    Thank you for having such a nice giveaway. Her dragonfly is in stunning!

  169. My favorite stitching spot is on my comfy couch with my little dog curled up beside me – a lighted candle in the winter time and some good classical music playing. Stitching sometimes has to be put aside when little dog needs attention!

  170. My ideal stitching spot would be a bugfree netted gazebo in a place with sun all year, but not unreasonably hot. Also, I would like it to have a nice lake, river, or swimming pool for breaks. Right? Dream on!!! Thanks for the giveaway and Good Luck everyone!

  171. Thanks Mary for another wonderful giveaway. One of my goals for 2017 is stumpwork.
    My ideal stitching studio would be a place where I can have EVERY tool, thread, ground fabric, book, available at arms reach (or within a few steps). My project would be in front of me and i would have a surface to my right ( i am right handed) large enough to hold stitching supplies for the project and note pad to make notes. On my l eft would be another fkat surfaxe with books and instructions pertaining to project and also other threads i might want to audition for the project.
    Of course there would also be other areas for several stitching friends should they want to join me.
    Would have a kitchen stocked with food and drink so I would never have to stop to cook.
    Oh just give me a one floor stitching house…one very large room, kitchen, bath and a couple bedrooms…and throw in cleaning crew and chef.

  172. My ideal stitching spot….That’s a difficult one. I enjoy being flexible with stitching and doing it wherever happens to be most comfortable at that time. Having said that…I would love a nice soft chair with great back support in a room with lots of windows…maybe a verandah or sun room? A nice frame, with ready mounted projects (shhhh…It’s a fantasy) and just hours of happy stitching…

  173. My ideal stitching spot is a bright room on a snowy day, comfy chair looking out over the snow. Add a big wall of books and I’m in heaven!

  174. I’m one of those who never thought about a favorite stitching spot. But I often find myself sitting on the floor with the sofa as my back support and all my stitching supplies scattered around me on the floor. I don’t have small children or pets at home, so this works very well.

  175. My ideal stitching spot, action door overlooking a pretty garden or view, lots of tea…and biscuits and drawers full of lovely stash! Oh and a space for sleeping cats!

  176. My ideal stitching area would have an excellent chair with a heated back. It must have very good back to my support for shoulders and lower back. You could recline if you wish. I would have lighting on both sides of chair with 100 watt bulbs. There would be a stand alone adjustable hoop holder (square and round) that would swing around to your lap when needed to stitch. The hoop stand will also have a lighted magnifying glass. It will be 9″x12″ with a long flexible arm so that I can adjust it to the proper angle for the position I am sitting at that time. On the other side of the chair will be a table for floss, pattern, soda and remote control etc.

  177. I’ve always wanted a wee cottage. French Doors on the East and West side to flood the room with light. Views out to my farm from both doors. On the North side, banks of closets and drawers to hold supplies and on the South side a design wall, computer with great sound for audio books, and bookcases to hold all my embroidery books. I want radiant heat on the floor and a fan on the ceiling. A big cozy chair with a true daylight lamp over my right shoulder and a tall round coffee table with the tea kettle, a well loved cuppa and my supply box would round out the lap stand area nicely. In the middle of the floor, a table with my transfer box set up on it and a serious rolling chair with my Judy Odell Stand with Dublin magnifying lamp would sure be great. I’d love to have a small cloak room so I can wash my hands often, get a drink of water and not have to leave to use the toilet. Besides, you need water for the tea kettle.
    Lastly, I’d love an artist to come paint a compass rose on the floor. I wouldn’t want to lose my way.

    A Xylia Cottage from Jamaica Cottage would work quite nicely. Thanks Mary for the few minutes of fantasy. Stumpwork would be a lovely new skill to learn.

  178. My ideal spot would have a comfortable chair with ottoman, and all my supplies within reach. A basket for WIPs, maybe some little drawers for smaller items. A waste basket for trimmings. ☺️

  179. I had a Sanctuary room until an unemployed relative needed a place to stay. I thought it was temporary and it’s going on 6 years now. I loved it because I could start a project and leave it out until I got back to working on it. Well, now I have to unpack what I want to work on and then pack it away when I’m finished for the day. I daydream all the time of getting my own special room back. I love Craftsy and would love to try stumpwork. I like the dimensional look of it and bought a book but haven’t tried any projects yet.

  180. My ideal stitching spot would be in a sunroom sitting in a comfy rocking chair with plants and greenery all around. The morning sunlight would be beaming through the window panes and the only sounds would be that of birds chirping and coffee brewing.

  181. My favorite stitching spot is actually outside. It’s on the banks of the Tagus river in Portugal. A spot from the city of Almada where you can see the whole city of Lisbon. That’s where I love to spend time stitching in the summer…

  182. You know the ubiquitous man-chair that every Dad has? To this day, my Dad’s man-chair is my ideal stitching spot. My Dad’s chair was totally off limits to all other family members during tv time except me- if, and only if, I happened to be sewing. It had the best light in the house and allowed me to angle in such a way that I could take quick glances at the tv screen without losing my place with my needlework. I have never found a chair/light situation that has ever suited me as well.

  183. My ideal stitching spot would be in a comfy chair with a view of a lake/river. Also my daughters would be there stitching too.

  184. My perfect stitching spot will have beautiful natural light during the day and a lamp that mimics sunlight for the evenings. My chair will be the right amount of
    “comfy” mixed with the right amount of support to make sitting for long periods of time doable. There will be a beautiful table next to my chair that has plenty of room for my threads, my pattern and a gorgeous coaster with my favorite mug of hot coffee, tea or cocoa for the winter and my iced tea glass for the summer. All I will need is a book on tape and I will be in heaven!

  185. I am already lucky enough to have a perfect stitching spot!

    My bedroom has a bay window that faces east with bright morning light. There are several Ott Lights to enhance the daylight on gray days (we get plenty of those in Western Washington)! I can sit in the rocking chair stitching and look out on the back half of the lake surrounding three sides of my apartment building. Truly inspirational!

    There are many different types of ducks to see, the resident pair of Mute Swans and neighbors walking dogs to serve as distractions! In warm weather, I can visit with neighbors through my open window and show my work off.

    Being in my stitching spot is like sitting outside to stitch without having to move anything! Just perfect!


  186. I love the looks of stumpwork but don’t have some of the necessary supplies. At my last Friends of the Library book sale I got a huge stack, well actually several stacks, of books on embroidery and other needlework. Several of the books being on stump work which I find amazing. When as a young girl and I started embroidery I would have never conceived of such a thing. The internet has opened the world for me a that is where I discovered it first.

    I do all my stitching (other than machine stitching), reading, snacking, TV watching in my little ‘nest’ in our living room. I have all my stuff nearby and close at hand. I have a cart on wheels with baskets that holds my embroidery supplies that I can roll over to have it close when working. It is hard for me to get up and walk around many times, today being one of the days, so having all my stuff within reaching distance is great. I even have a mini-office including a stapler in a box close by. The joys of arthritis! πŸ™‚

  187. Thank you for the giveaway!

    My ideal spot would be a sun room I’ve dreamed about for years. Walls of windows, with a warm breeze blowing through open windows in the summer and a small stove to take the chill off in winter, a comfortable rocking chair with a table next to it to hold supplies, a lamp and a cup of tea. A beautiful rug on the floor with a sweet little dog curled at my feet, lots of plants all around. And endless stitching supplies!

  188. Would love to learn Stumpwork ever since I read about it on your site. As for the ideal room for doing needle works would be a room with lots of window light and big enough that every thing doesn’t get buried under other projects or looking for something. Comfortable chair would be great too.

  189. My ideal stitching spot would be in a screened in porch with a view to the flora and fauna. Unfortunately I do not have this spot and it is unlikely I will have it in the near ( and far) future!

  190. My dream stitching spot would be somewhere super cozy with excellent lighting and a TV showing some silly show!

  191. My stitching spot would be warm, warm, warm! I sit in front of a large window and I have lots of light, but it does get a bit drafty.

  192. My ideal stitching spot would be warm, quiet, lots of light and a comfy overstuffed chair with low arms and a footstool. There would be light coming from every direction as well as soft comfy music. It would have plants galore and a little dinette area that would magically be stocked with my favorite goodies (non-messy, of course) and coffee and ice tea. There would be NO phone and NO disruptions. Talk about a dream world…..but we can all dream can’t we?? Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope we all get our wish.

  193. My ideal stitching spot is a quirt place away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I would be able to settle in to a comfortable chair with my 2 little dogs and stitch!

  194. I love stump work. Have done a little of it and I really enjoyed it. I have started the class but would love the kit. Thank you.

  195. Hi, Mary.
    Thanks for the Stumpwork class giveaway. I’ve been curious about trying it.
    My favorite stitching spot would be a comfy chair in front of a bay window with plenty of light and a magnificent view…mountains or ocean it doesn’t matter.
    Beth, Woodland, CA

  196. My ideal stitching spot would be a studio of my own for all my arts and crafts. It would well-lit (but not blinding!) and have windows to take in the morning sun. I would have a sewing table for my machine, a place to leave my ironing board up (it’s steel! inherited from my mother–nothing else is -this- stable!), a variety of types of electric lighting, lots and lots of storage areas: closets (2 or 3), cabinets (built in or free-standing) with lots of shelving, two or three sets of drawers, in various sizes, a large cutting surface that could be folded up to a smaller surface for smaller projects, a desk chair (wheels,) an easy chair with a light, and hmmmmm, yes, even a fold-down twin bed-sized surface in case I need a nap! (Or a comfortable recliner -could- take the place of both bed and easy chair!) And there would be a sound system (including FM stereo radio and CD- and record players.) and a wall-hung TV (for the occasional movie or to follow the news.) Ideally, there would also be two walls of windows, looking out onto an-everchanging panorama of hills, fields, trees (and woods!) meadows, wildflowers and the ever-changing skies. I know, I’m a dreamer! but I can see it (sigh.) This studio would not include either food storage or a bathroom in the same space (they could be adjacent) because I need some incentive to get up and move around occasionally when I’m immersed in a project. Then, having such a wonderful studio, the rest of the house could be built around it!

  197. I would love to learn stumpwork! What a wonderful giveaway!

    I have a pretty good stitching area with comfy chair and everything handy. Just wish I had more daylight. My dream room would be in the sunroom of a house high on a cliff overlooking the sea. The light would be spectacular and there would be a grouping of comfy seats to accommodate me and some stitching friends, a roaring fireplace for cold days.

  198. Ideal: I want a cosy stitching room with a comfy chair in a bay window, where I can see the sea.
    Maybe one day: I’d settle for just having a dedicated workroom with storage space for all my stash.
    Reality: And as I’ve already got the comfy chair and a decent worklight for when the Shropshire daylight isn’t good enough, I am really quite happy as I am!

  199. I would love to have a sewing room that included a needlework area with frames and good lighting. I do my needlework at a small table now and the light is not the best.

  200. My dream stitching spot is a clean, WELL LIT room with a comfortable chair and table and lots of little drawers and shelves. It has a cork board for ideas and big windows, sound proof walks, a locked door and room service. πŸ˜‰

  201. My stitching spot is my recliner in the living room. I have all of my projects at reach, my needles and hoops and a good ottlight shining over it all.

    Watching documentaries and stitching…it’s what I look forward to after work every day.

  202. My favorite stitching spot is in a comfortable chair with great light from the afternoon sunshine and a little breeze from an open window, with everything I need neatly organized and within arm’s reach. Hmmm, maybe I will straighten up my sewing room in the new year and see if I can do that!

  203. Oh my. Your question set me to dreaming. A brightly upholstered wing chair beside a north facing picture window, light coming from the left, looking out on a gently sloping garden that leads to a woods. Well organized and accessible materials and tools close at hand and a sound system where I can listeen to my favourite podcasts or music. Sigh.

  204. My ideal stitching spot would be… A organized clutter free sewing room. πŸ™‚
    with A Comfy chair next to a window.. providing great light & a peaceful view!

  205. Oh I love this question! My ideal spot would be in a big comfy chair with tables on either side (so I can spread all my materials out, embroidery can get messy). And ideally, I’d like it to be in a conservatory! Not the music kind, but the plant kind! That way I can be in a beautiful, light-filled room surrounded by all sorts of flowers and foliage! Inspiration would come so quickly, I’d never have to wonder what to stitch!

  206. Aaaah, my ideal stitching spot is sitting in my favourite armchair, overlooking the river, with my 3 little doggies (and 2 temporary foster doggies) cuddled in close and draped all over me and the slow, peaceful cooing sounds of pigeons and doves who are roosting in the roof space. Thank you for this opportunity.

  207. I for the most part have a great stitching spot. I have a south facing window for lots of light, a magnifier light for the evenings, a table next to my chair for my supplies and I can see the tv from my chair if I want to watch something every so often. (usually I just listen) I am also trying some new techniques and like learning.

  208. MY FAVORITE PLACE TO STITCH a huge sunroom filled with light, plants all over like a jungle and warmth.


  209. My favourite stitching place is actually two. They depend on the weather. In the winter, it is by the woodstove. in the summer, on the dock by the water.

  210. Your site has taught me soooo much. I’ve always wanted to try this. What a great way to get emmursed into stump work. Yea!

  211. My ideal stitching spot in the winter is cosied up to the fireplace, with a good light, mulled wine and all my favorite tools and threads spread around me.

  212. Right now I stitch on the couch with poor lighting. My dream place would have great lighting and a window with a beautiful view. It would have a table to stitch on and hold my stuff. In my dreams…

  213. I am lucky as I have an ideal stitching spot in my house. I have a workshop/studio in the basement with windows and a door to the outside. So lots of natural light. I can listen to music, embroider and have everything at my finger tips while the sun streams through my window. Perfect happy place.

  214. I’ve really wanted to give stumpwork a try so I would love this class and kit! My ideal stitching spot would have an assortment of comfy seats, all sorts of organizational gadgets for keeping my threads, needles, and tools perfectly in line, a never-ending pot of tea, lots of sunlight and plants, and would exist outside of time so I could slip away to stitch for hours (something that has been impossible to do with a new baby in he house!).

  215. I’m lucky enough to have my favorite stitching spot right now. A window seat in our living room has northwest light and a standing Ott light when the sun creeps too far south. I have a large framed sampler stretched on a stand at sitting height, and a hoop you can sit on for more hands-free work. I use the sampler to try anything new, and it has become a fantasy scene of animals, birds and plants in cotton, wool and silk. Theres room on the seat for an open book and a box of the colors of the current project(s). And I never need to put it away!
    Thank you for you prolific, well-written and intriguingly illustrated blog. Your output inspires me.

  216. My dream stitching spot does not exist, yet. It would be well lit with lots of natural light (windows!) and an Ott lite floor stand or two (for the evenings, of course). An extremely comfortable glider and of, course, the perfect stand for holding all of my stitchy work (whatever stand that may be). Let’s not forget,, enough space and what ever storage I need to hold all of my stitchy stuff while looking as pretty as possible.

  217. My stitching spot would be on a sun porch. I thought at my age I would have time to sit in the sun and stitch.

    Joan Busby

  218. I would love to learn to do stump work. I’m a newish embroiderer so new skills are really welcome.

  219. My favorite stitching area is my craft room. I have a comfortable chair with excellent lighting, music and occasional TV there for whatever my mood desires at the time. The colors in the room are soothing and it is tailored for my needs and desires.

  220. My stitching spot is wonderful. I have a “Stickley” sofa chair. It supports my back so well that I can stitch for hours, read, all day. What usually stops me is my eyes. Many people have tried my chair and agree it is very comfortable. So my dream now that I have the perfect spot, is to have my chair recovered because the fabric is wearing out. But it will have to wait because it would be hard to send the chair out and not have it for a period of time. Maybe I’ll just buy a slip cover.

  221. My best place immediately springs to mind: in front of out touring caravan in the shade with all my things on my little table next to me. Looking up to see the nature around me and looking down and forgetting all the rest of the world.

    This was a lovely question, Mary! Gives me a very warm, sunny feeling!

  222. My ideal stitching spot would be a big over-stuffed chair with a matching ottoman in a little niche filled with wonderful lighting. I could have my classical music playing with time to just stitch and stitch. In reality, I fix up all the items I need to work on a project right now and take it with me (usually in a plastic bag!). I have two teenage grandchildren I am raising, so I stitch while waiting at doctor’s offices, at school events and wherever I get a minute. Someday I will have my own time, but not for a few years yet!

  223. My ideal stitching spot would be a smallish cozy room with several upholstered chairs gathered around end tables in front of a bank of windows or large bay window, and several good lights. An antique cabinet or armoire would help to keep supplies organized. A fireplace would be great too!

  224. My dream sewing room is one with big windows over looking my garden. I want lots of counter space for my machine and cutting mats. I do crazy quilting so I also will need lots of storage for fabric, thread, ribbon, and embellishments.

  225. My ideal stitching spot would be a comfortable chair with both good natural and artificial light. It would have a view out to a garden with bird feeders. It would have stand for my needlepoint and a table for threads and tools. It would have an audio book player so that I could listen to books while working.

  226. I love stump wok and have done very little abut stitching it. i am scared of making mistakes! With this week being my 59th bithday iI hope to win the class and kit. i can if nothing else!

  227. My Ideal Stitching Spot would be a room with big windows overlooking the ocean, a comfortable chair and lots and lots of storage for all my craft supplies and equipment!


  228. I would love to be able to sit and stich by a window overlooking my garden with views of the coast here on the Isle of Wight. At the moment we don’t have a suitable window and wherever I sit one of our cats has got to be there too.

  229. My ideal stitching spot is right here in my studio on the second floor of my home. I sit next to my computer, put on the headphones and listen to replays of interviews on the radio and I stitch. Un p’tit bonheur!

  230. I would love to learn stumpwork in my stitching spot. I am lucky enough to have 2 ideal stitching spots. I have a big cozy chair, a side table, a lighted magnifier and of course a tv. When I don’t want to watch what my husband is watching on tv, I move over to my other stitching spot and watch what I want. That way, I can have 2 projects going at once!!

  231. My ideal stitching spot is in my studio. I have a comfy, overstuffed chair that has excellent lighting and the ability to pull my stand right up where I need it. Importantly, I can also close the door so the cats stop trying to eat my thread.

  232. Hi Mary, thanks for another great opportunity to learn a new skill! My favorite stitching place is on the sun porch after breakfast on a sunny day or in my recliner in front of the fire on a chilly day or evening. When I am in my recliner, the kitties always demand some snuggling in between stitches.

  233. Gosh, I have never thought about this before, but perhaps I could enjoy a blissful few hours stitching whilst sat in a large bay window with a low window ledge overlooking a large lake with woodland around it……plenty of change to observe as the year progresses.

  234. Oh goodness, ideal stitching spot. It would be a comfortable chair, with excellent light, and whatever embroidery stand is best suited to the work. There are several tables of varying heights, all within arm reach, and I can get in and out without completely reorganizing everything. Sigh…….

  235. Hi Mary
    My ideal stitching spot is in the dining room. I have a rocking chair between two windows where I can sit and sew and look out into the garden. The light is really good there. Unfortunately the room is also cold so on a winter’s evening I wander the house like a lost soul trying to find somewhere that is warm, has a table, isn’t surrounded by cats or children and has decent light!
    I have never done stumpwork so this would be a great opportunity to learn something new. Thanks for the opportunity

  236. As I dream of my ideal stitching spot I see a good sized room with lots of natural light. The room is painted a neutral color so the colors in threads and pieces I am working on can be clearly seen. I am sitting in a comfortable chair with really good lighting above and surrounding me. There is also a work table for my computer and work space for whatever my challenge may be. There is closed storage for all of my supplies, such as books, pamphlets, fabric, thread, and scissors, etc. I love music when I stitch so would want some kind of sound system available. If it were possible I would like space for five or six friends to join me to stitch.

  237. My ideal spot would be a comfortable chair where I could put my feet up. Next to a window with a pretty view and extra lighting.

  238. Mary,

    I have a dream of an ideal spot! it would be a large space, with shelving, storage drawers. Also it would have a nice large window for lost of natural light. A bench
    under that window of course. Large cutting table, a large table for sewing, a place
    for my laptop of course (cannot do without it). A coffee machine or tea would be great,
    a nice little fridge. A place to set up my iron, so I would not have to set it up everytime

    Never tried stumpwork, I have been looking at this class for the last month on
    Craftsy. But I’m afraid I would not get the hang of it. But I would really love to try.

    Have a great day Mary.

  239. I’m lucky, I’ve commandeered the studio in our garden for my stitching and it is a lovely light airy space.

  240. My perfect spot would be the most comfortable, straight back chair so I can work for hours on end and not get fatigued. A bright, natural light coming from a window with a view, but the lamp I have works so I can keep sewing on rainy days. I love anything with a needle and thread – paper embroidery, cross-stitch, needlepoint, embroidery and temari, but have never learned stumpwork.

  241. My studio would be full of natural light. Spacious enough to fit in all my embroidery stuff, as well as all my paper quilling. For me, these two go together and one fuels the other. This space would also be sci-fi futuristic:
    (1) No matter how much more materials and tools I acquired, there would always be space for it.
    (2) It would have a Star trek replicator in it – just ask for some material or a tool and you’ve got it.
    (3) It would be very welcoming to my cat, yet magically clean all work of cat hair.

  242. My favorite embroidery spot is in my living room. I sit in a wing chair that had been my parents’ and I listen to classical music.

  243. My ideal stitching spot would have yellow walls, windows all around the room especially on the east and south, shelves for books, drawers for threads, a comfortable chair, soft music and snow silently falling. I would not come out until Spring.

  244. I already have my ideal stitching spot. I super comfy chair with a great light and table next to it, in front of the tv. Great way to relax at the end of a long day.

  245. My favorite stitching spot would be next to nature. A peaceful view of the bird feeder where the squirrels try to sneak the seeds. The playful birds and their antics. A comfortable chair, good lighting, and some family photos within viewing sight. Also some quiet music playing. Or sitting with my 2 sisters anywhere with conversation and stitching!

  246. My perfect spot to stitch the day away would be located on a rolling hillside, under the dappled shade of an Oak tree. The day would be sunny, warm (but not hot) with a mild breeze out of the south. Of course I would have a cold thermos of lemonade beside me and my little dog would be right there with me. That’s a beautiful daydream!

  247. My stitching spot has a comfortable chair, good stand and magnifying light and overlooks a wonderful view with lots of natural light as well. I just need to get the chair! And lots of storage space for all my supplies!

  248. I hadn’t really thought about this in an organized fashion, although bits and pieces have been percolating in my brain….My ideal stitching place would have plenty of storage, so I could pull together all the items that are stored throughout the house wherever I can fit them, including places to put all the tote bags with started projects, which currently are piled up by my chair. It would have large windows to let in natural light, plus my good light with magnifier. It would have my comfy chair and ottoman, for comfortable seating. And it would have a TV, as I nearly always watch TV while I stitch. There might be a cat bed or two to lure the cats in so they can keep me company while I stitch.

  249. I have my sewing machine set up in an upstairs area with a lovely view of my garden and a school ground next door. I would love to have a hand stitching work station too with all my linen and threads together. This will require some changes and thought so as not to disrupt others in our house. A new year resolution. Organise and plan an embroidery area before end 2017βœ‚οΈ

  250. My favorite spot to stitch would be in a comfy chair with lots of natural light and a magnifier if needed. My supplies would be organized in easy reach with space for coffee, and snack and my audible cd or music reachable. In summer, there would be a great breeze that cooled and in winter it would be toasty warm.

  251. My sewing room is my also my stitching room. I prop my legs on the sewing table (including is a sleeping cat on my lap- there seems to be radar as soon as my legs go up, there she is) and can stitch for a long time. If I could pick my ideal place it would be on a porch of a cabin in the woods in a rocking chair with my supplies in a rustic cabinet close at hand. I enjoy your website so much, it is inspirational and informative.

  252. My ideal stitching spot to do that wonderful floral stump work project is in my great room. One wall is all window with natural light pouring in the room to highlight embroidery stitches. I have a movable table with embroidery supplies at the ready with a comfortable adjustable chair. To my side is my floor lamp/ magnifier. In addition, Sebastian and Ursula ,two Birman felines, are embroidery companions as well.
    Carolyn S.

  253. My dream spot would be one of those old-timey rooms that are like a verandah but closed with big windows. Lots of plants, a super-ergonomic lazy chair and one a dentist’s lamp to see what i am doing!

  254. My dream embroidery spot would be a corner with comfy chair with natural light, small table, book case and place to store threads.

  255. My ideal stitching spot would definitely have to include a nice big comfy chair with either great natural lighting or well lit with craft lamps, and all the supplies I need within arm’s reach πŸ˜€ Thank for the opportunity to win!

  256. A bright sunny screened porch (no bugs!) with birds chirping outside and the ocean waves crashing in the background!

  257. My favorite spot to do handwork is in the corner of my sun room. It is a bright and quiet location to sew and listen to very soft background music.

    I have been wanting to do Stumpwork for a year now and have already purchased the book
    ‘A-Z of Stumpwork’ but need that little additional nudge to start. This may be the time to start………..

  258. At the moment I stitch on the couch in my living room. But my dream stitching spot would be a comfy couch in a sunny and warm craft room.

  259. I’m in the process of making my ideal stitching spot…I have a camping trailer that I’m “girling up”. I will meet my other stitching friends for retreats in parks all over the country. There will be a place for herbal tea and snacks, as well as cabinets for all of my supplies. Sweet music will play and there will be an excellent chair and table for when the weather is fine. We should be ready next summer. Anyone else want to join us?

  260. My ideal space would be the atrium in the biltmore house in Asheville North Carolina, have a great holiday

  261. I would love a small area to set up so everything could be together. While I am currently organized, I have to scatter storage in different areas of the house.

  262. My ideal stitching spot would have lots of good light, a comfortable chair with a place to put my feet up, and space to lay the scissors, thread, etc.

    So my decorative Ott light, recliner and end table in my living room are doing pretty well.

    Jane D

  263. Well, I need to try something new and challenging in 2017 and stump work would be a great challenge.
    I turned one small bedroom into my hobby room and have great lighting, shelf space and a chair wide enough to hold me and my dog. Besides embroidering, I also sew, knot and crochet. I love to sit in there and read. It’s my “Lady cave”!!!

  264. I’ve got this class on my Craftsy wish list! Hmmm, my ideal stitching spot =- well, mostly it would have great light. I have vision problems and I really need good light to see what I’m doing. It would also have a comfortable chair. I’m having a lot of trouble finding a comfortable chair! And a convenient place to put my tea where I won’t knock it over. That’s what I’d start with.

  265. O !!!!! What beautiful stump work. How I wish I could learn how to do stump work. That will be the one one thing I can take off my bucket list. Thank you for all the offers that you allways post.

  266. My ideal stitching spot is right by a bay window with lots of nearby storage and a really comfy wing back chair. I want sunlight but not direct sun. This would probably also turn into my reading spot as well

  267. My favourite stitching spot is in my big chair next to the window, with a light handy for when it gets a little dull, my threads on the table next to me. And no one around to interrupt the pleasure of stitchong…unless it is to offer a cup of tea (or a glass of wine)

  268. My ideal stitching spot would be in a cushy easy chair with a foot stool in my studio/workroom/playroom. I’m in a wheelchair and a cushy chair to sit and stitch would be heaven. My little room won’t hold such a thing but I can always dream. Sounds like an odd choice since I’m a one legged woman in a chair all the time, but my power chair is not soft, although utilitarian. I’ve always wanted to learn stump work. It would be great for me to have the word stump attached to something beautiful and fun!

  269. My ideal stitching site is on the easy chair near the front window where I can watch the deer, with my Luxo light/magnifier!

  270. My ideal spot would be a room just designated just for stitching with windows to look through. I would like shelves for books and supplies, comfy chair, and lots of beautiful embroidery floss.

  271. I already have an almost-ideal stitching spot. It’s at my desk in the bedroom, with a great light overhead and windows overlooking trees – hardwoods on one side, pines on the other. The only thing the area lacks a good storage place for my big box o’ floss πŸ™‚ I bring it in from the sewing/library/music/guest room as needed, or it kind of kicks around a bit.


  272. Poppies! Sigh… I would love to stitch in a corner where there are large floor to ceiling Windows and strong lights for nighttime stitching. Beside me I would have a pretty stand with drawers so I could have a neat area to work in while sitting in a comfortable chair. I am satisfied with something small and uncluttered.

  273. WOW Stump work had been on my bucket list now it’s moved to 1st place.
    This has given me the confidence to try and know it won’t end up a UFO and also to purchase the DVDs. Thanks.

  274. I have been meaning to try stumpwork for a while now, and this kit looks great! My ideal stitching spot has plenty of light, a nearby table to hold my tea (or wine, depending on the day!) and lots of room for my kitties to curl up next to me!

  275. A room of my own! Even a closet would do. My husband and I are retired and live in a tiny apartment, so are on top of each other all the time. The togetherness is nice, but I have to pick up and put everything away every time I get up to do something else.

  276. My friend and I are signed up for the online class. It would be lovely to win the kit. My ideal place to stitch is a comfy chair, good light, classical music playing or a good book on tape, a window view out on the garden (to give my eyes a rest now and then) and the cats sleeping nearby.

  277. Oh so beautiful. Would love to try stump work. Are we eligible to enter over here in Australia.
    My ideal setting, lots of light and good company. Coffee and laughter.

  278. Hi Mary

    My ‘perfect’ stitching spot would need plenty of light and a good stand alone magnifying glass. The room would be ‘sound-proof’ with a lock on the door that only I could open! I would like a stand alone frame to hold my work whilst do my embroidery. Next to me (on a large table) would be a permanent fixture of all the tools I use with the threads set up in order of colour number. Bliss!

  279. Mary my ideal stitching spot is in a comfy chair with perfect lighting surrounding me.
    Supplies close at hand. Water bottle handy.
    Don’t need much!!

    Susie Jarosz

  280. Storage space! Open shelves, drawers, cupboards all beautifully organised. I have good lighting, magnification, a work desk and a good office chair. A notice board for pinning up ideas and a comfy winged chair would be wonderful additions. Plus temperature control all seasons as I live in a tropical climate.

  281. My ideal sewing spot would be a quiet room with a view of trees and flowers; a comfortable chair and foot stool; and a table with all the supplies and equipment needed.

  282. What a wonderful Christmas gift this would be.
    My favourite stitching spot is in my living room, in front of the fireplace for when it is cold and overlooking the garden and ocean. Does not get better then this.
    Thanks for the give aways.

  283. My favorite spot would have a comfortable chair with another for my husband. It would have a TV available and a source to listen to stories.

  284. I have the perfect spot for me–Our kitchen with east south and west exposure and a fireplace!

  285. My stitching spot would be in my own work room, with a lovely big window for natural light. With two walls lined with embroidery books and other two lined with fabric. Oh what heaven.

  286. My stitching corner would have a warm cozy fire, good sharp scissors, a window so that can watch the snow, and a good friend to share all things stitching with!

  287. It isn’t the most practical of stitching locations, but this time of year, I love to sit on the couch between a lit fire in the fireplace and the glowing lights of the Christmas tree on the other side. Bad visibility but … the ultimate in coziness!

  288. My ideal stitching spot would be a comfy chair with all the right angles, terrific lighting, a side table for my beverage, snack and scissors…and a rocking footstool! I would love to learn stumpwork…hope I win! Thank you for your emails!

  289. What a lovely give away!
    My perfect place to stitch would be well lit, very organized, so that I could put my finger on anything I might need, at anytime, that’s in a perfect world!
    I think if I could have a beautiful room with good lighting, comfortable place to sit, and be able to see outside, where the birds are feeding and bathing, such as my Sunroom that would be great!

  290. I have a favorite stitching spot. I have a lovely little corner chair in my family room with a floor light behind it and slightly off to one side. It features 2 lights. One in stationary and provides a nice glow and the other is adjustable and I have installed an all spectrum bulb for color accuracy. I have several cubes and boxes tucked between the chair and the wall that are mostly out of sight but handy and these are semi-organized with my supplies and patterns. When I eventually downsize I hope to have a small home with two porches, front and back, so that I can take advantage of natural light during the day for my needlework.

  291. My dream stitching location would be at the coast with my Dazor light so I could stitch for a long time listening to the waves crashing on the beach (weather permitting)

  292. My favorite stitching spot is one that has good lighting, comfortable seating, everything I need close at hand, either a “listening” book or good music, wine and food served to me at appropriate intervals, a gorgeous masseur to massage my feet, neck and back, and even my hands when they are needing a break, …
    ha ha – in my dreams. πŸ™‚

  293. My dream stitching spot would be a room of my own!!! Right now I have to set up and take down every time I stitch because I am in the family room. Maybe someday.

  294. My perfect stitching spot would be in a stand also be studio surrounded by an English garden. So many colors and inspirations along with a peaceful view that just exudes serenity and calm so that my mind and imagination can just be free to soar. Just thinking of it brings me to that special space and feeling. Along with a smile of contentment.

  295. I have my own room that I do my embroidery, sewing and reading. This room is my sanctuary, I turn on my favorite radio station and do my embroidery or sewing, for reading I listen only to classical music.

    Thank you for offering these beautiful and thoughtful giveaways.

  296. I have never tried stumpwork, but think it is very pretty. Just hope it is not too hard for this old lady!!!
    My ideal stitching spot would be somewhere with great natural light and a beautiful view of anything nature has to provide. Also would like it to be QUIET. Need side table space available for a drink (iced or hot whatever) and space for my CD player as I always listen to books on CD while I stitch. And something very comfortable to sit in with my feet up. Just a little slice of heaven is all!!!

  297. I think it’s a big bay window that gets bright natural light 24 hours a day and never gets too hot or too cold. And that big bay window never gets dirty so I never have to feel guilty about stitching instead of cleaning.

  298. My favourite stitching spot – I’ve never really thought about it. Stitching whenever and wherever I get the chance is the best.

  299. I do have a favorite stitching spot: a comfy armchair with a 3-tier shelf, full of my stitching necessities, next to it on the right side of the chair. My Dazor light on wheels is to the left. There’s also a lap desk for when I need it. Basically, I don’t ever have to get up, except for meals!! πŸ™‚ I did one stumpwork leaf for a piece of counted thread, and would like to try more.
    – Wendy

  300. My ideal stitching spot would have lots of light and a light over my shoulder. I would also like to have a rocking chair with a footstool. There would also be a table next to me for my supplies. I would also like to have a pedestal with my threads dangling for easy access. On the pedestal would also be a shelf with pincushions to “park” my needles threaded and ready for use.

  301. My dream is to build a house in the country with a room with a bay surrounded on three sides by glass (floor to ceiling). My comfie, beautiful chair would sit in this bay with tons of natural light and a view of woods and lake. I could sit there all day and stitch, in heaven! Thanks!

  302. I have two favorite stitching spots.
    First is my own sewing studio, separate fro the house, where I have two rooms. One is storage, books supplies etc and looks out onto my climbing rose. The second room is where I have my sewing machine, cutting table bean bag and comfortable chair. This room overlooks my shade garden and I can stitch peacefully and hear the birds in the garden.

    My other favorite stitching spot is in the house, sitting in the bay window of my lounge room and looking across at the views of the river. A beautiful spot to sit and stitch

  303. My ideal stitching spot would have a comfortable supportive chair, great lighting, and a table to spread everything out! And a tv!

  304. Hi Mary!
    I would love a small room with windows on all sides to let in plenty of light. Then I would love a very comfortable cushiony but supportive chair- and don’t forget the magnifier!
    Merry Christmas!

  305. My ideal stitching spot: A big room, very spacious and tidy, with lots and lots and lots and *lots* of natural light and a view of trees and flowers outside. Actually I think that’s my ideal indoor spot all around.

  306. At the moment my books, boxes of threads etc. are in one bedroom and I have a wardrobe in another bedroom which is where I keep my stash of material and wools.
    My dream room would be converting the smaller bedroom, so that I can have a large drop down table with legs that is deep enough to fit over a single bed and high enough so that I don’t hurt my back. I would be able to do all my preparatory work and still have room for my grandson to sleep.
    Basically I want all my equipment in one room.

  307. My ideal spot would be sunny with plenty of room for supplies and a comfy chair for me and one for a friend. My spot is somewhat cramped without good room for supples, but functional. Just not enough time in it.

  308. My ideal stitching spot would be in a corner by the window, in the living room, with a great Ott light for the evenings, a cozy chintz armchair, and a side-table with ample room for all my stuff!!

  309. Wow, Mary! You said Christmas giveaways were in the offing and you weren’t kidding! This class looks like a great one and the offer of the kits is wonderful, sometimes those supplies can be hard to track down.

    My ideal stitching spot? Sigh. I’d love to have a devoted room, rather than bags and boxes and other storage all over the house. It would have great natural light, of course, but also a good lamp like an Ott, maybe with a magnifier. There would be storage galore! Enough that all my craft obsessions – needlework, sewing, scrapbooking, general crafty stuff (including all the books!) – could live there in one place. I’d be able to leave my sewing machine set up and there would be a comfy chair with a good floor stand (I haven’t really found one I love yet) and a table to work at so no matter what the project or what took my fancy I could just start it and leave the in-progress things set up. Sometimes I have 30 minutes or so but don’t bother because by the time I get it all out it’s time to put it back! I’m positive I could be more productive if I had my own room! I’d also have a tv in there for watching period films and a way to listen to Podcasts or music CDs. Maybe…. I’d even have two comfy chairs or a loveseat in case I had stitching company!

  310. My favourite place in the world is my new sewing room. In June I finally had my old conservatory replaced with a new one and it’s wonderful. This is my place where I sew and plan and dream. It’s where I hide away from the stresses of the world and feel complete. It does not matter what i do or if it’s beautiful – I just escape here. It is my little paradise within my home and I cannot wait for the holidays to spend all day here sewing!

  311. My “ideal stitching spot” would be a large room with one wall completely covered in windows where daylight could stream in year round with the sun only shining in during the winter. Outside the windows is a beautiful weeping willow tree and a lake with ducks and geese. The opposite wall is totally closets with lots of drawers and storage of all kinds. There would be a very comfortable reclining rocking chair with a table near by for my cup of tea. There’s a large worktable with a lightbox built in. The door to the room is always shut but there’s a cat door in the bottom so the cat can come and go. My Amazon Echo would always be on so as I think of things I need to do later, I just ask Alexa to remember them for me so I don’t have to stop stitching to write them down. There’s a computer attached to a large screen tv so I can watch movies or online classes.

  312. Robin, she who plays with strings…
    My ideal stitching area should have lots of light, loads of organized supplies, a friend or two if possible, comfortable soft seating with loads of back support (maybe even a couch – serious back problems) tables to hold everything, drinks from tea to wine, munchies, music to taste, great stitching karma, and loads of time. This area could be at a beach house, my house, a friend’s place, a vacation rental – wherever! It’s always nice to have access to very talented people to ask for help and share creative ideas. Oh and a readily accessible restroom. πŸ™‚
    So it seems my ideal “place” is not located specifically on a map, but surrounded by these things that make stitching rewarding, creative, and fun.

  313. My ideal stitching spot is almost complete! I have just converted a spare bedroom to my craft/music/library room and am hoping Santa brings me a new chair to finish it off. There is lots of light, storage, flat surfaces and the space to leave things in place to be picked up next time. I am looking forward to getting a lot of use from it.

  314. I would love to sit in a comfortable chair with a hassock and stitch on a deck overlooking water – lake, river, ocean. I would have a good light over my shoulder with my ice tea (later wine), threads, pattern, etc on a table next to me. The sounds of nature would entertain me.

  315. A comfortable chair with a table nearby and an Internet access so I can listen to my favourite music while I stitch.

  316. Ideal stitching spot… I’m already pretty close to the ideal. I love a spot next to a north-facing window to get the benefit of daylight without the beating heat you’d get facing any other direction. And it faces my garden, so the vision breaks have something delightful to see. I’m on a couch right now, so I think the only thing I’d change would be to have a chair… better posture and less ache or stiffness. Let’s face it… one you start stitching, you don’t want to get up for a while, even to do some healthy stretching!

  317. Our last home had a front porch that was closed in and I miss it. It was my favourite spot to stitch and read. I would make it winterized so I could enjoy it year round and have a small green house included.

  318. My ideal sticker’s spot starts with a beautiful room with a view of the Pacific Ocean. I would have plenty of window for natural light. In my room I would have a comfortable recliner and a television. Yes, I stitch to shows!

    I would have shelves and drawers for books and supplies. I’d have a long table for cutting fabric, setting up patterns, and anything else I might want to do. There would be a good sewing machine, an ironing station, and let’s not forget a sink because you need to wash your projects.

    Because I would like to paint and draw, I would have an area for watercolor, and of course I would also use the space to draw up my patterns for my embroidery.

    Yes, a very large yet cozy room would be my dream!

    Thank you for all you add to this wonderful community of stitchers!

  319. My own ideal stitching spot would be a studio-like room in my home where I could put out all of my supplies without having to constantly put them away and pull others out when needed. It would be set up so I could have everything in the same room handy at a fingers touch! Merry Christmas! gloria

  320. Mi lugar ideal de costura serΓ­a con un cΓ³modo sillΓ³n, y rodeada de hilos y lanas. Con un gran ventanal al jardΓ­n y mis mascotas a mi lado. Muchas gracias!

  321. My ideal stitching spot in the winter months is a big overstuffed chair and ottoman in our basement family room. I can get cozy and warm snuggled in my chair with my feet up and my stitching totes on the ottoman also. I can watch television and have a little flame going in the gas stove. In warmer weather I move my stitching spot to an upstairs sun room, that is decorated with whimsical art and tropical plants, and get cozy in a big rattan chair and ottoman and enjoy the sunlight from the windows and the indoor and outdoor plants while I stitch.
    Robin V

  322. My ideal stitching spot is well lit, warm in winter and cool in summer. My family drift in and out to keep in touch. It’s in my lounge room!

  323. My “ideal stitching spot” will, I hope, soon be my daughter’s new studio/yarn shop for her fiber business. She has been running her fiber business out of her home for years and is now ready to step it up and commit to a retail space. We are proud to support her in this new venture where she hopes to provide a place for knitters and stitchers to sit and enjoy their crafts.

  324. What a great question! I’m thinking in the family room, with a great light and an unobtrusive storage bin. It wouldn’t take very much for me to develop that, maybe a new kit for motivation πŸ˜‰

    Cheryl from Loganville Ga

  325. My ideal stitching spot would be large enough for embroidery and quilting, with lots of glass windows, a beautiful view, and a robot to clean up and keep things neat!

  326. My ideal stitching spot is the end of my sectional sofa. It has an OttLite floor lamp next to it with the light just above the sofa arm and my left arm. My stitching supplies are piled on an ottoman, with a bit of room left for my feet when I feel like stretching out my legs. A television is off to the left, and I often stitch while the Redskins or Nationals are on, listening more than watching.

  327. What a great way to learn stumpwork with a kit and an online class. Right now I do my stitching either in the dining room by a big window or in the basement by another window that lets in lots of day light. Thank you for this opportunity.

  328. My ideal stitch spot is the one I already have! I would like a fireplace and lower windows though!

  329. I wish I could describe my ideal stitching spot. I’m still working on my set-up. A comfy chair, good lighting, and proper magnification. I need a better stand for the magnifying lamp, and most of all, I need to figure out how to hold my embroidery hoop. I have a stand, but it never seems to be in the right position.

    I’ll keep working on it…

  330. My “ideal stitching spot” would have plenty of light, a comfy chair and a great stereo. also a big craft table to work on.

  331. My current favorite stitching spot is downstairs in the family room. I have a comfy recliner and my big Dazor magnifying light.

  332. Ah! My very own spot to sew. There would be no cell phone, no hard-line phone, no doorbell, one coffee pot, one dessert if I get hungry and Sawyer Frederick’s singing on his new CD. (Winner of The Voice) Season 8. Perfect spot, small house built for one.

  333. I’ve seen a spot where I’d love to stitch: beside a medieval window at The Cloisters in NYC. The lighting is wonderful, and it appeals to the romantic in me.

  334. My favourite stitching spot is sitting on my comfy couch in the lounge with my daylight lamp with attached magnifier. In winter I enjoy the fire and watch an old favourite TV programme as I stitch

    Katherine Pepperell

  335. I never thought about it but I guess I would like a sunny yellow room with white kacy curtains. Also a soft comfy chair and a lite.

  336. I would love to win the stumpwork class and kit. My favorite stitching spot is my recliner in the family room. I can watch the birds and flowers outside. And my cat is on the foot kick-out to keep me company.
    Thanks for the opportunity. I always enjoy your email newsletters.
    Allison Boucher

  337. Wheee I already have it!! My ideal stitching spot took many years to achieve and it is almost complete. It faces north with a large window looking out at Australian native shrubs. Its wonderful to look up and watch the antics of the Cockatoos, Galahs, King Parrots, Crimson Rosellas and all the little native birds whipping in and out of the bushes feeding their young. I have a large desk with my cutting board at the front. Lots of lovely artificial and natural light and huge cupboards storing my materials, threads, UFO’s and all the paraphenalia we embroiderers collect. And I have two special bookcases which hold all the embroidery texts which I’ve collected. I have a printer on my desk too. What’s missing? Still trying to find the right chair. After years of looking I find it just as elusive as when I started. Good high back support, nice wide and comfortable seat, no arms and adjustable height. It must be out there!! One day perhaps . . .

  338. I enjoy stitching in my easy chair while watching TV. The only thing that could make it better is if it were in sunny Hawaii rather than snowy BC!!

  339. I’ve never tried stumpwork so starting the new year with a new project to learn sounds perfect. My spot to sew now is in my favorite chair with my special light to see tiny stitches. My ideal spot would have shelving to store my few supplies with plenty of natural light instead of now storing them under my bed and in my closet. It wouldn’t take much to make me happy and learning a new skill may be enough to find a permanent place for my hobby. Thanks for the opportunity to grow.

  340. I probably have the ideal stitch spot. It’s a big chair with a light and table right beside it for year around stitching but the best spot is outside on the deck. Can you imagine–a chair with a table, a little sun light under an awning, about 73 degrees and a tiny little breeze. I can’t think of anything better than that unless it would also be by the ocean.

  341. A dream craft room… Wow! Most important: excellent lighting! An easy-to-use lighted magnifier. A comfy recliner (but not overstuffed — don’t want to lose things). Side tables. Large table. Storage galore. Peace & quiet!!!

  342. Oh, I get to dream!!! Perfect needlework place. Soft harp music playing, stone fireplace with fire going, window with the snow falling softly, with bunnies and deer playing in the back yard, a nice, comfy overstuffed chair, my needle stand in front of me, a blanket over my feet, my dogs lying next to me (it’s a big chair!), perfect lighting shining on my work, all my threads neat and orderly, waiting, along with the needlebook I’ve managed to get made lying ready with it’s new, shiny needles waiting all in a row. My scissors within reach, and a hot cup of coffee on a heated pad with a couple of cookies for a nice little break later on. πŸ™‚ Gosh, wouldn’t THAT be a lovely afternoon!
    Thanks for the chance to win the class and kit. Better yet, thanks for the picture! πŸ˜‰

  343. My ideal stitching spot is in the RSN studio rooms at Hampton Court Palace! I was fortunate to be able to take a few embroidery classes there when I was in London, and it was so magical.

  344. I would love to have a comfortable wing back chair nestled in a nook with floor to ceiling 3 window bay. Perfect lighting and a view of a lightly wooded area in which many types of birds visit feeders. Looking
    into the room would be a sewing room of generous size. A separate area for each of my favorite
    crafts would be tidy and neat in place. However I’d like plenty of space to spread out the projects
    that I would be working on. The room would be large enough for a friend or two to visit and sew along.

  345. That looks like a wonderful class, I have taken several Craftsy classes and have never been disappointed. Learning how to do Stumpwork would be a great New Year’s resolution. My favorite place to do needlework is in the sunroom at our son’s house, it has beautiful windows with perfect light and when I look out I feel as though I am in a tree house. My feeling is anywhere I can do needlework can’t be bad.


  346. Learning to do stump work has been on my bucket list for a while. After retiring from teaching, we moved to SC and built a new house. The bonus room over our garage was all mine! It is a large room with lots of storage. I have worked very hard to “fill” it up with fabrics, threads of all sorts, sewing machines and lots and lots of ideas for projects. It is my most ideal stitching spot. A true dream come true.

  347. I am new to embroidery and have never heard of stumpwork! All I can say is – wow! It’s so beautiful. I’d love to learn how to do it. πŸ™‚

  348. Mine would have lots of light — both sunshine and artificial. Somewhere on a lanai by the pool would be nice.

  349. Now this is one I really would like to win. I have done a little bit of stumpwork but would love to do more.

    My ideal stitching spot does actually exist although at the moment it is drowning under a load of extraneous ‘stuff’. This year has been woeful for me, healthwise (not unlike you, Mary) and not much has been achieved but hopefully I will be OK in a few months and able to tidy and remove junk from my studio. It is a long narrow space with specific areas for wet work, sewing machines, cutting and sitting to hand stitch and has its own bathroom, so quite nice really.

  350. I am busy everyday so my favourite stitching spot is wherever I get time to do some stitching. The class and kit look excellent. We wear poppies for remembrance. Thank you!

  351. I have a dream of one day having my own sewing room. In my room will be my machines, storage cupboards, bookcases and a good sized cutting table. Then nestled in the corner near a window, there will be a comfortable chair, next to it a lovely floor lamp with natural light LED’s, my embroidery frame and threads. Then during the day, every time I look up from my stitching, I get to see the beautiful countryside from my window. Ahh to dream =)

  352. One day I’ll eventually have a room just for stitching!! It would be nice to have a studio that opens up to a beautiful garden that is suitable for stitching in both summer and winter, but I think this will remain on my bucket list for a few more years!

    Happy stitching!

  353. I do have a sewing room, but it’s small and crowded πŸ™‚ If I could have my way, I would probably do my stitching out sitting next to a stream and my puppy wouldn’t be so crazy and wouldn’t make me keep jumping up to stop her from ripping things up, so that I could do some serious stitching πŸ™‚

  354. Dear Mary,

    I think about my dream favourite stitching spot a lot. A comfortable chair in a bay window, with polished wood panelling and lots of cushions, overlooking my garden (all beautifully set out and growing nicely). That’s the dream. Would love to win the stumpwork class and kit. Red poppies are special to us. Thank you.

  355. My ideal stitching spot has a terrifically comfortable chair, super lighting, good magnification, all my tools, threads, etc. no interruptions, and hot tea in reach with an audio book playing in the background.

  356. My ideal sewing spot is a room in New Hampshire with ceiling to floor glass windows where the colors of nature will inspire me. With a beautiful view and room for everything I’d be in heaven.

  357. I don’t have an “ideal stitching spot” at present. When I do, it will be a well-lite room, with plenty of shelves along one wall for my threads and yarns, where I can have it all organized and ready to use. I’ll include a comfy chair to sit in while stitching in one corner, beside the shelves. In another corner, my sewing machines will be ready for use, with my cutting tables in front of the machines, very handy. A perfect spot to create works of thread art.

  358. My ideal spot would have a north window with a table near it, an office chair for table work and a comfortable chair with a daylight light nearby. So far I have the window and the table but I have to much “stash” to fit in a chair. One can dream – Pat Cooper

  359. I would love tone have a cozy corner in my house for me to do my embroidery…. however, my house is too small to have a dedicated spot.

  360. A comfy over stuffed chair with excellent light on a warm porch with many windows to feel like I am outside.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  361. My favourite stitching spot would be in a comfy chair with a good Ott light
    beside a large window and table .

  362. My ideal spot would include a comfortable chair, room for my slate frame, and a plug for a good light to supplement the good natural light my spot would have. I must admit that I would also want a tv for when I’m working on less challenging pieces. I’d also like for my spot to be in a room with a door (I have an open floor plan) — so I wouldn’t have to put my stuff away to keep it safe from my lovable kitties. I loved my living room in England that had a door.

  363. My favorite and ideal stitching spot is a comfy chair with a handy table to the right. It has to have a lamp that’s strong enough to make my stitches visible so my work will look great.

  364. This looks like a fun project, Mary. I’ve done a little bit of stumpwork and I really enjoy it. My favourite stitching spot would be in my comfy chair in a sun room with lovely music playing softly, and the windows open to hear the birds singing in the trees. Perfect.

  365. What a gorgeous kit! I would love to take a stumpwork class. I’ve done one small project on my own, but could definitely use some pointers. I saw a lovely sewing room at Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon. The mansion is on a high hill overlooking the city. The sewing machine sits in front of a window with a view all the way to Mt. Hood! Definitely inspiring.

  366. My ideal stitching spot has good light, supporting chair and something to listen to. There needs to be space for all the bibs and bobs that I always seem to need when stitching. Depending on what I am stitching good conversation makes the time pass faster!

  367. My ideal stitching spot is in my big blue armchair. It’s big enough that I can sit cross legged, with a nice pillow on my lap and spend hours just quietly stitching.

  368. What a great opportunity! I have signed up for the class but deferred taking it on until I could collect the materials. I have been fascinated by stump work ever since I saw some work that was not a figure. I love the happy look of the flowers and butterflies as they fly off the ground fabric. Thank you for making this available to us, Mary and Celeste. Happy Christmas, Charlotte Wells

  369. My ideal stitching spot is the far left seat of any couch. I can set my tools and threads in easy reach of the arm, and can be stitching with friends, family, a tv, or just music all around me.

  370. My ideal stitching spot would be a roomy alcove with windows on three sides off our family room. This would let me stitch with natural light (sometimes at least!) while still able to chat with family while they make dinner, do homework or do their own hobbies. I do have a craft room but for now it is in the basement – when we have finished the bathroom down there, that will become the guest bedroom and my craft room will move upstairs, better but still not right near the family action!

  371. Learning something new keeps your mind active. I’d like to be somewhere that you don’t get interrupted (like now).

  372. My space has plenty of windows so that I can look out and reconnect to Nature and give my eyes a break. And the overhead track lighting allows me to adjust the lights as needed. Since I work on large pre-stretched canvases usually, I can change my work surface accordingly. And lots and lots of color surrounds me to keep me smiling!

  373. I misread the instructions so here is my real comment. I would love to put together a proper studio but actually have a pretty good arrangement already with my easy chair, embroidery frames, and a really wonderful magnifying light. Storage is in the utility room which is beginning to be a little tight since I quilt, sew, and knit in addition to my needlepoint and embroidery. A little judicious weeding of the stashes should do it. Just now my creative self wants to do needlepoint and embroidery. My ideal studio would have everything in one place, properly organized. There would be room for my crafting table, shelves for all the books and magazine I have collected, floss storage, a place for unused embroidery frames, slate frames, and stretcher bars. I would like a shelving unit for all the fabrics rather than the plastic bins I use now. I’ll stop here as my flight of fancy is about to go into the stratosphere but I must add that a source of music and books on tape is also an absolute must!

  374. My ideal stitching spot is a nice comfy chair and table where there is lots of natural light and I would be able to look up and see outdoors to the gardens and periodically watch the birds and flowers, or even snow falling!

  375. My ideal sewing spot would have sunlight by day and an excellent light for night. The view in the day would be inspiring.I would have a supportive chair so that I don’t get back and neck pain. All my threads and tools for the project wold be nearby so that I don’t have to reach too far. This would be wonderful.

  376. What an awesome kit! I love to curl up in the daybed in my sewing room, under bright lights. Perfect!

  377. I will try stumpwork next year and to get ready, lets try this give away!
    My favourite spot to stitch would be in winter, by the fire, with a cup of tea and my cat Diego on my side! Cheers

  378. My ideal stitching spot would be a comfortable chair with a good light and a table or trolley beside for my stitching tools and a cuppa handy to a msic and/or TV remote as I like to have company when I stitch.

  379. Another lovely give-away – thank you Mary. I think my ideal spot would be a quiet space, it would have excellent natural lightening, a comfortable chair, beautiful scenery to gaze upon in between the periods of intense concentration (preferably green hills – perhaps with a meadow and a stream!), and space to have all the ‘crafty’ bits and bobs easily accessible. Love dreams!

  380. The ideal stitching spot for me would be a really comfortable recliner with the most perfect lamp. There would have to be room for all the supplies to my right.

    The stumpwork kit giveaway is fabulous. Thanks for the opportunity.

  381. My stitching spot is a wonderful nook with corner windows that faces south. The natural light is amazing.

  382. I would love to win this gift, as I’ve been curious about stumpwork for quite awhile. I have a stack of books to prove it too! This seems like a nice way to learn and the kit is attractive. Thanks for giving us all a chance.
    I guess my favorite stitching spot is the big green armchair in the living room. At least, that is where I always end up! But what I would really like is a comfy chair in a room where I can shut the door. Then I could just leave the threads and fabric out!

  383. I just need a comfortable chair, good light, and a bit of time to have the perfect place to stitch.

  384. Oh, I know what my ideal stitching spot would be! Maybe someday I will have it. It would be a comfortable chair on a screened porch on an early summer day. The breeze would blow just enough to keep me cool. Birds would be singing in the trees and squabbling over the feeder and birdbath. The cats would actually get along with each other (I can dream, right?) and would be sitting on the window ledge, watching the birdy show. At my feet would be a basket with all my stitchy stuff, neatly arranged. No loud noises, no phones ringing, no sense that I should be doing the laundry or cooking or cleaning. Just peace and stitching.

  385. My ideal place to stitch is wherever I am at the time. I have always wanted to learn stumpwork……to me the ideal way to learn any stitch is to do it hands on and this class would be so wonderful! Stumpwork to me is like creating a sculpture out of thread.

  386. I’d love to sit in a comfortable chair, out on a deck, overlooking a forest…somewhere I could sit and stitch all day.

  387. I have been wanting to learn stumpwork and just need to take the plunge. My perfect stitching room would be located in lake tahoe so I could stitch while I view the beautiful lake. My sewing room would be where I design clothing and I would have a great stash of fabric and thread.

  388. Oh, how I would love to learn how to do Stumpwork! I have admired it in many issues of Inspirations. My ideal stitching spot would be flooded with natural light. It would have lots of space for projects set up on a frame, storage for organizing fibers & tools, book shelves, a large flat working surface, an ergonomic chair, a comfy chaise lounge for reading, and a cozy fireplace. I would love it if it had French doors to a delightful little garden spot with a comfortable spot for stitching, too. If I’m going to dream, I may as well dream big!

  389. Am I too old now to learn a new technique? I hope not. Should I finish all the UFO’s in various other new techniques that I thought I was going to learn? Well, yes, if I have the time. Can I possibly take on stumpwork in addition to those? I sure hope so.

    Thank you Mary, and Celeste, for making this Stitchers’ Christmas Give-Away a highlight of my December.

    My favourite stitching place was already realized (with the possible exception of a good armchair) in a sewing room I set up when my daughter left home, but which, sadly, has since gotten away from me. Perhaps some thorough housework could be attempted along with a new embroidery technique?

  390. A soft, over-stuffed chair with music playing would just be “knitting heaven” to me. Of course, hot tea and cookies by the chair would be great, too!

  391. I would love to learn something new and exciting. I have thought of trying stumpwork and hopefully 2017 will be the year to do this. Beautiful work.

  392. I would have very good light, a magnifying glass better than what you can usually buy, a comfortable place to sit. All in my living room. I have bought the class but do not have the supplies yet. Intend to get started on learning stumpwork and goldwork so I can start my cabinet (am part of Cabinet of Curiosites). Thank and Happy Holidays to all!

  393. I am renovating an old farmhouse. One of the rooms will be my stitching nest: 3 walls of windows overlooking fields and woods; the fourth wall is floor to ceiling cupboards and shelves for storing materials and books. Thanks, Mary!

  394. My ideal sewing spot would be in the sommet of a montain full of light and fresh air, with no other noise but birds and trees singing in the wind, surronded by my cats and dogs, with my son playing somewhere nearby

  395. My ideal stitching spot would have excellent natural light, a perfect chair, sturdy hoop stand, and a beautiful antique thread cabinet that I found in a local antique shop. Oh my word, it is gorgeous! It wouldn’t hold all my thread but it would make my special stitching spot look fabulous.

  396. My ideal stitching spot I think would be in a sun room with a comfortable chair. I would have lots of natural light to do my stitching with.

  397. My ideal stitching spot … outside in the shade, just shy of the sunshine, when I’m using any black fibers.

  398. I have a wonderful studio, created by my best friend, greatest supporter and cheerleader: my husband! I have a large room with cabinets on all four walls for supplies, threads and paints. There is a dedicated space for fabric cutting and needlework finishing, one for paper/scrap booking, a place for
    painting and watercolours, and one for sewing/quilting. There is an alcove with a big, cushy chair surrounded by Windows that overlook my bird feeders. It is the perfect place to stitch, and snuggle with my miniature doxy Jack. I cannot imagine a better place to encourage creativity and artistic endeavors. I am truly blessed!

  399. Two years ago I didn’t really have a good stitching spot in our house, only the end of the couch in our main floor family room. My husband didn’t like it when my stuff was out and it was annoying to either lug it back upstairs or down to the basement every day. My stash was in 3 different areas, on the second floor or finished basement. Now we have a different house (ranch) and I’ve claimed the nook area in the master bedroom as MY spot! In August I added a magenta/purple/green print recliner! And then a Tivo on the TV. My Dazor magnifier lamp is nearby. Nice sunny windows too. And since our house is now a ranch it is easy to take a project from my room to the living room and back again when I want a change of scenery. So for now, I think I’m good!

  400. My ideal stitching spot would have a very soft chair in a sunny bay window. I have a similar spot now, but there’s a built in window-seat, and it’s just too hard to sit on it for any long period of time…which is what I need when I get in a stitching frenzy!

  401. My ideal stitching spot? This question has come up in an online group, and many people had big dreams. Let’s start with a well-lit room, and plenty of storage space for books, projects, fabric and threads. Big enough to have a few friends over. Comfortable chairs, and handy tables for tools and supplies. Sure — a TV and/or sound system might be nice, but shouldn’t be the focus of the room. Hmm maybe an iron and ironing board, and sewing machine, for finishing. And a bit of room to hang a few favorite projects!

  402. Stumpwork is at the top of my list of techniques to explore, so this giveaway looks great.

    My ideal stitching place would have a comfortable chair, probably a wing chair, a chair side standing lamp with magnification available if necessary. a foot stool. and a chair side table. Also nearby would be a larger table that could accommodate a good sized needlework frame and an ergonomic chair that would allow stitching for an extended period of time without fatigue. The space would have good natural light and a source for some good music.

  403. My ideal stitching spot would be looking out of my sewing room onto my horse pasture and watching the newborn foals play – I don’t know how much stitching I would get done but I sure would have a good time while I was trying

  404. I have never really thought about a dream spot to do my embroidery; but in thinking about it, I believe any place that I am relaxed and truly enjoying myself and my project is the perfect spot to be in at that time!

  405. I have a stitching spot, in the family room of our house beside my husband in my comfy chair with at least three projects ready to work on!

  406. RIGHT HERE would be fine! Maybe… add windows, a leafy plant, and a basket for supplies. Oh, and a comfortable chair –cushioned, please. Foot stool. A magnifier with a lamp…yes, floor stand…..and opening onto a screened porch…possibly overlooking a lake. Did I mention music?

    But really just — RIGHT HERE — wherever I am at the moment.

    Thank you Celeste.
    Thank you Mary.

  407. My ideal stitching spot in on a couch or love seat (with pillows behind my back) in front of a picture window with lots of light streaming in. I use a floor stand and a magnifier.

  408. My ideal stitching spot would have a comfy chair and a few embroidery stands always set up so I can use the one best suited to the current project. (I like to move around a little between projects.) Great lighting and an optional magnifying glass to pull in front of the work as needed would be wonderful. Oh, and can I have a fireplace in front of me to look at while thinking of new pieces to make?

  409. I would love a big sunny porch type room as an ideal stitching spot. It would have a beautiful nature view. It would have nice frames for all of the types of stitching I love to do! It would have built in cabinets that would open and special things that pulled out, like a cutting table, a computer and desk and a sewing and embroidery machine. It would also have special storage for threads of all type. Last it would have shelves for my books.

  410. I’d stitch in a sunny room with plenty of space to keep my frame stands up, multiple projects going at once, and walls lined with floor-to-ceiling storage for threads, fabrics, and sewing tools

  411. My ideal stitching spot would be an entire room dedicated just to stitching. It would have two walls of shelves and cupboards for my supplies and books and plenty of floor space for two (maybe three) different floor stands.

  412. my ideal stitching spot would be in a soft, cozy chair, next to a window where I could look out at a beautiful garden full of flowers and trees, with birdfeeders that would attract many different kinds of birds. Thanks for the chance to win!! Hugs, Helen

  413. Stumpwork is on my to learn list, this class looks lie a good starting point. My ideal stitching spot: would have plenty of natural light; comfortable seating; comfortable temperature – so fingers are not cold or sweating; tv for those you tube videos; lots of storage places/book cases and a kettle and chocolate biscuits for when refueling is required.

  414. I hadn’t given any thought to an ideal stitching spot, but I think the only thing I would really need to add to what I already have is some better light for after dark stitching. Someday I’ll buy a good light, and I know where to go for good information about that! πŸ™‚

  415. my ideal needlework space would have a high backed chair that would support my neck if needed and a table and chair for working on pieces on a frame. There would be plenty of sunlight through windows and skylights and at least one floor lamp and one table lamp with full spectrum bulbs and magnifying glasses. The room would be cozy and quiet; so I could listen to the birds outside.

  416. I would love to try stumpwork! My ideal stitching place would be in a cushy chair on a breezy (but not too breezy) porch with handy tabletops within easy reach and perfect natural daylight. No mosquitoes, gnats, or other annoying insects are allowed, but the occasional friendly bee or dragonfly is welcome. On this porch, I never tire of sitting in any position, and all of my threads and supplies simply appear in my hand in the moment just before I need them. I don’t need reading glasses or any other magnifiers; I can see each stitch, no matter how small. The best part is that every time I pause my stitching and eat a pure butter shortbread cookie, I burn the same number of calories required to eat the cookie. Yum. πŸ™‚

  417. What a wonderful way to learn a new technique!

    As for an ideal stitching spot, I do have a spare bedroom set up as my crafting room. I have a dining room table in the middle of the room with a tv and some bookshelves. It’s great! I can look out on the street and watch what’s going on in my neighborhood while I stitch, or knit, or whatever. But let’s face it, it’s not as ideal as say a nice lanai at a private villa on the beach somewhere!

  418. In the summer, I love to sit on my porch swing and stitch. I just screened in that section of the porch, and even if it’s really hot, it’s a great place to sit peacefully and stitch. Probably not the best chair support, but the swing and ambiance make up for any slight discomfort. During the winter, I’m in front of my wood-burning stove on a straight-backed chair re-caned by a friend, with a sheet on the floor to keep the quilt or other fabric clean.

  419. Hi,
    I already have one..a sofa near my mom’s bed, with a window,carpet and lamp..so I can always stitch sitting next to her… thats as ideal as I need as of now..

  420. I already have my favorite stitching spot.. It’s in our French room here in the home we’ve lived in since 1977.. I have a favorite chair and I can look out on our large back yard where we have had so many family celebrations over the years..It give me such a warm feeling to be sitting there creating something new and remembering all the good times we’ve shared..

  421. What a wonderful opportunity to learn stumpwork. The ideal stitching space for me is my comfy chair with great lighting in front of a warm fire. Thank you for your contribution to happy stitching.

  422. my ideal stitching spot would be a nice cozy chair with a TV remote within easy reach, and all of my threads and sewing tools at hand. And time – lots of worry free time to stitch in.

  423. my ideal stitching spot is the bay window in my sewing room. it has a comfy seat and a beautiful view. and, of course, plenty of light

  424. My ideal stitching spot would have: perfectly sized armchair with a throw hanging on the back to tuck around me if I get chilly, a small footstool for those days when the legs need a break, adjustable lighting and magnification, small stand for a beverage and a snack, a VIEW would be great, but I’ll settle for a spot facing walls with my favorite artwork, and nearby storage to quickly put away my project(s) for safekeeping from curious cat claws. I’m sure I’ll think of more – but after writing the above, I think I can make this happen over the winter break (everything except the view!).

    Thanks Mary for continuing to offer such lovely giveaways!

  425. I have this class wish listed but can’t buy it until January. This is high on my learn to do list and a kit would be wonderful. I need some hand work for my next long distance plane trip!

  426. What a great giveaway!! I already have a great spot for my crafting–converted an extra bedroom into a craft room. I would like to get better lighting though.

  427. My ideal stitching spot would have a nice comfy chair with pockets on the side for holding stuff I need. It would have a table next to it for my drink and other things. Surrounding me would be drawers and drawers for keeping thread, scissors, fabric and the like. On top of the drawers would be shelves for books. And I would have a big glass window to the outside right in front of me.

  428. My ideal stitching spot… it would definitely have a table. A large table. There would be those desk organizers to hold pens and pencils and erasers and such. A notebook and sketchbook, readily accessible but not in the way. Actually… everything I have would be readily accessible and not in the way. I’m thinking this would defy the laws of physics, however. A comfy chair, spring breeze, and atmospheric lighting. Well, that last one is impossible because I have terrible vision and need the bright light. But bright light also hurts my eyes, therefore I don’t care for it much. There would be music. I love Beethoven. Even the most bombastic moments are calming, in a way. I’d listen to him when I start to get irritated and impatient. Ooh! I’d have one of those voice interfaces that I could tell what songs to play and could tell by my voice if I’m getting too annoyed and play my calming music instead. In this magical land, there would be no knots! (Seriously, I think the thread knows when I’m in a mood and tries to stop me from stitching! But, I’m kind of insane, so… go and take that with a grain of salt.) Sigh. Why, oh why do we have to think of an ideal that is not possible? I must stay happy with what I have. A comfy chair and a lamp and organized chaos.

  429. Hi Mary, My perfect spot is at my work table (purchased long ago for $100, which was a small fortune at the time), with a great BlueMax light and my stitching tools arrayed in front of me. I can look out the north facing window to the huge firs in the backyard, listen to music and be in a very happy place. I am soooo fortunate. Thanks for a fun giveaway. I’ve done a bit of stumpwork and it is really wonderful!

  430. My favorite stitching nest is a wonderfully bright ,comfy,room. It has beautiful Windows ( that look out on a beautiful garden of roses and colorful flowers). There is a fireplace in the corner. A great comfortable chair with a unique attoman! …..another chair equally comfy for anyone who stops by to stitch….and in the mean time used by my two minature poodles ! Yes, there is a tv hung on the wall…..and music thru my iPad ! It’s eclectic, but that is its charm…..oh a girl can dream !

  431. My ideal stitching spot would have great lighting, both natural and artificial. It would have a comfortable sofa, a side table, at least one of my stands and a TV. A nice view out the windows would be an added bonus for when I want to give my eyes a break.

  432. I just finished setting up my perfect stitching spot – a wing chair in the window with a good light and my Strommen Bruk Hamar sewing box next to me.

  433. My spot has a comfortable chair with a small table that has a magnifier lamp attached to it. I have a stretcher frame, and a box of embroidery tools and all my supplies. My tablet is loaded with audio books I listen to as I sew. Perfect!

  434. How lovely. Thank you for this.
    Right now my favorite embroidery spot is..don’t laugh…the toilet. My husband just installed a bright light there and it perfect for my eyesight. Since I work full time, I only get a lil while late evenings after the kids are in bed. So I sit on a stool leaning against the wall, and do my work, careful that the fabric doesn’t get nasty.

  435. My ideal stitching spot would be in a dedicated sewing room with lots of wonderful natural light with a comfortable chair and enhanced lighting and magnification beside a window that looks out on my garden. Netflix playing a miniseries in background with video access on my tv to stitching tutorials.

  436. In the summer (spring and fall too is the weather is good) I love to stitch outside. I’ll stitch by the pool, in the park anywhere outside. I have to stitch inside all winter, so sad.

  437. My favourite spot to embroider is sitting on the port side if the cockpit if my yacht, anchored in a beautiful Bay in the Bay of islands, northland new zealand, with the sun going down, a rum on the side, the boat swinging so the view changes every minute. Stunning. And a needle in my hand…bliss!

  438. What is my ideal stitching spot?
    A room which is warm and sunny – not too sunny, not too warm. With great lighting. With a great embroidery frame stand – the System 4 one appeals (if only it wasn’t so expensive!). With storage for materials and patterns I am going to do one day. And a good table for cutting out and preparing things. And a comfortable chair that supports me in a good position. With somewhere handy to put threads, needles, scissors, patterns, glasses, and a cup of coffee. With music or tv playing softly. And hours of uninterrupted time. Yes, I know I need to get up and turn around every 30 minutes.

    And where I can close the door behind it when I have to do something else.

  439. I want a comfy chair where I can put my feet up, and near a window for the fresh air and light. A magnifying lamp ( for that reverse sewing we sometimes do). A table or stand of some sort on each side of my chair so I can have all my project materials within easy reach on one side and a place to put my glass of water and cuppa on the other.

  440. My favorite or rather fantasy stitching spot would be on a balcony overlooking a beautiful beach, lake, or mountain. I will able fulfill that fantasy Christmas week. Our family will be spending Christmas on the beach. Happy Stitching and Merry Christmas!

  441. It would have to be a comfy chair in a big, bright bay window so I had plenty of natural light. The only downside could be the potential to get distracted by a great view!

  442. I already have at least two ideal stitching spots. One is the big easy chair in my bedroom because it has the south facing window making the room warm and bright. I’ve arranged the furniture so the sunshinee comes in over my left side, with a side table under the window and the drawer with crewel stuff handy on the other side. I sit there for hours, sometimes listening to podcasts or radio, sometimes not. The other spot actually moves around as it’s wherever my Knit and Natter friends are meeting. The rule is that you have to bring something you’re working on but they don’t mind that mine isn’t knitting and the chat has a very different quality when everyone is also working with their hands. Then there’s the room with the super-duper daylight lamp with frame clip and magnifier. I’m hopeless!

  443. My 2017 stitching goal is to learn stumpwork. What a great giveaway you are offering to get me started. My favourite stitching spot is a comfortable chair by the window in my sewing studio. Great natural light and wonderful views of my garden and surrounding bush.

  444. I would love to Win the Give away Iwould love to take a class on doing Stumpwork. I have tried it but a class would be fantastic. Thank you for the give away.

  445. I would love to win the stumpwork giveaway. My dream needlework spot would have a floor lamp with a magnifying glass since I lost some of my sight after a eye surgery. I would put the light next to a comfy recliner. Of coarse I would have a table next to me with a lazy susan and a holder for all my supplies.
    Thank you for the Give away

  446. I have tried stump work several times and been “stumped” by it. Class and kit would be just the perfect remedy for this!

  447. Hi MARY, I love stitching a lot, but i need the proper guidance regarding threads and cloth. Wow, that looks great! I would love to learn and i would love to try stumpwork also. Never done stumpwork before.

  448. My current spot is on the living room sofa with my supplies scattered across the length of the cushions and my trusty Ott light at my side. But we’ll be moving soon and my husband has promised to build me a studio. Time to start dreaming & sketching.

  449. My dream stitching spot would be up high, like a tower in a castle, or a lookout. It would have 360 degree views (in case I ever got bored with stitching and wanted to stare off into the distance), amazing natural lighting, as well as very bright interior lighting. I would stitch in a huge comfy armchair with enough side tables that everything would be within arm’s reach. There’d also be a huge flatscreen tv, because I like to have it on in the background while I stitch. And there’d be enough storage space for all my stash, sewing machine, ironing board, etc.

    Can you tell I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about this?!

  450. Who wouldn’t want to learn stumpwork when it’s so pretty? I’d love the chance at a free class. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  451. Dear Mary
    I’m not sure what you mean by “stitching spot” = stitching place? I have my stitching place but it is not wonderful! I mean I would like to find a chair where I feel just very good. Not find it yet.
    However this has a good side – I have to go for a walk around the house and make something else, even a little bit of fitness with my hands, my arms ans legs which I didn’t if I feel too comfortable.
    Thanks for your good virtual presence and all these wonderful giveaways.

  452. What a wonderful giveaway! My bedroom in the house I grew up in had a south-facing bay window. I didn’t stitch then, but I know now that the light (and the view!) would be really conducive to stitching. But since my parents don’t live there anymore, my own couch with a nice bright light is a good second choice. πŸ™‚

  453. I already have my perfect spot, it’s my sunroom entirely mine has all my neeleworks books and supplies in it. It’s peaceful and the ideal get away.stumpwork is one of my favourites. Just need more time to work on my projects.

  454. I am so lucky as I have a beautiful conservatory built by my friends husband to sit and sew either on my own or with friends.
    I would love to win the class to do stumpwork and do hope this applies to the UK as well.
    Many thanks.

  455. My favorite stitching spot is a nice comfy cloth chair (no leather, you can’t stick a needle in a leather chair!). It has tables on each side for my stuff and a big window so I can look out. This is very important when it snows, I like to watch it snow (I just don’t like to drive in snow!)

  456. My ideal stiching room would be to have a dedicated room for just my stuff, no home office/guest room/junk room. A room lined with bookshelves for all my books and lots of drawers for storage. Sigh, not to be where I currently live.

  457. Stonework what fun a truly lost art. My envision of the most fantastic needlework work spot would have to be in a big old rocker or porch swing on a old porch facing and right on the bay in the Atlantic or an old friends house in long islsnd. I would dream about that spot years ago.

  458. My ideal stitching spot would have both a comfy chair for looking through needlework books and a proper chair for working at a table, all with perfect lighting, of course.

  459. My ideal stitching spot would have a wonderful lamp with a big magnifier and a bulb that was a daylight bulb so I could use it for stitching and to prevent SAD. It would have a nice stero system so I could listen to music or books on tape as I stitch. The chair would be big and comfee and would support my back so that I would be in the perfect position to stitch. There would be a spot to prop up my phone so I could watch the Craftsy videos on it if I wanted but also close enough to my computer monitor so that I could watch from there also. And there should be tv just in case I wanted to watch in between stitches.

  460. My dream stitching space old have light that comes over my left shoulder and a well fitting soft chair to sit in. It would also have a small table nearby to hold my supplies.

  461. My ideal stitching place right now is one end of my couch. It’s a bit crowded; the cats are bound to be on the other end and in the middle. But it’s comfy, well-lit, and invites me to relax with some pretty threads.

  462. I would like a sun room flooded with natural light, full of plants with a fountain in one corner. Add a big easy chair for stitching and a roomy storage table for supplies.

  463. In my ideal stitching spot I’m sitting near a window overlooking an English country garden. I’ve got a comfy chair, good light, and surrounded by beauty. When it’s dark, there’s a roaring fire and a favourite movie on tv. Something I only need to listen to as I stitch. A pet curled up near by and no chores nagging me.


    Thanks. Sarah

  464. My ideal stitching spot would be in a house with huge windows overlooking the sea, with lots of light and an ergonomic chair. I have the chair, but sadly, not the rest!

  465. I have always dreamed of having a home near a babbling brook. I can see myself on the porch in a rocker with a nice size table at my elbow to hold all my stitching supplies, a radio/CD player and all my favorite CDs, and of course a nice tall glass of iced tea (or a cuppa in cooler weather).

  466. I have a pretty good spot now, a view of mountains, indoor entertainment (music, TV), easy access to supplies, good light, etc. Only drawback, sometimes too cozy, I fall asleep!
    Thanks for these comments section, reminds me how grateful I am for this stitching part of my life and your articles for allowing me to stay in touch (no nearby LNS nearby.
    Mary Kay from Montana

  467. Thank you Mary and Celeste for the wonderful giveaway. My ideal stitching spot would have an abundance of natural light with a beautiful view of nature for resting my eyes. It would be in a space where I could leave my work sitting out and available to work on whenever the mood strikes. There would be comfortable seating and good alternative light sources as needed. My space would be uber organized and forever clean with all tools and materials easily located. How’s that for wishful thinking!

  468. A comfy chair with a little table close by for tea and biscuits. A big window letting in lovely light and a great view…..sigh, what more could a girl ask for?

  469. My ideal “stitching spot” would be warm, inviting, and most importantly include room for lots of friends. To me, the best way to work on my craft is when I’m in the company of good friends and beloved family. Of course, there must be coffee available, and perhaps a treat or two! Lots of comfy chairs but also well lighted table space are a must. Maybe someday I’ll get my house together enough that this dream will come true!

  470. My ideal stitching spot would have really, really good lighting first and foremost! Then a surface at just the right height next to a comfortable chair so that I could lay my work out and see what is being done and not have it wadded up in my lap! There would be some type of cabinet or shelving close by for storing the materials for the in-progress works and maybe room for a few books there for inspiration and as reference for a different stitch or idea for working.

  471. Hi Mary – and Merry Christmas to you, too! My ideal stitching spot would be my very own tiny house in the back yard, complete with more storage than I need, several comfortable chairs for me and my stitching friends, a TV, a Bose CD system and a small kitchenette. Ahhh – no reason to go further than my own back yard!

  472. I would love a spot where I could look out the window and have it be a large, beautiful window to shine light in and watch the animals and outdoors. Big bulky chair so things can drape and be hooked up around me. I could also put on my music and feel calmed as I stitched. Don’t have it but someday when these teens of mine grow up and out πŸ™‚ lol

  473. My perfect stitching spot would be a sunny room that’s beautifully decorated. It would have comfy chairs and all the up-to-date supplies would be organized, mostly in cabinets. Classical music would be playing softly in the background, with friendly conversation taking place among family or friends.

  474. That class looks amazing. My ideal stitching spot is a dream come to life. My husband made it happen last month for me. It is a room of my own in the home with shelves, a desk, 2 comfy chairs and all my supply’s at hand. He knows where to find me lol.

  475. If dreams could come true for a stitching spot. There would be a comfortable chair with a small table beside it to hold all the items needed for the project/s that were being worked on. Good lighting and a couple of windows to look out of across the mountain valley to give the eyes some rest.
    I am pretty happy now but I rotate from different chairs, dragging my lighting and projects with me. Love the view out of the ESE window across a locus thicket. beautiful sunrises this time of year and good morning lighting. Dislike moving the projects as I am always misplacing something needed.
    Thank you for asking as this is renewing a dream.

  476. My ideal writing/stitching spot would be, of all places, a treehouse. When I was a child and into my teens I liked to climb a tree, my favorite reading spot, with book in hand. I still romanticize this pleasant setting above the cares of the world, my perfect escape. A more practical solution may be a loft above the living area of my home. I can dream, can’t I? Thanx for your giveaway.

  477. I do have a favorite stitching spot. It is in my front room on my extra large recliner so my dog can lay by me. We cover up and I work on my projects. Did I mention that I am surrounded by all my beautiful threads. I love doing all kind of stitching. I just did a spider in the corded buttonhole stitch so the stumpwork prize is exciting.

  478. My ideal stitching spot would have a comfy chair, a radio, GREAT lighting, a small side table for a drink or small snack, and a spot for a chart and all the necessities for stitching. My space is pretty close, just not enough space for all the stuff. I keep most of it on the same table as the lamp. But, it gets crowded and sometimes, things find their way to the floor.

  479. My ideal stitching spot would be a “three seasons room” I saw on This old house. Lots of natural light from large windows and overlooking the backyard. Plenty of room to work and relax.

  480. My ideal stitching spot would be…sitting in a room with a fireplace, a big bay window, looking out to a huge meadow…sipping tea and listening to some soft music while relaxing, stitching and enjoying the scenery. The room would have everything I need for stitching and sewing quilts. My own little peace and quiet spot πŸ™‚

  481. My ideal stitching spot would be in a light filled room next to a window looking out to the garden. I would love to win the stump work class.

  482. I would love to learn to do stump work! My ideal stitching spot would be comfortable and have plenty of light and magnification.

  483. Ideal Stitching Spot: A comfortable chair with great natural light (maybe from a light pipe?) for daytime stitching, with a hands-free magnifying glass and LED lighting for nighttime stitching. A sewing table that I can prop a scroll frame on when it sits on my knees. (Or clamp things on, like a sewing bird. Or sort things. Or use a light box on.) A foot stool for when I want to put my feet up, that can slide under the sewing table when not wanted. A monitor close enough that’s large enough to show videos or computer files (or even television) from my chair.

  484. Since moving to Fl. 4 yrs ago, i have been ecposed to this 3 D embroidery…stumpwotk !!! I love everything about it, and what a result, stunning !!!! Never tried Celeste’s work, but will one day ! Thank you Mary for everything you do to promote hand embroidery!

  485. I have a stitching spot for embroidery work. It’s in our sunroom, where my frame for embroidery is all set up. It is facing the part of our house where all the trees and the greenieries, and the other part looking the driveway to the street. Very quite happy place to be creative and stitch for hours away. I love this house that we just bought last year, and we often say that this sunroom that makes this house, that we called home. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Happy Holidays from our home to yours! Cheers!

    El Forguson

  486. My favorite spot is my over sized sofa my coffee table is filled with sewing needs and my computer is nearby to research and access tutorials .

  487. Outside with good lighting and the sound of the outdoors, surrounded by my family playing, reading and/or talking & laughing with me.

  488. My ideal stitching spot is large enough to have peg boards on the walls to store supplies where I can see it all without having to dig through a closet. It has lots of natural light, with warm white LED task lighting (with magnification) On a swing arm over a large table. There is a hands free frame (like a millennium frame and stand – woot!) for my projects. There’s an old elementary school style bulletin board on two legs to block things. There’s a music player so I can listen to podcasts while I stitch. Since this is my dream stitching area: most of all it is a kid and husband free zone so I can stitch in blissful peace for long blocks of uninterrupted time. Ahhhhhh, I can feel the peacefulness of it all now!

  489. I currently have a nice little table and comfy chair in my room for stitching, next to my window so there’s lots of light. But I can’t wait til I have the right resources to have my own house with lots more room. I’d love to have an entire room for sewing and crafting, with table and storage space enough for all my supplies.

  490. I would like to sit and sew in a comfortable chair by a sunny window with a cup of hot chocolate in winter or glass of tea in summer on a small table close by.

  491. I love Craftsy and have recently completed several courses. I love stumpwork and would really enjoy completing this stunning project.

    1. Oh and my favourite stitching spot is by the back door of my sitting room on a sunny day with Classic FM on the radio.

  492. A favorite stitching spot? Never thought about it, I’m not picky! A place to sit, having a great view, the right equipment, threads and fabric, right lighting and magnification, and that’s it!

  493. My ideal stitching spot (exists in my imagination): a big chair right next to a huge window with a pretty view, a big table right next to me to hold supplies and tea, a convenient needlework stand to hold my work-in-progress, and a TV full of entertaining shows! I am set for hours and hours of stitching! Pretty easy to please, I think!

  494. Beautiful! I would love to try stumpwork. We don’t have guest room anymore in our house, but I have a craft room! It is not big and very cozy, with 2 windows and 2 closets:)

  495. I have never heard of stump work but it looks fascinating and I would love to learn. Merry Christmas

  496. I would love a small, sunny corner with a comfy chair and a small table to hold my supplies to act as my embroidery spot. Tea and cats optional. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for doing this.


  497. My ideal stitching spot is my craft room. Not at all tidy, but well wquiped with lovely supplies, a dock for my ipod, a tv etc, etc. it also has a door which shuts out the rest of the world, well has the potential too!

  498. I currently stitch at my desk facing a wall πŸ™ Well not really, I mainly watch movies on my desktop computer while stitching. My ideal stitching spot? I would love a corner of a room right next to a window to get good lighting, but I really dream of having a solarium. That way it gives me the illusion of sitting outside to stitch (without the bugs!) and I can use it all year long without having to worry about snow as I live in Canada πŸ˜‰

  499. Dream stitching spot? I think I have it – in the corner of my living room on my sofa where I take up all the room with threads and scissors and scroll frame and no one can sit there while I have work in progress. The light is perfect there and some times I have music, some times I’m bingeing on a Netflix series while I’m stitching. I would LOVE to learn stumpwork and I think the kit is gorgeous !

  500. I am sat in my dream stitching spot on the wonderful island in the Canaries, Tenerife. I am lucky to spend a few months a year here away from the cold wet winters in the Uk. One of my cases contains all my lovely embroideries to do just for me. Good light warm sunshine and perfect relaxation. Bliss

  501. Ideal stitching spot is a comfy chair with plenty of natural light, a small table alongside to hold bits and bobs and someone to keep me supplied with coffee and snacks

  502. I’d love a comfy chair where the seat isn’t too deep & my feet are on the ground (yes, I do have short legs). Preferably in front of a window, but also with a really good light source. And of course, with a table near by for my iced tea & with a good music source. You did say ideal, right?

  503. I neeeed this so much. πŸ˜€

    I think anywhere is a good place to stitch apart from a darkened room…that wouldn’t be a good place at all. πŸ˜€

  504. I love stitching in my favorite ergonomic chair with a great floor lamp near and my feet up and with my husband nearby enjoying the sport of the season. Golf sounds are probably best for stitching, all that whispering helps me to concentrate, but I manage to stitch through football, hockey and basketball quite happily.

  505. Stumpwork is on my list of 2017 goals. I can learn the skills in my new ideal stitching area that resulted from a remodel of our family room. I was able to carve out a corner and equip it with a large table, shelving, and thread storage. It’s in front of a window so I have plenty of daylight, fresh air in non-winter months, and was able to add more than enough artificial light. The best part is that my stand is set up so I can comfortably stitch and watch TV. I think my recliner misses me.

  506. I have never tried stumpwork although i have been curious about it since seeing others work. I am rnjoying the learning process.

  507. my perfect stitching spot would be a little table and chair in Monets garden. Peaceful, beautiful and a lovely spot to while away the hours stitching

  508. I don’t have my ‘ideal’ stitching spot, yet. There are some items I’ve collected for when I have the perfect space and perfect place! :-)) A year or so ago, I found a Red Star floss display case at an antique store in a little rural town in TX. These were used to display filo silk floss…. And I purchased some magnetic hooks after reading one of your ‘organizer’ articles, Mary. When I have the perfect chair (a memory-foam support recliner or chair w ottoman) I’ll be able to put the hooks onto the side of my Red Star box and hang the looped floss or silk. Other supplies will be stored in or on top of the box and I’ll be ready to go…. (until then I have a workbox that sits next to me on my couch). I purchased Celeste’s class during a Craftsy sale, so the kit would be perfect to start my next project.

  509. My stitch room was our daughter’s bedroom. It has a large southeast window with shade to block direct sunlight if I’m stitching in the morning. Most of the day the room has indirect light. I also have a lighted magnifier for close work and evening stitching.
    Sometime I’ll clean the closets to allow stitching supplies to be stored there.

  510. My ideal spot to sew is in the garden, I love listening to the wildlife as I sew it’s sooooo relaxing. In the winter it’s next to a open fire

  511. My ideal stitching spot would have an unlimited supply of Irish Breakfast tea, a cozy chair with good support, a Pinterest worthy thread organization system, a kick-ass stereo system and a fireplace.

  512. My ideal spot would be anywhere — I just need good light and a comfy chair. Add a stitching friend and it would be about perfect.

  513. Hi- thanks for this opportunity!
    My very favorite stitching spots have been on buses on long trips. I cannot travel without a project and some great audiobooks and extra battery for my phone- the most essential (and fun) part of my packing! I get a nice bus bench to myself, make a nest, stitch and listen and glance out the window from time to time to see fascinating new places roll by. My favorite so far was on a bus trip in Morocco. I was working on an embroidery of a pine tree with lots of different threads, my first foray into felting, building dark depths under big branches and beaded icy snow onto the branch tops. I listened to some wonderful books on that trip, and glanced out the window regularly to see the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara desert or the ocean roll by. Really heaven- all my senses satisfied!

  514. My favourite stitching spot is sat by my cat who always has helpful advice and is great at organising my threads for me! OK that’s not quite true, but she does keep me company.

  515. My ideal stitching spot needs a new chair with better back support (I already have my eye on one I like)! It would have a side table on each side of the chair for plenty of space to spread out. Also, I would like to be able to look out the window at the bird feeders without having to turn all the way around and crane my neck like I do now. Most of all, plenty of good lighting is a must. Having a cabinet with cubbies for storage nearby would be nice, too. You can probably tell I have given this some thought. Stumpwork is next on my list of techniques to try; how exciting!

  516. My ideal stitching spot would be a chair in a bay window with natural daylight, a table for the bits and bobs, an overhead lamp for evenings and a like minded friend to share the joy of stitching!

  517. My ideal stitching spot would be in a light, bright room with good lamp lighting for when it gets dark. A comfy armchair with everything I needed for the project within reach. All my books neatly organized into bookshelves and my supplies organized and easily accessible as well.

  518. Hi, I’m Judy Ullmann. My ideal stitching spot is on a porch with windows overlooking a garden and a lake in the distance. I’m sitting in an over-stuffed chair with an Ott Lite, of course. I have a table nearby if I need to do work on a table. A computer is available for referencing Craftsy & YouTube videos. Lots of threads and ribbons and colorful books of instruction. Cup of tea and a close friend or two!

  519. I love stump work, it is one of my favorite. My ideal stitching place would be a building with windows all around it for maximum lighting. I would prefer it to be somewhere with a beautiful scenery. also a lot of comfy seating and different stations to work at.

  520. My ideal stitching spot would be a combination of the following:
    a comfortable chair in which my feet touch the floor
    good light
    a view of the ocean
    plenty of hot tea
    and if possible, good friends to stitch with

  521. My favorite stitching place is in a big comfy chair in front of a fireplace. I’ve wanted to try stump work for a couple of years now. Beautiful!

  522. …brace yourself.
    My *ideal* *dream* *stitch spot*…

    The background: I’m (IRL) a biologist from Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m obsessed with embroidery, particularly historical needlework techniques. Being of Irish/Scottish descent, I’ve a particular love of medieval needlework from the British Isles and Northern Europe. Being a conservation biologist, I’ve a perticular love of stewarding wild places.

    OK, here’s the ~dream~ in all its ridiculous glory <3 I win the lottery. I become a super secret volunteer/donation giver to amazing conservation organizations in the chilly northern wild I love so much. I buy a little cabin/cottage, maybe in Scotland or Ireland, to stay between tree planting and whale surveys. I live a simple life, and secretly donate almost everything. My spare time is spent in a big over-padded chair in front of big south facing windows. There is a record player, a big hearth with crackling fire, a spot for my cat, a spot for my coffee, and a perfectly organized cart/table/stand full of needlework and needlework supplies and tools.

    *sigh* πŸ™‚ It's over the top, but you did ask! Wishing you a very happy healthy Holiday Season Mary.

  523. My ideal stitch spot is anywhere but especially with a friend to chat too and have a laugh as we indulge in our work.

  524. My ideal stitch spot is in my bedroom. I have my desk and my daylight lamp with magnifier close to the window. I have my computer on the desk, so I can take my English class when I am embroidering. English is not my native language and I am learning listen online while I am embroidering. I like to embroider in the car when my husband is driving, and in coffee shops when we go for a snack.

  525. Currently I have an area in our living room set up as my stitching area. It works fine but someday I would like to have a larger area. A whole room would be fantastic! We are planning to put a four seasons porch on the house soon and I expect I will move my stitching area to that room with plenty of natural light and a comfy chair with an organizer of some sort on the floor next to me to hold everything I need for the current project, and maybe a few others I plan on doing.

  526. I, Judy Lawrance, have not really considered the perfect place to do embroidery. That being said, one can dream, can’t one? How about under a beautiful tree with birds singing above and flowers blooming nearby on a sunny but cool day–and my faithful dog on my feet and my cat beside me. Some nice embroidery or quilting buddies might be there, too, to share our common interests. Aaahhhh!

  527. I would love to win the kit! Thanks for the chance. My favorite stitching spot is definitely a dream. It would be in a year round warm climate sitting near a window that overlooks a beach. It couldn’t get much better than that as I sit here in below zero temperatures! LOL Thank you. πŸ™‚

  528. My ideal stitching spot is a big comfy sofa, with a table with all my supplies in easy reach and the cat curled up next to me!

  529. My perfect spot would be a big comfy chair, with my antique sewing box next to it (lost in a move), a good light and a quiet corner. I am never in one location for more than a few months so that will remain a distant dream.

  530. Judging from the thousands of hours spent there, I would have to say that my favorite stitching spot is my living room sofa. I have a floor model Ott light and supplies within easy reach, plus a handy table to hold my teapot. Oh, the samplers I’ve stitched…

    Nancy @ Saint Albans

  531. My perfect spot would be to sit where I can see the ocean. Although I might not get a lot of work done because I can look at the ocean for hours. It is so fascinating.

  532. What a fantastic opportunity to learn stumpwork from an expert stitcher.
    My stitching spot is already pretty good a small room with amazing light and sunny all I need now is a comfortable chair!

  533. My ideal stitching spot would be by a large window, in a comfortable chair with side tables to store everything I need while stitching. And that thing you can plug in that keeps your mug of coffee warm πŸ™‚

  534. I have just recently moved and I now have a big sewing room. In this room is a chaise lounge with a table that holds an Ott light. I had long imagined using the chaise for doing embroidery. Now that I finally have things set up the way I want, I’m loving my “Special Spot” for embroidery.

  535. My favorite stitching spot is on my couch , by the fireplace, with great lighting and my husband next to me!

  536. I’ve had my eye on this class for a few months and I do plan to sign up for January!
    My ideal stitching spot is probably a window nook with lots of light, cushions and fresh air!

  537. I would love to have a space in my living room that I could work in and enjoy my family at the same time. I would love to have a floor standing hoop.

  538. I work in a beautiful historic home. It is corporate offices for a wonderful family owned business. My office is in what was the library over 100 years ago. I wish I could have a fire in the fireplace and have my favorite needlework or rug hooking frame set up there to work in the beautiful space. I have a nice stitching nest in my home, I am very blessed but I’m just saying, that would be my dream spot.
    I would love to learn stumpwork in 2017, never tried it before. Thanks for the opp. Melody

  539. Finally living on my own I purchased a high back reclining chair from Lazy Boy. It took me a year of visiting furniture stores with a small piece of embroidery until I found the best fit. Then from Lee Valley Tools the clamp on workshop light. Then stitching glasses 4.5Γ—magnification bifocal and distance. Next my balcony looks out on Mount Benson. Throw in my Hummingbird feeders that are busy every day and the TV and you have stitching heaven. It would be the perfect place to work on learning stumpwork. Good luck to all the other entrant and a safe and happy holiday from Vancouver Island.

  540. My ideal stitching spot would have both great lighting and a great view of the outside perhaps lakeside or the ocean. Of course that would mean that my home would be in one of those two locations. Right now the only water in my view is my above ground blue pool.
    I have taken a few basic stump work classes; its a very interesting technique.

  541. My ideal stitching spot would be in a comfy chair by the fire, with a good view of the birds out the window.

  542. I have a stitching spot now, but it certainly isn’t ideal. I’m grateful to have a spot reserved for stitching though! My ideal spot would be a large well lit room with 4 comfy recliners so I could stitch with friends. It would include a big screen tv of course and shelves for all my supplies and fabrics. A large cutting table would be included as well as a huge sewing table with my machine built-in. I would love large windows with treated glass that would protect my things from sun damage. I would need a big board ironing board station as well. It would be so wonderful I wouldn’t even need the rest of the house!

  543. A stitching place can be anyplace your imagination takes you. My stitching place is an escape into creativity to make something for someone I love

  544. Wow, beautiful !
    I would like to learn everything !
    Of course in my ideal stitching room…: lots of windows, on the south side of a house/ greenhouse with a pair of trestles ( I have ordered them in Germany !) to work on with my slate frame….
    A lot of projects surrounding me, a nice chair, and beautiful music!
    That’s perfect!

  545. I think I found my ideal stitching spot here in Mexico on a bright balcony facing the sea and cooled by the oven breezes. Too bad it is only for a few days.

  546. My ideal stitching spot would either be a lovely big sunny room with lots of windows let in the light, or under a tent by the seaside. Either way, natural light, and a calm soothing atmosphere. Also, a very super duper comfy chair

  547. If I could own my perfect stitching spot, it would have all my needles threaded with the exact thread I need. I would have great lighting. And I would have plenty of magnifiers to see what I am stitching.

    Of course, no where is complete unless you, Mary, are included. Your inspiration, videos, ideas and so on, would be perfect. I know. Can I move into your house? LOL!

  548. My ideal stitching spot is in a cozy recliner in front of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean waves crashing on the beach. Music playing in the background, Earl Grey tea latte by my side, pumpkin muffins in the oven, dog at my feet, fireplace crackling behind me…..aaahhhh

  549. I love my stitching spot. I have my own room, I guess you can call it a studio. Where I sit, I have threads and yarns within stretching distance or a little ride on my office chair. In the big space next to my sewing machine is where I do all my handwork, just needing to lean over a little if I need the machine.

    Laptop on the table in front of me, easy to look up things and watch videos (and TV). Ironing board right behind me. Lots of small and big baskets all around me with tools and projects.

    It’s very messy, so no one is getting any photos! Despite all that, I find it efficient for me. Also very close to the laundry and kitchen.

  550. My ideal stitching spot was the one I had at my previous house. I’m trying to set up a corner like it here, but I haven’t made it yet. I had a swivel chair next to a window in my bedroom. It looked out over the street, so I could see what was going on while I was stitching. It was a stuffed chair, so I could use the arms as a temporary pin cushion, and sometimes I pinned my pattern there. I had a lamp behind the chair and daylight coming through the window. I had a desk under the window, so I had a place to lay all my threads and tools.

  551. I have 2 favorite spots. One is on my deck and the other on my couch looking out our bay window. The sun shines in and it makes me feel content.

  552. My ideal space would be somewhere in the sun with a comfy chair and a table so that all my threads and tools are close to hand . A nice view would be great too. Sea or mountains I dont mind, as long as its not too distracting.

  553. Stumpwork is an embroidery I really enjoy but am not able to get it just right, so I feel I would greatly benefit from your class. Thank you for the opportunity to enter

  554. Stump work is a mystery to me… I have read a lot of books, but am rather intimidated by it all. So a class with Celeste would be an absolute dream!!

  555. My ideal stitching spot is my friends Garden room, the light is perfect and a group of us stitchers meet up every week to sew and chat.

    Stumpwork would be a new challenge for me; I’ve never done it myself but admired the work that I have seen done and I love it.

    Mary, thank you so much for the wonderful website.

  556. My ideal stitching spot is on my sofa: a comfortable place with good lighting and enough space on the table beside the sofa for all the stitching paraphernalia. It’s the ideal spot for working this gorgeous project πŸ˜‰

  557. My ideal spot is a big comfy chair next to a window looking out to the woods, with a small table on one side for my tea and another on the other side to hold my supplies.

  558. I am lucky to have my ideal spot. Huge window, no curtains. Big comfy chair which enables me to lean back from time to time to rest my back. Plenty of drawers right behind me housing all the threads and needles and whatnot. Desk made a looong time ago by my grandfather for sketching and paperwork. Right now there is a tiny tree and a bowl of Christmas decorations on it too.

  559. Perfect stitching spot, I have some parts but not others. I already have a great wing chair and a wood burning stove. Good light over my left shoulder. I really need better omrganization on wheels so all my threads are more organized and can be moved to where I sew. Mostly what I need is more time.

  560. If I were to have my own stitching “corner”, it would include a chaise lounge or a recliner with a nice pillow to lean against, my stella lamp, a handy table with small drawers to put stitching items in, and an area to place works in progress. Of course, it would also need room for a stitching stand. I do plan for an area like this when I retire.

  561. My ideal stitching spot would be a studio with a view to a beautiful garden. In the studio, apart from the stitching equipment I would like to have a huge book case full of embroidery/art books.

  562. My favorite place to stitch? Why, ensconced in the deep sofa in my library, a fire roaring, the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, a glass of tea and a box of dark chocolates at hand and surrounded by my many unfinished needle projects!

  563. My ideal spot would be a beautiful, cosy window seat nook. It would have comfy cushions and pillows. Extra lighting and a ledge to put things on. It would have a huge picture window, and the view would be beautiful overlooking the coast with a wonderful garden. Lots of natural daylight. Thanks for the opportunity of the class, I’ve already signed up for it. It would be nice to have the kit too.

  564. My ideal stitching spot already exists!! I stand while stitching. I have a table with a magnifier and bright lights!! It is next to a window with natural light. I put on music and stitch away!!
    I love stumpwork. I have stitched several pieces. I would love to get better with this beautiful skill!!
    Thank you
    Martha Gullo

  565. I have been very lucky in that I have had my own “women’s cave” for about 20 years. It is such a joy to have my passion recognized by my husband. My space is complete with good lighting and grand storage for stuff and UFO.
    I am always working on something.

  566. Hi Mary! Thank you for the chance at the stumpwork class! I have been wanting to learn Stumpwork for years!

    My favorite Needlework nest must have good lighting, a comfortable chair with a footstool/ottoman, a nearby table for my chart and supplies, and room for a frame if I am not using Q-snaps! Also a good program on TV where I don’t have to look at it to follow the story line.

    Right now I don’t have a needlework nest set up. Our house is still in progress from our big move from NJ. So I either end up at the kitchen table or at a friend’s house for a stitch in!

    Thank you so very much for the chance!

  567. My ideal Stitching spot would be in a home on the lake sitting in front of the picture window in my Stitching room watching the Great Lakes freighters go by down the saint Mary’s river to Lake Huron or lake superior

  568. Another wonderful and generous giveway by you! And of course Celeste and Crafsy…many many thanks to all involved…

    my favorite stitching spot….well, it has to have plenty of good light, and a good amount of stitching surface in order to spread out supplies, needed project instructions etc etc….and a cup of tea….i have just such a spot in one corner of the “dining” room table….and i am able to put up a small folding table to my left to be able to have some things immediately “to hand”.Where i sit and stitch (one of two places) i can look across the short space to the wall that divides the dr from the lr….and on that wall hangs a lovely print of a lovely painting full of color and texture….so there you have it. And may all days have their bit of calm!
    in gassho

  569. Anywhere and anytime is my ideal place to embroider! I carry a small bag which contains an embroidery project and my drop spindle with roving. You never know when you will be waiting in that long line!

    Barabal D.

  570. My ideal stitching room would have lots of storage and bookcases, comfortable seating, large windows, a large table for cutting, a desk and computer, a stereo (to listen to music), and a t.v. to “listen” to shows and movies.

  571. When I was a kid, I used to consider a gigantic armchair by the window at my grandparents’ place the perfect stitching spot, because somehow I managed to get everything perfectly organised there. I don’t think I have found a better place yet.

  572. Carol Gray

    My perfect stitching area would be in a nice small room with a comfy chair, lots of natural light, good lamp, CD player and my current stitching project. Also, a chair for a stitching friend.

  573. My favorite stitching spor: every evening, well seated on my sofa, the foot on my ”pouf”, my two little yorkie on my knee, I am working on linen with silk or coconut thread and dog hair, looking at my TV soap.

  574. My stitching spot would have a comfy but firm and upright chair, be in a bright corner surrounded by windows, and have a natural-light lamp beside it. Along with a table for my tea and biscuit (cookie!).

  575. ideal stitching spot would have a very comfy chair, lots of Windows to enjoy the beauty of nature and let in light and Broadway show tunes playing in the background.

  576. My ideal stitching room would be in a sun room looking out over a park or lake, to give my eyes a distant focal point and my creativity constant inspiration. Of course this is furnished with a comfortable chair, side table, and great lighting for those projects I just have to finish “tonight”. I’m still working on making this a reality, one day.

  577. i have a wonderful stitching spot in my home. i have a room of my own at the back of our house that overlooks our gardens and the lake that is all set up for stitching and quilting. a wonderful place to while away the afternoon stitching and have nature as your inspiration. i feel very lucky.

  578. I would love to learn more about stumpwork and have some great place to use the skills as I am about to focus on finishing an embroidered casket. Most important and perfect spot for stitching is in a comfortable chair great lighting and all the tools and materials I need ready at hand so time to stitch and not so much having to search for things πŸ™‚

  579. I didn’t properly do this the first time so I am entering again. My ideal stitching spot is a good supportive chair with a good light source. I don’t care if I am stitching in the middle of a mall with people asking about my crochet(I’ve had that happen !) as long as I have the time to sit and stitch. I would love to have that set up in a cozy room with a crackling fireplace, a good sound system playing a good audiobook. But either place with the time to use it is fine.

  580. Would love a class in stumpwork ! My favorite stitching spot would have a cozy chair, good lighting, a beautiful wooded dresser for my supplies, and a large window over looking a lake in the mountains. One can dream!

  581. My stitching spot would have a nice comfy chair near a window that gets plenty of sunlight. The windows would have semi sheer curtains, pulled back and would look out to a green yard with lots of roses.
    My chair would have a footstool, and a small antique desk to hold my tea cup, and stitching supplies. There would be plenty of plants in the room, and a cat.

  582. Oh man, First I would want a comfortable chair and really good lighting. Windows to look at the birds and squirrels that are out in the back yard. I am not sure what else I would need.

  583. I sit by a window that looks out on our neighbourhood and stitch. Especially during winter, I can watch the light dim outside and see lights coming on down the street. The silence can be soothing.

  584. My ideal stitching spot is a comfortable chair, good lighting and a table nearby for my stitchy stuff. Alice

  585. my ideal stitching room would first of all be just that, MY ROOM. No need to put my sewing supplies away , I would just close the door. Great lighting is a must, a hard back chair with a pillow, a rocker also. I am asking for a “hoop on a stick”for Christmas, so hopefully that will be in the room. To win this contest would be wonderful. I may never leave MY ROOM!

  586. My ideal stitching spot would be sitting in a comfortable wing chair in front of a stone fireplace with a roaring fire and a wool blanket over my legs and a small footstool to raise my feet just a little (so my ankles don’t swell!). I’d have an adjustable floor stand to work my embroidery. A cat in a basket on one side of the fireplace and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at my feet. Oh – and a cup of hot tea – mustn’t forget that. Liz B.

    1. Well I just got part of my wish. I just picked this up on eBay: Erica Wilson Needlepoint Kit King Charles Spaniel. What a coincidence!

  587. If I could choose an ideal stitching spot it would have a comfortable chair, excellent light with magnification, a table close by for all of my accessories, with a view overlooking the ocean or a lake. However, my real time ideal stitching space is anywhere that I can take out my needlework and stitch. Wherever I go, I usually have at least one of my projects with me.

  588. My ideal stitching spot would be a large room with lots of windows for light. It would have central air and heat and plenty of overhead lights, but not fluorescent lights, maybe halogen. One wall would have cabinets and plenty of counter space for storing all my supplies. One wall would have a large bookshelf to hold all my sewing and embroidery books. There would be room for two tables, one a large cutting table and one for my sewing machine and serger. In one corner, near a window would be a recliner with a standing lamp with a magnifier for doing handwork and embroidery. And dress forms, there would be room for at least a male and female dress form, but more would be better. That’s my ideal stitching spot, it would be a really big room.

  589. My ideal stitching spot is a work in progress: to have a room of comfy recliners each outfitted with a great light and chair side table. That way I can have my stitching friends come join me for afternoons of giggles, stitches, and tea!

  590. I pretty much have my ideal place. I have a room set up with comfy chairs for myself and guests, a fireplace for the cold months, a rug perfect for digging toes in, shelves with all my supplies, good lighting and a patio for the warm months. The embroidery/sewing room has its own music system and is close to a frig, a wine cellar and a stove for snacks. I have candles arranged around the room and love to throw pine cones on the fires. Sigh. I just don’t spend enough time there…

  591. My ideal stitching spothe would have great lights and lots of room for my threads nearby. I’d have a comfortable wing chair and be able to leave my stand with my embroidery on the frame (covered of course ) when I’m not there.

  592. I’d love to have a sun porch to sit out on and stitch. The few times I’ve had a good opportunity to stitch outside, in the sunlight, have been wonderful. Once I was lucky enough to sit on the porch of a cabin and stitch as the sun was coming up.

  593. Oh I would love a room with floor to ceiling Windows all around, a nice comfy chair and a beautiful garden full of flowers and birds right outside. Oh and my kitties curled on my lap!


  594. I’m new in embroidering but I want to learn everything. I realize I can use for do art projects and hand made gifts. If i win this class, it should help me for continue and rich my projects (family and artistic)
    Sorry for my primitive English is not my first language hihihi.

    Carmen Sanchez

  595. Hi i am sabita sahu ,I always love stitching on sofa or else bed …no other place gives me the comfort which these two give

  596. Now that I’m retiring at the end of the month, I’ll have to find an ideal spot. Wherever it comes to be, it will be ideal as I won’t have to watch the clock and can have peace and serenity to enjoy my every stitch.

  597. Somewhere with good light, a comfortable chair and plenty of room to spread myself out. At the moment I seldom stitch during the day but if I did my ideal would be to have a lovely view out the window – a beautiful garden or similar.

    Catherine from New Zealand.

  598. My room will be cozy and organized. It will have shelves for everything–fibers, fabric and notions of all kinds. There will be a space for cutting material, an ironing board and my sewing machines. As long as I am dreaming, wall space for my quilts (I want to learn to quilt) especially crazy quilt so that I can use embroidery stitches.

  599. I have my ideal stitching spot in hand minus one thing: quick, easy access to all my thread without having to leave my seat. But there’s no remedy for that, so I will get my exercise by trotting back and forth from thread storage to stitching spot as needed.

  600. Hi Mary!

    My favorite spot to stitch is in the old Lazy Boy recliner! I have an Ott light with a flexible “neck” so I can position it accordingly to see. The bad thing about getting settled in to stitch though, is having to get up! I get all my items positioned around me for easy reach, but if I have to get up – oh my! Everything gets shifted and out of place!

  601. My ideal stitching spot is exactly where I stitch right now. I have a small study with a floor to ceiling window which looks out on my garden and the river beyond. Most of the time my head is down looking where I’m stitching but now and again I gaze out of the window at the river. It’s ever changing depending on the season but always provides a peaceful and calming scene.

  602. My ideal stitching spot would be in a barn-sized space (lots of storage!) with lots of bright light (sun by day, artificial by night – for those sleepless nights…); have a cozy corner with comfy seating, wall-to-wall music and a pretty garden to look out on (preferably maintained by someone for whom plants would actually remain alive). And it will come with endless time to use for stitching…

  603. I have been wanting to learn stumpwork, this would be an excellent opportunity. My ideal stitching spot is outside anywhere in the sunshine.

  604. My ideal stitching spot would have to be a room/studio at, maybe, Hampton Court!! It is about having access to endless, perfect supplies, patterns, inspiration, and “aura”!! My room itself (no, it must be bigger than a spot!!) would need room for sitting at a frame as well as a comfy spot to do my in-hand work. Lots of natural light, of course! No, I don’t need a “pool boy”, but someone who threaded my needles would be nice!! While they are not threading my needles, they could maybe keep me organized (in a way that I can understand). A screen for DVD’s (Historic costume dramas) and a player for books-on-CD. And, food! Yes, food!! Serve tea when I look a bit peckish!! You said this was a dream/fantasy, right Mary??!! Oh, and also some guest apartments for stitching friends! (This was fun!)

  605. I would love a comfortable rocking chair in a bright room with a side table to hold all my stitching implements. There would also be my light box along that wall, as well as a work table for cutting fabrics and finishing pieces. A small sink area in the corner to be used only for washing my needlework with a drying and ironing area would be great. It would have enough space for my light and magnifier with a fabulous hands free stitching stand. There would be a stereo and bookcase on one wall and wooden cabinets to hold my stash. It would have a window seat that I could work at too. Another wall would hold a gas fireplace (no smoke wreaking havoc on my work). There would also be enough space for me to do yoga stretches for when I need to have a short break from stitching. Oh and enough room for another person to visit with me.

  606. Thinking about my ideal sewing space lots of natural light comfortable chair. Most of all some sewing fairies to come in when I leave and put everything away in the right place so that I can pick up what ever I fantasy doing the next time I walk in. Thank you for your e mails and your web site Merry Christmas to you. Pippa xx

  607. My current stitching spot overlooks our swimming pool and garden with good light streaming in the window, my dream would be to still be overlooking a garden but in a cooler climate for easier stitching without sweaty hands!

  608. I don’t really have a “spot” but I have ideal conditions, as it were, and so if I have those conditions, then I have the ideal spot. The first is, I have to be in a spot that has good lighting. Can’t stitch without good lighting. The second, must have, in my ideal spot is my feet need to be warm if I’m stitching in the winter. If it’s in the summer, I need my spot to be cool. I live in a place with a VERY hot summer climate so having a cool spot is a must. And the last thing I need to make my spot ideal is, of course, a comfortable place to sit. If I have those 3 things, I have my ideal spot. Sometimes my ideal spot has been sitting in my comfy beach chair and sitting on the beach. Sometimes my ideal spot has been on my comfy couch watching (probably only really listening) a good movie. Another ideal comfy spot has been right there in my bed doing a few stitches before I call it a night. πŸ™‚

  609. My ideal stitching spot involves a comfy chair and a table anywhere that kids, dogs and husbands won’t use my table as their catchall so that I have everything at hand and not buried somewhere else.

  610. My ideal stitching spot (which I do not have yet!) has lots of natural light, plus a good artificial light to stitch fine work (or at night). A comfortable chair with good back support as well, and a small table to put accessories and frame. Music, on radio or CD. Space to hold a magnifier and also a chart holder nearby. That sounds modest–I can’t imagine why I can’t get all these things together in the same place!

  611. Hi Mary,
    One of my ideal stitching spots is Hampton Court Palace doing a class with the RSN and wouldn’t I have loved to do the Opus Anglicanum class at the V&A. Coming back to reality I like my stitching spot at home which has light, peace and quiet or noise as I choose and best of all I don’t have to pack it up at the end of the day – a good recipe for making steady progress!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Stitching

  612. Dell Martinez My favorite place to be when stitching is would be at my daughter’s house. She would make tea and play some lovely music. We would chat and giggle all through the stitiching session.

  613. My ideal sewing place would be one where a professional organizer would put things in great order. Also someone who would clean it.

  614. Hi Mary,
    I have a little sewing/embroidery room. I say little because it’s about 8×10, it’s my favorite place with the sewing machine, the work table and a huge “armoire” with drawers to store floss, frames etc. I turn the radio on and can spend hours there looking out the window once in a while as snow is falling during the winter days.

  615. I just really love sitting in my recliner to stitch. I also stitch in bed but that’s not good when I drop a needle. A few have never been found! I guess my dream place would be somewhere in England looking out on the countryside or the sea.

  616. My favorite stitching spot is in a comfortable chair by a sunny window to provide moments of watching the birds, especially hummingbirds.

  617. Hello Mam, I am Ayosmita. I don’t have any art room. I wish that one day I can make my own art room with some artistic pictures and with a touch of nature. Nature inspired me a lot. And I didn’t work with any stumpwork project. So if I get it I will be overwhelmed.

  618. My ideal stitching spot is in my studio on my ink blue velvet couch next to me is my tea pot and good lighting and a cozy blanket. I am grateful for my spot! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  619. I love to sit in front of a particular window in my lounge, as the light is good and comes over my left shoulder beautifully.

  620. My ideal stitching spot would have a comfy chair and foot rest, in a room designated just for sewing/embroidery. A large window with a view and also easy access to a patio, so on fine days I could stitch outside and smell the beautiful flowers in the surrounding garden.

  621. Such a great question Mary. I’ve had a lot of fun looking through the comments and seeing the common themes. I’ve never thought much about an ideal stitching place. I already have two of the necessaries – very good natural light (one full side of my living room is five large windows facing NW plus several windows facing NE and SE in the dining room) and a great glider rocker with footstool. I’ll be forever grateful to the salesman who convinced me to buy the more expensive chair with the footstool by asking, “What are you going to be doing in this rocker? Will you want your feet up?” Of course what I do is either handwork or reading and I do want my feet up. I live in the Rockies so also have a beautiful mountain view out my windows.

    I have a bookshelf by my rocker with both books and miscellaneous project supplies scattered around. It would be so easy to get a few containers that fit on the shelves to make it a better work space. I do need to get a better artificial light – right no