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Stitcher’s Christmas #6: Gorgeous Needlework Calendar for 2017


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Can you believe we’re halfway through the week before the week before Christmas? Where’s my snow? And why isn’t my tree up yet?

With time flying by so very quickly, I think it’s a perfect day to give away a calendar.

Not just any calendar, mind you! This is a calendar you’ll want hanging where you – and the rest of your world – can see it daily! It’s beautiful. It will keep you inspired all year long!

And I’m also going to announce the scissor winners from A Stitcher’s Christmas #4! So read on!

A Stitcher's Christmas #6: Inspirations Calendar

The 2017 Inspirations Calendar

I love the yearly Inspirations calendar! A hanging calendar an indispensable household tool. I reference mine daily.

And when a calendar features beautiful embroidery, it makes it that much easier for me to look at it, use it, love it! Everyone who sees my yearly Inspirations calendar, comments on it – even non-embroidery-enthusiasts.

The calendar features 16 months of beautiful needlework, in large, glossy pages. There’s plenty of space on the daily grid to write in appointments or make notes of birthdays and important dates.

If you belong to a needlework guild or you have a circle of stitching friends – or maybe you just have one close stitching friend – or maybe just one person you know who loves embroidery or art in general – this calendar can’t go wrong as a perfect Christmas gift. Take it to your guild group gift exchange. Send it to your mom as a special surprise. You’ll make points, trust me!

Today’s give-away is courtesy of Wooly Thread. For those of us living in the US, I’m so glad they carry this year’s calendar – it makes shipping a lot faster! The calendar is on sale this week at Wooly Thread – you’ll find it on the front page of their website. If you don’t have yours yet, now’s the time to get it!

If you’d like to win your own copy of the 2017 Inspirations calendar, join in today’s give-away following the guidelines down below!

Stitcher’s Christmas #4 – Scissor Winners!

For those of the many of you who joined in on last Friday’s Stitcher’s Christmas #4 give-away (two pairs of embroidery scissor, one to each of two winners), here are the two randomly drawn winners!

For the Dovo scissors, the winner is Lindy Sherrod and for the Gingher scissors, the winner is Fran C. Congratulations, ladies! I’ll contact you by email today for your mailing information, and hopefully, you’ll be able to stuff your own stockings with your brand new scissors, come Christmas Eve!

Incidentally, I just love reading all of your answers to the give-away questions! The current answers on A Stitcher’s Christmas #5 for the stumpwork kit and class – the question about your dream stitching spot – have been especially fun to read!

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now ended. Thanks for participating!

To join in today’s give-away for the 2017 Inspirations calendar, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below. You can follow this link to get to the comment box. Comments left on other articles on Needle ‘n Thread or sent in via email are not eligible.

2. Please leave a recognizable name either in the name line or in the comment box, so that there’s no confusion when the winner is announced.

3. Please don’t fill in the “website” line on the form if you don’t own your own website. This is for folks who have their own website or blog. Just leave it blank if you don’t have one.

4. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What’s your favorite thing to do while you’re stitching? Do you listen to music? Watch TV or movies? Listen to audiobooks? Chat with friends? Skype or FaceTime with family? Or do you prefer peaceful silence?

5. Submit your comment by Monday, December 19, 5:00 am central standard time (that’s in Kansas, USA). The winner will be randomly drawn that morning and announced in the next give-away. I’ll also notify the winner by email.

6. The winner will need to respond with mailing information within 48 hours, or another winner will be randomly drawn.

The give-away is open to everyone. You can enter each give-away in A Stitcher’s Christmas when they are published here on Needle ‘n Thread, but you can only enter each give-away once. Please don’t leave multiple comments on any one give-away.

So, if you’d like to adorn your wall with the gorgeous 2017 Inspirations Calendar – and help keep yourself organized at the same time! – join in!

Don’t fret if your comment does not appear on the site immediately. Comments are queued for moderation, to avoid spammers. Sometimes, it takes a while for me to work through the list, but eventually, it will show up!


(708) Comments

  1. What I like to do while I’m Stitching is to listen to audio books or watch/listen to movies on PureFlix, Netflix, or Feeling( Hallmark)

    1. Peacefully silence, or in summer looking out on the lake or woods thank you for a chance merry Christmas.

  2. I usually stitch in the morning and have tv news on but I also like to stitch listening to an audiobook!

  3. How could I not know such a calendar existed? It looks absolutely gorgeous. My mum gives me a new calendar as a Christmas present every year, I might hint at this one next year!

    Usually, when I sew I’ll watch a movie or TV show at the same time, but if I don’t want to get distracted with images I’ll just listen to music. This summer, I also discovered the joy of sewing while listening to audiobooks, and it was a lot of fun! But then, summer is a special time of the year: often, I’ll sew in my grandparents’ garden with nothing to distract me but the tweets of the birds and the gentle wind rustling in the leaves. That is when I do my better work.

  4. While stitching, I “listen” to the TV. If anything interesting is on the screen, I’ll carefully look-don’t want to miss a stitch!

  5. Thanjs again for the opportinity to win such beautiful prizes!
    I like to listen to jazz while stitching.

  6. When I stitch I usually watch TV or listen to music. It is so relaxing to stitch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I like to watch movies or catch up on my favorite shows while embroidering. I have been known to carry embroidery everywhere just incase a free moment presents its self.

  8. While stitching I like the tv on but low. Just like some noise. Started out cross stitching, taught myself Hardanger and I now have a couple of goldwork kits to work on.

  9. While I love stitching with friends, I also enjoy quiet, peaceful time listening to music or an audio book. In addition, should I stick myself, i use it as a reminder to stop and say a prayer for someone who needs it the most on that day. It’s a good thing!!

  10. The calendar is so beautiful!!! I would love to have it on my wall! Regarding today’s question, what I prefer to do while I’m stitching is to listen to audiobooks. I may “listen to TV” too, but it needs to be a documentary or something not too active that you can listen too without watching. When I “watch” TV, I’m better with knitting, which I can do without looking constantly to my work. That’s why I’m so late with Downton Abbey. I need to watch it, not just listen to it, and I did so much embroidery and bead/sequins work this fall! Not the can of work I can do while watching TV. With the new Star Trk series starting in January, I expect that more knitting will be done this Winter.

  11. When I am stitching the TV is on. It’s my time to catch up on news or one of my other favorites. Even a movie.

    Seems if I don’t have my stitching in my hands then I am snoozing watching TV.

    Merry Christmas and thank you for you wonderful stitching blog and these awesome giveaways!

  12. I love to watch TV while stitching. Both are relaxing to me.

    Thank you for the contest. d

    Happy Stitching!!

  13. If I don’t have to count threads & stitches, my favourite thing is to listen to audio books but if counting is involved it’s best to have some music on or else I’m sure to make a mistake (speaking form experience). ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I like to watch an old movie while I’m stitching. (This is the best time of year to stitch away. It’s bitter cold out with almost a foot of snow on the ground.)

    1. gggg I just wish there 16 mths in a yr gggg What I could do with those extra 4 mths ggg

      Cheers Judy
      SE Queensland, Australia

  15. If I am alone, I generally have the tv on but am not really watching it, just listening to the noise. Every Wednesday evening I have 2 or 3 friends that come regularly to stitch and we get a lot of stitching done and solve the worlds problems!

  16. I love listening to classical music and specifically piano when I stitch. If I am sitting with my husband in front of the TV it is while watching old movies – especially this time of year watching Christmas classics.

  17. Watching tv or listening to the radio while knitting, however I prefer to stitch quietly in my studio during the day , where everything is close by. Knitting I tend to do in the evening. Thanks and Happy Stitching!

  18. I love to sit each night and stitch with my husband and family. Tv is on, but couldn’t really tell you much about it.

  19. If I am by myself, I like to “watch” sports while I stitch. But, hopefully, I am with my stitchy sisters, Charlene and Coni! Then, it is pleasant conversation and sometimes quiet!!!!

  20. I, Judy Lawrance, jblawrance@embarqmail.com, enjoy sitting and stitching with a good friend. Sometimes I like to have the TV on in the room when I stitch alone… Never wanting to waste time watching tv unless I am doing something productive. And stitching is certainly productive to my mental and emotional well-being!

  21. Hi Mary
    While I would like to say that I listen to classical music or podcasts explaining higher order mathematics, I actually like to stitch while pursuing something non intellectual … I watch TV. I actually think there is a lot of great TV being made these days and watching something like The Crown or Vera while stitching seems particularly wonderful. Sometimes I have to rewind or pause but usually I can keep one eye on my work and one eye on the TV. I feel lucky to have these times to sit back and relax. Lucky me.

  22. My favourite thing to do while stitching is listening to audio books. I have worked my way through the Harry Potter books while making things for my Christmas fairs. Its Game of Thrones next!

  23. In my stitching room I have a CD player that holds 7 CDs loaded with gentle, creative music. The atmosphere allows me to focus on stitching and relaxing. Whenever I come back to “reality” I feel so energized that I can handle just about anything that comes my way.

  24. I love to stitch while having the Redskins or Nationals game on with the sound on low. I look up occasionally keep track of the game, and if I miss a big play they always show it again, so no problem there. When it’s not game time I often put on TCM and mostly listen, again just looking up for the big scenes. In the mornings, though, it is just me, my coffee, and the stitching in blissful silence.

  25. When I stitch, I like to listen to music, particularly songs I can sing along to. (I don’t sing unless I’m home alone, though; I’ve got a terrible voice!).

  26. Sometimes I will put some music on or the tv will be on because my DH is in the room but quite often I’ll just sit in silence and stitch. I’ve tried audio books but I tend to concentrate so hard on my stitching and thoughts that I just tune out any background noise which is really annoying because then I have to listen to it again.

  27. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to meet with the stitches group at the library. We see each other’s work and learn so much from each other. It’s just like a little family. I love stitching with friends.

  28. Hello Mary,

    When stitching, I prefer silence, that’s the way I can the best concentrate and appreciate what I’m doing. My pleasure is all in the gesture and in the tiny sound of the needle in the fabric.

    Diane from Montrรฉal in Quรฉbec

  29. NCIS is my companion of choice while stitching in the evenings, though I’ve run through the series so many times that it now has become “something I’ve seen before because I cannot stitch and keep track of TV at the same time”. (Hurrah for Netflix!)

    Of course, I love getting together with other stitchers and just chatting while we stitch (and laughing, in between snack breaks).

  30. WQXR provides the Met’s Opera each Saturday about 1PM and that is the very best music to accompany handwork, sewing, quilting, pressing, and that fine embroidery that Mary Corbet teaches us to do. Once in B-mode, anything is possible – even completing the project!

  31. While stitching I generally don’t do much else besides concentrate on my project. For simple projects a little background music is nice. For larger projects it is just me and my needle happily moving on.

    This is a gorgeous calendar. Guess I might have to buy one in case I don’t win.

  32. My favorite thing to do while stitching– I began hand embroidery a couple of years ago after I discovered your website. I was actually embroidering small blocks from a quilt pattern in Inspirations Magazine. The name of the quilt is My Faithful Friend. I needed help figuring out some stitches so your website was a godsend! I did finish my blocks and the quilt. Such a feeling of accomplishment.
    When I stitch at night I usually have the tv on as my husband and I watch something together. My really favorite time to stitch is in the daytime when all is quiet and I can just have on some relaxing music– it’s like therapy!

  33. I just love listening to silence when I’m stitching. I feel so calm with an inner happiness. I feel in touch with the pulse of the planet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Whatโ€™s your favorite thing to do while youโ€™re stitching?
    I watch TV, and prefer an old movie or two.

  35. Favorite thing to do while stitching – think about the next project ๐Ÿ™‚ The most fun to me is planning a new project. That’s probably why I have so many stacked up at any given time! ๐Ÿ™‚ Other than that, I love to look out the windows by my desk, referenced in the last giveaway question, though today’s view is a bit bleak – 30 mph winds blowing lots of snow! At least it won’t be a brown Christmas here this year ๐Ÿ™‚


  36. While stitching I love to “listen” to the TV. I cannot say I watch TV since very rarely I pay attention to what is going on the screen and just listen.

  37. I am so glad The Wooly Thread is handling Inspirations in the USโ€”they are doing a great job.
    While stitching or knitting, I like to watch old Law & Order episodes. Crazy, I know!

  38. While stitching I like to watch tv. Many of my friends like to listen to audio books. That calendar is beautiful.

  39. I love listening to my daughter read aloud or my son explaining about rollercoasters while I stitch.

  40. It depends on how much concentration the sewing work requires. If it needs major focus, I listen to classical music. Quite a bit of focus = folk music. Not too much focus = audiobook or a Yankees baseball game in season. Easy peasy = Netflix, some silly TV series that doesn’t need too much visual input to follow.

  41. While I’m embroidering, I will either binge-watch my latest tv show or listen to RadioLab or This American Life.

  42. Stitching for me is a form of relaxation and escape. The creativity of it touches something inside of me that just gets really happy and satisfied. I love to listen to audiobooks that are inspirational and touch the soul as well. Being able to sit in the quiet and escape with my work and a good book is the ultimate getaway!

  43. After dinner I sit on the couch and work on a project. The TV is on and I might look up occasionally as I work. As always, cat sits on my lap.

  44. A great looking calendar and that’s exactly what I use mine for…….keeping track of appts and birthdays! I like a bit of both when stitching……watching tv or just sitting quietly. Thanks again for the opportunity.
    Teresa M

  45. I like to watch old movies while I’m stitching, a good old sappy movie is the best. Jane Austen is always good to. I really don’t watch so much as listen because of course my eyes are on my work.

  46. Stitching is my favorite thing and I like when it is quiet so I can focus on my project but at times I like to have in a background a favorite movie. Happy Holidays !

  47. I like blissful silence when I stitch or most any other craft, but I do talk to the cat from time to time!

  48. My favorite is peaceful silence. It is almost like meditating to concentrate on a serene task in slience.

  49. I belong to a stitching group (starting as a quilting group, but you know how it is ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! I can enjoy visiting with a group who started out as mostly strangers but have become dear friends while stitching – and it’s good to have others who can give good advice out of their own experiences and who appreciate the work that is being done.

    When I’m home and stitching, I may listen to the TV which my husband is actually watching – but I often just tune it out and focus on the work in hand.

  50. I prefer to work silence. It is almost like meditating to concentrate on a serene task in prolonged quiet.

  51. Good morning Mary
    We have a lot of snow here in southern Manitoba. It there were an easy way to get it to you, I would do so!
    And with this is much cold. However, the sun is rising in the east so that is not all bad.
    What do I do when I stitch?
    It depends on what I am stitching. If it is a repetitive process, I may watch TV. If it is a little more complicated I listen to a music channel on TV – Baroque. If it is really complicated, silence while I work at the dining room table.
    Hope you get that tree up soon, Mary!

  52. My favorite thing to do while stitching is just to watch TV. I have been having rough work days–very stressful– so when I go home and finish eating, I sit in front of the TV and sew, talking with my husband every evening until bed. I tell my work friends I like to go home and stab something. No matter what has happened at work, when I’m sewing, I’m affecting real change in a way that I have 100% control over, and it is soothing.

  53. Here I am again…..I’ve struck a “gold mine”….I am so excited at seeing the work and
    supplies available that I can hardly sit still….I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING you have.
    In my previous comment to you I mentioned reading everything over and not miss any information….I do have some knowledge of embroidery, but want to advance and I’ve come up with the idea of doing embroidery on my knitting (along with my beads) so I’m going back to your articles and I know I’ll come up with more ideas…..my daughter has started embroidery to add to her quilts and I do intend to forward this site to her and I know she’ll be just as excited as I am…..thanks again for sharing and inspiring…Incidentally, can the calendar #17/work of art be purchased? the one with yellow flowers/dragon fly…my daughter LOVES dragon flies……thans…

  54. I like to have the TV on in the background while I stitch. I just keep the volume low so that it’s not too distracting.

  55. I’m in a knitting group, so I’m usually with friends when I knit. Although if my project is lacy I need quiet, so I knit at home with my dogs, Gus and Queenie.

  56. Love to have that calendar! Sometimes I like peace and quiet when stitching- sometimes an audio book. Never TV and seldom music. ( Love good music but just don’t think to turn it on. Guess I’m mostly a peace and quiet kind of person.)

  57. It depends on what my concentration level is – if it is easy stitching, probably have a no-brainer Netflix show in the background. If it requires a lot of concentration, just soothing, relaxing music.

  58. I usually have the TV on. I usually prefer something that I’ve seen before, however, because I frequently look up and find I’ve missed the last 15 minutes as I’ve been concentrating on stitching.

  59. While I ‘m stitching, as I’m retired now and alone (My husband decited 4 month ago to leave me to live with another woman) I watch the TV,…. watching is not the right word…. I listen to the would be more exact.
    I am concentrated and look little screen…. so I can “see” a movie twice or three times …. Pictures are never the same. …
    When I was working, embroidery was the way to forget the stressh of a working day (I was a teacher ) and at this time, I preferred to stich
    peacefully in silence. It was my moment of relaxation and rest to regain calm and recover my intellectual capacities

  60. I have just discovered your site and the amazing stitching. I have dabbled in basic embroidery over the years. I bought the Lattice Jumble sampler and am working on it very slowly learning the stitches as I go. I fear I maybe should have started with something simpler. I stitch mostly in silence but sometimes with music. My cat generally sits on my lap I am so thrilled to have found you and have ordered a couple of your books thank you

  61. I love to stitch in delicious silence, sitting in my comfy upholstered chair with its arms large and soft enough to stick my needles into and lay my threads across. Ah, pure bliss!

  62. My favourite thing to do while stitching is to follow a cricket match. Usually it is on television, but I love listening to the radio commentary too. Gives me a great excuse to stitch for hours on end!

  63. What’s my favourite thing to do when stitching? All depends on the company. I find myself being companionable when DH is admonishing the rugby referees (just so he can prove that the commentators agreed with him), and I certainly enjoy listening to music when stitching on my own or on holiday. And then, of course, there’s the Guild, where we all chat, stitch, help one another, stitch, drink tea or coffee (don’t mention the biscuits) and stitch. So it kinda depends.

  64. I like to stitch when I am watch TV. The shows that I normally watch are cooking and baking shows and news. There are times that I watch more than stitching!

  65. Congratulations to the scissor winners. Oh my gosh, that calendar is absolutely inspirational and whoever wins it will be a very lucky person. To answer your question, my husband is a television junkie watching every car show known to man and I love being with him—-so, I settle in with my stitching nodding at the appropriate time and learning how to rebuild a carburetor as well as cut, chop and rebuild a car to make a hot rod. Knowing how an exhaust system works may come in handy someday but spending time with my best friend is what is most important. Oh yes, he is my biggest stitching fan.

    Merry Christmas

  66. Oh, I’d love to win the calendar, Mary. Having a new stitching inspiration every month would be so fun. I like to stitch while listening to music or watching TV. Thanks.

  67. I usually prefer quiet when I am stitching. It is my “zen” time. However, watching Jeopardy! with my husband is a close second.

  68. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful cover on that calendar. Another lovely give-away.

    My favorite time & place to stitch is on Sunday afternoons. My husband watches football and I listen while I stitch. He’s happy, I’m happy and we’re together. All is right in my world.

  69. I love peaceful silence in my peaceful room with very little distractions. Thanks for the chance.

  70. My favorite thing to do while stitching is listening to audiobooks. I imagine it’s like ‘radio days’ before tv. It’s a two-fer — embroidery and a good book at the same time!!

  71. I like to stitch when it is quiet. The dishes are done, the dogs are not nagging and there no pressing issues to solve.
    I work listening to music on the radio ( KPR – classical music) or “watch” TV. The audio on the TV set is set at low – and I look for programs with no commercials on or very little commercial breaks – I always “jump up” with the loud commercials!

  72. I hate to admit it, but I like to stitch in front of the TV. I especially like old movies. Of course my favorite stitching time is with friends, but I do not get as much done then.

  73. I like to watch tv – either movies or the Food channel – don’t cook, just like to watch.

  74. I like to listen to music when I stitch. And, if course, I snuggle with my cats who always like to join me!

  75. Beautiful calendar!

    I like to watch TV or movies while I stitch. Sometimes I look at a piece I finished and think, “Ah, yes, we were binge-watching all of Show X while I was doing that.” Looking up and out at the TV from time to time while stitching helps alleviate eye strain from close work. Or at least that’s what they say. ; -)

  76. My buddy, Roku, keeps me company while I work. (Favorite old movies–I don’t even need to look up.)

  77. While I’m embroidering I love to turn my iPad on and listen to a good murder mystery if I have a movie that I love and know by heart I will turn that on I don’t need to look st it I can visualize it.

  78. I love to watch Star Trek movies while I stitch. But this time of year it is “The Grinch who stole Christmas”.

  79. I like the silence as i find the gentle murmur of the needle going in and out of the fabric very soothing and relaxing.
    Alex P uk

  80. Beautiful calendar and what a gorgeous inspiration! Thank you for the chance to win. While stitching, I normally “listen” to the tv – I do look up every now and then, but mostly just listen. What is on tv varies – movies, encore programs, etc. Mostly just some low noise. LOL!
    Thanks again –
    Barbara in TN

  81. I usually catch up on tv shows that I have DVR’ed or watch a good Hallmark movie. Nothing too complicated so I don’t lose focus on my stitching. Thanks for the opportunity of winning!!

  82. I work in an Information Systems department during the day, and my job is super stressful, so I prefer that peaceful silence. My stitching time is in the evening just before bedtime. My husband and I cozy up on the sofa together, he does things on his iPad, and our two cats take their places; Zoe on my lap, and her sister, Chloe, either sits on the back of the sofa behind my head or between my feet, if I have them up. Occasionally, Hubby will break the silence with a woodworking instruction, guitar instruction, or a railroad video, but they’re pretty calming anyway.

  83. I listen to audio books while I’m stitching. It’s especially fun if I am doing a historical type of embroidery (crewel or stumpwork) to listen to a book set in the time period when that technique was popular. I usually get the books on CD and leave the case across the room. That way I have to get up and move every hour or so. When one is immersed in embroidery , it’s easy to loose track of time and stitch so long in a single session in one becomes stiff.

  84. I either listen to music or watch a movie. If I am out on the porch, I just listen to natural sounds-birds, crickets, the rustle of leaves or the hum of bees.

  85. Ideally, I would be sitting in a comfortable chair, needlework on my lap, a cup of tea on my side table and soft music in the background. Realistically, my needlework is on my lap, TV blasting the dogs are barking and people in the background are asking me where is this, where is that!

  86. These days I usually half-watch Netflix while I stitch. Either that or listen to music. Love the Inspirations Calendar. What a great giveaway!

  87. I do a lot of stitching after dinner watching TV with my husband. Otherwise I prefer 1) silence in my sewing room, 2) listening to music and 3) listening to NPR.

  88. I’m afraid that the thing I’m most likely to do is to watch movies or TV. It has to be a particular kind of TV to be watched while stitching. Certainly no sitcoms. Most of my favorite TV appears on PBS. Oh, Ross Poldark! What a fine character, and so is Demelza. If you haven’t seen this series, you should!

  89. I usually have a movie on, my cat in my lap and stitch away. Stitching is so relaxing, I feel using your hands to make anything brings out the creative juices in you. Love your articles.

  90. I love to sit in my sunroom where I find the best light and listen to a Podcast called the Vinyl Cafe. He tells wonderful funny stories and shares the music from different local bands/singers. Sometimes I listen to the birds as they chatter out their songs and greetings for all who stop to listen.

  91. I like a quiet place to stitch. In the warm months, an opened window lets in the sounds of nature. In colder months the howl of the wind or rain hitting against the window is so comforting.

  92. Im most often with friends in various groups of stitchers. We
    share projects we’re working on
    and give ideas about techniques used when asked. This is most
    productive. When at home I stitch
    while planning other projects and
    listen to music with my cat nearby.

  93. Thanks for these give aways. My favorite thing while stitching is to watch TV. I also enjoy just sitting outside on the patio.

    I would love this calendar. It looks wonderful.
    Judy C

  94. I love to sip my coffee & listen to music while I embroider…I love the sound of the floss pulling through the fabric. Is that crazy? It is a very zen-like sound…

  95. Listen to audio books or favorite movies. In the summer, I like to sit on the porch and listen to nature.

  96. I just listen to background noise — either the chatter in the senior center lunchroom, or the radio at home.

  97. My favorite thing to do when stitching has been stitching and teaching my daughters or granddaughters as we stitch together. Since they are all grown and out of state though, we could still do it via Skype I guess because we did it once in the past. Getting everyone together at the same time is hard. I enjoy seeing each persons’ individual take on the same project. It’s inspiring! We keep competition out of the equation and just ooo and awe over everyone’s work.
    When I’m alone though, my favorite is to sit in the bright sunlight coming through my southern exposure windows in winter and stitch away on something. Have you noticed that it always goes better when it’s for someone else than for yourself? That motivation keeps me going longer on the project, doing my best work and seeing it to completion.
    I’ve stitched during t.v. shows that I’ve seen before and audio books. If the movies are ones I’ve seen before and know what it going on just by hearing, it allows me to keep my eyes on the project and what I’m doing at the same time. I don’t do well if it’s all new. I need to give my attention to one or the other then.
    A calendar of stitches, how fun, I’d like one of those even if I don’t win this give away. I could incorporate them onto a crazy patch quilt! Two birds with one stone! I’ve had a goal always to make one- – -I’ll have to tuck that away as a definite “do” for 2017. Thanks for the idea!

  98. My favourite thing when I’m embroidering is silence. And if I happen to be at the farm, I enjoy sitting outside under a tree, even if that means threads flying away in the wind and pins and needles getting lost in the grass!

  99. I think I like best to listen to audio books with silence being a close second, depending on the complexity of the project I’m working on. I often put the TV on but it really is too distracting and I don’t make enough progress or I start making mistakes.

  100. I listen to audio books unless the stitching is complicated, in which case I give it my full attention.

  101. I have to have it quiet, unless it is something I’ve done a lot I can talk.
    If is something new I must be by myself.

  102. I enjoy listening to music while I stitch, or sometimes watching TV. It depends on how much concentration the needlework requires. Merry Christmas to you, Mary!

  103. When stitching, I often listen to music or audiobooks. I think my favorite time is sweet silence and meditation. Stitching helps connect your soul to an ethereal realm.

  104. Hands down, I love listening to audiobooks while I stitch. My day job is working as a librarian, so I have a huge number of books that I wish I could get to, and audiobooks help me read a lot more than I would be able to without them. I post my reading on Goodreads, and I just finished my 2016 challenge of reading (listening to) 100 books!

    Combining a story with stitching is a perfect combination for me. I take the time I need to make the work come out right, and I don’t get restless while I’m “just” reading.

  105. I listen to some classical music or just stitch in silence. Helps me to concentrate on my stitches…

  106. Absolutely peaceful silence! This is my totally relaxing time and to wind down from a busy day! Thank you, Susan in Mississippi!

  107. I like to listen to recorded books. I find I like my ears occupied but I can’t have the TV on as it keeps pulling my eye away from my work and I end up not happy with my stitching and not having absorbed whatever I was watching. I also like stitching while just listening to the house sounds. Thanks Mary for your wonderful blog!

  108. At home I like to stitch watching TV — mainly the news. Another favorite place to stitch is the weekly stitch in with friends at the church.

  109. Thank you Wooly Thread ! I take my stitching with me everywhere. At home I like to listen to old movies that I have already seen so as not to want to “watch” and take my eyes off my work. At work I stitch during meetings. I do my best listening while I stitch. Oil changes, I can stitch and pass the time. My stitchery goes everywhere !
    If I am sitting and not stitching I feel it is time wasted. Busy Hands Happy Heart.

  110. My roommate and I have 3 spoiled rotten dogs here. Two of them are 4 1/2 lbs and the big guy is 9 1/2. so they have to be involved in my stitching. None of them think their little paws should have to touch the floor. Everytime I sit down, I get at least 2 in my lap and if my roommate is moving around, I get her’s too.

    So my favorite way to stitch is in my easy chair with 2 or 3 mutts on my lap. I recently got a new knee and was concerned about them jumping my it, but we easily solved the problem with a nice big lap pillow that they can lay down on. One of the goals for a new knee it to be able to straighten it 100% – I think my therapy dogs helped since they were on it gently pushing it down nearly all the time. I gathered several hand projects next to me so I could work on them when I was recovering.

  111. I love listening to audiobooks when I am stitching. Currently I am stitching my way through a forest of nineteenth-century novels and heartily recommend it! Dickens or Trollope or Thackeray and their contemporaries go beautifully with needlework.

  112. My favorite place to stitch is in a beautiful garden so I prefer to listen to the birds, insects, breeze, and trickling water of a fountain. When I sew in the winter time when it’s too cold to go outside, I usually listen to NPR.

  113. I prefer peace and quiet. Just me, my never-silent brain, and my project. I attend a sewing circle once a month at the local library, and, although I enjoy the camaraderie and listening to a book, I don’t get a whole lot done — too busy yakking and admiring everyone else’s work!

  114. My favourite thing to do while stitching is to chat with other stitchers. We have monthly Stitch Days and there are usually 10 people who participate. It’s the best day of the month!

  115. Thanks for the fun giveaway! My favorite thing to do while stitching is listen to audiobooks/podcasts, although right now I’m on a Christmas music kick, and I’ve been known to supplement with 80s movies….

  116. When I am stitching, I am usually sitting on the couch with the t.v. on. However, my favorite time for stitching is when the house is quite because I can get more done without distraction.

  117. Oh, give me silence every time whilst I stitch……not always possible of course but certainly what I prefer; failing that, Classic FM ( a UK radio program ) playing quietly in the background would be OK too but definitely nothing requiring me to take my eyes from my work.

  118. I like to binge watch tv shows while I do my stitching. I will re-watch old favorites as well as dig into new shows.

  119. Good morning!
    I usually prefer peaceful silence while I’m stitching but occasionally I listen to “On Being” with Krista Tippet. It’s a great program but I don’t sit down much so while stitching I have a good excuse to sit and listen. The dragonfly is stunning!

  120. I usually watch TV while stitching. But I also like to take my stitching with me on a train ride or to the beach.

  121. My favorite thing to do while hand stitching is to watch TV. I prefer to binge watch a favorite series or movies. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest. Mary Corbet, thank you for introducing me to Inspirations Magazine. I have a digital subscription and I would love this calendar.

  122. my favourite thing to do while stitching is watching old movies…especially old horror films.lol. at christmas i love to watch all the old scrooge and santa films. i think it reminds me of my father and all the times we sat together watching these old films and making fun.

  123. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for all these great give aways! I usually listen to an audio book or listen to the quiet in my house if I get that chance while stitching, maybe a football game too.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family,

  124. I like to listen to audiobooks. Mostly its background while I can concentrate on the stitching in front of me. Add a cup of tea or hot chocolate (in the winter) with a thick pair of socks and my cat — heaven.

  125. A neighbor of mine introduced me to an MP3 player, so Ilisten to audiobooks while stitching. It’s amazing how much reading I get done! A favorite of mine has been foreign mysteries- great fun.

  126. I love to have an old movie musical on the TV and listen to the music. But if its a movie with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly I have to stop stitching and watch the dancing scenes.

  127. I listen to television while stitching. I’m addicted to the ID channel, so not watching is almost preferable–lol!

  128. I generally do my hand work in the evening watching TV with my husband and not snackingโ˜น๏ธ๏ธ

  129. I love to listen to podcasts while I stitch. Specifically I listen to the New Yorker’s Fiction podcast (an author reads and discusses a short story), the Allusionist (a word podcast), Longform (non-fiction) and BBC’s Infinite Monkey Cage (a science podcast focused largely on physics). I often get to learn something else entirely while I stitch!

  130. I love to do my needlework outside in the shade, in the spring as soon as the mud dries, to the fall, when the crispness sends me indoors.

  131. What I do while I stitch depends on what I am stitching and how much concentration. It varies from tv to music to audio books, the books are my favorite. But when possible I like to stitch with a friend who stitches as well. But that doesn’t happen often.

  132. I like to watch anything on TV that has a plot. Somehow, cooking and home improvement shows just don’t work with handwork.

  133. My most favorite thing is to listen to audio books while I stitch, often I will know how many hours a project took to finish, by adding up the books I listened to.
    I keep my I pod full of books and depending on my mood that day I choose a book.
    This week has been Hamilton, what a guy. I also keep my kindle fire close by so that if I need help on doing a stitch I can refer to your videos. How did we ever make it without all these technologies? Your videos have saved the day on many occasions.

  134. Love love love to own this beautiful calendar and get reminders of the beauty of stitch everyday. My favourite time to stitch is typically every evening for an hour or two- call these my stolen moments and they are just for me, “My Time” – a chance to be cozy and comfortable and usually the TV is on, but just for the dialogue- never really “watch the TV” since I am too focused on whatever happens to be the stitch for the day.

  135. I prefer to watch TV, but it can’t be anything that requires a lot of concentration because I want to look at the fabric! So if I’m watching a really good show or a Bollywood movie, no embroidery. Lately, if people are around (interrupting me) but nobody is watching with me, I choose Murder She Wrote and time-travel back to the 80s!

  136. I find myself easily distracted so I like to stitch in peaceful silence but I also like to listen to my favorite music.

  137. I really enjoy listening to relaxing music while I embroider or do any other hand crafts like crocheting, knitting, etc. I would LOVE to win this calendar. What an inspiration!

  138. I have two places where I sew. When I am using my machine, I’m in my sewing room that is filled with books and magazines and fabric (I quilt) and my sewing machine sits in front of a 6′ x 6′ window. As it is on the second floor of the house, I feel like I am in a tree house and at one point, before it had to be cut down, a black walnut tree was immediately in front of me so it was very much like a treehouse and can work in silence there while seeing the seasons change and the birds and squirrels doing their thing.

    For hand sewing I am in my ‘nest’ in the living room and generally stitch while watching/listening to TV. Because I need all body parts when sewing on my sewing machine, I don’t need to do anything else, but when hand stitching, I need to be doing something else as well. My mom says I’m a type A personality. I always needed to be 2-3 things at once!

  139. I listen to audio books. I belong to two library sites that allow me to download books, and I’ve even joined Audible so I can get some of the latest books, or ones that aren’t available through my libraries.

  140. What is the favorite thing to do while stitching – it depends – sometimes I listen to audio books, sometimes, I just stitch (when at Guild functions), sometimes I watch TV, if I am working on something that allows it, sometimes, I talk with others (on a ship or other group meeting)

  141. I always have something on the TV while I’m stitching. Usually a movie or binge watching a television show on Netflix or Hulu.

  142. Number one, Soothing Stitching; Number two, Blissful Silence ; Number three, Magical Music. These are my three favorite things to do while stitching!
    Thank you Wooly Thread.
    Thank you Mary Corbet.

  143. I have Sirius XM radio station playing whenever I stitch and usually a curious cat beside me. I would love this calendar!

  144. My favourite thing to do when stitching: I actually have two of them, first is classical music playing the background, but I sometimes like peaceful silence. I make sure I have at least either Saturday or Sunday afternoon to do my stitching during the week, as this is my relaxing activity and Mozart’s piano sonatas just go with it perfectly.
    — Manasi Ranade
    (Been stitching since high school!)

  145. First of all, Feliz Navidad and best wishes for the New Year!!!
    I like to seat in the family room and watch a movie with my kids, I like my little corner and I think that being not by myself but with my family inspires me. Sometimes I like to embroider in the family room while my kids seat at their desks coloring or drawing, I think watching me creating something inspire them too as they have the chance to give me opinions about colors or designs.

    Thanks for the giveaway !!

  146. I listen to audiobooks and cuddle with my kitties! I struggle to watch (and concentrate)on the tv and stitch at the same time. My embroidery needs the full attention of my eyes!!

  147. Thanks for the chance!
    Watching TV or movies for most western embroidery; Quiet when working with silk or gold …

  148. To be organized everyday for the new year, with a new needlework project each month what more could you ask for. Just don’t expect me to complete each monthly project in the month it is for.

  149. My favorite thing to do while stitching is talking with friends. Most of my friends have some type of hand work to do, stitching, knitting, weaving on an inkle loom. we just chat and laugh. If I am by myself I listen to music or an audio book.

  150. My favorite thing would have to be listening to music . Having the right tempo can make my stitching much more smooth.

  151. My favourite thing to do while stitching is have a movie or tv show on. I like to stitch with friends but I know in that situation that I won’t get a lot done ๐Ÿ™‚

  152. Watching TV, more like listening or chatting with friends. It makes for a nice afternoon to get together with friends and have a sit and sew afternoon.

  153. Good Morning Mary!
    Congratulations to the scissor winners!

    In answer to the question, what do I like to do while stitching… It depends on the season. From Halloween to Christmas.. I watch/listen to the Hallmark Channel– they have the best feel good Christmas movies. After the holidays, I will listen to the radio–I’m a country girl at heart, so I listen to the local country station.

    Best of luck to all, and as always thanks to You-Mary and The Wooley Thread!

  154. Hello Mary,

    I enjoy NPR, or sing along music (streaming Christmas songs this time of year) and also educational podcasts or Ted Talks. Depending on my mood I will choose one of these but almost never silence.

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  155. It depends on what kind of stitching I’m doing. If it’s counted cross stitch or needleturn applique, usually I like peace and quiet but if it’s outline embroidery, I like to watch PBS mysteries/ Masterpiece Theatre or football games.

  156. I have to have something to listen to whilst I am stitching. It may be TV, radio, audiobook or music, depending on the mood I am in, but it has to be something!

  157. I usually embroider while watching TV, but occasionally I’ll listen to music as well.
    Of course, if I happen to win this give away (or buy the calendar) I could stitch while looking at the calendar too…

  158. What a beautiful calendar! My favorite sewing past time is listening to Podcasts on sewing and quilting! So many fascinating people being interviewed! What a fun industry!

  159. Love some quiet noise from TV while working on my projects. Here in Kansas I become an inside person when it gets cold outside. Thanks for your website.

  160. The 2017 Inspirations Calendar looks beautiful! While I’m stitching depends on where I am, TV, music, and sometimes I read.

  161. At home, I sit with my husband with the TV. On Sundays, I go to where my dad is living at an assisted living home. On Sundays, they have a needlework group which I have joined and sit with the “old ladies” and chat while we work.

  162. I am a T.V. watcher. Thank you for all you do all year long for all your many followers! Here’s wishing you a happy and Healthy 2017!

  163. I usually stitch in the evening and have the TV playing in the background. I don’t usually “watch”
    much of the movie or sporting event, but it is a way to be with my husband and do my stitching at
    the same time.

  164. Since I almost always have a needle in my hand, I do all of the above while stitching. Audiobooks are my favorite because I’ve always loved being read to. I enjoy stitching with friends for the laughter and companionship. If I could figure out how to stitch while eating or sleeping it would be perfect!

  165. Since I am new to embroidery its hard to say what I like doing while embroidering, but so far I like to watch and or listen to the television/radio, mostly news channels.

  166. When I stitch, most of the time I’m in the living room with the TV on. I’m mostly just listening and in good company with my husband or girl friends. Sometimes I like streaming YouTube videos and learning new crafting tips, but it tends to steal my visual attention from actually stitching!

  167. Whenever possible, I love to keep my hands busy when I am sitting in front of the TV. It gives my eyes a short rest from detail stitching on having something else to focus on.

  168. After supper, my husband and I take our coffee to the living room, and I get a few stitches in then. I love those times, the boys all sprawled on couches or the floor in front of the fire. Some are reading or we are all visiting. This is a winter picture. In summer, there is not much time to stitch. Only if I do it on road trips. This fall, my 5 year old son and I got a system going. I stitch while he sits beside me with a story book. I read to him and make a click with my tongue when he needs to turn the page.

  169. I love watching old movies while I stitch. I have seen most of them many times so I don’t need to concentrate on them – they are just there “for the company” and I can pay attention to my needle and thread.

  170. Whatโ€™s your favorite thing to do while youโ€™re stitching?

    This is a very complex question, but I think I love rejuvenating my mind the most.

  171. I absolutely love Inspirations magazine but have never had one of their calendars.
    I used to stitch a lot while watching TV; but, I had my cable service turned off a little more than a year ago and don’t miss it at all.
    I now do my stitching listening to music or listening to news on my phone, but more often in peaceful silence. Lois A in Idaho.

  172. There’s no sound I like better than the sound of thread going through fabric–I try to stitch in total quietude whenever possible!

  173. I’m probably one of those people who can’t walk and chew gum and the same time. When I stitch, I stitch. I like to do work that is, at least, mildly challenging so I need to concentrate on what I’m doing. Even music sometimes distracts me. My mind will start asking questions like ‘who is singing or playing that?’ or ‘that’s an interesting arrangement, why haven’t I heard that before?’ or ‘what’s that piece? I know I know it.’ So I try not to do anything else, just stay in the moment.

  174. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to binge watch Downtown Abbey. I’ve seen all the episodes so I can concentrate on my stitching but also can watch one of my favorite series and admire the beautiful costumes and decor.

  175. At this time of year, you will find me in my favorite chair stitching and watching Christmas movies! I enjoy watching the old ones such as Holiday Inn for the dancing and the costumes! I enjoy watching the new ones such as Dolly Parton’s newest movies, Circle of Love! All the best Mary for a wonderful Christmas holiday!

  176. The calendar is beautiful and would be lovely inspiration all through the year. I usually have music or the TV on – but that doesn’t say that I can tell you what is happening. Ginny T./Temarikai.com

  177. My favorite thing to do is to stitch alone and watch TV or movies. I find I need the noise and it makes me look up from time to time to refocus my eyes. Thank you for all the lovely giveaways!

  178. I love to listen to music while I stitch. I sit in a sunny spot in the dining room and play music off my nearby laptop with no commercials.

  179. I love to stitch with friends. They always have good things to say about your stitchery. It’s fun and inspiring and we eat yummy food too!

  180. My favorite thing to do while I stitch is watch TV. I really like historical documentaries – they keep my attention while I stitch, so I don’t stop and check my phone all the time.

  181. Years ago I followed your suggestion and purchased a subscription to Inspirations Magazine – I so look forward to their quarterly deliveries, thumbing through the pages and learning new stitches or brushing up on old ones. I’ve never purchased their calendar, but I think I’d love it. If I’m not the lucky winner on your site, it will definitely be a Christmas gift to myself. Thank you, Mary, for all the wonderful information you share with us. Merry Christmas!

  182. I always listen to music & interviews on the radio and always with headphones on to
    be cut-off of any other sounds that surround me! I’m in my stitching space.

  183. When I am stitching,mostly I “listen” to tv, either live or on the pvr. If there is something I need or want to see, there is always the lovely rewind option for either . The calendar , like all the magazines is beautiful.

  184. My favourite thing to do is listen to good music while I stitch. I can get completely transported from my every day concerns to a place of total relaxation and medication. There is nothing better than music and stitching for me!

  185. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to set up my iPad next to my stitching station and catch up on late night talk shows, since I can’t stay awake that long anymore, and anything else on Hulu and Netflix. Now this week I just HAVE to listen to Christmas music, so after Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers I switch over to my Christmas tapes. (Yes, I said tapes LOL). Merry Christmas Mary.

  186. When I stitch alone, it is listening to audio books. I sometimes have the tv going in the background. Anything to keep a slight distraction in the background so I can concentrate more.

  187. My stitching time happens at nap time for my little. So I tend to keep things quiet. It’s my time to relax, think, and get all the creativity out.

  188. Thanks for the chance to win. I like to watch TV or listen to audiobooks while I stitch.
    Happy Holidays and good luck to all.

  189. Sometimes a show or movie, but mostly very peaceful (as in harp or some such) music. So “carry me away”…

  190. It depends on my mood when I settle in to stitch and the piece I’m working on. I watch TV if it’s easy stitching; listen to audiobooks if it’s a more demanding piece. And sometimes I just enjoy peaceful silence.

  191. Hi! So I usually use my stitching time to catch up on my shows or listen to music. (I’m one of those people who likes to have at least some background noise at all times!)

  192. While I am stitching I do like to watch TV or listen to music, depending on my mood. I find I have to concentrate on what I’m doing especially when I’m following a chart so I don’t like to watch anything on TV too in depth.

  193. My favorite thing to do while stitching varies. At home I either listen to music or sit outside with nature. While traveling in the car, we listen to books on CD.

  194. When I’m stitching there’s background noise of the TV on, but don’t ask me what the show was about because my mind wanders and ponders about so many different things. I really try to concentrate on doing the best job I can and aim for the perfection that is in your work! Some day I may reach that level of quality work but in the meantime I enjoy the whole process and the calm mood it produces in me.

  195. I like to watch the public television station in the background while working — the program has to be interesting enough to half-pay attention to, but boring enough that I don’t mind never actually looking at it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  196. My favourite stitching days are with a group of 8 friends who meet every second Friday. We take turns hosting, the day begins at 10 a.m., lunch is served at noon and we stitch until 4 p.m. Lots of good laughs and stitching ideas exchanged.

  197. I’m happiest stitching with friends, discussing and admiring everyone’s work. By myself, I listen to music or audiobooks so that I don’t have to take my eyes off the project.

  198. My sweet husband and I love exploring the world together, and there are peaceful times when we are enjoying the sound of the ocean waves, or breathing in the aroma of pine trees, or feeling the breeze against our faces, or just enjoying our time together. I find more inspiration in stitching while doing these things.

  199. I have been admiring this calendar for a while and would love to add it to my wall. Thanks for the opportunity.

    As for what do I like to do while stitching, that depends on how complex the stitching is. Mindless stitching goes well with TV watching; more complex projects generally are done in silence without distractions (or, at least, as few as possible). The Packers are doing really well at the end of this season, so game time is out for even mindless stitching.

  200. I often just enjoy the silence while I’m stitching, but I also do a fair bit of stitching while watching tv or a movie — just because I can’t stand sitting there doing nothing while I’m watching something ๐Ÿ™‚ I may also play a podcast so I’m learning something while stitching as well, but sometimes I find that distracting & just want to sit quietly and stitch and think.

  201. I haven’t purchased a calendar YET this year so I am hoping to be the Grand Prize winner of this beautiful Calendar.

    On second thought perhaps I will go ahead and order this calendar and if per say should be the winner if today’s Christmas gift, one of my friends will be the proud owner of the calendar.

  202. listen to music while I am stitching. I found a company called Solitudes, which puts our CDs of nature sounds mixed with music. I love the birds, wolves, horses, wind, water, ocean, crickets, frogs and almost anything else you can think of mixed with calm, soothing, music.
    Thanks for the chance for the giveaway. Happy Holidays.

  203. I have a wonderful bunch of music in every “size and shape”. Some for when I’m in a hurry and some when I just want to take my time and explore all my threads and the hundreds of stitches I drool over.

  204. I like to stitch quietly in my little corner. I don’t always get the piece and quiet if there is a soccer game on for my husband. But that’s ok, I enjoy just having him near while I stitch.

  205. Favorite thing to do while stitching: visit and chat with our “First Friday” gang. We meet 2 x per month at a local church. This is mainly quilters but I more often than not do needlepoint. This Friday I will be hand sewing the binding on my latest quilt. No by-laws. No formal meetings. You come and go as you wish and pay $1:00 each time. In spite of our name – our Fridays float back and forth to accommodate holidays and
    funerals. Coffe and tea and munchies (we bring) are always available. The church janitor vacumns up after we leave. All our fallen threads disappear that way. 9:00 a.m.. – 3:00 p.m.

  206. I “watch” television or listen to music. Mostly, I listen to television, and glance up occasionally when it seems like something really interesting is happening….

  207. My favourite thing to do whilst stitching is to watch an old movie or Christmas movie this time of year. Stitching and watching old movies give me joy all the time! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Gloria

  208. This calendar looks amazing. I love wool applique and will want to do every project i see. What a fabulous give away you have been having. I am so glad i found you

  209. Sometimes I watch TV with hubby in the evening, sometimes I get caught up on ‘how to” videos I’ve saved for later viewing, but mostly peaceful silence!

  210. I love to have the TV equivalent of comfort food on in the background when I stitch or do handcrafts. Something I have seen before and know well enough that I can listen or not, look up or not without losing concentration on my project.

  211. I keep certain projects for certain times. If I’m going to be with a group of friends, I work on something rather mindless but if it’s a project requiring a lot of thought, I like to have silence. I do finishing or stitching I have already planned out with the television going. The point is…try to have something available to do that fits the situation.

  212. I like listening to podcasts while I stitch. I’m especially into Abby Glassenberg’s “While She Naps” podcast right now. Fascinating interviews with crafters and business owners about everything from making their products to navigating paperwork, professional development to family time. It’s fantastic!

  213. I love to listen to music while I am stitching. Tried to watch a movie while stitching,that didn’t go so well. Music wins hands down.

  214. I love to watch English TV such as Netflix or Acorn. They are so nice and less violent than what we now have on regular cHanes. Thank you for your consideration for me.

  215. I love sitting in my overstuffed rocker with good lighting, soft music (or tv ) in background and when i am in the zone, the day passes before i know it. Love the giveaways this season. Thank you for inspiring me

  216. I loved sitting on the beach in my chair while on vacation last summer, stitching 6 x 6 inch red work blocks for an Irish Chain quilt. My first! At home, in my spot on the couch, by daylight and into the evenings with the Christmas tree lights on, stitching ornaments for my girlfriends.

  217. I use my stitching time as meditation and rest from the craziness of the day, so I usually like quiet, but simetimes I play music, especially this time of year!

  218. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to listen to audio books. I feel like I am accomplishing 2 things at once. I like reading, but I like stitching more, so I don’t spend much time actually reading. This way I can keep up with the latest books and still finish stitching projects. This changes when I am doing Crazy Quilting however. That seems to require too much thought and planning to be able to listen to a book at the same time, so I Crazy Quilt in silence.

  219. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I stitch. It seems as though there is no other time available these days for listening to the dozens of podcasts I subscribe to, so it makes sense to listen to them as I embroider.

  220. Helo again Mary,

    When I am stitching, the best for me is music. Stitching is already relaxing add music and you have the perfect setting to work on your project. For me other medias distract me from my stitching. I keep loosing track of what I’m doing if I need to look at the t.v. screen.

    Have a great day.

  221. Good morning to all! My favourite thing to do while stitching is to listen to music and enjoy the sights from the back garden…always a treat when a little bird drops by for a visit! It is snowy and cold here at the moment so the birds are feasting on the left over berries and crabapples ! Cheers ,Pat.

  222. I’m a big fan of classical music, and there is a wonderful classical music station here in the Dallas, Texas area. So, my favorite thing is listening to the music while I’m stitching. I get too distracted if I try to watch TV or movies.

  223. When I stitch sometimes I like to listen to music and other times I just like to indulge myself in peace and quiet and a needle and thread!

  224. I love the peacefulness that fills me when I am working on a stitchery project. I sometimes listen to classical music. Often times, my dog Suki snuggles next to me, keeping me warm on cold winter days. I finally finished two projects for our two granddaughters: the courting of Miss Periwinkle Mouse blanket , and Girls Fun Quilt involving 10 blocks with stitchery. I am so glad I finally finished these two projects. I started them two years ago. The girls are 5 and 7, so I needed to get them finished before another year passed. I really enjoyed the hours I spent working on the blanket. It was a challenge, but I am pleased with how it came out. I am so blessed and I love the holiday time with friends and loved ones. Happy holidays everyone!

  225. Favorite thing while stitching is to ask Alexa (amazon’s echo girl) to play some of my favorite singers such as Johnny Mathis, Glen Campbell, John Denver. Now I have been listening to holiday music from my favorites. Very nice indeed.

  226. I like listening to music or audio books. Preferably with a cocktail or glass of wine. Tea is good too. Too many cocktails is bad for stitching. ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. I am as changeable as the wind. I often like to be in a group of people who are stitching. Sharing bits and pieces of our lives, admiring our handiwork, and feeling the fullness of being engaged. I am also a bit of a loner who enjoys stitching to music or stories or the radio – sitting in a golden ray of sunshine, surrounded by peace and animals and a good cup of tea.

  228. Sometimes I stitch in silence, but I’m often stitching when others are around so sometimes I’m involved in the ebb and flow of conversation. Music is nice, but I definitely cannot watch television. I get too distracted!

  229. I love to stitch with nice music like Josh Groban in the background
    or in a quiet time.
    Carole Kennedy Ottawa

  230. I lose myself in my stitching. Everything has a tendency to fade away once I focus. The TV may be going, music playing, people talking, and soon it is all about the stitch. Are the threads laying properly in the right place? Is it blending or not blending as desired? Is it the right color or do I need a different shade? I love it. Oh, I can be aware of what is going on around me, but my favorite time is when I am lost in the project.

  231. I like silence when I am working on something new or difficult but when I am in control and comfortable with the technique or project I enjoy music and sometimes books on CDs.

  232. I love to stitch at my Sit & Sew group on Fridays. Can’t seem to watch TV these days without a needle and
    sewing project on my lap. Music is always soothing.

  233. This would be a perfect christmas gift from me to me ! Actually, from you to me ! My favorite thing to do while stiching is watching TV/movies. Espacially at this time of the year, I sit in my livingroom, with a huge blanket, a nice fire in my fireplace, my 2 little baby dog cuddling me, and my project (soooooo many projects !!!). I live in Quรฉbec, Canada so we have a lots of snow right now !!!

  234. I like to watch tv while I stitch. I can catch up on the shows I watch and continue or finish stitching projects I’m working on.

  235. I enjoy the peace of silence. I seldom have a radio or TV on. I simply enjoy the stitching. There’s something about drawing a thread through the cloth that is quite satisfying enough.

  236. I love to stitch while I travel with my husband as he drives truck. Thanks for offering this giveaway! Germaine

  237. Depending on my state of tiredness, I like to listen to a sermon message or an audiobook.
    Otherwise I enjoy just being quiet, absorb with the embroidery.

    Lucretia Strydom

  238. I like to watch/listen to an old pre taped movie or just listen to music when I’m settling in to stitch. Having the movie taped I can hit the back button when I miss something! This button is pretty worn out! Lol

  239. I listen to books while I stitch. Even books I have read or listened to before. Then if I have to really concentrate on a particular stitch it is ok since I can pickup the story line again without having to backup the “tape”.

  240. I usually listen to whatever my husband is watching on tv. I have listened to whole seasons of shows and know what is going on, but never know what the characters look like!!
    This time of year, I listen to Christmas music, nonstop!
    What a beautiful calendar!

  241. My favorite place to stitch is in my Sunroom, I can watch all the birds that come to my feeders and drink and bathe in the birdbath! Besides that, I have a great view of the outdoors, so no matter the season, it’s almost as if I’m out in nature stitching!
    Sometimes, music or the TV are on ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. The television is generally on while I stitch; I like movies. I also enjoy great audio books to keep up with my growing list of must-read. Thanks for the chance at your wonderful giveaways!

  243. What I do when I’m stitching depends on the complexity of the stitching project. If it’s simple I listen to music if it requires more concentration I love silence.

  244. My favorite thing to do while stitching is watch/listen to movies or TV if I am home. If I am out, I like to be able to join in the conversation with friends. Based on where I am, determines which project I will be working on. Counting takes a lot more concentration.

  245. I embroider in many different places and venues. When I am home, I sit in my sewing/embroidery room with a fire in the fireplace in the cold months and year round watch birds in the yard while listening to either music or an audiobook.

    Once a month, I get together with my EGA local and stitch with the ladies.

    I travel for a living, so airplane embroidering is a frequent venue. When I am in a plane, I usually listen to an audiobook. When I am in a hotel, I usually watch a movie or TV.

  246. Funny question: what do you like to do when your stitching… Well then I stitch. But when I sit outside, I just love to watch around me every now and then. And when I sit indoors, I like listening to the radio, either music or talking. But what happens quite often is that I sit musing about life and future stitching projects!

  247. What I do while stitching varies. It could be spending time with family, listening music, listening to audio Bible, or watching a movie.

  248. I watch old episodes of Law & Order. Since I’m stitching I don’t pay that much attention so each episode seems new.

  249. Mary,

    I’m so enjoying the comments on your Christmas Give-Aways! I love the Inspirations magazine, books, and kits. I’d definitely make good use of the calendar. My favorite thing(s) to do while stitching are either listening to an audio book or classical music (I’m an oboist) OR to just curl up in the wing backed chair in my studio and enjoy the peace and quiet. The audio book or music choice is usually when I’m stitching to a deadline and “peace and quiet” is for the “me time” stitching. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  250. I love to binge watch Netflix while stitching. I have watched The Crown, Scandal, and Blacklist. I also enjoy stitching while my husband watches football.

  251. While I’m stitching I either watch tv or listen to audible books from audible.com. I’m a multitasker for sure, that way I don’t feel guilty for watching TV. Thank you for the giveaways.

  252. My favorite thing is listen to tv or music. I have You Tube on my smart tv and can tune in if I need instructions. I would love love love to chat with a friend but my friends consider anything done by HAND way too tedious and time consuming. Even my quilting friends say HAND is a four letter word. So sad. Glad I can sorta hook up with others that love to make Hand made items via blogs.

  253. Before stitching I prepare myself mentally and feel quite excited.
    Make myself a cup of tea (which normally goes cold cause I am so engrossed in my work)
    Sit in my favourite chair and for next couple of hours I am in my happy space.
    Could it get better?

  254. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to watch TV; my favorite thing to watch is football…. Go Eagles

  255. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite thing would be to talk with friends but that doesn’t seem to happen as much as I’d like. Instead I regularly Stitch and listen to TV occasionally looking up to see what’s going on.

  256. I love to watch ballgames, preferably the Texas Rangers, when I stitch. I’ll watch movies with my husband and kids. Sometimes I stitch while watching my boys play together. I also like to stitch while waiting in the pick up line at school. And finally, I like to stitch just before going to sleep. Once I lay in bed, stitching really helps me relax and fall asleep.
    Thank you for doing this website. I have learned lots from following you. I hope one day I will be a great stitcher. =)

  257. Favourite thing to do while stitching is to chat with like minded friends , failing that watching a TV program that does not require a lot of looking but is good to listen to (Antique Roadshow, QI), listening to the radio or music.

  258. I guess I am more of a complete silence kind of person. But a lot has to do with what I am working on. If my project requires a lot of concentration I definitely need complete silence or maybe some soft music. I was never that great at multi-tasking but every once in a while if I have been at a project for a while and I have memorized what the steps are I can probably get away with a little TV or talking to someone. Dale

  259. My favorite thing to do while stitching is enjoying the company of my husband (and sometimes the sound of him snoring ) and the comfort of sharing my chair with my dog.

  260. I especially like to stitch with friends. I get together regularly with several small groups of friends to stitch. I also go for coffee several mornings each week and stitch with a couple of (non-stitching) friends while we chat and drink coffee.

  261. This week I’m in the Crown Tower with an assassin and a warrior. While they steal a treasure no one can reach, I’m working on my first ever Assisi embroidery. I tell you it’s Nip and Tuck as to which has taken more plot twists. Thanks to Michael J. Sullivan and Jos Hendricks @ Stitchstitch.info.

    Whatever did I do before Audio Books and Embroidery became a team?

  262. I think it is soooooo relaxing to just sit and stich. Weather its embroidery or stitching a binding on a quilt or hand hemming a pair of pants.
    the background noise is usually the TV or hums of voices at the Dr. office. I don’t watch the TV , just listen to it. Can’t do 2 things at once very well

  263. I forgot to answer your question, I’m sorry, and hope you’ll accept it now: I prefer to stitch quietly. No music, no TV, no chatter. I like my cat to sit with me. Thank you!

  264. I like peace and quiet and a bit of nature when I embroider. I’m kind of lost in the moment of my creation. Oh and coffee lots of coffee.

  265. I like to listen to my favorite tv shows most of the time when stitching, this way I can say I’m multi tasking(lol). Every once in awhile though I’ll just stitch in peace and quiet after a long busy day.

  266. I love to listen to the radio as I sew.R.T.E. the Irish national radio station does a wonderful documentary programme called Doc on One-they have won lots of international prizes and are always entertaining.

  267. I think my favorite thing varies. Last night I was working on one of your snowflake patterns and watching Christmas Kiss with my daughter on Netflix. She won the coin toss, I wanted to watch White Christmas. “Oh Mom not again.” Sometimes I like to listen to books on Audible and sometimes music. I am a newbie to your site and I love your patterns. Thanks for sharing them with us

  268. It depends on how detailed the stitching is…do I need one light or more? ๐Ÿ™‚ If I really need to concentrate and need the magnifying light, then it’s music in the background. If I’m doing background fill-in or hand-quilting, I can keep up with TV or an audiobook that I’m paying some attention to. It’s just nice to have the choices and the time to stitch!

  269. My favorite things to do are watching movies, TV and listening to music (but not all at once). I don’t like stitching without at least the radio on and I don’t like just sitting and staring at a screen. My hands need to be doing something.

  270. I like to watchTV or movies, listen to music or podcasts or audio books, or Skype with family. That’s one of the things I love about stitching. I can do other things at the same time!

  271. I like to watch TV, or maybe I should say I “listen” to TV depending on the type of stitching I’m doing! Lol


  272. I do different things while I’m stitching depending on my mood. Sometimes I enjoy the peaceful quiet, especially during or right after a snowfall. Other times I listen to music-often classical but sometimes something livelier like 1980’s rock (I know I’m probably dating myself with that one!). Most of the time, though, I listen to audiobooks. There are many available free of cost on different website. I have listened to many books that I had always intended on reading, especially the really long ones such as War and Peace, Moby Dick and Anna Karenina. What I don’t do while stitching is watch tv. I can’t concentrate on doing both at the same time without missing parts of one or the other! If I’m going to be waiting on something for a while, (doctor’s office, garage, sports practices), I take mindless stitching along that doesn’t require close attention. It also allows me to garner the attention of people interested in what I’m doing and, hence, promote the needle arts to new people.

  273. Sitting in my high, winged back chair, feet on my needlepoint stool. When I hit my stitching rhythm
    I hum or sing quietly…just for me.

  274. My favorite thing to do while stitching is watch TV. I usually have a bunch of shows on DVR that I don’t have to pay full attention to so I have them on in the background. I like the idea of books on tape though. I may have to try that. Thanks Mary and Happy Holidays! Thanks for all you do for us. Liz B.

  275. I think about what I’m stitching and the person it’s for, and let my thoughts wander from there. I always hope that my thoughts while stitching get embedded in the work and transfer to the recipient.

  276. What a fantastic give away!!! I would say I mostly watch TV or movies- or rather as some others have commented I listen to TV. My husband often watches with me and fills me in if I miss the important bits. He has been trying to get me to watch a movie with sub titles but that’s not going to happen while I’m stitching!

    Catherine in New Zealand

  277. I typically stitch while watching movies or tv with my family. I don’t get much time to do either so I take what I can get!

  278. I love to have a quiet, welcoming room with classical music playing. I visit many places in my thoughts.

  279. I love peaceful silence. Sometimes I will listen to music while stitching.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  280. Love the peaceful silence to do my embroidery. It washes away the heck-tickness of a busy workday.

  281. Dear Mary,

    Again, thank you for offering another give-a-way. I like to listen to TV when I stitch. Of course, a group of other stitchers is wonderful to be with, too.

    God bless, Nick

  282. I like to stitch with the tv on. Favourite shows to watch are sport and cooking shows. I like to have some background noise.

  283. My favorite thing to do while I am stitching is watching the TV. While I know it is not the proper thing to do, that is the only time I get to sit and do the two things I love….watching TV and stitching. So the two together is wonderful.

  284. I think some of my best work has been done while listening to an audio book. Which I find interesting as I feel the TV and being with others is too distracting. But I must say — during the early morning hours — while the house is quiet and I can watch my project turn into the finished product is the best of all!!!

  285. If I am stitching during the day I love to listen to music. I usually stitch in the evening with the TV on whatever my husband wants to watch! Needless to say sometimes I watch and sometimes it is background noise

  286. When I was a teacher, I asked my students to tell me if they ever had experienced complete silence. Very few could tell me that they had. So I love to stitch in silence….where I can be with my own thoughts and remembrances.

  287. I like to stitch with music in the background or on fridays, with a friend so we can chat and have a cup of tea/coffee or a glass of wine – only 1 mind, otherwise there could be a bit of unstitching happening!

  288. I like to work in blissful silence, next to a big bright window. If I’m up early enough, I can watch the sun come up. I can watch the birds and the squirrels in the yard, and later in the afternoon I watch the neighbourhood kids walk home from school. Don’t misunderstand me – I don’t stitch all day, but there is always something interesting to see by that window when I’m not looking down at my needle and thread ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Merry Christmas, and a new year filled with health, happiness and peace to all.

  289. I listen to podcasts (news, commentary, fiction) during the easy parts, but I need quiet for the tricky parts, when I have to think about what I’m doing.

  290. I tend to watch TV while stitching or stitch with friends and chat at the same time. – It is good to multi task. If I stitch while watching TV obviously I don’t concentrate on the programme and so am able to watch the same thing again. It means I can spend longer stitching!!!!

  291. Hi again!
    Hmmm, my favorite thing to do while stitching…since I am usually settled into my favorite “easy chair”, I confess to being directly set in front of the TV set! I love watching a good movie, especially an old one! (TCM is my favorite channel!) I think listening to a good audio book is a great idea too, and I have hopes of doing that before long as I have several good audio books saved up!
    Thank you for all these give-aways!

  292. I like to visit with a friend or two while stitching. Often we share a cup of coffee or tea while we stitch especially if it is a cold day or maybe lemonade in the summer. If a friend is not available then I will turn on some classical music and stitch away.

  293. I prefer absolute silence when I stitch. Noise pollution from a previous job makes me thoroughly enjoy the silence of the day with my needle in my hand. I would LOVE to win that needlework calendar. Hope it’s me!

  294. Be around a table with other ladies, all enjoining chats and craft, at the senior center en Murrieta Ca.

  295. I love stitching with the TV on. Reality TV like cooking or decorating shows suit me best, it keeps me company, but doesn’t interfere with my concentration. At night I listen to whatever my husband is watching, with constant queries from me regarding the plot!

  296. My favourite thing to do while stitching is listen to BBC Radio 4 online. I live in Botswana in Africa and as I’m British I thoroughly enjoy keeping up to date with The Archers, Desert Island Discs and all the documentaries. It putters along in the background keeping me company.

  297. I listen to audiobooks. As a member of 2 book clubs, that’s how I get my “reading” done. Thanks for the give-away.

  298. When stitching I enjoy watching my favourite DVD’s, costume dramas and Si-fifi’s but when working on my whitework I like to just listen to the radio or audio books, Jan.

  299. I stitch while I watch the news on TV. (Sometimes the stitches get a little tight , then I have to fine a nice calm PBS series to tune into!)

  300. It depends on where I am when I am doing my stitching. I have a group that meets every Tuesday morning. I think we get more gabbing done than stitching.
    If I am at home the TV is usually going. My son says the reason I don’t know what is going on is because I don’t look up. I only listen. At least I get some stitching time in. Merry Christmas to all.

  301. There are not enough hours in the day to do all the stitching and read all the books I would like……..so for years I have combined my two favorite past times by listening to books on CD while I stitch. The time just flies when my mind and my hands are occupied.

  302. Thank you again for another wonderful giveaway opportunity, Mary! I am usually stitching at night, usually with the television on, but usually with a documentary or some time of program that I don’t need to watch but really only need to listen to or only occasionally glance at from time to time. PBS programs are usually the best – Antiques Roadshow is high on my favorite show list to stitch-along to. Hope you are having a good week!

    With gratitude for all the gifts you bring to the world,
    Arlene in NJ

  303. I’ve never been much for playing music, but I do love a good audiobook. Though sometimes, I just enjoy the silence while I stitch.

  304. Hi,

    I would love to win a copy of the calendar. I watch recorded TV programs while I stitch. At the moment I am adding to my Christmas tree with little snowflake cross stitches done in variegated red floss. I do two copies and stitch them together with beads and put some beads in the design. I then put a little stuffing in to give them a little shape. I love the way the colour is random in the designs.


  305. I used to try and watch movies when I stitched, but that was too hard if I had to count and I kept stopping to watch “the good parts.” Then I tried audio books but that was a little hard to keep track of the story. Now I have found the perfect solution – podcasts! There are a lot of them out there for every interest, but my particular favorite is Desert Island Discs. Most of the time they are short, I learn something and it’s just enough to keep me interested without having to think tooooo much or keep track of a plot.

  306. If I’m at home, I like to listen to music while I stitch. But, my absolute favorite is when we go camping and, because we’re ‘roughing it’ campers (tenting in the bush, no facilities) I love the sounds of nature around me and, in the woods nearby my hubby chopping firewood for the meal he’s about to prepare… cuz at home I have a microwave and oven, so if it’s an over-the-fire meal my man does all the cooking! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  307. While I’m stitching I can only listen to music or silence is also a favourite one.
    I can’t do two things at the same time, alas …

  308. When I stitch to directions, such as learning and practicing a new stitch, I need silence. For free-form stitching with the image in my mind, I want Mozart. I love the calendar front page, and thanks for your inspiring web site.

  309. Greetings Mary,
    While stitching I enjoy listening to books on my iPad, especially mysteries. I love Sue Grafton, Louise Penny, and others. Sometimes I re-listen to my favorites. The Inspirations calendar is a beautiful calendar and I would love to have it in my studio!
    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  310. What a beautiful calendar! Thank you for the chance to enter! I love to either watch old movies or FlossTube on YouTube ๐Ÿ™‚

  311. My favorite thing to do while stitching is peace and quiet! This time gives me a reason to relax and ponder about things on my mind. And then when I get side-tracked by the concentration that is necessary to complete a certain chart I appreciate that diversion as well! Thank you for the opportunity to win the gorgeous Inspirations calendar for 2017!

  312. At home I usually stitch silently, but sometimes watch TV. When I am attending a stitch & chat I do not get much accomplished because chatting is distracting, but important!

  313. I myself love to sit in my little house trailer and do any kind of stitcher in quiet. To sit and be alone and think as I do my work. But…sewing I love to listen to audiobooks! Love love this….

  314. Hi Mary – this is a real treat to have this calendar as I get the Inspirations blog which is wonderful but my favourite thing to do while stitching other than peace and quiet and no ringing phones would be to listen to an audio book and I get the advantage of ‘killing two birds with one stone’ as I feel I do not get enough time to stitch or read so this would be the ultimate. Thanking you always for your generosity to us all.
    Eleanor Roome – Isle of Man.

  315. I multi-task in many ways while stitching! I tell the dogs to “HUSH” when the doorbell rings in person or on TV. I listen and watch my granddaughter as she toddles around the room. I watch my husband busy around my kitchen wondering whats for lunch and give him ideas. I talk to my mother in her sitting room which is next to my newish favorite resale group Lazyboy! Silence? Peace and quiet? Maybe in the middle of the night. โ˜บ๏ธ

  316. I get through a lot of audiobooks while I’m stitching. I end up completely in my own little world….

  317. I actually do all that you mentioned — sometimes listen to audio books, sometimes watch movies, sometimes just listen to the radio, and sometimes just sit in blessed silence! It kind of depends on what I am working on AND my mood. I also enjoy doing needlework in classes because you are among like-minded individuals, they is also little chattering going on, and all you are required to do in class is FOCUS on the project in your hand, not the 17 piled up on the table at home (that you have to actually LOOK at when you are stitching at home!). Stitching is such a relaxing, rewarding, therapeutic, exciting, peaceful, productive activity. Just amazing!!

  318. Watching, or should I say, listening to TV. I stack up Jeopardy on the DVR and throw out an occasional answer!!

  319. I usually like to watch tv while stitching, well, mostly I listen but it gives me a change of focus so my eyes don’t get so tired… since I sometimes stitch for hours at a time… when I can ๐Ÿ™‚ but for the really challenging work I like quiet so I can concentrate… have to say… I would really love to win all of your give aways… but especially this one!

  320. I love to listen to books while stitching – then I am doing my two favorite things at once – reading and stitching!

  321. I’m either watching television or hopefully chatting with friend while stitching. Thank you Mary and Wooly Thread for sponsoring this giveaway!

    Mary in Billerica

  322. I subscribe to Amazon Prime and watch it on my computer while I stitch. My cat has her chair next to me and seems to enjoy most of the same movies and tv series that I do, sleeping through most and waking only to tap on my leg for treats.

  323. No decorations in my house either! I’m too busy stitching gifts. As I am stitching I “watch” TV, preferably anything in black and white.

  324. What an Inspirational calendar! I would love to win this calendar and be inspired to embroider more in the New Year alongside Needle ‘n Thread. Thank you Mary Corbet for a chance to win one of your fabulous gifts.

  325. My favorite activity while stitching is listening to the radio, although sometimes I like to “watch” a movie…I don’t really “watch” much because generally my eyes are on my stitching…but I enjoy listening to the dialogue.

  326. I, Allyne Holland, enjoy the solitude of sitting and stitching alone. Sometimes, I will turn on the TV or sometimes music. I enjoy the peacefulness of Strauss or Chopin. I mostly like to concentrate on my stitching. I try to stitch in the mornings when I can see better. In my old age, I need extra light.

  327. During the daylight hours I stitch and listen to audio books. I love the idea that I’m reading and creating at the same time. At night, I listen to TV, watch a bit, and do hand work that doesn’t require as much focus and eyestrain.

  328. I stitch in the evening watching tv or a movie, currently my husband and I are watching M*A*S*H reruns!! I belong to a local Guild and we often have stitch days in the weekends where we get together and stitch and chat!

  329. I love your site, Mary; the only stitching I ever learned from my mother were the very basic stitches, and I always wanted to learn better stitching. Your site inspires me! Usually, when I am stitching, it is while I watch my two grandchildren while their parents work….my 9-year-old granddaughter is eager to learn stitching because she sits with me and watches me while I stitch! It is such a blessing to know she wants me to teach her what I would have loved my grandmother to teach me! Sometimes the tv or music is on in the background, but I rarely am focused on anything but my stitching and my sweet granddaughter snuggling next to me to watch! Thank you for sharing!

  330. I like having the TV on usually watching old movies, that way I can listen and remember what is going on in the movie. I get to stitch while watching.


  331. I usually do my alone stitching in the evening, after all the days chores are finished and the kitchen is clean. Then I go to my “happy chair”, turn on the TV and “listen” to the TV. Unless there are crucial events happening, you really don’t have to watch to get the gist of what is happening. And if a program is really interesting, then I pay attention. Hmmm. I haven’t needed to pay attention very often. However, I am very fortunate to live in and area with ANG and EGA guilds, and there is at least one stitch and chat or meeting once a week. Sharing and finding solutions to stitching problems, showing off the latest gadget (which we all have to buy), and laughing about any silly thing makes for the best time! So I would say visiting with friends is my favorite thing to do while stitching.

  332. In my peaceful corner I listen to BBC podcasts with my little headphones. Perfect. A good day is a 3 podcast day. Lots of stitches to show for my 90 minutes.

  333. When I am stitching, I prefer to just concentrate on my threads and the growing work under the needle and thread. Sometimes I listen to classical music on my PBS station, and the music complements my stitching satisfaction. I can easily enjoy an afternoon or evening so employed, and emerge soothed and happy.

  334. I’m usually in the same room as the TV as I stitch or knit or do whatever hand work although it might be a stretch to say I’m watching. Today I hosted my quilting “ThreadHeads” friends for our Christmas lunch and we stitch up small cardinal hexagon ornaments while we drank tea and chatted.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Mary, and thank you very much for all you do to keep us learning and stitching. ๐Ÿ™‚

  335. I often stitch listening to podcasts or ‘watching TV’. But I also like silence sometimes, or just music. It entirely depends on my mood.

  336. Hi,
    It rather depends on what I am working on and the time of day I get to stitch. If I am working on something that needs my entire attention, e g at the moment, cutting threads in hardanger, I like peace, quiet and solitude. However if it is something that does not need my entire attention I will mostly listen to radio in daytime or TV at night.
    My favourite though is stitching in a group, listening and taking part or not in the general conversation.
    The Calendar sounds heavenly. Most of my calendars are freebies from the local stores – not as many now as in previous years, and ones I create myself on an Excel spreadsheet. One A4 page per month gives me plenty of room to write in engagements etc.

  337. I usually watch TV but it has to be something that doesn’t take too much attention away from my project. my beloved Giants baseball games are the best!

  338. My two favorite things to do is needlework and keeping my calendar. While stitching I listen to audiobooks. Thanks you for the opportunity at a chance for that beautiful calendar which merges my favorite pastimes.

    Jo-Ann Carroll

  339. That calendar looks lovely! Thank you for these giveaways – it’s very generous! My FAVORITE thing to do while stitching is to be with my stitching friends and talk and laugh (and eat) our way through the day. We get together once a month or so just to stitch and it’s a lovely respite from the reality of the world and all its problems! If I’m home alone, I stitch while “watching” tv – really, I just listen to it, and look up once in awhile to see what someone looks like, or what they’re wearing, hahaha.

  340. It depends on how I feel when I start stitching, some days I put on gentle music other days it could be hard rock lols. Other days I have Plex running in the back ground playing reruns of The Great British Sewing Bee (or similar). But my Most favourite thing, is to stitch in silence and to truly ‘be’ in the stitching zone, where I quite literally feel the stresses of the day melt away. =)

  341. I love to embroider while I have The Chase on the TV as with this show I can just listen to the quiz without having to take eyes off my stitches. Other times the sounds of nature through an open window is all I need. Thanks for the opportunity of winning such a gorgeous calendar I’m off to check it out at Wooly Threads.

  342. I love to stitch looking out my window facing the garden, when it’s sunny, raining or snowing, in peaceful silence or with the birds chirping. It’s the time when everything is in harmony.

  343. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for another great give away. The calendar is pure inspirational! I usually enjoy listening to audio books or classic, or 30s-60s music, or talking face to face with friends or family.
    Also a huge congratulations for your project in The (UK)Embroiderer’s Guild’s Stitch. I just received my copy earlier in the week and was flipping through when I spotted a project that looked familiar and went searching for the designer and lo and behold whose name to I find… Congratulations!
    Cheers Judy
    SE Queensland, Australia

  344. I have my stitching ready to take anywhere, the doctors, my stitch and chat group, as a volunteer in a Christian book shop and in front of the T.V. Marvellous how much can be achieved in even small amounts of time. Makes waiting enjoyable and gives me a sense of achievement.

  345. I usually “watch” tv while stitching. I keep telling myself that I should listen to music more, or learn something listening to a book or podcast, but I just can’t turn the boob tube off. Merry Christmas!

  346. I’m one of those people that like complete silence when stitching. Because I do counted canvas work I nee
    quiet or my stitching would be a mess. So I like silence and solitude. Thank you for the Chance
    And Merry Christmas to All.

  347. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to win this beautiful calendar. When I in my room doing embroidery I usually like to listen to audio books. However, if the pattern requires extreme concentration I switch to serene silence.
    Judith Peckham.

  348. Stitch, stitch, stitch, especially if the project requires concentration for serious counting and color changes. If the project has a good amount of mindless repetition, then I may catch up on some television from the DVR or PBS. I make real progress Sunday evenings during Masterpiece.

  349. If the project I’m working on is relatively easy I like to listen to an audio book while I work. For more complex projects I usually appreciate silence.

  350. What I like to do when I am stitching depends on the complexity of the embroidery. If it is mostly backstitch, blanket or other repetitive motion, I can listen to an audiobook or vocal music. If the project is more complex, I find it best to concentrate on what I am doing and have classical music or silence.

  351. I put my iPhone music selection on shuffle and listen away. Never know what’s going to come on – country, classic, African jazz – it is wild and varied.

  352. Peaceful silence and old favorite movies that I can listen to and don’t have to look up to know what’s going on!

  353. I don’t have a favorite thing to do while I am stitching. It takes all my concentration most of the time. I like silence so I can hear myself think. Classical music is sometimes nice when what I am working on is fairly rote.

  354. While stitching, I usually have an Andrea Bocelli CD on or the radio set to Classic FM so that I can concentrate on what I’m doing, while staying calm when things don’t quite go the way I would like. It’s my chill time.
    Thank you for the chance to win all these gives aways, I’ve really enjoyed reflecting on the different areas of my craft work. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  355. When I am alone I listen to audiobooks while stitching. When my family is watching TV I will sit with them while I am doing some kind of handwork.

  356. My favorite thing to do while stitching is watching tv. I can’t really watch something for longer than 30 minutes without feeling the itch to stitch!

  357. I listen to audiobooks while I stitch. I just can’t get too involved in the story or I forget to stitch!

  358. When I’m stitching, normally I’m watching television, sometime talking on the telephone, but most of all trying to pay attention to what I’m stitching so I don’t undo something. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the give away. Jackie B. in Olathe, Kansas.

  359. Normally I prefer to stitch in peace and quiet, but should I be lucky enough to be home alone, I will put on a favorite CD or Pandora to suit my mood.

  360. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to either sit quietly if it is something that requires concentration, or listen to audio books.

  361. I get up at 3:45 a.m. So that I can stitch before the day begins. I stitch for 3 hours Zander then begin my day. During my stitching time I listen to TV shows that I DVR’d the night before. I love this time of the morning by myself, no phone calls or other people needing my attention. And I love this calendar. So many wonderful projects. I just finished my Home Sweet Home project. Started August 19 and finished in Nov. Going to FL on 12/28 to escape the cold. Merry Christmas.

  362. While stitching, almost every night after work and dinner, I โ€œlistenโ€ to the TV.
    Occasionally I go on holidays and find a lovely park and sit under a tree to stitch away the hours. If at the beach I sit on balcony with view of ocean.

  363. If I’m knitting, I can hold a conversation, if it’s about simple things, but I’m not really that much of a multi-tasker! For embroidery, I like instrumental music, folk or classical or baroque, or silence. If anybody talks to me I have to stop stitching to talk.

  364. While stitching I like to watch TV. I especially like the Hall Mark channels. Who doesn’t like a nice love story or mystery? All the Christmas stories Hall Mark has been broadcasting this month have been wonderful.

  365. When I am stitching I usually prefer solitude while listening to music. I prefer instrumental music and my favorite is New Age music. If I am stitching on something that does not require very much concentration I enjoy talking to other people
    (especially fellow stitchers!)

  366. I enjoy being on my own. Listening to the birds and the busy noise of harvesting on the farm. Your stress and worries disappear for awhile. Heaven…..

  367. Merry Christmas, everybody! Thanks for the fun giveaways, Mary!

    My favorite thing to do while stitching is to listen to the TV with a hot cuppa next to me and a little white dog sleeping on my lap. Cozy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  368. embroidering is MY FAVORITE thing to do. but i guess i like it best when i am watching and listening to old movies and when i am camping out and done for the day, i really like relaxing in my camper by laying down in bed and stitching on something pretty. i sure hope i win

  369. What I like to do while stitching depends on where I am: in airports/airplanes, there are conversations with fellow passengers. When I am at home, I love to watch movies or my favorite TV shows. When I’m on a cruise, I like to listen to audiobooks.

  370. I usually listen to music or have the TV on while stitching, although I often stitch while sitting in meetings. Gotta make good use of my creative time!

  371. My favorite thing to do while stitching is listen to music, although it has to be a certain type of music, depending on what I am stitching. Doing tapestry, I can listen to most things, and even some spoken words, but when doing cross stitch or following a pattern closely, I find that it has to be music that is comforting and not distracting. I enjoy chatting with friends (although the room where I usually stitch is too small for a group), but can’t watch anything on screen, as I need my eyes on my work! Otherwise, the stitching gremlins get to work and make a mistake!

  372. When I stitch at home alone, I have the television on for company. All other times I am with stitching friends. Some times it is very quiet and other times you would wonder how we get anything done. Life is perfect as long as there is stitching.


  373. Good evening, Mary! We are coated in ice tonight–the firs and rhodies are scary gorgeous. My favorite is a good audio book. This is my favorite for weeding, too. My second is either a classic movie (“The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, for instance) or music. At night this usually means soft/jazz like YoYo Ma or Esperanza Spalding or Madeleine Peroux and on and on. Right now, it is a never-ending supply of really good Christmas music.

  374. I love stitching everyday. I always say “a day without stitching is a day without sunshine. I have my sewing chair (my little nest) where I either have the TV on or music. Every Tuesday I stitch with friends at the church.

  375. I listen to audio books while stitching. Most of my projects are not suited to watching telly so that’s when I knit instead!

  376. I love to drink coffee and listen to music while I stitch. It’s all so very peaceful!

  377. For hard work, silence for concentration. For easier work, music or I love chatting with a group of like stitchers and consistently learning!!

    Happy Christmas !! and a contentedly blissful stitching New Year!

  378. I so enjoy the quiet while stitching! Wow the cover of this calendar blows me away… it’s just beautiful.

  379. I love to either “watch” a movie (obviously can’t be anything to intense that requires 100% attention or with subtitles) or “listen” to a book while stitching. It is a huge waste of time to just do one thing at a time so being able to create something beautiful and also read a book or see a show is absolutely awesome.

  380. I would love to win the Inspirations Calendar. There is a lovely space for it on my workroom wall!

    Thank you, Mary, for doing these great giveaways. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  381. I love listening to audiobooks while I stitch. I have been doing it for a while. In fact I associate particular books with the project I was working on and vice versa.
    ” Oh I remember that book……I was working on such and such” or ” Oh I remember that project…I was listening to….”
    I especially love listening to all things Jane Austen…..perfect accompaniment to stitching.

  382. It depends, sometimes I like the white noise of the tv or music. But then sometimes it is wonderful just to stitch in peace and quiet

  383. My favorite way to stitch is with background music, mostly Christmas music , year round. Yes, year round. It’s peaceful and I can focus ( and make fewer mistakes!). I’ve just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I’m really gonna need the 2017 calendar to keep me on track, and to give me inspiration as well. This next year will likely be a doozy, as I’m sure you know. One day at a time and beauty wherever I find it is next years resolution.

  384. I put in a favorite movie and stitch away. Since I know the movie I am able to enjoy the soundtrack and my favorite visual parts and still fall into my stitching.

  385. I actually prefer the joy of silence when I am working on my projects, but on occasion I will listen to my favorite music CDs. When I am stitching I want to devote all my attention to it, with no distractions.

    Ann Thompson,

  386. I love to listen to music while stitching. IF there’s a good movie on, that works too, but music is usually my first choice. Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway. I’d love to have this calendar….

  387. I know I am not eligible as I’m in Australia but just wanted to say that I have a calendar and love it. You forget what is in the magazines sometimes so it’s a good reminder to look up the books again and get sewing

  388. I like to listen to TV programs while I stitch. DH sometimes gets upset when I “miss” something because I am stitching, but he’s used to taking the program back to let me see what I missed. He misses things too! ;o)

  389. I confess I usually watch television while I stitch although sometimes I do prefer ‘blessed silence’, it rather depends on how complex the work is.

  390. G’day Mary,
    I don’t mind others about if they don’t distract me by talking directly to me. It actually helps me if I have the general banter of a gathering going on around me. Music is a must if I’m on my own, preferably songs to keep my mind on the go at the same time. I can’t seem to concentrate on the one thing very long. My art teacher said it happens to people with higher IQs ????!!!!!! (Well, I was born that way! Illness and medication has dulled it’s working powers considerably) Said we underestimate our brains and we need more stimulation than just painting or stitching by itself. Mmmm, interesting.
    Cheers Mary

  391. I have a hard time sitting still, so I use stitching as an excuse to watch TV. I don’t feel guilty if I’m working on a project.

  392. What a lovely giveaway! I listen to music while I am stitching and love to have coffee to drink on my stitching table! thanks!

  393. I will embroider any where, under almost any conditions (barring outside in a storm, or while scuba diving!). My favorite, however, is by the fireside on a winter day, with my favorite quiet music in the background.

  394. Um, I watch reruns on TV. I know it’s silly but since I’ve already seen the show, I only halfway pay attention! Lol

    Merry stitching Mary!

    Catrina Byrge

  395. I usually have the NPR station on while I am stitching. And in the summer it would be a Cardinals baseball game. Baseball games on the radio mean summer to me!

    Sherry S (Missouri)

  396. There’s nothing like being serenaded by the dulcet tones of Richard Armitage while stitching! I’ve also gone through the entire eight books of Outlander. I found that if I tried to watch a movie or show while stitching, I miss a lot of the visuals … so audiobooks it is.

  397. My favorite thing to do is have the house quiet. With my kitties draped on parts of the couch (away from me and my thread), I sit there under my bright light, and I can do that for hours on end.

  398. Sit cross-legged, watching movies (that cannot be subtitled) or tv episodes I’ve missed, and stitching at home. However, I do carry some form of needlework with me to accomplish on bus trips, standing in line at the post office or amusement park, etc. and curious on-lookers become brave enough to comment or compliment, whether here in San Francisco or on domestic or international trains, planes.
    This would be my first Inspirations calendar though I’m an enthusiastic subscriber of the magazine!

  399. Hi Mary
    I generally watch TV while I stitch, listen mostly anyway! It is often a girlie movie or program my husband doesn’t watch. Sometimes I listen to music. Either way it is just so relaxing time just disappears.
    Thank you for the chance to win.
    Sandy Sthn Highlands NSW

  400. I’ll usually watch tv or a movie while stitching. It has to have a plot easy to follow otherwise I wouldn’t get any stitching done. Have to try listening to audiobooks while stitching. The benefit of tv shows or movies is that it can help relieve eye strain by providing moments to look up.

  401. While stitching I love being on my front porch with the daylight and fresh air. This is only when weather permits as I’m in Canada.

  402. Either silence, if I’m alone, or the conversation of my family, if we’re sitting around together.

  403. I actually do a lot of my stitching in the car during road trips, so it’s not exactly quiet. However, in a perfect world, I would be comfortably ensconced in my perfect place to stitch with lots of light streaming in the windows, my full coffee cup nearby, and either soft Celtic music or blissful silence filling my head. I can always dream!

  404. Would LOVE the calendar. My boyfriend and I take turns with the household calendar….it’s my turn. When I stitch I am usually either at a stitch group or watching (but not necessarily “seeing” the TV). It keeps me company and I do enjoy most of the programs.

    Jineen Kulczycky

  405. It’s a toss up between chatting with friends – especially fellow stitchers – and listening to the tv.

  406. I listen to books on tape…….Best day of stitching with my book and stitching. Also watch Seattle Seahawks play football and try to stitch…..some times the game will win out and I will drop my stitching..
    Sandi Vadset

  407. Most of the time I watch (listen)to TV while I stitch ,on Monday and Thursday nights I am in a stitching group so I chat with my friends.

  408. I love to stitch in-between this and that. Multi-tasking during a horribly written tv episode (but not Elementary or Vera). Thank you

  409. I keep the TV or a radio on when I stitch. If it is the TV, I rarely look up at the screen. It is just for some background noise. I tried stitching in silence and discovered that when my husband speaks to me, he scares me out of my wits. I get so deeply engrossed in the stitching that everything else disappears. So, a little background noise keeps me from completely checking out.

  410. I love to just embroidery in my own little world, enjoying every stitch I make. I must have the concentration still as I know only the simple stitches but am slowly progressing to more complex ones. Lots to learn but enjoying every minute.

  411. Whatโ€™s your favorite thing to do while youโ€™re stitching? I like sitting on my comfy couch and watch TV.

  412. I usually watch tv while I stitch, or listen to a podcast. Sometimes I do enjoy peace and quiet, too!

  413. Hello Mam. I am a very fun loving person and chatter a lot. Buy when it comes on embroidery or pattern making and stitching, I would love to sit on a chair in a perfectly silent room and concentrate on my work. I love silence while working.

  414. Some of my favorite things to do while I stitch is stitching while watching tv. Sometimes I just like peace and quiet while I am stitching. It is also nice to stitch and talk with the other members of our Cottage Garden Thread Club. We meet once a month and each month we receive a free pattern from an Australian designer and three Cottage Garden Threads which is a line of hand dyed six strand all variegated embroidery threads. I love seeing what everyone is working on.

  415. I listen to podcasts when I stitch. They are free and I don’t get too distracted. I love history so some choices are “Stuff You Missed in History Class” and “History Extra Podcast”. My new favorite is “This American Life”.

  416. Favorite thing to do while stitching…varies! If I’m on public transit, and I’m knitting – listening to a podcast. If I’m at home, working on a small project (hand held hoop) – I might stream something (could be Netflix, TV shows, or even a Craftsy video). For my larger project, that I haven’t worked on in ages because I need to set up the stand…not sure! Would most likely be music on bluetooth headphones.

    Calendar looks fabulous – good luck to all!

  417. I love to stitch while listening to music — especially piano music, especially Chopin — or audio books. If the narrator is Juliet Stevenson, Humphrey Bower or Davina Porter (probably reading Jane Austen, Bryce Courtenay or Diana Gabaldon), I am in productive Heaven.

  418. It depends on the amount of concentration needed for the embroidery. Sometimes I need complete silence, but when the project does not require as much concentration, I enjoy listening to audio books or music.

  419. Stitching, for me, is therapeutic; it calms me and allows me to think, ponder and work things out in my mind. Listening to music adds to the relaxation but mostly I enjoy watching movies while I do my needlework. It’s best if the movie is one I’ve seen before so I don’t have to constantly glance up from my work to follow the plot. My favorites are the old classics, and musicals or concerts that entertain the ear when I’m focusing on a difficult area of stitching. Animated movies are fun too because they’re light, cheerful and fun. If I want to rest my eyes, I can enjoy the show for a few minutes and return to my project refreshed and ready to continue. A cup of tea or cool drink, depending on the season, makes the whole experience complete and comforting. I live alone so an evening of needlework and movies is a most enjoyable way to pass my time productively, with the satisfaction of producing something beautiful to boot!

  420. I like silence…my own thoughts flitting around…whats needs to get done…what someone said that day, a few days ago, years ago…what i’ll do once i finish the embroidery piece…when you think of it, not so silent after all.

  421. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to listen to the radio, specifically WFYI in Indianapolis, which is the local NPR station. On weekends, it carries other things besides NPR which are also enjoyable. If I have the TV on, I will be looking up, and I sometimes loose my place on my pattern.

  422. Hi Mary, My favorite thing to do while I stitch is stitch! And I often think about the recipient, if I am making a gift. It’s a nice way to put a little love in the present. Thank you for all the goodies!

  423. I just love stitching in a comfy chair with the fire going and a good session on telly. Best of all a good movie but also “Who do you think you are?” I save lots of programs to watch while sewing. Quiz programs, history documentaries, sewing and cooking competitions. Oh I can always find some feel good program and my embroidery sings along and grows as I relax and create.

  424. When I stitch I like to listen to audio books or if it’s a complex piece, silence is golden. If I’m knitting, I always like to watch something on the t.v.
    Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who hasn’t put their tree up yet! I think we need some of Santa’s elves to visit and help us out ๐Ÿ™‚

  425. Sometimes I stitch in a quiet room. Sometimes I listen to an audiobook or PBS. I can’t watch TV or talk to others because I make too many mistakes.

  426. I watch television and I embroider, I actually embroider and I watch television.
    I am focused on my embroidery and I feel less lazy watching TV. But if I do not watch television, I am more impatient to finish my work quickly and I work less well.
    Thank you for everything.

  427. I love to listen to radio plays or culture programs when stitching alone. if i’m doing something easy which doesn’t need lots of concentrating on, I enjoy chatting with friends, playing RPGs or even watching a movie.

  428. At the present, you can usually catch me in the evenings stitching in front of the TV, watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

  429. I usually watch TV or listen to the radio or podcasts, but my favorite thing to do while stitching is be outside listening to the birds and squirrels.

  430. While I am sewing i like to sit in a comfortable chair with plenty of light and listen to BBC radio 4 or classic FM bliss

  431. Laughter and chatting fill the room at my local embroidery group while we stitch away. We drink tea and eat cake and other special treats. At home the peace of silence is golden.

  432. While I am stitching, I prefer either peaceful silence or music. I can’t be too distracted because as a relatively new stitcher, I need the quiet to I don’t make mistakes. If I watched TV or chatted online, by stitching would be terrible. Of course, there is all the construction on my street (we have houses going up on BOTH sides of the house) which is distracting enough!

  433. Sometimes TV going in the background or other times, which is mostly, I stitch away with my thoughts and the wonderful sounds of the farm in the distance.

  434. My favorite thing to do while stitching is peace and quiet if stitching in the earlier part of the day and watching tv in the evening. Thank you for the opportunity of winning what looks like a beautiful calendar!

  435. I listen to TV since I am busy looking at my stitching, so I never recognize what the celebrities look like, just what they sound like.

  436. Would love to win this beautiful calendar- I keep track of the I stitch each day and note in on the calendar…..Love to listen to music when I stitch…….

  437. Peaceful silence is my favorite thing to do while stitching.

    (I’d like do adorn my wall with the Gorgeous 2017 Inspiration Calendar! – wish me luck! )
    Thanks ! a Very Happy New Year and Merry Christmas !

  438. I sit in my comfortable chair, sometimes with a coffee, in peaceful silence. Since I’m learning to embroider, I might have my laptop in front of me with one of your instructional videos.

  439. I listen to audio books while I am stitching. I use a CD/MP3 player then I can pause when counting or working a tricky stitch.
    I would love to win that calendar. Inspirations magazine is the best there is.

  440. I enjoy stitching in silence. The feel of the threads as I stitch and the sounds of the threads as they are pulled through the linen are very relaxing to me. It gives me a wonderful sense of calm and allows me to be fully immersed in my embroidery.

  441. If at night, I sit next to my hubby with my feet up watching TV or if during the day, I listen to the news channel alternating with my favorite music. Occasionally I just want blessed silence when I stitch.

  442. I work at a busy senior center checking in seniors arriving to take special classes. I stitch while I sit there checking them in and chatting with them. They always ask me why I stitch so much, and I always tell them, “so I won’t kill people”. They think that’s hilarious!


  443. I love to watch TV while stitching, especially PBS. Thank you for this great giveaway.
    Have a super great Holiday Season!

  444. I usually have the radio on, but not always. I need to concentrate when i am embroidering! LOL…..and it sometimes depends on what stage of the project i’m working. Most of the time i am really trying to learn something about the stitch or the process and really need all my brain cells working together on the same page….and i have to say, the Stitcher’s Calendar is a beautiful way to stay on track>I WOULD LOVE to see it hanging anywhere in the house, but especially in my workspace!

    in gassho

  445. When I work on a stitching project, I am usually watching TV, but I have been known to carry the project with me on the bus so I can stitch on my lunch hour or any other available minutes.

  446. My favorite thing to do while I stitch consists of two different things. I like to sit in my living room in the evening watching Last Man Standing, however, I don’t get much stitching done! My best stitching place is in my sewing room. It has two windows and is very bright and perfect for stitching. I usually stitch there in silence or with music playing. The room is extremely quiet and peaceful.

    Thanks Mary for all your wonderful, beautiful stitching teaching and sharing.

  447. My favorite thing to do when stitching is watch tv with my husband. If that’s not available, then silence is golden.

  448. Listen to audiobooks. My favorite is Elizabeth Peter’s murder mysteries Peabody series set in 1900’s Egypt. I have heard them several times so they make great background noise.

  449. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to watch Tv along with my family, preferably Christmas movies/shows at this time of year. Thank you for your Christmas giveaways!

  450. I love stitching to music when I’m by myself. But when I’m with my husband or friends, I’m stitching with the TV on or just visiting. Seems my hands are always busy.

  451. TV is usually on. If I stitch while watching, I know I will still be awake for the ending of the show!

  452. I generally start my stitching with the TV on, soon to be tuned out and lost in my world and that takes me everywhere! Beautiful calendar!
    Thanks again
    Mary Kay from Montana

  453. Debra Chamberlin – My favorite thing to do it watch old movies! I love the movies from the 40’s through the early 70’s. It was my favorite thing to do with my grandmother and now I stitch, watch the movie and think of her.

  454. I love to stitch while it is quiet, but hubby usually has the television on so I watch it if it is interesting.

  455. I like to stitch with my friends from the embroiderer’s guild of America, Valley Oak Chapter in Davis, Ca. I also like to stitch while listening to music at home once the dogs are all settled down. They want lots of attention.

  456. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to watch movies or get caught up with my weekly programs.
    I like it when it is cold out side (Arkansas doesn’t see much snow), and I have the fire place going with a cup of cocoa on the stand beside the couch and I am cuddled up with my quilt. My little winnie dog is beside me under the quilt and I am stitching the day away.

  457. Hi Mary,

    While I am stitching, I love to listen to tv shows on the web. Depending on the action level of the show, I stitch fast or slow – lol! Thanks for the opportunity to win your latest give-a-way and as always thanks for being such an inspiration!

    Jennie for WV

  458. I watch Netflix but actually I tell my husband I am but in reality I’m only half paying attention!! Stitching is more interesting!!

  459. I can stitch just about anywhere, but in the summer I love to sit in sunny window in the quiet, A Very Merry Christmas to you all.

  460. When I stitch, I love doing it in silence. I can crochet or knit with TV on but not when I play with sharp needles and threads.

  461. Sounds or silence, hmm. I thoroughly the conversation in my stitchery group and I like to stitch while I listen to (and sort of watch) tv. But if I stitch in silence the experience becomes meditation and the effect is very calming. It seems I have no preference.

  462. When it’s not shared silence and conversation with friends, I listen to music or the sounds of the world around me. Music preferences include classical, Celtic, folk, “New Age” (what a name!), and world music. Always at a fairly low volume. Stitching or beading, not music, is my focus.

  463. I think I entered the comment for this one on a closed contest! If not, please forgive me and do what you will with the entry. I’m still commenting!

    When I ‘m not sharing conversation and silence with friends, I listen to music or the sounds of the world around me. Classical, Celtic, folk, “New Age (what a label!), and world music. All at a fairly low volume, my focus is stitching or beading, not listening.

  464. In general I like to stitch with some music in the background. I’ve tried audiobooks, but I get too excited about the story. Blissful silence is also a favourite – there is something magical about seeing your stitches become something special. I find that the repetitive nature of placing stitches in silence is meditative: I can feel my thoughts becoming clearer and myself becoming calmer (at least until I make a mistake and need to undo my stitches!)

  465. I Love to Stitch
    It takes me away
    And when it’s time to sit, I say
    With needle and thread and Downton Abbey
    No matter what, I’m never crabby!

  466. When I stitch I usually listen to audiobooks of my favorite authors, but when my sisters and I get together to stitch (about twice a year) it’s nonstop conversation!

  467. I curl up on the couch with my tea (hot or iced) and my stitching and a mystery movie from the 1940s. Charlie Chan is my favorite!

  468. I have tried stump work and when my results paled to the gorgeous Elizabethan needle work I kind of gave up and went into blackwork, reversible no less. This beautiful flower looks like the perfect project to get me on board once again.
    When I stitch my thoughts wander to other times. I think about centuries of nameless folks whose needlework holds esteemed places in museums. How many billions of folks is that? And I am just one, eager to know the secrets that they possessed as they worked in less than wonderful surroundings to accomplish impeccable works of art.
    I think of the folks that stitch for money in so many places on our blue marble in every country and in every civilization. The look of adornment in their clothes, their households, their ceremonial garb. And I realize, as I stitch that I am able to design my own projects, work at my own speed and gain great satisfaction that my teachers would be proud and know with confidence that I am blessed.

  469. My favorite accompaniment to stitchery is silence. There is so little silence in my house, it is a treat!

  470. I prefer pieceful silence or listen to TV while I stitch. I can get so much done when I do this. Thanks, Nancy Root

  471. I stitch in front of the T.V. – idle hands etc. but I also like to stitch quietly in my room with a steaming mug of tea and music softly playing. There I can dream and stitch at the same time. Thanks.

  472. I love to listen to music! Scarlett,too, like pop, bluegrass, oldies, country, classical — all mixed up in one playlist!!

  473. Generally, there’s a movie playing or I’m listening to a movie. However, In the evening, most often there’s music or somethngs just quiet. Especially loving the “just quiet” time, when prayer and contemplation come so easily.

  474. In summer, I normally love to sit on my screen porch and listen to the birds whilst stitching. However, for much of the rest of the year, I end up stitching before bed, and to be near family, I sit stitching in front of the television while everyone else is watching TV. I definitely don’t need to watch much of the show to know what is going on, and get in my desired stitching time. Thank you, again, Mary for the fabulous give-away opportunities. Merry Christmas to you.

  475. Stitch and watch sports with my hubbie or at times we listen to music. I stitch; he reads.
    June E. Hulit

  476. Well, I’d like to say watch TV, but really it is more like listen to TV. I’m always “looking down” when anything important is going on in the show. Thankfully I have a very tolerant husband who keeps me in sync with what is happening with the story line.

  477. I like to listen to music (all varieties) while I stitch. I also enjoy my stitching group and chatting to my companions while stitching. Another great give-away, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  478. I revel in silence while stitching. We live beside the Salish Sea and I like to be able to hear the rythmic whoosh of the waves. So it isn’t entirely silent but there are no distractions from what I love to hear.

  479. My favorite thing to do while stitching is listening to music or at other times…peaceful, silence.

  480. I usually watch TV with my husband. I have to keep my hands busy so I pick up a project whenever I sit down. I always have several projects going at one time.

  481. i love listening to audiobooks. my spare time i love to stitch, which means i never get time to read. this way i can do both

  482. Thank you Mary. My favourite thing to do while stitching is listen to sermon pod casts – or if stitching in the evening during the rugby season, listen to that as my husband watches.

  483. I enjoy doing embroidery almost anywhere. I have brought it to meetings, in front of the TV. and as a passenger in the past on long trips from NY to SC. I love the added dragonfly on the lovely embroidery.

  484. Another great piece of eye candy, the calendar that is. I tend to half listen to the tv when I stitch. Sometimes I also half listen to my husband, but he is also half listening.

  485. I sit in my favorite spot on the sofa and turn on the TV while I stitch.

    Thank you for another give away.

  486. I do a great deal of my stitching in the evening, so I have the television on in the background.

  487. I usually watch tv while stitching, but I also enjoy meeting with my wool group. They inspire me!

  488. Hi Mary, my favorite thing to do while stitching is watch a good old classic movie and have a cup of tea, I get nicely settled and the time just races by and I get lots done.

  489. When I’m doing something new and challenging, I am 100% focused and silence prevails. Well, there is a certain amount self-commentary that happens, I must admit! And mastering a new challenge is pretty much my favourite thing, but it only happens once in a while when the stars align.

    Most often I hand stitch in front of the tv, and the show has to be “talky,” without too much action or too many meaningful looks either. Or the new thing, reading the texts that characters are sending each other.

    Anyway, this is a lovely giveaway, and it looks like it has plenty of inspiration for new challenges to try. Thanks, Mary!

  490. I love to listen to audiobooks and stitch, I am an avid reader and getting to “read” and sew at the same time is perfection. Sometimes I do watch movies or read on my kindle, but audio books are my favorite.
    This calendar looks wonderful, thanks for the chance to win it!

  491. Now that we’re settled into our new 5th wheel in Arizona, I can finally spread out my projects and my wonderful kinds of threads. I’m in seventh heaven being able to experiment with new ideas and lucious new threads!
    Joan from AK

  492. When I work on my cross stitch, I usually am in my favorite room — our sun room, and I am either listening to music or just enjoying the peaceful silence.

  493. Whilst stitching, my favourite thing is to sit with my family and watch movies however, I do get more stitching done when the room is silent. Honestly, as long as I have needle n thread in hand, I’m happy.

  494. While I am stitching I love to listen to music. Preferably instrumentals especially if I’m trying a new stitch.Ann Z from Wi.

  495. My favorite thing to do while I’m stitching is to visit, just talking, sharing stories, enjoying the company of someone that enjoys stitching too.

  496. Hi…i watch movies or chat with family if its simple embroidery, with things needing concentration however, i need to have some silence to focus on work at hand.

  497. I love to sit in my chair on the sun porch & listen to an audiobook or podcast. It is easy “to get lost” & leave the world behind. A wonderful form of meditation.

  498. I usually have the television on while I’m embroidering, but it has to be something I’ve already seen or the news so I can keep my eyes on what I’m doing!

  499. I stitch with friends several times each month and while watching sporting events on tv with my husband. I like to listen to audio books while beading .

  500. I love to listen to something, usually audiobooks or a favorite movie. I have also started podcasts. Stuff you should know is so fun!

  501. I love to stitch outside and listen to the birds in the garden. The light is great for stitching too!

  502. I like to watch a good movie on TV. In the summer I like to sit out on the deck and just quietly stitch.

  503. arhhh – I love to stitch in complete silence if at all possible – I find it distracting to have folk talking when stitching, even DH :-(… For a while I would go and stitch with a friend each Tuesday, and DH could not believe that we hardly talked once the needles were flying.
    Thank you for the albeit it slim opportunity of winning this beautiful calendar

  504. I listen to audio CDs. I have familiar stories for when I’m doing complicated work or stitches I’ve never done before. This is so that when I ‘zone out’ to concentrate on the stitches I don’t lose the thread (sorry for the pun) of the story, and new stories when I’m doing routine or repetitive stitches.

  505. I like to put on a DVD of a TV show, sit in my favourite armchair and listen with half an ear while I sew. The shows I like best are usually sitcoms or something I’ve seen before, so it doesn’t matter too much that I’m not riveted to the screen! Alternatively, because I also like computer games, I’ll sometimes find a “Let’s Play” of a game I’m interested in on YouTube and listen to that on my laptop – there’s one group in particular that I like to follow.

  506. What do I do when stitching? Well, since I’m new to embroidery and have to keep my eyes on my work, I listen to music. Love Christmas music, and don’t laugh, but I love listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir; kind of pretend I’m in there singing with them!
    For hand quilting, well, I do that in front of the TV football games (NFL mainly) – with that I can look up.
    Thanks for all the chances to win such nice stuff.

  507. Silence. I always plan to put music on but I get really engrossed and don’t quite find the time to pause. ๐Ÿ™‚

  508. I have a laptop on my stitching table and I mostly watch downloaded tv shows. Sometimes Youtubes and other videos. I can’t watch without doing something with my hands and I can’t stitch without having something the watch!

  509. My favorite thing to do is to listen to the ocean from our balcony when we cruise to the Caribbean. I enjoy sitting on the balcony and stitching, watching the ocean and listening to the sounds of it. It is very relaxing. I am looking forward to a trip to February and always pack my stitching bag.

  510. Most of the time I have the tv on with a movie I have seen before or HGTV shows that I can listen to, so I don’t feel the need to look at the screen. I like the background noise. I do stitch outside sometimes too.

  511. Netflix and Stitch!! I like watching documentaries or I’ll just pop in my favorite movie franchise and do a marathon.

  512. Beautiful calendar. If I’m with my stitching group we’re all talking and stitching, at home the TV is usually on. If I’m working on something intricate or need to go faster I go with silence.

  513. I am the peaceful silence type. Maybe since my career was fairly demanding I now thoroughly enjoy sitting in quiet. I guess that’s why I always enjoyed weeding my garden – just me and the weeds! That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a stitching session with a good friend – we really get good stitchin’ and b—-in’ going sometimes! But a far majority of the time it’s just me and the silence.

  514. I listen to radio shows ‘on demand’. Usually they are in-depth interviews with some inspiring people which are run by one of the Polish radio stations. I live abroad now and it is a nice way to stay connected to my past.
    If not this then Terry Pratchett audio books! Pure genius.

  515. I’m an early riser and this is my quiet time. I start with a cup of coffee, just enjoying the quiet. I face due east and watch as first light appears and then the sunrise often spectacular as it rises over the Mayacamus Mountain Range. Once that first cup of coffee is finished, I start stitching. All making a most pleasant start to the day!

  516. What do I like to do while embroidering? That depends on my mood. If I am home, “watching” something decent on the TV. Or just sitting there in silence so I can think (or not think…. ) or if I am out at a friend’s house, simply chatting away as we embroider. Boring aren’t I? LOL

  517. Thanks so much for all the fun giveaways…..I’m working I listen to music, 60’s or 70’s….right now I’m listening to Christmas music….
    Thank so much

  518. Audio books are wonderful while stitching, but honestly, one of my favourites is keeping my husband company while he watches something that I’ve already seen so that I can listen to it without having to pay full attention (though I do pay attention to him :-)). Thanks for another great giveaway Mary. I completely agree with you about having a beautiful calendar with big spaces on which to write.

  519. I usually have the TV on while I am working; but I also love working in the company of friends and chatting away.

  520. I don’t really mind as long as I’m not travelling (blegh) or watching something with subtitles. But I have horrid social anxiety so I love being able to stitch in public. That was such an unexpected blessing, and so far from the reason I took it up!
    Music and stories are nice, though, as is being with my partner, each doing our own thing.
    Thank you for these gieaways!
    StelliesTessa in Jhb

  521. Hi Mary and fqellow readers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like to listen to online TV broadcasts, half watch dramas I already know, lusten to YouTube videos on becoming location independent (a research project assigned to me by Sir) or sometimes music. Not sure I really have a favourite, it depends so much on mood and how much I want to get done.

  522. When I am stitching I either like it to be quiet (rare) or have the tv on in the background. I usually listen to baseball or football (depending on the season) and instant replay is nice if it’s something I want to see.

  523. I enjoy stitching in silence, while listening to music, and while sitting and chatting with friends; so basically I enjoy it in any and all situations.

  524. I usually “listen-watch” TV while stitching. My stitching nest is on the sofa in the living room so I can sit with my scroll frame in front of me & my pattern on the arm next to me & the TV in easy view. Nothing better than PBS & stitching! I love Inspirations magazine & their new book, so would love to have their calendar!

  525. It depends on what I am doing. If it is something more complicated, I prefer silence. But if it is something simple, I can watch (this is only the traditional word, the right one would be “listen”) some films or listen to the audio books.

  526. As a kindergarten teacher, I prefer PEACEFUL SILENCE whenever possible!! LOL My favorite is to sit on the porch in warm weather and listen to sounds of only nature…

  527. I have learned not to watch BBC shows as there are no commercials; don’t watch mystery shows either. Good stitching shows are old westerns or musicals or ‘B’ or ‘C’ rated movies. The best, I think, is books-on-tape or something like that – something to listen to that keeps my attention. I stitch alone, but another person to chat with could be a delight.

  528. I seem to have so little absolutely free time that I always try to kill two birds at once by stitching and catching up on back tv programs. So I watch tv while I stitch.

  529. As a recent retiree, I have started returning to embroidery of which I did some before children & its life. ๐Ÿ™‚ In going through my sewing area I have come across a kit I had my mother get me over 35 years ago! It’s a queen size embroidered bedspread. Looking at it now I wonder why in the heck I wasted a birthday gift on this kit. But, I have restarted it anyway as I have 12 nieces and one of them may like it. :)) I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to audio books which I have checked out our local online library. What a hoot! I have listened to an Agatha Christie and a Raymond Chandler. It’s so fun ~~~

  530. Often I really don’t have a choice what I do while I’m stitching. If I want to embroider, I have to snatch whatever moments I can get, whenever I can slip them in – riding in the car, sitting in a doctor’s office, helping one of the kids with schoolwork. But my favorite thing to do while I’m working on my latest project is, (after the dishes are done in the evening) to sit in peace and stillness on one end of the couch with the brightest light I can muster shining on my work, and listen while my husband reads aloud to our five kids. Whether it’s a James Herriot collection of old veterinarian’s experiences, the autobiography of Booker T. Washington, or Call the Nurse by Mary J. MacLeod, it really doesn’t matter. Those moments simply combine my favorite things in the world – happy family time, well-earned rest, food for thought in the form of a book, peacefulness, and, to top it all off, stitching! Who could ask for more?

  531. When I am stitching, I listen to a series on iTunesU that is run by an English Lit professor taking you through a series of SF/Fantasy books. You do the reading, then listen to that class discussing it. You can also participate ‘live’ through a chat thing but I never do. I love thinking about the book, and stitching and talking out loud as if I were there in the class.

  532. My favorite thing to do while stitching is watching TV. Working full time and then some does not leave much time or energy for stitching or TV watching. I will admit talking on phone to relatives is a close second and I have bought a new earpiece for the phone to aid in that regard.

  533. What a lovely calendar! I usually stitch while watching tv, but when I get a chance to stitch while listening to audiobooks, I always enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  534. Lovely calendar…when stitching my first choice is music…I love Venice Classical Station, as it has no advertising, or talking; Colorado KVOD is my next choice, lastly my own music playlists. Then there are audio books, mostly mysteries, and historical, like Edward Rutherford’s, Sarum, or Paris. Lastly podcasts, Christian with Bill Johnston out of Bethel in Redding California, or Malcolm Gladwell (awesome commentaries)…I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and thank you for being such a support to the needlework community, Joanne

  535. Judging by the cover photo, this calendar would definitely be inspirational! I would love to see it hanging in my craftroom/office everyday. My favorite thing to do while stitching is chat and giggle with my stitchy friend Tina. We laugh so much it’s a wonder we get any stitching done at all! Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas to you.

  536. Stitching has a magical way of calming my whole body.
    When I worked, my life was very stressful and I used to try and stitch whenever I could find the time, totally alone in perfect silence, it revived me completely.
    Now I am retired and can pick up and simply enjoy my stitching alone or with friends, whenever and wherever I choose, such bliss.

  537. My favorite thing to do while I’m stitching is… stitching and planning the next step. Especially when I do counted cross stitch whit bazillion of colors. Stitching is for me the time of the day when I quiet down. I don’t have to do anything but stitch ๐Ÿ™‚ The only exception is when I’m doing some ‘quick & easy’ decorating, then my favorite thing to do while stitching is talking with someone or listening to music.

  538. I’m teaching my daughter to embroider and I am learning new stitches so my favorite is to stitch with her. She doesn’t live at home anymore so we text pix of our projects and chat. On the occasion when she is home, we sit side by side, which is my ultimate favorite.

  539. It’s a gift to be able to finally spread out all my thread and match the glorious silk thread to a project I’ve been waiting to do.
    Our new 5th wheel gives me the space I’ve been craving!!

  540. I either listen to music or watch TV while I’m stitching. If I’m working on something that requires lots of concentration, I tend to stitch in total silence. I love the Inspirations. Isn’t it just the most wonderful magazine? The calendar looks absolutely gorgeous!

  541. While stitching, I love to watch or more appropriately listen to movies. The music in movies such as Mortal Beloved is beautiful. Books on cds are also great.

  542. Hi Mary,
    When I’m stitching, I like to listen to music or the radio. Nothing too stirring, because I find my tension changes if something like the Ride of the Valkyries is on!
    Hope to be included in the draw for this lovely calendar. I can only aspire to be as neat as Inspirations projects. One Day.

  543. My favorite thing to do while stitching is to watch tv. I enjoy Brit Crimes, Downton Abbey repeats, the better to see all the wonderful details, Last Tango in Halifax, and I balance the Brit shows with American shows. I cozy up in the swivel rocking chair with a warm cup of tea to sip on, embroidery supplies laid out on the drum table, tv remote nearby, and I am ready for hours of working on a crewel design.

    Did I see Marigolds and a Dragonfly in the same embroidery on the cover of the calendar! At Longwood Gardens the water lily pools attract dragonflies and I delight in watching them flit to and fro. Marigolds, for me, I can only enjoy them as embroidery. In reality I am highly allergic to marigolds. The calendar is a delight to the eyes and senses.

  544. I love to listen to music softly in the background. In my stitching club we do chit-chat and stitch. It is fun to share ideas and projects.

  545. I usually don’t comment when there is a giveaway involved, because I feel, “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!” My stitching skills are not up to par with everyone else’s level for the beautiful kits. But I can of course appreciate the gorgeous embroidery eye candy as much as anyone! Now for the question, I enjoy working on my projects with the radio only in the background, sitting at the dining room table with a cup of coffee, where I have one of those lamps with 5 goosenecks so I can point the light right where I need it, and prefer either classical, or the oldies station. This calendar would definitely be ” inspirational”!


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