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A Stitcher’s Christmas #7: Christmas Wreath Embroidery Kit!


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Oh, look! It’s Finally Friday!

I hope you’ve had a jolly week so far, and that you’re ready for a relaxing weekend. (Hopefully relaxing?)

With nine days left until Christmas, there’s still a bit of stuff I need to do.

My tree is still not up, for example.

But that’s no reason to not continue the pre-Christmas celebration here on Needle ‘n Thread! And today, we’re going to do just that, with a very holiday-appropriate give-away for A Stitcher’s Christmas #7!

I’m also announcing the winner of A Stitcher’s Christmas #5 – a beautiful stumpwork kit from Celeste Chalasani and her stumpwork class on Craftsy.

Today’s give-away, courtesy of The French Needle, features this gorgeous Christmas wreath embroidery kit from Rouge du Rhine.

Christmas Wreath Embroidery Kit for A Stitcher's Christmas

Rouge du Rhine is a French needlework company that creates all kinds of projects for needlework enthusiasts. Here in the States, if you’re looking for their kits and designs, you’ll find them here, through The French Needle.

Rouge du Rhine has several wreath designs, not all Christmas related. Their kits usually feature natural linen ground fabric with colorful or monochrome embroidery worked in a variety of stitches. They’re a lot of fun, not too taxing, and you end up with a nice finished piece!

I like the wreath designs – they’re perfect for adding a monogram in the middle of the wreath to personalize a project or make a nice gift.

And while you might not have time to stitch this one up for this Christmas, you’ll get a good head start for next year!

If you want to join in the give-away for this Christmas wreath kit, which includes pre-printed fabric, threads, needle, and instructions, you’ll find the guidelines for entering below.

But first…the winner from #5!

Stumpwork Kit & Class Winner

This give-away has ended. Thanks for participating!

The randomly drawn winner of the stumpwork embroidery kit from Celeste Chalasani, and free access to her stumpwork class on Craftsy, is… Lois Wilson! Congratulations, Lois – I will email you today and we’ll get you all set up for your stumpwork adventure!

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to join the fun and enter today’s give-away for the Rouge du Rhine Christmas Wreath embroidery kit, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below. You can follow this link to get to the comment box. Comments left on other articles on Needle ‘n Thread or sent in via email are not eligible.

2. Please leave a recognizable name either in the name line or in the comment box, so that there’s no confusion when the winner is announced.

3. Please do not fill in the “Website” line on the form unless you have your own website. This is for folks who have their own website or blog. Just leave it blank if you don’t have one.

4. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What’s your current needlework project? Tell us what you’re working on at the moment – or, if you’re not working on anything just yet, what do you want to work on when you get the chance?

4. Submit your comment by Wednesday, December 21, 5:00 am central standard time (that’s in Kansas, USA). The winner will be randomly drawn that morning and announced in the next give-away. I’ll also notify the winner by email.

5. The winner will need to respond with mailing information within 48 hours, or another winner will be randomly drawn.

The give-away is open to everyone. You can enter each give-away in A Stitcher’s Christmas when they are published here on Needle ‘n Thread, but you can only enter each give-away once. Please don’t leave multiple comments on any one give-away.

Don’t fret if your comment does not appear on the site immediately. Comments are queued for moderation, to avoid spammers. Sometimes, it takes a while for me to work through the list, but eventually, it will show up!


(1,071) Comments

  1. My current project is a silly little set of pillowcases for myself. Nothing fancy since I am still mastering some of the basics, but I am pretty happy with them and the evolution of my stitches that I can see in them.

    1. I’m working on Trish Burt’s Cardinal. It will be my first, completed bird by here.
      Thanks for the chance to win this kit. It’s gorgeous.

  2. My current project is a crazy quilt wall hanging with lots of embroidery, which i’ll prabably finish sometime next year!

  3. My current project is a table runner in the Craftsman style, based on a design by Gustav Stickley. The embroidery is done in simple stitches- chain, stem, satin stitch and french knots.

    1. It sounds like we have similar tastes! I love Stickley. Is it a kit, or based on a design that is publicly available?

    2. Carrie I am a huge fan of the Stickley era. Just last week I finally traded in my book about him and how he trademarked the style. Where did you get the design for your table runner?

  4. My husband has requested a Christmas stocking of green felt with a white cross stitch dinosaur skeleton and his name on it …. so off I go! I got the right sized waste canvas yesterday!

  5. I am committed to finishing a winter needlepoint piece by the end of 2016. If I do then I will have reached my goal of finishing as many pieces this year as I purchased – no net addition to stash!

  6. That is so beautiful I would love to win I’m working on a lot of different things at the moment mostly wool all for friends I would love to do something that pretty for myself

  7. My current project is SAL organized many years ago by Papillon Creations called “How does your Garden Grow”, I am finishing the last task of 13 to finish it, it will be a table path for my dining room!

    Kisses, Karyne

  8. My current project is Jacobean Fantasy by the Crewel Work Company, it’s got great instructions by the lovely Philipa Turnbull.

  9. I love that design! I’ve discovered I’m a fan of embroidery wreath designs for any season or theme. It’s a very graceful shape. I’ve got a couple of embroidery projects going right now–one is a free-form project on felted wool I made myself that’s actually an academic class project (the prof is allowing us to be very creative in our interpretation of the assignment). The other is a Halloween block of the month that (ahem) I didn’t quite get done in time for Halloween….

  10. i absolutely love this pattern. the red just pops out at ya! I’d love to try my hand at all the beautiful stitches you create. right now I am working on piecing a quilt top for my daughter. have to hurry and finish before Christmas. also for night work I have some tea towels for my sister in law I’d like to finish. my hands are always busy. keeps my mind occupied. thank you for all the patterns, tips and tricks you’ve given us over the year. have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  11. My current project is several The Drawn Thread free pattern “First Snow” for Christmas gifts.

  12. I’m just finishing up a piece for my parents Ruby wedding anniversary and starting on a monogram Christmas present.

  13. I am currently working on the Trish Burr needle painting that you offered on your website. My first try at needle painting!

  14. My current needle project is an appliquéd squirrel that will be embellished with wool threads. The Christmas wreath is beautiful!

  15. Right now I’m working on “The Kingsford Sampler” by Barrick Samplers. I can’t wait to get started on the “Peace &Plenty”Scissor Mat by Scattered Seed Samplers!

  16. Well, in the spirit of all needlework artists, I have several in the works. I am appliqueing two quilt projects, hand quilting a Baltimore quilt and cross stitching Janlynn’s Angel Procession. Next week I plan to baste 4 quilt tops for machine quilting because I already have another quilt based for hand quilting. Who said retirement is boring!!!!

  17. My current project is in cross stitch. It is a peacock in a tree. There are beads on it and quite a lot of metallic blending thread. A lot of work is involved and it will take some time to complete.

  18. After years of sticking to kits, I am branching out, and working on my own version of a Baillie Scott Arts and Crafts design, originally part of a folding screen, with rowan berries, flowers and two blue birds. I’m working it in silk on linen, for a cushion cover.

  19. My current project is almost finished. It’s a Japanese bead embroidery project called Hana that was featured in Inspirations magazine. I’m just waiting on the dupioni silk to finish it. In the meantime I’m working on old WIPs but what I really want to start is a punto antico kit I have in my stash by Katherine Drummond 🙂

  20. Does beading count as needlework? I am currently completing a beaded Christmas ornament…my first attempt at beading and I love it!

  21. I am currently working on two projects, my friends and I are working on the Home Sweet Home, some of us are doing the accessories first and some the house first. I’m doing the accessories first. My other project is Crabapple Hill’ s Witches Quilt Guild, that’s my take to sewing day project for free sewing day at my local quilt shop.

  22. I want to extend my thanks to Mary Corbett for her excellent tutorials. I have been able to learn all the basics of embroidery and expand out to more detailed/complicated stitches.

    I would not have been able to do it without here. I have completed many projects because of this and have recently completed the Mellerstain Fire Screen. I have come to rely on Mary’s recommendations/reviews. She knows just how well something will do for beginners and experienced embroiders alike.

    Keep out the great work Mary.

    Nancy Dumoulin

  23. What a beautiful project!
    I have 2 main projects on the go at the moment – both cross stitch. One is a snowman head “looking” at a bird sitting on the end of his carrot nose. The other is a very long term project of a 30 panel wool blanket.

  24. What a lovely embroidered wreath. Right now, I’m working on a Hummel cross stitch of a little girl knitting. I plan to make a knitting bag and have the Hummel on the front of the bag. I’m also working on an embroidered applique small quilt.

  25. My current needlework project is a design challenge. It’s a workshop I took and we are to design a box with stitching on 4, 5 or 6 sides. In March we will have a day to learn how to construct the box. The workshop includes colour, thread and background fabric selection.

  26. I am working on a linen apron decorated with pearl cotton embroidery. The jury is out on how much I like pearl cotton. So little detail.

  27. My current project are a set of “Christmas tree ” napkins, embroidered with names and a Christmas motif

  28. Hi, I am currently working on a Goldwork project. It is one of Alison Coles’ Butterfly kits. It is gorgeous and a lot of fun to work on.
    Take care,

  29. I’m currently working on a 2 1/2″ turtle (its shell is cross stitched on the top and bottom), head and legs will be felt. I’m making it for an elderly friend who collects turtles. She always admires my needlework.

  30. I am not working on anything at the moment. I am thinking of doing a monogram but I haven’t started it yet. I got the pattern from this site.

  31. I am currently taking a break..stitched most of my Christmas gifts..Most likely will began stitching this weekend..possible some tea towels.

  32. There isn’t much time for stitching in the days leading up to Christmas, but whenever I get a minute
    I am working on an 8″ three dimensional crazy quilted snowball. It is done except for a bit of beading around the top.

  33. As with many stitchers that I know, I have several projects on the go. However, my most favorite project right now is an Art Deco alphabet embroidery pattern that I am making for my little boy. The pattern is from Kelly Fletcher, and it is just fabulous!

  34. A lovely opportunity to tell you about the community project I am leading. We are resting a Bayeux style tapestry/ embroidery telling the story of the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Thus is the battle in Yorksbire UK which immediately preceded the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Hence it is the 950th anniversary this year! So with 15 metres of embroidery to complete, I and the other stitchers are kept very busy with our needles.

  35. Hello
    Presently, I m working on projects the the context of training in counted thread through the Embroidery Association of Canada. The course is Basis Counted Thread. It contains projects in Crosstitch, Blackwork, Pulled Thread & Hardanger (completed the first & second projects). Presently working on the 3 rd & 4 th. Although I have been doing counted thread embroidery for a number of years, I find the training interesting & and I am still learning a lot. For the end of the course, we have to create a project using 2 of those techniques. As well, every two years, the library in our village has a Xmas wreath exhibition. In 2017, I would like to submit an embroidery projects for this exhibition. Hopes alls well & Merry Xmas.

  36. Right now I am working on a quilted bathroom curtain with nautical theme. I left areas to embellish with hand embroidery after the quilting is done. That thought is keeping me moving! I think thick threads and lots of beads for that glittering look. Thanks for the chance.

  37. My current stitching is the logo times 18 for our upcoming NER EGA seminar. When those get done, I’m starting a stumpwork project.

  38. I am currently working on getting ready for family to arrive to spend Christmas with us, but I do miss embroidering. I so love this wreath as the use of hearts within it looks like a Scandinavian design. It matches the Hearts and Pines dishes design, that now has sadly been discontinued, but our daughter has the set!

  39. Currently working on small Christmas projects, a smaller hardanger angel, a Christmas house with hardanger and other embroidery stitches and PLANNING, always planning the next project, maybe this give away????
    Mary Kay from Montana

  40. What I’m working on: a quilt for my granddaughter’s doll cradle. It’s made up of vintage embroidered blocks depicting nursery rhymes, which I bought at a quilt show in New Jersey. I’ve also included a border of calico fabric that I inherited from my late mother-in-law – so my granddaughter will have a memory of her great-grandma incorporated into the little quilt. I’d like to win the wreath embroidery kit to give to my friend who will be having two knee replacements in the beginning of January. She’ll be in rehab for two weeks following the surgery, and I think this kit will keep her busy and out of trouble.

  41. Oh my! This is just gorgeous! Would LOVE to win this – thank you for the chance to win! I am currently making Christmas gifts for friends and family – have a sister and a friend that both have birthdays in January, so double-doing for them! LOL! I am making table runners and candle mats; wool applique. They both have fancy stitching added in addition to the buttonhole stitch appliqueing the pattern pieces down, so embroidery is a BIG part of my projects.
    Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
    Barbara in TN

  42. My current project is a Disney Cars Christmas stocking for my great nephew. I also hope to stitch a couple of small simple ornaments before Christmas so the pressure is on!

  43. I’m working on Autumn Harvest!

    And a silk dyed collage piece that I’m adding a beaded fringe to the bottom.
    Nita C

  44. Right now I am working on a machine embroidery design for my doctors for Christmas, because I left it to the last minute and have no time to hand embroidery. I would love to get the wreath pattern to work on next year. It is beautiful.

  45. I love French Needle projects and also their beautiful scarves. Although I have not purchased any for myself. I think I need to splurge. I am currently working on a 12 month cross stitch project from Shepherds Bush. Each month is a small sampler with a cute button/charm that you attach. I plan on giving them away to a friend who is a teacher for her classroom. No worries if you don’t get your tree up, Mary.
    Thank you-Suzanne Gibson

  46. I currently am working on a needlepoint stitchery (a Mary Englebreit Christmas angel wallhanging) and am working on four quilts: Crapapple Hill Studio Fa-La-La stitchery/quilt; the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt; the Auntie Green quilt and Passacaglia. But what I really really want to be working on is this exquisite Christmas wreath — I absolutely adore it and will order it if I shouldn’t be the lucky winner. Between a 10-hour workday, a 2-hr commute (one-way), 11 grandchildren and 4 Rottweilers (one a 3-mo puppy); I don’t have near enough time to stitch and I cherish the time I do have.

  47. I am stitching a geisha wearing a beautiful, colourful kimono with a pagoda and mountain in the background. I am doing this in Japanese/Bunka embroidery. Bunka is sometimes called ‘painting with thread’ as there is a lot of blending of gorgeous coloured threads manufactured in Japan. A beautiful form of embroidery!

  48. What a lovely, tasteful wreath! I recently finished a mini-rug in French knots so I’m resting my “needlework hands” in anticipation of something with a larger needle. Currently, I’m madly knitting a cashmere cowl, a last-minute Christmas idea from my husband.

  49. I’m currently enrolled in Tanja Berlin’s online Morning Glories needlepainting class. I really love this technique and Tanja is a great teacher. =) Next up is a flower sampler!

  50. My current project is a group of pieces I am working on for Christmas presents. I’m working on the embroidery for a pillow for my favorite aunt. The embroidery says Peace and it is the last piece I need to embroidery. I made a mix of ornaments and pillows, just need to finish off the last few pillows.

  51. Currently, I’m working on a cremation urn pall for my church. I’m stitching a Hardanger cross on Dublin linen.

  52. I have in waiting an embroidery design from the French Needle of seasons of flowers. I’m currently hand quilting.

  53. I have waaay too many project partially finished, and nothing really actively being worked on, but aside from planning my Home Sweet Home box, the last thing I worked on was one of Thistle Threads’ Golden Accessories.

  54. Oh, I love wreaths! One day, I’ll dare to embroidery the big flowery one from Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden, and add one of my favourite quotes in the middle.

    Right now thoguh, I’m finally finishing an embroidered pillow top started years ago. It ‘s a simple patchwork of two big grey squares embroidered with little girls holding flowers, all in pink stem stitch. In diagonale are two big printed ink cotton squares embroidered with my monograms in grey floss. The B is finished and I finally started the M. The two grey square one summer at my grand parents’ when I was just a teen, and I originally intended on framing them but that never got done so I re-made them into a pillow case!

    Last summer I made a beautiful DMC kit in shades of pink into an embroidered pillow case, complete with multiple patchwork borders and an eyelet ruffle and it was so pretty and got me so many compliments I’m all into decorative pillows since then. I did a personalized one as a wedding gift and it was a big hit with the bride. Pillow cases are such a fun way to finally do something with my finished pieces of embroidery!

  55. I’m working on simple Redwork ornaments that will be displayed in decorated mini hoops. They make me smile.
    Susan B. Davis in NH

  56. Thank you Mary, for this wonderful opportunity to win a French Needle kit! I covet their designs, and would love to win. My current project is the canvas work Kimono from Hummingbird house. It uses only 3 shades of floss, but has over 90 different stitches. I love trying out each new stitch and seeing how beautifully it works in the design.

  57. Current project?! I never am working on one project!

    I am now working on an embroidery I got from French Needle which you introduced me to. Thank you! AND…a small sampler that I had in my stash of patterns from w-a-y back. AND…embroidery on a pieced wall hanging that I want to be an “art piece” (at least in my mind!)

    Your website has been a joy no inspiration for me.

    Sincerely, Betsy

  58. I am currently teaching myself how to do thread painting. I have been intrigued by the beauty of this art and finally set trepidation aside and plunged in. Most enjoyable!
    I also have a cross stitch wedding embroidery on the go. I’m afraid many years in progress. But hears hoping that the end will come soon as it’s a gift for my daughter in law.
    Finally, I just love your articles and look forward to your tips and the projects that you are working on. Thank you for taking the time to post these treasured tidbits because as a self taught embroiderer they are most welcome!

  59. My current project is a sampler showing the farm my daughter ,son-law, and their family have. They raise horses, host wedding and related events there,and my two grandchildren and their cousins have the entire farm to enjoy. It entails some rearranging of the original chart,but it should make a lovely present for next Christmas.

  60. I am currently working on Home Sweet Home and may be for some time. It is a mammoth project. It is also the challenge that I like.

  61. Currently I’m in a mad final dash to complete 6 small zippered purses for friends. I do a bit of free-motion quilting and hand embroidery on the base fabric before I sew them together and add a fun contrast lining.

    Happy Holidays!

    K. bender

  62. I’ve been making a pillow top with wool floss for the past few months, but took a break to work on hammered copper-wire ornament hangers for Christmas gifts. It’s not ALL needle and thread at my house!

    Thanks for giving all of us the opportunity to win this lovely wreath kit! What fun!

  63. I love the wreath! Currently, I’m finishing a petit point piece that will be a gift once it is completed. Then I am on to a couple of projects that need to be finished; a needlepoint piece and a cross stitch pin cushion. Afterwards, I am anxious to start a stump work piece that I just received. Needless to say, like every needle worker, I have more projects on my “to do” list than time left in my life!

  64. Oh my gosh!! I just posted and that last sentence is SO wrong. Your website is a constant inspiration!

    Making peanut brittle and watching the candy thermometer… thus goof, I think.


  65. Love the wreath!!!! I am working on a series of cardinals and hummingbirds in memory of my mom. I love you experimenting with different stitches!
    ( I hope I win!!)

  66. I am currently working on a Janlynn kit of seashells. I am supposed to have it done for Christmas but I don’t see that happening. oh well.

  67. I’m currently working on Sue Spargo’s Cuppa BOM which finishes this month but I will be continuing into next year as I am so far behind.

  68. Only one?? Hahaha … I am currently finishing (optimistically) a number of projects, including a set of needlework accessories our embroidery group did with Kathryn Drummond, the Gingerbread Girl. Here is what they will look like (soon) 🙂 http://www.gingerbreadgirl.ca/designs/punto-antico/hearts-and-flowers/ except mine are blue instead of pink. Aren’t they nice? And it’s nice to make things that one can use, not just look at on a wall. Merry Christmas!!

  69. I currently am working on two projects. One is a Seminar piece that needs to be finished. The other is taken from a coloring book. It’s a grid design, similar to a cross stitch chart. I have no idea what it will be when finished. It’s fun to watch as the colors combine.

  70. My current project is supposed to be The First Sip by Hazel Blomkamp…but Christmas gift preparation means that I am finishing a set of four cross stitched ornaments (Byzantine Ornaments – Teresa Wentzler) for my mother.

  71. My current project is what seems to be a life long boutis done the Provence method with just two pieces of fabric stitched and then stuffed. I am still in the stitching process after a year!

  72. Currently, I am embroidering the directional points for addition to the border of a quilt. I have N completed and am working on the E. Beautiful items…thank you for the giveaway!

  73. I just crocheted 8 Afghans yesterday. Two for each family. Now I am trying to finish a wool bell pull I started when I livid in Germany I love your site!

  74. BEAUTIFUL. Love the wreath and would love to make it. Might even be done by next Christmas.
    Thank you having such a great blog
    Elin E

  75. I am working on an old American sampler. I like historic embroidery and crewel the most but decided to do something different. As soon as I am done with the sampler there is a crewel design from Inspirations Magazine waiting 🙂
    Happy Holidays !

  76. My current project is a series of small (9″x12″) pieced abstract sunsets with hand stitching in contrasting threads.

  77. My current project is making Temari balls as Christmas ornaments for my grand children. I have a sepia picture of mother and baby in process for my great grand daughter.

  78. I’m working on a felt busy book for Christmas for our almost-3-yr-old niece. She’s a pistol, to say the least, so a nice quiet toy will be appreciated by her parents! Other than that I’m also making some felt ornaments for family members and hopefully can start soon on embroidering some baby bibs for myself! So….many…projects!

  79. My current project is a small Hardanger hanging for my elderly mother. It is not a kit, but rather a number of individual motifs that I have put together to create the overall design. I have only been working with Hardanger for barely a year and it has totally captivated my interest!
    Nancy White

  80. I have so many projects underway. I am trying to finish up three Christmas stockings, one is done, but two others need much more to complete in the next five days. Also, I have both the stumpwork and goldwork classes at Craftsy, a crazy quilt block for our CQ stitching group.

    In the meantime, I’m crocheting hats and mermaid tails for seven grandchildren. Those are mostly complete. And then there are all those other projects swimming around in my head. . . . .

  81. What a beautiful kit! I am presently working on two older Elsa Williams projects . One is a mini bird picture of a bluejay and the other is a larger piece almost all in blue.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. I would dearly love to win this wreath kit! Would make for my daughter and she recently remarried after her husband passed away.
    Currently I am working on a wedding gift for my granddaughter who will be married next fall. It is Karen Phillips Shwallon’s designs of the Baltimore album pattern. I am having a good time with it, even though at times it’s frustrating for me to keep up with the class. I told my granddaughter that I did not know what anniversary she would receive the finished quilt! And she was happy with My comment! I keep sending her pictures of my progress. Will have 28 squares when done – only 22 more to go!

  83. Project? Singular? I have several including Lavender & Lace’s Celtic Christmas (only need to finish beads), socks to knit, a large wool applique quilt with lots of fun embellishments, wool hooked rug pillow to finish final assembly, another hooked rug wall hanging just started. Then, there are all of things that I want to start. . .

  84. I’m currently working on a wreath quilt fir my guest room. 12blocks of beautiful stitches and ribbon work. This would make a perfect companion wall hanging! Oh I wish I may I wish I might…..

  85. I am currently working on a needlelace Christmas tree bauble ornament done in white crochet cotton.

  86. LOL – I have several projects in progress – two of them are blackboard designs I’m planning to give as presents for this year, a birth sampler for my friends new granddaughter and a large Christmas sampler from Blackbird Designs I’ve been working on for a couple of years.

  87. That IS a gorgeous wreath. There’s something about it . . . maybe that it isn’t gaudy or cheap-looking. I always think Christmas decorations should be classy.

    Anyway, there is a project I’m not working on that I should be. I’ll tell you about it. Years ago when I was a young married person, I started a needlepoint rug. A good bit of it was done, but then I got busy at work and my needlework fell by the wayside. Then I got pregnant, and worked even more to have all bills paid and be in good shape all around when the baby came. I thought “I’ll have more time to work on that rug when the baby comes.” Anybody who reads this, you can laugh now. I went on to have four children and the time never came to work on that rug. The youngest is now 24, so most likely I could find the time soon for my rug. I’d probably give it to that youngest child because it has dragons on it, and she loves dragons. There really isn’t a lot of work left to finish it. Nearly forty years since I started it!

  88. I am currently working on a wool appliqué and embellishment project by Sue Spargo. After losing my husband two years ago and after encouragement from my sister-in-law, to whom I will always be grateful, I picked up embroidery again. It has helped bring light and enjoyment to my life again!

  89. My current project is designing 3 dimensional birds out of felt, embroidering them, sewing them together, stuffing them and adding little wire legs at the very end. They are tree decorations and hang from a short piece of floss. So far I have made blue jays, cardinals and chickadees. In the pipeline is a flicker.

  90. I am currently working on a beautiful miniature rug all done in French knots. It is a little girl riding a rabbit. So sweet. I love all the puctures of the embroidery you share with us. Alas, I have a slow needle. There is never enough time for all the handwork I’d like to do but I can dream. The wreath is so pretty.
    Gail B

  91. I am currently working on a cross stitch design I charted for my son. I just wish I could stop time with so many projects to start. I do however have a table topper I would love to get started; once the new year rolls around perhaps I’ll get a chance to start it.

  92. I love to embroider and would love to win the wreath project. Its been a little while since I have done any needle work due to health reasons but would love to get started on a new project.

  93. I am working on antique linen kitchen towels. I went to a yard sale and found some 50,s still in the package. It’s been fun to see the designs of the time.

  94. I am working on a crazy quilt piece. The links are wonderful, thank you. I am enjoying viditing all the new sites.

  95. My current project is a Claire Murray kit, counted cross stitch based on one of her needlepoint patterns. It’s a Nantucket lightship basket filled with flowers, and the finished piece will be framed to hang in my bedroom.

  96. I am just finishing up a miniature quilt for our guild quilt show. It is a small 9 patch, each square (white felted wool) has embroidered leaves and stems with buttons for flowers. The squares are surrounded by different homespun fabrics. I used an assortment of new and vintage buttons. It was fun, I will probably make another, but this time I will use flannel instead of wool, just to see how it turns out.

  97. I’m currently working on a knit Christmas shawl – all lace patterns of snowflakes and pine trees and (of course!) holly leaves, with beads to highlight the patterns. I hurt my hand on Saturday (falling on the slick snow during my walk) so can’t, alas, embroider, but I can knit, though with some pain. And we don’t have our tree up yet, either, because of doctor appointments taking a lot of time. I have little sheep gamboling about my other Christmas decorations, though, plus the pretty shawl, so the spirit is still expressing itself 🙂


  98. Right now? I’m working on a Christmas gift that’s going to be late! I’m stitching a coat of arms (that I got off the internet, so it’s totally authentic) as the centerpiece of a quilt pillow.

  99. I’m currently working on a red holiday doily in Hardanger embroidery. Since it’s almost Christmas, I really need to spend some time over the next few days working on it!

  100. This is a beautiful wreath, and I’d love to stitch it! Thanks for the chance, Mary.
    I’m currently working on several projects. First is one of the projects from Hazel Blomkamp’s “Crewel Intentions” and I love it ; secondly is a dimensional project of my own design on a painted silk panel ; third is a crazy quilt purple project that I hope to turn into a wall hanging ; fourth is a pieced wrapping cloth of new and rescued fabrics that I’ve been working on for three years and which is nearing completion. I just finished a name tag and a stumpwork poinsettia tree decoration, plus I knit a mermaid’s tail for my granddaughter. The needles have been busy around here. 😉

  101. Hello Mary,
    At present, I’m working on a small cross stitch piece, a John Deere tractor, for my son. He recently bought a John Deere, and thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, so while he’s at work (his day job) this little cross stitch tractor can keep him company! It’s a Christmas gift, and I’ve almost finished it. Thank you, Mary, for giving us the chance to win this beautiful wreath embroidery. If I should win it, it will be my next project, for sure!

  102. I am currently working on Dorothy Walpole sampler. It is beautiful and several of my friends are also working on it.

    1. I did that a year or two back and loved it. Everyone admires it because there is so much different work in i.

  103. I am currently frantically working on an original design Christmas stocking for my first grandchild.

  104. Right now I am working on a crazy stitched hexagon quilt. I am almost finished embroidering the 7 hexagons, then I’ll get them put together for a nice wallhanging!

    Currently, I’m working on a Marian Amice for one of our priests, and a fox embroidery for my little sister (12 and obsessed). I love that wreath!

  106. I’m not working on anything currently (still settling in from moving and a new baby) but the project in my head that I really want to start is an embroidered bag as a thank you gift for my wonderful midwife!

  107. Currently, I have two projects in the works! One of them is a beading project. I am sewing a bead edging onto a lace mantilla for my sister. My other project is a cross stitch project of a lovely pair of chickadees!

  108. My fingers begin to tremble when I think about embarking on this glorious wreath kit. The colors and stitches used are just simply superb.
    I receive the French Needle’s newsletter and so appreciate the beautiful items they carry.This wreath is one of their most outstanding.

  109. Love the wreath! Just finished my first knitting project, a braided cowl. This could be my next!

  110. The French Needle has beautiful patterns. I haven’t purchased a kit yet but would love to start the New Year off with a challenge. It’s beautiful and those different stitches. We all need a challenge for 2017.

  111. What am I working on today?! I am working on 4 things at once, of course! Finishing a mermaid embroidery hoop ( giving her a tiny pearl necklace). Sewing the binding down on a child’s charity quilt with M and M fabric. Adding more hand quilting to a hand pieced watercolor-y hexagons throw. And EPPing a Millefiore rosette which I am only on rosette #2.

  112. My current needlework project is – wait who’s kidding who? No one I know has less than two and if I count the ornaments I am
    Madly stitxhing it’s about 5. But the project that requires concentration and pushes me just enough to see new skills or techniques is the CASKET project from ThistleThreads. Progress is slow because its not a pick up and go piece.
    Can’t wait
    To get to it everytime. HJ

  113. Im working on my FIRST ribbon embroidery. Lots of flowers in a vase….fingers crossed! !!.
    Tyvm for all your tuts..

  114. I am currently working on a blackwork design called ‘Save the Stitches’ by Elizabeth Almond. I alternate between this and also a cross stitch by Heaven and Earth Designs called ‘Walk as One’

    1. oohhhh. I’ve printed “Save the Stitches” but haven’t started it yet. That one is really large. I hope you post yours on the facebook site. I’d love to see it. Like everyone else, I’m trying to finish off WIP’s. I do plan to start Elizabeth Almond’s “Sublime Stitches” when that project begins next month. Since it will come in monthly installments I think I can work it in with my other projects.

  115. I have several in process. The biggest one a seashell wreath kit. I’m also working on a wedding sampler put together from four different sources, including the main motif from a free pattern from needle and thread for cross stitch. I even used another of your free patterns as a quilting design for an apron I designed , pieced and stitched for my sister’s X mas gift. It was made from fat quarters.

  116. Your blog has been so beneficial for reviving my interest in stitching. I am currently working on a felted wool piece, with embroidered accents, for autumn.
    I also am planning to do a flora and fauna sampler similar to one I saw online by Leslie Turpin-Delport…in between my quilting projects!
    Happy holidays to you!

  117. I have two very nearly finished projects, a sewing box inspired by Carolyn Pearce’s box to be stitched together and one of the three kings in gold work and silk shading awaiting his crown. I hope to finish them both ready to start a new project in the new year!

  118. Congratulations, Lois!

    And what a gorgeous kit, Mary! You’ve got some generous sponsors!

    I’m currently working an Assisi piece for Dad. It’s his family crest. When it’s finished, I’ll get to finish the embroidered box I’ve been working on forever. Yes, yes, I know I said it’d be finished months ago. Don’t hold me to my own standards!! 😉

  119. I am STILL working on my first embroidery sampler!! I am frustrated with how slow I am going, but I keep working little by little. I love the wreath – so beautiful!!
    Merry Christmas,

    Leslie Callaway

  120. I always have several things on the go but this year’s been amazing. I live very near a dear lady named Peggy Kimble. She’s a cornerstone of embroidery in Canada and she’s teaching my friend Carla and I EVERYTHING you can imagine re embroidery!!! We’ve just started Mountmellick but have crewelwork on the go plus temari, stumpwork, hardanger, beadwork……the list goes on. I feel so very fortunate to have met Peggy and to be sitting at her side.

  121. I just finished making a sewing basket from a bamboo steamer…the top was applique and embroidery. This was a project from the book Country Style Quilting by Lynette Anderson. No current stitching projects in the works…time to bake cookies!!!

  122. I am being adventurous! I’m working on a 16 x 16 needlepoint. Design is my own, and symbolic of polish pottery patterns. Many shades of blue and greens. Its free style and I’m enjoying my time with it so.

  123. I am working on a set of Chinese symbols….I am planning on retiring in two months and am looking forward to having more time to work on all of the projects in my stash!

  124. I started a while ago a cushion cover. Since I moved house and started working crazy hours it is waiting for me in a box… looking forward to Xmas break and working on it again.

  125. I am working on small needlework coasters. I would like to work on some very small quilts, embroidered with text over printed images.four

  126. This wreath is so pretty!! I usually have a couple things going – I like variety. Right now I have a vintage set -from the 60s or 70s- of 4 seasonal mini needlepoint barn kits( 2 seasons done, 2 to go!), I am about to begin a small punch needle for a gift & I just finished an embroidery sampler.

  127. My current project: I am making fabric stars. So I first cut strips of fabric, embroider them and then weave them into stars. I am going to make 12 for a small hanging decor which will go up on my kitchen door. I have made just 3, and hoping to get it all done next week!!

    — Rachita

  128. Good Morning Mary!
    Congratulations Lois! You Lucky Girl!

    I am finishing up some small scissor fobs for Christmas presents, various colors, with recipients initial cross stitched, filled with lovely lavender.

    My next project, after the holidays, will be either Jane Rainbow’s Kit- Paradise or Sampler in the Square- with all it’s lovely smalls.

    Good Tidings to all! Thank you Mary & The French Needle!

  129. At the moment I am not working on any embroidery project…I am just knitting socks and mittens for Christmas! After those items are done, I plan to try embroidering on my felted mittens. I haven’t done any embroidery on my hand knits in years but feel it is time to branch out. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway! The wreath is a beautiful kit!

  130. My current project is a cross stitch kit from Janlynn called For My Daughter – which I saw at a local craft store and just fell in love with. I’ve been working on it for quite awhile, in the hopes of giving it to my daughter while she’s still young. Not sure I’m going to make it… 😀

  131. Good morning Mary,
    I would like to stitch that cute wreath.
    I am currently working on several projects the more important one being a Punto Antico project by Barbara Kershaw that I took at EAC 2016 Seminar, called Fandango. But I also expect to find time to work on a beautiful embroidered blanket from Country Bumpkin for my first granddaughter born last october 21st.
    I hope your health is getting better and that you will have a very nice Holiday Season.

  132. We have new twins in the family and I am working on several simple embroidery redwork designs of little girls. I will then assemble them into a quilt. I love The French Needle. Great give away. Thank you.

  133. I’ve been in the middle of a hand-quilted and beaded and embroidered queen sized quilt for several years. However, many other projects keep getting in the way. At the moment, I’ve been making rag quilts for the victims of the Gatlinburg, TN fires. I’ve made four so far, and want to make at least another two. I’ve also made around ten “kits” (back, front, batting) for others to sew. Over 150 quilts and afghans were delivered to some of the children over the past couple of days.

  134. I am currently stitching some small Noel hearts to give as Christmas gifts and my big project at the moment is a Spanish blue sampler (but I’m stitching it in purple!). Would love ❤️ to win this beautiful wreath kit, just love the details especially the snowflakes and bakers twine! My sister just won a car in a competition but I would feel equally lucky if I won this!

  135. I’m currently working on the Cabinet of Curiosities flat casket and some needle painting. I’m hoping to start some crewel work soon. And, I’m crocheting an afghan for my son.

  136. I am working on Hazel Blomkamp’s Pertinacity design from her book Crewel Intentions. A huge project for me but lots of fun!

  137. thanks for the give away. i am currently working on the crewel work company’s lady anne’s flowers. i love the wool threads and the colors of this project. i will make it into a pillow and it will add a nice touch to my family room. mary sue c

  138. I have four WIPs at the moment, but the one that is getting my attention is a Mill Hill ornament. It’s Santa holding a French horn. I finished the stitching and now am working on the beads. I have seven days to finish! It’s a gift for my sister who played the French horn. My other three WIPs are much larger. Two of them are canvaswork, which I find more fun these days than cross stitch. I’m looking forward to getting back to them after Santa is done.

  139. As always I have several projects in line. I have a turkey half hooked – that didn’t make Thanksgiving, did it! I have ornaments needle punched but not finished – luckily the gift exchange isn’t until mid-January – and the wool applique ornaments for the same exchange are still rolling around in the back of my mind. Then there is the Halloween wool appliqued pillow sitting with just the freezer paper templates cut – that one really didn’t make Halloween. And I won’t mention the two fall needle punch projects that have the pattern and threads selected but are still sitting on my work desk. Where does the time go???

  140. Hi Mary 🙂 I’m currently working on dated ornaments, I just have a couple left to finish. I’m making some small hexagons that have cardinals on some greenery outlined on them as well as a 3-d dove of peace that’s embroidered and beaded with the date on its chest. I saw the idea on pintrest, drafted a pattern and went from there. 🙂

    ps. my tree isn’t up yet either, DH and I will go cut our own this weekend. I hope the weather cooperates …

  141. I am currently working on an embroidered ornament with beading. I have not done beading before — nor sure I will do it again. I now have a healthy respect for those that have hand beaded clothing in the past! When I am done with that I am going to learn how to do hardanger.

    Gillian Loftis

  142. I am curgently working on a Christmas cross stitch project. The wreath is lovely. Thank you for the giveaway.

  143. I have several projects going – one at home, one at work, and one when I am tired of the other two! At work I have a Japanese Kogin project. At home I just finished a painted canvas Santa ornament and my back up is embroidered towels for gifts. So many projects, so little time! Happy Holidays!

  144. Working on one old and one very new projects. My mother loved cut work and I have been working to finish a set of napkins I am guessing my she started at least 30 years ago. At the rate I am going daughter will get to finish them. On the other side of the coin I am hurrying to finish a cross stitch baby quilt for a great grand baby due the end of February…And every day I see at least one project on Needles ‘n Threads that calls to me.. Just not enough hours in the day. This wreath would be perfect for next Christmas.

  145. I am working on my first ever cross stitch project, and boy did I pick a doozey! It is a Dimensions project called Secret Santa. It was to be a Christmas present for my grandson first Christmas. I started it the first of October thinking it would be done by now…. Oh well, I am sure he will have it for his second Christmas!!

  146. I just finished a 2.5’x2.5′ embroidery project with lots of daisies and flowers in a basket. I used various thread types, ribbon and trim for basket. It took me about 5-6 months, but I finished it! Empty nest feeling. Not sure where to go from here. Maybe this kit is the answer?!
    Judy Ullmann

  147. I am currently embroidering a tablecloth for myself. I don’t have one so thought it is about time I did. Also working on a ivy and Holly stumpwork from Inspirations magazine.

  148. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to stitch this beautiful embroidery. Certainly will lift the spirits for Christmas or any time of the year.

  149. My current needlework project is a journal cover featuring SRE for my daughter for Christmas. She saw something I had done for a stitching buddy Christmas exchange and she pulled ribbons in colors she wanted for hers. I’m not certain SRE is practical for this application, but I have hopes it will please her.

  150. My current needlework project is to finish up some day-of-the-week dishtowels I started before the race to Christmas began. When those are done, I hope to embroider some lovely, lacy-looking linen pillow cases for myself. If those come out well, at least two of my sisters would love pillow cases of their own next Christmas!

  151. Thank you once again for a link to beautiful designs on a site I would never have found myself!

  152. Working on Alphabet Sue blocks from Favorite Redwork Designs by Betty Alderman. Using a six color assortment of Valdani #8 perle cotton. I’m on the Q block so more than halfway there. I’ve been inspired by you to add one different decorative stitch to each block in addition to the simple stem stitch.


  153. I just finished doing our State seal in Needlepoint. At the moment I am looking for my next project and the Christmas wreath would make a great project.

  154. Hello, I will hopefully be completing a Jim Shore embroidered ornament in time for Christmas! Thanks, Sue

  155. That kit is beyond beautiful. My current project is a miniature. I am working over 1 on 36 count fabric. The name of the piece is WARM WINTER WOOLENS by Little House Needleworks. I think I need new glasses though … I am finding this project a bit difficult.

  156. At the moment, I am planning in my head two embroidered aprons for my best friend and her husband. I want to design one for my friend with her name using the beautiful floral monograms on your site. Her husband”s apron will be informal with his name and Barbecue Man.

  157. Currently I’m finishing a small Santa from Mill Hills but of course there are another three projects that I consider my current projects too. And hopefully there will be gold work supplies under the Christmas tree so I can start an online course early in the new year.

    Thanks Mary!

  158. What a beautiful wreath. Mary, thank you for all you do for stitchers all over the world. Bless you.

    My current project is an embellished wool applique wall hanging. Just have to love wool. The embroidery stitches add so much to it.

  159. I am working on a Hanukkah sampler for my newest friend and co-volunteer at our local food bank. It’s been a joy to meet her and become friends while helping others who are food insecure. And now that I am retiring – I will have more time to volunteer and to stitch.

  160. I’m halfway through a white work tray-cloth. I just LOVE Mountmellick white work, but wish I was nearly halfway good enough to do it properly!

  161. I work on two projects, I work on the Crafty stumpwork class, close to be finish. I work also on a creation Stitch my garden. I paint the fabric and stitch little flowers on it like Diana Lampe flowers. Thank you very much. The give away is a type of project that I like to stitch. Excuse the way I write in English my first language is French.


  162. My current projects are cross stitched Christmas ornaments for my Grands and great grands, also an inspirations thread painting , “washday” , the 6 elves Christmas ornaments from the latest inspirations and some canvas work Bargello Christmas ornaments for my children.. I have never stitched anything from the French Needle it looks like fun . Merry Christmas . Hope you get your tree up soon, Mary, mine finalled got dressed yesterday.

  163. I am currently using embroidery to embellish a preprinted Christmas Wallhanging, adding French knots for eyes, stem stitch around leaves and center spines. This has been a UFO for ten years so I’m pretty stoked to finish before our Christmas company arrives!

  164. My latest is the Catherine N. Gerrish sampler. The complete kit turned up in the church rummage sale!

  165. I am currently embroidering onto a photograph I took of a model. It was the first photograph in the set and she is looking off camera in a melancholic way. I am stitching another entity behind her and other objects insinuating an organazition of a cluttered mind landscape on the white backdrop. This project was influenced by making eye contact with an owl which always gives me an extraterrestrial linger.

  166. Merry Christmas Everyone! I too am working on a set of pillowcases for myself…super excited about learning & creating. With this project I am allowing myself to step outside of the recommended colors for the pattern. Which is a huge growth opportunity for me because I tend to “stay inside the box”…it’s fun outside the box!!

  167. My current project is finishing a series of seasonal scenes that was started many, many years ago. One is actually framed & hanging on the wall. The rest were in various states of progress. I found the bag with the patterns & semi-completed project when we moved recently and have dedicated my stitching time to finishing the set. I am now on the winter scene, which is definitely timely since we are getting our first snow & very cold weather here in Ohio. The spring scene is off to be framed so it will be ready to replace summer on the wall whenever spring finally arrives!

  168. I’m currently working on finishing a project that I started in the 90’s called ‘The Castle’, a counted cross stitch design by Teresa Wentzler, that got put away and forgotten about. My oldest son recently asked what happened to it. I dug it up, and have been steadily working on it, I only get an hour or two a day for stitching, and now all I have left to do finish the backstitching. I’m going to frame it and give it to him as a gift when he moves back to Texas. I’ve been amazed at the difference in the newer stitching compared to the older; I wasn’t careful at all! I believe my next project is a ‘Snoozy Cat’ crewel kit, or else a needle book that I recently found a pattern for. But I may change my mind, I’ve got about 20 kits in different stages of ‘starting’ stashed in tins around the house, plus many. many patterns.

  169. I actually have two projects going (keeps it interesting!). I’ve been working on a beautiful needlepoint design from Ehrman Tapestries for what seems like forever–tent stitch can get boring some times. I also am working on a fiber book where I’m doing some free form stitching on each page. I’m really looking forward to when I can assemble the book with all the pages completed!

    Thanks for sponsoring another awesome giveaway!

  170. I am busy make a tiny country style doll for a friend. I am going back to tradition and am filling her with sawdust. Them on to my candlewicking project. By that time I will need to do some real embroidery, just to balance my soul.

  171. Mary I have just finished up Christmas Ornaments for each of my 5 grandchildren. My next big project is to start a stitch a long with Tricia to do my casket. It is a longtime dream of mine to stitch it. Merry Christmas and thanks for the give away!

  172. Thanks for introducing me to the beautiful, beautiful world of embroidery! I had no idea there were so many techniques with such breath taking results! Presently I am working on a wool wall hanging. In comparison to the embroidery it seems so plain. Guess I will have to embellish it.

  173. I have several projects that I am currently working on – two are long term projects with my EGA chapter – Holiday Patches that I am leading and the Lydia Boyd Sampler. One is needlepoint (mostly bargello) the other is mostly cross stitch. I also have a nutcracker for my grandson (for next year), and a train (also for my son and grandson for next year).

  174. My current projects are some redwork Christmas towels and a cross stitch Christmas ornament for my sister. I do have several unfinished other knitting and crochet projects too–I like to have several projects going at once so I don’t get tired of working on them.

  175. What am I working on? Hmm..two projects, a Brazilian embroidery table runner and a crocheted cushion cover.
    Both 50% complete.
    Merry Christmas to you, Mary!!!

    Deepa Balagopal

  176. My current needlework project is – temari! I’m working on one now with a black base and the design in electric blue and silver. It’s almost done, and so pretty!

  177. Hi, too busy with b days and Christmas to concentrate. On hold til after the 1st. I have a book by Tisha Burr on thread painting and it’s gunho in 2017.

  178. Currently working on hand stitched Christmas ornaments in wool. First time doing this and having so much fun!

  179. My current project is a set of felt ugly sweater ornaments. They came in a kit from Bucilla and included everything I needed. All the bits are numbered and printed on the the felt, so very easy to do. Lots of sequins and beads, as any ugly sweater should have. Fun!!

  180. Current project is an outreach canvas that my ANG group is making for a local children’s hospital. It’s Noah’s Ark and I’m working on the sky.

  181. This very minute my needle is working on the binding on some Christmas placemats that I’m making for an early Christmas dinner – TOMORROW! Yikes! Other than that, I’m stitching on a 3-piece set Nativity scene that I designed, with the goal of using all the stitches in Sharon B.’s Stitch Dictionary. The Manger scene is almost done. Just Baby Jesus to finish. I also am on the letter C in Rosalie Wakefield’s (Millefiori) “WELCOME” in Brazilian Embroidery and I have Carolyn Pearce’s “Home Sweet Home” in the works, with the daisies coming to life on the strawberry end.

  182. My current project (or actually, a whole lot of projects) is a little goldwork butterfly and in between some homework for my goldwork class. At present I’m busy with tiny leather leaves with the tiniest of tiny beads. Also there is waiting for me some Hardanger work, and of course cross stitch to finish (a bunch of that, actually …)
    Thank you so much for your excellent website and instructions – thanks to you I dare try all the new things!
    Thanks for the opportunity of winning lovely things, although it never ever happened to me. No worries, though!!!

  183. I am working on a small bead & embroidery bag. Also started a set of a dozen handkerchiefs. So far only have some of the hemming done but plan to add a small design on one corner of each.

  184. Currently, I am working on a small drawn thread bag, I’ve monogramed it with one of your pretty monogram patterns and just need to sew the sides up and add the drawstrings. It’s going to hold a gift card for one of my daughters.

  185. I am working on several projects. One is called Calendar Girls. Which I adore. There are others and I seem to like them almost as much.

  186. I have just started a bluework project. It’s the first time I’ve done any bluework. It’s an autumn scene, so I should finish it in time!

  187. Thanks for the giveaway! My current needlework project is the fox goldwork kit you talked about that I got for Christmas last year! Sadly I’m having to finish some quilts before I can get back to it.

  188. I just finished the embroidery on a steampunk heart design, now I’m going to make it into…..something.

  189. Not currently working on a project as this season is so hectic. Would love to start the wreath for the new year.

  190. I’m making the embroidered padded hanger from Inspirations #77. It’s for a daughter-in-law. It is the best embroidery I’ve done so far. My bullion roses came out really well and I made my own twisted silk thread for the scroll work from a tube of flat Japanese silk thread. Hopefully I won’t have trouble putting it together (machine sewing is not my strong suit!)

  191. My next project – any day now- is to begin the stitching project for the Goldwork class on Crafts! Can’t wait to start! Merry Christmas, everyone!

  192. I love to do white and shades of white on off-white, and also to try to create realistic flowers. Sometimes I really get carried away and they end up 3-D. The shades of color and subtle, gentle, coloring really intrigue me. Working on Lavender flowers recently.

  193. I have several projects in the works. My favorite is a crazy quilt patch with surface and bead embroidery.

  194. My current project is also a set of pillowcases. Not too challenging, just something nice to work on in the evenings.

  195. Beautiful giveaway! I haven’t started yet on my project, next year. I love Norman Rockwell, I bought a Crewel kit at our local thrift shop-The Saturday Evening Post series-“Crime Doesn’t Pay” 1982 Dimensions. Can’t wait! Susan in Mississippi

  196. I am working on a crewel piece from a class I took at the most recent EGA National Seminar in Alexandria, VA. It was taught and designed by Carol Currier and it’s called Rockcreek Park.

  197. My current project is a 30 year old canvas that encompasses embroidery stitches, ribbon work and creative needlepoint stitches, started on lunch breaks when I worked as a Medical Technologist in Easton Hospital. I took time off to raise three kids so now its full steam ahead and I love all needlework

  198. I am learning hand embroidery which I find so relaxing. I enjoy all types of art and appreciate the purpose of each style. I am currently doing hand embroidery and beading to some of my own work.

  199. I’m stitching few Christmas ornament , all in cross stitch over one thread of linen.
    I also love classical embroidery.
    Thank you for the chance,
    in Italy

  200. My current project is my own version of your floral negative space monogram. I’m having a lovely time with it!

  201. I am not currently working on a needlework piece but instead trying to feverishly finish a knitted stuffed doggy for one of my young grandsons. It is the hardest thing I have ever knitted and I have been doing needlework of one kind or another all of my life. I love the feel of needle and thread of one kind or another in my fingers. It is so relaxing….

  202. Currently I’m needlepointing a dimensional circus elephant (canvas from Tapestry Tent, I believe). I purchased the canvas many, many years ago while vacationing in Florida and it’s been sitting in the closet and now is the time to get it stitched. It’s going to be beautiful.

  203. I always have many projects going I kind of switch back and forth. I am working on twilling t-towels for Christmas gifts, I am embroidering my Cottage Garden block of the month, I love doing different stitches! I am working on a chicken scratch table runner and I want to do so much more.

  204. I am working on a blackwork project which has a twist to it, as it also combines a red variegated thread for special effect! I think it is turning out pretty spectacular!

  205. What I’m working on is a hand me down Avon Crewel kit… The Country Snowscape…..no instruction, no thread…..so I’m winging it….wish me luck..

  206. Hi Mary,

    Current project, huh? Well, I’ve got TWELVE pieces in varying stages of completion. But that’s OK because at some point, they’ll all begin to get finished in tandem, and that makes for quite a sense of accomplishment! The projects include 6 different needlepoint pieces, one hardanger piece, two blackwork pieces, one cutwork piece, one surface embroidery piece, and one crazy quilt project. I also have two tatting projects in the works, as well as five knitting projects and two crochet projects. Life is SO good!

  207. Thanks for the fun holiday giveaways. Right now I’m working on three Christmas stockings. They’re a family tradition and we have two babies and a new family member. I’ve embroidered the babies’ names onto plain fabric with split stitch in shades of floche, I’ve also embroidered some small motifs for each person. I plan to appliqué the new family members’ name. Then I’ll strip piece the stocking fronts using slightly different color ways for my sister’s family and my brother’s family and assemble the stockings. I fill them the first year and then it’s up to the families to fill the kids stockings.

  208. Too many projects underway as usual, but the one I am actually working on is an “Endless Landscape” inspired by a Stitch magazine article. It’s a triptych of a fall landscape on linen, which I painted in watercolour before stitching. Each panel is done in a different stitch, tied together by colours and by some details, a beaver lodge, a canoe etc. which will serve as links between panels. Fun!

  209. I am not currently stitching anything. But, as of January 1st, I will not be working my second “part-time” job, and will have time to begin a project. This wreath kit would fit nicely. Otherwise, I want something flowery or of an old-time rural nature.

  210. my current project is some small father Christmas’s in cross stitch to decorate some small stockings filled with sweets to give to needy children.

  211. My current project is a crazy quilt using brushed cotton plaids and embroidery. This is a quilt that will be used and can be laundered.

  212. I am currently working on a “weed” type flower as a teaching piece for my local EGA, which only needs the french and colonial knots. Then it is on to Gary Clark’s ” The Emperor’s Gold Fish ” on silk organzia. Lots of fun with both pieces.


  213. Currently I’m working on Elsa M. Parrish’s “The Winds of Color.” It is a class that she taught in 1991 (I’m working through my “to do” list – this is the oldest) and billed as a study in color. However, I’m finding it a stitch sampler – each of the many, many sections is a different stitch. Quite fun to work – and fun to watch its development. Sorry I put it off so long. And thank you for the opportunity to add to my list – the wreath is just beautiful!

    Carol Collins

  214. My current embroidery project is a beautiful sampler from Les Designs called “Country Feeling”. It came in kit form with quite bare bones instructions but from your How To videos and the A to Z of Embroidery Stitches I’m slowly making progress. I love completing each small vignette and moving on to something different. Somehow it’s less onerous than a big piece.

  215. I’m working on a small counted cross stitch Halloween witch. I started it before Halloween, but then broke my arm so now I’m back at it. Thanks, Mary!

  216. I’m working on a Christmas stocking for my daughter right now, but need to start a birthday jewelry box for my niece soon. Her birthday is in April.

  217. Beautiful kit. This would make a lovely gift for someone next year. The colors and design are delicate and real looking. I would love to touch it.

  218. I am currently working on a large blackwork project. 12 large haunted houses and a center medallion with a large witches hat and bottles of witches brew. Each house takes about a month. It’s relaxing after a long day at work.

  219. My current project is an experiment with a new backing: a heavy-weight all-cotton T-shirt. I am using a copyright-free design from a Dover book of mandalas and DMC threads in bright colors. I preshrank both the shirt (hot water in washing machine several times) and the embroidery threads (re-skeined the threads, soaked in hot water and detergent, hung to dry and wound on marked plastic bobbins); yeah, I’m pretty careful about that preshrinking! The shirt will be a gift to a person who buys T-shirts for an art and craft school’s supply store.

  220. I would like to start holiday ornaments and a personal project of an embroidered version of a mariners map

  221. My current needlework projects include a crazy-quilt class project, a quilted Christmas stocking, several knit projects, several quilt projects, …. You all know how it is!

  222. Years ago I saw a pattern in a painting magazine that had the box painted with four scenes from the nativity. I converted it to a redwork design and am actually doing it in purple. It will be a four panel quilted wall hanging. I am on the last panel.

  223. I love this wreath! It would be so much fun to work on. I am currently alternating between a dresser scarf and a pair of pillowcases (almost done w/those). I like smaller projects b/c I don’t have a lot of time for stitching and a large project would never get done. Thanks again for the lovely give-aways, Mary!

  224. My project currently is an alphabet sampler. I do a lot of embroidery and have always wanted to do this kind of sampler to try out new stitches. So let the fun begin again with my sweet little kitty curled up in my lap I stitch.

  225. This project is lovely. It has many of my favorite elements, like Christmas, whitework, great balance of techniques . Currently I’m playing around with some fairly simple cutwork ornaments. The cutwork angel you posted a while back is on my list for after the holidays. Thanks for offering all these beautiful projects in your giveaway.

  226. My current projects are a Japanese inspired embroidery as my granddaughter is fascinated with all things Japanese, and starting designing a project I will be teaching next year.

  227. My current project is a voided monogram of the number 42 (the meaning of life, the universe and everything!) for my dorm-room wall. The filling is really relaxing and makes me feel productive.

  228. I’m frantically trying to finish up Christmas ornaments that I will give away as gifts (thank you Abi Burden for the lovely patterns)! Then back to a Seba Designs Blackwork project.

  229. Needlework is like book reading to me: I tend to always have a couple of different projects (books) going at the same time! I have just finished 4 Christmas gifts embroidery projects and am now working on 2 for me: Red work French cross stitch , and a free hand decorative alphabet.

  230. I am currently working as fast as I can on finishing up a Christmas bib that I’ve cross-stitched for my 22 month old grand daughter. I take care of her most days, so I’m trying to work in the evenings like a Christmas elf! Tucked in my needlework bag, I also (on the back burner right now:) have a needlepoint tote bag and an embroideried tshirt I go back to work on when I’m finished with my current project. I always seem to have several projects going at once:)
    Robin V

  231. I am currently adding to my stick embroidered kitchen towels. I am using a supplier mentioned in one of your posts. I am so impressed with the quality of the towels I keeping finding more people to make them for.
    Theresa (LaVista)

  232. I’m frantically trying to finish some cross stitched christmas cards, then i can continue with my Mellerstain Parrots

  233. My current project is the sampler, A Time Forever Gone, from Heartsease Examplar Workes. I love the beautiful floral arcade, and I grow all of those trees, shrubs and plants in my garden. She designed the sampler for the Georgia sampler guild. I live in North Florida, so I will edit some of the motifs slightly to the Florida state symbols rather than Georgia (birds, butterfly, etc.) I’m stitching this in honor of my 50th birthday!

  234. Beautiful! Right now I’ve switched my attention to knitting a scarf (it’s cold and all), but this would be a lovely next project.

  235. What a beautiful wreath! My current project is a monogram done with Brazilian embroidery I am making for a good friend as a thank you gift.

  236. I am working on a needlework clock face. I have designed it myself. It is a combination of surface embroidery and goldwork and appliqué. It features a cherry blossom tree in flower. It’s nearly done. Cannot wait to see the clock ticking. It will be my 4th embroidered clock.

  237. I am embroidering a pair of throw pillows for my sofa on a velveted, peacock colored fabric. The pattern is swirls, done in wrapped chain stitch and accented with shisha mirrors. I designed it all myself, so I really hope they turn out.

  238. Currently I am working a cross stitch piece on linen of a Paris scene which includes the Eiffel Tower, an outdoor café and the Arc of Triumph. It is for my grandson , who is on the autistic spectrum and is infatuated with the Eiffel T0wer.

  239. well, well, several projects to be finished I must admit. The most urgent one is a Christmas present for my mum … I still have her monogramms to add … Beside that I’ve got a course project in stumpwork to finish as well, and so many more ….


  240. Del Rae Gillett in USA
    I have several wool Applique projects at the moment mostly Christmas related and many will certainly not be ready this year I have never had a pattern for a wreath but would love to do one so please pick my name for this absolutely wonderful project. Thanks for all you do.

  241. I belong to a Smocking guild, we are working on a smocked Christmas ornament. Mine is about half finished. I had hoped to have it finished by now.

  242. I like to have several things going at once so I can do what I feel like (or need to have done):
    Traditional Japanese Embroidery – Butterflies – Phase 4
    Brazilian Embroidery – Debby Kelly design – Enchanted Forest
    Crewel Embroidery – Michael LeClair – Cloisonne Vase – bought in the 1970’s and started this year.
    Cross Stitch – Crossed Wing Collection – Loon – My Space

  243. Hi! Currently I am working on three projects: an 18×24 crazy quilt, a Hardanger table cloth, and a canvas project. I also have a few ornaments started, but will probably leave them for next summer to complete.

    Merry Christmas, Mary!

  244. My favorite things to do right now are fancy needlework. I am collecting threads and books for my retirement next year.

  245. I am now working on adding embroidery to paper-pieced hexies. When it is embellished, I’ll attach it to a canvas bag and fill it with books for my granddaughter. Merry Christmas!

  246. One of my current projects is a paisley needlepoint pillow top. I fell in love with it and it is just as pretty when worked as the picture of it. Also have another needlepoint picture of flowers that I work on periodically. Love the Christmas wreath shown on today’s post.

  247. My current project is a trivet for a Christmas gift that I just finished last night! I also have in the works Christmas ornaments for next year. I have 12 grandchildren and have made them an ornament every year, so with that many I have to start early! Then I can relax a bit knowing I won’t be rushed close to Christmas. Usually in the spring, after the ornaments are finished, I do something “for myself”. Something I can usually frame and hang up. I have done candle screens also but have given everyone of them away. I want one for myself! So, I always have a project of some kind going. In the summer I don’t have as much time to devote to stitching but when it rains I have something to pull out and work on.

  248. I am embroidering a pillowcase for each grandchild. There will be little pictures of their hobbies along the edge, sailboat, running shoes etc.

  249. Love wreaths, and this one is lovely. I am currently finishing up some felted ornaments that was for this year but being postponed for next year gifts. Love the blog and information you give Mary.

  250. I’m working on a Cherished Teddies for my neice for Christmas.
    I have never done one of these, they are beautiful and would love to stitch one.

  251. Hello Mary! My current needlework project is a Christmas stocking for my 33 year old daughter. My sister-in-law made my daughter a patchwork stocking when she was very young. Recently my daughter asked me to make her a stocking from me. This has been very challenging because of fear. My daughter doesn’t care for cross stitch nor needlepoint, so I’ve designed a stocking for her in embroidery. I say “fear” because I’ve never done this before and trying to decide on what to stitch and which stitch to use is daunting but fun.

  252. Hi Mary,

    I’m actually stitching a snake on a cushion case ! Yes, a snake, which I don’t know the name and where it lives, but which is magnificent. It is a commissioned-gift for one of my sisters (her birthday is December 19th… and I’m working hard to finish it in time). I would certainly not have think of a snake as a stitching project, but I am absolutely delighted to make it. Life is so surprising !

    Diane from Montréal in Québec

  253. My 18 year old daughter and I have found a love of embroidery. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful creative love that I can share with my daughter! My daughter is currently embroidering a peacock and I am working on a flowral welcome sign for our new home-just retired to our dream beach home!!

  254. Happy Holidays!

    As always you find the most exquisite pieces that remind us of joy the season brings..
    Currently working on selecting a new embroidery project to take me into the winter months. This one would be perfect! Bonne Noel!

  255. About 25 years ago when my daughter was a young teenager she chose a very large Grandma Mosses cross stitch pattern to stitch. I cautioned her that it was a very big project but she insisted this was what she wanted. Recently she came across it and brought it to me, with only about 1 square inch stitched, saying, “here do what you want with it”. So I seem to be hooked on this project right now. All things happen for good reason, and right now my life demands would not support a more complicated stitching project, so I’m thankful for this easy project that sooths my sprit.

  256. I am currently working on the flamingo from a summer Mollie Makes magazine. It is a nice variety of stitches and thread weights.

  257. I just finished multiple pieces of two of Jim Wurth’s 12 sided ornaments for Christmas presents. Now I am just getting started on a group correspondent course offered by EGA called Isabela, a pulled and drawn white work towel.

  258. My current needle work project is called “Summer Hearts”, a Hardanger table linen by Lorri Birmingham Designs. This is the third one I have done. The first one was placed in a tea tray under glass.

  259. What a lovely wreath! My current project is actually piecing a scrap quilt for our guest bed, but I suppose that doesn’t count as needlework? I do want to try to do some embroidered initials liked you have shown us, but I have to quit being so tired and having such sore hands and wrists before I attempt that holding a hoop and a tiny needle. Winter and I don’t agree very well 🙁

  260. Currently I’m making the heirloom felt Christmas Ornaments from Purl Soho. The kit was $75! Too rich for my purse. So I just purchased the downloadable instructions and patterns. I’m using up my stash of felt squares and sequins and beads from other projects. Purl Soho only embellished one side of the ornaments and attached the back with a whip stitch and stuffed them. I don’t like one sided ornaments so I’m embellishing both sides and joining with a blanket stitch which I think looks better. I’ve made about 2 dozen so far and will give one to each of my zumba class members on December 21st.

  261. My current project is a needlepoint ornament of a Boston Terrier wearing a Santa Hat and hasva candy cane in their mouth. I had two Bostons and I lost them both this year. Prince died in May on the day before Mother’s Day. I ordered this same one and finished it. I cried every time I worked on it. He was a rescue baby and never fully recovered from the abuse he suffered. In August I lost Emmy to Congestive Heart Failure. Prince was 12 Emmy was 14. I’ve been working on the 2nd ornament and was moving along then Boom, I was diagnosed with breast cancer! I will finish my Emmy ornament but it might not make this years tree! I am also working on Knitted Knockers. They’re donated to breast cancer patients to use following mastectomy. They can be used as a prosthesis until reconstruction or a more permanent prosthesis can be used. Like all stitchers I always have numerous projects going. Different days and moods for different things!

  262. I am currently working on a cross stitch picture of a deer head with large flowers on its head. This was a watercolor picture made into a cross stitch chart. There are 35 colors and I’m stitching on 28 count Belfast linen. When finished, it will be absolutely stunning!! I’m sure I will be framing it and giving it to my daughter.

  263. At the moment i work on 2 projects. I am making some needlelace leaves, to use as embellishments or as bookmarks, and secondly I am working on a cover for a notebook for my husband. He started a cooking course and writes his recipes in it:)
    Thank you Mary for your lovely blog and happy days to all!
    Elly B

  264. What a pretty project!!!
    I have a boatload of UFOs I need to finish, but I am currently working on a small angel ornament for Grandson #3 — each family member except he has one. It’s the same pattern for each, but each is stitched in a different DMC Variations thread. I think my next project is a good organization of everything and creating a space where I can actually stitch. Then, try to eliminate a UFO or two… 😉

  265. Working on a quilt designed by Deb Strain for Moda called Bee-utiful. It has twenty simple embroidered blocks.

  266. I know that I have approximately 100 unfinished projects. I have a few that I take with me when I travel — they are small and can be stitched on a plane. I have others that I am stitching as gifts. I have some that I simply enjoy. This is from that one from that category: Pride and Prejudice, the Needle Book by Gay Ann Rogers. The rows of Nun Stitch are very relaxing.
    Val Reece

  267. I am currently working on a cross-stitch birth announcement for a granddaughter due next month, “Poinsettia Place’ by The Victoria Sampler, and the Majarajah’s Elephant EGA GCC.

  268. Hi Mary have several projects going. Blacjwork from Tania Berlin some from Elizabeth almond and want to do the secret garden from your site

  269. I’m finishing a project from a 2004 course my sister in law and I took. She doesn’t stitch so I thought it would be a nice gift, a little late though!

  270. I am working on a redwork project which will be part of a queen size quilt. The book A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2 has inspired me to use new stitches on this project.

  271. I just finished some embroidery on a screen print that I made. I added metal bits, and some rusty things as well as stem stitch outlining. Not the average project that I see on your website, and a new thing for me too. When I rinsed out the fabric, the colors were so “rusty” it just NEEDED some embellishment and addition of rusty bits to complete it.

  272. I am currently working on eight Christmas ornaments for myself and my seven siblings. My father passed away a little over a year ago and I am hoping that this surprise gift will be treasured by all of us. My father was a beloved physician in Houston, and his signature was distinctive. Must have seen it thousands of times over the years on prescriptions he wrote for patients and the frequent personal notes he sent to all of his children. I have traced his signature onto Irish linen, stitched it with the same precision that he penned it himself. On one side of the ornament his signature, the other another frequent phrase we all saw so often: Love, Dad.

  273. I am working on Gary Clarke’s Doll House. It is an embellishment project which will be given to mind my granddaughter for her treasures.

  274. Congrats Lois on winning the stumpwork class and kit! Soooooooo envious! My current project is pears. I have entered an arts and crafts challenge for surface design, so I am doing a hand embroidered thread sketching of pears on wool felt. Loving your site Mary, and I hope that the holiday season and the New Year bring only joy and health for you.

  275. Hi
    Last night I put the last stitch in a beautiful magnolia design ( Trish Burr). Very challenging and I think my technique definitely improved with each leaf that I completed. Looking forward to something a little more relaxing.
    Happy holidays everyone.

  276. Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous wreath! Currently I am working on a Dimensions kit called Paris Market. It is particularly challenging because there are SO many small color changes. Progress is very slow, but I do feel that it will turn out beautifully. Looking forward to its completion in about one year from now!!!!!

  277. My current projects include 3 quilts and my 2 year cq project of blocks with my friends. My almost 13 year old grandson will receive his cq stocking that I started several years ago and finally finished. At the rate Only 15 more to go.

  278. I, Judy Lawrance, jblawrance@embarqmail.com, am currently working,on quilting an applique quilt that does have some embroidery on it. I have been at this project for over a year! Also, I am working on the Splendid Sampler quilt blocks and especially enjoy the embroidery ones. It is more relaxing to do hand embroidery on those tuny 6″ blocks than to cut out all those tiny pieces or tolabor over paper piecing. I wish more of the blocks had been hand applique!

  279. I’m working on a Christmas stocking based on the Coloris Kaleidoscope pattern; the pattern reminded me of snowflakes and the colors made me think of my granddaughter. Not sure it’s going to make it for this Christmas, though!

  280. My current projects– a small Laurel Burch whimsical flower canvas, a nautical piece that I’ve been working on for a while, & my 2017 project(one of them), is an advent calendar.
    I’ve never done stump work but have seen it & it’s beautiful.
    Dottie Mackie

  281. I am currently working on Stitching Society Wool Hexies program. This is really my first stitching project when I am learning different stitches. It has been very educational and fun.

  282. I’m not working on anything right now. I’ve finished everything for Christmas, and am taking a little break.

  283. My current project is a crazy quilt with silk flower in the middle. Still gathering supplies. Hope to start after the holidays.

  284. I’m working on simple snowflakes on dishcloths to be used all winter. It’s a present for my sister. I’m also crocheting out holders to go with it.

  285. I have 5 living siblings and I’m trying to plan out future gifting for each of their holiday tables. My goal is to stitch the items for each – napkin sets, table runners, centerpiece medallions, etc. It is a goal to be nibbled at.

  286. At the moment I’m still in the planning stage. An artist in tumblr did a series of dragons with different sexualities as an awareness campaign.

    I emailed them and wondered if they could give me the line art for the dragon, so I could embroider it! I was doubtful that they would give me it as stealing peoples artwork is a problem online lately. But they sent it to me!

    I’m hoping to get it printed into the sulky stabiliser transfer stuff (that washes off in water, it seems pretty awesome).

    I’m hoping to do some of the little flowers from The Trish Burr book to give me a reminder as I’ve been unable to embroider for quite a while because of my disabilities.

    That’s pretty much so if my hopeful plans for my embroidery future!

  287. I began an embroidered tablecloth the same week that you announced your Hungarian Redwork Runner project and I am STILL working on it! In my defense, it is quite large and the entire cloth is embroidered in an adapted scrolling crewel pattern from the 1760s. The funny thing is that I chose cream linen fabric and red DMC floss as my design materials. I almost fell off my chair when your newsletter came and you were using the same colors for your runner project- though the styles are very different. This is one of those projects that I can pick up and put down and not work on for months while I complete quick little projects. I have found that it is good to always have something like this in my needlework basket. It is quite repetitive and requires little concentration thus making it perfect for tv/movie watching.

    Thanks for all of these fabulous give-aways!

  288. By chance I am working on a Canevas Folies monogram — using a semi kit which I learned about from Needle ‘n Thread and bought from the French Needle! It’s my third of these monograms. Love them!

  289. My current needlework project is Be Merry, a cross stitch ornament from Christmas Collection part one by Cathy Haberman of Hands On Design. I really think I can finish it before Christmas!

  290. I am working on a wool applique/embroidered pillow top in a Jacobean style, based on a pattern by Deborah Tirico. I started it early enough (I thought!) to finish for a Christmas present, but life sometimes has other plans. The upside is I may be able to use some of the Akonye Kena threads I ordered to finish and I can give it to the recipient for her birthday in March.

  291. Our local chapter of EGA started a Zentangle project to eventually make each person’s square into a quilted lap size blanket or wall hanging. Every square is stitched in black thread and each square also encorporates a stylized red heart placed anywhere on the square. We are planning to get it quilted in time for the Regions Seminar where it will be raffled in April. Mine, of course is one of the last to be get finished. I have been busy finishing my contribution to the Shenendoah Valley tapestry project which you can view on FB by that name. It’s a monumental project that many stitchers are working on.

  292. I am working on Laura Perin’s Country Roads. I have just finished the outlines of all the little fields and now am ready to start the real fun.

    Linda Schirmer

  293. My current project is to finish the third temari ball from the workshop I took last winter with the Temari Twins. I just finished the second one in time for the ornament exchange at the holiday luncheon with the needlecraft guild I belong to. I think it turned out well and the recipient seemed to like it a great deal. I also knitted a gift bag to put it in because I had found a pretty knit lace edging that I wanted to try. I think it turned out nicely as well.

  294. My curent project is working my way through Trish Burr’s Needlepainting Embroidery book and practicing the small projects she has in there to teach you needlepainting.

  295. Currently I am finishing up a needlepoint stocking for my new grandson. With several embroidery hand towels going at the same time!!

  296. I am currently working on Christmas stockings for my husband and I. I am getting a really late start on this project. They are golden brown felt with a brown linen-ish cuff. I want to put a bit of fur trim on the cuff and a bit of embroidery on the body of the stocking, but what?!? I have pinned a bunch of stockings that I like and there you have it…

  297. I’m trying to get to grips with the long and short stich which will allow me to create shading into my leaves and petals. I am quite new to embroidery and really need to master this stich. Right now I am working on leaf number 7 and this has been my best effort so far….but I think leaf number 8 and perhaps 9 and 10 will still have to be my next projects.

  298. I have just hooped a vintage version of “A partridge in a pear tree” – it won’t be done for this Christmas but I always like to be working on something Christmasy during the festive season and who knows, I might get to one of the other 11 embroideries in this series.

  299. Hi Mary,

    Love your website (all the lessons) and your blog. I am new to stitching and I think that I have found my love! Problem is that I never have enough time to work on it. I am currently working on the Thistle Threads Middlesex Tree Sampler kit. It’s the first kit that I’ve taken on, and it’s taking me forever, but I am so enjoying it. I think I’m getting hooked on this stitching thing. Thanks for keeping up your wonderful website.


  300. My current project is a dictionary of stitches, as I have not embroidered for years and I need to relearn the stitches and put them in a folder for easy reference (dictionary). But easier to look back on than pictures in a book.

  301. I worked very hard on a graduation gift for a music major this past summer, an original creation. Too busy with Christmas prep to do much stitching, currently, but when I saw this picture I wanted to stop everything and grab a needle! Thank you for making me slow down long enough to enjoy your lovely work, and Merry Christmas! ❤️

  302. HI Mary,

    Currently I am embroidering mini-Christmas stocking ornaments (one for each family member) for my niece’s family as they just added a new family member, Ava, in July. I love mini-projects like this because they are intricate, you can use your imagination and at the same time not too big to be overwhelming. The mini stockings are backed with navy velvet (hurray for remnants) and the embroidered side is two layers of white muslin. For this batch I will trim the edge of the stocking with navy perle cotton (it looks like upholstery cording) it also forms the loop to hang the ornament. The cuff of the stockings will be stitched with French knots using DMC white cotton (it looks like fleece) and each has a first initial for the recipient– and then I add whatever holiday motif I think they might like: little snowflakes, holly berries, Christmas trees, snow men, Bethlehem Star, etc. Seed beads add sparkle as does metallic threads. They are fun portable projects also!

  303. Mary…I am currently working on the “Cardinal” pattern from Trish Burr. It is the first time that I have stitched “feathers” and I must admit that it is very interesting stitch! I am hoping to get this done in the next few days so that I can give this as a Christmas gift! Then on to the next project!

  304. i am currently working on a (crayon) colored embroidery project from Crabapple Hill that depicts witches from the Salem Quilt Guild going to their quilt show. I love it.

  305. I am always working on several projects. My main project right now is a crazy quilt wall hanging in an analog color scheme ranging across the entire cool side of the color wheel. All the fabrics are batiks.

  306. I just finished a detailed snowman with a snow-owl that reminded me how precise cross-stitch is. (It was an ornament being given as a gift.) Next up, after a day or so break, something more abstract… not sure exactly what yet.

  307. I am working on an embroidery piece that has a wreath and a pair of mittens. I will hang it up in January. I thought I probably wouldn’t finish the one for Christmas so just jumped ahead to January!

  308. I would love to win this kit. I am currently working on Punto Antico ornaments from a class I recently took from Kathryn Drummond. They will be beautiful when I have finished them……..for next Christmas.

  309. I haven’t stitched in awhile. I’ve been doing the adult coloring craze. Which funnily enough, started here!!! LOL. My first adult coloring book was the Johanna Basford one that you stitched the hummingbirds from. I was going to stitch that too. Then that got me started on the whole coloring thing. LOL. My current stitching wip is an old cross stitch kit that I dug out to finish. It is of some flowers in an oriental type vase. Would love to win this!!!!

  310. My current projects are vintage Christmas kits from the 60s. I’ve completed some cute mobiles and a festive wall hanging, so far. 🙂

  311. My favorite project for this Christmas was the tea towels I embroidered to line everyone’s gift baskets with. They were fun, relaxing, and ended up really nice. Hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas and that you have gotten everything done. Enjoy!!!

  312. I have several projects going: all Christmas. A cross stitched Christmas Tree from the Mirabilia collection, a jolly elf embroidery project from the latest Inspirations magazine and I’m also covering coathanger and decorating with embroidered flowers.

  313. I’m currently working on a Bayanux Stitch project I bought from “the unbroken Thread”. It’s an onlone course and I super love it. I’m also finishing a seat cover stiyched in wool using a version of cross stitch called the old cross stitch here in Iceland. I’m sure it’s called something elsewhere in the big world. Thank you all good people for making the world beautiful with beautiful embroidery!

  314. What a beautiful wreath! I’m a botanist, so anything with plants is right up my alley.

    My current project is a Baltimore album style quilt of my own design, with lots of embroidery in the blocks. This wreath would make a nice alternating project.

    Merry Everything!

  315. I just finished making embroidered felt twelve days of Xmas ornaments (see mmmcrafts on etsy for patterns), so I’m between projects. Might donup a couple barrettes for my niece with her World of Warcraft character icons.

  316. I’m currently working on a table runner for my daughter. I’ve completed a set of 6 napkins and the runner is to complete the set. The napkins have little bluebirds on them adapted from Trish Burr’s miniature needle painting book and the table runner has similar birds scattered around. I would love to win the Christmas wreath kit as it looks wonderful and it would be a change from blue birds!
    Alex P. UK

  317. I like to work on a Christmas project during the month of December – even though I won’t use it until the next year. Right now I’m working on “Holly Berry Ornament” by Barbara & Cheryl. It’s been in my pattern stash for 21 years! It will make a lovely holiday cushion in the living room next year…

  318. Currently working on a chain stitch design of feathers on pure wool felt for a cover for my magnifying glass and light. Oh, and on my 12th hand-knitted sock since July – 6 pairs of Christmas socks for my wife, children and their partners.

  319. Right now I have finished all my Christmas sewing, knitting and stitching. Will take a brief break until Dec. 26th, then get started on a Crazy Quilt Block for a Challenge that starts Jan. 1st. It is a year long project with a new block for each month. I have wanted to learn Stump Work, so that I can add this skill to my Crazy Quilt work.

  320. My current project is a wedding sampler from The Victoria Sampler company. It’s a mix of cross stitch, Hardanger, and embroidery, and is for my nephew and his new bride.

  321. I m working on 3 different projects. A polar bear trio at work; a Dimension sink and tub set at dad’s assisted living home; and a Creative DMC Henry VIII project at home.

  322. Right now I am working on a design of my own, which I am calling “The Purple Dance.” I am using mostly overdyed silk threads from The Thread Gatherer to create a forest scene with otherworldly masked dancers. I suspect this project will take a while because I decided to basket weave each leaf of each tree. (The leaves are about a third of an inch long.) The background is a muslin I dyed purple and the thread colors are predominantly greens and greys and yellows. I haven’t actually colored the dancers yet. We’ll see how they go.

  323. My current project is finishing a cross stitch pattern for my daughter before Christmas ( or Easter or her Birthday or maybe Christmas 2017!)

  324. I am cross stitching simple holiday designs on cloth napkins to use on Christmas — a snowflake, a Christmas tree with red sparkly ornaments, a pair of mittens. It’s my first time using waste canvas, so it’s been a learning experience in addition to being fun.

  325. This giveaway is so cute! I’m currently working on embroidering post-card size BOM, to be made into a quilt. Merry Christmas!

  326. Hi Mary, Although I have a couple UFPs (unfinished projects) hanging around, my current needlework project is a sampler I designed to teach to members of a small quilt guild. They are interested in adding to their stitches repertoire, and so off we go! It is great fun to share my love of needlework with quilters and others who haven’t delved too much into needlework… yet! Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  327. I have several hand embroidery projects going. And I need to get going and finish these. Getting them done is long overdue. Love the design in this giveaway, looks so delicate. Thank you for this giveaway!
    Have super great sewing and stitching day! Have a Very Merry Christmas!

  328. I’m working on Walking The Water’s Edge – a bargello needlepoint project. It’s just stunning and I’m so enjoying it.

  329. I’m currently working on embroidered dish towels for Christmas presents. Lurking in the background is a cross-stitch dish towel kit from the French Needle (!) which turned out to be a little more than I bargained for. 🙂

  330. My current project is embroidering Gonzo as Dickens from A Muppet Christmas Carol. I might just finish before Christmas!

  331. This is a lovely design! My current piece is a hexagon patchwork quilt which shades from burgundy, through red, orange and yellow, into white. It will be double bed size when I’m done but as I only ever hand stitch it will take a while.

    Godalming UK

  332. I’m actually working on my first embroidery project – a picture of a mother and daughter in a flower garden. Every stitch is new to me and I’m loving it!!

  333. OH My Gosh would I love this give away! I am currently finessing a Sue Spargo piece from a class I took.

  334. First attempt at black work- embroidering a cat looking out of a window – and am also embroidering a raincoat-wearing-mouse in long and short

  335. My last project (just barely finished) was a wedding sampler for my cousin’s daughter, highlighted by a sunflower which was the flower in her bridal bouquet. I don’t think I have ever been so pleased by a project.

  336. I am stitching “Crosses of the Kingdom” designed by Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor (www.rosewoodxstitch.com) 199 stitches square. A gorgeous design!! Some in cross stitch and some in blackwork. I love it. I plan on putting it in a Sudberry tray.
    Alice Sheridan

  337. The wreath looks lovely! Since moving back to my hometown of Corpus Christi, TX two months ago, I’m just beginning to feel settled. My needlework projects have been put on hold until after the holidays. I purchased the Craftsy class for stumpwork several months ago, after your review, and that’s first on my list. I’ve been interested in this form of embroidery for some time and look forward to my first project (I purchased all of my supplies right after I purchased the class). Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing.

  338. My current projects have been needlework smalls – pincushions, needlebooks, etc. Also a stitch sampler book which I am waaaay behind on. Merry Christmas to all!!

  339. My current project is actually two! I’ m doing a crosstitch of a vase of peonies for my daughter and also have started an embroidery of a Celtic tree of life for my daughter in law. Both are fun and challenging.

  340. Right now, I’m working a crewel partridge in a pear tree, an old design by Blanche Virgien. I’m not going to limit its use to Christmas, though. It’s going to become a pillow top that I’ll use year round, because I love partridges and it’s not too Christmasy.

  341. Hi, I was working on a felt piece of butterflies but put it aside until after the holidays because of the many other projects I’m working on as well. Scarves for presents, a quilted table runner and a free motion quilting. I am retiring as of December 31 and am anxious to dive into the class i signed up on Craftsy on Stumptwork.

  342. I’m currently working on a small picture of cats on a wall for friends for Christmas. And, I’m almost done!

  343. Just last evening I finished six identical Christmas ornaments to be Small Christmas Gifts; it is more than a week before Christmas too! I am picking up a superannuated unfinished item to finish before I begin a new project. The new one will be a nursery rhyme themed tooth fairy pillow for my nephew and I plan to begin it on New Year’s Day.

  344. My current project is a simple wall hanging. I wanted to try out coloring with crayons on fabric and then adding embroidery. It is turning out very nice.

  345. Amazingly, my Christmas gift-stitching is done! Yea!! I am currently doing some English Paper piecing stitching for a dear friend as “step-outs” for a convention she is going to with her new product. Wishing her all the best! The Rouge du Rhine Christmas Wreath is very pretty, and such fresh updated colors. Merry Christmas everyone!

  346. I would love to stitch that wreath. Never thought about a monogram but that is why I love your blog. You are an inspiration. Right now I have multiple things in the works but as of late I have been embroidering small blocks I am going to piece together with other blocks for a quilt to be given to my daughter. Thank you for this opportunity.

  347. I love everything Christmas. I am currently working on a set of pillowcases. One down and one to go. There is a lot of satin stitching involved in these.

  348. Hi there. Right now I am working on 6 miniature quilt cross stitch hangings for my stitching friends for Christmas. I hope I can get them done, three down three to go.

  349. I am currently embroidering a harp (or lute) with gold metallic threads and blue shiny pearl cotton. I will either add some holly for christmas or finish it off for St Patrick’s Day.

  350. What a stunning wreath! My current project is finishing the 3rd redwork embroidery panel of Crabapple Tree’s “Over the River and through the woods” quilt. I so love embroidery!

  351. I just started making my grandsons Christmas stocking (for next year). I use the Bucilla felt applique stocking kit. This is probably the 9th one I’ve done. Now everyone has one. I’ll need a new project after this is finished.

  352. Currently I am working on the EGA Group Correspondence Course “Isabella” and by ‘working’ I mean i have managed to get the centers of the fabric basted!!! 🙂
    I am also crocheting a prayer shawl for a co-worker who had major surgery a few weeks ago. This is an easy, tv-time project but I really need to get it done now that she is home from the hospital.

  353. Currently, I’m working on an online class project from the Shining Needle Society, and making 3 pillows (one with a needlepoint design on it, 2 more to coordinate) so that I can give the pillows as a Christmas gift. I need to sew quickly!

  354. I have just started Home Sweet Home. I will add my own touches to make it reflect my style of embroidery. Should be fun as well as challenging.

  355. Dear Mary,

    My current project is a design from my local shop owner. It is: “PEACE thrives where love resides.”

    Thank you, again, for your extreme kindness in offering all these wonderful Christmas gifts.

    God bless, Nick

  356. I am working a Rowendean Kit called Hens at Chevin Green I was very lucky to pick it up at a charity table top sale for only £8.00.
    Beryl (South Yorkshire)

  357. How lovely is that pattern! At the moment Im making a patchwork quilt, I not know if that counts. Well, it is taking a very long time, but it is very relaxing. Also I have been making some bottle top pin cushions for Christmas presents.

    Happy Christmas!

  358. I designed a small quilt based on a picture of butterflies on a butterfly bush – not my bush, I cant get them to grow :(, but my neighbors are gorgeous… So I’m trying to do 3-D butterflies in stumpwork to attach to the pieced base. We’ll see how that works out :)…

  359. I was inspired by the recent stitch-a-day post and decided I could at least try that. Having already traced out the Lattice Jumble pattern, I got my hoop prepped and began. I’m just getting back into stitching after being an avid embroiderer years ago. Seems I was derailed by a career and raising teenagers! Anyway, I love Christmas and love stitching, so I would love to win this beautiful kit. Thank you for your lovely blog. I faithfully read it with anticipation every day it comes out!

  360. I’m finishing up several Christmas presents – little pouches to put presents in. I found the designs/kits at the Etsy shop, Prairie Garden.

  361. I’m always working on embroidered items for Christmas postcards. I stitch snowmen, santas, snowflakes, christmas trees, etc. I then sash them, sandwich them, and bind them like miniature quilts. They are 4″ by 6″ and can be sent through the mail. I love sending my friends and family these tiny works of art. Another plus…they’re small and easy to take with me to work on whenever I have a few minutes.

  362. My current project is a Redwork Marvel Comic Book Heros quilt for my Grandson. He loves the superheros. I am doing it on red fabric with black stitching.

  363. I have a small item from, I believe, Heart’s Content, that I want to stitch for a friend. It will actually be her birthday and Christmas and a bereavement gift for 2016. It will be my first project on silk gauze and I’m a bit nervous. She is coming to California in February so I really need to get busy!

  364. Currently I am taking a break from stitching. My last projects, which will probably also be my future projects, are teatowels, which will be sold at our communitie’s annual Christmas Boutique. All proceeds from the sale of numerous handcrafted items go to our Community Center (a non-profit organization). When I moved to this somewhat remote area last year (without any stitching-knowledge or experience), I joined the community’s crafting group. The group meets weekly to quilt, knit, crochet, sew all kinds of items. I was given a stack of tea towels with ironed-on patterns, a big selection of cotton threads, and was assured, it would be ok if I messed up. I now find it quite enjoyable and relaxing, so I will continue as one of the tea towel stitchers, but I would also love to try other projects (like the beautiful wreath, which I hope to win).
    Happy Holidays to you and thanks for explaining online all the stitches I needed for my towels!!

  365. I’m working on an old freebie from Mary – Be Ye Thankful – with beaded acorns. Thanks for this give-away!

  366. My current needlework project is a sweet bag with a gold thread base and purl pearl flowers. This wreath kit is beautiful; the French Needle has a wonderful selection of kits and projects.

  367. Currently I am working on finishing the Christmas ornament that you showed us last year. I had it half done and put it away for some little projects for our grandchildren. This year, I will finish it.

  368. I am working on Plum Street Sampler’s cross-stitch Pomegranate Santa and I am in the process of designing new French boutis patterns for my Averyclaire Etsy site. But I do love hand embroidery of this style and would LOVE to win this one. I have admired it ever since I first saw it! Hope I win!

  369. Thanks for the great giveaway! I am working on a Christmas ornament for my daughter for 2017. I left the 2016 ornament till too late and had to rush. Next year–I’ll be ready!

  370. I’m currently working on an embroidery sampler I bought from French Needle. I love it! And would love to have the Christmas Wreath to display next year!

  371. I am presently working on a needlepoint project that will be mounted in an Mini Ipad bag for my sister’s Ipad.

  372. I’m working on a pair of monogrammed pillowcases for my son & daughter-in-law for Christmas. They recently re-did their bedroom, so they’re getting a new sheets and towels in the new color. I thought that the monogrammed pillowcases would personalize the gift. I’m almost finished and I’m happy with the results!

  373. I have just completed 7 wool candlemats with lots of stem stitching and buttonhole stitches. I am also embroidering snowmen tree ornaments using stem stitches, straight stitches and french knots.

  374. I am currently working on a felt Nativity Tree Skirt. I won’t say how long this has been going on 🙂 (It has been a while.) Now that my children have left the nest, I hope to be able to work on my stash and other new projects.

  375. What am I working on?? Well, which project? I’m about 3/4 done Blackwork Roses (a course from EGA), and Poppies (a crewel course from EGA), half finished Gilded Pomegranate (a goldworking course from EGA), a shadow embroidery project from QNAG, Liesel (a Schwalm embroidery course from EGA), Explorations (a counted canvas project from SNS) and Kaige (a counted cross stitch project from China). Like many people, I have too many projects in the wings just waiting for me to finish something first (including Breath of Spring that I found on this site). This wreath will make an great addition to my stash.

    Merry Christmas

    Vickie (vjvl51)

  376. I am currently working on a stamped cross stitch baby quilt for a friend’s daughter. This is the second one of its kind. I had made another baby quilt in September. I can do the cross stitches in the evening while watching tv. It is giving me something to do so I don’t feel like I am wasting time.

  377. I am currently working on a sampler taught in Xanthi, Greece at the Girls HomeEc school. I am doing the bibila lace around its hem.

  378. I love beetles! My current project is a tan violin beetle from Jane Nicolas Beetle Collection

  379. I am currently working on Christmas table runners in cross stitch and stem stitch. One is a gift for my grandson. It features a kitten in a wreath, as my grandson loves kittens. The other runner is a Nordic pattern stitched in red, which I am looking forward seeing on my table. When I saw this runner, it reminded me of the red runner you had stitched.
    I just love all your embroidery work, the lessons you teach us and all the inspiring offers you show us. Thank you, Mary for all you do.

  380. I finished my quilt top “Over the River and through the Woods” in shades of white and blue. The pattern is by Crabapple Hill but I need to decide how I want it quilted. It took me a whole winter for each panel-3 years plus one year for the patchwork that sets it together and the flying geese border. I have all handcrafting suspended until after New Year’s. If I don’t have a lot of snow shoveling to do, I plan to start “Berry Picking Party” from Crabapple Hill. Another quilt with her beautiful designs embroidered on some of the blocks.

  381. I’m working on a beautiful silk embroidered heart that I took from one of Joahanna Basford’s coloring books. I’ve been working on it for 6 months (lots of detail) and am almost finished!

  382. I am doing my first Chatelaine design by Martina Rosenberg, called Tree of Hope. I am also doing a crewel kit project called, Phoenix Rising by Elsa Williams. Thank you for the giveaway, this is a beautiful design.

  383. I’m currently working on a needlepoint project “Calico Stars” by Laura J Perin Designs. I have it on an 18 inch frame and it is almost 50% complete, but, I sure do wish I had a floor frame for this piece as it gets a bit awkward. If I get into more projects of this size then I will be able to justify the purchase. Thanks Mary for all of the wonderful opportunities provided by you and your sponsors and for all you do for us on a day to day basis. You are a fount of knowledge and always brighten my day.

    Dara in West Virginia, USA

  384. Currently I am working on two projects.
    One is a sampler, Sojourner designed by Theresa Baird for our Sampler guild. This is on forty count, my first with forty. Yikes!

    The second is a Christmas ornament designed by Barbara Jackson. Well, let’s just say, I am preparing for next year…..we hope.

  385. Currently finishing two Christmas gifts. Both are cross stitch, a group of penguins and an unicorn! No framing until after the Holidays are over. I have some ideas for next year, but first I have promised myself to get better organized with all of my types of projects so I can start a few really large ones. I’ve never planned ahead before, you have inspired me. The French Needle really does have nice things, thanks for having this giveaway.

  386. My first question is “which one?” I really don’t like having several pieces part-way finished, but I don’t seem to be able to stop. I’m working most on two needle point pieces, one for a current class and the other from a previous class that I am finally completing with a little help. One is a case study in the Jessica stitch and the other is a Christmas basket with some stump work, the first I’ve done.

  387. My current project is a set of monograms in whitework for my master bedroom walls. It seems I spend all year making things for other people, so I have decided to treat myself this year!

  388. I am currently embroidering a baby blanket and pillow cases. Embroidery is relaxing and love working with my hands. I love what you are giving away it’s beautiful! Thank you! Good luck everybody!

  389. Right now, i’m working on christmas crosstitch ornaments to give away. I’ve sent out one batch and have several more to make before the holiday ends.

  390. I just finished my latest project. One of those Christmas stocking kits from Bucilla. about 80 hours of beads, sequins and appliqued felt with a bit of embroidery here and there. It’s for my niece’s son, a special request because I made them for my niece and daughters years ago. Be careful starting traditions! I’m now committed to make them for the rest of the family. I must say the Bucilla kits are the best option out there, the felt is stamped well and good quality materials.

  391. What am I working on now? Hahahaha … I have crafter’s ADD – or I guess for me it’s needleworker’s ADD! I have 3 needlework projects (2 Blackbird Design crossstitch on linen, one Trish Burr kit, plus a half dozen appliqué quilt tops, another have dozen pieced quilts, knitting two sweaters and a scarf! That doesn’t even take into consideration all the things I’m NOT working on right now!

    And my tree’s not up either. I like to think today or tomorrow… but for sure sometime before Christmas, LOL!

    Thank you for the opportunity – I would LOVE to add this kit to my project list!

  392. I’m finishing 3 Hawaiian quilts as Christmas presents for my daughters. They are beautiful (if I may say so myself!).

  393. What a pretty design, I would love to do this for my son & daughter-in-law’s home. I have just finished two counted cross-stitch for Christmas presents & had them framed – one is a floral bouquet but I cannot tell you about the other since the recipient reads my posts ♥

    Thank you for the chance of having a possible new project. Merry Christmas & a lovely 2017

  394. Hi Mary,

    My current needlework project is a warm knitted scarf for a military friend who lives in COLD 🙂 Once I finish that, I’d love to return to embroidery, and as I’ve had my eye on these wreaths for a while now, make this delightful wreath for next Christmas!

    Thank you for your generosity, Mary!
    Cathy in PA

  395. I had to laugh about my current project. With me it’s projectS. There are always several in the works. At the top of the stack right now are a felt applique “Twelve Days of Christmas” that I knew wouldn’t be finished this year. A CQ of underwater scenes that need the attic window sashings finished, a heart that I’m doing on fine canvas which will become a tree topper and a bunch of inchies. But there’s always room for a beautiful wreath kit.

  396. I’m currently working on completing my “Chester Cross” Goldwork and silk shading embroidery piece. I began it in the spring at an RSN 3-day workshop!

  397. I am currently working on a project from a class from the National Embroidery Guild Seminar 2016, Earthsong II by Ruth Marie Hoffman. It’s a free-form embroidery of a 3-D landscape incorporating rocks from my collection. I also have 3 other projects in the works, but I can always use another one!

  398. Currently I am finishing up my challenge piece “Jewels or the Sea” for the San Francisco School of Needleart and Design. I am a novice and it is indeed a fun challenge AND you have to start somewhere!

  399. I follow the French Needle website and absolutely love this designer. I would be so thrilled to win this kit as I love stumpwork. I have been stitching for over 50 years and love anything with a threaded needle!

  400. My son asked “Could you make this for me?”; a simplistic counted cross stitch rendering of a meme about a certain field that is barren. Barren of what, I shall not say.

    Google had the simplistic images, but also more elaborate ones that are Bayeux Tapestry-esque! The history! The archaic English! (Yes, I know that English didn’t sound like that in 1066). The irreverence! The seasick Norman soldier crossing the English Channel to Hastings! (Mary, I blame you for this!)

    So I’ve been working on a design to transfer to linen and I hope to complete the “tapestry” in 2017.

  401. OMG! I’m working on a ton of projects right now! All embroideries. I’m doing three separate Christmas trees for gifts, a lighthouse for another gift, three ornaments and a large snowflake for me, a llama that was going to be e gift but I don’t think I will finish in time…That’s all I can think of, I know there’s more. I better quit typing and get back to work!

  402. Hi Mary
    I am just completing the final draft for my design for a stumpwork box a la Thistle Threads. Part of me is really excited about getting started but the rest is feeling nervous as its such a long term project. Perhaps I can decide to start in the new year and make completing it my number one resolution. Best regards for the season. PatsyAnn

  403. Just finished a fun little peg bag which featured in Homespun recently and haven’t had time to organise anything new yet – one of the things i am looking forward to after Christmas.

  404. I really like the ‘voided’ embroidery monograms Mary introduced me to in the recent past. SO I decided to create a voided embroidery piece of my own with the word ‘JOY’ to give to a new dear friend. It is requiring a LOT MORE stitching than I’d anticipated!

  405. I am slowly (very) working on the Home Sweet Home house project. Have seen a few amazing finished ones!

  406. This Christmas Wreath is really pretty – simplicity and elegant – the best combination. Right now I am making several sachet bags to fill with lavender or aroma beads. Some are monogram, using letters from your e-book with all the alphabets, others have Brazilian Embroidery on them. After the first of the year I want to start a new design series of Christmas motifs to frame with the tri-fold cards. Oh, and make more ‘T’ towels. Thank you and The French Needle for this lovely give-a-way. I will keep my fingers crossed

  407. My current project is a long-standing garden scene I put together last summer — I stitch flowers in between other projects 🙂 I’m also just starting a project that I created using a wonderful colouring book from a fellow Canadian, Teva Harrison. It’s a beautiful image with a positive motto and I knew I wanted to stitch it the first time I saw it.

  408. I am hurriedly working on Christmas stockings. I was working on gifts up until now and now I have to hurry to get 3 stockings done in time to hang up for Christmas. I want to do a good job on them and hope I can and still get them done in time.

  409. How can I narrow it down to just one project. I work on several projects at a time. It all depends on whether I have good light, am travelimg, etc. Now have several needlepoint projects, Hardanger Christmas trees, and several cross stitch samplers in the works.

  410. As typical with other stitchers, I’m working on small Christmas projects. But my big projects is actually last weeks giveaway…the poppies stumpwork. I’ve stitched everything but the detached poppy petals–I’m saving those for the four to seven days I have to be in Cleveland for my best friend’s surgery. I figure there will be lots of time to do lots of long and short stitch (which I learned to do from this very site–thanks so much Mary).

  411. My current project is a piece for the wall that says
    “Throw kindness around like confetti.”
    And there are pieces of multicolored confetti scattered around the words.

    Beth B

  412. I must confess that I am not familiar, as yet, with Rouge de Rhine. As soon as I enter my thoughts on this give a way I will head for their website.
    My project at the moment is a whole cloth quilt, White batiste on top and natural color handkerchief linen as the back. Since my stitching is 14 stitches to the inch I decided to trapunto a Jacobean type design embellished with 1 mm gold pailletes , gold, silver and copper bullion and 19th century lingerie buttons. This is a 2 year project in my mind.
    I wish all a Very Merry Christmas.

  413. I am currently working on Four Seasons Snowmen. I’m up to #3. It’s a fun and easy project. Love the colors and interesting stitches in the wreath. It would make a wonderful gift for next Christmas.

  414. I love this wreath, so pretty! I am working on the Coloris Kaleidoscope at the moment. I belong to the Embroidery Guild of America, so am always stitching on something!

  415. I am working my way through the Amy Mitten series called “With the Same MO”. Sampler style kits with silk threads. None if them take too long so there’s a pause before I start my big project in January.

  416. I currently have various cross stitch projects on the go as they are easy to pick up when my children give me a minute. I’m planning crazy patchwork Christmas stockings for them as that will give me a chance to play with all sorts of techniques.

  417. What a lovely wreath!

    I just bought supplies for a little winter cross-stitch picture. I also have a commemorative cross-stitch that I need to start for NEXT Christmas. Still designing that one though. If only embroidery counts, I’m working on a cute chicken doorstop.

  418. I’m currently working on a little cross stitch book designed by Jane Greenoff, featured in her cross stitch guild membership book. I can’t wait for the next installment.

  419. I currently have 4 projects I am working on. Two are Mill Hill bead kits. One is the Sugar Skull and a gift for my sister. The other is part of Nativity Trilogy called Luke. I am supposed to be stitching Gay Ann Rogers Drawn Thread Sampler, but am too tired as it is very complicated. I am also working on Spirit of Jean, a ANG Group Correspondence Course.

  420. I’m on a bit of a stitching bread as I have been crocheting baby blankets and afghans for Christmas gifts. I LOVE embroidery so I’d love to stitch up this design! I’m ready to stitch again and this would be a great project. Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful kit!!

  421. My current projects are designs from Trish Burr’s “Needle Painting Embroidery” book, her “Katarina” design, and several of the free designs on Trish Burr’s website. Her projects are delightful to stitch. Thank you for offering these wonderful opportunities and all the work you do for the stitching community.

  422. I am, currently finishing a Jim Storms ornament for a gift and then I will be back to an icon, Jesus Pancreator. I am working on this for my husband. It is a challenge but so wonderful to stand away from it and see how all those wee stitches bring the face to life.

  423. My current project is a Siamese cat. Need to finish this one by Christmas as it is a gift. It has taken me ages because the fabric that came in the kit was just awful so I bought linen. But then I never transferred a pattern before so that took months of research and fear until I finally dove in. Nearly done now and need to make it into a pillow. Lots to do next week! Then I can get to work on Tanja Berlin’s Red Fox which I started a couple of years ago.

  424. Who of us only has ONE current project? Be that as it may, my current BIG project is a needle book – an inspiration from your post this summer about the needle book you did. I’m using it as a sampler to work on learning some new stitches. I’m finally closing in on finishing it, since it has been put aside numerous times while I was completing other projects. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us!

  425. I am working on Hungarian embroidered t-shirts, shoes and ornaments. I am also making felt with embroidery ornaments for the Sunday school kids I teach and for sale in my Ebay shoppe. I am starting to make felt hearts with embroidery and beads for Valentine’s Day. gloria

  426. I’m currently working on 2 projects — a cross stitch embroidery for a friend and a cross stitch bookmark for myself. I’m also planning to work on some monogrammed handkerchiefs in the next week or so (I hope!).

  427. I’ve been ill so just puttering along practicing stitches and making small bits. I love to read about all projects.

  428. What a lovely piece. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

    I have a handful of embroideries that are currently “active”: a crazy quilt block for my local EGA chapter project, a Zentangle interpretation in thread that I hope will be done for our show in April, and a French Boutis needlecase that is a warm-up for a design I need to create for a chapter hands-on class later in the spring, and one Christmas gift to finish. That still leaves way too many UFOs that need attention.

  429. I’m about to be making ghost X’s to finish up a quilt! These designs look great. Thanks for the chance!

  430. My current project is four cross stitch santas that at this rate won’t be done in time for Christmas!

    Anne Day

  431. I’m learning how to needle paint. The exercises in Trisha Burr’s book, Needle Paint Embroidery, Fresh Ideas For Beginners and your tutorials are helping me along the way.

  432. This is beautiful and I’ve just spent about an hour looking at the website. I’ve been quilting a lot this year, but this has inspired me to get back to embroidery again next year. I’d be delighted to win this to get me back on track!
    Happy Christmas to you all.

    1. Oh and I order the last Inspirations calendar yesterday that they had here so am now looking forward to making some of their projects.

  433. I am working white-on-white for the first time, using an angel pattern you gave us a few weeks ago, and a blanket stitch mostly. Also working on the bunny pattern which is similar, but using various colors on that one. Hand quilting and piecing never stops. Thank you for all these opportunities to win such wonderful items. Fingers crossed.

  434. I’m currently working on two, one small, one large. The small one is a forest of beaded Christmas trees, the large one is Lavendar and Lace’s Angel of Grace.

  435. My current project is an Irish Celtic design on white Aida cloth in bright yellow, orange and green that is about halfway finished. When finished I’m giving it away as a gift.

  436. Right now I’m working on a coloring page of a
    Christmas tree. I took the page to staples and had it blown up to 2 1/2 times the size. I’m using multiple types of threads. I’ve marked places for tiny light to be put in after its finished. Won’ t be done until next Christmas. I think it will be quite beautiful when finished.

  437. My latest Project is the Never Ending Band Sampler Stitch Along by Pam Kellogg. I am finding it relaxing to just sit down for a few minutes and stitch during this Holiday Season.

  438. My curent project is a just for me thing. I am doing a ” off the page” pillow front from Herrschners. It’s all birds and flowers, two thing dearest to my heart. I am using all the different stitches I learned from your blog. Fun, fun, fun.

  439. I am currently working on Crabapple Hill’s “Poppy Project Bag” that my sister gave me for my birthday so that I can carry my embroidery with me when traveling. Next up will be a crewel embroidery pillow.

  440. Where to start naming my current project! Always have multiple projects going at once. Trying to get some little cross-stitch ornaments finished. Did complete a felt mug rug for a small gift. So much to do and so little time!

  441. Short answer – on the verge of starting a Blanch Virgien reproduction of the Ruffed Grouse, the Pennsylvania State Bird. A crewel kit. I am also looking for California Quail Crewel kit.

    Long answer – last year’s resolution was to be more creative, and I did it. I made two baby quilts, a baby afghan, 32 mug mats, 2 purses, started a shawl that I had to put aside to make the baby things….and had major hand surgery on my left hand, and minor on my right and four months of rehab. The only thing I didn’t do is embroidery, because I didn’t feel ready to hold a hoop. I had a small bone removed from my thumb, which was causing arthritis and was very painful. And…when I wS ready to start stitching I sliced the pad of my needle holding thumb on a box. So that had to heal….

  442. This wreath is just gorgeous! I haven’t been stitching up for the last year due to an issue with macular edema in my right eye. I do mostly canvas work and with the edema, it’s difficult for me to find the correct canvas hole. Years ago I did crewel and surface embroidery but I don’t currently have any projects of this type or supplies. I think I could do this since it is more free form. I’d love your be able to try. I miss stitching. Merry merry!

  443. What? Just one? Firstly is the embroidered wool blanket, based loosely on the gum leaves and flowers blanket in an early edition of Inspiration. Being summer here, it is a bit hot at present to sit under that one, but it is still good to look at and plan the next stage. Then there is the Shakespearean Fantasy cross stitch, which progresses very slowly because using 2 strands over 1 thread on a 28 count linen is a bit tiring on my eyes. Finally, to keep it in the Christmas season is a red work table centre I started several years ago, but, instead of just using stem stitch to complete the design, I decided to try to incorporate a range of stitches which means, that, instead of working up very quickly, it takes much more time and thought!!! But they are all fun.

  444. My current stitching project that I’m feverishly working on is a Christmas table runner. I’m almost finished the stitching and then will need to hem it, hopefully I can finish it so it can be used on the table for Christmas breakfast.

  445. Currently, I have several projects on the go. I was given Inspirations – A Passion for Needlework recently. I have finished embroidering Deborah Love’s White Linen Bordoir Cushion – just need to finish making it up. Now I am working on Elisabetta Forza’s Secret Possessions Sachet from the same book and really enjoying that too.

  446. I am currently working on a needlepoint project from a class I took last week from, Gail Sirna. It is a Palm tree with rows of different stitches to the left and right of it. Needlepoint isn’t my favorite, I wanted the palm design. It’s going slow.

  447. My current project is a ” just for me piece”. I am doing a “off the Page” pillow front from Herrschners. I is all birds and flowers, two of my favorite things. I am using all the new stitches I learned from your blog. Fun, fun, fun.

  448. I’m currently working on a crazy quilt round robin block. It is a Halloween themed block. I am in the process of putting a witch in the corner but can’t quite get the hands the way I like them. i tried to put a pic of the spider here, but couldn’t get it to go…

  449. Presently I am working on the Three Stwooges Bedecked and Bedazzled mystery from Not Your Grandmothers Needlepoint. I also have a couple of the small Mill Hill bead kits on the go….

  450. I have just finished knitting tinsel Christmas trees for charity and freinds and family . Would love the chance to try and stitch the beautiful Christmas wreath you are giving us all a chance to win.

  451. My work in progress is Hardanger cross book marks for friends and family. (Id better get off computer & get back to work) They get faster after the first one.

  452. Hello Mary!

    Thank you again for this opportunity! Currently I am trying to finish up some “UFOs” (unfinished objects)! The current stitching project is a pair of Goldfinches which mainly are thread painting with some Brazilian embroidery added in. The design is by Loretta Holzberger and is on some of her lovely hand dyed silk as a background! Summery Goldfinches are a good thing to work on during the cold winter months, don’t you agree? 🙂

  453. My current project is counted cross stitch on 32 ct linen, due for my guild challenge the end of February.

  454. Am presently working on Carolyn Pearce’s Home Sweet Home. Just, last night, finished the leaves on the front of the cottage. What a sweet project.

  455. I am working on a piece of textile art – trying to learn how to do this. Made a patchwork piece all by hand, embroidered on it my own little poem, added some old lace, and now hand-quilting the layers… we will see how it turns out.

  456. Beautiful! Nothing says “Merry Christmas!” quite like a very simple wreath of mistletoe, berries, & snowflakes. Underneath all of the unnecessary stress, Christmas is a very simple, quite season. Blessings.

  457. Thank you for the opportunity. Hoping to get back to embellishing a blouse with an embroidery technique from Sta. María Huazolotitlán, México. I recently learned it in a workshop offered through the Museo Textil de Oaxaca in Oaxaca de Juárez, México.

  458. Currently I am working on step 2 of the EGA master craftsman in crewel embroidery. It is an early American piece done in blue and yellow. Wish me luck.
    Thank you, Mary, for this opportunity .

  459. I’m in between projects. I should work on framing my backlog (eight or nine projects from this year, at least, and maybe try to make a dent on the dozen or more older ones that are also awaiting frames) before I start something new. 🙂

  460. I’m working on Art Nouveau II from Canevas Folies – the same style (maybe the same designer, I’m not sure) as A Breath of Spring which you stitched recently, Mary. I bought the pattern from them and am having fun selecting my own Soie d’Alger colours for it.

  461. I have finished the needlework projects that I needed for Christmas so now I am preparing a two redwork projects. A table runner and a wall hanging.

  462. I just finished making a Christmas ornament for part of a gift for my Mail Lady. She’s the best! It is cross stitched, with a braided trim.

    Ann Thompson,

  463. My current project is Eve in the Garden of Eden box from Thistle Threads. Have a feeling it will be my project for quite some time. However there are several new techniques for me so it is exciting and fun.

  464. I am currently tackling a pair of pillowcases with a bleeding hearts pattern, and some small squares with Christmas bits and pieces using red work which I enjoy immensely . Thank you ! Lou

  465. What a wonderful give away. Wouldn’t it look gorgeous framed.
    I’m working on one of Carolyn Mitchells canvas works called Off the Beaten Path.
    Its very abstract done on 18 mesh. It is one of her new designs and I’m
    loving it. Thanks Mary for the chance to win such a lovely piece.
    Merry Christmas

  466. Finishing up an old cross stitch kit (with lots of glitter and charms and baubles). Want to clean up unfinished bits lying around before I get stuck into the Late Autumn Harvest and another kit I got from Hazel Blomkamp, and joining the Embroider’s Guild of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia), where I will concentrate on advancing in gold/metal work. So, if I win this kit, it’s going straight to show and tell at the Guild.

  467. My current needlework project? My daughter works at a local quilt shop and she gave me a really cute kit for Mother’s Day. It is a little kitchen towel turned sideways, with the words “The Laundry Room, It’s Loads of Fun!” embroidered on it. It has an adorable clothesline running across the center of the towel. Once those are embroidered, you add the clothes, of course! They hang from the line applique style – dapper little overalls, a sweet little dress, you get the idea. It even came with tiny little clothespins and buttons for embellishment. Since I’m seldom content to leave a design as is, I upscaled the font style to a trendy cursive and used perle cotton rather than the regular DMC floss, as well as a pretty stem stitch instead of a simple backstitch. I know it will make me smile when I’m throwing that next load into the washer!

  468. Working on a wall hanging of a geometric heart from the etsy shop Stitchline. It’s going to be a gift for my anatomy teacher last year as a thank you for writing a recommendation. Very excited!

  469. I’ve got about 5 things going, but the one I’m stressing about is a little dish towel set with candy canes that I’m trying to get done so I can get it in the mail before Christmas. Wish me luck.

  470. I’m working on a christmas ornament that is out of an Inspirations magazine, I believe last years. So close to finishing and I love it.

  471. I’m working on an embroidery series of flowers at the present. I just completed a 20 block of Patriotic redwork quilt for my brother, now to get it quilted. Love doing handwork, it’s very relaxing.

  472. I am enjoying your Christmas Countdown! (Of course, no one needs to keep reminding me how CLOSE it is getting!) I just finished a little x-stitch what-not (on 40 count) s a hostess gift for a friend that is having a Christmas Tea this coming Sunday. The tea cozy in my frame is awaiting it’s final touches. Arts & Crafts stylized poppies. And then after that (and part of the New Year’s Resolution), I hope to focus on the casket class I am taking with ThistleThreads. We’ll see how successful I can be! I am easily distractible!

  473. Hello Mary, thank you once again for another wonderful Christmas give-away. I love this wreath, it looks a beautiful piece of embroidery.

    My current project is a Goldwork Peacock feather which I started at a workshop organised by the Royal School of Needlework at the Knitting & Stitching show last month in Harrogate, North Yorkshire here in the UK.

    best wishes,
    Carol Ann Howson

  474. Love the wreath. So beautiful! It has such a wonderful balance of difference stitches. I can see why it would be fun to stitch. My current needlework projects: thread-painting my granddaughter and grandson from favorite photos of them, finishing a Yumiko Higuchi design on linen (skiers who are skiing down a hill with pine trees; the last skier is a polar bear!), and, in an attempt to prolong my time on earth, I bought “His Eye Is on the Sparrow,” a cross-stitch sampler by Beth Twist that is HUGE (stitch count on 28 linen is 435 x 363). My BFF said I am certifiably crazy. But I shared “Mary’s 15-minutes a day” idea and wouldn’t that be a great project to apply it to? HA! I don’t know if it will prolong life, but there are so many wonderful motifs on it, I’m sure it will be enjoyable. I haven’t cross-stitched in years and while it won’t ever take the place of beloved embroidery, it’s a nice switch from time to time. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful embroidered wreath, Mary!

  475. Well, I finished the half dozen Christmas ornaments for gifts and I now have started a Christmas bell pull using hardanger,cross stitch and blackwork in white on red from at least a dozen different sources on red evenweave. I also started a Jacobean design in blues as we will be away and who knows how good the lighting will be.

  476. I just completed a basket of flowers that is being framed. I just put the MELLERSTAIN PARROTS from Crewel Works Co. in my frame. It is quite lovely and can’t wait to see the progress.

  477. I am currently working on a Designatus tapestry Set of Christmas ornaments from the Crewel Goblin (Sydney, Australia). I love their designs. They ornaments are lovely and cover the Three Kings and The Nativity to Santa and Christmas trees. Really fun and management and will look great all together on the tree or table centrepiece for Christmas Dinner.

  478. I have two main projects, a simple fun piece with simple drawn flower shapes printed on fabric from Nordic needle and a complex white work fabric for the church as a covering for the ashes in a funeral. It is a memorial for my father.

  479. I love the French Needle and actually discovered it through your blog, Mary. Currently, I am working on the Ville Fleurie Sampler from the French Needle and can’t wait to finish it for my friend named Fleur! I adore all of the Rouge du Rhine kits and would love to win the beautiful Christmas wreath project! Cheers!

  480. My current project is hardanger Christmas ornaments from Nordic Needle’s 2012 club. I am just a tad bit behind. There’s NEVER enough time for my stitching!!

  481. My very busy fingers are working on Christmas ornaments for my family-hand-embroidered gingerbread houses, stars and kitty ornaments. Busy, busy, busy!

  482. Ooh, I love Rouge du Rhine designs! Currently I’m working on a lovely piece of Hardanger designed by Terri Bay.

  483. My current project is a counted cross stitch Christmas stocking which I inherited from my 75 year old mother when she decided that her eyes did not like working on a navy blue ground. (Even my 51 year old eyes can only work it in very good lighting!) She has since had cataract surgery, but I will finish this last piece for her; she made the first 5 of 6 family stockings.

  484. Would love to win this. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Current project is a cute cross stitch pillow for the granddaughter!

  485. My current project involves a Cross-Stitch Snowman holding a Birdhouse, there will also be a quote below the design (Snowmen Melt My Heart). The project is being worked on the front of a Navy blue sweatshirt using 8.5 Waste Canvas.

  486. My current project is San Francisco’s School of Needlework and Design’s challenge “Jewels of the Seas”. The lovely people at SFSNAD sent me a baggie full of crystals to use in a piece. They’re so beautiful! My project is an underwater scene filled with sea life and sparkly-ness. I highly recommend everyone to check out the school!

  487. Great web site. North Texas pretty barren regarding needlepoint shops. So many have fallen by the way side.

    1. Oh. I forgot to answer the question!! I have many projects going right now – working on 2 cross stitch ornaments, crocheting an afghan, and trying to finish up a canvas piece from an EGA seminar I attended a year ago!

  488. I have two projects with needles active – I’m trying my hand at smocking, trying to make some Christmas bells… luckily there are three in the kit, so what I learn from the first one, I should be able to produce a good third one.
    Also a small candle wick project, which had 4 small designs to either frame or make into small cushions.
    There are also other WIPs on hold, including the Home Sweet Home.

    1. Hi Mary
      I hope you don’t mind me sending a question to Karen M. I am always looking for designs for Christmas Bells – so I am interested in the ones she is doing.

      Can you forward my address to her so she can reply? (Or vice versa, of course).

      Thank you for your wonderful website which I read and enjoy every day!

  489. I working on a pillow cover. It is a great take-a-long project. Can work on it while in waiting rooms. Everybody else is on their smart phones and I whip out my pillow cover.

  490. Hi Mary,

    In Oct. I was working on a “Let it Snow” cross stitch of a nice snowman for my wall but I needed to set that aside to finish after Christmas. I am just finishing the last of 12 red foxes that I embroidered on the center of quilt squares for 2 single size quilt presents.

    We don’t have our tree up either! A few days ago we went out and cut it, brought it to our garage to warm a bit because being frozen the branches snap right off if they bend at all. It is 16 degrees today so my husband thinks we better do it this afternoon in the “warmth”.

    I really like this wreath, well, really, most of what The French Needle has I find beautiful.
    Thanks for all these giveaways! It adds to my merriment!

  491. At the moment I am preparing to start on Tambour embroidery. I have the hooks, threads, fabric and instructions ready to teach myself this technique. I am really looking forward to this as it is something I have never done before. I will be following your tutorial carefully and am hoping for some success in this venture.


  492. My current project sitting on my stand is a canvaswork design by Kurdy Biggs called Cat’s Eyes (Cleopatra version). I purchased the pattern more than 5 years ago and started it (finally) about 3 years ago after spending a long time chasing down the fibres and beads. I am about 1/3 of the way into stitching but have stalled due to my mom’s cancer and then a main floor renovation these past 6 months.
    I also have the SamSarah Design Studio Mystery Sampler Autumn 2014 that I started in October but obviously didn’t get that one done in time for Halloween. I will work on that in the new year and not feel pressured to rush through it.
    Reno is now finished and house is all set up for Christmas but I just don’t have time to stitch on such an intense project (Cat’s Eyes). So I have been madly stitching up a lot of Mill Hill Christmas kits. They are lovely and small and at least am still getting something stitched up.

  493. I just finished a blackwork broach, my first stab, so to speak, at blackwork. Deeply engrossing. I’ll certainly do more.

  494. Hello Mary!

    I am finished with all gifting needlework for 2016. Of course, there are always “other” unfinished projects. . .but they will wait until the New Year’s resolutions are made. I met last year’s resolution; to complete one (1) small project each month – all done and so proud! Next year I would like to expand to more embroidery projects for myself in addition to cross stitching for charity. Happy holidays to all! Thank you Mary for the giveaways!

  495. Current project(s)? Finishing up the kaleidoscope which is fun and rather looks like a snowflake. I have an angel that I’m trying to sort out what stitches will work (that’s my Christmas day indulgence) and I must finish up a quilt I’m repairing for a very dear friend prior to Christmas. Happily never without something that requires a needle. Merry Christmas to you all.

  496. I just finished a wool pillow top with a jolly St.Nick appliqué. Now to sew it together and stuff it.

  497. Currently I’m finishing a quilted Christmas table runner for my daughter (so I’d better hurry up!) It features red work, applique and, of course, patchwork and quilting. I’m pleased with it, it has turned out better than I expected. My next project is already lined up and ready to go, something totally new to me, ribbon embroidery and I’m really looking forward to it.

  498. I have been given a huge unfinished needlepoint tapestry, 1m square. It is of the most beautiful dreamy English thatched cottage and huge garden.
    It has been twenty years since I have done a tapestry and none ever so big. I am using dmc threads to give it better shading and vibrant colour.
    Only nintey percent more to go… may take a year or too to complete?
    I would love to do the linen wreath… I love the details and the different stitches.

  499. I’m working on a counted thread piece with mostly Jessicas called Teardrops, weaving a ruana for a Christmas gift and always have several knitting projects in my bag! Thanks for having such a wonderful and informative website!

  500. I’m working on an Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kit, which is done in “Victorian Cross Stitch” as all their kits are. It’s the “Winter Wreath” design. It has lots of various winter-time greenery and plants, such as Holly and Cyclamen, and Christmas Rose, and a lovely pink ribbon tied to the top, with the ends streaming over the wreath. I’ve only recently learned about this type of needlepoint and I’m enjoying it very much since it doesn’t have to be stretched on a frame. I’ve done a lot of other needlepoint projects on frames, and it can get very tiresome leaning over the large frame. So, I’m enjoying the ability to sit back and relax while stitching.

  501. I am stitching redwork Christmas kitchen towels for my mom, sister, sister-in-law and mother-in-law.
    Stacey Tucker

  502. I am currently stitching an adorable Lizzie Kate, “Here Comes Santa Claus” #S60… Just love the design!!

  503. What a wonderful selection of projects people are working on! I’m currently doing some gingerbread houses from the Victoria Sampler, binding a quilt and must finish a Jane Nicholas stump work piece. Merry Christmas to you Mary, your work is truly an inspiration.

  504. My current project is a miniature knot rug by Teresa Layman. The finished project is approximately 2×3 inches. All French knots. I am known in my guild chapters as the French Knot Queen! They are my favorite stitch!

  505. Hi Mary, all the way from down under in Australia.
    I have just finished your Kaleidoscope. Mine was done in autumn colours. It was exciting to see the colors merge and be drawn to the outside of the stitching. Loved stitching it.
    So ready to start the next project.
    Goodluck with your tree.
    Merry Christmas to you and everyone.love receiving your letters. Cheers joy

  506. What a lovely Christmas piece and thank you so much for the chance to win. I’m currently working on a snowman wool appliqué project with bits of embroidery included.

  507. I’m currently working on a counted cross stitch piece that I found in a magazine. It is of 5 feathers and I will hang it in our downstairs which is decorated in Southwest decor. It has been really fun to work on, but I am getting ready to start on the 5th feather, so I’m getting antsy to move on to whatever calls to me to be next.
    Everyone have a great weekend and be safe and warm wherever you are…..

  508. My current project is a thread-painting piece by Trish Burr – Blue Tit and Wild Rose. I love the freedom and realism of thread-painting

  509. I am currently working on a hand drawn cross stitch ornament as a gift for a member of a facebook group. We do regular swaps across the world, which is great getting to know stitchers of all ages from different countries.
    This piece has been frustratin as I am using 18 count white aida and 2 threads but I can still see white so I have swapped to 3 and it is better. I do not have time to undo and redo. Lesson learned.

  510. My current project is a little Sarah Jane Studios stitchery for my grand daughter’s second birthday ( 7 January) with Christmas fast approaching !
    Happy Christmas

  511. At present, I am embroidering homemade natural linen tea towels with my Christmas designs for presents.

  512. I am currently working on a Mystery Quaker Family Sampler, designed by Sherrilyn, of Heirlooms (in New Zealand)

  513. I am currently working on the Love and Joy piece by Alicia Paulson. It’s such a pretty piece.

    Thank you for this series of giveaways!!

  514. I am working on an historic sampler from the Chester County collection, and am recreating (on my own) an 18th century PA German pot holder. The first is in cross stitch, the second is in crewel. Lots of fun!

  515. My current project is La Serenissima from Talliaferrro (which is a marvelous piece), but like so many other embroiderers, I will start a brand new piece on January 1-I just haven’t decided which one!

  516. I’m not doing an embroidery project at the moment as I’m finishing an Aran Jumper for my Grandson Ethan, and sewing two Pirate Room Tidies for two little Pirates, Isaac and Ethan.
    As I love to learn new needle/craft skills, I’m doing a workshop on Lino Printing with Embroidery Embelishments tomorrow Sat. 17th.

  517. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for this gorgeous kit. I have just finished several Christmas decorations just in time to be given “sigh” and am seriously considering doing next years set now! (only I’ll probably never find them again by this time next year! gg) Then I hope to make a start on Carolyn Pearce’s Home Sweet Home (bought the book when it first came out and that is how long I have been procrastinating on doing it until you talked about it just recently). The only kink in t he plan is I have a flare up of RSI in ‘both’ hands would you believe! The dr said it could take several more weeks to settle! grrrrr It is at least making me grateful for what my hands can normally achieve.
    Anyway thank you for a great site at least I have some down time to do a bit more reading of your site and others.
    Cheers Judy
    SE Queensland, Australia

  518. I am just starting the Lattice Jumble : A Stitch Fun Sampler. I took a course in “boutis” this fall and am looking forward to pricking my fingers in different places for awhile.

  519. I am actually working on a garden scene from a japanese embroidery book. It’s a little tricky since I can’t read japanese, and the pictures are not the best quality (It’s an ebook), but I am being able to figure it out, and it’s really pretty.

  520. Hi please enter me! I almost exclusively work cross stitch but I have designed a sampler that uses other stitches so hoping to start that soon! I love playing with my macstitch. Jasmina Higham

  521. I have many projects on the go. However the project I am enjoying the most is a very large linen tablecloth using pulled and drawn Threadwork stitches.

  522. Stunning wreath. Probably the only wreath I’ve liked so far. I’m about to begin my next Hardanger project which will keep me out of trouble over the Christmas holidays.

  523. My current project is a Santa and Snowman in cross stitch. I’m currently doing the fur at the bottom of Santa’s coat and on his hat, and then there’s just his beard left to do, so he should be completed by Christmas. My only dilemma then will be how to showcase him.

  524. I work on more than one project at the same time. The largest one is a wool quilt I’m adding extra embroidery to and stuffing the flowers for a more 3D effect. The other one is a notebook cover I’m designing. It’s done in Brazilian Embroidery on wool with a faerie sitting on a mushroom design.

  525. Ooooo, look, another great giveaway! My current project is a design I made up myself. Wool applique with embroidery embellishments. Four of them for my three sisters and I. Done on dark grey linen it is an ivy branch with bunches of ivy and red bead berries. The word joy is worked in cream on the left hand corner. They will be done up as wall hangings for next Christmas….supposed to be done for this year….sigh….

  526. I am not working on any embroidery project at the moment. When I get back to it (several knitting/crocheting items in the pipeline) I want to finish a baby sampler I started 2 years ago. This child may be in kindergarten before I finish! It is totally self designed and based on storybook characters that are dear to his mother.

  527. Hi! My current needlework project is embroidering tea towels/hotpads/aprons for my sisters and extended family for Christmas! I usually pick retro patterns (we are all getting old and like to see the “old” stuff!) or coffee/wine-related designs. Also, one of my goals this Christmas is to create a Southern Belle pillowcase for my granddaughter, if I have enough time! Thank you for your blog!

  528. Currently I am stitching a Colonial Williamsburg piece. It is a companion piece to another one I did a few years ago.

  529. Thank you Mary and The French Needle for this great opportunity. The wreath project looks beautiful.

    I am currently working on Owen Davis’ Apollo Butterfly. I did a class taught by Owen as part of the 2016 New Zealand Embroidery Guilds conference.

  530. Thank you once again for a chance to win such wonderful items. I’m currently working on a simple snowman embroidery wall hanging that I’ll be giving as a Christmas gift.

  531. My current project is a Bucilla counted cross-stitch stocking (Twas the Night Before Christmas 84099) for my middle son. Last year I completed a different stocking for my oldest son and next year – you guessed it, I’ll be doing a stocking for my youngest son. 🙂 I have a couple of projects for me I want to get to but these come first.

  532. Having just finished my Christmas projects, I look forward to getting back to some embroidered and beaded evening bags I abandoned mid-finishing a few months ago.

  533. I’d like to get into needle painting small woodland creatures. But, I love any craft project that involves Christmas! 🙂

  534. My current project is Red Brolly’s Wish Quilt. It is Redwork and it is a special project, especially this Christmas as this designer is battling with leukaemia. Bronwyn Hayes has inspired me to try Redwork.

  535. Ann from Wrightstown is finishing her collage of birds. Just a few more hrs. and I will have it done. Christmas projects that are now finished took me away for a couple of weeks and I’m having withdrawal symtoms.

  536. I am halfway through embroidering Christmas stockings. They won’t be finished this Christmas though!

  537. Good afternoon Mary
    I have a small Halloween piece just started. It is for a Hospice where I do volunteer work. It is simple (it has to be or stellar mistakes are not only made, they are usually not found).
    Next will be four maple leaves – spring, summer, autumn (brilliant red, of course) and for winter I will do a small branch of seed pods. These are all from a maple tree in the front garden of the Hospice. They will be framed and given to the Hospice.


  538. Christmascards! I am working on them very hard. I do a crossstitch Happy New Year ( well in Dutch: Gelukkig Nieuwjaar) and then I make paper out of milkcartons and put the message in the paper! Thank you for the chance of winning all these lovely things!

  539. A very lovely addition to holiday decorating! I’m currently working on a Hardanger doily and a canvaswork scissor case.

    Teresa M

  540. My current project is one I have had on the go for over a year… it is a Gold Collection Dimensions work called “In her Garden”. My eldest daughter gifted it to me because she understands my love for embroidery of every kind! It is 11 x 16″ and I am totally in love with it. If I was lucky enough to win this kit I would plan to make it for this lovely daughter of mine!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this give-away! I love your site and wish you a healthy and happy 2017!!
    Vivian Desrochers from Canada

  541. I’m doing a counted cross stitch Santa (he won’t be ready for this year), and we have just completed some remodeling that included making a dedicated quilting room for ME! I’m unpacking my quilting supplies that have been packed in boxes since 2011. I have found some quilts that need bindings, some tops that need quilting, supplies for projects and lots fat quarters and yardage. I’m set for a while, but the wreath is beautiful and would make a good project to work on for next Christmas.

  542. I have lots of ‘current projects’ but the one I’m trying to get finished soon is a knot garden box top using Elizabethan techniques – my new favourite stitch is the plaited braid!

  543. Embroidery is a very special hobby for me, I am currently working on two pillow cases, and two completed needlework pictures that need to be framed, I’m looking forward to finding those special frames and seeing them on the wall.

  544. I am currently working on a crewel piece of Margaret Light’s design “Green Ivy” except I am doing mine in blue! In saying that I also have some Chinese Embroidery, A gentleman’s glittering nightcap, the Trevylon nightcap, a Bayeaux tapestry reproduction piece and am a newby in the Casket class with Thistle Threads! Lots to choose from depending on my mood!!
    Merry Christmas everyone and happy stitching in the new year!

  545. I am no currently working on a project but I would love for this to be it! It would make a beautiful gift!

  546. I’m currently only working on a couple of “main” projects one is the embroidery for my Happy Hexies Storage Bag from Faeries in my Garden & the other is the Fox wool tapestery from Beth Russell’s William Morris book – this is my long term project, been working on this for a few years now….but it will be gorgeous when I get it completed!

  547. Hi Mary, I just love that embroidery! So appropriate for Christmas.

    I am currently working on Jenny McWhinney’s Christmas elves. I make a Christmas decoration every year for the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I just love making Christmas decorations. I also make decorations using crochet, knitting and appliqué techniques.

    Cheers and wishing you, your family and all readers a very good festive season,

  548. I’ve been working on my embroidery just stitching all sorts of stitches, and animals, birds, sayings etc. that I randomly draw as I stitch!

  549. Not currently working on an embroidery project, but have been thinking of creating a sampler of stitches. Thank you for a chance to win this beautiful wreath kit.

  550. I have just finished four sets of knitted mitts for my college-age granddaughters. I will now return to competing a crewel piece featuring many different tropical birds in all colors of the rainbow. It is worked on a heavy linen with fine wool threads from France. What a joy!

  551. I am currently working on some Sashiko blocks that will be made into a Quilt, I love looking at the work you do just amazing xx

  552. Current project is silk shawl, embroidered on dupioni silk, inspired by trip to northern Wales and the Irish Sea.

  553. I am currently working on a number of projects. I have a needlepoint canvas of a July angel – with sunflowers and a beautiful red dress. I am also working on a cross stitch sampler stitch case and halloween ornament (for an ornament trade in March). For 2017, I have an embroidery tablecloth and napkins to finish for my sister.

  554. My current project is not using a needle but it is fiber related. I am making bobbin lace for a granddaughter’s wedding garter. Once I finish the current piece of lace I will design another piece of lace to match the next granddaughter’s wedding dress.

  555. I’m working on some permit harbinger snowflakes. I have made the full sized ones as per the kit and am now repeating them in the smaller size specified by Yvette Stanton in her Early Style Hardanger book.

  556. Ooh! I’ve admired these kits for a few years! Thanks for the giveaway!

    My current projects are a counted cross stitch Advent SAL and the first step of an EGA correspondence course in stumpwork. Lots of things on the “I’d like to start that now” list, though.

  557. Christmas designs are my all-time favorite projects to work on. Presently I’m working on a Laura Perin needlepoint wreath. It is so lovely and would love the chance to work on the embroidery wreath which you are giving away; it’s an absolutely beautiful piece.

  558. I’m currently engaged in some hand-quilting of what will become a cushion cover when it’s done. It’s silk applique on a linen/cotton ground and I’m quite pleased with it so far. I’m also busy making up loads of 3/4″ EPP hexagons for a project that I hope will also include embroidery and “crazy quilting”. 🙂

  559. I have a few stitching projects on the go and pick up each one as the fancy takes me! A Mrs Sew and Sew simple stitch project is the most current. I love being able to sit and stitch and disappear into my thoughts!

  560. I am working on a little heart design which is made up of pulled thread work beads and ribbon embroidery a little kit I got when I visited a local lace fair where I stocked up with some beautiful threads.

  561. My current project (one of many on the go!) is a cross-stitch of my grand-daughter based on her baby photo.

  562. I am working on my Stitch at Home piece for the San Francisco School of Needle work. For this quarter they send us each a packet of crystals which we have to use in the theme “Jewels of the sea”

  563. I am now working on finishing up (taking forever) another painting/embroidery piece- a landscape mountain scene. I have a couple small issues to figure out “how to accomplish that”. So I took a break and worked on learning to thread paint with my sewing machine on a small panel quilt (Only 12″x12″ or so) that I plan to give to a dear friend who is coming for a visit over the holidays. I have several tiny pieces I am thinking of doing for those little tiny “hoop” frames from Nordic Needle that you told us about some time back Mary. I have them all sketched up and colored in simply to keep me from forgetting. Those teeny ones are fun!

  564. Bayaux Tapestry!!!
    …well 4 Bayaux Tapestry kits actually. I’ve completed 2 of 4 in the last 11 months, one 140cm×60 cm, and one 80cm×60cm. I thought I’d get bored of only doing two stitches, but I love the effect. Those wreath kits have been on my wishlist for ages!

  565. I have just completed a 3D model of a VW Campervan ( thanks very much Sue Hawkins for her canvas kit ) which my son and his wife are thrilled with as they both are very keen to own a real one of these vans for themselves- it was a surprise for them to receive it in the post, lots of pleasure for me to stitch it too. Currently no stitching on the go whilst Christmas takes over but I am thinking about tackling that lovely piece of Jacobean work that was featured in Inspiration Magazine that you are now working Mary-I love the colours.

  566. What am I working on currently? Pertinacity, by Hazel Blomkamp. I have a little table that my great-Aunt Winnie gave me when I got married. After nearly 50 years of use, it is more than a little tired, so my husband has re-done the wood, and I am redoing the embroidery. It is going to look beautiful when I finally finish it!

    I am wondering what I will do with the lilies embroidery that Aunty Win did – it is badly faded, but in otherwise good condition.

    Inbetween times, I have just finished making some bead Christmas bells as gifts to members of my hand-bell ringing group – they were going to be hardanger ones, but I ran out of time…. So next year they will all be done on time!

  567. I just finished your pomegranate design on 4 corners of a tablecloth and 6 napkins. They turned out well. I am embroidering tea towels while I contemplate my next project. Perhaps a Christmas themed wreath?


  569. I just finished making several dolls and my only embroidery was their faces. I am a beginner at embroidery having only done cross stitch and now the doll faces. I love the Christmas wreath and would love to done one for myself! At the same time, I can be learning to stitches.

  570. What is my current project? It’s more like, “which project needs my IMMEDIATE attention?” A Christmas stocking for my newest grandson! Is it started? HA! The idea is in my head, does that count? I plan to get going on it tonight, after all the other end of the week stuff, and maybe I’ll make the family some dinner first.
    It will be shadow work embroidery and surface embroidery on a pale ivory cuff …attached to a green velvet stocking. It really won’t take that long. I just need to get moving on it! Oh why do I procrastinate?!

  571. I am working on a landscape of an English country estate with a bridge. It’s very detailed and is taking me quite awhile to finish!

  572. I’m working on a lovely winter’s night scene with a farmhouse, pine trees, and a little fox.

  573. Currently I am working on a picture I have, doing it in thread painting. It is of Aspen’s in the fall. I am trying as many different stitches as I can get in. I would say it is about half done. I will send you a photo when I am done.

  574. I have three WIPs right now – Pumpkin Passport (an easy cross stitch only piece I keep in the car for school pick-up), a smallish blackwork piece by Elizabeth Almond, and my long-term behemoth, Around the World in 80 Stitches. I like to balance my WIPs like this so I always have something I can work on regardless of mood, time, or light available!

  575. My current project is a cream silk duvet cover I bought in China on holiday, it took me a while to find silk threads and now I am embroidering butterflies and flowers and ribbons.

  576. My current project is a baby dress for my granddaughter. I drew flowers and vines on the bodice and am embroidering it.

  577. I’m working on bookmarks for friends with their initials embroidered on them. I’m so thankful for your e-book! Merry Christmas ,Mary.

  578. My current project is to finish several small items from Nancy Tucker. Two were featured in recent copies of NeedleArts.

    Next up is a cardinal by Trish Burr. I gathered materials today.

  579. I have a number of projects in hand. My current project is embroidery for a cushion cover. Next will be my Bunka project that is Japanese embroidery. Am just waiting to start. I would undoubtedly love to work on the Christmas wreath. I would be delighted to receive this package as a Christmas gift and am sure would be a very interesting project which would definitely add to my knowledge of embroidery skills.

    Thanks Mary in advance and Merry Christmas to you……..

  580. I’ve got a couple of palls on my frame right now, and I’m working on gathering materials for Late Harvest.

  581. My current work – a gorgeous wreath very similar to this one I got last year at the French Needle. Rouge du Rhin Bleu Jardin. It’s lovely. I love these little kits.

  582. What am I stitching at the moment? Well, in my mind, I have lots of projects just about finished! In reality I am doing a tapestry picture of galahs in an Australian landscape, and also intermittently hooking a rug of tumbling cats. Also, just finishing a little bookmark in cross stitch of celtic intertwined birds.

    I always enjoy your articles, and your work is so inspirational! Merry Christmas, and a good year ahead for you.

  583. Last night I finished A Thousand and One Flowers (Mille Fleures) by Canevas Folies (and ohy my gosh, House of Embroidery threads are GORGEOUS); I am thinking that my next project is going to be an attempt at needle painting a picture I took and did interesting things to in Photoshop a few years back.

  584. The next project will be su embroidery of a butterfly done in silk threads ,with enough patients and quiet. Love this time of year. Merry Christmas and thanks for the great site. Jennifer Masiero.

  585. Hi Mary,
    I currently have two needlework projects on the go, the major one is ‘Pertinacity’ from ‘Crewel Intentions’ by Hazel Blomcamp and the smaller one is ‘Prancer’ by Trish Burr – a reindeer whitework with colour featured in Inspirations magazine issue 88.

  586. I always have a few projects on the go but the one I’m working on most often (or mist frantically) at the moment is a large R2D2 – a christmas gift for my Star Wars loving partner.

  587. I’m working on many things as always – plenty of UFOs in the craft room – but right now I’m trying to get two very tiny Elizabethan Animals panels finished by Christmas. These are from a workshop I attended at the WA Embroiderers Guild last month with Maree Talbot from Queensland, and have a tiny detached buttonhole hare and squirrel on them, surrounded by flowers, grass and insects. I’ve nearly finished!

  588. At the moment I am working on an Endless Landscape and I am using needlepoint and embroidery stitches. The idea was in an old Stitches magazine and I hope to make more but the wreath would be a lovely piece to work on in between landscapes. Pam

  589. I’m working on an Irish Celtic design on white Aida cloth using counted cross stitch in bright yellow, bright orange and bright green that is almost finished. This will be given as a gift to a friend.

  590. As part of the Certificate Program at the Royal School of Needleeork, I am finishing up my Jacobean project. Hopefully, it will meet their standards.

  591. I’m working on a very easy, very cute, cross stitch snowman while I watch the Hallmark Christmas movie channel. I’m enjoying every minute!

    I would like to work on something more challenging after the holidays.

  592. I am working on a stuffed fox kit from Kiriki Press featuring a number of different embroidery stitches including chain stitch, french knots and arrowhead stitch. After that, when I can get hold of some Evertite stretcher bars, I will attempt the honeysuckle gold work kit from Berlin Embroidery Designs.

  593. I am currently finishing up some embroidered violet nosegay pillow cases for a Christmas present.

  594. Hi There
    Currently I am working on a set of pillowcases, they are so much fun and you can see progress fast

  595. Hi Mary, I am currently working on 2 projects. One is a kit from the Bayeux Tapestry which has had to take a back seat for a while as I am completing a piece for my Korean daughter in law for Christmas. It is adapted from a picture I found on the Internet of 2 Korean musicians in national dress which I am working in silk threads on a silk background. I hope she likes it.

  596. Hello Mary,
    Another wonderful give-away! Currently I am working on a Japanese Embroidery piece from the EGA National Seminar, Plum in Praise. It is a lovely piece and I am enjoying working on it very much.
    Happy Holidays to All!

  597. Having finished a hardanger and cross stitch Christmaa bellpull I’m about to start a hardanger table topper from Burda magazine.