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National Embroidery Month Book Give-Away!


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Well, I haven’t said a lot here on Needle ‘n Thread about National Embroidery Month.

Yes, February is National Embroidery Month! Yay!

The thing is, I don’t really get into the generic naming of months or days for the awareness of things. Like “World Nutella Day.” What does that mean? Are people supposed to eat more Nutella that day than any other day of the year? Or are they just supposed to be aware that Nutella exists? I already struggle with the fact that Nutella exists! I don’t need to be reminded!

Does it really matter that November 6th is National Basketball Day? Or that March 1st is National Pig Day? Or that May 4th is Star Wars Day? If more people knew that January 23rd is Handwriting Day, do you think they’d have better penmanship?

And, really. Do you want the world to celebrate National Naked Day?

If I tried really hard, I could probably elaborate many reasons why I don’t get into these kinds of things. Among them, I might mention their arbitrariness, their (often) superficiality, their lack (in most cases) of clear foundation or reason for existence (Count your Buttons Day? National Absurdity Day? Tell a Lie Day? My mind boggles!), and, when it comes to things, the little inkling that they smack of marketing ploys. I bet more Nutella is sold at the beginning of February than any other time of the year.

And while I can get behind the notion of a more intensely embroidery-focused day or month, the fact is, every month is National Embroidery Month in my mind. I’m always asking myself how we can make others more aware of the art of embroidery, how we can pass the art on, how we can preserve it, enhance it, spread it, explore it…

Still, all that said…. ok! I’ll bite! It’s National Embroidery Month, after all! And to celebrate it – as it draws to a close – let’s have a give-away!

A-Z Embroidery Books give-away

And, more to the point, let’s make it a give-away that helps promote the learning of embroidery and the beauty of embroidery!

Thanks to Search Press, which offers a vast array of beautiful books devoted to embroidery, needle crafts and textiles, today I’m giving away three embroidery books to one winner. The books are A-Z of Embroidery Stitches, A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2, and A-Z of Embroidered Flowers.

If you’re not familiar with the A-Z Series of embroidery books, check out this article that describes what the series is all about, and its advantages for beginning stitchers and beyond. It also lists what books are available in the series and where you can find them.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now over. Thanks for participating!

To join in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Please leave one comment below. Multiple comments, comments received via email or left on other articles on the website, are not eligible. If you’re not sure where to leave the comment, you can follow this link directly to the comment form.

2. On the comment form, please make sure your email is entered correctly. It’s not seen by anyone else, and it is secure. Also, on the comment form, you can leave the “website” line blank. This is for those who write their own blogs or websites. If you don’t write your own blog or website, just leave that line blank.

3. In your comment, please answer the following question:

Did you manage any stitching in February? If so, what did you work on? If not, that’s ok, too! Just tell us what you’re hoping or planning to work on!

4. The give-away closes at 5:00 am central time (Kansas, USA) on Wednesday, March 1st. The winner will be randomly drawn that morning and I’ll announce the winner in that day’s article. I’ll also contact the winner by email.

That’s it!

Now, go forth and celebrate National Embroidery Month (or what remains of it!) by leaving your comment below! Can’t wait to hear what you’re working on!


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    1. Hi Mary! I am working on cushions for my sitting room. Making a flower garden with mixed media. Tatted flowers made with Lizbeth variegated thread, wool and different embroidery thread and .lots of embroidery stitches. Don’t use a pattern, have to squeeze it out of my head!
      So glad I found you here after the closing of Stitching Fingers as I really enjoy you!
      Greetings from South Africa!

    2. I am presently working on “coloris kaleidoscope” pattern on a table cloth, which I found in your Hand Embroidery Patterns. On completing this I intend doing a cross-stitch runner.
      Name : Mrs. Jayanthi Ramaswamy

    3. I do a many embroidery stitching while needlepointing. I just completed eight five-inch circle ornaments for a future club by a needlepoint shop. I am currently designing a stitch guide and doing the stitches on a new Cowgirl for Leigh Designs. I have many A to Z books, but I have not seen this series.

      I read your column and copy and keep many of your ideas. Thank you for this wonderful blog.

  1. Yes! I have been embroidering Isaiah 41:9,10 on a wool sweater that I felted. I am going to turn it into a pillow!

  2. I did manage to get some regular stitching in this month, Mary. I’m working on a broderie blanche dress and I’ve got one more section of the front bodice to finish before I can start construction. My travel project is a smocked dress in bright spring colours.

    1. I completed a charming toy soldier and drum for a card, cross stitch with mucho back stitching detail, bright and cheerful colors.

  3. I did stitch in February. I worked on a humpback whale in the style of Roumanian lace, a gold work thistle, and a three dimensional canvaswork apple. None of which are finished, yet.

  4. Yes, I did manage to stitch a little in February! I am still working on dishcloths, but am getting better at a smooth outline/stem stitch and a nice long-and-short stitch in the shape of a fruit. Getting better, long way to perfection!

    I think sisters are getting embroidered dinner napkins for Christmas this year. Too good an opportunity to practice, to pass up!

    Thank you for this fabulous giveaway! Lucky winner!


  5. I’m working on a hoop for my friend’s baby shower this weekend. I’ve stitched his name and a small woodland-type scene with a gnome, his toadstool, and a buzzing bee nearby. I hope she likes it! 🙂

  6. Mary,

    Unfortunately, I did not do any embroidering in February. I had a sewing project going (a Trolls tote bag for my granddaughter), so that took up all my spare time. But having completed that, I need to get back to my monogram embroidery. I would absolutely love to win those books! They are the best! Thanks for offering them.

  7. I completed “To Honor Elsa” by Marnie Ritter that I had started at an EGA seminar. Using your tutorials helped me with the stitches I was struggling with in this piece and and am very happy with my results.

  8. I have been able to work on Christmas redwork which I am doing in purple. It is a four panel depicting the birth of Jesus. I am on my last panel. It should be done soon but I only work on it when I go to stitch groups. I have finished in February a Grandmother Flower Garden quilt that I started in 2001. Done Finally!

  9. I started-restarted a crewel piece that was begun in 1980! The passing of my mother reignited my desire to stitch, after finding some of her work when we were clearing out her house. Thank you, Mom!

  10. This February started I started a 10 part embroidery “series” of embroidering my way through J.R.R. Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth. Each hoop will be a different iconic location from the fantasy land…So far I am half way done with the first one, “The Shire.” This endeavor is a personal challenge to myself, and for my fiancé. He is an illustrator, so for every hoop I do, he will do a full size illustration. It will be neat to see the differences and similarities in our mediums and in our perspectives of these places!!

  11. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to do any embroidery this month, but hope to finish work on my 5 year old daughter’s monogram for her room soon.

  12. No, I have not had the chance to do any stitching this month. I am hoping to try and do some lazy daisy stitches and french knot stitches.

  13. I have multiple WIP that focus on the gentle art of needle work – sadly, I was only able to sit down and stitch for a few minutes on a few days. I am setting a goal in March to schedule 15 minutes a day, as you suggest, Mary, and I’ll happily watch my progress! This is a lovely book – thanks for having a giveaway drawing!

  14. In February I worked on a table runner that I designed, a round robin project that has been travelling ( and resting at various homes I between travels), an outfit for “Virtual Violet” -the flat doll travelling among members of the online chapter of the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada – Virtual Threads, Hardanger pieces for favours for our guild spring festival, and worked on a canvas PH.D.

  15. Love your work! Pulled out a long stored crawl piece and I’m working on my long and short technique. Thanks for the video tutorials!

  16. In February, I have been working on a cross stitch Christmas Stocking for my daughter, a blackwork piece called A Cup Full of Wishes, and a drawn thread towel. So I am keeping very busy with my stitching. Enjoy your stitching.

  17. I haven’t done any stitching in February – but the month’s not over yet! My current project is a design from Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden coloring book, a bunch of different flowers. I’m almost done with it, but these books would be an inspiration for my next project for sure!

  18. I have been unable to stitch this month, as I am completing a Master in Health Science (Midwifery) thesis and stitching is my wonderful treat for when I submit at the end of this month! But, I did succumb to buying the lovely book on Goldwork that Mary suggested recently. I am not allowed to open it until my thesis is submitted, so that’s a great incentive to keep writing!

  19. I have managed a little embroidery time in February and am working on my thread painting landscape from a class I took last year.

  20. No, sadly I did not get to do any embroidery these last few weeks. I need to get the right fabric before I start and am finding this harder than I thought.
    But I would love to win your generous prize this month. I already have a few of the A – Z book, which I enjoy paging through again and again.

  21. Yes! I managed to stitch in February.
    I worked, though briefly, on a painting called Pleasure, and I incorporated stitching on the canvas. (I work in multi media art)

    Even though my work is not ‘traditional’ in nature, I really enjoy your blog, and I always read it!
    Thank you for every smile and biota knowledge that I glean~

  22. I have embroidered every day this month, as am working on a full size embroidered/embellished quilt that is getting closer daily to being finished. Happiness is embroidery! Over the top is actually finishing the project.

  23. I wish I had done some sewing, I have three projects to finish for next Christmas but I can’t seem to stay awake in the evening anymore.

  24. February 2017 is the month when, after 50 years of doing cross stitch, I have now been converted to crewel work! So, yes, lots of embroidery this month, albeit just at the early learning stage at the moment !!

  25. I have done mostly counted work and am finally finishing up a hardanger cloth that I started many years ago.

  26. Greetings Mary,

    It would be lovely to be awarded one of these beautiful books. Just got my “Edmunds Handi Clamp Stitchers Scroll Frame Complete Set” and am hoping to begin a new, exciting project. My plan is a free-hand (daring and exhilarating). Your website is so challenging and filled with incredible projects.

    Thank you for all the information and examples.

  27. Hi Mary,
    had little time for embroidery this month but hope to start Modern Crewel this weekend. I have transfered the pattern to the fabric. That’s a step in the right direction I guess. I followed your instructions to do the transfer and it worked out really great.
    I look forward to your emails. I will keep in mind the tips you have given so far on Modern Crewel.

  28. I am currently working on 3 BOM which are a combination of hand applique and hand embroidery. They are by Norma Whaley, Gail Pan and Fig n Berry. I just love doing them.

  29. I managed some stitching in February – missed about 5 days due to a trip to NYC (we just got back yesterday). As it is Canada’s 150th birthday this year, I’ve been working on the first 2 Patriotic Snippets from Jeannette Douglas – they work up fairly quickly and are very red! I’ve also worked on CloudsFactory’s Game of Thrones house banners as well as a rather large piece (22 inches wide x 14 inches high, where every single thing is stitched, even the background) from Kustom Krafts called Favorite Toy – the cat reminds me of my beloved Q, who passed away a few years ago. I still have to get to a Victoria Sampler Wedding piece to commemorate my wedding last October!! I need more hours in the day.

  30. In February, so far, I have stitched the following:
    Bag O’Bones (designer : Ruthmarie Hofmann) — completed
    Beginner’s Hardanger (EGA GCC designed by Marion Scoular) — in my rotation
    Tidalwash (EGA Seminar pilot; designer: Ruthmarie Hofmann) — at the top of my rotation
    Elizabeth (designer: GayAnn Rogers) — in my rotation

  31. I did work on embroidery stitches during the month of February. The current challenge for my quilt guild is to create a crazy quilt. We are having lots of fun with this and even the gals that don’t do hand work are getting into the project.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.


  32. I’ve been slowly falling back into stitching, and it’s been motivating to make small practice projects to give away. I don’t have to hide a stash of samplers in a drawer, to never become anything! So I’ve been working on a stitched bag for a friend to try out some new stitch techniques and firm up my satin and long-and-short stitch!

  33. Yes, today, I’m stitching your double chain as bark for a tree on a project. My friend JoJo tries to put a little embroidery work on each of her projects just to preserve the art. It always adds to her pieces and has become her signature. Today, I’m copying what she is doing! Once I finish the bark, I’ll appliqué some flowers in place and I plan to add a few embroider stitches to the flower centers to make them more lifelike! Time will tell if I got it right!

  34. My mother wants to start doing embroidery again and I want to start. My mother embroidered some when we were children and I remember some of the items that she did….so pretty. I have a friend who is doing a year long project with a FB group and I think some of the stitches are so pretty! Some good books would be a great help to us!

  35. Good morning, Mary,
    Thank you for the give-away offer! This month I have worked on three different projects (none of them finished yet)-a needlepoint piece, a cross-stitch piece, and, much to my delight, a surface embroidery piece that I started right after I received the pattern! Since I’ve retired, I have been trying to fit in stitching to my daily schedule. This month, that appears to have happened and I couldn’t be happier! My surface embroidery needs some practice with the stitches; other than that, I have truly enjoyed working the piece.
    Thank you for your newsletter. I check each morning to see if there’s a new one and it gives me much pleasure when it’s a new subject!
    Warm regards,
    Sandra Frye

  36. I finished a snowman scene that sadly was supposed to be a Christmas present for someone. But now I have something ready for next Christmas!

  37. I finished a Banu Demeril design, and am working on finishing a small Chatelaine Mandala. Very satisfying!

  38. I made a needle case out of wool for my friend. She doesn’t do embroidery, so she was thrilled.

  39. I embroider on found photographs. I’m two quotes away from finishing a diptych that has taken many hours! On stitched-together studio proofs, I’m embroidering lines from obituaries that contain the word “avid.” Each piece is 23″h x 30″w. Avid lines included: “John was an avid news channel watcher. Doris was an avid CB radio fan. Timmy was an avid conversationalist. Rebecca was an exceptionally avid reader. etc…”

  40. Hi Mary, I like reading all your posts and wanted to enter this giveaway as I am always trying to learn new embroidery techniques. To answer your question for the contest, I have been busy stitching in this month of February. I am working on a shaded black work bust of my grandmother as a little girl. Am also stitching a large counted cross stitch project from HAED. These are both goals of projects I want to finish this year if possible.
    In Christ,
    Gail J.

  41. I participated in public stitch-in day on my birthday, February 4th, with other members of my chapter. We usually do a cruise in February for my birthday and Valentine’s Day. I always take my stitching with me. I am working on a folk art flag pattern from a magazine article from 1998. If I won these books, I would share them with my stitching friends from my local EGA chapter.

  42. I’ve done embroidery for years, but, I have a 3d candlewicking project I’m going to do and I want it to look sooooo good. I am taking a couple of embroidery classes to help me clean up my stitches. For me “art” is a verb and I need to art. I love to play with color and texture. Ah, every day I find some way to art. PS.. I am a scientist. How cool is that…a right brained science person. Oh, the possibilities!

  43. I would love to win one of these books. It seems like the perfect thing to help me in my recovery from surgery on my broken ankle.

  44. I’m new to thread embroidery and Needle ‘n Thread has been very inspiring. Thanks. I have been learning and practicing new stitches during February, trying to do a little bit each day.

  45. I have just drawn up my blueprint for a cross I’m embroidering on a pillow. Because I’m still new to Embroidery, I used your videos to select stitches for edging, stitches that turn corners well, etc. I’m going to try my hand at adding pearls, as I’ve seen in Russian Embroidery and one deep red Swarovski crystals in the center. There are several voids I would like to fill with a basket weave goldwork pattern. My goal is to finish by June.

  46. No, sadly I haven’t managed any free time to stitch so far this month, but since we still have four days left I have hope! Thank you for all your inspiration!

  47. Hello

    Presently I am working on a pulled thread projects which is a homework I am doing in the Counted Thread course – a 12 month training being given by en EAC (Embroiderer’s association of Canada). It is a technique which I have done in the past without really knowing what I was doing. It can give very intricate work & I never realized that “tension” is the main focus. The results can be very different from one another depending on the tension used. This course is a nice challenge & I am enjoying it very much. Hope to pursue in the coming years.. Ciao

  48. Coincidentally, February is the month I got back into doing embroidery again! It had been one of my main hobbies awhile ago, but then I started drifting from it to pursue some of my other interests. Come about a week or two ago, I picked up the needle again and started working on a design I had started about two years ago. I’ve worked on it a bit each night and I must say I like how it’s coming along. It also happens to be one of your patterns- Heart O’ Flowers. I love embroidering flowers and trying out different stitches, so I thought I’d try for these books! Best wishes to the lucky winner!

  49. I love needlework and usually am working on ‘something’ all the time. In February, I bought new carpet, flooring and a new sofa, so I had to move everything out of 2 rooms, and that meant all of my sewing supplies, and then paint and clean the rooms to get ready.
    Now, I can get back to it. I want to do a special pillow for my new sofa.

  50. I agree with you that every month is embroidery month, but yes, I have been pretty diligently stitching this month. A while ago I saw a pattern by Carol Pedersen for Hardanger valances (Picket Fence) and I fell in love with them. I thought it would take me an entire year to finish them but so far it has been 2-1/2. I am not exactly tired of them but I do want to finish so I can work on something else, so I have stitched pretty regularly since the first of the year so I can finally get them up! The end is in sight.

  51. February sees me working on a UFO. My challenge for the year is to finish 6 projects before I start a new one… and I have a beauty waiting for that moment!

  52. I did a little bit, learning new stumpwork techniques and beginning a project based around the stylised wings of several bird species. I’d wanted to have more done, but my father received an imminent terminal diagnosis so I’ve had to focus my energy in other places.

  53. Wow!! I would love to have these books. I still have so much to learn.

    Honestly, February has gone on a back seat this year for me. My back is still recovering and hoping to start stitching next month.

    Thank you!!

  54. After a long absence from stitching due to a back that meant I couldn’t sit, I finally managed to get going again. I started a crewel project based on a pattern in one of my late mother ‘s books. And I joined TAST. I’m having so much fun learning new stitches and experimenting with different threads .

  55. In February I have picked up one of my many UFO’s, Tanja Berlin’s Baby Burrowing Owl. Needle painting is a challenge for me and getting back into the right feel and rhythm has turned out to be a challenge in itself. I’m sticking to it and hope to finish by the first of April.

  56. This month I have stitched! What would life be without my frame, good audio books, bright colours and the sound of thread moving through fabric? I don’t want to consider it! Thank you Mary for your wonderful blog and great giveaways!
    I look forward to your blog, it makes me happy!
    Techiya from Ontario Canada

  57. I try to stitch at least for a few moments each day. This month I have stitched on 3 different projects.

    1. I finished a cross-stitch pattern, “Le Bicyclette” from France. I was able to use fabric and thread from my stash. What a good feeling!
    2. I have started working on a cross-stitch pattern which was free on FB. All it says is “Nevertheless, she persisted”. I’m stitching it on perforated paper with Sampler Threads (again from my stash). I want it to look like the antique needlework sayings.
    3. I’ve also started a small blackwork sampler that a stitching friend and I will be teaching in April at our local library. In conjunction with that, I worked on sewing crazy quilt squares for the class. Our first two weeks will be spent on embroidery stitches for the crazy quilt and the last two weeks on the blackwork sampler. The free class is sponsored by the library and is geared to those who are recently retired or going to retire and are looking for arts in the area.

  58. Hi Mary,

    I did spend a little time in February finishing Tanja Berlin’s Hapsburg Snowflake Sampler, finishing the stitching on a set of 12 Swedish weaving placemats and some knitting. A much more productive month than I have in a while. I am eagerly awaiting my package with projects from the newest Inspirations magazine. As soon as they arrive, I can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

  59. Too funny – just got back into embroidery after a break of about 9 months, but didn’t know February was National Embroidery Month. Have been wishing I had a good stitch dictionary and looked at your reviews just yesterday but hadn’t made a decision as to what I want. Crossing fingers I win these books! 🙂

    As to what I’ve been embroidering – mostly hoop art. Finished a project I started last April, then did a new one where I modified a design I found online, of a basket of flowers, and turned it into a sort of stitch sampler complete with twill-woven basket and a woven picot daisy following your instructions, then did 2 of 3 kits my dear husband gave me for Valentine’s Day. I started embellishing a canvas tote bag I dyed years ago with pockets and flowers, and I embroidered a bunch of little pieces I’ll turn into brooches. And made a needlebook from your Lavender Honey ebook, for a dear friend’s birthday. Now I’m working on another round project – it will be a pincushion for the top of a container with a lid that will hold needles, scissors, floss, etc for, you guessed it, embroidery 🙂 You know, I didn’t realize just how much I’d done in the last 6 weeks until I listed it just now!


  60. I’ve been stitching different designs & stitches that I’ve colored with crayons to enhance the images.

  61. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m REALLY new to this and I’ve actually done A LOT (well, for me) of stitching this month. I’m (again) trying a #yearofmaking and so I’ve been spending most of my making time learning new stitches on a random piece of fabric. It’s been really fun so far. I’m just working my way through a couple books trying a new stitch almost every day. Some of the ones I think should be the easiest are the most challenging for me, but I have plenty of year left to practice! I’m so glad to have found your blog. Thanks again!

  62. I’ve been working on several projects that feature HEARTS. I work with an art program at the local elementary school and teach embroidery to third, fourth and fifth graders. Each year, usually around February, we hold an ARTS FESTIVAL where the students exhibit their work. I’ve been stitching up sample pieces that are appropriate to the age. Chicken scratch hearts for the fifth graders, satin stitched and couched hearts and flowers for the fourth graders and red work and stamped cross stitch hearts for the third graders. My students do beautiful work and are very eager to learn and stitch new projects each year.

  63. Hi Mary,
    I am from Canada so am probably not eligible for the giveaway, but wanted to leave a comment anyway. I want to thank you for a wonderful website. I learned some basic embroidery (and some colour theory) over 40 years ago now. I have taken on projects over the years, but never regularly.
    About 4-5 years ago, I began a quilt for my daughter as a future wedding gift to be put away (her boyfriend at the time became her husband 2 years ago) although she wasn’t engaged then. It’s just something that I had always wanted to make for her. I used fusible web to applique pine trees on. I then did the blanket stitch around each of the 25 large trees. I really enjoyed it and found it so relaxing (as I have always found hand embroidery/sewing).
    I am now working on a Scripture verse “picture” that I am going to frame in a round 10 inch hoop. I bought a custom PDF pattern off of Etsy of the verse that I wanted with some flowers and have been working on stitching it (it was actually just a print pattern and not embroidery so no instructions). I have found your website, with videos to show the stitches so helpful.
    I find your website, in general, to be so informative and inspiring. I plan on doing some embroidery as a gift for my niece’s upcoming wedding this summer and have plans for more in the future.
    Thanks again.

  64. I haven’t done any stitching for myself in February (got a little knitting done though!), but I am about to start cross-stitching some small greeting cards for a lady at church and maybe my Girl Scouts. At our homeschool co-op we’ve done some basic embroidery on felt with the kids, though, which was fun for everyone!

  65. I am embroidering blocks for quilts. This month, I finished up 12 squares for a calendar wall hanging. Now I’m starting on some redwork garden seasonal designs. Thank you for offering the embroidery books. New stitches to jazz up my blocks. Yay!

  66. This month got a tiny bit of a start on one of Amy Mitten’s stumpwork pieces, and a fairly good start on a cross-stitch of Nevertheless, she persisted. I think there are a few of those in my future…

  67. I’m drooling at the possibility of these books! I have two projects I’ve purchased to embroider after reading your newsletters and seeing your work. They have been sitting in my drawer for 6 months because I’m afraid to start not knowing what stitches to use, etc. I’ve a major fear of committing at the moment to the pieces!

  68. This month I finished smocking a bishop dress but still working on construction. Also, I am working on an Easter dress for a friend’s granddaughter and a crocheted receiving blanket for a friend of my daughter that is expecting in the summer. My next project will be a white christening gown with ecru embroidery.

  69. This past month I worked on hand stitched, embroidered and beaded felt ornaments. Never too soon to get into the holiday spirit:)

  70. These books are just what I need. A list of stitches. I’m doing some canvas work for my guild right now. We’re dmaking an ort box out of the canvas work. I’m also doing the year of stitching 2017 project. So two projects on the go.

  71. What did I stitch on this month? All my stitching was done by machine. I made three rice bags for hot/cold packs. My mom said the ones that I had made her years ago were filthy, so I made two for her and one for my MIL as she is recovering from a broken back and back surgery. My mom was using hers by the end of the night that she got them, and MIL was using hers as well.

    I also swapped out sewing machines for my 15th wedding anniversary. I got a Janome Skyline S9 which does both sewing and embroidery. So I spent some time stitching pieces of fabric together and then some time seeing what 9mm stitches looked like compared to the 7mm had been able to do before. That 2mm sure made a difference! Then I replaced the elastic in my husbands pajama pants that I made him long ago.

    Then I got sick and haven’t even had the oomph to try out the embroidery feature yet. But I did get a bunch of embroidery floss at the thrift store earlier in the month. I went through it to pull out any colors/numbers that I don’t have and the rest is set aside for the group I help with in the Congo to learn a skill so they can support their families.

    Hopefully this weekend I will either be doing some hand or machine embroidery! I would love those books, as not only does my machine have a bunch of embroidery stitches, but it has a stitch creator and I just saw on Pinterest some embroidery diagrams that were simple enough that they looked like I could program them to sew out by machine and save my hands which just won’t stop hurting. I will be looking at embroiery designs in a whole new wayy from now on!

  72. During the month of February, I worked on the embroidered 6-inch blocks of the Splendid Sampler quilt. Next month, I will start the machine pieced blocks. There are a total of 100 blocks.

  73. Did I stitch in February? Did I ever!!! I’ve not embroidered for probably 35-40 years (except cross stitch). I’ve rediscovered my love of it and I’m currently working on the 1 Year of Stitching. A book would be so helpful! THANKS for the excellent tutorials!

  74. I’m a brand new embroiderer looking for ideas to start doing needlework in retirement. As such, no, I didn’t do any stitching in February. I’d love to have an A-Z book of stitches to get me started. Thank you, and keep up your beautiful website!

    Laurie Sabol

  75. I joined Sue Spargo’s BOM this year– and have managed to finish the first block. Although I have been sewing for over 50 years (yikes!) I am relatively new to embroidery and am loving it. Thank you, Mary, for being such an inspiration and incredible teacher!

  76. Happy National Embroidery month! Who knew? I am so excited about this chance to win these books. I’ve been embroidering since I was little, off and on over the years, and always come back to it. This month the only embroidery I’ve done is when I embroidered the details on appliqued deer for a quilt I am making for my first grandchild, due in May. Thank you for the opportunity and for your very informative blog.

  77. I did manage to do some stitching this month! I finished the pre-work for a class I’m taking at the Heartland Region (EGA) Seminar next month. It’s a cross stitch piece that will be used in a finishing class. I don’t do much cross stitch these days, so it was a nice change for me.

    Mary in MN

  78. I competed a canvas ‘postcard’ that I had started at the end if January, stitched for my daughter who lives in Hong Kong ( I live in UK ). I was really pleased with end result – free stitching in various shades of purple with some shades of lime – and even more pleased to find it framed and hung on her wall ( in Hong Kong ) when I arrived last week for a spot of granny duty. It had made the journey ‘as a postcard’ half way around the world and arrived intact…..I hope it gave some people something more interesting to look at than plain white envelopes.

  79. During February I worked on a Goldwork project, a surface embroidery floral design and thread painting of a violet.
    Absolutely learn the best techniques from you and your site.

  80. During February, I have worked on some cross stitch Disney themed blocks. I am sewing them to put in quilts for my 2 granddaughters. Thank you for the give away opportunity. I do all kinds of hand embroidery, since i was child, and would love to win these books.

  81. I’m currently working on a red work design that I purchased through one of my favorite websites; Bird Brain Designs. I call it my mindless activity, lol. It relaxes me so much!

  82. I did stitch IN February! I am finished the 11th block and started on the 12th block of a a Harvest Time appliqued quilt top and hand quilted an hand embroidered pillow top.

    My husband and I live in a 25′ trailerable boat and have been traveling the US for 4 years.

    Filliw us at Bbsmith4 on instagram!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. I have been merrily stitching all month, not even aware that February is National Embroidery Month! Because it’s cold and often grey and overcast where I live (Ontario, Canada), this is a perfect time of year to sit inside and stitch and dream about spring and gardening. One of my projects is a wool felt table mat, with a perimeter of pumpkins and gourds in shades of orange, leaves and vines. The embroidery stitches are blanket and stem, and I’m loving the bright colours and the warmth and softness of the wool felt. I have also stitched a couple squares for our guild’s special project to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. The assignment is to create a small piece depicting what Canada means to me, the stitcher. My current piece is a barn and silo in pulled thread work, a technique I am just learning. The barn and silo represent Canadian agriculture, and specifically agricultural history, as I am an historian of Canadian rural and agricultural history. Canada’s agricultural past and present are part of my Canada. I love real books, and the giveaways would make a wonderful addition to my embroidery library. I wish you all health, happiness and peace.

  84. Morning Mary – – you are so funny; first let me make this perfectly clear – I don’t like Nutella. Second – -it’s all about marketing; a little water cooler discussion that’s safe; a brief respite from the news…. I am working on my practice piece – – I watch one of your videos (multiple times), and then practice, practice, practice. My goal is to do this at least 3 times/week. My intent is to use embroidery on my crazy quilt. Someone told me that without embroidery, its only a scrape quilt. So…….this is my goal. *also, while others use their phones for snap-chat or whatever, I’m watching your videos on my You-tube app (lunch and embroidery stitches!!) Perfect.

  85. I am actually taking an embroidery class tomorrow offered through a local plant nursery. I am hoping to have a finished project at the end of the class.

  86. Yes! I finished the body of my Halloween plaid spider….better late…. or maybe I am early for 2017!

  87. I am hoping to one day learn some fancier embroidery stitches. I was able to work on a Santa that I didn’t finish in December. He is so cute that I am enjoying working on him now and will have him ready for a gift for next year. Next I have a spring pillow filled with bunnies and flowers. I am really looking forward to working on that. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

  88. Hi Mary! Oh I must say I really desire to win this one. It’s my birthday – that would be a great thing! Oh, well, here’s hoping! Thanks for this rich chance. February was not too stitchy though I
    managed to work a bit on a sampler from my Craftsy class. It was actually more viewing than doing unfortunately. Blessings!!

  89. I’m just getting back into embroidery after a 51 year break. I’m trying to reacquainted myself with the common stitches and I love it.

  90. I’ve just started to embroider again after a very long break and am thoroughly enjoying it. I love it so much more than counted cross stitch (which I did in the late 80s/early 90s). Currently, I’ve been experimenting with different stitches, needles, and fabric to improve my skills. I hope to do some fun projects this spring and summer.

  91. Love those books! This month I have been working on a monthly SAL of counted cross from Linen and Threads and loving it!

  92. A book give away!!! Yay!!! I’ve been embroidering on a rather coarse piece of jute fabric and the results until now have been good. I hope to complete it after the national embroidery month..
    Thanks for the giveaway. Hope you are well.

  93. In February I started a new crazy quilt wall hanging. This will be my third and I am loving the creativity it allows me.

  94. I like ur website needle n thread, I love to do embroidery, but now a days I can’t manage my time for embroidery.

  95. I’m just getting back into embroidery after a 51 year break. I’m trying to reacquaint myself with the common stitches and I love it.

  96. What a nice idea!!!

    I’m a beginning embroiderer – in February I have been working on a freehand sampler to practice the basic stitches and have purchased a kit to make a lovely pillow (from Benedicte Reveilhac), which I hope to start this weekend.

    Just a quick question: is there a good online forum for traditional/surface embroidery (Ravelry-ish sort of thing)? I would love to have a resource for advice and questions as I don’t have a good shop nearby enough to go regularly (I bought my kit online).


  97. This month (February) I started a cross stitch project of a beautiful mermaid from Design Works. I’ve completed about 1/3 and am very pleased with the results so far. Embroidery is my passion!

  98. Did you manage any stitching in February? If so, what did you work on?
    I did! I embroidered four rondels that will be put on a Roman-style tunic. They were done with perle 5 on linen, white on white. The designs were 3 crows in a circle and four crescents in a plus sign (horns out), two of each design.

  99. I am working on a somewhat vintage crewel kit by Elsa Williams called Chelsea pillow. It’s a beautiful thing full of flowers and butterflies in pastel colors. It’s a joy to work on. I love old Elsa Williams kits.

  100. Well, February is not over yet, but I intend to try my hand at some embroidery stems on a finished center of my first hand-appliqued album-style quilt.

  101. I have managed to start a stitch sampler this month. Then I want to move on to embroidery, which I had enjoyed so long ago.

  102. I have managed to stitch all month – I am doing the Sue Spargo’s BOM it is so much fun, it has been hard to put it down. Also have a flower garden applique project that I work on when I want a bit of a change. Every day with a needle in hand for at least a few minutes is a VERY good day.

  103. I haven’t managed any stitching time in February, but I plan on changing that this weekend. I have been working my way through Trish Burr’s needlepainting book and doihg all her practice pieces. I am turning that into a sampler using some of your spot sampler ideas from your archives. I love your website, and I read something from your archives every day!

  104. I managed to finish my corn quilt and have been studying a new stump work idea. I also have new student who is interested in learning hand sewing and stitchery. These books would make a great teaching tool. Thanks for your continued generosity.

  105. Oh my-would love to win as I am just a beginner!! I have worked on stitching a simple design to create a pillow for my daughter during February. Fingers crossed for a win!! Thank you for your wonderful guidance on my path of stitching!!!

  106. I finished up a set of pillowcases and gave them to my Step Mom and started on Flanders Poppies needle painting kit by Maggie Gee. I also started getting my supplies together to do Forbidden Fruit and Birds of a Feather from the latest Inspirations magazine.

  107. No, I have not been stitching in February, or for some months recently due to many other things that rose to the top of my priority list. But….I have missed it and hope to resume soon. These books would help me refocus and get my mind on “things embroidery”. I have some unfinished Montmellick pieces and a needlepoint piece that is almost done. So any inspiration and a push to start again would be great. Having recently moved I am still getting settled and as a newly widowed lady I am trying to a adjust to a new life. Losing myself in stitching would definitely be a good thing.

  108. You know every once in while you forget how to do something. This would really help a lot. Thanks for all your wisdom. Grandma G

  109. Not certain if this qualfies, but here goes:

    I’m working on a very special style of stitching, today.
    It’s sort of a shared design.

    My needle: Peace.
    My floss: rich, warm, variegated shades of blessings.
    My fabric: a dear friend’s heart.
    My goal: To bind the bruised and torn parts back together.
    My payment: To see a smile spread so far across his face that the memories no longer trickle down his cheeks.

    Peace snd very blessed be.

  110. I have joined the group A Year In Stitches. Trying to learn to embroider and have fun doing it. I want to do lots of crazy quilting with all the different stitches. Thank you for all you do for all of us. Your videos are awesome. Maryann VanRumpt.

  111. I’m excited for this giveaway. Thanks for a chance to win.

    I’ve been trying to do a stitch-a-day for a year. I run out of ideas as to what to add to my project. 🙂

  112. A few days ago I finished a christening gown with hand stitched bullion roses and stem stitch vines. This was a class project from some years ago. I’m excited to do more hand embroidery, since I have avoided it too much recently. I have several more projects that I am now anxious to work on. I told myself, if I didn’t work on them now, when would I do it? My real incentive for finishing them is to give my son and daughter-in-law a choice for their baby to be baptized in
    If you want to send me a friend request on Facebook, you can see this and lots of other smocked baby dresses with a touch of embroidery, that I also make.
    I have some of the A-Z books for Smocking, but I would love these for embroidery!

  113. I am currently commanded by the doctor to rest, so am taking the opportunity to get on with my embroidered pansy pincushion. I’d love to win the A-Z of Embroidered Flowers and imagine myself in the middle of a flower filled garden.
    I love your website!

  114. I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and a photo album was just asking for an embroidered cover, so I decided to make it a Harry Potter-themed one. I’m halfway drawing the template, just the way I like it. I wish everyone a happy stiching time!

  115. February has been a very exciting month of stitching. I have joined a one year stitch a long online with over 3500 members around the world. The designer and host is LinenandThreads.com in Australia. So much fun to share the love of embroidery with such a diverse group!

  116. Here’s what I stitched in my mind: a proper embroidered repair of a hole in a 50+ year-old cross-stitched tablecloth, said hole created by too vigorously scraping off candle wax. I am a big fan of mending, but don’t know how to begin in this case. Should I “go with it” and embellish the flaw or try to weave the gap and cover in similar stitches. Perhaps these books would help.

  117. Would love to win these. In February, I’ve started a surface long and short stitch piece as well as working on 2 canvas pieces.

  118. Have been satin stitching a small runner for an antique dresser ! Hope to have it finished before May for my Daughters Birthday as a surprise. Have chosen 5 different hues of blue to do single thread satin stitch of butterflies. Time consuming and definitely eye boggling !! But should be good when finished
    Happy stitching Mary

  119. I love the A-Z books. They are so clear and well-illustrated. That said, what am I working on? Well, there is the needlepoint 3D pear ‘partridge in a pear tree’ that I plan to finish for Christmas in 2020 (at least that is how long I am guessing it will take me!); and the sampler that I have had prepared for ages and only now just done a few stitches on; and the ongoing mini sampler Christmas tree decorations which I travel with as they are small and easy to pick up at any time; and then there are the embroidered drawstring jewelry bags of which I actually managed to do the emerald one this month.

  120. This month I finished a felted wool and wool felt embroidered heart featuring a three dimensional bird winging through meadow flowers. I also finished a hoop dedicated to needle weaving and textural embroidery. I created a woven basket filled with symmetrical blossoms, fraktur style. Some of the stitches I used were double cast on, heavy chain stitch, darning, colonial knot, woven picot, and oyster stitch. The best thing about February is stitching!

  121. Hi Mary!

    Have you ever heard of ‘flossing’? There is a practice with corset building where specific stitches are used to hold down the bones within the boning channel so that they don’t slip around and start poking holes in the fabric. I’m currently setting about to make my own corset (I’ve been wanting one ever since I started menopause) and I’m really looking forward the most to embellishing it with embroidery. If you’ll do a Google image search on ‘corset flossing’ you’ll see what I mean. Some of them are kind of boring but I think if they’re combined with something prettier but complementary in between the bone channels, I think the whole effect could be quite stunning. I’m planning on that, anyway!

  122. I actually did quite a bit of stitching in February. I’m Currently working on a small wall hanging with the word “Love” embroidered on it. The embroider consists of stem stitching and wrapped chain stitches. Since I didn’t finish it in time for Valentine’s Day this year, I have something to look forward to for next year.

  123. I try to stitch every night. I’m currently working on “At Home in the Garden” by Norma Whaley and a few other smaller stitchery projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win these books.

  124. I recently started embroidering again. I’m working on a small prickly pear cactus piece with embroidered spines and little grasses around the bottom. These embroidery books would be very inspirational and I know there are many stitches I haven’t tried yet.

  125. I am currently working on the Christmas wreath from a recent Inspirations magazine. It has been really enjoyable.

  126. I picked up stitching for the first time in years this month, and I’m so glad I did! I used to do mostly cross-stitch but I grabbed a zenbroidery canvas at the craft store a few weeks ago and I’ve been experimenting with new kinds of stitches. It’s a peace sign made of birds, flowers, and shooting stars, and I’m making it as colorful as possible.

  127. I was not able to do much stitching this month as I needed to let my finger heal 🙁 I have managed to crochet a little though.

    Thank you for the chance to win these books. I love the A to Z books don’t have any of those ones though.

  128. My blog is mostly about religious questions so my comment will be loosely related to that idea.

    I have started three classes going for ordinary ladies, who do not know how to sew or embroidery at all. I have hired three ladies, who have learned somewhat from me and ask them to teach beginning sewing, embroidery and basket weaving.

    The ladies who are learning embroidery are using your posts to practice new stitches on patterns they have drawn or else they have used some of your free patterns. We meet the three classes twice a week. We have fun.

  129. Amen! Couldn’t agree more.

    This month I worked Anna Scotts kit “Jewels of Summer” to turn into a pillow for my mom for Mothers Day. Anna’s kits are wonderful. Enjoyed it from beginning to end. I finished a linen shawl/scarf with lavender wreaths on it for my mom for her Birthday. I also started making the Tiny Pincushions” from Inspirations Magazine #92 except I’m going to turn them into Christmas ornaments.

  130. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway, Mary. I worked on three stitching projects this month–Squirrel! The first involved some embroidered embellishments on a story quilt I’ve been working on. The second was some free form stitching I’m doing for a fabric book. The third is a miniature mixed media book I’m creating. Almost done with all three!

  131. I posed a comment a few minutes ago but my tablet acted up and I am not sure if it posted or not. My comment stated I enjoy different forms of embroidery especially Brazilian embroidery band red work.bi mostly embroidery during the warm summer months while sitting outside on my swing happily stitching. I hope this posts this time and doesn’t duplicate.


  132. I have been working on a project I started last year which is a year of embroidering a page a week for a journal. Each page is centered around an inspirational quote. I have been working on joining the pages into a book and designing the introduction page as well as the cover. A lot of fun!

  133. Yes, I did more stitching on a beautiful Punto Antico design called Hearts and Flowers by Gingerbread Girl (Kathryn Dummond).

  134. Hello i’m Iffah! This is my first time ever trying something new as stitching embroidery. I’m so excited. Now i’m working on pinkish-diamond-pattern, this is my first work. I don’t know anything about embroidery yet I’m so thankful because of Needle ‘n Thread tutorial videos. I hope i’ll get better and much better everyday as i practice on it.

  135. I have worked on 3 different projects this month so far! Starting a 4th today that should be done this weekend. They are just a few little botanical designs with my children’s names in them. I mount them in a permanent hoop and finish the backs. I then hang these on their presents during their birthdays! They then have a keepsake that they can keep forever, because the clothes and toys usually don’t. We have birthday season starting in our home (during March, April, May and June we have 5 birthdays) so I wanted to get a jump start on these!

  136. I’ve just rediscovered embroidery. As a child my resources were limited and I moved on to other things. Now I have found that there is so much more to embroidery than I ever dreamed – the stitches, the threads, oh my…. The Internet, of course is the greatest inspiration. Thank you for all of the great articles. I discover new info from you everyday.
    I have started 2 cross stitch projects, but my favorited thing is combining techniques, stitches and materials to create little art pieces. K

  137. I finished a counted cross stitch pillow of the new moon & entered it in the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition. I also did a surface embroidery for a Masorot joint project for the Pomegranate Guild National Convention.

  138. I haven’t embroidered this month but have been hand appliqueing on the last 2 sides of a quilt for a granddaughter who knows how long a project like that would take me and told me I had 8 to 9 years to complete it. She was in 9th grade I think and it would be her future wedding quilt. I’ve no idea where I am in the number of years exactly but she is now in college so I’m getting close and I’m stitching every day a few more pieces. No Mr. Right as of yet so I think I will come in on time.
    However, I have registered this week for Woodland Whimsy with American Quilting that will begin in April of 2017 and each month will receive a complete kit to do a bit of applique on and be learning embroidery stitches and beading working with wool and cotton and can keep the piece for a quilt, framed picture, pillow or something of my own imagination so I will be furthering my education and handwork for a whole year. I think that should count. You can view samples of the program that was featured on February 2017’s The Quilt Show or go to the site for the Amreican Quilting in Orem, Utah – to see what’s ahead for my year to come.
    You can view in the little automation some of the projects for Woodland Whimsy. I’m excited.

  139. During February I have tried new-to-me knitting and crochet techniques, sometimes in swatches, sometimes in a project meant to make a wearable item. In 2017 one of my goals is to complete one felted ornament each month, embellished by embroidery. On the ornaments, which I intend to treat as swatches, so to speak, I plan to use the Jessica stitch and incorporate beads and sequins with an eye to repeating the stitch over and over until I gain some confidence with various options.

  140. I’m busy finishing up my UFO’s because I have two grand babies on the way and now have a whole new to-do list

  141. I am doing crazy quilting. I started practicing a couple of months ago and just joined a round robin block exchange. You info really helps. Thanks.

  142. I am trying not o teach myself some new embroidery and crazy quilting. I did a pumpkin and am working on some butterflies

  143. I haven’t placed ONE stitch this month 🙁 I have been so busy doing things other that what I want – but it’s on my mind every morning when I wake up and organize my day… where to put it??? Beautiful books – thank you for the offering!

  144. Lately I have been busily working on some large art installations that I haven’t picked up my sewing needle in several weeks! As I write this, I am looking at the neat stack of projects awaiting me in my favorite sewing chair and it makes me sad that they have been so neglected. Some of these projects include an embroidered table cloth, a chinoiserie-inspired pillow for my living room and some monogrammed towels for my guest bath. Can’t wait to get back to my projects!

    Thanks for the give-away!

  145. Hi Mary,

    Few little!! I did manage to get in a few hours on a applique/embroidered piece I’ve been working on. And that’s about it. I’m still working on unpacking my sewing room. Last weekend I actually got all of my embroidery supplies/projects/etc unpacked and put away into designated spot. Thanks for such a fabulous give away.
    Jean B.

  146. I have been embroidering on totems which I make with fabric scraps left from larger projects. It uses up the small pieces, is quick to complete as well as allowing me to try out new stitches. Laura

  147. I have been doing cross stitch this month. Specifically a sampler by Long Dog Samplers and a Mirabelia piece.

  148. I have started the transition from full-time work to retirement, which means that after years of reading about embroidery, collecting embroidery and dabbling in an embroidery class here and there, I FINALLY get to set up a sewing/embroidery studio and spend long hours actually practicing the art of embroidery–my reward for more than 40 years of hard work! Your expertise, your patterns (especially love the monograms), and your encouragement are invaluable. Thank you!

  149. This February, I’ve been experimenting with heavier threads, such as DMC pearl #5 instead of my usual DMC floss, and I ‘ve been learning variations on chain stitch, such as wrapped and Hungarian.

  150. I have recently found the joy of hand stitching and have decided to expand my stitch knowledge beyond the back stitch and french knot. I am working on a wool sampler where I am adding a sample of as many stitches as I can find. Thanks to you for posting all the wonderful videos and directions on different stitches. I try to do a little stitching every night before bed.

  151. Dear Mary

    I agree with you there are to many National something days. I’m not really writing to win the book just to say that I have a few A-Z books goldwork and whitework and they are really great. They are small and instructive and have lots of techniques to guide you through the embroidery process. I’m working on a pillow embroidering a Poppy in L&S stitch for my Sisters 70 birthday last November, it’s quite bit so will take me a while to complete it. Thanks for the give-away and I hope you have a great weekend stitching.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  152. All of us who are “addicted” to Needlepoint accumulate “to do” projects!! (I have a Maggie Lane rug, which I began in late 1970’s!!! Following a graph, on a project which needs to be laid out on the dining room table, has become more difficult; age is NOT a friend!) A dear friend who I met living in London in the 70’s, is the most prolific needle woman ever! She’s ageing too …. so, she sent me photos of projects she just knows she’ll not get to. I picked out two and she sent them to me! (Cape Cod to Arizona) What a wonderful gift!! I’ve gone to work now and I’m having such fun!! I think of Lucy with every stitch! Pass on those projects you know you won’t get to and you’ll bring such joy to a friend!!

  153. I managed more stitching of the knitting kind than of the embroidery kind. But a trip to Seattle this month has an embroidery pattern percolating in my head.

  154. I worked on a circle piece a number of circles touching creating little triangles between them. Some circles overlapping. It’s an organic piece and it’s developing as it goes.

  155. I’m in between cataract surgeries and can’t see well enough to stitch! By the time you choose a winner I’ll have two new eyes and be on the way back to stitching.

  156. I did get to stitch in February! I’ve been working on a large nativity piece for next Christmas so I’ve been chipping away at the Virgin Mary during lectures. I finally figured out how to do a padded satin stitch, so I may cut out my work on her arms to get a smoother look.

  157. I understand your feelings on National Whatever Day/Month. What’s the purpose? How does one commemorate it? I’ve seen what we’ve done with some of the Federal Holidays — turned them into a party time or a sale instead of honoring whom/whatever. Now I feel guilty for not doing any needlework this month!

    I’ve been a naughty girl, and haven’t done much of anything crafty this month. I did do some reading, though (my first love). Funny how life gets in the way of creativity!

  158. It is VERY important that May the Fourth is Star Wars Day!! Once I recover from my shock, I will continue to work on Curios, a canvas design by Kathy Rees, maybe start another soutache snowflake, or work on some felt applique (all things I’ve stitched this month).

  159. I did manage to stitch in February! I finally finished a Mill Hill Curly Girl kit for my sister, and now I just have to get around to framing it. 🙂 Next on deck is Til Karin – 4 Elements, from Norsk Needlework.

  160. In the month of February, I managed to stitch a tear in my snow pants. Yes, I agree, it’s not exciting (and it’s not pretty) but I am thankful I know how to stitch.

    From knowing how to do an almost invisible repair, I CAN make very pretty embroidery. In the works, is a Christmas tree skirt I am sewing which will have snowflakes embroidered on the panels.

    I guess it’s all relative.

    BTW, totally agree with your thoughts on all these fabricated ‘holidays’. However, although we are 9 months away from National Gratitude Month, let me express my gratitude to you now for your site and humor. Your leave me in stitches. Thank you.


  161. How wonderful to jumpstart my embroidery lessons with these A-Z embroidery books. Life got in the way of my practice but I am eager to master all of the stitches. The backside of my samplers are always such a mess. And, thank you, Mary Corbet, for sharing your work and being such an inspiration and proponent of traditional and beautiful needlework for all levels!

  162. I have been embroidering each letter of the alphabet in all different sizes. I’m currently working on X.
    I just got some 3″ hoops in the mail and they are tiny! Very cute. They will be easy to embroider but most of them so far are 7 or 8 inches.
    I’m mixing them all up. Most will be from Mary’s ebook on alphabet letters. thank you Mary!

  163. I did a lot of embroidery as a child with my grandmother, and have recently got into it again. A beginners book would be extremely helpful!

  164. Embroidery in February? I certainly did, although not as much as I would have liked! I continued to work on my interpretation of 2 works by other designers: a silk threadpainted sweet bag and a gold work Christmas decoration (since I didn’t get this completed for 2016 Christmas I have high hopes it will be done for 2017!) The quest continues! Thank you for this wonderful give away..I love the A-Z Series.

  165. Hi Mary,

    I haven’t been stitching much—but I have managed to hand stitch my first quilt label. We have a new babe in our family and that meant a new quilt to stitch. I really had fun stitching the label which included my name, quilt block name, year and name and birthdate of the recipient. Thank you so for all your tutorials on letters and script. They made it possible for me. Best, Margaret

  166. I have needlepointed, embroidered on a crazy quilt and a Christmas quilt and also done some smocking for some Easter eggs. It’s been a good month. I have also finished a child’s dress that I started 1-1/2 years ago. Yay!

  167. Hello Mary,

    I was working on X-stitch birds at the beginning of the month and then switched to hand painting wedding invitations (80 of them) for my daughter. They will get into the mail today! Yeah! Then I can start some simple embroidery on the end of table runners for the reception which will be sewn together afterward to make table clothes for the family. We all enjoy handwork and this wedding is just a great excuse to let our creativity flourish!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway. I have looked at these in the bookstore a few times and I know I would like them in my library.

    Seek peace,
    Wendy Z. in MN

  168. I didn’t know about February being National Embroidery Month because I try to embroider every day! What have I been working on this month? Our guild makes items for sale to promote out group and raise funds for charity and this year we’re making cards with inserts from silk hankies we painted, then embroidered. We’re also doing embroidered buttons. I’ve been working on a Jacobean-styled embroidery of my own design, a raised embroidery class kit, my own take on a Hazel Blomkamp design, two purple crazy quilt wall hangings, a ‘wrapping cloth’ wall hanging a la Karen Ruane (over 3 years in the making!), a silk panel project, embroidering on a silk scarf I painted, and other embroidery on silk hankies for my own stash. There are, of course, several other projects waiting in line………. 😉 Great giveaway!

  169. As a passionate and motivated stitcher, every month, in fact, every day is a stitching holiday for me. I am delighted to say I completed three major needlework project this month. Two were projects I have been working on for 4-5 years! One of those will be in a juried show tomorrow!
    Now- onto the next project!!

  170. I have been working on English Paper Piecing, Lucy Boston blocks. I am also working on learning to knit socks. I am also getting ready to do some cross stitch from Joyful World by Snowflower Diaries. I need more time in my days.
    Thank you for this great giveaway.
    Have a super great day!

  171. I am working on an embellished wool on cotton appliqué quilt top. I am learning some new stitches and trying new floss and yarn. I’m having fun with my needle.

  172. In february, I stiched little flowers for a sunglasses box. I love following your blog, and admire all the wonders. I love learning a lot from your newsletter!

  173. Hi Mary 🙂 I have an ongoing project, a scissors case on mono canvas that’s progressing but slowly. I’m in the process of learning Hardanger Embroidery and I’m really loving it. My friend has organized a stitching group at a local library and 3 of us are working on Hardanger Angels.

    happy stitching,
    Kathleen 🙂

  174. I managed to be quite productive this month. My ambition for the year is to do 1 Christmas ornament per month ( my theme this year is reindeer) from stitching to finishing (tree-ready) and to pull out an older ornament that is finished stitching but not yet tree-ready and make it so. So far for the first 2 months of the year, I’m on track.
    This year is also Canada’s 150th birthday so larger projects that I’m working on either have a Canadian theme or are designed by Canadian designers. Lots on my happy plate!

  175. This month I am embroidering a set of quilt blocks with a frog motive. And yes, every day is a great day to embroider.

  176. I’ve been stitching Redwork this month and then I got Gail Pan’s Patchwork Loves Embroidery, but I can’t get enough embroidery books on my favorite pastime! Gotta have em!

  177. These books would help me tremendously! Fingers crossed.
    This month I am working on quilt blocks for a new baby, embroidering pictures of vintage children’s clothes.

  178. Ha! I did actually embroider in February. I started a “One Stitch a Day” project. I have missed a few days, mainly because I’m at Stitches West and forgot to bring it, but I’ll catch up in March.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  179. In February I worked on a cross stitch that is giving me a devil of a time. It involves stitching black thread on 18 count black evenweave. It is way more challenging than I ever imagined. I hope I can complete it!!

  180. This February I finished up a hardanger wedding sampler for my daughter,then indulged in a small blackwork ornament done in magenta metallic thread. Now I’m lining up a large floral to do in wool embroidery,way more relaxing than counted work! I’ve a large stash of Persian yarn to pull from. I do like the a-z series of books and would love to have more of them.

  181. I have not done any stitching yet, but will be starting embroidery on a Crazy quilt post card block for a dear friend of mine hopefully in the next couple of days.

  182. Hi!
    I have been stitching away on a project from Maggie G Needlework. Learning new stitches and loving it!

  183. Now that’s an awareness I can get behind. I get behind 2 others because they directly effect my children but not other than that. On the other hand…anything about embroidery and the continuation of it…well, that’s a given! LOL Hope you are feeling great today! Praying for you.

  184. I am currently working on 3 projects: (1) 2 applique birds on a gnome hat (in late April in Atlanta, like-minded gnomes gather together and march in the Inman Park Parade. It’s amazing fun, if you’re in Atlanta, join us!) (2) A sugar skull stormtrooper and (3) a holly berry and leaves napkin. I plan to make a whole set for my mom for christmas.

    They are all so much fun and so different, it’s impossible to get bored.

  185. Thank you for this opportunity. I started making hexies with wool using appliqué and fancy stitching. I have basic patterns available but I want to make each one uniquely my own. I like finding new stitches for each hexie utilizing various threads and beads. I just finished a lamb using French knots. I am a veteran with ptsd and this is very therapeutic for me. So calming. I frequently go to your site to get inspiration and instruction. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me and all the rest of us embroidery novices.

  186. I’m working on a little crazy quilt sampler that will be a wall hanging. It is embroidered, beaded and there’s lace and crochet motifs. So yes, I did a little stitching in February!

  187. I embroidered a fox with hearts on my granddaughters jeans, to make her smile, think of me and give the jeans another month of survival.

  188. I’ll always celebrate needlecrafts! I’ve been working on a reproduction sampler, Dorcas Haynes from the Scarlet Letter, and have been doing a small needlepoint project.

    Thanks for the chance!

    Mary in Billerica

  189. I agree with you. Everyday is embroidery day!
    I am working on the Little Mill Hill Santa’s everyday. I also work on a family sampler and a bench cover needlepoint everyday. Little by little they are getting done. Three projects keep me from getting bored. I spend about two hours per day doing these. I’t way better than watching TV.
    Thanks for your blog, I read it everyday and have learned so much from it.

  190. I am (like you) working on multiple projects. I finished Blackbird Designs “Strawberry Fields Forever”, am working on Mirabilia “Adia, the Garden Angel (for my granddaughter, Adia), “Sublime Stitches” and “Box of Delights” by Elizabeth Almond, and “Joyful World” by The Sunflower Diaries. I switch them off and work on a different one each day, inbetween my reading, and knitting. Whew!, but I love every minute of it. I should also add I am retired so I have a lot of time to fill with delightful activities.

  191. Currently I’m working on a piece for my family room. The designed inspiration came from arts and crafts tiles in my fireplace. I truly enjoy reading your blog and have found your tutorials extremely helpful. Keep stitching!

  192. I love receiving your posts about embroidery and have used several of your techniques in my work.

  193. I was able to get some stitching done in February. Trying to finish Blackbird Designs’ Christmas Garden by March 8th when Stitch Club meets.

    P.S. I’m with you about the naming of days unless there is a “send Leslie some money day” – then I’m all for it!

  194. This month I am trying to learn the blanket stitch. I used to embroider as a child 65 years ago , I’m 74 and have recently discovered wool to embroider on. Sew need to relearn stitches. I receive your emails and keep them in a folder to revisit. Your work is so stunningly visual. Thanks.

  195. I have been working on a JanLynn kit, Wildflowers and finches. Since I am new to embroidery, it is taking me a while to work through, but I am loving it!

  196. I love all forms of stitching. Right now I am working on a modernized Quaker Ball. Pokemon Go is huge right now. I have a friend who makes a living creating Pokemon related items. Can you believe it? So that inspired me to make a “Quaker Pokeball “. Thanks for your blog. Kelley

  197. As we have had some cold wet and windy weather here in the UK I have been trying to catch up with my Alphabet sampler which has been sadly neglected.
    It comprises the 24 mini band samplers designed by Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler with X, Y & Z on one. Four rows of 6; each individual sampler utilising stitches starting with the appropriate letter.
    I am 2/3 way down “F” so the top row should be completed by the end of February!
    Long way to go yet 🙂

  198. My ongoing project since December has been a pillow from Crewel Works. I had to take our two sections that were really awful, and I have a high tolerance of awful, but Spring is here and the sun shines through the window so I can easily see what I’m trying to do.
    Thank you for your give always.

  199. Throughout February I have been and will continue for some time to be working on the Gay Ann Rogers Christmas Needle Book with my EGA chapters. We are using money made available to the chapters through a grant from the Embroiderers’ Guild of America. Loving it!

  200. Hi Mary!
    I am working on a Baby Quilt for my new Great Niece and I am going to embroider some little flowers in random spots on some of the blocks and on the label. I don’t have any of the A-Z books, so I could use the A-Z Embroidered Flowers! Thanks for the chance.
    Connie Martin

  201. Did I manage any stitching this month? No. I’m a beginner. I’m interested in all things quilt related – both hand and machine. I’ve completed only one small ribbon embroidery kit…which was quite easy to do. I drool at the beauty of all embroidery but especially the vibrant colored and dimensional Brazilian Embroidery. I’m very interested in starting a long term “learning” project while traveling…but am unsure as to what to do, where to start. Would love to use these books in my embroidering journey!


  202. This month, I finished a sampler I started last year. I started a little crewel embroidery kit I bought at a local craft store. I also started working on a needlepoint bookmark for one of my sons.

  203. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. This month I’ve been working on a Gay Ann Rogers counted canvas project, a counted cross-stitch bookmark, and a needlepoint hand-painted canvas. I love to stitch, always have several projects I’m working on, and love learning new techniques.

  204. Hi Mary,
    I worked on and finished (in time, whew!) an embroidered set of initials (with hearts around them) for my Grandson for Valentines Day. I’ve had a tradition with him since he was a year or so old of making him some kind of stitched heart every year. This year, thanks to reading all your wonderful articles on embroidery, I was able to do this project. I’ve never done monograms or letters (or really any design I created myself) so it was really helpful to have your patterns for the letters! Also, reading all your articles on different ways to do the letters, and the great photos you post, really was the difference between not doing it at all, and giving it a try. It turned out fairly well, all things considered. I didn’t get the transfer straight on grain of fabric though, which was quite a problem. The last letter of the three initials turned out a bit larger than the others, due to the fabric stretching. I didn’t realize this could happen! Fortunately he’s only 7 years old, and I put a lot of embroidered hearts around it, and he’s fascinated by his initials, so I sent it anyway!

    I would never have even thought to attempt these things if not for finding your blog and reading it!
    Thank you so much!

  205. Yes, I did manage some stitching this month. I am working on a peacock. It is on white cotton. Slowly I am making progress, have changed some of the colors more than once but like what is happening. Love the different blues.

  206. I have not done any stitching but a lot of knitting.
    I want to learn to embroider, so would love to win. They look like great books to learn from.

  207. I’m stitching a counted cross stitch Christmas Stocking for my daughter of an old world European Santa. It’s on 32 count linen of 2 threads and has 191 different colors. She has requested 3 of these, all different, by Christmas 2017. I don’t believe I will be working on any other projects this year! lol Fortunately I’m retired so I’m stitching everyday from 3 to 6 hours. I’ve completed 1/3 of the first stocking and I started January 8th.

  208. I have not done ant crafting or stitching this month has flown right bye! Thank u for the wonderful book give-away

  209. This would be for my sister who does a lot of embroidery but uses only the basic stitches – stem, lazy daisy, French knot. I’d like to encourage her to expand her stitch variety. Thanks.

  210. Hope you are doing better. I am eagerly waiting to know about your health update in a positive way.

    At present, I am stitching the Vakje Per Week cross stitch along.


  211. I haven’t had much time to work on my great-grandmother’s table cloth because of the new addition, he keeps me busy. I have had a few moments to work on the table cloth.

  212. I did do stitching in February! I’m just returning to embroidery after years away and I’m working on a stitch a day for the year sampler.im getting a bit frustrated by the limitations of that (tiny stitches) so am starting your lovely Jacobean thingie…

  213. This month I have been working on Quilt Diva by Amy Bradley for a friend. I plan to add hand embroidery embellishments…if I ever get that far! Also working on a dress for my great-niece – she is 9 and loves “bling” so I try to put a bit on each dress that I make her. When we are together, I try to teach her another embroidery stitch for her to practice.

  214. Hi Mary!
    I found your webbsite this month and the book “Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork” witch I bought from one of the best bookstores on the webb, Book Depository. Just as you mentioned.
    This month I have not done anything. I have been planing though. My plan is to make a handbag and some summer shoes and embroidering them with Sardinian knotted stitches. I bought a book from Depository about it in november. I highly recommend that book. I will send you a photo when I am finished.

  215. Good morning Mary. Well, let’s see, I’ve just finished a small fall mountain scene (painted/embroidered) and have started to frame it up. I am now working on a tiny scene with a bridge, trees, and colorful bushes alongside a small lake and also a Chinese junk on a river (?) with those huge mountains/hills alongside the river- both the last to be framed in those cute little “hoops” you told us about last year. I LOVE those. Bless you for telling us about them! All going to a show in Pennsylvania, other than perhaps I may send one to a miniature show on the outer banks. 🙂

    Have a great day Mary. Hope you are feeling like a million bucks!

  216. I have been participating in the dmc and @gulushthreads Instagram challenge! #stitchventure It is a really fun way to practice lesser used stitches! I am just making a higgly piggly sampler. I am also working on finishing my first Brazilian embroidery work. My Instagram is @rubybluemonkey

  217. I’ve been stitching intently this whole month because I belong to a group — the Northwest Sampler Guild — who has their annual meeting at the end of February each year and Sunday’s the day. For that occasion each year, the Guild selects a “challenge” project (for this year it was to stitch something with a bird or birds). I chose a design for a mattress pincushion by Theresa Baird in the “Fraktur” style (a class I took in Phoenix last January). But I didn’t start my bird until early January; it was only 3.75″x4.5″ — how could that take much time?!?! Well, it did. But I did finish it last night!!!! Yippee. (I even knitted and felted a wool pad to stuff it with!)
    Maybe I can figure out how to send you a pic…

  218. Today is a dear friend’s birthday. So early in February I ordered a towel and some Aunt Martha’s patterns to use as a gift for her. I began the towel in plenty of time, I think. But alas, today it is still here and not in Kansas. I did tell her that it takes time to make something special. My intentions were good. I know she will love it when she gets it in the mail. The towel has flowers behind a picket fence and the inscription reads, “If friends were flowers, I’d pick you!”

  219. I’m teaching a friend to embroider using a sampler in the form of a color wheel. Each section of the wheel is a different stitch in a different color. 12 basic stitches, and we use Mary Corbet’s stitch videos as reference. So much fun!

  220. I am working on a scissor case. I belong to a Sampler Guild, and the patterns were provided by a member. There is also a needle book, spool box and thread winder case.

  221. I managed to do some stitching in February. A group of us got together at my home and stitched for for more that 6 hours, it was wonderful! It’s always best with friends. I’m working on a baby quilt designed by my son for our first grand baby. But I must put it aside very soon to start the christening dress that will have embroidery work on it. I’m collecting patterns and ideas now!

  222. I really enjoy your website. I found it a few months ago when searching for embroidery information for two of my granddaughters (both aged 8 years).
    What did I work on in February? So far, no actual stitching. I did look at and enjoy the stitching of one g-daughter: I had given her the ‘fixins’ of embroidering for Christmas, including some designs to practice her stitching on. She is very good!
    What are my plans? I hope to encourage both girls to pursue this skill/hobby and to find more ways to provide them with insight and inspiration. I also plan to find time to sit down and relax into this myself.
    God Bless You!

  223. I’ve been working mostly on a crewel project recreating a panel of the Bayeux Tapestry, which really should be called the Bayeux Embroidery.

  224. February Stitching: I worked on my Targaryen/Drogo raised embroidery & matching epaulets , made a hooded cape & detachable collar/ruff (for my portfolio to show at the Costume Degree interviews. I was offered 2 places).

    I also worked on my logo-an eagle (raised, painted & embellished) with Eco Alkhemy text, a tree with smooth pearl & beads.

    I made a wall hanging by request of a friend-I stitch & embroider every day, even after work.

  225. I love trying new embroidery stitches and do a lot of “crazy quilting”. In the month of February I have been working on a heart shaped piece and using the feather stitch, herringbone, and many others on each of the seams!

  226. I’ve been working away this month! Two projects with threads and stitch guides – one is Sandy Arthur’s Steampunk Fox, a cute design from Brenda Stofft. The other is Santa Fe Felines, a Ruth Schmuff class with a Laurel Burch canvas from Danji. And in between I am stitching the Tooth Fairy canvas from Liz, for a granddaughter.

    Been stitching for most of my life. It never gets old, even if I do!

  227. First, thanks for the giveaway! I am working on a vintage embroidery project which is mainly done in different shades of blue. I am trying to get in a little stitching every night can finish it in the next few months.

  228. Hi Mary, I don’t celebrate embroidery month, only embroidery day which is about every day, even if it means just 15 min. I recently finished a Protea flower which was a gift for my framer Marì. She does the most fantastic framing. I have started on a new needle painting project already. This time it is a big one, a size 3A (11.7inches x 16.5inches or 29.7cm x 42cm ) It is one of my friend Roby Baer’s paintings. It is a very colourful ring neck pheasant. It will take some time to finish, but not too long I hope. I just feel so lost if I don’t have something to do with my hands.
    Kind regards, Elza Bester Cape Town
    PS Mary I don’t enter me in the competition, I own two of books already. They are very helpful especially for someone just starting embroidery 🙂 xxxx

  229. No matter what month of the year it is, I always manage to get some stitching in. I’m working on a Darth Vader cross stitch for my son right now for his newly finished basement. It has over 15 thousand stitches so it’s going to take me awhile!!!

  230. I’m pretty new to needlework, so I’m still building my repertoire of stitches. I did stitch an anemone flower to practice my long and short shading, and it only made me want to try more and more patterns…

  231. I am currently working on a cross-stitch project my sister gave me. It’s a counted cross stitch (14 count) Indian Peacock design. I have finished about half of it. This is my very first counted cross stitch project, so I am going slowly and carefully.

  232. At the beginning of the month I found a stamped for embroidery table
    runner. It was in a thrift shop and still had the original tag from an old
    dime store that no longer exists. Perfect condition and the flower design
    is pleasing — so I am happily stitching on it.

  233. I finally finished a coat-of-arms that was originally meant to be a Christmas gift! Now, back to my regularly scheduled stitching…

  234. Love your site! I have been doing some embroidery on a Pat Sloan “Splendid Sampler” quilt, in which embroidery has been incorporated into some of the quilt blocks. 🙂

  235. I am still working on the Lizzie and Kate Spooked Mystery Sampler. I redid the saying in the middle section. I quite like it now. Decided I have to love it or not do it so I changed it up. Love it. Will finish it! Hurray!

  236. I have been stitching English paper piecing so far this month. I am going to start on a cross stitch pattern for my youngest daughters first baby, a girl. I also have some embroidered rabbits that I have been working on to put in a quilt.

  237. I am working on a project for our Embroidery Guild— doing a picture of the flag of Newfoundland in French knots. Will be added to a larger display. Also working on a Jacobean piece.

  238. I’ve been working on a wool wall hanging of nine crazy quilted and embroidered snails. It is my own design and has a lot of different stitches, techniques and thread types. It’s a little bigger than I planned, 30 x 30. I really like the mostly bright colors I chose. Thank you for a chance to win the three books. Linda Pewuakee WI

  239. Yes, I’ve been working on and not just because it’s February, a peacock. The colors I have chosen should, if I do it correctly, make him look like he’s alive. If nothing else he’ll be very handsome. 🙂
    Happy Flag Day!

  240. I’m working on redwork butvin colors of the sunbonnet twins eventually will be a throw for my bed for the spring/summer. I am also just learning regular surface embroidery your blog & website is a wonderful resource. Thank you.

  241. I stitched a lot in February but I made the most progress on Laura Perin’s Country roads. This is fun and beautiful.

  242. I started embroidery after I got cancer and needed to take my mind off the treatment process. I have been practicing on plain white pillowcase borders. Working on the French knot & am surprised at how much better you get after a few dozen knots!! Thanks Mary for all the information.

  243. The only thing I have done this month is to work on applique for the 2016 Quiltmania Mystery quilt. I have never done applique before so it has been a learning process for me. But I have a Trish Burr Sweet Pea beginning kit just hours away from completion begging me to finish it.

    My problem is I started later in life and want to learn so many things but time is more limited. I never had issues focusing but am finding I do now because each shiny object is attracting my attention.

  244. I embroidered two very fancy quilt lables, and worked on an ongoing project from Meg Hawkey- The Salem Quilt Guild quilt.

  245. I have been embroidering using gold thread (for the first time) on an overlay of silk organza–and loving it!

  246. This month I saw some monocolor motifs in a British needlework magazine that looked interesting. Then I saw another article which described the meanings of certain motifs in samplers throughout history. Well that sealed the deal! I started some monocolor motifs (or no more than 2 colors) on a large piece of 28 count evenweave.
    I feel like I’m on an adventure with no real plans, just see where it goes!


  247. I am 79 yrs old but have only done simple embroidery such as Redwork, which I love the looks. But after I recuperate from back surgery, I want to get into the more complicated stitches such as work on wool. I have done quite a bit of machine emb but it just doesn’t look the same as hand emb. Can’t wait to get well!!

  248. Thankyou Mary for this generous giveaway, I love the A to Z Books . This month I have been working on Baby Samplers as 3 family babies are due May, June and September. Last year I had to do 3 also, needless to say there is a baby boom in our family ! In between I did manage to do a couple of smalls and a scissors fob to add to my ever growing collection of them.
    Thanks again, Louise

  249. I’m new to embroidery. I’m working on some pretty floral and butterfly patterns I purchased from The Floss Box Etsy Shop. I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to finish them, but they are fun to work on. Next up are some projects from Lavener Honey Little things.

  250. I have been working on a crewel kit I dug out of the archives of my mother’s house. It is a pillow case featuring all sort of mushrooms.

  251. I had two friends who had baby showers and i embroidered some onesies. Both mamas chose elephants as a theme and i sought out baby elephants. They turned out so cute! Currently I’m stitching up a “threads holder” with my embroidery guild! Yay for all the embroideries!

  252. I have subscribed to your site because I want to learn to do embroidery. I have bought some books but it would be great to win books that you recommend.

  253. I have been so inspired by all the beautiful creativity out there recently. Would love to incorporate ribbonwork into some traditional floral designs.

  254. I fiinished a Gay Ann Rogers heart and have started a Jane Nicholas stump work piece. Love the diversity of stitching.

  255. I have been working on Modern Crewel along with you. Although I got a little ahead of you and missed some good tips! LOL It has definitely got me out of my wheel house and expanded my horizons! I have loved it!

  256. Been crocheting a gift Afghan for most of the month, but I did stitch a Valentine post card for a Crazy Quilt International exchange, and I stitched two more for my sisters. Hate to see a month go by without some stitching!

  257. In February I worked on a wool appliqué project.

    I like your short video tutorials showing how to do different stitches. They are clear and helpful. Thank you!

  258. This February I did not have much time or energy to devote to stitching. Although the month is short, it has been filled with week-long company, the five-day care of three grandchildren while their parents cruised to celebrate a birthday, a (short) visit to my 89-year-old mother, and the flu for my husband and me. Now that recovery has begun, I am looking forward to some relaxing time trying new (to me) stitches. When I was growing up, it seemed that everyone who was teaching me anything about embroidery knew only the outline/stem stitch and French knot. Now that I am retired, I look forward to doing some of those things that have been on my wish list for a long time. The books look like glorious inspiration (as is your newsletter!).

  259. It being February, I thought I would get a lot accomplished on my project but the weather turned unseasonably warm. So I have been out gardening many hours a day and of course loving it. I am waiting for some cold wet weather to bring me back to another love embroidery!

  260. I am working on a Christmas stocking, clothing w/embroidery for my grandaughter’a Dress Me Doll quilt, liturgical embroidery hoop ornaments, and a few embroidered felt ornaments! Whew!

  261. I have been working on several ATC’s, a SAL with a new friend from SFS2017 who lives in England and hoping to work on my reproduction sampler this Saturday at a stitch get together.

  262. Hi! This month I am just starting to make embroidered linen bracelets, simple ivy and flower designs with little bees , and antique button clasps. I sell them at a local handicraft shop. I enjoy your blog and love to see your designs and tutorials. Thank you. -Wendy

  263. I have been English paper piecing a hexie quilt. I satisfies my hand stitching urges and is very portable. Anxious to get back to embroidery.

  264. My deep desire is to do more hand embroidery. I would love to have some ideas and patterns. I want to add pieces of embroidery into my quilts.

  265. I love embroidery that features flowers and plants.
    This February I am working to finish a Mirabilia cross stitch that I started four years ago. I think it will be done before March, hope, hope, hope.

  266. Yes I did stitch in February. I finished my very first 12″ block design! It is not a great work of art, yet it was enjoyable. I created a Dresden design, outlined it with stem stitching, then added small designs inside each blade. For example, one has a bird on a limb, another has a butterfly, some just have scroll work, etc…

  267. I am working on 2 hand applique quilts that have some embroidery stitches on them. One is called “The Raven” and the other is called “Cozy Village”. I love hand work. I am also doing a cross stitch project.

  268. Unfortunately, I have not managed much stitching this month. I did make one small silk pincushion for a friend and then began an inked bag using historic embroidery designs that are drawn on in ink rather than actually embroidered. I’ve not yet finished the bag but hope to before the calendar page changes. Thanks for offering the collection of embroidery books. They will be an excellent respource for whomever wins them. (Oh, oh! Draw out my name! Draw out my name! 🙂 )

  269. I actually worked on and finished my first needle painting piece- Trish Burr’s Spring Cardinal.
    Thanks for the chance to win these books.

  270. During February, 1. I made couple banners (each celebrating a baptism at church). 2. I started a design to be made into a tooth fairy pillow for a nephew. 3. I started stitching and will have to finish a model for Just CrossStitch magazine.

  271. I have been working on the Lattice Jumbler all during the month of February. Just getting back into stitching after many years, I am enjoying it immensely and learning a lot along the way. Disciplining myself to get my stitches consistent in length has been my greatest challenge. I try to do a few stitches every day, and have only missed a few days.

    I really feel like embroidery is my element, though. It takes me back so much to my childhood and learning from my grandmother–and also home ec class! It’s relaxing to me, and I love watching my project unfold before me.

  272. This month I’ve been teaching myself how to embroider. I actually just finished my first piece last night! It’s a little cactus plant that I’m going to give to my sister. I’m totally in love with this art form.

  273. Thank you Mary for the bright spot you bring to every day with your posts! Your expertise is appreciated.

  274. I started my counted cross stitch for Christmas gifts. Of course I will be rushing to finish in November.

  275. I have an order to make a Talis or prayer shawl for a good friend. we purchased the fabric and i’ve worked on the ‘cartoon’ or full size plan for the band the ‘atarah’ or embroidered band that goes at the neck area. it’s about 5 inches by 25 inches and will be embroidered in silk threads and gold work and beads using stumpwork and embroidered stitches. Since i have cancer this may be the last of many talit that i have made so it is especially meaningful that i do this one for a friend.

    now to work on stretching the fabric and actually starting the embroidery!

  276. I started and completed a key fob thru my ANG chapter. Finished Tucson needlepoint. Made a very small dent in a HAED project. Planning a small needleweaving project for EGA chapter. Always something on the plate

  277. I have been working on simple red work Christmas ornaments. They will have fabric borders n backing put on them n stuffed with poly fill. Very relaxing.

  278. Yes I am attempting to embroider a heart in 53 squares and put flowers or whatever I feel like doing that day.

  279. I have managed to stitch this month! I’ve just recently started embroidering around 6 months ago, and this has been my most productive month yet! I am working on patches of fruits and vegetables on denim that would have been otherwise thrown away, and I hope to present and maybe sell at my school’s Maker’s Market as a sustainable crafter!

  280. I love to see the face of my costumer when the diaper is finish, is good sensation. I still working y my diapers.

  281. In February, I have continued stitching on a tote that I have been working on since last Summer periodically.
    Robin Voiers

  282. I am planning to hand embroider a set of crochet booties I am doing for my niece . She is expecting her first child! So last night, I was browsing your tutorials for these stitches: french knot, colonial knot, and granitos.


  283. I just received a pattern for a pillow. Folk art by design but I need something quick to get the juices going.

  284. While I have all three books already, I want to let everyone else know how fantastic each of them is! Words really do not describe how great each of them is, but I will try!

    Whenever I want to know more about a stitch or how it is done I do not go directly to the internet. I go to the first of the stitch books. It that doesn’t have the stitch I go to the second stitch book. Only if that fails will I go to the internet, from place to place until I find what I am looking for… (That is usually NeedleNThread…)

    If I want to learn how to make a realistic looking flower my first stop is the flower book. Granted, I have several other flower books to back up the A-Z book, but they are for things that are not in the A-Z flower book.

    The A-Z books each have photos included that are very much appreciated, giving step by step instruction with each photo. And they have quite a few other titles too. Over a couple of years I managed to get one of each of them and a shop owner in Texas has kept me up to date when a new one is published.

    To me they are priceless. My needlework library has many titles in it, but the A-Z series is ALWAYS the first place I go for embroidery information. When the time comes to begin distributing my books to younger people I am quite positive that the A-Z series will be held onto until the very end.

    IF you should happen to draw my comment, PLEASE draw another.


  285. Alas, the only stitching I did was of the crochet variety! I do have an opus swirling around in my mind, but haven’t yet put pencil to paper (or thread to fabric).

  286. A month or so ago I went to an exhibition of paintings by Agnes Martin. While there, an idea popped into my head — something that almost never happens — and I have begun to stitch it up. Happy stitching to you, and thank you for your generous giveaway.

  287. I, along with four other embroidery junkies, am working on the Home Sweet Home work box by Carolyn Pearce. Really fun and it leaves lots of opportunities to add my own touches.

  288. I have been laborously and diligently working on a Sue Spargo piece. Am doing fairly well for a newbie (at 74) and trying my best to learn all the stitches. Currently struggling with needle turn applique. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving every minute of it as I know practice is the key, and I will get better. Love your site. It has been amazingly helpful.

  289. I, along with four other embroidery junkies, am working on the Home Sweet Home work box by Carolyn Pearce. Really fun and it leaves lots of opportunities to add my own touches. Thank you for your great newsletter.

  290. What a FANTASTIC Giveaway! I did not do any stitching this month as I am new to embroidery, as in I never have! I have a Pinterest board FULL of inspiration and winning these books would be the perfect tool to help me get started!!

  291. I am presently working on a embroidered alphabet quilt to keep at my house for my grandchildren also I would love to have these books from my library and to share them with my granddaughter Reagan who is five and I plan on teaching her how to embroider I still have the heart that I embroidered with the help from my grandmothers on both sides and I really treasure this and plan on making memories with Reagan and also thank you.

  292. Your site has inspired me so much that I have now dug out all my embroidery tools and equipment. I will post a picture on your site once completed. Thanks for switching the lights back on after many years in the “dark”!!!

  293. I have been rediscovering crewel and embroidery…it is much different than when I was young. So I have been searching the needle work shops (very limited offerings). Yet I am enjoying the websites and the history….who knew.
    Having said all that, I did start a little blue owl to test my fingers….
    I feel it was a lucky month…onward….

  294. Hello Mary! Yes, I have been stitching. I am involved with a SAL on line with Linen and Threads, I’ve just started a Hardanger GCC class, and I am still (although I’m taking a respite) working on embroidering my daughter’s Christmas stocking.
    I would love to win the Give-Away.

  295. My stitching love is vintage pillow kits i purchase on etsy or ebay!
    This Febuary i have been stitching a vintage butterfly pillow kit for my daughters whos birthday is in March.

  296. 1. I recently became aware of your newsletter, and I look forward to it. I like the project management, and organization ideas. But of course the best part is getting to see your beautiful work.

    2. I am fortunate to be able to spend a couple or months in the Rio Grande Valley (South Texas). and I am a plural member of the ToT (Tip of Texas) EGA chapter. They are working on a mystery sampler, and I got here in time to get started at the beginning. I will receive the instructions through out the year via email, and share with them the completed project next January. My other projects always include some Hardanger, and some counted needlepoint.

  297. Despite me getting a mild dose of shingles mid Jan. and my hubby falling and fracturing his hip the first week in Feb., making me head nurse, I managed to embroider the stems and veins on leaves and flowers on a lovely English Sh Blue Tit quilt block ( oh peaceful reverie!)

  298. In February I have been embroidering the blocks of an Asian crazy quilt. I am now accenting each block with beading.

  299. Dish towels (tea towel as my grandmother called them). I am having the best time embroidering after not doing this for years and years. Also, found Zenbroidery. Hoping to teach my granddaughters this weekend.

  300. Yes, I worked on stitching in February. I worked on a stitched biscornu that has been a WIP since Prince William & Kate Middleton said their vows.

    I also worked on cross-stitching on Marina Weber (Chatelaine)’s, Watergarden, Nora Corbett (Mirabilia)’s Fairy Moon, and one of Nora Corbett’s Letters from Nora, including converting the colors.

    I also stitched some Mill Hill cross stitch kits. I keep a few in my purse to pick up when I’m waiting for something or someone at from home.

    Thanks for the chance!

  301. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I would be thrilled to be a lucky winner. This month I embroidered the yoke for a baby garment I’m making for my 5th grandson, who will make his debut in July.

  302. I finished “The Crosses of the Kingdom” this month and am diligently working on a birth sampler for my 4th great-grandson. I also did a little stitching for our “Stitch in Public Day” which we held at the local Wegmans store. I stitch a little every day, my therapy. It offers me several hours of almost pain-free as it is a very good distraction.
    Thanks for all you do, Mary, for those of us in the stitch arena and for all the chances to win in your giveaways.

  303. I somehow did manage some stitching in February despite some craziness in life. I’m working on one small Christmas wreath that I bought in November and never finished (oops!) and the final stem stitch on an embroidered piece that will go on top of a historic box for my husband and I’s re-enactment kit.

  304. I’m *still* working on the lavender and honeybee pincushion kit. I just need to finish that pesky bee and I can put the whole thing together!

  305. I love everything I learn here! It’s making it much easier to learn to embroider 😀

    This month, I’ve been working on a french knot cherry blossom branch. It is quite a few knots!

  306. I love stitching! Some of my February projects are… a stitched embellishement on a thread catcher, a four sided hem on two swedish weaving place mats, a sampler, a réticello piece and a blackwork piece. And the month is’t over yet! Merci for the beautiful give-away treats.

  307. Love the rhythm in your writing. Makes me smile and often laugh out loud. Yes, I did some embroidery this month. Working on personalizing book covers for some friends. Most have “words of wisdom” on them, but some do include butterflies and flowers. Nothing fancy, but they are coming out beautiful. Thank you.

  308. I have been diligently working in February on toward completing the five projects stretched on bars. Very close on three of the five

  309. I would LOVE to have those books! I’m just beginning to learn embroidery, though I’ve done cross stitch in the past and it’s hard to find books for beginner’s embroidery. I’m going to be working on learning stitches this month and perfecting the ones I already know.

  310. In February I finished a set of old pillowcases (from my grandmothers stash when she passed away and passed down to me by my aunt) and I started a mandala which I am just making up the color placement as I go along from a pre-selected group of colors I put together just because they made me feel cheerful!

  311. Sadly I’ve accomplished no needlework in February…YET. But I did start cutting quilt squares for my soon-to-be-born granddaughter, and I’m going to be embroidering on the squares. I’m happy to have such a joyous project I “have” to do…I miss embroidery and too often can’t find the time.

  312. I am working a hanky for my nephew’s wedding. Old tatting from my great-great grandmother, is being incorporated into an old Irish linen hanky. Very proud of family.

  313. I agree…every month is Embroidery Month! So, yes, I stitched in February. I am working on a Japanese embroidery (Bunka). I attend a group every Wednesday Afternoon and every second Saturday morning. Now that I’m retired I have more time to stitch and I am trying to ‘catch-up’ on unfinished projects in my stash!

  314. Hey! Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. This month, I’ve been working on a sashiko tapestry project, and even though it’s all running stitches I’d still love to have a stitch dictionary for my next project. Happy stitching!

  315. Thank you for the chance to win. I am planning to stitch some daisies for my grand daughter Daisy’s nursery.

  316. Mary I have accomplished many hand appliqued basket blocks. Working on some hexagon crazy quilt blocks that I will be swapping with some friends. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  317. I haven’t done any embroidery this month. I am a leather worker and I use to embroidery a lot before I started leather. I am trying to figure out how I can do more needle art on to leather. I love your emails.

  318. Not a stitch. But in a very weeks I will be traveling to my primary residence and I hope to finish a couple of napkins.

  319. These are wonderful books! I love the A-Z series. The directions are so easy to follow. What a lovely and fun gift!

  320. Yes, I touched and stitched several items in February. We start the year in EGA with UFOs we intend to finish this year. And one new project was an EGA program or perforated paper. So much to do, so little time.

  321. I am working on a fabric Christmas Panel. I am straight stitching around each individual section, there are 6, with 3 strands of black DMC embroidery floss going through the panel fabric and the batting. Eventually it will make a fun and lovely wall hanging.

  322. Finished the sleeve trim on a blouse with embroidery, but otherwise knitted mittens and a hat in February. Time to get back to embroidery again, but find my hands are a bit rough from the winter.

  323. Hi – Thanks for the opportunity! I managed a few stitches on a fall leaves table runner kit I bought when in Bergen, Norway about 10 years ago.

  324. Hi Mary

    I’ve been working on 3 projects namely a mountmellick runner, a fun free style under the sea science and ladtly

  325. This month I’m finishing a really simple flower in a canvas bag. (I don’t know if I can participate in this give away because I live un Argentina). Anyway I like your site…

  326. I haven’t stitched anything this month. My daughter is extremely talented in art. She drew a lion in black and white. The mane is draw in different textures. For example, one is in hash marks, another piece is in a checked pattern, and so on. I want to do that picture in embroidery.

  327. YES!
    Finishing a ‘welcome’ canvas from over 20 years ago…

    Thank you for your generous/continued

  328. This month I have worked on a selfish project – embroidering pillowcases for myself – while trying desperately not to obsess over the petite point Cluny “Sense of…” tapestry projects that were discussed here back in December.

    I have enough works in progress. I have enough works in progress. I have enou… where is my wallet?

  329. I’m going to change my jeans jacket into a boho jacket.
    With other material on it and lots of embroidery.
    Bit of lace, coins and so on.
    All kind of different stitches, so the book would come in handy!
    Thank you.

  330. Could kick myself, just purchased all three of these books and love them. A girl can never have too many embroidery books though with two granddaughters that I will teach to embroider. I had knee replacement surgery in November and only felt like doing any embroidery in February. I am working on my Christmas presents for next year for my 6 brothers and sisters. I am making family photo mini crazy quilts.

  331. I did get to stitch in February. In spite of having to finish up some wall hangings for a fiber art show. I was at a quilt show and bought a beautiful piece of black fabric (about 18″ square) marked in white. I am embroidering it in metallic multicolor thread. I was going to just outline the swirling design but now I am thinking that I would like to do some other “fill” stitches in the spaces. Guess we will see what happens. Thanks for sponsoring the give-a-way.

  332. Everyday is a stitching day. I love the phrase “I cannot count a day complete ’till needle, thread and fabric meet”. February was spent stitching a beautiful Hardanger piece and the ice berg Canvaswork fundraiser for the EAC seminar in May in Newfoundland.

  333. I have done embroidery on a street scene of wool houses. Plus quilting aka appliqué daily.
    Love your blog.

  334. As always, Mary you are a doll to offer such a “sweet” reward. Thank you!
    My vow for February was to get busy on the Home Sweet Home set that I put on the shelf for far too long. Your newsletters always inspire me to reach the next level of difficulty.

  335. I am just getting into needlework. I have just done simple red work but since I’ve found your sight wow what beautiful things you make. So I need to read everything about how to do more. I ĺove the way the different colors make shading. Would you guess that someone in this house is excited.
    Betty Jaŕrell

  336. In February I have totally enjoyed working on “Patterns Galore”, Winter Crystals”, “Tidal Wash” and “More Than a Rose” !

  337. I don’t normally enter contests, but as you say, this is National Embroidery Month so I will stray from the norm.

    My stitching this month was mostly focused on an ornament designed to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. It is stitched on congress cloth in the shape of the maple leaf, and while stitching it, it reminded me of aurora borealis (northern lights) so I did two more in other colors.

    Thank you for your blog Mary. I really enjoy reading them and seeing your beautiful stitching.

    Carol Storie

  338. I have purchased a kit from The Royal School of Needlework. It is a bumble bee in white work. My daughter is currently in the hospital, but when she is released I look forward to getting started. Thank you for inspiring me each day. Your love of the craft truly motivates me to keep trying to improve my knowledge and skills. With gratitude, Jayne.

  339. I always have a counted thread project going. And, yes, I stitch almost every day. I find it to be relaxing and gives me time to think.

  340. In February I started a free form butterfly that will use every stitch in my new embroidery book. I’ve chosen blues and greens.

  341. I love to work on a multitude of projects from embroidery to Needlepoint to beading. Currently, I have stitched and finished the Home Sweet Home cottage by Carolyn Pearce and am still completing the finishing on two of the smalls shown in her book. Inspirations magazine has a matching bodkin holder project that I am planning on starting very soon. Embroidery enriches my life!

  342. No stitching in February or any in the recent past months. However, that is why I love getting your newsletter, because even if I have not made any progress, I still feel connected and it is encouraging. I have a tea towel almost complete which I was making for myself. I also want to start on a couple of Christmas gift projects. I say that every year, and it has yet to happen. I am always hopeful though.

    Thanks for all of your great ideas and sharing your personal experience and expertise with us all.

    Take care.

  343. Yes I did some embroidery stitching this month. I actually finished my very first project and started my 2nd one. My first project had flowers and leaves. My thinking was that nature is very forgiving so stitches don’t have to be perfect. Thank goodness because they are far from it. My second one is a kit..stamped image of a cat. Again very basic but I am learning as I go and loving it. These books look awesome and WOW, a lot of stitches to try.
    Thank you.

  344. I LOVE your site that I have just recently discovered. Your embroidery is beautiful and your instructions and videos are the BEST!!
    You truly inspire me. I would really really really love to receive these books that you have offered to give. Thank you for the time you spend helping others to learn more about this wonderful art of embroidery.

  345. I tried to embroider some dishtowels, but kept picking out the stitches because I didn’t like the look. I don’t know if it was the towel or me! Maybe it will work if I use a bigger thread like perle cotton. Wish me luck!

  346. Beautiful books. Such clear and concise explanations.
    This month I have been stitching for the needlework group at The National Trust for Scotland”s Culross Palace. The property came to the trust with no contents so we stitch to enhance it, in the style of 1600AD. I have also made the “3 inch square” for my institute. This is to celebrate the centenary of Scottish Women”s institutes this year. I have made it entirely with seed beads ( over 2000).
    Last I have been doing some knitting for Xmas presents.
    We have managed a week”s break in lovely Nairn,a small town on the North-east coast of Scotland. It”s quite cold but we have been in a lovely cosy cottage. Lots of bracing walks and good food! Home tomorrow!

  347. Goodness yes! I stitch every day, the wonder and joy of retirement. Just received my copy of “Whitework with Colour” ordered from England. It is fabulous. I am working on the first project and learning much. Ms. Burr very talented. Hope I win Hope I win

  348. Oh my, books from my wish list! I have done a lot of stitching in February but not embroidery (yet). I am almost done a baby blanket using “Lace from the Inside Out” class from Craftsy. As I am now at the point where that can chug along and easily get finished in time for delivery to the new grandbaby, I decided this week to return to my Basic Counted Thread class from the Embroiderer’s Assoc. of Canada. I finished two lessons but was still working and got so caught up in experimenting with blackwork that I ran out of time. So I arranged that I would re-register and pick up where I left off. Which I am doing today and starting in on Pulled Thread. Each lesson starts with exploring a number of stitches in the genre – some given to you and some that you find yourself. That’s where I fell into the hole on the blackwork lesson so this time I will not get so carried away with exploring ideas. They are great classes for pushing you to really explore doing your own work besides learning the correct technique.

  349. I have been working on the beginner crewel embroidery kit from crewelwork.com. It is the Rabbits one. I was truly impressed with the kit I received and enjoying working on it!

  350. I have been working on a cart that is full of flowers stitched with ribbon. However, the cart itself, the grass, etc., is traditional needlepoint.
    Audrey Bruner

  351. I am working on what I consider an heirloom project for my four year old granddaughter: an embroidered, sequined Christmas stocking. My mom made one for each of our three sons, and I am continuing the tradition. So far, I have made six, have this one going and thought I had just one more to go. On my birthday I found out we have another sweet baby coming in July. What a happy task I have before me!

  352. I’ve been stitching on crazy quilt small bag to hold my cell phone. I do some embroidery along the seams using cotton a border. I use silk ribbon embroidery too.

    I agree that every month is embroidery month.

    FYI. Star Wars Day is a play on the phrase, “May the Force be with you.”

  353. Thank you for hosting this give-away!
    I’m working on 3 needlepoint pieces. One is a painted canvas, one is a counted piece which I am completing for a class–it contains about every variety of Jessica stitch. The 3rd is a piece of my own design.

  354. Yes, I have managed some stitching during the month of February. I teach Early Childhood Education students (10th-12th). So, I brought in muslin and embroidery thread, and a few hoops; some students brought their own. We have been diligently working. There have been sighs, moans, and “Mrs. Crews … I can’t get this.” We have laughed and some have even cried, but the students are finally getting the hang of the wonderful world of embroidery. Some are even on their second small project. I keep encouraging the students that embroidery is an art and skill they can carry, with them, throughout life. I have truly enjoyed listening to “today’s” teens simply talk among themselves … while they’re learning to create works of art.

  355. I have been stitching on an embroidered quilt for my granddaughter. the same one I have been stitching for years and years. My goal is to finally finish it before her birthday in September. The hold up has been trying to find different flowers and ways to stitch them. Thanks to your blog and a well stocked library I am almost there.

  356. I have not been able to stitch nearly as often as I would have liked in February. Much of my time has been spent studying for exams in April that come around every 10 years. That being said, I am looking forward to mid-April and beyond with lots of ideas. I enjoy your blog – you recently turned me on to Inspirations magazine and I can’t wait to order my first issue…Thanks again!

  357. Those books look wonderfully informative! Thank you to Search Press and to you for this opportunity! I have only done cross stitch, crochet, and sewing during February. I would like to get going on some stumpwork in Celeste Chalasani’s Craftsy class, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.

  358. I have done lots of embroidery in my imagination but have not actually picked up a needle. No! wait! I stitched for a few hours on a cross stitch project that I started about eighteen years ago. Forward progress.

  359. In February I started a project that has only been an idea until recently. I love tapestries and have been wanting to make one for myself. It will be a hodgepodge of a variety of different projects I have seen on pinterest. I am currently working on a cherry tree.

  360. Not much stitching this mon the due to health problems. Going to start working on “Welcome” by Karen Phillips Shwallon. Profile found at

  361. Oh yes indeed I did embroidery. I am participating in the stitch a day as well as finished up a sue Spargo project and doing a wool appliqué memory quilt designed for and by my daughter. All fun! Thanks for the chance to win the books.

  362. Yes, have been doing some embroidery on a lap quilt I have made.
    And so agree with you on naming days or months with foolishments. But days that is great to recognize is this century old talent. This one is worth recognizing, even if you don’t do this beautiful type of talent…..❤

  363. I agree there are too many “days” or “months” of random celebrations! But to each his own, and maybe there are some who love to celebrate them all.
    I have been challenging myself with the #1yearofstitches #1yearofstitches2017 So I have been stitching in February. I joined the stitch challenge a little late but told myself it would be silly not to start because I missed the first 20 days–there was still 445 days left!!! I have been keeping with it! My starting base was the stitch sampler by Dandelyne, I am embellishing it day by day! Love her work and her passion for embroidery—yours as well! Happy Friday! diana

  364. I have not done anything in February even though I had it with me everywhere I went. I want to work on a sampler book of stitches so I have at least practiced them onc before applying them to a design. Love looking, however.

  365. I have been working on wool and cotton applique, practicing some of the more difficult embroidery stitches.

  366. I love embroidery! I have recently been doing Sue Spargo BOM. This February I have not done very much as I had a melanoma removed from my upper right arm and have had to restrict movement. I was able to do some crazy quilting on some of the seams, such fun.

    I have some pieces of crazy quilting given to me by a great aunt when I was a child. I aim to put them together in some format soon!

  367. Embroidery is my first love. Busy on a crazey patch quilt that includes tatting and multiple decorative stitches. So inspired by your blog.

  368. I’ve been stitching in February for the first time since I was a kid. And loving it! I’m finding out through your site that there are a lot of very basic things that I didn’t know or was doing “wrong”. Thank you for content that addresses both newcomers and experienced stitchers.

  369. I worked on a Trish Burr pansy and a crewel partridge. And I sewed! Finished two quilted table toppers. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  370. I stitched a freebie cross stitch design from Arelate designs, a medieval looking Christmas snail, and am now working on a beaded rose pin cushion from Mill Hill.

  371. No, I haven’t managed to do any stitching in February. I’m currently looking for a “Spring” project to do, plus will start a baby sampler in the next couple of weeks.

  372. Mary…This month, I have been slowly working on the Modern Crewel project. It is coming alive!

  373. Whoops! I needed to read farther down to leave an appropriate comment. I make doll clothes and love to add touches of embroidery (sometimes a lot of “touches” LOL) to the clothing. I have started a dress and will finish it this weekend.

  374. Thanks, Mary, for the lovely giveaway. I love the A-Z books, although I’ve probably learned more from you over the years than I’ll ever learn from books.

  375. In February I finally finished my cross stitch Christmas tea towel. A little late but it’s been a bad winter for me. I put the completed work in the bottom of the tea towel drawer so it should work its way up to the top by Christmas this year!!! Now I start my sampler.

  376. Love handstitching and am doing more all the time. Designing different creations is such fun, and I’m always looking for different stitches to fit the design. My mother is going to be 92 next month, and I created a spring/summer scene on a fabric wrapped canvas for her. It has various embroidered flowers, tree branches and evergreen trees on it. The books would be great references for my future projects!

  377. I’ve just gotten back into embroidery after years of being away from it, and discovering your site was a real find! I’m trying other things besides counted cross stitch now, and loving it!

  378. I embroidered and sewed linen Valentine sachets for my friends! I used dried lavender buds in some and dried rosebuds in others.

  379. I’m sorry to say that my stitching in February consisted primarily of restitching the first eight steps or so in Gay Ann Roger’s Winter’s Cottage. Though the piece was safely covered and on a box, one of the household cats peed all over it. I am, mostly, glad to report that the cat suffered no damage or ill effects. Though I did kind of turn the air blue with a few choice words and spilled a tear or two.

  380. i have started an embroidered alphabet book for my first great grandson. I am using the same pattern that I used back in 1968 when my first son was born; stitching it brings back so many memories.

  381. I worked on surface embroidery. One was a pattern of a Flamingo by Sublime Stitching. A few others being worked on now and then. But yes this was in February.

  382. I have been coveting these books for quite a while! What a lovely giveaway!
    February was a rather productive stitching productive month, I worked about half of a new needlepoint piece and started the research and planning for a multi genre floral piece for a gift.

  383. I decided to learn how to embroider while recovering from depilating bunion surgery. (It takes less time to recover from hip replacement or a hysterectomy!)
    I discovered your site and it’s my bible now for teaching myself new stitches.
    So glad you exist and the time is flying by now!

  384. I made a skirt in a beautiful teal paisley, and embroidered a floral monogram for my sister’s upcoming 60th birthday.

  385. I just finished a Halloween table mat and getting to finish pillowcases and birdhouses pillow. Just a beginner but having lots of fun!

  386. February has disappeared in a flash. Little meaningful embroidery was done. Though I did buy a used loom and have spent many hours setting it to rights. I have hope for March.

  387. I can’t imagine a month WITHOUT stitching!! I’m doing a series of 3 x 3 inchies, so they got some attention. I’m working on a crazy quilt wall hanging and this month I’ve been concentrating on four blocks that I’ve pieced with luscious purple satins and velvets. And I’ve been playing with a stitch a day project. Yes – I’ve been stitching!

  388. yes, I’ve embroidered daily in 2017. I decided to take part in the 1 Year of Stitches, and my enjoyment and posting have inspired other friends to join the fun. It has been decades since I embroidered and I can’t seem to move beyond the few stitches I remember, stem stitch, french knots, outline stitch. The book looks like a great way to expand my thread-vocabulary.

  389. Thanks for the chance to win such wonderful embroidery books. YAY! I have been working on a cross stitch project of a Flower fairy with a watering can and a tiny lady bug. It is for my youngest grand daughter for her upcoming birthday. I just recently finished a similar fairy project for her older sister. I have several projects in the works as well. Two are Christmas oriented projects, one is a crewel work of various Santa figures, the other a ribbon embroidery of a Christmas flower and petals. Plus I always have some for myself that I work on in between other projects. I have a neat sea themed project for my bathroom that we are remodeling, it may be done before the bathroom is, lol. I am also working on a lovely four season embroidery project that has the verse from Ecclesiastes.
    ~Gin K.~

  390. I have been combining embroidery with fabric collage for the first time. I came up with several of my own designs and made works on linen that can hang on a door knob. I find I am fascinated by the combining of images, words and lace with embroidery stitches in the style of crazy quilting. The most recent one I am working on includes a vintage image of two sisters and “patches” in browns with antique lace and basic embroidery stitches. It is organic in that the basic design takes shape as I work on it and the embroidery stitches are suggested by the designs in the lace and the images and patterns on the base fabrics. Very calming and absorbing.

  391. Aside from the numerous children’s hats I’ve been knitting during the equally numerous power outages I’ve dealt with here in rainy California, I have been diligently working on a Chatelaine design, Holland Mandala. I started it quite a few years ago; it is a 22″ square pattern. I am determined to get it finished as I have another large project from Heaven & Earth Designs I’m dying to start, The Meeting on The Turret Stairs. I know I will drop Holland like a hot potato if I allow myself to begin the other one!

  392. I did get some embroidery done on a replica of part of the Bayeux tapisserie. It’s beautiful, . Next month I hope to finish embroidery on an applique quilt.

  393. Hi. I just completed stitching a birth announcement for my cousin’s new baby girl and am shopping for a baby boy birth record for another cousin.
    So many babies…so much stitching!

  394. I’ve been working on a block of the month quilt, which combines wool appliqué with embroidery. I’ve learned several new stitches and am on my way to mastering bullion knots. The A to Z books would be a great resource for choosing stitches for a project of my own design.

  395. Interesting that this is National Embroidery month, as I’ve been fairly productive with my projects this month. Finished the embroidery of a pelican on a linen ‘hand towel’, to be used in an SCA elevation ceremony (satin, split and stem stitch with drawn thread hem). Made 13 scissor pockets with the initials of our embroiderers guild stitched on the front with a bit of border also (BLSNG in blackwork), and am now working on hankies (6) with drawn thread hems.

    We have a group challenge going, where we’re learning new stitches. The challenge is to do all of the stitches in the Embroidery Stitch Bible by Betty Bardon onto a sampler. To help with that, I’ve also provided a list of the stitches in the book, and cross reference URL’s of on line tutorials that I found helpful, most of them are yours. Thank you so much for making these educational resources available.

  396. I managed to do quite a bit of crazy quilting this month. I completed 4 of the blocks in my Anne Stokes series.

  397. February Stitching: While I’m mostly knitting, I’ve also been working on a sampler I designed – all cross-stitch, though I’m wanting to re-design it using a much wider variety of stitches once I get my hands on sturdier linen. Yes, Needle N Thread has been putting all kinds of ideas into my head about this thing.

  398. I am working on crazy quilting with velvets, satins and such. I will be teaching a class on this in March. I love doing this, but don’t have as much time as I would like to devote to it.

  399. My embroidery work has been on the Splendid Sampler blocks. I found that I enjoy the hand work and am looking forward to doing more.

  400. For February I have been making embroidery pendant necklaces. They are the perfect little project to start and finish while my little one is taking a nap.

  401. I wish I could say, “Yes!”, but – sadly – NO! Too much else taking me away from what I’d love to be doing!

  402. Unfortunately I have not done much stitching this month. I did work a little on a bread basket napkin and hope to do some more on it this weekend.

  403. I just got finished crocheting baby blankets for my daughter’s friend. Now I’m embroidering a dish towel.

  404. Yes, I did manage some stitching in February. I am working on a wool block of the month, a cute embroidery dress pattern, and some free style embroidery on a pillow.

  405. At the beginning of February, I quickly put together the base of four crazy quilt blocks. After machine stitching the fabric pieces to a foundation, I used simple embroidery stitches on all the seams. I plan to embellish them with more embroidery, beads, silk ribbon, buttons, and more. They’ll be fun!

  406. I haven’t stitched anything in February, but have been getting very antsy to do some projects. Instead I’ve been unpacking and organizing my needlework supplies after a big move. I decided to properly inventory everything as I unpack, so it is taking extra long and also reminding me of all the things I want to be making.

    But I’m pulling materials for Linen and Threads 2017 Mystery Sampler. Cross stitch, but I will add beads too. I hope to start soon!

  407. In 1994 I cut out a picture of purple irises and a butterfly from the cover of a catalogue. I always intended to either appliqué it on a quilt or to embroider it. This month I finally made a decision and have started to embroider it using long and short stitch. It is my first attempt a needle painting.

  408. I have just recently taken up embroidery again. I had done a bit about 30 years ago and have done a few cross stitch kits. The embroidery project I’m working on is of two little parrots, some bananas, and an island. I got the idea from a magazine about water colour painting. As such, I am making up my own colour and stitch scheme. I am really enjoying the process! I am also enjoying your website and am highly inspired by your beautiful work!!
    Laura Macadam

  409. I love the A-Z series and would be so happy to add these volumes to my library! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  410. This month I finished my 2016 Christmas ornaments for my kids(LOL a little behind this year) They are cross stitched but I also made some progress on one of my son’s and DIL’s wedding sampler which is counted thread and hardanger.

  411. I’ve been stitching some flowers on a denim shirt, something I have not tried before and I’m delighted with the results so far.

  412. Although I had great plans to start the Hungarian Redwork Runner this month, life got in the way. I did manage to add some adorable blue flowers to a collar for a dear friend… maybe things will settle down soon and I can start my Runner! I’m always inspired by your blog and it motivates me to make time for embroidery and learn new stitches. Thanks!

  413. I’ve been working on a beautiful Crewel Work Company design called Wordsworth Cuckoo. I’ve almost finished, I only have the bird itself left to do, after completing all the foliage.

  414. During the month of February I did a LOT of “French Boutis” stitching! I design my own patterns and teach French Boutis classes. It is a simple running stitch on two pieces of delicate batiste or an elegant “Dupioni Silk”, then corded from behind between the two layers in the channels that were just stitched. I love this ancient type of needlework and try to spread to word to women everywhere. But I am ALWAYS interested in learning new techniques and these ABC books would be wonderful to have in any library!

  415. I’m enjoying reading your articles on Embroidery. I’m always looking for tips, hints and ideas for Cross Stitch and find most of your information translates well to that medium.

    What I’m not finding is hints or tips of how to “set-up” supplies and tools for really complex projects. I’m a sucker for punishment and have several Teresa Wentzler projects in the works in addition to Christmas stockings for the grand-daughters.

  416. Nope, I didn’t manage any stitching. I’ve been learning pottery instead, which I love, too. Unfortunately, I find that the clay stains and roughens my hands to the point that I need to stay away from embroidery.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the wonderful critique of National Days/Months.

  417. I Purchased the Stitch Sampler Alphabet (LOVE IT) and I have been working on monograms to frame and place around wedding pictures of my family in a wall grouping. Around the letters I am also thread painting the brides favorite flower.
    It has turned out wonderful.
    Thank you, Rhonda

  418. I am starting the largest, most complicated piece I have ever done – just waiting on my new stand and needle organizer.

  419. In February I forced myself to do a bit more work on a canvaswork project that I’m really not enjoying and then, to cheer myself up, I started a new crewelwork project, hurray! Oh, I also made my sister a little top and a ribbonwork lavender bag for her birthday and embroidered a simple table runner for my loyal Womens Institute group.

    I felt as thought I hadn’t achieved much until I entered this competition!

  420. I joined a FB group “1 Year of Stitches 2017” so I am working on stitching everyday on a hoop. This has caused me to go through my stash and finish up various stitching projects…(mainly Shepherd’s Bush patterns and kits!)

  421. So far, February has been devoted to rug hooking and quilting projects. But, one of the quilts has wool applique and embroidered embellishments and I recently purchased “Learn to Stitch Fabulous Insects” to embellish another quilt that has baskets of flowers. I thought a few insects flying in to check out the flowers would be a nice touch.

  422. I stitch every day, because I can. At the moment I am working on a canvas ‘Humbug’ and will soon start a canvas Bargello EAC work called ‘Florentine Fun’. Last week I finished a hardanger angel, a smocked Christmas tree ball and a smocked baby bonnet. I was introduced to embroidery at a young age and have been doing it for over 60 years.

  423. No embroidery in February but I’m planning to embroider small flowers onto some beautiful linen fabric that I have tucked away. Then I’m going to cover buttons with the embroidery and make them into brooches.

    The embroidery books will be a marvellous inspiration!


  424. I’ve been working on Tanja Berlin’s hummingbird blackwork meets cross stitch pattern. I’ve really enjoyed it. It has gone so fast, being all one color:) I love seeing your work. Thank you!

  425. In February & whenever I have a chance I work on the gift for the farmer in KS who does such a great job farming my land. He has 6 children & I am doing a cross stitch of the family…a row of them tall to short. I WILL FINISH!! jc

  426. I have been busy stitching all month. I am preparing to teach some classes for the first time and have worked two samples using the stitches used in the Bayeux Tapestry, and three needle painted flowers. I have also embroidered three whitework crosses, and put in a few hours on the Battle of Stamford Bridge Tapestry. I also finished some contemporary embroidery for an exhibition in this year’s city in of culture! A very busy month!! The books would be a real asset to the pupils in my new classes. Thank you for offering them.

  427. I got a bit of a lot of things done, knitting, lace knitting, quilt piecing and planning of needlepoint and cross stitch. I would certainly have planned and started more if Feb. was longer.

  428. I’m stitching a labyrinth on a men’s handkercheif for my labyrinth loving friend. She will have a pocket labyrinth anytime she wants a calming moment that will double as a napkin or hankie!

  429. In February I continued with a canvaswork project that I’m really not enjoying, and started a new crewelwork project, hurray!

    I also made a little top for my sister and a ribbonwork lavender bag for her birthday as well as embroidering a simple table runner for my local Women’s Institute group.

    I didn’t feel I’d achieved much until entering this competition. Now I feel as thought I achieved quite a lot.

  430. I did some stitching in February. I started and completed a pincushion by Sharon Cohen and continued to stitch on the Dorothy Walpole sampler. I am about half finished with the sampler.

  431. As a matter of fact, in spite of having other non stitch related projects to complete this month, I have managed to get some stitching done on the one small project I have actively going called The Rose Pincushion. Last night I was even able to almost completely kit up supplies from my stash for 5 different projects that I plan to actively work on this year. Maybe, today I’ll finish up the kitting!

  432. I have been working on several different projects, some are for the quilts I am making.
    One quilt top is from oriental fabric my son brought me. I am using a very simple Sashiko stitch that is flowing around background fabric.
    Another is for crazy quilt squares, lots of different stitches and silk ribbon embroidery.
    Plus a few other small projects to keep me busy when I have a few spare minutes.
    Your site has been a great place for me to go to when I need help on a stitch or in finding a new stitch.
    Thank you for all your help. b

  433. I’ve been enamored and following embroidery for quite some time but hadn’t allowed myself to tackle any true projects short of just practicing some stitches on scraps… My wonderful mother in law gifted me the 1891 redwork reproduction quilt kit for Christmas from Hoopla patterns. I am now joyfully working on the redwork blocks to accomplish the quilt. It uses limited stitches which makes it a perfect piece to choose the stitch to use and to really hone my skills on them. A few redo’s, but I’m learning and loving it! I’m excited to continue.

  434. I embroider on pieced or appliqued quilt tops, but would like to do more embroidery. Your blog is great motivation and encouragement.

  435. Havent managed to do anything for awhile… still learning and only know a couple stitches.
    Plenty ideas planned in head.

  436. I am working on a wool applique wall hanging that requires me to learn
    a bunch of new embroidery stitches along with the blanket stitch
    thanks for the give away
    Carole Kennedy
    Ottawa Canada

  437. I made my two Granddaughters a Valentine’s Day tote bag and embroidered their names (with flowers) on them.

  438. Oh Mary, you make me laugh with your comments on the assorted “days”, and I whole heartedly agree with your insights! I did not know, however, that February is National Embroidery month! You do a wonderful job of sharing the loveliness of the art of embroidery and help us all to become better stitchers!
    These days I am trying to get a little embroidery in each evening, all though I am not always so faithful. I am almost finished with a lovely Brazilian embroidery design by Sharon Shetley, called “Birthday Bouquet”. When it is complete, I have plans to send it to a dear friend, that she may have a “bouquet that will never wilt” and she may enjoy for years to come! Sometimes sharing an art brings out its true beauty!
    Thank you for all the sharing you do!

  439. I did not do embroidery work in February just hand sewing English paper piecing blocks. But yesterday I prepared a monogram to embroidery. It’s the letter A with flowers and vines wrapped around it.

  440. As of yet I have not done any hand embroidery-but I do have three projects waiting for me-so hopefully before the end of this month I will get them finished! Thank you, Susan

  441. Hi Mary, I’m working on a redwork quilt called “Over the river and though the woods to grandmother’s house we go” It has three long panels of redwork to do. Almost most done!

  442. Hi Mary:

    After almost a year spent in dealing with family illness and death, I didn’t have the time to stitch much, nor did I feel like stitching. At some point last year I saw a fellow EGA chapter member stitching on the monthly project that The Snowflower Diaries was producing, Joyful World a primitive calendar, and fell in love with the project. Over time I collected all twelve of the monthly patterns and kitted up the project. Last month I decided to start stitching (what I consider to be the boring part!) the twelve frames for each monthly animal. I think I am getting my groove back because again I look forward to sitting down to add a few more stitches.

    I have actually thought about getting a book of stitches and making a sampler to teach myself how to make the stitches properly. Broaden my horizens so to speak. I realize that I will not live long enough to stich all that I want and I have sooo much to learn…at least I am still having fun trying!

    I love your newsletter and website. Thank you for taking the time to take us on your stitching journeys.


  443. Hi Mary,
    what a treasure. Thank you.
    In February I’ve been doing experiences with wool embroidery on burlap and some crochet leaves and petals. Still I’m thinking to join some silk stems on the crochet. It’s a mix project…
    my best wishes for you

  444. “Where’s my picture of Italy” my husband inquires. Went to Italy 10 years ago, then bought a huge cross stitch of poppy fields. So okay I finally get it started. So many thread changes- I may lose my mind. If I stitch for one hour a day I may get it done in 5 years.

  445. No embroidery this month so far 🙁 I’ve been really busy lately, and not feeling very well. Hopefully that will change soon 🙂

  446. I designed a large picture of the zodiac with my star sign Scorpio in the middle. I started it on 1st January for A Year In Stitches challenge. I am trying to do lots of different stitches to learn new techniques as I stitch and using lots of muted blues and greens with touches of other colours for my colour palette. So far I’m really pleased with it but haven’t managed to do nearly as much as I would have liked!

  447. I did some “chicken scratch” and needleweaving on red checkered fabric. These fabric pieces will be used in the construction of favors for an upcoming embroidery workshop. Our local embroidery group is hosting the event.

  448. Currently I am working on a Chatelaine Mystery – Mystery X- that I started almost 9 years ago. I am hoping to finish it this year.

  449. I’ve knit 5 cat hats for the Women’s March, but my embroidery has fallen through the cracks. Next, I plan to embroider an alphabet book for my friend’s baby. Would love to win these books. I’ve entered a bunch of these giveaways and haven’t been the lucky winner yet. Thanks!

  450. I love embroidering since it males me Aware of who I am and what I need to express. Embroidering for me has the same importance as writing haiku. It allows me to be here and now, to be concious that the only thing I have is the now.Embroidering is a way of life.
    I’ m embroidering a cushion right now.
    I’m from Cordoba,Argentina and I do congratulate you for your articles.
    Take care.

  451. Working on a canvas piece – changing the colors from the kit! Lots of fun!
    Would love to look through the books! Not really any snow here this winter..but winter is not over yet! Thanks!

  452. I am working on a counted cross stitch picture of a Great Blue Heron. I am using a photo I took and converted it to a cross stitch pattern. My first conversion and I am anxious to see how it turns out.

  453. My stitching right now is not actually embroidery but hand stitching. I am hand quilting a queen size quilt that was embroidered by my mother when she went to the nursing home everyday when my dad was there. It is a very special project I would like done by April 10th when my mother turns 97.

  454. I’ve managed to finish ‘a breath of spring’ just need to finish the bag and I’m contining stitching minature birds from Trish Burr’s book on a long tablerunner for my daughter who has already received 8 matching napkins. I made the most of the wet days!
    Alex P

  455. First of all, I have to say I’m amazed at the quality of the tutorials on Needle and Thread, Mary! Thank you, for your attention to detail and taking the time to share your passion. Very inspiring and an amazing resource!
    I’m recently retired and I am reacquainting myself with sewing. In February, I made a small coat and hat and did some free motion machine appliqué on bibs for my new granddaughter. IMG_4470.JPG
    I have been looking through your tutorials for inspiration to add detail to my sewing. I have a McCall’s magazine from the seventies with the
    basics I turn to when I want to add embroidery to a project.
    I am also interested in trying to create an embroidered art piece (maybe a framed nursery rhyme) for my granddaughter nursery. I enrolled in the Craftsy Gold work class, read your articles about it and would also like to try a gold work bug.

  456. I worked on ‘Amsterdam is changing’ this month! I started out big and abstract: I felt very artistic about that! But suddenly I was making a small detailed ferry and a detailed famous Amsterdam Tower and a tiny bridge; then I embroidered mini-bicycles and people. I love doing it and then I mean: doing it. The result is truely less important. It is also a protest, well soft protest, against all the new buildings that overpower Amsterdam and all the people who just discovered the part of Amsterdam I live in: Amsterdam-North and now say they make that part livable again. Who do they think they are! If you want to, you can see my progress on my blog.

  457. Spring is almost here in California, winter tends to linger a little bit, but we can already see the puppies on the hillsides, it’s a beautiful sight, so I decided to put some of that beauty in a basket of flowers .

  458. I’m teaching my daughters how to embroidery so we are working on dolls clothes together. It has been a wonderful experience as they are designing their own patterns. The best part of it is that we are learning new techniques together. Reminds me of my childhood as it was my Mom who taught me. We would so enjoy going through those books together. Crossing fingers and toes, lololol.

  459. I have a long list of to-do projects, many started, and the one I’m currently working on was a surprise sampler. Read that as a derailment to the projects I have queued up previously. LOL The result of a choice made with friends at a gal-pal weekend (we are all stitching the same sampler), is a sweet little sampler I’ve been unable to put down since we started it a couple weeks ago. After choosing the pattern, fabric and threads at the local needlework store together, we spent the weekend based at the hotel stitching our initials in each others fabric as part of the friendship deal! Catching up, lots of laughing and good food. Cherished memories stitched into a cherished project. Also perfect for February, as it has lots of hearts: Heart of Gold by Blue Ribbon Designs. Thanks for another giveaway, Mary! Good Luck everyone!

  460. I have traced a primitive embroidery pattern but have not had an opportunity to stitch. The embroidery blocks will be included in a quilt along with pieced blocks. I love your work!!

  461. Oh my goodness this exciting! My February stitching included Magic Mushrooms from “A to Z Stumpwork” (borrowed from my library, image in the website link) – this was a sampler piece to prepare me for a big stumpwork project to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary. I’ve also plodded along on my 3rd large reproduction kit of The Bayaux Tapestry. And that lead led me to a fun project with an artist in Paris who does medieval bayeux inspired drawings…which I’m turning into bayeux embroideries!

    So many projects, so little time! Thank you as always Mary, for sharing your skill and love of *embroidery art*!!

  462. I have been working on hand embroidery and tambour beading for clothing and accessory projects.

  463. No I have not done any embroidery this month because I succumbed to becoming a Janeite. I have started Dear Jane quilt with English Paper Piecing. so I will be working on that for awhile. Plus I am doing a BOM that has a lot of applique in it as well as piecing so I will be busy with those for a while. However, I have a BOM of embroidered roses on order. will get to that after Jane is finished

  464. In February I cross stitched a Plum Street Samplers piece, alternatively with crocheting an 18″ tall raccoon amigurumi. I also finished a Tanya Berlin bookmark stitched on canvas.

  465. This month I’ve been working on several projects…my favorite is a pillow I’m making for my 16 -year-old Granddaughter’s “hope chest”…..is there any such tradition any more? It was a huge surprise when she requested her very own embroidered “The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go” pillow that I designed for her mother’s birthday in December….who knew young people were interested in embroidered arts today…and in an urban city as well? Also by her request, I embroidered 2 tea towels with beautiful little French knot lambs and an inspirational message
    Honestly, no amount of work is too much for her….she is a treasure.

  466. First, thank you for all you do. I wouldn’t be stitching at all if it wasn’t for you. You are a great teacher. Currently working on a picture of a bicycle amongst the trees…regular surface embroidery. I traced a pattern from an adult coloring book and am making this to frame and give to my daughter who is a bicycle enthusiast. Work an hour or so in the evenings while watching TV and have been at it for a few months now. About 2/3 done! Still learning lots!!! I am really just a novice.

  467. I did do some embroidery in February, I am nearly at the end of a large kit of a lovely country cottage.

  468. I am working on 4 stitching projects in rotation. Disney, “Past, Present and Forever “, ” O’Canada” designer by Sandy Orton, “Sue Bonnet” embroidery quilt blocks and Kitty and Me “Never Ending Sampler” SAL.

  469. Happy National Embroidery month! This month I am adding embroidery to a wall quilt that I am making. It is a personal project – a quilted, creative, colorful version of my house with family names and detail with embroidery. Really, it’s turning into a bit of a sampler…I’ve not done much embroidery, but since I found your website, I’ve been inspired to learn more. So I am practicing different stitches on my quilt! 🙂

  470. I have been following your blog for several years and I am terrified of putting needle to fabric even though I love embroidery. I feel I need someone to hold my hand.

    I noticed that Sheila below is sewing together embroidered quilt block which is a great idea.

    Here’s hoping That I am lucky winner but also good luck to everyone else. Keep up the awareness of embroidery as I love it.


  471. National Nutella Day, that’s just nuts. Everyday is a possible sewing day/embroidery day here at the farm. Assuming, like Cinderella I get my chores done.

    I know that only in the dictionary does housework come before needlework. I’m willing to leave the dishes to ferment till afternoon, but those pesky plants and farm animals all want something.

    Yes, lots of stitching in February, too bad I can’t send photos. One mermaid 2 inches from being finished. I don’t do a lot of cross stitch, and that’s the one for the year. I’ve made a bit of progress on an Assissi Mermaid, finished and framed Moby Dick and finally I’ve completed the Talliaferro Challenge for the SF School of Needlework.
    Well, the stitching is done, now to the finishing.

    I’m with you, let’s get more folks stitching. By the way, if you select my name, only send me the flowers book. I got the first 2 for Christmas! Oh yeah, my men know what I like.

  472. I finally finished embroidering material that I made into pockets then I finally finished the two aprons that the pockets go on. It feels so good to finish something finally. It seems to take me forever to finish a project anymore! I do believe I’ve developed ADHD because I use to work through a project beginning to end but now I lose steam halfway through and want to begin something else. I have way too many UFO’s (unfinished objects) and I don’t like it however, I can’t seem to change. I’m determined to find a solution.

  473. I worked on a very special project in February. My grandson celebrated his bar mitzvah, at the age of 13. He begins to wear a prayer shawl in the synagogue and needs a bag to put it in. I embroidered a design with his name and a verse from the Bible and then sewed it into a bag. It is beautiful! I enjoyed doing it and he loved it!

  474. It has been a slow month for stitching. I did work on three canvas work pieces – a scissor case with tulips on it done in greens and yellows, a small angel ornament that I changed the stitches on and added beads to the center of the roses on her skirt and I put in a few stitches on a Christmas stocking for one of my Grandsons. I just started a fourth piece that is another angel ornament. It will have some changes to it also. Following directions is not something that happens stitch by stitch.

  475. I have been working on a embordery sampler of my own creation, trying to learn the basic stitches. I love reading your articles and exploring your web site. You are such an inspiration.

  476. I managed to finish a quilt embroidered with the names of my extended family and am now appliqueing rabbits on to a baby quilt!

  477. This month I stitched every day! Mary, your website got me hooked. I read your articles every day. I joined the EGA. I have many projects in the works, crazy quilt embroidery, two of your patterns I bought, a couple of projects with the guild, and stitching some of my own designs. I have borrowed the A-z books from the library and they are great books.
    Vicki Fisher-Lerer

  478. Aloha, Mary.

    I’m new to embroidery, so I have been working to learn a stitch whenever I can. I’ve been working on my own, little sampler. I’m now working on the Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch from your site.

    Thank you for your great web site. I would love to receive the books since I’m just starting to collect embroidery books.


  479. I started my 2017 Christmas projects in February. My favorite project was a lovely little wreath called Jardin de Noel by Rouge du Rhin of France. The embroidery design included a little bit of silk ribbon embellishment, which was new to me. Very fun!

  480. I agree with you on “designated days or months” everyday is handwork day! I am currently working on a primitive wool and embroidery sampler. Thank you for the opportunity!

  481. I joined my local embroidery guild in January, after some prompting from my mother-in-law. I was nervous about joining for several reasons, including not being sure if I was “good enough.” I am so glad I listented to my mother-in-law! I found my people! My first project was an embroidered EPP nametag, which I wrapped up this month!

  482. I haven’t had a chance to do any stitching this month, but the spring-like weather the last few days has inspired me to dig out a delicate floral embroidery kit I bought from French Needle a while back that hasn’t been touched yet!

  483. Dear Mary,
    January 21 I started a year course Surfaces and Stitches given by Cherilyn Martin. The homework was to try out all kind of embroidery stitches and that I did mostly in february. I started with cross stitch, then chainstitch, etc. I worked with different kind of threads, different size and different colours and also more layers over each other. Ik enjoyed it very much and I had a lot of fun. Tomorrow is our second lesson and I am looking forward to it. We use a stitch dictonary but I only have an old one and I shoud be very happy if I’ll be the winner of the embroiderybooks of this month.
    I am also working on a project for a contest for innovative embroidery. I use acryl gel worked paper as a base with prints of medieval knight tournement combined with stich samples. So you see, I have been busy.

  484. Happy embroidery month! Yes, I managed to stich a little. I tried mixing threads in needlepoint to make it look a bit like long and short stitch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  485. My embroidery work in February is embroidering snowman blocks for a quilt that I am going to give to a very dear friend.

  486. I’ve been working on recreating my Grandmother’s tree skirt that was handed down to me. It’s felt appliqué. I’ve used some of her ideas and am adding my own. I’ve used the organization suggestions on this blog and find I’m able to do a lot in little increments of time.

  487. This February I started cross stitching a Christmas Ornament. I am working on a cross stitch book mark for a local school. Part of my Guild started on February 16 to work on a canvas piece titled Dazzle by Margaret Bendig. I hope to finish the book mark shortly where as the Christmas ornament will be an on going process in the free time. The canvas piece is something new for me to learn. So far it is exciting!

  488. I’ve been getting a head start embroidering 2017 Christmas ornaments. I started a tradition with my children (now 31 & 27) of giving them a “teddy bear” (loosely interpreted) ornament each year. It’s getting harder & harder to come up with new designs, so I’m starting now.

    And, I totally agree with you about “special” days & months!!!

  489. I’ve been traveling in South America all of February… no embroidery done whatsoever! However, I will be home soon and have a lovely stumpwork project to work on. Can’t wait!

  490. Hello, I have done a little bit of stitching this month. I’m working on my own design which I plan to use as a cover for a needle book (almost finished). This is my very first project so I’m trying to use different stitches using your videos – thank you by the way.

  491. I have been working on a set of 9-ten inch blocks for a mystery quilt with Cindy Blackberg. Each block has a Celtic design that is worked in two lines of stem stitch. Fun to do.
    Thanks for this opportunity, Judy

  492. Hi Mary! At the moment I am doing monograms to try and learn new stitches instead of the usual hardanger…What a challenge! Thanks

  493. Hi, Mary! I have had many stitching adventures this month. I have been practicing that plaited braid stitch, you know, the one that just seems so hard because it is. It kept listing over to the left, leaving the right side all spoke-y and wriggle-y. But! I figured out how to fix it and I’m WAY too proud of myself. I showed my mom. Like running home with an A on my math test, I showed my mom. “Look!!! Look how good it is!!! Compare these two lines, this one is sooooo much better, right??? RIGHT?!” So… that was a thing… Also, I’ve been working on a Trish Burr pattern. Arbitrarily, I decided that I didn’t like some of the colors. (Because I have an overwhelming need to make things more difficult on myself.) And then I went through a long and difficult process of choosing different colors. There were tears. It was suggested that maybe the original colors were perfectly fine. But no. Long story short: it looks okay. In addition to all of this, I have been attempting to construct the accessories that go along with the Home Sweet Home box. I was having fun there. I made one of the bees a “special unicorn bee”. I really just wanted to use a pretty pink and yellow variegated thread. After that, we delve into my Misadventures With Interfacing and Proper Usage Of An Iron. But that is possibly a story for when we celebrate International Ironing Month, so I will spare you the details for now.
    Oh, and lest we forget! It is currently Black History Month! One of those things that I’m pretty sure has nothing to do with marketing. Black Lives Matter. It’s just true.

  494. Thanks for the opportunity to win these wonderful books.

    This month I have concentrated on several embroidery pieces: the finishing work on a pincushion. a small goldwork design by Margaret Kinsey and the interpretation of a zentangle drawing as surface embroidery. The goal is to have these and a few other projects finished for my EGA chapter’s needlearts exhibit in April. The pincushion has been donated to our boutique.

  495. Continuing my practice of stitching every morning, I stitched a surface embroidery item for my daughter for Valentine’s Day. In addition, I rotated stitching on a Melissa Shirley canvas and a counted thread sampler entitled “Never Let You Go”.

  496. I did not do any actual stitching in February. I am getting ready to do a pattern I got from a historical society. The pattern does not come with any instructions. This will be something new for me to decide the colors, stitches, fabric and everything. I love picking the colors, however, I am much less confident about choosing the stitches and fabric.

    When you do giveaways I always enjoy reading about what others are working on.

    Thank you for all of the information you give in your blog. I am learning a lot. I have your blog as a resource whether or not I win the giveaway books.

  497. Definitely stitched in February. I’ve been working on a ‘year in stitches’ project, TAST and learning the basic stump work stitches from the A-Z of Stumpwork in this very series. So I’d love to add to these books to my collection! Thank you.

  498. I have done more embroidery this month than I have in quite a while. Possibly because I’ve rearranged the living room furniture and my recliner was delivered this month. A comfy chair and good lighting, finally!!! I’ve finished a huck towel, including hand hem & fringe. I’m now working on some blackwork. Have lots of UFO’s on stand by.

  499. Oh, yes I stitched in February! I am currently working on an underwater scene, with a seahorse in the middle. I am using 6 strand cotton thread, but I also have some bead work I’ll be doing which I’m excited about.

  500. I haven’t worked on any embroidery this month due to a kitchen remodel. I finished my last project in Jan. I embroidered 5 blocks to frame separately, a frog, a snake hanging from a tree, a goat & a chicken. Then the fifth was a larger square with the poem “what are little boys made of …. ” I embroidered a frog, a snail, a puppy at three of the corners. This was all for my cousin who just had their third baby but first boy last week. They raise chickens & goats so I had to include them in the design. I love doing these animal projects. I call it coloring with thread as I fill the whole design not just the outline. I have actually done 2 quilts like this . It is my passion.

  501. I’m just starting so I’ve worked on smaller pieces – monograms, floral motifs. Things that allow a sense of accomplishment while still remaining within my skill range.

  502. Thanks for the giveaway. I love embroidery books! In February, I finished the top for a king quilt, put the binding on a lap quilt, stitched about 6 hours on a Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery piece (waiting on threads now), stitched about 12-15 hours on a Christmas stocking for my granddaughter, made a sample stumpwork dragon fly, stitched on a Hardanger biscornu (almost done), and for the past two days I’m working on shibori, bead and stitching cuff. Right now I’m waiting for glue to dry before I put the final row of beads on. But February isn’t done yet! There are still 5 days.

    More to stitch. Thanks for the give aways.

  503. February found Carolyn Pearce’s Home Sweet Home has three walls completed. Have taken a break for more casual work on felt Scandi horses, birds and bunnies. Meeting this afternoon with my Threads group today to share the fun. Your column is, as always, a wonderful daily inspiration. Thank you!

  504. I have not been able to get any stitching in, this month. I am working on some embroidery quilt blocks, so hopefully I will get some stitching done in March.

  505. My embroidery group and I started stitching for next Christmas. We are going to decorate a Christmas tree to look like a Hungarian Dancing girl and have started embroidering the skirt.

  506. I have not worked on any embroidery this month, however, I am sewing an Amy Butler shoulder bag for
    my sister who is, at this very minute, at Harry Potter World in Florida. When I am finished with the bag,
    I will go back to stitch a small embroidered book about animals on a farm (no words) for a delightful three
    year old girl I know!

  507. Thanks for the giveaway! Love all your stuff. Find it very informative and inspirational.

    I’m working on 12 embroidery blocks, January thru December, which feature a seasonal theme and I alternate one of my two girls in each block. When finished with all 12 blocks I will incorporate each block into a quilt.

  508. I am working on a stitch sampler – a project with our Guild also finishing off a Betsy Morgan project (Swan Lake Sampler) started last year. Marilyn

  509. Hey.
    I actually haven’t got time to do any embroidery this month.
    But I plan to start on embroidering a dress for my mother for her 50th birthday in August this year.

  510. Yes Mary, I was able to finish a little “Shepherds Bush” pin cushion that I have decided to frame instead for my little grand daughter.

  511. Love embroidery – I will be 70 this year and can still remember my first embroidery projects. I like finding pictures of all those vintage patterns. I need to find some easy projects for my grand-daughters. Thanks. LD

  512. I have worked on three pieces this month. Our EGA guild sponsored a Christmas ornament on canvas for our Jan./Feb. project. It has required the use of a variety of threads and beads and I have learned so much. Another project was one I ordered from The Crewel Company so I am learning to use woolen threads. My go-to five minute practice piece is a stamped linen fabric with owls on it.

  513. I did manage to do a redwork snowman this past month. It was a Christmas free pattern from Kathy Smithz. I did it in the stem stitch and a few lazy daisy stitches. It was fun. I had not embroidered for a while. Now I have a Santa to stitch, also in redwork. Redwork is one of my favorite mediums.

  514. No projects worked on here sadly. Moved to new location just before Christmas. Finally found my threads and fabric and stands and such but my embroidery books are still missing. I have most of the stuff to start a project in one of the books… but I think they are gone. Will have to replace 🙁 we had awful packers sadly. Much was damaged or missing this time. That’s why we usually pack our own! Ah well. Most of its here 🙂

  515. I’m working on a block of the month that I chose to do in wool applique. I love your blog, it inspires me with all the beautiful work you do and showing the stitches. I have the original A-Z book and love it, always on the lookout for more stitching books to help with all the gorgeous stitches available. Thanks for the chance to win.

  516. Yes, I did manage to get a little embroidery done. I am working on Pat Sloans Splendid Sampler blocks, trying to get caught up. I enjoy doing my embroidery in the evening sitting in front of the TV so I can listen to that. I was in a shop in town recently and bought a Angel embroidery kit. Had to look up on line a couple of the stitches and practiced them Think I am confident enough to start that Wish me luck ! Hugs to you

  517. I haven’t done any embroidery this month, but I did come across an embroidered table runner that I had purchased a while back and misplaced. I have everything ready to start on it.

  518. Am going to try embroidered to death crazy quilting!! I picked up some fabrics last week on a road trip that I hope will work and have been reading and utubing . I also have quite a few hand dyed threads from a lady close by (Colour Complements) so with the snow back today I am ready to start! Wish me luck!

  519. I did a cross stitch for my daughter. I know it’s not exactly embroidery but it did have French knots and back stitching.

  520. Just finished Paula Hechman’s Richilieu Cutwork bellpull (39″×8″) started about 20 years ago! Just have the backing to do and it is ready for hanging. Ready to start another UFO. Hoping to finish a few more this year in addition to stitching a few local EGA projects and a class with Jane Nicholas.

  521. Hi Mary, thanks for the chance to win these great books! In February I continued to work on my 1 Stitch a Day for a Year project (although I missed a few days) and I’m getting ready to teach a class on embroidery for crazy quilts so I worked on a sample for that. I had a lot of fun trying out new combinations of stitches! I know these books would find their way into many of my classes!

  522. I’m looking forward to returning to embroidery and needlework by working on a stitch sampler in the coming months. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve embroidered.

  523. I did my ornament girl ornament for Feb., it is beautiful. I’mw my husband in Dallas for a review course for him. So I have time to sew in the hotel. I love these books!

  524. Yes, I got a LOT of stitching done in February. I did Sue Hillis’ 12 Days of Christmas, several ornaments for grand nieces and grand nephews, and worked on my Shades of Indigo (Northern Expressions). In addition to that, I stitched a name tag for my guild. If I ever get through with Indigo, I’ve got a Plum Street to make for my niece-in-law.

  525. Certainly! I don’t think that there was a day when I didn’t have some stitching time. In fact, last weekend I attended a 3 day retreat with my EGA chapter. I’ve been working on an EGA GCC, Christmas ornaments, and a few other projects. Always have several on the go. Would love to win the books!

  526. I manage to stitch every evening and most of the day on Wednesdays with my stitching friends. Right now I’m concentrating on the Home Sweet Home work box I received as my Christmas gift. It’s quite a challenge, with many new stitches to learn. But what fun!

  527. Thanks for this opportunity! I stitched every day in February, finished the ‘Farm Sampler’ and a Pako kit named ‘Historical Dress’ that I have been working on since last April. I have started a Scarlet Letter sampler named ‘Betsy Davis’ and an Easter table topper.

  528. Your embroidery is so beautiful, and so inspiring. I have done a lot of crewel embroidery, but never thread painting, I have now done 3 pieces and they turned out great, are at the framers right now. I have learned so much from your blogs. Keep up the beautiful work and blogs.
    Thanks so much for your information.

  529. My birthday is in February so I always like to give myself the present of extra stitching time. I finished a
    huck weaving towel that was a project at my EGA chapter and I also finished a queen sized quilt that is all
    hand pieced and quilted.

  530. Hi, unfortunately no stitching in February But plans to try out some new stitches to decorate my handmade cards very soon

  531. I am primarily a sampler stitcher. I love all the reproduction samplers available to us. I am presently working on the Betsy Davis sampler from the Scarlet Letter. Thank You Mary for this wonderful giveaway!

  532. I am working on a Michael Powell design of Castell Coch, a victorian folly just outside Cardiff, Wales

  533. February stitching for me included smocking two doll nightgown fronts and preparing small projects for teaching young students basic smocking stitches. Fun!

  534. My major project is managed by hourly quick bursts working on an oriental themed crewel valance for a double window in my guest room now occupied by my cat, Sebastian.
    Carolyn, Freehold

  535. Hi Mary!

    I am working on a Craftsy textured embroidery project by Sue Spargo and will soon be embarking on Celeste Chalasani’s stumpwork Craftsy class, too! I like to do one project at a time, and so after these two, I hope to begin embroidering letters with a little help from your own book. This is the year I buckle down on my sewing skills, and I am so excited about learning so many new things; I feel like a kid again:D

    Thanks for the chance:):)

  536. Hi, thanks for the chance to win a book on embroidery, I’m stitching a piece by Di Van Niekirk at the moment, I call it my flower lattice, it’s ribbonwork and stumpwork, a huge learning curve for me!!

  537. Oh, February is fun month. I attended a stitching retreat for 3 days. I worked on Barbara Jackson’s Carnation Sewing Roll, Catherine Theron’s Stitcher’s Envelope, Nikyscreations Rabbit Ruler, and minor work on a couple other items. I love counted thread, tho I was taught embroidery as a child. Thank you for your wonderful newsletter.

  538. Yes, I always have something on my stand or hoop. Currently I am working between The Scarlet Letter, Random Motif, and The Samplar Workes, Waterfield Band Sampler.

    I’ve been stitching for 46 years. Through Mary’s email newsletters I’ve been inspired to try Free Hand Embroidery. In April my EGA Chapter is hosting a two day stitch. I’ve signed up for Blue Bird in silk and gold. It is a project type I’ve never worked before, so it will start me on the toad to Free Hand.

  539. I did work on a 20×16 canvas which I started on 1/31/17 and probably will finish by the end of the month. So even though I didn’t know it was National Embroidery Month, I fulfilled my obligation! It is a Dimensions kit, design by Charles Wysocki called Nantucket Breeze. Can’t wait to finish and get it framed. Hope everyone else had a great month of stitching!

  540. Well the truth is that i have danced around this form of art—I love it but i have been really intimidated by the thought of sewing. So I purchased thread a couple if rings and i will use a stamp as a pattern—one problem–i have no idea on how to sew!

  541. Hope this doesn’t post twice – I attended a retreat in February and worked on Barbara Jackson’s Carnation Sewing Purse, Catherine Theron’s Stitcher’s Envelope and Nikyscreation’s Rabbit Ruler + a few other minor items. thank you for you wonderful newsletter.

  542. I have been working on a preprinted bouquet, practicing satin stitch, long and short stitch on some petals, which looks easier than it is and after two years, I have finally mastered the French knot, which I used to fill in the center of the cone flowers. I love looking at your work, it is so precise. I am learning through your blog. I am using your idea of chain stitch for the petals, which looks very nice. Thank you for your posts, I love them and look so forward to each and everyone. Thank you for staying strong through all you went through. I love that I started embroidering again a couple of years ago as it is very meditative. I have completed several projects. Take care.

  543. It’s winter and I knit. Big wooly things and mittens. But I finished a project from gingerbread girl Kathryn Drummond that is very cute. In winter I love to knit I find. It’s a nesting thing.

  544. I’ve continued to work on my 1 year of stitches challenge in February, although I haven’t sewn daily. I’m creating random designs on linen using a variety of threads.

  545. It’s been a bit hot to sit and stitch this month, but I’ve just about cleared the deck of my sewing projects, ready to pick up my Quaker sampler and/or the crewel pillow. Can’t wait.

  546. I’ve been designing and working on a cover for my I Pad. It has a Faerie holding a baby dragon. It’s embroidered with Brazilian embroidery stitches and done on wool.

  547. This month I’ve started working on a big work for the OpenArt biennial, making over 40 A3 sized flags that each have an embroidered saying on them.

  548. The Valentines Day card that I gave my husband had an embroidered design. I don’t know if men appreciate this any more that a regular card, but I enjoyed making it. The only other hand stitching I did in February was a little big stitch quilting. I’ve been keeping busy making a quilt for our daughter’s birthday in March. Thanks for the giveaway.

  549. I have stitched every day in February! I am participating in the 1 Year of Stitches challenge and have managed to stitch every single day so far this year. I am just learning how to do this wonderful art and the books would be an awesome addition to my learning.

  550. Yes, I’m excited by how much stitching I’ve done in February! My favorite is a small quilt with shiny catfish – their fins are all embroidered with many kinds of thread, and their millions of just-born babies are millions of French knots…
    Also, I just received “White Work with Colour” and can’t wait to get started!
    Thank you, Mary!

  551. I have a sisters retreat coming in april so every night I work on needle keepers
    I’m making . them from silk,afew ribbon roses and buttons, and special stitches.I want to explore more stitches
    I have been stitching senseI was 8……….I am in my 70’s now……….teaching my grand kids now. but your never to old to learn new things

  552. Hi Mary – lovely giveaway to celebrate!
    And yes, I did some needlework in February – finishing a runner with a series of drawn thread hems and some beaded 3D spiders (does that count?). Anyway, come March I´ll be starting a “peacock” tablecloth – 100% embroidery work – so that´ll be my embroidery month!
    Keep well.

  553. I always have several on-going projects. Right now I have a large counted thread US flag wherein the stripes are the names of the states in red and white thread along with pre-work stitching for a workshop with Catherine Jordan. We will be stitching a map of Florida with favorite cities, native animals and plants. Always have needlework in my lap when sitting in my favorite chair to watch [really, to listen] to TV.

  554. No actual stitches yet but I plan to (hopefully) complete a stamped cross stitch pillowcase from a kit I gave to a daughter YEARS ago. One of my goals for 2017 is finishing up the myriad of UFOs that have accumulated here.
    I did, actually, succeed in installing a top I worked on in EGA 2001-2003. (Yes, it IS about time, hence the goal!) So, to me, finishwork counts as needlework.

    And I have learned to crochet this month, achieving another goal! Happy, happy gal here. 😀

  555. I have not been able to do any needle wofor a while. Surgery and moving to TN in December has kept me so busy. Can’t wait to get back yo my projects. Greatful for the chance to win the Needework books!

    Thank you so much,
    Katherine Sather

    1. Sorry for not checking my spelling before sending.

      Should say Needlework and, back to my projects.

  556. Ahhh – February! National Smocking month and National Embroidery Day! What’s not to like? So far this month, I’ve worked mostly on Quilting, but I managed to squeeze in some embroidery on an embroidered quilt that I hope to finish this year. However, if I don’t stop adding projects, I will never finish it!

  557. I have been working on cross stitch (my OCD?) I have aimed to slowly get through projects that have lurked in waiting. Emboidery was first love and I want to get back to it. Stitching soothes my soul. (And I also do not need to celebrate Nutella).

  558. I’m working on embroidering a pillowcase that will be turned into a dress for my granddaughter. Your designs and techniques are so helpful. I love your news letter!

  559. I started a new old project(2007) in January and have found time in February to continue working on it. The project is “Stitching is the Berries Sewing Tin” by Barbara Rakosnik of Periwinkle Promises. The finished piece will be mounted on the neat tin box which was in the kit. I also have a needle book and scissor fob kits that match the tin design to finish once the top is complete. It has gone pretty quickly and I am almost ready to start adding the bead embroidery.

  560. I’m with you Mary, in as much as who needs only one month to celebrate embroidery – I do so every month.
    I only wish I had time to celebrate it every day!
    This month I’ve been embroidering a couple of projects.
    I’ve been adding (slowly) to my Lattice sampler. I’m about to tackle Battlement couching.
    Plus I’ve started an online crazy patch class, so I’ve been fancying up some seams using perle and ribbon.
    I’ve haven’t done many online courses before, but I’ve really been enjoying the process.

  561. In February I finished a crazy quilt Round Robin and began a fabric book that will have one page, front and back for each month of the year.

  562. Working on two cross stitch SAL’s, and another piece with lots of specialty stitch and beads. Sadly, won’t be up to date at the end of February.

  563. I began a crosstitch project that is a yard wide and a yard long it’s an old world design. I just finished 12 santas in embroidery. I want to put them in a quilt I love your site it is really helpful. Thank you. Madilyn Dunlap

  564. I’m working on multiple projects – Spring Revival by Crane Designs, CUPPA by Sue Spargo, a Crazy quilt (Susan Edmonson leads our club) and a new Flower Vase inspired by Sue Spargo………….. so I like wool applique and all forms of beautiful embroidery pieces. Mary – I love and absolutely depend on your site!!! Thank you for doing what you do!

  565. I’m working on the carrot section of “Eat Your Veggies” by Felipe Quilt Designs. It’s wool felt appliqué and Felipe uses many interesting stitches instead of blanket stitch in her appliqué. Your videos really help me figure some of them out. I know it’s not the kind of embroidery you prefer but I love it. Your 15 minutes a day has really encouraged me too.

  566. I haven’t been able to do a single stitch this month. I have been busy knitting a prayer shawl for my sister. She was diagnosed with cancer in multiple places in her body this month. I have been able to make plans for three projects though.

  567. Hi, in February I’ve been stitching a dove and learning about polishing satin stitch with an aficot, a wonderful wooden tool. I’m also designing a knot garden to be stitched in silk and maybe a little goldwork, if I’ve got the courage, I’ve not really tried goldwork yet. I’m learning all I can about it from your blog before I take the plunge, and the couch (embroidery pun).

  568. I’ve gotten some of the RFID blocking fabric from Nancy’s Notions. It’s suppose to shield IDs & credit cards from electronic scanning devices. I’m designing a wallet/small clutch to protect my credit card information. I want it to hold other items, too, so I can reduce the size of the purse I lug around. Those A-Z books would probably come in pretty handy to fancy up the outside of the bag.

  569. I’m working on a Jacobean Tree of Life piece that I started in a class taught by Lucy Barter (excellent teacher) at the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design that was held last month. I’m stitching feverishly on finishing the tree so I can add a stag. (We were given the options of adding various creatures: rabbit, bird, butterfly, stag. Hard to choose just one!) Also, I’m working on the sampler of long and short stitches from your online tutorial. Very instructive and I am improving in that technique. Thank you, Mary!

  570. I made a sewing pouch embroidered in redwork and am part way through another in blue.
    I am also working on Modern Crewelwork from Inspirations and loving it.
    I sometimes do small tutorial for my embroidery group and it is good

    to have more than one stitch book to refer to.
    Enjoy the blog very much.
    Brenda in Somerset

  571. I am busy with a Jacobean runner in shades of red and gold for the past couple of months and hope to complete by end March this year.

  572. Yes, I did do stitching in February. I finished my EGA chapter’s January project (Gothic Rings), I’m well into the February project (Little Pink Flower), and I worked on my charity bookmarks (pattern darning), as well as my bargello piece which will be made into a holder for crochet hooks.

  573. Hi Mary!
    Alas, I did not get ANY stitching done in Feb. We have 2 upcoming weddings- one for a daughter at the end of April- EEKS! And one for our son in July…plus working almost full time equals no stitching…But once May is here I am back to it!
    Thanks so much for all the fun give-aways!

  574. I am SO CLOSE to being done with my giant project. The border meets up all around now, and I only have to put tiny little stitches on about 8″ of border. I MIGHT be able to finish TODAY, and failing that, tomorrow. When I’m done I can do a tiny unicorn as a prize!

    Also I love those A to Z books, they are the best.

  575. Greetings, as it happened, I did start a new project after not doing handwork for quite a while. I needed something to work on in the airport and the plane was 2 1/2 hours late leaving Chicago because of bad weather in California, crazy huh! Anyway, the first piece is sashiko, blue thread on yellow, and next up is bokhara or roumanian stitch, hand dyed multi colored thread on linen. Thanks for such a great website.

  576. Im working on a group project.
    Monthly we each complete a different colored
    crazy quilt block. There are 24
    of us in the group so we will eventually have 24 12 block quilts.

  577. First of all, let me tell you how much I appreciate the work you do, maintaining the website and teaching us for free!!
    I don’t give it for granted and I do feel lucky to have the opportunity to learn, and improve my skills, being taught by a teacher, in the States (miles and miles and miles away from where I live), just with the a computer and a screen!
    Answering the question, I’m working on some felt dogs that have small embroidery roses on them.
    Thanks for giving away these books! Good luck to everyone

  578. I did not accomplish anything in February , but I am planning to do a project in embroidery hoop art with my own design in the near future. I would love to be the winner as my birthday is March 2 and it would be a great birthday for me! I love your Needle n Thread articles so much and look forward to them each day!

  579. Yay, giveaways! And happy Embroidery Month, I guess? I’ve been working on decorating a pillowcase for my daughter, and I’m about halfway finished.

  580. Hi Mary, Just finished making the outfit for the “Norma June” half doll, finished knitting a lovely hand dyed lacy scarf and have six more pieces to finish up a a combination of Quaker and Pennsylvania German to be made into a ball. I think that makes March National Finishing Month. Is that a good idea to add to Nutella?

    Always enjoy your messages.


  581. I’ve done no needlework in February. I can’t really do any until I get some glasses. You know how much joy can go out of the process when you’re straining to see your work. However, when I do get glasses, I have a wealth of things to choose from, including around fifteen unfinished projects. Among them are cross stitches, needlepoints, a rug, some crewel embroidery and some beadwork. I have some pillows to sew together that I’ve finished the tops for. My biggest desire is to learn goldwork, and I have no materials for that. That’s what I look forward to the most.

  582. I have not embroidered in February. Will be embroidering on my Granddaughter’s new pink zipper sweatshirt various baby animals. Would love to win the books, Thank you for the opportunity!!

  583. Unfortunately, I did no stitching in February, nor have I had time to do any stitching since last May. My husband and I lost our home last May and all contents, so winning these A – Z embroidery books would be wonderful. I had these books, but they, too, were destroyed. We’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and rebuilding our home should be complete in about another month. Onward! (My new mantra.)

  584. My/favorite/form/of/stress/reliever.is/sitting/in/my/chair/embroidering/.of/course/



  585. Hello, in February i had some progress with Dutch Beauty and Ann Dale .. my two ‘monsters’

  586. February was not good for me. No stitching accomplished on my redwork quilt as we moved our 91 year old Aunt into our home after a fall. Needless to say it’s been an adjustment! Hopefully March will bring spring and a chance to embroider my Gatsby Girls Redwork quilt! Wish me luck.

  587. Yes, I have managed to get some stitching done in February. One of our Guild members challenged us to try out a ‘free-form’ piece with the base being made from painting the fabric with watercolour pencils. Surface stitchery is added as and where the embroiderer thinks appropriate. I love it: no rules, no pack-drill, no such thing as a mistake! The perfect antidote to a busy and deadline-ruled life!

  588. These books look to be very helpful in learning new stitches, especially with their step-by-step photos. I’m still new to embroidery, so these books are just what I need.

    The only embroidery I’ve managed to do this month is of a handprint of my 4-year-old granddaughter. But I worked very hard to get it perfect because I’m framing it and giving it to my daughter, who is moving (along with her husband and daughter) into their newly-purchased first home this weekend… which happens to be only a couple miles from me!

    Love your website! It has been so valuable in my embroidery success.


  589. I have always loved needlework of all kinds. recently I have expanded to some goldwork and am just starting my first Japanese embroidery piece. I love the relaxation and creativity it allows. Always learning new stitches and fine tuning others. your notes keep me motivated. THANK YOU!!!!

  590. I have recently moved, so am just now unpacking my awesome craft room, and found my box of crewel patterns, so am just getting started on the Jacobean firescreen from the Crewel Company. So hot here in summer, will enjoy evenings in the AC stitching away… Would love to receive these bountiful references.

  591. Yes, I did manage to stitch this month. I am working on a stitch sampler so winning these books would be perfect.

  592. I have only been able to do a bit of stitching on a quilt this month, but I hope to get back to the hand stitching very soon. Nothing quite cheers my heart like creating beautiful embroidery with my hands!

  593. Yes,in spite of moving, almost getting my condo organized, still some stash to organize, I did manage a bit of work on my “witches hollow” project. It is coming slowly but at least taking shape

  594. You can never have tooo many embroidery books.ha. I’m trying to finish up an appliqué quilt called Mi Amour…definely a labor of love.ha.

  595. Yes , very hot here, so good excuse to stay inside and stitch. Stitched a blue wren to cut out in stump work, and now busy with the background on pale grey silk.
    Love hearing from you Mary. Stay well.

  596. Because of moving I did very little embroidery this month.
    I am working on The Garden Club series from Blackbird Designs, The Gingerbread Retreat Cottage from The Victoria Sampler and a Crinoline Lady quilt that my craft group is doing for the longest serving member who is turning 90 this year.

  597. I’ve been cross stitching for 40 years, but would love to expand my knowledge about other needle work techniques. I dabbled with embroidery when I was younger before all the new creative stitches. I would love to have books to help me learn more! I love all the information I read on your site. Thanks for so generously sharing! Robin

  598. Note this is not my normal obsession but I have been embroidering James I and VI’s falconry pouch in metal threads and flat silk floss. ON LEATHER. My hands are a mess and the word ‘braddle’ is now a swear word in my house.

    I reward myself with some easy peasy Laid and Couched Work in wools and silks on baby names.

  599. Varity is the spice of life, right? My project stash proves that all to well. I look upon my needle crafts as family heirlooms, therefore everything I stitch has a specific purpose. Aiming to make an item for each of my 6 brothers & sisters, nephews & nieces, and great nephews & great nieces may be looked upon as an overwhelming task. Not for me, I get all tingly inside when I sit down with needle and floss in hand, thinking of how thses items have a bit of me inside each one. So far this month I have worked on the Angel of Hope by Lavender & Lace, Always Say A Prayer by Imaginating, Art Deco Tree 1 by Cross Stitch Wonders, Wild Cat 2 by S J Beauty Corner, The Beatitudes by My Big Toe, Country Flowers Lilacs by Debra Designs, The Lord Bless Thee by Praying Hands, Lets Sew by Ursula Michael and of course a sampler here & there. Good thing I am retired, this gives me plenty of time to enjoy stitching and creating. When I complete a project, I think of a new one to start. There is never a lack of items for me to stitch. One of my most pleasurable moments is to be in my “big green chair”, Ott lights on, John James needle threaded with floss, and of course my cat sitting beside me. Life doesn’t get any better than that, can it? Well, maybe a big steaming mug of French Roast coffee with caramel creamer puts the cherry on the sundae! Now I must be off, just got a package from Everything Cross Stitch with floss goodies inside. Keep Stitchin, Caroline

  600. HA! Mary, you took the thoughts right out of my mind!! Really, I used to think that all the different “Months of” were a conspiracy by the greeting card companies (and these days, the card is the gift when it can cost anywhere from $5 to $10!!). And besides, most of us know that EVERY MONTH IS EMBROIDERY MONTH!! That being said, I’d love to win any of the A-Z books. They are fantastic. I’ve been doing a lot of freehand embroidery stitching lately. I’ve been embellishing cotton and linen-blend fabric with wool, silk, and cotton threads and beads and making custom-made embroidery needlebooks from the fabric. So, for instance, one of them has about ten pockets for floss, a pocket for scissors, a small stuffed rectangular wool pin cushion, a larger pocket for a small project, and a wool pad for needles, and all of the needlebooks are finished with handmade binding and include loops so they can be hung on a hook (though they are usually sitting in one of my baskets). I bought extra scissors after reading about your “no borrowing” rule and am outfitting them all with their own pair. And I’m also working on an ongoing project of a linen scarf: wool embroidery, all burgundy and cream on olive linen. It will take me a while to complete, but it’s my 15-minute per day project. Any day I can stitch, even just for a few minutes, is a good day. Thanks for sharing, Mary. I love your (sometimes droll, which I love) sense of humor!!

  601. Hi, Mary! Thanks for yet another giveaway! I’ve been working on a Sue Spargo BOM which involves wool and cotton applique and LOTS of embroidered embellishments. Having lots of fun and getting to learn new textural embroidery stitches. Thanks again, and hope you are feeling well! Marianne

  602. I have been doing some guild block-of-the-month wool hand applique with embroidery embellishment. Not a grand project, but some simple needlework to occupy my hands if not my mind!

  603. I have been fortunate enough to work on a crewel project called Sassy Cat by the Tapis-tree every Sunday in February! Woo hoo! The project is a sampler that makes a pillow. I’ve learned a lot of new stitches and have really enjoyed working with the colorful wools during this dreary month!

  604. Thank you for the giveaway! Stitching in February has been a challenge, but I managed to work an some small unfinished projects and plan how to move forward on the bigger ones.

  605. Hi Mary,

    I did eventually receive my Broderi boxes from Nordic Needle (and we are now the best of friends).
    So in February:

    1) Bookmark for charity to promote literacy in schools and sent it to Nordic Needle for the charity event in May.
    2) Goldwork scarab beetle.
    3) Aquarius sign, based on pattern and using materials from the February Broderi box.
    4) Continued work on a blackwork shaded rose project.

  606. Thanks for the great giveaway! While I do agree with you that most of these “Fill-in-the-Blank Days” are mostly meaningless, I also think that if celebrating National Embroidery Month elicits curiosity or raises awareness about needlework, and the need to preserve the skills, it might just be a good thing 🙂

    I’ve been experimenting with needlepainting this month on a little stylized lotus-flower motif, using the shading techniques from the wonderful free shape sampler you did a few years ago. Satin Stitch and Long and Short seem so simple in the stitch dictionaries, but they’re still the most challenging stitches for me!

  607. I worked on a Halloween project and scoured the half price book stores for teaching books on embroidery, which I am just beginning to learn! No local classes so teaching myself!

  608. I did stitch in February. I had a lovely weekend of stitching last weekend and worked on a canvas piece called Echoes of Glass.

  609. I finished a hardanger doily that was very difficult to do on linen and practiced stitches making bookmarks by using the Mary Thomas Book of Embroidery Stitches.

  610. YES I did quite a bit of embroidery this month (Feb.). Nearly all of my embroidery is for doll clothing and this month was no different. I did embroidery on little felt coats, on fabric that will make a doll dress and spent some time trying to perfect several stitches using your wonderful video tutorials! Thank you for that marvelous resource.

    Sherry S.

  611. I don’t pay attention to those National month either. It doesn’t stop me from stitching every day (when possible). This month I stitched Goldwork for the first time =D I signed up for Alison Cole’s Cyber class Pearl Butterfly and I’m loving it. I can’t wait to do more goldwork 🙂

  612. Despite a bout with the flu, I have indeed managed some stitching this month! I’m presently working on a sampler designed by Maggie Gee (whose kits I found on Etsy). Lots of new woven stitches and beading to practice!