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A Stitcher’s Christmas #8: Stitching Supplies!


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Good morning, my friends! I hope your week is trucking along splendidly!

Here in Kansas, the kids are out of school for the Christmas holiday now, and while preparing for Christmas, they’re secretly itching for some snow. I’m itching right along with them. If you have any you can spare, send it our way! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

But on to other Things! Today, five stitchers out there are going to find out that they won the collection from Inspirations Studios in A Stitcher’s Christmas #6 from last week!

And then I’ll give you all the details for today’s episode of A Stitcher’s Christmas, which comes courtesy of Needle in a Haystack, and it involves many of the things you asked for when I inquired about what you’d like to see in a give-away – from fabric to tools to thread. Great stuff for getting started or for stash building!

Stitching Supplies for Beginners or Stash

Let’s tackle the business first…

A Stitcher’s Christmas #6 Winners

A Stitcher’s Christmas #6 involves a lovely collection of goodies from Inspirations Studios, who offered the prize package for five winners.

So here are the five winners, randomly drawn this morning: Monique in Texas, Marion in Oz, Carol McGough, Aurelia Eglantine, and Leigh NZ. I will drop you all an email today, to work out the mailing details.

Thanks again to the folks at Inspirations! If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift for a friend – or for yourself! – how about subscribing to Inspirations Magazine? It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

A Stitcher’s Christmas #8: Fine Needlework Supplies!

Today’s give-away hails from California, from Needle in a Haystack. Cathe has put together two collections of enticing needlework supplies, one for each of two winners.

The collections are perfect for beginners who want to reach into new territories with fine fabric, threads, and tools, and for anyone beyond beginner who has a love for fine needlework supplies!

Collection #1 includes a stitcher’s quarter of 40/44 count linen (great for surface work); a 6″ Hardwicke Manor hoop with twill tape to bind it; a pair of Premax serrated scissors; wax; mellore; a spool of DMC Diamont; a spool of Bijoux; 4 spools of Au Ver a Soie Metallic #4; a pack of #10 Bohin beading needles; and a pack of #24 Bohin Chenille needles.

Collection #2 includes a full yard of 40/44 linen; 6 spools of Soie Surfine; 6 skeins of Baroque Silk; waxer; a package of #10 Bohin beading needles; and a package of #24 Bohin Chenille needles.

Both collections are great for trying out new materials and tools, and they’ll give you much stitching pleasure, with plenty of fabric and threads to play with!

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to join in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:
This give-away is now ended – thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can follow this link directly to the comment form, if you’re unsure of where to go.

Please do not leave your comment as a reply to someone else’s comment. Comments submitted via email or left on any other page or social media page are not eligible. The comment must be left on Needle ‘n Thread, at the end of this article.

2. Please fill out the comment form correctly. Here’s what you need to know about filling out the comment form:

Use a recognizable name in the “name” line (this can be first and last name, first name with last initial, a nickname, your first name and where you’re from, etc.); use a valid email address; leave the website line blank if you do not own and operate your own website; do not put any personal contact information in the comment area itself.

3. Answer the following in your comment:

Imagine your Ideal Stitching Session – that chunk of time you’ve put aside to indulge in a nice bout of needlework without interruption. What does that stitching session involve? Some prompts: How do you set it up? What accompanies you through the work? Are listening to music? To an audiobook? Watching sports? Using your favorite blanket? Is there a table close by with your cup of tea or coffee…or glass of wine (or shot of whiskey, or cup of cocoa, or glass of milk…)? Is there a dog or a cat at your feet? A bird on your shoulder? Are there people around, or are you alone? Is the house straight? Fire crackling? Windows open? Sunny breeze, or twilight birdsong?

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am Central Time (that’s Kansas, USA time), Tuesday, December 26th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and announced here on Needle ‘n Thread.

5. Only one comment per person, please. The give-away is open to everyone.

And that’s all there is to it. I hope you have fun answering today’s question – you can either sketch reality for us, or you can let your imagination go and do a little dreaming!

Coming Up!

On Friday, the last episode of A Stitcher’s Christmas! And if you’re wondering what it might just be, I’ll give you a little hint: scissor people will be over the moon! Ok. Fine! I’ll give you another little hint.

I’ll announce the winners for today and Friday’s give-away the day after Christmas, December 26th. So you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for Friday’s give-away, because it’s a fast one, over the long weekend!

Hope you’re week is going well – in fact, I hope it’s going gently, without haste!

If your comment does not appear on the website immediately (it will read “awaiting moderation” or something to that effect), don’t panic and please don’t resubmit it. The comments are queued until I approve them. This prevents spam on my website. It will show up eventually. Thanks!


(1,247) Comments

  1. Ideal stitching session: either a favorite old movie or the local NPR station on in the background. Comfy chair, feet up, good lighting. Nobody around but me, including the cat, who is asleep in another room and not trying to ooze onto my lap. Nearby table with a cup of tea.

  2. I have only one factor to give me an ideal stitching situation: good, natural light. That’s probably because my house has poor natural light!

    Merry Christmas,

    Beth B In Charlottesville, VA

    1. Mary, g’day,
      Comfy chair positioned to catch suitable natural or artificial light. A table at hand for needlework equipment, drinks, tissues etc. Stand on table or light for instructions. Music, Country and Western and Enja, depending on mood. Home alone if possible but at least alone in the room. An easy temperature, my thermostat is finicky!
      But, a couple of things outside my room seeing as I’ve decided to dream. A cook in the kitchen, and a cleaner in the house.
      Cheers, Kath from Oz.

  3. Oh my goodness – such a great collection of goodies – guaranteed to many any needleworkers heart go pitty pat! Hmmm….as for ideal stitching – I would be happy in my sewing room, coffee near to hand, husband out for the entire day, listening to Christmas music (on my non-existent CD player!), and stitching on either one of my barn landscapes or on a crazy quilt project. Oh yeah – and the phone off the hook!

  4. My favorite stitching time would be one with the beauty of quiet, really good lighting, and all my necessary supplies within reach…and a cup of hot chocolate!
    The quiet would let me hear the stitches sing! Merry Christmas, Mary!

  5. My ideal stitching session would put me in my stitching corner at the end of the sofa. On the side table are a magnifier/light/tool tray combo. Natural light comes in through the front window to my right (I’m a leftie). On the coffee table are my chart stand, and a cuppa seasonal beverage. There might be TV or music playing, but I am alone in my bliss!

  6. My ideal stitch time would be in the evening with my husband reading aloud, I’d be at my frame with mag. light attached and a cup of tea near by, while my boys are lying on the floor with their drawing supplies illustrating the story.

  7. I already have my perfect set up. My recliner chair, ott lite, supplies, and on the TV, either a DVD, or a chromecast of Great Courses Lectures. Right now, we’re listening to the “High Middle Ages”.

    Can’t wait for it to 5pm already!

  8. I’m lucky, as I have a sewing/guest room and it is set up more for sew and stitching than for guests…..The piece I’m working on is already on either my lap frame or my Lowery floor frame (depending on the size of the project…..All I have to do is sit in my chair and start stitching…..I either watch(really listen to) a movie or the news on TV or listen to music…..

  9. I’d be sitting on the left side of the sofa, floor stand set up, threads and notions to my right. I’d be binge watching whatever tv show i’m in to at that time and drinking copious amounts of fresh coffee (decaff). I live alone so i’d be alone and that suits me fine!

  10. My ideal stitching situation involves settling in to my favorite place on the sofa for stitching–the weather is cool to cold, but it’s nice and warm inside–great for hunkering down with a new project. Oh, and my cat Fatboy is lounging on the top of the sofa back, looking over my shoulder!

  11. My ideal stitching session would include a cup of tea, a fire, a comfy chair, and being home alone so that I can work without interruption. Let’s put a little snow on the ground too!!

  12. I’m sitting in my recliner, hot cocoa at hand. The television is on with one of my favorite movies I know so well I don’t have to look away from my stitching to know what’s going on. All my threads are with me and my pattern is already transferred onto my fabric and ready to go. My stitch guide has been studied and I am ready for an afternoon of blissful stitching!

  13. Hmmm, my favorite stitching session . . . sunny day, seated near a window for lots of natural light, dog Duke sleeping at my feet, comfortable chair, listening to a podcast of something fiber-related.

  14. Sitting outside on a sunny day. A cup of coffee and my stitching supplies. Listening to a podcast and my golden retriever at my feet. Perfect!

  15. It’s winter. Snow out the window. Birds eating the bright red dogberries. Coffee poured. Jackson the schnauzer snoozing but keeping one eye open to growl if a crow appears. Some lovely music on the stereo. Doing some white work. Doorbell rings and it’s a couple of friends with their stitching supplies. Perfect.

  16. Ooh lovely give-away! I would love to be at home with a fire in the fireplace watching flosstube or a nice movie with a big mug of tea!

  17. Dear Mary

    Here we go such lovely give-aways I have to enter. My ideal stitching session would be spending hours alone in my own stitching room full of embroidery accessories such as loads of abundance of threads and books to browse through and wonderful expensive linen to choose from. A long anticipated project set up on my millennium frame with my Dublin craft light using those lovely threads, linen, those lovely Bohin needles and beading needles in the give-away, watching old black and white films or listening to my favourite period dramas such as Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice etc, or listening to Christmas carols or Christmas songs, with a real fire crackling away while snowing outside and a glass of mulled wine to sip now and again while I stitch away. Oh I don’t want to wake up it’s so cosy and ……………………

    Regards Anita Simmance

  18. My ideal stitching session – no phone! Bright indirect sunlight though a bay window with the window open to allow the fresh breeze through, smelling of new mown grass or hay. My favourite chair with a little table beside holding my stitching supplies and a cup of Ceylon tea with a dab of milk and, of course, a couple of chocolates. If the TV is on it is to watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders game (3 hours of stitching bliss) – alternately the CD player is packed with Baroque music (3 more hours of stitching bliss). No other people around but stitching something special for someone. Three cats snoozing in the sunbeams and one poodle and one mutt dreaming and twitching at my feet. Perfection!

  19. My favorite time to stitch is with my (only) stitching friend. We’re at one of ours houses, drinking wine, watching tv, chatting, petting dogs, laughing and of course stitching!

  20. My usual stitchy session start with a good mug of tea, comfy clothes and a nice list of flosstube video to watch/listen to.

  21. Sunny day on the patio, bird song for music and (selfishly) no one else at home to interrupt my reverie.

  22. Sitting in my sunroom with a Agatha Christie murder mystery on audio a cup of tea at my side and all my supples spreadout on the table before me. As it’s winter the heat would be on a a nice blanket over my knees.

  23. My ideal stitching setup; my favorite chair with my lamp over my right shoulder. there’s a pot of tea and mug on the table. A Harry Potter film festival on the T.V. and the rest of the family is gone for the day. the only time I would stop is for a potty break. That would be perfect, a day like that each week would let me finally finish my table cloth!
    That is a great give-away! Thank you !

  24. I’m sitting in my living room with the TV on. I usually watch something light so that I don’t get too distracted from what I’m doing. I get cozy with my throw blanket thrown over my legs and set up my lap frame. My supplies are scattered around me in boxes including a box for cloth, thread, and hoops. There is a living room dinner tray that I use to store the thread I’m currently using. I can sit like this for an hour or a day and be happy.

  25. My ideal stitching session would be to have some tv on in the background — volume low and something I have no interest in — so it is just for background noise. Good lighting, comfy chair and a glass of white wine. It can be a sunny day or a cloudy day. Just a peaceful one.

  26. A small group of “stitching friends” meet once a month so this question is perfect! So, my favourite stitching session is ” stitching with a group of friends around a table, with coffee and goodies and sharing stitching techniques and the comradiry of it all! “At the end of the session we are all so inspired, it keeps us going until the next meeting date.

  27. Good morning,
    Thank you for the chance to win some great stitching tools. My favorite stitching session would be in a comfortable chair outside under a shade tree by the river while the birds are singing overhead. I’ve done this before and it’s always a wonderful time.

    Karen in WV

  28. Dear Mary

    I’ve been waiting for those scissors can’t wait to enter on Friday Thanks for the give-aways.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  29. I stitch while sitting on my favorite sofa. There is music playing in the background and a cup of tea on my side table. My feet are up on the coffee table (psssst. don’t tell anyone!).

  30. My ideal stitching session would be in my chair by the sliding doors for lots of light, one of my quilts over my knees and feet, coffee or tea – depending on the time of day, Harry Potter movie marathon on tv, my basket with the current cq block supplies.

  31. The log burner is roaring, magnifier and light on place, feet up, fabric in the hoop, TV on, nothing too involved, but Doctor says its better for my eyes and neck to keep looking up now and again, the dog is under my chair and a nice cup of tea on the side, scissors hanging on the magnifier arm and a needle minder in place, perfect!

  32. It’s winter, the fire is alight. Outside it’s frosty and bright, but too cold for gardening or anything that might make me feel guilty about just sitting. The house is clean and tidy. My partner is sitting nearby, on standby to keep me supplied with tea. Or maybe a glass of wine. My 4 cats are curled up on the sofa beside me or in various chairs, my Dalmatian is laying by my feet. I’m listening to music, or maybe (OK I’m straying from reality here) my partner is reading to me.
    I have a solid chunk of time just to sit and stitch. Happy times!!!

  33. I try to create my perfect stitching session most mornings! I am usually up before dawn, the house quiet and asleep. I sit in my stitcher’s chair, the same one my dear mother used for many years, switch on my lamp, put my feet up, take a sip of coffee…and begin. It is the most peaceful time for me and, although I oftentimes stitch in the afternoon and occasionally in the evening (if I’m obsessed with a project), morning is best. I can hear the birds awaken, my thoughts are quiet ones, meditative ones…and as it begins to lighten, the colors become more true with the daylight.

  34. What a great stash give-away!
    Ideal stitching session… An empty house, a huge pot of raspberry black tea, a nice comfy chair, maybe a little classical music, no frogging or mistakes, my lighted magnifier holding still in just the right spot… It really doesn’t take much for my ideal.

  35. I like to stitch in my upstairs spare room….large window with lots of natural light plus my floor Ott lamp. Cat is too furry so I keep him at a distance! Amazing how fast a few hours will pass when you are in ‘stitchers heaven!’ P.S. I am more than happy to share some snow…we have piles of it! Problem: how to get it to you! LOL

  36. I just love having an afternoon sitting in my sewing room. I put on a favorite movie (so it doesn’t distract, just entertains) grab a cuppa and my current project and stitch away. If I can get to the end of the movie that’s a great afternoon! Wonderful giveaway, thank you.

  37. When I get time to do stitching I usually sit at my dinning room table. I have a basket with my latest project in it. My cat sits next to me and I listen to nature. It is so enjoyable to just work at my own pace and enjoy the quiet art of stitching.

  38. My favorite stitching time is spent on our sun porch, looking at a lake and listening to the birds and watching the ducks. I also have a little dog sitting with me. I feel like I am in heaven stitching till my hearts content. I Love to Stitch!! Merry Christmas!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Sitting in my big chair with Gourgeous the cat. The sun streaming in as I find the natural light best for stitching. We don’t have much sunshine and no snow as we are in the middle of a wet pacific coast winter. Although we can find sunshine and snow on a trip up the mountain.

  40. Sitting near the fireplace (at least at this time of year) with a cup of coffee or tea to my left, my needlework stand in front of me, my stitching floor lamp over my right shoulder in a supportive chair is my ideal setup. I currently do not have a pet but I used to stitch with my cat on my lap!

  41. Oh my, easy situation to imagine. Our mastiff at my feet, our Westin in my lap. An audiobook on the iPad, fireplace blazing looking onto our frozen lake. Oh wait, I do that all winter long. Such bliss!

  42. My ideal stitching day would be a clean house, someone to cook the meals, a snowstorm outside but warm and cozy inside. Snow on the ground really improves lighting from the windows. I would be watching flosstube and have all day to stitch. A sampler in my hand and no one asking me questions while I am counting!

  43. Ideal stitching situation: It would be early morning and all is quiet except for me and my two pups (that have eaten breakfast and just come in from a run in the snow). The fire is set in the fireplace, my hotpot filled with warm/hot water to make tea. I have the dirty laundry started in the washer and dinner set up in the crockpot. I have an audio book ready to go and a stitching project (either crewel work or stumpwork) set up in my seat frame—and task lighting lamp on.

  44. Mary… my most favorite place to stitch is in my living room. I will be sitting in my rocker chair and my hubby is next to me in his recliner. Our two Scottie dogs are sleeping at our feet. The TV is on and (in my dreams) the Buffalo Bills have just won enough football games to progress into the playoffs. On the wall is a hanging of a Christmas Tree quilt I made years and years ago. Hanging on the wall all around the quilt are Christmas Cards we have received from friends and family. I have a desk in front of me that has my laptop computer focused on NeedlenThread to some of your directions for my current project. Next to the laptop is my thread, scissors, clock, thimbles, unpaid bills, lists of “things to do”… everything in disarray!

    Thanks for your wonderful website that has continually tempted me away from doing “other stuff”! Merry Christmas

  45. I’m hoping to have one of my ideal stitching sessions the week after Christmas – I’ll be on vacation for 11 days!!! My new place has an entire wall of windows which is just perfect for afternoon stitching. A small pot of tea, DVD of my choice and no one there – just perfect!!!

  46. I like to stitch alone at night in my recliner. Sometimes I have coffee or water on the table beside me. I have a floor model Ottlite to see well and a trash bag on my right. I may have music or a sermon on. I can’t watch basketball and stitch at the same time or I would! I can’t have the windows open as my DH is allergic, but that sounds nice!

  47. I love stitching every day even if it is only for a short time. I sit in my favorite chair and have a stitching cart next to me with all my favorite stitching items to include needles, thread, thread catchers and of course thread. Another necessity that I have is my favorite light !!

  48. My favorite stitching scenario: It’s a cold, rainy day. I have a nice hot cup of coffee next to me. I have Alexa playing some soothing new age music. My husband is out golfing. It’s just me and my sewing project.

  49. Merry Christmas and a wish for no knots I your thread in the year ahead. Ideally,
    I want carols playing, sun shining and no interruptions. Oh, a nice cup of coffee too.
    Barb in AZ

  50. My daydream ideal stitching time involves being totally by myself (maybe with my pug by my side!) someplace where I can’t be reached! I love England so I guess it would have to be there, maybe in Dartmoor in a cozy little cottage. I would love about a week to stitch and take breaks to give my hands a rest and take walks around the moor. Someone would bring me delicious meals since I hate to cook. I would put my feet up and watch old movies mostly from the 40s, British tv shows like Inspector Morse, and period dramas with beautiful costumes. And there would have to be Reese’s Peanut Butter cups involved too!

  51. I love to sit in a comfy chair with a cup of tea on the table at my elbow and sunshine coming through the window over my left shoulder. All supplies are next to the tea and I get to relax and stitch away.
    Thank you for your give-aways. Wonderful products!

  52. Ideally, I’d be stitching in the late afternoon or evening, listening to a great audiobook or music. The house is straightened up and our cats would be nearby. Bliss with a glass of wine or hot cider! Thanks for the chance to dream 😉

  53. My ideal stitching session is in the morning after my kids have left for school. I sit down on the sofa with a cup of hot coffee and my cat by my side. Ideally I will be listening to an audio book as well.

  54. My perfect stitch time would involve turning on the tv (from my comfy chair across the room – of course) settling in my chair with one of my wip and having a nice cup of tea on my table nearby. My new light (I just got a portable worklight from Costco) would be on and focused on my work. I would have everything nearby so I wouldn’t have to move anytime soon. My scissors would not wander away and I could stitch for hours undisturbed. A dream but a beautiful one.

  55. Ooh, fun! Great prize and great question! My ideal stitching session would have a light rain falling, something on tv that I can follow without paying much attention, a little tv tray set up with my supplies, a quilt on my lap and a cat or 3 on the quilt, our 2 aussies at my feet, my husband napping (so I’m not competing with HIS tv shows).

    Now I want to call in to work so I can do just that!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  56. The house is a mess, there are so many other things I should be doing. The dogs are pouting because they aren’t sitting on my lap. I’ve got my floor stand pulled up to my chair while I “watch” Downton Abbey; and I’m happily stitching away on my current project.

  57. OK. My dream time.
    I have my stitchery stuff set up by a window overlooking our back yard. It’s a lovely setting.
    When I can get to it.
    So my dream time includes house straightened up, meal in the oven or crockpot and my husband settled somewhere. I dream of uninterrupted time–even a half hour would be lovely. I am my husband’s caregiver. He is a gentle, lovely man but he needs frequent attention.

  58. In early January my best friend and I go up north to spend a long weekend holed up in a cozy cabin on Lake Superior. Only sounds are the wind and crackling from the fire place as we work on our individual sewing projects. Often we are comfortably silent. Until one of us gets up to get something from the kitchen and asks if the other wants anything. Then we settle back into our sewing, pausing now and then to look at the frozen lake.

  59. Mary I purchased your A-Z embroidery book. I am new to embroidery and if I am fortunate to be one of the winners I will not have any excuses but to get started. Christmas is the perfect time to sit quietly and sew.


    Tricia Eagle

  60. I love my home. It’s warm and cozy. My ideal stitching place is in my favorite chair in the living room across from the fireplace. My husband is sitting on the couch and we are listening to our favorite classical music. He is sipping wine and the cat is on his lap. And to make it really ideal, it is snowing outside!

  61. My ideal stitching spot would be a day with no work. The snow would be lightly falling outside. I would curl up in my bed with my mink blanket and a cup of coffee flavoured with Baileys. My faithful cats and dogs would be curled up with me. Either some soft music or floss tubee videos would play. My only interruptions would be for more coffee.

  62. My ideal stitching situation would be curled up in one of my big armchairs, with the winter outside blowing around and my gas stove on keeping me warm. I’d have on some cozy socks and a nice cup of warm green tea on the side table. I usually put on some kind of TV show that doesn’t require a lot of attention and which makes me happy (like Parks and Rec, or a Pixar movie), or an audiobook of a book that I’ve always wanted to re-read but never found the time (right now it’s The Magicians). My partner comes out of his office to say hi occasionally, and my dog stops by to bother me and pretend he needs something, but mostly I’m in my own little world feeling meditative and productive.

  63. While you are considering places to send your snow, please also consider California. We will also greatly appreciate rain, snow is not required.
    My favorite stitching environment is in a corner in my living room with bright sunshine (will also accept rain and a good light source); the stitching supplies I need for the project I am working on; a nice, quiet street outside; no phone calls (or ignore the phone when it rings); every 15 to 30 minutes, a brief trip to the kitchen for something to drink or nibble on. That will do very nicely.

  64. My ideal stitching session would include working with some awesome wool and thread. I love listening to sports while I am stitching.

  65. I think mine would be a late summer evening (UK summer, so that there’s still a lot of daylight) with the window open, somewhere in the country. I’d be in a very comfortable chair to mitigate back pain, and watching some easy entertaining television that I don’t really need to watch to follow. My parrot would definitely NOT be on my shoulder, as she’d be in my embroidery supplies in an instant making absolute chaos of them! I’d be quite happy alone, working my way through something peacefully – with the perfect frame and perfect lighting. And a glass of single malt whisky, definitely!

  66. My ideal stitching session this time of year is a cold, gray day with a fire flickering and me in my favorite chair in the living room. The Christmas lights are all on and a holiday movie with music (like White Christmas) is on tv so I can listen (and maybe sing along – ’cause I’m alone!) and stitch all day with some breaks for holiday goodies and a cold soda. A perfect day!

  67. I would be sitting in my Windsor writing chair in our mountain home on a snowy day with a fire in the fireplace, my dogs nearby, and my husband and I listening to the Outlander series on Audible. My Stella lamp would be on the chair’s writing surface, my special stitching glasses on my face, and my slate frame on it’s stand with part of my 17th-century casket embroidery ready to stitch. (I had the eye doctor give me a prescription specifically to focus on a spot about 10 inches from my face. She thought I was crazy, but I love them.) I don’t care if the house is a mess. I am grateful.

  68. For an extended stitching time, I like to have everything close to hand. The apt. has to be in order, a drink on the tray beside my stitching chair, either a good book to listen to or a time of binge watching (listening) of some tv series. I have no pets and I live alone so I don’t have any worries about being interrupted by outside demands. I love watching a project develop when I am stitching.

  69. Hmm..my ideal stitching session is definitely accompanied by the wonderful Anton Lesser reading me a Dickens novel (although he could tape the phone book and I would love it)… The day would be in the school holidays near the beginning so I wouldn’t have to worry or feel guilty about the marking and planning for next term. All the housework would have been done yesterday, I’d have done strenuous exercise the day before, too – and I would have had a very good night’s sleep.
    It would start early in the morning, in summer (which in my part of England is not too hot at all) with tons of sunlight slanting into the workroom, and reflecting off the mirrors that my other half has helped me put up all around the walls. And finally, it would be something that I have promised myself I would get going on. Something for myself rather than school or the community or a gift – not because I’m horrible (I hope!) but because I almost never do anything I plan for myself. At the moment, that would be embroidering ivy leaves and tendrils on the fronts of a jacket made of soft thick green-silver fabric. It’s been waiting for a year or two already and I would love to get a good long session on it…
    Ah, I can dream!!

  70. Here I set in my favorite chair – TV on – mainly for noise in the background – usually on the Hallmark or Hallmark Mystery channel. It’s a quite day – no one else is home, but the Dog and cat – Pablo ( 50 to 60 lb. Red Nosed American Pitt Bull Terrier – who is laying on his bed fast asleep, only come over to me when he wants to go outside or to see what I might have to eat and Babes (black and white farm cat) is on his favorite shelf under the TV, making sure that he is above the dog and can put him in his place (which he does). My table near by holds my pattern, threads, scissors, a glass or bottle of either Tea or Diet Dr. Pepper and sometimes a snack. My Ott lite stands near by to light my work as I work. This last month the tree stand off to my right with white lights aglow and many homemade ornaments on it.

  71. My ideal stitching scenario is pretty basic… I would be ensconced on my favorite spot on the sofa with my cat Dobby nearby. I would also have my sketchbook and Kindle nearby for looking up past ideas I have sketched, my sewing box handy on the coffee table, a tall glass of ice-water on the end table, and something interesting playing on NetFlix. I am currently binge watching the 2nd season of Stranger Things, but maybe something lighter would be nice for my ideal stitching session! Oh, and it would be nice if my husband was in the kitchen cooking up something delicious so the nice smells could come wafting my way as I stitch! Merry Christmas!

  72. When I stitch I am usually in my studio. I have a very large work table where I can spread out my threads, scissors are hung on a ribbon around my neck and I always have extra needles in my needle book by the directions or picture of my project. I am usually alone since I can’t seem to talk and stitch at the same time. Music is coming in from the other room, my office space, and there is light coming in from every window. I no longer have any pets, so my room can be fairly quiet, except for the music playing. I generally listen to 60’s tunes, but at this time of year it’s Christmas music. Summer time finds me with a glass of ice water, but right now I will have something warm to drink, even though many times it will go cold before I get to it. I can generally sit for a couple of hours at a time before I need to get up and stretch, but the new cane chairs I just purchased are pretty comfy as long as I can put my feet up while I am stitching. Oh yes, my phone is on the table too, in case my kids call. My husband has his side of the house where his office is located, so on occasion he does come in to see what is new in the stitching world.

  73. This is an easy question
    Back deck in a rocking chair. Side tables on each side, one for needlework, the other for my cup of tea and CD player. Music would be piano or ocean waves. My 3 dogs usually join me and sunbathe on the deck, not my lap! Since I’m a multitasker, I sometimes soak my feet in epsome salt for magnesium. So lots of natural light for needle work and vitamin D for me! Great excuse for daily needlework…DOCTOR ORDER

  74. It’s definitely snowing…I’m in my love seat in front of the bay window…I have the fire roaring and some wine at hand. Sometimes I have the TV on to a nice, old movie. I’ve already had two session this year! Might miss the next one as we are going out of town for Christmas and we might have some snow then.

  75. My favorite stitching time is sitting on the couch with my dog watching someting interesting on the television.many thanks for the giveaway.

  76. My ideal stitching session would be a nice rainy day, snug at home with a blanket on my lap, a pot of tea on my side table, my cat purring on his blanket next to the chair, a wonderful movie on TV and hours of time to stitch ahead of me. Lucky for me, living here in Seattle gives me many of those nice rainy days to stitch!

  77. I would have the TV on and be listening to a baseball game. I could look up if something exciting happens because they always replay the exciting moment. Stitching and baseball are two of my favorite things!

  78. Oh, please pick me!!;-)
    Ideally I’d like to spend a sunny afternoon working on my project – near the ocean, with bird song for company. Cat asleep on the chair beside me. When I needed a stretch, I’d go putter in my seaside garden and walk along the shore, stretching my eyes by looking way way out to the islands off shore. Refreshed, and with salty lips, I’d come back and stitch until the light was gone.

  79. I have a small upstairs bonus room that is very cozy and usually quiet. I can visualize this as a great spot to work on a project. I might or might not have music playing but definitely not the TV.

  80. Great questions! It seems like I have done more embroidery during football season. My husband is a avid football fan and in my attempts to hang out with him during football season I most often have 1 or 2 small projects going on. My favorite place to sit is in the living room, windows open, a cup of coffee or ice tea.

    If I am alone I will have some type of soft piano music on with my darling Stella Mae by my side and it is the perfect alone time to be creative.

  81. My ideal stitching session requires a block of uninterupted time, a comfortable chair, plenty of good light, an adjacent table to hold my needlework tools and supplies and some nice classical music.

  82. I live in northern Minnesota and it’s going to be a high of -14 today and -30 tonight. I have all winter to sit in my chair with great music and I love watching all the birds in the feeders and all the deer that pass through…and I pretend it’s nice outside and dream of being somewhere warm. I do work so my chair time by the fireplace is precious to me. My goal in 2018 is to try some new stitches & get out of my comfort zone so I’d love everything in this giveaway. My closest stitching shop is 4 1/2 hours south in Minneapolis. I don’t get there much because of it. Thank goodness for the internet. My connection to the world of stitching.

  83. Whoo-hoo….my favorite and well thought out stitching session:
    Well it involves lots of light probably indoors on my 4-season porch. It’s summer but not beastly hot, windows are open and breezes are coming through the windows. I have sunlight in one window and my good light also in the room. My table is full of already done projects to give me inspiration. I have my comfy chair with the light and my side table with my floss, scissors, patterns, how-to’s, and something cool with lots of ice to drink. There is a small dish of dark chocolate non-perils also. Yes, there is music, and it’s easy listening with some light classical. My sweet retired husband is gone for the day! Later on I will have a wonderful turkey sandwich, chips, veggies and an assortment of bars delivered to me! Bliss!

  84. In my lazy boy chair,feet up with a blanket as my house is cold.This time of year tree lights on Christmas music playing in the background, and something hot to drink. Yes that’s what I wish I could be doing right now.

  85. Currently I am finishing my cross stitch project. The main element, a peacock, isdone and I am in the process of finishing the flowers and leaves around it. I have an audiobook on (the one I am listening to is Deborah goes to Dover by Marin Chesney) and it is usually in the evenings on weekends.

  86. My ideal stitching situation involves wool, a comfortable seat and bright yet indirect sunlight.

  87. Family and pets around me but occupied with their own things. House straight. Dinner in the crock pot or someone else’s responsibility. Comfortable chair, good light, a small table next to me for my tools and thread. A Diet Coke in arms reach but away from my fabric or tools.

    Project already set up, so I can just sit down and stitch. An no unpicking. Ha!

  88. My ideal stitching session would be in my gooseneck rocking chair by the fireplace and window. The house would be very tidy but still lived in. There would
    Be a crockpot of stew or soup ready for dinner at the end of the day and fresh made yeast rolls rising on the counter. There would be acoustical music playing (Christmas for now) and the handy lamp next to the chair in case the sun goes behind a cloud. With all right in the world, the phones would be turned OFF.
    It’s really nice to dream! Thanks Mary!

  89. My favorite spot to stitch is my recliner. I love to stitch late at night when everyone else is in bed and the house is quiet. I may have coffee or a glass of wine on my side table. I usually try to catch up on my favorite TV shows while I stitch. I could easily stitch until dawn if the next day’s obligations weren’t pressing.

  90. I’m so lucky to meet with my stitching group (The Tangled Skeins) twice a week. Nothing like stitching with friends. Lots of chatter, lots of laughter and, of course, solving all the problems of the world!

  91. I love stitching in the evening with my husband next to me while we listen to classical music. This time of year is especially pleasant as the Christmas tree casts a gentle glow over the room. I have a very bright light I sew by but enjoy looking at this soft light–it’s so soothing. I usually have a cup of tea on my table.

  92. My dedicated stitching time is taken in my studio in a comfy overstuffed chair. Usually, there is a cat involved though sometimes they get kicked out because they try to eat thread. I like to listen to music or watch favorite movies that don’t require me “watching’ them – period romance flicks are my favorite! My projects range from small portable items to the Crewel Work Company’s firescreen piece at the moment.

  93. WOW! Those are AMAZING prize packs! My ideal stitching Session would definitely include natural light (which I never have), non-sore hands!, some diet coke, a comfy blanket and chair, everything I need nearby (WITHOUT any of it falling over onto the floor!) and getting through the seasons of tv I have on my DVR (I just watched an episode from Oct 2016!).

  94. My ideal stitching situation involves lounging on my couch with my cat, Starbuck, on my feet and purring away like a little diesel engine. Either natural light is pouring in through the front porch windows or it’s dark with just the lit Christmas tree lending light. I just finished my sister’s bicycle cross stitch, so in this ideal scenario that will hopefully be happening again tonight, I’ll be learning new stitches and creating a simple hedgehog motif for my MIL in time for Christmas. Oh, and there’s always a chai or tea on the coffee table to keep the hands warm. 🙂

  95. I love to stitch in my big recliner – it is by a big window, so lots of light. I have a little table nearby – I like to have some tea or wine, depending on what time of day it is! I have a big cozy blanket that I like to use if it is cold:)

  96. My ideal stitching routine has just recently been established, since I’m picking up my embroidery life back where I left it off two years ago. With a Cindy new chair below a west-facing window, I can have hours of natural light and a spectacular view of the Colorado Rockies before me as I stitch. Several projects from The New Crewel book are being resumed right now, ready to be displayed once complete on wall spaces too long left empty. Turn on the fireplace and get the iced tea brewing — I’m back!

  97. A whole afternoon in my favorite chair with plenty of sunlight coming through the window. Maybe with an opera on the TV. Maybe an audiobook. Maybe quiet. If the cat wants to nap across my ankles or feet, she is welcome. If she feels the need to help me, she must stay down.

  98. Most of my stitching is done in front of the TV with a program going. Depending on the interest and visual splendor of the program my progress may be great or minimal. My favorite stitching is done with a friend/s with quiet visiting included. It is such a relaxing way to get quite a bit of stitching done.

  99. It would be in one of those lovely rooms you see in houses who have a room with windows from floor to the ceiling overlooking a nice garden in the spring, summer or fall or the snow falling in the winter. But lots of natural light. A large table to be able to spread my things over. A few friends doing embroiedery or other crafts around to be able to chat while working. Or I would be listening to the radio. A bottle of water nearby. But since I do not have that nice room, my living room chair with my good light and magnifier and the radio or going to the guild to be with my fellow embroiderer friends is pretty good too.

  100. When I sit down to stitch I have a craft table (it collapses when not in use…hasn’t been collapsed in years!), coffee or water, all my supplies… I have an overstuffed arm chair and an overstuffed ottoman to put my feet up. I thread several needles, turn on a movie or TV show that I can listen to but don’t need to watch (if it’s a movie, I set my phone alarm for one hour so I remember to get up and stretch!). The cat sits beside my legs on the ottoman. I live in New England, so open windows is a seasonal thing.
    I’m now single, so I like the non-interruption when I’m concentrating on a project.
    Now I’m ready to go!

  101. Relaxing alone on a beachfront veranda, in the early morning, with a strong cup of black coffee and a warm gentle breeze . . . .

  102. My favorite setup and time is very simple. In the early morninglight on a corner of my couch with enough room next to me to put all my things

  103. My favourite stitching session would be by a crackling fire with sooyhing music playing in the radio. A lovely cup of coffee (with Baileys) would just top it off. My favourite way to spend a lovely stitching afternoon during the winter.

  104. My cozy stitching day: rainy day outside, a mini series on Netflix to sew by (with the remote nearby so I can scroll back when an intense bit of sewing causes my attention to wander), my favorite snuggle blanket and the snuggled up min-pin, a cup of hot tea, my favorite light stand and lap app. Lately my favorite projects are hand applique, embroidery and hand piecing.

  105. My perfect stitching time would be in my living room. I sit in my wingback chair and have my ott light coming over my right side. On the walls are a few antique samplers , my favorite being a map sampler from 1797. I also have a few smalls scattered around the room. I love this room, it has good lighting in the day and it set away from the family room where everyone else comes together so it is quite. I love my embroidery, it brings me peace and comfort when life gets out of control as it does sometimes. I could sit for hours if life would let me. Sometimes I have company other times I am alone, it doesn’t matter as long as I have my needle in hand.

  106. Ahhh. My Crewel work is stretched onto a slate frame, hubby is keeping the fire stoked, and our puppy entertained. It’s pouring rain outside. I’m sipping a bottomless cup of always warm Earl Grey Tea. I’m sitting in my favorite LazyBoy chair, the one with peacock Jacobean Crewel upholstery. Pandora is streaming the Nina Simone station. Ahhh

  107. My ideal stitching would be:

    I would be alone with my three dogs near by. The house would be all straightened and cleaned and I would be sitting on the couch covered with my handmade quilt. All my sewing supplies on the table next to me, Johnny Mathis singing and I would be working on a colorful project.

  108. Ideal stitching situation: Comfortable couch and ottoman. A couch because there are at least two small Manchester Terriers sitting with me and eventually at least one cat will show up. A place to put my feet up is essential. On the arm of the couch is my tray with all the essentials including a pretty prop for my patterns. Beyond that, to my left is a side table that holds my light, various supplies, and, either a cup of hot East Frision tea or a colg glass of soda water, depending on what time of day it is. Playing on TV is somthing like NCIS , a Harry Potter movie, or some British mystery (at least something I’ve seen enough not to have to watch).

    Wait…this IS my stitching situation. I’m so lucky.

  109. Here’s the scene: i answer the door and let in the crew of housecleaners. They set right to work as I carry a tray with my hot coffee and a carafe of fruit/herb infused water (mint-strawberry) up the stairs to my corner of the guest room. Today’s project is waiting next to the shabby, comfy recliner beside the north facing window where only the tops of tall pines are visible, swaying against the crystal blue winter sky. I sit. The silence is delicious and my head is clear of all but the delight at hand: this circle of linen, these fine cotton threads the colors of summer, the silky smooth needle. Time falls away.

  110. When I treat myself to a luscious chunk of embroidery time, I will sit on my antique settee with a view past my husband’s garden and across the valley of the town to the green-roofed brick buildings of the century-old winery on the hill beyond. A mug of tea is at hand and, in the best case, an audio recording of Louise Penny’s latest Armand Gamache novel lets me share some moments with her inimitable characters. These days, I’ll be trying out the new autumn-toned threads which I purchased at a sweet little fiber shop in Eureka Springs over Thanksgiving, preparing to enhance a classic brown linen jacket.

  111. I stitch in an un-reclined recliner. In the evening. In front of the TV which is playing shows my husband likes. I might have an iced tea or iced coffee, but it is more likely that I have a bottle of water. The beverage rests on a table along with my scissors, thread and other supplies.

  112. My go to stitching space is sitting in the corner of my sectional sofa, feet up covered with a quilt. Lap pillow to support my work, perfect led lighting over my shoulder, sound of rain on the roof and audio book playing. And a blissful wish for completely uninterrupted time…yummy!

  113. I’m in my favorite recliner. A Hallmark movie is on tv & a diet coke on the end table next to me. It’s peaceful and quiet otherwise. Just me and my stitching.

  114. My stitching session would be early, early in the morning when it is quite and cool in the house in my big over stuffed chair. A warm blanket on me and tuck under and around my feet. I have a cup of coffee sitting on the table next to me and TCM movie on the TV. I have gathered up everything I need and it is on the table next to me plus my ipad just in case I want to look up.

  115. If it’s Fall, would be a Sunday afternoon, watching the Pat’s then Packers (or reversed order), both winning of course, with a beer or two for the day, dinner in the oven. My materials would be beside me, on a table sitting in my easy chair with my feet up. If it’s warm weather, it would be on the porch with a friend, sipping wine.

  116. A day that is phone call free, delivery free, taking care of pets free plus cleaning and cooking free! Then stitch slowly whilst one is watching either a comedy or a tearjerker movie! Believe it or not this is when I get the most stitching done. By the way being alone during the day is excellent also, no family interruptions. Ahhh….for a nice cup of tea that sits next to me on my neat glass stand I use for my stitching supplies.

  117. Ideal stitching session:
    A crackling fire in the fireplace, a glass of wine on my left, and a good Audible book for listening while I stitch in my nest.

  118. My stitching time is done in my basement where I have a nice room with a fireplace and my three dogs are sleeping on the floor. Right now I am listening to Christmas music, and drinking chai tea. Perfect day. Happy holidays, pat from Atlanta

  119. My ideal spot is in my bay window with loads of natural light. I’m listening to classical music on the radio as I don’t want to change discs. I’ve water handy, nothing to drink which might stain the work if careless. Warmth from the sun is great but not so much to cause sleepiness. My threads are nearby although I’ve already chosen the colours. I might want to change them. work is best during daylight hours as my eyes get tired.

  120. Wow. Todays giveaway sounds so enticing. Would love to win either collection of “goodies”. A number of these things are not available here in Zimbabwe. I would definitely put aside some time to try these new things out if I had them. I love to stitch in the evening with a rug over my knees if it is cold and the TV on as a background. In winter it will be a glass of red wine near enough to reach but not knock over the stitching. Summer it will be a tumbler of homemade lemonade. Less interruptions in the evenings make it a good time for me to stitch

  121. My ideal stitching situation this time of year is my comfy corner set up in the living room just for stitching, with a nice cup of English tea close by, a Christmas movie on TV (or Christmas carols playing, depending on my mood), and my current project slowing coming to life on my fabric. Heavenly.

  122. Sitting in a comfortable chair with classical music playing with everything I need close at hand. Of course a nice piece of fabric and a gleam of an idea of what to stitch.

  123. Hello,
    My ideal embroidery day would be with embroidery friends sitting around my dinig room table with a nice glass of wine and exganging/discussing our projects. And if it’s summer than I would love to sit with the same group outside under the pergola in the backyard ……with a glass of ice tea!

  124. My ideal stitching session would find me sitting in a nice big easy chair, with a table on each side holding all necessary supplies (including water & hot tea). No one else would be around as I don’t want any interruptions (which always happens when my DH and cat are around). Depending on what I am working on, I may or may not have some classical music playing in the background.

  125. Ideal stitching session would be in my recliner with my little dog Bob by my side. I would be watching a good movie, probably a comedy or chick flick. It could be snowing or not. The phone wouldn’t ring and no one would be needing me to do anything for them. This does happen occasionally.

  126. I’m like Pigpen from Charlie Brown- everywhere I sit piles of threads grow around me! My perfect session includes all items I need within reach, which means I have end tables, pop up tables etc nearby. I’m in my den, it’s warm with plenty of light. My favorite embroidery is unplanned – I have a design but just pick the threads I fancy as I go. I always listen to an audiobook (love accomplishing two things at once) and life has somehow cleared away a chunk of worry free time…

  127. Thanks for the giveaway. When I so I am typically in the family room with my husband watching TV. I have a table next to the couch where I keep my supplies unless I’m crazy quilting and then I have an entire card table in front of me with supplies on it.

  128. Perfect stitching time-dog at feet, his head on my feet (just to make sure I don’t sneak off without him). A blanket over my lap and a table/tray in front of me. A nice cold glass of diet cherry Pepsi, Christmas music softly playing and stitching my own froggie designs. Soooo relaxing!! I would love stitching up a frog or two in that silk thread. Beautiful!!!

  129. My favorite stitching time is in the morning. I love to sit where the sun is behind my back, shining on my work and making it easier to see. If I have music it’s usually piano , David Lanz or Jim Brickman, nice and peaceful.

  130. Never thought about my ideal stitching session. Sometimes I stitch in my sewing room during the day – just me and good light, and sometimes while watching TV in the evening. Nice giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  131. Sorry for the dual entries, my comment shot off before I answered the question! My ideal stitching session would be in a clean and orderly house, can’t concentrate amongst clutter! It would be cold, overcast and windy, a fire going, and a big window overlooking Lake Michigan in Door County Wisconsin! Sounds like this side of heaven to me.

  132. My dream experience involves me, at home alone, a comfy chair next to an open window, maybe some Mannheim Steamroller music in the background, and a glass of tea within easy reach (but not so close that I’ll ruin my needlework when I spill it).

  133. I have two perfect stitching sessions in mind. Why two? Well I live in Canada and stitching outside in winter can be problematic. So in the summer I love sitting on my back deck with my feet up, usually in the evening after work, listening to my favourite crooners with a tall glass of lemon water at my side. The birds keep me company and I can stitch till dark.
    In winter, which seems to be always, a cat is cuddled next to me, with classical music playing in the background a cup of tea to hand. Neither scenario happens often, at least not as often as I would like. Maybe there’s a new years resolution in there somewhere.
    Thanks Mary for your never ending inspiration. Best of the season to you.

  134. My perfect stitching session is out on my patio, feet up, listening to an audiobook, with my dog nearby (keeping me safe from squirrels of course). I have a glass of sparkling water nearby and every supply I could possibly need for the selected project on the table so that I don’t have to budge from my comfy spot for as long as I please. Heaven!

  135. The piece I wish to work on most is this skeleton with two young skeletons turning into trees. It was a picture I cam across and adjusted to give it two young skeletons and it is a piece I wish to do for myself cause everything I’ve done thus far has been for others. I want to sit in my chair, put on one of my favorite shows, like Buffy or Ugly Betty, with my glass of iced tea, and just stitch away. I live with four cats and a dog so at least two if not more are always nearby and sometimes on the chair with me. My children like to come up and check on my work and give me encouraging statements along my progress as well.

  136. I am finally retired with good eyesight and enjoyment of all things needle and thread. I am building a room with a large northeast facing window to use as a playroom for rug hooking, knitting, quilting, needle felting, embroidery, cross stitching, sewing and whatever else takes my fancy. My Sonos will provide music. In winter the wood stove will provide warmth. It is light, airy, and will be a wonderful space to spend time.

  137. My ideal stitching session involves sitting in my rocker with an additional light attached for visibility, drinking club soda, wine or hot tea. . . sometimes all 3! while watching a sappy romantic comedy movie on Netflix.

    Thanks Mary for all of the inspiration!

  138. Again, this is not easy! I love a great movie, some tea and cookies, my puppy by my side and the whole day cleared for a stitching day! OR – a day with an audio book, feet up, and still with my puppy! OR outside in my chair with iced tea and the dog romping around – the possibilities are endless the only thing constant is my stitcing and my puppy!

  139. will I ever get the prefect stitching time? I hope so later this week. I would have some very quiet music playing and a glass of wine beside me. I would be snuggled under one of my favourite quilts. All of my threads would be chosen so I wouldn’t have to take any time worrying over the choices. Of course, I would take so long stroking and fondling the threads and fabric that I might not accomplish as much as I would like to. I love quiet time with my projects. Hopefully, my husband would be out and about and there would be no stray testosterone floating about. Was there a limit on how much I could write? I hope not.

  140. My ideal stitching session begins with my comfy Queen Anne’s chair by the large window in the living room. On my legs and lap is a warm fur throw that also covers my feet as they rest on a soft footstool. On my lap is a stitching pillow, perfect for supporting my work, and for making french and bullion knots. Soft music sounds over the crackle and hiss of a fire, scenting the room with the aromas of different woods.
    In daytime, there is plenty of natural light from the large picture window. In evening, the floor lamp behind the chair provides ample light. On the table to the right of me is clamped a large magnifying lamp that can swivel over-top my embroidery to add that extra bit of light or magnification for those teensy, tiny elements. On the table is a mug of my favourite tea, that somehow always maintains the perfect temperature for drinking, and never seems to empty no matter how many sips I take. Beside the mug is a wee plate with some calorie-free, divine, decadent chocolates. In the drawer of the table sits a variety of stitching supplies: some threads, scissors, marking pens, a beeswax heart, and a needle book.
    To the left is a love-seat, upon which is a plastic tote filled with my project supplies. In the background I hear the subtle noises of my dear hubby, puttering away in his workshop. Perhaps he is making a lovely frame for my new embroidery. Keeping me company is our wonderful black lab, sleeping on his plush blanket in front of the crackling fire. The telephone never rings, nor does the doorbell chime. I’m in stitching heaven!

  141. Quiet house, classical music. Alone. Rocking chair. Cup of strong Irish tea. Beeswax hand lotion. Supplies gathered, books for reference nearby.

  142. My ideal stitching session happens in a comfy chair with plenty of light and magnification. I would also like a table near by do that I can have a cup of tea. I will have nexflix on the television set to a British mystery.

  143. I always imagined having a private little mini cottage in my backyard, the size of a small shed. It has perfect stitching lighting, a small kitchen where I could make a quick snack then get back to stitching. It would be snuggly with pillows and blankets. I would be alone with some nice classical music, or maybe a good book to listen to. My husband promises this for me after the kids are gone. Perhaps this is his dream as well? Then he can have his dream workshop 😉

  144. To get started with a great stitching time first and foremost “NO INTERUPTIONS” period. Not from family, friends, telephone. Sometimes favorite music playing other times just quiet. All my supplies organized, yeah right, something to drink. Right now it would be a good cup of hot tea in the summer something cold. Then just get relaxed and start stitching. Enjoying the feel of the needle and thread going back and forth through the fabric. If it is a baby garment I am smocking or embroidering that is even better. Fine batiste, linen how good they feel in my hands. Good threads that don’t knot up. Then I look up and realize that what I thought might be 30 minutes has turned into an hour. Such a good feeling.

  145. An interesting needlework project, PBS cooking shows or travel shows on TV, sun on my shoulders, good tools and magnification and light, my comfortable chair with my down filled lap comforter, light shawl around my shoulders, cold water in my carafe.

  146. Hello, my ideal stitching session is when listening to audiobook (crime!) and nobody else in the house, i am sitting on my old arm-chair.. ohh

  147. My ideal stitching session involves a large mug of iced tea, a bright sunny day (for the light), a comfy chair, and a lineup of good movies on tv.

  148. I would be at the Sassy Goose in North Carolina. I would rent the cabin with a screened in porch and just relax there in the rocking chair listening to the trees and birds around me. I would be stitching something small, flowery, with lots of detail and different types of stitches. And it would help if it was Spring as it is probably too cold right now.


  149. Perfect stitching session? A design I Love, elegant materials to work with, a hot cup of tea, snow falling outside, and a great podcast to listen to. That sounds like a dream come true . . . Maybe Santa can deliver it this year!

  150. My ideal is in two parts. Part One is what I have: a small table by a big window with a wonderful view, a magnifying lamp, an audiobook (preferably of a book I know, so it doesn’t require tons of concentration). All very good, and I’m grateful. I would like at some point to get a chair at an ergonomically proper height and depth, and for fun let me add my dog, except in the ideal version he is quiet instead of making dramatic noises or stealing socks in a bid to play; and the other members of the family, engaged in their own pursuits but gladdening each other, and me, with their presence.

  151. I’d have to go with a stitching retreat with my friends at a nearby convent/retreat center. We bring snacks, but all meals are provided, and the accommodations are comfortable to boot. No plans, no agenda, and nothing to do but stitch and laugh and stitch all day — and luckily, I have two of these already on my schedule for 2018!

  152. Alone I am watching and listening to our State Reps on C-span while stitching in my Lazyboy recliner with the warm Florida sunshine poring in the windows. Balmy breezes on the ocean, with a good cup of coffee for my companion.

  153. This never happens but if it did, pure joy. A nice snowy afternoon, warm and cozy on the couch, Jane Eyer playing and no one but me in the house. I don’t remember the last time I had a chance to sit and stitch uninterrupted for even an hour.

  154. My ideal stitching session is after dark during winter. During te day we had a few inches of snow, there is snow on the ground and in the trees because the air is still with a full moon. It is one of those winter full moons that it is half light/ half dark, you can see very well looking otside. I am setted in my wingback chair withTeddy (standard poodle) beside me on the floor, my stitching table and drawers beside me. My poject is on my Needle needs stand wit a millinium frame on the stand. have a intersting piece about half done in silk threads, on a 40 count lien that was hand dyed. I have a fresh, hot cup of coffee beside me on the table, with soft intrumetal music playing. To me this is a perfect session to sit and stitch.

  155. Oh, let me go to my happy place–It’s evening, the fireplace is crackling and snow is gently falling outside while the north Iowa wind howls around the house. I’m on the couch with all of my embroidery gear, including magic floss that never knots unexpectedly, with the curtains open so I can watch the snow fall. I have a glass of wine next to me, and I’m going to have a second glass later on because the baby is sound asleep (and WILL be sound asleep for an uninterrupted 12 hours tonight because this is my fantasy and I’m going all out thank you very much), and my husband is on the other end of the couch reading me snippets of funny passages from the book he’s reading or chatting with me about our days.

  156. Ideally, I would be at home with some sort of adult beverage in a comfy chair by a sunny window. On my little table would be all my supplies at arms reach with a TV going with all the things I have been recording that I wanted to see. However, normally, as of late it tends to be some where in a car traveling to different places, or late at night with my Ott table lamp vs. natural light and all my supplies in boxes all over the place. And usually I am drinking a diet cola or flavored tea. There is a big difference between reality and dreams.

  157. A perfect stitching scenario would be a evening with my stitching group. Soft music in the background and a lovely supper waiting. We always have a lot of fun together and get a lot of work done.

  158. Set up: my one and only everything chair with a back support so my spine is properly supported, situated by my south facing wall of windows. In any weather as long as I have ample time to sit and fully engage in stitching or beading. Tea mug by my side, sometimes quiet, sometimes TV on, sometimes music. Everything within arms length so I only need to get up to visit you know what. Sometimes visits by the birds within a foot of the window is icing on the cake.

  159. Another beautiful give=away. I am planning so many projects for the coming months. These would give me quite a variety of wonderful supplies to use.

    Merry Christmas.

  160. My ideal stitching session finds me alone, except for my cat Jett sleeping by my feet on the ottoman. A favorite beverage is by my side (depending on the time of day.) And I’m listening to a cozy mystery. Heaven!

  161. Big blue armchair, squirrel on her perch, watching me.
    No sound, music or movies in the background. Just quiet.
    Grapefruit sparkling water or fruity herb tea.
    Hubby is upstairs, cooking (his hobby) or on his computer.
    Is the house straight? Probably not:)

  162. My Ideal Stitching Session – there are up to four heavy wooden TV trays by my chair with all the materials – one has the threads, one has the beads, one has the hoops, needles and scissors, one has the pattern instructions and fabrics. The tray with the most room holds a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of juice. Most likely there is a good movie on TV, or an audiobook playing on the computer. A little white dog is curled up on my lap – inconvenient sometimes, but what can I say? She’s a lap-dog and my constant companion. With her for company, I am not alone. The housework is done – at least enough to make this chunk of time guilt-free. Usually this scenario plays out in the evening, when the busy day is winding down. And it happens quite a lot!

  163. Mary, you have been so generous with your holiday giveaways. My favorite stitching session in winter looks like this: I’m in my favorite chair with the wide, flat wooden arms (I love the wide arms!). I’m facing our wood stove where our dogs take turns stretching out on the slate hearth. I have the side table my husband made holding all my project supplies and my drink – usually LaCroix. Music or an audiobook depending on what I am working on. If I’m really lucky, there will be snow coming down and dinner simmering in the oven or crock pot. Everything is so soothing and peaceful and for a time, all is right with the world.

  164. My ideal stitching place would be a wide porch on a country home overlooking a field of lavender. I would have a low chair (great for stitching), a small table with all the thread, needles, etc, to do whatever was scheduled for the moment at my side along with my Yeti cup of ice water.

  165. Ideally, no one at home, a whole day to work, showing outside, a never ending fire in the fireplace, and an a
    Always full cup of hot chocolate (made from scratch).
    You did say ideal which is how,the last two wishes are possible with no one home but me. Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year to all.

  166. As I sit in my rocker by the open window, I hear the gentle waves of the ocean landing upon the sandy beach. The sun has burned off the fog and it’s a clear and beautiful blue-sky day. I am listening to “The Quilter’s Apprentice” by Jennifer Chiaverini. I’m excited to start this series of books, now that I am retired, I will be able to enjoy each of them in order. My coffee and a Christmas cookie are on the table beside me, Annie, my poodle and constant companion is curled at my feet. My needles are threaded with all the colors I need, my scissors and thimble sit on the table ready for use. My needlework frame is set before me and the sun is shining down upon my project giving me the perfect light. I have been working on this cross stitch Santa scene for quite a while and today I shall finish it!

  167. A perfect setting for me would definitely have some background music, nice and mellow to keep the stitches tidy. I’d also be out of doors in the shade of a big maple with a gentle breeze blowing. One or two kindred spirits and a bottle of chardonnay would complete the picture.

  168. My favorite time to Stitch is late at night while listening to classical music and drinking flavored coffee. I am sitting in my favorite chair with a table holding my stitching supplies.

  169. I love to sit and stitch with my cup of java in hand and my lovely little dog pal sitting next to me. Oh yes, hubby can sit by me too while I Stitch! Mainly, just having time to Stitch is

  170. I have found these long dark evenings perfect for stitching. Good light, good chair and a knitted throw for chilled legs. Cuppa tea? Check. Podcasts ready? Check. Needle threaded, project in hand? Go.

  171. I don’t have a lot of fancy dreams at this time, my sons range in age from 14 to 6, and I help my husband in our business at times. My days are rich and full. When dinner dishes are put away and I curl up by the end of the couch with a steaming cup of coffee beside me and the family around, it’s an ordinary moment that I treasure. Sometimes I get some stitching done, sometimes they beg me to read aloud. I love both.

  172. The prizes sound just amazing I work my needle work at night relaxing after a busy day of chores at home and with a craft group I help run which we need to prepare for each Monday. My husband is usally sitting there beside me keeping a watchful eye on what I am working and often gives me helpful advice I am grateful for your mail so regular and helpful. Thank you Have a very blessed Christmas and may 2018 be all you hope for.

  173. Hi Mary Santa! My favorite stitching venue is with my friends on our weekly Wednesday afternoon stitch in. We meet at 1:00, break for goodies at 2:30 and go home at 4:00. We laugh, chat, and have become very close friends over the last 4 years or so. We take turns hostessing and usually stitch over a glass of pinot noir or prosecco. Our treats range from sweets to savories, depending on the hostess. And we actually do get some stitching done!
    Merry Christmas! Diana

  174. I prefer the house to be at least tidy, but it doesn’t need to be. I happily stitch in the company of my friends, or something fantastic on TV. I like saving shows without commercials or movies for excellent stitching sessions as I don’t have the disruption of commercials in the flow of my stitching. Ideally what I’m stitching is in a stand, with the materials and pattern conveniently at hand.

  175. My ideal stitching situation would be in my fav chair with Celtic Thunder music playing and free to do stitching and more stitching. If it is raining all the better but that doesn’t happen too often here in Houston. jc
    Thanks for the opportunity & for your marvelous blog and inspiration.

  176. My ideal stitching session is in mid-winter, in the morning, sitting on the lanai in Hawaii, the birds are unbelievable, sunny skies, light breeze, sound of the breaking surf, gorgeous tropical plants all around. My niece is sitting next to me and we’re both stitching. I’m stitching a small piece of needlepoint from my stash, that I resurrected just for this trip and will probably finish before going back home. It doesn’t get any better than this and it will be happening in early February, 2018.

  177. I think my preferred “set-up” would include my comfy chair, magnifier light, and a good movie on TV (a Jane Austen flick would be best!). I don’t usually like drinks and snacks because that includes putting down the needle, setting the work aside, to eat/drink. And no phone. No doorbell. Nothing that makes me get up!!

  178. I’m definitely a beginner stitcher, but what beautiful threads in this lovely prize bundle. My perfect time for handsewing is to have some music on, a nice cup of hot tea on the table next to me, cuddled under a quilt, while hand stitching. I’m actually sitting in this manner now, but no stitchery project in hand. 🙁


  179. Firewood is brought inside just as fat snowflakes begin to fall. Soup is bubbling gently on the stove and bread just came out of the oven. Lap blanket and current project/supplies are gathered. My tablet is nearby in case a stitch tutorial is needed, charming BBC television program is set to begin, warm beverage is at hand, cozy fleece socks feel nice…soon fireplace is gently crackling. Golden Retriever stretches out near the fire’s glow, content. Every stitch is going just where I want it, no knots. Hubby is tending the fire, with no thought whatsoever of wanting to watch something other than the fire and this charming BBC television program…

  180. I live in Arizona so the best parts of the year, spring and fall, I like to stitch with the house open and I can sit in the screened patio with an audio book and my stitching.
    (Right now it’s Louise Penny but Alexander McCall Smith is also excellent.) A nice, tall iced tea is at my elbow and I have a project set up often on my stand and sometimes on hoops. I do both needlepoint and surface embroidery with an occasional dip into cross stitch. The quality of the daylight here is amazing. When it is very hot or occasionally cold I stitch indoors. Stitching and reading, reading and stitching, what could be better? Especially when you can combine the two.

  181. My ideal embroidery session…
    I would be in front of a sunny window with lots of natural light, with a cup of tea at my side, my mini-schnauzer asleep at my feet and an audio book playing. My fabric would be stretched with a design applied. (I love embroidery but the prep, not so much.) And I would be stitching a surface design with silk on linen. Its such bliss to work with quality materials.

    Thanks to Cathe for putting together such tantalizing packages and to Mary for offering them.

  182. My ideal stitching session – now that I have retired, I can often arrange it to happen – is sitting on the lounge chair of my couch, feet up, blanket over my legs, natural indirect light from the window beside me. There is a cold can of caffeinated soft drink on the table next to me, and my supplies sit on the couch next to me. The TV may be on, with something I want to watch but don’t need to pay perfect attention to, such as a favorite movie. Or, I might listen to music – Simon and Garfunkel is a favorite choice. The dog wanders by for a pat on the head, then settles down under the raised footrest of the couch. I can see out the open front door, and watch the hummingbirds fight over honeysuckle blossoms, or other birds resting on the tree outside – once I even saw a hawk stop by. I may be working on some blackwork or Elizabethan raisedwork. I actually find stitching long, languid spirals of Plaited Braid to be restful, once I’ve gotten into the rhythm of it.

  183. My ideal stitching session is about to happen in NYC today as I gather with my two “SB’s” stitching buddies. We live far apart now and this is a holiday reunion stitching session! We are attending a museum exhibit and then lunching with needle and threads in hand to share recent stitching projects, stories and gifts, which are all stitching related! Perfect!

  184. My ideal session would be in a dedicated tiny room with a fireplace, stained glass windows, and a slate frame and magnifying lamp permanently set up next to an ergonomic chair. A flosstube video or Fibertalk podcast episode is playing, it’s raining, a fire is roaring, my mug of coffee is steaming hot, and I’ve got the whole day free.

  185. My perfect time comes when I have figured out which of my many WIP I want to work on – Since I am retired and live alone, that time can come at any time. I will usually have classical music or public radio talk on. I love it when it is raining, when it is a beautiful Spring day, or a crisp day in Autumn – indoors, or, when possible, outdoors. I like to work while my coffee, tea, or coca gets cool or my fizzy water gets warm. The best time, is when I am really into a piece. Since I do free form, abstract work using all kinds of fibers, beads, and often strips of fabric or fabric that has been rusted or painted, I never know where a piece is going until it is almost there. That means that my perfect day may have me working on more than one piece in a single sitting.

  186. My dream stitching session would be an all day affair! No one else in the house… ideally my husband would be out of town so no need to worry about making dinner or tidying the house at all! Comfy recliner and “watching” (or mostly listening to) a favorite romantic comedy movie on DVD. The best project would not require sitting under a Dazor magnifier. Something easy like counted work so not much thinking involved. Milk chocolate for breaks! Oh, and it would be either raining or snowing outside.

  187. I would be sitting in our new sectional with the light on overhead and slightly reclined. So nice after my back surgeries. My husband is next to me reading a book aloud. My tiny little Papillion is sitting in my lap. All of my supplies are in the storage armrest between my husband and I. The birds are chattering in the background. This is heaven. I have waited so long for this and now it is a reality. Thank you for the chance to win Mary.

  188. I’m sitting in my hand-made Amish rocking chair. Everyone else is in bed and I’m probably watching old movies on TCM. There’s a whole pot of red tea on the table, or if it’s been an especially rough day, maybe a small glass of my favorite ruby port. There is as least one cat in the room, possibly at my feet. Fortunately for the sake of a normal sleep cycle, eventually one of the other cats will come over and “tell” me it’s time for bed. Otherwise, I could be up all night.

  189. My ideal stitching session takes place at my little table (with magnifying glass & lamp close by) , all my supplies on that table. My dog is snoring in her bed, no other music needed!

  190. I would love a chance at your giveaway. I usually stitch in a comfy chair in the living room with the TV on a movie for company. I always have a cup of hot coffee with cream at my elbow. That’s how I usually stitch and enjot it very much.

  191. My ideal stitching session – alone in a quiet house, in the evening so it’s dark outside and cozy inside, instrumental music playing (or a floss tube video), sitting on sofa with the cross stitch chart on the left, the lamp on the right and the project on my lap. Soft light in the rest of the room (candle or a dim light). No food or drinks nearby (makes me nervous; and a reason to get up and stretch the legs). 3 or 4 hours uninterrupted time would be wonderful.

  192. When I sew something fine I like to be alone, in silence, with the sun shining through the windows and facing a peaceful scene through that window so I can be refreshed whenever I look up. If I don’t need to concentrate so much I like a programme on the radio.

  193. My ideal stitching session would include a hot cup of coffee, a large workspace, of which I don’t currently have, my favorite Spotify playlist on softly in the background, well-organized supplies (I’m mostly organized) and a fast-working project that will fulfill my instant gratification needs. My fur kidz can be there but they need to stay off my lap, which rarely happens when I’m stitching. 🙂

  194. I’m sitting in my comfy chair in my sewing room! I have my tea on the table, a great movie playing, husband is doing his thing, and supper is in the slow cooker. I think I should do this soon!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  195. My ideal stitching session is settling into my comfy chair with good lighting. Listening to my CD’s or the music channel on the TV and no interruptions from the phone or anyone else. Also my studio space will be reasonably tidy so I don’t have to get frustrated looking for something I can’t find in a mess!!

  196. Like eating, I need to be set down to focus on my work. Hoop or frame in place, tools arranged like a place setting and uninterrupted time. That is why I am redesigning my art studio to be that place with great lighting etc.
    Happy holidays to you Mary.

  197. My ideal stitching session would be having all I need for stitching with me. I would have a fire going in the fireplace, and old movie or one of my favorite movies playing. Sometimes, I would listen to calming music instead. I would also have a cup tea and a glass of water beside me, and if in the evening, I might have a glass of wine. I would also have my cell phone off so I’m not interrupted.

  198. My ideal session would be great lighting, soft music to listen to while I actually stitch til I can’t stitch anymore and everyone in the house leaves me alone!!!!

  199. My ideal stitching session would have my dog at my feet, a cup of peppermint tea next to me a fire in the fireplace and the Steelers game on TV. I’d have all my supplies neatly laid out next to me (the dog won’t have jumped on the couch – for a change) and my stitches would be neat and smooth, the thread would be behaving (for a change) and dinner would be taken care of. All I need to do is work on those stitches and let them lull me into a trance as they write themselves on the fabric like an invisible paintbrush.

  200. Ideal stitching session: In my comfy chair, feet up, water with lemon nearby, a movie on Turner Classic movies, good light and my beloved rescues Doc and Wyatt sleeping nearby. Not sure why, but I do prefer to stitch at night. Always have. It unwinds me.

  201. My ideal stitching session involves a quiet house on a sunny day, a rare event at times, here in London. I’ve got all my needs near me; my reading glasses, threads, scissors, project and classical music on the radio. No distractions, just an opportunity to focus on my stitching. Time and the world goes by with out notice. I finish relaxed and pleased with my needlework accomplishments.

  202. The perfect day…
    Picture living in Spiez, Switzerland. The snow is falling gently while you sit near your bay window which allows you to see a panoramic view of snow capped majestic mountains. In the most overstuffed chair you lounge with your Needlework 4 stand at the ready which holds your latest silk / goldwork design. The Christmas tree twinkles just out of the corner of your eye but what you focus on is your complete collection of silk thread trying to determine which shade of green goes best with that particular shade of gold. You sip your apple hot toddy, close your eyes visualizing the final design. As you open them slowly that blissful aaah haa moment happens… you see the just the right green!! Diving into your project you feel the rhythm of stitching that countless stitchers have known through the ages and you know this is the perfect day… A stitchers day!

    If I should be so lucky.. I would love to try Premax scissors.

  203. TV is a huge waste of time.
    Let me rephrase that: TV is a huge waste of time unless you’re stitching something by hand. Then, almost anything on TV will do.
    With a few needle shops (and Amazon) available for emergency supplies, you’re set for a day of stitching. What you eat and drink hardly matters. You should, however, have two things to hand: a hand-made shawl that makes you feel special, and water – you don’t want to die of dehydration before the project’s finished!

  204. My ideal area would be on the weekend, near th fireplace with a fire. Great lighting all around, however. An overstuffed chair and table by my side with all th equipment on it. There is an audiobook playing. The house h just been deep cleaned by someone else. No pets but nearby is chocolate and tea. I do need an iPad so I can look up stitches. All is well with the world.

  205. Every evening after dinner I sit with hubby, cat and dog. We watch TV while the cat “fights” with my project for my full attention and lap. The cat does not like my projects. I have an daylight lamp, and a side table with a Shaker box made by a friend filled with supplies and a large glass of water (boring, I know.) My chair has wide wooden arms that are great for sitting things on them. Lately there is a heating pad and pillow for my back.

  206. My ideal stitching session always includes a cup of tea on the table beside me, an exceent lamp behind me, and if the TV is on, I’m listening to sports or Masterpiece Theatre, the Acorn channel or “Escape to the Country” a British show, which takes people looking at country houses to buy. Viewers get to see the insides of all those marvelous English houses we usually only see from the outside. I watch/tape it from a Canadian channel and we’re all the way up to 2013 now! When I’m sitting on my loveseat and need a cross stitch pattern, it’s propped up on a music stand. Merry Christmas and thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful array of goodies.

  207. My stitching session would start with me in my favorite chair with a good movie on the TV(or re-watching Outlander). I normally have some hot tea this time of year and possibly a soft blanket if I’m cold. My husband is either in the basement working on some project or asleep in his recliner. Hopefully this lasts for several hours!

  208. My ideal is not to have everything in order but to be surrounded by a creative “mess” of projects and thread. I work more freely if there is a bit of imperfection around me. My fireplace would be burning and a Christmas movie playing with the dog chewing his bone under the table where I am working. And if I need to leave it for a minute, I would love if I could just walk away and let it all be there waiting for me when I return. Good lighting is a must and the clock would stop ticking so I could stitch well into the night.

  209. For me my favourite site for a session of stitching is on the balcony of an apartment we rent for the winter in Tenerife. I am on a lounger with a padded cushion feet up. Earphones in my ears listening to Radio4 extra on the BBC iPlayer, a good play or a serial. Scissors, threads on a small table by my side. Plus a lovely cold drink as the temp is about 74. Every now and again looking at an interupted view of the sea, maybe catching the dolphins or a luxury yacht sail by. The light is so good for stitching, sheer bliss.

  210. I do love that stitching/solitude time where I just fall into my zone and time passes so pleasantly. I am a bit vision challenged, so I sit at a table by the window in my sewing room. My light and magnifying glass are set so I can easily hold my work under the glass. On my iPod are my favorite oldies…the Big Band music and, since I’m a child of the ’60’s, the old time Rock n Roll. I can be happy right there for a very long time!

  211. I will have hours and hours. Tea that automatically refills itself. The cat on my lap, but he magically has become disinterested in batting at my threads. Oh, and all the drawing and tracing is already done for me so all I have to do is stitch! ☺️

  212. My favorite time for stitching is at our annual stitching retreat. Rooms are provided, meals are served and time is spent with friends who enjoy the same things I do.

  213. My perfect stitching session is Ni a sunny and cold day, surrounded by farm landscape, listening instrumental and Classic music, with a cup of coffe just in my right side. With a table to put my stuffs and with very nice people having fun together ☺️

  214. My favorite session would be during the day when the house is straight and I am in front of my window with the sun coming in.

  215. My ideal stitching place is in my room with the blinds up on my windows. Music playing. A small table to put my stitching on. And a smile on my face.

  216. Wouldn’t any stitcher love to win these prizes. ME, ME, ME.

    When I have a chunk of time for my stitching, I go into my messy workroom, with the comfy couch uncluttered, put on the OTT light over my shoulder, and put on whatever TV show has caught my attention. Huge glass of ice water, or a lovely glass of Non-alcoholic Wine, relax my shoulders, and I’m ready to go. As I live alone, I can do this at any time, but it’s usually at night, but sometimes weekends during the day.

  217. As a retired person, I feel very fortunate to have frequent afternoons where I’m free to sit in my favourite chair with my ott light, stitching stand and supplies by my side, soothing music playing and some lemonade to sip on while working on my latest piece. Wishing all avid stitchers could say the same!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these lovely give always.

  218. y stitching day would be music on, my chair, maybe a blanket if there is a chill, cup of coffee with a shot of Kahlua, my lighted magnifier, just me hubby is at work, turn the phone off, I would be stitching inside if it’s this time of year. This sounds great, it’s going to be my plan for one day between Christmas and New years.

  219. Love my cozy couch and my afternoon vodka, and even more, I love Needle in a Haystack! Live about two hours away and visit the shop when I see my daughter there.
    Thanks for this great give-away!

  220. I tend to stitch in the evening with the TV on for noise, with a glass of water handy on the table beside my comfy chair and a cozy blanket for my feet. I try to follow my friend Karen’s guide of at least one thread full all used up. If only using one strand that takes longer, LOL. I usually stitch an hour or two or three 🙂 but sometimes I fall asleep. It is a very comfy chair.

  221. With the coming and going of kids and grandkids all week, I must admit my mind drifted forward a few weeks to peace and quiet and some new projects! 🙂 I generally stitch in the evenings on the den sofa while watching British Murder mysteries with my husband. But, I’d love to think I could get a day that I could just sit in the comfy chair in my sewing room (aka…guest room where my sewing machine lives) and stitch all day while listening to various podcasts. Thank you again Mary for these lovely goodies and Christmas cheer…. Merry Christmas!

  222. My ideal stitching day begins on the evening before, clearing away the little bowls holding thread snips and scraps of fabric, putting all the bobbins and large skeins of thread in their proper drawers, and sweeping, then vacuuming the floor very thoroughly. My Daylight is in place, my frame has been prepared with linen stretched and tacked in place, and my basket of needles and pincushions are to my left besides the orts bowl. The threads I will be using are arrayed in a semi-circle directly in front of me and curving behind the metal stand that holds my frame. Scissors are on the right in their little acrylic cubicle. It only remains for the morning to come, my husband to bring me tea on his way out for the day, and I to walk the 24 steps to the studio in the garden and so begin the day. Besides my tea, I have my sketchbook, where I have made any last-minute notes and adjustments to the piece I will begin. Yo Yo Ma will sooth the morning with Bach’s cello suites as I roll my chair into place and open my sketchbook. I am ready to thread the first needle and begin the journey that is this new cloth.
    Nancy, in Woodstock, GA

  223. Ah, the dream stitching session …. (sighs happily)
    In a rocking chair, a pillow for my back and another for my lap
    Listening to a new (or familiar) and never-ending Dorothy Sayers audio book
    A view out an open window onto the beginning of a new day with trees and green (not this brown and scrubby desert) with a soft breeze stirring the sheers and nary a leaf blower to be heard
    Everything collected and to hand with all the prep work done so it is needle ready
    My dog near at hand (tail out of way of the rocker), contentedly attending to a bone
    No errands nor housework undone to tinge the time with guilt

    I might be willing to trade the audio book for a companion, but only one who need not fill the silence with chatter

    That would be paradise

  224. I like sitting I my sewing room so I have all my tools around me & the kitchen no far away! I have 2 huge windows that let me see the wild life come & go…

  225. Another lovely give-away, Mary- thanks. My ideal sewing session? Good light, good music and the house to myself! Maybe rain in the background (we really need some here) and all my Christmas cookies baked and stowed would be an added nod to relaxation… Merry Christmas to all!

  226. It is what it is – not always ideal, but it works! Good lighting, a movie my husband likes, because I’m not paying attention anyway, no animals, Diet Coke on the end table, and TIME!

  227. My stitching session usually begins after dinner in my recliner right by the window and in front of the television. My supplies are always right at hand for the projects that I am working on. I keep a small table on either side of me with a floor stand magnifier and additional light. I generally find needlework very relaxing and through stressful times when my husband’s health was declining it kept my mind on something enjoyable. The television is on but I am more absorbed in my stitching and it is mostly just breaking the silence of the evening.

  228. I live in south Florida so my stitching spot is a desk with a window view of the pretty outdoors. My two dogs sleep in a rocking chair next to me and I listen to podcasts or audio books. My projects are always set up so I can just sit down and stitch for however much time I have which is never long enough!!

  229. I love embroidery so much I can and do embroider anywhere anytime. Ideally I would be binge watching a TV mystery series in my recliner with my husband at my side. Thank you so much for all the wonderful giveaways.

  230. My favorite time to stitch is in the afternoon, sitting in my La -A-boy with my feet up – one of my cats will be curled up on the foot rest. I’ll have my side table on my right set up with my cup of tea and my supply cart on my right with all the goodies I need for my project. In the best of worlds, it will be what I call a “pajama day” – no getting dressed – complete relaxation! Then to top it off, I’ll binge-watch something on Netflix.

  231. Imagine your Ideal Stitching Session – that chunk of time you’ve put aside to indulge in a nice bout of needlework without interruption. What does that stitching session involve? Some prompts: How do you set it up? What accompanies you through the work? Are listening to music? To an audiobook? Watching sports? Using your favorite blanket? Is there a table close by with your cup of tea or coffee…or glass of wine (or shot of whiskey, or cup of cocoa, or glass of milk…)? Is there a dog or a cat at your feet? A bird on your shoulder? Are there people around, or are you alone? Is the house straight? Fire crackling? Windows open? Sunny breeze, or twilight birdsong?
    It is usually when I am at my club meetings stitching with friends.

  232. Hmm – I think I’d be in a big comfy chair with a table next holding coffee or wine, depending on the time of day, with a fire blazing, my animals around me (2 dogs, 2 cats, who would be on best behavior and not try to play with my supplies) in an spotless house (that’s the real fantasy part!)

  233. My stitching sessions are usually determined by my Yorkie! We sit where she wants to sit and I just have to adjust. Mostly we are on a particular couch where she can see out a window. I’m curled up in a corner with my cup of tea and my radio/cd player – playing Christmas music right now.

  234. I love this question. I always wonder what motivates people and puts them in the mood. I am fortunate to have a large window behind my stitching spot. I get lots of sunshine and light but besides that I have my magnifier so that my eyes don’t get so tired. I usually like to stitch in the quiet because I can just get wrapped up in what I’m working on. A nice cup of tea, all of my supplies laid out in front of me, and I’m good to go for hours.

  235. PS- Thanks to Needle In A Haystack, too; they have a fab store and the girls working there are SO helpful. One of my favorite needlework supplies stores.

  236. Sitting somewhere comfy with my husband hanging out next to me (reading or otherwise amusing himself) is my favorite stitching set up. A cup of cocoa nearby and some good music playing are nice additions.

  237. My ideal stitching session is in the morning when I’m fresh and alert, and there’s good light (although I also still use a table lamp and my Ott light). I have a cup of coffee, there’s something good to listen to on the radio, and the cats are off doing their own thing (one loves string and tries to play with the threads as I stitch so she needs to be doing something else).

  238. I do my most enjoyable stitching in the wee hours, 3:00a.m./8:00a.m. Music sometimes softly plays. My studio cat, Widget, warms my feet as I get comfy in my recliner, my cup of coffee on the side table and All my stitching accoutrement well within reach. Aww, bliss…

  239. Nothing much preparation except lots of pre threaded needles!! I don’t like threading needles in between stitching.

    -Viji Sunil Chennai

  240. I set up all my supplies, listen to music, or just watch my bird feedeer. The cat usually comes to sit on my lap.

  241. A quiet afternoon, perhaps a gentle rain. Something classical playing. A comfy chair with stitching supplies nearby including a magnifying light. And lots of time with no other worries.

  242. The ideal stitching session?? That requires some thought ’cause life is almost never “ideal”. I picture a comfortable chair (maybe with my feet up) but no arms to get in my way. Hot tea will definitely be in the vicinity (unless it’s our 100 degree summer when it will be ice tea). And there will be cats everywhere because we have a house full — all different sizes and colors — and they like to sit on Mom’s (my) lap.

  243. I will sit in my stitching chair, put on my stitching glasses, turn on my Ott Lite, pick up my WIP and stitch … no noise, just blessed silence, no pets, just me alone … no interruptions. Ahhh!

  244. My ideal stitching is with my husband! Yes, I’d have him around and our nice conversation together, but no beverages since I’d probably just spill that. And, it would be after the kiddos went to bed. Most importantly, it would be after I had a good long mid-afternoon snooze!

  245. I don’t prepare much to grab a few minutes of quiet time as my project is always by my chair with a good light. In the evening after my husband is in bed I retrieve my work again and off I go into my own little world.

  246. My favorite stitching sessions are those where I have plenty of uninterrupted time to make some progress on a big project. I will be in my studio, with my Ott light and my stand pulled close. I will listen to an audiobook (and use the changing of the discs as reminders to get up and stretch and move about a little). Depending on the time of day I will either have a cold drink or coffee. And, yes, for sure my dog and cat will both be there!

  247. My ideal stitching nest needs a clean house, a bright sunny day with plenty of north light coming in the window , music from my playlist and hours to enjoy my passion with needle and thread

  248. The perfect stitching session would have to take place sitting on the sofa in my family room. I would have access to both my Dazor light and my Stella light. An old movie would probably be on the television. All the supplies for the current project that I am working on would be on the sofa next to me. I would have my water bottle right there.

  249. Ideal stitching session is when I have the house to myself, sitting in my conservatory, doors open so I can listen to the birds singing and just the steady rythem of the needle passing through the fabric, watching the design come to life. Peace and quiet in my own little oasis.

  250. Good morning from the cold state of Kansas. This is my favorite time of the year to stitch. Curled up on the couch with a blanket on my lap, my cats laying on my lap, my little white dog laying on my feet to help keep them warm and an embroidery project in my hands. I might turn on a movie or just listen to some music, especially this time of the year I get to watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music. And then a hot cup of tea with a butter cookie satisfys my every yearning. And I would be all by myself, no talking allowed just listening to the quiet. I’m dreaming of course.

  251. I’d be in my stitching room with a coffee and a Diet Coke. Lois, my cat, would be snoozing in her radiator hammock and i’d be listening to a podcast – maybe No Such Thing as a Fish. My work would be on a slate frame on my workstand and my husband would be in his guitar room next door, murdering some classic tune!

  252. Corgis at my feet, wood stove burning with a good sized hickory log, a mug of iced pu erh tea (menopause means I’m drinking a lot of iced drinks) plus a beach view of wind, waves and water.

    I’d be listening to either a good book or a favorite movie.

    I’d also be worry free about things like housework and cooking. I’d have nibbles in the frig that I could snack on when needed and my house would magically clean itself.

    That’s my idea of perfect stitching time!

  253. oh the joy, an entire afternoon to stitch. The house is clean, the fire is roaring and I’ve headed into my studio.
    It snowed last night and the sun is shining, everything outside is glistening and sparkling.
    Sitting down at my trestle in front of the window looking out on passersby, i begin to stitch.
    A Christmas moving playing in the background, cats curled up snoring in their corners and i being to stitch
    and everything goes without a hitch. Every hour an alarm charms and I get up and have a quick stretch and
    a cup of tea. just thinking about this makes me feel so relaxed…..now if i could just get my son to move out of
    his bedroom so i can have a studio…..if it would actually snow this year….and if the cats would just curl up in the
    corner and not have to be on my lap helping……ahh bliss

  254. My Ideal stitching time. hmmm…… my favorite easychair, kitty at the top, puppy on the couch. Fire in the fireplace, fresh from the oven scones next to the tea pot of Victorian Earl Grey. In the background, soft gaelic music or a romantic movie. Yes, winter time!

    Merry Christmas!
    Barabal D.

  255. I would say my favorite stitching season is a glorious early summer afternoon with a gentle breeze flowing through the window, birds chirping, the whole nine yards! However, a cozy winter afternoon can be a close second. Thank you Mary for a great website, happy holidays!

  256. My ideal session would be with my house all picked up and clean.(not very often with 2 english mastiffs) A favorite old movie or audible book playing. I prefer stitching durning the day with natural light. The dogs would be sleeping, with dinner in the crock pot or oven making the room smell wonderful. I would be in my comfy chair with no interruptions from the phone, dogs or family.

  257. My ideal time to stitch is when I am prepared!! It is frustrating when I don’t know what colors I am going to use, or if I don’t have the proper supplies on hand. It is so nice to have a project ready to go–just ready to pick up and start stitching at a moments notice!
    Merry Christmas, Mary!

  258. Ideal Stitching Session: I’m sitting on the sofa in the living room with my Stella lamp. I would only need a tray table with my current supplies needed to keep it from getting too cluttered. A nice cup of hot tea in the fall, winter, spring months or ice tea in the summer. I tend to have the TV on. My black cat next to me on the sofa. I don’t mind other people in the room and would carry on a conversation.

  259. These two collections that Cathe has pulled together are fabulous! Great quality items that we don’t usually have to hand. Mary, you’ve asked for our ideal, so I’ll give that story instead of my true set up, which is similar but inside in a clean workspace. Ideally, I set up outside in the wonderful pure light of the sun, sitting somewhat sideways (oh my aching back!) in a wide well padded rocking chair on a brick patio. Of course there’s my large, little bit taller coffee table for spreading out my supplies and keeping a chai and glass of water near but at a safe distance. If the project I’m working on is in the stage of just stitching along rather than requiring my full concentration, you’ll find me listening to a great history book. If I feel in need of something truly calming, of all things, I’ll be found listening to TED Talks! Well guess what, it’s 60 degrees here in Denver today before tomorrow’s snow comes, so I’m heading outside! Thank you for all the fun sharing this Christmas!!!

  260. Thank you for offering this great giveaway! I think my ideal stitching set-up would be sitting comfortably on the couch with my supplies organized in the side table, and a favorite old movie that I enjoy but don’t have to focus on playing in the background.

  261. I have two places since I am a snowbird, when in Pa. I love sitting on my porch with music playing and birds chirping and the occasional squirrel sneaking up to hide a nut in my plants! And when my friend stitchers come to join me there, it is an extra special time ! When in Fl. I have a lovely patio where I get lots of natural light to stitch with,and a little doggie by my side sleeping and the goat who is waiting for Ritz crackers !

  262. I’ll be sitting on the couch with one of my cats on my lap with a cup of tea next to me. Sometimes there will be a quiz programme on the tv. I could be doing felt work or cross stitch or needle painting or some other kind of embroidery.

  263. Ideal spot would be in a sun room filled with plants and tons of natural light. Classical music playing along with some gurgling water from an indoor fountain. Pets snoozing in the sun and birds feeding outside the windows. If it is winter there is snow, otherwise, the windows are open. Me in a comfy chair with a stable frame/hoop, strong light, and a nearby table laden with supplies and a pot of hot tea.
    Since this is a fantasy-no interruptions, nothing tangles or snags, never run out of the right colors, never lose a needle and the finished item is absolutely perfect.

  264. My Ideal Stitching Session – The flames are filling the firebox of the wood stove beside me. Hubby is in his recliner surfing or playing the guitar. Coco, our shih tzu, is curled up beside one of us. We both have a glass of wine and an assortment of cheeses beside us. I have some wet wipes so I don’t get anything on my work.

  265. Happily sitting in my sewing studio in my ergonomic office chair, periodically peering out the window to gaze at the forest creatures passing through, listening to classical or new age relaxation music with my cuppa coffee or tea nearby, and all my sewing implements, threads and magnifier light setting on the counter within reach. Very relaxing. Icing on the cake would also be a soft snowfall blanketing the trees and ground in a wondrous covering of white. (Unfortunately, we are in short supply of moisture again this year.)

    What a wonderful selection of items for the giveaway. Thank you to all the vendors for their generosity.

    Jan in CA

  266. The perfect stitching session would be in the summer. After spending the early morning completing all chores, heading to the dock to a lounge chair. A beverage is probably in order as well. I would have a little music playing but not too loud as I want to hear the water and the birds around. I would stitch as I watch the boats go by, sun shining, not a cloud in the sky.

  267. My ideal stitching, at least two hours with a glass of wine, my favorite chair, my Ott light. Sports playing in the background , Abby (our chocolate Labrador retriever) at my feet, all my tools at hand. No phone calls, I mute my phone. Sheer bliss. But like most stitchers, I have learned to stitch anywhere, anytime. Long plane rides are good for small projects.

  268. My ideal stitching session is a few hours set aside early in the morning in my sewing room. A cup of tea—ginger lemon—sits on the dresser beside me (I usually drink coffee, the tea is special to set the mood), Emma, the cat, who likes to be in the middle of things, is snug in a little basket I have made up for her close by. I am sitting in my wicker chair next to the open window. It is spring. The sun isn’t up yet, but it will be soon, the dawn chorus has begun and keeps me company as I use single strands of thread to begin to create the illusion of feathers on the portrait of a little chickadee in my hoop—I wish!

  269. My Ideal Stitching Session: starting straight after breakfast, alone, in my conservatory where the light is clear, either at a table or on the settee, with or without my needlework stand and a big glass of water at my side and my tablet with an audio library book playing. I would smooth out a pillowcase and carefully and meticulously set out my sewing threads and tools for whatever piece I am working on. I would perhaps set the timer for reminders to get up and walk around regularly for when I am engrossed.
    Pure Bliss!

  270. My ideal stitching session would take place in a CLEAN house (so I’m not distracted by dust bunnies) on a sunny afternoon with light streaming through the (clean) windows, with my dog beside me on the couch, and an old black and white movie playing on Turner Classic Movies.

  271. My ideal stitching session: sitting in my favorite chair, with a show or movie on the TV so listen to, and nobody around the house to disturb me!! 🙂

  272. Since it is Dec., my session would be in my craft room looking out at the bird feeder/birds, a hot cup of Breakfast in Paris tea/cream. Music, floss tube, Fibertalk or audio book and a kitted project. More supplies to choose from….

  273. most of my stitching is done while setting in a recliner, listening to an audio book, with one or two cats sleeping on my lap. The cats love stitching time.

  274. My ideal stitching session: A lovely spring or autumn day, with soft natural light and a slight breeze coming from the open window. I would have supplemental light available if I need it. The sound system would be playing light classical music and a cup of Earl Grey tea and almond milk would be nearby me. I might have a beverage warmer plugged in to keep my tea warm. My embroidery fabric would be in a hoop, held by a stand I would sit on. My threads would be pre-arranged so that I can easily select the color I need. Scissors would be nearby, possibly on a magnet that would also hold my needles. Our dog would be on the couch with me, sleeping. My husband would be in and out, since he works from home. Lastly, I would be able to embroider without magnification, but alas I can’t do without, unless I hold the fabric a few inches from my face.

  275. This is a wonderful give away. My ideal stitching season would be a long weekend during the winter (slower time of the year). Everyone in the household would be around but busy with other things and the house would be straight (routines already done). I would have easy misic playing and be in a comfortable chair with a side table to my right and a floor lamp over my shoulder. There would be a window to my left and a dog at my feet (he would know that I was using the chair and he could not get in my lap). I would spend a few hours each day just enjoying stitching and renewing myself.

  276. My ideal stitching session would be in my living room with the sun shining in the window,my Ott light over my right shoulder. The TV is on but I just listen to it ,I have a cozy blanket over my feet and the remote for my fan on my nearby table in case my top half gets too hot. I have all my tools on the table on my right side and a hot cup of tea there as well.

  277. My ideal stitching session involves at least 2 hours uninterrupted on a bright day, best is a snowy day because light reflects more brightly and whitely on such a day. I would have an old movie whose lines I know by heart for a nice, comfortable background. A glass of iced tea with lemon on the table beside me. Most of the decisions would already have been made so I can just happily stitch along.

  278. I sit in my late mum’s high back chair, next to the window and the radiator. As a potty Harry Potter fan I set my current book going on the stereo and pull up my frame. My supplies are ready on the table and I can stitch in warm, looking out of the window when I need to rest my eyes, at the sparrows diving in and out of the bushes in the garden. In summer if the window is open I can hear the kids at the local school where my youngest grandchildren attend. This is my favourite place and way to stitch and I can settle back with a sigh at the bliss of it all. Happy days….

  279. My favorite time to stitch is in the early afternoon after I’ve done my housework, etc. and my children are still in school. I pour myself a diet coke, put my feet up, turn on the television, and start stitching. Nothing slows down the world like putting in one stitch at a time.

    Pick me!

  280. I homeschool my two girls. Never wanted to or never thought I would, but sometimes God has better plans than I do. When I dropped off my girls with tutors who were better at teaching English ( I’m a microbiologist not an English major, so I found people who were to teach my daughters.), I would find a cozy chair in a local coffee shop. I would get coffee and a pastry. I would sit sipping and embroidering. There seemed to always be the same local people there. I got to know some very sweet people and I got to entroduce them to embroidery. I love it and still go even now that my girls are old enough to drive themselves. All it takes is the smell of coffee and I can envision myself there now…

  281. For me that would be in my sewing room, in the comfy chair I use to bind a quilt or stitch up something for someone I love. I am addicted to audiobooks and have a heavily loaded Audible book stash. Right now I am listening to all the Harry Potter books I read aloud to my son and daughter when they were young. I’m 58 but who doesn’t like Harry Potter, I mean really? I have my dog Gus with me laying on his window seat in front of the window and my husband and daughter are off seeing one of newest sci fi movies that I endure sitting through because I love them both, saying, “I just to have to get this done sweeties.” My drink of choice would be a latte whipped up in my Mr. Coffee latte maker. Thanks for the giveaways!

  282. (We are talking ideal, as opposed to reality.) It is a sunny day, I am sitting in the lower half of our living room, in the comfortable chair, at the large coffee table, which is clean. Despite the light streaming in through the window, I have the overhead lights on too. I have a cup of coffee, which I will not knock over. My husband is in the other half of the living room reading quietly. I have my choice of audiobook or podcast. There are no interruptions…

  283. Oh, my ideal fantasy needlework session: It is early evening, there
    is a fierce thunderstorm outside, and a cracklings fire in the fireplace across the room. I am listening to a mystery audio book, probably Sherlock Holmes, and I can smell the cinnamon rolls that my husband has just put into the oven. I am sitting in a wing back armchair, and I have an array of beautiful silk threads to choose from, as I work on a free form tree, with multicolored flowers.

  284. My ideal stitching time is a Friday after my weekly swim. I sit on my couch drinking a cup of coffee. Usually with a snack of candy or chips. I stitch while “watching” a movie and I stay up till at least midnight which is a treat for this woman.

  285. 1. The easy chair.
    2. My stand beside it to angle my frame over my lap.
    3. Stella lamp.
    4. Comfy footstool with my feet stretched out and cat flopped over my legs.
    5. Hot Formosa Oolong tea.
    6. Bach.
    7. The phone switched to voice mail.

    Don’t want much, do I?

  286. I’ll be sitting in my big round chair with my favorite cat blanket, a big black cat by my side. Of course a glass of wine would be nice. Then I’ll start a new project I’ve been itching to stitch!

  287. I am sitting on the couch, feet on the coffee table, Ikea light clipped to frame, and magni-clip on my glasses, rerun on TV, husband in chair next to me… and I’m working on NOVA

  288. Usually it is evening, hubs is off in another room. I’ve found a good movie on TV, likely an old B/W classic. I’ve poured a freshly made cup of black coffee in a good sturdy mug, and I am sunk into my comfy leather chair. Hmmmm, will it be cross-stitch, conventional embroidery or my new thrill, Japanese Sashiko? Thinking this night it will be cross-stitch, maybe I’ll continue making those little petite pastel hearts that I use to embellish anything and everything when sewing. They go fast and don’t require intense concentration! Sounds like a plan.

  289. Imagine my ideal session would have to include many of the ideas you suggested. I would have the TV tuned to a music channel (right now, it’s Christmas music, but any music would do), I’d have the dog on her bed close by and a large glass of green tea even closer. I have any number of projects that I could work on, but I did try to prioritize them for the 2018 ‘To Do’ list and the first on that list is a Tanya Berlin Owl embroidery. It’s hooped and all the threads are there – waiting. Next in line is a design from a coloring book of an elephant family that I’m itching to do, but it is the owl first. I have good lights – one is a magnifying if I need it and my chair is quite comfortable. Hmm, I think this afternoon is just perfect to start. It’s been raining all morning, it finally quit and I took the dog for a quick walk. Nothing special on my schedule this afternoon – yep, think I’ll start that ideal session…

  290. My ideal stitching session would be sitting in my comfy chair listening to the rain, which in San Diego is a rarity lately! My Cat would be on my lap purring or sleeping on top of my favorite quilt made by my Mom and I would be watching my favorite tv shows or movies. The house would be quiet with no one around and the phone off so I can stitch in peace with no interruptions. Everything I need would be all organized and easy to reach and of course a warm drink; coffee, tea, cocoa and possibly a splash of a booster in them . Oh, what a lovely thing to think about! It makes me feel peaceful just dreaming about it.
    Thank you for all your work and great blog and bringing so much enrichment to my stitching adventures.

  291. I am new at hand embroidery. My dear friend use to take me on trips to Needle n’Haystack in Alameda. She would look at all the embrodiery supplies and I would look at the crotchet books. It wasn’t until she passed away from breast cancer and I inherited most of her embrodiery supplies that attempted embroidery on my own.

    On Sundays my husband is glued to the TV watching football. I sit there with him and my box of embrodiery supplies and attempt the outline stitch on dishtowels. At first for every 3 stitches I placed I would take out 2. Now I have decided I will never get any better if I don’t continue on no matter how big or crooked my stitches are. How I envy those who learned to embrodier as a child. I am 69 years old but I will continue on.

  292. My cabin sits on the edge of a sunny meadow surrounded by redwood trees. It’s morning. Ghosts of fog float along the ground between the trees and disappear as they slide into the bright meadow.
    I am at my little table by the window. The house is sleeping. I can feel the rythum of my loved ones dreaming breath.
    There’s no need for music yet. This is enough.
    My little table is a alive with color; Threads, beads, books in a wild order only I understand.
    Held in this moment I pick up my needle.

  293. I am a beginner to needlework so I would be stitching in a quite room with lots of light, a cup of coffee or cocoa to sip on and my furry friend Lexi at my feet!

  294. I usually start my stitching at night when my family goes to sleep.
    I get my self a glass of wine, put on you tube with a favorite movie, and let myself get lost in my own stitching world.

  295. I love to stitch early, like at sunrise. The world is so quiet. I don’t turn on music or tv , I just enjoy the stillness. Hopefully it will be snowing. Coffee is always in reach and at least one cat is in my lap. I have a couple chairs by windows to take advantage of that beautiful morning light.

  296. My ideal stitching situation would be (and has been!) sitting in my most comfortable chair, watching a Masterpiece Classic, with a glass of cold water, a clean house, and supper already planned. Peace and plenty, and beautiful colors and designs to work with in my hands.

  297. My favorite stitching spot is always set up with my supplies, an Ott magnifying light, and a file box of ready-to-go projects. Usually I am tuned in to an audiobook, and most mornings I spend a half hour listening to public radio news and “Chapter a Day”. My favorite long stretch is the evening hours (at least 2) in front of a cozy fire. In the morning, I have my 2 cups of coffee and in the evening, I drink from-scratch “Arnie Palmers” or water. While I listen to my current book, my husband is in the family room catching up on the day’s news. This is my quiet time, my “me” time. Since it is set up always, I can spend short periods when I take breaks from chores I hate.

  298. My ideal stitching session is good light, the cats either on my lap or the arm or back of the couch and binge watching one of the latest TV series I’ve recorded. Having been recently off work for an extended period due to illness this has also been great therapy!!

  299. I must say, I am a social stitcher! I have two favorite “ out in the middle of everything” spots where I get a lot of stitching done and I also get tons of positive interaction. First is the teacher workroom at the school where I work part time. Handy coffee, nice view, and fun folks commenting and cheering me on over my shoulder. Next, the coffee area at my local YMCA. Between classes and events, I stitch away. I started by myself and now have several cohort stitchers! Yay!

  300. Where ever I can have some quiet, uninterrupted time with good lighting. By the fire, on the porch, on my bed, I make my projects portable and work around the dogs!

  301. I am so easy to please when it comes to my perfect stitching session. That is because I have a great set up to enjoy my needlework. I pick out a few CDs that suit my mood for the day. I settle down on my comfy office chair in front of my Palladian window with that great light coming through. I switch on my Dazor mag light and pull up to my big glass table and make sure there are a couple bites of chocolate ready to see me through. And, presto! Ready to stitch on my current project.

  302. A favorite stitching project is to get a sweater ready to embroider- get the design onto the sweater, get all my supplies and beads ready to go then start the fire in winter, turn the TV onto Acorn and watch a British mystery. This is a perfect afternoon for me and sometimes my fat cat Jack joins me.

  303. My perfect stitching session would happen in my livingroom in my favorite chair. It would be daytime, because I love stitching in natural light, but it would be cold outside so I would have my cozy SF Giants blanket across my lap. My 2 dogs are sleeping on the couch, all cozy in their Giants blanket. The house is quiet, just me and the dogs, the housework is all done and dinner is in the crockpot. I don’t keep food or drink next to me while stitching, but there is a cup of tea and a sweet treat waiting for me on the diningroom table. A nice four hour session, with short breaks to stretch my legs and have some tea would be perfect!! Sounds like a day I need to plan for after the Holidays!

  304. My perfect sewing is always when house is cleaned, sitting comfortably, eveything organzied and a table to leave items on so I do not have to tuck them away if an event happens. good ott lite, Peace and no phone calls. I like to have a bag ready so I can pick up items to take in motor home for the down times. along the beach or snowstorm.

  305. A cozy place to sit, good lighting (ideally natural), plenty of space to spread out. Add in a cup of tea or cider and either a movie I don’t have to pay much attention to, a podcast, or some music.

  306. I have my frame sitting in the tabletop System 4 frameholder. Below are my threads. To one side sit pincushion, threader and scissors. On the other is ort dish, a mug of hot tea and my iPod playing classical music or a podcast. The room is sunny with a view of trees and a lake. Jean Pierre, the beloved poodle, is asleep on top of the sofa, soaking in the sun. My magnifying light is leaning over the frame. I am sitting on a cushion straight back chair, just humming and stitching. Beside the chair is a small rolling cart to hold miscellaneous items I might need – beads, other scissors, laying tools, more threads, a ruler, felt for padding, etc. the sun is shining and hours fly by.

  307. Wow, another day with 2 beautiful prizes available to win! Thanks so much for the opportunity. Perfect for a beginner like me to try something new.

    In the summer, I like to stitch on my covered deck where I can enjoy watching and hearing the birds. In the winter, I am usually cozied up by the fireplace alone in my family room. Depending on what I am stitching, I may have soft music playing.

  308. I would stitch while listening to quiet music in my sunroom. If my stitching takes much concentration, I need to uninterrupted. I can rest my eyes by looking out at the garden or the snow falling or the squirrels playing. I would have a mug of coffee on a nearby table, being careful not to spill it on my work.

  309. My ideal spot is at Starbucks with my headphones on, sitting in a comfy leather chair. The smells and activity inspire me.

  310. I like sewing after the my boys are asleep, listening to an audio book, watching a film or chatting to my hubby and I like to sit in my armchair and have a nice cup of tea or coffee!

  311. I’m retired so I can have the ideal stitching session everyday. Comfy chair, footstool, all my sewing accouterments at hand with a Diet Pepsi and a bottle of spring water nearby. I’ll take a break for a cup of Earl Grey and a snack. I have the house to myself for 6-7 hours and I stitch every day for however long I want and it is a luxury for which I am fully grateful.

  312. I would love to be able to stitch without interruption(VERY unlikely in the real world!) in a good supportive chair with either natural light or a strong artificial light. A few of my favourite stitch books would be around me, a nice old film on the TV or Mozart on a CD and large cup of tea on the table beside me-Bliss!

  313. I am at my desk in my nice, quiet office at home with AcornTV is streaming Midsomer Murders. My Spicy Cherry Rooibos is waiting in my favorite Lenox cup on my desk. Annie Mae, my little Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, is curled up at my feet. The blinds are open so I can glance around to see cardinals & finches at the bird feeder outside the window. It’s a sunny but cool day. I’m settled in to peacefully work on my surface embroidery of holly leaves and red berries, my favorite subject to stitch year ’round.

  314. Big snowfall with wind blowing at the windows. Silence inside only interrupted by pussy cat purrs. Soup bubbling away on the stove.

  315. I am sitting in my favorite oversized chair with a Christmas movie playing. I would love to win one of those packages. I’m getting low on needles and thread.

  316. My ideal stitching session would be peace and quiet and no interruptions with good lighting and maybe some nice music! I think I need to work one of these sessions into my schedule ! Sounds like fun.

  317. Ohhh my ideal needlework session is at least a half day, preferably a full day, alone. Having all of my necessary supplies brilliantly organized, and laid out ready to go. I would be in my favorite armchair, by the fire, favorite shawl over my shoulders, and some wonderfully relaxing music is playing. A housekeeper has been in on the previous day so the s house is shining clean and I don’t have any household chores to distract my mind. A good window to look out of, and I’m blissful.
    I shop at Needle in a Haystack; they are a lovely company with a wonderful store.

  318. My favorite sewing time is in my sewing porch overlooking my garden and the bird feeders. My tea pot and tea cup are at hand along with an audiobook. I love a good mystery. That is my happy stitch place. Thanks

  319. How pleasant to think of a stitching session in front of the cozy fire, ski slope in the distance, Sweetpea and her fawn enjoying apples we’ve put out for them, birds scooping up seed and suet, the earth quieting for the event we wait for. With mundane labors at an end, out comes a favorite, years-in-the-making project for a few loving stitches before the family gathers for marathon package opening and feasting.

  320. Hi,

    My ideal stitching session would include sitting at the kitchen table, special lamp hooked up, iPod set to a great audiobook, and my computer for any help with stitches. My house would be warmly heated and I can hear the other family members doing things and popping in to take a peek. I would have had a yummy snack before beginning. Coffee and cookies or donuts??

  321. I try to wait to start my session until the clock reaches 3 p.m. (Not always successful) I have a spot on my couch that has my thread for current project off to the right and my pattern on the arm of the couch off to the left. My magnifying light is in place and raised and my needle work is off to the right on a stand. Everything is there just waiting for me. I usually have the TV on but do not do that much watching. Sometimes I will get a cup of tea or a glass of water to sip while working

  322. I always feel compelled to get my housework finished before I sit down to stitch. That gives me motivation to get it finished quickly! I work in a pleasant sunny room that I share with two large dogs who are usually snoring away shortly after I begin!

  323. I’m propped up in bed, got a great light peering over my shoulder, bad movie in the background. If he is feeling generous, the dog might be curled against me.

  324. How I stitch in my dreams. There’s not a pin out of place in my Stitching Room, not even a single reminder that the cat lives here too. (I heard that giggle.) The room is alight with indirect sunlight, not a shadow at all. Off to my right there is nightstand with lots of drawers. (Perfectly organized, not a loose thread to be seen.) My scissors and such are aligned in my merry-go-round. My floss is ready. I slip into my Bluetooth cordless ear set, lower to my posture perfect chair and get set to listen to a Clive Cussler novel. (In the Phillipines this time). I pull my floor stand close to me, only to discover that my pattern is in the living room! Thanks for all the chances to win things this year. Wishing you and your family…and all the readers…a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Sally Savaglio

  325. Where do I set up my stitchery station. You mentioned sports and I had to laugh So my husband is liking my company I stitch when boxing is on. Yep that is true. I might add some football too. I am on my couch watching with a table next to me. The bag of thread, needles is usually on the couch with coffee or water on the table. The living room light is one of the brightest places where I sit. Hmm wonder if Showtime boxing is on tonight,

    1. My husband loves to watch boxing and tennis and also loves my company while he is watching. A great time to stitch. I thought I was the only one. Thanks!

  326. This is fun…Ideal Stitching Session. I would have all the working tools and the project on 2 TV trays around my favorite chair. Classical music in the background. Water glass full. A beautiful day so that I have daylight as well as my craft light. Windows open with birds chirping.

    Merry Christmas

  327. My perfect stitching session is in front of the hearth in my grandfather’s house, where the ceiling is high and everything is made of an amber-lacquered oak wood. I am sitting cross-legged in the rotating fauteuil where you almost disappear in, stitching an historical garment to be stitched by hand in either running or backstitch, or embroidered. I am in pyjamas, with my knitted poncho that is really far too small, but so much a favourite I am not saying goodbye to it, over them, and my legs in a blanket. Scattered around me are several sewing tools, and I need to be careful not to sit on them. The music that is coming from the stereo installation is either Händel or Mozart, preferably instrumental and calming. That would be beyond perfect.

  328. I love to embroider when my hubby has gone off to his hunting camp & I’ve got the whole house to myself. I put on TCM channel or Hallmark channel & usually my big cat, MiMi, is next to me snoring lol. If it’s morning, I have coffee & of course it gets cold before I finish it due to my “involvement” with project! I make a huge mess on the floor (snippets of thread, etc). I vacuum that spot daily until I’m done with the project. It is my passion, very relaxing & soothing. Sometimes when I’m close to finishing something, I stay up very late & sew. I’ve been known to stay up til 2 or 3 am !!!

  329. My ideal stitching session is my cozy corner, maybe a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, and no interruptions.

  330. My absolute favorite stitching place is a comfy chair on my deck, a bright sunny day, a light breeze, a glass of iced tea and no schedule of must dos. My deck is shady in the afternoon so the light is perfect and there is bird song for company.

  331. My ideal stitching retreat would be with several friends working on our projects. We would have the fire going and be stitching away. Everyone has a different project, so very inspiring. And if anyone has difficulty or a question, there is always a friend to help out.

  332. A clean studio, no pressing deadlines, a cup of tea and some nice classic rock or electronic music.
    Don’t need much to be happy (:

  333. On my perfect stitching day, it is Spring. I am sitting at my little sewing table by the open window. It is early afternoon so the light is bright but not in my eyes. I am working on a picture of my house, embroidering the hollyhocks and dreaming of my garden . Soft breezes are gently blowing the lace curtains. I’m not sure I can wait until Spring ! There is after all a heater vent under my table.

  334. Ideal stitching session:
    cup of hot tea
    good light and magnification
    reclining chair with throw
    snowy wintry day
    cats on room curled up and asleep
    movie on tv

  335. I’ve already had my perfect stitching moment and I have the pictures to prove it.

    It was a beautiful day in early summer and we were staying in a partially-renovated farm house on the Spanish island of Mallorca. A wind from Libya had blown hundreds and thousands painted lady butterflies swarming across the island. I was sitting on a bench below the porch of the building and stitching to the sound of goat bells.

    (you might want to pass on the sheep/goats)

  336. I have two favorite stitching times. The first is when I gather with several friends for a few hours of handwork and chatting followed by a nice lunch. The other is when I settle down in my sewing chair with music and a nice cup of tea for a few hours of quiet stitching. Thanks again for another chance to win a nice assortment of stitching accessories.

  337. I would sit by myself with music in the background and a diet coke on the table. Hopefully it would be a day that I could sit as long as I wanted without interruptions. (HA)

  338. I love to stitch in a comfortable over-stuffed chair with a small table nearby for accessory items and a favorite beverage….something hot & soothing in the winter or a large iced tea in the summer. I like to have good lighting so a floor lamp directed at my work is perfect for me! Love a nice warm, soft afghan in the winter & shorts & bare feet in the summer!

  339. An ideal stitching environment for me includes the couch, TV on for background noise & intermittent visual distraction, and at least 3 hours to just sit & stitch uninterrupted!

  340. My ideal stitching session begins about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. My son prepares the evening meal; I don’t. So I have that time to stitch too. I sit on the sofa and can pull my Dazor up. I listen to Public Radio but sometimes I listen to television. My tools are on the sofa side chest. My charts are on the sofa on the other side of me. One of the cats usually perches on a pile of blankets on the sofa and watches the other cat usually snuggles up beside me or behind me. I am relaxed and in my personal heaven.

  341. My perfect stitching setting would be: in winter, with a foot of snow surrounding the house, fireplace crackling, 1 cat on each side, listening to a good audio who-done-it! If it’s night time a nice glass of white wine, if it’s morning a big cup of coffee (with Bailey’s Irish cream)! No kids, no hubby, no phone calls, no interruptions!!

  342. I stitch in the living room, alone, with several projects in the area. I try to work on one thing for a week. ( Then switch…only if I want to.). TV is on to news, or sports. Now that I have retired, that’s all I want to do! I like Hardanger, cross stitch, needlepoint, knitting, crochet and quilting. The best thing I did was join the local EGA group as I wanted to learn Japanese embroidery. Thanks for all you do, your newsletter, the web site, stitch instructions, etc. we encourage our new members to subscribe to your newsletter to enhance their learning experience. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  343. As a newbie to serious embroidery, I would LOVE to win this special prize. As I have been following “Needle ‘n Thread” for many months, and have been so inspired to begin my journey into fine embroidery, I have also realized that I have none of the best materials with which to work. As a long-time knitter, I now know, that to do one’s best, one must have good quality materials with which to work.
    I imagine myself with a lovely hoop filled with a fine linen and a beautiful thread on a new, shiny needle. I’m in my comfortable arm chair with feet up and a lap blanket over my feet for winter warmth. The sun is shining brightly in over my shoulder, not only to warm me but to provide the best, natural light for my work. I have soft, classical music playing on my tablet on the nearby side-table and I let my daydreams enter into this lovely scenario to accompany me on my stitching journey. I enjoy this lovely adventure alone in my living room, other than my little dog Annie, who is cozily sleeping in her nearby bed. My husband is happily out feeding cows and not interfering in my reverie and stitching. Ah! A wonderful, creative hour of embroidery. How lovely!

  344. Sitting in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee nearby, soft music in the background, and no one around to interrupt. If it’s cold outside the fire will be burning too! Again thank you for graciously putting all of these gifts together. Even if I don’t win one, it’s great to read about them and learn about some new (at least to me) products that are available. Merry Christmas to you & yours! Jan

  345. My ideal stitching session would be on my couch with a soft blanket or quilt on my lap and my Ott light shining over my left shoulder because I’m right handed. It is January after all of the Christmas hustle and bustle has passed. There is snow on the ground and more is falling-the sticky kind that clings to every branch and muffles any sound of possible traffic. My teacup and a plate of leftover Christmas cookies are within easy reach on the end table. I’m listening to my favorite LibriVox narrator reading a classic novel that I haven’t read yet. I am all alone with hours to spend plying my needle through a new project or an UFO before I need to get supper started and my hubby gets home. The best part of this scenario is that it has already happened many times and probably will many more times to come!! How very fortunate am I?!

  346. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary! And thanks to NIAH as well…it’s a great shop!

    My ideal stitching session involves lots of natural light (so, in Minnesota, most likely a summer day), something sporty-like on TV (tennis is great), and many hours to stitch. Sounds like a Saturday during Wimbledon or the US Open to me! I also like to stitch on rainy days, as I don’t feel guilty about not wanting to be outside doing something. Oh, and a Diet Pepsi nearby for when I get thirsty.

  347. I have a great fantasy about my stitching block of time. I am facing the ocean on my terrace in a comfortable rattan padded chair. Next to me is an insulated container of peach iced tea, the sounds of cool jazz in the background, coming from my speaker system, and the gentle wind soothing and cooling me. The sound of the surf sets a perfect rhythm for stitching. Ahhhhhh…..

  348. My (dream) stitching session would be a Sunday afternoon, in front of my sliding glass doors(so I can look out occasionally) in my favorite chair. All this with a glass(or two) of wine and listening to easy listening music. I prefer being alone…no one who is requiring my attention is needed. Then my stitching. It can be Redwork, Cross stitch or Applique. As long as there is a needle in my hand! RARELY EVER HAPPENS hence my dream!

  349. I love sitting in my cozy chair, blanket over my knees, and my dog at my feet, and a completely quiet house. I love the natural light coming in the window at my back.

  350. Essential ideal stitching requirements: comfy chair or bed with lots of pillows, excellent lighting, favorite old movie to “listen” to while I sew, sunshine through the windows, and the blissful feeling that I can actually sit completely uninterrupted for several hours just to sew…..

  351. I love to stitch in my living room by our big windows in the middle of the day all alone with it quiet.

  352. This time of year my ideal stitching situation is in my sewing room, Christmas music playing and Christmas lights around the windows. The 2 cats are usually somewhere nearby and yes, a beverage nearby.

  353. My ideal stitching session occurs after dinner, with all the dishes done and the kitchen is closed! I have a favorite stitching chair in my den with a table next to it for my light and magnifier. I might have either a glass of Chardonnay or a cup of decaf tea. I turn on the tv, but when my husband joins me I give him the remote, telling him to watch what he wants since I’m not paying much attention and my hands are too busy for the remote! This is where I like to stitch, but what really makes it an ideal session is when I remember to gather every single thing I need before I sit down, including project, chart, scissors, threads for that project, etc. Since my stitching supplies are in the basement, I just feel so satisfied when I remember to have it all at my fingertips!

  354. My fantasy stitching set-up:
    Sitting by a large picture window on a sunny winter day overlooking a bird feeder, dinner in the oven, house cleaned to perfection, cat by my side (not on my lap nipping my threads), all while listening to a replay of one of Stuart Maclean’s Vinyl Cafe stories on CBC radio.

  355. When I stitch, I sit in my favorite upholstered chair in the living room that has wide arms for poking needles into and resting scissors and thread and any other tools that need a place to land. When I bought my new living room furniture a couple of years ago, I made sure that the arms of my chair would be wide enough to accommodate all the things I need for stitching. There’s a small table next to my chair for anything else that might be needed during this time of bliss. I like it quiet and peaceful and usually stitch when all my chores are done and the house is in order. I wish I was there now!

    Thanks, Mary, for the fabulous giveaways! Merry Christmas!

  356. My favourite stitching session is in a late spring garden flooded with gentle sunlight seated at a table with stitching friends and a cup of tea at my side. We are chatting and sharing stitching and life stories. Birds are singing, the flowers are bright and scented and the sounds of a close by stream gurgles in the background. I have no responsibilities other than to stitch.

  357. I’m sitting in my comfy chair with a footrest listening to an audio book. There is probably a cat on my lap, however, interfering with the thread as it goes through the fabric is forbidden so sometimes they have to be politely asked to leave the lap. Oh, yes, and the glass of wine beside me.

  358. What a lovely collection of fun stitching stuff – and much of it new to me : )

    If I were to set up my best stitiching session, it would be a sunny day, I would be sitting in my small upholstered chair in the corner of my house in Florida. I can look out the window and see the canal behind the house – sometimes a boat goes by. There is an occasional bird to watch, but more often a small lizard! I am listening to classical music, have some hard candy close at hand and nobody else is in the house for this hour. My husband is playing in the garage – I can hear him whistling.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and for the nice moments of stitching planning!

    Mary in MN

  359. My ideal sewing session is learning new stitches with a table full of beads, sequins, buttons and a large assortment of threads. A movie I have seen a dozen times (all I have to do is listen not really watch) feet propped up and just get lost in the stitches. Have a couple projects I want to do but trying different stitches out first to see if I like them or not before I start the actual project. Somewhere in there my little fur baby thinks she will have to get on my lap to “help mamma” with the threads. I have a full wall of windows in my room so I get plenty of natural light which is wonderful while stitching.

  360. My ideal stitching day:

    Its early morning on a a snowy winter day and I’m sitting in my newly, completed studio that has ample space for all my hobbies. Its decorated with farmhouse style cabinets that display all my lovely fabrics, textiles, and fibers. I now have a mini kitchen so I don’t have to go far for beverages and snacks. Its stocked with coffee, creamer, waters, and wine. I’ve also got freshly baked cookies, crisp apples and fresh berries. Of course there are some cheese and crackers to go with the wine. Everything in the studio is organized, and put away. My housekeeper just was here yesterday, so the entire house is sparkling and fresh smelling; plus my husband is in the kitchen making his famous spaghetti for dinner.
    My studio sitting area has two comfy chairs next to the bookshelves, so I can easily grab any reference material if I get stuck. My dogs are lying quietly on their bed and the Dropkick Murphys are playing in the background. Looking across the room I can see my design and inspriation wall filled with works in progress. After a couple hours of solitary stitching, my best friend comes over. She sits in the other chair and we spend the afternoon stitching, talking and laughing.
    Reality: I’m in the living room just finishing picking up all my threads and supplies that the dogs knocked out of the basket when they jumped up in my lap unexpectedly.

  361. Ideal (sigh) never happen. By myself, with audiobook(s) that I don’t have to change discs or change the book when it’s done; the absolute perfect full spectrum light at just the right angle; never ending cup of tea with plate of nibbles that won’t crumble on the project or leave a residue; the most comfortable chair with a stand at just the right height so I don’t have to slump or hunch my back with a snoozing cat at my feet, with my favorite seasonal outfit so I’m not to hot, not to cold; an engaging project that just the right amount of difficulty with perfect tension and appropriate needles; smooth hands that don’t snag the fabric or the thread; silenced phone …

  362. My ideal session is in my recliner in the family room with the TV on preferably a British mystery or an old movie. My recliner has an antique sewing stand next to it wit many of my supplies on top and in the drawer. I’d have a glass of wine or a cup of tea, a fire in the fireplace and my yorkie next to me in the chair.

  363. Sitting in front of a fire place, cup of coffee/tea, celtic music playing, Gertie (my cat) near by, snow falling, stitching on Hawk Run Hollow! Yep that’s about as great as it gets unless you throw in some chocolate and maybe a quaker sampler.

  364. My husband and I became RVers at retirement. We take our Motorhome – named Dammit Donna, which is what my husband lovingly calls me, to campgrounds and parks all over the place. My perfect stitching session would be in my comfortable outside recliner, beside a table with all my supplies, a Diet Dr Pepper and my little dog sitting on my feet. I would be looking out on a lake or river stitching something beautiful. My husband would be fishing within my sightline and dinner in the crockpot. Hours and hours of nothing but God’s beautiful world and me.

  365. My ideal stitching session would be in the conservatory, on my comfy sofa with my Needle Needs stitching frame set up, some music on the iPad and a nice cup of Earl Grey tea. I’m always happy to chat with friends or family whilst I stitch or have the window open and watch the birds coming to the feeders in the garden. And if it’s cold outside, then with the heater on and a snuggly blanket while I stitch.

  366. Ideally – listening to music (I get more done than when watching TV), in my sewing room with a cup of herbal tea. Maybe some cookies too.

  367. I am home to visit my Mom and on Thursday I get an extra special treat to join the Stitcher’s Group in the Northwoods of Wisconsin…Park Falls/Fifield/Butternut/Glidden. Diane has coffee for us. Jan brought cookies this week. We each bring the project of the week to work on…this week a new Yugoslavian Weaving pattern. Of course Carolyn brought a show and tell Stenciling and Embroidery. Kathy a beautiful Cross-stitch Pillow. Diane her Blackwork project. Jan her Sardinian Embroidery. I go home with oodles of photos, project ideas, full of joy from sharing with these beautiful women. I miss you girls!

  368. When stitching I prefer the morning light coming in from the west southwest window. I sit on my bed so My legs can be stretched out and all of my supplies next to me. A cup of herb tea and a few nuts to munch on, on the stand next to me. I like listening to the birds outdoors. After about an hour I move back to the table in the front room to start working on quilting projects. Stitching is a reprieve from my on going quilting business projects.
    Thank you for keeping me inspired.
    Wishing you and your readers a New Year filled with many blessings.

  369. I stitch in my dining room because it has floor to ceiling windows, whereas my official “sewing room” is in the basement and has no windows. I spread out my supplies on the table, all within arm’s reach and I listen to either a book on tape or a course from The Great Courses. I often have a cup of tea within reach, but it tends to grow cold because I am absorbed in the work and the listening. The time flies by–I can be happily absorbed for three to four hours. In today’s world, one of the most radical and healthful things I can do is to simply slow down…my embroidery sessions are slow, restorative and productive. (And I wouldn’t want to be doing this without all the help and inspiration I get from you, Mary. –Thank you!)

  370. A fire in the wood stove, a hot toddy, some wonderful baked item and some chocolates, my comfy armchair and my maginfier lamp and a good movie!

  371. It’s summer here in New Zealand – so the lounge door is open to the deck allowing a breeze to waft through. Music, of course, a cool drink, and no doubt the dog and cat are both close by (they follow us from room to room). It’s a comfy couch, and the project is Trish Burr whitwork with colour. No interruptions. Bliss. Thanks Mary for the opportunity to win this gift. Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas.

  372. My ideal – to stitch all day long without getting cramps in my hands, and no stiff back! In reality, I do stitch with the tv on, so I at least might look up once in a while, with my giant Dazor magnifier light over my work, seated in my recliner with my feet up, no phone, just me and my many projects! I would so love to have one of these wonderful collections!

  373. My perfect stitch session would be sitting in my recliner, a cup of tea and good lighting. Even better would be a good movie on the tv.

  374. My ideal stitching session would be me alone, ice cold Pepsi, old movie on the TV (so I don’t have to pay too close attention), and the project all set up so I just have to pick up and stitch.

  375. I would plan a good length of quiet time, preferably in the morning, with the house empty, when it’s easy to relax and stitch. I would never have any liquids around, as I am somewhat klutzy and would fear disaster for my project. While stitching I would dream of winning needlework supplies.

  376. My dream stitching session is on the deck of a cruise ship. I am in the shade in a lounge chair with my tea and stitching supplies on a table to my side. I have good lighting and the best view in the world!

  377. I would be in my favorite chair with my great lamp shining over my shoulder, all my supplies on the table with a cup of coffee next to me and perfect peace and quiet.

  378. I hope I get picked because then I can get the new project from my stash and start stitching with the new supplies. I will sit at the kitchen table (my favorite place to stitch) in front of the large window facing the bird feeder and the woods. No beverage, no music,no phone… just a peaceful setting to enjoy stitching on another exciting project.

  379. My ideal stitching place is surrounded by friends that are also stitching. Plenty of good light, a big work table so I’m not cramped and lots of supplies to choose from. Throw in some light conversation from my friends and I am happy as can be.

  380. A wing-back chair in front of the fire, but with good natural light. I learned a long time ago that when I needlework, TV does not work-I need to keep my eyes and mind on my needlework. Beautiful soft music in the background. During the day a nice cup of tea with honey and a touch of milk. In the evening a nice glass of wine. A good lamp on the table as well, even during the day. I prefer to be alone. N o distractions. No guilt that I got basic tasks in the house done, but left the bigger tasks for tomorrow
    after I’ve enjoyed a beautiful day sewing. Just relaxing and enjoying my needle flying through the fabric.

  381. I have two bestest stitching spots, both imaginary. The first is sitting on the deck of an ocean front cottage, listening to the waves rolling onto a sandy shore. Perfect sunlight on a not too warm day. Someone to bring refreshments on a regular basis like ginger lemonade with fruit, cheese and crackers. The second is a log cabin on a mountain side with a view of a lightly forested canyon, a river winding through it, birds singing, deciduous trees changing color. A nice cup of café au laie that never gets cold and a plate of sandwiches, preferably turkey with cranberry sauce, lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

  382. My ideal stitching session would on my dearest friend’s veranda–either here or in Florida–with a light breeze, 75 degree weather, low humidity, a sunny day, with a cold drink, comfy chair, feet up, and with her there for conversation. Unfortunately, that won’t ever happen again, as she passed away last year, so now it’s just a dream. So what would be my next choice? I’d be in my favorite chair with my feet up, good lighting, warm (even though it’s snowing outside), with one kitty on my feet and another at my shoulders. That way, I could actually stitch! Oh–and I’d have my stitching tools and a cold drink at hand–maybe even someone else there to share it with!

  383. I enjoy doing my embroidery work late at night after my husband has gone to bed. I sit in my recliner in the sun room, next to a table lamp and listen to Celtic music on my iPod while stitching and sipping on French Brandy. I often have company because my tabby point cat usually sleeps on the carpet in front of the recliner. During the winter, I turn on the electric fireplace for a bit of extra ambience. It’s definitely my favorite time of the day.

  384. My ideal stitching session would start with good light, something colorful, and a hot cup of tea. An audio book would be playing in the background, maybe Jules Verne, and I’d be toasty next to a wood stove in a snowstorm. Everyone would be asleep and the storm would slowly turn into the sound of the Nautilus. In a really perfect world, my dog would be asleep on my toes.

  385. I’m more of a stitch when stitch can – a few here, a few there. If I ever have tome to jsut sit & stitch I love having a good movie on tv, the dogs are taken outside and then let in and settled, a nice glass of ice water with lemon and maybe a cookie and I’m goo to go!

  386. A lovely stitching time would include a cool breeze, a bit of bird song, a cup of tea and some quiet alone time. Thank you for putting together a wonderful assortment of stitching goodies!

  387. So, my ideal stitching session. In the morning so there is good natural light, not too warm but not so cool I need a sweater. All the house work is done, there are no dirty dishes in the sink. The cats are laying asleep in patches of sun and are getting along. An Elizabeth Peters mystery is playing in the back ground and the piece I’m stitching involves silk on silk, a little gold or coloured metallics and a bit of challenge. And all the parts are easy to reach in the frame so my shoulders aren’t stressed. I look up and find the book is finished, the piece is done and it’s time for tea with crumpets.

  388. Hi Mary et al, My stitching session usually involves a needlework or bobbin lace project, a cup of tea, light from the north-facing window and a Stella light, no pets (anymore), quiet or gentle background music and solitude. It sounds so nice, I think I’ll go partake. Thanks for the giveaway.

  389. Oh, my dreams go to the ideal stitching session… Sitting in my favorite chair with my feet propped up on extra pillows on my cushion. An old movie (black and white) playing on the TV with 3 or 4 cats sleeping on and around me. With all my supplies ready at hand and a never ending glass of wine. Sigh… Isn’t life wonderful…

  390. At this time of year( winter) I like to stitch in my living room where the sun shines in even if outside it is cold. I make a pot of tea, set up my stitching, put on some background music and stitch away. I like this best when the dog snuggles up beside me and I am alone in the house.
    Of course come February when the Olymics start there is no better place than in front of the TV watching the sports of that day and stitching. I am already thinking of a big stitch project for February.

  391. Comfy chair by the window; materials to hand on a table with vital mug of tea ( milk, 1 sweetener!); hubby may be watching a pre-recorded quiz show, so I can join in without looking! Oh, and frequent glances out of the window to see what birds might be in the garden… my other passion!

  392. Ideal stitching session: comfy chair, supplies ACTUALLY available where i need them, stitching hand that doesn’t tire, and a never-ending source of health and wealth. Oooh, and a beautiful unicorn of happiness whilst I’m at it. 🙂

  393. Currently, my favorite spot to stitch is at my kitchen table, in front of the window. I can rest my eyes by looking outside and observing the birds for a few moments (the feeder is stationed in front of the window). When I get hungry, it is easy to grab a snack. And my kitchen table is an old wooden table with a melamine top which is a prefect surface for sewing on. In a perfect world, the cats would all be snoozing elsewhere instead of trying to “help” me sew. Music is nice too!

  394. My ideal stitching place is a queen anne recliner, near a wood fire, snowed in and with a cup of coffee and a cookie. And silence, absolute quiet.

  395. I meet two times a week with friends, on Wednesday and Fridays from 10am – 2:30pm. Both times we work on our own projects, help each other with different stitches, laugh , eat and have a great time. We go from house to house and the stitcher who hosts prepares muffins and coffee for breakfast and a desert for lunch. During this holiday season there is the Christmas music on. I do some stitching by myself in the evenings and on the weekends, especially when I am doing a design that takes total concentration.

    These are both a very informal group but the greatest friendships have developed, this has been going on for about four years. We do meet so much in the summer due to vacations, gardening etc.
    I would encourage all stitchers to try to get a group with similar interests to set up a group meeting some what along this line, we do get many projects started and completed.

  396. I enjoy stitching in my kitchen….big table, good light, my feel resting on a foot stool (I’m short), TV on (just listening to it).

  397. It’ summer and I’m all set up under the cherry tree in my grandparents’ garden. Birds are chirping high in the branches and for once there is nothing to distract me from sewing: no music, no TV and barely a human passing by. I’m focused and all the things I’d usually be anxious abotu disappeared. All my supplies, and a glass of sparkiling water are set up on the green iron work table, and the sun is shining, but not too warm. Happiness.

  398. A lovely time of stitching has an audio book playing, tea in my mug, house quiet and tidy, soup in the pot, bread baked with aroma wafting throughout the house, brain working smoothly. Hope for the world at peace.

  399. Time alone to stitch, wow that would be great. I have my stitching/sewing room with great lighting. The tv will be on and I am probably listening to a Hallmark movie. The cat is curled up at my feet. The weather out side – who cares as I don’t have to go out in it. A cup of hot cider with cinnamon or hot chocolate with peppermint in it.

  400. I have the most comfortable lounger, with a small table with 2 drawers (for my sewing/embroidery supplies) next to it! I am watching the local news station for weather, and local goings on. A large basket on the floor for my WIP’s, and a wonderful OTT floor lamp & lighted magnifier when I need it (and I need it a lot – not getting any younger lol). This is my go-to area for relaxing with embroidery! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway, Susan

  401. In front of the crackling fire, rain pattering on the rooftop, a hot cup of mental focus tea,
    lots of good overhead light & all my supplies at hand at all sides so I don’t have to go anywhere else & get distracted. Mary Corbett’s website is at my fingertips for stitching help. The house will have to wait now & sit quiet while I stitch & sew & play.

  402. First of all, both the items from Needle in a Haystack look awesome and I’m sure anyone (beginner or advanced) will enjoy those items.
    As for the ideal stitching session for me, I’d be sitting down in my stitching chair in the livingroom with my little propane fireplace on, tv with a favourite show going, and my precious little dachshund sitting at my feet. Before I sat down though, I would have collected all the materials, threads and accessories together so that I wouldn’t have to get up to find something. I’d also have a cup of coffee sitting on the coffee table beside me but away from the actual stitching. Hopefully, there’s be some sun shining through the windows as well making it a very pleasant afternoon doing my favourite thing – stitching, of course. As I have lots of UFOs, there’d be no problem finding a project to work on.

  403. My ideal stitching session would include some music, jazz or classical or whatever, depending on my mood, or maybe an audiobook, with tea or coffee or wine, again depending on my mood. The fantasy would be complete if the house were all straight and clean, but that happens rarely and never lasts long so I’m not waiting for it!

  404. I do everything including needlework standing up. I had so much back pain sitting so I started doing things standing. Now that my back is fixed I decided I liked standing so I continued.
    My bed is lifted to just the right height to use as a work space. I place a large artist’s clip board on the bed and work away. The bonus is everything has to be put away by bedtime.

  405. I don’t have a special place or situation in which to stitch; as long as I am stitching I am happy! I have a little light that attaches to my work and I am pretty much able to work anywhere. I like to have company – someone to listen to and visit with, but also enjoy a television program or a podcast or listening to music. And of course a little something to sip whilest working is a plus, as long as I don;t spill it!

  406. Mary, another terrific opportunity, from you and Cathe.
    An ideal stitching session for me in my stitching corner often includes an audio book and a mug of tea. No pets in our household. This time of year I keep a space heater handy to keep my spot cozy. Daylight preferred — I’m near a window, and have a floor lamp, but it makes a difference. All my supplies ready at hand, and I’m good to go!

  407. Great Give-Away because it’s always fun to try (and touch and hold) new supplies! The first part of my ideal stitching session is that I get to do the embroidering immediately after completing the design and transfer – which almost never seems to happen. Ideal would include an embroidery stand (which I don’t have) so I don’t have to choose between packing everything up or leaving a mess in a corner somewhere. With a soft well-made office chair so my back is happy, too. A sunny room that is almost all windows but still warm, natural light incredible, vistas of trees and fields, not alone but other people just passing through and a nice chair or couch for a momentary visit. Table with my cup of tea, or cocoa, and an audio book near enough to me so I can turn it off when I really want to concentrate. In short a real mix of reality and dreaming. Happy Holidays!

  408. We adopted our second parrot this year after our first one died. Thanks to Pepper, our new parrot, he has created maybe not an ideal stitching session but it is daily one. From the first day we brought him home, he was fascinated with the laundry room and the three white plastic storage buckets. As he adjusted to his adopted home, he started to play in there around the buckets. We now have at least a daily play session and sometimes three play sessions where he plays with his toys and I sit in the door jam on the floor and stitch. No drinks allowed because he will tip the cup if he sees it.

  409. I have to say it is not the same every time. Depending what mood I am in or the project itself I could go for complete silence to watching, or I should say listening to tv or doing some easy technique in the car (of course I am the passenger in this instance). I guess one could say I am pretty flexible. If it is a long stretch of time that I am investing I most likely would prefer a quiet place with no added interference.

  410. My ideal stitch session would involve my favorite ‘bird’ chair, near a crackling fire, a favorite Jane Austin movie playing–for half watching, mostly just something to ‘follow along with’ as I work; I work best when the rest of my family, husband and 4 teens and a youngster, are also occupied with their own games or pursuits. A cozy family scene where we are all together, yet separately immersed in our own interests!

  411. My ideal stitching session would be accompanied by some music, either classical or these days Christmas music. I would sit in my armchair in the livingroom with my Ultra Max light, a cup of tea on the table at my elbow and my feet on a hassock. While the house needs to be moderately tidy, it needn’t be immaculate.

  412. Stitching sessions are often accompanied by: a cup of tea, and a dog keeping my always-cold feet toasty. An audiobook is also often playing.

  413. First in setting up the perfect stitchin session is, drop everything no laundry or chores.
    Then prepare my chair, get a glass of sweet tea or if it’s winter hot sweet tea.
    Get the current project bag or the next bag.
    I’m normally a snacker so when I’m stitching I don’t eat, great weight loss tip.
    My cat “Baby” is on me. Where he is all the time.
    I don’t have a fireplace, I like it on the cool side, if I’m to hot I tend to fall asleep.
    If I could I would stitch all the time.
    Thank you for your blog and these wonderful giveaways.

  414. If I am really settling in for a long stitching session, I will be on my favorite chair in the window facing the ravine with lots of natural light. I’ll have the quilt made by my best friend nearby, Spotify playlist – probably Van Morrison. Refreshment will depend on time of day – either a coffee or a glass of wine! Thanks for the inspiration

  415. Ideal stitching session – at my desk, all tools and supplies handy, good lighting, favorite music playing (Hildegarde von Bingen comes to mind), a cup of my favorite tea (Bigelow English Teatime), a cat nearby but not on the desk batting things around 🙂 My laptop is right next to the desk, for accessing online tutorials and inspiration. And it’s snowing outside!!!!

  416. My ideal stitching session would involve a good mystery novel on audiobook, a hot beverage near enough to enjoy without rising (but at a safe distance from my stitching!), and a nice, sunny window for light to sew by.

  417. Sitting alone in my garden on a warm summer’s day, listening to the birds, with an ice cold drink of lemonade would be nice.

  418. My ideal stitching time would be sitting in a comfortable chair, good light over my shoulder, cup of tea, audiobook on the player, windows open to let a warm spring breeze in.

  419. My ideal stitching session is with a group of very good friends, a glass or two of wine, pot luck lunch and just a lot of chatter as we stitch the day away and try to put the world to rights. Lots of laughter and help with stitching problems or just a critique or two if you have a problem with your project.
    Even better is when you can take a weekend away for stitching, laughter and good food and wine !! No kids or partner in sight !!

  420. My ideal setting this time of year is my favorite “stitching corner” with all my “tools” beside me, a cup of tea, no pets or noise or interruptions!
    Thank you, Mary for all the information.
    Merry Christmas

  421. Ideal? I’m sitting in my stitching station in the guest bedroom. I’m in the corner with a large window to my left and three (3) lights: one behind me and one on either side. This allows me to stitch from morning to rather late in the evening. There’s a bookshelf to one side with stitching tools and a side table to the other, with my tea and more tools/paraphenalia (one can never have too much!).
    One of the cats is on the bed (the other side of the side table/bedside table). The other cat is on the arm of my stitching chair (it’s a BIG chair!), purring when I talk to her. Music is variable. If the window is open (it is today – lovely day in Austin), I’m listening to the birds, squirrels, and wind in the trees. It’s music of the season AND the wildlife today, as I’m beading ornaments for Christmas gifts.

    This describes my ideal private stitching session. My favorite group stitching session is altogether different. As for the house, are you kidding?! The only place housework come before stitching is in the dictionary. That’s even for a group session, where the only requirement is enough clear seating and clear pathways. My group made this agreement when we started. It’s the friendship and the stitching that matter. We rotate houses, so there are NO COMMENTS OR JUDGMENTS ON ANYONE’S HOUSEKEEPING. It takes the pressure off everyone.

    I make really long comments. One of my college professors referred to me as “circumloquacious”. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify my thoughts on my ideals! Thanks to Cathe for the gifts and you for the opportunity.

    As for the finale, is Lisa really giving scissors?! “The French Needle” has GLORIOUS scissors. That’s a finale, indeed!

  422. I’m sitting by the open bay window of a north facing room on a sunny, heady summer day full of scents and sounds. I’m listening to an audio book on my ear phones. My husband is watching football on the TV and groans when a shot is missed and yells with joy when his team scores. I’m using a magnifying light and there’s a cup of refreshing weak black tea on a coffee table nearby. My golden retriever is at my feet, sometimes whimpering as he dreams.

  423. My ideal stitching situation is my comfy chair, tv playing in the background, the dog at my feet, good lighting and magnification, supplies near by, me alone, and a cup of tea or coffee.

  424. My ideal stitching session would be hallmark movie marathon on tv for something to listen to, my favorite snacks and beverages in fridge ready for when I feel the need for a refreshment, projects on couch cushion next to me within easy reach, and no dear husband in house while I enjoying my stitching time.

  425. I watch serials and movies on my iPad. I am on my own with earphones blocking out all noise. I set up my light first. Then take out whichever project in my rotation and start work. What I choose to work on in a given moment depends on mood and sometimes on whether there is a deadline. My cat is always curled up comfortably nearby.

  426. my dream stitching session I would be sitting by a window with an ocean view, window open so I could hear the waves on the sandy beach, and smell the flowers outside, it would be warm not hot! and someone(not me!) would have cleaned the house. There would be a pina colada or a coffee close at hand.

  427. My ideal stitching session is sitting stitching in my office with a good audio book, preferable a mystery and Sonny, the labrador, snoring away on the carpet.

    Thank you for the give away!

  428. I’m on the straight-backed chair a friend caned for me, in front of the wood burning stove with wind whistling through the wind-chimes outside. I have a clean sheet spread out on the not-so-clean floor, my sewing tools on the table next to a large glass of iced soda. I’m lap quilting the never-done black quilt around the beads and embroidery, thinking that this will be finished this year.

  429. Ideal stitching session: I have a special chair set-up all the time. A cat in my lap and an audible book playing. Ideally the phone would not ring!

  430. An ideal stitching session for me involves good light (natural if possible), a comfortable seat, handy table with all the necessaries on it and within easy reach, some work I really like doing, a little light music, and good company. A chat as we work helps the needle go faster. Not all sessions are ideal but still great fun. Merry Christmas.

  431. My ideal stitching session happens on a loveseat near a large window and a good lamp nearby. The coffee table is right in front of me so I can have my supplies within easy reach. Also on the coffee table — a cup of tea ( in cold weather) or ice tea (warm weather) and the TV remote because I have on some of my favorite old movies. If I;m really lucky, I ‘ll be puppy sitting my daughter’s sweet little mini dachshund ( Stanzi, by name) who loves to snuggle next to me. Doesn’t get better than that

  432. My Ideal Stitching Session would be an entire day of uninterrupted stitching, with no one at home. The house would be nice and peaceful without the children around. No TV or music for me, as I have too much noise in my house. Rather, I would have the sliding glass door open, and would be listening to my wind chimes and the birds. I would be sitting in a really comfortable chair that fully supports my back, sitting by the windows with natural light. The house would have to be picked up and in order, otherwise, I can’t relax haha. In the morning I would have my cuppa latte with me, and in the afternoon, I would have a cup of earl grey tea. Ahhh, what a nice dream!

  433. My ideal stitching session is very basic – I love having longer FlossTube videos to watch, especially the “stitch with me” types, or I have bookmarked a couple of ocean-waves videos that last for about 3 hrs that allows me to “sit and stitch by the sea” even though I am too far inland to be by the beach. Along with my light and scissors, I am all set.

  434. It’s chilly outside, but inside I have two overfed cats keeping me warm and ‘helping’ by restricting arm movement. I’m working on a reproduction sampler with gorgeous silk threads, have a great audiobook playing, and dinner has miraculously made itself, complete with dessert. Maybe a bit of snow, too, but not enough to make it dangerous.

  435. I like to gather my books for inspiration, needle book, threads, beads, silk ribbons and project. While stitching,usually in winter, I watch BBC movies and television shows while stitching and enjoy a cup of coffee for a break. The designs are my own and provide a welcome outlet for my creativity to go where it leads.

  436. What a great question! I’m in a busy season of life, so the idea of setting aside a long time slot just for stitching seems luxurious to me! I would purchase a new magnifying lamp, and set myself up with good light, a comfy chair, and a pillow for cushion! I might even brew some Earl Grey, and put on my fuzzy slippers! How fun!

  437. I would be sitting at my table, all my threads, fabric and hoop with me.
    A good light ready to go. Preferably morning with the sun coming up over the mountains. The doors open, a soft breeze coming through, a lovely spring day.

    A cup of tea nearby, but not to close to accidentally bump and spill some. I would of already had something to eat, so I wouldn’t be tempted to bring food near by or to stitch with grubby fingers.

    My stitching would be a labour of Love. Be it a gift or something for myself.

    I often stitch in the quiet. I’m happy with my own thoughts, though recently I have got audibles and stitched listening to a book. That does depend on my mood whether it’s wuiet or music or a book.

  438. I’d be sitting in a sunny room, listening to an audio book, on a comfortable but firm chair or couch. I’d rather be sipping wine, but would actually be drinking coffee, since the wine tends to lead to mistakes. My husband would be outtering around somewhere in the background.

  439. A stitchers delight today. Both of these make me think of cold winter nights experimenting in front of the fire, making a custom present for a loved one for next year. The anticipation makes me smile and “tingle”.

  440. I keep my work on my favorite table next to my “granny” chair as my husband calls it. My house is a busy one, so any time that I have to stitch is the ideal time!

  441. I have two end tables on each side of my Recliner. Whether I applique, embroidery, paperpiece, I have all the notions required to work on any of the projects. Lately I have really become intrigued and desired to embroider. I am enjoying the process and want to expand on my stitching techniques.

    I sometimes have a cup of coffee but mostly I drink my water. I love to do my handwork watching football games. Sometimes I will listen to Rush or Bill or just listen to a movie that hubby is watching!

    A couple of years ago I realized that I might listen to a movie while stitching, and then a year later we watch the same movie and I realize that I am missing the majority of the movie so it is fun to watch it the second time and not do any hand work.

    I enjoy your Blog!

  442. Before I begin to stitch, I get the materials ready. There is the fabric I’m working with plus the needles, thread, hoop,and scissors. Of course, the pattern is handy be it in a book or on a sheet of paper. My comfy chair with the light from both the east and the north is ready with my back pillow and a drink beside my chair. The audiobook is cued and ready to go. Everyone else in the house is busy with their own task and I’m ready for a quiet time. The phone is on mute. Ready, set, go. ENJOY

  443. My ideal stitching session is in my comfy chair, by a cozy fire, with a table for hot tea and my supplies, a football game or old movie on the TV with no phone calls.

  444. Bonjour,
    Je suis une brodeuse française amateur pour mon plaisir, i am a french embroiderer only for my pleasure.
    Mon rêve de broderie serait d’aller à là royal school of needlework en Angleterre et mieux suivre un cours…
    My dream would be to visit the RNS in England and best follow a formation.
    Bonnes fêtes et joyeux Noël

  445. A comfy chair, the dog at my feet, a good mystery on Audible and my beautiful sampler in my hands…stitching quietly into happiness.

  446. Ideal Stitching Session – time at my allotment on a crisp, dry winter’s day. I will have checked round to make sure all in order and then lit the wood burner in my summerhouse (used all year round). Off up the lane and across the fields for a walk with my beloved dog. Back to summerhouse, put the kettle on for a brew and toast the crumpets. After our feast we settle down in comfort and I do a few hours of embroidery work. Dog zzzzzzzzz. Just silence apart from the crackles from the fire and a few snores. Will stay until nearly dark and then walk home. Simple bliss…….

  447. Hi Mary,
    My ideal stitching conditions for this time of year would be the cricket telecast -preferably an Ashes Tour in which we are not being thrashed- with my husband watching and “advising” on play and keeping me company. Cricket is great for stitching because anything worth watching is replayed 6 times so you don’t actually miss any of the ‘action’. Ideally it would be rainy and cool here (but really the best I can hope for is the a/c keeping the temp manageable!).

  448. Ideally when I stitch my kids aren’t home, some classical or jazz is playing (or maybe I’m netflix binging), and I feel like I have all the time in the world!

  449. Hmmm, what a wonderful concept!
    My project is a silk thread needle painted portrait.
    I would search through my stash of antique linen yardage, the
    off white ivory with a bit of discoloration for “old” appeal, I think,
    choose my favorite silk perle threads and set up my Evertite frame.
    I sit in my leather chair, under my Brighttech daylight lamp by the
    fireplace, with my thread paint tool box on my side table. Im a left
    handed stitcher! A good cup of coffee is required. The house is quiet but,
    I might decide later, to listen to ‘Tout les Matins de la Monde’, Marin Marais.
    Ah, a good two hours of stitching ahead, no jumping up to let the dog out,
    no interruptions, we begin!

  450. My ideal stitching setting is when I have the house to myself have a cup of tea listening to the radio
    Or music . It is calming peaceful
    I always feel better after such a time
    Carole Kennedy
    Ottawa Canada

  451. I’d be in my studio (an unused bedroom to be exact) surrounded by stash that I might need (in case I change my mind), radio on, sun coming through the window as I work on my latest idea for goldwork (lobster). And without interruptions of any kind {door bell or people). Always a cup of tea close by but not within reach so I won’t knock it over. And. being winter, snow falling outside the window so I won’t think I have to run an errand.

    Pure joy.


  452. my ideal stitching time and area is my lovely embroidery room, overlooking the garden, classical music in the background, all stitching things aready on the table and bliss…..time, time, time…..peace with production.

  453. I like to listen to music (as of late it is usually the band Moonsorrow) have a cup of black tea at hand and my cat curled somewhere nearby.

  454. I like to stitch to Netflix. I don’t have a good crafting space right now, so I either use a cushy chair or the bed, so I can lounge with a blanket. If I’m on the bed, sometimes a cat curls up nearby. I do prefer to be alone if it’s during the day, because my toddler will interrupt me a lot otherwise (but my husband knows to leave me be if I’m stitching in the evening after toddler bedtime).

  455. My ideal stitching situation would be stitching in my cozy leather recliner with a warm fire in the wood stove. My husband is next to me enjoying his golf on television, since that is how he believes we bond. In an imaginary world, the housekeeper and personal chef would have just departed, leaving the house spotless and prepared meals for the next 24 hours. I could sip on filtered water and relax with everything done. Okay, only the first part about my husband and me is real. Still, I can dream, can’t I?

  456. Sewing kit (scissors, thread catcher, thread, pack of needles, lamp), a cushion for behind my back and cushion for the work, a friend to chat to, some light classical music playing softly in the background. And a glass of wine (a stemless wine glass is best, as it is much harder to knock over!)
    Ready to stitch and be happy on a friday night after a week at work!!

  457. I would sit in my easy chair with a south facing window on my left side, I would have a cup of coffee to my right or a glass of wine. I would have all my necessary tools and projects on tables to my right and left along with a felted sewing doll that holds my needles and keeps them sharp. I am so fortunate to have this set up on a daily basis and I use it daily.

  458. My ideal stitching session includes good light, a project that’s proceeding without glitches, and an audio book that’s got me hooked.

  459. Ideal stitching session would include a cup of coffee, a good book on tape, knowledge that my family would be gone for a bit but would return with dinner(!) and no cat wanting to play with my threads. It would be early afternoon with lots of time to stitch on a current WIP

  460. My favorite stitching session…….definitely in my tower sitting room with the sun shining brightly. (Need that light) A cup of tea and a warm summer breeze. I’d love to have my old kitty back on my lap.

  461. In the dream world I own I would be sitting by a warm fire in the fireplace in a comfortable chair.I would have my best light on & a great new piece of stitching to begin. A hot cup of coffee or tea by my side, classical music softly playing & the fire crackling. It would be mid day so I could stay awake & I might have to turn on a movie once I got into the stitching. The time would be all mine with no interruption from animals or the telephone. Ah! So goes the dream.

  462. My ideal sewing spot is my new sew room that is all mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everything I need to use is in there. Music in the background, small table with my good Ott light , cup of coffee and all my sewing supplies on the table. I also need two chairs, one is a rocker and the other is a wooden straight back chair. I use whatever one feels comfortable at the moment. I could stay in this room for hours.

  463. It doesn’t take much to make an ideal stitching evening. For me, it has always been evening because the four kids kept me pretty busy, and now, years later, I hang onto that habit. There is a table next to me with a lamp and something to drink – used to be wine but now it has come down to water most of the time. Nothing hot – no, never. Comfortable clothes are a must. There has been at least one dog in the room with me for about thirty years, just as there is this very moment. The kids and I always agreed that we couldn’t just sit down and watch TV in cold blood. We had to do at least two things at once. My thing was always needlework, so in order to get maximum enjoyment out of everything, we’d watch Masterpiece Theater, or Pride and Prejudice (from A&E), or even Harry Potter. Almost always something we’d seen before, so we wouldn’t need to look at it very often. We’re big believers in art and handiwork skills, homemade Christmas presents, and cooking from scratch. There were always many projects to be worked on. It was the happiest time of my life when the children were at home.

    Merry Christmas, Mary!

  464. In Australia we wish for a cooler day than normal – can be over36 C . For embroidery – my light, sitting on a comfortable chair, all my supplies close and some good music. What more could i ask for, a collection of special sewing supplies would be a luxury to ooh and ahhh over.

  465. My ideal stitching session involves a great pattern with all the supplies and fibers I need per the pattern and just a few extra beads or fiber colors that I think might add a special spark. I would be sitting in a comfortable chair with good lighting and a couple of like minded stitching friends sharing easy conversation and laughter. When I finish a section, I look at the finished section and am pleased with the color choices, stitches used, and overall look of the piece. The session, friends and output makes me excited about the next session.

  466. My ideal stitching place is a cosy little nook in my home. I have windows on two sides of a wicker rocking chair. I usually have water to hand but sometimes I have an earl grey in my favorite China teacup and saucer. I once tried a glass of wine but that was a disaster coupled with the rocking chair…..my head was going in a totally different way to my body! I love to listen to music while I zone out and savor the time spent in total peace doing exactly what my body and soul need…….blisss

  467. I have set up a desk in the den, it is a high desk with a high stool. Originally it was meant for art work, but I have claimed it for my embroidery work. The desk is in the corner of the room in front of a window, which looks out over my gardens. When I am stitching, I have to have total silence so I can concentrate on doing my work exactly perfect. The garden view is very calming, I have a large mug of tea beside me and I’m set! My stitching station is the perfect place!

  468. My ideal stitching session is sitting on my futon where my cats are sleeping around with me. Sometimes listen to Sadhguru’s talks from Youtube.

  469. When I can find me time to embroider I sit in the corner if the couch with a cushion at my back with the window on my left and a bright light shinning on my work. I usually have a audio story playing on my iPad. Bliss

  470. My ultimate stitching session includes a good audiobook or podcast, a cup of tea, the fireplace glowing and a wonderful project with a great stitch guide!

  471. My session is in my favorite wing back chair in the living room. It is night time and I
    have the T.V. on listening to the food network. The table I use is my coffee table, it raises and lowers so I can move it up and down as I need.


  472. My favorite stitching “place” is after I’ve ticked off a reasonable number (but not all) of my to do items for the day, just enough to feel virtuous. This is when I can return to a project, when the to do list is acceptable and daylight still fills our sunroom. I often listen to podcasts, such as TED talks or other similar reflections. Or, I listen to an audiobook. I gather only what I need for the time available, so it is a calming, tranquil time for me. I just need to make this happen more often!

  473. My perfect stitching session would have me listening to music, while talking to friends, as I sit in my comfy chair working on a present for either my family or a friend.

  474. My favorite stitching setup would be stitching at the kitchen table with my Mom or good friend Pat. We would have to have a cold Diet Coke and Ember our cat would be on the table trying to lay on our stuff”. It could be day or night.

  475. My ideal stitching situation is when all computer work is done, the house is straightened up, the living room is at a comfortable temperature (thins means either the fan, the fire or noting at all), there is a movie on the TV that I’ve already seen so I don’t have to pay too much attention and my stitching is loaded up in my frame and threads and scissors and chart are all at hand. I would lean back in my recliner and jam!

  476. My favorite stitching time is when I am alone so I can concentrate. I like catching up on TV shows I have recorded. I can then stop them when I need to research or quietly think about what’s next.

  477. I attend a stitching retreat every year where a bunch of us get together at a kids camp and do nothing but stitch for days. The camp feeds us, so we don’t even have to worry about that! We bring our chairs, stands, lights, and all the stitching tools one can imagine. The best part is the fellowship with other stitchers and seeing what everyone else is working on and all their tools. We always come away with new items on our wish list.

  478. Cold winter night. Favorite wing back chair. A couple dozen candles flickering. Antique clocks ticking. Next to chair is antique glass ball and claw foot piano stool used to hold my scissors and threads. The wood embroidery hoop I’m using is one my mother’s mother used decades ago. My threads are all arranged by spectral colors with matching metallics next to them. I’m working on 28 count aida making little winter scenes to give to my daughter at Christmas.

  479. My favourite stitching time is sitting in comfy chairs on the bank of the lake with my mom. Both of us have our work and lemonade in hand. The day is warm with a slight breeze. The sailboats float slowly by while the birds sing in the trees.

  480. My perfect stitching time depends on what I’m working on. If it’s something complicated and fiddly, then it’s a morning in my workroom with the sunlight streaming in and my phone playing a repeat audiobook that I can enjoy without paying much attention to it. But if it’s something simple like blackwork then I’m in my big chair in the living room with a Godzilla movie on TV and my dogs snoring on the couch. In either scenario, it won’t be absolutely perfect until someone invents a magical, never-empty, always-warm cup of tea.

  481. My day of stitching heaven in in my recliner, my sampler in hand, covered with my lap throw, cup of tea by my side and TCM channel on. Best if there’s a blizzard outside so I have no desire to get out.

  482. Ideal stitching scene: My comfy chair, fuzzy blanket, maybe the cat on my lap, good lighting, and some kind of music!

  483. Hello Mary – first – this special would be on my Christmas wish list (it’s wonderful !!!!). OK, the pragmatist in me would be in my recliner;flannel quilt over my legs; Stella over my shoulder; the Mormon Tabernacle choir singing Christmas songs; and all my stitching by my side. Oh – and a whole day guilt free from all the ‘too-does’ of life. But you said dream – then would transfer myself, same supplies, etc, to a porch overlooking the ocean, with a gentle cool breeze. The music would be the sound of the wind and the waves. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    OK, I’m done. Thanks Mary

  484. Stitching at the library with friends is the best for me. We get a private study room for a few hours of uninterrupted stitching and catching up on each others lives. We bring music, food and drinks of our choice, usually coffee, tea, or water. We laugh a lot and accomplish little, but we are inspired to continue when we get home.

  485. My ideal stitching session would be sitting sideways on a comfortable couch with a view out to sea on a stormy winter’s day. There would be a fire crackling, a soft blanket covering my legs, and my cat at my feet. I might have some quiet music playing, but I’d more likely be enjoying the sound of the weather and the sea. I’d have a good light, a table beside me with all my tools, something to nibble and a nice drink. I would most likely be alone so that the house is peaceful. Ahh, luxury.

    Unfortunately, I don’t live in a house by the sea.

  486. I am cuddled in my workroom; my housework is done…….
    I’m listening to audio tales of my dreamy Jamie Frazier (Outlander) with my feline helper on my lap.

    The scene is set – what shall I stitch today? Perhaps some new stitching items are on their way…….

  487. My perfect stitching session would be during the day on a weekend, it’s hazy outside with the sun peeking through…my parrot is awake and looking at me with one beady eye, waiting for me to whistle at her – my Audible book is playing softly on my cell phone because my son is still asleep, and I’m sitting at my drafting table on my high stool, in front of one of the large airy windows in my living room. I look up to see one of my neighbors outside walking, and we wave to each other. My Chihuahua Sophie is asleep on the couch and my terrier Buddy, always the mischievous one, is at my feet looking up, waiting for me to drop something (again). A perfect time to stitch!

  488. My ideal stitching session is any place and time that I can squeeze in a few moments of stitching! There must be good light, but otherwise if I have my project and my supplies I’m happy.

  489. I would love to be sitting in my lounge chair in my girl bat cave which is my very own craft room which is all set up with everything I need to do my Stumpwork projects with a good movie on the telly. The house is in order and the dinner is organised so I have a totally free mind from chores so I can just totally indulge in my Stumpwork with a cup of tea and no guilt. My desire would be to have a special friend sharing my space and time with me but my space is a tad too small for 2 people plus my best embroidery friend is too far away. Thank you, Lesley Merry from Australia.

  490. Stitching perfection happens in my little den in a comfy chair by the window with my scissors/fob draped over the arm. If the sun is shining, I can stitch more complicated work. If the light is grey, I ‘ll work on an easier section. I love the cat in the room, but not where she prefers—on my lap!

  491. My ideal time to stitch is on Thursdays from 9:00 am to Noon. Three friends come and we stitch and discuss all kinds of subjects. We gather in my sun room open the curtains and have with plenty of daylight. We do open the doors during the summer or have the air conditioning on if it is too hot. During the winter we open the curtains to see the lovely scene of snow. We help each other with suggestions on stitches and colors. We have some chocolate or cookies to eat and coffee or water to drink beside us. My little dog lays on my lap content to just be with us. It is a relaxing and enjoyable time with friends and stitching on the current project.

  492. I sit in my favorite chair and put my feet and watch sports with hubbie. Don’t get much watching done, because I’m concentrating on my project. Sometimes I listen to a book on tape. Finding the “zone” is when I do my best work!

  493. I will take myself off to the end of the hall bedroom upstairs that is now mine! It is filled to the brim with yarn, needlepoint supplies, beads and all matters of pretty things. The sign on the wall declares it to be my “Happy Place.” Indeed it is. I’m usually sitting in the corner of the room near the window with a side table next to me. Ollie, the miniature dachshund is asleep on the sofa that is next to my side table. I’m either listening to an audio book or watching “smart” TV. I love “The Crown”, Victoria and Albert and “A Place to Call Home.” I turn on my bright white light, pull down my Dazor magnifier and I begin to stitch. Ahhh. . .

  494. If I’m being totally honest, I would love to spend a few days at the Oregon coast, rent a vacation home, and spend it stitching while sitting looking out at the beach and ocean, maybe spot a couple orca pods or other migrating whales, seals, and other wildlife. I’d take along some music and make some great food and stitch all day, taking breaks to stir the soup, walk on the beach or go into town for a meal. Mostly it’s a chance to get away from the distractions and work (I work at home) to somewhere that always renews and refreshes me, and indulge in large chunks of time spent stitching.

  495. Ideal stitching session! Well, there’s a good show on the History Channel. I’ve got a glass of sweet ice tea on the side table, along with some chocolates. And a cat (or both) is in my lap. Oh! And I’m nearing a finish on a BAP!

  496. Spring is porch weather in Texas. The finches dart thru the pecan trees and a breeze always ruffles the petunias in their hanging baskets. I love to stitch in my wicker rocker when I am not daydreaming. The colors of spring forever cheer me up. Lavender and yellow. A bit of pink on a crazy patch. A scrap of lace glued on an Easter egg. It doesn’t get much better than this.

  497. My perfect stitching session, let’s see. My boxer dog Roscoe sitting on the other side of the love seat that I claim with a throw over my legs and feet on an ottoman. I’d be listening to a book on tape or watching something on the TV. I usually have a glass of ice tea going at all times balanced on the edge of the cabinet net next to me that holds all my stuff on top. I found out by experience that if you have that shot of whiskey prior or during stitching tomorrow you’ll be ripping out all that you did so the shot is going to have to wait! And then I can try out the neat goodies in these packages that I know nothing about!

  498. Oh such a nice give away, as they always are.

    I would hope to finish off at least one of my works in progress, such as a cross stitch piece possibly.

    I would be of course sitting watching my favorite show on tv, The Young And The Restless, which I have been viewing for 30 years now. But of course, I would have to have a nice cup of apple cinnamon tea.

  499. With being a busy working mum the time to stitch is not often planned, just the opportunity to stop and stitch is cherished, even more so with stitching friends

  500. All my stitching is spontaneous. A few stitches now and then.
    I use my stitching time to catch my breath and refocus

  501. I have a favorite chair that overlooks some home tops that are serene to look at and beyond that mountains that vary with the seasons. I usually sit in peace with my magnifying lamp on the right and a small tabletop in front of me and irregardless of what I am stitching. I enjoy myself

  502. For me I just love being in my sewing room – air-conditioned, lots of natural light, door shut, peace and quiet, no interruptions, plenty of time! As I work in a busy office, this would be an absolute luxury for me.

  503. *imagines* It’s a Saturday morning & my wife is out of town. Sunlight is streaming through the windows & I have a fresh cup of coffee on hand. I have the entire weekend with nothing to do but embroider, interruption-free! I’ve just started a new project & the pattern transfer process was effortless. I have a fresh batch of floss in gleaming, inspiring colors and I just can’t wait to start. The house is stocked with fresh fruit & mixed nuts for the occasional restorative nibble. Not a sound can be heard other than the light snoring of my English bulldog, Stella. Bliss.

  504. Ideal stitching space – sunny project room, cat always in the way helping, good lighting and frames on which to work my embroidery. Carousels of threads to choose from with bookshelves full of embroidery and quilt books. Country music in the back ground for which husband must be out of house for 🙂

  505. I do all my stitching sitting in my glider rocker. My magnifying light is close at hand along with everything I need for my project. I am alone and I enjoy music from either my CD collection or my iPod. I have a glass of iced tea at my side. If the temperature drops I am cuddled up in a blanket. I do try to get up and move around every hour or so. Don’t want my old bones to get stiff!

  506. Sitting in a comfy chair near the window with a sweet breeze of spring blooms wafting through the air. A nice cup of tea and my tray table full of needle work necessities close by with some classical music softly filling the space around me ….

  507. What a treasure trove of goodies this give away promises! I’d love either of them to add to my stash of embroidery supplies

    My favorite stitching time involves sitting in my comfortable recliner, a good light over my right shoulder and my current project in my lap (today that’s my void initial). I’d have a pot of coffee nearby, an audible book playing on the speakers, or perhaps an alrady-watched favorite movie on the TV so I don’t have to look up very often. I need a few hours, then a break for a snack. If I’m lucky, my hubby will cook dinner and just call me when it’s ready.

    Sounds like heaven. . . . .

  508. I like to sit in my sewing room at the table with a good light and magnifer with the current project in a hoop or frame, my needles and threads right there. I don’t need much more.

  509. My ideal would be comfy chair stitching pillow in lap with sunlight or my Ott light to see by. Dog and tea close to me. I like the TV on I listen and stitch when I stop may watch TV for a few minutes. No other people to interrupt me. I don’t mind seeing in a group but I can’t talk and concentrate on my hand work.

  510. My ideal stitching situation, is me stitching in the front room, in a firm, comfortable chair, the sun streaming in the window, my dog sleeping on the couch, and except for the dog’s breathing, silence…pure heaven.

  511. I love Needle In Haystack and have them on my bucket list of places to visit, but short of that, they are very accommodating and helpful people to do business with. So when my materials arrive, I head up to the third floor, sit myself in my easy chair with footstool, and start up my audiobook. All my stitching needs are close at hand. It is very peaceful and sometimes I can shut out all the things, big and small, that nibble at my brain. If I’m very lucky, come late afternoon, my husband will bring up a glass of wine and then retire downstairs to make dinner. Aaaaaaaah!

  512. My best stitching session would be a Saturday afternoon. The Saturday Matinee Opera Broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera House on the radio. Preferably a Puccini or Verdi opera on. My buddy at my feet and no one else in the house. Heaven.

  513. Thank you for another opportunity for a fabulous giveaway!

    Favorite stitching time:
    Seated on the couch, coffee an arms reach away, tv tuned in to the news channel or a good movie, a view of the snow falling on the VT mountaintops outside. Most importantly, stitching on a project that has no deadline…completely stress free stitching.

  514. My stitching time includes something on Netflix that I don’t have to pay much attention to because I’ve seen it a million times (30Rock, Parks & Recreation, various British shows), a fire in my woodstove, and various kitties strewn about.

  515. I like quiet – no distractions – bright light (my ott light), cup of coffee – alone – all alone – in my sewing room. Ahhhhh –
    peace and happiness. Thank you for the chance.

  516. My ideal stitching session is here on my loveseat, sharing it with two cats and my big basket! Sometimes I can prop a pattern on one of the cats! A Christmas tree and snowflakes with some soothing music rounds out my perfect session! Oh yes, I also have my cup of tea balanced somewhere!

  517. Tropical trade winds gently blow as I settle in for embroidery on my patio. My supplies and project are on the table in front of me. The natural lighting, my cat in a nearby chair, a big glass of iced tea, and music contribute to another day in paradise. Someone has to enjoy it and that person may as well be me.

  518. In my ideal sewing session, I go into my tidy sewing room and remove my nicely packaged project from its place in a drawer. All the threads, ribbons and beads are sorted into easy to access containers, and my needles, scissors and other notions are where they belong in my silk sewing reticule. I snuggle into my cozy armchair and switch on the Ott-lite(tm) that gives me enough light to work by and settle in to stitch. My husband brings me a cup of cocoa (winter) or glass of iced tea (summer) and then goes away to do his own thing. At some point, my tortie cat comes and snuggles up next to me on the arm of the chair, and does NOT bat at my thread or bunt my hoop while I’m trying to set a stitch. I manage to accomplish a good portion of stitching before I need to get up and stretch and put everything safely away from the cats, ready for the next session.
    This is so far from my stitching reality that I can’t stop giggling. My husband always needs my help finding something that requires me to trot down all three flights of stairs, and if either cat is in the room I will have a “helper” who is determined to eat my thread, play with the beads, sit on my hoop and generally be pesky until I give him or her the adoration deserved. The chair and the light are real, though!

  519. A glass of wine, a book on CD or a good movie is my perfect stitching set up. Of course, also need that block of open time!

  520. I sit at the kitchen table looking out into the tree tops as we live on the side of a steep hill. There are tree covered hills dotted with houses in the distance and the Derwent River as well. Much bird activity occurs in those tree tops and there is the coming and going of various boats on the river. The sky is ever changing with light or clouds. Background music or audiobook and silence too at times. The heater on in cool weather, the door to the balcony open for a breeze in warm weather. A cup of earl grey tea, and the project in front of me to concentrate on and those creative thoughts that bubble up. Heaven!

  521. Ideal peaceful embroidery situation….hmmmm
    Perhaps sitting in my sunny front window , nice music playing on the Cd player–no message or email or phone interruptions— husband out for the day—a beautiful piece of needlework to work on– my supplies organized by my side… my big beautiful labrador at my feet—maybe a new kitty close by , too . ( my old cat died recently and a cat is always a wonderfu addition to my peaceful time.)
    Oh my! “Wouldnt that be wonderful,”

  522. Perfect Stitching Session – no sounds except of nature outside my home. Looking out windows on one side I see the beautiful Olympic Mountains, across the room I look out another window to see the magnificent Mt. Rainier in the Cascades range. I’ll see the resident white tail deer families coming and going through my yards, a large glass of ice tea sits beside my glider chair. I look out the windows so that I don’t see yet another chore that I should be tending to. I can’t smell the wonderful fresh air because I can only smell the yeasty rolls that are rising for dinner which is a pot roast in the slow cooker. It includes the meat, potatoes, carrots and onions. I have a solid 2 hours with only one get up to put the rolls in the oven. Oh, and I am stitching on HAED’s Dona Gelsinger Birch Forest Santa.

  523. Sitting in a comfy chair on the patio, fresh bright batik quilt on the table. A beautiful view of the bay to enjoy as I look up from my stitching and enjoy my coffee and some Christmas baked treats. The joys of stitching at Christmas time.

  524. My ideal stitching time would be very quiet except for some music or possibly an audio book. I’ve been listening to audiobooks a lot lately and really enjoying them. But my session would start in total quiet, in my favorite chair with the hassock propping up my feet. My best lamp for close up work is at hand as well as my little side table and all the tools I would need as well as the thread selected and organized in advance so there are no interruptions. Outside there is a gentle snowstorm but inside I am warm and cozy, cup of tea nearby and although I do not have a fireplace sometimes I listen to a crackling fire on line. It sounds silly but it is such a comforting sound, lovely sound. I have a new baby granddaughter and I am presently stitching a personalized ornament for her that I’ve designed. I’m thinking of her as I stitch and my heart is filled with love for her and her mommy and daddy as I anticipate their upcoming visit!

  525. Thank you for the opportunity at a chance to win one of those two great packages. I generally stitch at the dining room table by a big window, which lets in lots of bright light. Sometimes I listen to music or the tv, or just stitch in quiet with a mug of tea.

    Teresa M

  526. Oh, lovely! It is a beautiful fall day, warm enough to still have the windows open, and I’m listening to a podcast on my computer while I sit by the window in my favorite chair, a table nearby with my supplies and my latest “big’ (as in need my stand and frame) all set and ready to begin – my favorite part; the anticipation inherent in a blank piece of linen….
    Merry Christmas, mary, and may 2018 be a wonderful year for you!

  527. Merry Christmas to all. I am commenting from Victoria, BC, in Canada. We just had a big storm yesterday and some areas of the island had some major snow for our area – 20 – 3- cm ( that converts to 8 – 12 inches), unfortunately my bit of snow melted over night. On to my perfect stitching session is at home with the fire crackling softly, classical music playing, sitting in my comfortable chair, with my stitching stand infront of me (perfectly positioned and slanted), with a large cup of freshly brewed tea and a refill carafe at hand. I am working on a canvas project using wonderful threads – velvets, silks, ribbons, metalic threads and discovering new stitches to learn. Have Happy and Peaceful holidays to all in the manner you chose to celebrate.

  528. My ideal stitching set up at home is to put a well watched DVD on (so there is noise but I don’t have to pay attention as I have seen it so often), the cats sunning themselves in the window (thus leaving me alone and not trying to walk all over my work), a drink nearby to keep me hydrated (and non alcoholic to keep my stitching well considered) and phone to hand to text photo’s of my progress to my sister (and receive photos of hers). That of course is in lieu of being in my regular class with my stitching pals.

  529. I’m set up in my sewing room, in my beautiful chair, with all my project threads and needles and accessories at hand. I’ve been participating in #1yearofstitches which made me organize my threads and necessary supplies so I can get right to it. It’s been a wonderful year of stitching and I plan to keep it going in 2018. Merry Christmas to all.

  530. My ideal stitching is a summers day at my cottage overlooking the lake .
    The summer breeze whispering through the leaves the lap of the water and my dog at my side enjoying the sunshine.
    I have all my stitching treasures , some I’ve made some bought and my special antique tools to help me do the job. I’m in my happy place doing things that make me happy. Here and now I can accomplish the most difficult projects in the peace and quiet.

  531. Sitting on the verandah enjoying the natural light with a cooling breeze and coffee safely away from work. Not forgetting two little dogs asleep nearby.

  532. I like to stitch in front of the tv. Cooking shows are great, but sport is even better.

    I’m in Australia, so we’re in the middle of summer, and that means cricket matches. Lots of cricket matches. The shortest ones are a couple of hours, the longest ones run for five days.

    For me, the ultimate stitching session would be watching a five day cricket match – slow paced but very tactical – and stitching the whole time. I’d have the air conditioning on to keep my house cool, and have some cold water close at hand, interspersed with cups of tea. Bliss!!

  533. My ideal session would be stitching near a bright sunny window in a comfortable chair and listening to the original cast audio recording of The Phantom of the Opera.

  534. My favorite stitching set up is early in the morning at my dining table with all my “stuff” around me. The cat is on the table snoozing and my dog is at my feet. I have my first coffee of the morning at my side and I enjoy listening to the birds as they wake up in sunny Queensland. Stitching heaven to me!!

  535. Hi Mary,
    I would love a day of uninterrupted time to stitch in my art room. Someone would need to cook for me and answer the phone. I listen to Pandora and try to have good posture and of course, a Stella lamp and all my supplies handy!
    Merry Christmas Mary. Keep those great stitching designs coming. Are we going to do monograms in 2018?

  536. ‘Fantasy’ stitching session: I’m sitting in super comfy rocking chair with good back support as natural light floods in through tall windows. I have a cup of coffee in a thermal mug beside me. What ISN’T in the room is my husband watching heavy machinery videos on YouTube!

  537. My ideal stitching session would start around late afternoon. I would be alone in my immaculately clean house with total peace & quiet, sitting in my oversized chaise lounge chair which I purchased just to do my needlework in ideal comfort. I would have my favorite fleece blanket on my lap, my two German Shepherds Max & Dozer sprawled out next to each side of my legs with their heads resting on their favorite huge stuffed animals. Molly my Golden Retriever would be laying on the ottoman up against the side of the chair on my right because she is the queen of the castle & has the other two wrapped around her finger, or I should say paw. She’d be watching me intensely as I take every single stitch. On my left would be my magnifying light stand shining down on my work. My needlework stand would be across my lap in perfect position. On my nightstand would be a teapot full of hot mint tea and my favorite teacup filled to the brim. I would have everything I need within reach. My pattern on a stand, my needlekeeper with 16 threaded needles all lined up labeled with thread numbers. all my tools, my favorite pincushion, scissors in their stand, another pair around my neck, then assorted little snacks for nibbling & a small jar of dog biscuits for the pups. As night fell, I would have the fire crackling & have Downton Abbey which I have watched a hundred times on the television with the volume low, just as background sound so as not to distract me from my needlework. What would make it totally ideal & perfect, is if I would by the end of the evening finish putting in the very last of the stitches & beading into my favorite monster large project of a peacock tapestry that I have been working on for the last two or three years. That would be peace and contentment and such a great sense of accomplishment. The very next morning I would be off to the frame shop hopping, skipping and humming like a loon the whole way if I didn’t have to drive there.

  538. The house would be beautifully clean, it would be evening, and nobody would be home at all. I would put something on the TV that I like but don’t have to watch carefully, and I’d have a glass of cold water that I never have to refill! I’d just be on the couch with my favorite fuzzy blanket, and my shoulders wouldn’t tense up even after a long session. 😀

  539. My ideal stitching time is in my comfy recliner, covered with my favorite blanket, a cup of tea on the mug warmer, and an old movie on the TV. My recliner and the immediate surrounding area are set up for stitching with very good lighting and a table on either side with all supplies that may be needed, and makes any stitching time a good time.

  540. Evening, tea on a side table, comfy sofa with big cushion behind my back. Audio book by Terry (doesn’t matter which one, the guy was pure genius). My husband on another sofa so we can laugh together listening to Terry. And enough energy to be able to embroider in the evening.

  541. My ideal sewing situation would be sitting on my settee my dog joining me. Classical music on the radio, a cup of tea and a piece home made Christmas cake.

  542. First and most important my pellet stove must be on. If my hands are cold I can’t sew. I have a rocking chair in front of my TV where I enjoy sitting. A book shelf with all my threads and sewing supplies is by my side along with a table that has a place for my tea. Can’t forget my floor lamp with a magnifier attached which also lights up. Each project is in its own container . Working on many different projects keep my interest going.

  543. My ideal environment for embroidery, wow. I would be in England in the spring. It would be a sunny day in a garden and I would sit in the shade outdoors, maybe under a tree. A cup (or a pot!) of tea would be sitting on a small table and I would have some soft music playing or an audio book. There would be birds singing because there are always birds singing in England in the spring. Ahh, lovely thought.

  544. What a lovely give-away! My “Ideal Stitching Session” is a big block of time in my recliner in our family room with a cup of coffee or spiced tea, music on, phone off, and nobody needing me for anything for several…. hours! Bliss!

  545. Ideal is a hard one to pin down. When I get the most stitching done is when I’m at a dedicated “stitching day” – with friends, usually at their dining room table. Good light, of course, is essential – a cup of tea and maybe a cookie…

    When I’m home alone, and can stitch, then I do like it to be when no other jobs are calling to me to be done. I am on my cozy corner of the sofa, with lots of light, and my magnifier to hand. I can put my feet up, and watch tv (okay, listen to TV).

  546. My stitching gets done in my zone at home with only a talk show or the news to listen to. I have my ott natural light standing on my left and a small table to my right to hold my coffee (Peet’s winter blend) as well as my stitching tools. My preference is feet up with a lap blanket and since I stitch in hand, my pattern is usually in my lap to quickly reference. Happy Holidays!

  547. How do I set up my ideal stitching nook – an audio book, a comfortable chair with my feet up, good lighting and a day that does not draw me into the garden or encourage me to go for a bike ride. If it is a rainy day, so much the better because then there is no guilt about not gardening or exercising! Here in South Australia it can be very hot at Christmas time, so I usually hunt out my UFO’s (unfinished objects) and work away in air-conditioned comfort. Ideally of course, I would have a chef to cook regular meals and a maid to bring cups of tea or coffee and cold drinks!!!! Preferably there are no other distractions like housework that needs to be done. I can then settle down and work on my current project.

  548. My ideal stitching session happens after the littles go to bed…when the house is quiet and I can make myself a cup of tea, nestle into my stitching chair..turn on my ottlite and put Midsommer Murders on netflix and stitch till I’m too tired!
    Merry Christmas and many blessings for the New Year!!

  549. My ideal stitching session is on Sunday. Even the dog lets me stay in bed until 8 am. I turn on the coffee pot on the way out with the dog. I come in get my coffee and get my things together, put on a movie and sit down to stitch. Sometimes I even get some stitches done before the dog needs to go out again. I like early morning due to a lack of interruption. It is nice to have some alone time to work on my projects

  550. I have several different work tables. The one I am at is the embroidery table. I am watching an old movie with Bette Davis and embroidering tennis shoes with Hungarian embroidery. I have an ice cold Bloody Mary with a celery heart and a large olive with a piece of garlic in it. My lovebirds are playing with paper clips on my shoulder and around the table. My dog is fast asleep on my foot. My husband is at work and the house is heavenly quiet except for my birds singing songs every once in awhile and my Bette Davis movie playing……………………….

  551. I would be stitching in my favorite chair watching a movie with my dog Lucy next to me. I would be working on my nativity piece. Thanks for the chance to win!

  552. This is such a lovely giveaway! Since I’m a beginner I hesitated to enter the other giveaways, but this is just perfect to use in my ideal stitching vignette. There would absolutely be a crackling fire, something warm to drink on the table next to me – hot apple cider? Next to the warm drink you’ll find my favorite shortbread and a pretty napkin to keep my hands clean for my work of love. I would have a large comfy chair to sink back in, but with enough support to do good work and a good, strong light! ggg Next to me in another comfy chair with her own light, and shortbread would be a dear friend – a master stitcher, (hopefully her student wouldn’t drive her to want a much stronger drink than the cider! lol). There would be sweet chatter, only smooth needles, and every color of gorgeous silk floss imaginable, (but no knotting or tangling), and of course snow falling gently. We’d have a great time learning, and fun sharing and the work would be finished beautifully ready for display and admiration by my new imaginary rescue dog while the sounds of old fashioned Christmas carols played in the background. *sigh*

  553. Ideal stitching session would happen during good daylight hours, I love to sit in the sun with a cool glass of water and enjoy the scent and sounds of nature around me. I’ve found a good bean bag can make this work, but getting up again can be tricky!

  554. Office chair under a good light. Tea or coffee accompanied by jelly beans (Jelly Belly only). Maybe one or two of four cats lounging around. An audio book playing nothing too complicated. All the silk threads out and organized. Ready to rock and roll.

  555. Stitching in peace requires wood heat, jazz playing in the background, table with coffee or tea, good lighting (no shadows), and a great pattern for one of my grands.
    No cooking, no dishes, no cleaning – just me and my needle and thread. Wow, I might have to try that!!

  556. My ideal fantasy stitching session would be outdoors, near Lake Erie, on a perfect temperature, perfect humidity, perfect breeze day. I’d be stretched out on a comfy chaise lounge, hearing the sounds of nature, with my (in reality indoor-only) cats purring by my legs. I’d be listening to the waves and the seagulls, and maybe take a break to get in the water or for ice cream.

    My ideal real stitching session would be in my recliner on a cold and snowy day, with hot chocolate and “The Great British Baking Show” or “Escape to the Countryside” on TV. One cat on her favorite part of the cat tree, one on my lap, and one next to me, all sleeping contentedly. I’d be wearing my favorite comfy PJs and it might be a smidge on the warm side. Looking out the window, I’d be reminded how comfy and cozy I was and grateful not to have to go out it the cold and snow.

  557. I will sit near the woodstove in my favorite comfy chair with a creamy cup of coffee and Siggi Stardust (my kitten) is curled up between me and the chair arm.

  558. My ideal stitching session occurs in my favorite leather reclining chair in my living room. Lots of natural light plus a daylight balanced bulb, magnifying glasses and a good audiobook playing through my hearing aids so there are no wires to get in the way. I’m set up with high quality linen stretched on an Evertite frame on my favorite stand, needles, scissors and all colors within reach. A glass of fresh water is all I need.

  559. Summer evening on my back porch with several friends and beverages/ snacks..Ahhhh.
    Thank you to Needle in a Haystack and to you Mary Corbet.

  560. The best stitching environment is quiet, except for a good audio book, well lighted and comfortable with a table nearby with a teapot brewing my favorite tea. I hope you get the snow you are wanting!

  561. My ideal stitching session begins around 5:00 am and hopefully (if baby cooperates) stretches until 8:00 am. My work-table is clean and mostly clear with my hoop already stretched drum-tight with linen. Plenty of No.28 tapestry needles to hand, scissors and thread of silk all at the ready and, of course, a bar of dark chocolate and a bottle of water at the edge of my table for energy!

  562. My ideal stitching session is sitting in an overstuffed chair with a light shining over my shoulder, my needlework in my lap and some relaxing classical music playing in the background.

  563. I like to stitch in all seasons! But I must admit the winter season is the best. It is nice to cozy up in a comfortable chair, with a good light, and stitch while I watch movies on Television.

  564. Hi, I am an everyday embroiderer. I have my own studio space so I can settle into my stitching haven knowing I will not be disturbed. My studio Windows look out on green meadows, and the only sound s are the birds. My only companion is my little Yorkshire terrier, who, like a shadow, follows me everywhere. I enjoy the silence when I am stitching, just listening to the sound of my needle popping through the fabric. Here I am at peace and in heaven, enjoying the most wonderful activity…..my Embroidery.

  565. My ideal stitching is usually a reality! I have a fantastic SE corner of my living room that I usually keep set to work. The natural light is great, most of the day, most of the year. The best days will find me working with the windows open, cat on the sill, and the birds and other wildlife giving us a show. There is always one sort of workbasket or cabinet beside me with my tools and extra supplies. I usually have a glass of iced tea or water so I’m forced to take some breaks during a long stitching day. In the evening, I might trade off for some hot Mexican cocoa or a glass of wine. Usually, the time of day doesn’t matter. However, I do try to stitch all day Monday, or at least that morning. Because it’s usually always ready to go, I can often just spend at least a little time each day sitting down to the work at hand without hunting all of the supplies. In my dream stitching place, there would also be a small rotating book shelf to keep my reference books to whatever project is in the works.

  566. A view of a body of water and trees, and either watching snow fall, or a perfect summer day (not too hot) with light rain on the leaves and low rumbles of thunder. My dog laying on her bed by my chair. A cup of peppermint tea for me. Maybe make my chair a recliner because it sounds good for napping too.

  567. My ideal stitching session is sitting in a comfy chair, my feet up and watching something on TV while having a glass of wine.

  568. A lovely cool breeze coming through the window. My best friend Glen and myself stitching together. Lots of laughter, coffee and friendship. What more could you ask for.
    Merry Christmas to you all from Australia.
    Cheers Joy

  569. Ideal stitching daydream: It’s me. Just me. The cats are sleeping somewhere else and not trying to take over my lap. The family is happily engaged elsewhere. The house is clean, laundry done, and I don’t have to cook later. A podcast is coming in through the earbuds, cup of tea at my elbow, thermos of more nearby. Maybe there’s a small bowl of M&Ms next to the tea – but not so close that they’d melt. The sun is streaming through the window lighting my way. I stitch until I run out of tea. Or get tired of podcasts. And no one interrupts.

  570. I’m home alone, my needle is threaded and in my hand ready to stitch the fun part of the design. It is a sunny day, Bette Midler is singing, and ocean waves are crashing the shoreline.
    I’m a dreamer—moisture in Il today is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  571. Rocking chair by the window, to get the best light, dogs asleep in front of the log burner and a nice pot of tea to help me along.

  572. I work at my dining room table. My frames are nearby with work in progress. I have trays that hold the supplies for each project and I include needles and scissors on each tray. The southern light coming in the windows makes for good stitching from early morning to afternoon. I prefer classical music.

  573. Enjoying the stitching ideas and knowledge you send out. Last few little gifts to finish embroidering while on night duty up to Christmas morning before home for a sleep before the family lunch.

  574. My ideal stitching session is pretty simple. I’d begin around 11PM, stitching in bed, alone, with an audiobook playing in the background. Then I could go on for hours of solitary happy work.

  575. i would love a quite afternoon to myself to embroidery. It would be cold outside, but the fire would be roaring in the fireplace. No other noise in the house. That would be wonderful!

  576. A perfect stitching setting would be with a friend or two, a nice cup of tea and snow outside. We would just talk about personal matters, away from any judgment or critics while stitching the day away!

  577. Oh how lovely to imagine some uninterrupted stitching time at such a busy time of year…I love the busyness but I do miss the quiet time too. I stitch in my stitchy chair with my rolling trolley beside me. If I have a drink it’s usually a cup of tea. I’m either listening to a podcast or to tv but everything else on my endless to do list will be done..if that’s the case it would be bliss! Thank you for the opportunity to participate, Merry Christmas

  578. Oh yes! I can see myself now, sitting in my recliner in my sunny front room. The TV is on because I am binge watching something on Netflix. There’s a big mug of hot strong tea (I don’t do dainty little cups!) on my TV tray to my left with all of my embroidery toys. Two of my dogs are on the couch to my right and the big puppy is on the floor at my feet. I’m home by myself, soaking up the free time. And…my house is a mess, but this is my time and when I am done playing, I will clean up.

  579. Always at head of table, looking out into the garden. good lighting, cup of tea, dog around. Need and love either silence to concentrate, or occasionally music depending on the complexity of the piece. Have got a nice stitchers group once a week where we have a cosy natter!!

  580. My ideal stitching session … My family is all busy with their own activities out of the house so no interruptions! My project is planned out, fabric framed up, threads organized. I have a good audio book to listen to and it’s snowing gently outside but warm in my craft room. Most importantly my non-stitching to do list is complete – yes, complete – so I can stitch with no guilt or cares abotu what I “should” be doing instead!

  581. My ideal stitching session would be in a spot with very bright natural light, low music (probably Yanni cause I love him!), a cup of tea (white & peppermint), and a new project. Nothing better than starting a stitching session with pretty new fabrics and threads! It would also have something in the pattern with a new technique for me to learn. I love learning new needlework techniques.

  582. Actually, I enjoy spending the day with a couple of friends stitching and chatting with 50’s music playing in the background. We get together every Tuesday to work on our PHDs (Projects Half Done). Some days we get a lot done and some not so much. We’ve been there to support each other through bad times…cancer, death of a loved one, divorce…and good times…births, marriages, graduations. It’s definitely something I look forward to each week and my favorite stitching time!

  583. Well, I work in my stitching “room” during the day along with my African Grey parrot, Topper. My stitching “room” is an L shaped table in the middle of my basement. Under one side of the L, I store my beading supplies; sometimes I make jewelry and sometimes use those supplies for beading on my stitched pieces. Organizing the rest of table is difficult as there are no walls nearby. My kitted projects are stored in bins in a cupboard at one end of the basement. Any desk organization ideas are welcome.
    We like to listen to light rock, pops classical, musicals, and even opera at times. Depending on the season, I keep hot tea, hot chocolate, iced tea and soda along with my ever present water. I live in Colorado where it is very dry.
    At night I stitch in my recliner in the living room along side Topper and my husband. We usually watch a movie or just regular TV. Again, with my seasonal beverage in reach and fire if it is cold. I use Ott lights everywhere. I listed two sessions because I love either one; don’t typically get to do both in one day.
    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  584. For my ideal stitching time the phone has been turned off and all the items needed to work on my current project are gathered and set out on a small table next to the rocker I use for doing hand work. My grandmothers floor lamp is setup to shine light on my right. I have a cup of tea and a small snifter of cognac in easy reach. I can hear the wind rushing around the corners of the house, but it is warm and cozy in the living room. My hubby is nearby browsing on his computer, or reading a book. He has claimed the TV remote so what is on TV could range from Judge Dredd to Toy Story to a WW2 documentary. It doesn’t really matter because it is just background for me anyway! The important thing is I am doing something I love and sharing some quiet time with my husband.

  585. A chunk of stitching me time is spent in my comfy chair with the TV going. I need to look up often to keep being able to focus on finer work. There is always one of the cats near and one loves snoozing on the left side of my chair arm. She doesn’t seem to mind my lamp. Usually there is just me here as hubby is either in bed or his study. The hours just fly past. If the house isn’t straight it starts the way it is. The old adage of having done the wife duties, eg clean house etc before any crafts does not sit well with me.

  586. My ideal stitching session is the evening, with my daylight lamp and the family watching movies together. It does mean that sometimes things need to be cleaned up, but it is the best time.

  587. Hi Mary, Hi Everyone,
    My dream location, my idea of Paradise is a place here in Quebec called Île Verte (Green Island…). It’s a real island on St-Laurent River. No bridge to go there, you have to use ferry or helicopter, no shop, no bank, no gas, no groceries… Only some houses, old farms, lighthouse, houses and room to rent and a restaurant. No noise, not much lights in the night… I would like to stitch in front of water, listen whales and look at mountains on the other side of the river…. There is always some wind, no mosquitoes and no heatwave. This is my stitching paradise!

  588. I would love to win this gift! I started to embroider a month ago, and with every project I learn something new (sometimes good, sometimes not). Having lost 5 family members in 6 years, I was looking for something to soothe me, something to do with my hand besides ring them — and embroidery is the solution.

  589. My ideal stitching session includes sitting in my stitching chair with light and magnifier and having everything I need the first time I sit down – no getting up for scissors, different needle, more thread, instruction sheet, etc. A glass of wine is always helpful and no dropping anything allowed.

  590. I set up my lighting. I like to stitch early afternoons because the light through my window is great, but when it will be getting dusk to dark while stitching I have my lamp ready. My chargers are handy too as I am listening to an audible book. Dinner is in a crockpot so I don’t have to stop too long.

  591. I have spent the past 6 months cross stitching Christmas stockings and it went from summer to winter. I did move from my sofa to a chair. Both had tables for holding embroidery items and I use an old fashion accordion sewing box on legs. I didn’t find either spot ideal. I think it was more due to my scroll stand and how difficult it was to get everything just right and once settled in one of my dogs always wanted out so it just became a hassle.
    I did purchase an Audible account and started listening to books as per one of your posts. It was the best needlework purchase I made. I listened to the whole Outlander series while making those stockings.
    It is over now and I am looking forward to doing Strawberry Frye after Christmas.

  592. You’re rocking the giveaways this year Mary. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to reading these responses. I never get ideal stitching sessions, but this would be my ideal. In front of the wood stove, having a load of wood at the ready. No husband, or kids, but my daughter or a good friend to chat with. Cats around, but not on my lap!!! Asleep by the fire would be good. My feet up on the ottoman and all my threads on a table next to me so I can find what I need without running around. A good light on my left. Wine, cocoa, iced tea or milk and cookies depending on my mood. Cell phone out of order. Time, at least several hours. Since I want a good friend to chat with, my IDEAL stitching companion would be you Mary. I feel like we would be great friends. Want to come stitch by my fire with me?

  593. Hmm, well, my spot at the end of the love seat, (that’s where my good light is), my husband watching old black and white cowboy movies, my kitty at my feet. That’s heaven to me!

  594. Who wouldn’t love the special things listed in this giveaway . . . needles, and thread oh my! Thank you and your sponsors for your generosity this holiday season!

  595. My favorite stitching time is when I have my Needlesystem 4 desk top stand on my work table, right in front of my computer where I can watch my favorite streaming video site, Drama Fever. I also have my lighted magnifier on to see those pesky split backstitches a little better. My home is nice and neat, but my work room is where creativity explodes. It’s my grandchildren’s favorite spot in the house.

  596. I love to stitch outside in the bright sunshine. I have my garden with the bees, dragonflies and birds all around. My music is the sound of birds chirping and the bees buzzing around. When it gets a bit cooler I will have a fire going in the fire pit. I love being creative in the midst of nature.

  597. I’m really enjoying the Christmas give-a-ways, Mary! And the 12 Trees–I hope to make several of them for next year’s Christmas ornaments for my nieces & nephews.
    Thank you, & Merry Christmas!

  598. I live in sunny San Diego, so I do my best stitching during the day sitting in the back room that has many windows. I sit in the middle of the couch with my tub of supplies on my right and Maddie the cat curled up to the left of me. I like to watch something commercial free from the DVR so I don’t have to stop stitching to fast forward through the commercials. If I am set up like this I can do a marathon session of several hours!

  599. When I get time off work, there’s nothing more I like to do than sit and stitch, usually on the guest-room bed with a big faux leopard pillow behind my back. I usually put on a series I can binge-“watch” to my heart’s content (Heartland, When Calls the Heart, Northern Exposure, almost anything on AcornTV.com or PBS, especially a good mystery). I like to stitch best at night when it’s quiet (husband and faithful cairn are in bed by 9:00 p.m., but I’m a night owl). If it’s cold outside, I might have a cup of hot cocoa (1 tsp. real cocoa powder, 1 tsp. organic maple syrup, 2 percent lactose-free milk); if it’s hot outside, I make a Pellegrino chocolate soda (2 TBS chocolate syrup and 1/4 cup whole milk whisked well, then filled nearly to the top with Pellegrino water and crushed ice, with a little half-and-half drizzled over the top). But your mention of whisky or wine has me thinking now….ha!

  600. My ideal stitching session is feet up in my recliner, my magnifying lamp, listening to Floss Tube on the iPad or music or an old movie, something to drink close by (usually just water…boring I know! LOL) and my cross stitch in hand. Love stitching with my Hardwicke Manor hoops, so I’m loving the idea of your Collection #1 giveaway this time!!! Merry Christmas, Mary. Thank you for this opportunity and for sharing your love of stitching with us.

  601. My favorite stitching session would be at my In-Laws beach house stitching with my dog by me, my kids and husband hanging out. It could be a rare sunny day in Oregon or a wet rainy day, a stitching day at the coast is wonderful!!!!!

  602. My perfect stitching session would be after my house has been cleaned, dinner is in the crockpot, and the house is quiet. Just me and my project. The house is open to fresh spring breezes and I’m sitting by the picture window so the light is great. I’m stitching away and making excellent progress.

  603. My ideal set up for stitching at this point only truly involves one thing. Are my hands hurting or not? Painful I might be able to stitch for 5-10 minutes. No pain to start I might make it to 20 minutes or longer. I would also need a nice source of chocolate from the M&M folks so that it doesn’t melt in my hand and with a big cup of ice water as well. I would probably have a DVD of one of my favorite Jane Austin movies on, Persuasion. So I can stitch without looking up constantly as I have much of the movie memorized.

  604. At the end of Jan I am heading out to Puerto Vallarta for a 12 night stay at a 4 star+ resort right in the town. I will be taking along a new quilting project to get started on. I plan to sit by the pool in the afternoons & do my stitching while enjoying the warm breezes, while my Hubby reads his book. I have no cooking, grocery shopping or household chores, all is done for us. It does not get much better than that.

  605. WOW, what a question. Interesting that so many want to stitch alone. Here’s my room – cold outside, warm inside. Big window looking out over a porch for good lighting. An open room with 3 big-ish chairs for me & two stitcher friends. Each chair has a table, floor lamp, all the supplies for our projects, light throw if wanted,& a drink. There is light music in the background & good conversation. Light snacks ready when we are. No phones to ring, no children or spouse with questions; just the day for us.

  606. I love to stitch in front of the fire and listen to audio books. My two favorite activities, stitching and reading.

  607. My fantasy sewing day? A fire crackling in the fireplace while the snow falls gently outside the window. The tree is up, lights are twinkling, I’m settled in my favorite recliner with a steaming cup of coffee at my side. Soft Christmas music plays as I pick up my latest embroidery project. It is a stitched FW 221 with a patchwork border. Ah,bliss!

  608. Creating a needlework experience
    First I need to set aside time. I have a comfortable chair, clear light and my tools at my side. In other words prep work is done before my session.
    My beloved dog is always at my side and the tv on or off. Music, conversation is a positive enhancement. I never have to be alone to stitch.
    By separating prep work from my stitching I create an experience that fosters calm, peace and reflection.
    Every stitch reflects thought and feeling.

  609. The ideal stitching session is any time I have a needle in my hand. I stitch when I’m with my favorite quilting group – the Knotty Ladies. They don’t even mind if I’m doing embroidery and not quilting. I stitch in my favorite downstairs chair and my favorite upstairs chair. In both spots I’ll have a dog at my feet. I stitch listening to audio books or watching TV or listening to music. Tea or coffee are both welcome at any time Others may say “You put so much work into this!” or “You’re obsessed with that needlework.” But I say, “It’s what I love to do. It’s my bliss.”

  610. My perfect stitching session, well – I’m alone in the house. It’s a sunny winter’s day. The washing machine downstairs is doing it’s swishing sounds. My cat, Miss Tiger is curled up on top of my feet, keeping us both warm. I’m stitching on a large stationary stand alone wooden frame fitted tightly with a white linen tablecloth. The pattern is a beautiful apple blossom design that is a perfect match to the china dishes I inherited from my grandmother. After the tablecloth, I’ll stitch the same, smaller design into the corner of each matching linen napkin , for a complete set of eight. It should be a beautiful table setting when I finish!

  611. My side veranda with great natural light, just water, home alone and audio book or TV programme about an interesting event or person in history. My day just couldn’t get better than that.

  612. I tend to do my best needlework very early in the morning before the rest of the day gets started. I have a desk and comfortable chair set up in my bedroom with a good light. I do my stitching with a toy poodle – I have several, they’re like potato chips you can’t stop with just one – on my feet and the local NPR station on the radio.

  613. I’m lucky enough to have a craft room. So my ideal is to be sitting in my chair with my feet up, morning sun coming through the window over my shoulder along with a mild breeze, and listening to the sounds of the birds outside as I stitch away.

  614. Sitting on the porch in the Florida afternoon winter sunshine with a slight breeze blowing, listening to opera arias, doing a bit of stitching? Perfect.

  615. I guess it would depend on the season where I would like to stitch. Since it’s winter I would be sitting by a fireplace with a lovely cup of tea. It’s snowing outside and classical music is playing. No one is in the house or about to phone or drop in. The project is ready to go. So with needle in hand I enter a world of peace, and for just a little while- life recedes.

  616. The left side of the couch next two a light that I can bend down for better light. I have a cup of coffee on the coffee table. I have to hide my thread since our family cat Mona Lisa likes to run of with it. I am watching a movie or tv show I have already watched so that I can look up for the good parts and then get back to work.