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Spring into Stitching – A Wee Weekend Sale


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For those of you looking for some perfect little embroidery projects to help you spring into stitching, I’m running a short weekend sale on my instructional, project, and pattern downloads this weekend.

A couple things prompted me to run a sale on e-books this weekend – not the least of which is the current recurring question of needle organization…

Spring Into Stitching Sale

Shortly, I’ll be sharing with you a little embroidery design that I’m working on now. I’m finishing the stitching this weekend, and then I’m going to finish the design into a needlebook, following the guidelines for making needlebooks available in Lavender Honey & Other Little Things.

If you want to separate your needles into types and sizes, a needlebook is a great way to do that. The little needlebooks in Lavender Honey are pretty small (2″ x 2″) – they’re perfect for carrying all the needles you need for a specific project.

But the construction guidelines can be applied to any needlebook size.

So if you’re looking for a fun solution to organizing needles, why not make a needlebook or two? Lavender Honey will help show you how!

Yay for Spring!

The other reason for the sale? Well, with spring upon us in Kansas, and the flowers starting to bloom, I thought it was a good time to share particularly springy embroidery projects with you.

Besides Lavender Honey, I’ve got several project and pattern e-books that lend themselves to cheery spring stitching! If you’re hankering for a new project, why not check them out?

You’ll find all my instructional, project, and pattern e-books right here on Needle ‘n Thread, on sale for 15% off through Monday, March 26th. If you’ve been considering any of them, now’s a great time to get ’em!

I hope you enjoy your weekend – and wherever you are, whether it’s spring or not, I hope you have a little spring in your step and a lot of joy in your heart!


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(7) Comments

  1. I want to do the needle book with the bees and hive and put my Milliners in it. Cause bees mill around. It would make me giggle every time, which is a good way to start the bullion stitch.

  2. Well, this is perfect timing! I’ve been browsing the shop for the past couple of weeks and kept telling myself I didn’t really “need” to add new projects to the pile. But now the temptations are on sale! This is clearly the universe telling me to go ahead and buy now. 😉

  3. Have just ordered Lavender Honey and Twelve Trees for Christmas.
    Have followed many of your articles and teachings from your column, and am so glad to finally get to order some of your actual items.
    I tell so many of my stitching friends about your column, and hope they are following my example and check in with you each time.
    Love, love, love your column.

  4. Thank you for the sale. I found your site late last year, and I really enjoy it! I just recently returned to cross stitch after many, many years – my son is now in college and out of the house, and with my husband’s new job, my evenings are now my own again.

    I’ve been learning other embroidery stitches and can’t wait to try out the projects in Lavender Honey.

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