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Here’s the Low-Down on Those Embroidery Scissors


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I’d hate to say that we, as embroiderers, tend to fixate on certain things, because I would never dare to make a blanket statement about All Folks who Love to Embroider.

But I think it’s safe to say that many embroiderers fixate on certain things… like scissors, for example. What embroiderer, after all, doesn’t appreciate really good embroidery scissors?

It seems that, for many of us, scissors can quickly catch our eye.

Case in point: Wednesday’s article on my current project with some tips for stitching on the go. It just so happens that one of the photos in that article had a pair of scissors in it…

Premax Embroidery Scissors

These scissors, as a matter of fact.

When I wrote Wednesday’s article, it occurred to me that I should perhaps mention what scissors they are because I might get a few inquiries.

But then I figured that I already had a lot of words in that article (oh, golly – that’s so unusual for me!) and, after all, the scissors weren’t really the focus, so they wouldn’t be of that much interest.

But you know, I should have trusted my gut! After all, it’s a fairly big gut and it’s been around for a while/

In short: lots of email asking about those scissors.

Premax Embroidery Scissors

The scissors are Premax brushed stainless steel RingLock scissors, made in Italy, and this particular pair was specifically sold as embroidery scissors. They have straight blades.

Premax also makes a curved blade pair sold as embroidery scissors.

That said, my gut (the very same aforementioned gut) says that they are probably pretty close to, if not identical to, the curved adult cuticle scissors that Premax manufactures. And the straight bladed embroidery scissors look just the same as the RingLock nail scissors from Premax.

Premax Embroidery Scissors

The whole point of Premax’s RingLock system is to eliminate the problem of the central hardware loosening so that the blades are no longer usable.

It must work. I’ve used my RingLock scissors from Premax for a long, long time, and the cutting integrity – the way the blades fit together as they cut (and even the sharpness of the blades) – hasn’t diminished.

They’re mighty fine scissors, but they are not fine-feeling scissors. They feel sturdy and solid, not delicate and fragile. They cut in fine spaces, though.

They’re nice scissors!

In a Nutshell

There are two brands of scissors that I rely on for affordable, long-lasting, accurate, well-made embroidery scissors: Dovo and Premax RingLock.

The RingLock scissors shown here strike me as a bit sturdier than the Dovo embroidery scissors I have, but I like both equally well, and both have served me equally well.

Be aware that the decorative line of Premax embroidery scissors are not the same as the RingLock scissors from Premax. Premax’s decorative scissors don’t hold a candle to the RingLock scissors or to Dovo’s scissors, decorative or not. The quality of the decorative scissors is simply not as good.

Where to Find Them

You can sometimes find Premax scissors through your local needlework shop, if you have one.

If not, in the US, you can find them through Anita’s Little Stitches, where they have a large variety of Premax. Again, I’m not super keen on the “decorative” Premax scissors. They aren’t as nice as the RingLock brushed stainless steel scissors. They just don’t have the same smooth mechanism and accurate little blades.

You can also find the Premax RingLock scissors on Amazon, occasionally. I’ve listed a pair that’s more regularly available (though not the stainless shown here – they are ring lock, but with different handles) on my Amazon recommendations page here.

If you live in Europe or the UK, you can also order directly from Premax here. They do not ship to the US directly.

And there you have it! Everything you wanted to know about the scissors that showed up in Wednesday’s article.

From now on, I’ll try to remember to include all the pertinent information about any scissors that show up in any embroidery pictures on Needle ‘n Thread!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

This article contains an affiliate link to my Amazon Recommendation page, where you’ll find my recommended needlework books and some tools that make stitching easier. Purchases made through that link result in a small commission for Needle ‘n Thread, without any extra cost to you.


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(15) Comments

  1. Thanks for the info on your scissors, Mary! There’s nothing like the feel of a great pair of scissors! My very favorite scissors are DMC Peacock Embroidery Scissors. They are super sharp and have a finely pointed tip. They’re pretty to look at and are relatively inexpensive. When I make traveling sewing kits as gifts, I always include the DMC Peacock scissors – they’re just the right size at 3 3/4″ – so when I find them on sale, I usually buy a couple.

    I hope all is well at your house.

  2. Fixate is the right word, and I sure couldn’t condemn you for using it.

    I, too, examined those scissors on Wednesday. When I saw your comment on the brand, I was off and running. I found several pairs on Amazon, but wasn’t happy when I saw the shipping from the UK. (I’m really used to “free” prime shipping.) So I kept looking and found a pair (straight blade like yours) from Premax with prime shipping for $17.28. They’ll be here Monday!

    Now, if you’d trusted your gut and added them to your Amazon recommendations page, you’d be getting that little bonus, but because we all love you, here’s the link so you can add it for everybody else.

    1. Thanks, Gee – Thanks for the heads up! These are not quite the same, as they aren’t the brushed stainless steel. I use those brushed stainless steel handles for polishing embroidery threads when I’m doing satin stitch and similar types of filling. They’re great for that! But I’ve added this with the nylon handles to my page, because they are actually a pretty good pair of very affordable (under $20) scissors. I have a pair of them, but I use them for cutting small paper projects!

    2. Well, who knew? But for the price, I can use a pair for small paper cuts.

      But now I’m even more confused. I followed the first link you put up (not the second one to the “paper” scissors) and it led me to a pair of Japanese scissors by Kai – with plastic handles, not brushed stainless, and it doesn’t come from the UK.

      All this scissor stuff is making my head spin and it’s only Monday! šŸ™‚

      Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K5VWPHE/?ref=exp_marycorbet_lv_dp_vv_d

    3. Hi, Gee – No, the link in the article above takes you straight to my recommendations page. The KAI scissors are also listed on that page. The Premax RingLock scissors with the black handles are the first scissors listed on that page, and the KAI scissors are a few items down from there. So you’ve probably clicked on the KAI scissor listing. Those are very good scissors, too. They aren’t the same quality as the all-stainless steel Premax RingLock (which aren’t available anymore through Amazon, since this article went up), but they are very good scissors and I like them. I really like the handles on the KAI ones – they’re comfortable.

  3. Mary, I’m wondering how these would be for cutting the fabric when cutting out the Hardanger pieces? Do you think they are long enough for that? Sounds like they would hold up well for it.

  4. After you blogged about embroidery long ago I bought a pair of Dovo and a pair of Premax because yes, I confess, I love scissors of all kinds and sizes. I loved my Dovo scissors and went on to buy a couple other types of them. I wasn’t too happy with Premax compared to the Dovo. I didn’t think they cut as well. I will use them, especially in my grab and go travel bag because I wouldn’t want to chance losing my Dovo’s. So many notions are personal….I have yet to find a thimble that works for me. I’ve tried the open end, the metal, leather, hard rubber, silicone, stick on (the worse for me because they just don’t stick or my threads get stuck on it) etc. So far my favorite is the Clover silicone with the metal tip but I’m still on the search for a better one because when my finger begins to sweat it wants to slip off. I read to lick your finger first and your thimble will stay on longer and yes, it does seem to work but you still have to take if off and wipe sweat from thimble and finger, just not as soon. So I love love love my Dovo embroidery scissors, the fit and feel is just perfect for me. It’s such a slice of loveliness when you find a notion that hits the “happy” spot and you really don’t need to look any further but yes, I will most likely continue to collect scissors. Have a great weekend. I hope you won’t be affected by Storm Gia.

    1. Hi, Sandra – Did you get the ring lock premax, or a different pair? They make all kinds, but I really only like the ringlock. Iā€™m not sure what Storm Gia is? Did I miss something?!? LOL! I guess I better look that up.

    2. I got the ring lock. As I said everyone’s preferences can vary. I do use them. Storm Gia is a winter storm due to hit the Plains and Midwest I believe, this weekend. They name the winter storms now like they do the hurricanes. Stay safe and warm.

    3. LOL! Goes to show you how out of the loop I am right now! Yes, we got snow. I wouldn’t call it a huge winter storm here, but I know that other areas not too far distant really got a good bit of the stuff. We have about 3-4″ and just gray and cold and yucky now. šŸ™‚

    4. We got about 3 or 4 inches so far but it’s still coming down and it’s not supposed to stop until 9pm. I shoveled twice and it’s getting dark now. Not in a good neighborhood so I stop when it’s getting dark. No stitching for me-I’m envious of others that love to be snowed in so they can stitch. I’m achy now. Sounds like St. Louis and Nebraska really got hit hard. Maybe I can enjoy Sunday after one more shovel.

  5. Interesting post Mary. Years ago as a door prize from my Janome I won a tiny pair of gingher gold covered embroidery scissors with straight blades. Their value then was $40 which not is worth about $65! I’ve never, other than my sewing machine, had top of the line anything, so I have treasured those scissors. I use my cheap curved blades scissors more of which I have several pairs, but are much needed for machine embroidery. After seeing how nice those scissors were, when I needed applique scissors I got some of the gingher ones as well on sale at JoAnn’s.

    As I have gotten older, I have found that more an more, that it makes much more sense to buy the good stuff, than cope with the cheap stuff that doesn’t work nearly as well. I even do this with quilting rulers. Rather than try to get along with one or two rotary rulers, I have been getting all the ones that are most helful for the things that I do. This is my hobby, I want it to be fun!

    Always appreciate what you have to say and I hope your mom is feeling better.

    1. Hello Gailete (and Mary). I didn’t even know Gingher made a special series of embroidery scissors-one every year named after someone famous in the industry. I was watching a You tube put out by some cross stitchers and a lady showed a part of her collection. She said Shepherd’s Bush comes out with a cross stitch scissor fob to go with each scissor as Gingher releases them. What a beautiful collection she has of not only the scissors but completed fobs! I don’t have a pair of them (yet). Wonder where I was that I never knew Gingher did that.

    2. Sandra, You are not alone in not knowing about the yearly special scissors and fobs! I try to stay as up to date as possible so I know what is up in the sewing world for my store, etc. For those that can afford it, a nice item to collect. I won’t be seeing one until someone throws out someone’s sewing stuff. I have gotten some of the most amazing things at thrift stores as well as sewing/needlecraft books at library book sales. I think I have enough to try out just about any sewing project out there. Besides some really terrific books, one of my best deals was getting something like a 2-gallon ziplock bag filled to the rim with Caron Watercolour floss for I think I paid $7 total. Besides the floss other types of embroidery ‘threads’ as well that I had not heard of.

      So much fun to find neat things, especially as my disability budget doesn’t allow for paying full price for much of anything. I do like be knowledgeable about as to what available. i will probably be seeing references to the scissors and fob everywhere which is what usually happens. Kind of like when you are reading and you bump into a word you don’t know so you look it up in a dictionary and then for the next few weeks, you see it everywhere! Maybe just me though šŸ™‚

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