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Stitcher’s Christmas #9: Get Your Red & Green On!


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Haaaaappy Friday!

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, we’re running out of Stitcher’s Christmas installments. I’ll be sad when this yearly pre-Christmas party is over – I love reading the comments!

For today’s gifts – there are two of them – we’re going to go to those traditional Christmas colors of red and green. That’s right! Lisa at The French Needle has put together two sumptuous packages of embroidery supplies, one red and one green. These are perfect for stash enhancing for any embroiderer who likes to mix things up with fibers, fabrics, and threads – and if you happen to be a crazy quilter, I think you’d be seventh heaven with the selections!

I’ll also announce the winners of Monday’s crewel wool collections from Renaissance Dyeing at the end of today’s article, so read on!

Red & Green embroidery supplies from French Needle

Red & Green Everything! Today’s give-away features everything you need, materials-wise, to enjoy some seriously fun creativity with fabric and threads.

Each collection includes an assortment of hand-dyed velvets, French linens, Au Ver a Soie silk chenille, ribbon, and pearls, and some sparkly Tonkin thread – one collection in reds and the other in greens.

The French Needle is a small hand embroidery business offering a wide selection of hand-picked needlework goods – from fabrics and threads to kits to books to tools and accessories – many of which are imported from France.

Red & Green embroidery supplies from French Needle

Lisa has gone to great lengths to include lots of surface embroidery offerings in her unique stock of supplies. She carries beginner through advanced kits from a variety of designers worldwide, including names like Bluebird Embroidery Co (Helen Richman), Lorna Bateman, Nicola Jarvis, Maison Noel, Rouge du Rain, and others.

And aside from kits, you’ll find some really fabulous thread collections to work with. French Needle offers, for example, Au Ver a Soie’s metallics in color collections. I used several of the metallics in the blues collection on my snowflakes.

One of my favorite things that Lisa has started carrying lately is a collection of novelty buttons – tiny buttons that are perfect for adding a pictorial touch to embroidery projects (like ornaments and the like), quilts, clothing, and so forth. They’re lots of fun!

If you haven’t enjoyed the pleasure of browsing through The French Needle website, I highly recommend a good meander! It’s a great place to find unexpected, beautiful needlework projects and supplies!

Red & Green embroidery supplies from French Needle

Ready for the give-away?

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended. Thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment on the comment form below. If you’re not sure how to get to the comment form, click on this link – it will take you straight there. Your comment must be left on the website on today’s article, not on any other article. Comments submitted via email are not eligible and I am not able to reply to them due to time constraints. Please do not comment as a reply to another comment. Replies are not counted.

2. Be sure that your comment has a name on it that is recognizable as yours. You might include a last name, nickname, or the place you live.

The reason I particularly mention this one is that it reduces confusion when the winner is announced. It’s always hard to disappoint people if they mistake the name for their own!

3. Make certain your email address on the comment form is entered correctly, so that I can email you if you win. Leave the “website” line of the comment form empty. Do Not leave your personal contact information in the comment box itself. In other words, don’t sign your comment with your email address or your mailing address! That’s just an invitation for spam.

4. In your comment, answer the following question:

What’s your favorite Christmas color combination and how have you used it (or how do you imagine using it, if you haven’t yet) in your own Christmas preparations? Do you go with the more traditional red-green, white-gold, red-white, or what? Maybe you’re more of a turquoise-red, a frosty-blue, a blue-gold, or a silver-white? Or maybe you go all out with lime-pinks, burgundy-pines, or purple-greens? Or maybe you go with a jolly mix! I’d love to hear your take on Christmas colors and how you use them!

5. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central time (Kansas, USA) next Friday, December 27th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and will be announced in the blog article that day.

So go forth and comment, and in 2020, maybe you’ll be playing with some luscious additions to your needlework stash!

The give-aways for A Stitcher’s Christmas are open to everyone, but please be aware that, if you are subject to customs or duty fees, they are your responsibility.

Crewel Wool Winners

Here are the winners for Monday’s installment of A Stitcher’s Christmas, featuring the Elizabethan range of crewel wools from Renaissance Dyeing: Jan Yousuf and Heather D from Ontario.
I’ll drop you an email, ladies! You’ll love stitching with these buttery-smooth, gorgeous crewel wools!

Coming up next week, look for installment #10 of A Stitcher’s Christmas, which includes a full range of a Very Favorite Thread, so if you’re a thread lover (um… ? who isn’t?), keep an eye out for that on Monday!

Then, I have a little something for you for Christmas. I’ve gone a step further with the Eye-Spy (similar to this one at Thanksgiving), and I’ve added a little extra something special, just for the fun of it!

We’ll wrap up a Stitcher’s Christmas a week from today with the final winners announced.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and that you get a chance to spend some quiet time relaxing with your needle and thread!


(953) Comments

  1. I love red and green. Traditional colors, rich colors and sometimes very bright ones. Decorating with these colors brings in holly and ivy, pines, all sorts of red berries and other natural decorations. Rather than use glass ornaments or tinsel I use natural materials. You get both the smell and the colors of Christmas.

  2. Hi Mary,

    For Christmas decorations, I like the traditional red and green with a little gold for an elegant look. Thanks for the give away.

  3. I love red and white! I love it in embroidery and in fabric selection for red/white quilts.
    My heart skips a beat when I see red and white together! I have made mini red/white embroidered ornaments of my states barn quilt signs for a little tree; red and white “to Grandma’s House we go” quilt and the 12 days of Christmas quilt. Red is my “go to” color. Beautiful red selections in today’s give-away! Merry Christmas!

  4. Ohhh I love non-traditional colors for Christmas!! The brighter the better. But I also love a bright neon-ish green with red too.

  5. Gold! Gold with red, gold with green, gold with white! Gold gold gold! Also, these kits look delightful.

    1. I love the traditional red and green with gold mixed in. I have a block of crazy quilting that these threads would be perfect for! I was going to frame it after the embroidery was done.

  6. I love bright lime green and red for Christmas decorating and have used this combo when stitching Christmas ornaments

  7. My favorite Christmas color combinations are red and green with just enough bling of silver and gold thrown in – traditionalist! I love to cut fresh greens from my yard and use red berries! I always throw in a gold or silver doo-dad to bling it up!!! Thanks again Mary!

  8. One type of embroidery I really enjoy for Christmas is goldwork. I’ve had lovely results putting gold threads on beautiful red fabrics like satins, silks, and velvets. Now, that doesn’t mean some silver and blue or other combos can’t be beautiful, too, but the red and gold are at the top of my list.

  9. Mary,
    You continue to inspire my creativity – thank you! I love to use Red and White in my Christmas stitching with small touches of Green and Silver. This year I am working on hand embroidered ornaments. Merry Christmas!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth L

  10. I’m a green and white person with a touch of gold or red. These collections look so delicious my mind is spinning with possibilities.

  11. Darker reds, greens and cream, with some gold accents are my go-to colors. I also have a Jim Shore nativity with bright beautiful colors, and a brand new Grinch gourd, which makes me smile. I guess I mix it all.

  12. My favorite Christmas colors that I have used in embroidery are green and white. I have used them in an Advent calendar and in a twelve days of Christmas ornaments.

  13. I love the combination of burgundy and gold. I decorate my Christmas tree with those colors and it is beautiful when combined with the clear lights on the tree. I have yet to make any ornaments with this color combination as I am waiting until IO find the threads and fabrics that tell me to pick them. I will know them when I see them.

  14. Oh my gosh…those reds and greens offered by French Needle are sooo beautiful! They are the exact colors I end up using for Christmas, always. Lately I have also been drawn to Christmas colors in light pastels of pink, green, and blue, though I have not yet incorporated them in my decorating. And I am reminded of the pink flocked tree my mother put up in 1959, which horrified my brothers and me, at the time. I don’t think I will be going that far with a color change, however, lol….

  15. Hi, I love all the blue shades mixed with whites and silver, these are just lovely and would love to win, thank you

  16. I like the traditional red and green with some silver thrown in for sparkle. The green thread combo is just yummy!

  17. Christmas is red and green for my kids but for the adults its always gold and white- shiny gold, matte white sets off our house, the china, the decorations- everything sparkles! What fun!

  18. My favourite combination for a stitched tree skirt was turquoise/blue/silver. Thanks for a chance to win this prize.

  19. Green & white – specifically hydrangeas! Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’ is at her peak right now here in sunny SA. Bowls of her fresh white turning to lime-green blooms interspersed with colourful crackers & glittery round foil covered chocolates!

  20. Love all colors at Christmas! Christmas is my favorite time of year and handmade Santas are my favorite collection. The Santas come in all varieties from a real lobster buoy from Maine to a small mop Santa from Connecticut to an old fur coat from a crafter in Arkansas. How can I pick a color when my Santas are all colors and material from felted wool to wood to fabric? Happy Holidays!!

  21. I’m definitely a silver white and then another colour for accent girl. Probably my favourite would be teal or blue, I just love silver at Christmas. I love the French Needle on my bucket list is a wish to join one of Lisa’s French tours.

  22. Oh – I just love all of those colors- but I tend to gravitate toward the blue/green and purple/green combinations – though all are beautiful and eye candy to me. Thank you for this chance – and I might mention this is my favorite give away – Now I am really hoping!!

  23. I’m partial to red and white. I haven’t stitched anything for Christmas for a long time. The last were De Grazia figures cross stitched into ornaments.

  24. At heart I am a traditional Red and Green Christmas. But my favorite of the two is red, it has always been my favorite color anytime. so sudu in kc picks red if she should win.

  25. The tree is my main source of decoration. My Christmas tree is full of variety — Santa Clauses, snowmen, angels, Nativity scenes, animals, stars, poinsettias, toys, etc. They’re are made of a variety of materials — cloth and fibers, wood, ceramic, resin, glass, etc. They are handmade and commercially made; 2-D & 3-D; purchased, given, and thrift store finds. And the colors — also a variety, but, probably, a predominance of red and green. I like my eclectic mess of colors and styles!

  26. Another fabulous give-away, Mary. You and your very generous sponsors have really done yourselves proud and it has been such a thrill seeing your site mail pop-up and then eyeing off (and seriously coveting!!) each of the offerings. There’s going to be a big void when all this is over…. can you be persuaded to have ad hoc offerings occasionally, or is that imposing on your generosity too much??
    And so to the question…. traditional red and green is my thing mostly, although I will do a themed table top or shelf in other colourways as a contrast. But red and green is the way to go, and stay with, for me.

  27. My daughter was born on Christmas Eve (more than a few years ago now) but I still call her my best Christmas present ever! And of course as a result Christmas has become the focus of many family events, much decoration and a burgeoning amount of red nd green in my home! I would love to add these collections to the stash! And I confess to a quite enjoyable meander through the website!! Thank you for pointing me in their direction.

  28. I love silver and blue this time of year. I think that combination really evokes the clear cold beauty of winter.
    I also love the dark greens and red browns of my home in the California redwood forest.
    Id love to do a pictorial piece of my little cabin nestled in the redwoods on the edge of a meadow filled with splintered winter light.

  29. My favorite Christmas colors are Christmas red and green. I also love gingerbread houses. I have a piece of gingerbread house fabric I use as table cloth. It has lots of red and green in it. Then I line up my collection of gluhwein mugs I got at Christmas Markets in Germany which are mainly red and green. It warms my heart a lot of good memories.

  30. I’m super traditional- red and green all the way. I like a more rustic look for Christmas as well, almost like a lodge-type feel. We love to hike in the mountains when it’s snowy, so that must be why!

  31. I like the traditional red and green but in deeper darker shades rather than the brighter reds and greens you see in most things.

  32. I love the traditional reds and greens for Christmas. But lately I have noticed that lime green brightens up that mix and makes me smile! I haven’t finished anything for this Christmas because we have traveled more than usual this year. I plan to start 2020 off right and begin the year with Christmas trees in January! I want to use your tree patterns to experiment. Merry Christmas!

  33. I decorate various rooms in my house for Christmas with color and themes. I would say I’m fairly traditional in those color choices – red and white, frosty white and icy blue with a hint of silver, green and gold. Thank you for these Christmas giveaways. There so much fun to enter, even if you don’t win!

  34. I’m a very traditional Christmas tree decorator … sticking to red, gold / silver and maybe “go wild” and add some blue balls to the mix. Guess that’s the German in me, growing up in a very traditional home.

  35. Wow what a generous, beautiful and festive giveaway! I don’t get to really kick back til Christmas and what goodiesto recharge and reboot my stitching practice for 2020!
    MerryChristmas and Happy Holidays,
    Love your posts, they are so informative!

  36. My favorite Christmas color combinations come from our decision to move to a mountainous area. To have my Christmas stitching and decor match I choose greens and browns, think moss, fern, and oak tree trunks. You should see the door garland I made. It’s kudzu vine (yes, really!) with tucks of live greenery and twigs, with a few deer antlers and gold Christmas balls. ….all shades of greens and browns. Once again, thank you and these fabulous vendors for your work and sharing through the Stitcher’s Christmas. Merry, merry Christmas!

  37. My favorite combination is blue, off white with just a touch of Christmas red. I use it for Christmas tags. Never have to put my name on the “from” space. That combination is my signiture. Thank you for asking and showing us these wonderful threads. Merry Christmas.

  38. My ‘go-to’ Christmas color combination is blue and white. For this year’s ornament giveaway that I try to do for my family every year is a clear glass ball ornament filled with ‘snow’ and covered with six beaded tree ‘branches’ of white seed beads and blue accent beads.

  39. Actually I tend to change my favorite holiday colors from year to year. One year I decorated ala Dr Suess. And everything I did followed suit.

  40. Good morning – this particular giveaway is swoon worthy. My crazy quilter heart overfloweth. My favourite colour scheme for Christmas is blue, white and silver. I like how it can transition from pre-Christmas decorating, through the Christmas season and then on in to winter. I like to put away the red and green stuff right after Christmas but I will leave out the blue and white stuff as it feels wintery rather than Christmassy. Those items get a lot more out of the box time than my other decorations. But I do love the red and green – I want to make another crazy quilted Christmas tree this year so either of these collections would totally work for that!

  41. I’m a traditionalist…………red and green all the way. However, I crafted some stuffie Santas for a Christmas bazaar one year and the pink and white shabby chic ones sold out immediately!! Thanks so much for such a wonderful opportunity to win a wonderful treasure from the The French Needle!

  42. My favorite color combination is every color imaginable. I want multi-color lights on my house. I want every color on my tree. And I especially like using every color of thread and fabric in my needlework. I used to want to decorate our tree with only crocheted snowflakes, but decided it would be too boring.

    Let there be colors!

  43. I love the traditional reds and greens if Christmas…I always use holly, boxwood, pineapples, fruit and pine cones as well so my home resembles Williamsburg. Love the traditions of an early Christmas!

  44. I like gold and red together for my Chistmas. I wrap presents with these colours as well as decorate my tree with gold and red ornaments. I cross stitch ornaments in these colours as well. Happy Holidays!

  45. I love Christmas Red and Green but am particularly partial to using those two colors with a bit of “snow”….white and silver, using Kreinik blending filaments.
    Merry Christmas to all !

  46. My favorite Christmas colors are deep reds and greens combined with a clean off white. i recently Created a beautiful appliqué pillow on an off white linen background with green and red velvets a for the appliqué ornaments. I embellished each ornaments with a variety of embroidery stitches using of dmc threads in white, yellow, blue, green, and red. I further embellished them with sequins, and beads. Nothing is too blingy for Christmas!

  47. blue, gold & red is one of my favorite color combinations, even though my christmas decorations are pretty much all over the place when it comes to colors (:

  48. I usually decorate in traditional colors, red and green, but last year I added frosty blue ornaments to my tree and it really made a difference.

  49. It`s hard to pick a combination of colours for Christmas they are all so lovely but I seem to use red and silver a lot green and silver would be my next favorite. I have just started doing needlework and am finding it so relaxing.
    Thank you for your news letters I look forward to them each day. Merry Christmas

  50. I really use a variety of colors depending on the color theme of the room I am decorating but definitely all colors on my Christmas tree.

  51. I have always been a standard old-fashioned classic red-and-green person, but I am trying to widen my horizons by shifting to the blue-silver palette and also to try all sorts of variations of reds and their corresponding greens, just like they do in high-end stores. It’s great fun to see how a piece changes from ordinary to WOW with different shades and tones of red from dark wine reds to those with pink undertones. I would also love the chance to add some texture to my pieces with chenille and perle cotton and metallics. The matte look of plain cotton floss is ready for an upgrade.

  52. Setting aside the green of the tree, my combination is Black and White… and has been for years.

  53. Red and gold are my preferred Christmas colours but they need naturals and sparkles too, and you can always throw in a dash of green or turquoise and/ or yellow. My latest tree decoration is a red mini Christmas sweater with a cross stitched tree on the front in green variegated silk and a tiny yellow star on top.

  54. My favorite Christmas combo is prussian blue and silver. It’s elegant, classic, and unusual all at the same time. I usually decorate my house in them, but this year we didn’t get home until the 15th of December after a long trip, and also this year four dogs, decorating isn’t going to happen.

  55. Merry Christmas Mary! Love, love, love your blog. Just getting back into stitching and boy there is so much to be seen. My favorites are ribbon embroidery, then embroidery and cross-stitch. Thank you for all your wonderful insights, enjoying your Christmas countdown.

  56. I like traditional reds and greens mixed with burgundy, rose and chartreuse to give it a modern touch. I’m using these colors in Dropcloth Sampler’s mistletoe sampler.


  57. Good morning,
    I was lucky enough to travel with Lisa on her first 2 trips to Paris. I am in love with that city! She took us to so many wonderful corners of the city that I almost feel as though I’m a native. Both times we went to Au Ver a Soie. Heaven.

    I see velvet in those gift boxes. She has the most sumptuous silk velvet on the planet. Everything she sells is just top drawer and I love shopping with her.

  58. Happy Holidays!! The red package would be my favorite. There is quite a selection to work with, how wonderful!! I decorate with lots of snowflakes and snowmen and red and green. They are all so unique, special, and individuals who make me happy just seeing them. Your snowflakes this fall were just amazing and the blues were very lovely. Thank you for all the joy and knowledge that you give all year. Merry Christmas to you and your family! With needle and fabric in hand, always create beauty.

  59. I love to decorate for Christmas! We don’t usually decorate until closer to the end of advent,…this year we’ll start decorating Dec.21.
    This year I’m leaning towards soft mossy green with burgundy for most everything. Of course, the real pine swags and tree are a bit darker than mossy green, but it works together. I will add some gold touches.

  60. It has to be red and green with white. For extra sparkle a touch of silver and gold. Creating little displays on tables and unexpected places around the house. The tree has a number of acorn decorations which we just love. Every year we add one more decoration to our tree. For our son and his wife we gift the same decoration in a decorative tin, so when they need to store it, they can do so.

  61. I like to mix it up and it depends on whether I’m decorating my person or my house. I have different holiday outfits to wear featuring each of the following schemes: Silver and gold with pale neutrals, gold and white on a midnight blue background, black with accents of green and/or red.

    In my home red and green probably dominate, but nothing is out of bounds. I’ve been tempted over the years to try a decorator-style limited color scheme, but people I love have given me delightful things that I want to display every year so I think I will never have the heart to enforce a specific color scheme at Christmas time.

    I am a crazy quilter and those collections are delicious!

    Kelly Ann D. in Modesto

  62. In my house Christmas is the traditional red and green. Like pine and berries.

    But I also love winterwhite and the subtile colour of heleborus. But then it’s more a wintertheme.

  63. Christmas has such a wonderful meaning in my heart. I tend toward burgundy- forest green- gold color palettes but I also love a whimsy of Lime! We all need a bit of laughter in our lives!
    Thanks once again for your articles and this opportunity!

  64. I’m a fan of the lime-pink color combo. I made fun stockings with that combo and think of the Who’s down in whoville when I see them.

  65. Traditionalist here – love the red and green but I want each of them in the deeper shades – hunter green and burgundy are my choices

  66. My favorite Christmas color combinations revolve around my collection of silver ornaments. Each year I change the colors depending on the ribbons/fabric scraps I have thrifted throughout the past year. It is always a bit different, but always brings back memories of collecting the ornaments over a period 30+ years. Merry Christmas and thank you.

  67. I tend to use a mix of joyful colors in my Christmas decorations. However, I love white lights to highlight all!

  68. In decorating my house I use a pretty traditional Christmas color palette. In my creative endeavors however I’m not afraid to try something different. I think pink and pastels can look especially nice.

  69. Being a Floridian my entire life, our Christmas colors are warm and tropical. They showcase the beauty of the Gulf waters in turquoise and aqua, the majesty of palm trees in bright greens and limes, and the glory of bright pink, orange, and red flowers like the hibiscus and ginger. These colors flow through our home more brightly during the holidays as we decorate our Florida-style Christmas tree and mantel with underwater creatures. Hand-stitches tropical Santas are shown on pillows and my fancy turquoise and green quilts decorate the walls.

  70. Ohhh. Christmas colors. I have used several over the years. I personally love blues with white and silver. But the hubs loves multicolored lights. And red and green are everywhere. Plus my kitchen has red accents. So I use a lot of everything, especially red.
    Thanks as always.
    Diana B from central Illinois

  71. I don’t do a lot of Christmas decorating in our house–four cats and Christmas trees don’t mix! However, there are a lot of Christmassy color blends I love. Blue/silver, the classic red/green, jewel tones. In fact, just about any color can be made a Christmas color. On a side note, I LOVE that dark green chenille in the photo. Might need to purchase some of that!

    Thanks for all the great giveaways. I hope the winners enjoy their goodies!

  72. My favorite color is red, so my favorite Christmas color combination of traditional red, green and gold is not much of a stretch as far as color palettes go. Whatever the palette, as long as it says “Christmas” to you, just go with it and celebrate! Merry Christmas to all!

  73. I guess I’m kind of a humbug but I use papers and things saved throughout the year. The most used color this year is paper bag brown. I use markers and string/ribbon/yarn for interest and hope the recipient recycles these wrappings. Too much glitter and shiny paper becomes trash.

  74. This year I’ve gone with green and gold. I make 4 Christmas cards for special people. I embroidered a green fir tree using random straight and ‘v’ shaped stitches in three shades of green and a trunk using shades of brown for straight stitch but some of the stitches were behind the green branches to give the impression of depth, then I did gold thread French knots to make baubles and finally a gold sequin star at the top of the tree held on with a small gold bead in the centre. Although all the trees were made to the same basic recipe by making them a slightly different shape and using various shades of thread they all looked different.

  75. My favorite Christmas colors are the antique Victorian reds and greens. My Mom and I made a lot of Christmas stockings one year to sell at the hospital bazaar.

  76. My favorite Christmas color combination is red and white. My earliest Christmas memories are of the peppermint red and white candies that my grandfather gave me. I like to see snow on conifers and I am a nut for the red truck with a tree dusted with snow

  77. My favorite color palette for Christmas is red, green and gold. I prefer traditional decoration with touches of elegant trimmings like velvet and beaded accents. T.W from Tequesta

  78. Hi! This Christmas I’m working on an item that’s the traditional Christmas colors of red, green, and white – so for this year, these are my favorite Christmas colors. I’m rehabbing a felt Christmas stocking that I made during the summer of 1978 while I was pregnant with my daughter, who was born in January 1979. I remember well sitting at the table in our non-air conditioned kitchen chasing around sequins and beads to sew onto the stocking, while also chasing around my two-year-old son. I never quite finished that stocking, yet it came out every year in honor of my daughter, Christina. Recently I saw it hanging at her house and was appalled to think that I’ve left it still unfinished. So I brought it home, and now, more than 40 years later, I’m finally adding the finishing touches. I’m amazed to be looking again at the stitches I made so long ago when I was much younger and my life was so different. Since then my husband and I have grown old, my two children have families of their own, and five grandchildren have joined us. But the stitches in that stocking are still there, and I’m lucky enough to be able to spruce it up for what I hope is many more years. (I’m feeling kind of sad telling this story; I remember so well working on it in that hot, sweaty kitchen so long ago.) The needlework we create holds so many memories. Merry Christmas, everyone!

    1. What a lovely story. May you enjoy your family and your stitching for many years to come.
      Happy Holidays.

  79. I am an old-fashioned kinda girl so red and green are my go to colors for decorating for Christmas. I love crazy quilting so this prize would be so perfect. Thank you Mary and The French Néedle .

  80. Red and green with gold accents fill my home at Christmas along with the smell of pine and cookies baking in the oven. It just doesn’t get better than this.

  81. I guess I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas…I love the red and green combo. I just finished the 4th of 4 stockings I’ve knitted in Fair Isle for my grandchildren. There are hearts, reindeer, holly and Santas. I also embroider felt and velvet ornaments where I branch out a bit with whites and pale blues. Also working on a dolly project for my granddaughter where I’m embroidering little dresses including a red and green Christmas outfit with embroidered holly. The possibilities are endless and these kits are fabulously inspirational.
    Thank you Mary!

  82. I am partial to the traditional colors of red, green, and white but if I have a strong color theme in a room will adjust colors for that room. My dining room will have primarily colors of blue and silver to coordinate with the coral and blue the room is normally done in.

  83. Hi, Mary,

    For the holiday season, I love a winter scheme of blue and white. It is both pretty and nondenominational.


    Beth B in Charlottesville, VA

  84. I enjoy red and gold for Christmas because they stand out against our green front door and the deep gree pines, laurel and English boxwood of our Chesapeake region and plantings. Both the red and green assortments look 17th century. The green falls into the color pallette I pulled for the spring side of my casket, that is quite possibly the next project to stitch.

  85. I did some linen christmas table napkins in purple (mauve) and gold. They are beautiful! A christmas tree is embroidered in the corner. Thank you.

  86. My favorite color combo for decorating my Christmas tree has been blue-silver-white for several years now. Your snowflake experiments were making me drool! This year I see red and white have been featured extensively and if I have time after my presents are made I may experiment with that a bit. Thank you for the chance to win and for your blog. I enjoyed following your progress with the snowflakes, and your mandalas. I love that you take the time to explain about needlework tools, compare products and provide links to the websites that carry them.

  87. Hello, well Christmas combination, it’s a bit odd but I think it works, white (obviously), cream and gold. Very odd you might say but but, white and cream together I find very relaxing which is what we need at Christmas and add gold for a little sparkle to remind us of why we needed to relax, all that preparation for THAT day, sacred for many, special for nearly everybody and therefore set apart from all other days with food, gifts and celebrations with a touch of glitter here and there.

  88. In our home it’s blue, white and silver. My husband and I play blue Santa and Mrs. Claus for the local police department blue Santa program. We make between 15/20 appearances from Thanksgiving to the 22 of December. So our colors are blue Santa colors.
    In my she shed / studio my Christmas decorations are pink ,green and cream . A shabby chic fairy theme

  89. I love a deep, deep Garnet red with a very dark green combination. This year I actually found a beautiful blue and silver ornament and it’s very striking so may be adding this combination into the season next year.

  90. Dear Mary,

    My favorite holiday color combination is green and gold. It has such a “rich” look to it, and I think it’s classic. I’ve used this color combination in plaemats, table runners, and a tree skirt.

    Happy Holidays!!
    Sandra F. in Upstate NY

  91. Beautiful mix of shades and colors, how I love to see them as I live nowhere close to see and feel fibers and material! I am a traditionalist with a leaning to the reds, but recently trying some green shades in fabric.

  92. I have used blue and white a lot for Christmas and winter decorating. I love snow people and use soft blues with the white.

  93. I am a traditionalist, so I don’t stray from the true red and pine green colors for Christmas, but always accent with white (for the snow we all hope we have for at least that day) and Gold or Silver (to represent the star). I usually prefer gold over silver in my stitching, but sometimes anything sparkly will do.

  94. A few years ago I started taking cuttings from different Christmas cactus and planting them in one container. The variety of colors really brings a smile so I have started using many different colors in our holiday celebrations. Christmas can see the traditional red and greens but a burst of mauve, gold, sage and many colors will appear. everyone sees a color they like!

  95. I actually use them all! My tree is red, green, and gold. My dining room is green and silver glass and the breakfast room table is red and green and crystal. I have black and gold pillows in the den and a red and silver mantle. I have red amaryllis blooming next to white paper whites and four different Christmas quilts hanging. Can you tell, I love Christmas!

  96. Hello, well Christmas combination, it’s a bit odd but I think it works, white (obviously), cream and gold. Very odd you might say but but, white and cream together I find very relaxing which is what we need at Christmas and add gold for a little sparkle to remind us of why we needed to relax, all that preparation for THAT day, sacred for many, special for nearly everybody and therefore set apart from all other days with food, gifts and celebrations with a touch of glitter here and there. Forgot my name!! Angie McManus

  97. Traditional red and green’s are what I use most a Christmas although I also love a silver/blue combo. I use holly garlands and big red bows above my doorways along with Christmas red tablecloths. My tree, however, is silver tinsel and sparkles with multicolour lights and tinsel ornaments since we no longer have room for a traditional live tree. When we had a real tree my decorations were an eclectic combination of old and new and filed with family memories from Christmases past. Somehow it always seems to work. Merry Christmas.

  98. I love the green & red packages that The French Needle has put together. I have ordered various fabrics & other misc. items from them. Their customer service is fantastic.
    This year I am enjoying some black & white buffalo checked accents in my Christmas decorating. They can be accented with green & red or any color actually. You know anything goes with black and it’s so slimming.))

  99. My Christmas colors are red , green and gold. Since red is my favorite color, I would always pick red. In fact the curtains in my formal dining area have just these colors – red, rather more towards burgundy and gold,

  100. I’m a real traditionalist. I love red and gold together. My Christmas tree is mostly red and gold. And all the Christmas stockings are red and gold. Love it!!

  101. i have moved away from the traditional red & green Xmas colors and onto white & gold. Used them mainly in ornaments and simple projects. The ornaments look great on my tree.

  102. My Mom does the decorating for our house (red and green), but for a personal “Christmas project” a Nativity scene featuring the colors white and gold with a navy blue background would look very nice!

  103. I love reds year around, so naturally at this time of year, that’s my color of choice along with ivory, and neutrals.

  104. My favorite Christmas colors are all the colors, but dressed up with lush fabrics, especially velvets and silks, and shimmery threads from the metallics and rayons drawers, all stitched in layers of old, soft linens that have been tinted and dyed, then topped off with a vintage Mother of Perle button from a very old card of baby buttons. Everything is beautiful at Christmas.

  105. I have used red and green, white and traditional combinations for years, this year we have a new home and I am using silver, white and blue. Our new home is traditional farmhouse and so we have a lot of charcoal gray and white. I am using shades blue and white for my tree and decor, including crocheted throws and am working on embroidered pieces for my walls and displays. I have brought with us our favorite red and green throughout the house and especially for my stitching tree in my sewing room, which is mostly stitched ornaments with some sewing and needlework pieces mixed in. We moved from California to Texas and I could only bring some of my fabric, books and, of course, my thread collection! I do all kinds of needlework but truly love embroidery, ribbon embroidery and cross stitch. Thank you for this wonderful blog I am loving every read.

  106. I don’t really like red so completely avoid it except for a few cardinal ornaments. Mostly I use blue and I guess a plum color: table runner in the dinning room, ornaments on the tree, and an ancient curtain that I use as a tree skirt.

  107. Cranberry red & lime green are definitely my favorites. Lovely collection of supplies! Thanks for sharing.
    Diane P from Kennesaw

  108. Hi, Mary!

    I am not entering the contest, but I just wanted to say a sincere “Thank you!” For all the beautiful and thoughtful gifts you’ve been featuring! Not only that, but you always are so giving of your time and talents to all, and it’s most appreciated!
    You spread beauty and good cheer throughout the year, not only during the Christmas season. God bless you and your family, and best wishes to you.

  109. My house is every color under the sun and highlighted with white. I love the festive feel of Christmas.

  110. I have always loved icy blues and silver for my gift wrapping. The needlepointed star atop my tree are in these blues. Some years it is very hard to find.
    White lights on the tree and Garland, deep red with green and gold accents for table linens.

  111. I absolutely love the colors shown from The French Needle! Such a beautiful picture, you can feel the silky feel through the pictures. Sign me up!

  112. I am pretty traditional green & red for Christmas. That being said, when decorating at home I like to add brass features like candlesticks and stocking holders on the mantle.

  113. I guess I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas palettes. I love the red and green together and I would have a hard time choosing between the two beautiful packages that were put together for today’s giveaway. Red bows on a green Christmas tree are my favorite way to finish up decorating the tree each year. Thank you for the chance to win these great supplies.

  114. My home is decorated in shades of green and purple. Festive and, somehow, soothing. Bonus is that green and purple also happen to be the colors of St. Urho!

  115. I am a traditionalist – red/green/gold. But I loved the snowflakes in blue and frosted white. Made those for gifts and my tree

  116. I really like blue-white-silver, a great wintry combination plus sometimes it lets me do double duty for making items that are also appropriate for Chanukah.

  117. My colors as of late have been a very light green and silver with a touch of light blue and the smallest areas of red. Several, several years ago I purchased this beautiful yardage with white and silver poinsettias (the silver sparkled). The background was the light green – but not a mint green. I used pieces here and there for other projects, then I find myself in a pinch as out of the blue I was to have 15 people over for Christmas dinner. I had a piece of dark green sparkle cotton fabric, but it was not wide enough so I took my remaining white and silver, cut it lengthwise and attached to the green sparkle for a tablecloth. The green was the center of the table. My Christmas dishes, which were a gift from my husband some 32 years ago, happen to have white poinsettias with red ribbon. I made white linen napkins, poinsettias embroidered in white sparkle thread, with red and light green threads on the one corner. It made for a beautiful setting . Thank you, Mary.

  118. my favorite combo is aqua, pink and red == i want to make a bunting with these colors for my living room & dining room

  119. I so love the rich blend of green and gold- dark green ribbons, gold bells, and my brass star, made by my dad, glittering on the top of the tree.
    I love these sample packs! Congrats to whoever wins them!!

  120. Whatever I do at Christmas gets guilded with gold, silver or luminescent or metallic threads and lots of beeds and charms. Mostly I chose colors that are seen in nature.

  121. My favorite Xmas color combination is silver white. I’m also Jewish so I guess o tend towards the non-traditional for the Christmas gifts I make for friends!

  122. I like the traditional red and green at Christmas time. I may have to change this once I finish downsizing my house and move to an apartment where I plan to use beach colors (salmon and blue) to decorate – but that is a few years away so sticking with red and green for now.

  123. The French Needle love this company having all the fun items I can use especially the green kit. Green has always been my favorite color. Love the gift kits they have put together, either one would be fun to work with but still the green is my favorite and I would use it in the crazy quilt I have been collecting for for many years. Just this year I have started it doing it my way I guess. I’ve chosen a center color for each square I’ll be making and on that I’m embroidering quite various designs. Then I’m making squares because it will be easier to handle then put the squares and start that crazy stitching. Loving greens like this kit would boost my quilt because I’ve decided that ribbon embroidery will be a big part of it along with the thread/floss embroidery along with adding all those other beautiful greens to it.

  124. My favorite colors to make Christmas ornaments with are red-white and gold. I wish you a Merry Christmas Mary.
    I must tell you that I always refer all new members of our embroidery guild to your website and newsletter for ideas, tutorials and everything they have always wanted to know about embroidery! What would we do without you?

  125. My favorite color mix is silver, white and red. I love the traditional red with the twinkle of silver and purity of the white.

  126. I usually like to use all colors, especially blue, purple,red, & green . . .but this year I’m working on a holiday project that is a soft aqua/green and white – the flowers will either be red or soft pink. It is fun & different for me

  127. Last year I was doing a lot of EPP and made a block using winter themed fabrics in aqua, dark red, white, and a little taupe. The combination of colors, although non-traditional, was stunning. I would imagine that same combination would translate well to surface embroidery too. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway Mary, and Happy Holidays!

  128. My favorite Christmas colors are silver and blue. The combination makes me think of sunshine hitting the top of freshly fallen snow.

  129. I’ve used all sorts of holiday colors! I just finished a project using white floss on natural for Christmas! My favorite color is green, so I do lots of combinations with green too! I actually did hot pink, lime and bright yellow for scrapbooking photos one year so my pages stood out!

  130. My favorite Christmas color combination is icy blue and silver! I have a Christmas stocking in those colors which I love!

  131. I love the traditional red/green color combination for Christmas. I made Christmas cards this year using pretty red and green decorative papers.

  132. My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional red, green, gold and silver but this year anything blue and silver are my newest Christmas colors.

  133. Red and green are my favorite Christmas colors. Traditional combinations of these colors are just right for this household!

  134. For Christmas colours, I definitely favour a red/green or burgundy/pine combination. When I look around my living room this season, that’s what I see! When I started getting back into embroidery when I retired, the first website I landed on was the French Needle. It’s been a delight ever since, starting with a Christmas wreath project 3 years ago. Thanks for this fun contest, Mary!

  135. I’m Betty Ochoa from Fontana,ca.. Love all your work..never stop. And I’m crossing my fingers!!

  136. We have some Christmas wrapping paper at the bookstore where I work that is patterned with stylized bulb ornaments in red, orange, and purple with gold metallic accents. On first glance, it doesn’t look Christmas-y at all, but it is so festive, especially done up with curling ribbon in purple and orange or a big red bow. I love that color combination. But in my home, Christmas colors are more traditional.

  137. For me it’s not so much the color combination but it’s the design of the ornament that counts most. This makes my tree very colorful because a broad range of colors are used.

  138. Blue and silver are my favorite Christmas colors, probably because a lot of my home is chinoiserie. At one stage in my life I did have a turquoise tree with sea shore ornaments. I still have many of those ornaments on my three trees! One tree is my hand-stitched ornaments of course!

  139. I prefer green and gold for Christmas colours and I toss in brass to go with the green. Add in some white and I’m happy to stitch some decorations or trim the tree.

  140. I love so many colors, and I could see using a lot of different combos for Christmas – but I do like a red and green, or shades thereof. Spring green and ruby red, with some white thrown in, like fancy three-color peppermints. (I like so many colors that it’s actually good for me to have a bounding box of sorts.)

  141. Love the traditional Christmas colors! Hoping to win your yummy red and green candy! Thank You for the opportunity, and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020! GO

  142. Green and Gold are my favorites. I love green all year long and as far as the gold well, it is so magical and anything that is shiny catches my attention.

  143. My favorite Christmas colors to stitch with are blue and white for snow and dark winter sky. But I also love all shades of red, shading toward the pink and rose end.

  144. I’m a traditionalist. Give me red, green and white – for stitching or decorating. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize. Merry Christmas!

  145. Christmas is my holiday to go overboard in every room with my jolly mix of ornaments, angels, Santas, snowmen, and all sorts of wonderful pretties that I have collected over the years. When I buy something new, I find myself gravitating to pale pink, silver, gold, champagne and pale green ornaments for our Christmas tree where 500 or so baubles hang out together. All are different, all are treasured. It’s an eclectic mix that everyone seems to enjoy!

    Thanks, Mary, for the fabulous give-aways!

    Merry Christmas!

    Jude J

  146. Normally, I’d say deep red and green but this year I’m doing some gift tags in blue and silver and love them.

  147. My favorite Christmas colors are probably “jewel tones” of red, gold, green, blue, purple and silver. This means all the Christmas ornaments and decorations I make can be any color – they will all match in some way!
    I would love to win this “grab bag” to use in Christmas and other surface embroidery projects.

  148. Years ago while in college, my best friend made me four beautiful Christmas ornaments. They are made of red, green and gold fabrics. Each one uses the same fabrics just in a different order so that each is unique. I base my whole Christmas decorations on those ornaments because are so special too me just as Pattie is!
    Yvette from Fort Worth

  149. My favorite Christmas combination is blue, green and silver. (Sometime white added) – and a snowflake or wreath is my favorite.

  150. My favorite Christmas combo is Red, Green, White, Gold and Silver on Some days. Lime green, Pink, Turquoise and white on other days!! It depends on the piece I am working on. More traditional embroidery, crazy quilt or stumpwork gets traditional colors. More playful pieces get the funky colors.

  151. Merry Christmas!
    I am soooooo traditional in loving red and white, green and red and white silver and gold. I admire other combinations but for me its what looks like winter nature – snowberries, holly, icicles, snow, and evergreens-
    Thank you for all the leads on embroidery resources!

  152. I like blue and silver. I made a crazy quilt stocking using these colors. I also made sashiko snowflake ornaments.

  153. I don’t have a favorite Christmas color combination, but decorate some rooms with a theme. My living room is gold and white with a bit of royal blue and rose. The dining room is red and gold and my bedroom is turquoise and silver. The Kitchen and den are a mix of fun colors.
    The French Needle has a great website – I have been a customer for years!
    Merry Christmas Mary!!!!

  154. I have not strayed to far from the traditional colors for Christmas. I made two ornaments on gold velvet One was a wreath with a few colors of green and red beads for the berries, the other was a Christmas tree with the same greens and multi colored beads scattered around.

  155. Those greens are luscious but I’d have to add shades of autumn like browns, oranges, and purples. Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!

  156. I love the French Needle. I belong to a smocking guild the highlight of the year is the ornament exchange. One year I did a lime and pink. Another year I did a kind of hot pink and brown. For Valentines one year did a heart in crazy quilt in all red which turned very pretty.

  157. My favorite Christmas color combination is the traditional Red, Green, and Gold. Every once in awhile I will mix it up a bit by using a Blue, Silver, and White theme.

    I thoroughly enjoy your e-mails and Mary your tutorials are the best-simple, informative, and just wonderful. Thank-you for all your assistance. Merry Christmas!

  158. My favorite Christmas color combination is good old red & green & white, especially in stripes like the tri-colored candy canes! I love a bit of sparkle with that, either silver or gold or glittery white.
    Maybe because I love greenery and red berries and white snow!
    I would like to embroider a small piece for Christmas like the cover of Inspirations magazine featuring the European Robin, holly berries, and snow! To me, that is a quintessentially Christmassy image:)

  159. Green. It’s a multiple holiday color (St. Patrick’s day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas). 😀

    Have a very merry Christmas, Mary! Wishing you all the joy of the season!


  160. I love so many of the Christmas color combinations that I have trouble narrowing it down. In fact, I told my husband that one of these years I was going to have a different tree in each room just to try out all of my favorite themes/colors. My timing could have been better as I stated this while he was wrestling our mammoth tree into its stand. You can just imagine the look that I received!

  161. I fell in love with the turquoise/red/white color combination many years ago while seeing a quilt on display in Yoder’s department store in Shipshawana, IN. Merry Christmas, Mary.

  162. OH MY GOSH! I love this so giveaway so much!
    I love the traditional colors of Christmas – but in all shades of red and green. With a smidge of gold and silver!

  163. While I admire the carefully curated single colour theme trees I see, I am a “throw everything at that tree” kind of elf. Our decorations always evoke memories for me – the ornaments made in kindergarten, the ones from my mother, sisters, sisters-in-law and those I’ve made myself. We have traditional red, white and green as well as gold, silver, purple, pink, day-glo orange and more – it all works just fine together.

  164. I love a variety of color combinations for the holidays. Traditional red and green certainly, but I also love frosty blue and white as well as lime green and hot pink for a contemporary spin.

  165. I have managed over the years to collect red, gold and silver adding those to our home which is heavy on the green side makes a traditional setting.

  166. Soft pinks and greens are my choice for Christmas decorations. I found a variegated pink and green thread to use to make a hardanger Christmas ornament for my EGA group. It turned out lovely.

  167. I’ve been loving a cream and multi/bright palette this year! It started with a bead pattern with a fiesta theme. Now most of my collection is getting this treatment!

  168. I use a lot of gold and white because I stitch Chrismon ornaments every year for friends and family. However, I plan on making some snowflakes next year too, now that I have the ebook patterns!

  169. Hi, I love the traditional red and white or a burgundy and cream. But my trees are all different depending on which room they are in!

  170. Dark red and gold or deep blue and gold are favorites. I have used them in sewing projects and stitching projects to make humble objects such as hot pads take on some elegance for gifts. Missie of Roseville

  171. I’m afraid I’m old fashioned lol, I love red and (off-)white. No projects made with this combination so far, but I’m sure there’s an advent calendar in my (most likely, very distant) future… 😉

  172. I love traditional red and green for home decor at christmas so I like to stitch in those colors as well.

  173. For Christmas red, green and gold. Traditional. This time of year, I also love the combination of colors we see outside in Vermont: snow white, sky blue, evergreen, the tan of the dead grass in the fields, and small pops of red from the cardinals.

  174. I prefer the traditional colors of red and green for a primitive look. I have mostly early American decor. Thank you, Mary for this opportunity.

  175. I am a traditional decorator at Christmas. Carried over from my childhood and still love it. There are red velvet bows decorating the outside as well.

  176. I love to use white in my Christmas decorations. Angels, lights and candles. My husband loves multi-color so on the tree we compromise with lights that alternate between white and multi-color.
    Have a Merry and blessed Christmas.

  177. My favorite combination is blue/white/bright green. Forty years ago I stitched a crewel work Christmas tree wall hanging with these colors, and it is still one of my very favorite decorations to put up each year!

  178. I pretty much steer towards turquoise and hot pink with some silver thrown in. My house is decorated reminiscent of the fifties, and turquoise and hot pink are my go to colors. I even have an old silver Christmas tree.

  179. I’m pretty traditional about the color combinations. I often will take someone else’s idea and then change it for my own – variations on those colors are something I do often. I also agree with Mary – French Needle has lovely items and good customer service

  180. I love the traditional colors of Christmas using different fabrics, wool, duponi silk, velvets and lots of different types of thread colored, glitzy etc. The colors maybe traditional but application doesn’t have to: ornaments, pillows, greeting cards, table linens, wall banners, gift bags. So many projects⛄️

  181. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me please! I so luv the pics today. My fav combo is the deeper reds/burgundy with a darker green or two.. I luv doing trees and bushes etc with these. Just finished 2 gifts about button collecting and used up alllllllll my deep reds so I truly need this one lol. And that French Needle… Im sorta glad I don’t live anywhere near there cuz I’d surely be BROKE!!!!!!! still drooling… ty for a chance and gl all!

  182. We’ve got a mix in the colored ornaments but have red and green table coverings. But I really liked the year my mom got a white flocked tree and put blue ornaments on it.

  183. I used non traditional color this year light sky blue and pink plum for a snow storm effect on white material !

  184. Color theme for Christmas? I’m a go with whatever strikes my fancy for stitching wool felt ornaments. I have a basket of threads and a large container of wool scraps and I just five in. This year I used variegated lavender, yellow-gold, and blue. Often the color reaches out to what the gifted person uses in their lives. The more color the better.

  185. I like the traditional Red/Green color color combo. I’ve just recently finished a couple of Wool on Wool Embroidery pieces. One is of 3 Green trees adorned with red ornaments. The other is a Snowman with a small green tree next to it.

  186. Because I have a burgundy love seat in my livingroom, a burgundy and gold chair, plus my DH’s chair of stripes in greens, golds and burgundy, I always went with a green, burgundy and gold colour scheme, with hits of white for the snow and lots of sparkly crystal. But because our tree is a memory tree (we still use the light sets and decorations we purchased for our first Christmas together 46 years ago! along with those made by the children and friends over the years, additional lights and new decorations added) all colours appear on our tree and throughout the house. I’ve also been making a Crazy Quilt tree skirt that I hope will be completed by next Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours Mary!

  187. Green and red, green and red
    Oh such beautiful thread
    Many stitches I will take
    I am sure none will break
    Oh so eager to create
    Please put this upon my plate
    Green and red, green and red
    Oh such beautiful thread

  188. My favorite color combination for Christmas is the red, white, and green. I’m working on some small stockings with combination. I also love to use gold, red, and white for a more elegant look. But then I’ve seen color combinations I would have never thought would scream Christmas, but they did.

  189. Traditional red and green for me. Although I do have a tree in my bedroom decorated with purple everything. My favorite color.

  190. I like red and green but find I am becoming drawn to more maroon, black, evergreens. I am working on a Christmas Blazing Lemoyne Star quilt and it uses these colors. Really liking it. My embroidery is very eclectic in colors. LOTS of them. Wool applique, a nativity set for my great niece to play with…They will be colorful.

  191. I like the red and green threads but because I love to have a white Christmas (at the moment no chance at all ) I would go for white and silver white to embroider your patterns of snowflakes on a light blue linen.
    Thank you for all the lovely information you are given us.
    Merry Christmas

  192. I love making replicas of the Swedish holiday decorations my Gramma made and of course taught me how to make. Lots of red and white with gold and silver touches. My favorite is the Dala horse with primary colors decorating its saddle.
    Linda from Houston

  193. Christmas colors are never sad even though I love to use blue.
    With silver and red, they shine the holiday though.

    Blue snowflakes with little red beads or words of love
    trimmed in silver under a flying dove.

    Or an angel with silver tips on blue wings,
    Just like the song; some favorite things.

  194. My favorite Christmas color combination is Silver and Deep Purple! I love to decorate my Tree in purple ornaments and accent with some silver snowflakes. Makes it feel very magical. 🙂

  195. Many shades of natural green with white, and highlights of red. Forests in the snow, and a red fox. Snowy garden with a red-berried holly bush. Snow-dusted pine branches and a red cardinal. Sun just rising over a snow-covered lake surrounded by alpine firs. Those sorts of scenes.

  196. I am a traditionalist at Christmas. I prefer red and green wrapping paper too. Although it seems blue is also under my tree this year. The new colors remind me of growing up in the 60’s and my mom decoration a white plastic tree in candy canes and red bows with silver balls. My sister and I were so horrified that she went and got a real tree for us and put the plastic tree in the dining room. Then there was the year she did the silver metal tree with the rotating color wheel.
    I do love the French Needle I looks all the time and have managed to buy some of their wonderful thread collections. Still they are usually over my budget but I’m always be inspired when I go on their site.

  197. I love the traditional Christmas colors of red and green with a little white and gold mixed in. What could be better than that?

  198. I have embroidered 1 christmas item (pillow sham). It was solid red and I used white floss only as they were snowmen and snow women. I usually incorporate greens in everything I stitch as I love animals and nature.

  199. I’m pretty unconventional in that my dream color scheme would be green, dark blue, and silver. Both green and blue are my favorite colors, and silver adds a bit of seasonal flair. With two toddlers however, we run the gambit of colors—from Orange handmade ornaments, to a blackish-silver decorated stocking. I usually prefer handmade to store bought so that each year we can see how the boys’ interests and skill have changed. However, I have trimmings that are silver and if ornaments are bought they are in one of those three colors.

  200. I have to admit I like blue and white, or blue and silver gray. To me they are New Years colors more than Christmas colors.

  201. The main color throughout my house is blue. There for I tend to decorate with blue and silver. That said, I love using a cranberry red and some green.

    I just learned of the French Needle this year and have loved my new found resource. They have been a delight to work with.

  202. I am a traditional girl, I love red and green. It just feels like Christmas. I do however decorate my tree with all different color ornaments. And I always have a real tree…it looks so beautiful and smells divine!

  203. I like turquoise (aqua)with white and silver on the tree like Frozen. The rest of the house is red and white.

  204. I used to like really vibrant colours for Christmas but now find myself gravitating towards whites/creams and my collection of mercury glass ornaments. What a great collection of giveaways this has been! Thank you!

  205. Hi Mary,
    This Christmas I went with lots of copper with gold and silver accents on a base theme of deep red. Lots of light sparks from the metallics! I saw so many temptations on The French Needle website.

    Sharon Kenney

  206. Thanks for the wonderful give away – I love blue and silver in my Christmas.

    These seem to be the colors of the ice and snow that we see so often in Michigan. I use ribbons to adorn the stairs and the goose in my yard and to test my imagination.

    Linda S in Michigan

  207. I’m a traditional person and I really like red and green. Although we bought a new Christmas tree this year which changes from white lights to multi-color. And I’m thinking of just the lights and shiny Christmas balls next year.

    Merry Christmas Mary!!

  208. Most of the time I have gone with a jolly mix because that’s what I have. I reuse lights and ornaments and have many commemorative ornaments. One year I decorated a tree with red, white, and blue for a patriotic theme. I also have a small angel tree which started with dime store angels and progressed with unusual ones or those chosen on trips. For the giveaway I prefer the red selection.

  209. Hi Mary, My favorite is traditional red, green and gold for the main color scheme but I like a mix of colors for Christmas tree ornaments collected over the years on a real tree. Any color scheme is nice if the decoration is something stitched or hand-made – white work or pretty turquoise and silver for example.

  210. I love red and green for the Christmas holidays. In the coming year I plan on making ornaments for my nieces and nephews, and possibly a stocking for additions to the family.

  211. Today’s post is wonderful! Loved the embroidered alphabet flower! Most of all what attracted me are the novelty buttons. So many choices, but those classic dressed ladies are just the BEST. Now, I just need to decide how to use them, or maybe just buy them and pin them on my design wall!

  212. Hi from Cindy M in Lincoln NE . Just received my first order yesterday from the French Needle – the ice blues you used on some of your snowflakes, Mary. How exciting! I also got a wonderful little frog that is a small pincushion for my daughter who loves frogs. Wishing all a Merry Christmas!! Cindy

  213. I still love red and green with gold as an accent. I make an ornament each year for the family and it seems red and green are my colors of choice.

  214. I am a tradionalist. I like the green, red, white and gold. I also like my ornaments to not be green as they don’t pop on the Christmas tree. However, I stitch a lot with green as everything goes with it. There are no mistakes in nature. The joy is in the stitching.

  215. My favorite Christmas color combination is the traditional red and green! Some metallic gold always adds the sparkle and sheen! While I love other combos, as well! Nothing says Christmas like traditional red and green!

  216. French needle has a great sight. Christmas colors that I like are blue and white and I use them in crazy quilts

  217. I love the red, white and green with a touch of gold combination. Maybe because I’m Hungarian. I enjoy making Hungarian embroidered items like Kalocsa hearts that sell quickly. I made 14 for a Hungarian Festival and sold out in a short period of time. I designed 2 other ornaments with the same colours of a Matyo Man and woman. They sold out too. Time to get busy………

  218. The red and green collections are yummy! I decorate with traditional red and green. At Christmas, I think those colors “go” with anything and every thing. Also, my mother always said that every room needs a touch of red.

  219. I decorate my tree with pinks, whites and metallics. I have many pink and white stitched ornaments which look beautiful with pink and white lights and stems of large silk roses and hydrangeas! Think pink!

  220. I love Red and Whitefor Christmas. I have several Christmas quilts hanging now and the white is so crisp. Just like the new snow outside.

  221. I have always loved the traditional red and green. Lately I find myself using more blue/greens, green, blues and gold. It depends on the project.

    Thanks so much, Happy Holidays!

  222. My favorite combination is a mossy green/dark burgundy/cream. I guess it goes along with my preference for all things hygge and cozy. And maybe because I’m in the Pacific NW where things are more green and soft.

    Nice question to think about!

  223. I forgot to answer the question, Mary! I am very traditional with a lot of red – I use either gold or white with the red on our tree. I go for velvety textures and some glitter. Again – loved getting my order from The French Needle.
    Cindy M from Lincoln, NE

  224. Red and Green, just like the chile pepper choices. Of course I’ve squeezed metal strawberry cookie cutters into pepper shapes before chiles gained popularity too, so maybe I’m consistent. I did sew blue & white fabrics for the Christmas tree skirt my Southern Calif. cousin requested, and I have added Sugar Skull sewn ornaments to my tree during past decade. SF Christine

  225. I tend to use the traditional red and green in my Christmas projects but occasionally add gold . The two giveaways are beautiful with all the lovely fabrics and threads. I’m drooling!

  226. I like all the colors !
    At Christmas, the red and white quilts come out. The tree has ornaments of lots of colors including many made by children who now have their own children. A blue and white quilt is carefully folded under the tree to not show the old oil stains from being used as packing by a flea market vendor. It was a $5 rescue and has a tarpunto date of 1876 !
    The advent calendar that the grandkids and I embroidered is in warm cozy colors on the wall and each day they turn over a number to reveal a design they stitched. So much fun !

  227. I have different looks that I like. Red and black. Red and green, red green and pink and red and pink and turquoise.

  228. My favorite Xmas color combo is hot pink and green! I love red too, but somehow hot pink seems more exciting for design work.

  229. I decorate with the traditional red and green. Some of my decorations are from many years ago and just can’t decorate without them. I do enjoy the turquoise and red combination so usually try to make one craft/needlework project each year in those fun colors. Hoping to make a green tree with red ornaments for a wall hanging for next year. Would be great to win this giveaway. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  230. My favourite colour combination at Christmas is the traditional red and green. I like to add a touch of gold to add bit of sparkle. I would love to embroider a green tree with red bows, adding gold baubles. The colours are a perfect combination, especially at Christmas.

  231. I love blues with silver and greens with gold! I gave made quite a number of smocked or textile decorations using these combinations.

  232. Favourite Christmas colour combination? Definitely red and green (though red and green are my around the year favourites, depending on my mood is red my number or green)
    I already used the colour combination for a little skier embroidery scene with a bear (shared in your fb group)

  233. I am very much a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. I decorate our tree with hand made ornaments, tiny multi-colored lights and tinsel. I put out my collection of Santas– hand made and from all over the world. I arrange a beautiful white creche on a special table. I stick to reds and greens but other colors filter through. The only colors I stay away from are blacks and grays.

    My hand sewing isn’t limited to cross-stitch and embroidery. I also work with wool doing applique and embellishing. I love threads, beads and anything else I can use to make my work pop with no bias to color. I love using all colors! My thread stash (handwork and machine threads) almost rivals my fabric stash. My wool stash comes in third followed by my bead stash.
    Happy stitching!

  234. I love silver/ice blue. I have done hand towels for my blue bathroom with an aids band edged in silver cross-stitched with snowflakes.

  235. I like red or green with a gold metallic thread as an accent or blended in; blue with silver. I want to do a snowflake with the blue and silver and I envision nutcracker ornaments with lots of red and green with gold accents.

  236. I am more of a traditional color person using red and green. I have made each of my sisters a Christmas quilt. One a Dresden plate in Kauffman traditional prints and one Amanda Murphy design in Basic Gray Juniper. These samples from French Needle would sure see use in my stash. I subscribe to their site.

  237. My favorite combo is dark red with antique
    Gold. Not that I turn my nose up at anything Christmasey!

  238. What’s your favorite Christmas color combination and how have you used it (or how do you imagine using it, if you haven’t yet) in your own Christmas preparations?

    I am partial to blue/silver. That way I can leave certain decorations out all winter. Especially snowmen.

  239. My favorite Christmas color combination is Lime Green/Aubergine(eggplant)/and Rust. It sounds kind of weird, but I have found ornaments and all the trimmings to coordinate and I think it looks lovely. I love the red and green items in this giveaway too. I’m looking forward to trying my hand at a decorated box and the fabrics and threads would be beautiful as part of that project.

  240. My favorite holiday color combination is red, white, and gold metallic. I have this as an ornament and I also have layered table cloths using these colors. Thanks for the fun!

  241. I love green and gold, green for life and gold for sunshine. We need them all year round not just at Christmas.

  242. My favorites are traditional red and green with hints to Scandinavian heritage with red and white. I’ve made stockings in the red & white motif but also in the traditional red & green. Most of my ornaments are red & green, with a little gold thrown in. So, a little bit of everything!

  243. I use all the different color combinations of Christmas through out my house. Each Christmas scene is a different color. Red and green is still my favorite.

  244. I’m a traditionalist for Christmas. True reds and greens with some silver and gold thrown in for sparkle. I have a crazy quilt in my future and either of these sets would be great addition to stash I’ve been collecting for it.

  245. For Christmas decorating, I guess I like the traditional greens and reds. Reds also feature prominently in my sewing room, since I love redwork and have a number of old redwork quilts piled here and there. They also work well for decorating the house at the holidays.

    Jennifer B. in NEPA

  246. Wow, the French Needle’s products are inspiring me to start another crazy quilt! Amazing assortment and so beautiful, rich colors. I guess I am tradition in some ways – I made little green and red dresses for the Xmas mice I made, but I love the blue and silver snowflakes you make, as well.

  247. As I am an ancient woman and conventional I would choose red and green. I do enjoy looking at modern trees, decorations and so on. Once in awhile having a chucle but the red/green is always good.

  248. I love the traditional red and green, but in the Victorian shades moving toward rich burgundy and and deep greens. I use these colors in my decorations and in my Christmas needlework pieces.

  249. wow. its hard to decide what my favourite combination would be, but i suppose the traditional combination would be my pick. i love to use the reds in poinsettias and holly and all those things so appropriate to a christmas wreath. i like to make individual flowers and apply them in a stumpwork piece with lots of dimension.
    happy holidays!

  250. Blue, purple & white are popular here. Outdoors, the pine trees wound in blue & purple give a beautiful glow against the snow.

  251. I am very traditional when it comes to Christmas colours, so I stick to red, green and gold with a touch of sparkly royal blue to remember Mary and give the flavour of a medieval manuscript. The threads in both colours look amazing, and it would be really interesting to sample some threads I have never used before because of accessing them here in yer UK.

  252. Green and white are to me the quintessential Christmas colours. If you go back to the pagan roots – mistletoe and its berries or evergreens and snow. If you go to the Middle Ages – holly and ivy, white sheep’s wool. And, of course, with the beginnings of the modern celebrations – wreaths and trees with white candles, sugar cookies with white glazes, and frosted windows with green candles lighting the way home. The combination recalls a simpler time, a more natural setting for the hope of the renewal of sunlight and growth.

  253. I tend to go traditional – red, green with touches of gold, but like the occasional pop of magenta and lime green.

  254. My favourite is red and green but with added sparkle – there always has to be sparkle! I have a set of stitched ornaments in red and green with gold metallic that I hang on a string on the wall like a garland. It looks lovely. I like blue/white/silver too but my favourite is the red and green.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  255. I love burgundy and deep forest green for my Christmas decorating, with a touch of gold for accent. I’ve used these colors in wreaths, outside decorating, and on my Christmas tree. I love The French Needle and their unusual offerings!

  256. I’m currently in love will pink and silver for Christmas. The soft subtle shading reminds me of the old Christmas ornaments that were on our tree when I was growing up. Traditional colors are still wonderful, though. This giveaway has me drooling.

  257. I love all the colors used at Christmas as long as they have that sparkle which I see in so many colors. Reds, greens, burgundy, blue, silver and gold are among my favorite colors at Christmas.

  258. My Christmas colors change every year, based on what goes on the tree. I’ve done many years of the red and green, but I’ve also done blue and rose, blue and white, and others I can’t remember!

    May God bless you with a Merry Christmas and a healthy year of stitching new and wonderful things.

  259. the greenS and gold are both my favorite Christmas combo, but the colors of my favorite Green Bay Packers. Thanks for doing this again.

  260. I do love the traditional red and green decor for Christmas but once all of my children grew up and left home I started playing with other color combos. One of my favorite trees over the years has been a silver metallic tree with hot pink, purple, lime green, etc…I called it my Grinch tree.

  261. I love the rich, traditional colours of red, green and gold, but natural decorations such as leaves and poinsettia, rather than tinsel and glitter

  262. What’s your favorite Christmas color combination and how have you used it (or how do you imagine using it, if you haven’t yet) in your own Christmas preparations?

    All of them! I’m a fan of bright and deeply saturated colors, so the Christas color sets (with the exception of white/cream and gold) are all ones that I like. I celebrate, fairly interchangeably, Christmas and the Winter Solstice, so blue and silver is probably my favorite combo, and I love doing tree and snowflake elements, either with that or working in the range of dark evergreen colors.

  263. Favorite colour combinations for any occasion has to be natural tones, greens, browns,
    With rust, terra cotta, ocher and even shades of blue.

  264. I like traditional colors of red and green and white. But am thinking about the metallic blue snowflake ornaments for next year!

  265. To me – Christmas colours are the traditional Christmas colours of red and green – just makes me smile.

  266. My Christmas color preferences change each year. Since I rarely decorate my house for Christmas I use my holiday color choices with the fabrics I choose for my grandchildren’ Christmas outfits. Most of the time I have a shade of read in my selections. From there it may be traditional colors like red and gold last year but nontraditional fabrics. This year it was more traditional with plaid flannel in red, white, green and black.

  267. While I tend to use traditional colors of red, green, silver and gold I am open to lots of other colors such as blues, purples, burgundy, etc. Using different colors and combinations is part of the fun of stitching.

  268. I use a mix of colors, grouping them to go with the room where other Christmas and winter items are displayed. Like the dining room gets blues and greens. the family room/tree area get a whole rainbow of color. Guest bedroom has the deeper reds. And so forth.

  269. Red and green just doesn’t go with my home decor. I’ve used bronze, gold, silver, white and some beautiful shades of brown for nearly 30 years. I’ve never grown tired of this combination. I use the colors on my tree, table, wreaths, wrapping paper. I’ve even recapped mailed gifts I’ve to match my decor!

  270. My favorite Christmas color combination is mistletoe green and pearly white. I have not used these colors on an embroidery piece but I am imagining a ground of green velveteen embroidered with an opalescent white silk thread of one of the heavier flosses. I am so taken with Mary’s snowflakes, I would have to add some pearly beads now. May I add some dashes of crimson for counterpoint to the subtlety of the green and white?You I think this would work as a cloth to go under a centerpiece, a wall hanging or even a tree skirt. Barbara B in E’ville. And I hope I did this right!

  271. I really love blue and silver as it has the feel of the season.. However, I often use the traditional red and green and love exploring the variations of these 2 colours.

  272. I am quite fond of green with touches of red for my holiday decorating. Since I collect antique dolls and sew for them I enjoy creating special Holiday ensembles. I have recently sewn a red/black plaid with green velvet embellishments for a unique Christmas doll frock … The link to the French Needle collection is appreciated..what a treasure trove of embellishments and embroidery finery. Thank you.

  273. For each of the 68 Christmases my husband and I have celebrated together (4 before marriage and the upcoming 64th after), I have always loved and used the traditional quintet of red, green, white, silver and gold.

  274. My favorite Christmas color combination is mistletoe green and pearly white. I have not used these colors on an embroidery piece but I am imagining a ground of green velveteen embroidered with an opalescent white silk thread of one of the heavier flosses. I am so taken with Mary’s snowflakes, I would have to add some pearly beads now. May I add some dashes of crimson for counterpoint to the subtlety of the green and white? I think this would work as a cloth to go under a centerpiece, a wall hanging or even a tree skirt.

  275. Almost any colours can be interpreted as “Christmassy” and I try to vary from year to year… but my favorite is a combo of blue, siver and white.

  276. I love red, green, and gold for Christmas. Since I’ve got kiddos helping with the decorations though, we’ve pretty much got a jolly mix of everything going on.

  277. I love all the traditional Christmas colours and like to use red, green and gold and silver when decorating for the season. I do like to make ornaments with gold coloured threads and pearl beads on ivory coloured fabric.

    Sue Thomas

  278. I am the traditional “red-green” kinda girl, with touches of gold added in. Tree in reds and golds (green tree) 🙂 Loads of poinsettias (red ones), my birthday flower (I’m a Christmas Carol.) 🙂 , nativity in rich golds (and a wood carved one from the Holy Land, my parents got for me… but I digress). 🙂 Yup, I love color, but for Christmas, it’s gotta be red and green for me!

  279. I use many colors in my Christmas decor, but I tend to lean toward a blue-silver-white combination.

  280. As my fav Christmas & winter symbol is the snowman, woman, & child my seasonal colors would be frosty blue, silver white, & crisp red.
    Here’s to 2020 & the beautiful art to be made, the new skills to be learned, & the friends waiting for us to meet them.
    For all who donated such sweets & treats, thank you very much. Even better, looking at websites not visited before.
    Gail in GA

  281. I like the traditional red green colours and make sewing gifts & decorations in those festive warm colours.

  282. I like traditional colour combinations but I’m very much into red, so colours that go with red is good. I also like gold, so gold and red. I think the red gives a very warming feel and the gold that sense of festivity.

  283. My Christmas color combo preferences have evolved over time from the traditional green and red of my young family’s life- to my current retirement pallet of the blue ridge mountains- the blue and greens of the mountains paired with the silver frost of the mist and some blush of our sunsets!

  284. I love a deep cobalt blue with a pearly white. But I also add pink, and silver, and gold…some green, a little brown, yellow… ok, I like them all with e deep cobalt blue!

  285. I love red and green, and red, green and white is my favorite color combination all year long. I have drooled over Lisa’s selections forever, and recently completed one of her Kiriki kits – a beaver, clothed in a red and black buffalo plaid jacket, just like the one my grandpa used to wear! Naturally, I named him Bruce (my grandpa’s name) Beaver.

  286. Greetings this fine day…….I don’t have a preference for any particular color combinations at Christmas for my creations. When I look at all my decorations I see a mix of rich jewel tones in the ornaments; pastel blues/lavenders/pinks/yellows in some of my cushions; traditional reds and greens in other cushions, then autumn color remnants in the pine cone wreaths and natural decorations; tone on tone ecrus, blues and reds in my wall hangings. I don’t have a lot, but my house is decorated with a potpourri of select hand-made treasures I made over the past 50 years all bringing back fond memories of times past. I find great pleasure in making items for others based on their personal preferences. Thank you, again and again for this wonderful Stitcher’s Christmas opportunity.

  287. I emphasize red with gold, both burnished and sparkly–though with plenty of dark green ambiance in the tree and garlands. I like candle arrangements, tree trimings, mantle pieces and garland accents in the red and golds. I also love to meander often on the French Needle website! Thanks to you, Mary, and to Lisa for this latest installment in the Christmas drawings.
    Joy to all,

  288. I’m a huge Spode Christmas Tree junkie, so my color scheme is red and green to coordinate with all my Spode dishes (which are displayed all around the house as part of the decorations).

  289. Será que uma brasileira tem chance de ganhar? Sonho em fazer lindas almofadas com a combinação ouro-branco!

  290. I love ALL the colors of Christmas and therefore decorating changes each year in our house! This year we have a lot of red glistening balls and beads, a little green, and touches of antiqued silver and crystal to accompany my vintage ornaments. Last year was a woodland theme with plenty of green, silver, crystal mixed with rustic woods and pinecones. One year we had snowflakes everywhere, another year was everything golden. And my glass birds are up somewhere in the house every year. I generally buy a few decorations AFTER Christmas, on clearance, and reuse everything. One year crystal strands may be on the tree, another year the mantel or the chandelier. We have an old house, built in 1924, so it is quite fun to decide each year on a theme, and then enjoy the results of all the hard work! But, always, the hand-me-down family ornaments take center place. My parents gave each of my siblings and me one of the original ornaments that were on their first Christmas tree, 63 years ago now. I treasure it and others, like lovely beaded ornaments made by my grandmother, and newer ones handstitched by my guild friends. Most of all, I treasure the memories from previous Christmases as the ornamens are unpacked and displayed somewhere in the house!

  291. I am a traditionalist and go for red, green, silver and gold. I use those colours on miniature samplers which are framed to hang on the Christmas tree.

  292. I love the traditional colors of red and green with some gold and silver sparkly added for a little bling. I love using fresh greenery, pine cones, and holly berries where I can. I stitched up a new kitchen towel this year using your holly and evergreen design and I love it! I also have a bag of embroidered snowflake ornaments to pass out to my special family members to enjoy for years to come.

  293. I love blue and silver, and for several years used it on my Christmas cards in particular .

  294. I really like holiday color combinations that shake up the traditional patterns. Green, brown, yellow, purple, blue, I love it. I guess it’s more about creating something colorful that stands out in the sea of green and red. Also love designs that play with texture in interesting ways, especially those that recreate evergreen branches in clever ways. Love that effect especially when the colors are combined in subtle ways that look almost natural.

  295. Turquoise and terracotta I have used it was on wrist bands backgrounds. And it like yellow orange and red would do a cover for my foot stool in a bargello design.

  296. I am traditional ~ I use Red & Green with a little gold metallic. A few times I have ventured to Burgundy with a Pine green.
    Thank you for this beautiful give-a-way, I love the green one.
    Sharon S.

  297. Now I’m most definitely drooling! I suppose my favorite color combination at Christmas is the traditional red and green but my decor looks like something from either Charlie Brown or Who-ville!! Having said that I love seeing all the wonderful matchy-poo golds and silvers – and purples and whites – and blue and white. Christmas lights, for me, have to be either white or blue, both of which look amazing against the snow.

  298. Oh, my. I am one of those people who simply cannot choose just one colour palette, whether for Christmas, or anything else. As a result, we have five trees in various rooms around the house. Our main tree is a smorgasbord of ornaments from four generations of the family on a green tree that sparkles with reds, silvers, golds, whites, blues, multicolours and several textures including lacy snowflakes made by my daughter. She usually visits close to Christmas and in her bedroom I have a small white tree decorated in purple and pink, her favourite colours. In our entry way we have a small green tree decorated with wooden ornaments, many of which were made for me by a dear friend. I have a great love of copper and of lime green so I also have two trees decorated in each of these colours. Given that indecisiveness about consistently choosing any one palate it is only natural that as an embroiderer I gravitate toward crazy quilt stitching,
    I wish you and your dear ones a very merry Christmas and thank you for your inspiring and educational blog.

  299. I go for the traditional red, green, white and gold. I made a table runner using all the those colors.

  300. I love pink and green in all it’s wondrous shades. A few years back I went all out and bought tons of both colors for Christmas decorating … everything from dinnerware to a zillion sparkly ornaments. I know I’m not part of the current style … gray, gray and more gray, but pinks and greens make me happy and I don’t think I’ll ever change it. It helps that my entire house is decorated in pink, green and yellow. Merry Christmas Mary! Hope it is awesome!!!

  301. I like silver and gold, both in the Christmas tree and embroidery, combined with any other colour. I have used many combinations and i am now gathering what i need for finally trying to go the traditional way, red, green and white.

  302. Hi Mary
    I don’t do Seasonal Stitching, so I have to fall into the imaginary category for my response. I was quite inspired by your blue and silver snowflakes earlier this fall, so I think that is where I would start, if I took up seasonal stitching.
    Thank you again for arranging these terrific giveaways. Each one a treasure.
    Jess B. In St Marys, Canada.

  303. For Christmas colours I lean towards greens and creamy winter whites with a little bit of bronze/brown to accent. Think Christmas trees with a dusting of snow. I use this combination in my outdoor winter arrangements, embroidered tree skirt and table settings. Now I know it may sound dull but as every stitcher knows the secret to wow is in how you combine things…and…sparkle, sparkle, sparkle….The all important tree though ,is a riot of traditional and non traditional colours…cause who doesn’t need 1 bright accent during the short days of winter.

  304. I prefer the classic red and green with gold. I like a rich colour theme for Christmas because it’s really the only time when you can go over the top and not get tired of it (especially in a smaller home).

    My decorating is fairly traditional with a green tree etc., so I use rich reds and gold for the ‘pop’ (augmented with other coloured ornaments). Years ago I embroidered some soldier ornaments with red jackets, gold epaulets, and added on fake fur helmets in white. I even added some tiny medals made from the components from an old piece of jewellery (ribbons were embroidered onto the jacket).

    Also, for anyone who doesn’t have room for a tree, I hang ornaments from the curtain rail using plastic fishing line (these curtains are decorative so I don’t need to close them). I use a mix of different colours and shapes and then hang them at different heights for more drama!

  305. I made Christmas tree skirts using frosty pinks, blues and silver for 5 alpine Christmas trees. I have a grove of trees of heights from 4’ to 7’.

  306. My Christmas decorations are peach, gold and cream, with touches of blue. Peach is my favorite color and my home is decorated in peach, blue and cream. I collected a large Christmas tree full of lovely handmade items along with peach and gold glass ornaments. The theme is Victorian.

  307. Forget sugar plums, I’ll be dreaming of these beautiful stitchy notions this year!!! All the different textures would be so fun to play with. I do love traditional Christmas colours; one of my favourite is royal blue and gold. For this year, I made my first non-traditional colour ornament for a friend in turquoise, fuchsia pink, purple, lime green and silver – and I really liked the retro vibe when it was finished, though I had my doubts when I was stitching LOL I also love LOTS of sparkle, the more glitter the better – I love the way it reflects the Christmas lights on the tree 🙂 Merry Christmas to every one!

  308. I like the traditional red and green. It has been around along time and is not going out of style. Not sure the other color combinations have the same staying power

  309. When we were first married, 35 years ago, we did a white and gold color scheme on our tree. That has gradually morphed over the years to the traditional red, white, and green overall (heavy on the red as it turns out!). I would love to break away from the traditional and do pink and aqua on a white tree at least once. 😉

  310. My favorite holiday colors include a little bit of almost everything! We are a Jewish and Catholic family and we celebrate at every opportunity 🙂

  311. My Christmas decorations are peach, gold and cream, with touches of blue. Peach is my favorite color and my home is decorated in peach, blue and cream. I collected a large Christmas tree full of lovely handmade items along with peach and gold glass ornaments. The theme is Victorian. Billie in Colorado Springs

  312. I’m definitely a traditional red and green Christmas person, this year I’ve made a rag rug Christmas Tree with Baubles and lights, I think it’s lovely, but I would love the opportunity of making Christmas brooches for my friends with either of the prizes, and buy the other one to use in combination.

  313. I also want to thank you, Mary, for pointing me to vendors I wasn’t aware of previously. I love novelty buttons so The French Needle sounds like it’s going to be a treasure trove for me! I may be doing more crazy quilting in the coming year!

  314. I’m a traditionalist thru and thru. Red/green/gold for me. If I have to I will do blue/white/silver but usually only if I’m doing something for a friend who loves those colors.

  315. what beautiful threads! I am still in the red, green, gold colors, they look so much like a big poinsettia.

  316. I love to use gold and red at Christmas. I’m currently stalking gold metallic fabric for a stitched table runner I’ve got floating around in my head…..

  317. My hands-down favorite color scheme for anything is blue and green. Some years I display a macrame Christmas tree (green yarn, big blue beads) hanging on the front door. In other years I display a silvered leaf wreath instead and aim for a blue-and-silver theme inside.

  318. I like red and white. For years I collected Santas and Lenox ornaments, so unplanned my tree ended up looking red and white. If I’m making something, though, I tend to use burgundy and green.

  319. My favorite Christmas colour combo tends to be mauve pink and burgundy which tends to be an extension of my year round colour scheme. I use holiday cushion covers ,table toppers and tree decorations that I have accumulated over the years.

  320. I use the traditional red and green coupled with silver beads strung around my Christmas tree and lots of little red and white candy canes all over my tree as well. This is a tradition that I grew up with and have continued decorating the same all these years! Wonderful Christmas memories! ❤️

  321. I’m a traditional girl and like the red, green, silver and gold combinations for Christmas. These are very cheery and happy colours in snowy Alberta. Merry Christmas!

  322. Most everything I’ve made uses the traditional red and green Christmas colors. I’m thinking of going with a lighter green and magenta combination for things I make for next year’s Christmas. Merry Christmas to all.

  323. Our house is an explosion of color at Christmas time. However, my favorite color combination is burgundy and green. From mantle decorations to fir rope tied to the banister with burgundy ribbon, it’s both traditional and sophisticated…a perfect combination for our Victorian home.

  324. I’m not a big holiday decorator as I prefer a more minimal style. This year I went with just a few pieces in red, silver and white.

  325. I love silver and blue, or turquoise and silver. I like red and green, but never together!
    Probably stems from the fact that I was born in December.

  326. My name is Loralee from Williamsburg VA. My favorite holiday combinations are silver and blue, a kind of icy winter feel. I want to try a lime green and deep purple with gold combo sometime, though I know that is very non-traditional. Thanks for the chance.

  327. I love all the colors. I’m flexible to changing my colors year to year if the budget allows. But, tend to be drawn to the simpler colors you’d see in nature, evergreens, whites, woods, red berries, etc.

  328. Your daily emails are an inspiration to me, and I’ve learned a lot. Don’t see how you have time to do everything that you do:!

  329. My favorite color combination is a deep rich red combined with mossy and avocado greens. If I can get a little bit of gold thrown in for good measure… I am a happy elf! This color combination makes its way into many of my Christmas quilts.

  330. This year I have been most partial to red and white. My Christmas decorating has been centered around an embroidered red and white raffle quilt I won a few years ago. I retired last December and have found myself more and more taken with hand embroidery. I love this designers needle case and am enthralled by her designs. Merry Christmas.

  331. Merry Christmas.
    I love the traditional red and green with white and gold for Christmas. I use these colors for my hand and machine embroidered ornaments. Also for wreaths and centerpieces for my tables.
    Thanks for the great give away and for all you do for us all year.

  332. I have not done much with Christmas colors
    I really like Green, silver,Blue
    Denise Rodriguez
    I love to embroidery on top of fabric it looks very life like to me

  333. This gets better and better ! Although I don’t necessarily have one ‘favorite’ Christmas color combination – if pressed to choose only one, I would probably choose all the variations of white and gold threads.

  334. Green is the backdrop for all things Christmas…specifically fresh pine or any greenery I can gather from around my home and garden. I love red, white and gold and a splash of bright pinks and purple! I cannot describe much about my decorations this year because we are moving 2 days after Christmas . We are limited to a cross shaped fresh wreath and my Nativity scene with Advent candles this year.

  335. I favour the traditional red and green usually with a touch of gold or silver. I usually use the vivid reds and greens but occasionally I’ll use clarets and olive greens.
    I’m a Christmas tragic so use these colours in my yearly Christmas decorations. This year it was Mary’s Twelve Trees for Christmas.

  336. Hi!

    My favorite Christmas color combination is silver and red. I plan a project using these two colors to stitch napkins and towels for a future Christmas project!

  337. For me, Christmas requires the traditional red and green.
    That being said our decorations, and we are trimming the tree today, include every color combination there is. I try to include little islands of color so a gold cross with “pearls and rubies” would be hung with frosted and pearlized white balls and a burgundy velvet ornament with gold tassels or a red metal robot would be hung with bright red apples.

  338. What’s your favorite Christmas color combination and how have you used it (or how do you imagine using it, if you haven’t yet) in your own Christmas preparations?
    Blue and Silver – When I was young, we always had blue lights on the tree. They remind me of my childhood. I have not used it this year.

  339. Red is my favorite color. I’m rather traditional about Christmas, so I like a combination of red, green and gold. I’m a needlepointer and love stitching Christmas ornaments. I just recently started finishing them myself. I’m currently working on the 12 days of Christmas (which I think I bought 20 years ago). I’m almost done with #10 and have 11 and 12 to do. They’ll be ready for next Christmas.

  340. I love traditional green and red, although I am easily swayed to favor other combos, like pale blue and white. I am making a scrappy Christmas quilt in red and green.

  341. Favorite holiday colors make me think of a small purse that my mom made me for a Christmas high school dance – red velvet, white lace and gold touches.

  342. I love more traditional red and green colours. I decorate baskets with my Prairie schooler Santas, which are red and green, add some pine branches into it and green and red Christmas balls. Also my Christmas tree decorated with red and green ornaments, Christmas lights are green and red on the tree as well. In the future I`d like to try white and gold and darker red, kinda Victorian red combination.

  343. I love the traditional red and green with touches of gold……to be used for holly, berries, pine needles, ribbons!

  344. My colour scheme for Xmas is purple, white and silver! I have been making a snowflake garland and matching tree decorations in these colours.

  345. LOVE THIS!
    My favorite color combo tends to be metallics – silver, gold, copper, white. But this year I bought a slim silver tree and decorated it with only red decorations – super fun!

  346. Blue and silver/white. I mostly use this when thinking about decorating a tree, but it rarely ends up looking quite as pure as the colours would suggest.

  347. Blue and silver/white. I mostly use this when thinking about decorating a tree, but it rarely ends up looking quite as pure as the colours would suggest.

  348. I have drooled over this website….I”m a traditionalist…red, green, and touches of gold! My house is all colonial, and I decorate in that style!

  349. I am very traditional with my Christmas color wheel. Red and Green with a splash of gold. I love how it dresses my home in a feeling of happiness.

  350. Color-wise, I’m a “winter” so my favorite Christmas colors are clear dark blues, light frosty ones, white, and silver. I also love cooler red/burgundy tones with light pinks, again with silver highlights. They are colors I can use throughout the holiday season, even into January after the more obvious Christmas colors are past us. (Partially because I normally don’t get my decorations down until WAY after December.)

  351. I’m very traditional at Christmas. I’ve been making white snowmen with touches of red and green in bright shades.
    I get crazy on color combinations at other holidays!

  352. Green is my favorite color and what my bride’s maids wore, red is the color of love and one color of my favorite flower (rose) so is the color in my room – so pretty much I have to say Red and Green as except my room the main color is green in the rest of the house – having said that, I just finished stamping over 130 cards in blue and white…

  353. Silver and Gold
    I’ve spent forty years curating silver and gold ornaments, ribbons, feathers, mantle scarves, candlesticks…and I still love the look.
    Perhaps it all started with Burl Ives singing Silver and Gold in “Rudolph”!

  354. This year I’m really loving turquiose/silver for home decs and for stitching snowflakes. so sophisticated !!

  355. I don’t like a color-coordinated christmas, it feels too precious. I like a more organic, chaotic mix.

  356. Every year I make an ornament for the Christmas tree (some I make for other people who collect handmade Christmas tree ornaments) and this year I have made an embroidered poinsettia flower. It is in traditional Christmas red and green and I have added gold beads in the centre to ‘glitz it up’. I am really happy with it.

  357. My favorite color combination for the holidays is red and green. I think it is almost a neutral at this time of the year and goes with any other Christmas colors.

  358. I used to do only Victorian colours, dark green, burgundy, pink and gold. But now after so many years of Christmas decorating I do it with wild abandon, all colours are welcome!

  359. What a beautiful wide selection of Christmas threads to indulge in every festive season!
    Just looking at the red, green and white conjures up all sorts of festive feels.

  360. I love the rich colors of the Victorian era as in deep dark reds and greens mixed with creams and golds. Many of my Christmas decorations are stitched and sewn in these colors. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  361. My favorite colour combination at Christmas is green and gold. The green au ver a soie looks sumptuous. I can see that mixed with some gold threads. I am using this combination on a Christmas picture.

  362. I’ve used several different color combinations to decorate for Christmas, but the one I keep going back to is the traditional Red/Green/Gold with a smattering of other colors, purple, blue, silver. My trees have many handmade ornaments, cross stitch and embroidery, lace angels, Gods eyes of string and popsicle sticks, paper origami, beads. Every year I try to make a few more (this year it will be snowflakes).

  363. My favorite Christmas color combination is red, green, and gold. My most recent use was in making hand embroidered Christmas stockings. I embroidered the names in gold and I used red and green for the borders of the cuffs. I used several colors for the embroidered pictures on the front of the stockings and framed the embroidered pictures in green beaded embroidery.

  364. I’m a blue and silver person! When my first was a baby, I made her a quilted stocking that is all dark blue and silver with snowflakes. (We live in California and never see snow.) I tend to buy blue/silver wrapping paper. Overall, our Christmas decor is a hodgepodge, and we like it that way, but I do have a favorite.

  365. I love blue and silver or blue and gold combo for Christmas decorations. But I have not yet a successful deco theme based on those colors. The tree was always lots of different color (SO wants colors), I try to limit it but not something worth to disappoint him. The table setting is the year round color which is mustard yellow and sage green combo. We got a water pipe burst, so no Christmas decorations this year while repairs are underway. The color this year will be and is dusty grey. Heck, at least that is a color!

  366. I am a red/green girl that’s how I decorate. However, my quilts, stocking and crazy quilts vary more widely, but still keep with the traditional colors. However, when stitching I cast a broader net. I still keep traditional, but add gold, silver and white into the mix.

  367. I’m a red green traditionalist for my tree and with the woodsy decorations I use through the house. I do like to use a little antique silver and gold with some of my more rustic pieces.

  368. I tend to go to green and gold, but have been known to use random colours when the overall image was fitting

  369. Hello Mary and Everyone. I love the combination of green and white combined this time of year with brown for a woodland theme. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  370. Over the years I have had many favorite color ways for Christmas. My most recent love is shades of blue, plus silver.

  371. Looking around at the Christmas embroidered items I’ve made and kept, and one I’m preparing to give, green is certainly the predominant color. But I definitely like to add a little sparkle if I can possibly work it in.
    I crazy quilt also, and the project I’ve been thinking of is a crazy quilted tree topper. I don’t have much of a final form figured out yet, but I’m thinking predominately darker red, despite having said green before—but again the silver!

  372. My absolute favorite combination is frosty blue and sparkly white. Second is red. Either one of these prizes are wonderful and would become a favorite very quickly!

  373. My favorite Christmas colors still are the traditional red and green with a little Sparkly gold.
    We havent done much Christmas decorating the last few years. however, I did purchase a tabletop Rosemary plant shaped like a Christmas tree and have put a string of lights on it and some red bows!

  374. I love the traditional colors of red and green, accented with gold. I like using them in non traditional ways, such as plaids, florals and batiks.

  375. I especially love to work with the colors white, silver (metal rather than a matte grey), and a blue red. Variations are possible on the tree, different each year. Makes a jolly pile of wrapped presents.

  376. Favorite Christmas colours – I have to say I quite like gold and red, in part because they are not limited to Christmas but are generally festive so items in these colours are more flexible and get used more often.

  377. I’m more of a traditionalist red and green all the way. Although I have been making a number of beaded balls recently and have used green and gold and blue and silver beads.

  378. I go for traditional red and green, but to get a little more mileage out of a project blue/silver is good. Actually I am good with most of the combinations in the right spot.

  379. In the past I did a lot of crochet ornaments in white and silver threads. These days I am leaning toward blues and turquois in my embroidery ornaments. I still use all my vintage ornaments from when I was still a kid and all the things my kids made growing up. I suppose my colors would be considered hodge podge but it is what makes christmas special at my house.

  380. I love reds, blues, pinks, greens, turquoise, silver and gold. My decorations are old fashioned and traditional. And my stitching reflects all of these.

  381. Growing up in England in 50s our Christmas decorations were all multicoloured as well as some silver and gold – it was not until I came to Canada that I was exposed to the red and green theme for Christmas. I tend to use a lot of red in my Christmas needlework – I love to embroider redwork. I love the traditional evergreens for Christmas especially holly. This year I am working on winter blues for snow scenes at Christmas. I can’t wait to work on the snowflakes that Mary has designed this year – I shall work with silver, white and winter blues.

  382. What a gorgeous giveaway! My favourite colour combo for Christmas is frosty blue, purple, red and green, that probably sounds OTT but I promise it looks beautiful on my tree. My husband and I have been collecting decorations from our travels for over 30 years and these are the colours (along with lots of timber German decorations) that Im drawn to. Thanks for the comp Mary xx

  383. I’m a little behind on holiday preparations this year, because I was away until Dec. 5, and came home with a nasty cold that I’m still not over. I finally convinced people at my doctor’s office that it wasn’t going away, and got antibiotics–yesterday. I don’t have any energy for Christmas prep! But if I were going to do something special, I would go with blue and silver.

  384. I don’t have a favourite, I like it all! I like the burgundy/forest green combo… but also turquoise/blue/silver, lots of bling and sparkle! Love home/handmade decorations. What a fabulous prize either of these would be.

  385. As they say red and green should never be seen and i agree sometimes but, not at christmas. These colours say Christmas. Especially with glitter. I would love to do crazy quilting and have been saving velvets and satins etc especially for this, so i would be thrilled to win one of these packs. (Green has always been my favourite colour). Thank you.

  386. I love using red and gold together and silver and blue. Sometimes you just can’t beat classic red and green together. I stitch up several pieces each holiday season!

  387. Various shades of red and green is my favourite color combination and I just finished a Hazel Blomcamp Mandela in those colors. I have a Christmas tree decorated in hand stitched ornaments in a variety of techniiques most of which are in shades of red/green with a lot of white included.

  388. I like a burgundy – pine color combination. I tend to have that in my plantings outside as well as décor in different rooms in the house!

  389. RED AND GREEN all the way. Tree decorations, house decorations, holiday clothing.
    Hip hip who-ray for RED AND GREEN.

  390. I like deep purple, greens in different shades and gold with a little deep red (like a dark burgundy) thrown in. With clear lights in my Christmas decor. Since my three kids are all grown up I can enjoy a more adult decoration.

  391. I am definitely a traditional red/green/gold Christmas lover. I’ve been adding more of the bold red & black plaid over the past few years thought & love that too.

  392. I guess I’m a traditionalist. I really do stick to the Christmas reds and greens, although I love looking at how other people use all the different colors. Thanks for organizing these fantastic giveaways.

  393. First I adore The French Needle. Have followed them for years for one of a kind gifts and gifts for myself in the way of silk thread collections; chenille and yes buttons.
    My favorite Christmas color combos are red and gold/red and green…most of my ornaments for gifts and various guild exchanges have been red and green or gold and colors of deep browns…so many combos..Thank you for these opportunities and for introducing us to so many different suppliers

  394. Since we celebrate Hanukkah as well as Christmas at my house, my colors are a bright blue and white/silver. Those are the colors on our holiday lights. I also do some red and green, since even the native hollies are decked out in those colors.

  395. Through the years, there have been a lot of color combinations used…but I think my favorites have used gold, silvers, and whites. Red and greens are at an extremely close second. Thanks tor the #9 giveaway!

  396. My favourite Christmas colour combination is red and silvery grey. I have made a table cloth and napkins in this colour combination. I decorate the table with Pohutukawa branches which have red flowers and silvery grey/ green leaves. The Pohutukawa is native to NZ and is called the New Zealand Christmas tree.

  397. This year our tree is decorated with ornaments made with love by Mom, me and our boys. Other than the one ornament that was bought and the lights, every other decoration we made so there’s reds, greens, golds, whites, crystal angels and ice cycles, etc. There’s wooden ornaments, paper ornaments and beaded ornaments. There’s a hand made garland of yarn. Instead of an angel on top, I have my 4 angels (I’m still looking for my other 3 angels) – not hand made – around the base of the tree with the wrapped gifts.

    Merry Christmas

  398. My favorite color, all year, is red. In general, I love the Christmas red and green–complementary colors, with some yellow thrown in. I just don’t think this combination can be beat. I have completed applique quilts in this color combination, red and white quilts, and wool/felt Santas with various embroideries with the red and green as well. Who doesn’t love red and green!

  399. On several occasions I have tried moving away from the traditional red and green for Christmas but always return to what I love best. It’s always fun to try new combinations and then be happy with what you REALLY like.

  400. I’m a traditionalist and like the red/green/white combination. I made two cross stitch pilllows using those colors. I’m thinking next year I will do more in just red and white. I would love to win these threads and lovelies for use making some of the items from the beautiful book “Winterwelt” by Christiane Dahlbeck that I just recently received from The French Needle, I love their site.

  401. I am afraid I am a traditionalist with Christmas colours. Red, green and gold. When my kids were little, we all went to the shops and they got to choose a new ornament each. Luckily, at the time, most of the ornaments were in traditional colours. Wherever we o overseas, i get at least 1 Xmas ornament, always in traditional colours ot wood. However, in more recent years, I have added a mixture of matt coloured baubles to the tree, and those include orange, hot pink and lime green.

  402. There tends to be a lot of reds & greens, mostly traditional decor used in my home. I have a lot of wheat & straw woven ornaments for the tree so tend to go for a Scandi natural or nature theme. Love blues & silvers as well & keep thinking some year I’d like to have purple as the main colour theme. All the best to you & everyone over the holidays!

  403. Right now Christmas in Australia when the natural world is dying, rapidly turning brown and consumed in red fire, any other colours are very welcome but particularly green, the colour of life.

  404. The past year or so I have found myself attracted to traditional Red/Green colors, even to red clothing which is absolutely new for me. However, I think my forever favorite colors for Christmas are burgundy, forest green and rich gold. And thank you so much for sponsoring this delightful event. Who knows, maybe some year I will even win 1 of them !

  405. I am definitely a silver/gold/white sort of person. Lots of sparkle with only little splashes of color.
    This hasn’t worked out in my decorating yet, but I like the image of a tree decked out in sparkle with just a little bit of red.

  406. I love a gold, silver, cream and white combination. I’ve used it in a tree skirt and table runner.

  407. My favourite Christmas Colour Combination is Red, Green & Gold. I have always been a traditionalist because I am a historian at heart and educationally. So I actually prefer Bayberry Green and Victorian Red or Scarlet and Gold as apposed to the bright greens and reds. I just feel they are richer. I however, like to see the white and ice blue of snowflakes too, but not a whole colour scheme of it.

  408. I love the French Needle. They have lovely thread!! I am Scandinavian and love to use red and white in my holiday decorating!

  409. I’m a traditional red and green gal with sparkles of gold. Bright red to deep burgundy, bright green to deep pine green. Sparkles of gold to twinkle lights. Merry Christmas to all!

  410. Mary,
    My Christmas colors are purples and greens with some hot pink mixed in. All shiny and sparkly.

    Thanks Melinda

  411. I’m pretty traditional in Christmas colors. I love the color red anyway, so I have a lot of red in decorations. I made red felt birds for the tree, and white with red polka dots into birds for tree, and red with white polka dot birds. ( I also like birds:). I had a pretty Christmas mug with a cardinal on it, but it broke. So I’m a red and green Christmas person.

  412. Amazingly beautiful! Just looking at the pictures of the two collections makes me want to run my fingers through them to feel the different textures sliding around my nails. Yummy!

    Favorite of these two red or green – hard to choose but … green! Favorite colors to bring out in Christmas would be blues with silver/white.

    Thank you for doing these give always Mary!

    Mary in Texas

  413. I’m going for classic red and green colors in my mini Christmas tree. The colors are also echoed in the amaryllis flowers.

  414. i usually go for red and green, but I do love blue and gold or white and gold. My current Christmas stitching project is redwork using red and green to put into a quilt – but maybe for next Christmas!
    vicki from melbourne

  415. I would love to start the new year with a Christmas pattern featuring brilliant red and green colors.
    Pat R.

  416. I love the traditional red and green but I like to use a textured thread in the mix. velvet, or fluffy threads are favorites

  417. I’m definitely a traditionalist in my choice of Christmas colors. It’s Christmas red and Christmas green for me. Glad to see Lisa Dugua participating. I enjoy her site and have always found her so pleasant and helpful to deal with.

  418. I love green and purple; the purple makes any reds pop and makes the greens dark and mysterious. These threads look tactile and inspiring.

  419. I like a green tree. my husband likes white lights and I like colored lights. so when we had to get a new tree., (use artificial I can keep it up a lot longer) we found on that would do either or go between one and the other. since we are older and have 6kids, !14 grandkids, and soon to be 6 great grand kids. we have a lot of ornaments. every year we get a new ornament for whomever is living in our house. usually they are something that would identify th eperson. some are bought and some are hand made. they are all different colors and styles. I love it. somehow it all goes together. I usually stitch something for Christmas. again different styles and things. anything for a monogrammed towel to a hardanger sampler to a sweatshirt to a set of ornaments to napkins to lap quilts etc. I sew and do handwork (as grandma called it.) I try different things every year. whatever it is at least one piece will be come part of Christmas decorations. red is my favorite color and lately I have been stitching a lot with green . love the stash. thanks for the opportunity to win them .

  420. My christmas color pairs are either red-silver or dark blue-silver… For the christmas tree, its red-silver, abd I made a few ornaments for it a few weeks ago.

  421. I lean more traditional, but don’t rule out other combinations as long as it looks good. That being said, I really like burgundy and pine colors together.

    Both of those color selections look gorgeous. It will truly be the lucky person who wins either selection.

  422. I like royal blue and silver or purple and gold holiday decorations. A couple of years ago I used purple silk poinsettias and gold ribbon to adorn a a deep green fir garland and really loved it.

  423. I love red and gold together at Christmas time. I look forward to using these luscious threads in the future.

  424. I love to decorate with the traditional reds and greens but have changed it up a bit over the years to include a burlap ribbon on the actual Christmas tree.

  425. I still like the traditional red and green for Christmas and the more pure the hue the better I like it. Then it has to be embellished with gold and sometimes silver as well.

  426. I’m a blue and silver person – Christmas in Australia is so hot that any relief afforded by cool colours is more than welcome. A burst of snowflakes would be SO nice!

  427. Much of my life I have tried to avoid the “tradional.” Ironically, I love red and green and actually don’t like the use of other color combinations in Christmas decor. But I like green and red together so much that I resent not being able to use them without their being percieved as “Christmassy.” I would like to embroider and applique an amaryllis in a clear vase against a yellow wall. YES, I think I shall do just that! Thank you for leading me to imagine such an image.

  428. My Christmas tree is a combination of white and colored lights. The primary decoration on my tree are glass waterford ornaments which have been a Christmas gift from my brother and his wife for 25 years now. Other ornaments and icicles, some handmade fill in the tree. Decorations around the house include table scarfs which I made (small quilts) of Red, White and Gold. Gold garland draped here and there along with real pointsettia plants in Red, White and Pink to round out the decor. Nothing this year will come down before January 10th.

  429. I’m rather traditional with the red and green or the red and white. Pillows are a fun way to decorate or accept. A crazy quilt pillow in Christmas colors would be a wonderful addition to my holiday decor. And I would have an entire year to get it made.

  430. Either Blue and Silver, that means everything but the green tree or Pink/Burgundy/Chartreuse/Forest, giving a more varied appearance.

  431. I love to use the combination of blue and silver with a blue table cloth and silver candles in silver candlesticks. I use silver baubles and silver tinsel with blue agapanthus for floral decorations. This is a cool combination which is very welcome for Christmas in Australia and especially this year when we are experiencing drought heatwaves and terrible bushfires.

  432. I love the traditional red and green at Christmastime, but I also like lots of sparkle! With that in mind, several years ago I switched my tree ornaments of red and gold to gold and silver, along with crystal ones to catch the sparkle of the lights.

  433. I like the jewel tones, Ruby red, Sapphire blue and Emerald green all with gold and silver of course. I made several small christmas ornaments as gifts. Will be making those again next year!

  434. The handmade ornaments, tree skirt, and stockings I’ve made throughout the years all tend to be in the red/green color range. Now that I’m older, if I were starting fresh, I would probably go with a blue/silver palate.

  435. These collections are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to incorporate them into my crazy quilt projects. As for Christmas colors, I love the combination of red and white.

  436. My favorite Christmas Color scheme usually is RED PLAID ribbon bows and tiny white lights with white satin balls BUT this year I and doing BLACK and WHITE PLAIDS, polka dots stripes and checker board patterns with clear fairy lights and a Red Poinsettia on top of a black table cloth which I place white square china plates.

  437. I love using icy blues and silver with more lights than you c0unt! Snowflakes and fake snow covered villages and stars strung everywhere.

  438. I love blue and silver for Christmas. I have only used these colors together in greeting cards using foil paper but plan on making a Christmas crazy quilt something using those colors. I have done a Christmas pillow in red, white and green with a lot of embellishment. I love to use all the combos. A table runner in the greens or reds would be pretty. Thank you for this offering. Now I am going to go look around the shop.

  439. My favourite Christmas colour combination, is blue and silver. I think because it is so cool and elegant looking. A contrast to the heat we experience during this time of year in Autralia.

  440. My very favorite Christmas color combo is one you used for your snowflakes – silver, white, blue and a little turquoise.

    Those snowflakes were gorgeous!



  441. Hmmm… Christmas color combinations have changed so over the years. Remember the aluminum trees with the color wheel spotlight? Yep, we had one of those when I was a kid. And there was the year Mama decided we’d have a blue and silver tree – pretty, I guess, but our living room was definitely furnished in earth tones (greens, browns, oranges) – she didn’t repeat that one!

    For several years, we have had a tree decorated with white lights, red and gold shiny ball ornaments, and white silk poinsettias. I love that combination. But the other tree has tiny multi-colored lights and all the ornaments collected over the years, including one from the family tree of my childhood. Favorite? Which room am I in? Just so long as there are lots of lights!

  442. My favorite Christmas color combination is pink, lime and turquoise. A brighter take on the traditional red, green and blue. Most of my house decorations are this combo.

  443. Hodgepodge best describes our house’s Christmas decorations. There are Disney character ornaments the children chose when little. We have animated musical characters (penguin and snowman) on tabletops and traditional red, green and gold tinsel on the tree. I do love the colors of red, green and gold as well as silver and blue.

  444. I adore French blue and rustic red. Something about the not quite new look that they inspire. I drool over French Needle offerings on her website. I have been gradually introducing more french elements into my decor over the years. I have not thought to include french inspired holiday pieces until now. I will love sharing them with my daughter that spent her junior year of college in Paris. Of how I wish I had sought out the darling shops that French Needle frequents!
    C’est la vie!
    Merry Christmas Mary. I love what you do and appreciate how thoughtfully you share your wisdom each week.
    Kathleen Miller

  445. Oooh! Now I do love a traditional green and red (with pops of silver and gold) in my Christmas stitcheries . . . but I also love the icy blues and silvers and iridescents, with maybe a touch of purples and pinks! Sugar Plum Fairy meets the Snowflakes! I adore a broad spectrum of colors, so why should Christmas have to settle for just one or two, right?!? 🙂

  446. My favorite color combos are red/gold and light blue/gold. The warmth of red with gold accents is traditional and cheery, but I also like the color pairing of cool, icy blue with gold. It’s more modern, but still very festive and visible when made into decorations and ornaments.

  447. I love red and green. A bright turkey red and lime green. There’s nothing like a tree with packages wrapped in red paper and topped with lime green bows!

  448. Oh dear. I fear my choice of traditional red and green will be considered boring. I mean, it has to be red, right? I look great in red after all! And red is my favorite color. Did I mention I look great in red? But it can’t be red all by its lonesome. Red and white were my high school colors, so it can’t be that.

    Red and green, all the way!


  449. I’m a traditionalist — red and green for Christmas, but I like gold & silver thrown in. For tree ornaments: white, silver, and gold — to be in contrast to a dark green tree. Although I was particularly drawn to a snowflake you embroidered in blue with gold.

  450. In my own home at Christmas, I am a traditionalist in that I stick to various red, white and green combinations for decorating. However I also dream of a day when I have a tree in each room and the possibility of using teals, violets and gold really appeals to me.

  451. If have unlimited funds, I’d love to have a different color scheme every year! I like frosty royal blue and silver for a more modern look, but also love crazy quilting, so burgundy, gold, forest green and other dark Victorian shades when using those ornaments.

  452. I’m an old fashioned gal! I like red and green. My home is full of trees and Santas. My house was built in 1852 by my husband’s ancestors so it lends itself to my vintage decorations.

  453. I have transitioned to mainly Red/Gold on my tree. I used to use the Blue/Silver but wanted something a bit more traditional. I have an urge to change again maybe it will be the uber traditional Red/Green but we’ll have to just wait and see!

  454. I love the traditional green and red for Christmas colours, but I also love gold and silver combinations so it depends what mood I’m in. I love a bit of bling on a Christmas decoration, so if I’m stitching say a cross-stitch decoration I make sure it has a bit of gold/silver or some beads for that added sparkle!

  455. The traditional red and green are my favorite colors for Christmas, with a little gold and silver mixed in.

  456. I love all forms of needlework. I got involved about 20 years age. Doing research on my ancestors, I found out needle work has been in my family for a long time.
    I saw a sampler at Winterthur Museum from 1780 that one of my relatives from Philadelphia stitched. I also found several more from that period as well at a NJ exhibit at Morven Museum.If that was not enough I even learned that my family ran a stitching school in the 1880’s in Atlantic City, NJ.
    Here’s to stitching and the path it leads us.
    The French Needle is one of my favorite sites. Last year I bought their fall Acorn Kit and have been a fan ever since.

  457. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colors. I love the red, green, gold, white combination with a bit of blue and silver for winter thrown in. I basically used these colors in a Christmas crazy quilt I finished for this year’s holiday season and loved being surrounded at my stitching place with those colors no matter the season of the year while I was stitching. And the richer the golds, greens and red and the more sparkly the white, the happier I am.

  458. I tend to be more of a traditionalist using lots of red and green. But I add in silver, gold, and white, too. My mantel scarf is white and I have a manger scene in silver metal in the center with gold, silver, and white angels interspersed with small candle holders in greens and reds. My book case if my tree scape! I have all kinds of trees: metal, wood, yarn, sequin, fabric, and glass. They are assorted colors in green, red, silver, & gold. I am a Christmas fan so my house gets really decked out. It is great fun! Thanks, Mary, for having this fun contest. It is fun to read what everyone else is doing and thinking. Merry Christmas!!

  459. I like a warm green, not all the way to lime, but close. And a hot red, not all the way to orange, but somewhere in between.

    Or olive and gold with some ivory.

    Or ivory, gold and shiny black.

    I like a lot.

  460. I would like to say my favorite combination is burgundy/green. Although the crazy quilt Christmas Stocking I made a couple of years ago is traditional red/green. Some year I would like to incorporate turquoise/white in with all my existing Christmas Decor I have collected or made over the last 40 years.


  462. My favorite color combinations are nature inspired, such as brown, rust, blues, and some reds for a pop of color. I’ve used this combination when making stitched Christmas ornaments.

  463. Blue and white are my favorite Christmas colors. Very clean and classic look reminiscent of winter. I’ll use white lights and white and blue ornaments to decorate. I might throw in silver tinsel or beads for a little sparkle.

  464. What a fabulous selection of threads and goodies! I am of the traditional red and green variety with some vintage (aka tarnished) silver thown in!

  465. I love the traditional red and green. It just brings back so many memories. I love patterns that have holly, mistletoe, pinecones and berries and twigs.

  466. I love red and green for my Christmas decorations. I am also drawn to red and green for my every day home decorating. I have red and green Christmas cross stitched decorations and quilts to decorate my home. I love red and green.

  467. I love green and gold or red and white. Oh it’s so hard for me to choose, I love Christmas! But natural elements of greenery and nature appeal to me very much, too. Thanks, Mary!

  468. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colours-red, green and white with a touch of gold. As I sit by my Christmas tree while writing this, I see this is my predominant colour theme, although I do have a few other colours mixed in. All are home made-embroidered, knit, crocheted etc.

  469. Dear Mary,
    I prefer the traditional colours of green, red, white, gold, silver, and beige ………. they just spell Christmas!
    Thank you.

  470. I have to go with the traditional red and green for my favorite – but I haven’t used it this year, only icy snowflake blue.

  471. Red and green comes up trumps always – just finished a beaded ornament in red and green and a scroll of gold! A close second is blue and silver.

  472. Read and purple. I made a small feathered star Christmas quilted wall hanging a number of years ago and loved it.

  473. Traditional red and green have been my favorite, but I find I’m adding more blue and gold to the mix. Thanks for the giveaway.

  474. Have to admit I stick with tradition on this one. Just finished Celtic Christmas with all the traditional colors — red, green, gold and silver. Have varied occasionally to blue and silver but that’s as wild as I usually get. Plan on sending for your snowflakes and may stretch myself on those. Did like some of your color combos.

  475. Previously I decorated with burgundy and gold since my furniture was green. But this year I purchased a dark blue couch and decorated with blue, gold and a touch of white. Very pretty however I miss the old color palette!

  476. I love greens – all of them. At Christmas, I like the mixture of greens with a few reds and maybe a tiny bit of blue and purple thrown in – as in lights on wreaths or trees.

  477. I love color and can vary my Christmas color decorations year to year. My favorite is hot pink, lime and turquoise!

  478. Red and green are my holiday colors, with some silver, white, and a little bit of copper. I did recently get some blue metallic threads for snowflake ornaments; I hope to add them to the mix next year!

  479. My favorite Christmas color combo is still red and green, but ANY red with ANY green … they all go so well with all my red and white (which also work for Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and well, every day!). Add in a sprinkle of gold and silver … just perfect!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  480. My favourite Cgristmas colours are the traditional ones, redss, greens, gold, white and sivler. In later years purple has also crept in quite a lot. Stong warm colours are for Christmas and make me feel happy, pale soft colours are for other occasions, Easter, Christenings or anything else, but not Christmas.

  481. My favourite colour combo is red and gold. I am currently in the design stage of a Christmas ornament in those colours. I am hoping that I’ll be able to include stumpwork as well as goldwork. I recently completed a goldwork piece working with these two colours. The flower of the New Zealand Christmas tree, the Pohutukawa.

  482. Yummy, yummy threads from the French Needle! Be still my heart! What a wonderful, fabulous, dare I say “sensuous” gift. I purchased Au Ver a Soie’s metallics from The French Needle after lusting over them for months…and they have been a delight to work with. And the folks at TFN are amazing. So prompt. So kind. So knowledgeable! Yes, I’m emoting all over the place, but I just can’t help it. TFN is heaven on earth for someone like me who embroiders everything in site and loves crazy quilting. I honestly can’t think of anything better to win than a collection from TFN.

    So now I’m off…to continue stitching on Christmas gifts. I am so blessed to have friends who appreciate hand made gifts and who also make them for me.

    Merry Christmas, Mary. And I hope you have a wonderful time this whole holiday season.

    Cheryl Dale (from Mathews, VA)

  483. I am pretty traditional, so use a lot of red and green. I LOVE the thread and other fabrics in this bundle. Great idea to package them together!

  484. I love cranberry-red, holly-leaf green and metallic gold together. Something about this combination says rich and luxurious Christmas to me. I have made many ornaments over the years in macrame, felt, needlelace, blackwork, bargello, beadwork and hardanger to name a few. My old local stitcher’s group used to tell me that they could always guess who had made their secret ornament exchange gift because I always chose the same colours!
    One year I was delighted to find this colour combo in wide wire ribbon and made bows for the tree and I also use it to wrap the fresh boughs on the mantle in it.

  485. I’m very traditional when it comes to Christmas, so I decorate with red and green, adding silver for sparkle!

  486. I’ve used all sorts of colours for Christmas embroidery but my go to is Christmas red and green. You can’t beat them
    Merry Christmas

  487. My favorite Christmas color combination is red-white. I use it on Christmas stocks, on cards and decoration.

  488. I love adding a nice navy blue to the traditional red and green. I used those three colors in the flowers when we got married on New Year’s Eve. In 1976.

  489. I’m def a traditional decorator. Reds greens etc. it’s Christmas to me. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year

  490. This year I got inspired with dark midnight blue and pearl white – so beautiful. All the presents wrapped in white paper with midnight blue ribbons or blue wrappings and white pearl ribbons – everything looks like velvet and sparks like starlight.

  491. I love blue and silver. I’m working on a set of Christmas napkins using the snowflake designs. I’ve got a handmade blue and silver Christmas table runner that love.

  492. I love all the Christmas color combos! My fave is red and silver! I have a silver wreath with a red bow on the door of my house for some festive fun!

  493. Helly Mary, I like green with splashes of red and gold for Christmas decorations. Having said that, Christmas in NZ can sometimes be quite hot and sunny and a colourful BBQ fibe occasionally happens too.

  494. This year I’m feeling turquoise and red with white or cream. Combined with textured neutrals, wood tones and evergreens. Sort of Scandi vib.

  495. Many shades of Green works for me with Blues and Silver accent. I guess I’m not very traditional. I have a collection of Cloches and put little scenes of Christmas and Snow in each one for the holiday with little lights, it’s so pretty.

  496. Different years I like different color schemes but I think traditional red and green are my favorite with some metallic gold thrown in .
    Thank you for the opportunity to win,
    Merry Christmas, Mary!

  497. Dear Mary
    Thank you for the opportunity in participating on you 12 days of Christmas.
    My favourite colours at christmas time is the Traditional Red and Green with also Gold thread flowing throughout the project. I used the Reg and Green with Gold, on some Christmas Tree Ornaments, shaped like trees, with a tree and presents, with “Joy”, Hope, and Love written on the side. I gave away a few of these to my daughters and have the Joy one on my tree for myself.
    Best wishes for the Festive Season, and may 2020 be a safe, happy and healthy one for you and your family. I hope your health inproves more and you stay well.
    Julie Piggott.

  498. I collect things, especially needlework of old. One of my favorite finds are old European machine embroidered Christmas themed ribbons that had originally been mounted on old Russian Christmas cards. They are magnificent, all on white grounds, stitched predominantly in red and green threads, with flourishes of gold and black. If I stitch anything that says Christmas, it would have to use the same palette to speak Christmas to me, old fashioned or contemporary. I took them off the cards and framed them together in a single frame and it has become my year round favorite thing on my walls.

  499. White and silver and pale frosty blues are my favourite Christmas colours and would enjoy stitching ornaments with these colours. Although a splash of red and green never fail.

  500. This Christmas series has been so interesting and informative, and I thank you, Mary, for sponsoring it. This has opened our eyes to so many beautiful new products which have generated lots of ideas. What a wonderful gift as winter descends on us.

    My favorite colors are the traditional red and green, but I always admire the others, especially burgundy with gold. I notice in fabric shops that many of the Christmas fabrics feature shades of green which have more yellow in them. For me at least, Christmas green must be more a hunter green.

  501. I use dark red, silver and gold in my decorations. Over the years I have finished many cross stitch and embroidered ornaments. My latest are done in silk threads which is so wonderful to work with. I love French Needle for its unique items

  502. I have had many colour combinations on my tree through the years. Right now it is red and silver, which I like very much.

    Thank you, for another great give-away.

    Heather M.

  503. I like frosty blue with white or silver. I use this in decorating my tree and wrapping gifts. It feeds my soul.

  504. I prefer the traditional red and green, but embellished with black background or accents. Love it!

  505. I love turquoise and silver, the 2 colors bring out the very best of each other. My next best color is red and silver!

  506. It depends which room you’re in! This year I decided to use vintage Lenox (ivory and gold) china candleholders and containers on the dining room table and the family room mantel is filled with gold mercury glass candleholders. The tree in my foyer is decorated with pastel and iridescent glass ornaments with vintage crystal necklaces as garland. The kitchen has small amounts of red and green and the tree in the living room is totally sentimental and has no color scheme.

  507. Blue and Silver – so cool and snowy and wintry!!
    Love these giveaways, thanks for doing them!!
    Carrie G PlaneNut

  508. My favorite combination is (metallic) silver and gold (I admit the influence of Burl Ives in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer) on rich blues and reds—lacy or snowflake patterns.

  509. I love all the Christmas colours but in the last few years I have been drawn to the retro stylings and the turquoise and red shades currently reign in my home.

  510. Christmas colors: Greens – for new and for growing with abundance – the new day, the new life and new blessings for mankind. Gold for the new light of love and hope shining in the world. And Gold also for the royalty of our humble Savior.

  511. The Christmas colors I love most are the traditional Red & Green. While the silver and blues are very pretty, all my Christmas quilts & stitchery are done in Reds & Greens.
    Rosann P – North Carolina

  512. For my general decorating I don’t have a color scheme. I decorate with heirlooms, many of them cross-stitched, beaded and embroidered by my mother and sisters. But for my projects, I love the combination of silver and blues. I think it started with a small cross-stitch ornament I did decades ago of a church surrounded by pine trees and snow in white on navy aida cloth.

  513. Generally I am a red and green person at Christmas, but my favorite tree is the 4 ft living room tabletop tree that is all white lights and white and crystal ornaments, it sparkles so beautifully.

  514. I like the traditional red and green colors with white, golds, and silvers. We have a lot of ornaments and wreaths that are these colors. Our decorations are mostly a hodge-podge of ornaments and wreaths in these colors that we have collected over the years. We also include the St. Louis Cardinals in our Christmas decorations. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  515. I’m a red-and-green (specifically poinsettia garlands, etc.) with gold accents. Since we have a one-story house, it all blends together!

  516. The colors are absolutely beautiful in today’s givecaway! These are not just Christmas colors but seen throughout our beautiful state of New Mexico, the land of cenchantment. It woul$ be a p,erasure to use the color to create a favorite embroider6 piece!

  517. I love traditional red, green, and white decorations but I often throw in some teal to liven things up! Merry Christmas and thanks for all the wonderful prizes you’re offering!

  518. These are not just Christmas colors but seen throughout our beautiful state of New Mexico, the land of cenchantment. It woul be a pleasure to use these thread colors to create a favorite embroidery crazy quilt piece! Lots of favorite little keepsakes could be added as a very sp3cial remembrance piece.

  519. It woul be a pleasure to use these thread colors to create a favorite embroidery crazy quilt piece or covered pillows. Lots of favorite little keepsakes could be added as a very spacial remembrance piece. My head is spinning with lots of ideas!

  520. My favourite Christmas colours would have to be burgundy with greens for tree-style decorations but I also fancy silver with white for stars or random snowy themes. I haven’t completed any Christmas decorations yet but since following Needle ‘n Thread via blogs and FB, I’m inspired to prepare myself in plenty of time for next Christmas. Thank you Mary Corbet for your generosity in sharing your skills and passion. I couldn’t have survived the past couple of years without you ❤️️

  521. Actually I am using a blue/green combination now to cross stitch a Merry Christmas pillow. I like those two colors together.

  522. My favorite colors for the holidays are gold, red, and green. They always remind me of being outdoors and I love the scents of pine and cinnamon during the holidays. When I stitch for the holidays it is usually in these colors.

  523. I love traditional red, green, blue, gold, plus some hot pink/magenta pinks (like the red/pinks in today’s photo- beautiful!). That’s the combo on some Cotton & Steele Christmas fabric I set aside for a tree skirt (not made yet!).

  524. I love traditional red & green @ Christmas. But it BRIGHT COLORS. No, the colonial shades of blue-green and a cranberry shade of red. Sooo pretty.

  525. I love white, dark green and pale icy blue. I create most of my Christmas cards and decorations in those colours (in embroidery and other art forms). This combination reminds me of a Christmas in Vienna when I was a child – a time that well impressed me for life.

  526. Green is my favorite color so I find that I have mostly the traditional red and green decorations for Christmas. I had family over already on Dec. 15 and added white to the mix with red and white dianthus flowers. I like white flowers because they shows up best in the dark or on a moonlight night. Lovely items from the French Needle. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  527. White is my favorite colour for Christmas decorations, white on white, white on red, white on green…. and sometimes a bit of red, or gold or silver

  528. Poinsettia Red, Fir Green, and lots of colored lights and ornaments – It’s hard to say which is my favorite because I’ve always used beloved decorations over and over. I’m not a “contemporary” decorator, nor am I a contemporary creator. I like traditional-ish designs and colors. But if I had to choose, I’d go with red, because I have a lot of green already.

    I have to add: Mary, you are just wicked! I found the button pages, and almost went crazy! In my next life…..

  529. My favourite colour scheme for decorating at Christmas is still red and green. I may be old fashioned but I can’t bring myself to go with the new copper and pink etc. Lots of red shiny balls grace our REAL tree and hang from garlands on the window. A row of hand embroidered mittens hang cheerfully below the mantle to be joined by Christmas stockings (red and green) on Christmas Eve.

  530. I like silvers, blues and golds. I am about to start some ornaments in white, silver and gold with lots of sparkly Swarovski beads.

    S. Sparks

  531. I love the vintage look for Christmas in my house. I like ice blue, light pink, mint green, pale yellow for Christmas. I love all the colors of Christmas and just this year I changed from shades of blue to vintage colors along with mercury glass. Thank you for always giving back to your loyal followers!! Merry Christmas!

  532. I like traditional reds and greens. I like to put small decorations all around the house in unexpected places. Love these beautiful collections!
    Merry Christmas

  533. My favorite Christmas colors are blue and white/and or silver. Just a little non-conformist here.

  534. I love the traditional red, green, and gold best. But I think light blue, silver and white are a close second. I also like the darker shades of the colors as looking more luxe, or more old fashioned than som of the garish brights. I also enjoy enjoy well done untraditional colors like purples and pinks. OK let’s face it I love ‘em all!

  535. I think a deep spruce green velvet tree skirt for my vintage goose feather tree with some gold work would be lovely!

  536. I have all the colours in my decorations, but if I could start over it would be white and silver. I love to do my decorations myself not buying them.

    Thank’s and Merry Christmas to you to you and your family.

    Gi of St-Jerome

  537. My main Christmas activity is making cards, really nice crafty ones. Trees are the easiest, most effective and offer the greatest variety from stitching to patty cake cases! The scope for decorating is endless.
    Red and green are so Christmasy and cheerful and fit in with both Northern and Southern hemispheres, more red for the cold, more green for the hot climates.
    Thank Mary,
    Cheers, Kath Grabham

  538. It’s red and green :for me living Down Under with Christmas in Summer and so hot these are the colours of Christmas if you add a bit of gold for bling. No silver or white , that’s for colder climates. This year with drought there is no green however and the only red is that of bushfires.

    Jan in Queensland

  539. My favorite it the color on white Christmas lights with cobalt blue and deep red berries ornaments and decor. I just love those together the plain white lights look almost old fashions especially now with led lights everywhere. So my fav is warm white cobalt blue and the deep red of berries. They look so lovely with the green of the tree.

  540. I love the combination of green, gold and silver/white! Every year I tell myself that I will stick to this but then when the tree is up I get out the box of baubles and cannot resist the reds, blues, purples and oranges…..it ALL ends up on the tree! It may not be tasteful but I love it.

  541. I love all the Christmas colours but coming from downunder I also like to go for colours that more represent an Australian Christmas. These colours tend to the greyer more subtle greens and soft yellow, but can also include bright orangey reds of our Christmas bush and unfortunately our fires at the moment. No snowflakes for me!

  542. I love all the colour combinations, so tend to have rather eclectic decorating for Christmas. I am thinking that for next year, I might try some Christmas decorations in a frosty blue and silver as it is rather hot in Australia at Christmas and that sort of colour scheme could maybe have a cooling influence.
    Have just spent an hour on The French Needle website drooling over the colours in the threads – scrumptious!!! and have joined their email list.

  543. Red and green are always my favourites!! I have made many bobbin lace designs in these colours, however, I recently made some gorgeous aqua blue and silver hardanger ornaments, very swish.

    Thanks Mary for all the yummy photos of stitchy things for the Stitchers Christmas, lovely things to drool over and new websites to visit!

  544. I love the traditional red and green, but if I were to be lucky enough to win either of these collections I think I would put them together with gold and make some baubles with sparkle

  545. My Christmas colour combination is red and gold. I use this combination for making Christmas cards for my nearest and dearest. Happy Christmas to you all.

  546. To me Christmas is the traditional reds and greens with accents of white and silver! I make a lot of my own decorations and no matter what inentions I have, they inevitably end up mostly red and green!

  547. I love the traditional red & green for Christmas. I would like to try the new retro colors at least once.

  548. Basically I’m a red and green gal. I decorate with red and green quilts all over the house. I do like a great mix of ornaments for my tree and baskets. Love this collection of yummy reds and greens supplies.

  549. Yes I like the traditional red and green but I think I am really attracted to off whites and whites in a piece.

  550. Actually, I’m not a Christmas stitcher … so, actually, I have no “Christmas” colour combinations … I didn’t even know the “traditional” red-green combination, until I learned about American Christmas conventions (ok, the tree and the Advent wreath are green, the Advent candles are red, and Santa wears red, this is traditional over here, too) … My favourite combination in general is purple and green (but I love a lot more).
    However, if it has to be Christmassy by all means, I did stitch something for Christmas, indeed. It was two years ago, when I had just set about embroidering. Back then, I stitched five of your Trees for Christmas onto self-sewed stockings, and these trees were naturally red and green. 🙂

  551. I mostly use all shades of blue and silver, although I use red to kick up the festive accessories. The green is my tree!! What beautiful packs. All the kits and thread on her website are gorgeous; keep waiting for her to restock the blue metallics.
    Thanks again Mary

  552. I like the traditional colors I remember as a child for needlework. It is so relaxing to start stitching Christmas for next year after the house is decorated. We use allot of real green roping from the NC mountains so I like to carry that green throughout the house.

  553. My favourite Christmas Combination is the traditional one of red, green and gold. It reminds me of Christmases of my early childhood in my Grandma’s home with all my cousins. The big fresh green tree, decorated with steamers and crimped milk bottle top strings.. the table with a beautiful starch white cloth and red serviettes! The precious gold balls hung carefully on the tree between our paper streamers. The smells from the kitchen!!!

  554. My favorite Christmas color combination is silver and light blue, and that is the combination I used for my Christmas ornaments 🙂

  555. Hi Mary,
    These days, my favorite Christmas color combo is natural linen, with olivey greens and reds closer to the fuscia family. A bit of cream here and there, too. Uh oh… Answering this question is making me want to start another project! NOOOOoooooooooo….. stop me before I stitch again! I have plenty on my stitchery Christmas gifts plate as it is. Those photos from Lisa are tantalizing!
    June House

  556. Oh! Red, green and gold everytime. I made a small applique wall hanging of the Madonna and Child and it came second in a competition. The colours just epitomise Christmas for me.

  557. I love the traditional red and green. But I put ornaments of every color on my tree especially antique ones.

  558. I have no special color scheme for Christmas. I love all colors. Each room in my house is decorated with colors that match the paint so I have a purple bathroom, gold kitchen, aqua parlor, and purple dining room.

  559. My favorite color combination for Christmas is red/green/silver. I love a traditional type of look and love to decorate my tree with lots of colorful ornaments and lots of lights. Merry Christmas to you!

  560. Our tree is the focal point and has generations of ornaments of every colour so my pallette is more cheery than elegant. There are quilts, wool appliqué mats, cross stitched tablecloths and embroidered napkins all in different colours made by Moms from each generation so maybe my decorating is the colour of love!

  561. Thanks for the chance to win such great stuff. I tend toward neutrals in much of my work and lately have been doing woodland crewel (reindeer especially) so sticking more to natural colors like ivory, buff, tan, burnt sienna, browns, taupes, and grays with some grayed blues and greens. But of course then red for Rudolph’s nose.

  562. The French Needle does have unusual and charming selections—but items are popular and one needs to buy quickly.
    My Christmas color preference is green with golds and silvers. It’s elegant and still looks fresh in the new year.
    Mary, thank you for all you do and share with us. You always make my day brighter. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2020!

  563. What I’d like to have: A lightly frosted/flocked tree with soft browns (little brown birds, pine and fir cones); sage green mosses; holly sprigs with berries; and natural burlap ribbon.

  564. Red and Green – not necessarily used together but always with silver. Strips of cloth used mainly in wreath making. Lots of embellishments, silver ribbons and threads. Add the tiny light garland and the wreath just sparkles.

  565. I have just completed the church flowers – I am a traditionalist red carnations, green foliage and gold glitter sprays.

    These colours are to me Christmas and I love them – have just completed some napkins with a corner of holly and poinsettia’s with gold centres.
    Silver and gold can be used with many colours and like your snowflakes Mary look lovely.

  566. Oh my goodness – can’t imagine what fun this gift box would be. I literally can walk into a thrift store and look thru the linen and bedding section and my imagination runs wild. Cannot even conceive of winning this treasure trove that would come to my home in Pinson. Odkonurse would be over the moon!

  567. Christmas means memories and for me I use some of my grandmothers decorations that adorned her tree, then my mother’s tree and now mine. In keeping with my mix of the old and new I use reds, greens, golds with lots of lights.
    But I also love the pinks, palegreens, and silver so I do some type if tables ape in my living room,
    Deanna S

  568. My favorite color combo includes jewel colors of royal blue, deep red, emerald green and golden yellow. I have used these colors to complete a set of hand embroidered ornaments from kits in the early 80’s. Joseph and Mary on a donkey is one of them, the Three Wise Men another, and Partridge and Pear Tree ornaments: my most cherished, always landing on the tree within easy eyesight.

  569. My favorite Christmas color combination and how I have you used it would have to be in the ornaments I make every year. Last year I did stars in silver on a field of dark blue and this year I did a series of green Christmas trees with red ornaments(French knots) and silver tinsel. Thank you again for all the great contests!

  570. I have two favorite combinations. One traditional Red and green sometimes leaning more to the olive green. Then I have a small tree that I deocorate in Blues and bronzy browns. I found the bronze ornaments at Biltmore Mansion on year and then found golds and bronzes and blues at various stores. The give away packets looked fabulous. Thanks for all these give aways.

  571. I love the blue/silver combination but also green/red/gold and then I see new combinations like lime green/pink/silver and I love that too. I must say that all are beautiful in their own way and how I use them is very project specific and who I am giving it to.

  572. Favorite colors? That’s a tough one! My favorite “match my interior decorating” colors are a deep reds (think burgundy) and deep greens (think holly tree) with some gold thrown in for sparkle. I have to admit I was really inspired by your snowflakes and love the idea of creating with silver and blues.

  573. I use many colours in my holiday decorations. These days it is mostly about the tree, with glass ornaments in many colours and sizes. I also have a few spots with poinsettias, some red and some are the “new” colours like pale green and pink. I mix those with my year-round plants in groupings.

  574. Mary, I am a traditionalist…so Christmas is red and green for me! Thanks for the opportunities to visit Online shops via your give away ideas each December!

  575. My personal favorite combination of colors for Christmas are burgundy and offwhite (my farmhouse is decorated in off white instead of bright white). I’ve crocheted a striped tree skirt in burgundy and cream, and also a delicate angel tree topper in cream thread as well as a fun set of garlands in cream thread. I’ve also crocheted lace to lay onto ornament balls. I’ve made a quilted table runner with burgundy and cream. Two years ago, I made a stumpwork ornament with burgundy berries and green holly on a cream silk background. This year I’ve been working on Mary’s holly and evergreen (https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2018/12/holly-evergreen-details-free-patterns-and-more.html) on an offwhite tea towel. My plan is to eventually decorate with fully handmade items. I prefer a natural country look with pine cones and burgundy berries. The more natural the better – maybe just “snow” garland and pinecones and berries with the nativity once my kids move out. My Mom prefers white and blue. My Mother in Law collects santas. I like them also!

  576. Red and green! Both lovely colours! I followed your links to The French Needle and enjoyed it as much as you said. Thank you and happy Christmas!

  577. I have red and white mini lights in the living room, multi-coloured icicle lights in the kitchen and blue tulips lights in one bedroom and hallway. I LOVE colours and lights! The lights are what you build around.

    For stitching I would love to pull myself out of my colour comfort zone and reach for some new bold colours and create an amazing piece for Christmas.

  578. My favorite Christmas color combination is the ones found in nature – I like to decorate with wood items, greenery, and white and silver. Current favorites are snowflakes, pine cones and reindeer. It reminds me of how beautiful winter can be in the mountains, especially when my family can spend time at Lake Tahoe.
    Thank you for your generosity and Happy Holidays!

  579. I love the traditional red and green colors for Christmas stitching. The combination reminds me of the smell of pine from the tree and the spices used in holiday baking.

    Now when it comes to winter stitching, blues come to mind.

    Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. I always look forward to the information you provide.

    Blessings to you and your family for the holiday!

  580. Green at anytime of year, not just for Christmas. I must admit that with hustle and bustle of the season, not much stitching gets done this month.

  581. Normally I’m just not a red a green kinda person. When it comes to clothes, I just can’t pull off those colors. So AT CHRISTMAS, I go crazy with Red and Green! Roses, holly, evergreen swags, poinsettias!

    Beautiful threads, French Needle, and Thank you, Mary, for these lovely give aways!

  582. My favorite Christmas needlework project is “Celtic Christmas,” a cross stitch design by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. I have been stitching on it for years. It pictures a young woman in a long red gown. The assortment of DMC reds that Leavitt-Imblum chose result in a very deep red velvety looking gown. Metallic gold forms swirling designs along the bottom of the gown with a few gold beads scattered about. Beads and floss spell out “NOEL” above her head and the piece is bordered with geometric designs of red and green floss with gold beads. Overall, the colors are grayed and subdued; it is stitched on a linen fabric of Dusty Green. I love the red and green combination, but not in primary colors.

  583. I absolutely adore color, in pretty much all things. I love the classic Christmas red and green, and I also love the more formal red and gold (so rich), but for me, all the colors! My tree is a riot of color and full of folk art from around the globe. The dark green branches of my Charlie Brown-like tree really set off the pinks, turquoises, limes, fuchsias, oranges, and all the colors of the world. I’ve made myself a colorful garland out of felt balls, some silk ornaments in bright colors with goldwork, and various and sundry ornaments made by myself and local artists.

    Since Christmas is the season of joy, I think that any colors that make you feel joyful are A-OK!

  584. I am a traditional red and green girl with white to relieve the bold colors! I am new to embroidery and have a wish list of projects longer than BOTH of my arms! Christmas is my favorite time of year (being born on Christmas Eve May have something to do with that) so many of my future projects revolve around Christmas stitching.

  585. I’m a traditionalist. I love red and green for Christmas. I’m working on a guest towel right now that is red and green. I’ve also made a tree skirt in red and green. I do, however, like adding touches of gold.

  586. My favorite Christmas color combinations are the blues and silver. I haven’t used them yet, I’m still working on the towels from last Christmas.

  587. I’m a red and green enthusiast. I’ve holiday wall hangings, table runners and placemats in those colors and I decorate with greenery and pointsettias. . .Sometimes I incorporate gold ribbons; but often, I use plaid red and green ribbons because I can’t seem to get enough of those two holiday colors! LOL

  588. I lean toward red and green in my Christmas decorating since I like a traditional Christmas look to my tree and house décor. But the last few years more pink and blues are coming in as I add more tropical/beach Christmas decorations.

    Cheryl F from Tyler Texas

  589. I have always been a fan of two shades of red and two shades of green together. I like an orangy vermillion and a good burgundy for the reds, and a lime green and forest green for the greens. I like this combination that I worked on and off for just over 40 years on a cross-stitch tablecloth featuring a traditional design from Kosovo, and I still like this combination.

  590. I decorate with the traditional red and green with a little gold added for sparkle….it takes me back to memories of my childhood.

  591. My favorite Christmas combinations would be either monochromatic use of various greens, or the burgundy pine combination

  592. I’m a fairly traditional gal. I decorate for Christmas with a variety of reds & greens plus gold. Through the years I’ve added more browns with evergreen cones, jutes, burlap and craft paper.

    I’d love to win the sumptuous package of ‘greens.’ I could so see using them to make a timeless evening bag – great for any time of the year!

  593. I love the traditional red & green colors of Christmas. I mix them up with tree decorations & tinsel, stockings & lots of vintage items. I do prefer white lights, though. I just think they make everything pop.

  594. Christmas is cold here in Michigan. Cream and silver are the two colors most used in my trees as accents for ice, snow, stars, and whole snowmen. Stitching on dark fabric lets these light colors appear that much brighter.
    Best wishes to everyone for a comfortable and fulfilling Christmas.