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Stitcher’s Christmas 2019 #7: Renaissance Dyeing Crewel Wool!


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Happy Monday, from a snow-covered Kansas!

Today’s give-away for A Stitcher’s Christmas #7 is very timely! Just when the weather is perfect for pulling out my wool mittens (these felted wool mittens that I embroidered and showed you here), we get to chat all about gorgeous hand-dyed wool threads from Renaissance Dyeing.

And I’ll announce the three recipients of last Wednesday’s gifts – the yearly subscriptions to Inspirations Magazine.


Stitcher's Christmas 2019 - Renaissance Dyeing crewel wool threads

There is something absolutely fabulous about having a complete collection of any kind of embroidery thread!

But what makes Renaissance Dyeing’s Elizabethan Collection special are two things: 1. the crewel-weight wool from Renaissance Dyeing is hand-dyed using traditional, historical methods that have been around for centuries; and the color range is particularly suitable to Elizabethan-era embroidery.

Take a moment to read about the historical background of the colors and dyes used in the listing for the Elizabethan Collection. It’s quite interesting to read the whole approach to dyeing in the 16th & 17th centuries!

Stitcher's Christmas 2019 - Renaissance Dyeing crewel wool threads

Note that if you’re a knitter, the crewel weight thread can also be used for lace-weight knitting. There’s a fantastic shawl design on the website that uses 67 colors of the main range of the Renaissance line of crewel-weight yarn, knitted into a design called Renaissance stripes. Check it out here.

When I see something like this, I yearn to be a knitter. But alas, I’ve never quite gone beyond clunky rows of knits and purls filled with dropped stitches and miscounted rows and backwards rows and… yeah. You get the idea!

I cannot fathom having the magical fingers that can produce something like that shawl. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

If you happen to be in the market for a wide range of naturally dyed wools for some project or another you already have in mind, their main range of crewel wools features 75 glorious shades! You can find them here.

Stitcher's Christmas 2019 - Renaissance Dyeing crewel wool threads

Today’s give-away, thanks to Andie at Renaissance Dyeing, is for two winners, each of whom will receive one Elizabethan collection of crewel wools.

The Elizabethan collection is 27 shades of wool altogether – enough for you to embroider something fantastic in beautiful wool!

Stitcher's Christmas 2019 - Renaissance Dyeing crewel wool threads

Years ago, I used some of the Renaissance Dyeing wools on my Crewel Rooster project. They are soft and buttery smooth, with a nice spread to them.

You will find them most delightful to stitch with!

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended. Thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment on the comment form below. If you’re not sure how to get to the comment form, click on this link – it will take you straight there. Your comment must be left on the website on today’s article, not on any other article. Comments submitted via email are not eligible and I am not able to reply to them due to time constraints. Please do not comment as a reply to another comment. Replies are not counted.

2. Be sure that your comment has a name on it that is recognizable as yours. You might include a last name, nickname, or the place you live.

The reason I particularly mention this one is that it reduces confusion when the winner is announced. It’s always hard to disappoint people if they mistake the name for their own!

3. Make certain your email address on the comment form is entered correctly, so that I can email you if you win. Leave the “website” line of the comment form empty. Do Not leave your personal contact information in the comment box itself. In other words, don’t sign your comment with your email address or your mailing address! That’s just an invitation for spam.

4. In your comment, answer the following question:

If you were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, what do you imagine you might embroider (or maybe knit? or something else?) with it? Tell us a little about your “creative dream” for this line of thread!

5. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central time (Kansas, USA) Wednesday, December 18th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and will be announced at the end of that day’s give-away.

So go forth and comment, and in 2020, perhaps you’ll have a beautiful new range of crewel wool to use however your little heart desires!

The give-aways for A Stitcher’s Christmas are open to everyone, but please be aware that, if you are subject to customs or duty fees, they are your responsibility.

Inspirations Winners!

And now, for the winners of last Wednesday’s give-away, for three one-year subscriptions to Inspirations Magazine!

Here they are: Cynthia W., Linda H., and Carol Todd!

If you didn’t win the subscription for Inspirations this year, I highly encourage you to visit their website and add a subscription for yourself to your Christmas prezzies! You’ll anticipate it and enjoy it all through the New Year!


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  1. Those are great colors. With that kind of range, it would be fun to do a narrative piece. Maybe from a local folk tale or maybe a backdrop for a little puppet theatre? Many possibilities!

    1. Embroidery with wool is my favourite style. I would use these wools to create a lovely Jacobean design, maybe a tree of life with lots of swirling flowers and woodland creatures.

  2. I have never worked with Crewel Wool before and would like to give it a try! My “creative dream” for this line of thread would be to try using it to make a sampler along the lines of a vintage sampler I once saw. Thanks again for these wonderful contests, Mary!

  3. I haven’t done much knitting for awhile, but I would absolutely love to knit the Renaissance Stripes shawl– it’s gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to win this collection & the info about the yarns. I will add them to my “post- Christmas list” if I don’t win today.

  4. WOW! What beauty in these yarns. I’m not a knitter either but I would surely find some embroidery pattern that would highlight the gorgeous colors and savor each stitch.

  5. I have some beautiful wool felt that would look fabulous made into Christmas ornaments and decorated with crewel embroidery. For 2020 Xmas!

  6. Oh, would I love to win this! I am working on designs for my Casket of Curiosities projects, and would love to stitch some of the motifs in wool. I’m doing a fairy tale casket and an astronomy casket.

    1. These are gorgeous! I would love to stitch a Jacobean piece with these. Such wonderful colors! Any piece stitched with these would be fabulous!

  7. I have been looking at historical crewel work and I really want to try it. Having this yarn in those gorgeous colors would make it a must do for this year. Thank you for introducing this company. I love the way they’re creating historical color although I am grateful there’s no puke green

  8. I’ve used the Renaissance yarns for lace knitting and the colors are absolutely beautiful, as well as easier on the environment in terms of production. So glad you put a spotlight on them. Thanks.

  9. Oh! Those are so lovely! I’ve done natural dyeing, and the results are always gorgeous. If I had these to play with, I’d pull out my stash of wool felt and sew up an embroidered needle case or two and maybe some Christmas ornaments. And then embellish a sweater or three…

  10. Like you, I am not a knitter so I could see me embroidering something floral with all the beautiful colors in the collection.

  11. Honestly, if I were to win the collection, I would use it to learn crewel, which I always wanted 🙂

  12. With the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, I would knit miniature dolls with brightly coloured clothing for my granddaughter.

  13. What would I do with the Elizabethan Range of wools? Definitely something historic. I love Jacobean crewel work, so a design along those lines would be what I would use it for.

  14. Oh goodness if I won this collection of thread I’d use it on a bell pull I recently acquired. It’s an Elsa Williams design from a kit but all I got was the fabric. It might require supplementing the prize with more thread but it would be totally worth it!

  15. I will love to do the crewel work Rooster on your website. I downloaded the pattern a year or two ago and would love the Renaissance Crewel Threads to get started.

  16. I’ve been wanting to embroider a wheel of the year and these colors would be perfect for spring, summer, autumn and winter! Thank you for the opportunity.

  17. These wools are indeed beautiful, as to what I would use them for, I think I would knit a small lace shawl but once I got them and felt them I may decide on a bargello canvas work design.

    Sue Thomas

  18. Hi Everyone, If I win one of the Crewel Wool Collection, I will buy A beginners guide for Crewel embroidery and try something with a piece of linen twill I already have! After, I would like to do a fire screen. Thank you!

  19. These beautiful crewel wool threads would be best used in an Elizabethan-inspired embroidery. After all, they’re from the Elizabethan range so what better! Jacqui Carey’s fabulous book on Elizabethan Embroidery would be a perfect source for inspiration. How wonderful!

  20. Dear Mary, I will teach you to knit. We will congregate in some warm beachfront cottage and sit on the porch and sip gin, listen to audio books and the waves, and I won’t let you leave until you have mastered knitting. Deal? And if I won these lovely yarns I would incorporate them into a lace work shawl that I would knit while you make yourself some mittens out of nice big wholly yarn that can be felted. See you on the porch!

  21. I am Loralee from VA and I have been wanting to embroider a wheel of the year. These colors would lend themselves beautifully to spring, summer, autumn and winter! Thank you for this opportunity.

  22. What a beautiful array of color in this snow covered time of the year. I’ve just begun my journey with wools and felt, love the info to help me.
    Suzi’s MiMi

  23. I love the Jacobean florals. I’ve been pinning patterns and ideas and would love to try my hand at crewel with one of these gorgeous patterns. Thanks Mary!

  24. If you were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, what do you imagine you might embroider (or maybe knit? or something else?) with it?

    I haven’t done much crewel but there are lovely Tudor patterns that would do these threads justice.

  25. I love to do embroidery with felt and wool but have never used wool thread. I would absolutely use it for that but with all those beautiful colors I would likely be inspired to tackle a larger crewel project.

  26. I love crewel wools and would really love to win these – thanks for the opportunity. I would stitch a piece that would incorporate some of the Elizabethan motifs perhaps including a griffin, a stag, and rabbits with of course an oak tree and hillocks.

  27. A friend just gave me a 2020 calendar illustrated with the designs of May Morris. One design would be perfect to embroider on the back of a jacket. These threads would be perfect for that embroidery – same beautiful soft colors . A great match of materials and ambition.

  28. Oh, I do love Renaissance wools! I used a limited number of colors in a small project years ago, and they were great to work with. if I were to be so fortunate as to win, I have a crewelwork design in mind for a “needle book” big enough for tools, also, and these colors would be fantastic.

  29. Using this thread, I envision stitching a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Rosann P. – North Carolina

  30. If I were to win these wools, I would embroider some of the Jacobean-style of flowers that I tend to doodle. Probably in a repeated tile-like setting.

  31. I love Renaissance Dyeing’s wools. I would use them for a crewel coral seascape I’m planning, I think it would be beautiful.

  32. Oh wow…. those are gorgeous! I’ve never used wool thread before, but I would love to experiment with it. I’m picturing a beautiful Jacobean design on a pillow. 🙂

  33. I love the threads and would use them to embroider in flannel. I think a baby quilt with elephants.

  34. I would definitely want to embroider with these yarns – although I’d like to make myself a pair of those lovely socks. My knitting skills aren’t the best so I’d prefer to create something – or things – with the yarn.It would be a tough decision!

  35. If I had them right now, I would probably make some christmas tree ornaments to use as gift tags. After christmas, probably a floral wreath.

  36. I would like to a large piece where I could use a cascade of each color from left to right , rainbow style.

  37. I think the array of crewel threads are calling for some thread painting If I win, that’s where they’re headed. Merry Christmas to all.

  38. I wish I wish I wish that I could use Renaissance Dyeing wools (or the lovely Heathway Milano, but that’s a digression) for my RSN Certificate project. But as that is a pipe dream, so a more practical reply would be “for a song bird design that is sitting in my To Stitch folder waiting to be given some colour and texture!”

  39. These wools would be perfect for me to use in a project with a mix of crewel work in an unusual way as shown by Fay Maxwell, with a mix of wools and smoother, finer threads, lovely end results.
    Lynda H, UK

  40. Hi Mary, must confess to not having tried stitching with wool, pure cowardice on my part but I’d love to start. The history lesson was fascinating but I had the word urine going through my mind the whole time. I think I understand why Queen Elizabeth banned the dye work from being near her palaces, given the use of white dog, erm, you know what and of course urine. The names of the colours are a giveAway as well. I would love to try my hand with these lovely lambs wool threads sure in the knowledge that the dyeing world has moved on. It would need to be an historical piece I think that starts in black work and morphs into crewelwork definitely. Angie McManus

  41. This crewel thread would be perfect for a project I have been contemplating for a while. The University of Edinburgh holds a copy of the Wode Psalter, one of the first created in Scotland after the Reformation in 1560. It’s even decorated — not to the standards of Kells, of course — but it is charming and includes decorated capital letters and some larger motifs, usually flowers. I would love to have a set of these Elizabethan colours to produce a set of letters and/or motifs based on the designs in the Wode Psalter.

  42. My mother was a great crewel embroiderer. I have only attempted a bit, but I loved it and would be thrilled to have a chance to explore the Renaissance yarns in a traditional way, rabbits romping in my garden are my inspiration.

  43. If I were to win the Elizabethan range of wools, I would like to think I could do a beautiful winter forest scene with them.

  44. Oh My Gosh – I hope I am one of the winners because I have an old reproduction pattern of Jacobean embroidery that I would love to make using these threads. It is from the book I mentioned in my comment for giveaway #6 and I have been wanting to work on it for a while now.

    Thank you

  45. If I were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing wool I would love to try a sweet crewel project that I saw on their website with little birds or maybe the rooter project.

  46. Right now the Rose and Thistle Williamsburg chapter of the EGA is doing your crewel rooster. I don’t have any crewel wool, so I’m doing mine in DMC floss. It would be wonderful to change from DMC floss and do the crewel rooster in wool. Thanks for all you do Mary. Your a wonderful inspiration. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  47. I love doing crewel work and would love to create an original big floral design for the threads to shine.

  48. I have always wanted to embroider a lampshade and crewel work would be ideal to create a stunning lamp for the bedroom or living room.

  49. Oh wow, Mary! Your mittens are so pretty, but your rooster is amazing. You can see the soft texture of the wools in your stitching of the rooster breast. So, what would I use these wools for? First thing that comes to mind is finishing the Tunisian crochet Afghan started about 30 years ago. You’ve probably seen one, five panels, with crocheted lace joining them, with rose motifs embroidered on them. Back when I started this project, beautifully dyed wools were plentiful- am glasd to find a source for them. Even Herrschners doesnt have the shades I’m looking for! Thanks Mary – from Mary in Texas

  50. What a wonderful gift! I would do a French-general type crewel- embroidery design to go with my coach that is being re-upholstered! Such beautiful colors!

  51. I would use them to embellish a landscape type quilt, not only for plants but also for an inspirational passage from Psalms

  52. What beautiful threads – they would be perfect for some candle mats and the Christmas mitten ornaments that I still haven’t started.

  53. What a beautiful line of threads! I’ve been reading a bit lately about the Bayeux Tapestry. It certainly has my creative juices flowing. If I were to win, I would pick an epic story to tell, and stitch it up on linen with the amazing Elizabethan collection.

  54. Merry Christmas Everyone! I love the spring colors in the beautiful dyed Elizabeth wool thread. I have an old cross stitch pattern of a wedding ring quilt on a rocker on a beautiful front porch. Just my style to relax. I could work and dream about that spring day while I set in the cold and snowy weather this winter in Kansas. Not too far from Marysville either.

  55. I love crewel work, and these gorgeous yarns would be beautiful in a Jacobean design. What a wonderful gift!

  56. I’ve been seeing several Jacobean and Persian designs posted here and would love to try something like that. I’ve only done one project with yarn and would love to try these colors that are fabulous!

  57. I love my felted mittens but they are very plain. I like your idea of embroidering on them so may give that a whirl.
    Thanks so much for this very lovely contest!

  58. These colors are beautiful and I love how the website goes into the history of dyeing. In the past I have done a couple of historical crewel and Bayeux stitched pieces but I think it would be fun to do something more modern and maybe abstract with the wool thread.

  59. I love these colors! Since I started embroidering over 50 years ago, I was never satisfied with variegated embroidery thread with it going from white to the darkest color and back again. The threads whether heavier weight or DMC floss that have many colors are made in such a pleasing way to embroider with. I think I would use some of these threads with a Christmas card idea I had, too late for this Christmas, but maybe next year. I am trying to combine my ‘sewing’ stuff with my cardmaking ‘stuff’ to have items that coordinated. Such as right after getting a peacock stamp, I ran into several different peacock fabrics that coordinated. What fun to make a project using peacock fabric with the gift card featuring a peacock and the middle of the quilt block or pillow featuring an embroidered peacock!
    I felt so bad the day I realized that I could no longer do blue ribbon counted cross stitch anymore, but I can think up projects that will use my stash of threads and fabrics together in more novel ways.

  60. I immediately saw sunrises and sunsets in the colors. I live on property where small hills surround our home and there is a large backyard pond, surrounded by live oaks and pines. Provided by the sun and clouds each morning and evening, the surrounding landscape and skies take on the colors in the Elizabethan color range. They inspire something of nature! Thank you Mary!

  61. Oh my with such beautiful colors I would embroider a sweeping glade of green grass with grazing sheep and trees.

  62. My project would fit these yarns perfectly – a Jacobean crewel design including as many colors as possible. Thank you!

  63. Loving the yummy colors of these historical crewel threads! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at repurposing a wool sweater into mittens which will have the most beautiful embroidery motifs! These colorful yarns are exquisitely suited to that end! Can’t wait to get started!

  64. My focus of embroidery is mainly 16th and 17th centuries- these would be perfect for a Jacobean crewel piece!

  65. If I were to have the Elizabethan threads, I would love to make an embroidered throw to lay on the end of my bed. How wonderful it would be to have such eye candy to see each day. Merry Christmas to all of you and many happy memories to be made in 2020.

  66. Great Giveaway! I have been gathering supplies to make Felt Wee Folk by Sally Mavor and I haven’t collected the embroidery threads and hair supplies as of yet and I would be thrilled to use this delightful wool for the lovies hair and clothes! Merry Christmas!

  67. If I had some Renaissance crewel yarn, I would try to find a beautiful Jacobean design to embroider. My first crewel project, way back in 1964, was a beautiful Jacobean wall hanging (18 x 24) that I no longer have. I’d love to make a new one.

  68. I love traditional British crewel so it would be a joy to have the correct threads to stitch a piece. I would embroider a bag with a floral design that featured lots of laid and couched stitches.

  69. What lovely colors! What interesting stories! If I won these, I would embroider An authentic design from, say, the 1500’s. Wouldn’t that be fun.

  70. Hello !

    I’d embroider a long long wanted to do whole scene …
    A winter wonderland scene, trees, logs, birds, cozy house,
    with little woodland animals.
    It would be a happy cozy winter scene.

  71. I have already designed an Elizabethan-style crewel piece based on the scrolling vine designs of pillows common in the 15th – 16th century. I have taken eight of the various flowers designs and redrawn them with a more modern look. I have not yet chosen the wool colours to use inthe design – so this giveaway would be absolutely perfect for me to get going on the piece!

  72. I love embroidering animals and nature. I would embroider a bunny in an autumn garden. I shared the design earlier this year on Mary’s facebook page.

  73. Oh my goodness how absolutely stunning! I’ve been wanting to expand my historical stitching further back in time (I’ve mostly done Georgian-Edwardian) and what a jumping-off point this would be! I think I’d want to start off with a smallish accessory, like gloves or a cap.

  74. I bought a cut away embroidery panel at an antique store several years ago and it would be lovely stitched with this beautiful wool!

  75. This reminds me of the college class I took on Natural Dyes – we had so much fun!
    With a whole palette of colors like this I would like to try some small woven tapestries or even some wrapping and coiling projects.

  76. I’ve been thinking of trying crewel embroidery. These lovely threads would be wonderful to play with

  77. If I were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, I imagine embroidering,and maybe filling in with some stumpwork, a beautiful crewel jacobean Tree of Life project! I would be over the moon if I won these beautiful dyed wool yarns!

  78. Hi Mary,

    I love crewel embroidery because I love working with wool. If I were lucky enough to win the Elizabethan range, I would stitch (on twill) a cushion featuring a woodland garden inspired by one near my home. With the colors above, there would be a nearby pond (to use the beautiful blues), lots of stoic tree trunks (for the browns); mossy grasses, fiddle head fern, and sedges (greens and browns); wildflowers like, lupine (blues), aster (pinks purples), joe pye weed (coral type pinks), foxglove(pinks), wild garlic (white), scarlet flower (reds/oranges), delphinium (blue/white) all of which are native where I live. I think I might fabric dye the twill to the palest of blue for the background. I’d back it in a wool plaid that would highlight the colors of the embroidery. It would be really fun. Thank you for the chance to win!

  79. I love Jacobean design and have a lovely piece of wool ready for a Tree of Life. I just need to draw it.

  80. I have been collecting bits and pieces of wool for a few years – Time for a crazy quilt. I would love to use many types of thread which I have also been collecting. As yet, I have not gotten into crewel wool. It would be wonderful to have a whole collection to play with.

  81. I have never used Elizabethan yarns, but plant to expand my horizons in the coming year and do some wool embroidery! These yarns would be awesome to use and win!

  82. Oh! I love color, I’m a knitter and I love that shawl. I would certainly knit it if I won this yarn!

  83. I have always admired a bed-curtain in Elizabethan crewel embroidery. I could never tackle such a large project, but I would make a little banner to hang over the footboard of my bed. I would copy it from the one in Holyrood Palace (Edinburgh, Scotland); the bedroom in the top floor has the bedstead from Mary Queen of Scots. Hm. I think I will add it to my projects list for 2020.

  84. These are truly lovely yarns! I would love to be able to use them on a Jacobean embroidery piece that I have printed on a piece of beautiful linen. It would be a gift for my daughter to remember me by.

  85. I would embroider a remake of a crewel window garden I created for my Mother in 1973! I would love to try it with the lovely colors of the Renaissance wool!

  86. If I won I would like to stitch a historical style and replica Sweet bag with all of the lovely stitches.

  87. IB have always loved crewel embroidery and did several kits fifty years ago. Then the shops in my area closed and this was before the internet, so I moved on to surface embroidery with cotton floss. I would love to embroider another floral pillow to go with the one presently on my sofa. That one–AGE 50– has held up remarkably well!

  88. OMG I am drooling. Those threads are so beautiful. My first love is surface embroidery on wool so potential for use there. But have been collecting some ideas for doing a crewel piece. Wouldn’t these threads just get me going. I’ll be checking both of your sites for just the right pattern.

  89. I have 2 boiled wool jackets, probably 25 years old; one is black and one is cream. I’ve had plans for years to embroider them somehow, and followed your felted mitten adventure with great interest. This range of wool colors would probably work well on the cream jacket.

  90. I would commemorate another Elizabeth! You know that spot in a baby book for what’s happening in the world? Well, in my baby book is a clipping about HRH Queen Elizabeth II becoming monarch in 1952- the year I was born. During her diamond jubilee year, her 60th, I found a lovely chart with her seal, full name, several symbols, and years of reign. I decided to wait and complete it later. Not only did my mom start me on the path toward being an Anglophile, but I taught English Literature for 34 years. So I can’t think of a finer use of these lovely Elizabethan threads. I need to win this prize!

    1. I have been working with this crewel wool on The Crewel Work Companies We Three Kings piece and I love it.
      I’d love to have a collection so I can create and stitch some gorgeous Elizabethan style cushions for my home.

  91. The Elizabethan hand-dyed wool is fabulous! The colors are vibrant and would look great with many woven projects.
    I think I would make an embroidered canvas to put on my wall.
    Thank you for this opportunity to expand my collection.

  92. These threads are beautiful, and I can see stitching a beautiful bird with a long plumed tail with them.

  93. Really beautiful threads! While I knit, I too, think the rainbow shawl would be daunting. I do a lot of appliqué quilting and can imagine the threads strewn across the surface of an Elizabethan themed quilt. Or perhaps, a babies first quilt, something to be treasured.

  94. I would definitely use some of this for a Jacobean project and then some for a knitting project, but first I would just look and touch it for a few days or weeks.

  95. The range is gorgeous Mary – it would have to be a the Tree of Life from the Crewelwork Company.

  96. Renaissance Dyeing threads are just wonderful to use and they don’t pill or become “hairy” after a few stitches. I would use the Elizabethan collection to stitch a Christmas stocking I have been meaning to stitch for 20+ years. It depicts a Jacobean scene with a leaping deer, a dog, several fabulous trees, flowers and a small manor house. The colors are just right for this project as they allow for subtle shading. Shades of brown and beige would need to be brought in from their other threads, but this collection provides just the right colors for my project.

  97. Ohhh – what beauties! I have a pattern that I am longing to start and doing it in these wool fibers would be super.

  98. Oh, what lovely threads! I have several crewel projects in mind that would greatly benefit from such wonderful, rich colors. I also like the idea of embellishing some knitted projects with embroidery. I would have never thought of putting together all of the colors for the “Renaissance Stripes” shawl- fascinating!

  99. I’d love to do a whimsical, magical garden with small insects (butterflies, worms, caterpillars, etc.)

  100. I’m speaking about 16-17th century embroidery pattern books at a historical clothing conference being held at Jamestown in June. If I were to win the wools, I would embroider something to wear while speaking.

  101. Hi Mary,
    I would love to win a set of this wool! My dream would be to make a beautiful crewel firescreen in these gorgeous colors!

  102. I’ve been working g on a series of the ‘forest floor’ – lichen, moss, mushrooms, grasses etc. These colors from Renaissance Dyeing would be perfect. Wish me luck!

  103. The threads remind me of the first kit I ever did as a child that had a squirrel, tree and plants. I no longer have the finished piece but I might have the pattern. I could reproduce the piece or find a pattern that looks similar.

    Cheryl F –Tyler Texas

  104. I would love to have this set of wool threads! I would love to make a 16th century bed-curtain set. You know the kind, heavily embroidered curtains hanging on a four poster bed! I have several patterns picked out and even have the four poster bed! Now just to purchase the threads . .. . . . . down the fiber rabbit hole, what fun!

  105. I would use them to finally stitch a rather large and complex project I have designed for quite some time now. And maybe even try some of it for knitting a lace shawl …

  106. I have fallen in love with Elizabethan embroidery. My next challenge is crewel work. What better way to meld the two than Elizabethan crewel wool? Magical

  107. Good morrow.  The lovely Renaissance Dyeing wools doth take my breath away.  Prithee enter me into the give-away. Me thinks I would embellish some sweaters and mittens with the lovely wools. I thank thee and bid thee farewell.

  108. I am a wool appliquér and would use the wool fibers to appliqué my wool projects into quilts.

  109. I would do some penny rugs different ones for different holidays. So many things to stitch so little time. And of course I would share with my best stitching friends.

  110. I am contemplating a Bayeaux inspired project centering on the early Girl Genius comics. These colours are perfect for it.

  111. All the different shades of brown and green make me feel like embroidering an autumn forest scene with them

  112. I would love to use the soft, natural dyed Renaissance Dyeing’s Elizabethan Collection to embroider a self-designed crewelwork pattern on the leading edges of linen bedroom curtains – beautiful to wake up to.

  113. I love all the creative, beautful clothing and other linens from this era. My Dream is to crewel my own king size quilt. I already decorate with “antiques” and would love to own my quilt.

  114. Good Morning

    I have several crewel books and one or two needlepoint canvases that i can think of using this beautiful thread. Crewel Twists by Hazel Blomkamp has several projects that these threads would look wonderful.

  115. I do medieval historical recreation, so the range of things I could do with that set of threads is nearly infinite, but I think the most likely project would be either an embroidered hood – Viking or Medieval – or a piece in Bayeux tapestry stitch. Or possibly both!

  116. I LOVE this wool. I used it to knit the shawl that you provided the link for – which is gorgeous! I would love to win the Elizabethan Collection and use it to stitch a 17th century crewel design I am designing for my EGA certificate.

  117. I don’t have a project idea for myself – this would make a perfect gift for my friend in the SCA! I’ve learned several medieval crafts from her. She and her husband have been our SCA mentors. I’d love to present her with these lovely skeins as a thank you gift.

  118. Oh man these are so gorgeous! I would love to embroider a traditional chintz type pattern with these. The reds and browns would be perfect!

  119. I love the idea of using the crewel thread for knitting. I would love to try making some crochet ornaments with it probably more. Everything looks so beautiful
    Thank you for inspiring me.
    Susan Beer

  120. Oh, I love the colors of the wool. You can do so many things with this price but for the moment two options come in mind, to knit a shawl or to use it for a Advent embroidery project I’m saving for next year.

  121. If I won this collection of beautiful wool crewel threads, I would stitch one of the period designs in Deerfield Embroidery by Margery Burnham Howe, 1976. It’s hands-down one of my favorite embroidery books.

  122. Such yummy colours! If I were to win, I might knit with these beautiful wools, or perhaps tat a few designs. I would, though, like to embroider with them on some wool I felted in a mixed media piece. Thanks for the chance to win these lovelies!

  123. Back in the early 1980s I did a large crewel project for my wife. Around the outside was the poem “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful: the Lord God made them all.” In the center of the piece were a bunch of cute animals. It turned out very nicely, but I didn’t have the framer put it under glass. As a result the cloth got stained and after 35 years the whole thing was a mess. I would remake the piece with the yarns from Renaissance Dying Company.

  124. The crewel wool would be used for the felted wool and embroidery pieces that I sew.
    The colors of the crewel wool threads are beautiful!

  125. I have recently discovered punchneedle rug hooking and embroidery and my dream is to create my own carpetbag. Rug wool is very heavy so, if I win this amazing collection of crewel wool, I am hoping it will form the basis for a one of a kind punchneedle carpetbag.

  126. Many moons ago I made a replica wooden box, planning to cover it in crewel embroidery.
    I planned a 17th century design and that was as far as it got. I came across the box recently and it would be a lovely way of using the wools.

  127. If I were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, I can imagine embroidering something very Elizabethan. I have some kits relating to this era and I think I might make some sweet bags.

  128. My dream for this wool would be to expand my crewel embroidery skills. What beautiful colors! Thank you for this opportunity.

  129. I have several very old books with colored illustrations of fish. I would love to embroider a collection of fish in a sea scene that resembles 17th century embroideries. The fish would be surrounded by coral and sea weed, and would be out of perspective, some over-sized, as are the animal and insect motifs in 17th century works.

  130. Mary, thank you so much for showcasing so many beautiful things in your giveaway program this year (and every year)! I’m working on the “1738 Elizabeth Gooch sampler,” which is a gorgeous Joanne Harvey/The Examplarery reproduction that incorporates both cross-stitch and crewel work. I’m currently stitching the main piece only, and have left the crewel side panels to do down the road as separate pieces, perhaps bell pulls. I’ve never done crewel work, but am itching to try… and to do it with this collection of wools would be wonderful!

  131. If I had that beautiful collection? Hmmm, learn crewel, crochet (I don’t knit well either) a fabulous lace weight shawl – I’ve got a pattern or four or five, or borrow Moms loom again and weave a tablerunner. Oh, so many ideas, …

  132. The wool threads would be beautiful in my “Four Seasons of My Front Yard Tree” crewel emboidery on felt.

  133. I have never used this sort of thread but keen to give it a go. Probably just look at the colors and feel the texture before I decide but lean towards knitting something soft and cozy.

  134. Such a beautiful range of colors. I would be tempted to design a simple house and landscape scene, which I would then stitch 4 times to represent each season. What fun!

  135. I love love love the Renaissance Dying threads! One of my greatest regrets about the closing of Hedgehog Handworks is that I haven’t found another good source for this product. I learned laid and couched work using these threads.

    So many possible projects. I think I would like to create a piece inspired by medieval Nordic embroideries. There are quite few beautiful hangings that could be adapted into a book cover or pillow.

  136. My “creative dream” for a long time has been to embroider window toppers for my dining room. This thread looks ideal for such an undertaking.

  137. I’m so excited about this Crewel Wool Collection! I’ve not ventured into wool embroidery just yet, but these threads are putting visions of throw pillows into my head! Maybe a fall-ish squirrel or wintery woodland critters. Quality threads make stitching such a joy! Merry Christmas!!

  138. That shawl is gorgeous! But like you, I am no knitter.

    Instead, I have a project that I do need wool thread for. My grandmother has a stained glass coloring book, and one of the images is of the sun over a crashing wave at sea. I want to try recreating it in a “chunky” threadpainted way. I imagine it to end up looking a little bit like a Van Gogh-inspired scene!

  139. I could definitely see using these threads for a lacey shawl! But, for a dream project, I’d love to find just the right Renaissance motif to place on fabric to be made into a small bag/purse/satchel to use on special evenings out to the symphony or theatre. What a delight!

  140. If I were a clothing moth I would keep the grubs away from this collection. Since I am not I could see using these luschious wools on a very fine punch needle project.

  141. I love wool applique and those threads would be fabulous for the applique and embellishing. I do not have Instagram

  142. I would use them for wool applique. I have a table runner of spring flowers that would use lots of those colors!

  143. If I was lucky enough to win this collection, I would fulfill a dream that has been in my head for years…..
    I would embroider a design on linen incorporating a bird. Then I would make it into a little needlework holder……an open tray with tied corners made of cording.

  144. My imagination is running wild with what I would make with these lovely skeins! I have a pair of silk Victorian lady slippers to embroider. I envision these exquisite skeins on them.

  145. I would go forth and embroider Sue Spargo’s Houses quilt. The fibers are so YUMMY!!! Thanks so much for doing these give aways.

  146. I’m learning crewel work through the RSN Online course. I would like to follow up by simplifying a William Morris design using the Renaissance Elizabethan collection.

  147. I can see a shawl for a little girl. My middle daughter had a red one a friend made her, she was so cute in it and loved it.

  148. I would actually stitch the Crewel Rooster on Mary’s website! It’s a delightful interpretation of the rooster. My favourite themes to stitch are flowers, but lately I have been attracted to birds. I can see lots of them out my back window (although no roosters!)

  149. I’ve recently joined my local ANG even though I had zero experience stitching on monocanvas or painted canvases. I’ve really come to enjoy this type of stitching as well. I would use these beautiful wool colors to create a formal Renaissance garden on canvas.

  150. I would use these lovely wools to adorn the over sleeves of a Renaissance kirtle and/or embroider a matching belt for the dress. I might also knit a shawl to go over the dress.

  151. If I win the wool I would use it to embroider some Nordic designs on cashmere scarf I have. The scarf has several holes from moths and I would like to use the thread to help cover up some of my patching.

  152. I have a very old stool that has an tatty and torn piece of cloth on the top just waiting to be revived. I’ve been waiting to do with with some crewel embroidery and these threads would be stunning to work it in! Lauren P, Australia

  153. I would love to use this wool on a crewel embroidery project I have in mind. Motifs florals Art nouveau comes to mind.
    Missie of Roseville

  154. A few years ago I knitted then felted a pair of mittens in exquisitely soft black alpaca/wool yarn. They are my favorite mittens, and last year when I saw your stunning embroidered pair, I wanted to do the same with mine. This Elizabethan Collection has the most beautiful colors and would look perfect on my black mittens. So if I were to win this lovely collection they would be used to beautify my favorite mittens!

  155. I embroider and knit. I love knitting wraps and hats with multiple colors of wool. Also perfect for colorful highlights in sweaters.

  156. I love using wool threads for wool applique as they sink into the wool motifs leaving an invisible attachment to the background. The colors look so yummy!

  157. I would use the beautiful collection in a creation using wool applique, and embroidery. What a treat it would be. I would do this after a long time just looking and feeling the wool threads.

  158. I would love to make Hazel Blomkamp’s Shirley the Elephant from her book Crewel Creatures. If there’s enough left over (or maybe I have to buy more), an embroidered pair of knitted wrist warmers would be nice (here near the Gulf coast it doesn’t get cold enough for mittens!)

  159. I love Elizabethan embroideries of flowers, and this collection has many lovely colors for flowers, so I would find a pattern with lots of flowers in it to use this wool.

  160. If I won these Renaissance wools, I would be tempted to take up crewel. Couldn’t they be used for needlepoint as well?

  161. At first your suggestion for knitting a shawl was attractive, but then I shifted my thinking. I will need a gift for my EGA board members and this would fill the bill.

  162. Im very excited lo learning about this source for wool! I do love embroidery and can imagine making a lovely piece for for a footstool. Im even more excited to see how this wool might work in a woven tapestry. I love weaving and a source for wool in such lovely colors is alway welcome.

  163. If I won the Elizabethan collection, I would use the colours to knit, with lace needles, coverlets for my dollhouse bedrooms. What fun.
    Thanks Mary.

  164. I have had a Bayuex tapestry project on my Wish-To-Do list for awhile, these wools would be perfect 🙂

  165. If I won the Elizabethan collection I would use it to embroider a casket from Thistle Threads. The Elizabethan era is fascinating and full of fabulous embroidery.

  166. Just lately I have been obsessing about doing some more wool crewel. I have some beautiful floral designs just waiting. A several few years ago I did one of a vase filled with carnations in an asian vase.

  167. I would love to stitch Lady Anne’s Flowers from the Crewel Work Company. I also crochet, and might try a lacy shawl using this beautiful thread.

    Annie Bowers

  168. I would love to make a felted background and use these glorious threads to create a meadow of flowers, using various stitches such as french knots. I love that the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing are all dyed using natural dyes.

  169. I am a fan of Hazel Blomkamp’s crewel designs. If I had a set of these wool fibers, I would be hard at work on some ideas from her books. She shows the most beautiful filling stitches and these would be gorgeous for that kind of work.

  170. What would I make with such a lovely supply of wool threads? I would either make embroidered pillows for the bedroom, or a chair back. If it were pillows, I would give the threads a try at bobbin lace to see if I could make a lace trim for the pillows. I think I would definitely make the pillows.

  171. I think I would use this gorgeous wool thread for some small weaving projects! My goal for the new year is the make some ornaments using weaving in the round with small embroidery hoops – I think this would be a great material for that!

  172. Wow! What an amazing array of colors! Well, I’ve always wanted to do up a shawl and the sample shown with the wool is beautiful! This could just be the inspiration I needed!!

  173. I have a crewel work project in mind with hillocks and a tree of life with bunnies and stags running around. I would like soft coloured flowers and lime green leaves!

  174. There is nothing more luscious than stitching with (and just owing an array of) these lovely colors in wool from Renaissance Dyeing. I would love owning a set of them to create a wonderful crewel pincushion using a tangle of my own design! Jan Blevins

  175. Not a knitter, but I do crochet and am a fan of scrumbling, or free-form crochet. I think all these lovely lace-weight colors could make a lovely scarf or shawl (similar to the linked shawl), and that making it would be a nice way to spend the long winter evenings with my husband.

  176. Beautiful wool! I love to knit lace and that sounds very tempting, I looked it up and each hank of wool has 25 metres or 27 yards. That would give 729 yards of wool to knit a shawl or a scarf. Lovely!

  177. I just purchased a beautiful hand painted canvas that this would be perfect for. Thank you for your work!

  178. Beautiful shades of wool!!! What would I do with the wool? It’s hard to know at this point, but I may use it for punch needle embroidery or I may use it for crocheting lapel pins with. It could have many uses for me.

  179. The Renaissance yarns are especially appealing in their soft, organic, ancient colorations. They inspire all manner of beautiful uses and designs. For me, it conjures a lovely, large embroidered cover for a book to document a collection of photos, writings, diagrams, etc. detailing my grandfather’s beautiful garden in California. The Renaissance colors are perfect for the larkspur, iris, lilacs, wisteria, hydrangea, fuchsias, and other old fashioned flowers that spilled over each other in his lovingly tended garden. The garden and my beloved grandfather are now sadly gone, but the documentation I am working on will hopefully recall that beautiful place. Thank you for the opportunity to dream.

  180. Thank you for showcasing such wonderful stitching items and companies, some of which we might not have seen or heard of before. I would be thrilled to win a set of the dyed wool crewel threads. I have not done crewel work in awhile so don’t have a project in mind. I have done crewel work previously but it was usually done from a kit.

  181. I knit and crochet but not very often. I live in perpetually warm Southern California and rarely wear knitted or crocheted items. I travel to colder places and need them occasionally. My daughters live in some of those colder places, so I knit or crochet things for them. I know one of them would love the rainbow scarf. This would be perfect.

  182. While I really should get back to crewel embroidery, as soon as you mentioned knitting I immediately pictured a shawl I made years ago with interlocking triangles of different colours – how would that be on a lace-like scale, with shading? – in the fine wool it might only end up as a scarf – but, WOW!

  183. The wool is beautiful and the first thing I thought of was accenting my embroidery with it – one day I will make a wall hanging of a medieval women using different Stumpwork techniques. The beautiful colorful wool could be used to make parts of the clothing. I have collected different thicknesses and types of embroidery thread over the years. I have also read about different women and have yet to decide who I will use as a model for my embroidery. The beautiful wool could be used to make detached pieces to attach to the figure – I am thinking of a cloak. I have a pile of different colored wool felt that I would embroider with the wool then attach. I am working on my craft room and am almost finished – then I will be in heaven, with all my treasures all around me – it will probably take months to unpack because I will just get lost in my stash. I just love all the different colors.

  184. WOW!!! These are beautiful! I am so inspired by the Renaissance Stripes shawl. I would definitely want to knit something. Thank you.

  185. If I win, I would love to get the pattern & knit the that was shown.
    Fingers crossed,
    Judy Rhodes Mt Shasta lover

  186. If I had these incredible wool yarns, I’d embroidery a large crewel tapestry on linen and use it to recover the bench at the foot of my bed. I see a pattern a swirling botanicals and florals, surrounding an image of a majestic bird!

  187. I would either knit a color work sweater with the wool or try to embroider a colorful garden scene. I am new to embroidery but love how it looks and my Grandma used to do it all the time. It reminds me of her.

  188. These crewel colours just made me drool! I love to do crewel, especially Jacobean designs and William Morris. Imagine how they would look stitched in these colours.

  189. These are such glorious colors that I wouldn’t have any hesitation in using them for a shawl or using them in a gorgeous colorful embroidery piece. I did an embroidery piece which called for a lot of colours in bunches of flowers and that is something I can envison again.

  190. As an avid knitter, I would have to work very hard to stop myself using these gorgeous colours in some sort of knitting project. What I really need to do is a crewel work cover for my new – to me – old piano stool to go with my – also new to me – old grand piano!

  191. Oh, those gorgeous colors! I would love to stitch up an Erica Wilson design, preferably one of her Beatrix Potter designs or a spring flower pattern. Thank you for the opportunity to dream and to win!

  192. I can envision an beautiful crewel garden full of all kinds of flowers and leaves with a bee, and maybe a butterfly. The wool threads would open up quite a bit of beautiful creations. Endless creativity to come if the was in my stash.

  193. I have some Mary Beale designs that would work beautifully with these fibers. I love her small stockings and I’ve never had time to stitch them. Kim R. from Rochester NY

  194. If I were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, I imagine embroidering a Jacobean Tree of Life. The rich colors available from Renaissance Dyeing would be perfect for this.

  195. There are some gorgeous wool-embroidered projects, in some of my back issues of Inspirations magazine (particularly a baby sweater, pin cushion and spectacles case) that I would love to make using these beautiful wool threads. I wouldn’t mind trying to knit with them also!

  196. Hi Mary,

    The threads are so beautiful. If I won the threads I would love to use them in my own design of birds in a forest setting using mostly crewel type stitches. I think once a person sees the thread colors it fires the imagination to use them in a number of projects!

  197. If I won a set of the vibrant Renaissance Dying wools, I would stitch a crewel design of my own of stained glass…something I have been dreaming up for a long time!

  198. Good Morning Mary from snowy Alberta.
    If I was the lucky winner of the Elizabethan wool threads I would use them on some of my wool appliqué.
    I was delighted to find Woad on the Renaissance site and feel a lace scarf coming on. Elinor

  199. Such beautiful rich colors. I think I would sew myself a vest and then embroider on the vest with these rich colors a floral design.

  200. I see something Jacobean in these colors. I’ve always had on my bucket list to make a tree of life in some way. These colors would make an amazing tree of life. I see branches, leaves, flowers, and insects in these colors.

  201. Elizabethan wool threads would DEFINITELY call for being embroidered into a Jacobean crewel piece with lots of Tudor roses!

  202. I would love a collection of wool thread. I have recently begun doing wool appliqué. I use wool thread to appliqué wool onto wool, and then I embellish with Perle cotton thread. The wool thread just settles into the appliqué so it is practically invisible. I love working with it.

  203. I went to look at the shawl. It is gorgeous! I am a knitter as well as a stitcher so I could see myself knitting the shawl or socks – their socks are pretty amazing. Or maybe I should have another go at crewel embroidery which I haven’t done for years. Oh the possibilities are endless!

  204. I love the idea of a multicolor lace shawl! Life in a retirement center tunes down in the evenings, so I watch TV series for a couple of hours each night. It keeps me from eating. I choose difficult projects for I like them to last a while.

  205. In my dreams, I will make beautiful bed hangings. In reality, I plan a beautiful tote bag covered with Elizabethan crewelembroidery.

  206. Oh I really want to win this beautiful wool thread! I do so many different kinds of needlework, but usually use cotton and or rayon threads. I have been for the past researching wools because I do high end miniature tufted rugs in 1/12 scale by the cut loop punchneedle method. Wools would allow me to do some more historical pattens in a more time worn way and in historic softer colors. The wool looks so lovely, and would fluff wonderfully. Wool is just historically more accurate and handles differently. These colors are exactly what I need! I also someday want to make and embroider an Elizabethan casket, and have been researching those too. This wool is perfect!

  207. Lace knitting is one of the things I love to do and really would love to win this prize so I could transform it into a beautiful rainbow-type shawl. I just wish I lived in a colder climate so I could use all of the shawls I’ve made!!

  208. I would embroider a project I have been designing recently featuring a wizard’s workshop. I have used the Renaissance Dyeing wool thread before and it is my absolute favorite.
    Lois from Frederick, MD

  209. Oh these yarns/threads are so beautiful! And soft! I would use every single color to crochet a little blanket that would look like jewels from the ocean! Little sea urchins and starfish and colorful fish swimming through the deep blue. I can’t wait to start!
    Thank you Mary for all these gifts!

  210. The 16th C. Handwriting descriptions led me to want to do tapestry weaving with these crewel weight wool. Perhaps a large, but detailed landscape and sunrise in honor of the upcoming solstice?

  211. I have wanted to try crewel. What fun it would be to start with a gorgeous collection like this.

  212. This is my absolute favourite crewel wool – so soft! My son and his fiancée are getting married in the spring so I am looking to do a really special embroidery keepsake for them and this would be the perfect wool to do it with. Fingers crossed!

  213. I am working on sample books of embroidery stitches. These threads would be lovely to “play” with and learn about!

  214. I am eagerly waiting for the Crewel Birds Book to come out…and I think I might try some of those in these wools.

  215. If I were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, I would use it in some stumpwork sample squares I am embroidering!!! It sounds divine to work with! Pam Wesselink

  216. Merry Christmas, Mary! I have finished 2 knitting projects after having learned this fall. That GLORIOUS striped shawl would be a huge undertaking but I can just imagine all the compliments that it would bring! Aaaaaahhhh!!
    Carrie G Plane Nut

  217. With this lovely yarn I would embroider a tree of life, with all the creatures and birds and foliage. Merry Christmas. Mary.

  218. I love the idea of knitting a shawl from the spectrum of 67 colors so that seems like a great idea to use the 27 colors offered in this fantastic opportunity from Renaissance Dyeing if I win!! Thanks so much!!

  219. Embroidery. I took a course at RSN in crewel work. It was an experience that was an inspiration. These fibres would be a great addition to my experience at RSN.

  220. The first thing I would knit is a hat for my baby granddaughter and socks for all of my children. I am new to crewel work so would continue with appliqué pieces for my tree skirt. Of course these would all be goals 2020.

  221. Easy question – I would use the threads on my upcoming wool embroidery wall hanging of owls (Sue Spargo-like). In fact I was thinking of buying this set, so it would be great to win it instead.

  222. I think I would create a finely crocheted scarf. Oh it would be beautiful. Thank you for the chance.

  223. I have only limited experience with crewel wools but lately i have become fascinated with different types of folk embroidery. I believe I would be so inspired by this collection! Lovely colors and their history is fascinating.

  224. I love these threads – I’ve used some in other colours, but not the Elizabethan collections. I would use them to stitch something rich and detailed and beautiful that I haven’t yet decided on!

  225. Wouldn’t you just be spoilt for choice with this prize! I think I’d use it for a fanciful floral Jacobean design.

  226. Years ago, my mother did some crewel work, and I’ve always wanted to try it. These gorgeous colors might well inspire me to design something to coordinate with her older pieces so I can make a nice group of them on the wall.

  227. I LOVE this wool!! I am collecting this particular color range for the embroidered wool jacket I have dancing around in my mind!! Fingers crossed!!

  228. I do a lot of wool applique and am keen to use wool to both secure and embellish the motifs. Alas I never win anything but will dream of using those gorgeous wool threads on an English country garden scene.

  229. I can see some beautifully coloured birds perching in a tree madee with these wonderful threads.

  230. What glorious colours. I simply love Elizabethan embroidery with its curved vines and flowers. I’d give that a go.

  231. Wow! What a gorgeous collection. I would find a crewel design and give it my best shot. I also am not a knitter. No talent there.
    Thanks for these opportunities to dream a little. Alice

  232. I just happened to see a beautiful crewel work flower pattern that I would love to do and these yarns would work beautifully.

  233. I have always wanted to do a garden scene. I can just imagine how beautiful it would be with all those colors.

  234. Morning Mary – Oh wow, what a treat if I win this. I have a gajillion ideas on how it could be used most of them in the Jacobean style of embroidery. I think probably I’d use them in a large creature outline like a fox or wolf and fill in with all kinds of flowers, leaves and textures but then again, my granddaughter’s American Girl doll would enjoy a sweater to dress up in.
    Have just started using variegated embroidery threads in a sampler and it’s so exciting planning where and how the colors will lay. With hand dyed yarn, the color changes are so subtle I think I’d have to let them fall where they may, a whole new exciting prospect.
    Thank you Mary and Andie for this opportunity to just enjoy color.

  235. I am certified a Master of Hand knitting by TKGA and the shawl you referenced makes me drool. I would love to work with those colors.

  236. I suspect I would knit something. I love knitting lace. I don’t tend to like to embroider with wool. But who knows, if I had all of the colours spread around me, other inspiration might strike.

  237. Just the name Elizabethan wool conjures images of richness. I have wanted to stitch with Renaissance Dyeing Elizabethan range for years. I am fascinated by the hand dyeing process and the weight of the wool. There are many project books that I own and pieces of clothing that I would like to use this wool on.

  238. If I won the Renaissance Dyeing Wool, I would probably knit a “leftover” cowl or scarf in Scandinavian colorwork. It seems like the perfect project for 75 differently colored skeins.

  239. I acquired a copy of a 17th Century cushion front and these colours would be perfect to complete it, filling it with correct colours and lots of love.

  240. Ooo, that is gorgeous yarn! I’d love to work on a William Morris pattern that I have using all of those beautiful colours!

  241. The color inspirations are magnificent but I envision a “dream” picture of my island get-away (Prince Edward Island) when the lupines are in bloom in June with a full array of colors from pink to indigo.

  242. Hello Mary…. Such beautiful wool crewel and fingering yarns. Before I revived my interest in hand embroidery I was knitting some very lovely lacey shawls and scarves. It would be nice to have a coordinated lace shawl or scarf with a wool felt embroidered handbag or pouch. AHHH, but my list of projects continues to increase – there are so many techniques to try. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your Christmas gifting. Have a wonderful day. Jan

  243. What lovely colors! If I were to win these I would use them to work on a small box that I have been thinking about

  244. What glorious colors!!! An embroidered village scene is what I’m imagining – somewhat like a tapestry. Thanks, Marty

  245. I must admit I am not a good knitter – and have never used wool for embroidery, but these skeins look really silky and lovely colours so would love to have a GO.

  246. 2019 has been the year I fell in love with crewel embroidery, so I would want to embroider a composition with stylized flowers and leaves. Those colors are sublime!

  247. These beautiful yarns inspire me to get back to the period crewel embroidery I love so much. I can see using them to complete an old project I have had in mind for years, a chair cover for my grandfathers chair that has been in want of new upholstery ever since I got it. There is an Italian version of crewel design of the period that I have been wanting to use for it.

  248. What beautiful threads! I can imagine knitting a sweater for an 18″ doll with these threads. Then if I had any left over, I would stitch your Crewel work rooster for my mom!

  249. Gorgeous colours! I’d love to try and knit either a lacy shawl or a stranded colourwork cowl with them 🙂

  250. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I’m about to embark on an Elizabethan crewel work project, and this would be perfect. I may do it in needlepoint, not sure until I get my wool.

  251. These yarns look gorgeous, and I would love to use them for felted wool applique and embellishment!

  252. I would love the wool to use on a project that I started over a year ago which is a cornucopia wall hanging with wool fruits and vegetables. It is stitched down but no decorative stitching has been done. I think these threads would be perfect to add the finishing touch.

  253. These are so pretty! I took a Jacobean Crewel class that I like except for the Appleton’s wool, so I’d love to try another brand to see if I had different feelings about it. I might be tempted to duplicate your crewel rooster project – it’s really great.

  254. I LOVE that these wool yarns are classically dyed, and in such gorgeous colours! I do a lot of work with felted wool, making little girl’s poncho, crocheted ruffle edge, fingerless gloves with ruffle edge and reworking extra large felted wool sweaters into peplum fitted sweater suitable for children. I’ve embroidered with wool but would really appreciate the threads in this line as we no longer have stores near where I live to buy crewel threads. Thank you for the inspiration!

  255. Lovely! I would like to play around with some color combinations in some Bargello designs. Maybe get a start on some Christmas ornaments for next year.

  256. Threads are a true stitcher’s dream. Wool, silk, cotton…the choices are unlimited. They are a stitchers toys. I love the process of starting a new project. Whether I am choosing a kit or my own, the feel of the threads as I lay them out is magical. My children called them mommy’s toys and my husband will look at me and say I’m in a different place when I’m gathering my toys and working with them all.
    So to have a gift of these wool threads I happen to have a beautiful Jacobean piece without the thread that is definitely a crewel project just waiting for threads to be gathered and stitched in a different place.

  257. As a sheep owner, I have the highest respect for merino lambs wool and the art of dyeing with natural dyestuffs. I am intrigued with the possibilities of using a small number of colors in a project because they blend so well together.

    It would be an honor to work with Renaissance Dyeing Elizabethan Collection crewel thread.

  258. I would create a sunrise with the beautiful Elizabethan Renaissance Dyed threads. They would be perfect to show the world waking up. I can look at the sunrise each morning and appreciate all that the world has to offer each of us.

  259. I have started to do some crewel work in the last year and I am having fun with it. I’m also starting to work with wool fabrics – I see some kind of sampler with lots of flowers in my future! These wool threads would be awesome to work with!

  260. I have been sitting on a lovely needlepoint book of classic Arts and Crafts designs … I think if I won it might be time to break out the book and some canvas and dive right in.

  261. I have always wanted to try my hand at Jacobean crewel work so this would be a good chance. I would trawl the internet for a design I liked and stitch it up- might make it into a pillow for my Mom or something for the Church.

  262. I would grab some patterns from the crewel work company for sure I already have few projects I would love to make.

  263. I have heard a lot of really nice things about these threads. But have yet to try them. I am an embroiderer but I’m also learning loom weaving on a Mirrix loom. I’m thinking these might make nice bracelets or little purses. The colours are beautiful. Thank you

  264. If I won the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing I think I’d learn to knit so I could make that gorgeous shawl! or ask someone to make it for me; barring that I have some lovely patterns in my Inspirations collections that would love to be stitched with such a gorgeous thread.

  265. Oh, I have just the project in mind for these threads…a wool crazy quilt that I’ve designed and have been collecting fabrics for these past months. May the winds of luck blow my way! Ha!

  266. I’d like to embroider my own design centered around a tree of life. I’ve always wanted to stitch one but haven’t found the perfect one yet.

  267. I am a lover of thread! I have never embroidered with wool thread but did do crewel work years ago. I would love to embroider a tree skirt with vintage/old world santas using these threads.

  268. What beautiful colors! I’m starting the project of needlepointing Christmas stockings with wool threads for each family member. I would love to use these on our Christmas stockings!

  269. I’m an avid cross stitcher so I would probably use these beautiful wools in a big project. I’ve never stitched with wool before but I’ve always wanted to try it!

  270. If I won the Renaissance Elizabethan colors embroidery threads, I would embroider a tree of life fire screen for my den. I have used their indigo threads in the past to embroider a blue and white piece based on early New England blue and white embroidery, so I know I would enjoy working with the threads. Currently I am particularly interested in the embroidery of the Tudor period, so having these traditionally dyed threads would give me an opportunity to indulge myself in exploring the colors used then. A fantastic gift for Christmas that will last well into the New Year!

  271. This was a easy question for me. I have been wanting to do a new top for my slipper box in crewel and I bought some lovely linen but haven’t decided on the design yet. I’m sure with this collection of yarns it would hardly matter what design I use because these are really beautiful yarns. I know I have purchased from Renaissance Dying before.

  272. Not sure what would happen with these threads. I do a lot of embellishing on quilt blocks, but if I wore lucky enough to win, there may be a special project selected for them.

  273. Hello Mary,
    Probably I would make a tree of life, with a rabbit (or a hare), a deer, flowers, a bird… I’ve had this project on my list for a long time, and I would take advantage of these beautiful wools to get started.
    Diane Martin, from Montréal in Québec

  274. These colors would be perfect for a tea cozy pattern that I purchased several years ago. I’ve just been waiting for the right motivator to make me copy it to the linen and start stitching.

  275. I love to embroider with wool – it covers so much area so quickly and I love the Pop! as it pulls through the linen. I’ve always wanted to embroider a lampshade with bold florals; maybe these are just the threads to make that happen.

  276. I am embroidering a picture of my house surrounded by flowers. I would love so much to work this with these beautiful threads !

  277. I have never worked with wool but would love to give it a try. I would start out with making some tree ornaments.

  278. I haven’t done crewel work in a long time, mostly because I don’t have any wool. I would love to make a hussif or two using vintage patterns for the design. Thank you for the opportunity to win this, Mary.

  279. I have been thinking about doing a crewel picture, these wool threads would make it a reality. I did a lot of crewel years ago and have recently been yearning to get back into it.

  280. Oh Mary! Some time ago you recommended the book Home Sweet Home by Carolyn Pearce and I have not started it (although I am almost done with the Leafy Tree). I would love these crewel wool threads to start that project. Thanks for all you do.

  281. I would love to create an Elizabethan type cushion for a chair we have that belonged to my husband’s grandparents.
    The colours are fantastic.

  282. If I would win, this wool would come so just in time! Because I’m about to finish my Colbert embroidery module, and the next one will be needlepoint, yay! First thing I will be practicing all the needlepoint stitches, of course, but then a needlepoint sampler will follow. I’m not sure yet, what it will be, but I’m pretty sure, that it won’t be a kit, but a free design made by myself, so this gorgeous Elizabethan collection by Renaissance Dyeing would come in perfectly handy.

  283. If I were to win the Elizabethan range of crewel wools from Renaissance Dyeing, I would like to use them to recreate some antique and vintage embroidered linens and possibly repurpose the linens in new ways – including adding collars and pockets to vintage dresses.

    Jennifer B. in NEPA

  284. With such lovely colors and beautiful thread I would decorate a small felted object, mittens (like Mary’s beautiful ones) or a felted bag, perhaps a cover for a computer. Something to be seen and appreciated.

  285. I have a beautiful design from Tatiana Popova called Tree of Happiness. I feel the Elizabethan color range would be perfect for this design, or I could also use it on Elsa Williams Jacobean Panel (also a Tree of Life design), it’s a fire screen kit and I am not fond of the color wool that came with it. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Holiday’s.

  286. I plan to make a crewel purse for my best friend. We do a lot of stitching together, but I have not done any crewel for her.

  287. How beautiful these threads are! If I won them it would be fun to do a footstool cover in the Jacobean style with lots of interesting stitches.

  288. Lina Britton, Beaumont, CA
    I would love to knit a beautiful lacy shawl or tablerunner. I also use wool for embroidery and crewel work.

  289. I am working on a quilt top for my granddaughter. The top has five rows of five blocks. I have found unusable flowers for each of the blocks I am working, and tried to teach myself new technics for each block. This site has been a great resource for learning new stitches.

    I would like to do one block using 3D stitches using this yarn. I love this site and recommend it often to others.

  290. Usually I do smaller projects out of felt and then embroider those dolls and animals with the yarn. But with all these beautiful wools I might knit/crochet or make a penny rug of felt and use the yarn to embellish every penny. Fun and beautiful.

  291. I would love to try a crewel work piece inspired by some of the incredible pieces in the Victoria and Albert Museum

  292. If I were to win this set of threads I would probably knit the shawl that you have featured in this blog post,

  293. I can foresee an elaborate Jacobean flower garden done using the entire line of colors or a knitted lace shawl graded from light to dark.

  294. Not at all an easy question. I would love to knit that beautiful shawl, but it would also be great to use this gorgeous thread in a special crewel project. I don’t have any concrete idea about this, but if I should win this giveaway, I would scour the internet for a design that is worthy of it, probably something with lots of flowers! Fingers crossed!

  295. What beautiful wool thread colors! Most of the stitching I do is with wool thread (predominately William-Morris-inspired tapestries, and miniature oriental carpets based on actual historical carpet designs). With these special threads, I would stitch the “Warwick” Jacobean crewel embroidery design (found in the book “Jacobean Crewel Work and Traditional Designs, by Penelope”).

  296. What great colors! I’ve used Renaissance wool before and it’s lovely. I don’t know what I’d do with such a nice range maybe a nice leafy vine with flowers and birds design…

    Thank you Mary for another great giveaway.

  297. A door stop! You know, a covered brick sort of one. Always admired one in an Inspirations magazine, an autumn-y, leaves, a snail and all.
    Thanks Mary,
    Cheers, Kath Grabham

  298. Of all the thread in the world, I love this one best. Always colorfast and it feels amazing in your hands. I was having such a hard time with crewel embroidery. Turned out to be the wool. The one I was using was definitely not the “Apple” of my eye. I got interested in this thread when doing a historical reproduction. Andie helped me substitute a huge project with her wool. I was working on the Talliaferro Royal Persian Blossom at the SF School of Embroidery and Design. Andie is my hero.

    If I were to win this sweet suite of yarn, I would embroidery a headboard! I have long had a design in mind. My husband hopes for a knitted blanket! That would be okay too. Of course that would lead to jealousy, and my son would want one too.

    It’s terrific yarn.

  299. I have just learned 2 colour knitting and would love to have a rainbow of colours like this to work into a Fairisle item.

  300. Absolutely beautiful! These colors inspire me to teach myself crewel. Mary’s rooster comes to mind. These yarns would be lovely in any project. Thank you Renaissance Dyeing for your web site showing the colors. I loved reading about the history.

  301. Have a beautiful piece of wool that I have planned to make as a large throw. I’m still working on the design but I would love to do that stitching in one line of threads. And the fact that those threads are in such a gorgeous range of colors would be the cherry on top of this dream project.

  302. I would LOVE to win the Crewel Wools. My first Crewel stitchings were Medieval , 10 x 14 framed and made for my new house back in 1958….and I’m still here and the stitchings are still hanging, although they have moved from room to room through the years.
    I have done many smaller ones through the years, usually for gifts or taken by one of the 6 daughters. I think of Crewelwork as doing something from ages ago, and loved by me as I also become something from ages ago.

  303. I too am a huge fan of heavily felted mittens and lightly felted gloves, so I would love to embroider some Elizabethan gloves knitted on very fine needles, perhaps with a gauntlet. Perhaps I would knit the Renaissance stripes shawl as well – I saw it on a classmate several years ago and it is stunning!

  304. I would LOVE to win the Crewel Wools. My first Crewel stitchings were Medieval , 10 x 14 framed and made for my new house back in 1958….and I’m still here and the stitchings are still hanging, although they have moved from room to room through the years.
    I have done many smaller ones through the years, usually for gifts or taken by one of the 6 daughters. I think of Crewelwork as doing something from ages ago, and loved by me as I also become something from ages ago.

    (I may have made similar comments in time past, but this is a current statement )

  305. I would use the Elizabethan Crewel yarn to make something from Yumiko Higuchi’s books or Hazel Blomkamp’s books or ?

  306. I might do a mixed type of embroidery,maybe even including some punch embroidery to create a 3D type landscape art.

  307. I would love to receive these lovely threads. I would make a Jacobean style pillow with a modern twist. I would create a design to compliment the threads.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  308. I have patterns to assist in charting hat, tams, and this yarn would be a fantastic choice for the project.

  309. I would use these gorgeous yarns on a Jacobean Crewel work pattern I’ve been saving for some time. Waiting for yarn & these beautiful yarns would so do it! jc

  310. I have several projects that would benefit from these crewel threads. They have been languishing in my stash for a while. These Renaissance threads could bring them back to life again.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  311. Lovely, lovely colors. Subtle, and complex, they glow with history, the care of the dyer. I have a pair of Trees of Life,embroidered with Renaissance wools in my dining room that are exquisite by candlelight. They look traditional but I included my horse, cats, and Old English Sheepdogs… Also, I have sketches to do seat backs and seats.

  312. I inherited a wool jacket that belonged to my uncle, who was killed in a car accident when I was 3. I only know him from pictures, but I’d love to embroider his jacket, since it’s gray wool and rather manly looking to make it more feminine. I already have a plan in mind of including a picture of him taken with me as a toddler and also include some sweet bunnies, which he raised since, I also have had as pets for the last several years. I think it would be a fitting memorial to his memory.

  313. These wools are exquisite! I am working on the panels for a large needlework casket, and these would be a great addition to the motifs I am stitching.

  314. Such beautiful colors! I think I would work on an embroidered wall hanging of spring flowers in these gorgeous colors!

  315. Oh what a wonderful giveaway. If I were to win these I would incorporate them into a crewel project I am doing.?? I’m converting an appliqué quilt pattern called “U is for Unicorns” into a crewel embroidered quilt. Very medieval in feel. These would fit in perfectlyz

  316. What beautiful threads! I think I would embroider a pillow cover in an Elizabethan floral design.

  317. The colors are so rich and warm! I would like to use them in one of the florals from Crewel Twists, for the juxtaposition of historic colors and Blomkamp’s modern interpretation.

  318. I would love to create a spectacular Elizabethan style drawstring purse to use as an evening bag.

  319. If you were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, what do you imagine you might embroider (or maybe knit? or something else?) with it? Tell us a little about your “creative dream” for this line of thread!

    I’m a Knitting and Crocheter, I would use this beautiful wool to stich some flowers or snow flakes onto some of the hats and mittens I make! I am very excited about this contest I would LOVE to win!!!!

  320. I have used these threads before, and they are wonderful! If I were to win this set I would use it on an original design crewel piece (that I haven’t yet designed!) The colors will inspire me, I’m sure!

  321. If I won this wool I would do some crewel embroidery. I haven’t done crewel in 30 years, all recent embroidery has been counted cross stitch and needlepainting. I have been looking at crewel kits online, so winning this wool would make this happen a lot faster.

  322. Omg! I have been absolutely DYEING (hehe) to try crewel embroidery, so this is very timely! I have a design in mind, an Edwardian flourish I found in an old book, and love the idea of Elizabethan-dyed crewel wool to use for it!

  323. I would love to win this beautiful crewel wool to embroider something with a Jacobean theme to it.

  324. Oh what gorgeous wool. I think I would knit a lace shawl with the colors shifting along the shawl. I love the feel of such wonderful material for knitting and embroidery. Your give always are wonderful.

  325. I’ve been lusting over the Renaissance wools for a while now. I’ve had a couple of skeins and they’re wonderful. I’ve been wanting tell a story in crewel, using techniques similar to the Bayeux tapestry…but not nearly that long.

  326. I am totally smitten with all things embroidery from the Elizabethan era! I love to do stump work, needle lace stitches and the enchanting braided stitches from that time. I would most likely use these wonderful threads to create a Stomacher for my 18th century costumes which I wear at several local museums when I’m demonstrating Bobbin Lacemaking.

    Mary, you’re the best! I look forward to opening my email from you and read every word! God bless you for the important work you do for all of us.

  327. I would love to do a crewel sewing roll and pouch. I have been looking at them for some time now and just love them. Perfect colors to got the historic look. Stunning! Merry Christmas. Krissy Butorac.

  328. I have been wanting to try crewel embroidery for a while now. I printed out your rooster pattern awhile ago. This would be a perfect opportunity to start it.

  329. If I were to win this range of crewel wools, I would try to finish a crewel project I’ve barely begun using Appleton wool. Each time I try stitching with this wool, I give up and put the project away because I cannot stand the prickly nature of the wool. I’ve been tempted to pull out what I’ve done so far (not much!) and switch to cotton floss instead because simply don’t enjoy stitching with this wool. I like the design, and the ground fabric so I’d like to finish this project. You say this wool is “buttery smooth.” That would help tremendously!

    Kelly Ann D. in Modesto

  330. Oh what lovely colors! I just love that there are artists who prepare their products in the traditional way. Imagine how much planning and preparation went into producing an embroidered piece of work back then! Raising the sheep, shearing the sheep, spinning the wool….well, you get the idea. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful things to choose from! If I were to win these beautiful threads, I would like to embroider myself a jacket. I saw a woman who had done that and it was stunning. So very special to wear something you embellished yourself. My skills are far from there,yet, but you did say to dream. Lol.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  331. Ooh, I do knit lace, but those look like pretty small skeins. I loved your felted, embroidered mittens when you posted them – that sounds like an absolutely delightful project. I have some soft terracotta or navy blue yarn that would probably felt up well.

  332. If you were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, what do you imagine you might embroider (or maybe knit? or something else?) with it? Tell us a little about your “creative dream” for this line of thread!

    I have done a couple of pieced of wool felt work and was intrigued by it. I would like to work on some needlework accessoried with felt and wool thread

  333. The Elizabetheans love color. I think I’d design and make a portrait of Elizabeth-I (similar to Jan Messent’s) with plenty of flowers from that design era.

  334. I would love to embroider some felted wool mittens that I have made from repurposed sweaters. I have a soft gray and purple that would be so enlivened with those beautiful colors! I have three granddaughters who will be the recipients.

    Thank you,
    Dorothy in Madison

  335. I would start a new crewel design, one of the many I have always said I would do!), using all these beautiful threads

  336. Hello. If I were to win this beautiful set, I would put it together with other materials I am collecting to begin a runner project featuring an owl in a nighttime scene. I am becoming very interested in crewel embroidery. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  337. The colors are so beautiful. I think I would actually crochet a rainbow lace shawl. Thanks so much, Mary!

  338. If I were to win the Elizabethan collection of Renaissance wools, I would try to design my own piece, incorporating each of the 27 colors. I imagine that it would include a peacock and a pomegranate.

  339. I have the Deerfield book that has some wonderful designs begging to be stitched into panels for a quilt.

  340. I think if I were to win this I would use it either in the making of an embroidered knot garden which I am hoping/planning to do in the next year or 2 or else in the making of a tiny “trunk” (etui) to hold needle working tool treasures. My 2 “gosh, I’d like to try doing that” dreams. 😀

  341. The historical details about the dyeing process are interesting. I would use Renaissance Elizabethan wools for a traditional design of flowers leaves & cayerpillars from one of the old pattern books that are online or a selection from schole house for the needle patterns.

  342. I think I would use the wool threads to make something for my daughter. She needs some things to decorate her apartment!

  343. Ohh what a beautiful colour selection! I have just started getting into crewel embroidery so I am intrigued by this giveaway. I have been working on an SAL project designed by Deborah Wilding which has a lovely modern fresh feeling with the choice of colours and shapes. So I think it would be nice to use this thread palette to try something softer and more traditional. Plus I’m fascinated by bag making just now so I can see me making it into another bag.

  344. I would do the Crewel Rooster on your website. I was looking at it again and he’s so colorful. Perfect project for this wool.

  345. Thank you for the chance to win those beautiful threads! I`m a big fan of Elizabethan Era and perhaps, I would stitch something related to this period.

  346. if i won this line of threads i would use it for a crewel piece. likely with birds and flowers as those are my favourite stitching subjects.
    they are truly a beautiful line of threads.
    thanks so much.

  347. I own a book about Elizabethan embroidery which has several lovely pattern in it that would look stunning stitched with these lovely threads. I longed to stitch them for several years now, held back for not having found suitable threads where I live. Thank you for this generous prize.

  348. Without a doubt, a landscape scene, Bayeux Tapestry style but my own design, of a Scottish landscape very dear to my mother. Gorgeous wool…

  349. I have some beautiful crewel designs that I would love to stitch with these wools, they are wonderful

  350. Oh, wow, what an amazing range of colors, hard to imagine they’re all naturally dyed! I do chemical dyeing on wool at home, and I’m used to vibrant colors, but I don’t expect that of naturals. I guess if I were to receive this batch of crewel wools I’d have to do some sort of rainbow sampler picture. Inspired by the colonial American samplers, on linen cloth, with some counted stitchery and much embroidery, some bead embellishment… flowers, snowflakes, leaves, sheep, sun, clouds, hills, lakes, trees in every season…. Crossing fingers I win one of these lovely sets!

  351. Oh My, beautiful. First thought was the Elizabethan Sweet Bag from the Inspirations Magazine Issue 36 & Sahara Issue 43.

  352. I want to know more about Elizabethan embroidery techniques and materials. The colours are fascinating as there were no artificial dyes. The crewel work decorated small to very large household objects while the clothing often included rich gold and silver threads and sparkles. The Renaissance threads be a wonderful way to start.

  353. I am making a doll and a set of fancy doll clothes for my granddaughter. The colors and range of colors for these threads is stunning and I’d love to include them in making the wardrobe perhaps knitting a little sweater or “boots” as well.

  354. I have just begun a medieval men’s nightcap using silk which is not my favorite thread. I have several crewel patterns to chose from for my next adventure and I would be so happy to have some nice soft wool’

  355. These wools would go towards the crewel rooster – he is gorgeous and I’ve been wanting to learn crewel embroidery since I first met him all those years ago.

  356. Sure could use these in my current project of wool appliqué of 2 stylized birds one in brilliant yellows and the other more subdued reds/blues. Here’s hoping.
    Judith in Canada

  357. I would like to win these beautiful wools as I’ve seen a georgeous embroidered blanket in inspirations magazine that I would love to make.

  358. Hello Mary
    I love crewel embroidery but have only ever done it with stranded thread, I would love the opportunity to try the Elizabethan Collection in crewel embroidery. Thank you. regards Mandy xx

  359. Have a footstool that is screaming to get a new look…oh the possibilities! Thanks for all the give a ways!

  360. I’d love to win these beautiful crewel threads! I purchased a pattern from the Crewel Work Company a couple of years ago and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to begin embroidering it.


  361. I just returned from a trip to Poland and Prague. I visited many churches, castles and old city streets that left an impression on my artistic self. If I had the threads, I would like to recreate a tapestry I fell in love with or design a city scape of the “oldworld” charm that one finds in Poland and Prague. The threads are rich in texture and color, just like Poland and Prague.

  362. I’m trying to decorate my house midcentury style and I’d love to stitch something with that theme with these beautiful colors.
    Thank you for the giveaways!

  363. Oh My! Such beauty!such thread lust!
    I recently took a free form needlepoint class (with crewel weight wool) and I was ready to take a deep dive into making up designs. Alas! I realized that I needed crewel wool, not the embroidery cottons that I have aplenty…but finances did not permit me to start on my ideas! I never seem to be able to buy ‘just certain colors’ because who knows what color I will need or want…so full spectrum is where I like to start.

    I would be so very thrilled to win this….thanks so much for this opportunity…and good luck to all!

  364. Since I’m a knitter, I’d love to make a lacy scarf with those gorgeous Elizabethan shades of wool.

  365. If I were to be gifted these beautiful wool threads, I would stitch a lovely flower garden on to a piece of my handmade wool felt. 🙂

  366. I hope that my next embroidery project will be a scroll of a biblical quote scroll done in the Celtic style (inspired by the Book of Kells) for a dear friend. I’ve wanted to do this for some time, and I think it would be a real treat to work with such beautiful threads on this dream-project.

  367. It has been a bit since I have used nice wool thread. I would like to experiment with the colors on linen, perhaps.I want to play with a design that makes everything become a journey for mind. Thanks!!!

  368. Beautiful colors. I’ve never worked with crewel wool and I imagine I’d like using it for designs based on old tapestries.

  369. What a treat this would be. My dreams are endless. I would love to make a cushion in crewel work. I would also love to make a crochet clutch bag and matching shawl. I also would love to make a baby quilt cover with embroidered animals and flowers.

  370. I have only recently discovered Renaissance wool threads. They are so soft to touch. My fingers are itching to get my hands on the Renaissance wools for a Crewel embroidery project I have in the works for 2020. My friend drew a bird for our stitching group to work on as a project to do together, but I decided to draw my own tree and leaves (and a bunny). The drawing is now finished and waiting for threads! Happy 2020!

  371. Oh my, such beautiful colors! I often have the dye pot going while I attend to other projects in my studio, and have amassed a sweet little collection of dyed wool flannel in colors not unlike these . I would use these Renaissance wools for wool applique and subsequent EMBROIDERED EMBELLISHMENT!
    June House

  372. I would embroider a pillow, justicia like those of Philippa, of the crewel work company. Thanks from Spain

  373. I have not had the opportunity to work with wool threads. It will be a delight to learn more about them and experience the difference.

  374. I have spent much more time knitting than stitching so I suspect this yarn would become a cowl. Gorgeous colours!

  375. I would use the thread with sue spargo wool projects. Love her style and enjoy using a variety of thread types in her designs.

  376. This great Renaissance Dying embroidery thread will be stitched onto a black denim jacket.
    These colors bring to mind a woodside image. The big trees use the browns and greens, with some pale orange highlights. The foreground has more blended greens generously speckled with pink, purple, red, and rich orange blossoms; all different to represent various plants. A thin creek will twist through the edge of the scene. Water made up of the lighter blue with yellow-green, and soft gray; holding some small brown and cream fish. Rocks/boulders, a slightly worn foot path, and maybe one mammal are yet to be detailed in my mind.
    It would be an honor to get this image created with hand dyed worsted wool threads.

  377. I would love these beautiful yarns to do my Elizabethan work with! I am a retired Embroidery Tutor & unfortunately since the earthquakes here in NZ, we now only have one needlework shop with very limited supplies of those sorts of yarns. I would be over the moon to be able to win a set of these!

  378. What a beautiful give-away! I have a pattern of a young girl from a by-gone era of centuries ago. Would love to bring her to life with the Renaissance colors. Thank you.

  379. I have never tried crewel work. Having a whole range of threads, I really would have no excuse, although I do like lace knitting. So I probably would be torn as to what I use it on. Hmm, why not some of each? We can but dream!

  380. If I owned those crewel threads I would embroider everything in the world….everything I see…..the crewel pattern of the fabric on the chairs in my nail salon, the designs on our paisley bed coverings, the designs in every stitching book I own, the roses my husband grows, the student design art in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in Philadelphia, the flowers machine stitched up the legs of blue jeans in the store……..as I said, everything I see…..

  381. What gorgeous colors!! Crewel threads always have a warm comfortable feel to them and these do not disappoint. Makes me want to start on a new crewel project. Merry Christmas to all.

  382. I am planning on a piece representing our earth and our need to protect it. These yarns and colors would be perfect for it.

  383. I would use this thread to do some embroidery work on a William Morris quilt I am working on. The quilt has 13 blocks so the thread would be awesome to use.

  384. I love the designs of crewel embroidery but have never used wool. Id like the opportunity to play a little with the textures that wool could yield. The colours of this range have certainly caught my eye and I could imagine incorporating them into my work quite easily.

  385. These threads are in themselves a Creative Dream! Since there are 27 colors, perhaps a triptych design with 9 colors used in each panel; maybe tiny tree silhouettes or even lettering… Mary’s ebooks are always inspirational, too!

  386. If I won the Elizabeth wood thread Collection I would use them for a needlework project with wildflowers as the theme.

  387. I embroider on linen using cotton perle and floche yarns.
    I would love to try these beautiful Renaissance wool embroidery threads, also on linen. In particular I would like to make a piece for a 2020 art show of our local Vancouver Island chapter of the Surface Design Association.

  388. Wow, what beautiful material! I’ve never done crewel work, but this would definitely inspire me to give it a go! I love the scarf, though knitting with it seems a bit out of my league. I saw the mittens you did in crewel, several years ago. They were beautiful and I’d love to try something like that! 🙂

  389. I think I would use this to embroider on some cozy garment or other. A wool dress or hood. Hopefully with lots of cool Jacobean touches!

  390. I’d use these beautiful will threads to embroidery one of the many will blanket designs from Inspirations magazine.

  391. Too many project ideas have come to me!

    Ive been thinking of knitting a new shawl for myself and these beautiful skeins would be delightful to receive.
    But I could also continue work on the Frank Lloyd Wright waste basket design I started so long ago and still haven’t finished.
    Or – because I’m almost done with the textile book I started in 2010 – I could use the threads for a sumptuous book cover.

    Be still my fainting heart!

  392. I enjoy wool Applique and would like to try the thread on several projects such as my yearly Hearts for all the girls in my family.

  393. Oh, my! I am part of a medieval historical re-enactment group. I have used many of the dyes that this floss is colored with, as well as having spun my own. These fibers would be perfect for a little knitted amulet bag to be hung from the belt. I could not only do one for me with my colors, but for many of my friends.

  394. Oh, the colors!! I love to create with color and I am always up for trying something new. I knit, crochet, quilt and I am exploring doing new things with fibers. I’m not sure what I would do with all these threads, but I know I would find a use for them.

  395. I have never gotten around to doing a traditional crewel work piece, I have always compromised and used DMC stranded thread. It would be lovely to do a traditional design with proper wool to celebrate my english heritage.

  396. What beautiful colors in this collection. I’d love to use them in the four seasons blanket I’m currently designing.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the dyeing process as I delight in experimenting with natural dyes obtained from local native plants.

  397. I would love to use the Elizabethan Collection of wool threads to experiment with Crewel embroidery such as a classic Jacobean design. I have never used a wool thread to embroider or needlepoint with and having this Renaissance Elizabeth collection would get me started immediately. Wonderful Giveaway.

  398. Years ago I did a baby blanket with wool thread. It was a joy to do. I would like to do something else with wool threads maybe embroidering flowers or a garden.
    Yvette from Fort Worth

  399. Let’s see…I would like to use the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing collection to create a new wall hanging with a coastal theme of the ocean and creatures living below. I have learned so many new stitches recently and want to use them to create my own pattern. We live on the Islands by Savannah and have plenty of water and aquatic creatures around us!

    Thanks for your donation to this fun give-a-way!

  400. I’d live to try out these threads to replicate a partially stitched crewel work garden piece my mother stitched during the war (she stitched it in what was available – stranded cotton -,and didn’t get to finish it)

  401. I would give these threads to my mom who does crewel work. They are beautiful. Thank you for the chance

  402. That shawl is indeed amazing! I’m not a shawl person but I think I’d make an exception for that one. I’d have to ponder what to make with those threads and must say that for the first while I would content myself with simply fondling them. After that I think I would search for a pretty floral crewel work pattern to attempt.

  403. wow, what a gift to win…..while I am very fond of the crewel rooster & just may have to do it….I am intrigued by what snowflakes would look like in all those beautiful hand dyed crewel yarn colors. Who knows, maybe I’d do them all.

  404. I would use the threads towards a project I have designed and have in mind to teach at my Guild. I have designed the item with a choice of two colourways and the range to be won offers both choices.

  405. If I would be so tremendously lucky to be the recipient of this crewel wool collection, I think I would have a very difficult time deciding whether to come up with an embroidery or needlepoint cushion to recover my piano bench or to use them to knit that beautiful Kieran Foley shawl from the website link. I made one of his shawls in the past, and he designs such interesting and gorgeous stuff. Mary, for all that I have learned from you and your website, I would be happy to exchange some free knitting lessons anytime!!!

  406. I love to do crewel embroidery and would love to have these threads. Can think of many designs I would love to do , thanks

  407. I am an 19 century reenactor. I demonstrate period needlework at events. My current project for events is a reproduction of a late 18th century seat cushion. It is worked on linen with crewel yarns, cotton floss and silk floss.

    I am planning my next project for when I finish this one. I am planning to embroider a pair of reproduction pockets. (Pockets were large tear shaped bags that one attached to waist band and wore under one’s petticoat (skirt) and gown (over dress). While they were not normally seen many were elaborately embroidered – think about modern fancy underwear that no one sees. After embroidering the designs onto the pockets I plan to have them on display on my table at reenactments for people to see both the pockets themselves and the needlework that might have been done on them. (My pockets that I use at events are plain as they were quickly made and washed a bit more often than I would trust to wash an embroidered item.)

  408. I love doing wool appliqué and I think this thread would stitch wonderfully with the wool appliqué.

  409. I have been learning about free form knitting and crocheting. These threads would be wonderful to experiment with in making my own knitted/crocheted fabrics.

  410. These are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been toying with the idea of embroidering window coverings for the guest bedroom or the kitchen side window (they are all small windows). I’d love to use these for something like that.

  411. I have thought about doing Susan OÇonnor’s ‘Flowers for Elizabeth blanket for a while but have not yet had the time to even look at starting it. These threads would be fantastic to use on this blanket and would certainly make me think about trying to do it again

  412. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! I love to embroider flowers- especially in blues and lavenders.
    Thank you, Mary

  413. Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful threads!! Merry Christmas!! Kimberly Hammond

  414. If I were to win this beautiful crewel wools, I’d make (or remake) a buffalo. I had done an awesome (in retrospect and since it’s lost) buffalo on my husband’s denim shirt. He, unfortunately, lost it. So that’s the project I have in mind.

  415. I would embroider a beautiful Fall tree in a tranquil setting of a deep blue sky with soft white clouds and still green grass with little squirrels and other creatures getting ready for the long winter ahead.

  416. I think I’d like to find a semi-historical pattern, and maybe put it on a pillow, where I can see it every day.

  417. Oh what beautiful threads!

    Given my love for flowers I would say it would have to include flowers and probably some birds.

  418. Does drooling over the lovely colors count as to what I would do with it? Lol so beautiful. The project ideas have no limit!

  419. I have several crewel patterns from a few old iron on transfer books that would be perfect for this thread.

  420. lovely colors.

    thank you, Mary, for all the wonderful news and tips and considered opinions.

  421. I think these would work beautifully in creating a jacobean medallion for the center of a quilt using silks and reproduction fabrics in the same tones while adding appliques of leaves, vines and complex flowers. I’d embellish the whole quilt with embroidery and beads using these same wools and matching silk threads. I’m sure it would take me over a year to complete but could be a lot of fun.

  422. What beautiful colors. I have been playing around with fingerless gloves for the addicted cell phone useers!! The wool would be great for embellishing them.

  423. I would embroider some crewel designs I have been saving from old crewel embroidery books. The combination of the wool and the crewel design is one of my favorite embroidery styles. Thank you for the give away!

  424. A color wash/rainbow thing since that way I don’t have to choose what colors to use since I would just use them all. I love seeing one color blend into another

  425. I love Roosters…. I love your crewel rooster. I also love The Tree of Life designs. The possibilities are plenty.

  426. If I were lucky enough to win the drawing for the beautiful Elizabethan collection of wool thread, I would be inspired to get back to crewel work. Working with wool was one of the first things I did after graduating as a kid from the printed crosstitch patterns with which I learned embroidery. I think perhaps a floral sofa pillow?

    Donna R. NC

  427. You made me feel so good this morning as I believed I may be the only one who cannot knit two rows that look the same. But the embroidery is not too bad. Am in the process of getting together threads and crewel wool for a beautiful Inspirations blanket. Today’s prize would go very nicely with the project. Merry Christmas.

  428. I love the look of these and as I would like to try some Jacobean-style embroidery this would be a most welcome prize.

  429. If I won the lovely wool threads I do not know what I would work on. I have never owned any wool threads nor worked with them it has always been a wish of mine to do some stitching with them. What runs through my mind is embellishing a pair of fingerless gloves or decorating a wool beret.

  430. With an assortment of colors like that I think I’d almost have to do a large crewel Tree of Life design! The only Jacobean designs I’ve done have been fairly small motifs but I do love crewel and want to design my own Tree of Life project at some point.

  431. If you were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, what do you imagine you might embroider with it?

    I would get started on a crewel embroidery chair seat cover.

  432. I have some crewel patterns that I am just dying to stitch so these threads would be a great start.

  433. I am finishing a cotton and wool appliqué quilt, and love doing the embroidery stitching with wool thread. The variety of colors are beautiful.
    Pam in Gig Harbor

  434. I would love to win the threads as I have been wanting to try crewel embroidery for a long time but having to cut back financially since I’m old and decrepit now! I would create a sampler of stitches and techniques to learn the craft and see what works and what doesn’t while being creative in my approach. Merry Christmas Mary!!!

  435. I love the feel of great wools. I would use them on an antique styled piece, perhaps a miniature rug or a larger needlework piece. The colors shown are fabulous.


  436. The colors are so vibrant. I’m thinking, perhaps, traditional Jacobean pomegranate design would work well with those colors.

  437. I would love to try that crewel rooster pattern. It’s been a few years since I worked with crewel on a project. I’m looking forward to getting back into it. So beautiful.

  438. If I were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing I would try my hand at embroidery on tulle as Paola Matteucci from Italy does! This is the perfect colour range for embroidery on black tulle as seen in Paola’s book: Ricamo su tulle, Lane policrome I (Embroidery on Tulle, coloured wool I), I believe there was a gorgeous clutch purse of her’s in Inspirations no. 86. I’ve tried this technique in white on white but I’m dying for an excuse to both try it in colour AND get some of this gorgeous wool!

  439. I’m, not sure I have any projects in mind. I just want to hold them in my lovely stash, pull them out and “ooh and aah” over them until inspiration strikes!

  440. I would use these wonderful threads on a project I have been invisioning for years. Am using different techniques and learning new ones at the moment. Plus lots of embroidery projects!!

  441. If I win this lovely thread I might just take up crewel Embroidery again! I did some of That type of embroidery many years ago. However, I never had that beautiful thread to work with—- I just used whatever I had on hand. And I did embroider a crewel (kit) embroidered clock for my mom in the ‘70’s . it is in my Bedroom now . Despite the many imperfections, it still brings me great Joy knowing Mama enjoyed it for many years!

  442. These colors are so enticing! I can visualize using them in some William Morris-type design, with birds and flowers in a flowing pattern. Crewel weight wool is such a versatile thread to use, and I can look forward to working with them.

  443. Without a doubt I would use those lovely threads on a crewelwork garden design. I have fallen in love with crewel – the colors, the stitches and stitch combinations, the great textures… It would jump to the top of my stitching list!!

  444. A glorious Jacobean inspired ‘tree of life’ design on linen twill, I think firescreen size should do it!

  445. I have been fascinated with Elizabethan embroidery since I started doing hand work almost sixty years ago. I would probably use these threads on a pair (at least) of pillows for my living room

  446. I have three needlepoint stockings that I need to stitch for three new great grandchildren. The colors would be fabulous to add accent and bring the stockings to life.

  447. I would love to use the wools to stitch an Elizabethan Sweet Bag. The colors are beautiful!

    Kandace T.

  448. I am very familiar with Renaissance crewel yarns, my very favorite. I have a large crewel piece, tree of life style with a large blue bird that I am planning to start on New Year’s Day. It will be the perfect piece for the Elizabethan range of crewel wools, the colors would be just the right range for the style.
    Thank you for offering this wonderful gift.

  449. I love the natural soft colours of the Renaissance Elizabethian range. I would to use them for a crewel cushion panel pattern I have in my stash.

  450. Oh, what soft beautiful colors. I have been embroidering a set of planets and space themed toys for my infant grandson. I am using surface embroidery and adding texture as much as I can. The richness of the wool would make beautiful wall hangings to add to the set.

    Diana B. From Illinois

  451. I think I would use it to do some embroidery on felt.
    It would enhance the texture and add to the dimension. Probably, a forest scene.

  452. I am dreaming of doing a Persian miniature in crewel embroidery. It has a border with flowers and the center is a scene with trees, a river, flowers and a few people.

  453. If I were to win these beautiful yarns I would probably either embroider a cushion cover or incorporate them in a luscious hooked or punched “rug”.

  454. The colors are lovely and I’d enjoy trying out a moon phase calendar for 2020 in crewel.

  455. I would be so happy to use the “Crewel Wool Collection” in my original applique projects or for a future woollen, embroidered crazy quilt! What fun!
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  456. Hi Mary,

    If I were to win, I would do one the projects from a Hazel Blomkamp book. My favorite being her animals and her take a Jacobean work.

    Thanks for the giveaways and your expertise.

  457. I see a garden of flowers. With the range of colors darker values make the buds and the lighter values a flower in full bloom. Can you tell flowers are my most favorite subject to stitch?

  458. What a great group of colors! Any of the threads would contribute to a wonderful crewel project. (The photos really show off the wool.)

  459. Such beautiful colours! With this range I’d love to do something historical, either Tudor inspired or later Jacobean crewel work.

  460. I would stitch a crewelwork stag pattern that appeared in Inspirations earlier this year – I’ve only worked a little with crewel weight yarn so I’m looking forward to doing that project sooner or later!

  461. I am in a historical reenactment group and I am making a felted hat. I would use these yarns to embroider the hat to start with and go on from there. Maybe a pocket to wear under my skirt or some slippers.

  462. If I were to win the Renaissance Dyeworks fibres I would use it on a recreation pillow cover that I could display when I go to my medieval recreation events.

  463. This collection is beautiful and would be an inspiration to create a spectacular embroidery, perhaps a wallhanging. I’ve done some crewel work but not for some years, and I’d like to return to it.

  464. I would like to try them with some type of crewel. It is on my list of styles to try, and new thread would be the perfect incentive to start a new project.

  465. I heard about this wool years ago for a knitting pattern! Not the shawl you posted but scarf that was all stripes and knitted on the bias. I would definitely want to embroider with it but that scarf would be a top priority!

  466. I’d love to use the beautiful wool threads to create a crewel design from the Middle Ages – a tree of life with magnificent floral and fauna. I’d include a variety of leaves, lots of shaded flowers, a deer, a squirrel, a rabbit. And, maybe for some whimsy, I’d include a few insects such as a bee, a caterpillar and a dragonfly.

  467. Well this just made me smile!! What would I do with the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, hmmmm what comes to mind is a bolero shawl done in a “scale” crochet stitch and give them to my granddaughter Isabella!!! And that’s just for starters ❤️ It seems that once I “feel” the thread …. inspiration comes easy. As a 64 yr old from a family of 12… no one else does any crochet/ knitting/ creating / making… its always been just me… learning now how to appreciate the gift I was given a lot more than I used to. I always thought I had my VoVo’s ( grandmother In Portuguese) hands… now she was gifted ❤️

  468. What beautiful threads! While I’ve always enjoyed historical textiles, right now I’m so excited about Medieval embroidery. I’m working on some floral designs for a wool background and would so appreciate the opportunity to stitch with these threads. Thank you so much for all you’ve taught me about stitching – I look forward to each posting!!!

  469. Such a beautiful collection! My thoughts are to use it to make doll sweaters. Thanks, Mary for the link to this shop.

  470. I have a plain wool jacket that would be lots better with a bit of wool embroidery to brighten it up. Yum!
    Thanks for a great idea!

  471. The colors of the wool threads are dreamy! I think I would like to try crocheting with it. There are some really cool patterns that would work well with it. They would work for flowers, bracelets, and even with beads. Then I might just use them to embroider on wool. Fun to dream about!

  472. I’d love to use these for a garden scene. The colors would be perfect for flowers, bushes, and maybe a few small animals.

  473. I will be on cloud nine if I won this set! I have several Jacobean style patterns that I’ve pulled out for 2020. With all of these colors I can really get creative!

  474. Oh, Mary, that shawl is fantastic looking! My knitting tends to be pretty basic, but I’d love to love to get the pattern and learn how to stitch that lacy froth. I’d need practice before using these yarns. Other than that, I love many types of fibers, so I’d work them into other projects — no particular one in mind, but someplace that the added texture fits in. Through your column I learn of so many interesting things. (Oh, yeah, I know how to get into trouble.)

  475. Inspired by Yumiko Higuchi, I embroidered some simple motifs using both wool and cotton threads. It was fun and I would like to explore more! I’m thinking of a tablecloth for my console table. Maybe sketch some flower patterns based on those in my perennial garden, and stitch the patterns with the crewel wool threads. Ah, sounds pretty already!

  476. For Christmas, a couple of years ago, my Daughter gave me a Subscription to Inspirations Magazine. When it was to expire, I renewed it. Had to have it. Due to receiving Inspirations, I got myself onto the email site for Renaissance Dyeing. On Pinterest, I have a Sampler board, where I have 893 posts of Samplers. If I was to win, I would design my own Sampler and include elements from these Samplers. It would have to have a House, and Trees, and Sheep, and most definitely Deer. Of course there would be the Lady and Gentleman of the House and Flowers on Vines and also and also….. It would be my Dream Sampler.

  477. Getting old really “sucks”, however I do love to try and continue to sew, and wool embroidery is now my go to choice. To that end I have a lovely Jenny McWhinny pattern I would dearly love to embroider in the colours of my choice.
    Beth FH – Western Australia

  478. Hi Mary:
    Although Ilove to embroider, I haven’t ever embroidered in wool. I would do a little piece perhaps for an ornament for next year’s Christmas tree. I also weave little tapestries, and Iwould love to see if these wonderful colors could be used for weaving. Thank you Mary, Joy

  479. That is a tough one – I think I would use them in a crewel work design, a woodland scene with various Canadian flora. The colours are delightful!

  480. I would definitely embroidery a fantastical, organic, lush, Jacobean design, using traditional crewel stitches and techniques. I’ve always wanted to try that.

  481. My first thought when I saw those colors was a Jacobean tree of life crewel design. However, since I also knit, I’m equally tempted to make something wearable so I could enjoy them up close. Thanks for sharing the site!

  482. The colors are soft and magnificent. I can’t wait to start an Elizabethan sweet purse embroidery using those colors . And some other Elizabeth embroidery projects

  483. The collection is beautiful! I’ve been toying with recreating one of my favorite photos from a recent trip to Wales in crewel…and having a full range of colors would be an asset!

  484. Can I just look at it & pet it?! I think I would embroider a centre piece on my antique setee, some sort of hmmm…maybe…I’m not sure. I would have to look at it & ponder it. 😉

  485. If the colours are similar to what I see on my screen, I would stitch something autumnal with them.

  486. I think these wools would be great for a landscape piece. I have been planning to do a forest glade. I think the range of colours would be perfect.

  487. Hi, Mary,

    I would embroider a woodland scene with lots of animals and some woodland flowers.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Beth B in Charlottesville, VA

  488. What wonderful threads! My project would be to embellish a beautiful, green wool Eileen Fisher sweater coat with one of Mary Corbet’s tree designs. Fingers crossed!

  489. I have a beautiful pattern for a gorgeous Irish scarf, which I got while on a two-week, 1,000+ mile trip through Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. I’ve hesitated to start this project because I have wondered what wool I could find stateside to do the project proud. If I won this prize, I would have a tremendous spectrum from which to choose!

  490. Stunning collection of wool.
    The colour assortment is so beautiful.
    This will make any project stand out.

  491. I would LOVE to use these gorgeous wools in an embroidery project. Wow, what a treat that would be!

  492. Although I work with a number of techniques, I am at my best as a knitter. I make knit handbags that I then felt and embellish with beads, bauble’s and buttons. My best pieces are done in multicolored stripes that blend two yarns together. Love to try that with this collection.

  493. The thread is just yummy. I’m not sure what I would stitch with the threads, but I’m sure I could find something.

  494. Hi!Those colours make my spirit soar! I am planning a mixed media wallhanging with all the methods I love to work with like embroidery, tatting and lacework. The wool with such beautiful colour and texture would be perfect not just for embroidery but also different lace techniques! Oh I wish!
    Regards Linda Grové from South-Africa

  495. These wool threads are delicious! I have never worked with wool threads and would love to try some crewelwork.

  496. I recently bought an old sewing bag on wooden legs with a beautiful, but very faded, print of a Jacobean motif – I think these colours would look stunning if I had to freshen it up with embroidery in these.

  497. Hi Mary, With the name being Elizabethan range I’ve always thought they would be beautiful for a crewel project of Elizabethan flowers with beautifully stitched leaves like you did on a small strawberry design. And all the petals and leaves would be soft shading with 3 shades using long and short stitch.

  498. With those sweet wool threads I would make a pillow or two, for my livingroom sofa. On dark blue frieze wool I would do a traditional “grannlåt” embroidery, that is with small applications, pearls and extra all in swedish folklore style. If you google artist “Karin Derland” you get the picture, I took her course last year.

  499. I can picture using these threads for some tropical birds. Stylized and with different textured stitches for the feathers. I have so enjoyed the crewel embroidery I have tried so far.

  500. I think these would be perfect to use in the some of the lovely design in Katherine Shaughnessy’s book The New Crewel which is sitting on my shelf! That’s what I would go for.

  501. This wool is great! I used it for one Bayeux tapestry piece. But with this collection I would stitch one illumination from L’Apocalypse de Saint-Sever. It is very famous commentaries on the Apocalypse, composed by Saint Beatus of Liébana. Manuscript itself is from the 11th century.

  502. With this beautiful range of colors I would love to try stitching one simple Jacobean motif such as a leaf in a few different color schemes. I would be tempted to also try knitting lace kerchiefs.

  503. I have wanted to stitch a Sweet Bag for a very long time and when I do I plan to use this crewel wool from Renaissance dyeing. I have admired this wool on many an occasion.

  504. I love to embroider with wool.
    I’ve bought recently a Berlin Woolwork tapistry sampler (I know, not the right era) and I would love to experiment with the patterns on it with Renaissance wool.

  505. Just to confirm, oh those wools are the very best. I have three or four, came in a kit for a class at Hampton Court, and I just love them.
    I would love to win them, but how lucky will any winner be!

  506. Such beautiful threads! I’ve always wanted to embroider a lampshade. I have no idea why! But if I were to win these threads I’d take it as a sign that I should finally do it!

  507. I would like to continue my recent exploration of using wool and split stitch to create portraits of modern musicians as traditional saints inspired by the imagery of stained glass windows.

  508. Hello,

    Last year, I embroidered the same crewel project as a friend. She used Renaissance Deying wool et I used DMC coton. Her result was so nice ! I love Hazel Blompkant patterns and I would like to embroider a new crewel pattern with wool.

    I live in France and I spend a lot of time embroidering and making lace.

    Have a nice day and good stitch

    Valérie BRISSAUD

  509. I would like to get Tatiana Popova’s new crewel embroidery book and use these fabulous wools with her designs !

  510. I would be looking for a embroidery scene with trees and flowers and maybe a stream. I think those colours would be perfect for that.

    Merry Christmas

  511. The colors are absolutely stunning. I am currently working on a jacobean piece and would enjoy designing another one.
    I can only imagine what I could do with this beautiful selection of wool threads.

    Thank you Mary!

    Betty B.

  512. I have a new grandson, Noah. I plan to make him his own blanket, as I have made for his older sibling & cousins. His blanket will be knitted squares in a patchwork, with Swiss embroidered animals from the ark. What wonderful animals they would be with the Elizabethan collection of crewel wools. Happy days.
    Eggo Maree

  513. If I had this glorious selection in my sewing basket I would want to work it into somethings that capitalized on the gradient shades of color. I have seen a pattern for a small piece which features such a range of color in the leaves of a tree. Just beautiful. OR I would want to knit something lacy as lace knitting is a current passion too.

  514. I have never worked with wool before but have seen so many beautiful crewel works that I am so excited to try. My creative dream for this gorgeous collection is to design a sampler representing my family and our many adventures.

    Thank you Mary for the great contests! This newsletter has taught me so much!
    Laura M. from FL

  515. I would love to use this wool to embroider onto a blanket for my mum who feels the cold weather. As she is now wheel chair bound the new blanket would chea4 her up.

  516. What beautiful colors! I think these would look lovely in a small tapestry I’ve been dreaming of making.

  517. What stunning colors, the beauty of natural cannot be imitated. I imagine, perhaps, a “Scandinavian” inspired motif, something botanical and folksy.
    Good tidings to all!

  518. I absolutely love Jacobean crewel work — I do believe it is my favorite embroidery style. So, I would take my time and search for a traditional design that would make the most of the color selection.

  519. I’ve started a battery of wool felt pincushions to be given as gifts, next Christmas. The beautiful wool threads from Renaissance Dyeing would be perfect to embellish my pincushions. Does the threads come with a little extra time-in-each-day? Happy Holidays. Mary

  520. Such beautiful colors! I’d use wool from the Elizabethan collection for something floral. Or maybe something geometric. So many beautiful shades!

  521. I love working with wool. I am currently working on a wall hanging with all kind of animals. Not sure what else I am going to put on it as of yet, but I am sure these threads will be very useful.

  522. Oh, the colors of this Renaissance wool collection are sumptuous!
    They would work beautifully into my next crewel project “Jacobean Hunt” which is from the Inspirations book “A Passion for Needlework”. I am looking forward to starting it as my project for 2020.

  523. I believe these threads would be beautiful on a penny rug I have been planning. I have never done one before and think it would be a fun new adventure. I have never used wool before so an all new adventure for me. I will purchase if I am not lucky enough to win these.

  524. If I were blessed enough to win this I’d like to do crewel work on emotional support lap quilts I am making for children who go into emergency foster care. A small bunny or a pretty flower, a unicorn or a bright strawberry……something beautiful and soft.

  525. Hi Mary,

    If I were to win the Elizabethan threads, I’d make a traditional Jacobean style needlework. Maybe it would be a wall hanging or the center of a medallion quilt. Thanks for the give away.

  526. I am torn between using these yarns to create a beautiful delicate shawl or do a crewel embroidery of flowers.

  527. I never done Crewel Embroidery so for this year that’s my new needlework to learn. I have been eyeing the patterns from the Crewel Company for a few years and this year I have ordered one. I would use the wool thread to learn this needlework.

  528. My dream for this beautiful yarn:
    to embroider a small needle felted pouch and
    to knit a “necklace” to hang it from!

  529. What a fantastic giveaway! Such beautiful rich colors. If I won this, I’d use it to work on my embroidered prayer book cover. Ongoing!!

  530. If I were to win this beautiful wool thread I would probably pick one of the crewel designs from Inspirations magazine to stitch.

  531. How beautiful! I would gift the package to my youngest daughter who learned how to knit and crochet from my Mother because she is now a lawyer for Break the Cycle in DC and as a hobby knits hats, toys and blankets to gift to clients and their children who need a little extra love and attention!

  532. Hi Mary!
    I wish we had snow, we are just getting freezing rain here in central PA. I am taking my first crewel embroidery classes in April 2020 at an EGA seminar. I am excited about it as I have always loved crewel embroidery. I imagine that once I get the technique down and am confident I would use the Renaissance threads in something beautiful to decorate my home. Your rooster is very inspiring so that would be pretty or something with lots of flowers.

  533. Although I love to embroider, I think these threads would be fun to knit. Maybe a lace trim on an embroidery piece….so many possibilities!
    Have a safe and warm winter season,

  534. I have a few projects in mind that need some wooly stitches. I enjoy working with all types of fibers and I don’t work with wool all that often so would really love to experiment with a wide color range.

  535. If I were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing wools, I would give them to my daughter. She is the knitter in the family. I can envision her knitting a shawl or scarf.

  536. I think I would knit a shawl, alternating between these beautiful yarns, and a black laceweight for contrast.

  537. The soft lovely colors of these yarns remind me of those I observed at the Cloisters Museum in New York and I would love to attempt a small purse embroidered in crewel and closing with a flap, secured with a button (embroidered, of course.) Recently I’ve seen reference to stitch styles from the renaissance and these would be fun to learn and use.

  538. Oh, I would get my crewelwork books out and find some inspiration there. I’m sure we can find room for another cushion around here 🙂

  539. I have a dream of doing four seasons of one stylized tree. These beautiful colours will be perfect.

  540. I love working with wool and felt and have been busying translating some of my favorite cross stitch patterns into wool and felt designs. I would use the beautiful wool threads to embroider and embellish these patterns.

  541. This Crewel wool is so beautiful for embroidery , I would use the wool to embroider 2 pillows . Ana-Maria from Cambridge ON

  542. I know exactly what I’d do. I’d embroider some of the motifs from that book, Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth. I’ve done a couple in regular old cotton, but I’d love to do them in the wool they were meant for!

  543. What beautiful colors! If I got the chance, I’d really love to embroider a small purse or bag, either as a “special occasion” accessory or just as a pretty project bag; I could even do some medieval fingerloop braiding for the cord! I also do my fair share of knitting, so whatever is still left after the bag and cord I could use for a pair of lacy and/or cabled fingerless gloves.

  544. I would use these gorgeous colors in my continuing exploration of Elizabethan crewel embroidery. Tricia Nyugen and Melina Shebring have sparked my interest and I have begun!

  545. I have been waiting to try the renaissance wools but haven’t ordered any yet. I’d be so excited to win.
    Alice Brown
    Ollala BC

  546. I am glad you are offering these beautiful wool threads I will embroider the wool flannel blankets for my grand daughters.

  547. I’ve never used crewel wool before, but I think with the time of the year and my mind being on Christmas I’d create Christmas ornaments for friends and family for next year.

  548. What a wonderful giveaway! I would like to do larger floral/garden panel with crewel wool-it’s one of my favorite fibers I use to stitch.

  549. Not sure what I would do with these but would love to own them. I’m sure I would get inspiration from seeing the colors and feeling the texture.

  550. I got a crewel kit for Christmas one year early in my stitching life. I made the bell pull and gifted it to my mom. I loved making it, but somehow never repeated the effort. It’s time to try again and Inspirations has some patterns that would be perfect.

  551. Beautiful colour range. I think these would tempt me to make a felted hat and stitch crewel work designs around the brim

  552. The colours are gorgeous. As a recent convert to crewel work my project would have to be a Jacobean floral design. I love the historical references in this type of embroidery.

  553. If I were so lucky to win these wonderful colors of crewel wool I would surely use some of them to decorate (front and back) a sweater worthy of these special threads. I have knit myself more than one sweater, though not recently. I also have a couple of couch pillows and one framed picture for the wall using crewel techniques and wool. It would be so much fun to get back to doing crewel work. Being the season of ornaments, I could envision those beautiful threads gracing my tree.

  554. First of all – I love stitching crewel wool projects – they are my favorite embroidery projects. These colors are deliciously happy and bright in a sophisticated way. I would love to use them on projects that depict both flora and fauna. I have many pdf files of such scenes and these wonderful colors would be a joy to stitch them up on linen or plain weave fabric (of which I also have a lot of). So, I shall cross my fingers and do a little dance and hope that I am a winner of these awesome crewel wools.

  555. Oh, my gosh, those colors! I think I’d do a simplified version of a Secret Garden-like scene–maybe one of the hummies but lots and lots of flowers. Of all different colors. Lots and lots of colors.

    Lori from Mountain View

  556. I would like to embroider something Christmasy as a memory (if I were to win this give away).

  557. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for offering this wonderful give-away. I have a beautiful piece of linen and a Jacobean pattern for a traditional bell pull. I haven’t started it as I hadn’t found yarns in colours with that I felt would do it justice. Seeing the lovely colours in these renaissance yarns I think they would be absolutely perfect for this crewel needlework project. It would make my bell pull “sing” as well as ring out.

  558. Beautiful Wool! I am sketching a crewel design that I will work in a lent SAL with Fibertalk group. They are planning a cross stitch pattern Agnus Dei and I want to try a crewel work interpretation. Thanks for all the generosity.

  559. If I were to win the Elizabethan range from Renaissance Dyeing, I would want to use the wool on an embroidered project that would be a “Legacy piece”. In other words, a project that would be passed on to a future generation. There are three future projects that come to mind: a document/casket box with four panels representing flowers/vines of the four seasons; a large Christmas stocking for my grandson; and a Tree of Life featuring names of members of our family. These soft wool would be a perfect palette for these projects. Carolyn “J”.

  560. What creative dream do I find for the lovely crewel wools? I have a couple of pieces of very nice lightweight wool that I have been thinking would make lovely shawls. I would embroider them.

  561. I would love to be able to use these threads to start an embroidery from my new book, Trish Burr’s Needle Painting Embroidery for Beginners!

  562. I’ve long admired the work of Renaissance Dying, so getting to use their crewel wool would be a treat! If I had the thread, I’d use it to make a Swedish folk-inspired pillow.

  563. How lovely! I can imagine a spring garden wall hanging, mate a couch pillow. Or perhaps, I would create a replica of an 18th century ladies pocket using 18th century embroidery patterns. I have never done crewel work, but this collection would be a great reason to learn a new skill.

  564. I am always really interested when you introduce me to a new supplier, technique or whatever. Their website is very interesting and natural dying is an interest , to see a business doing it commercially is cool.Doing reproduction work with the types of dyes that would have been used at the time really makes the look more authentic.

  565. I love Renaissance Dyeing wools! If I were to win the drawing, I’d use the wools for crewel embroidery. These colors are gorgeous!

  566. I have been searching for wool crewel embroidery and have for some reason had a hard time in tjat pursuit. My creative dream is to embroider an 18th century pocket using historically accurate materials. I have drawn up a few designs based off of extant examples and have been reading through Gail Marsh’s 18th Century Embroidery Techniques in preparation. One design is fall inspired with pumpkins and pumpkin flowers and the other features my dog and flowers local to where I live.

  567. I would use the collection on a piece of needlepoint that I have been wanting to try but needed the right threads for and I think these would do the trick.

  568. We’re I to win one of these collections I think I would try some kind of floral design on a box lid or some item with a cover. Many thanks for your holiday sharing. Merry Christmas!

  569. My niece is in the Peace Corp and teaching in Solonytsivka Ukraine. With these beautiful Elizabethan wools, I would love to use them on a traditional vyshyvanka for her to wear at the year end festival. And if any is left to make her mittens as it is very cold in their winter. Thank you for the opportunity for this chance to win such a lovely gift.

  570. Those colors are so amazing (I can almost smell the dyes)!! Looking at them, I know right away what I’d use them for: I’ve been pursuing creating a line of jewelry using embroidery, beads, fabric, threads, and wool. I have a Chinese wedding basket that houses a small loom, velvet pieces from an old factory store sample (with similar colors as the Renaissance wool), silk pieces (scored on Etsy by a generous scrap compiler), wool threads, and various accessories gathered along the way. I want to design pieces that can be worn against the skin, even for those with sensitive skin. I started making embroidered fabric beads, but I want to do incarnations of other ideas too (embroidered amulet bags with silk cords or embroidered bags to hold treasures, like prayer ropes). I’d also use the wools for embroidering Yumiko Higuchi’s patterns, which are always beautiful and whimsical. These would be perfect for some of her designs. I’d hang the skeins up in my craft room because just looking at them would be a feast for the eyes. So lovely!!

  571. Such fabulous colours – I would like to use them to make a canvas work sampler needlework box. It is some time since I have done canvas work and I think I could have such fun trying out new stitches in these beautiful threads

  572. Such beautiful colors! I don’t recall having heard of Renaissance Dyeing before, and they remind me of a Science Fair project I planned (back in the olden days of junior high); I had researched natural dyes, got some raw wool yarn, and begun to assemble natural dyeing materials when I took ill and was unable to complete (or compete). I would dearly love to win some of these lovely threads, and my first thought as to how I would use them would be Hazel Blomkamp’s “Maureen” in Crewel Creatures, which I’ve been yearning to do. I have any number of other thoughts as well and will see how things work out. Many thanks to you and the Dyers, Mary!

  573. I have long admired the range of wool threads from Renaissance Dyeing. Being a knitter and an embroiderer I would be torn between which project I would use them in. However, I think I would lean towards a project in Elizabethan crewel work and/or stumpwork using the Elizabethan range.

  574. I would probably use the yarns to make a Crewel pillow. I may use a pattern from Hazel Blomkamp or make up my own. A knitted shawl would be wonderful too.

  575. Dear Mary,
    Thank you again for organising such great giveaways.
    I would use these beautiful crewel wool threads, as a starting point for an embroidery of a horse, with a bird perched on its back. A departure from the Jacobean style projects I usually work on.

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year,
    Melissa from Adelaide

  576. Wow, those Renaissance wools are amazing! I would love to use them as a crocheted edging on a cardigan or blouse.
    And, of course, in traditional surface embroidery:)

  577. This is gorgeous thread. A landscape scene with flowers would be great using these threads.

  578. I would love these for embroidery. i can’t get past knit (can’t purl), but i love the look of the lace.

  579. I would stitch a landscape picture of the Blue Ridge Parkway with Rhododendron in bloom. Gorgeous place!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  580. Wow, Mary what a beautiful collection of wool….the colors are wonderful and I love that they are dyeing the yarns the old ways. I read the historical background and loved learning something new. I am glad they are doing this. I think with something this special, I would like to do an original embroidery….have to think about that idea. I can do basic knitting so I would not do the yarn justice but embroidery, would be interesting. Thanks again for this seasonal fun.

  581. If I won this lovely thread, I beleive I would needle tat some earings with coordinating seed beads.

  582. Would love some new stitching threads! Thank You for the opportunity here. Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year 2020!

  583. I have been collecting do dads for a crazy quilt. Wouldn’t these wools work perfectly for some embroidery on top of gorgeous fabrics.

  584. These thread colors are so luscious! I would definitely do a landscape series. I’ve lived in Maine for 30 years now, and have seen many beautiful places. I have lots of photos that I would like to base projects on.

  585. I would use this crewel wool collection to bring my dream of stitching all the Canadian provincial flowers as a sampler to fit in a vintage fireplace screen I found. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks Mary. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  586. I have always wanted to design my own tree of life to stitch that includes birds, butterflies and a Gordon Setter Dog and probably some other animals and insects along with lovely flowers and leaves.

  587. Lovely!
    If I were to be the lucky winner, I would love to embroider a William Morris wallpaper-inspired design, with fruit and foliage.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  588. My grandmother embroidered a popular design in the 70s – a simple deer and tree design – but it appears to have come in a kit with polyester ground fabric and a mix of wool and acrylic yarn. I’ve been recreating some of her other makes since she passed away and I have always wanted to recreate this pattern in higher quality (natural) fibres. That is what I would do with this thread.

  589. The threads are so beautiful,what a lovely chance to win them. I am just beginning a quilt of wild flowers in each block. This will eventually be given to my granddaughter. The threads would complete the flowers, a stunning project for embroidery.

  590. While I do embroider and I find your website an invaluable resource, I mostly knit and would definitely use the collection of wool to make some fun Fair Isle wrap or shawl.

    Thank you so much!

  591. The Elizabethan collection has beautiful colors. My creative dream working with this thread would be to embroider a Victorian garden scene or a wall hanging designed to look like an ornate rug.

  592. I would use the wool to make a stumpwork box/chest! The colours make me think of flowers so I would design a garden instead of a traditional Jacobean scene. I am imagining something in the style of Jane Nicholas’ flowers with bees buzzing around and spiders hidden in the foliage.

  593. I have made a Jacobean design for a panel on a handbag. Got the linen, the fabric for the bag but no wool. Mainly because I haven’t been able to choose a colorway. This collection would certainly solve that problem.
    Thanks, Mary for another wonderful year of stitching.

  594. Ooh–maybe a rainbow knitted cowl? Or embellishment on my birds “out on a whim” quilt? Or—!