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Stitcher’s Christmas 2019 #5: Inspirations Magazine Subscriptions for 3!


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Good morning, and welcome to A Stitcher’s Christmas, 2019, installment 5 – which means we are half-way through this year’s series of needlework gift drawings!

This morning, I’ll announce the winner of last Friday’s installmentPink Delight, a ribbon embroidery kit by Di van Niekerk – at the end of this article.

But first, we’ll take a good look at today’s gift, which is for three of you!

Courtesy of Inspirations Studios, each winner will receive one year’s subscription to Inspirations Magazine, the world’s most beautiful embroidery magazine. If you already have a subscription, the gift subscription will be added to your current subscription.

Let me tell you all about Inspirations!

Stitcher's Christmas 2019: Inspirations Magazine gift subscriptions

If you are new to the world of embroidery and you’ve never heard of Inspirations Magazine, prepare to be sorely tempted!

There’s a reason Inspirations Magazine is called the world’s most beautiful embroidery magazine. It’s because it is. Ever since its inception in the early 1990’s, every issue of the magazine has upheld its reputation as a gorgeous magazine full of beautiful needlework projects.

Inspirations is a quarterly magazine, and each issue is packed with projects that will delight the lover of fine needlework. Covering a multitude of techniques, each issue is both an inspirational and instructional project book.

Along with the projects – which are the focus of each issue – you will find columns that feature reviews of books and products; articles that explore designers, textile artists, and other personalities in the needlework world; and features that relate human interest stories having to do with needlework.

You’ll find extensive step-by-step instructions for all the projects and all the stitches used in all the projects and all the finishing techniques, and more! And you will find a convenient tear-out pattern section in the back of each issue, with full-sized patterns.

Inspirations Magazine is truly the gift that keeps on giving. If you don’t have a subscription, perhaps it’s time to gift one to yourself? (Or drop hearty hints all over the house?) They offer both a print and digital version, too, so if you don’t have the space for the printed magazine (which makes a stunning coffee table magazine!), you could go with digital.

I like the print version best, because I relish the day it arrives! It’s my lunch break companion and my evening reading – I love going through the magazine from cover to cover! I also tote it with me when I go to appointments and such. I’ve struck up many a conversation on embroidery and needlework in waiting rooms, thanks to Inspirations!

Stitcher's Christmas 2019: Inspirations Magazine gift subscriptions

Besides the magazine, Inspirations Studios offers kits for the projects featured in the individual issues of the magazine and in their beautiful project books. They also offer downloadable digital patterns from previous issues of their magazines.

Did you know they publish insanely beautiful project books? For example, check out their two-book series, A Passion for Needlework – both books are fantastic.

Finally, they also host, every other year, a needlework convention in Australia called Beating Around the Bush. It draws instructors and stitchers from all over the world! You can read about next year’s Beating Around the Bush here – where you can also download the digital catalog for the event.

They’re a busy little business! Every year, they get better and better!

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended. Thanks to those who participated!

To enter today’s give-away, for three randomly-drawn winners to each receive a year’s subscription to Inspirations Magazine, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment on the comment form below. If you’re not sure how to get to the comment form, click on this link – it will take you straight there. Your comment must be left on the website on today’s article, not on any other article. Comments submitted via email are not eligible and I am not able to reply to them due to time constraints. Please do not comment as a reply to another comment. Replies are not counted.

2. Be sure that your comment has a name on it that is recognizable as yours. For example, if your name’s Belle, there could be more Belles out there, so you might put your last name or your last initial. Or you might put a recognizable-to-you nick name (i.e. Silver Belle). Or you might add a reference to where you live – for example, “Belle in Bethlehem, PA” or something like that.

The reason I particularly mention this one is that it reduces confusion when the winner is announced. It’s always hard to disappoint people if they mistake the name for their own!

3. Make certain your email address on the comment form is entered correctly, so that I can email you if you win. Leave the “website” line of the comment form empty. Please Do Not Put your personal contact information in the comment box itself. In other words, don’t sign your comment with your email address or your mailing address! That’s just an invitation for spam.

4. In your comment, answer the following question:

Under the back issues section on the Inspirations Studio website, you’ll find a nice, colorful listing of the back issues by cover. What cover catches your attention the most and why? Maybe it takes your breath away, maybe the colors make you happy, maybe there’s a project on it that you’d like to do? Think of this one as a bit of a treasure hunt! Browse, and then leave your answer in the comments below!

5. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central time (Kansas, USA) Monday, December 16th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and will be announced at the end of that day’s give-away.

So go forth and comment, and in 2020, you may be enjoying a wonderful magazine delivered right to your door every quarter.

The give-aways for A Stitcher’s Christmas are open to everyone, but please be aware that, if you are subject to customs or duty fees, they are your responsibility.

Silk Ribbon Kit Winner!

And now it’s time to announce the winner of last Friday’s give-away, a gorgeous, complete silk ribbon embroidery kit kindly offered by Di van Niekerk.

Silk Ribbon embroidery kit winner Stitcher's Christmas 2019

The randomly drawn winner is Susan Ritter! Congratulations, Susan – I will drop you an email!

More to Come

Don’t forget that you can still sign up for Monday’s give-away, which is a marvelous collection of needlework goodies from Needle in a Haystack. If you’ve been wanting to try out some Really Good Embroidery Linen, you’ll find two swaths of fabric in each collection – they’re both lovely to stitch on!

There are five more give-aways ahead! Books! Tools! Supplies! Threads! Oh my! Keep an eye out!

And why not share A Stitcher’s Christmas with your stitching friends? The more, the merrier!


(1,112) Comments

  1. Oh my, I’m not sure I could pick only one. I too love getting my Inspirations every few months, mostly because they are just so beautiful to browse. But if I had to pick one, I think I’d go with issue 95. I just LOVE the colors on that needlepainted bird.

  2. Oh wow! What beautiful magazine covers! Hard to pick just one! Issue #31 – Jonquils, because, well, I love jonquils! Issue 103 – Tulips; love the way the tulip colors pop out against the black. (Besides, I like flowers!)

  3. Inspirations #85 — I need to make that poppies clutch! Then I guess I’ll also need a little black dress and someplace fancy to go bring it out 🙂

  4. I was gifted Inspirations Magazine last year. That person is not gifting me this year, so I am asking for it from my husband. I love it. It is a joy when it arrives. It absolutely makes my day when I get it in the mail (I receive it at work, so I will admit that it is a temptation when I get the days mail.) I love issue number 31, mostly because I love daffodils.

  5. I’d pick issue #69 which includes 3 silk ribbon projects. One of my goals for next year is to try a more complicated silk ribbon project than I have done so far.

  6. I love # 69 because I’ve always wanted to attempt a project similar to the one on the cover. Playing with silk ribbon in such a way would be a joy!

  7. I look forward to every issue of Inspirations Magazine and I have purchased several of their kits. It is fantastic!

  8. thanks for the chance to win – Inspirations is my favorite magazine. I always love their covers but the exquisite bird on Issue 95 really took my breath away.

    1. I love the pattern for the blanket with the camels, Arabian Nights. How cute to make this for snuggling with my granddaughter while reading fairy tales. I definitely will order this magazine for myself.

  9. Issue 95 because I love doing needle painted birds! Was surprised to see this one was not Trish Burr

  10. It’s difficult to choose just one cover of a back issue, but I finally decided on #97 because I do like Elizabethan embroidery.

  11. When I look at Inspirations back issues, the thing that always catches my eye are the stump work projects. They are so beautiful.

  12. Issues 99 & 102 caught my attention right away – colors. Love color. However, I do have to say that any issue of Inspirations takes my breath away. What a phenomenal magazine!

  13. Issue 91 is the one that catches my eye. I do not have a subscription but I do receive the Inspirations weekly newsletters which is where I first saw the project on the cover of issue 91. I spend more time working with beads than needle and thread, and that little beaded bag was so inspiring to me that I bought the Japanese beadwork book from which it came.

  14. Inspirations Issue 81, Embroidery from the Garden. I love the blanket on the hammock! It looks so summery and wonderful! I love lazy afternoons in the hammock and this blanket would look wonderful on mine.

  15. I’ve had a subscription on an off over the years, just depends on my embroidery budget on a given year! I’d love to have a subscription again! I love the cover of issue 100 – it is clean and elegant – not too busy. Issue 100 is also a special issue so it reminds me of all the lovely articles inside 🙂

  16. The stitching is so wonderful. If what’s inside is only partly as beautiful as the cover, it’s an inspiring magazine. I doubt my ability is anywhere near good enough to complete these project but I am willing to test myself (and my needles).

  17. I’m just getting back to embroidery and have been very interested in this publication. Inspirations is aptly named.

  18. The Artful Needle issue calls to me. I think it is because it is a darker background with the embroidery so to me it makes the beautiful needle painted flowers really stand out! I haven’t worked with darker fabrics yet for my needle work but I love the way many pieces look with it and eventually I will get around to doing it myself!

  19. Issue 69 has English cottages made with thread painting and silk ribbon flowers. I’m hoping to learn to do ribbon flowers this coming year. Thank you, Linda S

  20. I like exquisite Inspirations Issue 82 – Taking Flight – for the miniature thread painted butterflies! Absolutely lovely.

  21. It’s very early in the listing, but I love Issue 102. I like the “folk” feeling of the design and the vibrant colors.

    Tessa Jordan

  22. I am attracted to issue 96. I have beaded and needlepointed strawberries, but no embroidered berries in my basket!!

  23. I’ve always loved the issue 39 of Inspirations. The Susan Connor piece on the front is so beautifully presented! These are the kind of issues that Inspirations is known for and kept me picking up issues here and there.

  24. Well, there is the corn, the strawberries, the birds, the beads and the stumpwork flowers. So hard to choose just one but since it has to be I would pick the box of strawberries. It looks like a fun project and I have always liked strawberries.

  25. So many covers have things on them that I would love to have a go at – but the one that caught my eye was Issue 90, with the stumpwork corn on the cob. It is just so incredibly lifelike that it makes you do a double-take! I doubt I’d ever do that particular project myself, but I’d love to see how it was done. That is probably the case for quite a few Insprations projects, I wouldn’t necessarily stitch them or even want to stitch them, but how interesting to read about them and study them!

  26. I have never had the opportunity to read this magazine and would thoroughly enjoy a subscription. If I were to pick an issue it would be #86 because I am just trying my hand at blackwork and find it addicting. I’m sure the instructions shown with this design are outstanding.

  27. I love Inspirations magazine. I’m in awe of peoples’ talent. It opened up my eyes to needle painting, which happens to be my favorite. I love the free patterns you get and all the guides on stitches, vendors. The team is so creative the way they take the pics too. Lots of time and thought goes behind that magazine.

  28. Magazine # 73 really speaks to me. I love the elegance of the project and the simplicity with which it is shown.

  29. Issue #76 – I love flowers and the extra sparkle the sequins and metal thread adds to the flowers 🙂

  30. It’s so hard to single out one issue but the bright-colored birds on the cover of Issue 102 appeal to me. The description says the issue focuses on the small creatures of the world which would interest me.

  31. Oh my! Issue 27 for those adorable bears. I’d like to marry quilting and embroidery, and that’s a perfect project for it.

  32. So hard to choose just one! But if I had to choose, it would be Inspirations Issue 82 – Taking Flight. Some of my favorites things — beautiful birds and butterflies, stumpwork and a project by my former teacher Nicola Jarvis!

  33. ISSUES 89. Whenever i see this cover i can feel the smell of the of the flowers and it takes me back to when i was a child, in my grandmas’ village during spring. Full of blooms everywhere.

  34. I’ve been admiring Inspiration Mag for awhile now! So many beautiful projects to look at and make! Would love to win this.

  35. Issue 53 is my favorite magazine cover. I liked the square with the flower garden scene. I like the colors of the flowers, the size of the project, the birdhouse on a post with flowers climbing up it. It is a sweet, simple project. It looks like something I could embroidery without fuss or a lot of time involved. It looks like something I could do and then give it away to a friend.

  36. I really loved the cover of issue 78. I thought that the little scissor covers were just darling and the tray is gorgeous. I would love to improve my embroidery skills to create cute but practical projects like that.

  37. Hi Mary….what a wonderful giveaway.
    From back issues, INSPIRATIONS ISSUE 98 caught my eye for a few reasons.
    The delicacy of the colours and stitching is beautiful. I also like the simplicity of the flowers.
    Have a wonderful holiday, Mary.

  38. Issue 95 took my breath away. I recently signed up for a drawing class to learn to draw birds so image my joy in seeing the lovely bird and the colored pencils.

  39. The 100th issue! I love the simplicity of that little bell and the sweet stumpwork berries and leaves. I adore stumpwork and I especially love the idea of it used “outside the box”. The covers of all the Inspiration magazines are beautiful and never are they MORE beautiful than when you are holding them in your hands! Thanks for all the gifting, Mary. You are generous beyond measure with your time, talents and kindness. Merry Christmas and God’s blessings! Connie :0)

  40. What a beautiful magazine! Issue 57 with the adorable little bear caught my eye. I know a little girl who would love that!

  41. I am blown away by the realistic replication obtained by stitching. Wish I was as talented as the person who made the cover of inspiration issue 95 Showcase!

  42. You make it so enticing! I’ve seen Inspirations magazine and they are beautifully put together! Thank you for what you do!

  43. The magazines are gorgeous! Almost impossible to pick from such beautiful works. The one that was “Aaaahhh!!!” Would have to be the boutis infant booties!
    I’d love to try that technique. Thanks for this opportunity!

  44. I’m liking the looks of Timeless Treasures #91. The use of beads in the embroidery has caught my eye.


  45. While there are always several gorgeous projects in each issue of Inspirations, I loved the Mistletoe on the cover of issue 100 – maybe because it’s the season. But I’m also drawn to those sweet strawberries on the cover of 96. So hard to choose only one!

  46. I found Issue 78 very inspiring. I’ve been wanting to make a scissor sheath and needle case and the small tray is a bonus! Thanks so much for all your Christmas give aways! Helps us who don’t have easy access to products find businesses and products online to order.

  47. Issue 69 is my favorit. The scene is so peaceful and the colors are so pleasing. All in all, it is a beautiful cover.

  48. That was an easy one for me since I love Christmas and stitch Christmas projects year-round. The issue that I like the best is Issue 104 Season’s Greetings.

  49. I love issue 99. The beautiful selection of color and design reminds me of folk art. Thank you for the chance of winning a subscription.

  50. So many lovely covers and only pick one? Issue 102 is my current favourite. I love wool appliqué and the bright colours and the cute birds. It’s also a project that I’m sure I can and will make.

  51. I love reading Inspirations and have a number of the issues. I really like the cover of Issue 99 because I like the rather modern interpretation of a Jacobean motif and its use on what might have been called a “sweets bag” at an earlier time. It’s on my list of embroidery to do – if I live long enough!

  52. I have only one copy of Inspirations, and it does not have other covers shown on the inside of the back cover. But I can tell you that the most striking and beautiful cover of any magazine I have ever seen is the one with Jane Nicholas’ Persian Tile on the front. I should have purchased that one but for some reason I didn’t. I surely drooled over it enough! I would love a subscription.

  53. Excuse me whilst I sort out this drooling! They are all so lovely to look back on but numbers 102, 94 and 83 draw my eye immediately because of the colour; I also like number 79 as I love counted thread work- those delicate colours are so pretty.

  54. I have seen few issues of this magazine and it truly is a fantastic magazine. I would love to win a subscription.

  55. Hi Mary, wanna give it a go because i really love the Inspirations Magazine, the issue that catched my eye was issue 99 with a lovely sweetbag on the cover.

    The story about sweetbags is always a bit of a mystery; was it used as a gift bag or did it hang under clothes with a nice smelling filling to masque the scent of not frequently washed clothes and body parts 🙂 However which story is true, they were very lovely and stitched with much attention.

  56. Love Inspirations magazine. like you, I cant wait for it to get here. I read it cover to cover, oftentimes several times. I did read about the Beating Around The Bush for 2020. I’ve given my hubby a deadline to win the lottery so I can attend!!!

    Mary in Texas

  57. The Inspiration Magazine cover that caught my eye was #103. I love making quilts, and I embroider most of the quilts I make, and hand quilt them. The cover pointed me in the right direction. Thanks for the Inspiration!

  58. The Sweet Pea’s on the cover of #84! Sweet Pea’s are my favorite flowers and I love that cover. Actually, I love everything about Inspirations magazine and have subscribed for years. I’ve even been to Adelaide and attended Beating Around the Bush. Now that was special.

  59. Issue 96 really caught my eye with the basket of strawberries. I am really into strawberries at the moment!

  60. I love the cover of issue 95. That beautiful bird on the cover takes my breath away – it’s the kind of embroidery I long to be able to do.

  61. That lovely piece on the cover of Issue # 91 is stunning! A pincushion? A tiny pillow? A work of art? A hutch treasure? Any thing beaded makes me swoon!

    Jude J in Brooklyn Park

  62. What a very special gift! The past covers are really Inspirations. I was grabbed by Issue
    55–how to make a perfect Monogram!

  63. I love the blanket on issue 39. I have the materials to make it I just haven’t got around to doing it. Trasferring patterns is not my favorite thing to do so I always put it off. But I love that blanket. I love beautiful blankets. I made the one on the cover of 81 for my daughter a couple of years ago for Christmas. It turned out beautiful and I was lucky enough to find quilted backing fabric that fit and matched perfectly at Hobby Lobby by accident. What a great surprise.

  64. The bright coloured birds on Issue 102 caught my eye….it would be fun to stitch.
    Thanks for giveaway and happy stitching.

  65. Showcase #95 – the lilac-breasted roller plus the bunny and the shaded blackwork rose – what’s not to love? Of course, sold out 🙁

  66. Hello! I am a subscriber, but who could resist a try at a free year? I have had the Issue 78 little bird “tray” in mind for years as a project. The bird is just so very endearing–and the tray useful as either a gift or a holder for tools during projects. Wandering through the pictures brings it to top of mind again. Thanks, Mary and Inspirations!

  67. This is a beautiful magazine as I remember. I haven’t seen it in a number of years now but would love a subscription.

  68. Omg! I have never seen this magazine. It looks wonderful!
    I would love to win a subscription!

    I looked at the back issues and what caught my eye are the colors AND the diversity of the projects featured. After years of crafting I would like to get back to my roots of embroidering and I was surprised to see so many projects. it looks like a beautiful magazine.
    Happy Holidays

  69. I have been a subscriber to Inspirations magazine for several years & love every issue. It’s such a treat whenever it arrives in the post! The back issue that catches my eye is issue 75 because I love stumpwork & the flowers on the cover are especially beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win an extension on my subscription!

  70. Issue 84 is the one for me. I absolutely adore the sweet peas. So lifelike you can almost smell them!

  71. Now you’ve made trouble! Not only do I crave this subscription I want all the back issues! Mostly the sold out ones BUT issue 103 because I really really want tod do needle painting, issue 98 for the Jacobean article, 97 for the cover piece that I REALLY NEED to make….I could go on and on! Thank you for this opportunity again! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Good luck!

  72. How can I pick just one cover as standing out? There are so many great ones. You keep giving us difficult choices to make.
    Since I have to choose, I’ll go with #90 with the ear of corn. I love dimensionality and realism, and the sheer cleverness of this particular design just makes it leap out at me.

  73. #47 – I just love that Victorian-style purse, with beads dangling from the bottom. (My cats would love it, too!)

  74. ‘Inspirations’ truly is a stunning publication, the sheer beauty of the projects, the articles on embroidery-related subjects are always informative and it is an absolutely must-have resource. Being a fan of all things Christmas, I couldn’t go past the last issue cover of that amazing candle beautifully executed in silk and metal threads. Amazing.
    Thank you for this opportunity to perhaps be a winner, and of course Christmas greetings to you and yours.

  75. Stitching Bliss #99is one of my favorites, the comor that pops out at you just draws your attention to the beauty of the piece.

  76. I was drawn to issue # 55. I love the white work on white. I have some issues that i bought at a local news stand when i lived in england in the early 1990’s, it really is the most beautiful magazine in print. Tanya heidi from greenville sc

  77. Hi Mary, The cover of Issue 89 takes my breath away because of the soft pink and being stumpwork. The flowers seem to float due to the superb photography. And on top of that are 3 more beautiful flower projects – flowers are my favorite embroidery subject. What a great question for today.

  78. I love the bird on Issue 95, but the one that stuck out the most was the blackwork strawberry from #86. The black and white larger pic is such a contrast to all the riotous color of all the others. I would LOVEEEE to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  79. Issue 96 cover of strawberries looks so real! You could almost take one and pop it in your mouth!

  80. I love the cover of Issue 73 “Celebrating Australian embroidery designers”. I like the combination of thread work and gold work. The bee and the snail placement help draw the eye around the entire work. Stunning! It is a work I’d like to do.

  81. It didn’t take but a second, although I did view all the lovely covers, to choose one as my favorite. Issue 103 has to be the one. I dearly love tulips. As a child my grandmother grew the most amazing tulips in her garden and I have always been drawn to them ever since.

  82. I really like the 98 th issue of this magazine I actually purchased this issue because of the lovely Monograms and flowers. issue 89 cought my eye because if the simplicity of the flowers and the color combinations.

  83. This was difficult as all the covers are so sumptuous but I chose issue 91. I chose this issue because the beaded purse is so lovely and something I would enjoy stitching.

    Sue Thomas.

  84. Choosing just one cover was very difficult, they are all so beautiful! I finally decided on cover #53 as I love the garden embroidery of flowers surrounding the delightful birdhouse on the post. Happy stitching!

  85. This magazine is truly inspiring! I would choose issue #74 , because the colors caught me and the “World of Stitches” promises learning of the stitching of different cultures.

  86. I have subscribed to Inspirations for a few years. It’s my treat to myself. I have done a few of the projects and found the instructions very thorough. Looking back, I am drawn to Issue 51 with the photo of the Elizabethan sweebag on the cover. The rich colours and swirls and the little bit of bling are so appealing. It’s on the wish list!

  87. Hello,

    Hands down, my favourite cover is issue #85, with Susan o’Connor’s amazing poppy evening bag. It’s truly sensational. She really captured the splendour of them, and the detail in incredible.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for poppies, but that seemed to intensify after I saw the phenomenal ceramic poppy display at the Tower of London in 2014.

  88. Issue 69 is my very favorite cover of all the ones displayed at the time I browsed. I very much enjoyed the english ribbon garden on the cover, as I truly would like to be able to do more ribbon work and have it look presentable. My efforts so far have not made me happy. I used to get Inspirations before I moved, but when we were getting ready, I had to get rid of my copies, so I stopped my subscription. I would love to start it up again. I love the magazine!!

  89. Hi Mary, as with all gorgeous things, it is difficult to choose but I am going to go for the beautiful butterfly on the cover of issue 72.

    Thanks for another great give-away.

  90. #99 stands out for me. ALthough they are all amazing. I love the colors used. There are so many different bold colors yet they all are harmonious and total eye candy. To achieve that is difficult yet the embroidery is exquisite, too. Just love it…

    Thank you for a wonderful year of useful blogs and thank you for your stitch videos. I can’t tell you how often I have watched them. Blessing for the new year and Merry Christmas!

  91. I love the cover #92 with the sugarplum ornament and the shades of Christmas wreath. I would love to win a year subscription of Inspirations Magazine . Thanks you Mary and Inspriations Magazine for this opportunity.

  92. I was immediately drawn to the cover of Issue 98, ‘So Pretty’ for its simplicity. While a I love all the gorgeous stitching I have seen on your web site, I still like the simple things. Thanks for all you do for us stitchers!

  93. I love Inspirations. The back issue (that I recently bought) has an embroidery picture by Helen M Stevens – Flowers of the Sea. I used to scuba dive but never had the opportunity to do it on a reef and always wanted to. I’ve had salt water aquariums with various corals. When I saw this project, I wanted to do it for the opportunities I never had. It’s issue 89.

    Merry Christmas

  94. Thank you for the giveaway! All the Inspirations covers are beautiful but issue 103 caught my attention because I’m very interested in needlepainting! And also, because I absolutely love flowers and they’re my favorite thing to embroider.

  95. My favorite Inspirations cover had a pair of slippers on it. It was an early issue and I have been a fan ever since.

  96. What cover catches your attention the most and why?

    Timeless Treasures Issue 91 – I would love to make the mini beaded pillow. The bright colored flowers really stand out from the black beaded background.

  97. Issue#71, featuring a quilt described “as a kaleidoscope of color” I love the kaleidoscope of color in itself but also because it’s balanced by the simplicity of white space with sparse stitching.

  98. I love the cover of issue number 65, which is, unfortunately, sold out. It says “Inspiring Gifts From the Heart,” and has lots of small projects on the cover. But what really took my eye was the doll–she’s just adorable!

  99. Back issue 99 caught my eye because of the colors. I am drawn to color. I have often wished I could subscribe to this wonderful magazine.

  100. I’ve been a subscriber to “Inspirations” for years now, and before that would buy
    issues at my local needlework shop. I would love any additions of the magazine I don’t currently have, especially the first one!

  101. EVERY issue of Inspirations is so stunning! #55 jumps out at me though, because I love whitework, and whitework inspiration is sometimes hard to find.

  102. As a new embroiderer it amazes me to see all
    the gorgeous work that others do in the many different types of needle art. I just love to browse! The Inspirations issue cover that really speaks to me is #90. It is a 3 dimensional piece of corn on the cob! This completely ‘blows my mind’ because it looks
    so real. I would probably be halfway through
    eating it and wonder why it was a little dry!
    Lol. So many gifted people.

  103. It was very difficult to choose just one cover, they are all so beautiful! I decided on cover #53 as I adore embroidery garden designs. The flowers surrounding the delightful birdhouse on a post is delightful. Happy stitching!

  104. Beautiful issues! Inspirations 74 had designs that I could apply to my international folk dancing outfits.

  105. 101, Picture Perfect, speaks loudly to me! I love blue and white and the simplicity of the pattern is wonderful. But I also love 88, Celebrate. It is so vibrant and joyful!

  106. Issue 102 is my favorite. I am just beginning to dabble in Sue Spargo’s designs and colors. I was so enchanted by those little birds that I had to order the issue!

  107. My favorite of the past covers is Inspirations #96 Festive Fun! I’m a sucker for strawberries! Real strawberries as well as needlework strawberries! I love these wee gems, all done up in bright red. And, wouldn’t it be fun to have a whole basket of these, filled with emery, on your sewing table to keep yor needles and pins sharp! and ready to stitch!

  108. My favorite cover from Inspirations (and this was HARD because I literally drool over so many) is #77. I love the project on the front with the bee – the gold/yellow colors just sing!
    I began a digital subscription to Inspirations this past year, but would someday LOVE to get a print subscription!

  109. I kove the blue cross stitched pincushion. I just recently saw that shape and have been thinking of making one.

  110. Inspirations is truly a beautiful magazine, and after viewing all their lovely past issue covers, I kept returning to Issue 69. I found the thatched cottage on the cover totally charming and very peaceful.
    Thank you, Mary, and thanks to Inspirations Studios for this extremely generous give-away.

  111. I love Inspirations magazine!!! The cover of Issue 103 appeals to me, because I think pinks and black are such a striking color combination.

  112. The “Inspirations” cover I was drawn to the most was the New Horizons issue, #97. I would love to do the project Cherry Delight. I just love it!

  113. The Inspirations cover that captures my attention first is “Inspirations” Issue 103, The Artful Needle. The project stands out because the simple background isn’t cluttered. I like the project – it looks elegant and do-able. I like a lot of the projects shown on other covers, but it’s more work to pick them out of the backgrounds.

  114. My favorite issue(s) would have have to be Issue 84 because I am amazed at the beautiful work created by thread painting and can’t wait to start and Issue 84–that corn on cob looks so life like!

  115. The vibrantly colored design on the cover of Issue 99, Stitching Bliss, caught my eye. As I paused to view The colors and the beautiful detail in the stitching I noticed the little box in the upper left corner. I love making padded boxes, but have yet to make a box with a drawer. I may need to order this back issue!

  116. My favorite issue(s) would have have to be Issue 84 because I am amazed at the beautiful work created by thread painting and can’t wait to start and Issue 90–that corn on cob looks so life like!

  117. I LOVE this publication! I have purchased several of their digital patterns and found them accurate and easy to follow. I like issue #92 cover. It drew me in to review the articles only to find designs by Trish Burr and Carolyn Pearce (favorite designers. )

  118. Inspirations magazine back issue 69 for sure! it merges my 2 absolute favorite things…cottages and ribbon embroidery. You can just imagine stepping right the scene!! Just love it. Have wanted a print subscription (as electronic version isn’t the same) for years, but it really is pricey with mailing costs to the US. Therefore, I order a back issue, I just can’t live without, now and then. They are truly collector’s items to me.
    Merry Christmas Mary…and thanks for the annual giveaways!!!

  119. Wow! They’re all gorgeous. I love the goldwork candle with the 3-dimensional pieces on Issue 104, the textural strawberries on Issue 96, the lovely berry design on Issue 51….I think I need to start my own subscription! 🙂

  120. Inspirations #49 cover jumps out for me, but I have to admit its not necessarily because of the projects featured on it or the colours or design and photography. It caught my eye at a dollmaking class I attended. At lunch my friend Pat, a beautiful embroiderer,was reading it. I asked about the magazine and she told me she found great inspiration from the beautiful designs it always featured. Whats more, that edition featured a gorgeous goldwork piece I admired. I wasn’t an embroiderer and was in awe of the skill it demonstrated. I was stunned when Pat told me I could achieve that standard with the RSN and that she was being tutored on her RSN course by the creator of that piece, Tracy A Franklin. What’s more, Tracy’s studio was only 17 miles from my home so even with work and young children I could make it to classes there.With Pat’s encouragement I took the plunge and paid Tracy a visit. Many years later and with my RSN Advanced Diploma under my belt,I still attend Tracy’s workshop every fortnight for my “therapy session” . All because of Issue #49 ( and Pat’s encouragement!) I was introduced to the wonderful, creative world of hand embroidery and my fantastic tutor Tracy. Jill Mc

  121. I love issue #74 because of the design and that it is a biscornu which I have always wanted to do but never have.

  122. Picking one magazine cover is difficult – they are all beautiful. I have most issues (have been a subscriber for many years!), but one of my favorite covers is number 85 with the poppy handbag. It is bright and bold and one of these days I would love to embroider it.

  123. I don’t think there is an issue of Inspirations that doesn’t tempt me, but #83 is so lovely.

  124. I narrowed it down to two: the sweet bag on issue 51, because I’ve been doing and studying 17th-century embroidery lately; or the teddy bear on issue 61, because that one was a lot of fun to stitch (at baseball practices!) and inspired some work of my own.

  125. I am really drawn to issue #84 with it’s flower seed packets and beautiful bright colours, bringing together my two favourite things: stitching and gardening.

  126. Issue 95 catches my eye. The little bird looks so real that you can’t wait for him to take flight. The choice was very difficult. Every cover is truly an “Inspiration”.

  127. Issue # 94 gets me so excited! An appliqué project with contemporary flair and straight forward design. Issue 102 is a close contender, as a colorful, contemporary design attracts the younger generation to the art of needlework.

  128. I love issue 7p! There is a piece inside called masterpiece. Its a beautifully designed crewel work footstool. So lovely!

  129. Love the Inspirations cover 84 and I am on the mailing list for the weekly newsletter. As yet have not signed up for a subscription. I like to do needlework on flowers and the Snap Dragons stood out. T. Burr is one of my favoirte designers. Enjoy her work with the shading and choice of colors in addition to subject matter. Most important the little picture of a Ladybug (Ladybird). I use a ladybug to sign my work. I have a stained glass figure that has been with me for years and showing it’s age. Whenever I see a Ladybug I will take her on my finger and tell her to Fly Away. Good memories.

  130. Many of the the Inspirations Magazine covers take my breath away! Thank you for the link. Because of the colorful folk art, I especially investigated issue 99 with the Sweete Bag. That was the hook then I found inside Dorset buttons, and a whitework project. Even though the color on the cover caught my eye, I really do like whitework. I would like to make the “small” projects: boxes, bags, buttons, gifts.

  131. Soooo many beautiful covers! I chose Issue 72 because it has my favorite butterfly (the Blue Morpho) featured on it. That blue is my favorite color (same color as my car, actually!).

  132. Hi, Mary.
    Thank you for setting up this giveaway of an Inspirations magazine subscription. The past cover that instantly caught my attention is #91. It shows what looks to me like a Japanese beadwork pouch. I’ve been adding beads to embroidery projects and would love to try something that is completely beaded. The colors and patterns are mesmerizing.
    Beth F in Woodland

  133. What cover catches my attention the most? I love the Inspirations Issue 54 – Sheer Perfection! The colors of the pattern (Immortelle ) on the cover really catch my eye. The flowers are beautiful and elegant, I would try making this myself.

  134. I think Inspirations 102 is the one for me. I like to to use fabric shapes with embroidery. Honestly, this allows for less meticulous stitching as I get older and less skilled. The results of the combination are generally pleasing.

  135. My eyes were immediately drawn to Issue #82 Taking Flight. Love stumpwork and violets are my favorite flower. Stumpwork challenges me (frustrates me!!) but I thought the violets would inspire me to give it another go. So pretty! Thank you for the opportunity to win a subscription to this wonderful publication!!

  136. ALL of the covers are gorgeous and rich. #80 catches my eye because of the pansies. My mother used to plant pansies just outside the back door. Even now, both of my sisters, along with me, happily associate pansies with Mom.

  137. I love the bell on the front of the 100th issue of Inspirations. I love all things Christmas and I have a small Christmas bell collection! Thank you!

  138. Hi Mary, what a lovely give away. My attention was caught by numbers 95 and 88 and for the same reason – needle painted wildlife. I am in awe if the skill levels and so have been looking at the kits with a view to see improving my shading and learning how to do feathers. Thank you for the chance to win and Merry Christmas/Nadolig Llawen (Welsh).

  139. Inspirations is just that, inspiring. I have purchased several editions based on cover or topics listed and would love to have a subscription. Their projects are very elegant and instructions and information are clear and concise for all levels.

  140. Inspirations, Issue 102 – Living Colour. I just love the quirky little birds and the colour combinations on the cushion. My fingers are itching to start creating those birdies.

  141. Wow so many beautiful covers. My favorite is fairly recent #102. I love the colorful folk art Sue Spargo birds. This looks like something I would be capable of making, and would enjoy making with its cheerful colors and stitch embellishments.

  142. I love the little clutch on the cover of issue #44. I love crewel work and I really like working on black background fabric. It really makes the colors pop.

  143. I like beck issue # 99. I love Elizabethan embroidery with its bright colours and needle lace work.

  144. Issue 88…. two of my favorite things… Christmas and birds. New to embroidery but just love the cover design… would love to give it a stitch!

  145. Issue 99! I love the sweet bag and have always wanted to stitch one. When ever I go to Inspirations website and look at the past issues this one always catches my eye. I have a kit at my house but need to finish up some current projects before I can start another one. Oh so much to do, so little time, sigh!

  146. I would love to win a subscription to Inspirations Magazine! The issue that immediately catches my eye is Issue 88. I’ve seen this cover before and being able to stitch like you or Trish Burr is my goal! I am always drawn to birds because of the love my grandmother and father have of them.

  147. The Inspirations cover that appeals most to me is Issue #102, Living Colour. I love the bright colors, the simple motifs, and the primitive style. I am a huge fan of Sue Spargo’s work.

  148. Oh my gosh, I love Inspirations magazine! Looking at all of the gorgeous back issues, I tend to be drawn to the holiday issues because it’s my favorite time of year, but really my favorite issue is No. 50, their Anniversary Issue! That beautiful damask cushion on the cover, all those roses, just makes my heart sing.

  149. This is such a beautiful and amazing magazine! All the covers are beautiful but issue 69 probably catches my eye just because I want to be right there in that picture!

  150. Thank you Mary and Inspirations for the chance to win a subscription.

    My favourite covers are for issues 74 and 44. I think it has to do with the colour. It’s funny since I’m not a yellow/orange fan but my late father always said that adding yellow or orange to a garden would bring it to life. I guess that these covers both illustrate that point clearly.

  151. All of the issues looked inspirational-but for me, maybe what is a weekend project for the authors is doable for me! So Issue 53 Beautiful Project Ideas.

  152. I love Inspirations magazine, I’ve had a subscription to it before and would like to again. I love Inspirations cover 95 because I love to do embroidery, threadpainting and especially birds.

  153. Oh my, this was a tough choice, but since I can’t pick multiplies ( and I dearly want too) – I must go with Issue #99. The colors made my heart pitter-patter in a cuckoo clock way. I love pieces of stitch art that seem calm on the edge of joyful wildness and issue #99 cover does that, and more.

    Cathie M.

  154. Inspirations 102. I love the colourful folk art style birds. Bright colours to make me smile, fairly simple to do as I’m a new free machining person, and a wide range of uses for cards, bags, brooches, book covers etc etc

  155. I have always wanted to learn Swedish embroidery so the issue 101
    Captured my imagination and I love blue and white projects
    Thank you for this opportunity
    Carole K from Ottawa Canada

  156. I am very impressed by the cover of #89. The flowers are so lovely and well done. I love this magazine and have used many patterns from it over the years as well as getting inspiration for my own creations. This is a wonderful gift for whoever wins.

  157. So many beautiful covers to choose from! Today, I’m choosing Issue #99. The striking colors and patterns of the stitching against the natural fabric of the bag first caught my eye. The coloring at the top intrigued me as well, and the cording around the bag and corner tassels really make it unique. The title, “Stitching Bliss” also got my attention, because bliss is what I’m striving for when I stitch, kind of like a “runner’s high.” I love receiving my digital Inspirations newsletter via email. I’ve actually never seen the paper magazine itself, so it would be fantastic to win a subscription! Thank you for the opportunity!

  158. The Inspirations issue #91 caught my eye. I have fond memories of my grandmothers beaded works and this picture struck a cord. I would love to see this magazine!

  159. Issue 74 – A World of Stitches. I am really into biscornus and that is an especially pretty one. And who wouldn’t be interested in a World of Stitches!?!

  160. I love the teddy bear on issue #61’s cover. This would be an ideal project for me to take my embroidery more into surface embroidery. And the bear is lovely, no need for a frame but could sit on my spare bed.

  161. Issue 88 immediately draws my attention!
    Apart from it being the festive season, I have been trying to get hold of a back issue for some time, as there are quite a few patterns within which I would love to stitch. I embroidered the robin on the cover last year, and he is sitting looking at me from the mantelpiece now!

  162. I love the picture of the bird on Issue #95. I have seen what others have done with different birds and I find the colors on this one to be gorgeous. I would love to try this someday.

  163. Inspirations magazine is so wonderful. They used to carry it at my LNS and I would buy the issues there. REcently I found them again and have been enjoying them. My favorite cover is probably #80 with the pansy purse. Really they are all wonderful. Kim R. from Rochester, NY

  164. Every cover is a masterpiece but for me, No. 87, Natural Beauty, would be the favorite. It has one of my favorite flowers and the colors in the cover are soft and beautiful. Does make me want to try this technique! I’ve loved Inspirations since the beginning but having a subscription would be amazing! I am unable to stitch as I used to due to an eye disease, but I can still appreciate all the wonderful works of art displayed in the magazine. What a wonderful opportunity!

  165. It has to be issue 100 as that’s the issue where I got my daughter to become interested and now a participant in the creative world of embroidery. We’re doing a joint Jacobean project together now and I’m thrilled to have another generation discover the beauty of needle and thread.

  166. I have always loved and wanted to collect copies of Inspirations magazine so would love a subscription!!! The covers and content are always so beautifully displayed and they offer so much variety of creativity. It is hard to select just one cover but I will select the cover of issue number 65 as I am a huge fan of Betsy Morgan designs and really want to stitch this piece!

  167. Cover 07 with the baby on front in bonnet. I just re packed my children’s christening dress and bonnet in archival tissue paper. The dress was made by my late Aunt Catherine and Cousin Loretta as a shower gift 41 years ago. It hangs down from the baby wearing it over two feet. It is so fine and delicate it is hard to realize that it was made by hand. It is crocheted with fine thread, not yarn and has a material underskirt. When my son was baptised it fit my then 3 year old and hit the ground. It is made for a baby though and I received so many compliments on it when my 3children wore it.

  168. Maybe because it is nearly Christmas time, but issue #88 captured my heart! I love birds, and I am drawn to green, so the Europen robin amongst the holly is simply stunning! I love the pops of red in the holly berries, too:)

  169. I love to do applique and embellish it; so issue #94 was one of my favorites. It was really a hard choice. So many beautiful projects to do.

  170. Under the back issues section on the Inspirations Studio website, you’ll find a nice, colorful listing of the back issues by cover. What cover catches your attention the most and why?

    Issue 72 with teh brilliant butterfly! I love and collect items with butterfly’s and have started the tradition of collecting caterpillars with my children in the summer and letting them grow into butterflies and then releasing them, we love it!

  171. Just based on the cover, I’m interested in issue 90 because it’s 3D corn and we GROW corn. I think it would be fun to browse the directions and perhaps try!

  172. Issue 97 New Horizons, it’s such a pretty little piece of goldwork that seems both doable and fine quality of work!

  173. Issue 77 is my favourite because it has a bee! I love bees and want to do a whole series of embroidered bees…

  174. It was very difficult to choose only one but my most favorite is “Stitching Together” Issue 84. I love the flowers on the front (the colors just jumped out at me as pink and purple are my favorite colors) and I want very much to learn thread painting. Thanks for the chance to win a subscription of a beautiful magazine!

  175. Oh my what a wonder magazine!!!! How to pick one? Issue 61 titles Just Gorgeous. Love the thimble pod on cover!

  176. Inspirations is a wonderful publication. I love cover edition#96, Christmas ornaments! the prospect leaves me Gobsmacked. I have a digital subscription beginning #100, but would just love to have the hard copy on hand.

  177. Issue 99 so wowed me that I bought a copy of this back issue for the delightful bag on the cover.
    Helen of Long Row UK

  178. I like the cover of issue #65 the best as it features one of my favourite designers, Betsy Morgan and is also one of the projects that I have completed of hers.

  179. My pick would have to be Issue 79 because I want to delve in to cut work. It can be so delicate and beautiful. It was hard to choose, though, because all their covers are very appealing and because I have a lot I’d like to learn! Thank you for yet another fantastic give-away!

  180. I enjoy so many of the covers that it is hard to pick just one. Everything is finished differently, and I have run out of room on my walls to hang framed items. Anything that is finished without a frame gets my attention immediately. The cover of Issue 96 — the strawberries — is such a simple, uncluttered cover. The strawberries look good enough to eat, or at least good enough to stitch.

  181. Hi! I love the cover of Issue #98…the simple style of the pillow fits my cottage/shabby loving look and my favorite color….hello PINK!

  182. Thank you Mary and Inspirations for this give away. One of my favorite covers is #74. I love the colors of the design and it is one that looks like I could actually make it at my current skill level. The topic of Russian pearl embroidery which is one of the articles fascinated me. It is very difficult to just choose one.

  183. I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host of golden daffodils;
    William Wordsworth

    I pick issue number 31 because the daffodils remind me of my late father, who was both a Wordsworth scholar and an enthusiastic gardener. He loved daffodils as one of the first signs of spring. They always cheered him up after a long grey winter. So he grew lots of them.

  184. Inspirations magazine is truly stunning. I get the digital version but would love to have the paper version. There’s something about having a magazine in hand and being able to look at it whenever I choose to. Thank you for the opportunity to win a subscription.
    Carol bu

  185. Oh, oh, oh! I would love to get a subscription to Inspirations! I recently purchased issue #96 (my first issue), and was blown away! I love the cover of issue #102 because I would love to try a Sue Spargo project. Thank you for the chance at the wonderful giveaways!

  186. I love Inspirations magazine. So many types of needlework to tempt me. I was drawn to the cover for issue 78. It has the sweetest little bird on the cover and some embroidered stitching accessories. I like to make accessories that have some personality and not just some generic store bought item. It would be great to win a subscription to the magazine. Thank you for your willingness to share your talents with the rest of us. I love to see your email in my inbox. It’s a treat to see what you are working on every time.

  187. Inspirations issue #77 is my choice! The beautiful yellow flowers and the enchanting bumblebee really spark my creative interest!

  188. One of each please. Actually, I like #100 probably because it’s Christmas time and it’s a bell and they go together.

  189. This is a toughie, but I think Issue 84 (‘Stitching Together’) is delightful. I love flowers and I love gardening, and this cover has lots of seed packages and Sweet Peas to stitch. These are one of my favourite flowers. Plus it’s winter here in Canada but I have already received a seed catalogue for next spring. Merry Christmas, then on to planning a spring garden!

  190. Issue 102..my favorite..loved the whimsical crewel birds. All issues are very inspirational.
    Also love Needle n Thread

    Donna in Texas

  191. I think issue 81 is one of my favorites. The front cover just makes me think of a beautiful Spring day!!!!

  192. There was a time in my life that I only embroidered counted thread projects. Many of those were giant-sized…I’m talking about “door-size” projects. From that I went to smaller things because of space issues. I still wanted to create with my needle and thread. But not giant sized any longer.

    So…..then I discovered biscornu. I made many, many of them….giving them as gifts to other stitchers. The covers that caught my eye then were #s 74 and #101. And as Mary Corbet says….each issue is truly an Inspiration!

  193. The cover of Inspirations #65 has a quaker inspired cross stitched bevy of stitching smalls! Just stitching them and feeling the pride of finishing them into something I could use would make me happy.

  194. I didn’t need to browse the back issues as I’ve been coveting issue 99 which I looked for everywhere but couldn’t find. I usually buy single issues at the newsstand but should have subscribed….
    Issue 99 has a project called poppies and wheat field that caught my attention and hasn’t let go. Poppies in all colours are one of my favourite flowers. The red flowers combined with the gold and gold-green wheat stalks has me itching to stitch this project. I need to order this back issue!

  195. Definitely issue 94! I saw this cover last year, though couldn’t get the magazine so had to improvise on my own–by purchasing 3 Sue Spargo books to learn all her techniques! Would love to have this magazine, so inspiring!

  196. The Inspirations cover that really speaks to me Issue 95 with it’s beautiful embroidered bird. The bird looks like it could just lift off the page at any moment. I would love to try needle painting, but have always been a little intimidated by it. With the great instructions that Inspirations Magazine provides, I’m feel sure I could make a good effort. A subscription to this magazine would be a precious gift.

  197. I love Issue Number 98 – the simplicity of the design of the flower pillow inspires me and could be easily modified to fit different color schemes.

  198. Hi; Inspirational Inspiration magazine- what a treasure trove for stitchers. The issue that caught my eye is #82 Taking Flight. I live the large photo of a stump work piece but it is the wee photo of a surface embroidery of a bird that really caught my eye as it has it Inspiration from William Morris a magnificent designer of all things flora and fauna. A subscription would be wonderful to receive as the magazine is never available in our book store- only by special order maybe!
    Judith from Canada

  199. It was when I saw Issue 95 showing the little blue bird with the delicate feathers, that I began my love of the Inspirations magazine. Tragically, I was too late to get a copy of this issue, but have had many other wonderful issues since. After looking at the back issues using your link, I would love to make the little embroidered teddy on issue 61. After 8 years of trying for a family, my daughter & her husband are on the adoption list to adopt two siblings. Children in the UK are removed from birth parents for their own protection. This means they have suffered major abuse, consequently are traumatised by the time they are placed in a safe home. I think it would be wonderful for a little one to have such a beautiful teddy as the one shown in issue 61 and I will sew every stitch with love, into them, for my new grandchildren whenever they arrive.

  200. I love this magazine. #78 has a beautiful stitcher’s set that I would love to do. Never have done that type of needlework, but think I am going to try my hand at a couple of new things in 2020. Thank you!

  201. Issue 102 and 94 – anything with Sue Spargo. I just love her whimsical, colorful designs. I could make every one of them. Her shop is about a half hour from me, but sadly I just don’t make it there very often. But I also love any cover with Trish Burr. Her needle painting is absolutely fabulous.

  202. I was lucky enough to get some very, very back issues of Inspiration magazines from a friend. I have saved them and read and re-read them constantly. It is truly a wonderful magazine. I only wish I could afford a subscription. It is very clear on how to finish the project as well as how to do the stitches. Thank you for all you do Mary and may this new year be your healthiest one yet.

  203. wow! what an exciting publication! I can’t wait to look at this source in more detail! Thank you so much!

  204. More than one cover of Inspirations magazine caught my eye. When I saw #101, Picture perfect, I realized I had that project and didn’t finish it. So now I want to get it out and go to work.

  205. Inspirations Issue 94 – Taking Time Out caught my attention. I love the sewing roll featured on the cover with its bright, happy colors and variety of embellishments and stitches. This is something I would enjoy making and using. This issue also has an article about ribbon roses, and I would love to learn to do ribbon embroidery! It’s so beautiful! In the midst of a Wyoming snow storm, when I have time to do all those gorgeous projects, Inspirations magazine would bring images of summer!

  206. Issue 88 – A simple design always pleases me more than a busy one, and this sweet Christmas wren does just that. Look at that round tummy! He’s adorable.
    The red and the green of the holly are the way I like Christmas, simple.

    Mommy Dee

  207. Winning a subscription to Inspirations would be a dream. Thank you for the giveaway, Mary.

    It was so hard to choose from the back issues but I chose Inspirations Issue 104. I love stitching for the holidays and I have been wanting to try goldwork for a long time. The candle is beautiful and would make a lovely decoration.

  208. Issue 99 really grabs my attention. It’s a very colorful sweet bag. What I love about it is the vibrant colors and the flowers and birds, which are two of my favorite things. It would be fun to stitch.

  209. I occasionally buy Inspiration magazine but it is not readily available in my area. I would love to have a subscription to the magazine so that I could be inspired more often. Karen T from Ontario.

  210. The three-dimensional ear of corn from Issue 90 caught my eye. The vibrant, realistic look is especially welcome at this time of year in the Midwest when the garden outside has gone dormant and frozen over. I would love to make one to brighten up my kitchen with this little touch of fresh nature!

  211. Issue 61
    .. my dad collects teddy bears and this cover reminds me of the teddy bear he bought for me .. 61 years ago, when I was born.

    Soft pretty colors with soft reminiscent memories ..

  212. The Inspirations 28 magazine caught my eye because the project for gold work looked lovely and was nicely presented! Wish I had one!

  213. Inspirations issue 77 is the most appealing to me: I would love to do something in stumpwork. Plus, I love bees, AND I go by CApoppy on all of my social media accounts, because I am from California and California poppies are the best flower.

  214. All of the Inspirations magazines are drool worthy! But, the one that catches my eye is issue 103, with the needle painting flower box. I have just begun to experiment with needle painting and this project is beautiful. In addition, I just adore flowers.

  215. Stitching Bliss Issue 99, Made me smile with it’s 17 century design and the glorious bright colours. It’s lovely.

  216. I like the cover with the Swedish blue and white biscornu. I enjoy stitching smalls that can be finished by hand, especially those that become useful needlework tools.

    Patti in Cincinnati

  217. Oooh–I’m quite taken by the stumpwork mistletoe on the first page of back issues, but the little color-and-goldwork posy on the cover of #76 , Love, Enjoy, Stitch just calls to me. It’s so delicate, and the design is so nicely balanced.

  218. I LOVE this magazine. I’ve had an e- subscription because I can’t afford the hard copy version.

    I was attracted to #99 because it’s colorful and a “swete” bag. I’ve been fascinated with sweet bags since being with several renaissance groups years ago. In fact I bought Inspiration’s book of nothing but embroidered bags.

    I have one of their projects started from issue 95 called Strawberry Fayre. It’s a gorgeous embroidery organizer. I hope I have the skill to do it justice.

    Julie Tamura

  219. I love Inspirations and had a subscription with them until recently when I had to take some hard economies… would love to have it again!
    My favourite cover (at present – they change) is #74. It has a bright and cheery biscornu on the cover, and I am trying to figure out how to make these without having them end up looking like crumpled masses of cloth. Inspirations is well-named – I always find myself wanted to stretch and try these things…
    Thanks – and happy Christmas, Mary!

  220. Inspirations Issue 102 – Living Colour is my pick as the motifs and colours make me smile. It makes me want to start right now with creating those adorable birds in felt or perhaps fabric and practicing my stitches. The background to this work, which is done boro style is something I’ve always wanted to try. Such an exciting and colourful project to try and learn from.

  221. Inspiration magazine 102 cover page. Beautifully colored whimsical birds. I love to do appliqué in bright, happy colors.

  222. #29 reminds me of England and the flowers that bloom in front of cottages. I can see doing embroidery with lots of frencg knots to create flower beds. It makes me think Spring while experiencing 18 degree weather.

  223. Wow, all are beautiful. Especially like the little bird on issue 88 and that ear of corn on 90 looks good enough to eat.

  224. Have left embroidery behind lately, but these covers sure are inspiring. Wow, all are beautiful. Especially like the little bird on issue 88 and that ear of corn on 90 looks good enough to eat.

  225. Oh what treasures! All the issues had something beautiful but the one that caught my eye was #75. To me that was nature captured in thread and the realism of that piece was astounding!
    A subscription to Inspirations would be the best Christmas present ever!!!! Good luck to all!!

  226. Hi, Mary,

    My favorite is issue 78 because I like the bird and floral motifs.

    Thanks for running the giveaway.


  227. It’s impossible to choose just one cover!! Each one is absolutely gorgeous. I love stump work — the realism of it, but it isn’t something I enjoy doing. Each issue has its own charm and promise of hours of enjoyable stitching. I’m always so impressed with the designers’ creativity.

  228. #86 I had completely forgotten I have that issue. The shaded blackwork has to be my next project. I love it.

  229. This magazine is amazing. I do not receive it but read the weekly newsletters. It would be great to receive and enjoy the beautiful needlework. Issue #51 just impressed me with the beautiful and delicate embroidered sweet bag. Happy Holidays!!!

  230. The cover that says “Stitching Bliss” caught my eye because of the beautiful bright colors on the cover project.

  231. Issue number 95 features a beautiful bird on the cover – sadly it’s sold out, but it led me to look for more featured birds.

  232. Thank you Mary for another great give-a-way. I took a fancy to issue 62 and the beautiful Jacobean style bag embroidery on the front cover. I love the Jacobean design and this one is a little different than the traditional designs you see, but similar enough that you know the design style right away.

  233. I just love the Inspirations Issue 78 – Embroider & Keep Calm…this is what Embroidery brings to my life – peace, a sense of calm, quietness, serenity. The projects in this issue spoke loudly to me and certainly portrays those qualities. Thank you for sharing this with us. Beautiful magazine!

  234. On the very first page of magazines 2 magazines jumped out at me – Issues #88 and #95. I love birds and both issues have a beautiful bird featured. In fact, I splurged a while back and bought #95 !!
    It is so wonderful that all of these companies are being so generous with their gifts.

  235. #95 The bird is breathtaking. It is so difficult to make any bird or animal look real when working with embroidery. This one has wonderful colors and is so striking that it comes right off the project material. I would love to work on a project with this type of style.

  236. It’s truly impossible to choose my absolute favorite Inspirations cover because they’re all so gorgeous but it would definitely be within the last 20 issues, which I personally have most of. Issues 89 and 95 always draw my attention, because I love the beautiful bird on 95 and the stumpwork on 89 makes me happy just looking at it. Iissue 101 is the one that I’ve actually made and am extremely happy with the results so it always draws my attention. Since we’re supposed to pick our favorite I guess I would have to choose issue 101, for purely selfish reasons. Even when I’m not crazy about the cover I always find beautiful things inside the magazine to drool over!

  237. Issue 90. I am intrigued by the CORN ON THE COB and BEE on the cover. The title under it JUST IMAGINE make my imagination soar. There are so many wonderful things we can can embroider. There’s no limit to our imagination as an artist. The corn on the cob makes my mouth water. I can just taste and as a matter of fact, I just cooked some sugar sweet corn on the cob yesterday!

  238. First of all I’ve noticed issue 76 with goldwork. It’s amazing!
    Then issue 31 with ArtNouveau-style daffodils because of the colours and issue 51 with Elizabethan strawberries.

  239. Issue 74 – I really like the bright little biscornu, and the other projects in there are lovely as well.

  240. I love issue #78 with the sweet bird tray, scissors case and needle book. They’re lovely. I adore this magazine and have never subscribed, but I’d love to win! Thank you, Mary!

  241. Difficult choice, so much loveliness! I considered issue 70 as I love the modern look of the crewel work, issue 76 as goldwork with pastel colours is just beautiful, and issue 83 for the gorgeous colourful mandala, but the winner is issue 102 as I love the modern, colourful look!

    (it only took me back as far as issue 07 – then it was smocking magazines)

  242. I am drawn to sets, especially the one in Inspirations Issue 78 – Embroider & Keep Calm. It is simple (in that it is not a busy design), the colors are lovely, and it brings a smile to my face…plus it has a bee…I really love things with bees.

  243. Over the years I have purchased an occasional issue based on the cover and also the projects. In looking over the back issues 2 caught my eye–#51 and #65. I am attracted to sweet bags and the one on the cover of issue 51 is a beautiful design and set of colors. I am also a sucker for sets of smalls and when I saw issue 65 I thought, “Betsy Morgan” and sure enough it was her design as well as another one inside. Sadly, both issues are sold out. My first choice would be #65. JoyceAnne

  244. It’s the Inspirations cover number 48 that woos me. I have done a few pieces of boutis and think it is such fun with amazing results. Thank you for the stitcher’s giveaways.

  245. Inspirations magazine number 82 caught my eye as I adore violets and love to do stumpwork. I made some stumpwork violets for my City & Guilds part one embroidery as a sample piece. It has inspired me to make more!

  246. I like Inspiration issue #102. I love the blue pillow with colorful birds on the front. Plus, it looks like something I could accomplish versus a project I would start and never finish:+)

  247. Issue 48 really appeals to me, not only for the cover project, a technique I have long wanted to attempt but also because it contains a christening gown and I have a great weakness for those! Thanks for this opportunity Mary and for the link to those back issues, I can see a couple of purchases coming on….

  248. Really? Only one??? There is so much eye-candy there that I am sure I will have to go to my work bench and work it off. The sold-out issues with the birds are inspirational. I have not seen this magazine before and if asked it will be the top of my wish-list for Christmas. Issue #61 captures my imagination on making an embroidered teddy bear. Amazing!

  249. I love the cover on Inspirations Issue #102 because of the whimsical birds and the wonderful color combination of blue and orange!

  250. Would love to receive a gift subscription to Inspirations magazine! But I love getting my emails from needlenthread in any event. The projects are literally eye-candy for me.

  251. I always look forward to the Friday Inspirational newsletter. The cover I find most striking from the back issues is #102. The colourful birds call out my name. I think of the wonderful variety of stitches which could be used to embellish the birds.

  252. #62 – I love the bag/cushion cover “Garden of Earthly Delights” and the thread painting design. Both are beyond my skill level, but I do think they’re gorgeous.

    #99 – the “Sweete Bag” and the poppy picture

    Do you see the theme? Bags, pictures, pomegranates?

    Thanks Mary

  253. Issue 101 calls to me because of the fresh colors and because I’ve been hankerin’ after a cross-stitch project.

  254. It just jumped out at me!!! Issue 72 from 2011. The beautiful blue butterfly…then I saw the darling “different” reindeer in small pic at bottom. I love stitching anything Christmas especially when it’s not the “norm” picture.
    Been a fun contest. Thank you.

  255. Boy – what a hard decision. I have a few of these Inspiration magazines – older issues and I love perusing them. Looking at these back issues and trying to decide on one issue for this comment was hard but I think I would choose #77. For 2 main reasons – I love whitework and it promises an article on this and the needlebook pattern included. I want to make me one that really stands out and I love the pattern included in this magazine.

    Thanks for a beautiful giveaway….

  256. Issue #65. I want to make a Betsy Morgan box with accessories in 2020. They are so beautiful, and it would challenge my stitching and finishing skills. I would learn so much!

  257. I liked the 100th issue. It is full of wonderful projects. I stitched 4 of them. It is beautiful! Ana-Maria from Cambridge ON

  258. I chose issue 97 – New Horizons because of the lovely stumpwork/goldwork roundell called Cherry Delight. I love goldwork in all of its variations especially with surface work. This design brings me back to England and all of the beautiful embroideries from the 17th-19th centuries. In short, it brings me joy. ~Liz

  259. I love the cover of # 94, in fact I purchased that kit. I like the colors, the design. This was something new to me so I’m always looking for projects that I can learn something new.

  260. #77 is perfect. Starting the new year and thinking about flowers that will appear in the garden soon but on the canvas, anytime.

  261. I chose #103. I am overstocked with “gew-gaws”–framed stuff, decorative stuff, etc., so I am now drawn to boxes, small items, short-term projects that can be given away. The use of embroidery in cartonnage is a new and exciting path for me.

  262. Oh, to choose, to choose – they are all inspirational, however, issues 104 and 58 caught my attention the most and for different reasons. 104 was because of the glitz of the goldwork, and 58 because of simplicity of the black and white small bag. All of them seem to live up to their title of inspirational.

  263. I seriously LOVE this magazine. How it can be called a magazine I don’t know as it is a fabulous book packed with treasures every two months. Issue 83 catches my eye with its bright colours and achievable stitching. It is also presented in a innovative way. This magazine is well named. It certainly is an Inspiration!

  264. No 95. Lilac breasted rollers were very common where I grew up; a real challenge for needle painters and this one could just fly off the page…..

  265. WOW!! Talk about getting lost in all the Inspiration! So many beautiful covers but I do have to say that Issue # 83 caught my eye! I’ve been looking at a lot of mandalas and I love the color of this one that is on the cover! I haven’t stitched up a mandala just yet but plan to! Thank you so much for the chance to win a subscription!

  266. I’ve debated over whether to subscribe to Inspirations more than once. This would be a perfect opportunity to find out what it could do for me. I’m drawn to the more colorful covers. Of those the subject matter that interested me the most was the issue titled Timeless Treasures. Love that beaded object on the cover!

  267. Issues 88 and 94 both caught my eye! The one with the sweet little bird sitting on the holly … that was precious! Of course, with Christmas coming and snow on the ground (which is unusual, here in North Alabama), it’s no surprise that it tugs on me!! 🙂

  268. Hard to pick just one, but issue 99 – stitching bliss! the colors are beautiful, the flowers and birds have such wonderful texture, and i often do just feel bliss when I’m stitching!

  269. Issue 85. I love poppies, and this little bag with it’s needle painted poppies is absolutely stunning.

  270. I love Inspirations Magazine….. I only own 3 issues so far (due to budget). I read them from cover to cover…. They have become an accent piece along with stitched pillows on my sofa. I have issues #85, #87 and #95 so far. I have done smalls out of each. #103 has caught my attention due to the cover box design. Love boxes or caskets. The day each magazine arrived I was (like you) so filled with joy and could not wait to pour over each page from cover to cover.

  271. I love everything that has ever been published in Inspirations, but I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Issue #90. That cover with the remarkable ear of corn is awe inspiring!

  272. Issue 78 is speaking to me, Embroider and keep calm, need to remember that during the rush of the holidays. Plus I love the little embroidery set on the cover.

  273. I am in love with Sweet Bags so Issue #99’s “Stitching Bliss” project is an attention grabber.

  274. I looked through the back issues, and I was immediately drawn to #97 with the lovely rose box. But I kept looking through the other pages, and my eye landed on #44. That evening bag is a stunner! I love the idea of stitching an evening bag, and this one is such a beauty! So #44 wins my favorite cover nomination.

  275. I LOVE this magazine. Issue 103 takes my breath away with stunning needle painted tulips. So beautiful.

  276. Under the back issues section on the Inspirations Studio website, you’ll find a nice, colorful listing of the back issues by cover. What cover catches your attention the most and why? Maybe it takes your breath away, maybe the colors make you happy, maybe there’s a project on it that you’d like to do?
    I had two that called to me for very different reasons – No 80 with the Pansies on the cover (I love pansies and they bloom all winter here in Texas) and No 99 with the Elizabethan bag on the cover (which would be a stretch for me to stitch)

  277. No. 61 is my favorite, as it has that beautiful golden pomegranate as one of the cover projects. I remember when you did your beautiful golden pomegranate years ago. That remains one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. That’s right around the time I joined your mailing list and that project is still an inspiration to me.

  278. I really like issue 99. It has a folk art look that is really appealing. It looks like they’ve made it into a small bag and I would really love to learn how to sew my projects into useable items.
    Thank you!

  279. Hi Mary, thanks for all your hard work. I wish you the best in the new year and that your health will improve. Your site is invaluable to me and others and I appreciate all the thought that goes into each of your postings. Cheers Anna

  280. My fav is #83…a feast for the needle. Truly like the colors, the idea of a feast (food is always a choice) and just so attractive.

  281. I love Inspirations. I have been subscribing for years. I think Issue#52 looks intriguing. I love dragonflies.

  282. The Showcase Inspirations issue 95 catches my attention. It has projects in many of the stitch mediums that I enjoy.
    All of the issues have tempting bits of eye candy. Every one has an “inspiration” for in this case, a windy day.

  283. I love Inspiration! It is a wonderful book. I love the beautiful stumpwork, needle painting, dimensional work. Very good instructions.

  284. This was really a hard question because there were too many gorgeous ones. Finally though I choose Issue 78, Embroider & Keep Calm. This has birds and flower designs which I like and I also like to make things that are actually useful and well beautiful.

  285. For me it would have to be issue #87…the briar rose stumpwork piece by Julie Kniedl is amazing and so realistic….the subtle colour and silk shading would be a challenge . The realism of the rose and attention to detail are what attracted me to this issue. A project and level of stitching to aspire to. Truly an inspiration to pick up your needle and thread.

  286. Lots of pretties but I love the cover of issue 99. I love color and the stitching also looks like fun.

  287. Back issue #75 is eye candy to me. I love the pink and lavender colors of the flowers done in Stumpwork embroidery. Magic how the 3-D flowers can be created with needle thread and wire. The Step by step directions is a wonderful way to begin learning how to as a beginner work the project on the cover.

  288. What an incredible gift Mary, thanks to you and Inspirations magazine for such give away! My favorite back issue cover is #87 Natural Beauty because I still remember my first impression when I saw it and I couldn’t believe someone could do such dimensional embroidery! It certainly was my first interest in stumpwork, then stumpwork with Goldwork and silk threads, etc. The rest is history! In 2020 will be my Japanese embroidery year! Enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

  289. I love the Goldwork piece on the cover of Issue #76!! I have just started doing Goldwork and love it!

  290. Issue 81 Embroidery from the Garden. I love blues, and the blanket on the front looks like something I could do. The ‘eye candy’ from just the front cover is amazing!!

  291. Issue 76 just drew me in. The beautiful silk and gold embroidery on the cover plus the thimble holder enticed me to delve further into this issue.

  292. #99 stitching Bliss for its deep contrasts and saturated colors. Plus the “Stitching Bliss” title says it all.

    However, I have 3 other faves also, for content as well as the imagery. It is tough to decide!

  293. I am taken with the cover of Issue 78. I have looked at this before and LOVE the crewel project “Little Bits”.
    I have made many little trays to hold my stitching and accessories but this one is so happy with the plump little bird.

  294. I love issue 43, Exotic. The colours really stand out to me, especially on the black background. I have a few Helen Stevens books so I obviously am drawn to her style. And I’ve always had a thing about peacocks – their incredible colour, and their beautiful song. Remind me of summer visiting a British stately home.

  295. I like several but each has a project that uses more than one technique – like a stump work piece that also uses other surface embroidery

  296. For me, issue 39. First it’s got blue, but then the two projects mentioned on the cover are both things I think might be in my reach – embroidery on wool for a blanket, and a cloth book. Wish I had all the details from inside!

  297. I look forward to Friday as that’s the day Inspiration magazine sends out its newsletter. To win a subscription to the magazine would be the VERY best present. I love issue 103 as I am a Sue Spargo fan and would love to do her funky bird cushion.

  298. Inspirations issue 90 – ‘Just Imagine’ caught my eye. I looked at the embroidered three dimensional sweetcorn on the cover and thought WOW! How is that done? Great colours. It was a real pleasure looking at all the different covers and the wide variety of projects.

  299. I love covers of 97 and 88. The embroidery that is 3D on 97 looks so lovely and I think, with good directions, I could accomplish this. My sister gets this magazine and loves it. I do think it will go on my Christmas list!

  300. OHG, Issue 84. I love needle painting florals. The stitches make the flowers come alive. I am also enchanted by anything in blue and white, as in the project at the lower left hand corner.

  301. As a self taught beginner, this magazine simultaneously inspires and overwhelms. I love handwork and learning about all of the techniques out there. I would love to learn more about pulled thread. I haven’t been able to find this magazine in print anywhere close to where I live in Concho, Az! Thank you Mary for the inspiration you provide and your willingness to share your knowledge and beautiful work.

    Donna in Concho!

  302. I love issue #98 because I love the simplicity of the flowers. Flowers are my favorite thing to embroider. I’m just a beginner so I find that simple flowers cans be made beautiful by making them a colorful as your imagination!

  303. I love the cover of issue 89, I have started to do some stump work and that cover is just an inspiration to me.

  304. The cover of Inspirations issue 99 delights me. I love crewel work . The cover inspires me to do more and improve my skills.

  305. This is difficult! They are all good, not good, excellent! After much deliberation and
    lip mashing, I have choose #84. Sweet Peas are one of my favourite flowers.
    The colours are fabulous and this is needle painting, my now favourite needle past time.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Sharon Gray

  306. It was very hard to pick just 1! I was originally going to go with #47 for the Beaded evening bag (on the main cover) but it got pipped to the post by #82 which attracted me with the beautiful stumpwork violets (my favourite colour). When I browsed inside and saw the monochrome crewel cushion and thread painted butterflies it made the choice a lot easier! So pretty!

  307. Inspiration is the perfect name for this publication. It has been a hugh source of inspiration.
    Babs S

  308. My vote would be Inspiration #87.
    This issue is enticing. I love the offer of so many photographs and projects featuring “natural beauty.”
    I am totally self taught. I live in a 38’ 5th wheel- constantly traveling. What I learn is from pictures, videos etc
    After a year I finally mastered the Stumpwork Bunny from AZ EGA book. I am looking forward to next new piece.
    Joan L from Fairbanks Ak

  309. I like issue #78. I love linen and the delicate blue flowers and pretty brown bird just look so peaceful

  310. The 1st to catch my eye was #87 Natural Beauty. Natural beauty -which I like; with a pink flower – which I like; set on top of a wooden spool – which I like. Win, win, win.

  311. Issue #97 caught my eye. I would be happy stitching all four projects on the cover. First I would stitch Jane Nicklaus’s roundel (I have taken several classes with her). Then I would tackle the needle painted bird and the beaded flower. It is a rare issue that doesn’t have several projects I would like to stitch.

  312. I like the cover of issue 57. That bear looks like she is going on an expedition and I really, really, really want to go along!

  313. Inspirations Issue 43 – Exotic. What a beautiful cover! I love the animal themed projects and hope to be good enough one day to attempt making the threadpainted camel blanket!

  314. I didn’t have to go look at back issues; I knew instantly which cover stopped my heart the second I saw it.
    Issue #203. The pink tulips on black fabric. Talk about an instant wow holy cow great oogly moogly.
    As soon as I finish three WIPs, I’m going to concentrate on your long and short stitch tutorials, practice like crazy, and hopefully stitch those beautiful tulips for myself!

  315. The most beautiful needleART magazine in print. Recognizes needleARTISTS world-wide. I’ve know several featured artists and really enjoy seeing their recognition. Look forward to the email edition every time!!

  316. The crewel flowers on #70 really jumped out at me. Classic crewel stitches but with contemporary style and colors… I want to stitch that!

  317. So hard to choose, but I guess I can whittle it down to # 82, 85, 89, and 95. I can’t decide if I like the needle painting or the stumpwork ones better! Just love those particular covers. Then there are the biscornu covers, always wanted to do one (or 2 or 3) of those as well. When are you going to do a biscornu project Mary?! 😀

  318. Oh I do love Inspirations magazine! I did have an e subscription but it just wasn’t the same as holding the magazine in my hands.
    Issue 74 with the beautiful Biscornu on the cover appeals to me. I like the colours and I do enjoy making Biscornus

  319. I love being introduced to INSPIRATIONS magazines! The issue that caught my attention was Issue 53 – Beautiful Project Ideas. I am always on the lookout for project ideas to make in a week-end.

    I was also drawn to Issue 92 – Rejoice. The ornament pictured caught my eye as a very unique beading project.

  320. I love issue 88 of Inspirations, even tho it’s sold out on the site. The winter bird with the holly is so appropriate for a December magazine!! Thank you so much for this opportunity………a super opportunity, in deed!!

  321. I would love inspirations magazine.dont know the issue numbers only fet to look at my friends issues.

  322. Inspirations 47 caught my eye. The pretty beaded bag would be elegant to carry, and the pattern for the little girl’s dress would be perfect to stitch for my new granddaughter, Hazelle.

  323. I am attracted by Issue n.44. Lately I have a great desire to embroider a bag but I don’t know where to start.

  324. The cover of Inspirations issue #44 is stunning…the colors…the nature theme. It checks all the boxes for me. I love the fact that I can carry the result of my hard work with me every day.

  325. #83, I love making bowls and doing embroidery on felt. So it’s the project that attracted me. Plus it’s colours pop and catch the eye! Thanks for this opportunity. I live in Canada and it’s too expensive to order the magazine. I do read their email newsletter every Friday.

  326. Love looking through the Inspirations newsletters and can only imagine how beautiful the magazine is.

  327. It was very hard to pick which magazine cover as my favorite. I narrowed it down to Issue 91 and 92. They both have a bead embroidered project on the cover. I decided that 92 is my favorite because it has both bead embroidery and Christmas together. 2 of my most favored things.

    I really enjoy doing bead embroidery. It adds an extra element on a crazy quilt block.

  328. I would choose issue #88. I love birds, and this one is so pretty. I would love to try to create this pretty bird.

  329. I had to look no further than Issue 101. I love the clean look of the Swedish work on the front. I have a thing for Scandinavian design.

  330. Issue 51 is interesting to me, the front cover shows an embroidered bag. I’m beginning to explore tassel making; that combined with other embroidery techniques on the bag would be an interesting project for me which I would enjoy.

  331. My favorite back issues are Numbers 101 Picture Perfect and 102 Living Color, especially Number 102 Living Color. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  332. Issue 96 is wonderful just looking at the cover. Strawberries are one of my favorite stitching projects and I liked each of the Christmas ornaments pictured. I can see myself stitching those projects.

  333. Issue 70 really grabs my attention… not sure if it’s the colors or the technique – probably both! It’s really hard to choose which issue – they are all fabulous.

  334. Without a doubt it is issue #80 that makes my heart sing. Pansies are my favorite flower. My cookbooks are filled with dried pansies that have been collected over the years. Even dried they make me smile. 🙂

    Thank you,

    Charlie T.S.

  335. I connected with Issue 44, it has a lovely handbag that reminds me of the coin-purses I would use to take lunch money to school. Just getting into embroidery your website has been so helpful and inspirational, thank you!

  336. I would love issue #31, as the evening bag is gorgeous, and I would like to learn how to do cut work.

  337. Thank You Mary! You have given me a whole new world of Inspiration!! I had a tough time choosing, once I fell into this rabbit hole it took a while to resurface. Inspirations #74 as well as #0101 reminded me so much of my grandmother who would always be sewing whenever we visited, I believe she had a pin cushion like this. I am so glad you introduced this magazine to a newbie!

  338. I just love the cover of Issue 95. But it really is hard to pick – they are all sooooo beautiful! I would love to have a subscription to this lovely publication. Thank you for the opportunity, Mary!

  339. My favorite edition is Issue 102 – Living Colors. I chose this one because the cover “inspired” me to become a subscriber. Also – love the wool work.

  340. Issue 81! I love all the embroidered blankets. I ordered the Baa baa black sheep and loved it. A subscription would be the greatest gift ever.

  341. Issue 89 – Fabulous Flowers most catches my imagination to see what is inside with the cover photo as a teaser. However the stitched piece on the cover of Issue 103 is exceptional!

  342. Oh, how to choose? I love #61 – that bear is soooo sweet, but the red and gold work pomegranate intrigues me. I love all of the floral stump work ideas as well – I’ve never learned that technique – but I love looking at all of the ideas.

  343. Well, the ones that caught my eye first were all sold out. Out of the rest, issue #31’s cover caught my eye, but the 4-seasons project inside is why I chose it.

  344. Wow. It’s hard not to be inspired by the wonderful magazine covers featured on Inspiration magazine’s website. If I had to choose just one, I’d have to choose #92.
    I’ve been making Christmas ornaments for years: stitched, beaded, painted, hand drawn… the beautiful beaded ornament was stunning and the cute stitched elves made me smile. Plus, I’d really like to try the mini pincushions.
    Diana B teaching in Illinois

  345. Oooh what a delightful magazine!!

    I especially like #103, “Prism” and “Perfect Love”. If I don’t get this as a prize, I will probably order it!!

  346. Can’t pick just one. The rich color covers always catch the eye for Inspirations, then you see the projects, and the details. Luv this magazine!

  347. I love the colors of issues #94 and #95! The colors are amazing on both covers, just looking at them makes me want to start stitching.

  348. Before looking back, I actually got a cover in my head and then had to search back to Issue 7 to find that adorable baby! I’d love a subscription. Since my local shop stopped carrying it, I order occasionally and see many delicious projects in their weekly newsletter.
    Thanks Mary!

  349. Hello Mary! It was your review of the 100th Issue of Inspirations magazine that pushed me over the edge to subscribe! It was full of so many beautiful projects! I completed Clive the Chameleon, by Hazel Blomkamp, but still hope to do the little embroidered book of the mouse and his hedgehog friend! Thank you for your generosity!

  350. Issue 40 because I don’t usually stitch on flat fabric. The fabric is use always has a pattern to it. It h keeps me from being to much of a perfectionist. Yvette from Fort Worth.

  351. Issue 73 is the one that got my attention. Love the subject matter and color choices and love the bug on it.

  352. issue 92 Rejoice. the beautiful beaded ornament on the cover. I’ve done a few beaded balls, this looks like a great challenge.

  353. This turned out to be easy once I clicked on a few and looked at the contents.

    Issue 97, New Horizons, because of that blackwork done in color hare. That is amazing. I want to do that.

    Lori from Mountain View

  354. Inspirations Issue 94 – Taking Time Out

    Love the bright colors! I can see myself working on the cover project during these ever-so-gray-and-dreary almost Winter days.

  355. Issue 54 has three super projects on the cover that make my heart sing. The jaunty step of the little red man that can be achieved with thread painting is a delight.
    The olde worlde colours of the crewel cushion remind me of a garden not far from where I live that has been recently established by a Japanese gardener in the style of an old English garden with roses, sweet William and foxgloves. The colour of these flowers is so subtle and blended. I love it!
    Last but not least the Elizabethan bag reminds me of my mum who died in 1975. Black and gold were her racing colours and she favoured these colours with evening bags and jewellery too.
    Inspiration mags are a delight to keep for ever and browse at leisure.
    Jenny Mayne

  356. Issue 101’s little biscornu! I love biscornus. I never even knew what they were, until I did all the stitching for this little pendant for my granddaughter, and then it came time for finishing! I had to turn to you-tube for help. But ever since I’ve been drawn to biscornu patterns. I have one in progress and 6 waiting in the wings. After that, any of the covers with thread painted birds, they’re just so beautiful and life-like. And every time I come across my issue 95, I have to spend at least half an hour drooling over ‘Strawberry Fayre’. LOL!

  357. I am intrigued with Issue 101, since the cover displays Swedish sollerosom embroidery. I have been doing Swedish weaving on huck toweling, since age 5, so another Swedish type of embroidery would be fun to learn.

  358. I LOVED “Perfect Gifts for Stitching”, Issue 88. I stitch all year on ornaments I gift to family and friends. I am always looking for inspiration!

  359. Issue 72 caught my eye because I love butterflies. This one is beautiful. It looked like it had many nice gift ideas too. Issue 90 also caught my eye because the corn looks so real. I can’t believe it’s stitched. Simply amazing. I’ve heard many good things about this magazine, but I do not get it get. I’ll wait to see if I’m a winner and then if not, get myself a little gift.

  360. That is a really tricky question. Most of those covers are amazing. But one attracted my attention by the simplicity of the project and its elegance, a little purse: number 58.
    I have been receiving the magazine for a year and a half now. I enjoy it a lot. Too bad though the shipment is so expensive. The magazine is not cheap but the shipment make it very expensive to have it sent to Canada.

  361. I like issue 89. Love the colors on the flower n the shape of the flower. I also make greeting cards n I have a stamp just like the flower n that issue. Would it not b great to sew that flower n place it next to the stamp on a greeting card!!

  362. What incredibly beautiful magazines, I have never seen them before. They just make me want to stop everything and sew! I have managed to reduce my favourites to two-issue 64 and issue 54 because the colours are so stunning and the patterns so delicate

  363. I like Issue 73 – the sample on the front is easy to see, and there’s not as much clutter on the page as in the other issues.

  364. Issue 31 caught my eye for the lure of gift ideas and instructions and patterns on the inside of the magazine.
    Issue 101 caught my eye for the cute pin cushion idea on the front of the magazine. I enjoy sewing and have a very plain pin cushion that I made in home economics class in the late 60’s. So, what a beautiful updated version.

  365. I receive the weekly Inspirations newsletter and look longingly at all the articles, projects and kits but in spite of leaving hints around the home, have never had been gifted a subscription to this fabulous magazine. I have treated myself to one of the’Passion for Needlework’ books and I am saving to gift myself the other one ….one day a subscription may be mine.

  366. I would choose issue # 98 for the instructions to work Hazel Blomkamp’s Jacobean Flowers. Hazel does such extraordinary designs!

  367. This is what I love about your site and the emails, Mary: I learn and I am inspired!!
    I am especially fond of the Inspirations Issue 53 – “Beautiful Project Ideas”. I like the cover most because the roses and thread on a table makes me think of my grandmother. The table cloth is so pretty and coordinates with the whole picture subtly and it is so like one my Grandma would have had.

  368. I like the pincushion in issue 101. Our Nittany Valley Chapter of the Embroiders’s Guild has stitched a pincushion like that and recently I saw a picture of a Christmas tree one of our members had made with different sized pincushions and different patterns. The one in the magazine would look great on a tree like that.

    Quite a few of our members have had “show and tell” finished needlework pieces from the Inspirations Magazine and they have been beautiful.

  369. I love my inspirations. It is hared for me to chose one. I like issue 96 the strawberries look so real and issue 89 for the flowers and stump work.

  370. I love them all, but Issue 96 is special because this project was done by my friend Denise. We were so excited when she told us she had made the cover. Lovely stitcher!

  371. Issue # 97 seems like something I would choose. I rarely keep the items I embroider and this issue looks as though it has projects I would choose to embroider and gift. I would love to receive the magazine in the mail to browse and enjoy!

  372. Oh that would be an awesome win. Thinking all the time, if I should finally get a description.

    I would choose issue 93. I just love bird embroidery. The muted brown might not be the most Eyecatcher, but there are birds. And birds are just wonderful creatures.

  373. Inspirations Magazine cover number 62 for me. Beautiful and very colourful crewel work complete with bird. Also great pattern for a temari ball.

  374. Issue 101 grabs me because of the biscornu on the cover. I recently did my 1st one and I just loved making it and got so many great compliments on it! Of course, there are so many beautiful covers, it is difficult to choose just one that gets you excited to stitch! Every issue is simply gorgeous!

  375. Inspirations Magazine reinspires me every Friday with their email. It’s in my inbox when I arrive to work and get my coffee. It’s like it’s a new magazine every week. It’s wonderful and the pictures are beyond words. Their pictures say 1,000 words.

  376. Issue 57 is my choice. The teddy with his accessories just makes my heart sing. I would have loved to have owned that little bear when I was a child…….actually I would rather like it now ha ha

  377. The beautiful bird on the cover of issue 95, so delighted my eye that I ordered that issue immediately. Up until that point I had not heard of the Inspirations magazine. While i don’t have a subscription I eagerly await their weekly newsletter email and read it top to bottom. I would love a subscription.

  378. I liked Issue 69 because I would love to embellish a fabric print of a house with embroidery! What a lovely way to express yourself and bring beauty into the world!

  379. I have subscribed to Inspirations in the past. It is an amazing diverse collection of projects. Very worthwhile.

  380. I chose Inspirations Issue 103 – The Artful Needle
    I love the needlework and the beautiful box finish.

  381. I choose Issue #73! The focus on Australian designers, the use of one stunning yet whimsical design, and the cheerful color scheme all make me want to have a subscription!

  382. I’m unfamiliar with this magazine but would love to have a subscription! The issues that spoke to me all had 3 dimensional flowers especially #79, 82, & 85.

  383. The cover with the strawberries as we have a strawberry farm and I’ve always loved strawberry designs.

  384. I love cover 98 of Inspirations magazine. The row of pink flowers is so happy looking. I also love the simplicity of the design.

  385. #78 is my favourite, both for the simple beauty of bird and flowers and for the title “Embroider and Be Calm”. That’s a message that speaks to me. In a busy world and a busy life, embroidery is a lovely way to calm oneself and create beauty.

  386. Bonsoir Madame,
    Tout d’abord, merci pour votre site et vos vidéos. Mon propos ce soir est de vous demander si vos livres sont également édités en français, ce qui serait très interessant pour moi, qui ne comprends pas l’anglais (ou l’américain) même si parfois je traduis vos tutos. Quant en ce qui concerne la revue “Inspirations”, je l’achetais via la société EDISAXE, qui ne la commercialise plus. J’ai donc demander à recevoir les nouvelles de cette revue par mail, mais je trouve dommage, également, que celle ci ne soit plus diffusée en français. Car les modèles sont magnifiques. Aussi, j’espère qu’un jour, je pourrais acheter vos livres et m’abonner à INSPIRATIONS. Encore un grand, grand merci pour vos partages.
    Très cordialement. Je profite de ce commentaire pour vous souhaiter de très bonnes fêtes de fin d’année.
    Gladys Azzopardi (Bordeaux- France)

  387. I love Inspirations cover #88. The puffy little robin is adorable. Seeing this little bird, always reminds me of Christmas, and the joy associated with it.

  388. I love issue 103 Thread painting as this is one of my most executed techniques. It gives scope for colour and depth and you can use it in many projects. But the whole Magazine is the best needlework magazine one can purchase.

  389. Inspirations Issue 82 caught my eye right way – what’s not to love? It features stumpwork, my favorite flower violets, and beautiful colors. I felt like I could pick the flowers right off the cover!

  390. Wow! I haven’t been able to splurge on Inspirations but I do get their newsletter – this is yet another generous gift!

    In looking over the back issues, I noticed that color played a huge role on what my eye would stop on (the usual for me, pinks/peaches/corals/creams/greens). Then I also noticed that so did the shape of a circle (there are many covers with circles!). Out of these options, I will narrow down my favorite to be #83 a Feast for the Needle. Bold colors like that usually aren’t my thing but I love the juxtaposition of the chunky embroidery to the smooth curvature of the bowl. I don’t know what makes the bowl – is it rolled paper? seam allowances? – thus, my curiosity is also engaged and I want to know more!

  391. What lovely magazine covers! This is the first I’ve heard of this publication and I realize I’ve missed out. The cover of #53 is beautiful! I’m a garden girl and the project itself is beautiful. Not too big, but lots of impact!

  392. I have never read a copy of Inspirations Magazine before. And until I subscribed to your newsletter Mary, I did not know about it.
    Embroidery has been in and out of my life since I was a child but life in general kept it in the background. Now that my family have “flown away” and I am retired I am getting back into my sewing roots, and loving it. The subscription to this magazine sounds like it would help me enormously to catch up with what I have missed through the years. I think issue #70 – Celebrating the Stitch – appeals to me the most given that I am returning to embroider. It explores 10 diverse embroidery styles and celebrates the stitch with 132 step by step photographs. Just what I need!!

  393. I want them all but Issue 51 is the one I picked.I would love to do the Elizabethan sweet bag one day.

  394. Issue 92 has an exquisite beaded ornament as the cover project. I love to make and give beaded ornaments, but mine are so simple and not at all comparable. Just as most craft magazines are to Inspirations.

  395. Isssue 61 with the embroidered teddy bear really caught my eye. I love bears and teddy bears, in fact I used to make them for a while and dressed them in heirloom style clothes. The bear with the embroidery all over is really cute and maybe I’ll decide to make some more some day.

  396. I love the cover of issue #78- I love doing sewing sets and the bird in the tray sings to me along with the pretty needlebook and scissor case with the blue flowers and the cute bee! What a cute project!
    Please enter me for a subscription to Inspirations Magazine, they have wonderful projects!
    Tedra Raden-Phoenix, AZ

  397. So many enticing covers on Inspirations! I would say that the one that drew me was #93, Birds of a feather. There are so many beautiful birds out there just waiting to be born in an embroidery. To begin I think I will do a robin since that’s our state bird….and go forth from there. At our public library there’s a book of decorating that shows different ways people have incorporated bird themes into their house. Beautiful inspirational birds. I’ve checked this book out many times. I would love to win this subscription as I can’t afford to get it. Too expensive but I know it’s well worth it. I love getting my little newsletter that tells about the next issue. Even though I can’t subscribe I can enjoy a little bit. Thanks for all your contests that is so generous of you and it’s fun to read what everyone thinks.

  398. Inspiration magazine is definitely an inspiration, I read my copy from cover to cover, the articles are interesting and projects cover all skill levels. Here’s hoping to winner a year’s subscription.

    Gail R

  399. I adore inspirations and it seems as if I want to work on a project almost every copy. A particular back issue I choose is one that had a bird that makes me just stare. I will do it someday and the thread colors are magnificent including a soft lavender with colors that flow into a tiny bird rainbow. Obviously I’m overwhelmed by the artist and that there is such a colorful bird I could see someday.

  400. Issue 88 I do a lot of cardmaking and this Christmas bird would look great on a Christmas card. It’s simple and could easily be used on a card for special people at this time of year.

  401. #79, because it’s focus is on counted thread work, which is my preference. I’m a little intimidated by the amazing surface embroidery, needlepainting and stumpwork so would be more likely to do the counted work. But honestly any of them just because they are so pretty! happy to have them just as picture books 🙂

  402. So many inspiring covers to choose from, but one of the insets on the cover of issue 39 really caught my eye: a 10-page stitched storybook. What a charming idea!

  403. Inspirations No 65 catches my eye. I love the Betsy Morgan Etui with its beautiful colours and quaker inspired motifs.

  404. Holy Mackerel this was hard! I love them all! My favorites, however, are Issue 91- Timeless Treasures. I adore the Home Sweet Home Bee Skep by Anne Davies. My next would be Issue 99 – Stitching Bliss where was drawn to the brightly colored Sweet Bag by Victoria Lane and upon further inspection of the contents, I saw the sweetest Tooth Fairy Box and Tooth Pillow by Betsy Morgan! Thirdly I found myself drooling over Issue 103 where my curiosity was piqued by An Apple a Day stumpwork by Julie Kniedl and the lovely multicolored design, Prism by Natalie Dupuis. I would be so excited to win a subscription to this lovely magazine. It would be a treasure for sure!

  405. Issue 83 because it has such bright colors, ideas for felt embroidery, and two projects that I would make and use: the tablet case and the luggage tag!

  406. Issue 99 caught my eye because of both the birds and the Elizabethan type scrolling. When I looked inside, the Dorset buttons also caught my eye. I have a large number of previous issues and enjoy going through them.

  407. I remember looking at Issue #91 in the newsletter – the beaded pincushion on the cover would be a project I keep at my right hand at the sewing machine, along with my other treasured notions. It’s my circle of happiness….about a two feet radius with my sewing machine in the middle, beads in their bins and embroidery threads close at hand. I wish Inspirations was more readily available in print where I live!

  408. Jackie Van Ostenbridge in Naugatuck CT! I absolutely love Inspirations magazine and your website. Thank you!

  409. Hard to choose just one, but number 94 caught my eye with the beautiful wool appliqué on the cover. I also loved the sentiment taking time out as we all need to take a few minutes each day to stitch something beautiful.

  410. The back issue of Inspirations Magazine that caught my eye was issue #74 with the amazing biscornu on the cover. I have done one biscornu & thought to do another soon, but that one on the cover caught my eye & has me checking out of the project is available to purchase.

  411. Issue 82 grabs me! The purple is lovely and I am taken with anything floral and natural. So very beautiful!

  412. I love this magazine! I have gotten random issues for years, but never have had a subscription. So much eye candy in there!

  413. Hi Mary! I LOVE Inspirations Magazine. I have a project on my sewing table right now from Inspirations Digital Patterns. I would love to win the subscription. Thank you.

  414. I love the bold colors of issues 31 and 94 covers. There wasn’t a single issue I looked at that didn’t intrigue me- and yes I spent a wonderful hour looking at the summary of the editions as well.

  415. Thank you so much or this. I am going to be in the ninth heaven when I win. I really love many issues, but my favourites are issue 72 because I love butterflies, issue 86 because it has blackwork, love it and because it is simple and elegant , I like issue 99 because of the blue colour, and because it is simple and elegant and I have other issues that I really love.

  416. I have never seen this magazine before and am very new to embroidery so I’m very excited by this amazing prize! I love all the back copies, they all look beautiful, but my favourite is Issue 43 – Exotic because I adore peacocks and all things oriental.

  417. I’m really loving all the bird images but the one in inspiration 95 (showcase) really catches my attention. Id’s love to be able to capture nature images so nicely!

  418. My favourite is still Issue 95 – with Renette Kumm’s gorgeous bird! That is what started me on a subscription to this fab magazine. And the Enchanted forest bunny by Zanaida. I was lucky enough to take a class with her at the RSN – a lovely and very talented lady.

  419. I’d love to win a year subscription of Inspirations Magazine.
    Among the back issues, I love the cover of Inspiration issue 94 as this is somehow quite different from usual projects you fin in inspirations magazines

    thanks for the giveaway

  420. As much as I love the pansies on issue 54 (Sheer Perfection), the Elizabethan design on issue 51 (brighten your day) makes me want to forget all other projects and start in. It looks so much like the beautiful needle turned quilt blocks that I love doing and viewing. Sadly, this issue is sold out 🙁

  421. Issue #65 because it has a Betsy Morgan project as the main photo, and I am so in awe of her talent and the beautiful projects that she has created. I also like stitching smalls and her smalls tell a story.

  422. Issue #81 from 2014 caught my eye because of the embroidered blanket on the cover and the caption, “embroidery from the garden”.

  423. #88 Celebrate- is exactly what what I want to do when I see the sweet chubby colorful bird, and I simply adore needle painting….

  424. I like Inspirations issue #93, Birds of a Feather, because the projects shown look like something I would stitch. I like all things “nature” themed. I subscribed to Inspirations for a few years and it is beautiful and inspiring!

  425. Ohh…everytime this magazine shows up on my FaceBook feed, I swoon! So hard to decide, but the Lace issue (#86) with the blackwork strawberry on the cover looks amazing!

  426. Issue 89 Fabulous Flowers
    Flowers make my heart sing and how wonderful to create waterlily’s in stump work embroidery, the delicate pink colour of these ephemeral beauties.

  427. Your tips/reviews/articles brighten my day and cause me to spend many hours browsing your site and then trawling to many others (instead of my daily doing my -household chores!! You are also responsible for me spending many hours with needle and thread in hand. Not blaming you Mary, just saying!! I have seen a copy of Inspirations magazine and just drool over the contents. It has to be the most beautiful magazine of all time and I would love to be included in your draw for a subscription.
    I look forward to reading your site ( like so many others), Thank you Mary.

    Val Watson (UK)

  428. Issue 57. The little bear on the front of the magazine is imploring all of us to make her, her clothes and bag so that she can be taken everywhere we visit and learn about the world and what a lovely place it can be. She may also meet many of her cousins who were made by friends and relatives. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

  429. The issue that catches my eye is 88. i love the little Christmas robin ever since i saw one in a ladies garden in england. they are a charming little bird.

  430. I would LOVE to win the subscription to Inspirations! It is magazine I really get a lot of – well, Inspiration from.

  431. Inspirations issue 58 cover shows a beautiful makeup bag created in black and white fabrics with small touches of exquisite embroidery. I love to sew as well as embroider and I would love to make this as a gift for a dear friend.

  432. Hello Mary,
    Hope you’re keeping warm, we are having some very cold weather. Inspirations is the most beautiful embroidery magazine in the world I think. I’ve collected it whenever I could and at one stage did have a subscription which is just not possible at the moment. My favourite back issue would be No 31, I don’t have it and it’s a very striking cover with such a gorgeous project on the cover. Got to love a bunch of daffodils and a little stumpwork. The colours really caught my eye. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaways. Regards Mandy

  433. I got hooked on Inspirations magazine and projects a few years ago after joining two local needlework guilds. One guild in particular (the Needlework Guild of Minnesota) has used several of their designs as group projects. Members who don’t subscribe to the magazine can easily download the PDF directions at a minimal cost. We are often able to complete the chosen projects with fabric and fiber from ‘stash’, making their designs accessible and affordable!

  434. Oh, Inspirations is surely named correctly! Issue #95 with the bird on the front cover is totally capturing my attention. The little fellow just looks so colorful, not at all like the common birds that are around my Southern home this cold winter day. Hugs!

  435. Whow, how to choose? There is something about tourquise that really draws my eye. Its usually on the bright side and is a great blending color.

  436. Issue 41. Why? The color? Then the rooster?
    Another day, another cover. And then you start browsing the patterns that you can buy. And then…

  437. As I’m sitting here snuggled in my electric blanket, looking at the Minnesota snow, it’s no surprise that Sue Spargo’s beautiful little song birds in Issue #102 spoke to me…and then I looked further into the magazine and found that chipmunk! I wonder if I could actually accomplish that project?!? Thanks Mary for sharing with us all!

  438. I would like to have issue #87. It has 3-D flowers and I am a very 3-D artist. I would like to try making them.
    I also like #100, is has a bisacorm and I am wanting to make one of these also.
    Lorri from Renton

  439. Beautiful magazine and a great choice for the Christmas contests. The covers that draw me in are scenes with flowers and plants…….color especially on a black background is appealing. I think the covers on Inspiration are all well done and well photographed…animal embroidery is another favorite of mine. It is enjoyable to read the stories that appear in the magazine.

  440. I love the cover of Issue #94 (Taking Time Out). The vase of flowers is colorful and it doesn’t look like it would take a lot of time to complete. It also looks like it uses a variety of pretty embroidery stitches.

  441. Wow! What a beautiful magazine! I think I am attracted to Issue 76 because I am just beginning to dabble in goldwork, so am drawn to it right now. However, any needlework is “candy” to me! Thanks for the opportunity of a giveaway.

  442. Just one cover?? Well, I couldn’t resist. I loved the Inspirations #69 issue, the cover is…gorgeous! Ribbon work isn’t my favourite, but the project was so pretty & whomever made it, wow!
    I couldn’t help myself, I chose #30 from the Smocking editions. I love all things smocking, what can I say!? The little girl on the front wearing the adorable black outfit stands out to me.

  443. I love butterflies and I have picked Issue #72 because of the butterfly and also because of the colours in the beautiful hues of blue and red that I find exceptionally appealing.

  444. When I have the opportunity to read an Inspirations magazine I am always astounded at all the possibilities I can do, or attempt to do, with needle and thread!

  445. Every issue is beautiful but #102, with the colorful happy little birds, makes me smile.
    Susan in west-central Illinois

  446. My eye was caught by the black work on no 86. I love that technique. I have only just decided that yes, I can afford to buy the magazine, although it is only ordered through our local needlework shop. It would be wonderful to win a whole subscription, and just have it arrive. I do keep my eye open for back copies in any secondhand magazine sale. I have a list of those I have so I don’t double up!

  447. Every issue is beautiful but #102, with the colorful happy little birds, makes me smile.

  448. For me, issue 98 is one that pictures the simple things in life. The pink flowers on a rustic background bring me back to stitching I might have seen while in Germany. The cover picture has a project that would be doable for me while going down memory lane. I love Inspirations magazine for bringing so many ideas to life and love flipping through its covers. Whomever wins a free subscription will be blessed with some wonderful “inspirations”.

  449. I love Inspiration magazine, I receive the newsletter and love all the pictures of the beautiful projects. I especially like issue #101, I am currently into cross stitch and would like to make the projects on the cover. Hopefully I will win the subscription.

  450. I really like the cover project for Issue 61. The bear is so cute. I have a bear collection and this would be a beautiful addition to my collection. The embroidery is so beautiful. Thanks so much

  451. What lovely magazine covers, it’s so difficult to choose.
    I love the cover on issue 65. Those little boxes are projects that really appeal to me.

  452. I like the embroidered bag (issue 99). I like the bold colors. It makes me want to start stitching!

  453. Like being in a candy store with only enough money for one piece (sigh). I really like the Issue 99 cover “Stitching Bliss” best though. The colors, variety of stitching, etc. Me Want!

  454. Issue #43. This cover has always caught my eye. They’re not even my usual favorite colors but the bird against the black is just so striking to me.

  455. Inspiration magazine is truly an inspiration. So many wonderful things to stitch! I stitch everyday and still feels like it’s not enough time.

  456. Issue 99 Stitching Bliss – the cover projectst is amazing, and bliss sums up where stitching takes me!

  457. Issue 84 took my eye. Those beautiful sweet peas on the cover ! Plus, inside, there is a fabulous crewel embroidery pattern !!

  458. Inspirations Issue 74 – A World of Stitches its my favorite because i like the project (its something i would like to do)and the color pallette not only of the project but the entire cover its really good.

  459. The back issue #98 on the Inspirations website catches my attention due to the flowers on the pillow. The issue is called So Pretty and those particular flowers remind me of my grandmother. Rosann P – North Carolina

  460. I love this magazine. It is so beautiful! I have subscribed before and the day it arrives all else stops, I make a cup of tea and enjoy the inspirations. I have many favourite editions – some have projects I have done and some have projects I am still dreaming about.

  461. I’m relatively new to Inspirations magazine and I love to browse the back issues and look at the projects. The cover which has me intrigued at the moment is Issue 89 with the stump work flowers. I haven’t this technique yet, but hope to soon.

  462. Inspirations issue no.65 , inspiring gifts from the heart, is a stand out for me. I love Betsy Morgan’s project, Tiny Treasures Etui. I have long wanted to work cross stitch on fine count linen and Betsy’s project gave me the push I needed. I recently gathered together all the supplies I need and the project is the next start on my list.

  463. I wanted the back issue No. 28 – 2000 because of the title LEARN ROMANTIC GOLDWORK – which I am in the process of learning on my own with some internet help. I got a pattern from INSPIRATIONS, waiting for some supplies from UK.
    Very disappointed that the issue is sold out!!

  464. Issue : 81 – the garden theme caught my eye. I would like to do more stitching of flowers. I love flowers. Thank you

  465. They are all beautiful. I am amazed what can be done with needle and thread, and am intrigued by the “Sue Spargo-looking” needle case on issue 94. I’d like to learn more embroidery stitches and those bright colors make me smile!
    Thanks so much! Liz D from northern Wisconsin

  466. Issue 74 caught my eye I love that it had the international aspect to it… but the castle tapestry is what really hooked me!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such such a generous gift. Happy Holidays.

  467. Hello Mary:
    It was so very difficult to choose just one cover…after droolling over them all I found I kept going back to Issue 61 with the Quaint Thimble Pods- (I have a weakness for thimbles). This is worked in tiny cross stitches the color combinations is beautiful.
    When I noticed them my heart rate shot up and I did a double take. I could not believe what I was seeing I had to pull out my trusty magnifying glass to be sure.it really was a thimble pod. Just imagine having the pattern to make this!!! Wow–
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win this beautiful beautiful magazine.

  468. I wish I had all of the Inspirations Magazines. They are, well, just very lovely and filled with such beautiful projects and articles. I really like embroidery on the little stuffed animals. Issue number 61 would be my choice. A nice keepsake for a special someone or an item for show. Thank you for these opportunities.

  469. I love this magazine and many years copies of the magazine but I have never subscribed to it! It is just delicious!

  470. The cover of issue #94 caught my eye as I recognize the colorful wool applique and embellishment of Sue Spargo. All of them are quite something but that stood out for me.

  471. I would have to pick issue 64 Special Occasions. The pillow on the cover caught my eye. I have an idea running through my mind for next year of small floral embroidered pins.

  472. Inspiration issue 103, The Artful Needle, caught my eyes and held my gaze in awe. The stitched tulips on the black background are breathtaking. I would love to learn how to paint with needle and thread. Thank you for the opportunity to win a subscription to this publication.
    Maria from the Falls.

  473. Issue 102. I love those chickens. I have a ‘thing’ for chickens and would like to incorporate something like that in a crazy-stitched pillow for our up north cottage called Chic’s Roost by and after my late father who’s nickname was Chic.

  474. Cover #44: i’m totally into vintage look right now and have been making these clasp purses which are just so easy.

  475. I like the simplicity and beauty on the cover of issue 100. I thought the idea of a mistle-toe bow intriguing and a lovely decoration. (I’ve enjoyed Inspiration’s from its beginning – the photography, comments and instructions are the best.)

  476. Number 71 intrigues me the most because it features Japanese embroidery – a new passion of mine and “new beginnings”- which appear to be upcycling of old linens into something new – a long time passion of mine.

  477. I’m not familiar with Inspirations magazine . . . now I need it! After scrolling through all of the back issue pages, I returned to Issue 98 on the first page. I’m a sucker for anything floral, so this one caught my eye and made me smile.

  478. What a choice! I started embroidery about six years ago and looked on the Internet for inspiration. I found it by subscribing to the Inspirations Studios weekly email newsletter. Thread painting is my great love and the cover of issue 103 make one want to touch it. I wish the postage to France was less expensive then I could treat myself to the real magazine!

  479. Inspirations is absolutely the best embroidery magazine. I would love all the back issues but # 78 stands out the most. It has small projects.
    Thanks Mary!

  480. I particularly liked issue #94 – take time out. The colors appeal to me … and the idea is golden.

    🙂 Linda Schiffer

  481. How to pick one….
    I really like issue 88 with the precious bird sitting on holly. I love birds and watching them out my patio doors. This little tyke makes me smile. And reminds me to keep feeding them!

  482. I would really want issue 100 but when I subscribed I was too late to get it! Otherwise I was drawn to #82 because of the colors and #72 for the butterfly. The reason for the butterfly is my next project hopefully will be their Lepidoptera from #102.

  483. Issue #88 catches my eye. I really like how realistic the needle painted birds are, and would like to try this project sometime.

  484. Issue 99 is delightful with its sweet bag designed by Victoria Laine. The vibrant blues and yellows immediately caught my eye, but also featured is a Betsy Morgan tooth fairy box. What a collection of treats opens to readers!

  485. I love Issue 61 because I would love to make the little embroidered teddy bear. Thank you Mary for wonderful giveaways. Happy Holidays.

  486. Oh my, so many beautiful choices. I’ve drooled over Inspirations for years.
    Issue 104 percolated to the top of my list- gold work! painted threads! and that Snow Blossom is exquisite.
    Happy Holidays, Mary. Thank you for such a great website and sharing your expertise with us.

  487. #81 Embroidery from the Garden catches my attention. I really like the color and I actually think I could make that blanket.

  488. I like issue number #73 Celebrating Australian Designers.
    I really like the design as well as the hues.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  489. I started picking up a few select issues of Inspiration many years ago before I finally succumbed and subscribed. Love it. Love it. Love it. My favorite covers are the ones showing a piece I want to make. So many exquisite choices! From the issues shown, I’ll pick #51 as I’ve just collected all the supplies needed and am ready to start my version of the sweet bag.

  490. I liked Issue 44. Must be the black bag with all the various leaves and flowers. I used to get this magazine. Would be wonderful to get it again.

  491. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a subscription to Inspirations, probably the best needlework magazine out there. Issue #78 is the one that sings to me. I like most things with birds in them and I adore “littles”. Oh, I do so hope you will draw my name. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  492. the cover which attracts me most is for an issue unfortunately sold out!
    Number 85 – The Magic of Stitch.
    The poppies on the front of the evening bag are really eye-catching – they look real! Way beyond my capabilities (yet?) but I would love to be able to try the stitched succulents on a spool.
    What a pity the issue is no longer available
    Very difficult to make that decision

  493. Oh, this would be such a fun prize to win – a whole year’s worth of fun! I love the bright colours of A Feast For The Needle and Taking Time Out.

  494. I always look forward to the next issue of Inspirations to inspire me when I’m in a stitching slump; such beautiful needlework by very talented stitchers.

  495. Aw, shucks! You are going to make us choose just ONE??! 😉 That’s a hard choice to make… I will say Issue 69 with the beautiful English country cottage on the front – looks like something Lorna Bateman would do! And I love her work… Thank you, Mary!

  496. The question for today is indeed a challenge – everyone of the Inspiration Magazines is a delight and I always look forward to the next issue. In recent issues I keep coming back to issue 102 – felt birds and bright colours. I have used the patterns and ideas in many ways – I have used the templates to decorate a tote bag I recently purchased. I have used the template for applique on a cushion and also I have used the templates when I made a cushion with the tambour technique. They all look good and the magazine is certainly ‘value for money’.

  497. I have never actually seen a hard copy of Inspirations Magazine, and a subscription would be so much fun! The tray with the little brown bird and spring flowers on issue 78 is so cute! It looks fun to stitch, the colors make you smile, and the tray is adorable.

  498. Thank you so much. I just checked my digital subscrotion and realized it has =d run out so i didnt have the last issue. All fixed now. I have had the last 25 issues via digital WOW (Thats over 6 years)and love takeing them every where with me. I also have many issues in print but they have been packed into boxes as i have moved house a few times. So for me digital is easier. I have looked back through the back issues online and love to see all the old smaocking issues but i was drawn to Issue 59. The pretty issue. I may even have this in print so i will have to dig through all my boxes to check.

    I find it interesting depending on where you are on you embroidery journey different things appeal – as you skills and ineteest change. When i first started out it was very cute and kiddy things now i am looking at more complex and refined items like the delicate pink satin stitch on the lovely bag.

    I purchased a kit for crewel work a a store any years ago and found the instructions a bit hard to decifier and then a few months later the same project was featured in Inspirations. This was amazing as the instructions were so much clearer and the digital photos were able to magnified so i could see the details very clearly.

  499. Inspirations Issue # 74 offers a trip around the world of embroidery including not only many stitches, but also styles from various cultures. Doesn’t this sound like fun ?

  500. What an overdose of beautiful projects. I have long had my eye on the SweetBag Project…..so it would be my choice!

  501. I am immediately drawn to the cover of issue 100 as I was going to stitch this for my BFF for this Christmas! I bought an old beautiful crystal bell at an Opportunity Shop (shop that sells second hand donated goods to raise money for charity here in Australia. We have lots of them) to use but the pressures of the year have outstripped my time frame for stitching it! So next year it will be !!!!

  502. Issue #75 speaks to me because of the 3 dimensional lilies and the dragon fly. I have seen a number of projects recently with the 3 dimensional flowers and can’t wait to try that. The cover is also very Springy in nature and since we are buried in snow, the spring flowers are awesome.

  503. Inspirations’ covers are all so beautiful, but issue 78 caught my eye. The sweet bird and fresh looking blue flowers on the tray and accessories are so appealing. I’d love to make that!

  504. The issue 88. For one, I love embroidered birds, for the second, the colours are very pleasing and this all was framed in a very nice composition for the photo.

  505. Love Issue No 94 called “Time Out”. Not only for the colourful cover but also for the name, as time out is coming for all of us over the festive season to indulge in reading Inspirations but stitching, stitching, stitching.!!

  506. I have been crafting my whole life I’ve been embroidering since I was 8. I love it! It is therapeutic for me. I would be honored if I actually won a prize.

  507. Issue #103 does indeed take my breath away. Thread painting is one of the most beautiful techniques I have seen. I only aspire to this amazing ability.

  508. My favorite back issue is #104 Season’s Greetings — first, because I love sparkly gold projects and second, because I’m always searching out new and creative ideas for Christmas projects. The gold and white candle is so elegant and would grace any Christmas decor! Many of the other back issues really would be wonderful as well, but this is the one that shines for me!

  509. I had not seen an Inspiration magazine beofe. They’re amazing. The cover that caught my attention is #102. It has colorful, fun birds on the cover. I love birds and colors. One of the reasons I do needlework is to play with coalor. Also the other projects look like fun too. Love the squirrel and snail.

  510. I like the cover on Issue 90. I did a double take when I saw it on the magazine shelf. The corn cob & it’s leaves were so real I had to take a very close look to be sure it was a piece of needlework.

  511. So much inspiration! So many INSPIRATIONS! Many of the magazine covers appealed to me, but if I were to choose one to peruse today, I would choose issue #88 with Trish Burr’s needle painted robin. I would really like to try that!
    Thank you, Mary!

  512. There are several great issues.

    If I had to choose just one, it would be issue #92 – Rejoice. The beaded ornament on the front is absolutely stunning! I love to bead and make Christmas ornaments. They sparkle and shine in the lights on the tree. I also live to make smalls for sewing. This issue has really nice ones in it I would love to make.

    Thanks so much Mary. You really do take good care of us!

    Jean LK >^..^<

  513. So many beautiful designs to choose from. Sue Spargo’s birds (#102), luscious pulled thread strawberries (#96) but I have already decided to try a new (to me) technique of Swedish Sollerosom embroidery from issue #101.

  514. I love Inspirations magazine!! I do have a few random copies, but I love #92 rejoice because I love to bead and love the ornament on the front!!

  515. This magazine I just looked at the cover and never inside. I would appreciate a subscription to be able to do learn other needlework.

  516. I love the cover of issue #98, the cover title says it all “So Pretty”! It gives a nostalgic feel.

    Lori (Lolo) W

  517. I like the covers of Issue 95 Showcase and Issue 88 Celebrate as I really enjoy thread painting embroidery.
    Dorothy Grimm

  518. Always have loved Issue 99 as I love flowers and bags. .This issue combines both on the cover with colors that pop…I have stitched one bag similar to this and gifted it…thank you

  519. I just love receiving my Inspirations Magazines. So much information, projects and offers to consider. My choice is issue 95. This issue takes pride of place as I love the variety of projects and completed the Magical Raised Embroidery Savanna Glory. Of all of my embroideries this piece has given me the greatest pleasure. Made with love I was thrilled to present it to my great nephew as a birth piece. This is certainly a Showcase to be proud of.

  520. Hi Mary.
    I think that the Inspirations back issue that is most inspiring for me is Issue #84. The seed packets suggest that there are many ideas for creating flowers and berries within the issue.
    Thanks Elinor

  521. I have been keeping my hands busy for 76 years. My grandmother started me off with embroidery. She would draw flowers in the corner of a napkin and taught me some easy stitches. Since then I have learned crochet and quilting. Now I am 83 and still at it. I can’t imagine life without a project to work on. Inspirations magazine is a beautiful example for inspiration and guidance.

  522. Issue 78 of Inspirations hit the spot! Love the birds and the garden flowers, just the sort of thing I love to embroider.

  523. The Inspirations issue 104 Season’s Greetings caught my eye. I did a goldwork class through the EGA and would like to pursue it more. I have always been impressed with the Inspirations magazine. The needle-arts in them are always amazing. I did look into a subscription, but there are always seemed to be other financial priorities.

  524. I like issue #99. It’s got a Jacobean feel with modern colors, but kept the two-dimension “rhythm”–I don’t know another work for it–that I happen to like very much.

  525. The lace projects featured in #86 are very intriguing to me! I can make thread crochet lace but I’d really love to experiment more with needlelace and various forms of embroidery lace, embroidery “in the air”!

  526. Hi Mary, hope you are enjoying the weather on your side of the world! It is a beautiful sunny day here. I love inspirations 51. One day I am hoping to stitch the Elizabethan Sweete bag project.

  527. Issue 51 for sure. I don’t know what that thing with the strawberries and tassels is, but I want to make it! I’d buy the issue right now if it wasn’t sold out. 🙁 (I DID make the purse on issue 63. It came out really nice.)

    I would LOVE a subscription to Inspirations. I used to buy it sometimes, but I’ve never felt quite wealthy enough to get a subscription.

  528. So many projects with many different techniques. I have a few of the older issues and I love to look through them. I’ve also completed a couple of the projects. This is THE BEST magazine.

  529. What fun browsing the back issues! I was particularly struck by Inspirations Issue 51 and the lovely Jacobean designed sweetbag with it’s many colors and varieties of stitches. That’s a project I know I’d really enjoy.

    Jennifer B. in NEPA

  530. Inspirations no.86. Blackwork is stunningly classic. Plus I love Victoria Laine’s work and did an amazing blackwork class with her.

  531. Issue 71. Liberty Rose quilt by Heather Scott. vintage looking quilt fabrics and embroidery, stunningly simple quilt.

  532. My mother taught me to embroider when I was 6. Life got in the way but I was able to squeeze in some counted cross stitch a few time but, didn’t do any other surface embroidery until I retired two years ago. The first surface embroidery I have done was the Festive Fall table runner that was recently released by Needle and Thread. I’m hooked again! I have so much to learn complicated by the fact that there are no longer any needlework stores in the St. Louis area with the exception of one needlepoint store (which I don’t care to learn) and the the chain stores who have small corners of thread and a very few tools. I am so happy to hear about Inspirations magazine because I have struggled greatly to find patterns to use and instructions to get those patterns onto cloth. I am very excited hearing about this magazine (I had never heard of it before today). If I could get one of the back issues I would love #72 with the beautiful blue and black butterfly on the cover. Unfortunately, it issued out. My second choice would be #89 with the incredible 3D flowers on the cover. I would love to learn that technique. I looks so amazing.

    Thank you for providing the information on this magazine!

  533. One of my favorite covers of Inspirations is the ear of corn from #90. Such a plain, common thing to focus on, done incredibly well. It revolutionized my concept of beauty in embroidery, and what stumpwork could actually be.

  534. it was hard to pick my one . Inspirations no 93 . I love the birds especially the cockatoo one it is a very special to me as it is symbol from my birthplace .i enjoy the magazine when it comes out lots of ideas and projects to do

  535. Issue 81 Embroidery from the Garden. Includes two of my favorite things in life- embroidery and gardening, and I love the blues on the cover!

  536. I experienced a rush of adrenaline when I saw the picture of the Boutis booties on the cover is issue #48. I had never heard of this type of needlework and I’m only a recent convert to embroidery. I love it as a way to embellish my sewing projects. I don’t think I would be able to ever make something as beautiful as this Boutis project, but I can dream!

  537. Inspirations 47 because I love vintage purses and that one in particular. In fact I liked it so much that I bought the kit and stitched it when the magazine first came out. I would love to win a subscription.

  538. The cover of Issue 88 is one of my favorites. Growing up in Maine Christmas was my favorite holiday. The bird perched on the holly and ivy reminds me of the nature of Maine. Making sure my candle stayed lit all the way home after midnight service is one of my cherished memories. The small church was only decorated using local evergreens. Usually the temps were low and there was snow on the ground. This cover reminds me of the peaceful feeling of Christmas.

  539. I like the needlecase in Issue 53. It looks easy enough for me to do and is something that I would use. The flower garden design is beautiful.

  540. The Inspirations cover that most appeals to me is for issue 99. I love the colors, and it looks like something I could actually accomplish!

  541. A very hard question, because they all make my heart go pitter pat and I am familiar with them all since I am a devotee. perhaps 96 and 90 with their fruit and veg 3d embroideries by Denise Forsyth and Julie Kniedl!
    vicki from Melbourne

  542. Inspirations #87 that Briar Rose is so beautiful who would not love to stitch it. Each issue is so beautiful. It was hard to pick just one.

  543. The cover/project that I found particularly beautiful was #97 — simple and elegant design with bright color. (Although, by looking inside #102, I found a 3-D butterfly project that was very striking — it should have been on the cover!)

  544. The cover that really catches my eye is the gold work candle shape in the most recent issue. That is sooo gorgeous!

  545. I like the peacock on the cover of issue 43 – what a fun creature to stitch! Thanks for these fun giveaways Mary – always fun to see what you post!

  546. Issue #90 with the ear of corn on the cover caught my eye and made me smile: not only is it really novel & clever, but it’s also so life-like – it sure is CUTE!!

  547. I wouldn’t be disappointed with any of the magazines, but I would choose #78 because the small items on the front appeal to me. Believe I would actually tackle them & give to friends. Thank you for the opportunity.

  548. It is almost impossible to choose one favourite cover as they are all “the world’s most beautiful”! However if pushed I will choose Issue 51 as I love the Elizabethan embroidery of Susan O’Connor and this piece is especially beautiful.

  549. Who can choose!! #43 caught my eye because I am working on designing a peacock piece. Love the magazine. Thanks, Marty

  550. The issue cover that catches my eye the most is Issue 72. In the warm weather, where I live, I see lots of butterflies. As a matter of fact, a black and blue butterfly landed in a tree, right in front of me, when I was sitting on the back porch. That, and the fact that I love the colors of the butterfly against the red flowers!

  551. Hi Mary,
    I have to say Issue 73 really resonates with me. My initial, J, plus a crewel pattern I love! I love Inspirations, and have subsribed for a little under 2 years. I’m definitley ordering issue 73! As a novice, most of the magazine’s projects are inspirational for me, but I think the cover projcet on this issue is going to be my first crewel project. Thank you so much —
    June House

  552. I love the bright colours on the covers of Issue 94 and Issue 102. Bright colours get me all the time! Thank you for the giveaway!

  553. Issue 65 because it is titled ‘Inspiring Gifts From The Heart” and I also love anything from Betsy Morgan which is on the cover. Lots of projects that I could make for family and friends.

  554. Issue 65. I’m a Betsy Morgan fan through and through and this is one of my favorite patterns of hers.

  555. Those birds on the cover of Issue 102 look like they could contribute to lots of stash-busting – they’re so happy and cheerful and would be such fun to work on.

  556. Issue #77 caught my eye. I like the bright colors – how the bottom left yellow shades up to oranges towards the top and right. The balance of the heavy bottom left corner against the lighter top right corner was also pleasing to my eye.

    Their covers are wonderful and my favorite are usually the busy ones with little accents to the main feature.

    Thank you for the fun of the Christmas giveaways.

  557. The colors and Sweetbag design of the issue 99 cover of Inspirations, is so appealing. I have this issue and was tempted to order the kit for the Sweetbag, but I never did. I have been getting Inspirations since the beginning and it’s the best magazine in the world!

  558. Beautiful project ideas #53
    I’d love to have a finished project in just a weekend!!
    And I’d LOVE to get a subscription!! I’ve been asking for it, but Santa hasn’t heard me yet!

  559. Issue 95 which unfortunately is sold out with the lovely purple and blue bird on the cover most appealed to me because I love birds and enjoy stitching projects with bird designs and quilting projects with bird fabric too.Purple is also a favorite color.

  560. I love this magazine and would love a subscription. My favourite cover is issue #73 for a couple of reasons: I love the style of embroidery pictured (Jacobean?) and I really like the idea of showcasing our talented Australian designers.

  561. Wow! Fantastic giveaway ~ Issue 80 with the embroidered pansies on a locket lept out at me ~ I make jewelry and love flowers and gardening, so it certainly is inspiring to see such beautiful embroidery used for jewelry designs.

  562. Issue #88, that bird is so life like and gorgeous! Plus I am ready for all things Christmasy at the moment. Thanks for the give aways and telling us about all these neat things!

  563. Issue #91 catches my eye. I don’t do a lot of beading but the color and dimension beads add to a project is amazing. I want to add more beads in future to get the extra sparkle. Actually all issues of Inspiration magazine are a delight. Something new or different with each magazine that makes me want to stitch, stitch, stitch!

  564. Oh wow I had never heard of Inspirations Magazine. It looks awesome. I am relatively new to embroidery and there is so much to enjoy and learn! Almost need another lifetime but your magazine would shorten that time. I use my own handspun threats in wool and silk and have done mostly freeform but I draw on the experience of a crewel workshop that I participated in once. Thank you for the opportunity of a gift and it will be on my wish list in times to come.

  565. I love Issue 74. The vividness of the flower center on the cushion (it has a special name that I cannot recall) is just gorgeous

  566. Issue 88. As soon as I saw Trish Burr’s little Robin, I new it would be my next project. It was a nice size with easy to follow instructions.

  567. Issue #87 catches my eye because of the beautiful pink stumpwork flower on the cover. I have enjoyed the stumpwork projects I’ve tried, and maybe this is a signal that I want to stitch more! Another wonderful giveaway, Mary. Thank you!

  568. Issue 86 Lovely Lace, Strawberry Blackwork as I am doing that class on the Needlework Tour in April.

  569. I would definitely choose issue number 94! Lately, I have been experimenting with felt, wool, and brightly colored thread in my stitching. The cover picture is just the project I would love to launch into.
    Linda from Houston, Texas

  570. Issue 101 reminds me of a multi-sided biscornu I stitched through our guild a few years ago. I liked it so much, I made more for gifts. While the other piece in the picture is not huck weaving, it reminded me of a bookmark we made to learn the process. It was so fun to play with different colors and thickness of fibers.

  571. The back issue I fell in love with was Issue 88, on the cover was Trish Burr’s Christmas Robin surrounded by beautiful holly leaves. (I purchased it before it was sold out!) The bonus of buying that issue was finding enclosed the chart and instructions for the Christmas bouquet, Christmas ball with stitched holly leaves, ivy and right red berries. I Think it is the close up photography of the step-by-step instructions for projects that win me over every time. I would love to have a subscription!

  572. Which back issue of Inspirations magazine would I choose? It was hard to choose, but I settled on Issue#83. The colour and design were irresistible!

    Thank you for this very fun contest!

  573. Issue 74A. The biscornu pincushion on the cover is beautiful. It is something I’ve always wanted to make.
    Pam from Gig Harbor

  574. Even though I like be them all, for me there is something about the blue on white of issue 101. Dramatic yet serene. The sea and the white foam of a wave. The sky with white fluffy clouds.
    Thank you,
    Katie P gr

  575. Oh my how I would love to win this particular giveaway! All the covers are works of art, but #87 spoke to me with it’s elegant simplicity.
    Louise Doney

  576. Well I will start by saying I drop with every issue I’ve ever seen! Luv this magazine but it’s just not in my budget but I luv it! I would really like to see issue 65 as it has gifts and cross stitch in it which I am doing more of this last year. But I have some embroidery I’d like to think can be gifts one day. Ty for a chance and good luck all❤️

  577. I think my favorite back issue is #61. The title says “Just Gorgeous “, and I think that describes all the magazine covers!

  578. I was a subscriber of Inspirations for the last two years and I think that this is the best embroidery publication in the world.

  579. Inspirations No. 27. The teddy bears are just so beautiful. It is the most amazing embroidery magazine, use to have a subscription to Inspirations and A&E Smocking, both one of a kind magazines!

  580. Oh, Mary, I have to go with Issue #98. The strong pastel colours, the wonderful texture of wool embroidered flowers on a natural rough linen, this pillow just sings to me. I have been a very long time subscriber to this beautiful magazine and a year long subscription would be a lovely treat.

  581. I’m fairly new to needlework, so I’ve never heard of Inspirations before, but after reading your comments, and looking at the magazine covers, I think that I’ll look for this magazine at my local bookseller. Many of the covers were enticing, but the one that appealed to me the most was #51 – though I don’t know why. It may be because of the traditional style of the picture, but then again, it may be because it has strawberries in it, and strawberries are always very fetching, particularly during the middle of a cold winter. In any case, thanks for bringing this lovely magazine to my attention.

  582. I love the embroidered clutch on the cover of issue #44! It’s something I’ve always wanted to create and this is the perfect “inspiration”!

  583. The colors, the patterns, the stitches and projects I’ve never tried, but am going to. My favorite are the birds and flowers–Issue 93 “Birds of a Feather” and Issue 88-a lovely Christmas gift!! Issue 84 Hollyhocks–magnificent colors and tecnique.
    ClaudiaK of CT

  584. I got to the cover of issue 96 of Inspirations and all I could think was “Where’s the needlework?” It took a minute to see that the yummy juicy strawberries in the bowl waiting to be devoured WERE the needlework! It made me laugh out loud! Just brilliant!

  585. The issue that drew me the most is #48, because of the quilted-looking white booties. I’m thinking of making my own fabric booties for my wedding (though probably blue instead of white) but have no idea where to start, so of course those caught my eye.

  586. I like the cover of issue #65, for all the little projects, especially the little boxes, which I’d love to make. All the covers are appealing.

  587. I love Inspirations magazine. I hang out for it to arrive and then I read it and re-read it. I particularly love the cover of issue 102 – living colour. To me it has all the joy of embroidery – comfort, colour, joy and exuberance in one happy pillow. I loved it so much I’ve bought the kit and am making it for my teenage daughter.

  588. Issue number 80 as I always wanted to learn how to do smocking and this little darling looks exactly like my granddaughter!

  589. More than one catches my eye. They are all so beautiful! Perhaps its because of the season, but the colorful little bird and holly leaves on Issue # 88 is the one I kept returning to. I have a fondness for birds!

  590. I am new to embroidery and issue 99 captured my attention with its colors and the variety of stitches used in the project. I am so excited about my new adventure with embroidery; I can choose to use colors in unusual and fun ways, and it allows me so much freedom to use color in any way that strikes my whimsies! I didn’t even know such a magazine existed and can’t wait to see my first edition.

  591. Very inspirational magazine. Looking forward to seeing what new projects will be coming in 2020.
    Pat R.

  592. Issue 102 without a doubt. I recognized Sue Spargo’s bright colored birds right away. I love her work and have been inspired to buy her book Creative Stitching which has led me to become obsessed with all kinds of embroidery. I just spent the last hour pinning some Inspirations projects that really caught my eye. So much to do! So little time! Thanks for the give-aways Mary!

  593. Issue #65….I am fascinated by the “boxes” and etui’s..the caskets that have been described and photographed in Inspirations. I have seen an issue of this wonderful magazine and it is chock full of delights and inspiration!

  594. I love the cover of issues 69. The little country looking village is so quaint. I would love to visit a place some day that looks like that!