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Stitcher’s Christmas #10: Floche – the Whole Set!


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Good morning! Happy Eve of Christmas Eve – and welcome to the last installment of this year’s Stitcher’s Christmas series on Needle ‘n Thread!

Today’s give-away is a little bit different. It came to me out of the blue, from Phyllis Brown in North Carolina, who wrote to offer a whole set of cotton floche for this year’s series! Needless to say, for your sakes, I couldn’t resist! I’m really excited to offer it to you, because I love floche.

The give-away is for a whole set of 1/3-hank twists of floche (around 56 yards per twist, with one of every 90+ colors), to one super duper lucky winner! I’ll tell you more about it below.

I’ll also announce the winner of last Wednesday’s give-away for Jenny Adin-Christie’s beautiful needlework tools.

Stitcher's Christmas: Set of Floche embroidery thread

Phyllis has a website at Heirloom Beginnings, where you can read a little bit more about her.

She is a smocking instructor for SAGA (the Smocking Arts Guild of America) and an active and enthusiastic member of the EGA (Embroiderers’ Guild of America).

Stitcher's Christmas: Set of Floche embroidery thread

While she doesn’t have a shop online just yet, Phyllis sells floche, since it is a favorite thread for smocking, but tends to be hard to come by. If you are interested in buying floche by the 1/3 hank (or by the full hank), just drop Phyllis a line through her website.

I know there are lots of avid smockers and heirloom stitchers out there who are looking for resources – you should add Phyllis to your list, as she can help you find what you need!

She’s also available for teaching, and she has a vast line-up of classes that she can teach to your group.

Stitcher's Christmas: Set of Floche embroidery thread

Now, about floche…

What is Floche?

If you haven’t heard of the thread, I’ve written about it a few times here on Needle ‘n Thread. This article, which compares floche to coton a broder (another softly-twisted, non-divisible cotton embroidery thread), will probably give you the most information about it.

This article shares three good reasons why you should try floche.

This article – which is quite old, but still good – illustrates a comparison between floche and stranded cotton (that’s the 6-stranded DMC floss we’re all familiar with) and pearl cotton.

Floche used on a monogram R

I’ve also written about using Floche for long and short stitch, as well as floche with satin stitch, and of course, I’ve used floche on many a monogram – like this R tulip monogram – because it is a wonderful for monogramming.

In fact, I use floche extensively in Stitch Sampler Alphabet, my collection of decorative letters featuring a huge variety of stitches and variations of stitches. So if you have that e-book, but you’ve not tackled the letters yet because you’re not flush with floche (you can substitute stranded cotton, but anyway…), today’s give-away is a great way to give you the whole set to play with!

What Makes this Give-Away a Little Different?

Usually, the give-away gifts for A Stitcher’s Christmas are mailed directly from the business offering the gift. But with this particular give-away, I’ll be mailing the set of floche…. which means I’ll also have the opportunity to enclose a special surprise or two for the winner.

If I told you what, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now, would it? But I’m pretty sure you’ll like the package and everything within!

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away has ended. Thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment on the comment form below. If you’re not sure how to get to the comment form, click on this link – it will take you straight there. Your comment must be left on the website on today’s article, not on any other article. Comments submitted via email are not eligible and I am not able to reply to them due to time constraints. Please do not comment as a reply to another comment. Replies are not counted.

2. Be sure that your comment has a name on it that is recognizable as yours. You might include a last name, nickname, or the place you live.

The reason I particularly mention this one is that it reduces confusion when the winner is announced. It’s always hard to disappoint people if they mistake the name for their own!

3. Make certain your email address on the comment form is entered correctly, so that I can email you if you win. Leave the “website” line of the comment form empty. Do Not leave your personal contact information in the comment box itself. In other words, don’t sign your comment with your email address or your mailing address! That’s just an invitation for spam.

4. In your comment, answer the following question:

If you had a whole set of floche at your fingertips, what do you imagine you’d stitch with it? I’d love to hear your ideas for the thread!

5. Leave your comment before 5:00 AM central time (Kansas, USA) this Friday, December 27th. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and will be announced in the blog article that day, along with the winners of last Friday’s give-away from The French Needle (sign up for that one, too, if you haven’t!)

So go forth and comment, and in 2020, maybe you’ll be playing with a huge collection of lovely floche… along with a few little special somethings from me.

The give-aways for A Stitcher’s Christmas are open to everyone, but please be aware that, if you are subject to customs or duty fees, they are your responsibility.

Jenny Adin-Christie Tools Winner!

And the collection of lovely stitching tools from Jenny Adin-Christie goes to Penny S in Iowa – I will drop you a line today, Penny!

For those who have written in and asked, I noticed that Jenny has restocked some of her kits lately, too, so if they were on your wish list – check them out! I’m currently trying to resist her whitework workbasket kit.

Coming Up

I’ll pop in on Christmas with a little homemade Christmas cheer for you, and then on Friday, I’ll announce the winners of the last two installments of A Stitcher’s Christmas, 2019.

Then I’ll be taking a short break until the 6th of January. I’ll be working behind the scenes as usual, but the website needs a little clean-up before we lunge too far into 2020!

Hope you’re week’s off to a grand start!


(1,269) Comments

  1. I would do monograms. I’ve got the Stitch Sampler Alphabet but haven’t used it yet. This would be a great opportunity!

  2. I would use the floche for cross stitch and for stitching smalls. Also to give dimension to surface embroidery.

    1. Oh what a fantastic prize. I love using floche for shadow embroidery. And your E book of monograms, which I’ve had since you first released it, is calling my name.
      Thanks ever so much for all you do and share. Merry Christmas!

  3. oooo!!! this is kinda like spending lottery money before buying a ticket – maybe i could embroidery lots of solid fillers instead of mostly outlines like i do now…

    1. I would embroider some Jacobean motifs, making pillow covers. I love using lots and lots of colors when I embroider so having a complete set would be a treat.

  4. Ohh what a wonderful give-away! Flowers, lots of flowers to stitch up! Glorious flowers, and maybe a monogram with flowers!

  5. With a whole set of floche, I imagine monogramming all sorts of things. I haven’t had the chance to stitch with floche yet, but it sounds like a dream.

  6. When I was a little girl (back in the 50’s), my grandmother made all of my dresses and smocked every one of them! They were absolutely gorgeous. When I see photos of ‘back then’ I am amazed at the variety and beauty she created. I would love to learn to smock and be able to make such lovely things for grandchildren some day.

  7. For a while, I wouldn’t use it at all. I would admire it, and touch it, and arrange it, and just enjoy its loveliness.
    Then, I would make some classic smocked outfits for my grandbabies-to-be.

  8. I know exactly what I would do! I would love to embroider a I Believe in Santa piece! I’ve seen these in cross-stitch–would love to try embroidering it in beautiful threads and stitches! Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh goodness! Flosche is awesome and almost impossible for me to get over on the other side of the pond (I have a few.. and they are treasured).

    I’ve been meaning to do a larger embroidered piece but don’t really fancy doing it with 6 stranded cotton or perle, and wool is too thick so having a full set of floche would make it more than possible. I don’t usually plan my embroideries when I go off the cross stitch track, I just doodle and wonderful things happen. It’s so relaxing to just start and then see where I end up.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. My “usual” thing is counted work. Our EGA chaper did a surface embroidery project last year and I found I really enjoyed it. It had been so long since I’d worked on surface embroidery and the freedom of not counting was wonderful. I’d use the floche to do some surface embroidery projects I’ve been eyeing.

  11. Wow—a whole set of floche! I recently purchased the Stitch Sampler Alphabet and I have a couple of books of monogram templates. I could really go to town stitching monograms on all sorts of things—maybe start with a monogrammed pillow for my daughter’s dorm room, a needlebook for my stitching buddy, a monogrammed tote for myself…. and I wouldn’t be hampered by restrictions on the colors of floche that I have on hand or have to trust computer monitors to choose colors while ordering online. What a wonderful give-away!

  12. I haven’t worked with floche yet, so I would start by doing some experimenting. Maybe a project on high count fabric. Maybe a surface work embroidery project. I have a pattern for an alphabet that I got years ago that would probably be fun to do with this thread.

  13. I’ve only stitched with floche once, a small bargello piece. Didn’t really like it for that. I’d love to try surface embroidery with it, maybe some stumpwork. I think it would make lovely animal fur.

  14. With a whole set of floss I would start by embroidering some fruit and veggies. I’d start with a pomegranate with goldwork, move on to some beautiful asparagus, and then maybe try an orange cut in half. Who knows after that!

  15. If I am the lucky winner, I would spend the year working on your set of mandalas with my granddaughter, bonding over thread!

  16. Jennifer Wollesen – I’m not sure what I’d do with the floss. I would need suggestions.

  17. Oh my goodness! I first started working with floche for the floral monograms that you offer here on your website, and I fell in love! Floche is just so lovely and easy to work with. I think if I had a whole set, I’d use it to embroider a floral wall hanging for my brand new house.

  18. I’ve come to enjoy doing some canvas ornaments, and I’ve been using the Planet Earth cottons for them. I think they’d look great in floche! I also do a lot of surface embroidery that could use some too.

  19. If I had all that floche, I would do a smocked-top nightgown and housecoat for my little grand-daughter. I used to do a lot a smocking when my daughter was young but she outgrew the style. Now that I have a grand-daughter I would just love to get into it again. I love working with the wonderful fabrics and great threads.
    Happy Holidays!

  20. I would start out with learning how to do smocking, which I have always been drawn to…and then would also use floche for stitching original designs I am creating of my memories.

  21. Most of my stitching over the last 10 or so years has been counted work. Lately I’ve been feeling I should do more “conventional” surface stitching. I’d love to experiment with the lovely colors and texture of floche.

  22. If I had a whole set of floche at my fingertips, what do I imagine I’d stitch with it?

    Would Love to try embroidery with floche…never have.
    I would do a Sampler on linen.
    Have only done one and that was over 42 years ago when pregnant with son. It’s time for another.

  23. I have a large stash of DMC/Anchor floss and would love to experience the feel and use of floche. I am moving back to embroidery from Needlepoint and know this would be a good experience! The colors are wonderful providing many opportunities to experiment! Thanks Mary!

  24. Oh there are so many possibilities. I’d like to try it for blackwork for one. I’m also trying to find some different threads to use for a canvas work project I have in mind so I might try some there. I also have another canvas project started where I could use them.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  25. If I had a whole set of floche I would start some smocking ornaments! They are so pretty and this thread would be perfect for them. Also would like to do a monogrammed pillow case set! I am excited just imagining it! Lol

  26. Wow! I can hardly imagine having a whole set of floche! I have used it several times and love the way it glides through fabric. I would love to use it for my surface embroidery stitching alphabets and flowers!

  27. If I had a set of floche, I would stitch something that has many colors in it. The sheen on floche is lovely.

  28. I would use the floche to practice satin stitch using the myriad of patterns I have collected over the years. I love combining colors and with 90 colors to choose from! What fun!
    Merry Christmas Mary!

  29. If I were to win the floche I would be running to find my smocking patterns and pleater. I used to smock dresses for my daughters who are now grown adults with careers and families. My current husband has kids who have provided us with two beautiful granddaughters, ages 18 months and 2+ years. While I have all the dresses my daughters wore to pass along, I would love to create some new dresses for the new babies. The floche set would be the ultimate inspiration and motivator.

  30. I have always wanted to do a “calendar” in embroidery. Not a typical calendar but a stitch diary of sorts for each day. With a full set of threads I’d like to explore color combinations and a variety of stitch meditations. Using the same thread would give some continuity to the project.

  31. I’d stitch some kind of non-conventional sampler: maybe one stitch for each color of floche, or a garden of flowers.
    Who am I kidding? For a while at least, I’d just array them somewhere and enjoy looking at the rainbow of thread!

  32. Oh, if I had the whole Floche set I would indulge me in one of the Betsy Morgan’s projects, as I recently bought “Willings Hands” from Inspirations studios and I think they would look lovely in Floche and linen!!

  33. What would I stitch? What _wouldn’t_ I stitch? It’s such a versatile thread. But at the moment I’d like to stitch a third version of my Tree of Life project (I’m doing one in wool and one in silk) just to see how different it can look with this thread!

  34. I would love to embroider a tree skirt for my christmas tree with the floche. Obviously not for this year! But next year the whole family may be converging at my house and I’ll need to up my decoration game.

  35. A whole set of floche?!!!! The possibilities are endless but I think I would do some smocking for a neighbor’s newborn. I made my daughter a smocked dress more than 50 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed doing it so this opportunity might rekindle my interest.

  36. I’m sorry to say I got behind on the contest. I had Pneumonia. Now its Bronchitis and its been going on for going on 7 weeks now. UGH.

    If I had that floss I would embroider a blanket and throw pillows to match. (after I got done looking at it for awhile) lol. I love thread and I enjoy looking at it and touching it. I know it sounds goofy but that is just me. I have been wanting to make myself something for along time. It seems everything I make goes as a gift to someone. Because I love to share. I actually own one thing I made. I have a few projects I started for myself. My new years resolution is to finish the embroidery I have started. Hopefully by the end of the year I will own lots of beautiful embroidery.

  37. I would (try to) finally finish the lovely garden picture that I just don’t seem to have time to get around to now I am a Grandma!

  38. I would use floche on throw pillows or pillow shams using a design that would typically be used for crewel work, incorporating both animals and some over-sized floral aspects.

  39. Wow! What a fabulous giveaway! I haven’t used floche before, but would love to have the chance to win this lovely thread. I would use it to do a variety of projects waiting in queue, but the first would be one of Hazel Blomkamp’s crewel designs. I’m finishing ” A Sherry For Jack” and haven’t decided which one to tackle next. Thanks Mary, and Merry Christmas!

  40. Have no idea what I might stitch but with that selection of floche I think I could stitch about anything I choose. And since you taught me how to unravel it I love floche .

  41. What a wonderful Christmas gift a set of floche would be! Personally I would use it largely on wool appliqué and art quilts, but I have a small collection of floche that I have used almost anywhere a small perle would be useful.

  42. I will be teaching a class using Phyllis Maurer’s text Techniques of Armenian Interlacing. We will be stitching with floche because it is perfect for this type of stitching and interlacing.

  43. The sky would be the limit when it came to stitching with this set of wonderful colours! I have always wanted to try and make a treasure box. I have a wooden carcass which I have kept for years and it would be fabulous to design panels for the top and sides with peacocks and floral designs. This would give me all the choices I could possibly need.

  44. Hi Mary,
    What beautiful colors! I recently purchased a fireplace screen at an estate sale that has a nicely stitched needlepoint chair back mounted inside. What I have been itching to do is stitch an 18th century reproduction of a shepherd / shepherdess picture….. I have found several that will adapt perfectly. I’m crossing my fingers!
    Merry Christmas.

  45. I would definitely be doing some smocking with these threads, but also experimenting in some Jacobean crewel work. Merry Christmas to all!

  46. I just took a class with Lorna Bateman on embroidering English Gardens (and bought her book as well) so I think the floche would be perfect to incorporate into a lovely stitched garden with colorful flowers and birds with lush greenery.

  47. While I would love to learn how to smock, I love using embroidery to embellish my quilts, as well as the dresses I make for my granddaughter. I’ve been intrigued by the possibilities of floche since reading your posts on different types of thread. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you so much,and best wishes for the holidays and the new year to come!

  48. I’ve been itching to do the Stitch Sampler Alphabet, but I also have a dream in design for a crazy quilt and I think the floche would be wonderful for not only the seam embellishments but also the motifs within the patches.

  49. I would love to have a collection so beautiful to use in pattern`s with the changes of the seasons which are as wonderful as the colours of the threads. So many uses for them and thank you for the chance to win them.

  50. If I had a whole set of Floche threads I would work on flowers. The colors are wonderful just as the thread.

  51. I would use on an embroidery of a bird I’ve been wanting to do. I think this would work so well.

  52. I just joined the EGA. I would like to learn to embroider. The first class they offered was your crewel rooster. I don’t have wool, so I’m doing it in DMC. It would be great to have some lovely beautiful colors that shine so wonderful to choose the colors to do the rooster. Thanks for all you do Mary. You have made starting into the embroidery world much easier.

  53. Wow!! I would try floche on EVERYTHING!! I love the way the thread works in your videos as well as the way it shows in your finished projects. Merry Christmas Mary! Blessings on and for all you do. Peace.

  54. I would use it for stitching a mandala with flower like forms. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks

  55. I tend to pick needlepoint canvases with bright colors. Cloche has the most brilliant pigments! The texture of the thread allows for smooth stitches whether long/short or Hilton stitches.

  56. I’d love to use the floche threads with the cotton fabrics I dyed this summer with natural dyes. Shiny is lovely but I think the matte would be a good accompaniment in this case. I’m planning to combine the small pieces into larger ones for either cushions or bags, with hand stitched motifs from nature on each piece.

  57. I would love to try to make a book of stitches. I see them on Pinterest all the time. It would be a way to try a lot of new stitches, and small patterns with a new thread. Merry Christmas everyone.

  58. Merci de partager avec nous vos conseils et vos expériences.
    Je broderais un tableau de fleurs.

  59. I would love to try floche. I don’t believe I have ever used it, but with a lovely new granddaughter I need to get smocking, so have an immediate use for it. There is also a plan to stitch some of the fishes we saw when diving in the Caribbean in November, the sketch is ready, just need to put the materials together

  60. Oh, this would be a smocker’s dream come true. I have a granddaughter who has almost outgrown smocked dresses, and have just been blessed with a new granddaughter. Almost all my smocking has been done with floss, until the last project, where I fell in love with floche. I am so excited about being able to sew pretty little smocked dresses for another granddaughter! It would be wonderful to have such a wonderful stash of floche!

    1. I’ve been wanting to do a book sampler of the patterns I’ve already chosen to leave for my daughter when I’m gone. They are really detailed and this would be the perfect threads to do it with. My daughter would absolutely love this keepsake to continue to pass on to other family members!

  61. A delightful surprise which caught me completely unprepared. Think I would have to just lay out all those gorgeous threads and I know inspiration will strike

  62. I tend to pick needlepoint canvases with bright colors. Floche has the most brilliant pigments! The texture of the thread allows for smooth stitches whether long/short or Hilton stitches.

  63. Kicking myself that I did not get the floche Marion Scoular had at Gateway to Stitching in October!

  64. If you had a whole set of floche at your fingertips, what do you imagine you’d stitch with it?

    I could see myself doing a set of kaleidoscopes using a variety of colors.

  65. I would love to try to stitch your alphabet with the floche. I cross stitch and have not done embroidery for many years. Thank you.

  66. I would embroider a table runner that I just purchased (it was on sale). I love the coverage of floche and a whole set of floche would be amazing.

  67. That is beautiful floche! If I had the whole set, I would embroider a series of needle painted flowers to decorate the walls in my new place!

  68. Dear Mary,

    I would use it to work on the smock dresses, which I have cut out in all the most amazing colours, not just the traditional flowers, paisley in vibrant reds, greens and cream. Bright orange and fuchsia pink florals. I wonder if the cliche works better than DLC for the smocking on the dresses? This is my escape from all the testosterone which surrounds me with a household full of men….(as the only female, out is my duty to make sure I surround myself with feminine pursuits?…)

  69. I’ve never used it and would LOVE to use it in a major project I’m doing of a forest scene on the back of a jacket and of course on the front and maybe the sleeves. I’m looking for ways to add depth and textures so this would really help.

  70. With 90 colors of Floche I would do a 17th century embroidered chemise book cover that used all 90.

  71. I don’t know exactly what I’d be stitching, yet. Most of what I stitch is for my favorite charity, The Back to School Clothing Drive in Phoenix. Each of the 3000 girls that were approved by their school gets a purse. (in addition to other things) I look at a purse as a blanket canvas for embellishing. And I always hope that something I make might inspire a little girl to learn more about needlework.

    And then there is the issue of a rainbow collection of Floche – my heart rate really sped up when I saw that!!

  72. I’ve never smocked with Floche before but have done some of Mary’s floral Monograms on dresses for the granddaugthers with floche. I have several pieces of fabric lined up for spring dresses including 2 yummy Liberty lawns that I’d love to try smocking with floche.

  73. First, wow! Gorgeous! I think I would work a project on wool, black wool. I imagine the beautiful floche colors would truly be amazing on the black wool. Thank you for sharing all the info on this fabulous thread. It is magnificent!

  74. I have been collecting Mandela patterns to stitch and would love to try floche on them. I am an avid cross stitcher so have an abundant supply of 6 strand cotton, so this is an opportunity to try something new.

  75. How is it that a whole basketful of floche would be available in one cache?! While my passion is needlepoint, I read your blog religiously for several reasons: my family hails from Kansas; I grew up embroidering; your writing is delightful; I LEARN so much. So this multitude of colors is perfect for a canvas of painted flowers that sits in my stash drawer, designed by “Colors of Praise,” waiting for all the threads that will make it perfect.

    Gail from St. George, Utah

  76. I have the monograms ebook but haven’t created anything yet. All that beautiful floche would certainly inspire me to get stitching!

  77. I love floche. I have several Japanese embroidery books featuring wildflowers that I would love to interpret in floche. So many projects that I don’t know which to choose first. I would embroidery a bunch of kitchen towels to give away for Christmas gifts. Pick me, pick me!

  78. Beetles. I knew in an instant.
    I would use the floche for my surface embroidery design inspired by Jane Nicholas. It is an 8-inch circle with a central cross of 4 large beetles (heads butting) inspired by her ideas and techniques. The cross is surrounded by curls of foliage. Tucked in among the leaves are small humorously colored beetles.
    I started it on linen, in great colors of 6-strand cotton but, I am not satisfied; I would happily start all over again with a full set of floche. I have wanted to work with it for several years.

  79. I would love to try the floche threads. I do several types of needlework but have done very little embroidery and plan to do lots more in 2020. I am thinking about a floral design for a center of a quilt (which I am getting my feet wet there too). I love all the gorgeous colors and would love to win this set. Thank you Phyllis and Mary. Merry Christmas.

  80. I want to learn to stitch monograms and believe the softness and just loose enough twist would enhance monogram stitching. I love monograms in white – but having the choice of colours to experiment with would really enhance the stitched letters.

  81. Good Morning and Merry Christmas to all ~

    What an amazing and wonderful surprise !
    I love floche and it is my very fave of all threads.
    The colors are amazing and very hard for me to come by.
    I hope everyone is safe and warm and has an enjoyable holiday and thanks to Mary for all her hard work and endeavors on a very succesful year.

  82. Each year I make hearts for all the ladies in the family. Each year they are different. I would like to use the floche to embroider the designs on the hearts.

  83. I have never heard of this thread and would like to try it. I do crazy quilting and it looks perfect.

  84. Good morning Mary,
    How sad that this fun time with your goodie-giveaways has come to an end for the year, I have eagerly looked forward to each instalment. Thinking about a response to your question each time, and then reading the responses submitted by all those other stitchers ‘out there’ has been such a pleasure.
    I so far haven’t used floche, but have been following your articles on how it performs and how good it is to use, so it’s been on my ‘will try this’ list. On reflection I think I would try using it on some Art Deco designs I have in my stash which make use of laid stitches in solid blocks of colour. And now I have my fingers and toes crossed again….
    Merry Christmas to you and yours with hopes that 2020 will be happy and healthy. Thank you for the pleasure (and of course the informed discussions) you have given throughout the year.

  85. I love floche and have used it in several of my designs. With the entire range of floche I would create several more of my garden series designs.

  86. I love floche I have used it in my smocking I I would love more to use in smocking! Thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas! pd44

  87. The floche thread is so exciting! Thank you to both Mary and Phyllis for offering this wonderful give away! If I was lucky enough to win I’d use it for 2 vintage tapestries I bought off EBay. I’ve had them a long time trying to figure out exactly what would be right. I treasure them so much I’m almost afraid I won’t be a good enough embroiderer to do them justice. Having great floche will make me more confident. I’d love to incorporate these threads into them.

  88. Floche, beautiful floche …. the possibilities are just about endless. One project I particularly enjoyed using it on was a Marion Scholar class doing Richelieu embroidery. That was done in an off-white, so trying something like that in funky colors would be fun. And, there would be Christmas ornaments to stitch and maybe a sampler or 3 …. or …. or … or?
    The feel of this thread is incredible, almost like silk with the durability of a DMC.

    Merry Christmas, Mary and and every one else reading this here blog!

  89. I just love the idea of trying smocking with Floche. I do a lot of smocking and would also use it for embroidering monograms. I taught myself to smock when we had a granddaughter after five grandsons! I realised I did not know how to smock and purchased a book of smocking and also a subscription to Australian Smocking and Embroidery, which sadly is no longer published. I smocked for all six granddaughters and now have two great granddaughters and like to make smocks as presents for new little girls. Such a wonderful Christmas gift from Phyllis Brown for your fans. Thank you. Geraldine Melrose

  90. The first thing that comes to mind is a stitch sampler that would focus on colour and stitch design. The range of colours in this gift of floche is wonderful and a sampler made with them would become a heirloom piece. Thank you for your generosity and wonderful inspirational resource that this site provides. Merry Christmas and wishing you a happy, healthy New Year.

  91. Frankly, I don’t have a specific project in mind at the moment, but the lustre of this thread is beautiful and I would like to use it on some gifts I am making for special people.

  92. Wow! I have been wanting to venture into needle painting and I think these threads could be the stimulus! Merry Christmas!

  93. Being in the Uk it is really hard to obtain floche As I love smocking and surface embroidery I would really appreciate the chance to have a set like this to work with. It would make a lovely change to experiment with a different thread.

  94. I had never used floche until I read your article sometime ago and managed to purchase some in Madeira. I love the feel and texture of the thread and want to experiment more with embroidery stitches in free style embroidery and Madeira embroidery which I love!

  95. There’s never going to be enough time in my lifetime to use up that much thread but I would try – on my Crabapple Hill Studio quilts, my Mirabilia cross stitch patterns, my wool applique projects, and then I would try to donate to people that love to stitch but have a limited budget.

  96. A whole set of floche requires a whole set of monograms. This would give me a chance to choose colours and monogram styles to meet each recipient’s personality for my large extended family.

  97. Oh my goodness me…the possibilities are endless! I think I’d probably use it for a really fabulous sampler to display in my sister’s house. She just moved to Pittsburgh a couple years ago and bought a former convent that’s been converted to a single-family home. Needless to say, her family has LOTS of extra wall space!

  98. You never cease to amaze me – just the thrill of entering for a chance reminds me of wishing when I was a kid for a special gift at Christmas! What would I do with the set? I’d try to design a piece from multiple designs to incorporate as many colors as I could!!! It would kind of be a memory piece of the give away I think. Thank you Phyllis and Mary for this opportunity to win such a generous gift! An Happy Holidays to all. Health and Happiness in the coming New Year!

  99. This thread is gorgeous! I can imagine several projects with pillows and napkins, etc. I think it would be wonderful to complete as you have done with floral themes. It is great to know that a fellow North Carolinian sells such wonderful thread. Merry Christmas to you!

  100. Wow. If I were to win I would like to get back into some crewel embroidery–currently doing mostly counted thread work. Love the designs of Trish Burr and Helen Bloehmkamp and floche seems like the perfect thread to use. Great Holiday wishes to you and yours.

  101. So many charts in my stash, so little time…… I would chose at least one from my “flowers” collection , one from my “Long Dog” collection, and play around with Bargello designs.

  102. I’d tackle Mary’s alphabet! What fun it would be to have such a beautiful assortment of floche to choose from!

  103. First thing I’d do with a full set of floche is call Marnie to say, “OMG I have a whole set of floche!” Then I would bring out a blackwork cardinal that I’ve been wanting to start (of course it’s in red!).

    What a wonderful give-away. Thank you.

  104. I think, at first, I would use it in my cross stitch. I’ve heard it makes the stitches very puffy, which I like the sound of. Then maybe try something I haven’t done before. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Floche!

  105. Like Phyllis, I am also an avid smocked, and would love to have the whole color range to spark my creativity! This is a wonderful gift!

  106. I am embarking on a whole new stage of embroidery for me. I am designing my own piece! I want a Middle East theme and have chosen a paisley that will be embellished in gold and bright colors. They should be soft threads to reflect the Persian carpets they so often appear in. Cotton Floche would do it!! Thanks for the timely offer! Another light bulb for this design just came on!

    Paula in VA

  107. If I was lucky enough to win the set of Floche, I’d finally stitch up the Stitch Sampler Alphabet! I’d start with the initials of family members.

  108. I have not heard of floche & will be excited to try something new. I want to make that beautiful tulip monogram. Patsy R from Philly

  109. I think I would use this magnificent gift to embroider a mandala/kaleidoscope type of design. It would give me the most scope for playing with as many of the colors as I can!

  110. What would I stitch with Floche? Oh my! What WOULDN’T I stitch? I can see it in small landscape embroideries, household linen embellishments, baby items (I have a new baby niece), accessories, stitched brooches, and maybe even some smocking (see baby niece news above)!

  111. Oh my! I love floche and use it often when doing canvas work. I just purchased some beautiful silk on a trip overseas so perhaps I will try some monogramming. Never tried it before but Mary’s pictures make it look easy!

  112. This is wonderful! To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what to stitch with it. I’d probably leave it out on my table to admire and touch until the absolutely right project came along. Thanks to you and those companies who donated the wonderful items. Merry Christmas! Tresa in Kansas

  113. I would love to work on you stitch sampler alphabet with the Floche thread. I have never used it so it would be very exciting to try it out on your beautiful letters!!

  114. I would stitch another Stitch Sampler Alphabet using floche with a linen background, unlike my first sampler which I did on a flour sack towel.

  115. I’ve been sitting here thinking of what I would do with a whole set of floche and my mind is just boggling! So much fun! I would first probably do some pix for my 4 grandchildren, they love it when I embroider something for them! Then, I might just create something for myself! Thanks for the opportunity, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  116. This year I planned to make needle keeps for my friends. I think using floche would be beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about it as an alternative to other threads. Best wishes to everyone for a beautiful holiday.

  117. I love the feel of floche. And to have a complete color set would be incredible. I would use it on a small (17 x 24) wool appliqué piece I am currently working on.
    Pam from Gig Harbor

  118. So many possibilities! Certainly on my upcoming owls wool embroidery, but also I’ve been wanting to do some monograms so it sounds like floche would be good for that.

  119. When I see a whole range of embroidery colors, I always think … flowers! A whole, beautiful garden of flowers!

    Merry Christmas, Mary. Blessings to you and yours.

  120. I recently took a smocking class but have been dismayed by the lack of adult clothing for clothing projects. I’m determined to sew some non juvenile blouses adorned with sophisticated smocking touches.

  121. Such beautiful colors. When I see them stitched up in your tulip letter, they look so soft, inviting me to touch and stroke the textures.

    If I was incredibly lucky to win this set, first I would be screaming and jumping up and down! I would bring them to my embroidery class so all my ladies could have a chance to stitch with cloche so as to compare it to floss and perle cotton. Then, I see a beautiful wildflower scene full of bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, sunflowers and prairie roses with a broken down cedar fence in the background against a clear blue sky. Perhaps a stream in the the background lined with trees – Cyprus maybe? I like dreaming….

    Thank you Mary!

    Mary in Texas

  122. If I had a whole set of Floche the sky would be the limit for what I could use it on. It is great for backgrounds. I am currently stitching a tiger belt with Floche. I plan on using it for a purse strap.

  123. I’ve read about floche but have never seen it and would love to try it! One of my goals this year is to make several monograms and this would make them spectacular! Thanks for doing this!

  124. This looks like a wonderful package and such an array of colors. Would love to win this.

  125. What would I stitch with this floss?First of all I would just put it in my stitching room and look at it. Then I would pull out a number of linen canvases I have had for years, all with Jacobean crewel type designs and stitch and stitch and stitch. Although using wool would be more appropriate, floche actually looks great with a nice sheen very different from wool.

  126. Oh but the possibilities are endless. There is a beautiful pattern for an embroidered blanket in one of my volumes of Inspiration – a bouquet of sunflowers – that I would love to adapt to a quilt. My favorite patterns tend to be wildflowers, so all the colors here would be wonderful.

  127. If I had all this amazing floche, I would use it in so many projects. But, it would be used first for the embroidered clutch I’m making for my granddaughter’s wedding next year.

  128. If I won the beautiful prize of floche I would use it for embroidered monogrammes which could be framed as gifts for family and friends, and also for nursery decor hoops for newborns, which I donate to be sold in aid of my local baby hospice.
    Thank you

  129. Wow! Where to start with such a beautiful collection! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about old fashioned samplers and that collection would make a lovely start.
    Merry Christmas!
    Carrie G Plane Nut

  130. Merry Christmas Mary! Wow, Floche, what can I say. I have been hearing about this everywhere, most recently on Fibertalk with Gary and Vonna. I am getting back into my embroidery, of which my favorite is silk ribbon embroidery. From what I hear the colors and the beautiful feel would really compliment the ribbon. I do mostly freehand embroidery stitching scenery or beautiful flowers I find on my walks or drives. I enjoy mixing Perle cotton, linen and other threads together for depth and texture. I am also going to get out my pulled thread projects and it seems the Floche would be great to work with.
    Can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is. thank you!

  131. I had never used Floche until I bought your Twelve Christmas trees and you were using it. I decided to give it a try!
    It is a wonderful soft luxurious product and so nice to use!
    I am sure that I would find many uses for it!
    Thank you

  132. I am a shocker as well as doing other needle work arts. Let’s see, with a full set of floche I would make a smocked baby gift for my neighbor who is expecting their first baby in 2020. Then I would use Susan O’Connors monogram book and do some linens. Then of course there is a night gown I was hoping to smock for my daughter, and then……who knows? The possibilities are endless.

  133. Floche is such a wonderful thread with which to work and an assortment like this would be invaluable. Though I almost always think embroidery first, today I immediately thought that this would be great for temari balls. I have so many designs saved and would love to have a variety of floche to create a whole display of multi-colored designs.

  134. I have never tried cloche because I have been unable to find it in my local area. I would love to try it for appliqué and embellishment on pure wool which is my current passion.

  135. The offering in todays email is beautiful. I have never personally used or seen floche but I think it is soft and a beautiful sheen and looks like it would cover nicely. I don’t know what I would use it for but I use everything in my pieces. Thanks to Phyllis and to you Mary. Merry Christmas to all.


  136. I love to embroider many things, animals, organics. I have wanted to try cliche for some time but don’t have a local store where I can get some. I would be humbled if I were to get this set. Thanks for the opportunity.

  137. I think I would stitch up a napkin and tablecloth set, how cool would that be? Tanya Heidi from Greenville sc

  138. In 2020 I want to begin a Sue Spargo piece that is heavily embroidered on wool felt. This would be a lovely addition!

  139. I just commented about this thread and much to my dismay my auto correct changed floche to cloche and left me embarrassed!

  140. If I had a whole set of Floche I would use it to design our Guild’s upcoming challenge. Each entry is judged on creativity, colour, and Floche would give it that extra thread ‘bling’ that catches the eye. What a wonderful Christmas present that would be!!

  141. I was taught to embroider on printed patterns, which I still love. If I won the floche, I would embroider blocks of baskets of flowers. I believe the floche would be beautiful as the flowers. Thank you, Mary, for doing A Stitcher’s Christmas! And have a Merry Christmas!

  142. I would love to try long and short stitch with Floche ! Something for Valentine’s or St. Patrick’s Day….

  143. If I had a set of floche, I would definitely try some monogramming using Mary’s e-book designs.

  144. Ninety colors of floche!!! What a bonanza! I haven’t used floche, but it has been on my list forever. Next year I have decided to buckle down and do Sharon Boggon’s Take a Stitch Tuesday program. It will be the last year that she runs the program, and I think I would learn a lot. MI would add the cloche into the mix of threads for this program. Right now I am leaning towards a fire form Sampler with lots of circles, but who knows where it will go? With 104 stitches over the course of the year, there should be lots of opportunities to use all this wonderful thread. Thanks for all you do Mary and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  145. Well I LOVE the idea of a whole stash of floche to work with. It looks lovely. So soft and beautiful. I imagine I would use it to experiment with and for monograms.

  146. If I had a whole collection of floche, I would embroider a set of glorious, multi coloured, monogrammed slip covers for books, for my dear friends and relations.

  147. I am currently using floche, along with many other beautiful threads, to needlepoint the Nutcracker soldier’s pants on a gorgeous Peter Ashe Christmas stocking for my granddaughter.

    I love working with this underappreciated thread. So lucky that one of my ON A carries some of this line.

  148. Thanks so much for your Christmas giveaways and for your blog. I am primarily a counted stitcher and love the way floche works with specialty stitches on linen and even needlepoint on congress cloth. Would love to have the full range of colors–they are so rich! I can picture a lovely sampler full of specialty stitches.

  149. :-O This is the most amazing give-away ever!! Excuse me while I mop the drool off of my keyboard…
    OK. I would start off with some monogram projects I have had in mind for my three sisters, and move on from there…perhaps combining it with ribbon embroidery for a pillow for my d-i-l, who has loved her last such pillow, now 15 years old, to near death. And then I would just keep integrating it into projects, for floche is truly just lovely in every way to the touch and the eye. Sigh…
    Thanks to you both for this opportunity, and grand congrats to the winner!!

  150. “ALL the colors” is such an indulgence. I’ve longed to do the Mary Corbett monograms and a complete range of floche may literally move the needle!

  151. I have a new baby in the family – my niece had a darling baby girl. Since there seems to be no babies coming from my two children – my grand niece will be the recipient of my smocking and quilts. Have used floche in the past and have loved using it and actually just took a class with Marion Scoular and we used floche.

    Merry Christmas!

  152. I have a Nativity that I have prepped to work on in 2020. It is wool and the Floche would work beautiful with all the embroidery stitches I plan to place on my wool figures. Merry Christmas!

  153. I would finally start the bed curtain/coverlet set that’s been running around in my head for years.

    Merry Christmas, Mary! Thank you for all you do for us! May the New Year bring new beginnings!


  154. With all those beautiful colors I would do some Schwalm embroidery in full color.
    On my visit to the Schwalm Museum I saw a collection of German Fairy Tales done in color.
    That would be so fun to do. Ana-Maria from Cambridge ON

  155. Oh, my goodness! If I had an entire set of floche, I would smock All The Things on my to-do list as well as practice doing monograms by hand. Floche is also very nice for hemstitching and drawn-thread work, so I would drag out my linens and turn them into beautiful home items rather than lumps of fabric in a drawer.
    Thank you to Phyllis (great teacher!) for the donation.

  156. What a yummy give-away! I’m literally drooling at the thought of stitching letters from the Stitch Alphabet Sampler. Well, that, and the lemon bars I just made!

    I can see a whole array of stitched monograms done up as Christmas ornaments for so many people. And what a great opportunity to practice all your great stitches on pieces that are small enough so as not to cause too much heartache when I make the inevitable error! Using the floche in all its colors is an added bonus!

    Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


  157. I can’t imagine all the things I might make with an entire set of floche, but I know where I’d start — monograms on everything. I have used floche to embroider monograms on very fine linen handkerchiefs and it has the most beautiful pearl-like sheen. Thank you!

  158. Oh my! Thank you Phyllis and Mary for the offering of the whole kit and kaboodle of floche. I would love to use the floche to make monograms embellished with a seasonal theme. I think gardens for Spring and Summer and trees done in Fall and Winter colors would be such fun. Merry Christmas to all!

  159. I would do my favorite stitching , which would be crazy quilting. It makes lovely stitching.

  160. A whole set of floche?!?! The world would be at me fingertips! I’d be stitching wonderful bullion roses on dresses for my granddaughters! I’d be making little shadow work figures on garments for preemie babies as the local hospital. I’d be embroidering Christmas ornaments or smocked Easter eggs for my God children. There are so many possibilities!

  161. Wow, if I had the collection of floche at my fingertips, I think I would want to use it for many of my projects. Embroidery Samplers, Christmas Ornaments, Needlebooks, etc. Floche is not readily available where I live, so it would be like Christmas! Hee hee!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the collection.

  162. What a beautiful array of colors. I have never used floche but have a new wool applique project that I would love to try this on. Thanks Mary and Merry Christmas.

  163. Wow! A whole set of Floche! I’ve only used it a couple of times, and enjoyed it both times. With a whole set, I’d branch out and try some surface embroidery and do a Jacobean theme piece. I’d also work it into some needlepoint pieces and drawn thread work.

  164. If I were to get a set of these beautiful fibers, I can see using these to create beautiful colorful designs and maybe use on my casket, which is in the process of being designed by myself. Would love a chance to use them on this beautiful masterpiece

  165. What a treat this floche set would be! I would do a little woodland scene with some of my favorite Colorado birds and animals and trees. Have been wanting to do an American Kestrel, a very colorful small raptor. Q: how does one pronounce “floche”?

  166. I think this would be beautiful to work with! Most definitely would make a bell pull to help decorate my “new to me” home!

  167. A whole set of floche would be perfect for a patchwork quilt with embroidered panels! I have an idea for a child’s quilt with each letter of the alphabet represented by an embroidered picture and the child’s name across the top of the quilt. The pictures would be creatures – the scene printed or painted on then the animal embroidered on top.

  168. If I had a whole set of floche at my fingertips, I would embroider Monograms on baby blankets and childerns’ clothes. I love making baby blankets and outfits for children and adding a monogram is such a special little touch.

  169. I love floche. I have been using it for years for hardanger, needlepoint, cutwork, and cross stitch.
    Having the full range of colors would enable me to use it in more of my projects that are waiting to be stitched.
    Also, I could share it with my students so they could see what a wonderful thread it is to stitch with.

  170. I think that the Floche would be wonderful for Japanese Temari. I’m gradually learning how to make more complex embroidered balls and would love to have a greater assortment of colors of the same type of thread to choose from.

  171. Wow, what beautiful colours! And a full set of floche! I am a relatively new stitcher and have done mostly cross stitch lately. I have done crewel work years ago and would like to give it a go again. I would use the threads to do a pattern that I have had for awhile. Thanks for the opportunity. Merry Christmas.

  172. I have never used floche, but I would love to make some smocked ornaments and Easter Eggs, and then see what else I can come up with.

  173. Merry Christmas Mary! What would I love to use Floche threads for? Well, I can think of two things right away: needle painting and for cross stitching one over one. I think that would give a great coverage, yet not be too ‘heavy’ in some of the reproduction samplers that I love!

  174. I’ve never used Floche before, and I would love to try smocking with the beautiful threads!

  175. What a very generous offer. Many thanks to Phyllis for making someone a very happy holiday winner.

  176. Can’t obtain them in the UK but with the colour range I would love to try them for larger scale needlelace designs mixed with textured embroidery stitches. Maybe something in a 17th Century stumpwork design, my favourite.
    Merry Christmas to all from rainy Bridgwater.

  177. I am just beginning to stitch monograms and would love to try this beautiful floche thread! Missie of Roseville, CA.

  178. I needlepoint. A lot. And floche is one of my favorite threads for needlepoint. It works very well for many of the stitching techniques I “borrow” from you Mary to apply to needlepoint. It is also shows up frequently in light background stitches in my work. I can think of five works in process right now that need unusual background colors, so the floche would be out to use right away!

  179. I’ve never handled floche! What I’ve been wanting to embroider are some personalized gifts for my sister’s, their initials plus flowers.

  180. My passion has always been heirloom sewing. If I had a supply of floche, I would be making all sorts of beautifully embroidered garments for the girls in my family.
    JoaniK from S Lyon

  181. If I had this set of floche, I’d love it and pet it and maybe even snuggle it while I tried to choose what to do!! And then I’d give my daughter the small collection of floche I already have, because she can’t afford it and is always borrowing mine!!

  182. If I had the whole beautiful collection of colors I would stitch a landscape scene with some desert, mountains, water and wildlife.

  183. If I had a set of floche, I would work on a Trish Burr needlepointing I have wanted to tackle for a long time

  184. A whole set! Oh my goodness! I would have multiple Di Van Niekerk samplers that floche would be wonderful in, and I have been loving stitching with the little floche I have, making tea towels for gifts! I would also like to try doing some crewel style work, and some long and short stitch!

  185. A whole set!?! Yippee!!! I see a kaleidoscope or adult coloring book pattern!!! What fun and freedom!!! Not only stitch variety but colors too!!! The winner will be soooo blessed!! Thank you Phyllis & Mary!! Just dreaming is almost as good! 🙂

  186. I am primarily a quiltmaker. I have made several quilts with the blocks hand embroidered. This set of thread would be enough to make several quilts, including the crazy quilt I will start this year.

  187. With all 90 colors+ I would finally start one of the caskets I have bought over the years.
    I am designing my own to reflect my family and its history. I will be doing mostly cross stitch and pulled work to reflect my Scandinavian heritage. The floche would be perfect for the project.
    Darcy Walker

  188. Greetings Mary and stitching friends, if I had the collection, I would probably be too scared to use them right away! It takes me a couple of years the come up with just the right project, but I’m up for the challenge!
    Thanks for all you do for us Mary!

  189. Hello!
    I always admire the big pieces of embroidered art that get framed and last forever. I think with this floche thread I would want to try a big piece to keep framed. My mom has a gorgeous plant piece that I have always admired. I want to make something of the sort for myself! Obviously I would have plenty of leftovers and then try make a piece for my mom who started my love of crafting! What a wonderful giveaway so close to Christmas! Thank you for the wonderful articles and all the fun ideas throughout the year!

  190. I would love to try needle painting with floche. I’ve done French knot needle painting and would love to try floche for that type of work too. I usually use pearl cotton for crazy quilting seam work, but perhaps floche would work for that too.

  191. Floche! A whole set! Wow! Mary, you are the one who first turned me on to floche. Well, first of all I would just admire the vivid colors, then I would spend some time just touching the luscious thread. It would almost be hard to actually use them, but I think that Nathalie Lete’s lovely stylized and quirky designs that I purchased a while ago would be awesome using these floche threads. Nathalie Lete’s designs seem simple, but you can stitch them up however you choose, so you can make them realistic or funky. Floche would make these designs so fun to stitch!

  192. I’ll be stitching all sorts of cute things (vintage flower designs, teapots, pumpkins, leaves, seashells, hearts & stars – things that represent stuff I like) on my crazy quilt.

  193. How pretty! I’ve never tried Floche but the first thing I thought of was to buy your Stitch Sampler Alphabet and start there. Thank you, Phyllis and Mary!

  194. Two of the words you used to describe why one should try floche are “beautiful” and “affordable”. Those are two words I like to hear! I think I’d like to stitch a garden full of beautiful flowers with little critters thrown in for fun. Thank you for 10 fun days to explore many avenues of embroidery and the many people who help us do it with their fine and sometimes unique products.

  195. Ooh, how lovely. I’m working on ideas for a seascape at the moment with lots of bright corals and fish, so such beautiful colours would be perfect.

  196. I just completed the 2019 Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) challenge. If I won the set of floche, I would make a band sampler using all my favorite stitches from this year.

  197. What a magical surprise each day we open our emails! I would be thrilled to receive your fabulous give a way!!
    Pat Wys
    Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

  198. With two weddings planned in 2021I would love to start monogramming ring pillows and flower girl baskets with the floche.

  199. You have spoken so highly of floche I would just experiment with it. I would likely do some florals.

  200. I love trying new threads and these look especially beautiful. I always have several embroidery projects going at once, so would most likely use them for a pillow top.

  201. Another wonderful gift! The offer led me down the garden path, spent coffee time reading your articles about floche and cotton broder (a friend gave me lots of white). But colors of floche, the possibilities are endless! Another project to start for the New Year, surface embroidery back in my life. After research about floche and cotton broder, I want to try substituting it in a whitework project I have started I am not quite satisfied with. I would never find Floche in Montana!

  202. Wow! First, I think I would just stare in amazement. When my daughter was small, I loved making smocked dresses. It would be a joy to smock again. I might branch out and add the floche to an appliqué quilt which is my current passion.

  203. Interesting thread. I would try it out in wool applique AND in a crazy quilt that I started ages ago and needs lots of hand embroidery.

  204. I have used floche for padding needle painting before. As an avid smocker, floche was not available in my area of the country. I would definitely be returning to smocking many little outfits for grandchildren, especially picture smocking, if a had such a variety of colours. Needle painting would also be calling my name.
    Merry Christmas!

  205. I have always wanted to do a “free style” piece…no pattern. What fun it would be with all of these wonderful colors!

  206. An entire set of floche! This is a sign for me to begin my alphabet and corresponding item to fill up the antique print tray my dad gave me- as in the kind of sampler where each section has a letter A and an Apple- for the grandchild yet to arrive!

  207. Having such an array of colors, my brain would be going non-stop with ideas of what to embroider with it. Long/short stitch a turtle, owl, many other birds, my dog’s face, a landscape or two, some flowers, ……… and the list goes on.

  208. I would like to experiment with floche. Maybe it will be a good option for me. Since I have never used floche how would I know? I’m wondering if my preference for more expressionist needle work would be enhanced with floche.
    So very eager to try.

  209. Having the whole floche set has been my dream. Since learning about it from you I have been slowly collecting all the colors. I love this thread and would use it for everything I use regular 6 strand floss for now. I have done a lot of monograms with it and have used it for surface embroidery when I do home linens like napkins, dresser scarves and pillows. The thread is so nice for satin stitching and it just makes your work looks so much more professional.

  210. I would stitch a whole group of Trish Burr’s designs. I love her designs.
    Floche is one of my most favorite threads. What a great opportunity, thanks Mary and Phyllis.

  211. I am so excited to try floche! Next year I will be gifting for birthdays with the recipient’s initial embroidered and framed. Size will be appropriate for a table tope easel or a small picture hung on a wall. Would love to be able to do these gifts with this luscious floche!

  212. I have heard Gary and Vonna talk extensively about the virtues of floche during several of the FiberTalk episodes but have never had the opportunity to try it out. Both Gary and Vonna recommend substituting one strand of floche for two strands of DMC in cross-stitch embroidery projects. I imagine using floche on a reproduction band sampler with larger count fabric — maybe one of the HATS samplers that requires not just cross stitch but also satin stitch and a few other variety stitches because floche is said to provide such good coverage and to also have a lovely sheen.

  213. I would love to try the floche on a monogram! I’ve only done them before in ribbon embroidery using Di Van Neikerk’s alphabet! I didn’t realize you had a monogram book out, so I would love to try yours as well! 90 colors! Can’t wait to choose!

  214. I too like stitching with floche. I especially like that fact that it is not stranded ie similar to flower thread and all those colours both brilliant and muted makes it useful for both wool appliqué as well as contemporary crewel pieces – both techniques I use very often. Here’s hoping i’m A lucky winner.
    Judith in Canada

  215. Hello-
    What a wonderful surprise. I have wanted to try working with floche, but have not been able to locate any locally. I would love to try my hand at a monogram pillow.

  216. Ooooh, floche! All the colors!
    I guess I *would* work my way through the Stitch Sampler Alphabet. I have the e-book all printed out and comb-bound, as I do most of your e-books.

  217. This will be a wonderful gift to someone, and I’d love to be the lucky winner. I got back into stitching in 2018 after a number of years away. I created a wall hanging of 53 designs in wool & pearl cotton on wool hexagons, many of them my own creation. In Jan 2019, I joined a 100 Days of Creativity group and created my own contemporary designs, still stitching with pearl cotton and woo, but this time of a line of cotton fabrics. I didn’t stop stitching after the 100 days. I love this creativity! I’ve sold one piece, and I’ve developed more that I hope to be able to market. This collection of floche would give me another type of thread for my creations. It could be the focus of my next 100 Days of Creativity that starts in Jan 2020……

  218. I love using cliche and was pleased to find a place to purchase it. If I had the whole set … oh my the possibilities ! Like stitching canvas as well as my crewel so would probably incorporate it in both areas. I have a painted Christmas stocking that is suppose to be mine. Never did it but did everyone else 16 and counting! Probably use some of the cliche in it. Thank you for your wonderful newsletters and your generous offers. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020!

  219. I just recently started trying my hand with your Holly Towels and I also just received your Folky Flakes. Floche is new to me but I would love to use some of the colors for the snowflakes. I am new to this kind of embroidery but I am enjoying learning the different stitches. I have only tried pieces that were stamped cross stitch in the past. I think the Floche colors would be beautiful for decorative handwork on clothing also. I am unable to drive anymore so this is a great pass time for me.
    I love getting your emails and helpful tips. Keep them coming.
    Merry Christmas,

  220. An ABC quilt with critters has been playing in the back of my mind… That many colors with the texture of that thread would be wondermus don’t you think?

  221. I love,love, love Floche! I didn’t realize there were 90 colors!I’m a Needlepointer and love how versatile it can be depending on how many strands are in the needle. 90 colors? I would love to stitch a piece entirely with Floche, be it a sampler of stitches or a needlepainted design. The sheen Floche gives off would make it great for a Christmas ornament accented with clear beads. Love Floche. Thank you for a chance to have a collection of all the colors.

  222. What’s not to love about Flouche. I love the shine and the manageability of the thread. Although there aren’t as many colors as DMC floss, there are enough. Your ability to compare threads and explain the pros and cons of using a particular thread over another I find invaluable. I have used flouche over the years, but not extensively as I would like because I don’t have access to all the colors without ordering them and waiting and waiting and waiting. How many times have I started to use what I have only to find I’m missing the right yellow or the exact green I want? With more colors, I know I would use flouche in more of my surface embroidery and smocking projects.

  223. Although I’ve been an embroiderer for 30 years, amazingly I have never heard of floche! I think I would like to try using it in some of my long and short stitch work, or possibly in monograms. It looks beautiful in the examples you show on your website.

  224. In my current textile work I’m exploring the connections between embroidery stitches and some weaving techniques (in miniature) and the lovely colours and lustre of floche thread would work beautifully. I would love to try stitching with floche and if I had a whole set of threads to use I would also be able to share the experience with the creative stitching class that I teach. Julie B. Manchester

  225. Oh, my, what a prize! I have a bit of floche and love it. Oh, and the things I could stitch! Monogram Christmas ornaments for family members. I have a bird panel on quilting cotton that I’d like to make come alive with some stitching…the floche would be perfect. Tea towels for everyone…I’ve used floche for them and it works womderfully. I’d like to try floche with goldwork. Thanks for this opportunity.

  226. I would use the Floche in my current project made up mostly of flowers. I love the effect it has when used for flower petals using the long and short stitch. To have that many color choices at my fingertips would be a dream come true!! Like getting a huge box of new crayons for Christmas!!

  227. If I won this giveaway, I think I’d try doing the Stitch Sampler Alphabet. It looks beautiful and these threads would be sew fun to try.

  228. I love doing long and short stitch with Floche, I have a few colours in my stash and would love to add to them.
    I have stitched whitwork with colour and also some of your alphabet. It is a beautiful thread to stitch with.
    I would love to win this Christmas treat .

  229. oooooooh! This one gets me all tingly inside!
    Not sure at this point what I’d use the floche on, but rest assured it would include your patterns and Trish Burr’s threadpainting animals and crazy patch embroidery.
    Thank you so much, Mary!

  230. Imaging what to do with needle and thread is always fun. After reading your articles about the differences in the various threads and after thinking about how much I’ve always wanted to do some alphabet samplers, I am sure I would start with that. What lovely gifts these initials would make for special people in my life. I’d stitch the letter, maybe add some extra and mount it in a small hoop. I really appreciate all of your thread insight. Happy 2020.

  231. I would use it in my very next needlepoint project. We are starting a new sampler in February and it would be incorporated very nicely.

  232. I have numerous projects and patterns where I could use this thread. I would love to work with it. I have not used Floch in any stitching projects. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  233. Hello. If I had a whole set of Floche I would finally do a large R initial to frame as I’ve wanted to do for ages. This amount of selection would certainly help make it colorful! Merry Christmas one and all!

  234. If I won the set of Floche I think I would like to use it for some of Trish Burr’s patterns, or some other embroidery. I usually just do counted cross stitch, but have been looking at Trish’s patterns lately.

  235. I first started smocking when my daughter, now 45, was six years old. I grew up in the South and one my favorite haunts was THe Women’s Exchange in Memphis, TN. They had beautiful smocked items — and smocking supplies. I did it all by hand in thoses days, pulling the threads to set up the pin pleats, and following a pattern for a dress that has now been worn by both my granddaughters and will be worn by greatgrand daughters someday I hope. I’ve been thinking lately about combining smocking and Sashiko . . . what I see in my minds eye os interesting and FUN . . . working with Japanese clothing patterns for a finished garment. I think that would keekp me busy for a while in the New Year! Dd in Maine, where I hope everyone comes to visit!

  236. Just read a wonderful article about embroidery/tapestry artist, Ruth Miller. If I won the collection of floche, I would take a crack at a stitched portrait inspired by Ruth’s work.

    What a wonderful giveaway Mary. Thanks so much for pulling this together every year.

  237. I am an avid needlepointer, and I love to use floche in my projects. It is such a lovely thread, with a beautiful finish. I especially enjoy using it for Christmas ornaments and pillows.

  238. I’d love to use floche on a vintage piece of stamped linen I have had for a long time. It’s a collection of Canadian provincial flowers, my prize from a thrift shop. No instructions or colour guidance, so it would be a delightful challenge.

  239. Merry Christmas to you and all your readers. Thank you for offering all these giveaways as well as all the instructions you give. It is all very inspirational. Today’s giveaway, the floche in all the great colors, brings to mind a cottage with a large flowering garden – or maybe a Jacobean pattern using so many of the colors. Either way, good luck to all!

  240. I was able to find a few skeins of this lovely thread some time ago. I truly covet more! Im not sure how i will use this beautiful stuff yet. I think i will find many ways though.
    Right now the few hanks I have hang next to my work space waiting fo the right project.
    Happy Holidays to you all.

  241. Floche is probably one of the most beautiful threads I’ve seen. I can imagine a whole forest of vegetation along with little critters stitched up into a beautiful composition to enjoy and pass on as an heirloom. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  242. I recently lost two elderly quilting friends who did a whole lot of crazy quilting and I was given a lot of their materiald. I would repeat they were elderly and a lot of their material was also elderly and most of their needles were moldy and their thread tore with the slightest tug. This would allow me to utilize their patterns and some of their material. I have been purchasing some newer material and just finished a crazy quilted “kidney” for the Gala held in November. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome prize. Krind

  243. Wow. What a generous woman. I have never used floche so would love to get it because those alphabets are on my wish list to do. I have a couple books lol. And now I have the time. Kathy-vegas

  244. First, I would just look and touch all of it. The colors and sheen are wonderful! I think pieces speak to us, so that is where I would use it.
    Have a warm and safe holiday. It’s going to be 60 degrees in Kansas!
    Happy stitching from Sunflower state!
    Mrs. B

    1. Yep – latest I saw for us is 62. Aaaaaargh! I wish our snow from last week had just waited until today or tomorrow. Ah well – typical KS weather! And it is a wee bit more convenient, especially for my elderly parents, so I won’t complain!

  245. I am going to stitch crewel flowers and pomegranate, because I decided that this year I am going to dedicate more time to surface, crewel type of embroidery.

  246. Such a beautiful collection of floche threads. My first inkling of what I would make it to reproduce a Jacobean Tree Of Life I did in the early 1980’s/ It has been my favorite piece of work ever since.

  247. I would do monogramming on table linens with this great gift. And maybe a Christmas ornament or two.
    Merry Christmas.

  248. A friend gave me the inspiration to recreate a set of embroidered pieces that includes Santa in his sleigh and 8 reindeer. Each is an individual piece, with some beading and other embellishments, that sits atop a little wooden post stand. The stands are varying heights and are so lovely set into garland greenery. I think the floche would be perfect for this project because I want something especially lustrous, and that floche certainly fits the bill!

  249. I tend to stick with useful items (tea towels, pot holders) but if I had a whole set of floche I’d add to my collection of hand-embroidered Passover pillows, depicting the ten plagues visited upon Egypt when the Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go. The pillows are placed on each chair at the seder so that guests can (figuratively at least) recline during their meal just as free Romans did thousands of years ago – it serves as a reminder of the plagues and as a reminder that now the Jews are a free people.

  250. As I am relatively new to stitching I am still finding my skills and techniques. Up to now I have been embroidering tea towels, pillow cases and other smaller items. To date I have been using 6 strand thread and find it a bit fiddly. The idea of using one thread such as floche really appeals to me. It seems to be very hard to find here in the UK. I think floche thread would help me expand my horizons. Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to all.

  251. I would be happy happy happy if I was to win the Floche thread set. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  252. I have just began experimenting with the sashiko technique of stitching and would love to see how the floche thread stitches out. What fun to have such a wonderful selection.

  253. I have a pattern for a quilt with embroidered blocks. I’ve collected all of the fabrics that I need but don’t have all of the embroidery thread colours. This set of floche would be wonderful for my project.

  254. This is the most exciting giveaway ever! I’ve been wanting to try floche but have such an extensive supply of stranded threads that I haven’t felt like I can afford to buy enough floche to start a project. I can think of sooo many ways I would use this gift if I win! I have your alphabet sampler e-book and this would give me the push to get started! I have also been wanting for a very long time to learn and practice smocking! What a great collection this would be to work with on my smocking practice. I love reading your posts, they are so informative. Thank you for introducing us to Phyllis Brown. Up until now I just let others enter the giveaways, but not today! I am entered! 🙂

  255. I would use the floch to stitch designs from Trish Burrs’ book Whitework in Color. I have stitched some of her designs with floss but think the floch would make them really pop. Can’t wait.

  256. 2020 is the year I want to master the long and short stitch. With this great bundle of floche I would be able to create many projects to frame. I love birds..so probably start with that. I would like to complete a set to hang over the fireplace.

  257. I have looked for years at an “h” embroidered on a handkerchief that was bought for me in Paris 50 years ago. Both sides are alike and the stitching is padded and simple but perfect. So it’s high time I learned to do monograms, and a package of floche threads would give me the push I need.

  258. I have never tried floche, yes it’s hard to come by but the results are worth it I believe. A lovely prize. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy new year. Thank you Mary for starting NeedlenThread.com your website has been a blessing many times over when I’m looking for a pattern or need answer on a problem. Thank you again.
    Mary Ellen

  259. I’m not sure what I’d use it for. Crewel embroidery is my favorite technique and Medici wool (no longer available) my favorite thread. I can see trying floche as a substitute for it. I love Medici because it is fine and isn’t hairy like Appleton’s. I don’t know the gauge of floche but it seems comparable.

  260. Thank you for such an enjoyable newsletter throughout the year! I would like to use the floche to reproduce some antique samplers I have been collecting. It is fascinating and challenging to study the stitches in an old sampler to see how the young girl did her work and formed her stitches.

  261. What a wonderful gift! Don’t know what I would make with this but I have always wanted to try Floche and experiment with it to see what I can come up with. Thanks for this giveaway.

  262. Recently I’ve taken on what for me is a brave project–stitching my first crazy quilt. I’ve also been an avid cross stitcher for many years. I would love to try this floss in place of my usual floss as I sew cross stitch and embroidery motifs for the centers on some of my quilt patches. Looks fantastic and I’d love to win! Julie from Plymouth

  263. A whole set of floche. WOW! I can imagine a lovely layette or 3 or 4 for future great grands. By the end of May I will have four grandchildren married. I have one great now and obviously more on the way. I love shadow work on baby/children’s clothes and smocking. What fun to have some many wonderful colors of floche to play with.

  264. Your work is So Amazingly Inspiring!!

    I’ve wanted to try floche for a while, I’m working on a couple motifs, that I hope would work with the thread well!

    1. Your work is So Amazingly Inspiring!!

      I’ve wanted to try floche for a while. I’m working on a few motifs that I hope would work well with that thread!! Smooth filled work is my favorite!

  265. Thank you Mary and Phyllis for this amazingly generous giveaway. If I win, I will use the Floche to make some new stand cloths for my church and a new cloth for our Epistle book.

  266. A complete set of floche! I think Santa arrived early, and is sticking around for a little, for someone lucky. I love this thread – it’s soft like silk. I used a few colors to work with a kalidescope pattern. I “downsized” the pattern to fit into a 4″ round inset in a jewelry box for my niece/goddaughter. My other neieces are now clamoring for their own!

  267. I’ve been imagining this series of embroideries of Realistic empty rooms with 2-d patterns superimposed on them (hard to explain in words), but I need a lot of colors for the patterns and I LOVE floche!

  268. Oh, I would need to learn what and where it would look best (that shouldn’t take much time), but my immediate thought is, wow, wouldn’t that work and look gorgeous in my art (painted/stitched) pieces that I do for the art shows!

  269. If I had the whole line of floche I would first admire and feel the fibers. I love the texture of floche. I’ve not worked with a lot of floche, but did enjoy the little I’ve used. I think I would like to do a piece of crewel work with the fibers. It has been a while since I stitched a crewel style piece and the floche is perfect for stitching.

  270. What a gorgeous set of thread. My first granddaughter is due in March and would love to use the thread to smock her several dresses!
    Peggy S.

  271. ❤️ floche! With all those colors it would have to be something riotous like a big floral bouquet. Just a free form extravaganza of blooms!

  272. I have one skein of floche that I used recently for the first time. I love it! I wish it weren’t so hard to get. If I had more, I would be experimenting with needle lace. I like the fact that it is one strand but thicker than one strand of floss. I think it would be better on my eyes! I could do a whole needle lace garden!

  273. I am relatively new to embroidery. I am doing improvisational stitching using a few simple stitches, and I am learning long-and-short-stitch embroidery. I usually use either Perle cotton or a single strand of 6-strand floss, because I don’t seem to get very good results from using two or more strands of floss. Floche sounds like a wonderful thread I would love to try in all of my embroidery!

  274. If I had a whole set of floche I would mix it in with a garden embroidery from Tiny Embroidery Tiny Garden. The thread’s different characteristics would add dimension to the embroidery.

    p.s. Merry Christmas, Mary!

  275. Too many possibilities to think about! I’d probably be too distracted by staring at all the colors and feeling how soft they are! I do love the monogram you show, that would be a lovely project to try for sure.

  276. I am mostly a crazy quilted and I seem to use up thread at an alarming rate! I think the floche would be an excellent addition to my thread collection. Choices are a wonderful part of CQ. I have many plans for themed projects including a set of 48 elephant blocks that I pieced last year that are waiting for my attention. Thank you Mary for your awesome website.

  277. I’m a cross stitcher so would play around with the floche probably stitching small designs first. Thanks for the chance and happy holidays. Teal

  278. I love floche for alter linens for the church. I learned about it on your website and have not used anything else since then.

  279. Floche looks like a lovely thread to work with on smocking! I have a back issue from Inspirations Magazine when they had a division of smocking mags. I have 5 grand-daughters, so I would love to try my hand at smocking. I’m going to enjoy perusing Phillis’s website.

  280. I haven’t had the pleasure of working with floche, but from the enthusiasm noted I am obviously missing out on something wonderful. I would love to explore with this awesome collection!

  281. If I had a whole set of Floche at my fingertips, I would learn to stitch monograms, for next year’s gifts!

    Annie Bowers

  282. oh my gosh!!!! What an amazing gift!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity. I REALLY need to work on my long and short stitch and blending with it and I can imagine that these would make the most beautiful flowers.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  283. I am new to your website – thanks to the recommendation from a friend who is very involved in the local stitching community. After having devoured all of the articles in your links up above, I am feeling excitedly enlightened! I have never liked my results with the satin stitch and have just avoided it – for 50 years!! Learning about floche makes me want to try it out on one of your monograms.

    Thank you Mary Corbet!

  284. What a lovely prize! If I had this much floche I would definitely get right to work on your alphabet using the recommended threads This is such pretty thread that I am sure I’d want to try out every colour immediately

  285. Mary, I would use the floche for shading on one of Trish Burr’s fantastic patterns…probably a bird…maybe a flower. I love Trish’s style of thread painting and I have only used DMC floss to complete some of her patterns. I would enjoy trying to use floche to gain differences in shading with thread painting!

  286. What a wonderful gift. I’ve used floche in the past and love. All those colors beg to be stitched into floral designs for quilt blocks. I’d love to make a baby quilt for an upcoming granddaughter with her monogram, flowers and other fun items

  287. My mother smocked dresses for me and my daughters. I’ve never smocked but have always thought I’d like to try. This would provide a reason to do so. I’ve also purchased your Alphabet and would love to try this thread for those projects. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  288. I have much admired the work you have done using floche but have been unable to get a supply of the thread to try myself. I have used lots of different threads for my projects including stranded silks and cottons, Coton a Broder, cotton perle 12, 8, 5 and 3 but have never had the pleasure of using floche. The colour range is amazing and the chance of obtaining all of this thread to stitch a complete set of monograms was too great to pass up.

  289. If I got the set it would thread painting time. Maybe get out Trish Burr’s books and start stitching. I find this thread just blends well when stitching and you get beautiful results.

  290. I have a Hazel Blomkamp Jacobean print that uses 40 colors of floss in a 10 x 10 inch design. What fun it would be to be able to stitch this in floche!! I have used floche and love working with it when I can find it. But first I may just put the hanks on rods and drool at the colors.

  291. Oh how I love stitching with floche! I’ve only used white and ecru but the idea of all those colors is devine.

  292. Hi Mary,
    If I had a full set of Floche threads the sky would be the limit for using it.
    I would use it in thread painting, free style, Gold work, surface embroidery, absolutely every thing . The colours are brilliant and the sheen can’t be matched in cotton threads.
    Would be a dream come true if I won the whole set of Floche Thread.

    Brenda Scarr

  293. I would love to try the floche for a special new embroidery project. I am always happy to receive your newsletter. It gives me so many good ideas and much needed information. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season.

  294. Ooooooh, if I had a whole set of Floche I’d…well, I’d…then I would…

    Seriously, I would tackle the Kaleidoscope patterns that I bought a couple of years ago but haven’t actually started yet.

  295. If I had a whole set of floche at my fingergips, I would stitch the Tuscan Landscape of Trish Burr.
    Happy Hollidays Mary!

  296. I have no idea yet what I would embroider with the floche. It’s a fiber I haven’t really tried. As I have seen it mentioned on Needle ‘n Thread frequently, I would go back through the articles and try every use mentioned.

  297. If I win the Floche I would stitch a monogram for the display box my husband made me for Christmas.

  298. With a whole set of floche, I’d embellish my wardrobe and everybody’s scarves that crossed my path. Merry Christmas Eve-Eve to all❣️

  299. Thank you and Phyllis for this wonderful Floshe giveaway.
    I have never used Floshe, but certainly would love to work with it. Looks like it would be a beautiful thread to use in a stumpwork project. It appears to have a heft that would give a little more weight to dimensional embroidery.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  300. Hi Mary,

    What would I do if I won the Floche?
    I would first of all admire the beautiful colors!
    I would then look at all of your free designs to see what I would stitch first.
    Decisions, decisions decisions…

    Hope you have a lot of fun over the Holidays and that you have some fun stitching just for you!

    Cynthia M in Maryland

  301. I love floche for picture smocking and hand embroidered monograms. About 25 years ago, some SAGA friends and I ordered a complete set and split it up, so we each had a bit of all the colors. We were all young mothers then and all that floche is long gone!

  302. If I had a whole set of floche at my fingertips, I would sit down in a good light, listening to my book tapes in the background, with my pile of crazy quilt backgrounds, and stitch the winter away.

  303. There are endless possibilities but I imagine I’d use it for long and short stitching. Some of your work with these threads is stunning.
    Merry Christmas.

  304. If I had the whole set I would be thrilled and I would work on a design I created using Crewel Creatures.
    The design is only for me as I want to learn the techniques used in the book.

  305. If I were the lucky one, I would work on a sampler of lesser known Ukrainian embroidery stitches (not cross stitch). So many regional patterns use satin, pulled, whitework, and other stitches found in many ethnic embroideries. Joyce Howell

  306. Thanks so much for offering this. I love floche and am trying to get more of it. I can only think of embroidering part of a dress for my granddaughter. It would work so well in depicting
    colorful fruits and vegetables.

    Linda S in michigan

  307. I plan to do a Quaker SAL starting in Jan and the floche in all the pretty colors would be perfect for this project. I’m sure I would find lots of other projects, too. I’ve used floche in the past and like the way it stitches.

  308. I believe I would finally jump in and try needle painting, not sure what subject yet. I would let the thread inspire me.

  309. the floche thread looks incredible I would love to try it on a a sampler quilt with flowers and bird patterns the shading would give an incredible sheen and dimension

  310. I would love to create a large embroidery to hang on the wall. I’ve done plenty of covers and cases and dresses and skirts but I’ve never embroidered something just for its own sake

  311. If I had a full collection of floche threads, I would use them to complete vintage linens stamped for embroidery. You mentioned floche has a nice spread, so they should work well in satin stitches on the linens. And having a wide range of colors and plenty of yardage would give me many color options to finish them finally.

    Jennifer B. in NEPA

  312. What an exciting and beautiful offer today. I can’t even imagine having such wonderful thread to work with.

  313. I would love to win the floche. I’m just a beginner stitcher, but I would like to try long and short stitch over a 3 dimensional object, with a corded Brussels base.

  314. I *do* have your Stitch Sampler Alphabet and I have *not* tackled any letters yet, so if I won all that floche, I’d start working my way through the book, beginning with ‘E’ and ‘L’ (for my kids). I’ve not worked with floche yet, so that would be fun.

  315. Hi Mary! What a wondering giveaway! If I had a whole set of floche, I would use it for a very special project. I am currently working on embroidering a denim jacket that used to belong to my Uncle Andy, who passed away when I was a little girl. The current plans for it including doing a large mandala design on the back, and embroidering a whole garden’s worth of flowers on the front. This beautiful thread would make my jacket just glow!

  316. I think that after the oooohs and the aaaahs had subsided, I might want to stitch a letter in a monogram style with floche.

  317. If I won the floss I would design a scenery and stitch it in needle painting
    What a lovely challenge that would be

  318. The floche colors are beautiful and remind me of spring. I would find a special Easter pattern that had lots of flowers in it to use the floche. I already have 3 hanks of white floche that I am going to use on Modern Folk Embroidery’s Agnus Dei.

  319. If I was the lucky recipient of the floche, the first thing I would do with it is finally work up the gingko leaf design I drew up. I just haven’t been happy with how I’ve doodled it so far. I think floche is the answer!

  320. First I’d make a “sampler” of the floche using a zentangle type design and use various stitches and colors.

  321. Oh my! I remember Floche so well from my smocking days. The colors were delicious and the thread was divine to work with. If I had all the colors of Floche today, I would use it for needle blending certain areas on my needlepoint projects. I always lean towards stitching more artistic pieces, so the ability to needle blend with a whole range of colors is too much to resist! I always look for ways to make my stitching look realistic. I hope I win, but if I don’t, the lucky winner is about to have a really good stitching time! Happy holidays.

  322. Loved the arrival on floche. I have been wanting to do some gifts for embroidery friends with initials on them and this sound like a perfect thread to use. Thanks for the idea.

  323. I do a lot of work with hand dyed wool appliqué with embellishment stitching in many fibres. I have no doubt that the softness of floche would compliment the wool beautifully. I often embroider pillow covers to enhance bed quilts, and would love to use floche for that purpose too.

  324. What a generous gift! I’ve never worked with floche, but I’m intrigued by the description. I think that I would use it to monogram a tote bag. And if that came out well, I’d make monogrammed tote bags as gifts for family and friends!

  325. I’ve never used floche, so first I’d try some basic stitches on a doodle cloth, to get the feel of floche and see how it works. I love to stitch smalls and Hardanger, so maybe I’d sub it in for #12 pearl cotton.

  326. Yes! I too love floche!
    If I were to receive this thread I would design maple leaves from green to gold to red and all in between for a foot stool. The ground fabric would be good quality linen.
    The stitches would be stem stitch and long and short stitch.

  327. Well…after visiting Jenny’s websites, I’d say one of her wonderful projects would be my next project.
    ….I’d love to sleep in a bed of floche! So soft!

  328. If I were lucky enough to win the complete collection of floche threads I would use them to stitch some of the creative ideas I have floating around in my head. For example, a friend in Ontario, Canada, posted a picture of ice stars on a frozen lake surface that really inspired me to try to recreate it in stitches. Then there’s all of your lovely patterns to choose from as well.
    Have a wonderful holiday season Mary and I wish you good health and happiness throughout 2020 and beyond.

  329. What wouldn’t I do with my favorite embroidery thread??!! Love floche and to have so many colors??? Heaven…

  330. I have never seen or handled floche but I enjoy a variety of needlework techniques and would love to try it with some of them.

  331. What a fab Christmas gifr/give-away! Thank you to both you and Phyllis.
    If I won this, I would use it for monogramming and, I think very interestingly, try some crewel work with it! What a lovely and generous pack…
    Merry Christmas to all.

  332. I’ve just finished a small project using floche and I am in love with it. I used a variety of stitches in the project and satin stitch is a beautiful use of this thread as well as long and short stitch. Colors blend so beautifully and the thread is soft and supple until the last bit of it. I would love to win this prize so I can expand into bigger projects using this wonderful thread.

  333. I love to do monogramming and very fine Crosstitch on the linen and I think this thread would work well for me

  334. What a beautiful assortment of colors. Not sure what I would do with it.
    Probably practice the long & short stitch or the satin as both need some fine tuning.

  335. Oh, I love Floche, it is so nice and soft, and the colors have a beautiful shine to them! With a whole set of colors, I think I would go really overboard and maybe stitch up a garden scene or a wreath of flowers, something of the sort. I can already imagine the joy embroidering with this thread would give me!
    Thanks again for all the beautiful give-aways, I wish you a very happy Christmas time, and I am looking forward to your posts in the New Year.
    Happy Holidays!

  336. When I read about the floche gift, using it to do all of the embroidery on my crazy quilt project immediately came to mind. My plan is to use pieces from silk clothing & ties with added satin & velvet. The floche would be the icing on the cake! This gift is so generous.

  337. I would definitely break down and find the time to stitch one of your beautiful kaliscopes (can’t spell it).

  338. I am a new needlepoint person. Besides learning basic stitches I am learning about all the fibers available to add texture to a surface picture. Whenever I visit a store for my supplies I get the opportunity not only to look but to also feel. I am definitly a touchy feely person.

  339. If I won a collection of floche, I’d have so much fun drooling over all the colors. Then I’d get all my books out to find just the right pattern to start with. What an exciting thought. Something new! Would love to try a new type of thread.

  340. I would enjoy just looking at it for a while, the I would do something spectacular with filling and not just outline stitch. It looks like fabulous thread! Merry Christmas to you.

  341. If I won this floche I’d stitch each of my family members their initial in satin stitch. I have been experimenting with floche from the Trish Burr pattern book and find it covers very well when satin stitching. Wow, I’d really like to be chosen to win this give away!

  342. I love floche in my lace, and was only recently aware there were so many colors! I have now used it in blackwork and some of your patterns. It really is a lovely thread. I most likely would use it in a peacock garden I’m sketching up. It would be perfect for that!

  343. Hi,
    Thanks for the link to Phyllis website because here in Canada Floche is difficult to come by, although I have good embroidery providers (should say enablers), few carry all the colors, I love Thrish Burr white work with color, and she uses it in many designs. I also use it in thread painting because it lies flat and blends well. So I have many uses for Floche and would go a bit crazy if I got the whole set.
    Happy Holidays
    Lise-Anne Caron

  344. If I were to win this packet, I would stitch a train advent calendar for my great grand child. The Danish pattern stitched with vibrant floche colors will make the train shine.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  345. This has to be a really super duper give away for me because I have a piece of printed linen which I bought from Coleen Goy of Roseworks in South Africa before we moved to the Isle of Man which I have been so keen to stitch but it did not come with any thread or instructional ideas as is the norm with a kit, so this would be wonderful for doing this project.

    May you have a very happy and blessed Christmas and all good wishes for the year ahead.

  346. I would really like to use the floche to do embroidery stitches on a William Morris appliqué quilt I am working on.

  347. Oh, the flowers that I imagine! I would stitch flowers and more flowers. As I am stitching, I would be dreaming of all of the Spring and Summer flowers that will arrive in a few months.

  348. I’d honestly embroider a massive array of monograms and floral needle cases. I’d be absolutely chuffed!

  349. I have been wanting to stitch a coloring book design for a while now and floche would be the perfect thread to complete this project idea.

  350. Whew what a prize!! Floche is a rarity in the UK. I would stitch a sampler listing all t he wonderful aspects of needlework and how they affect our lives

  351. I was recently lucky enough to be given a set of unopened Therese De Dillmont floral designs. I would love to use the floche for these as they would give a really authentic finish

  352. I have never used floche thread to embroidery. In fact, I don’t even think nearby stores stock it! I like to embroidery on floral and printed fabrics to embellish them. The embellished fabric makes wonderful little gift bags, cosmetic bags, and sewing accessory bags. I would love to try floche as it seems to add a sheen and texture unlike anything I have used in the past.

    Betsy S. of Los Gatos

  353. IF I had the opportunity to lay my hands on floche … you surely know it isn’t available in Europe? so this would be a great opportunity! (I ordered some “floche” a while ago, produced and sold by Maria Suarez in Belgium, but it turned out to be a finer thread still than the normal DMC floss, without any spread, so it certainly isn’t THE floche.)
    … then I would use it among others for needlepainting my self-designed images of historic costumes!

  354. I would dearly love to put some of your monograms on pillow cases and if I had a full set of colours to add to my small stash of white just think of the results I could attain. I am currently putting monograms on some handkerchiefs using DMC to add a little colour to the white floche I have acquired through some kits I have bought. Floche is so very hard to get in Australia and shipping costs can make it too expensive. I am sure the results of using floche would be so much better and if I had a full set of colour, it would make my mongrams so much more interesting and professional. Thank you Mary, so much, for doing these wonderful Christmas give aways. Hope you and your family have a safe and joyful Christmas.

  355. A thread painted picture for my new Grand daughter, Scarlette. Flowers twining round a little girl on a swing, all smooth and shining! That is what floche is for when you can get it.

  356. I have recently begun smocking again and have a couple of young women in my family who are expecting their first child this Spring. I would use the floche in projects, both smocked and embroidered, to make special gifts for the new arrivals. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  357. What would I stitch with that much floche? I’ve no idea, the mind simply boggles!

    I’ve always admired the embroidery I have from previous generations, so I’d guess I’d do something nostalgic to fit in with that work.

  358. Our president’s challenge this year is “20/20”. To be interpreted however. I would pick the 20 most luscious colors and stitch a stitch sampler of 20 different stitches.

  359. Recently I have converted from cross stitch to embroidery and am loving it! I have only done one or two projects with floche but loved the results! To win this fabulous gift would give the me opportunity to create more embroidery treasures!

    Thank you for offering these fantastic gifts!

  360. Wow…what a wonderful giveaway! I am a beginner to embroidery and this would be a lovely way to build my stash of threads. It would be great to use in any and all projects!
    sue milanak

  361. Happy holidays all! Wow I would dive in head first and do some test stitching and then hoop up a piece heavy on shading and satin stitch to show of the lovely shine of this floche ❤️

  362. Oh the possibilities of sitting on the floor surrounded by all the beautiful colors of floche … my favorite thread for smocking and surface embroidery, but so hard to find. I have had a year of dreaming time and it is time to smock for 3 DGDs and time to tach them about embroidery. And how better than with this magnificent collection of floche. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my online stitching friends!

  363. Happy holidays all! Wow I would dive in head first and do some test stitching and then hoop up a piece heavy on shading and satin stitch to show of the lovely shine of this floche ❤️thank you

  364. The beginning of Christmas gifts to come is my vision. Initials, trees and

    flakes Oh My! Newly retired, I am sure to put the Floche to good use.

  365. The beginning of Christmas gifts to come is my vision. Initials, trees and

    flakes Oh My! Newly retired here in Oregon City

    , I am sure to put the Floche to good use.

  366. I would do the sampler monogram alphabet with animals to match the letter – i would use primarily long and short stitch with some satin and chain.

  367. I have never worked with floche before but from the look of it, it would be a joy to make something special with it. If I had a whole set of floche at my fingertips, what I think I’d first like to stitch with it would be to use it for a big bouquet of wild flowers! I think it would be beautiful all framed up and on the wall!
    If I don’t win I might need to go buy some to try it out! It’s got my creative juices going now!

  368. I’ve never tried floche but I’d love to try it on my new Art Deco coffee ad poster crazy quilt project

  369. My friend has told me about floche and how hard it is to get, so I would first share a windfall like this with her. Not sure what I would stitch first but I am keen on trying a crazy quilt and this just might suit!

  370. I’m planning for years now to stitch a family tree including our family crest. Should be heirloom worthy and grace our wall of family photos in the hallway.

  371. With such a supply of color – and in floche – I would have all I need to finally begin the project of monogramming finger-tip towels for each of my four nieces. Your review had me immediately ordering Elisabetta Sforza’s books ‘Flower Alphabet’ and ‘In a Wheat Field’ which I’ve been studying since they arrived. The project could begin!

  372. I’d love to tackle an English garden scene complete with snails, worms, moths and butterflies nestled among the flowers. A fountain in the middle with a mermaid would be a fun addition!

  373. I love using Floche for canvaswork because it lays so smoothly and you can get the exact thickness you want by using more or less strands. I would stitch one of the colour-wheel based projects I have stashed away that use many colours. Luscious! Thank you again for the opportunity.

  374. I have read your articles on floche thread but haven’t had the opportunity to give them a try. With these it would be such fun to give them a try. Monograms come to mind.

  375. If I had the whole range I’d probably stop stitching with regular DMC stranded cotton and stitch everything I could with floche. I tried it on your recommendation and it’s really nice to stitch with.

    Thank you to Phyllis Brown for the generous give-away!

  376. The ideas are absolutely endless – but the first thing I would do is do a set of monogrammed napkins for my mom…she would love them!

  377. Okay: Inhale… Exhale… Better now? Yes? Right. Now, to answer the question…. what would I do… I imagine that a WHOLE SET of floche would make it far easier to needlepaint with, or, at the very least, accent your needlepainting in lovely ways. This! This I would do! This I WANT to do! Oh, poo. I never win anything randomly. (Truly, it has never happened.) I have won things with the smarts in my brain and the talents I was given. I recall, in To Kill A Mockingbird, that it is declared to be bad form to brag of your talents. I completely agree on this point, as your talents are nothing more than what you are able to do well without trying so very hard. But, the awards for talents abound. Oh, dear, I fell off into a tangent. (A talent of mine that will never be rewarded, I expect.) I would just like to say that I am so grateful for all the work you do in creating this site, Ms. Corbet. It especially struck me how wonderful it truly is when I recently began knitting. There is not a single knitting site I can find with such a wealth of information and regular opportunities to learn new things about things you thought you already knew everything about. And the ideas for simply playing and experimenting with embroidery are appreciated, as I do not want to constantly take every single stitch so very seriously! Merry Christmas, Ms. Corbet! And Thank You!

  378. I have recently tried stitching it floche and love how smoothly it goes through the fabric. Is used it on my Victorian Christmas Stocking!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Painesville, Ohio! Beth

  379. I would love to try floche on a winter table runner I have planned. Many Thanks to you and to Phyllis for her surprise wonderful gift! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  380. I think I would like to stitch an alphabet sampler with animals for my 13 month old grand nephew. I was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and his mom, my niece has helped me so much, been particularly thoughtful. His Dad has cooked me big tray meals too. That would be a lovely thank you. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Merry Christmas Mary and a Happy, Healthy, Joyful New Year!

  381. I would love to win this prize. I mainly do surface stitching. The floche would be wonderful for landscapes and stumpwork.

  382. I have never used floche so this giveaway would be fantastic. I have an idea to stitch an image (a stone mosaic I saw on a cruise ship. It would involve long and short stitch, stem stitch, and maybe satin stitch all of which I need to practice because I am mainly a cross stitcher.

  383. I think cloche would be amazing to make temari. I haven’t used it for a temari yet, because I don’t have a nice selection of colors. This set would be amazing!

  384. Oh wow, I don’t even know! I think I would use it for a whole lot of things, like smocking, embroidering on clothes, and pillowcases.

  385. I am once again moving into my monogram phase. As you mention the floche is perfect for stitching monograms. Then there is always another “Tree of Life” just waiting to be stitched.
    Merry Christmas Mary and to all the embroidery vendors who were generous with their gifts to enhance our love for embroidery. Looking forward to many happy hours of stitching in 2020 to one and all.

  386. WOW!! If I had a whole set of floche I’d be set for life (well maybe). I use floche on my surface embroideries. I’ve never found anything but the black, ecru and white where I’m able to get them, so having the colors would be a dream come true. They are absolutely divine to work with. I have about 3 designs already on a sulky ready for work, just need to get to them. The ones in the picture look like the 25s, I love working with the 30s. I would just love to be chosen for this gift. Thank you Mary for doing this for the world of needleworkers.

  387. With such a variety of colors I would need to stitch several projects! I do a lot of wool applique so it would be wonderful to see how these threads look with the wool!

  388. If I had a whole set of floche I’d tackle a Di van Niekerk scene. Merry Christmas Mary! Thank you for all the great newsy bits you send. It is a lot of work for you and much appreciated around the globe.

  389. I haven’t worked much with floche, but I’d love to try it. I don’t have a particular project in mind, but I’d love to figure it out! Thanks!

  390. Oh boy — I’ve wanted to create a tree of life in thread for a long while. It would have twisted roots reaching deep into the earth as well as a full and beautiful crown that reflects the four seasons and, somehow, the passage of time (perhaps through some of the many tiny watch innards I’ve collected). Were I to win, I think it would become reality.

  391. I have never even SEEN Floche in my neck of the woods. I do like that R monogram that you have featured and as R starts our last name, I would like to try that as you did such a super job with it and it would mean I could use it for comparison. I love all the many colors our threads these days. I always want to run my fingers and hands through them as if they were rare jewels.

  392. Hi Mary, I would like to try floche with Trish Burr flower designs and white work with color and also on some stumpwork. The shine of the thread will enhance any embroidery.

  393. The floche is beautiful! I am planning on stitching Agnus Dei with Fibertalk and want to stitch it using floche. This will be my first time using floche!

  394. If I had the floche threads, I would continue threadpainting and try to learn stumpwork. What a great gift- thank you!

  395. It would be a bit of a tossup between a multicolored screen or a floral tablecloth using a variety of stitches

  396. I have never used floche before so this would be an exciting win! I do a little bit of every kind of stitching so the possibilities are endless.

  397. If I had a set of floche thread I would use it to do shadow embroidery. I love the way it looks on both sides.

  398. What wouldnt I make with all this?! I have dreams of making an ambitious woodland scene. Full of flowers and animals and hidden clever secrets.

  399. If I had a whole set of floche!!!!! Oh my! What an exciting thought! I know I’m 66 years old but I have a thing for Hello Kitty! I think I would embroider the blocks for my very own Hello Kitty quilt. Never to old, right?

  400. I had an idea for quilt squares with those vintage botanical illustrations on them, the kind with the Latin name of the flower in pretty script… That’s what I would do with floche!

  401. Oh, I LOVE floche! I’d never heard about it before reading on your website. I bought a little to try online and really love the softness, sheen, colors, ease of use…. I guess if I had one absolute favorite Christmas (or birthday, anniversary, or any day’s a holiday!) present, a full set of floche would be #1. Well, OK, I suppose #2, after the gift of seeing my whole family together for that celebration 🙂

    What would I do with it…. A sampler similar to what I wrote for the crewel gift package? A set of handkerchiefs for myself and for gifts? I’ve used some floche for that, and the results are lovely. A table runner or even a tablecloth, maybe working all the seasons in around the edges, using all the colors?

    Crossing fingers…. 🙂


  402. I have a really cute surface embroidery piece that has a cottage, yard, bench, flowers etc that I have ready to be stitched. I plan on making it into a pillow for my bed. All of these colors would be wonderful. What an exciting gift.

  403. Oh that looks like beautiful thread. I love the sheen. What would I do? Well I’d have to try the alphabet e-book. I don’t have that either. It would be a new project for a new year. Thank you for all you have provided for those of use who are learning embroidery.

  404. Oh I would love to stitch the whole world and make it such a more colorful, beautiful place. May I say to everyone, have a blessed holiday season, and may you find peace, and please offer someone a smile.

  405. I would love to have a palette of floche for stitching my needle felted birds. I’ve been needle felting birds representational of nature since 2008 and often include threads and stitching to bring them to life. Floche has the perfect sheen and structure for stitching over wool and seeing this give-away made me swoon. I sure hope I’m lucky!
    —Karen Engelbretson, Stillwater, MN (#KJEFelties)

  406. If I had a full set of floche I would stitch my denim jumper with Jacobean style embroidery. It has a been a dream of mine for a long time to have a denim jumper covered with examples of my needlework skills.

  407. I’ve been given damask serviettes (napkins) on which I’d use the beloved floche in the rainbow sequence of colors to elaborately monogram for the next generation of relatives. Coming to dinner, a niece could choose the hand-embroidered B in blue perhaps if her name was “Brooke,” I in indigo for niece “Izzy,” nephew Roger to pick the red embroidered R, and by the time I finish our 3-year old great-niece “Pepper” could have the purple P if I win this memorable gift. My husband has 17 nephews/nieces and I’ve got 9, plus the additional 32 & 19 “greats” so this solves an heirloom to pass along too. Maybe it would stir up color conversations on the comparisons between “Francie’s” prospective F in fuchsia and “Freya’s” F in fern green. Thanks for furnishing more than inspiration always, Christine in SF

  408. I would add some fancy letters to a sampler. I have the beautiful Stitch Sampler and love the floral motifs. What an amazing give away! Happy Holidays to all.

  409. I like to stitch maps and cloche is the perfect thread. Imagine having the full range from which to choose colours as it’s not easy to find in the disappearing needlework stores.

  410. I think I’d be too overwhelmed to come up with anything, all I’d be able to do would be to look at them in awe! lol

  411. I would work on improving my long and short stitch. Need to practice to achieve that beautifully shaded look.

  412. I like to do Hardanger in colors. I rarely use just white or ecru and maybe the floche would work well for making a hardanger table runner, with some embroidered flowers on it.

  413. I have had a printed pattern for embroidery quilt that has been sitting in the cupboard for about 15 years,because I was waiting for some inspiration thread-wise to make it for my daughter, and these beautiful threads are it! I would love to win them, but even if I don t I will order them for myself, they took my breath away! It will be my project for 2020 for sure. Thank you for the opportunity!

  414. I am in the planning stage of designing a quilt for my Daughter-in-law. I embroider
    quilts, and hand quilt them. The projects usually take about 3 months to complete.
    The floche would be wonderful to embroider with. It looks like a fabulous thread.

  415. I love antique style samplers. I can envision spending hours upon hours stitching with these amazingly beautiful threads.

    Thank you for the opportunity,

  416. What an awesome give-a-way. This is my favorite for stitching on T Towels, it lays beautifully and stitching small motifs for Tri-fold cards. Maybe I will win this, since my birthday is the next day ~ what an amazing gift this would be.
    Thank you Phyllis & Mary ~

  417. If I had a full set of floche at my disposal I think I would dig through my collection of vintage transfers to find the one that features all the provincial and territorial floral emblems and give it a whirl.

  418. OOOHHH if I had a whole set of floche, I think I’d love to embark on an adventure of hand embroidering a bunch of squares that could become part of a quilt of state flowers or state birds. I’m not sure I’d ever complete such an undertaking but I can dream, right?

  419. I am going to stitch a silk ribbon flowers initial (Di’s pattern) and this would be lovely for the embroidery part.

  420. I would love to use the this thread for an heirloom embroidered teddy bear. I downloaded the pattern from an Inspiration pattern. Thank you

  421. WOW…I can’t stop looking at the pictures, so how beautiful would a whole set of colors be!!! I have a couple of Trish Burr bird patterns that would be stunning in these threads.

  422. If I had a full set of Floche I would monogram everything. Everywhere I could find floche they only sell it by the full hank. It’s quite pricey but I love stitching with it. The shine and the way it lays is wonderful.

  423. If I had a full set of Floche I would work on projects from the Trish Burr books I have collected. They would be wonderful for mastering the long and short stitch. I might get to work on the starch sampler alphabet. It would be a dream to have theses wonderful threads.

  424. Hi Mary, I love your site and the giveaways are always great. If I won this set of Floche, I would stitch your entire alphabet sampler. It would be so gorgeous.

  425. I have a feeling I would like floche as I have a smocking machine and haven’t done much with it. I am already using your monogram designs this Christmas for gifts. I also have a muslin shirt I’ve been meaning to make for myself for the longest time and your Jacobean designs have inspired me toward what I want to use. Thank you for these wonderful opportunities to win and the inspirations they drum up.

  426. If you had a whole set of floche at your fingertips, what do you imagine you’d stitch with it? I’d love to hear your ideas for the thread!

    Mary’s initial book. I bought it several years ago and have had great fun making the initials.

  427. Oooh, I have never managed to get to try Floche ! I would use it to do a special crewel embroidery.

  428. I do a lot of projects using wool which I embellish with a variety of beautiful threads. It would be wonderful to try these lovely floche threads on a new project.

  429. I look forward to Stitcher’s Christmas every year. I would love trying Floche in my embroidery. With a whole set I would definitely have to decide on a worthy & challenging project to use it. Wishing everyone a happy & safe holiday season!

  430. If I won the set of floche, I’d find a myriad of ways to use it in my stash of needlepoint canvasses. As you said, floche is hard to come by, and it would be great to have all the colors to choose from for all my canvasses.

  431. Floche is one of my favorite threads – so many ways to use it, and one often overlooked is for Turkey Work! It makes the softest, most luxurious fur or puff! Floche seems almost like silk to me, with its texture and sheen – love, love it!

  432. Hi, Mary,

    I would stitch a meadow full of flowers and every kind of animal. I’d definitely put in a giraffe, and add a pond for a hippo and manatee.

    Merry Christmas!

    Beth B in Charlottesville, VA

  433. I would spend quite a while just looking and enjoying all the beautiful deep vibrant colours. I would then stitch a set of samplers of different stitches & techniques using combinations of all the colours. I would spend plenty of time thinking and planning these samplers to end up with a set that I would enjoy stitching and would look good mounted & hung on the wall to admire and get pleasure from.

  434. I want to try my hand at doing some heirloom sewing. But with all those lovely colors maybe a few thread painted butterflies would be lovely as well.

  435. I don’t think we can get this type of thread in the UK, so this would be a wonderful chance to try something new and different from the normal stranded. I do a lot of long and short stitch pieces and I love using birds as a theme. I have had it in mind for some time to stitch a mandarin duck with its multi coloured plumage, so I think with this vast colour range, this would be my choice.

  436. Forgot to mention uses for a whole set of 90 colors! Have three Christmas Stockings just calling the the gleam and softness of Floche throughout, this thread would breathe life into each one!

  437. If I had the whole set—-
    First be very grateful and amazed
    Second caress and dream
    Third read everything on Mary’s site about Floche so I wouldn’t waste any of it
    And then start dreaming about using it!

  438. I use floche for background stitches in Needlepoint…I haven’t tried it for embroidery yet, but I planning on trying it soon.

  439. I just read all about floche and if I was lucky enough to win this I would stitch a thread painting with it.
    Merry Christmas

    Sue Thomas

  440. I love Floche. I didn’t realize that it was popular for Smocking. I use it for Hardanger. It is the perfect size for higher count fabric, And the color selection is great. Thanks to Phyllis Brown for this great gift. I looked at all the smocking on her web page. Who can resist just spending time oooh-ing at the sweet dresses, bonnets and adorable shoes.

  441. A whole set? Mercy me. Lots of experimenting at first. Then I may start on the tablecloth I’ve been thinking about for a few years. That would be incentive to actually begin!

  442. I have always dreamed of owning an entire set of floche to stitch bullion roses, etc on my heirloom and smocked childrens garments!

  443. The floche looks lovely on your monogram example. I have been stitching my friend’s initials and putting them in floating frames for birthday gifts. I can see myself going stitch-crazy creating the alphabet. Ah! A thought! An alphabet sampler!
    Linda Andersson

  444. Merry Christmas! This is the only place I have ever read about Floche. And since finding out about it, I’ve been wanting to use it. I’m not a great embroiderer, but I’d love to try making animals and flowers. Using the satin stitch or long and short stitch. Then I’d like to put them into the quilts I make.

  445. I’ve taken a long hiatus from actual embroidery (blackwork and cross stitch can be SO enticing) but I have a number of patterns I have had my eyes on for a long while for actual embroidery. I love the high sheen of floche thread – more like silk than standard cotton – so having some to play with would be wonderful. I see a number of small draw string bags in my future!

  446. This may sound a little ambitious (if not a little crazy), but I’d love to make a lovely, large rendering of the Mayflower ship landing, along with a Pilgrim Thanksgiving scene. Both of my parents (and me, consequently) are Mayflower descendants and I know they’d love a special piece of art like that! It seems that the floche would be just perfect for such a project!! Thanks so much for all the opportunities you’ve offered, Mary. Merry Christmas to you!! 🙂

  447. I have found it difficult to get floche and have only used it for white work so with a whole colour range I could use it for silk shading or a crewel design I’m still to choose threads for! Merry Christmas

  448. I have a large silk cushion with a lovely crewel pattern printed on it ready to embroider. I have been looking at it for some time and this would be so much fun to do with such delightful threads.

  449. If I had the entire set of floche I would have to try to stitch your sampler alphabet for sure!
    thanks so much for all your giveaways

  450. I have a nice little fabric box that I want to recover. If I won I would like to use the floche to stitch a monogram on the top of the box.
    Alice Brown
    Olalla BC

  451. Oooooh, the possibilities! Would love to try this. Maybe on your Christmas trees, some tea towels, quilt blocks … and if I don’t have enough ideas, my sister is much more creative than I am.

  452. I haven’t used floche before, but I envision a cottage and flower garden scene, in order to make the most of such a variety of colors! I think I know just the pattern….

  453. I would like to concentrate on adding more variety to my stitching. A complete set of floche would allow me to play with monograms for smalls and gifts.

  454. I have never stitched with floche! So I’m definitely deprived, I guess. I would have to try it out, really, to know what to use it for. Since you have used it for monograms, and I follow your lead in this area, I think I would start there. Maybe a small monogram on a frilly handkerchief would be my first try.

  455. If I had a whole set of floche I would try many different things! I would use it in my needlepainting; I would use it for satin stitch as I have heard it has such a beautiful effect; I have a bunch of whitework with color projects that call for floche as well; and lastly, I would try out some smocking stitches with it!

  456. Oh, my! What wouldn’t I do with a complete set of floche? Every since I watched your video of the floche vs. 6 strand thread, I’ve wanted to try it. I bought one skein that I found at a local quilt store, but they had only a very few colors (tied to some patterns they were offering which I didn’t want), so I could try some white on white work–or in this case, ecru on ecru. I’d use all those lovely colors to do some of Mary’s initials as gifts for my friends. There are some dish towels that I found that I could add some mandalas to. And I might use it for some of the snowflakes. I’m still working on thread painting and would love to try doing some of that with floche. Since the local offerings have been so sparse I really haven’t invested in floche the way I have DMC stranded thread, but I’m eager to try it.

  457. I got hooked on stitching with floche when I read one of Mary’s articles about this fabulous fiber. If I should be so fortunate as to win this set that is being offered, I would use the floche to stitch some of the Jeannette Douglas patterns that are on my to-do list for 2020.

  458. I like floche, it is fun to stitch with, cross stitch and hoop embroidery. Because I like to do cross stitch in hand, floss sometimes gets one thread looser and then shorter than the other when stitching over a large expanse, with floche that is never a problem. I had not run across the Heriloom Beginnings website before and found it very interesting.

  459. I would stitch a sampler with floche. Its so soft and the color is matt so it would be wonderful with its many colors.

  460. I haven’t used floche before, so it’s hard to say what I would use it for. However, from the photos it looks like it would be good for crewel embroidery.

  461. Right now, I have 3 colors of blue and white for my entire floche stash. I got them to try needleblending. I love the flower I did, and I found the floche really easy to work with. So more floche, more flowers! I want to try long and short, too, which would be great with floche. Just think, a whole bouquet of floche flowers!

  462. I would love to try out the floche on one or more of the beautiful patterns that are in the new book Crewel Creatures that my daughter gave to me. I think the floche would work really well. Merry Christmas.

  463. If I had a whole set of Floche… Wow! so many possibilities, I was using a bit of floche in my EGA Mixed Media class which isn’t finished so of course there is that, I’ve always wanted to try a few monograms, there is ornaments, and of course all your lovely patterns… I’d probably just stare at the whole set for a bit and then start incorporating them into whatever I cold.

  464. I’d love to play with the Floche for embroidering on my handmade felt. The contrast of the wool and cotton would be so pretty. Thanks!

  465. A young friend of mine is getting married this coming year and I want to stitch several things with the couple’s new monogram. With such a huge selection of colors I’d be able to match their decor exactly! Also, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your Christmas giveaways every year. I spend time at each merchant’s website finding supplies or projects that I’ll treat myself to during the next year. And I get to indulge in a few minutes of stitching day dreams as I compose my entry each day. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas, Mary, and a spectacular 2020!

  466. I’ve used floche before and I love it so much that I happily substitute it into my needlework but to have a full set would be a dream and I would probably use it to reproduce on silk something like Shakespeare’s flowers as a sweet bag or sampler. The richness of colour and softness deserves to be used to enhance already beautiful pieces.

  467. I would love to have this. I smock for my great granddaughter and friends children. I have never tried this to stitch with this and will be a treat for me to try. Thanks for the giveaway and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  468. Thank you to Mary and especially to Phyllis. Really nice way to start the holidays.
    With a whole set of cloche – I’m not really sure what I would do. I would probably think and research a bit before just diving into a project (or a few as there is a whole set of floche). Maybe also combine it with other type of thread too.
    Happy holidays

  469. What would I do with a complete set of floche? The possibilities are endless. I would probably start with some of the stamped embroidery pillow cases for my granddaughter.

    Merry Christmas

  470. Oh, my, what a treat to decide what to use it for! I know I’d try cross stitch and also monograms. And who knows what else? I’d let it inspire me.

  471. I think I would embroider an entire coat of flowers and leaves and geometric patterns in lovely rainbow colors!

  472. I am making a mountain scene for my 6 day old grandson’s room to hang up and I struggle with satin stitching and staggered stitches to blend colors. I would love to try the floche on this project. It might make smoother and add more light to the lake.

    Judy Satterlee in Arvada, CO

  473. Oh my gosh, how generous!! And beautiful! I think I would start at the beginning of your kaleidoscope e-book, and make every one with this gorgeous thread. Thank you for all you do!

  474. Love trying new threads. Have had my eye on the SAL from linen and threads and would love to try floche out for this.

  475. I’d have lots of fun with the threads.I have 3 crazy quilts in the works. So lots of seam treatments and patches to fill with embroidery.

  476. I enjoy learning new stitches here, and would love to branch out and do some of the beautiful work I’ve seen others doing. The floche would be a new and exciting thread to use while improving the long and short stitch on the monogram ebook.
    Most of my work are gifts and the thread would be lovely to use.

  477. Hi Mary – I know exactly what I would use this lovely give-away for—a sampler of your monograms! I have embroidered over a dozen different monograms from your downloadable pattern (including the tulip “R” you showed) as thank you gifts for my quilt guild board members, and while I used floss and some pearl cotton, I would relish the chance to use floche because it looks radiant in your examples. Merry Christmas and thank you for these posts.

  478. I have never stitched with this thread as I have been unable t find it. This would be a treat to have in my stitching supplies.

  479. Not sure exactly what I would stitch with this floche but it looks beautiful! It would be great for floral scenes.

  480. Oh my gosh—this is incredibly generous!! I recently bought a panel of fabric which has four pieces to it. It has an alphabet sampler on one and swirls, flowers and patterns on the other three. I think I need to embroider the panel pieces and then cut them apart to make into vinyl front project bags for my crossstitch projects. I have learned to make these this year and then are beautiful because of all the gorgeous print fabric available. I have never used floche and am thinking that is what is needed for this project.

  481. I have never made a satin stitch I did not hate. However, after reading your articles on Floche, I am willing to try satin stitch yet again. Should I win this lovely thread collection, I would like to do up a textile book of Floche embroidered flowers in a Florida garden.

  482. Wow!
    What lovely thread. I love the feel of Floche.
    I’d create a lovely 18th century embroidered jacket!
    Wishing you many holiday blessings!

  483. I’ve never used floche, but am intrigued. I would do some research on using this beautiful thread before diving in. I envision a lovely, Victorian floral piece.

    This has been my first experience with the Stitcher’s Christmas give-away. “Oh What Fun” it has been! Merry Christmas one and all!

  484. what would I do if I were lucky enough to win a whole set of Floche??? After I stopped my Happy Dance I’d sect several colors to “play” with. Then, I’d invite a close friend , Sue over. Sue does heirloom embroidery and lots of smocking for all her Grand kids. With a new grandson and a little granddaughter who is finally home from the hospital with some huge heart issues, the little girl is being gifted lots of quilts and smocked dresses made with a tone of love. Hopefully Sue and I will get a chance to share this wonderful gift!

    Merry Christmas!

  485. Would very much like to have a go using floche to embroider the face of the “Green Man” with lots of leaves and flowers around the head and falling onto the face. This is a project that I have lined up for next year and have been wondering about using different threads and beads to make it unique.

  486. Oh, I love cloche! I have only used it a couple of times – only in white – to do a monogram and a small piece for a friend. All those colors, I’d love to do some projects I have in mind for family, monograms/florals in their favorite colors!

  487. I would love to win a complete set of Floche! I’ve used it before on several Needlepoint projects, and love the shine it gives. I would probably use on my various Needlepoint canvases, to add lots of vibrant color!

  488. After reading your previous issues on learning to make a perfect satin stitch I would like to use the floche to stitch some monograms. I also think the Whitework Workbasket kit would be a wonderful learning project for the stitching with the floche.

  489. I would like to stitch a large table runner in Hardanger with flowered initials at each end. Maybe I could use the cloche in the Hardanger as well as the initials and flowers. I can see the colours now!

  490. Hi: I recently purchased Embroidered Country Gardens by Lorna Bateman. I would love to use a full set of Floche at my finger tips to stitch a country garden in full bloom. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!

    Citrus Heights, CA

  491. If I had a whole set of thread I would stitch a long and short stitch project and do my initial like you showed us a year ago. I love all your work and articles. Thank you for
    all you do and have a Merry Christmas. Love & Prayers, Beverly G. Suches, GA

  492. If I had the whole set of floche, I would stitch your beautiful monograms for everyone I know! I’d be able to choose the perfect colour for everyone.

  493. I would be working on lots of smocked outfits for babies who did not survive and making bereavement gowns and blankets.

  494. this is an easy question for me to answer as a smocker! I’d use it for all my projects! I have a few skeins of it and have used it from time to time and found it to be delightful; so smooth and soft! fingers crossed!

  495. Dear Mary. If I had a whole set of floche. I would do a set of kitchen towels for my daughter. Subject Texas flora and fauna. My own designs.
    Roxanna Hauschild

  496. OH, MY! I would just sit and admire the threads,their softness, their gorgeous colors and then find the perfect pattern to stitch. Probably Jacobean.

  497. I’ve been looking at the embroidery I did 30 years ago and thinking that is where I should be heading in the future. Not cross stitch but a picture that I’d choose for my self. I’d love to make it about floche.

  498. Oh my gosh!!! What a glorious opportunity. How generous of Phyllis to offer this gift of floche. I am just finishing my Silk and Metal Embroidery class through EGA and anxious to get back to my other embroideries in the heirloom style. I make cushions and small, embroidery enhanced coverlets and would use the floche extensively in the embroideries. I especially like to do thread painting and have many of Trish Burr’s designs where she incorporates floche. It is such a beautiful, soft thread to work with. I think it would work well with some goldwork technique, too. No matter if I would be the lucky winner, I can now add Phyllis to my list of suppliers who provide product in larger quantities. Thank you to Phyllis and to you, Mary. Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas filled with love and happiness. Jan

  499. Hi Mary and all! What an exciting “Stitcher’s Christmas” this year! Thanks to all contributors and our ‘organizer’, Mary!
    What would I do with a full set of Floche? I’ll start designing stuff with it, that’s what! I LOVE stitching with it, just haven’t managed to gather enough different colors to really feel that I can effectively design with it. SO, many thanks Mary for giving us the information on a source for this lovely thread! I know that, one way or another, I’ll be reaching out to Phyllis to get my greedy paws on a nice selection of colors so I can start working more with this lovely thread!


    P.S. Good luck, Mary, at resisting Jenny’s Stitcher’s Workbasket kit! I placed a pre-order for something else from her and couldn’t resist adding that to my order. I won’t get any of it until February or early March – but I figure that by then I’ll NEED something new to work on to pull me through the last of winter!

  500. Floch is one of my favorite embroidery threads. I used it almost exclusively for smocking and I now use it for my embroidery on applique. I love to outline the shapes as will and it gives a very soft three dimensional look

  501. WOW all those beautiful colors make my mouth water. I am making a butterfly embroidered quilt. Those colors and thread would be great to have.

  502. Oh wow…..I think I just found the thread I’ve been looking for! What would I stitch? I’ve been looking at trying to do a crazy quilt and that thread would be perfect for me. Otherwise I love birds, flowers, and insects. What fun to do with all those colors at your fingertips.

  503. I visited Phyllis’s website and Oh My! What a talented lady! The Floche colors are beautiful, and I would love to use them in some of my embroidery projects.

  504. I’m a sucker for a whole set of anything. For the floche, which I have wanted to try for a long time, appears to be an ideal thread for any floral or landscape theme; it would appear to work in whitework and other surface embroideries very well. The colors offer lots of options to play.

    Thank you for offering this prize.

  505. I love Floche for the ease of stitching with it and the beautiful shine! I would use it to stitch all the Christmas ornaments in my stash!!! (Or pass it all to my daughter if I don’t live that long! She’s a fan as well!)

  506. Floche is a WONDERFUL thread! To have the complete collection would be awesome! I love using it for padded satin stitch — VERY padded! I use it for Madiera-style embroidery. And small split-stitch stuff. Smooth and shiny! Thank you for the source!!

  507. I think if I had a whole line of floche I would try doing long short stitch flowers with it. I think it would be so amazing to have such a beautiful amount of choices to work with!
    -Heather in Chicago

  508. That is a lot of thread! It would make some amazing smocking. I would also use it for filling of leaves and flowers as well as outlined designs.

  509. I love reading your blog all I wish is that New Zealand had a few craft shops that sell all the products that u ftalk about is Christine Holdaway I know the internet is just a click away but in terms money exchange some times it is not worth hassle returning if not like thanks 4 enjogyment bye bye look forward next read

  510. I would make a crazy quilt in either black or neutral fabrics and use every color in the rainbow for the seam treatments.

  511. Oh my gosh! I love the idea of winning a set of the floche, they are beautiful threads! I would love to use it on some of my needlepoint canvases I have and also for cross-stitching on 28ct linens!

    Tedra Raden-Phoenix, AZ

  512. I imagine doing a painting with stump work butterflies, flowers and birds for my nice to have in her room.

  513. Merry Christmas and a big thank you for bringing joy to so many people.
    I have never used this thread so I would probably try many things. Monograms, of course, but mending. Mending is embroidery in a way. You take an old worn out something and mend it with floss and make it beautiful to wear again in its second life. Being a weaver I would try it in a tapestry and beaded cuff or belt. The many uses for string boggles my mind.

  514. If I had a whole set of floche at my fingertips, I would love to do a version of one of the stained glass windows at my church with it. Another idea that I have imagined doing is a depiction of a symphony orchestra. I think the instruments would look fabulous in these threads. A third idea I had when I saw these is a massive flower garden.

  515. Ooo La La! The first thing I would do is unpack it all & neatly line it up. Then I’d happily sit & stare at it, maybe gently “pet” it! You’ve all been there, I know it! A beautiful piece of fibre is in front of you & sometimes just admirering the simple thread is rewarding! Then I would probably ‘finally’ embroider something fabulous on the backrest of my antique setee. 😉

  516. I am a needlepointer who loves floche. While I am happy to ply cotton and silk floss, floche reduces the amount of plying that I need to do. You’re right about it not being easily available in more than a few colors, at least in my area.
    Happy Holidays! Kathy

  517. Stitch sampler alphabet is my new project after the holidays. I have a small wooden box with the perfect place for an initial on top. It’s just big enough for some small stitching tools.
    Merry Christmas Mary !!
    Thank you for teaching me and so many others how to embroider. You have spread so much happiness all over the world .

  518. I have recently heard about DMC Flouche in the Fiber Talk you tube, it sounds very nice. I would love to be the winner of this gift.


  519. Since I have recently developed the itch to try needle painting, and you have written an article on using this product for long and short stitches, I think that would be the perfect place to start.

  520. I guess as soon as the threads were prepared and I was tired of feeling them and drooling over the colors now in my new thread box – I am sure they could not be with the common place thread – I would grab a new project. I have kits that are just waiting for inspiration including one or two from inspiration magazine….. a bunny one I really liked which is just sitting.

  521. OHHHH!!!! Floche… A whole set!! Flowers… gardens & gardens of flowers… Yumiko Higuchi & Kazuko Aoki & Yuki Sagashima flowers….. I have several of their books & they are so lovely & absolutely perfect for floche!!! Oh and what about Hazel Blomkamps crewel designs.. I bet it would weave well. OR augmenting some goldwork. The shimmer with the gold would be amazing… AND your Lavender Honey smalls or your floral letter monograms.. Super sweet gifties for my friends. Sooo Many things… *happy sigh*

    1. Of course I got so excited I didn’t look at anybody else’s responses before responding myself… BUT I just read all of them & LOVE that you asked what people would do with it. I love that question because the responses always point me toward new ideas & designers; usually designers whose work I recognize but whose names I don’t. Anyway, thank you for the pleasant daydreams of stitchery after the grind of our financial year-end. Merry Christmas!!!

  522. I love Floche. I would stitch flowers, leaves, animals, and even backgrounds on my needlepoint canvases. Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog. I always look forward to it.
    Debby L in Nevada

  523. I discovered floche when making Mary’s fiesta scissor fob. It’s lovely to embroider with. I would use it to make flowers.

  524. So many of the antique linens I see in thrift shops, and some of the linens passed down in my family, seem to use floche instead of regular stranded thread. I’d love to recreate some of those old designs using floche, because the texture is smoother and I love the way light reflects on the thread.

  525. I enjoy stitching pop art portraits of famous musicians such as Freddy Mercury in bold colors. I have not used Floche because it is extremely hard to get in NZ, so an opportunity to try long and short stitch and satin stitch would be a real treat.

  526. I’ve been wanting to make some embroidered felt bird ornaments to cover my Christmas tree next year.

  527. I’ve started quilting again and Would love to try and add various embellishments with the floche to my quilts.
    Carol b

  528. All those beautiful threads would be used on a design on a self made couture jacket or skirt – such a lovely addition – worthy of the runways!

  529. This would be a dream come true. Floche is my absolute favorite fiber. I would make belts, ornaments, almost any & everything.
    Merry Christmas Mary.

  530. I’ve never worked with Floche but i think I would stitch Flowers, Flowers, Flowers with it. Rosann P – North Carolina

  531. If I had an entire selection of floche… I would create fun, lovely and beautiful children’s clothes, such as an embroidered yoke on a little dress.

    I would grab some of my plainer shirts and embroider little motifs on them…

    I would gaze at the exquisite skeins of floche with wonder and awe.

    ~Cirese Summerrose

  532. Mary, I know you’ve mentioned floche so many times but I have never seen it in person! You are so right that it isn’t easy to find.

    Because of that, I don’t know what I would whip up with it, except perhaps trying out the same idea I mentioned with the wool thread – working up a chunky thread painted “stained glass” from my grandmother’s coloring book.

    Although, I do have your monograms e-book so I could easily see myself working with a letter or two! It looks silky in shine, so maybe I would embellish it with some ribbon embroidery accents as well. Hmm, now I am thinking! 😀

    Thank you so much for pulling this together (and to all your gracious give-away-ers!). I can only imagine what it must be like to organize it, read through all the comments, and ship it out to everyone. I don’t comment often, but I read your site regularly so thanks for another year of teaching! 😀

  533. I could see myself stitching some linens with these threads. I would use traditional whitework techniques but add colour to them. it would be a wonderful opportunity.

    Thanks so much, happy holidays

  534. I’ve never heard of Floche but it looks wonderful. I would love to experiment with it for monograms and maybe a little smocking.

  535. Experiment, that’s what I would do with the thread. I have not used it before, so I would have to experiment with it to see how it works best for me. I love using different threads on my Crazy Quilts. So, it would be fun to try something new. Ellen R.

  536. Wow. I’d poll my stitching friends for ideas. Also my local needlework shop for pattern ideas that use many colors that would work with floche
    The colors are really beautiful.

  537. I’ve been hearing lots about floche lately from Gary and Vonna. I would love to try some free style work with it and also see how my satin stitches could improve. This is so nice of you.

  538. I used floche threads for the Stitch Sampler Alphabet project a few years back. It was fun! I have been thinking of sketching some motifs based on those adorable perennials in my garden. Maybe I will stitch the designs with this set of threads 🙂

  539. With so many colours, there are so mant possibilities. But I’d start with some monograms for the gals who come to our annual retreat in August, then I’d look at what motifs and seam stitches to apply to my crazy quilt.

  540. You mentioned heirloom embroidery in your blog. I would start stitching on a beautiful Easter dress for a sweet little girl I know.

  541. I would love to receive a full set of floche in all colors. I have stitched with it for years using mainly white and ecr, doing traditional cutwork. I especially like the satiny look and feel of the thread on linen. If I had a full set of the colors I could stitch a lovely pastel scene suitable for framing.

  542. I LOVE Floche!!
    I first used it stitching one of Trish Burr’s “Whitework with Colour” projects and found it wonderful to use and giving an excellent result. Have used it in a couple of other designs but getting all the colours here in Australia is difficult. I have splashed out a couple of times to add to my stash but a whole set would be fantastic.

  543. I think I would get the Alphabet ebook and make a sampler with the set of floche. I asked at my lns the other day and got one skein of ecru and will give it a try in the new year.

  544. My fingers are itching to use floche in combination with silk thread in a crazy patchwork project. I think the two would contrast and compliment each other. I haven’t used it before so it would be an exciting experiment.
    Jenny from New Zealand

  545. I would use it to embroider ‘Maureen ‘ the owl by hazel Bloomkamp I’ve used cotton broder but have never used this thread,. I would like to thank you for all your stitch videos, they have helped me a great deal
    Thank you

  546. Such beautiful colors! I have never used floche before. I’d love to do a stitched portrait of my house and garden with all those lovely colors…Merry Christmas!

  547. I do a challenge Old embroiderypatterns with Tree of Needlework each month. And I’m dure there will be a project vwith floche in it

  548. A full sized Hadaki quilt. These quilts are made by the Siddi women in India and they are appliqued from the perimeter to the center. I am currently obsessed with making these in smaller sizes.

  549. Oh wow, what a beautiful giveaway! If I had a set like that I would do an embroidery of many different realistic insects in tall grass and wild flowers. I LOVE stitching insects, they are beautiful little living jewels.
    Renata B

  550. Well once I’d come down to earth again! I’d love to embroider a Tree of Life, with every animal, and plant I can manage. I already have butterflies in my tummy, with just the thought of it – so they’d make a very good start. A beautiful subject with beautiful threads. What a perfect start to 2020!

  551. I would use it to embroider’Maureen ‘ the owl by Hazel Bloomkamp. I’ve used cotton a broder on your lattice piece and think it would be lovely to use on the owl

  552. I like making alphabet blocks for baby quilts. I’ve usually done applique for the letters, outlining them with embroidery. But if I had this beautiful array of floche, I would be motivated to do the letters themselves in a variety of stitches. I’ve been collecting designs, but haven’t yet had the nerve to jump in 😉

  553. I would pull out one of my needlepoint canvases and start what I dont know, but I know I love stitching with floche….thinking maybe a cactus piece.

  554. Thanks for including the link to the older article on the difference between floche and stranded cotton. What do I envision doing with that rainbow of potential?????

    I see a flower garden in mid summer, with the reds, purples and oranges providing the heat of the day, the greens and blues providing the counterpoint of the shade garden, the greys and browns the rocks and the soils and over all the variegated greens as different leaves and other greenery.
    Sigh this is an especially vivid picture given that my backyard is nothing but frozen white on white at the moment!

  555. I really love working with floche. I was fortunate to be able to purchase some colors from Hedgehog before it went out of business. In 2020 I am starting the hand piecing of a crazy quilt made up entirely of three inch hexagons. Having every color of floche to choose from for my embroidery stitches would be a dream come true for me.

  556. I’d love to try floche on a full coverage jacket I’m working on. And if not that, then the pile of vintage handkerchiefs I have ready for new life!

  557. Floche – I have always wanted to try some but I always struggle choosing colours so if I buy a few they will be wrong and I will have to buy some more and so on. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a whole stash to consider and decide on at leisure. Modern takes on Jacobean work, monograms, floral alphabets, wreaths…hours of fun,fun,fun!

  558. If I had a whole set of floche at my fingertips I’d have to think long & hard about what I would make first. There are many pieces that come to mind from the many books & patterns I’ve collected over the years. But recently I’ve been thinking a lot about one particular piece that you have and its the Leafy Tree Kit. I know its not a huge project but I think its one I would start with & while I was stitching it, I would let my mind wander to all those patterns I’ve amassed to find the perfect project worthy of a whole set of floche.

  559. I would use the floche on a sampler – what lovely colours! And I’d also use it as a gimp in bobbin lace.

    Thanks for another year of Xmas give-aways.

  560. If I could stop staring at the beautiful array of coloured floche, I would stitch Mary’s Monograms or Mandalas. Mmmmmmmmmm……

  561. If you had a whole set of floche at your fingertips, what do you imagine you’d stitch with it? I’d love to hear your ideas for the thread! – I have stitched the Shepherd’s Bush stockings for my family. I would love to stitch ones for myself and my husband converting the perle cotton to floche.

  562. I am quite keen to do more satin stitch type projects along the lines of Trish Burr’s whitework in colour and these, I think, would be perfect.

  563. Hi Mary, If I had all those colors of floche, I’d try doing monograms and some designs from coloring books like your Hummingbirds project. It sounds wonderful for satin stitch and long and short stitch where larger areas need to be filled in. I’d also try some of the designs in the Anchor Book of Crewel Embroidery Stitches using floche instead of wool. The small 1997 edition is filled with small Jacobean picture designs. Thank you for your earlier posts on floche – they are very helpful.

  564. I bought your stitcher’s alphabet several months ago, Mary, and would dive into some letters right away if I would win this set! So many creative options!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
    Cindy M in Lincoln, NE

  565. IfI had a whole set of floche I would embroider a dress bodice for an evening gown so that my husband could take me out dancing with my new hip once installed- after waiting two years!!!
    While I convalesce I will embroider to pass the time.

  566. I would look up/purchase a beautiful vintage pattern and embroider it completely in Floche.

  567. What an amazing prize! I’ve never used flèche but my gosh those hanks look beautiful. I’d love to use them to do a Jacobean-style embroidery. Thanks so much for your wonderful website and blog.

  568. If I had such a sumptuous collection of floche, I would use it to work up some vintage 1940s transfer designs that my grandmother left to me. Some of he designs are so beautiful and deserve special treatment. Floche will be perfect!

  569. I would use the many colors of the floche for flowers inside my blocks on a crazy quilt. Thanks for this opportunity.Happy stitching, all!

  570. Oh my God, this! I think I’d start by just manipulating them, caressing them, touching them, feeling them, admiring them, and then… as I’m embroidering initials on dishcloths for my three sisters, I’d use them for that. First. Because after that, I would certainly find another project…
    Diane from Montréal in Québec

  571. Just starting a short and long stitch project. Would love to use these threads.
    Chris McGuire

  572. As I have never used floche, I would follow your recommendation and use I’d for long and short stitch in a floral piece.

  573. I imagine I would be able to stitch all the beautiful things I have seen on your blog. I would like to start with a beautiful stitchers book. I feel like the book “Oh, the places you will go.” I would be limited only by my choice not my pocketbook. Thank you for the opportunity.

  574. Oh,a whole set of floche project requires every color be used, so I think an alphabet would be great.

  575. OMG! I have a pattern for a midevil tapestry that I’ve always wanted to make and how to fabulous would this be. I so would lock myself in an ancient tower and surround myself with this floch and yards of material and wine and stay till I finished the tapestry.

  576. Very interested in cloche, and would love to try it its so shiny and pretty. Going to read your article on the differences. A girl just can’t have enough kinds of thread. MerryChristmas to you

  577. With this exquisite floche I would finally make a start on designing and embroidering the English wildflowers I have been dreaming of. The colors seem perfect for this.

  578. Oh, my, how generous! I’d definitely do something in long and short stitch which I find too fiddly to do in single strand floss, probably something like landscapes, florals, birds or butterflies based on the beautiful colors displayed in the collection. How lovely!

  579. If I had a whole set of floche at my fingertips I would have to recover from shock before I delved into samplers and smocked linen dresses for babies/toddlers. I would probably spend lots of time perusing magazines and online shops for new projects as well

  580. Sweet!! Floche has always been one of my favorite threads to stitch with! I’m very lucky that my local needlepoint shop carries it. I’m an avid needlepointer and it’s one of my favorite go to threads for stitching backgrounds. I love how smooth it feels in hand and the little bit of sheen that it has. Would luv to receive this very special giveaway! Have a blessed Christmas!

  581. If I won the floche I would do thread painting with it and embroider something for my Mother’s 100th Birthday in September 2020

  582. Cloche appears to be non existent in UK so the chance to Stitch with it would be really interesting ……and what a treat it would be to use the threads to Stitch Mary’s Stitch Alphabet.
    Lynda H, UK

  583. Susan – Nanaimo
    I’d be delighted to try using Floche for Sashiko. I know it’s not traditional but the colours are dreamy and I think it would be spectacular for the Sashiko stitches. It sounds firm enough to show off the stitches. I also enjoy slow stitching on Fibre Art and again the colours would be very special with so many fabrics.

  584. What a great opportunity to win such a lovely prize. I have used cotton a broder in the past, but no longer have it. Thanks for the chance of a lovely Christmas and present

  585. I have a smallish tin box that I keep buttons in that I found at an antique store several years ago. It has a design on the lid that would be lovely stitched. It is sort of a mandala with swirls intertwining and shading into one another. It would be a fun way to use a new to me thread.

  586. There is nothing better than buttery softness and wonderful colors. !!
    I’d start with some heirloom items with monograms for a wedding trousseau.

  587. First, I’d look at it and pet it…then I’d start working with all the things I’ve wanted to do and haven’t had a chance to start including the monograms I’ve got planned.

  588. Thanks for reminding me that I own the stitch sampler alphabet and only finished J for Jane. It worked wonderfully with all your illustrated help. So that’ s what I will do with my floche when/if I win. Thanks Mary and Phyllis.

  589. I would love to try this thread. I think I would make some little sachet bags with floral designs.

  590. As with a previous comment, I think I would play around with it for a crewel piece. Or use it on pages of a stitch notebook. Or try it on cross stitch.

  591. Oh my I couldn’t just decide exactly what I would do with this wonderful gift of the floche threads. Perhaps an alphabet?

  592. I know exactly what I’d do with an entire color-line of floche! I’m in the planning stages of designing