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Stitcher’s Christmas 3: Pick Your Own Thread!


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I don’t know about you, but I love embroidery thread! If you love it, too, then today’s episode of A Stitcher’s Christmas should be right up your alley!

Lorraine from Colour Complements – a small business specializing in hand-dyed fibers – is offering a you-pick selection of five skeins of her thread for today’s give-away.

Oh, yummmmmmm!

First, I’ll announce the names of last Friday’s give-away, and then we’ll look at today’s lovely gift.


Last Friday’s give-away was a “custom” set from yours truly, featuring three ready-to-stitch flour sack towels in designs of your choice, with some threads and stitch guides.

I randomly drew three winners this morning for Friday’s give-away, and here they are: Maggie Kuhn, Tina Nichols, and KathyB. I’ll email the winners this morning!


And now, let’s talk thread!

If you visit the Colour Complements website, you’ll know right away that it really is all about color. Lorraine hand dyes a variety of fibers used for needlework, in a fabulous range of colors and color combinations.

Probably the most popular among hand embroiderers is the 6-stranded floss. But she also offers perle cotton, floche, overdyed ric-rac, and sampler packs of dyed threads.

For today’s give-away, the winner gets to pick five skeins of choice from Colour Complements. I have to admit, it’s not an easy prize! Imagine having to make a selection of your five favorites!

The Give-Away Question & Guidelines

If you would like to be included in today’s give-away, please answer the question posed below in guideline #6 and please follow the rest of the guidelines, too.

This give away has ended. Thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment on this article, on Needle ‘n Thread. You can reach the comment form for this article by following this link. Your comment must be left on the website. Comments received via email are not eligible.

2. Please do not use the “reply” feature in the comment area to reply to someone else’s comment. Replies in the comments are not counted in the drawing.

3. Please leave a recognizable name in the “Name” line on your comment. If your name is Mary, for example, you might qualify it with a last initial or a nickname, so that, when the winner is announced, you recognize your name, and other people with the same first name aren’t confused when the winners are announced.

4. Please make certain your email address is entered on the comment form in the “email” line only. Do not include personal information like mailing addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses in the large comment box! Leaving public information on any website is a good way to end up with a lot of spam.

5. Please leave the website line on the comment form blank.

6. In your comment, please answer the following:

What is your favorite holiday color combination? Are you a red-green-gold fan? Lime greens and pinks? Blues, whites, silvers? Creams and burgandies? Purples and jewel tones? Do you go traditional or all-out modern?

7. This give-away ends on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 5:00 am Central Time. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and announced in the give-away for that day. The winners will also receive a notification via email. If your name is drawn for the give-away, you’ll need to reply to my email within three days (72 hrs). If I don’t hear from you within that time frame, I’ll draw for another name.

The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. The prizes will be shipped from the business offering them. Please understand that any customs fees or import taxes or anything similar are the responsibility of the winner. Needle ‘n Thread is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Winners should be aware that shipping may be delayed, and that there’s no guaranteed arrival time frame. Some prizes in this series will probably not arrive before the end of the year.

When you leave your comment on the website, it may not appear right away. Comments are moderated to avoid spam on the website. This means that I manually approve each comment before it is posted. Never fear! It will show up eventually!


(836) Comments

  1. My favorite Christmas color combination is red-green-white. There’s something magic about the traditional colors that really makes me think Christmas!

  2. I’m definitely drawn to the blue/white/silver colours at this time of year. Crisp white lacy Hardanger embroidery with a touch of frosty blues and a hint of sparkle is my kind of jam!

  3. Blue, white, and silver! My husband is Jewish, but I’ve also just always loved blue and silver in the cold of winter. Thank you, and merry Christmas!

  4. My friend loves Colour Complements threads. I have never browsed the website. It is about time. What a fun give away.

  5. I love traditional holiday colors if it is a piece that supports bright but then burgundy, gold? Omg!

  6. My favorite holiday color combination is lime greens and pinks. I do minimal holiday decor monthly with my tiered tray mainly because I’m lazy and don’t want to decorate our entire home. I’m drawn to the bright and happy lime greens and pinks for the winter holidays.

  7. What is your favorite holiday color combination? Are you a red-green-gold fan? Lime greens and pinks? Blues, whites, silvers? Creams and burgandies? Purples and jewel tones? Do you go traditional or all-out modern?

    Honestly, I don’t have a favorite color combo. I’m also not a huge decorator which is probably why. A prelit tree is the extent of my colors.

  8. I like to use alot of natural greens and berries in decorating my old home so i would say i am a traditional girl with green red and gold.
    thanks so much

  9. I like the traditional reds, greens, and whites with some gold thrown in for glitter. Thank you for this great giveaway! Happy Christmas!!

  10. I prefer either red/green/gold or blue/silver/white combos for Christmas. I’m very traditional when it comes to Christmas!

  11. I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to choice of colours are Christmas. I love red so much anyway, so at this time of year great excuse to fill the house with red poinsettias (real and fake) and to cover the tree with gold and red shiny balls. Knitting and sewing like mad for all my homemade gifts for everyone, this year.

  12. When it comes to Christmas, I love the traditional Greens and Reds. As a botanist, I have a rich palette of greens for all the projects ahead – both embroidery and quilting.

  13. Floche! I’ve wanted to try this thread and cannot find anyone who carries it. I’ve been embroidering since the early 70’s and have never seen floche. A sampler would be lovely for the Christmas tea towel set I purchased.

  14. I am a pretty traditional red and green Christmas person, but this year have added some pale turquoise and pink to the mix, in memory of my mother, who loved those colors and decorated our 1959 new home with them, including a pink flocked Christmas tree that year.

  15. Hi, Mary,

    My favorite holiday color palette is red with gold accents.

    Thanks for running this giveaway. It’s fun to read everyone’s answers.

    Beth B in Charlottesville, VA

  16. I’m a traditionalist for sure and focus on the Red, Green and Gold colors. Many of my decorations are from my childhood and even a couple from my mother’s childhood.
    This is a hard prize.

  17. Orange, red, & green! Stick with me: I love doing Christmas oranges (the fruit) embellished with holly. My grandfather always got an orange and a nickel in his stocking, and I’ve always loved that image.

  18. I’d have to say I am a multi-colored traditional girl when it comes to Christmas colors. Red, Green, Gold, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink… I love ’em all. Wouldn’t want to leave anyone out! In fact one of my fondest memories of Christmas is the glow of the multi-colored Christmas lights outside my bedroom window at night! 🙂

  19. Don’t mess with traditions, they’re tried and true for a reason! So, red, green, gold all the way… but with the occasional diversion into golds, pearl and burgundy shades for an occasional change.

  20. I love Lorraine’s threads! I prefer a somewhat traditional colour scheme with green, burgundy and gold. That’s not to say that silver, turquoise and lime don’t fit in here and there, though, as I love colour. Thanks for the chance to win more luscious threads!

  21. While I like all holiday color combinations, I continue to return to the creams and burgundies.

  22. I’m so a green and red girl….with a splash of sparkle of course….gold or silver. My house including the tree is awash with crazy quilting, though, and that becomes an addition of other colors too.

  23. I love jewel tones and have many homemade decorations, including a cross stitched nativity set. My uncle was a woodworker and made a lot of the ornaments on our mantel. However I’m not sure if we are traditional because we have the tree ornaments hung on a pretty Asian-looking trellis.

  24. My Christmas color choices are more often the red and greens, but I do love some blue and white combinations.

  25. I love pinks and greens for the holidays. My main tree is an artificial soft green tree with artificial cherry blossoms and pink roses and white hydrangeas sticking out and then all kinds of pink, white, glass and pastel colored ornaments. Another table top tree holds all of my pink stitched ornaments. So my favorite threads are pink, green and white to stitch for Christmas!

  26. To be honest, I have never done any Christmas-only projects, so I cannot say that I have a favorite. I think if I did, I would have to say I think I would like all of the colors you mentioned. My heart did skip a beat when I saw jewel tones and purples though….lol.
    Thanks for all you do for us, Mary. You make your site fun! 😉

  27. Blues, whites and silver are my favorite. They just seem to reflect the colors of a winters day. Sparkling white snow against a clear blue sky.

  28. I like traditional Christmas colors but frequently will use blues, whites, and silver on selected projects. And thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I’m a lime green fan. But, in the end, Traditional red/green wins out…with splashes of lime green!

  30. Probably the answer is “all of them”. Every time I read the choices, I can envisage wonderful pieces in all of them! I love color and looking at ranges of threads is as good as going into a chocolate shop – and has the advantage of being lower calories!

  31. I tend toward the traditional with a splash of whimsy and magic vacillating between the ethereal blue, white, and silver or the red, green, and gold palette.

  32. My favorite colors for Christmas are red, green and gold. I really like very traditional decor along with a real tree, lots of evergreens and a few silver bells! Don’t forget the Christmas carols playing softly in the background!

  33. My favorite colors for the holidays are different shades of blue and silver. I think they represent the tones of Winter beautifully.

  34. Tough question. I’m torn between purple, orange, black, the browns, oranges and muted greens of fall, or red, pink, white, green, or loads of fun pastels. Which one would be my all-out favorite would depend on what time of year it was.

  35. I like all the colors, but like the bright, true, colors. They make you happy when you stitch. Add some beads and metallic threads for a little glitz, and I’m content to sit for hours stitching.

  36. Such beautiful threads!!!

    I have to say, I’m pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas decorating – red, green & gold.

  37. Ohmygosh these threads are gorgeous. My favorite holiday colors are cream with darker reds and greens. More of a traditional preference, but for the younger family members I make ornaments that are more contemporary with bright pastels. It’s fun to do both.

  38. My favourite Christmas colour scheme is blue, white and silver. But I like to decorate a few areas in other schemes, like red and green.

  39. The color complements threads are gorgeous — I have used them primarily on text bases cross-stitch projects, and they just turn out beautifully every time.

    As far as holiday colors are concerned, I like traditional colors (red, green, gold, silver), but this year I seem to be doing a lot of work with navy too.

  40. Bonjour Mary,

    Et bien, moi, je préfère le bleu et argent. Je trouve qu’avec l’argent le bleu est encore plus raffiné. C’est une association qui a beaucoup de classe.

    Merci encore.

  41. I SO want to be a lime green and pink girl (who am I kidding)! For years and years I’ve been red, green and gold, not wishing to leave out any of those decorations, but I believe the time has come to break out! I’m almost salivating at the thought of making some beautiful fresh trimmings.

  42. Thank you for the chance to win some of these beautiful skeins of thread! Marry Christmas to you !

  43. Thank you for this fun drawing! For Christmas I am a complete color traditionalist. I like medium to dark red, green, gold, and silver.


  44. Mostly traditional with
    White, Glistening Blues and Shiny Icy Silvers.

    They are not as bright as the red/green – but have that
    beautiful icy winter snowflake, snow look that still
    looks Happy Holiday like after Christmas.

    They look especially beautiful when Christmas lights highlight them,
    almost tinsel-ly.

  45. Hello Mary,

    I’m a traditional red, green and gold sort of person for the holiday.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family❤️

  46. My favourite Christmas colours are the traditional red and green for most of my decorating. But, as blue is my favourite colour, I like to use a mid-blue tablecloth with a jacquard snowflake woven into the fabric) topped with Christmas red placemats. And I set out my collection of small nutcrackers and red candles as the table center!

  47. I stick with mostly red and green although when it comes to Christmas ornaments, I love deep plum and gold…well, any deep color and gold!

  48. Love the blue and silver combo which is actually a bit more Hanukkah like, but my tree and home decorations are pretty much the traditional green and red and white and gold. I honestly don’t like perfectly coordinated decorating for Christmas, because I want to show off my collection of handmade ornaments from many years. They wer made by talented needlewomen like my mother and kindergartners as my sons once were, in so many colours – all perfect.

  49. I, too, love embroidery threads! Years ago I fell in love with hand dyed variegated threads and love to indulge in them especially those very bright jewel colors or the beautiful fall colors.

  50. If you saw my Christmas decorations you’d know right away, I’m a red/green and gold gal. Very traditional. Except my formal dining room which is white and silver. It’s all decked out for a Winter Wonderland Tea Party.
    I tried to go the modern look, but just couldn’t do it.

  51. I like a burgundy and silver combination but I also enjoy a classic blue and silver, though I like it to be a dark blue.

  52. I am not a Christmas traditionalist with the usual red and green, although I have a lot of traditional ornaments. I’m kind of all over the board, but my favorite Christmas color combination is blue and white.

  53. I am a traditional color person for Christmas, however, I also do blue/silver/white for some of my decorations, and I have done the hunter green and burgundy colors, as well. There’s just some thing about the red and green, with a little gold sparkle thrown in for good measure that touches me.

    I love the color combinations that Lorraine has done with her threads — can’t wait to order some!

  54. The traditional reds and greens are always what comes to mind when I think of Christmas. Some may think it as not very trendy, but Christmas is a “comfort zone” for me.

  55. I’m usually a jewel-toned Christmas person, but moving out of the gray Pacific Northwest to sunny New Mexico is changing my pallet. Playing with blues, whites, and silvers.

  56. I love traditional Christmas colors. I remember those big interior light bulbs that came in yellow and even purple. My mother spent hours making sure all the different colored lights were evenly distributed around the tree. love the pops of red in these short dark days.

  57. My preferred Christmas color scheme depends on my mood and/or the ultimate use of the item in question. I go for red, green and gold for the most part to decorate the house, but sometimes I prefer blue, white and silver, especially for clothing but also for tree ornaments.

  58. I like bright red & lime but basically more traditional red/green overall. A strong 2nd is silver & shades of blue.
    Wonderful giveaway, thanks!

  59. Definitely a red/green/gold fan. And all the kids’ homemade ornaments from over the years on the tree!
    Thanks for your emails all year and for this contest.

  60. My favourite holiday colour combination – well, for Christmas I do love red, green, and gold.For other times of the year I’d probably go for something more toning with each other – like blue, green and silver.
    Hey – this is a fun question!

  61. Traditional colors for me! I love the vintage look, whether it’s Christmas or any other holiday!

  62. My color preference for the holidays has changed over the years. From a confirmed red and green in my youth to a burgundy and cream in my elder years, I think that any color combination can bring joy and that is what matters!

  63. I like to decorate my house for the holidays in a combination of turquoise/blue/silver and a bit of gold.
    I have stitched a few pieces with this colour combination and they have turned out lovely.
    I would love to win these threads.

  64. These threads are a delight to work with and SUCH deep rich colors! I’d love to fill in the blanks in my collection.

  65. My favorites colors for Christmas are divided. I love traditional colors Red and green but also do a little tree with turquoise and chocolate brown ornaments.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  66. I love traditional Christmas design and this year I think blue & gold is my favorite. Every couple of years I like to change up my color choices. It is difficult though as red & green will always be in the top two.

  67. My favorite is definitely green/red/gold. I love the traditional look, it makes it feel “home-y” to me. It brings back nostalgic feelings of long-ago and not-so-long-ago Christmases, now that it’s just me and DH here alone with our furbabies.

  68. I like to combine both traditional and modern in my house decorating and tree. My tree had ornaments that have been collected for a very long time – from trips, childhood memories, stitched gifts from friends etc.
    Thanks for the chance to win a lovely bunch of threads

  69. We remodeled our down-sized home with a mid-century modern feel. We decorate for Christmas with our curated favorites from the past 42 years that fit the theme. Red & green really brighten up our home during the darker days of the season.

  70. Colour Complements threads are lovely. When it comes to colors for Christmas, I love the traditional deeper Victorian tones – dark green, burgundy, and a burnished antique gold. Lately I’ve been editing my decorations to include more nature based themes – pine cones, snowflakes, birches and fir trees, and woodland animals. I have added a lot of white, tan, and brown decorations. That way I can leave them up all winter and highlight them with the red and green during Christmas. Winters are long and cold here and I find bringing the outside into the house somehow makes thing seem more calm and cozy. It’s nice to surround ourselves with a bit of nature while we focus on quiet indoor pursuits – most notably needlework! Thank you, Mary, for all you do to educate and inspire us.

  71. Hello Mary,
    Hope all is well with you and your eyes will be right as rain soon. When it comes to Christmas, I’m a traditional-ish kinda girl. I like rich red maroon, deep green and silver… It seems as if this year the maroon and silver are dominant in my decor which looks quite nice.
    Hope your Christmas is Lovely!
    Kathryn Anna

  72. I would have to say traditional colors, but I collect Santas. Many of the Santas are handmade and are in purples, whites, and many other color combinations. However, a Santa in a red coat, green, or red and green coats represents the tradition of the season.

  73. While I’m quite fond of traditional reds and greens, my current favorite combo is blues, whites, and silvers. And I’d love to stock some floche. 🙂

  74. This is an easy one! Our tree is a mixture of every possible color!

    If I’m feeling traditional, I go with red & green, but that isn’t very often.

  75. Blue has always been my favorite color, so I would have to say blues, whites and silver would be my first choice of my Christmas colors. And I love very traditional designs and motifs!
    So why am I stitching a red and cream Santa? Oh well……it’s all beautiful!

  76. I love the traditional combination of greens and reds in holly leaves and berries at the base of cream candles topped with the orange-yellow-gold of candleflame. It takes me back to 1950s Christmas cards.

  77. Ah, my favorite Christmas colors tend to be in the silver, gold, white and blue department. I love twinkly lights and reflections. My husband ADORES Christmas, and loves the classic red/green combo. So, in our place different rooms may just have different color combinations. Our tree has multicolored lights and glass ornaments in every shape and color combination imaginable. Something for everyone!!

  78. I love the creams & burgundy color ranges for Christmas stitching. I always stick with traditional patterns, I think I was born a century too late. The antique fabrics & laces make me melt!

  79. I have a hard time sticking to any color scheme. My house is filled with color and I just hang ornaments here and there. Some stay up all the time.

  80. I think my favorite color combination tends to be blue and silver. I use others but when I make a wreath or ornaments for gifts I find myself going back to blue and silver most of the time. Green and gold is a close second. 🙂

  81. I generally go with more traditional red and green, but also waver into all the Christmas colors at times.

  82. I have a beautiful Pink tinsel tree in my sewing room. My husband did let me use it in the house the first year I purchased it. I would have a pink and turquoise Christmas if it was my decision. But my husband loves traditional everything.

  83. Our Christmas is very traditional. We decorate with several items we’ve had for many years! All the ornaments on our tree are homemade and most hand stitched by me! My favorite color combo is red, green and gold! We love this time of year!

  84. My favorite color combinations or Christmas is anything with gold and silver included with the traditional red and green combination. The glitterier the better for me!

  85. My favorite color combination for Christmas is blue, white and silver. This year I stitched your snowflake designs and I made one on red fabric with green and purple threads and beads. I liked it so well I used the same for a second design.

  86. I’m a Christmas traditionalist. I love burgundy reds, rich cream colors, dark greens with a few splashes of shimmering golds. I live in a small house but love to fill it with antique ornaments and twinkle lights. It’s my favorite time of the year! Can you tell?

  87. I have 2 color themes in my house: blue/silver and red/gold/green.
    I am a traditionalist with some modern added in.
    Colour complements has beautiful colors – I ordered some threads this year and was very happy with them. It’s like being a kid in a candy store trying to choose colors!

    Thank you Mary and Colour Complements

  88. My favorite holiday color combination is a combination of deep burgundies and forrest greens with some silver and white for accents. I love to collect and display things that are meaningful; handmade, passed down items from family members and things that just make me smile. Traditionalist all the way for the holidays, but a bit eclectic!

  89. My choices for the holiday colours would include the more traditional shades of antique greens, old golds and muted reds.
    Thanks for all your enthusiasm for all things stitching.

  90. Most any of the common Christmas color combos can be so right for a particular holiday piece, but my own favorite is burgundy, gold, and white.

  91. I am a traditional girl all the way. The only colors for me are red, green and gold with lots of twinkling lights.

  92. Those color combinations just speak to me. Would be lovely to have any of them for the dreary winter days.

  93. Not fair, you can’t just pick one. For the main Christmas tree it’s traditional red and green all the way. There is an eclectic mix of ornaments from gifts, souvenirs, handmade, and nostalgic. For my own pleasure, I like the deeper garnet red with nAtural greenery and very ornate gold. I do not go modern for Christmas. And, nothing silver. Not just for Christmas, but ever. It just seems cold and dead, whereas gold is framing and warm.

  94. My favorite Christmas color scheme? YES to all of them! I have a black, gold and burgundy tablecloth swirled around pots of red amaryllis on my dining room table. My kitchen sports white, yellow, purple and chartreuse orchids. My living room will be traditional red, green and gold. And this year’s front door wreath will be lime-y cypress boughs with a big magenta bow, to go with my purple door, of course. Christmas isn’t a color, it’s an attitude.

  95. Awesome colours, thread to inspire. Something beautiful will be created with this rainbow. Mary, thank you for showcasing and keeping us all informed about all these amazing threads and stitching supplies out there in our Universe!

  96. Maybe always being torn between a green and red scheme and blue/white/silver shows this is too hard for me to win!

  97. I love the deep darker reds with forrest greens as my favorite Christmas colors. Accents with an rich ivory compliment those colors well. I guess that makes me a traditionalist at heart.

  98. What is your favorite holiday color combination? Are you a red-green-gold fan? Lime greens and pinks? Blues, whites, silvers? Creams and burgandies? Purples and jewel tones? Do you go traditional or all-out modern?
    I love modern colors but I am also a fan of traditional colors. Lime green and pinks are lovely as are blues whites and silvers. But I use the more traditional colors as well!

  99. My favorite colors change! Last year we got our first artificial tree – what sold me on it was the ability to change the light colors. So when we feel traditional the bright colors are on, or somedays pastels, or just twinkling white lights.

  100. Well, that is a hard question as I like them all, but if I would have to pick I would gravitate towards the cream-burgundy with a hint of gold for good measure. Just sings Christmas to me and it is so cosy and warm at the same time 🙂 With regards to traditional or modern, I am firmly in the traditional camp – no food looking dedcoration will hang on my tree apart from gingerbread cookies/man. Just cannot see a lobster or waffles on my tree, they belong on the plate 🙂
    Have a lovely Christmas, Mary!

  101. I like a mix of colors for my holiday decorations with an emphasis on the red/green combination.

  102. I love blues,white and silver. It’s what my yard looks like after a great snowfall. Bright, glistening with tiny specks, very calm and serene. Beautiful.
    So I guess I’m more of a modern girl.

  103. I absolutely love jewel tones. Think stars in jewel tones, purples, deep bright blue, bluish reds…

  104. My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional reds and greens. I like decorating with natural things gathered from around my farm, pine branches, dried pods and other items, plus a few pops of reds.

  105. My favorite holiday floss combination would be red, green and gold. Since I grew up with the traditional Christmas’s that is what I prefer. I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Lynette M.

  106. What is your favorite holiday color combination?

    For Christmas, I’m a traditionalist with reds and greens whether it be ornaments that are stitched with threads or beads.

  107. This year I’m loving red and soft sage green with natural (jute, linen, etc). Next year? Who knows.

  108. I guess I am more traditional in that I love the sparkles of metallic colors and mixing them with any colors usually make them pop. A thank you to Mary and all of the businesses year round who support stitching.

  109. I love all color combos for the holidays because I am ALL about the holidays. The blues catch my eye when they include teals, pinkish red and silver. However I cannot get away from greens and reds! Just
    Looking at the blends on the website gets me going. Right now I am working on a forest of evergreens in all different greens!

  110. Oh my, I love all the new over dyed threads, they are so beautiful. My Christmas favorites are burgundy, dark green and cream. Merry Christmas to all the stitchers.

  111. My favorite Christmas color scheme is icy blues, silver and white. It reminds me of winters in Alaska with the glaciers covered in snow.

  112. My favorite holiday color combination is the more traditional red/green/gold colors- i love the color complement threads and would love to win some! Thank you so much for the drawing!- Tedra R.

  113. While I love all the wonderful modern colour combinations (and have tried out many over the years) at heart I’m a traditional girl and always come back to the classic red, green and gold trio.

  114. I don’t really have a theme because most of my decorations are from years of collecting different items. Most of them would fall into the traditional catagory, red, green but silver instead of gold.

  115. I tend to go for the green, red, white combination when I’m making crazy quilted Christmas cards to sell. But in decorating my own Christmas tree, I love a profusion of colors. Our long-used and much-treasured collection of family ornaments will never be replaced by match-y, color-coordinated ornaments. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just wouldn’t be “us.”

  116. My favorite holiday color scheme is black, cream, gold, and with a little red or burgundy thrown in. Very elegant.

    Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway. Happy Holidays Mary!

  117. I have always loved color. I collect items to work in crafty ways and always get the full range of colors in that item that I can find. My world is full of color and patterns of color combinations. I quilt, sew, color, paint and now embroider. I’m 86 and lost my husband of 69yrs, one year ago. Now my days are filled with embroidery and happy memories of days past. Together, we raised 7 children and operated a contract sewing company. There I was always surrounded with fabric and wonderful piles of color! What a way to live! Our children came to work with us and eventually worked with us, too. Later, grandchildren joined us, and I made my office into a nursery. Mommies sewed, took care of babies and we were so blessed. Every dinner break was thanksgiving. I have so many pictures of these times. I am saddened to think of blind people, some with sight, that don’t recognize the beauty that color brings into our lives, if we invite it in.

  118. Hi, Mary, Lorraine’s threads are wonderful — a very nice giveaway. I’m working on the owls, and a local ANG chapter picked her threads for a recent project (each member picked different colorways — all looked terrific).

    I use two colorways about equally for the holidays: red/gold/green, and blue/white/silver. Depends if I want a warm look or a cool look.


  119. I love blues, whites and silvers. This palette lasts longer in my mind – well into January.

  120. My favorite decorating colors during the winter holidays are red, green and white. Green reminds me of the beautiful pine trees that fill the canyon up the road from our house. The red chokecherry berries that grow there that I harvest to make my jam are the same color of the ribbon I use on my wreaths. White of course is the snow that usually falls during our winter months covering all the messy leaves with a white blanket.

  121. Since I have a navy couch now I have been decorating for Christmas with blue, silver ,gold and white… previously I used a dark green, cream and burgundy theme

  122. My favorite holiday colors have changed throughout the years but this year I think it is the burgundy gold combination. It seems to be a rich, warm combination which I need this time of year!

  123. These are such gorgeous threads to stitch with. Any in the blue, lavender shade group would be my choice

  124. G’day there Mary, and thanks to Colour Complements,
    I love blue and silver for Christmas and quite eclectic in decor. I like things to be different so would have a mixture of traditional, quirky and country.
    Cheers, Kath

  125. My collection of holiday items includes many colors, but my favorite combo is blue and green with a bit of silver.

  126. I think I am a red, green, gold fan, although the burgundy sounds enticing. I am definitely more of a traditionalist.

  127. What is your favorite holiday color combination? Are you a red-green-gold fan? Lime greens and pinks? Blues, whites, silvers? Creams and burgundies? Purples and jewel tones? Do you go traditional or all-out modern? – I really like Blue and Silver

  128. I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, so it is red and green (and gold and silver) for me rather than the blues, whites, and silvers, though I do see why they are used. But lime greens and pinks–heavens no!

  129. My favorite color combo for Christmas happens when I combine shades of blue and purple and white. Perhaps it is because I celebrate Advent and Christmas.

  130. My favorite holiday is Christmas and my favored color combination is blue, whites and silvers.

    I am a traditional girl at heart. My beloved scene of Christmas is the sled ride to Grandma’s house; all the bright white beautiful snow and the glistening silver over hill and dale, the blue trees scattered across the country side. Grandma’s house covered in all of these colors. We cannot forget the bright red of the sled and the saturated deep browns of the horse.

    Merry Christmas

  131. I like traditional red-green-gold for my Christmas tree decorations. I also have blue-white-silver items that I leave out until the end of February.

  132. I am definitely a traditional person. I prefer the burgundy and forest green with white or gold combinations. I love your gifts!

  133. I tend to be a traditional red/green stitcher. some day I’ll challenge myself to go with a lime green and pink!

  134. I love LOTS of color for Christmas, the more the merrier. Red, green, gold, silver, blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, and white with brown and black for accent.

  135. Oh, I am sooooo a traditional Red & Green person with the Silver & Blue as a secondary palette. I have even put the blue & red together as long as they are the correct shades.

  136. Greens and blues are my favorites, the cool of the oceans; but I love the #44 combination as well. Just vibrant colors for just the right project. Who can choose??

  137. My favorite holiday color combination is teal/purple/silver/white. It reminds me of the northern lights and the arctic.

  138. I love red, green and gold for the holidays. But I also love accents of orange (like dried orange slices) and blue from juniper berries.

  139. Lorraines threads are gorgeous and what a treat to win a selection. Hard to decide what colors I would use for Christmas stitching – blue and silver for landscapes but red and green for trees and wreaths!

  140. My favorite holiday color combination is red, white and silver. I mix it up from year to year and usually never have the same combination of decorations every year.

  141. I am a sap for traditional Christmas colors. I love red velvet ribbons with gold, greens and some beautiful pinecones. This year I’m going to spice it up with a little bright chartreuse- y green!

  142. I prefer darker greens and burgundies with some pink thrown in. A close second would be white and gold. Having said that, I really love almost anything Christmasy, whatever the colors.

  143. All Christmas colors are beautiful but I especially like the deepest reds with golds that sparkle! The Colour Complements website has heavenly colors!

  144. My favourite Christmas colour combination is burgundy and cream with the red/green/gold combo a close second.

  145. Blues and silvers. We have little ones so we are traditional in our decorations. They love the twinkle color lights best!!

  146. These threads are beautiful and almost make me drool!! I’ll bet others feel the same way when they see them!!

  147. My favourite colour combination for this season is red, evergreen greens and antique gold. To me it matches the traditions many of us have for the season.


  148. Red, green and gold for me although I do appreciate most other color combinations (except sky blue and red – not a fan)

  149. I’m a hot red and limey-green sort of girl, with plenty of gold and silver for good measure.

  150. I love fall color combinations! Second best are deep jewel tones. I lean towards traditional and I like primitives also.

  151. As to my favorite holiday colour combo – I guess it’s multicolour. I’ve done a whole 6 ft Christmas tree in multicolored half inch balls with mini lights. I’ve also done a Christmas tree in multicoloured European style bulbs with tinsel and regular Christmas lights. I rarely choose one colour combo and mix things up. The last few years I’ve been decorating the tree with things that I’ve made – again multicoloured. From crocheted snowflakes to balls to reindeer to candy canes to garland made by my boys to…

  152. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool (or floss!) traditionalist. It’s got to be red & green with gold highlights. I wish I could be all sophisticated and cool but I keep coming back to the time-honoured combination.

  153. Hi
    For me I go traditional with a little glitter of metallic thread and or crystals to spice things up.
    Thank you

  154. Right now I’m loving bright red, dark olive green, with sparks of turquoise for Christmas.

  155. Absolutely love Colour Complements threads. The colors are luscious and I was really excited to see she has some #3 Perle Cotton as I need some for a project right now!

  156. What wonderful embroidery floss colors. Would love to be chosen. I love using jewel times when decorating for Christmas. They look wonderful in the light cast by the tree lights and the fire in the fireplace. I decorate in a traditional fashion with each room having its own theme – Santas, snowmen, nutcrackers and nativity.

  157. I thoroughly enjoy your tutorials and would definitely recommend them to everyone interested in embroidery.

    I appreciate your motivation and videos of so many stitches.

    Thank you

  158. I love variegated threads when doing embroidery. These colors are so vibrant. Red, green, and gold would look so great for holiday stitching.

  159. I like to switch off using red, green some years or in some rooms. In the dining area I use soft green, pinks, gold, cream as those colors go with
    dinnerware handed down from my grandmother
    Happy Holidays

  160. I have the best of both worlds. Upstairs is red white with gold bling and lights on everything. So up stairs is traditional But downstairs is blue and white. I would have to say the blue and white is my favorite. The other is to satisfy the traditionalist in the house!
    Happy Holidays

  161. When choosing colors for Christmas pieces, I generally am partial to green, red, and gold because it feels warm and cozy in my house.

  162. I have a set of vintage angels from the 1969s-all hot pink and lime green. One day, I’m going to give them their own tree, as retro as I can make it.

  163. Right now I’m in the blue,silver and white phase! I think we go through different phases either emulating something we admired or sticking to traditions of the past!
    I love color so I do try to come up with new variations like garnet,silver, and dove gray! Can you tell my favorite Christmas present was the large box of crayons!!

  164. Please disregard my previous comment…my favorite holiday color combo….right now I’m into silver and pink…and my decorations lean more to the modern style..

  165. There are so many great colour combinations for Christmas: rich blue with silver, green with gold or copper, purple with green plus red with silver. The choices are limitless, especially with Lorraine’s threads. I love her threads!

  166. I love a dark red, forest green and gold for my Christmas color combo. Not a real fan of a bright green……I also love a mixture of blues and silver for just a winter combo. I think I am more of a traditionalist than modern. I just can’t subscribe to crazy pinks and purples in my Christmas schemes!!

  167. My favorite color combination is burgundy, hunter green, cream and gold colors. Bright reds and greens have their place for the holidays, but I like the burgundies, etc.

  168. I’m a traditional gal. My color choices vacillate between red/green and blue/white, and occasionally ivory tossed in for variety! 🙂

    Thank you Mary, and many thanks to Lorraine from Colour Complements. She does have beautiful threads!

  169. Deep red & evergreen. Bright white.

    But as the years go by, and the conifers surrounding our home reach 125′ and more, I have added lime green and purple. Lots of color and lights help to brighten up our wintry cocoon up here in the Pacific NW.

  170. Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year,
    Stitching with color is a positive meditative way to boost your mood!

    Jamie C

  171. I love color period! But, I stick to a traditional mix for Christmas: some greens, some reds, some soft glitter and whites. Beige backgrounds of various tones are used for many crossstitch ornaments.

  172. I like to work with the silver/blue colours with traditional patterns. They seem to have a soft glow to them. Thanks again Mary for your give-aways to stitchers. Nona

  173. This question is an easy one. I LOVE the traditional looks for Christmas, lights, greenery, garlands and all the trimmings. I love “the more the merrier” adage. However, I also love to twist up the color a bit, just because it offers an additional reason for family and friends to see something new. My favorite colors to use have been my choice for many years. I love the lime green, deep aubergine (purple/eggplant) and a deep rusty orange. I also add lots of cream and some browns. I’m always on the prowl for these colors year round to add to my traditional Christmas decorations.

  174. My favorite Christmas combination is blue, red & green! I have collected
    “blue & white” for over 40 years. I love to mix the ginger jars, platters, bowls, etc. in with all the Christmas greenery and red ribbon for a very rich look. I have used plaid ribbon and wool throws in those colors to richen the Christmas feel in every home in which we have lived. I stay pretty traditional. So enjoy reading all the articles in needlenthread – especially since we both call Kansas our home!

  175. Turquoise, lime and purple have been my new array in most areas – not disregarding red and white for candy canes all over the house. Thanks for this lovely chance.

  176. My absolute favorite is burgundy, cream, and gold. I’m old fashioned and love the Victorian look. ….. With a little green thrown in!

  177. My favorite Christmas colors are in the red and green family but more towards burgundy and forest green shades.

  178. I purchased from ColorComplements this past year and loved the quality and colors. Mine was a sampler and included five different types of thread. Choosing just one color assortment will be a challenge.

  179. I love the traditional red, green & gold colors, but occassionally want the blue, silver & white to change things up.

  180. My favorite color combination for Christmas is red and green. I have tried other combinations but always return to red and green

  181. I love Red, white and silver. I’m very traditional in my decorating but I love seeing pictures of those who can decorate with non traditional colors.

  182. For me Christmas is the traditional red. I like both contemporary and traditional and join the two with color.
    Gold and silver are part of this combination. I love the modern, minimal store displays, but they do not lend themselves to my home. I guess you could say I have an eclectic mix of personal favorites.

  183. My favorite holiday colors are deep blue, silver and white. Very clean and neat.
    Well, then there’s gold, red and white. I guess I like both used separately.
    Thank you for these opportunities to win wonderful threads. Merry Christmas!

  184. My favorite holiday color combination tends towards blues/greens. Probably as a child when my mother announced that she wanted a “theme” tree to complement our tradition eclectic handmade/multicolor but predominantly red and sparkly stuff tree. We rebelled of course, but came to love the soft ocean-like tones of blues, greens and silver. I love to stitch in shades of blues anyway and adding in some greens and soft bling of silver make a lovely holiday feel!

  185. I guess it depends on what I’m working on. I am very traditional, however, so the Red, Green seems to used more. However, I do love color – so sometimes there is a lot of yellow and turquoise in there too. Thank you.

  186. My favorite Christmas color combination is…. red, white and black. Add a little gray or wheat color- and a touch o’ gold and it’s perfect to me!
    Thanks for the give-away- and a
    Merry Christmas to one and all.

  187. My favorite seasonal color combination is green and purple for Spring. But I like red and white for Christmas, oh, and all the Earth shades for Autumn. And for Winter…..

  188. Colours? Autumn, autumn all the way! All the shades of browns and yellows and oranges with hints of dark dark green, and ochres and golds and rust. Not to forget the red of autumn berries. Also, this being the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ the silvery cloud-like greys.

  189. Give me blue, green, purple every time; the sky, the grass and the heather. I can almost hear the wind.

  190. When it comes to holiday colors I am traditional all the way…until funky wrapping paper goes on sale. Then I improvise.

  191. I have never had a holiday color scheme. My ornaments and Christmas objects have accumulated over a couple of generations, so they fail to adhere to any kind of rules. I am now 86 and am living in a retirement center. My apartment is too small for any extra stuff, so this year I am sorting out my Christmas stuff, sending some to family members and rehoming the remaining ornaments and tree to Goodwill.

  192. I adore threads of any kind. I won a raffle one time of a framed cross stitch piece that say “The one who dies with the most floss wins!” I have adopted that as my motto!!

  193. Favorite Christmas color combination? I’m definitely in the traditional red and green lane but I adore silver/gold/white colors as well. Thanks for asking!

  194. I am normally a pink and lime green person but at Christmas I like red green and gold. The dyed floss shown in this article are beautiful.
    Kay D.

  195. As I look around my house I can see that I love to decorate with forest colours – greens, browns, golds, and cream.

  196. Thank you so much for doing this. I have truly enjoyed visiting the websites of these other artists, and becoming followers/subscribers. The world of stitchery is so vast and beautiful!

  197. Hmm…I think my favorite Christmas holiday combination is burgundy, cream, pine green, and gold, with variations – tints and tones – of each always a possibility.

  198. I live in North Pole so the town is rife with red and white candy canes. I personally am a fan of blues and silvers <3

  199. I’d say that I go somewhere between traditional and modern. I love jewel colors: rich purples, bright blues, warm oranges, deep reds and shiny greens.

  200. As I get older I gravitate to more subdued colors. Whites of all kinds, silver, pastel anything all mixed together. I’m even ok with no color pops, just quiet colors. And I just love Lorraine’s colors, all of them, even the brights!

  201. I like all of the different holiday color combinations! If I had to pick one I’d go with burgundy, dark green and cream because it looks festive and sophisticated.

  202. I tend to stick with the traditional reds and green but do like to throw in brighter versions for some added pop. Silvers and golds are lovely too.

  203. I am a red-white-green fan. That said, I like to change up the tints, shades, and tones of the reds and greens. And also, not always use the purest white.

  204. My favorite holiday color combination is blues, white, and silver. Thank you for offering this great giveaway!

  205. I love the traditional red-green-gold for Christmas, but love the blue-silver for after Christmas when I replace my Christmas decorations with a winter and snowmen theme. I am more a traditional than a modern/contemporary decorator/ stitcher.

  206. For the holidays I really love cool colors that go well with silver. My family and I lived in Northern California when I was very young and I remember going out for ‘rides’ to see all the holiday lights. Sometimes the fog would be creeping over the foothills from the bay area and the houses that had blue and green outdoor lights would look so surreal through that fog, I was enchanted!

  207. Definitely cream, burgundy and forest green are my favorite Christmas decorating colors. My tree is an eclectic record of my life, with wheat-weaving horses, hardanger and cross-stitch ornaments I made when we lived in Montana, beach-themed ornaments collected in CA and FL, and hand knit items from my retirement days in OR. There are no crewel embroidered ornaments though. I need to work on that!

  208. Thank you Mary!
    I usually use my white stars made from shells. Straw figurines and a few other hand made ornaments with white twinkle lights.

  209. Old-fashioned Christmas colors, all the way, if I’m forced to choose, although I certainly enjoy looking at the other color schemes! There is something so utterly charming about stitchery and quilts and handmade ornaments at the holidays, isn’t there?

  210. Beautiful threads! So many amazing choices to embroidery with! I love the blended colours to create with!

  211. I guess I am pretty traditional. Our tree is loaded with all red balls and some gold here and there. BUT….blue is my favorite color so blue and white snowpeople show up pretty regularly and stay arouind for the rest of winter.

  212. I am a red and green fan of Christmas. Red red and either bright green or a dark green. I stitch mostly traditional Christmas patterns and my house decorations tend to be traditional as well. That said, I have stitched a few modern iterations of trees that have words entwined in them. And I have a couple of blue and silver ornaments but bring on the red and green.

  213. Most times I am pretty traditional – I love the Nordic Christmas look- red and white with lots of fresh-cut greens!

  214. My favorite colors tend to be blues, greens, and gold or silver to complement. While I’m okay with the traditional green/red combo, it’s a little too loud for my taste.

  215. I used to be a fan of burgundy and green for the holidays, but I’m beginning to see the attraction of the light blue, red and green that is popular now.

  216. My favorite holiday colors to decorate with are reds, greens and golds. My decorating style is fairly traditional with family favorite holiday decorations passed down through family members scattered throughout the house.

  217. I am a traditionalist – Christmas Ted, Bright green and white with a touch of gold sparkle thrown in. Maybe even a Christmas plaid☺️
    Darcy Walker

  218. I love purple and jewel tones. Purple is my favorite color anyway. At Christmas I feel Purple adds a richness and the jewel tones add fun reminding me of children and their joy at Christmas time.

  219. I really love these threads.
    My favourite Christmas colours are the traditional red,green and gold and I like the anything goes method of decorating, meaning I like to have all my kids and grandkids ornaments on the tree because for me that’s Christmas ,trips down memory lane.

  220. Picking a single color or a single color set is beyond me, I love them all! Happy Holidays to one and all.

  221. I usually am a red and green fan for Christmas but this year I made a cute little turquoise and pink wallhanging with a cream background. So, a new colour scheme is front and center.

  222. Lately, I’ve been really drawn to the combination of blue, white, and silver. I’ve recently discovered hand-dyed flosses in whites and how they are different than a standard white, and I really enjoy them. I prefer Christmas designs that are modern and wintry, so those colors work well.

  223. Traditional red and green have always been my choice for the holidays. These colors “speak” Christmas to me!!!

  224. I love the traditional holiday colors, reds. greens, some gold, but I’m never afraid to add a few more colors. These threads are so beautiful and add so much to any color scheme.

  225. I am currently obsessed with blue and yellow combinations in both my stitching and quilting. A blue and yellow quilt has been in my imagination for years.

  226. It is really fun to use a thread you have never used before and to see how it feels and looks on your project.

  227. My favorite colors at the holidays are the traditional reds and greens accented by gold, deep blue, and silver.

  228. When I was six, I remember my favorite colors were red and green and realized that they were the colors of Christmas. Through out life, I found I always went to the greens. Now I find that my red has gone to the burgundy.

  229. Christmas colors are the most fun colors of the entire year!! Even though I am traditional, I love the Blue Whites and Silvers!! Love your emails!

    Thanks, Marcia Harning

  230. I love a combination of muted, earthy green and burgundy with a wisp of gold or silver running through.

  231. I’m a traditional red and green with ivory and gold generally , however I do love some blue and silver for a bit of extra sparkle.

  232. My favorite holiday combination colors are purple and jewel tone colors.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!

  233. Christmas is my favorite time of year and we go all out decorating our home. The red and green colors with either gold or silver touches are my favorites. I use lots of reds with the others as complimentary colors. Our tree is decorated with multi colored lights with red ornaments, red flowers and red garland. Our tree topper is My Father-In-Law’s cowboy hat wrapped in red lights. Using it has been a loved tradition, since he passed away in 1972. Traditional is definitely a go in our home, we love the traditional style with a little western flavor to keep things interesting. (almost primitive).
    Thank you for all the awesome ways you keep the art of embroidery alive and well. Merry Christmas to you and yours this very special season and best wishes for the New Year.

  234. I love the red, green and gold colour combinations and for Christmas I am more traditional than modern. But for other projects I tend to be attracted to all shades of olive and organic colours. I have purchaed threads from Color Complements and love their great selection, especially where I have limited access to embroidery supplies where I live. Thank you for your generous gift.

  235. Hi Mary,

    My favorite Christmas color combination is red and gold. These two colors are very regal looking together.
    Thank you for having such wonderful Christmas give aways.

    Jean B.
    Kent WA

  236. Multicolour for me! I love Christmas trees with red, blue, yellow, green lights. All my hand stitched ornaments are in all those jewel colours, plus some gold for extra sparkle

  237. I like the blue and silvers and some burgundy and golds, purples too. Red and green is a bit too comic book style for me! Thanks for this and your newsletters. I read every one.

  238. I like the more traditional Christmas colors with my 2 favorites:
    red, green and gold
    blue white and silver

  239. What a delicious range of colours – I would love the job of choosing – a hard task!
    My favourite colour scheme for this time of year is a combination of blues and silver with a touch of nastalgia thrown in for good measure.

  240. Absolutely thrilled to learn about the Canadian thread source! In my province too! I’ve signed up for her newsletter. Thank you for promoting this talented person. I love the hand dyed threads!!

  241. Thanks to Lorraine for offering her threads. I have used them many times and love the colors.
    My favorite color combination is red and green, with blue/white/silver a close second. I am a traditionalist when it comes to decorating.

  242. I love overdyed threads. I especially love to use them for shadow work. they can also be fun for smocking and lst but not least for surface embroidery. That said it leaves me with a problem which catagory do I pick colors for. I think right not some pretty bright pastels for shadow work. I have three great grands I am making things for.

  243. Thanks to you, Mary, and Lorraine for this opportunity. Your Christmas offerings are such a generous gift to your readership!
    My favorite seasonal color scheme depends on the content. If it’s the Santa Claus, Christmas tree, carolers sort of subject, red and green prevail. For more solemn religious or peace/awe/serenity themes, blue (or purple), silver, and white seem more appropriate to me.

  244. I like all of the color schemes you mentioned, but my favorite is for sure the traditional Christmas Red and Green with a bit of White for accent!

  245. Definitely a green, red, gold person. Boring No. Traditional Yes! Although I do admire the combination of blue, white and silver. Very wintry and sharp. Happy Christmas to everyone.

  246. Throughout the years, I have remained traditional with the red, green, and gold color combination. With the remodel of my home and change in paint colors and decor, I have considered switching to blues, whites, and silvers. I am very traditional in colors and decorations.

  247. My favorite Christmas color palette is Victorian – burgundies, deep greens, and creams.
    Always accented with a metallic – generally rich gold for this combo. Other than that, I tend toward any stash based combo that looks good. I do like jewel tones, especially in combinations. As for metallics, I use golds, silvers, and coppers (with blues and purples!).

    I am now off to drool over color and fiber choices at Colour Complements!

  248. Hello dear Mary,
    It’s always a pleasure to read you even though I’m a French Canadian and my english is far from perfect.
    As for my personal favorite Christmas Color’s, I would say lime greens and pinks.
    Stay safe!

  249. My favorite holiday colors are the red/green/gold combo, but I also love the blues/silver combo as well, and try to use those colors as much as I can.They are favorites to use in my needlework as well. Sometimes I have a very hard time making myself choose other colors.

  250. I’m sort of traditional — like red/green but not bright! I want a deeper red and more of a hunter green — add some cream and I’m in holiday heaven! Mary, you are so right – this is a difficult win – having to chose 5 favorites. But what a wonderful challenge!

  251. My favourite colour combination for a traditional holiday season is red & white- like a candy cane.

  252. Janelle Leonard
    My favorite Christmas colors are Red Green White and Gold. I presume these to be traditional colors
    Thank you!

  253. It’s tough to pick a color scheme for Christmas as I like all of those, except maybe the lime green and pink. If I must pick it has to be purple and the jewel tones! Getting excited about more Christmas Stitching! Thank you Mary.

  254. I am a traditional gal when it comes to Christmas, and Christmas colors. Red and green are always my favorites, they always bring back happy memories of my childhood.

  255. I guess you would say I’m traditional in Style for Christmas. I prefer Red and Green but also various shades of those two colors so variations on traditional!

  256. I go traditional for the holidays (red/green/more silver than gold). But I also like pops of color (deep gemstone colors). I’m also partial to cream and burgandy.

  257. I love red/burgundy and green with white/silver. I’ve always had a tree with colored lights because that’s what my husband grew up with but last year I convinced him it was time to get a tree with white lights. I just like the contrast of the white and red. In stitching I must admit that I like all sorts of combinations. There are so many options nowadays and the threads are stunning.

  258. Tough question. Most things for Christmas are red, green, and gold. However I’m working on a project that has red silk background with a tree of tatted and crocheted white snowflakes. There will be some emroidered snow flakes from the patterns you shared with us last year. The big problem is finding enough small snowflake patterns for the top part of the tree. I also did a piece with a blue background and silver stars.

  259. I like the simplicity of green and silver. When out in the woods on a Michigan snowy day, that is what I see in the pine trees and would like to duplicate in my stitching.


  260. I enjoy using the multicolor threads, especially for fall colors, but my favorite colors are the blues, whites, silvers and prefer traditional Christmas themes for decorating. It depends on what I am decorating and where for colors and using traditional or modern themes. For decorating a traditional live/artificial tree, I have found red and white really pop for ornaments.

  261. I love traditional reds and greens, with accents in all the jewel tones . . . but I also love silver and blue. I’m not a huge fan of gold (I don’t know why), so I tend to leave that out. 🙂

  262. I use all colors in my holiday stitching, but have to confess that my go to colors are red, green, white and gold. Hmm. makes me sound pretty traditional.

  263. For Christmas I am a blue, silver, white person. I love teals, so that is a much on my tree each year.

  264. Blues and whites definitely! I am also a traditionalist. Think Olde World glass ornaments, balls with glitter and lace and handmade ornaments from all my nieces and nephews. I have a collection of vintage glass teapots and an ornament from each of maternal and paternal grandparents and my parent’s tree.

  265. Colour Complements’ colors are so yummy that it would be almost impossible to choose. I love the purple and jewel tones just a tiny bit more. Halloween and Christmas projects are my favorite projects. Modern more than traditional, but I love them all.

  266. My favorite Christmas colors are red and green and mostly traditional. I do love all the colors so it is fun to have some other colors for different projects.

  267. In my world, what says Christmas more than red, green and gold or silver. Next would be a
    combination of jewel tones and then the wines and burgundies teamed with creams.

  268. My Christmas favorites are purple and gold. I’ve started adding in some pale pink as well.

  269. I am a fan of red-green-gold combination, so I guess I am traditional.
    I am also a fan of yours. I have learned a lot from reading your posts.
    Also enjoy your puzzles that you have on holidays.

  270. I love it all. Favorite color combination when stitching is red, green and silver! As far as decorating around the house, the hubby and I love the large colored lights …jewel tones and bright!

  271. I love to decorate with white, gold, and green – makes me think of winter days up north. Thanks for the chance to win these fabulous threads.

  272. My favorite Christmas colors are red and green. I like all Christmas decorations, traditional and modern.

  273. Oh Mary! Those threads are luscious!
    I love light blues and soft purples for Christmas colors. The colors of snow drifts in the early evening. I love snow!!

  274. My favourite colour combination is greens and cream with a touch of bronze or brown. I tend towards the more natural and traditional Christmas look.

  275. My favorite holiday colors are whites, creams and silver. I love Hardanger and a lacey look on my ornaments.

  276. Hi Mary
    Although I don’t celebrate the traditional winter holidays myself, I do appreciate the beautiful job other people do with their decorations. At first I was going to say “Blues, whites, silvers” because they are so cool, restrained and sophisticated. But then, I thought about trees decorated by children, that have every ornament under the sun on them, and I think that takes first prize for good heartedness, in the spirit of the season. Then the parents can have their own tree, in blues, whites and silvers 😀

    Thanks for arranging these wonderful, generous giveaways.

  277. I have to say that I am a traditionalist – red, green and gold all the way. Even though I live in Key West where just about any colour goes at any time of the year, I still keep to the old favourites.

  278. I definitely love the blue and silver combinations. Blue always gives me a feeling of calm — especially needed this time of year!

  279. I am the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and silver. I love other Christmas color combinations but shy away from changing. Kind of like when you go to the same restaurant all the time and many things look good on the menu but you order the same thing that you had last time you were there.

  280. I love working with variegated reds, greens with a little metallic silver in the mix especially when working on Christmas projects. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to enter this contest Mary .

  281. I love a combination of cranberry, Christmas green and gold thread colors. My next choice would be Christmas Red,
    lime green and gold thread colors.

    Thank you,

    Teri Sanfilippo

  282. For Christmas, my favourite colours are red, green, white and silver. They remind me of childhood decorations – red and greed for the tree and seasonal greenery and the white for snow. To top that off the silver for the sparkles used to accent and add a touch of magic.

  283. My favorite colors for Christmas are mauve and light green. I like the soft colors. But, I like those colors for all year round too!

  284. I love all the colour combinations. If it’s Christmas, bring on the colour, ALL of them! But I suppose if you look around, my decorations are more traditional; green, gold, red. Mainly because much of my nic naks are antique, including me. But I’ve lovely areas of silver, blue and white. Maybe a little purple…that breathe a little modernity into the holiday, and replace what I’ve broken over years. Happy Holidays!!

  285. Traditional Christmas colors are my favorite ones for things love the greenery with golds and reds. Also love the bright white to give a bit of contrast. I guess I just love the traditional Victorian colors and decorations.
    Thank you again for all your wonderful newsletters throughout the year. You are a fabulous at making everything look so easy and your instructions are fabulous!
    I look forward to each and every newsletter.

  286. I love the traditional Victorian colors of burgundy, hunter green, and ivory, with some sparkling gold accents!

  287. I love the traditional red and green but have been stitching and sewing many of my current projects with blue, white and silver. So I would say my current favorite is blue, white and silver.

  288. My favorite Christmas colors are green and red, with splashes of white or silver for making them even better. A bit of sparkle and brightening!

  289. The lights on my mini Christmas tree are red, green, blue and yellow and I love that glowing combination. The yellow lights really warm things up.

  290. Red, green, white with gold and silver! Some are traditional reds and greens, some are darker shades – anything goes!

  291. Favorite Christmas colors are always changing. I would have to say for this year it would be burgandy and very dark forest green.

  292. I go with red, green, and gold, but in a deep tone of each. Unless I’m doing the Three Wise Men, then it’s jewel tones!

  293. I enjoy red/green but also a blue/silver combination. I do mainly traditional styling but sometimes you just need a little something different too!

  294. I love the combination of silver and blue with sparkle thrown in. I guess I am a mix of traditional and modern, just what eve my eye likes!

  295. My favourite Christmas colour combination is red, white and silver. This is what I have used for the last 20 years. I now try to coordinate my seasonal needle work projects and Christmas decorations – though my family think I am a little too fussy (lol).

  296. I like any color combination with the exception of pastels. I especially like bright jewel tones with accents of silver.

  297. Love, love, love working with traditional color pathways. It brings me a sense of warmth and familiarity. For the Christmas Holiday, I enjoy working with greens, reds and a touch of gold. If I need to use silver, like when I work on snowflakes, I make my focus on something different, maybe blues and creams with the silver.

  298. My favorite holiday combo is definitely traditional red/green/gold for Christmas. I do love silver/white/blue as well, as it reflects the season and beyond the one holiday.

  299. My favorite holiday color combination is natural greens (greenery from the yard, silvery green eucalyptus, pine, rosemary) with anything sparkly, particularly silver and gold. Our tree is a bit weird–the topper is a golden octopus with purple spots and there are a lot of insect and nature-related ornaments on it–but if you don’t look too closely the general vibe is more of a traditiona/naturalistic look.

  300. I still love working with the traditional red and green with white sparkling thread as an accent such as for snowflakes.

  301. My favorite Christmas color combo is deep rich colors: DMC 815 and 987. But just about any combo of red and green will do.

  302. Evergreen shades of green, burgundy and cream! We live in a log home and I decorate with a lot of greenery (real and artificial), pine cones, berries, deer and cardinals. They all blend well for a forest theme!

  303. I have always been fascinated with color and keep learning how delightful or frustrated it can be in choosing colors for my stitching projects being an embroiderer for over 40 years and still learning! My color favorites range in the purple and jewel colors as they are eye catching when combined with blues, etc.

  304. I will go with traditional almost always, but being in Florida now with much brighter sun light is causing me to rethink what colors shine..

  305. My favourite holiday colour combination is red and green.. reminds me of my childhood.. I am61 yrs young.

  306. Lime green, pinks, burgundy and cream. Matter of fact, just a couple of days ago I bought some wool in those colors for a yet unspecified Christmas project. Last night I sorted through my threads picking out colors I’m going to use for embellishment. 🙂

  307. I absolutely love color! The brighter and more, the better. That said, I usually prefer the blue/white/silver Christmas colors. But, I also love the greenery with red and gold accents. Too many choices. Thank you for this fun.

  308. My favorite combination – for holidays or otherwise – is always any shade of pink or red with any shade of green. Traditional holiday red and pine green float my boat just as much as hot cerise with lizard lime. Which combination of pinks/reds and greens varies dependent on my mood of the season… some years it is more subdued and traditional than others.

    Thanks for the opportunity for Lorraine’s threads. I first learned of her hand dyed threads though this website several years ago, and have been happily collecting and using her threads ever since!

  309. Thank you, Mary, for offering us the very generous chance to access prizes! Most of the things you offer I would not have a chance to obtain any time soon.
    My favorite Christmas color is blue – maybe because my favorite color anytime is blue! Red and Green shout, “Christmas!” joyously and I love them all over “even stoplights blink a bright red and green”. but it’s the blue of ice and starry nights and Mary’s gown & cloak that really catch my eye. My most favorite combination with blue is cream/white and gold. Silver is a close second. This combination is even better as a foil for all that red & green.
    Thanks again for reminders of the wonderful colors of the season and the opportunity for beautiful threads in new colors.

  310. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday to decorate for. Green and red (and variations of) with white or silver is always beautiful

  311. I love decorating in jewel tones. Definitely with purple in the color scheme. Love all the rich colors against the green of the tree. I like the traditional classic decorating because it brings back fond memories and warm feelings of childhood holidays with lots of family and friends.

  312. I’m a mash-up of styles kind of person and my favorite color scheme varies from year to year. This year I’m all-in on lime green and purple–with pops of red 🙂

  313. Red and green is fun, but I love the beauty of blue/white/silver, especially when you play with the full range of blues. A beautiful range from deep, rich blue through the scale down to the lightest baby-blue, and then with the sparkle of silver and shine of pure white. Lovely!

  314. I usually make Christmas gifts in red, green, gold, but i really love my decorations in blue, white, silver.

  315. Merry Christmas everyone. When it comes to Christmas I am an icy silvers, whites and blues kind of gal. I can appreciate all the other combinations but I return to these over and over.
    Thanks you Mary. Good luck everyone.

  316. Candy-A-Delicious thread colors. While I like the traditional colors, enjoy the richness of purples, greens and gold, I am trying to incorporate the pink schemes for holiday cards that I create, and holiday flour towels that I embroider. Yet, I have used the rich purples, shimmering golds, holiday reds, greens, and cobalt blue silk threads for this Christmas season. Merry Christmas to All!

  317. I think that my favourite Christmas colours are red, white and silver. I’ve made several ornaments that were blue, white and silver but blue and white can be a bit dreary if there is too much of it.

  318. I like white, green and red for Christmas. Snow, Christmas tree and berries…
    Thank you for this chance to win embroidery threads!

  319. I love red-green-gold combo for the holidays!! I love colour complements thread!!!!! So very beautiful!! Happy holiday to everyone!

  320. I’m partial to the white, silver, and blue color combination for the holidays. They remind me of the December snow we had when I was growing up and they give me a feeling of peace.

  321. I love blue, silver and white! I also am pretty traditional. Overdyed threads add dimension to handwork. I didn’t answer your question the first post so this is a resubmitted comment.

  322. What a sweet give away! I love all the colors! One year traditional green and red. Next year white, blue and silver. And the aqua, pink and white is pretty adorable. Thanks for the fun!

  323. my favorite holiday colors honestly seem to change every year. I guess I tend to go for the rich deep colors – this year leans towards the burgundies, forest green and ivory.

  324. Blue whites and silvers! Clean and fresh. Cools me down in the warm southern hemisphere summer. I love the snowflake project. Thank you

  325. My favorite Christmas colors are Christmas red and green with gold and white. I like traditional which suits my home but I can see myself enjoying a Christmas surrounded by blues, whites and silvers if my home was modern or if I had a Scandinavian style home.

  326. Those colors ate beautiful! I don’t have much experience embroidering with multicolored threads. I think its time to try!

  327. I am definitely a blue, white, silver person. Probably comes from my Dutch background. I love the clean effect.

  328. Definitely blues, whites, silvers. I was born in the coldest winter month and have always resonated with those colours.

  329. My favourite Christmas colour combination would be silver and purple I think. If I had to narrow it down. I generally like to include as many colours as possible but both silver and Purple must always be in it. I also tend to be in favour of historical decorations but that won’t stop me having modern ones of I like the look. Particularly if they are sparkly. 😉

  330. I have been a red, green and gold kinda gal but have been adding more ice blues and silver combos lately.

  331. Wow What beautiful colors and such a choice….Makes my head spin just like the colors spin. Checking my projects for just where to use them.

  332. My favorite holiday colors are blues and silvers. Of course i do love the traditional red, green and gold colors too but the ice blues whites and silvers are sooo lovely!

  333. I would love to decorate with a particular blue and silver theme but kids mean that Christmas is every single color!

  334. I am such a boring traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colour Mary. It’s red, gold, silver and green for me!

  335. My favorite holiday color combination is reds and golds.
    I’m definitely a traditionalist.
    I love the old fashioned glass balls on my tree and a beautiful glass angel we’ve had for almost 40 years and 6 military moves.

  336. I like all the holiday colors. My family prefers the traditional red, green, gold and silver. Occasionally I can sneak in something different. Last year we had a white tree with blue and silver and I didn’t get any complaints. Maybe after 40 years they are getting used to me.

  337. Red, green, and brown paper package colors! Traditional is favorite, but it’s good to put modern twists into things too.

  338. Colors for Christmas! I love decorating with snowflakes purples and silvers/whites. This year we have a puppy so nothing glass out, all plastic Disney ornaments from my childhood. It’s a tradition in my family to get 1 ornament a year. When I moved out all my ornaments came with me.

  339. I am somewhat traditional: I prefer green and red, maybe some white and/or gold, but in grayed tones, not the primary colors. I am a bit colorphobic and prefer all of my colors to be toned down a bit. I think blue and tan are quite colorful.

  340. Not just one color way for Christmas as I rotate among 4 or 5 themes. So it can be red/green/silver or blue/silver or jewel tones or woods/nature colors. This year it’s the first one.

  341. I am a traditional red and green gal all the way! Most of my decorations came from trips to Germany and Italy plus all my handmade crossstitch/appliqué ornaments. Everything has a special meaning or from family. Karen (KAK)

  342. I love more traditional Christmas color combination, right now I am feeling the joy of the classic candy cane stripe, red white and green!

  343. I am traditional red and green but darker than lighter,
    I like blue and silver for January as they blend well with the snow theme!

  344. I love the combination of red and gold during the holidays. I decorate my tree with gold edged red bows and gold ornaments.

  345. I too love embroidery thread, using it, looking at it, touching it.
    My favorite Christmas color combination is red, green, gold. I am very traditional in my Christmas decor.

  346. My favorite color combination for Christmas is Blue, White and Silver. It’s so dramatic, and I love to add bling (with the Silver) to things! Every year I make lots of ornaments for our church to sell at its annual Boutique (all proceeds go to charities), so typically stick to mostly red, green and white. I get tired of this combo, so love to branch out to something more striking. Purple is my favorite color, so I love to add some of that in too!

    Thanks, Mary!

  347. I love the reds and greens. They are winter nature colors. The gold and silvers accent nicely. Blues are pretty, too…

  348. I love Colour Compliments thread!!! I am a really traditional color girl. Red, Green and Gold. I just finished a stunning crazy quilt stocking in gold and burgundy. It’s for my oldest grandson and I don’t want to give it to him!!!!

  349. My Christmas colours over the years have been steadfastly blue and white with mauve pinks or magenta added in. The closest I have gotten to red is burgundy. I have no red I my wardrobe either.

  350. It is hard to choose between red, green and gold and blue, white and silver. The both bring to mind the traditional holiday colors but being a fan of Deerfield embroidery, I would choose blue, white and silver. This combination happens also to be the collegiate colors of most of my family.

  351. I love blue/white/silver for Christmas. My decorations are a combination of modern and traditional.

  352. My favourite Christmas colour combinations are reds, golds, blues and silvers. I tend to prefer traditional Christmas items.

  353. My favorite holiday color combination is red and white. Its clean, crisp and festive and goes with everything.

  354. Although I love the red and green traditional, I think blues and silvers are my favorite, probably because blue is my favorite color year-round!

  355. Although red and green are very desirable for many items, my favorite colors for Christmas would be blue/white and silver. Red is everywhere jumping out at you, so to have some blue combo at home is restful. Love her threads, thanks for the opportunity.

  356. Hi Mary,
    My favorite colors for Christmas is red and white.
    But I have new ideas from all the comments.
    Thanks for all you do, Mary!

  357. After reading your question: Are you a red-green-gold fan? Lime greens and pinks? Blues, whites, silvers? Creams and burgandies? Purples and jewel tones?

    Blues, whites, and silver are my faves, but now I want to try all of those combos (except lime green and pink lol).

  358. Favourite holiday colours – any combination! My Christmas tree hosts a variety of vintage and more modern ornaments

  359. What is your favorite holiday color combination? I love Red, Green, and Gold as my favorite color is green, my sweet heart’s favorite color is red, (that is why he married a redhead) and gold just ties it all together. Wonderful colors

  360. Ian still red, green and gold. As I downsized I eliminated all the cutesy things accumulated over the years as a teacher of young children. I am left with the wonderful items that all have a story and sentimental attachment and are traditional in color. I love the holidays, even in covid.

  361. Victorian, jewel tones and modern brights are lovely, but for the winter and Christmas holidays, my favorites colors are the traditional red, green, gold and silver…but I always include a bright blue accent.

  362. I embrace blues and silvers… but I also love the reds & whites that I associate with my Scandinavian ancestry and tend towards the traditional.

  363. I love your Holiday give aways. My favorite colors for Christmas are red, green, and gold. I love traditional colors and decorations.

  364. All colours! But all my decorations tend to be traditional, as they’re antique like me. The newer replacements are in lovely shades of blue and silver. It’s all good as long as it’s Christmas!! Happy Holidays everyone.

  365. What pretty thread- you are right it would be hard to choose, but I would do it! Thank you. My holiday colors are red and white over all. I am Scandinavian and love that look – mix of modern and traditional!

  366. I love anything variegated, so that also holds true for holiday theme. I like the richness if jewel tones for sure, with a bit of ivory or ecru to create highlights.

  367. Traditional red and green. The red needs to be on the violet side of true red and the green needs to be an evergreen color (of course). Some metallic gold for a highlight.

    Thanks for doing this fun and exciting feature and introducing me to sources of wonderful products for needlework.

  368. What gorgeous threads for this fun give away! My favorite Christmas colors are silver, gold and burgundy. I like a simple elegant traditional look.

  369. I don’t have a color scheme that is my favorite. The red/green is the one that speaks Christmas to me. But I also like blue and silver.

  370. Thank you for this giveaway. I tend to use traditional red, green, white colours for my Christmas embroideries. I have planned a blue and white project just to be a bit different, but I’m yet to begin work on it – maybe in time for next Christmas.

  371. Hi Mary, and Happy Holidays! I love Lorraine’s overdyed threads, especially the pearl cottons. My Christmas choices are usually very traditional, with red and green, usually with white, silver or gold. And I love to add beads to my holiday stitching. I do more needlepoint than embroidery, but I love your blog, and frequently look up your demos of stitches when I am working on my needlepoint.

  372. I am basically a red, green and gold fan, but I have lots of ornaments so lots of colors and multi colored and specialized ones. One year for the Olympics or Winter Olympics I decorated our tree in red, white and blue.

  373. I love the traditional red snd green colors for Christmas. They are the colors used in my dining room and living room. Compliments my holiday dishes, too. Family room is blues and creams – lots of snowman gifts over the years has created this direction.

  374. Blue, white , silver for a more “formal” look, then traditional red, green and white for some decorating, but the tree has multicolor lights for a family feel.

  375. I love silver and gold but it doesn’t feel like Christmas without the traditional red and green.

    Thank you Mary and Lorraine.

  376. Definitely a red, green and gold Christmas with a white snowy background for me! Love the bright cheery combo.

  377. My favorite holiday color combinations have changed over the years as my son has grown. We went from traditional red and green to a blue and silver snowflake motifs and then to silver and gold. Now that it’s just me, I prefer to honor my tropical life here in Florida and we decorate in a retro old Florida feel with pinks, aqua, greens and turquoise. I think this is my favorite so far!

  378. I am so into the red-green-gold (with a little hit of white) that I have amassed an amazing collection of hand made items for decorating my home. When I was younger and had more family and friends around, I always had a Christmas Eve Open House and people who wanted to (but were never asked to) bring a little something knew what colors would be welcomed.
    Sadly, all the older friends and family are gone but putting up those red-green-gold gifts brings fond memories of days gone by.

  379. Pink and lime green are my current favorite colors for Christmas. I like vintage designs with modern colors.

  380. My favorite holiday colors to try is Lime Greens and Pinks because it would be a challenge to work these colors for Christmas. What a hoot the result could be.

  381. Oh I am definitely a traditional red, green & gold kind of girl when it comes to Christmas colors!

  382. My Christmas colors are violet and green, which is how I imagine the textiles in Santa’s bedroom suite. Years ago I actually sewed my bedroom in those colors of curtains and duvet. Long worn out.
    I love your website and newsletter. Thanks for adding to world enjoyment of needlework.

  383. I’m a gold/white fan . This works with every other color around it so no worries about upsetting the color scheme!
    Thanks again for doing these giveaways for all of us!

  384. I’m a MAJOR Spode Christmas Tree junkie, so my Christmas decorating revolves around the china. And that makes me the very traditional red-gree-gold girl!

  385. The colors I love at Christmas time would be mostly forest greens with some red thrown in here and there. In my house I put the little details of red decor about. Little accents here and there. I love trees so I have many trees that are just that…plain ol’ trees kind of like it’s a forest in my house in places…they are all little trees and some with pinecones. I’ll call them my plain and fancy trees. The reds in the details around just pop out when glancing around the rooms. I just love it!
    HO, HO, HO.

  386. I love these threads! They’re made in Canada, yeah! My favourite colours are a soft orange/red, teal and sparkly gold.

  387. Is it wrong to say I like all the colours? They are all so beautiful! I was initially drawn to the autumnal colours and then saw the purple, blues and greens. . .

  388. Dear Mary and Friends,

    Living greens are my first Christmas ‘must haves’. (If I could have only one item a fragrant branch of fir would be it.) Ivy, fir, pine, and rhododendron with real cones and berries and accents of white and gold are perfect. My grandmother’s aluminum tree was fun; I loved the first pink-flocked pine I saw sixty odd years ago. Family and friends’ fancy schemes and department store fantasies are all wonderful, too. Nature’s winter mountain colors are my favorites.

    Thanks for the fun.

  389. Pretty traditional here – more & more is handmade. More & more is also simple naturals. Mostly in cream & burgundy.

  390. I love the traditional red and green mixed with gold for Christmas. Although I also love blue white and silver for my “winter” pieces.

  391. My home is very traditional, but when it comes to Christmas I decorate more modern. My color combo is black and white checks, red, and a hint of gold. Love my snowmen.

  392. Well, this is not a question I can answer, as I don’t do any holiday-themed embroidery! But if I were to do anything, I would choose whatever palette interested me at the moment, and not worry about “matching” to a holiday.

  393. My favourite holiday colour combination is the tradition colours of red, green and gold.
    To me that says Christmas.

  394. I don’t have a favorite Christams color combination. I use a lot of hand made ornaments so some are traditional and others are all flashy. I love them all sp I have a lot of color going on in my house for the holidays.

  395. I have a color addiction. I won’t rule any color out for holiday decorating. Every year I mix up what I already have. No two Christmas trees are ever the same. Depends on the mood I am in when I start decorating and then I run with it.

  396. I love the blue white and silver best with a close runner up of red and green – and sparkle is essential!!

  397. I like using red and green at Christmas but darker shades – almost burgundy and hunter green with a bit of gold or silver for the “bling.” But I have been known to go with gold and white for some things.

    I remember the year Mama used all blue and silver. Elegant but not the best choice with the color of the upholstery in the living room!

  398. I love romantic colours mainly and I am a traditional embroiderer – so pale dusty pinks, blues, greens, mauves are my favourite colours when doing embroidery. At Christmas I will venture into the reds and greens, but do not enjoy that as much as traditional colours!

  399. I’m learning so much about techniques, color and threads. And so many different colors and types of threads! I’m a student even in retirement!

  400. I have come to realize that I am definitely a red and green Christmas person. I followed the Christmas fad color combinations over the years but after a few years got tired of the colors and got rid of the decoration. I still lovingly display several old decorations that I made in red and green many years ago. I still add new red and green decorations every year.

  401. I have dyed weaving wool in the past with all natural materials. I like learning about this very ancient craft.

  402. My Christmas colors used to be blue and silver but, just before my husband’s death, we changed to purple and bronze. The past few years it seemed like a lot of trouble so I have just gone with lights on the tree …….. maybe next year.

  403. I’m pretty traditional, in that I love the red/green/gold colors.
    But I’ve gotta say that the blue/white/silver is growing on me.

  404. I love the colors I use for Christmas stitching ornaments for gifting-blue, white and silver for snowflakes and gold and white for Chrismons!

  405. My favorite holiday color combination is red-green-gold and I decorate more traditional.

  406. Red and green is a favorite combination for me at Christmas time. Your article about color and choices of threads continue to give me more choices which I love. Happiness is exploring the possibilities.

  407. Favorite holiday color are the golds with red and silver with purples or blue. Mixture of modern and traditional

  408. My favorite color combination this year is silver and gold paired with cream or natural wood and burlap. Merry Christmas!

  409. I love all the holiday combinations but for my own home I am most comfortable with the red, green, and gold palette.

  410. I love looking at all the different colour combinations, but at home I stick with traditional red, green and gold !

  411. Traditional red and green are my go-to colors for the season. But some of the newer combos are lovely, too.

  412. I like the traditional red, green and gold for Christmas. But the white, blue and silver come in as a close second.

  413. I like earth tones – woodland colors – think cardinals, pine trees,, leaf less trees, deer, foxes, bears, snow etc. I like to warm things up so the reds and greens give some spark. Quiet comes to mind. I think these colors bring some softness to the season.

  414. My favourite holiday combination is the crispness of red and white. Very Scandinavian – it looks so timeless!

  415. I like a combination of traditional Christmas colours as well as more modern blue/white/silver. But if I have to choose, it’s traditional with many colours, not just the green/red combo.

  416. I am a red – Green – gold fan, mixed in with touches of white and blue for a more modern approach

  417. For the holiday season, I definitely yearn for the blues, whites and silvers because they are so calming. As to decor, which I do less of now than in the past, I have traditionally gone traditional. Love this opportunity for some new threads! Thanks, Mary and and Lorraine! Blessings!

  418. I must admit that I am a traditional green/red/gold fan for Christmas colors. They always remind me of my childhood Christmases, which were so special. As an adult, I have lived most of my life in Australia, where Christmas comes in the middle of summer, so the Christmas feeling is completely different.

  419. Blues, whites and silvers every time. Maybe it’s because we never (hardly ever) have snow at Christmas – if we’re going to get snow, it comes later – and I’ve always longed for that icy, sparkling fresh Yule.

  420. Through the years the color palette has changed from the traditional red& green to the burgady &cream. My collection of Santa’s remain displayed in in the various Christmas colors made popular through the years of collecting. Thanks for your Christmas give aways!

  421. I like red, green and cream, but not the bright candy colors. I prefer a barn red and forest green combination’

  422. Oh, my how to choose a favorite color combination – I love them all and each have a place in my decorating. This year I am probably leaning to burgandy and cream as together they create a rich warm color schemem.

  423. Lately, my favorite holiday colors are jewel tones. I also like blue and white with a little sparkle!!

  424. I love the traditional Christmas colors of red and green but as I have gotten older I like them in more muted tones.

  425. For me, the ultimate holiday combination is blue-white-silver. I’m the only person in my family who feels this way, so every year I have to find ways to sneak this colour combo into the decorations around the house!

  426. Those threads are all drool worthy! My favourite holiday colours would probably be red and green, but I really like purple and gold too.

  427. My colors would have to be the traditional fall colors. I love to mix the metallic gold with rusty reds, oranges, yellows, browns and even some green all combined to make a fall wonderland.

  428. Yes? I love all those combinations you listed. I do think purple and gold is a beautiful, rich-looking color scheme.

  429. My favorite Christmas colors are red, green, and white. Am totally traditional! Thanks for the opportunity!

  430. My Christmas colour combinations vary. Sometimes I love red & green, other times I like to go for silver & gold, or mix them all up! As long as it’s cheerful or has some sparkle and bling, it’s all great.

  431. I am definitely a blue silver white and gold girl. I love winter, the blue and silver reminds me of frosty mornings and white and silver reminds me of clouds of breath dancing between falling snow and the silver and gold remind me of my darling son- and now my daughter-in-law who are precious to me as is the reason that we celebrate this season; the precious child who will be given gold frankincense and myrrh by wise men from afar. He will for a while- be simply a precious son to adoring parents.

  432. I love a traditional Christmas and, yes, I focus on red, green and gold. Although I was raised a city girl, I am a country girl at heart and my home reflects my country coziness.

    Merry Christmas!

  433. Oh, those threads are lovely.

    What colors for the holidays? For Christmas, I use whatever colors work for the piece I am stitching. If there is something that is Christmas-specific, I use the traditional reds and greens.

    For a holiday piece I call Manhattan Beach Fireworks, I used only primary and secondary colors. Since those fireworks are set off in December and celebrate all the holidays, they use all the colors they can create. I stitched my piece in time to enjoy it in place of the cancelled 2020 fireworks.

  434. I have to admit the red-green-gold combo catches my eye but it depends on the year and my mood when decorating. I’ve had blue-white-silver years and all-co.or years depending on the light strings I choose.

  435. Hi. Thanks for such wonderful articles! About my favorite color combinations for
    Christmas, depends on the project. Green, red, and gold or silver for most things but if snowflakes are involved, definitely blue, white and silver! Merry Christmas!

  436. I’m a real traditionalist , a red , gold, green person at Christmas! I guess this is reflective of my age, 73.

  437. In the past I have loved the traditional colours of red, green and gold but recently I have been more attracted to the ice cold Colours of blues and silver of winter reminding me of icy winter skies, surf breaking on frost covered sands on the beach near my home and icicles running down my drainpipe.

  438. my favourite colour scheme for Christmas is the traditional colours of red, green, gold, white and silver.

  439. This year I am leaning toward RED being my favorite Christmas color. I have been stitching my first Bristol berry with Schoolhouse Red. Also the stamped cotton towels (thanks Mary!) with deer and hearts. Those I am stitching in DMC 321. I love the clean look of red with white and it is a refreshing change from all the fall colors I had been stitching with. I love a deep evergreen with red, and also gold. And if snow falls so much the better!

  440. My favourite cours are green (for the Christmas Tree, red (for the bright baubles) and gold (for the tinsel ) – all in the corner of my lounge room waiting for Santa to arrive.

  441. All of them really – but lately it’s been the blues with other colors or different tones of red and green other than the super-traditional red and greens

  442. This year’s favorite color combo is bright red and white – like candy canes! I have made quite a few ornaments so far.

  443. These hand-dyed threads are luscious looking. I have a few of the Color Complements threads and they are wonderful to work with. And the colors are lovely.

  444. I love jewel tones for Christmas! But every few years, i go back to the traditional red and green.

  445. In my first comment, I forgot to answer your questions! I love the blue/silver/white – winter colors. The cool colors just speak to me but for some of my friends/family I go to the colors THEY live usually the more traditional red/greens esp for Christmas ornaments.

  446. Hi Mary, I’m very traditional about Christmas, red, green, and gold. But I can appreciate other color combos too – red & white; blue, white and silver; silver and gold; and pink and burgundy.

  447. Red and green are truly the Christmas colors I enjoy. Green reminds me of Christmas trees and greens. Red adorns the trees with many red ornaments.

  448. My favorite combination is blue and silver however I seem to have added a lot of red over the years. Cardinals!

  449. My favorite holiday color combination is turquoise and hot pink. I’m a 50s/mid century modern kinda gal.

  450. Thank you for the chance to win some color compliments. They are always
    Such interesting combos. My christmas colors have changed with phases of
    My life. Children meant all kinds of colors and ornaments. Once they fledged
    The nest, I trended towards more and more of my handmade ornaments,
    Until my whole tree is now almost totally full of them. I take such pleasure
    In seeing them each year, along with the little ornaments my kids made many
    Years ago. Regards, Suestitch

  451. Holiday colors? Silver (glittery is better) and red. A very light minty green for a third color.

  452. I love Christmas colours. But my choices may vary according to the use. When it comes to decor and even wear I really like something a bit different like the Purples (plum) and jewel tones.

  453. You are right it will be hard to choose a color compliment if I win, but I’m sure I can. HA HA
    I am a traditional lady and my holiday colors a=are red, green, and white. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  454. My favourite Christmas colour combination for the past several years has been white and gold with a little pop of colour. The colour pop varies by year. Last year it was blue. This year is red. Each year it looks different without changing everything.

    Happy Holidays

  455. I use to always do the traditional colors, but the last couple of years I’ve been enjoying deep blues with whites and silver. Seems serene and cool comfort somehow.

  456. As a left handed Embroiderer I use your tutorials on Needle ‘n Tread often.
    The Colour Complements colours feel like they should be put in a bowl and eaten.
    My choice of colours are: Peacock Feathers, Sunsets, Colour #120, Autumn #188, Watermelon #31

  457. I tried to leave a comment earlier but I don’t think it posted. I love red/green/and gold combo- it’s such a homey, traditional feeling for me and brings back old and not-so-old memories. Would love to get to try these threads. Thanks Mary.

  458. Definately purples an jewel tones. Holiday or festive occasions always require max colour saturation. As a child living in bland Australian urbanity, the colours of christmas decorations captivated me and slashed through the surrounding bland. At no other time during the year was I exposed to such wonderful colours, it made Christmas all the more special.

  459. I love the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and gold – Colour Complement treads wonderful!

  460. I tend to gravitate towards blue and silver because it’s such a versatile combination. Green and red just don’t work for everything, but most designs work great in blue.

  461. Definitely Red and Green with a bit of evergreen bough for good measure….old fashioned traditional for Christmas!

    The give aways are great fun, I always look forward to your emails Mary, but this month they are even more fun! Congratulations to all the winners.

  462. I love the Burgandy, cream and dark green color combination. It looks so rich and it goes well in all the house and decorations.

  463. I think my favorite combination is the classic red, green, white, with silver thrown in here and there.

  464. To be honest I love all the Christmas color combinations. I love to see a color themed room, my only request is that the color combination stay consistent. When I was young the same colors and ornaments came out every year. Now there is an anticipation, what are this year’s color themes.

  465. My favorites would be cranberry-cream -gold…followed by red-white-gold …..blue-white-silver

  466. I checked out the Colour Complements website and the color of her threads just has me buzzing with excitement! I would love to win this giveaway. Also noticed on her blog some kaleidoscope embroidered designs done with designs from your e-book.

    My favorite holiday color combination is red, green and gold. I am all-out traditional when it comes to the holidays.

  467. My favorite holiday color combination has become the newly popular rose gold and an off-white. I have preferred peach-lt. yellow-aqua in many textiles that I make myself so it is not too surprising that I have changed from a traditional red-green-gold color palette.

  468. My favorite colors are burgundy and dark green. Sometimes though the blue and silver colors are just so beautiful.

  469. I tend towards the classics like red, green, white & cream but also love purples & blues with silver.

  470. Blue, White and Silver in a modern theme have moved into my normal Burgandy traditional theme. Now to combine the two.

  471. I really love burgundies and cream, with maybe some little green accents. It’s probably my MOST favorite. But my decorating ends up being little vingettes that have different colors.

  472. My favorite Christmas color combo is pink/aqua, however I do like the traditional red and green!

  473. Love the variegated colors. My favorite holiday colors are gold, purple, royal blue, and red. All shiney and bright.

  474. I usually like using gold and silver for Christmassy things, but I have just finished a Sashiko Christmas tree panel which was white stitched on black and I really love the effect.

  475. Merry Christmas! My favorite Christmas color combination is the lime green/pink combination. Even though my current Christmas decor (collected from the 80s and 90s) is in the “traditional” colors of red/green/white, I am drawn to the bright cheeriness of lime green/pink. I have one sleeve of plastic ornaments in this color combo as inspiration. When I ‘pass forward’ the traditional color decor my small spot will be filled with bright green and pink. Thank you!

  476. My Holiday combo of colors are red, green and white with a bit of sparkle. traditional is what my house resembles the most but the blues, whites and silvers are starting to creep into my décor. Merry Christmas to all.


  478. My favorite winter holiday color scheme these days is a mix of white, cream and taupe with a touch of metallic (silver or gold). Yummy!

  479. I love the reds, green and whites of Christmas, but have a hard time passing up jewel tones.

  480. I love Color and I love Thread!
    And my favorite Christmas color decor is the blue, silver and white.
    Thank you for a wonderful needlework website!

  481. The blue, white and silver holiday combination has always been my favorite because it looks like the reflections of the sky on frozen water. Very peaceful and beautiful….which is what the holidays should be.

  482. All the colours! I’ve done a neon theme, traditional red and gold, scandi red and white. Trying to convince my sons that a dusty rose would be good this year but no luck yet!!

  483. My fav Christmas color combo is green, red and white – but I also do like some rustic and modern style decoration styles too!

  484. My Christmas decorating palette changes, but right now is mostly gold and cream, incorporating Lenox china pieces found on e-Bay.

  485. Thanks for the opportunity! I like the blues, silvers and white – a wintery pallette.

    Mary in MN

  486. Hello. My favorite color combination for this time of year is browns and creams and green—kind of a woodland or forest theme. Thank you Mary and Lorraine for the opportunity to win.

  487. I love reading your blogs! I tend to love the more traditional greens and reds for Christmas decor. There is a feeling of comfort that comes from the old traditions.

  488. While most of my holiday decorations are the traditional red and green, I’m drawn to teal and silver for some quilts and embroideries that are kept on display through the winter months. Nothing like frosty colors inside with the cold and snow outside!

  489. Man, that’s tough. I’m really on board with all of them except the neons. But I suppose if I could only choose combo for ever and ever it would have to be the traditional red, green, gold. Can’t imagine Christmas without greenery of some kind. But I am going to add silver to that list because nothing is keeping me from using my grandma’s silver aluminum tree at least every other year!

  490. I decorate like my Mother did. Red, Green, and Gold. I love the other choices very much and think when put together they make for lovely design. But, Mother did red, green and gold. For me it’s all about that feeling I get when I quietly sit in the dark, the Christmas tree lite, with Christmas music playing. My mind returns to so many perfect Christmas’s with my parents and siblings. It is defiantly red, green and gold that gives the JOY to this girl.

  491. The only time I use metallic print fabrics is on Christmas projects. Red, green and especially gold really say Christmas to me.

  492. Although I love blues with silver, my favorite holiday colors include deep reds (burgundy or garnet) and dark greens with cream, gold, and a touch of black for an accent. The color combination is also perfect for year-round decorating!

  493. I have never been a person who likes glitz but at Christmas I love the blue and silver themed ornaments. White twinkle lights on the tree and there you have it, Christmas magic!

  494. My favorite color combinations at Christmas are the traditional red, green, and white. One year I croched white thread ornaments for our tree and accented them with red. Of course the green was the tree.

  495. My favorite color combinations at Christmas are the traditional red, green, and white. One year I croched white thread ornaments for our tree and accented them with red. Of course the green was the tree. I crocheted vintage ornaments, as well as a few modern ones

  496. My color choices tend to be traditional red, green, and gold. I really like the brighter tones of these three colors, although some years I have been known to switch to the blue, silver, and white colors.
    Merry Christmas to you Mary and may God keep you and yours in His gentle care.

  497. I love a blue, silver and white combo. I love having all blue lights on my tree and then letting the other colors come in. Makes me think of ice and snow!

  498. Dear Mary,
    What is your favorite holiday color combination? Are you a red-green-gold fan? Yes, definitely, absolutely I thought. Lime greens and pinks? No, doesn’t sound like Christmas to me, but I can see how it could work. Blues, whites, silvers? That sounds very nice. Like snowflakes and icicles. Especially since it’s summer and 37°C here right now. Creams and burgandies? That is sounding very nice too, like an old fashioned Christmas. Purples and jewel tones? Now that is sounding like the three wise men and gifts to me. Getting better all the time. Do you go traditional or all-out modern? Well, I would have said definitely traditional, and now though, I don’t know. What are the modern colour schemes if this isn’t them? Imagine …….. if I win …….and have to chose just five colours from Colour Complements!
    Thank you.
    Best regards

  499. I want to branch out. Mostly I have worked with single colored thread but think I need and want to explore variegated colors. Please help me do this.

  500. I love the Victorian Christmas Colours – Rich burgundies, Cream and Deep Green with a hint of Gold, a very traditional colour scheme

  501. My favorite colors for Christmas are burgundy, pink, various shades of green, including hunter green, lime green as well as gold and a rich cream color (like satin or dupioni colors). I am more traditional rather modern.

    I also love cardinals so my second go-to-colors are the traditional red, green, gold and off-white or cream.

    Thank you for doing these giveaways…my first time participating.

  502. More traditional using reds, greens and silver have appealed to what I decorate for Christmas but I also come up with red crustaceans wearing green seaweed garlands and Fijian mask barkcloth-wearing nutcracker prince so maybe not so traditional.

  503. I have always loved green/red/white, it’s my favorite color combo all year long, but I am contemplating starting a Christmas piece by Satsuma Street, and it is all lovely lime greens, hot pinks, golden yellows, and turquoise. What a change!

  504. I don’t really have a favourite colour scheme, but I do love hand made ornaments….. stitched is nice but so are stained glass even crocheted snowflakes work 🙂 I like monochromatic modern but can still appreciate old fashioned red and green with tinsel, and for lights I really like the sparkly white or blue.

  505. My favourite colours all year around are deep rich plums, burgundy, and neutral shades. Whatever the season I try to work these colours into my projects. =)

  506. My favourite colours for this holiday period would have to be Red, Green and Gold. Plenty of sparkles for Christmas.

  507. In my mind, my Christmas decor would be just natural foliage and then ornaments in white, silver and gold. In reality, my tree is a riot of colour! Every time I see a gorgeous bauble in orange or peacock blue or purple I just can’t resist.

  508. My favorite colours is always teal, purple and pink. That goes for Christmas to. My husbond is not very enthusiastic about it. So we have to Christmas trees indoor, one is purpe with all my favorite stuff in it, and one is green with his beautiful but boring red and golden decorations.
    Sometimes I by one or two skeins from Colour Complements. I just love them! But the custom fee in Sweden doubles the price. That is why I want to win this time – those gem threads would cost me less than normaly.

  509. My color combo choice for the holidays really depends on the audience. When working in my classroom I would tend to go traditional with green and red; very traditional for the children. For a classy, more elegant look, I prefer the gold or silver with a darker color, possible a deep burgundy, hunter green or even black.

  510. Oooh!! Floche!!

    You asked … “What is your favorite holiday color combination? Are you a red-green-gold fan? Lime greens and pinks? Blues, whites, silvers? Creams and burgandies? Purples and jewel tones?”

    Not lime green and pink! Depending on the day of the week and the phase of the moon …. cream & burgandy … OR … blue and white/ silver … OR … red, green and gold!

  511. I love beautiful threads and gorgeous colour combinations – doesn’t everyone? Choosing a favourite holiday colour combination is difficult – when that season comes around, that’s my favourite combo! But if I had to pick just one, it would be the autumn colours of my birthday month that I would be drawn back to, glorious reds, golds, deep russet and tawny browns, both bright and subtle oranges, and highlights of yellow-greens glowing in the bright autumn sunshine.

  512. I love “traditional” christmas colors but this year I went “mid century modern” to use my mom’s old xmas ornaments and my colors are pink and turquoise with a little olive green and red thrown in

  513. I love the pinks, purples and greens of any shade. Can be soft and gentle or dramatic and exciting!

  514. My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional red and green with gold thrown in for good measure. I strayed a few times when burgundy plaid and tall, skinny Santas were popular, but I always come back to red and green.

  515. My favorite Christmas colors are burgundy and cream with a touch of gold. However, I love the traditional colors too. I’m a traditionalist in all things.

  516. My favourite seasonal colours are the cool, icey….blue, white, silver….I find them quiet, serene, peaceful.

  517. I like the traditional Green, Red and gold combo, but I also have some winter items that are blues and silvers, mainly because they involve snowflakes and snowmen. I love the Victorian and old style traditional Christmas look.
    Ginny K.

  518. I love the elegance of a cream and burgundy holiday decor theme. I reminds me of memories from years gone by….all those many, many memories from childhood.

  519. Some years my favorite holiday color combination is turquoise and rose pink. This looks great with a silver tree!

  520. I love all the colors but I am a traditional Christmas color person. I love decorating with woodland scenes. Birds, deer, raccoons and woodland animal with Santa Clause mixed in.

  521. My favorite Christmas colors are the traditional ones like (pine)green and (berry)red.

  522. My favorite Christmas color combo is red-green-gold with splashes of rainbow! I do love all the color combinations though, they all look so festive and fun!

  523. I lean to red and white or green but also favor blue , white and silver. Color Complements has some lovely threads and I have enjoyed using them when I had occasion to do so.

  524. My favorite Christmas combination Right now is a 50sish. I am trying to track down fake white poinsettias with red streaks, flocked greenery, and those outlandish pink ornaments with a touch of tinsel. So I guess the colors are white, red silver pink.

  525. Normally I would say I am a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays, but that has slowly changed. Slowly, over the past few years I have gone to the advent colors of dark green, purple and pale pink.

  526. Hi Mary,
    For Christmas, I like to embroider in red, green, and gold for a traditional, elegant look. Thanks for the give away.

  527. I am basically a cool-colors girl. My favorite color almost anything in the blue family from deep blues merging into teals. For this time of year, blue goes beautifully with grey-greens and silver but I’m not above a splash of cranberry for contrast.

  528. I like traditional most of the time, but in stitching, I think the blues and silver sparkly is so pretty and festive (plus it still looks good in the New Year so I don’t have to rush to put it away!)
    Carrie G PlaneNut

  529. I love to decorate for the holidays with winter colors of blue ad silver, with accents of lavender and aqua. All the colors of a snowy sunset! Thank you for the opportunity to win such lovely thread!

  530. Thread is probably my favorite thing about embroidery. 🙂 My favorite holiday color combination is red, green, and bright white snowflakes. I have been reading your blog for recommendations on metallics (there is Rudolf’s nose to think about!) and plan to try the AVS. The ColourComplements threads are BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been designing my own cross stitch patterns which are traditional in terms of theme, but modern in interpretation. Happy holidays! Gaea (“Gia”)

  531. Beautiful threads! I’m so excited to learn another source of embroidery thread! For Christmas I am traditional – red, green, gold but have been recently enthralled by lime green & pinks.

  532. I love Christmas and all the colors that it brings. I am a red and green person but I also love the jewel tones of blues, magenta, gold, and then white for snow and the star shining brightly. Merry Christmas to all. Peace, love and joy for all of us.

  533. My favorite combination is teal and copper, but what I *actually* do is a mishmash of all the different styles

  534. Red, green and a little gold, holly, ivy, mistletoe all over. Thank you Mary for all your gems.

  535. My favorite combination for our home is burgundy, green, and gold with a touch of white. But I do have an eclectic mix on our trees.

  536. I love mostly silver with jewel tones added for a little “pop”. Thanks for doing this- what fun!

  537. My favorite holiday colors have changed over the years. I love royal blue, silver, but now I jazz it up with a dark blue/purple and pink/lavender.

  538. Although I have seen many colour combinations on Christmas Trees, I still remain a red and green follower. Gold highlights here and there add that special sparkle.

  539. My favorite holiday color combo is blue, white and silver. I love snowflakes this time of year and would definitely stitch them with some sparkle as well!

  540. What a great giveaway! My favorite holiday color combo is silver and gold with pops of neon (pink and green usually). So bright!!!

    But I also never turn down a forest green/gold vibe…..

  541. My Christmas taste is for the traditional red, green, gold and silver. I do tend toward the darker shades of reds and greens. Styles and colors available to purchase change with designers whims over the years. Trying to match the greens in a quilting project this year which had 15 and 20 year old Christmas fabrics was interesting.

  542. I like copper and green and then adding a bit of deep burgandy to this for my Christmas colors. Not really the traditional but I love how the copper looks with the green of the christmas tree

  543. I usually decorate with the traditional red, green and gold color schemes. The Old World style brings me great joy!