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Stitcher’s Christmas 2: You Pick Ready-to-Stitch


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Welcome to Stitcher’s Christmas #2 for 2021!

Today’s give-away will go to three randomly drawn names, and I’ll tell you all about it below.

First, though, I’ll announce the winners of Wednesday’s silk ribbon packages from Di van Niekerk.

Read on, read on!

Stitcher's Christmas 2: You pick ready-to-stitch

This morning, I drew two random names, in order, as the winners of Wednesday’s give-away. I do this using a random number generator and then matching the generated numbers with the comment numbers. It’s pretty straightforward!

So, without further ado, Mary Kinsey will receive the three beautiful ribbon packages from Di, and CASimberg will receive a ribbon collection and the “dreamscapes” collections of ready-to-stitch pre-printed scenes.

Yay! Mary and Cas, I will email you both. Please keep an eye out for my email and respond to it as soon as you can. If I don’t hear from you within three days (72 hours), I’ll draw another winner for your category.

Thank you, Di, for joining me in this year’s Stitcher’s Christmas and for the beautiful gifts!

If you all are ever looking for ribbon embroidery instructions, supplies, and projects, don’t forget to visit Di’s website! You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

And now, on to today’s give-away…

Stitcher's Christmas 2: You pick ready-to-stitch

Each of the three winners of today’s give-away can pick three different designs from any of the collections of my ready-to-stitch towels, and I’ll prepare a kit of ready-to-stitch towels with the designs you want. I’ll send them to you, along with 8 skeins of DMC thread colors that will work with at least one (or more) of the designs you selected. I’ll also include a printed diagram pointing out the stitches I used when I embroidered the designs you selected.

It’s a simple give-away that gives you an opportunity to try out the ready-to-stitch towels in designs you want, with a little guidance on stitches and colors.

You can pick from any of the design sets that I offer. You’ll find them listed here under Embroidery Kits in my shop.

Garden party ready to stitch towels

Maybe you’d like a set that includes a flowery spring towel…

Festive Fall ready to stitch towels

… along with a festive fall scene…

Christmas Cheer ready to stitch towels

…and some Christmas Cheer thrown into the mix?

And there are many, many more, including some folky stamped cross stitch towels, more spring options, and more fall and winter options.

Whichever three designs you want, they’re yours! And some thread to boot.

Give-Away Guidelines

If you would like to be included in today’s give-away, please follow the guidelines below.

This give-away has ended. Thanks to all who participated!

1. Leave a comment on this article, on Needle ‘n Thread. You can reach the comment form for this article by following this link. Your comment must be left on the website. Comments received via email are not eligible.

2. Please do not use the “reply” feature in the comment area to reply to someone else’s comment. Replies in the comments are not counted in the drawing.

3. Please leave a recognizable name in the “Name” line on your comment. If your name is Mary, for example, you might qualify it with a last initial or a nickname, so that, when the winner is announced, you recognize your name, and other people with the same first name aren’t confused when the winners are announced.

4. Please make certain your email address is entered on the comment form in the “email” line only. Do not include personal information like mailing addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses in the large comment box! Leaving public information on any website is a good way to end up with a lot of spam.

5. Please leave the website line on the comment form blank.

6. In your comment, please answer the following:

What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much? Tell us all about it!

7. This give-away ends on Monday, December 6, 2021, at 5:00 am Central Time. The winners will be randomly drawn that morning and announced in the give-away for that day. The winners will also receive a notification via email. If your name is drawn for the give-away, you’ll need to reply to my email within three days (72 hrs). If I don’t hear from you within that time frame, I’ll draw for another name.

The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. The prizes will be shipped from the business offering them. Please understand that any customs fees or import taxes or anything similar are the responsibility of the winner. Needle ‘n Thread is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Winners should be aware that shipping may be delayed, and that there’s no guaranteed arrival time frame. Some prizes in this series will probably not arrive before the end of the year.

When you leave your comment on the website, it may not appear right away. Comments are moderated to avoid spam on the website. This means that I manually approve each comment before it is posted. Never fear! It will show up eventually!


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  1. I would love to get a set of your tea towels. I so enjoy your site and get a lot of knowledge from you to improve my embroidery. Maggie.

    1. I think the chain stitch is my favorite because its so versatile. It can be dressed up with whip stitch, add color with a straight stitch in the middle, and is lovely in ribbon embroidery.
      Happy Holidays to you and your family Mary.

  2. I think the Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch is the best stitch because it makes such a bold, neat looking design. Plus it is fun to do!

    1. I do Brazilian emroidery, and my favorite stich is the combo of bullion and French knots that create a rose. It is so pretty and nicely replicates a real rose with its dimentiality!

    2. I think the best embroidery stitch is the outline stitch. The main reason for that is probably because it’s the first one my mom taught me, but it is a versatile stitch that can be used or embellished in several ways. Thank you for these Christmas drawings. They are always fun!

  3. The best stitch ever for me is the back stitch; because I can alter it in so many ways to make more complex stitches or keep it simple and clean and neat.

  4. I enjoy using the bullion stitch. It can be used to create all types of designs and looks fancy and difficult, but is actually quite easy!

  5. First off, congratulations to the Day 2 winners!!!

    As for the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, that’s a challenging one. I do love Smyrna Cross, and tend to use it a lot in my designs, but they are geometric based and it works well in square space. HOWEVER, when it comes to complete versatility, I think Chain Stitch would have to win. I never would have said this prior to discovering Needle ‘n Thread, but have so thoroughly enjoyed all the experimentations and wonderful iterations available to Chain Stitch, and how it can be used with any type of design, I do have to say it would be my vote for Best Embroidery Stitch ever.

  6. I like the satin stitch. It is an easy stitch and the end result adds an elegance to the stitched design.

  7. I like the outline stitch because it is so versatile and and be combined many ways. I love learning new stitches.

  8. I love stem stitch. It’s simple, easy to stitch and so versatile. It makes beautiful lines and outlines, and can also be a filling stitch.

  9. I am left-handed. I have done many cross stitch projects always avoiding embroidery because I could never get my stitches to come out properly. With all the wonderful threads out there and more left-handed instructions I have decided to try embroidery again

  10. My favorite stitch is the blanket stitch because it often adds the perfect border and it also can be used for a primitive look.

  11. I find it impossible to name “the best embroidery stitch ever;” all the common stitches have their place. Each stitcher has his/her preferences and tastes.

  12. Just last night I was working on a big chunky line of chain stitch and thinking this is so fun! I should do this more!
    So this week my favorite is chain stitch.

  13. Hi! My favourite stich is satin stich. I love its texture and smothness. Thanks for the give-way!

  14. I love the french knot! Why? It shows so many different ways depending on thread, number of threads and placement , for example.

  15. My favorite Stich is split back stitch. I use it for outlining, filling and just about anything, so versatile.

  16. I think the best embroidery stitch is stem stitch. Versatile and gives a nice line without being too complicated.

  17. Favorite stitch in surface embroidery is chain stitch.
    Favorite counted thread stitch is long armed cross stitch and regular cross stitch.
    Favorite pulled thread stitch is four sided stitch.
    Favorite beading stitch is peyote.

  18. The best embroidery stitch of all time . . . I have to go with the French knot. It is the bane of my daughter’s existence – she always hands the project over to me to finish the knots. But to my sensibilities, the French knot is the most versatile and pleasing stitch. It can be used to fill large areas. It is a fun alternative to stem stitch for outlining. It provides visually interesting texture. And it can add that finessed bit of detail that really gives a piece its polish. I find it a whimsical addition to any embroidery piece. French knots for the win!

  19. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch! I think it looks so much better on line stitching than something like back stitch.

  20. Thank you for offering these, I love your towel designs. You website has also been an invaluable resource for teaching my daughters about embroidery.

  21. Your designs are beautiful and I’d have a hard time choosing. I’m leaning toward the festive ones though!

  22. My favorite stitch is the split stitch because it is so versatile… outlines, filling, veins, the list goes on!

  23. The best stitch for me is whipped backstitch. Every time I go in with a second color to do the whipping, it just seems like magic. Turning a white line into a candy cane in seconds! I just love it.

  24. What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much? Tell us all about it!

    I think its the long/short stitch because it can go basically in any space where other’s can’t.

  25. The Lord’s blessings of peace & health to you and your family during this Christmas season and in the New Year!

  26. I love the Satin stitch because it stands out so beautifully. I also love the cross stitch because I love to do it and hardanger. I know a few other stitches, but would love to learn more. So a set of towels would be wonderful to practice new stitches on. Thank you.

  27. I haven’t been stitching long, but I love french knots! They’re so versatile and simple, and the texture they add is fantastic!

  28. The best embroidery stitch ever for me is the humble cross stitch on beautiful linen. I get into such a relaxing rhythm. It puts me into a Zen place. If I’m looking for a simple, floral decorative stitch I also love lazy daisies. These stitches can make up a flower all on their own or become the center of another larger flower.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your embroidery designs. I’ve been eyeing them for some time and just haven’t pulled the trigger to purchase them.

  29. I particularly like blanket/buttonhole stitch. It is simple to do, versatile, and distinctive.

  30. I think the best embroidery stitch is the Satin stitch. It can be used for so many things – padding to create dimension, Kloster for Hardanger, monograms and anything needing a smooth even finish. Thanks for this

  31. My favorite embroidery stitch is chain stitch. I like it because it’s different and interesting.

  32. Both the Stitcher’s Christmas and the silk ribbons Embroidery kit are So beautiful. I would love to Stitch them. Merry Christmas Mary

  33. My favorite stitch is the outline stitch – for me I use it for stems, outlines, vines, inside leaves, accents…

  34. Mary, I had to ponder this question quite a bit, but I think my favorite stitch is the blanket stitch because it’s useful as well as decorative. I simply LOVE to use it as edging in my hardanger because it’s flexible, but I love to edge blankets and things with it as well. So, that’s my favorite!

  35. The long-and-short stitch is my favorite. It’s fun to play around with shading and making flowers or anything very realistic.

  36. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. I know it is not the most complicated stitch but it is versatile. I love how it looks when you keep the stitches tiny. It is the perfect basic stitch that adds beauty to embroidery.

  37. My very favorite stitch is the French Knot! I LOVE texture and the French Knot never lets me down when I want to add a bit of texture to my piece. The kind of thread I use can change the look of the knot as well.

  38. Mary’s advice and videos are such a great resource. I love working with her designs.
    Merry Christmas!

  39. I love the backstitch. It has the depth I like for outlining as well as the ability to be embellished for added dimension. It is a versatile stitch.

  40. The best embroidery stitch ever, I think, is the backstitch because you can take it anywhere…it is a good utilitarian stitch and you can dress it up with fancy threads or dress it down with a plain thread…and it gets along with everyone!

  41. The best embroidery stitch ever is a french knot. 🙂 I love it for the texture it gives to projects.

  42. Best Stitch Ever
    easy to learn
    infinite variations
    able to embellish
    used with many styles of embroidery

  43. The humble back stitch is simply the best!! teaches you how to be consistent. Endlessly useful in small and big projects. LOVE it!!!

  44. My favorite stitch just can’t be limited to one. I love the versitility and texture of stem stitch, french knot and chain stitch. I’m always happy with these.

  45. I like stem stitch! I’m using a tightly twisted thread on leaf outlines and so the ropiness really shows up. It seems like a simple stitch but there’s skill and learning involved in the curves and corners.

  46. My favorite, or the one that impress me the most, is the long and short stitch. It is so versatile and even if it seems so simple, it can produce so intricate work!! I just love it. Still need to perfect it, though 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway! Year after year, I’m so impressed by your generosity! Happy Holidays!

  47. My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. Quick and easy.
    Mary’s advice and videos are such a great resource for other stitches I am branching out and trying.
    I mlove working with her designs.
    Merry Christmas!

  48. I use stem stitch an awful lot, but I first learned satin stitch when I was taught embroidery. For me, it will always be satin stitch.

  49. These look like what my Mother use to do!. She was such a gentle and loving woman and even after her being gone years, I still remember her with love. Since she taught me how to embroider, these would be wonderful!

  50. I’m new to the craft of embroidery and have been pondering the possibilities with tea towels. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch, it is so versatile!

  51. I love the buttonhole stitch. It can be used to edge any stitched piece; it can join layers together; it can make lace; it’s simple to do, but looks great. I use it all the time. Thanks for the chance to win this fine giveaway.

  52. Stem Stitch – As a new embroider, the stem stitch was easy to learn, produced neat stitches for many different designs. It does curves as well as neat straight lines. I also like the back of my work when using the Stem Stitch.

  53. I would love to have the three dishtowels for a gift. . . for me !
    These are the type of towels I still use to dry my dishes.
    Thank you for the chance to win them.

  54. My favourite stitch is Palestrina knot stitch, also known as Old English knot stitch or Double knot stitch, I love its rhythm and texture, it has been a favourite since I first learnt it 20 years ago.

  55. Finally I have mastered the stem stitch with even stitching – and I just can’t believe how useful it is. Now – hands down – my go to stitch for outlining, stems (of course), and most anything because it bends so well with the designs. Thanks for this chance.

  56. Good Morning, a stitch that I enjoy is the Stem Stitch, it’s a simple stitch, but one that stands out on a design.

  57. Long and short stitch! It has so many uses and you can create such realistic needle paintings with it!

  58. Best Embroidery Stitch ever – so hard to pick just one! I’d have to go with the French knot, which enchanted me so much at 7 years old that I fell in love with embroidery!

  59. I have been doing a lot of Blackwork lately and find backstitch to be very useful. It is always a challenge to find the best route to stitch and to see the design emerge as you follow your chosen route.

  60. No matter what I am making, I put a french knot somewhere. Have no idea why. I love this stitch and it adds so much character to any project.

  61. Good morning
    I like the stem stitch. You can sew such a graceful curved line. It can be so fine or it can be a packed stem stitch to fill an area. It is great for a tree trunk and the branches.
    Thank you,

  62. Thank you so much for offering your towels. They are wonderful!
    The best embroidery stitch every is the cross stitch. It is my go to stitch and, depending on the project, something I can do when I am tired or want to relax. It can also be challenging when thread colors change often and when a shape is very irregular.

  63. My favorite embroidery stitch is the backstitch. It goes around curves and points so well and is so easy to execute!

  64. Hi,

    My favorite stitch is the turkey stitch. I love it when you finish and cut the stitches and you have a lovely, fuzzy addition to your project! This stitch gives wonderful texture to any work. Thanks for the giveaway

  65. I have always loved the French knot! It’s fun to make! It can be used in clusters to make flowers, it can be used to decorate embroidered pieces, it can be tucked here and there on almost anything being embroidered! It’s so pretty! It’s so tiny! It’s so sweet!

    Thanks, Mary!

    Jude Jones

  66. I do embroidary often. Love following needle&threads. Will definately check out the designs recently shown asap.

  67. My favorite stitch (it’s not easy to pick just one) is the french knot. It is one of the simplest, most versatile ways to add texture. That stitch brings sunflowers, a sentimental favorite for my family, to life!

  68. I like the whipped stem stitch. It creates a nice raised impact. Then again, I had a lot of fun with the van dyke stitch to make tree bark this summer… so many stitches, so many choices.

  69. Best embroidery stitch? I really like the Hungarian Braid! It’s not boring to do and yet not too complicated. It leaves a nice sturdy line and yet can follow a curve

  70. The stem/outline stitch is the best stitch ever…for it’s versatility. You can write with it, pack it together to get curvy branches, use it on embroidery and needlepoint. Oh..and you can outline with it it! Or make lovely green stems for colorful flowers! Can you guess which towels I will pick then?

  71. For me the best embroidery stitch ever is a cross-stitch. It’s an easy stitch to learn and you can do whole projects with that one stitch.

  72. My favorite stitch is the colonial knot. I hate French knots, but the colonial knot always lays nice and I use it in a lot of different places on a piece I am embroidering. I am one of very few people I know that still embroider tea towels and napkins, and use them.

  73. I have always loved french knots. Both the looks of and the making. They make such a lovely texture when done en masse. I once did a poodle for a CQ round robin in french knots that was wonderful.

  74. Best embroidery stitch is the outline stitch because you can do so much with it. You can pack it tightly together in different shades for texture. You can wrap it for letters. Try wrapping with a contrasting colour or a textured thread. It’s a basic stitch that you can fancy up easily.

  75. For me, the best embroidery stitch is the back stitch, because it can be used for many needs!
    I love it!
    Please, forgive my mistakes, I don’t have good English, but I love to embroider!
    Embroidering soothes my heart and mind!!

  76. Mary,
    My favorite stitch is the first one I was taught at the age of 5. The stem stitch. My Granmother and my Mom were excellent stitchers and seamstress. I remember doing it over and over until I did it correctly.

  77. I think the stem stitch is most versatile. But I like the palestrina stitch just because it is fun to stitch.

  78. I love the chain stitch. It is so versible. You can use it for outlining or fill and it looks great. I use that stitch frequently. Thank you for all your wonderful creations and instructions.

  79. I think the stem stitch is the most versatile. It can be soft and curvy, or straight as a board. It can stand alone, or as an outline. Plus, you can add to it with another color weaving in and out. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  80. The best embroidery stitch of all time would have to be the FRENCH KNOT! I love it because it can be very small and it can be very big. I embroidered an Elmo for my granddaughter completely covered in them. They were big, winding 8 times around the needle. It had such great texture. I love to rub my hands across the knots after I create them. Such a FUN feeling!

  81. I love the towel designs. I hang them in a special place in my kitchen and they always bring a smile.

  82. The humble chain stitch is wonderful because it can be used to make a stem or line but also as a beautiful filling stitch. So versatile! But I have to admit…I love them all!

  83. Stem stitch for sure. It’s easy, good for outlines, can be used for filling areas, combined with other stitches, works with most threads, and it’s easy to hide your thread tie off on the back!

  84. What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much? Tell us all about it!

    The best embroidery stitch ever has to be the omnipresent basic and versatile backstitch. It is essential in almost any type of design from basic lettering or alphabets to outlining, stems on flowers, and more. Seems like it automatically happens when I pick up a needle and thread sometimes without having to think about it. One just knows to apply the backstitch.

  85. I’d say good old stem stitch. It’s versatile, easy, and the first stitch many future embroiderers learn. And it’s perfect for many of your towels.

  86. Good morning all,
    My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. I love the rope-like look of a stem stitch, it seems fancy! I also appreciate how well it takes curves and even looks nice as a filling or when raised or whipped. Thank you, Mary for this lovely give away. These towels are fun to stitch and are a delight to use in the home—and they are so pretty. I gave my daughter and her boyfriend some for Christmas a couple of years ago and HE asked for more because “these things are great” ! Now that’s saying something! Happy week end everyone!

  87. my favorite stitch is the French knot.
    I like the texture it can provide when used
    in multiples.


  88. Favourite stitch is the stem stitch because it’s so useful in date labelling home made ornaments.

  89. The best embroidery stitch to me is the chain stitch. It’s so delicate yet can be filling too!, ❤️
    Thank you for offering these give always!

  90. Best embroidery stitch in my opinion is the Hungarian braided stitch. I’m Hungarian American, my parents came to America two years before I was born.

  91. I love the palestrina stitch. It works up in so many ways depending on the number of strands and the type of floss. It’s well worth the effort to learn this stitch as an alternative to a basic running stitch.

  92. Oddly, I can’t get enough of the bullion stitch. I just love the way it makes such a perfect row of threads. And using variegated threads…be still my heart! Love it. Oh man, my other fave is the colonial knot. I guess I must love seeing the threads sitting on top!

  93. I love to embroider kitchen towels and pillow cases. It is generous for you to give some towels away.
    Thank you.

  94. First, congratulations to the winners of the ribbon packs. Now to the question, I think the Best Embroidery Stitch ever is the Basket stitch followed closely by the Raised Stem stitch. Why do you like them so much you ask? First I think that they are BEAUTIFUL and then they are a great learning stitch for me. Sometimes I try to run before I can walk, however your tutorials are so good that I feel like I can do anything. Thank you, it means a lot.

  95. I really enjoy using long-and-short stitch because it is so adaptable for very fine work and silk fibers or wool with a larger motif. Actually I just like them all! Sharon

  96. I would stitch stem stitch all day long. It’s so pretty as a line or as a filling. But the lowly straight stitch might be the best stitch ever since it’s a component of so many other stitches.

    Thank you.

  97. Without question my favorite is the humble blanket stitch. It has so many ways to embellish fabric. A couple of rows of detached stitches makes a great little lacy border. One row around an edge will seal off stray threads, a circle going round and round makes an exquisite little rosette. It is a great skeleton stitch to provide a line across the fabric for additional stitches of embellishments.

  98. At the moment, my current favorite stitch is the chain stitch. I must share I am a novice to embroidery and just learning. After decades of quilting and serious devotion to cross stitch on linen I find myself drawn to add some embroidery to the baby quilt I am hand sewing as all my quilts are. The quilt seemed to be missing energy, but only needed enough for a newborn. I decided to add a flower to each block.

    The chain stitch seems to be my go to stitch. I can twirl it, swirl it, twist it, turn it, make it a thin stem, a tiny flower or a bed of thick grass. I am amazed at the generous embroidery instruction information given freely on the internet. Without it, I would struggle far more than I do now. I am learning not to fight with the hoop, it is my friend.

    I will be interested to see what other stitchers have to say and learn from them and go out of my comfort zone.

  99. Thanks for the towel set. I received it quickly and already have one finished for a gift. The towels are finished so beautifully and are of a good quality fabric. I love this site. Don’t have a ton of time right now for embroidery but am hoping to get back to it more.

  100. What a great give-away! Trying to pick three favorites will be like trying to pick a favorite child. So much great info and pictures that teach and inspire.

  101. Best stitch – chain stitch because it is so versatile and can be the base for wonderful things on crazy quilts. I have a swirl thing I do with it that is a bit of a “signature” on the crazy quilts i have made (mostly pillows and garments)

  102. My favorite stitch is the simple stem stitch. I love it because it can be used for outlining or filling. While simple, it can be tricky to produce of the highest quality with even stitches. A well executed stem stitch can be beautiful and versatile!

  103. I found it difficult to come up with just one answer. You introduced me to granitos, and saved my lame lazy dazies forever. So much can be done to embellish the chain stitch that it remains an interesting stitch wherever you place it. I could go on… I think I’ll have to choose the outline stitch. It’s so basic but I can’t think of a project that didn’t have some outline stitch someplace Thank you, Maryann

  104. I love satin stitch when it’s done well. Just makes me want to run my finger over it to feel the smoothness and evenness of the stitches! I’m still working on perfecting my satin stitch, along with many others, and will probably change my opinion of the best stitch at any time!

  105. I mainly use the stem stitch or the back stitch, but my favorite is the chain stitch, even though I don’t use it very often.
    PS. Really enjoy making your re-printed towels….how about some Halloween ones or a new set of Christmas ones? Just a thought…….

  106. I would love to try your tea towels. My favorite stitch is the cross stitch. It has been keeping stitchers happy for a very long time.

  107. I love the simple seed stitch. I seem to use it everywhere. I love the texture it adds but most of all, it’s hard to do it wrong. It would be such fun to pick three different towels. I’ll have to go check then all out. I need to be ready for when you announce my name.

  108. Best Stitch Ever: French knot! So much fun to stitch, so easy to vary, so textural.
    Thank you for offering these ready-to-stitch sets, Mary. I have made a set of the towels with a tulip pattern, and it was wonderful.

  109. I love the feather stitch – done properly it’s so elegant. Alas, it’s also one stitch I’ve never mastered.

  110. I haven’t embroidered in such a long time – and that’s what I’m going to start doing again after the New Year. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway – fingers crossed!

  111. Hi Mary,
    What a hard question to answer when there are so many beautiful stitches to choose from. I must choose long and short stitch, it is so versatile in that you can blend colours, change effects from smooth and flat to fluffy feathers or prickles on hedgehogs and even 3D. It brings pictures to life just like painting.

  112. Satin Stitch–it can so subtle or jump right out at you. Keeping the threads even is a soothing effort to focus on.

  113. I really like using the stem stitch for a lot of my simple towels, but I recently figured out the whip stitch thanks to your website and I love how it dresses everything up a bit!

  114. In my opinion the best embroidery stitch ever is the outline/stem stitch. It is basic to embroidery. It seems many other stitches are based on this one – it can easily be transformed into something more elaborate. Mind you, it is not my favorite stitch, but what I thinks is a good suggestion for the best stitch.

    Thank you for the Christmas fun!

  115. It is hard to pick “one” favorite stitch as there are so many beautiful ones. With that said, I would pick stem stitch. Reason being it can be used for a variety of things such as outlining, branches, monogramming, etc. You can make the stitches small, medium or large for a different look. It is your choice.

  116. Love these! Working on the cross-stitch snowflakes right now in the hope they will be ready for Christmas.

  117. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It is the first stitch I learned as a child, and it remains my favorite, as it is so versatile to me.

  118. I love long and short stitch in silk shading. It gives you the opportunity of creating unique embroidery

  119. I really love doing chain stitch. I use it a lot for fill work and really enjoy it. It’s also the first stitch I learned so it has a special place in my heart! Thanks for a great give away!

  120. Best embroidery stitch? Oh my gosh…I do love so many of the easy ones. I guess I would choose the chain stitch because it is so versatile. It can be used with one strand of floss for a very tiny, delicate stitch or with three or four strands which gives a chunky stitch. There are several variations as well. Sometimes I even add a french knot into the mix to give it a really interesting look.

    I have embroidered many of tea towels you have in your shop. My sisters (all 6 of them) love receiving a set on their birthday.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  121. Hi Mary,

    The stitch I like the most is stem stitch. I love the way it flows. You can use it to “write” and outline, and fill, and raise, and more. It’s my “go to” stitch.

  122. I am relatively new to hand embroidery. The stem stitch has always been my fall back but I continue to learn more.

  123. Of all the stitches I love the long and short because, when properly done, will bring your design to life.

  124. I’m not sure that there is any one “best” stitch. So many stitches are useful in different ways. So, I’m just going to say that my favorite is the feather stitch. I crazy quilt and I find myself using this stitch all the time. I love it’s organic nature, the way it can bend and curve and the way it has many, many variations.

  125. There isn’t a stitch that I think is the best ever. I think different stitches are the best for different applications. For me, nothing adds detail like a good backstitch outline, nothing fills in raised areas better than detached buttonhole and nothing does a better border than Montenegrin stitch.
    Thank goodness there are so many choices.

  126. I love the tea towel kits. I have made some of your towels with spring design for gifts.
    My favorite right now is the autumn/ pumpkin designs!
    Happy Holidays, Mary! I so enjoy learning from you!

  127. Ohhhh So Pretty! I even have a set all picked out!
    My favorite stitch is the very basic stem stitch because I never have to think about it, it covers ground, and if you do enough of it you can fill anything in!

  128. I think that the best embroidery stitch ever is the couched stitch used for Colcha embroidery. Until I saw Spanish Colcha embroidery, I had only ever seen cross-stitch, and it just didn’t appeal to me. After I discovered Colcha, I went on a whole journey of exploring historical embroidery, and I now collect antique and vintage needlework books.

  129. Love these preprinted towels especially the floral design. The fact that you include the thread takes the guess work out of stitching and guarantees success! pick me!!!

  130. What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much? Tell us all about it!

    The best Embroidery Stich ever is: Woven Wheel Stitch, I love how you can make tiny little roses using this stitch and I mostly am interested in stitching with silk ribbon, so they make really pretty roses!

  131. I like the chain stitch. It’s easy, works in almost any situation and I never get tired of it.

  132. Thank you, Mary, for doing this. I think my favorite stitch is the feather stitch. You can do so much with it. You can add beads, French knots, bullion knots tucked into them, also lazy daisy stitches. You can use them for branches of a tree. I like the look of several rows next to each other in different colors. I think the ways to use it can be endless by just using your imagination.

  133. I have not ben embroidering for long and therefore I haven’t used many different stitches but I think that my favorite for far is seed stitch. I am working on embroidering a children’s style ABC book for an art show and I have been using seed stitch to fill in many of the pictures. It’s a lot of fun and I love the end result.

  134. I’m a big fan of Hungarian Braided Chain stitch. It makes a nice thick line, curves easily, and looks more complicated than it is. Great for towels!

  135. Love, love, love the floral dish towel sets! Have ordered, embroidered, and given away many as gifts. I think I’d like to embroider some to keep!;)
    Cheers, and thanks!

  136. I think the French knot is the best embroidery stitch. It is easy to do and adds a lot of texture to a design. It can be used in many different ways also.

  137. Now that I’ve learned about needlepainting, I think the stitch used for that, would you call it satin stitch?, is the greatest stitch ever just because you can do so much with it.

  138. I now love the buillion knot stitch. I was always afraid of it and could never stitch it properly until I found the correct needle. I had always tried to execute the stitch with a chenille needle that I had been using for the rest of my embroideries on wool. It never worked. Now I can stitch endless perfect buillion knots with ease.

  139. Tough question. I choose the running stitch as the best embroidery stitch. It is simple and can form different designs when woven and/or spaced in rows.

  140. My favorite embroidery stitch is the workhorse of embroidery, stem stitch. Easy, rhythmic and provides quick feedback.

  141. I have been reluctant to order a “ready to stitch” because I don’t totally mark a design. I use dots for fear of seeing the color underneath. This would be a great win for me, for trying a pre-printed towel.

  142. I love the French Knot stitch! It is easy to do and versatile. You can use it in just about every project and it makes them look a little more special!

  143. I have though and though about which stitch is my favourite, but decided I love them all as collectively they make a piece look interesting and unique.

  144. I look forward to receiving your emails and love learning from your work! Your towel designs are all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing so much beauty.

  145. My favorite stitch is the split stitch. I find it to be very versatile, and am able to use it in numerous situations. For me, it’s especially useful in curved areas. My second favorite would be french knots – they’re so cute and fun!! Thank you for all the information and tutorials – I love your site!!

  146. I love the bullion stitch! I’ve used it to make some lovely roses on christening gowns and it’s so satisfying to see the roses turn out to look like roses! The feather stitch is another favorite–a delicate trim on a baby’s day gown.

  147. I love making French knots. They are so mindless, fun to make and when you make a lot, it makes an impact.

  148. My favorite stitch, let’s see… I’d have to say long and short. It is something relatively forgiving so that if I get distracted by the dogs, hubby or anything else it doesn’t mess up, which happens all the time in my household!

  149. My favorite stitch is the rope stitch. Because it’s easy, versatile and gives great texture. Followed closely, with the Palestrina stitch….looks like pearls!

  150. For me the most exciting embroidery stitch is the broad cross stitch. I have proudly sponsored this stitch in the Royal School of Needlework stitch bank.

  151. The first stitch I mastered after moving on from cross-stitch (lo, those many years ago) was the chain stitch – and it’s still my go=to stitch. You can use it most anywhere!

  152. I think the satin stitch is the best one. It is the most versatile, you can “paint” anything!

  153. Today I will choose Palestrina stitch for its texture, versatility and fun!
    Thanks, Mary. More delight!

  154. I enjoy your “can-do” cheery attitude and all the good advice. My favorite embroidery stitch right now is couching, which I have done a little with repair of gold work for altar linens, but am exploring now with different colors of thread for more informal, fun embroidery.

  155. As I am just learning to embroider I’m looking for easy projects that I can complete without losing my patience. The towel designs look like the ideal project. As I have two easy stitches I like it’s a toss up between the French Knot and the lazy daisy. I know I was to pick just one but it’s difficult to pick just one.

  156. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch because it is used in so many designs and it can be combined with other stitches.
    Kay D.

  157. I give a shout out to the bullion stitch as the best embroidery stitch. Oh my goodness, who can deny those bullion roses are gorgeous and so intricate. The stitch does require a bit of practice to perfect, but what doesn’t in the world of arts? The bullion stitch not only makes fabulous roses, but it also quite versatile making cute little animals for baby gifting. Bring on the bullion stitch for me!

  158. It seems simple, but the best embroidery stitch ever is the stem stitch because it is so versatile, and probably the first stitch I learned when I was five.

  159. The whipped running stitch. I tried this stitch before but it wasn’t until I used thicker pearl cotton that I could see how lovely the stitch could be. It has been my go-to stitch when starting a new project.

  160. I favor the running stitch. It’s a simple stitch, but it carries with it a lot of possibilities. As a single line, it can be used as a border stitch, framing a picture , a piece of linen, or even a tablecloth. If used a little more densely, it can be a textured background in a geometric design, a landscape, or a replica of a photo . It can be a quilting stitch or a Kantha stitch. When used very densely it can create a shape within a drawing or be sweeping lines of color. Varying the stitch length, spacing, and weight of thread can change the impact of the texture on a cloth to convey movement, emotion, or design elements. Imagination and experimentation make the running stitch a versatile element for embroidery.

  161. Oh, the towels are so beautiful. My favorite stitch is the bullion stitch. I finally learned how to do it and you can use it in so many ways to add dimension to my embroideries.

  162. The feather stitch is my favorite and easy to do when you get into a “rhythm” sewing it. I especially use it along crazy quilt seams, but it is very adaptable to stems, leaves, flowers, or just as a patch filler. It’s great to embellish further with beads or other stitches.

  163. With your lovely blog and wonderful give aways, you are embodying the spirit of the season only you are doing it all year long. Thank you.

  164. I think that stem stitch is the best all round stitch as it can be used in so many different ways. A beginner could embroider a lot of interesting things simply using this one stitch.

  165. My favorite stitch is the tried and true back stitch. It’s not fancy but it allows me to peacefully stitch while listening to children, watching tv, or taking a quick break from my to do list without being fussy!

  166. It is a cross between Stem Stitch and French Knot..but I think I will go with French Knot because the size can be varied and it adds such depth and texture to a project.

  167. I think the backstitch is the “best stitch”— even though not the most beautiful— because it can be used for so many things— and probably is used in most projects.

  168. I love bouillon knots, although challenging to do sometimes, they are such a versatile stitch and add a three dimensional look to your design.
    Thanks Mary

  169. I like French Knots, they are a favourite as they add texture and life to a project.
    I look forward to receiving your email posts as they bring joy and knowledge to my inbox. Thank you for your hard work.

  170. Best stitch ever?? Great question…satin stitch, florentine or bargello is more fun but Satin rules!

  171. I love beautiful towels and the selection here is lovely! It’s the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, the perfect gift for a friend who sews, and a lovely gift as a completed project!

  172. I think the stem stitch is the best embroidery stitch ever because it is so versatile. I love it for outlining and lettering and filling. It’s a humble little stitch but a good one!

  173. Si fuera una de las afortunadas sería muy difícil elegir el diseño. Me gustan todas.
    Gracias por esta oportunidad

  174. My favourite stitch so far is the French knot. I love the texture and 3D effect, plus the ability to make them larger or smaller.

  175. I love the running stitch. You have shown so many way to use this stitch.
    I truly love your tutorials.
    Thank you do much!
    Donna Taylor

  176. I love different stitches for different reasons, but today I’ll give a shout out to whipped back stitch! I use it all the time because I love the look of the smooth line it makes.

  177. I use a lot of different stitches in my embroidery, but when I just want to do mindless stitching my very favorite is the backstitch.

  178. I think that the french knot is the best stitch ever. It is so versatile and can be used in so many ways. It is cute and easy to make, once you get the hang of it, and looks fabulous piled up in a mass. You can’t go wrong with the french knot.

  179. I think the chain stitch is the most versatile. From the lazy daisy to a whipped stitch, it is easy, versatile, elegant and multi-purpose.

  180. Has to be the dreaded back stitch – dreaded because most time it’s done last to highlight/lift the stitching on a project and it adds sooo much character, it is beautiful. If not used as accent then it just takes the eye from place to place in a piece to see all the different beautiful items!

  181. I love the stem stitch. It is very forgiving and allows the novice stitcher to make some look great while learning!

  182. I think I love plain old backstitch. I always compete with myself for a smooth running line. More importantly I learned it from my grandmother. Using it reminds me of her and the many things we embroidered together.

  183. I frequently use backstitch because it is easy and I feel that I am fairly proficient doing this stitch.

  184. The most useful stitch I’ve found so far is the seed stitch. It can make a large area look filled in and it gives texture.

  185. I like the daisy stitch and the variation of doing it and combining different colours of thread together.

  186. Great prize!
    I am a beginner “embroidery stitcher” 🙂 I think about myself as a cross stitcher rather 😀 But I really like chain stitch – it’s easy and fun, escpecially when I’m using multicolor threads! 🙂

  187. Best ever embroidery stitch is the Stem Stitch-it can stand alone, used to outline or filler, be whipped–just about anything and anywhere!

  188. These designs are so cute. I am an uncomplicated stitcher and like the stem stitch. It is very useful stitch.

  189. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It can be used in so many different ways and combines with other stitches well.

  190. What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much?

    I think it is the chain stitch. Very versatile with more visibility than a stem stitch. You can use it for straight lines or curves.

    I enjoy your blog and always learn more about embroidery stitches and how to use them!

  191. Le point de poste. Je donne des ateliers pour avoir des points réguliers et cela depuis que j’ai lu votre blog sur le twist du fil. Les fils “Z” et “S”. Je ne rate jamais mes points de poste et mes point de noeuds
    Merci pour les cadeaux de Noël

  192. I think stem stitch is the best! It’s SO versatile, can be used for straight lines or curly ones,or as a filler. It’s easy to embellish by combining different colors, whipping it, or adding beads. It’s a great all purpose stirch!

  193. Blanket stitch is my hands down favorite!! So practical, so simple so wide open to variation! Did I say practical?

  194. It’s hard to choose my favorite stitch because I love so many, but for sheer calming effect, I’d have to say it’s a toss up between basketweave and good old cross stitch. They put me in “the zone” and while stitching, the world melts away.

  195. My favorite stitch oddly enough is the stem stitch (sewing method). I love how the threads twist into the lovely rope design especially when using multi colored threads.

  196. I’m a beginner, although I’m certainly not young, and I’m exploring stitches. I use the back stitch often and right now it’s the best stitch ever. All in all, great fun. My mom taught me to embroider years ago and it’s been an on and off thing, although mostly off during the years of working outside and inside the home and raising children. Now I’ve been embroidering and learning from all the tutorials I find here.

  197. I love the Palestrina stitch! It works up so nicely and adds a certain something to ones work. For Christmas I made my own dish towel designs as gifts for family. One is the navity. I outlined Mary’s robe in the Palestrina stitch in dark blue and her head piece in light blue. It looked feminine and fancy!

  198. I think the best embroidery stitch is the French Knot. I really enjoy making them. It is a great filler stitch. When you have a cluster of them it is rich look. My sister will leave all her French Knot work for me to do because I enjoy the stitch so much and she really does not.

  199. I would have to say that the “best” or at least the most useful embroidery stitch is the chain stitch. It can be used to fill in, to create a textured line, or to whip.

  200. I’d love to work on some of your designs,

    I love the satin stitch. It’s so pretty when worked on a leaf.

  201. I like the Bargello flame stitch. I think it is so striking. Lengths of flame, color values, textures of threads can make a very simple stitch rich in design.


  202. My favorite embroidery stitch is the chain stitch. You can do almost anything with it depending on the size of the stitch and what thread you use. It is so versatile!!!

  203. My very favourite stitch to play with is feather stitch. I love the variations you can stitch when you are doing feather stitch. As I do a lot of “free-form” stitching and stitch playing, I love how I can use this stitch as a base and build other stitches around it and add to it.

  204. I like the stem stitch best because it van be used to outline or stitch an image. I like to add a whip stitch around it to add color and texture.

  205. What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much? Tell us all about it! – It is hard to choose just one, but if I have to, it would probably be the cross stitch (preferably counted cross stitch). You can create so many different designs with the cross stitch and they all look different

  206. The embroidery stitch I like the most is buttonhole stitch…. I’m not kidding! It is such a workhorse-of-a-stitch, and I find it the most versatile stitch in the world. It works extremely well in several folk traditions, such as Hungarian embroidery, and it crosses into other stitching techniques such as lacemaking, all of which I particularly enjoy.

  207. The best embroidery stitch is a well padded satin stitch using silk thread. So beautiful!
    Thank you for the giveaways, Mary.

  208. The embroidery stitch that I love is the lazy daisy stitch. I use this stitch in all my embroidery pieces. I sometimes use it for stems and I also use it to enhances appliqué pieces. It is a very versatile stitch. I love your patterns and your techniques to take your pieces to the next level and your results are exquisite.

  209. For stump work, you have to be a good blanket stitch person. For outlining, I like the split stitch, but I really like gordy’s knot as it adds texture and fun.

  210. I think the woven picot is my favorite stitch if I have to choose just one. I love the texture it brings and the things that can be made from it.

  211. Always the cross stitch–over 2, over 1 on any ground cloth–so basic and so flexible.

  212. Stem stitch
    It is so versatile as it can be used for so many things. Outline. Stems. Vines. Letters. Crosshatch. To name a few
    Thanks so very much for another wonderful give away

  213. I love your preprinted towel. I just finished my first set and would really like to have another set to work on. Thank you for your inspiration.

  214. My favorite way to embroider is using the outline stitch. I’ve sewn many cute tea towels for friends and family with this one simple stitch. I so admire the intricate designs and stitches you use on your creations, but mindless stitching is more my speed!

  215. What a wonderful giveaway. My favorite embroidery stitch to use is the French Knot. I enjoy seeing the varied outcomes in size due to the thread or yarn used. Also whether it’s a single knot or cluster of them. Thank you for the chance to win a selection of your designs.

  216. I think the most valuable embroidery stitch ever invented is the stem stitch as it was the stitch that this whole endeavor started with. Without someone figuring that out as a starting point, the rest of this skill and talent would not be.

  217. All embroidery stitches are the best! I recently learned the double fan stitch. It was fun to do and makes such a statement in a piece. I liked it!

  218. My favorite stitch is the French knot. I still remember the joy of teaching myself this stitch as a child from my beginner’s embroidery stitch booklet. It was a knot in my work that didn’t try to sabotage me. I actually made it on purpose. What kid, young or old, doesn’t love that?
    Holiday blessings, dear Mary!

  219. How do I choose just one stitch???? I really like the colonial knot. It is much more dependable than a french knot & almost always comes out the size you intend. I makes for a more uniform look.

  220. My favorite embroidery stitch has to be the Palestrina knot. I found it very challenging to do at first, but now I absolutely love it. Thanks again Mary for your give-away packages to all your stitching followers. Nona

  221. These are such beautiful towels. I love embroidery and it so nice to have beautiful stitched towels in the kitchen.

  222. My go-to is the Hungarian braided chain stitch. I do a lot of quilting appliqué, and it is perfect for vines and other thin lines.

  223. Satin stitch and Smyrna cross are my favorite embroidery stitches. I love the dimensional effects. Thank you for the chance.

  224. My favorite stitch is the bullion knot! It is so versatile and dimensional that I couldn’t get along without it. You can use it as a base and add different stitches over it, so it is a stand-alone stitch, or it can be used as padding.

    Mary C.

  225. The most versatile stitch is the daisy stitch. It can be flower petals, leaves, or done in a row, it can be a chain. It’s a great starting point for wheat ear or wheat ear chain. Manipulated a bit with tacking stitches, it can become a tiny foot print. So for today, I think it’s the best stitch, but if you ask me tomorrow what the best stitch is, you might get a different answer!

  226. That’s a surprisingly difficult question! There are so many beautiful embroidery stitches, and they change based on the color(s), the project itself, how well-done the stitches are … but my favorites right now are the simple chain stitch (fast and easy without too much thinking involved) and the daisy stitch, which is always charming.

  227. I love these designs. I’m thinking I love the Christmas one best but pumpkins are a close second

  228. I think the best embroidery stitch is the best because it’s the one I’m good at!! I am new to embroidery so my experience is limited but I look forward to trying some new stitches.

  229. I think the best stitch is the palastrina knot. It looks complicated, but it’s not. It adds depth to whatever you’re working on whether a straight line or curve.

  230. I do love a good padded satin stitch. It fills an area well and makes that area pop with height. Thank you Mary.
    Merry Anne

  231. Hi Mary. Thank you for another year of giveaways.

    There are so many beautiful stitches it is hard to pick one. They all have their merits and their unique place within an embroidered piece.

  232. I think the best stitch ever is the stem stitch, because of its versatility. It can be used as an entire design by changing colours, wrapping, et cetera.

  233. French knot! My grandmother taught me how to make french knots and I still love to stitch them! They are cute and versatile, and remind me of my grandmother.

    Thanks Mary for the lovely give-away!

  234. Embroidery is one of my all time favorite things to do. The most favorite stitch is hard to choose as it depends on what I am working on and the season. I do like the chain stitch and the variations thereof. I also like Nubok stitch for hillsides and such.

  235. I think this is a wonderful Christmas gift. I would love to receive one of the Christmas stitch items. They are always out of stock when I visit the website.

  236. I bought books many years ago on the ribbon embroidery, but it never took hold. I’ve done regular embroidery , thanks to my grandmothers’ teachings and your guidance as well with new stitches. Thank you for all you do to guide us.

  237. Thank you for offering these giveaways – I have come to look forward to them every year. I am pretty new still to surface embroidery. That being said – I still really like stem stitch. I think it looks very pretty and neat as an outline.

  238. Buttonhole, is the the stitch I like best. It can be used on any fabric in so many different ways, from outlining to wrapping, making a bar stitch, alternating it up and down, to a battlements stitch, using beads for it or ribbon. I can go on and on.

  239. I love the Lazy Daisy stitch! It’s versatile—large, small, fat, or skinny! I do embroider a lot of flowers so that may be why I love the stitch!
    Thanks for a great blog, Mary. I do learn so much from you.

  240. Well really two stitches. Chain stitch and satin stitch.
    Chain stitch for line and satin to fill areas. So much can grow from those simple stitches1

  241. For decorative embroidery stitch, I just love the ‘colonial knot.’ It just provides more presence than a ‘french knot.’ It works with most threads/yarns. I have used this as small flowers on my Home Sweet Home etui. It adds great dimensions and accents to many projects.

  242. I love the chain stitch. This stitches allows me to do many things: straight lines, curves, circles, wrapped, stacking, padding for another stitch and whatever you might decide.

  243. The best embroidery stitch ever is the French knot. When I mastered that unassuming little stitch I was quite happy. It just reminds me of life. Pay attention, don’t use too much tension, and gently tug on the floss. When I finally just relaxed and practiced, the stitch became something I didn’t have to stress over and actually enjoyed making.

  244. Oh there are so many wonderful stitches, it’s hard to pick just one. I enjoy doing fishbone stitch it makes great leaves.

  245. Ever since I learned about straw needles and learned how to do a bullion stitch, I felt I’d found the coolest stitch ever.

  246. My favorite is stem stitch. It is the unglamorous, ever faithful, workhorse of embroidery. Quietly going it’s way without fanfare or glory, it’s the first stitch most embroiderers learn.

  247. Best Embroidery Stitch ever: it’s a tie between stem stitch and French knots. I do a lot of stem stitch and love it for its utility. Then again, there’s something very satisfying when I make a perfect French knot.

  248. It is a hard to pick just one. Satin and stem are so versatile and turn up just about everywhere. But I like the French knot just because it is so much fun to make and I can still remember how great I felt when I finally mastered it.

  249. I used to use stem stitch, but now I use more backstitch. It gives a perfect solid line for outlining anything.

  250. I love seeing all the darling designs and embroidery tips that ie in my mailbox daily! Thank you! These dish towel designs look like fun!

    Love from Helen Salter

  251. Your towel set are all beautiful. Getting a set would be wonderful. Thank you, your website is fabulous.

  252. For me the best embroidery stitch would be the Stem Stitch. It is a simple stitch and easy to master, but can be so effective, looking neat and precise as an outline plus giving a great result as a filling stitch, especially using different coloured threads for shading. A very relaxing stitch to use with a beautiful outcome.

  253. Best stitch ever? Oh, my, that’s tough! I’ve come to love the stem stitch for its beautiful flow. It works with so many designs and thread types. I’ve used it lately on Christmas snowflakes with DMC etoile floss – gorgeous! A close second is the satin stitch, although it can be challenging at times! Mary, thanks for your contributions to my embroidery knowledge!

  254. I think that the Best Embroidery Stitch ever is the French knot, because it adds so much interesting texture and is so versatile. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  255. I have to go back to the first stitch my mother taught me. The stem stitch! It is the one stitch that always looks good for me and can be used for so many areas. My embroidery has never been fancy. I do mostly dishtowels but I’m starting to branch out and the left handed embroidery book has been so helpful!

  256. Hello Mary,
    Well, it’s hard to choose only one stitch, but if I had to, it’d be split stitch. Why? Well, it can be used to outline, for filling (at least I do) and it’s easy!!!!

    Thank you for your generosity. God bless.
    Monica Z.

  257. A wonderful give Away!
    My favorite embroidery stitch is the daisy stitch as it is so versatile. You can combine threads, make big or small and so many more ideas!

  258. One of my favorites stitches is the French knot. It is so versatile used to fill in areas from dense to light shading as well as a myriad of other applications. I find it fun to do.

  259. Backstitch – if no other stitch has been learned, with this one stitch a whole embroidery pattern can be done!

  260. The best embroidery stitch of all is the outline (or some people call it stem stitch). I use it because I can’t do a decent backstitch and I can do outline in my sleep.

  261. My most favourite stitch must be the “Arraiolos Stitch”, which is a long-armed cross stitch. One of the reasons why I like it so much it is because the rugs and carpets are wonderful and I think they are one of our (Portuguese) best trade marks.

  262. I just love you site. Whenever I have a problem with my embroidery, I know I will find the answer on you site. I loved doing the strawberries and the daisies.

  263. I like the stem stitch. I like to use it to highlight different subjects in my embroidery. I like to use it for my spiraled designs, gives them some depth.

  264. Best stitch ever has to be the humble seed stitch. It is just up and down and with it you can create almost everything else.

  265. I choose Let it snow. Your designs are delightful and I have already stitched up the holly. Thank you for your informative articles and your holiday giveaways!

  266. Have been a stitcher,for years in my 70s now I love the lazy daisey stitch it adds character,to a piece. Thank you for the chance!

  267. I love the Bullion stitch and the dimensional effect it gives a piece. From berries, roses, loops and swags it adds great texture.

  268. I think the stem stitch is the best embroidery stitch. It is a very versatile stitch that can be used in so many different settings and in so many different ways to look new and fresh each time.

  269. Choosing my favorite stitch is difficult! I love watching your how-to videos to learn new and different stitches. If I have to pick just one, I suppose it would have to be chain stitch because its fun to do and can be used in so many ways.

  270. Sorry first entry was posted without being complete.
    I love your towel sets and the best stich is Stem stich.

  271. Thanks for the chance! My favorite embroidery stitch is the basic cross stitch. It’s fast and lovely work can be done using just that.

  272. The stem stitch, the first stitch I learned as a child. I learned how to hold a needle and make tidy stitches. Immediate gratification! I was mesmerized. I didn’t know that I would use it always, by itself or as a foundation. Yay!

  273. This is such a difficult choice because I like way too many stitches to have one favorite! Lately, I’ve had fun playing with the whipped backstitch because sometimes I like the thicker line it leaves when whipping with the same color of thread as the backstitch. Sometimes, I like the decorative look when using a different color of thread for the whipped part of the stitch. It is a fun stitch!

  274. My best stitch ever is the satin stitch. It appears simple, but creating its full glory is not easy. It can be varied with padding and changed directions. It is a very elegant stitch.

  275. My favorite is wrapped back stitch/stem stitch. I use it often on floral patterns. You can add sparkle with the threads or do all metallic or vary the thread type. Especially useful around the holidays. It adds to my hand embroidery and I’ve been surprised by how many times someone asks how it’s done.

  276. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It is so versatile. Can be used to stitch an outline that’s a little thicker than a stem or back stitch. it can also be used as a decorative fill stitch. You can make it even fuller by wrapping thread through it. Plus I find it is fun to stitch.

  277. That question really speaks to why I would love to win this prize. I have been doing counted cross stitch since I was pregnant with my 42 yr old daughter. I have wanted to try some surface embroidery, but I haven’t know where to start. This seems like a great project for a beginner. With you detailed instructions, I think I would be brave enough to try! I need to learn some more stitches to find my favorite.

  278. Hungarian chain stitch is my favorite stitch. I like to stitch it, I like its finished look and it adds dimension for outlining.

  279. There are many fancy stitches out there, but it is the simple ones that hold everything else together. I vote for the utility stitch that unites the rest and that is soothing and relaxing to work: the stem stitch. I have a set of towels picked out: don’t disappoint me!

  280. My favorite stitch is the French knot. It has many use and applications- as a filler stitch, texture, represent stars, flower parts, etc. it’s easy to execute.

  281. My favourite stitch is the stem stitch. I love it for its versatility, how it can take a curve or be used to fill a shape, and for its simplicity. Thanks for putting on this very fun giveaway, Mary!

  282. I have always enjoyed stitching the Palestrina Knot . It is a fun stitch and very versatile. It has many uses in embroidery & once you have the rhythm going it moves fairly quickly. I like that it adds dimension and texture to your piece. I especially like to use it as an edging on small pin pillows. It creates a nice finished edge.

  283. The chain stitch is the best stitch ever because it is so versatile. It has so many uses just plain and can be easily elaborated on in so many ways, from simple to complex.

  284. I have found the stem stitch to be so versatile. I use it in every embroidery projects I’ve worked on to date.

  285. The best stitch ever is the chain stitch because it can be used to embroider so many different stitches.

  286. I have only recently started with embroidery but I have enjoyed the daisy stitch because it’s so simple but enjoyable to make pretty flowers.

  287. My favorite embroidery stitch is the “Whipped Wheel.” I love working this stitch because it can be opened to be a wing or closed for a snail shell. It is a stitch where you can’t lose your place or have to worry about anything other than a too tight tension. It can be done in most any fiber…including the dread metalics.

  288. My favorite embroidery stitch is the simple chain stitch. I think it’s so versatile – you can make lines or fill in areas. And it’s easy to make it beautiful every time. Thank you for the opportunity!

  289. What a great giveaway!
    I like all the embroidery stitches but my favorite is the satin stitch because I love its texture and smoothness.

  290. The best embroidery stitch, in my opinion, is the stem stitch. It has many variations and can be used in so many different ways that I love it and use it frequently.

  291. I think if I was to pick a stitch Mary, it would be the feather stitch. Its great to cover seams on old quilt tops I have reinforced. Its far from boring with all the wandering it can do, and you can add to it beads, other stitches and make a coaster, book cover, or crazy patch look so cute. An embroidery stitch that can draw you to look more at the design.

  292. The best and most effective is the chain stitch, it can become one of those stitches that can fill a gap , made into a daisy, a leaf on a tree, other thread looped thru it .

  293. My favorite stitch – hmmm – I’d have to say stem stitch. I can use it for so many things, from outline to filling. I particularly like using it with two different threads in the needle; it gives great contrast and definition.

    Thank you Mary for you blog and tutorials. My stitching has improved tremendously and I’m becoming more adventurous. Happy Holidays.

  294. So many! But I love the stem stitch. I love the rhythm of it and the smooth lines it produces and how useful it is for text, one of my favourite things to stitch 🙂

  295. HI, MARY! The best embroidery stitch ever that I love is the Drizzle with a bead. It is so fun to do and versatile. Thank you

  296. for me the best stitch is the French knot. it is so versatile. you can use them to create an entire piece similar to a Seuret painting or for little accents of colour!

  297. This might be a bit simplistic, but my favorite is still the stem stitch … it’s my go to standard … on the other end of the spectrum, I have to say the bullion knot is another fave … really versatile (from bird claws to flower petals) … and don’t even get me started on french knots!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your kits! I gifted my sisters one each of the pinecone dishtowels last Christmas and they loved them! Happy Holidays!

  298. The stitch I like the best is stem stitch. It’s very easy to do and works with so many designs. I love french knots and have gotten good at them for so many things like filling in designs and they add so much texture. The last stitch I like but I need more practice is the bullion knot. So many fun things to do with that but they don’t always turn out. Thanks again Mary.

  299. I love chain stitch because it can be used for so many techniques. You can make it very very small or large. It can be used on its own or as a fill in. It can be adapted to a variety of shapes. Great stitch!

  300. The best embroidery stitch ever is the lowly cross stitch. It is sublime in its simplicity, and stitching the little X is zen.

  301. I think the chain stitch in its many forms is most useful and easiest stitch to adapt to many simple patterns.

  302. I just realized how difficult picking just one favorite stitch is! I think I’d have to go with… oh, my. I think, the French knot. While it’s not as versatile as say, the stem or straight stitch, I love the tiny, neat beautiful textural effects. It’s dainty, and feminine – and simply lovely, even just done as a subtle cluster.

  303. I Love the chain stitch, but you have shown some unique stitches to try. But as a “lefty” I have to figure them out a few times before they look right. Love your instructional emails.

  304. Hi, Mary,

    My choice for Best Embroidery Stitch Ever is the fly stitch because it is fairly easy to execute and highly adaptable. By changing the length or width of the V, and choosing the size of the tacking stitch, many variations can be made. We can stack graduated fly stitches to form a leaf or array them in a circle for a flower. Back-to-back fly stitches make borders and, with a detached lazy daisy head, fly stitches become stick peoples’ bodies as well.


  305. Love the long & short stitch. I feel like I’m coloring again in my old color books. Very satisfying & peaceful.

  306. My favorite is usually what ever newest stitch I am learning. Queen, herringbone, pulled thread, joining etc. but I fall back to simple cross when I just need to stitch.

  307. My favorite stitch is the woven wheel stitch. I just love how it builds on itself. I like to see it “grow”

  308. Feather Stitch – my all time favorite stitch. It is very flexible, and I just think it is pretty.

  309. Je vous suis depuis près d’1 an, et je serais heureuse de broder sur le thème de l’automne. Cathy M de France-81

  310. I am really a beginner and I love looking at your work. #embroiderygoals ! I am all about the heavy chain stitch. I end up doing lots of outlines because my satin stitch is far from satin-y . I have tons of “practice scraps” but when push comes to shove, I love that heavy chain. It goes anywhere and it’s prettier than a plain chain or running stitch.

  311. I must say I have an addiction to tea towels and would to creat some for myself and family and friends. Love your creativity


  312. Stem stitch, because it is the first stitch most would-be embroiderers learn, and it whets the appetite to stitch and learn additional stitches!

  313. Picking the best stitch ever is not easy. But for me I think that the best stitch is probably the stem stitch. It is just so versatile! You can use it as a single line, wrap it, crowd several rows together for thicker/wider effects, it is great for either straight or curved lines, you can use any fiber to stich it, it is great for shading, etc. I’m not sure the same can be said for many other stitches.

  314. The Backstitch is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever. It is not the first one that I learned as a five-year old but, I have found that, it is definitely the easiest (beyond the Running Stitch) for a beginner stitcher of any age to learn/see how to make even, straight stitches and enjoy the satisfaction of a practical embellishment.

  315. I love the colonial knot stitch. So much more consistent than French knots in my opinion. Love these holiday giveaways, even though I’ve not won, it’s fun to live vicariously.

  316. Thanks so much for your generosity, Mary. I love your designs and appreciate all I’m learning from your great tutorials.

    Merry Christmas

    1. Oops, hit enter early accidentally. I don’t have a favorite stitch, but chain stitch is useful and I like it.

  317. Seriously, a single stitch out of the entire universe of beautiful, versatile embroidery stitches?

    A part of me says straight stitch, because anyone can do it, and it can do so much. Part of me says bullion knots because they’re so lovely and so much easier to do than most people think, as long as they follow your video. But in the end I think I’d have to say chain stitch because there are so many variations for so many purposes, whether you need definition or coverage or texture, that it might be the ultimate all-purpose stitch in embroidery.

  318. My simplistic taste, and skill level, makes me like the simple stitches like the lazy daisy and whipped stem stitch.

  319. Favorite embroidery stitch? that’s like asking about your favoriate child! For effect, I’d have to say long-and-short, or needlepainting–it creates such a natural effect for flowers and animals.

  320. Oh, I love this give-away because I love your towel sets!

    I would have to say my favorite stitch is stem stitch because it is so very versatile!

  321. I really like the plaited braid stitch – it can add beautiful detail depending on the floss or type of thread used.

  322. Favorite stitch? How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Until I learned to do it properly, satin stitches were avoided like the plague. Now they are a favorite. Adding padding gives them such depth and adds so much to the finished project.

  323. The most versatile stitch is the stem stitch.
    With it you can make contours, fills and all kinds of embroidery looks beautiful on it. It’s a pretty easy stitch and even a kid can learn it. I love this stitch.

  324. What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much? Tell us all about it! This is a very difficult choice as I know so few embroidery stitches. The one I use most often is cross stitch. I do like it because it is easy to accomplish and I do like my completed project. But my heart longs to master the art of surface embroidery! My favorite stitch there, so far, is the French Knot. The reason is, that I am one of the more than fourteen hundred people who was able to “take a stitch” on the Shenandoah Valley Tapestry, needlework project showing over 250 years of history of the Northern Shenandoah Valley. I stitched a French knot “leaf” on one of the trees in the tapestry.

  325. I recently discovered Needle ‘n Thread and have really enjoyed your blog! I think the French knit is an awesome stitch because you can do so much with a simple line stitch complemented by the French knot. You don’t have to know a lot of stitches or complicated techniques.

  326. I love the stem stitch. Fun and easy to stitch, useful and works well with so many different threads.

  327. I love the bullion knot as it can outline, add texture, curves, long tendrils. It was a challenge to learn but now that I’ve got it, I love it!

  328. My, Mary, how can one pick a favorite? Usually it is the one in current use for a fun project. Even the least challenging stitches have true value.

    So my favorite… the flavor of the moment.

  329. I would have to say that the satin stitch is probably the most lovely and versatile stitch. Whether it be used for counted or surface work, it shines. Among its other uses, it can be plumped up as in granitos or laid flat as in hardanger. It challenges us to do it well. I’m still trying to perfect it!

  330. I really enjoy the stem stitch.It allows me to turn corners etc. I have perfected it recently by watching the video over and over. Now I understand that placing the thread either under or over the stitch makes a huge difference.

  331. I think the queen stitch is the best embroidery stitch ever. I love the lacy effect it adds to my embroidery projects!

  332. What a nice gift, and everything is just lovely. My favorite stitch is probably the Queen Stitch, even though that’s more of a counted stitch. i just love the way it looks. For surface embroidery, I might have to pick the satin stitch.

  333. I am having a blast doing my now favorite stitch, the “Chain Stitch: Buttonholed & Scalloped,” from Mary’s ebook, Stitch Sampler Alphabet. I began stitching in January 2021 and quickly discovered Needle ‘n Thread, which has taught me so much! I bought this ebook as inspiration and aspiration to learn surface embroidery and have been making monogram embroidered tissue box covers for friends. I love the detail, varying colors, and overall finished look of the “Chain Stitch: Buttonholed & Scalloped” but even better THIS stitch wins RAVE reviews from the recipients of my tissue box covers. Having fun and plan to keep stitchin’ into the new year.

  334. Good Morning Mary:
    In answer to your question “What is your favorite stitch?” I think it would have to be my go stitch is the Couching Stitch.
    Once I understood the correct way to do it properly (thanks to You Mary) I will often use it for outlining , filling in larger portions of my patterns, using different colors of thread while experimenting with this stitch. I have also taken the basic Surface Couching Stitch a few steps further and now am able to do Straight (Romanian /Oriental) Couching and Underside Couching as well. Tis amazing the versatility of one stich!
    Thank you for gifting us the opportunity to win such beautiful prizes Mary.

  335. If I have to choose only one embroidery stitch it would be the satin stitch because it’s a great filler and I can’t imagine embroidery without it! Thank you for the giveaway.
    Vera C.

  336. The best embroidery stitch ever is stem stitch. I like it because it is easy and can be used as a shading stitch by doing rows of it side by side in graduating shades of a color.

  337. My favorite stitch is the fly stitch. It is so versatile. You can lengthen it shorten it or widen or narrow it. From a really great fish to a lovely leaf. The possibilities are limitless. Then you add the flexibility of thread sizes…WOW.

  338. palastrina stictch. You can dress it up (with beads and two knots) and you can dress it down (white on white). It’s a very comforting stitch in its stitching rhythm!

  339. Best embroidery stitch ever? For me, the Colonial Knot. I have trouble with the French Knot, so it was suggested I try the Colonial Knot. Much easier for me, not sure why! I’ve been doing more and more embroidery this past year, so maybe it is time to try that French Knot again! By the way, your pre-printed tea towels look very nice! Thanks for all the tips! I enjoy your site!

  340. My favorite stitch is the daisy stitch. It was the first “fancy” stitch my sweet Nana taught me after all the line stitches. To this day, that stitch still makes me smile!

  341. Congratulations to the lucky winners!
    Now, to answer today’s question….my favourite stitch is a really simple one…a back stitch. But….what I like even more about it is that I can ‘whip/lace’ it to make it even more interesting. Depending on the thread used for the wrapping it can look either very simple or very complex. Covers a multitude of applications!

  342. I like so many! But I will for today, pick the chain stitch. So versatile and always pretty. Easy too.

  343. The best embroidery stitch is stem stitch, because it makes a beautiful thick line on the surface of the fabric and nice, neat running stitches on the back of the fabric. It’s also a very easy stitch to do.

  344. I like the chain stitch since I am a novice & it is easy. Trying to learn more stitches though!

  345. I think the best stitch ever is the stem stitch. It is so versatile, I use it in every stitchery I do.

  346. The best embroidery stitch ever is the Hungarian braided chain stitch. I like it because it is a dense line that can handle tight curves and looks beautiful with many different kinds of threads.

  347. I love the colors on the flowery sprung towel project. I’m always looking for projects that use bright color collections.

  348. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!

    I have so many favorites, but if I am choosing the best embroidery stitch then I will have to go with the French knot. I know that it is considered a beginner stitch, but I have always enjoyed it. It is so very versatile- you can use it to create dimension or add little pops of color to a piece as well. I use it a lot in stumpwork and stitch masses of French knots to create height and dimension with the background landscape.

  349. I love the simple backstitch embroidery stitch. I’m not sure why I like it so much. Maybe it’s because I’m good at it, and it’s very satisfying to do it!

  350. I think the Best Embroidery Stitch ever must be the simple running stitch. It was the first stitch I learned is so basic it can be done by the young learner yet is ever useful and appropriate throughout your experiences. There are many ways to vary it, making it useful for every occasion. From Sashiko to meditative stitching, there is a place for the running stitch in every pattern.

  351. Buen día Sra. Cobert, me encantaría participar y bordar tres de esos diseños, Escena Festiva de Otoño, Alegría Navideña y el de Copos de Nieve, que esta a la par del de Otoño, espero que pueda tomarme en cuenta. gracias por la oportunidad que nos da de participar, y poner en practica sus clases de putadas, muy buen y Bendecido Fin de Semana.

  352. My favourite stitch – or one of them! – is Wovern Wheel Stitch for making flowers and such like. I just find it very satisfying and particularly effective.

  353. My ever increasing love and knowledge of embroidery is all due to you my dear Mary!! I can’t thank you enough for the many hours you have dedicated to this art! From books , threads and endless videos! Thank you -thank you !!

  354. I like the stem stitch. It can be used in a single row with any weight of thread. A beginner can be successful with this stitch. You can also use it as a stitch to fill in an area, such as hair or fur. There are so many ways to use this stitch, and it has a name that is easy to spell.

  355. I think my favorite of the stitches remains the stem stitch. My grandma taught me that stitch before she passed away and it is the first stitch I ever learned and the one I constantly go back to when I’m looking for a way to just do some “relaxation stitching”! (Now, if only I had more time for that!)

  356. I love the chain stitch! Coverage is good and you can get very creative with it. I love the flow and rhythm of this stitch.

  357. My newest favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It looks pretty by itself, but you can also lace it, whip it, embellish it, or weave something else into it. It can fill in an area on any medium, including canvas. Or you can use it as a border stitch and then use it to join two pieces of fabric together in something like a needle book.

  358. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch or outline it’s sometimes called. I like it because it is so very versatile. If you put two rows side-by-side, it makes a great heavier line for some projects and if you use a single strand of floss and only one row, it is delicate and charming.

  359. It is so hard to just choose one. It would have to be the chain stitch. I love the way it looks on my work.

  360. I think the Christmas embroidery set is beautiful and if I win would like this one because they are so beautiful.

  361. I love the Feather Stitch. I’m also a quilter and saw a friend using the feather stitch to outline wool blocks in a quilt… the outcome was truly divine! I have since taken classes and trying to learn as many stitches as I can to one day attempt to incorporate embroidery onto my quilts. Thank you …

  362. I really like stem stitch. It just makes such a nice line, some texture but not too much, and it’s very simple to do. You can outline with it, or make filling, or shade… It’s a workhorse.

  363. I love French knots. I don’t know why. But, I love the act of stitching them, the uncertainty as you pull that needle down through the knot to tighten it up, and I love the way they look … a single knot, pert and noble as an embellishment to a design, or multiple knots, crowded together, like tiny lilac blooms on a stem, or stacked on top of each other as a lovely, textured fill … it’s not the most practical knot, nor is it the easiest to keep consistent, but it’s my favorite, and I gravitate towards designs where there’s a heavy French knot presence!! 🙂

  364. I like using the outline stitch. It’s an easy fun stitch that always looks so nice! I would love to win a set of your tea towels!

  365. Simple but versatile, I find the fly stitch very useful. Endlessly decorative and I find doing it as a zig-zag works well to stabilize weak areas as I repair quilts.

  366. The best embroidery stitch ever? That’s hard. I love the look of long and short stitches, especially when done on a long, windy, ribbon-like pattern. The stitches make it look so smooth and kind of shiny. And of course flowers done in long and short stitch. I also like stem stitch and use it for outlining a lot.

  367. Honestly, I am not sure what I would choose as the best embroidery stitch as I have not done embroidery since I was 10 with a Christmas kit my grandmother had given me. I am wanting to learn embroidery again. Thank you so much for this contest and all your products are so lovely. Maybe 2022 will be a year of learning embroidery for me.

  368. Oh I could never pick my favorite stitch but I do like the stitches done in Canvaswork the very best.

  369. I love doing french knots and I know most people hate them. It’s so rewarding when you see that little knot on top. Of course I’ve had my share of big loops or lopsided but I was persistent and can usually make nice looking ones now.

  370. Whoops! I forgot to name my Best Stitch, which is Outline Stitch. It is beautiful, versatile and easy to do. Also, it reminds me of my Mom who taught me this stitch and used it a lot!

  371. Back stitch is one of my favorites. It is so versatile. It makes a seam as strong as anything you can do with a sewing machine. You can’t do blackwork without it and it always looks great. There are so many stitches that are terrific. This week I am trying to master palestrina stitch to make ropes. There’ been a lot of ripping.

  372. Palestrina stitch, it is the stitch I love for embellishing all of my work. I love the way it can transform a design and make it pop.

  373. Thank you for doing this give away! You make beautiful towels! I love using the lazy daisy/chain stitch! It works up quickly, can be embellished, and can be used for flowers, outlines, and all manner of things! Cecilia Leno

  374. My favorite surface embroidery stitch is satin stitch. I stitch by sewing method and I find it to be soothing as well as beautiful! Thank you!!

  375. I think the best embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. It is so versatile that I find myself using it all the time.

  376. I love doing the lazy daisy stitch and French knots lol – so simple but my great grandmother taught me to embroider and it reminds me of her 🙂 Thank you!

  377. I have two favorite stitches. The first is the daisy chain. The other is the French knot. The first handiwork I ever did was candlewicking pillows for my mother and Mamaw.

  378. I think the best embroidery stitch ever is the back stitch. It is so simple and yet you can use it on details and so much more.

  379. It would have to be the plain handy back stitch for me. The reason being that it is so versatile. I have yet to see a pattern that it can’t be used in. It can be decorated and fancied up in so many ways!

  380. When I was first learning as a child I thought the Chain stitch was the best as it covered a lot of ground quickly. When I was older I liked the cross stitch because of all the patterns available. Then I liked couching in gold thread because it looks so rich. Now, it seems, I like whatever stitch Mary is covering as I read through her blog. I had a long hiatus from embroidery and as I take it up again it is a joy to rediscover every old technique I learned before and to learn the new ones I find out about here. Thank you, Mary.

  381. I think the best stitch is the stem stitch because it is easy and can be used in so many ways even when I am too tired to think.

    I have given your towels as housewarming gifts and have given them all away, so I need to replenish my supply. I hop my number comes up this time around.

  382. I thoroughly enjoy reading your newsletters with all the color and detailed instructions. And, I love a bit of “give away Christmas”. Such fun .

    Stay safe and healthy, Mary.
    With a hug from far away ~Susie

  383. The stem stitch is my favorite stitch. It makes beautiful lines or can be used as a filling stitch. It can accommodate using one strand or multiple strands and any weight of thread or floss.

  384. Running stitch because it can be decorative or
    Could be used to put fabrics together twisted with more then one strand or long or short or use it in dot dash pattern I know there is more uses

  385. I am still learning, so I have a lot of stitches that I have not tried, but right now my favorite stitch is probably chain stitch. I really enjoy the motion of it and I have been having a lot of fun with its variations and various ways of dressing it up. There is a lot of variety and creativity that can happen using it as a building block.

  386. I love the satin stitch because it adds a different dimension to the design. It also is a beautiful way to finish the design and lets the design stand on its own.

  387. These towels are fun to stitch and make great gifts. Indeed, upon receipt of finished towels to a close friend, my sister, and sister-in-law, they rediscovered embroidery and are stitching away as well!

  388. My favorite stitch…..the french knot. It adds a bit of texture and can be used as a fill or accent.

  389. I’m a newbie so I don’t have a favorite stitch…yet. But I do enjoy the newsletter so much! It would be hard to pick a favorite from the prizes offered!

  390. My current personal favorite is the Quaker Stitch especially as an outline. It is a combination of the stem stitch & the split stitch. Results in a very pretty, solid line that goes around corners easily and is also lovely for lettering. Definitely a fun stitch to do.

  391. Thank you Mary for this festive give-away!
    I like a lot Palestrina stitch at the moment. But the best stitch of all is Satin stitch. You can do a lot of elegant things, different designs, monogramms… A lot of practice is needed, for sure, tu obtain good results. Beautiful things take time and a lot of work!

  392. Love the give-aways! I think the most versatile stitch is the stem stitch, because it can be used in so many different ways, from outlining to filling.

  393. Variations on the chain stitch are so numerous and they’re rhythmic to sew. I feel like I’m accomplishing alot with this stitch -and variations – as it moves the work along briskly.

  394. I think the cross stitch is the best embroidery stitch ever. It is easy to learn and very basic for beginners One of my first attempts to stitch was a small ABC sampler done in cross stitch and I still use it very often.

  395. I love the bullion stitch and the French knot. Both add dimension to an embroidery design and while they both can be a bit challenging to stitch, there is huge satisfaction in creating the stitch.

  396. My Best Embroidery Stitch ever is outline stitch. I just really like the way it makes a nice clean line.

  397. I think that the Best Embroidery Stitch Ever has to be Stem Stitch for it’s huge versatility. There are so many wonderful stitches to use, but I think that the simple Stem Stitch has to be the Best Embroidery Stitch ever!

    Thank you, Mary.

  398. Thank you Mary for sharing all of your knowledge and skill with us! I think the best stitch is the humble back/straight stitch! So easy and very versatile depending on how you use it. And I don’t need to look in a book for how to do it! Haha!

  399. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. I like the line it gives and it seems smoother than backstitch.

  400. I think the buttonhole stitch is one of the best. Fun to do, many variations possible and many places to use it.

  401. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Y stitch. You can use it for leaves, stems, flowers, putting two pieces of material together and many more! Love your dish towels.

    Thank you

  402. I am rather new to embroidery so I don’t have a huge collection of stitches yet. My favorite so far is the stem stitch. It is easy to do and looks nice on so many things. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win an assortment of your tea towels. Perhaps you would consider adding this kit as an item to buy in your shop. It would be a great gift to give to a friend who is interested in learning to embroider.

  403. I love the French knot. It’s simple and fun to do, and adds an extra pop of texture and color in any embroidery piece.

  404. The Spring Variety set would be my choice. I love the satin stitch because it’s relaxing and adds depth. Thanks

  405. My Best Embroidery Stitch Ever is the simple cross-stitch. Not because it is the most beautiful, most complex, or most fun. It isn’t any of those. But to me it embodies all the possibilities of embroidery. It was, most likely, the first stitch that stepped beyond simple running stitches. In doing so it opened all the possibilities of pattern and structure that exist in the idea of working thread upon thread to create design.

  406. It’s so tough to pick just one stitch, but I’d have to say the french knot is my pick because of it’s texture and versatility. Though it was a little challenging as a beginner to master, it was worth it since I’ve used it so much over the years in various media from silk ribbon to embroidery floss to metallic floss. I did a picture of my mother’s garden gazebo surrounded by flowers, in which I took a photograph, printed it on fabric, and then recreated the many flowers that grew there throughout the season. Though a lot of the flowers used the lazy daisy stitch, because the picture was only about 12×12″, most of the flowers were recreated in french knots of various colors, and the overall effect was very textural and impressive for such a simple stitch.

  407. Love all the beautiful patterns and ideas. I think I would really enjoy the fall towel set. So fun!

  408. I have a few go-to stitches, but my hands-down favorite is split stitch. It’s a wonderful base outline for satin stitch and silk shading. It’s a lovely fill for Opus Anglicanum. It’s tight to the fabric and doesn’t wiggle around. It makes a wonderfully smooth line for lettering and red work. Make longer stitches and it mimics grasses and prairie plants, with their subtle joints. A split stitch is the basic stitch of silk shading. It will swirl tightly or speedily cover a large outline. And, if you want, it can be jiggly and wild, with a new angle every stitch. Stitching it is rhythmic and meditative. It’s usually a quiet stitch, unobtrusive, even shy.

  409. Fiona Allen

    I really like the Palestrina Stitch as you can get into a rhythm and it creates an interesting raised line. I am still quite a novice stitcher and would love to get more experienced!!

  410. Stem stitch is such a simple stitch but it can be so effective. Used in place of a simple back stitch it makes Plain colored thread stand up and variegated thread really stand out. Simply changing the size of the stitch alters the effect.

  411. The simple backstretch, as I am working with a 8 year old learning embroidery .
    Beautiful work

  412. Always inspired by your ideas, stories and in-depth history of needlework. Thank you, marywallis

  413. I can only limit to two stitches. The straight stitch and the French knot. They are so very versatile and have so many combinations to use.

  414. I think the stem stitch is best — now that I have learned to do it correctly using your instructions. My Grandmother taught me embroidery when I was five and I have been doing it for a while now (I’m 68), but her’s was very basic. I’ve totally improved since I found your site — four years now. Thank you.

  415. Thanks for the Giveaway.. My go to stitches are the buttonhold and feather stitch.They are versatile and create an easy statement.

  416. I think the best stitch ever is the chain stitch. There are SO many interesting variations. I’m not sure any other stitch can beat it! If I’m stuck for an idea for a stitch I go straight to the chain stitch variations in my resources and always seem to find the right stitch or inspiration.

  417. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. With practice it can be adapted to any design and I love how it looks when variegated thread is used. It would be great holiday fun to stitch one of your designs. Thank you Mary for sharing your love of stitching.

  418. What embroidery stitch is the best ever! Oh my so many to pick from. I think the French Knot is so much fun and can be used so many ways, as a group or single for accents. I just love embroidery!

  419. My favourite stitch is chain stitch. It comes together quickly, is easy to keep even and looks great.

  420. The best embroidery stitch ever would have to be buttonhole stitch! It can be used in so many ways for so many purposes. It can be an edging on a baby blanket or it can be a beautiful flower. It can be attached and even detached! You can make it fancy or you can make it plain but it is just a wonderful stitch.

  421. My favorite stitch is stem stitch. It is easy to do, can be used to outline designs, and close together makes a great filler especially if you gently grade the thread colours.

  422. Thank you so much, Mary, for your generous offer of your beautiful tea towels! I am currently working on the largest of the Floral Corners towels for my daughter’s birthday. She already has the small & medium size hanging in her new kitchen on the Rocky Mountain Front. I have several other sets and can’t wait to do them all!

    I propose the simple “‘umble” straight stitch for a favorite. We do so much with straight stitches we don’t even give them recognition. Plus, I would say they form the basis for so, so many other favorites. What is stem stitch except a (special) collection of straight stitches?? Same with satin stitch, another favorite.

    Thanks again, Mary, and may you enjoy this time of anticipation,

  423. Oooh a giveaway *_*
    I’m gonna go with favorite being padded/raised satin stitch. SO CLASSY and classic, and touchable. I do most things in that… must learn to expand.

  424. Long and Short stitch is my absolute favourite stitch. It is so versatile for shading, getting 3d effect, for narrow branches, or just using one colour. It is therapeutic to stitch and quick to fill. I love it. Thank you.

  425. French knots. I was incredibly scared of that stitch because so many stitchers hate it, but it worked like a charm on the first try. I love how fluffy they look.

  426. The stem stitch is my favorite stitch! It is so versatile. It can be used for a simple outline or several rows can be used for a heavier line. You can also use different shades next to each other for a nice shading effect.

  427. My favorite stitch is the stems stitch, simple, yet elegant and it’s the first stitch my mother taught me.

  428. For me the Back Stitch is the best stitch. I still consider myself a beginner and this stitch works so well for outlining things. There are a bunch of stitches I like, but it seems like I always need the back stitch.

  429. The BEST EMBROIDERY STITCH EVER! has to be the chain stitch. When I do the chain stitch I think it is like a hand….holding onto a friend’s hand…..and another hand…..and another hand….until all the world is hand in hand in hand.

  430. Instead of my favorite stitch I will mention one I dread. French Knots. In all of my years of stitching I have done a French Knot correctly probably 5% of the times I’ve attempted them. Either they are too loose and loopy or too small and pop through to the back of the fabric.

    My easiest solution is to use beads instead. (Besides, I love using beads.)

  431. My favorite stitch is laid work. I love using it either fully filled in or as open weave. This has two benefits: fills large space quickly and has lots of customization options with using multiple colors or adding knots and flowers to the open work. I learned it on a pomegranate and while I am a beginner it gives sophistication and looks quite professional. I also found it forgiving for the occasional goof.
    I love your blog and found your how tos helpful for additional inspiration.

  432. I love 3 stitches because they are so versatile. Blanket stitch, chain stitch, and stem stitch.

  433. My favorite embroidery stitch is the spider wheel because anyone can do it, there are many variations and it looks complicated.

  434. That stitch would have to be the French knot. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I get sooooo tired of doing that stitch, but it totally “makes” the trees in my landscape thread paintings. Couldn’t do without it.

  435. Best embroidery stitch EVER? Well, it’s definitely not the feather stitch, which I can absolutely never remember how to do (and ripped out of a crazy quilt FOUR TIMES last night!). Satin stitch is the prettiest and most versatile, IMO–it looks good everywhere. 🙂

  436. I love stamped embroidery projects like these – I still have a few that my mother bought, probably in the 1950s. I’d have a hard time choosing my favorite towel designs. I think I like the “Holly & Evergreen” the best, but it’s a tough call!

  437. I think stem stitch is the best embroidery stitch – it can be used to outline around tight curves and whipped with contrasting colours to better define the area.

  438. Thank you for offering this giveaway. My favourite stitch is the long and short stitch. I’ve recently learned silk shading and find this stitch produces such wonderful colour blending effects.

  439. The favorite and most versatile stitch for me it the stem stitch! It is such a versatile stitch and is quick and easy to do beautifully. It can trim, fill, etc.-just about anything you need a stitch to do!

  440. I love a well executed stem stitch. It looks great in a single dimension and looks fantastic in various textures. It is versatile when used as filling in non linear elements of a design.

  441. Goodness, what a difficult question, my favourite stitch keeps changing lol.
    At the moment I think it’s the French knot, I really like the texture it gives 🙂

  442. I think the best and most versatile stitch is the stem/outline stitch. It’s really the same stitch it just looks a bit different depending on which way the thread hangs. It can be used as an outline, as stems, it can be a filler stitch, it can be wrapped, whipped and otherwise embellished. It is also the first stitch almost all of us learn. It is easy to do and can be infinitely different depending on spacing. A real work horse stitch.

  443. That’s a tough one because some things work by themselves (like chocolate) but embroidery is a team effort. But if I had to pick I’d say the French knot. It can be so elegant.

  444. When I think of dish towels I think of lazy daisy stitches. They are fun to do and have lots of applications.

  445. I’m new to the hand embroidery world but have spent years stitching counted cross-stitch patterns. One of my favorite embroidery stitch that I’ve learned recently is the bullion knot. I like stitches that I have to manipulate like the bullion or french knots. I like how the bullion stitch can be shaped into all sorts of objects from roses to butterfly antennas.

  446. What an amazing give-away! My stitching abilities are limited so right now my favorite stitch is an outline stitch, it’s easy, fast and I can use it on so many designs!

  447. For me the chain stitch is the best.
    1. easy to master
    2. quick to work
    3. loads (& loads) of simple variations so it need not truly be the same stitch over & over
    4. perfect for masses of blossoms — as well as: monograms, borders, bugs, backgrounds, foliage, hair, rock walls, shingles, brickwork…
    5. no need to fret about exact, even, or matching hoop sizes — all look great when gathered together or with other stitches
    6. even chain stitch mistakes can easily look like they belong — with another looped chain nearly covering any area that caused concern, no one will know of potential errors

  448. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch because it is so versatile.
    Thank you for all you do for all of us who love embroidery.

    Merry Christmas

  449. I don’t know if the French knot is “the best” embroidery stitch but it’s my favorite. I love how you can vary the number of wraps and/or the number of strands of thread to vary the stitch. I also love how tactile the whole process is, from wrapping the thread on the needle, to slowly and carefully pulling everything into place. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than a well-stitched French knot.

  450. Lovely prize, Mary! I am surprised to find myself selecting the satin stitch as my favorite. It is a lovely and versatile stitch that works well in counted thread and surface embroidery. It is easy to learn and reasonably easy to perfect, even on curves. It’s the basis for so many other stitches, whether worked vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, like bargello, brick, and tied stitches, not to mention it’s queen usage in long and short shading.

    As usual with your questions, I have to think about my answers, which can lead to surprising conclusions. Thanks for the mental exercise!

  451. I love doing French Knots. They are fun to do and they make such beautiful embroidery, such as flowers or solid French knots in something like a bird I did.

  452. I think my favourite embroidery stitch is the back stitch. I love the lazy daisy and also love/ hate the challenge of French knots that are of the same size! lol But the backstitch wins in the end I think because of it’s versatility of being both a very needed stitch in so many projects but also how sturdy it is for sewing fabric as well! I must admit I am still very much a beginner so there may be others that I will like more in the future- but for now- the back stitch is my favourite stitch. 🙂
    Thank you for reading and allowing me the chance to win such a neat prize/ gift! Your kindness is much appreciated. – Sharon in Australia

  453. The best embroidery stitch ever…. I5s have to say it’s the backstitch. If you can master a ways to backstitch, you can literally create anything. It gives a great foundation to build upon, to learn new stitches and incorporate them into your craft. It also helps immensely when altering or mending clothes with hand-sewing.

  454. So hard to choose just one, but if I HAD to it would be cross stitch, because there are so many patterns available, threads and fabrics that can be used and also because my preference is for counted work 🙂

  455. Since I’m still a novice, the best stitch for me is the stem stitch. It’s easy but at the same time gives an elegant look to the embroidery and it’s relaxing to stitch.

  456. My favourite is Queen stitch or Rococo stitch – Can be used in a line, individual stitches or filler. Old stitch, been around from 17th century and seen on many old samplers

  457. I would feel very privileged to win this beautiful prize. I am very grateful Mary that you share your wonderful gifts with us so freely and through this I can make some beautiful gifts for my family and friends
    Kindest regards
    Happy Christmas

  458. Your Christmas towels are great! I would love to win a set and practice my outlining and other stitches.

  459. It makes me happy when I don’t have to take the time to trace all the embroidery patterns. I love to get them and just begin. Love your things.

  460. Well, I’m very very boring when I say that the back stitch is the best for me. The reason is that I have difficulty seeing sometimes and I usually can make the backstitch work even if I don’t have a clear view of it.

  461. My favorite embroidery project is usually my current project, but I have found I am really enjoying older Bucilla stamped quilt tops. They are hard to find and quite time consuming, but I enjoy a challenge . I often add some of my own touches and my own color combinations

  462. I like Stem stitch! This stitch is so versatile! I am a bit partial to Long and Short Stitch too…..

  463. I love your easy simple drawings. You give good guidelines and I enjoy getting your emails.

  464. My favorite embroidery stitch is the cross-stitch. It has lots of great variations, is versatile, and so very relaxing to stitch! I never get tired of it.

  465. It is so hard to choose the best embroidery stitch, but I think that I would have to pick the backstitch. This year I discovered and explored blackwork for the first time, and I was amazed at the range of design I could create with one simple stitch. Using different colors and threads adds to the interest in these patterns, and I have really enjoyed this type of counted stitching.

  466. Wow, this is the best give-away ever–your very own stuff!
    My favorite embroidery stitch is probably the straight stitch. So simple and yet so many things you can do with it, so many arrangements of a bunch of dashes. . .

  467. I will say backstitch because is the first one I learned, but I have a lot of favorite stitches.

  468. My go to stitch is chain stitch. I love how it covers outlines yet as individual stitches can make flowers, grass seeds, and decorative edges. It is also used in traditional embroidery around the world as it is easy to master and quick to work.

  469. My favourite embroidery stitch is ribbed spider’s web. It is great for adding texture in a raised design. You can vary the number of spokes, colours and use padding or not. It can represent shells, flowers or stars….It’s a very satisfying little stitch to complete!

  470. My favourite type of stitch is the blanket stitch. I like the blanket stitch because it has so many uses in embroidery and sewing. It is a versatile stitch that is used in so many different types of embroidery.

  471. In my opinion, the humble outline stitch has to be the “best” because it’s ubiquitous (and I even learned that it can be used as a filler stitch by reading this website!). It isn’t fancy, but boy is it useful!

  472. Chain stitch! Simple, yet packs a visual punch, alone or with others. Love it!

  473. Best embroidery stitch ever is the simple straight stitch – it allows freedom of expression to create many different patterns, variations, it can be used as filler or as an outline. Anyone can be an embroiderer using this stitch 🙂

  474. My favorite embroidery stitch is the one everybody learns first – the stem stitch! It’s so versatile!

  475. My favorite embroidery stitch is the humble stem stitich.
    I would use it in many places on your lovely kits. I llike to
    Use rows of it at times to fill in certain areas, and I add little
    Angled stitches off a stem to make thorns, i could go on, but will
    Just say thank you and merry stitching. Suestitch

  476. Hi Mary
    I think my current favourite Embroidery stitch is Herringbone. I like the fact that it’s done all on-top of the fabric. I like how one can vary it from large to small, regular to irregular, close together or spread apart and that it looks amazing laced in any of a variety of ways. So in other words, extremely versatile and yet, easy to do.
    Thanks for arranging another temping giveaway. This is a particularly tempting one because normally you don’t ship to Canada!

  477. I love French Knots. They add so much texture to a piece. They can be made with one strand or many strands or one wrap or more to give a variety of texture. They can also be stitched as just the knot or make a long knot, which can look like little buds at the end of a stem, or can be used to make sun rays, snowflakes, stars. It’s a very versatile stitch. Close, solid knots of the same size or different number of strands or wraps can be used as ground cover, heather, bush foliage. So many possibilities. Let you creativity flow.

  478. Hello Mary,

    All your designs are lovely. Love the pumpkins and the Christmas designs for the towels and who would not love the butterfly and flowers?
    Cheers and a Merry Christmas and happy New year to you and all.


  479. I’m torn between chain and stem stitch, but I think chain wins out. I can use it like stem stitch for outlines but it is also extremely versatile and is the basis for many combination stitches and is lovely for filling also.

  480. One embroidery stitch to rule them all?? Oh dear. I might have to go with the plain old utilitarian but universal cross stitch, which can do so many things. My LEAST favorite would be the French knot, which I never can get right. But the best one is a much harder choice.

  481. My favourite of all stitches is Buttonhole Stitch….so versatile, simple but done well is beautiful!

    from Mountmellick, Deerfield to Drawn thread and Schwalm….you can use it everywhere and with its myriad of variations

  482. Just love stem stitch! It can be used in so many ways and other colours can be used with the stitch. It is great to fill areas too – I use it instead of long and short stitch where possible and love the effect when whipped. It is easy to do and almost fool-proof for a beginner and can be ‘played with’ by the more experienced stitcher.

  483. My absolute favorite stitch is the Stem Stitch. I like that it is so versatile. It can be used for making a straight line or curving left or right or completing a circle. The Stem Stitch can be part of the main design or in the background. It is actually a calming or soothing stitch for me. One time I used up a whole lot of short pieces of thread by doing the stem stitch in a circle. Going round and round and it made a funky, fun little piece. I keep it at my workstation where I can see it all the time. I do love the Stem Stitch!

  484. I will say the good old cross stitch! I’m sure I’ve done millions and I’m always amazed at the final result whether it is on the rustic side or a very refined, detailed picture or a sampler. (That said, I’d love those Christmas towels!)

  485. Hi-

    I love the stem stitch. You can do so many thing with it and I find it a relaxing stitch to do.

  486. Hmm, my favorite embroidery stitch is a toss up between a chain stitch and a french knot. I love both of them because they show the extra pizzazz and knowledge of basic stitches.

  487. What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much? I really enjoy the stem stitch. I find it to be relaxing and rhythmic. I have substituted it in situations where long and short stitches are called for in a thread painting piece and the results are very pleasing.

  488. My best embroidery stitch ever is reverse chain – so easy to do, looks great, and can be varied in so many ways.

  489. After reading your article & studying the photos of what you have stitched, I would have to pick the outline stitch as the VERY bestest stitch ever! It can outline, define, fill-in anything. It can be woven with a contrasting color, complementary color; it can be beaded or sequined. Make it tight or make it loose, loose enough to float above the fabric. It can be used to join 2 fabrics together. Boring it is not.

    Backstitch is THE stitch.

  490. What is the best embroidery stitch ever?
    Simple – it’s the French Knot. I find it SO useful! And manage to get it looking good most of the time. Sometimes the needle slips & I have to start again on it,. Vary the size by different numbers of twirls around the needle. And mix colours if I want to. It gives a different texture to the embroidery – and it’s FUN!

  491. You show so much love in each article you do. love looking at all the beautiful things you do. I try them all ( i’m not very good yet but it will come) The best stitch for me is the back stitch. this seems so smooth a stitch i always go back too as a beginner. I am a beginner self taught from your web site. Thank You very much… I try all the stitches you show me but usually go back , to the back stitch. i have always wanted to stitch but no one to learn from. I stumbled on your site a couple years ago and i am learning a lot.. Again Thank you.

  492. Dear Mary,
    Congratulations to the winners of a Stitcher’s Christmas #1. Mary and Cas, your Christmas has come early with Di van Niekerk beautiful kits.

    What do you think is the Best Embroidery Stitch ever, and why do you like it so much? Tell us all about it!

    Firstly my pick for “Best Embroidery Stitch ever” is different from my personal favourite Embroidery Stitch ever. I am very glad we are not forced to answer the latter question because that is a difficult choice. But for Best ever, I feel that is the much maligned (by some) cross-stitch because it is easy to do, and more than any other stitch, it had got more stitchers stitching around the world than any other stitch. That is a good thing, because all of those stitchers stitching are hopefully enjoying themselves and by using needle and thread and other supplies they keep all the suppliers in business that allow us others, who do all sorts, more options and opportunities to purchase our supplies.

    Thank you Mary!

    Best regards

  493. I think the best stitch is the whipped chain stitch because it’s easy, looks good on a variety of designs, but especially flower stems, and you can use several colors so it’s very versatile.

  494. I love the simple outline stitch. It can be used for so many things, it is so easy to do and just by changing the colors it changes the look of any project you are working on. I do a lot of redwork type stitching or on printed panels that I stitch over with the colors printed on the panel. I did a patriotic blackwork quilt for my brother and then the borders of red, white, blue with gold stars in the corners of each block. He cried when he saw it. It means a lot because he was sick and the following year died of ALS. His first grandson has the quilt now and cherishes it.

  495. Hard to choose the best stitch ever, but I find I use stem stitch a lot. As a single line, for filling in spaces (when satin or long+short just seems too much), or raising it for a bit of texture. Close 2nds are bullion, split and french knots

  496. The best stitch I think is the stem stitch. It is the one I use for nearly everything when I don’t have a plan. It’s also the first stitch I ever learned.

  497. I love my old stand-by, stem stitch. It’s beautiful and delicate if done with one strand, and it’s beautiful and bold with three stands. I use it on nearly every project. Your video instructions are great, if anyone is looking for inspiration.

  498. My favorite stitch is the bullion. They are so versatile…..tiny bee and lady bug bodies, bullion roses, long, long tendrils, double bullions…fillers or shape edgers…fun, fun, fun!
    ❤️‍♀️ Karen (KAK)

  499. I’ve always loved chain stitch, since learning it at needlework classes in year 7 at school. I find it very soothing to stitch, and it can be used as something decorative, a border, or even to fill in an area. These days I prefer to do Elizabethan chain stitch as I like to work in a hoop, and I love the control I have over the look of it, by varying the stitch length.

  500. Wow, Mary, that is a tough question. There are so many stitches that I love. I use stem stitch the most, but it’s not necessarily my favorite. I think I’ll choose Buttonholed Herringbone. I like the scalloped look of it, and it can be used in a number of ways. I even used it as garland on a Christmas tree I embroidered.

  501. My favourite stitch is a simple chain stitch. It’s so versatile! It gives lovely texture and made really big it makes fabulous flower petals or leaves. I’ve also used it for cursive writing and it works really well. Such a simple stitch and yet it can be quite difficult to master to ensure an even finish. I must admit I always try to include chain stitch in my projects whatever I’m doing. It’s the stitch that keeps on giving and never lets me down.

  502. My experience in embroidery is limited, and I’ve not yet used the fancier stitches that look so enticing. What I have done so far makes me appreciate the basic stem stitch — it’s fairly quick, and very good at smoothly following curves.

    I really love following your online teaching — thank you!

  503. I love doing embroidery especially in towels which make great seasonal decor. My all time favorite stitch is the back -stitch. I know it is not a sophisticated or complicated stitch, but it gives me a perfect result every time which is a real pleasure.

  504. It would be a battle between gold couching stitch and padded satin stitch. Both add that wow factor to your pieces. The intricate placing of the stitch pattern for couching stitch and that splash of colour in satin stitch.

  505. The first stitch I ever learned was stem stitch. I have become very good at it, because I use it all the time! I have learned many more stitches since then, some from your tutorials. Palestrina and Quaker are two new favorites, but I will always come back to stem stitch.

  506. Which is my favorite stitch? My go-to answer would be a French knot. I’ve always loved beautiful French knots – so fun to do. But I also love chain stitch for its versatility and the elegant Palestrina stitch is oh, so satisfying.

    Pick me!

  507. I really love long and short stitch. When I was first learning it, I hated it with a passion because it was so tricky to master! Lol It’s marvelous for creating color gradation; the shading you can create with it gives realistic dimension to fur, flowers, fruit—whatever!

  508. If I had to pick a favorite stitch, which feels impossible, I’d say the French Knot because it is very satisfying to wrap the floss around the needle and then that little bit of magic happens after you pull the working thread down through the fabric and you have the little round bulb. I just love it.

  509. My favorite embroidery stitch is one that I learned about a year ago by using your stitch videos. For a long time I struggled with how to make embroidered lines and lines that made letters. I couldn’t make them looked like lines. They often had a jagged, disconnected or bumpy look. Then I discovered the stem stitch. I had to practice it for a while. Now that I can do it, it gives a smooth and interesting look to straight lines because one stitch flows into the next one and there are no spaces between stitches.

  510. Great embroidery site, hoping I will be a lucky person and revived one of the gifts they are giving away. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  511. To me feather stitch is simply the best. My grandmother used it to decorate my baby clothes made out of recycled fabric during the war. I have used it on many muslin wraps to welcome babies.
    It makes great grass , leaves and seaweed and is the basic for many seam decorations with my crazy patch and think of the variations!
    Jan and RV

  512. G’day Mary, and thank you for this giveaway,
    I love the little French Knot, it’s kind of a friendly little fit in anywhere darling, esp as I often do free design embroidery. The shading one is able to achieve is wonderful too.
    Cheers, Kath

  513. I love your website. Your educational notes have been very helpful to me as have the products you sell.

  514. I hope you consider the Hemstitch among the stitches that qualify. It is my favorite because I learned to sew and embroider from my mother at the age of 4. She would have me do simple stitches like running stitch to embroider small drawings she would let me copy from her “Vanidades” or “Romances” magazines in Cuba. As I was able to learn more stitches, I learned to hand sew my doll clothes using backstitch to make sure they did not fall apart. Then, and I forget at what age this was, I was taught to draw thread from cloth and try something more difficult–the hemstitch. It was heavenly. It was so neat and made the hems on the cloth look so beautiful that I just thought it was the most beautiful thing ever! The memory of how I felt when I was able to accomplish that stitch is so clear, so palpable still now that I’m 74 that I know hemstitch has to be the most wonderful stitch for me. I have learned many more and harder stitches along life’s way–many from you, Mary–but that memory is still sweet and makes me feel that my mami who went to the Lord in 2004 16 days before my papi joined her, is right next to me whenever I stitch it. Thank you for your generous giveaways and for letting me share this.

  515. I like the lazy daisy stitch because of its variety of uses, building a flower, stem and leaf, outline.

  516. The bullion stitch is the best stitch ever. It can be used to make flowers and animals. It can be l o n g or short, it can be HUGE or tiny. The bullion stitch is very versatile and can be used to make roses so perfect their fragrance floats off the material.

  517. My favorite embroidery stitch ever is the back stitch. It is easy to stitch and has many uses besides just outlining shapes and objects. I use it to make letters in names and phrases, creating borders, and adding detail to leaves and flowers It truly is my favorite stitch.

  518. The best embroidery stitch ever is almost impossible for me to choose, like picking just one book or just one movie, there are so many I love & use regularly. One stitch I’ve come to really appreciate in the last few months, however, is the humble split stitch. For the longest time I relegated it to use as outline for satin stitch or other some such supporting roll, but now I’ve started using it in all kinds of decorative applications, front and center where it belongs. There are so many instances where split stitch can shine, both as an outline or filling and the more I play with it, the more versatile I see that it is. Next time you are asked to use stem stitch as an outline I encourage you to try split stitch instead. Try it in a thicker gauge or variegated thread for interest. There are all kinds of ways to use this stitch, so take it out, dust it off & give it a go. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  519. The best embroidery stitch ever is the stem stitch. I love using it for outlines, filling, and adding extra special effects. The most versatile stitch around.

  520. I love French Knots because they are fun to make and they can serve so many purposes with both thread and silk ribbon. They can be a whole garden of flowers, or a flower center, or even just a little accent in an embroidery.

  521. My favorite stitch would be Stem or Outline. So much you can do with either one! You can fill a design, use to outline or to highlight. It’s fast and easy.

  522. I think the best embroidery stitch ever is the blanket stitch because it is so versatile and you can get so many different effects with it.

  523. My favourite stitch is Chain Stitch. It has become a staple stitch for outlining in very small and can even be used as a filler. I love the rhythm it produces and in no time the filling is done. Thank you for the opportunity to enter Mary and many blessings for Christmas and into the new year.

  524. There are so many gorgeous, complicated stitches, but for me, the simple stem stich is the best. You can use it in so many ways – outlining, stand alone, filling in, and it looks good on almost any project in some capacity.

  525. I like the lazy daisy stitch because you can use it in place to cover an area, or in line as a chain. Fairly easy for beginner like me!

  526. Stem-stitch is my go to! It’s easy to work with, goes quickly, and useful in many applications! I love how well it does curves…

  527. I have just finished a band sampler design and loved the diamond hemstitch band, I stitched the diamonds in variegated floss and it came out beautifully!

    Thanks for the Christmas give aways Mary, its so good to see what designers are doing and good to visit their websites!

  528. I have been enjoying your articles and hints for almost a year. I really need to begin using them.

  529. The best embroidery stitch ever is the daisy chain. Embroidery was the only “hobby” my mother ever had during my childhood and her needlework was always very special as she had so little time. Daisy chain was one of the first stitches she ever taught me and I stitched daisy flowers on everything. After many years of never stitching as a busy adult myself, I was delighted to find out I still remembered how the stitch the daisy chain!!

  530. I tend to do back stitch a lot. But I have recently learnt a great way to do satin stitch, something I always avoided as I didn’t enjoy stitching it. I also love lazy daisy stitch. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  531. Thank you very much for this giveaway, deciding what would be my favorite Stitch is it difficult because some of them work together to enhance your work. Most of my hand embroidery I like to do lazy Daisy stitches and French knots. I also like the bullion Stitch. They just seemed really elegant. Many thanks again for this giveaway

  532. Satin Stitch it is for me. Beautiful, smooth lines of thread with a shine that pleases the eye.

  533. I’m pretty new to surface embroidery so they are all interesting and new. Right now I’m really liking stem stitch because you can outline any shape and I’m getting pretty good at it.

  534. While perhaps not the greatest stitch, I enjoy working the split stitch for all sorts of designs. Lovely give-away.

  535. my favorite stitch is the old favorite..back stitch. I do a lot of embroidery for doll clothing and some is for the 6 1/2″ wooden Hitty doll. Simple designs and embellishments work best on such small skirts and bodices.

  536. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. I love the look of it and I can usually stitch it easily.

  537. Oh boy! I just love doing tea towels! They make great gifts and are so much fun to do…..yeah

  538. I would love to stitch on your premarked towels. Marking seems to be the most difficult task for me.

  539. Super hard to choose the best embroidery stitch! Can I choose two? Both the stem and the French knot stitches are so versatile and one can accomplish a lot with them!

    Thank you so much for this fun give away…I am enjoying reading the comments about favorite stitches!

  540. Best Embroidery Stitch ever: Stem Stitch
    It is easy to learn; doesn’t require a lot of attention so it’s relaxing and meditative to use; versatile – straight or curved lines, double or triple rows to add thickness or shade, spiral or zigzag, and so on. A good all-around stitch that can completely finish a design with elegance.

  541. I live these towels. I’m bummed the holly sold out before I got to them. My favorite stitch is the stem stem stitch. I like how variations in color can lead to some subtle results in texture and color when using the technique for plants in particular tree branches.

  542. I just cant choose a favorite stitch. Satin stitch I love to look at. Cross stitch was my first stitch I learned and is a favorite for that reason. And I love a blanket stitch trim on so many things!!!

  543. I always liked the lazy daisy stitch ever since I was first learning to embroider when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

  544. Trying to decide which is the best embroidery stitch “ever” is like trying to decide which of your children you love best. I can quickly tell you which stitch is my least favorite and why (just like I can tell you which of my friends’ children I like the least and why). But, I have difficulty narrowing down to just one stitch that is the best. I have several “go to” stitches, but the one I use the most is the stem stitch. It is simple, very versatile and can be quickly stitched to provide a lovely design. It is found in nearly every design I have ever stitched and that has been quite a few. The stitch I love to stitch the most and it can be debated as to whether it is an embroidery or sewing stitch is the pin stitch. I love the repetitive motion and the beautiful results when using a very fine thread.

  545. The first stitch that came to mind was the chain stitch. I have learned so many different ways to use it from Needlenthread. Thank you for all the lessons you teach. You truly are appreciated!

  546. It is so hard to choose just one best stitch. My first thought was chain or detached chain. Then I thought of back stitch. And then there is blanket stitch. And I don’t want to forget French knots. Other stitches are nice, too, but I can do so much with these four.

  547. What is my favorite stitch….I’m such an amateur I’m sure there are so many stitches I still don’t know it makes it hard to choose. I do love the various feather stitches I’ve been learning.

  548. My favourite stitch varies, I think, but right now, probably blanket/buttonhole stitch as it is incredibly versatile, straightforward and can be quick (or not). Detached or not, edge or not, squeezed up tight or spaced out, layered or sparse, wild or tame, with fabric or without, as couching, for bunching … needlepoint lace, page-edge-neatening, flowers, rocks, checks, feathers, teeth, scales, bricks …

    Blanket stitch: not just for blankets.

  549. I love the buttonhole stitch because of all the beautiful flowers that can be embroidered with it.
    I also love the daisy stitch as it was one of the first stitches I learned continue to use for flowers
    and I am very excited to learn in your tutorial that it can be used to embroider wheat! How sweet is that!!!

  550. Hi, Mary!
    I like the basic backstitch and use it the most. I do a lot of text embroidering and like the effect of handwriting on the fabric.
    Diana K, Arizona

  551. My favorite embroidery stitches are bullion knots. I love the way they can be used to create dimensional realistic looking flowers.

  552. I love the stem stitch. I love how it can look like a rope and can-be used as delicate or as a bold prominent stitch.
    I love your website. It has amazing information on an amazing amount of stitches. It is a great resource. I’d love to win and attempt to complete the prize towels with the stitches you have covered in your tutorials

  553. I have always watched with envy the many beautiful and colourful Mary Corbet stitched towel set kits, for every season, that our American stitching sisters have access to. So here is my chance to be in with a chance to win one of these coveted embroidered towel kits. My favorite being the Spring Variety Towel Set.

    The best stitch ever – Stem stitch. It can be used straight, curved, raised, thick or thin, outlines, express our feelings in words, in blocks of colour and all using just about any kind of thread that takes our fancy. Only limited by our imagination.

  554. I really like the Satin Stitch as you make it as thick or thin as you like and also various lengths. Goes around corners beautifully

  555. I use stem stitch a lot in redwork, and in outline work before I satin stitch. I think it is a very versatile stitch.
    Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us.

  556. I learned the Quaker stitch from your tutorial and love it for text. It’s bolder than stem stitch yet takes curves as well. Quaker stitch is my favorite.

  557. I enjoy feather stitch. It’s a quick and easy way to embroider greenery that looks beautiful. Close second is stem stitch. I love the way it makes smooth curves, and I like using it as a filling stitch on things that will be washed often because it holds up better than satin stitch or other stitches with long floats.

  558. It’s so exciting to enter into the give aways-thank you Mary for brightening these weeks before Christmas! Believe it or not my favorite stitch is the first one I learned almost 60 years ago-the basic outline/stem stitch. It’s so versatile-there are so many ways to use it and jazz it up!

  559. My vote is for chain stitch since it is fun to stitch, simple and versatile, and almost always looks good on any fabric and in any thread.

  560. I like the stem stitch best right now, as it is so easy to master for a beginner and useful in so many situations.

  561. I do a lot of counted work and love the Queen Stitch. It was one of the first I learned past cross stitch and like the texture it provides in creating things like strawberries.

  562. I know its a basic stitch but I use stem stitch such a lot. It is so versatile and it backs up so many of the more fancy stitches.

  563. Love the french knots in different colors and different sizes in a group together, is a lovely way to embellish sewing projects easily, similar to a floral mini field.

  564. That’s a difficult choice…..I guess I would say Stem stitch. It is so versatile and can be used for writing too!

  565. I like cross stitch. Still one of my favorites. Most memorable because my sister taught me to cross stitch. My first needlework project was stitching napkins and then a table cloth

  566. These are such lovely embroideries! During these hectic times I find myself doing more quiet stitching.

  567. I have a small catalog of favorite, go-to stitches. Guess I’ll pick stem stitch at the moment from that group.

  568. I use and love the buttonhole stitch. I use it as an outline stitch, for applying fabrics and laces, as a decorative stitch and to close edges.

  569. I like the good ol’ French Knot. It was one of the first stitches I learned. It provides textural interest to many projects.

  570. Hi Mary, great offer, thank you. My favourite stitch is the somersault (or interlaced) hem stitch, for its versatility. It can be done in a similar colour thread to the fabric used, a complete contrast colour, with ribbon, or even with a drawn thread from the original fabric. Beads and sequins can be added between the stitch, at the crossing thread, or for most bling, both! Not just for a bell pull, but also for clothes.

  571. I love your article. The kits and designs are so tmpting. If I am one of the winners it will be hard to choose.

  572. I forgot to say my favourite embroidery stitch. I think the simpler stitches are the best as they can be so versatlile. For example the straight stitch – so many threads to use, lengths of stitch, direction of stitch can be created.

  573. I absolutely think Chain stitch because I love trying various widths of yarn or thread to give you some variety. Stem stitch is a favorite too.

  574. I like the button hole/blanket stitch. It is so versatile and when done evenly, gives a lovely finishing touch.

  575. My Best Stitch is the stem stitch. I love how versatile it is, outline, fill, just an added bit, it works.

  576. Stem stitch is one of my favorites, I’m probably boring, but it seems to work so well everywhere. Also right now since I am doing a French knot sheep on my yet-to-be-born baby niece’s clothes, I would say the French knot.

  577. Love the Lazy Daisy stitch. It is a versatile stitch and for me is easy to do. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. Love all the work that you do.

  578. the very versatile chain stitch can be manipulated in so many ways in addition to the traditional teardrop used for a line. It can become a lazy daisy flower, a blanket stitch for edging, feather stitch, for a Victorian crazy quilt, Parma braid, and, of course, many needlelace patterns.
    Chain stitch is the one stitch I’d take with me if stranded on an island awaiting rescue.

  579. My favorite embroidery stitch is the right one for the look I want. I guess that is cheating!, but the fun is in the finding of that stitch in the right color ( or blends) and in the right thickness.

    Love to read your blog. So well prepared! And very kind of you to do all the work for these generous giveaways.

  580. It’s not my favorite stitch, though I do like it, but I have come to really appreciate the stem stitch. It is very versatile. Most people use it as an outline stitch, and it is great to use to stitch the stems of various plants. Placed close together in lines (curving or straight) it can be used to fill a space. This creates a very nice textural effect as well. There is also other variations, like the raised stem stitch which gives a dimensional effect, giving even more shape to a project. A truly versatile stitch that can be used for many applications.

  581. I love the stem stitch! I enjoy my towel kits and the flowers with a lot of stems on my towels!