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Cotton Quartet Materials Kit – Launching Tomorrow!


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Good morning!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and a happy Easter!

Here in Kansas, we celebrated Easter with family and friends, lots of good conversation and fun. Other than that, it was a fairly low key weekend, which worked out well. It’s always nice to have some quiet time!

And I didn’t get any stitching done, except on my hexie quilt, here and there. I had reticella plans, but alas, they did not materialize – too many other little things to do!

Today, I’m very excited to tell you about the materials kit for Cotton Quartet, the new Stitch Snippets project coming up, which will be available very, very soon!

Cotton Quartet: a Sampler Needlebook & Scissor Keep

Cotton Quartet is a needle and scissor “wallet” made up from a stitched sampler worked in four types of white cotton embroidery thread, accented with pearly-white seed beads, on a natural linen ground fabric.

For further information about the project and what you will learn as we work through it together, please read this introductory article here.

Cotton Quartet: a Sampler Needlebook & Scissor Keep

The materials kit for Cotton Quartet includes all the supplies you’ll need to fashion your own sampler needle and scissor “wallet” like the one above: linen ground fabric (outside), yarn dyed gingham for the inside lining, interfacings, the various cotton threads used for the embroidery (floss, floche, coton a broder, and two weights of perle cotton), special beading thread from Miyuki, two types of beads, two sizes of ribbon, and three fine embroidery needles.

The only supplies you need to provide are a frame or hoop, scissors, and regular sewing thread and pins or clips for some of the finish work.

The project is suitable for advanced (or determined) beginners and beyond. You should know the basics: how to thread a needle, begin and end threads, read and follow stitch instructions, and set up a project in a hoop or frame. While we will touch on some of those topics, they aren’t the in-depth part of the project. But I will link to other how-to articles for further tips as we go along.

Please note that the instructions are not included in the materials kit. The project will develop step by step here on the blog over time, and all the articles will be gathered in a project index that you can access throughout 2022, so that you can work at your own pace.

Kit Availability

Tomorrow, April 21st, at 10:00 am Central Time (that’s 11:00 am Eastern, 8:00 am Pacific), the kit will be available here in my shop.

There is, as usual, a limited number of kits, and it is likely that they will sell out.

We are already working on a second run of kits, but we are having problems getting some of the supplies in quantity. It’s a constant challenge to track down supplies. But we’re doing our best!

If the kits sell out, you can drop me a line and request advanced notice for the next run. I’ll send you an email when they’re back in stock.


Unfortunately, the kits are available to ship to the US and Canada only via USPS Priority Mail, due to shipping restrictions between here and Australia / NZ and tax policies between here and the EU and UK.

As the project progresses, we will talk about materials and substitutions for those who don’t have a kit or who prefer to work from their own supplies.

Downloads & Printables

As the project develops, all the lessons will be available in PDF format for easy downloading, saving, and printing to members of the Needle ‘n Thread community on Patreon.

Participating, Questions, Feedback

With these stitch-along projects, the best way to participate with the community at large is to use the comment section at the end of each blog post to leave questions.

If you’d like to post pictures of your progress, the best interactive places to do that are the following:

On Instagram, use the hashtag #StitchSnippets and tag me (@needlenthreadmc)

On Facebook, you can share progress in the Needle ‘n Thread Community on Facebook here.

See You Tomorrow!

See you tomorrow for the kit launch!

You’ll find the kits available tomorrow, Thursday, April 21, at 10:00 am Central Time (11:00 AM Easter, 9:00 AM Mountain, 8:00 AM Pacific) in my shop, just waiting for you.

Have a glorious day!


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(13) Comments

  1. Is the page for needles and pins 100% wool?
    I may have to follow the project and subbing in stuff from my stash.

    1. It’s a wool blend, Diane. This is for two reasons: 1. It needed to be white, and right now, 100% wool felt in white is hard to come by at reasonable prices. I did find some small pieces available, but to purchase them in bulk, it would have been astronomically expensive, since it wasn’t available wholesale. For some reason, white is low in stock everywhere I source wool felt wholesale. 2. It’s a decent wool blend, and using it does help keep the cost of the kit down. Once folks have worked through this project, they’ll know how to make their own, and they can definitely use their preferred materials.

  2. Dear Mary

    A very pretty needle and scissor wallet this would make a lovely present for that special person. Thank you for producing such a lovely project and for the kit. It is unfortunate that you can’t post to the UK and Europe but I do understand the cost involved makes it very difficult these days to send or receive items from abroad.
    Thank you for sharing the Cotton Quartet needle and scissor wallet kit with us and for the supplies and photos of the kit and thank you for the substitutions materials for the project.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  3. I logged into your website to purchase the new needlecase kit, Cotton Quartet, at exactly 11:00 a.m. Eastern time and put in all of the credit card information and by 11:03 was informed that the kits were sold out. I am very disappointed! Will you be back ordering and then packing more kits? I would like to be put in the ordering queue, please. Thank you, Abby Roane

    1. Hi, Abby – yes, we are preparing more kits! Can you drop me an email with a request for advanced notice for Cotton Quartet? The advanced notice lists are email lists, so I’ll need an email from you to reply to, once they’re in stock. Thanks!

  4. Well, those kits sold out fast! I’m sad that I wasn’t able to snag one, but it makes me happy that there are other people out there who are interested in these needlework techniques.
    I guess I’ll see if I can source things “locally”, by which I mean from various places around the internet.

    1. Hi, Kathy – I’m running more kits, preparing them now. If you like, you can drop me an email with a request for advanced notice for Cotton Quartet, and I’ll let you know when they’re back in stock.

    1. Hi, Joan – The kit does not come with instructions, since it’s a stitch-along here on my website. It’s sort of like an online class, only it comes as blog posts on my website. If you are subscribed to my email newsletter, the articles will arrive in your email inbox. Or you can visit the website directly for each installment. Not every article is about this project. Normally, when we’re doing a stitch along, I’ll have one (sometimes two) articles per week about the project, and one or two articles about other embroider-related topics.

  5. I missed out on the first run of Cotton Quartet. Could you let me know when the second run is up please? Thank you, Karen

    1. Hi, Karen, can you drop me an email with a request for advanced notice for Cotton Quartet? The advanced notice lists are email lists, so I’ll need an email from you to reply to, once they’re in stock. Thanks!

  6. Hi Mary,

    I am having problems getting coton a border and flouche threads. I live outside the USA. Can they be found on Amazon? If not where and how can I procure these threads?

    Thank you for taking time to giving me an answer. I want to do this project with you as it unfolds.

    1. Coton a broder is sold as cutwork thread. If you are in the UK, Jenny Adin-Christie carries it. Floche is pretty much only distributed in the US, but some shops order it from here and stock it. I’m afraid I don’t know. You can order from Needle in a Haystack (www.needlestack.com) – they carry both floche and coton a broder, and they ship internationally.

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