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Autumn Fire Kits, Books, & the Paradox of Packing


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Today’s short little message is more of a Public Service Announcement, especially if you’re interested in picking up some of the specialty books that we offer here at Needle ‘n Thread, or if you’ve been waiting on the Autumn Fire kits to restock.

It’s funny how things work out. We’re packing up the studio for an imminent move to a new space. Everything is going in boxes, labeled, ready to move out, so that we can unpack and re-situate our goods in an orderly (!) and sensible (!) fashion.

But at the same time, new stock is coming into the studio almost every day, as we restock the Autumn Fire kits, as we prepare the last Stitch Snippet kit of the year, as we bring in some delectable stitching accessories, and as books from abroad arrive.

And so we find ourselves packing on one side of a room and unpacking on the other side. We are, in fact, unpacking so that we can pack.

Or are we packing so that we can unpack? I’ve lost the string of logic, but I know that the process – whatever it is we are doing – seems to be working for now.

And on that note, here’s a bit about what’s in, for those of you who have been waiting for specific books that we carry or for those awaiting Autumn Fire kits.

Passion for Needlework 4

With the holiday season approaching, I know that books are often a big “wish list” item for needleworkers. Because some of the books below take a while to reach us, I thought I’d give you a heads-up now that we have them in stock.

We’ve got A Passion for Needlework 4 available again here. You can read my review of this gorgeous book here. The stumpwork piece above is one of the many stellar projects in the book.

If we sell out again, we can likely get it again before Christmas, but if it’s on your wish list, now’s a good time to order, while its here and the shipping routes are moving relatively smoothly.

Giuliana Buonpadre books

For those of you eagerly awaiting a restock of Giuliana Buonpadre’s books on Reticello and other needlework techniques, right now I’ve got all ten of them in stock in the shop here.

These take a lot longer to restock, so it is doubtful whether I can get them in stock again before Christmas. Once they sell out, it may be a while before they show up again.

If you’re keen on adding any of my current stock of books to your library, it’s a good time to do it, while they’re stocked and while shipping seems to be moving along well.

Autumn Fire Kits

Autumn Fire kits are available for those who want to work this beautiful little autumn tree. There’s still time, before autumn’s officially over!

Autumn Fire Kits

I’ve got a limited supply of the kits available here right now.

It is not likely they will be restocked this year, simply because of the time it takes to put them together.

Other Kits, Holding & Combining Orders

Whether we begin our move into our new studio space in the next two weeks or not – even if we are in the middle of the move – we’ll also be launching the last of the 2022 Stitch Snippets kits as soon as we can.

At that time, we’ll be launching (and restocking) lots of specialty items for needlework, too. We’ll launch all of that around the same time as the new kit, so that you can save a little on shipping.

We can also hold any book or kit orders that you place now (for things that are in stock) until the last Stitch Snippet kit launches, if you want to combine shipping with that future purchase. You just need to leave a note on your order before you check out, asking us to hold the order until the new kit launches. Please do not email hold requests! They need to be attached to the order itself, or they will be missed. If a hold request is not attached to an order, the order will ship as normal.

Then, when the new kit launches, you’ll need to leave a note on that order to combine with your hold. We do this often, and it works pretty seamlessly, but it requires that you leave the requests to hold and combine on each of your orders; otherwise, it won’t work!

Good Grief

As you can see, we’re enjoying a bit of mayhem in the studio these days! But guess what? We’re still managing to get in some stitching. I’m not sure how that happens, because usually a structured time table is the first thing out the window when life gets busy in this place.

And yet, we’re still managing to get some goldwork done. I’ll share progress on that a little later.

I’ve also got a pretty new collection of threads to show you, a neat design resource to share with you, and of course, I will be sharing photos and updates on our new space with you, too – including all the nitty gritty on shelving, furnishings, tables, packing, moving, unpacking, and all that goes into outfitting and moving into the space.

Stay tuned! It’s bound to get a little exciting here over the next few weeks!


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  1. I think the answer to the “unpacking to pack” or “packing to unpack” question is YES. I’m glad you are getting a new shop location. I confess don’t envy trying to get ready for the move and at the same time, still getting deliveries, sending orders. And working on the projects too.
    OTOH, maybe it’s less onerous than moving house one’s been living in for decades?

    1. Oh yes, it’s definitely less onerous! We don’t have a lot of stuff to move, like you would in a household. But I’m trying to make the move in the most logical and organized way possible. We have this opportunity to really organize the whole studio from the ground up at this point, so I really want to do it right and make our organization and set-up as efficient, neat, and logical as possible!

  2. Is there any way you would ever do a class/kit of this pattern. It is exquisite. It may be too difficult for most of us, but it is absolutely my favorite of all the designs I have seen.

    Thanks so much for your consideration !!

    Joan Smith

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