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Virtual Event: The Tudors – Art & Majesty in Renaissance England


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This is a slight interruption to our regularly scheduled needlework program, in order to let you know about a virtual event (free) that’s going on this evening and 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

Since no art is ever isolated from its era – or from the other art within the same era – I think The Tudors: Art & Majesty in Renaissance England, a current exhibition at The Met, will be of interest to avid fans of needlework history, especially those who are enthusiastic about the Elizabethan era.

The Met - The Tudors: Art & Majesty in Renaissance England

Most of us probably can’t up and travel to NYC at the moment. But guess what? That doesn’t mean we will miss out entirely on the exhibition. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is offering a free virtual event this evening that will let us take part at least vicariously. Yay!

From The Met’s website:

Join Elizabeth Cleland, Curator in the Department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, and Adam Eaker, Associate Curator in the Department of European Paintings, to explore The Tudors: Art and Majesty in Renaissance England, which traces the transformation of the arts in Tudor England through more than 100 objects — including iconic portraits, spectacular tapestries, manuscripts, sculpture, and armor — from both The Met collection and international lenders.

To join in the virtual event, you’ll have to register for it here (it’s free) and tune in at 7:00 pm Eastern Time this evening.

Of course, for those who want even more of the exhibit, there is an exhibition catalogue available. Often, the exhibition catalogue is the best way to see objects up close in an art exhibit and to study more about them. The scholarly articles in exhibition catalogues are usually a great way to glean insight into an era and its art. You can find the exhibition catalog for The Tudors: Art & Majesty in Renaissance England in The Met Store here.

If you’re a fan of Renaissance art in England, I hope you get a chance to take part in tonight’s virtual event.

Maybe we’ll bump into each other while we’re there!


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(3) Comments

  1. Thanks so much Mary. I’m in the UK. Better have a nap so I can tune in. It’ll be midnight here – but so worth tuning in.

  2. Thank you for the heads up, Mary! How many times I’ve almost licked the glass to trying to really “get” blackwork on a collar . . .
    I love your little colloquialisms like no, we sure can’t just “up and” take off for NYC — not with gas at over $6/gal. in California! I wonder what non-native speakers make of your talk. Being around so many of them where I live, I try to clean up my language so not to throw them for a loop (picturing a cartoon character stepping on a banana peel)!
    A very happy hump day!

  3. I was able to visit this exhibition in person and it is stunning. There was a piece of blackwork displayed in a way you get close and really see the stitches. If I lived near NYC, I would go back again.

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