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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Autumn Fire Project Index


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Today, by way of housekeeping, here’s the index for Autumn Fire, the third project in the Stitch Snippets 2022 series.

This little embroidered fall tree is a small project that provides a quick and satisfying finish.

In this project, we’ve learned how to work with spun stranded silk; how to combine colors for a nice gradual color change; and how to prepare a project for framing.

The entire project is worked in very simple stitches. It is straightforward and suitable for beginners and beyond.

Autumn Fire Project Index

As a stitch-along, the instructions for Autumn Fire are available on Needle ‘n Thread through the articles listed below.

There’s also a materials kit available in my shop (more coming soon!).

For members of the Needle ‘n Thread community on Patreon, all the instructions are available as handy PDF downloads that you can save to your own computer and print for your own personal use.

Autumn Fire Instructions

The preliminary information, design, and instructions below are arranged in chronological order. If you want to follow through the entire project, work from the top of the list down.

Autumn Fire 1: Preliminaries & Design

Autumn Fire 2: Transfer & the Trunk

Autumn Fire 3: Leaves & Color

Autumn Fire 4: Grass & Blocking

Autumn Fire 5: Finishing for Framing

Other Stitch Snippets from 2022

By the end of 2022, we will have worked through four Stitch Snippet projects together.

The two previous to Autumn Fire can be found through the links below:

The Bee-Jeweled Pincushion – a bead-embroidered project finished as a pin cushion

Cotton Quartet – a small white-on-natural sampler with bead accents, finished as a tool wallet

Coming Up

The final installment of Autumn Fire will show up a little later this week! I’m very excited to take you through the quick finish, so that you can have your own autumn tree ready to frame before autumn is officially over (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway!).

If you’re with me on Patreon, you received the final instructions last Friday, so I’m betting many of you already have your autumn tree ready to hang. Yay!

Once we finish Autumn Fire here on Needle ‘n Thread, we’ll take a short break from the Stitch Snippets series, before we launch into our last one, which involves creating a holiday ornament from a kitted project. More on that, soon!

In the meantime, here in the studio, we’re plugging away at packing for an anticipated move to our new space (tentatively scheduled for the beginning of November now). We’re also preparing a bunch of goodies for you, for pre-holiday shopping. And we’re hoping everything falls into place without too much of a hullabaloo (which my mother always called a “hubbabaloo”!). Fingers crossed.

We’re also plugging away on goldwork. I’ll share some project progress with you later, too, and talk a little bit about a Very Big Lesson Learned concerning ordering materials for big projects. I’ll also make an index for this large project soon, so that those who want to keep track of chronological progress can do so easily.

It’s a busy time of year… and I love it! See you soon!


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  1. I know it’s very late to ask, but had to get up my nerve to try such a tiny little project! I missed the Autumn Fire kits. Will you be restocking them?

    1. Hi, Mary, I do plan to restock all the snippet kits from 2022, including Autumn Fire, but it will be a little while yet. When they are available again, I will definitely announce it on the website. Thanks for asking!

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