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Wool Threads to Play With!


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Lately, I’ve been chomping at the bit to finish the project I’m working on so that I can start playing with some new threads!!

New Threads!

Hurray for New Threads!

I tend to go a bit batty over needlework threads in general – they’re my One Weakness (among oh-so-many other weaknesses), and when I get some, they consume my thoughts.

So, while I’m finishing up one project, my mind is gurgling over with plans for playing with two different types of wool thread that have come my way.

I’ll be working with them both in depth, soon.

New Wool Threads to Play With

Very soon.

Last Autumn, it came to my attention that DMC is now offering a new naturally-dyed crewel-weight wool thread from Italy.

When I first glimpsed the colors, I admit I was quite taken by them. Immediately, I started thinking of ideas for embroidering with them.

New Wool Threads to Play With

While the whole collection is somewhat limited in color, the color palettes that make up the line are really beautiful, muted, natural color palettes. There is something very appealing about them – even though, it’s true, I generally tend towards much brighter color palettes for my projects.

New Wool Threads to Play With

While I haven’t had a chance yet to stitch with the yarn, I like the look and feel of it. I’m eager to try it out on some small taster projects, and once I do, I’ll go into much more detail about the threads.

New Wool Threads to Play With

And then there are these! These are wool threads made here in the US. They are new to me, and I’m so intrigued by them.

Once I stitch for a bit and test them out, I’ll share many more details and thoughts about these threads, too.

But gosh! Check out those colors! I’m just a bit twitterpated by these, too!

But I’m especially curious about that these particular wool threads being spooled (and on large spools, that provide a lot of thread). Personally, I love the fact that they are spooled. Spools are a great way to keep thread under control. I know that tension is an important part of spooling a thread. I’d like to see how / if the tension of spooling the wool thread affects its performance in any way.

As you can imagine, I’m especially eager to give these threads a trial run, too! These latter threads are Array wool, made in North Carolina from sheep raised in the Western US.

More Information Coming!

As soon as I can work more extensively with both of these new threads, I’ll do a thorough review of them. I’ll compare them to other wool threads on the market, we’ll talk about pros and cons, and I’ll give you all the information on sourcing them and working with them.

But First!

First, I must finish up all the details for the project that we are launching very soon – the first 2024 Stitch Snippet Stitch-Along! The supply chain has been creaking along for us, but finally, every item – from the tiniest beads to the full skeins of thread to the tool we’ll be including in the kit – is either here or winging its way here as we speak. I got the last shipping notices yesterday. The bulk of the kit contents are prepared – we just need the last couple items, and then we begin kit assembly.

And once we begin kit assembly, I’ll show you the project and give you a time table for this first stitch-along.

But ok, fine. I can’t resist sharing another sneak peek from my messy work table:

Stitch Snippet, 2024

That’s just before I finished the final sample for the project. Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm. It’s a fun one! And don’t worry – it’s not complicated. I’ll take you step by step through the whole thing!

If you’re new to Needle ‘n Thread, Stitch Snippets are stitch-along lessons that we work through together here on the blog. I offer kits for the materials to make the thing we’re making (this one has a lot of components!), and we work from beginning through to the finishing work.

In each Stitch Snippet project, I try to offer specific learning points on either stitching techniques or finishing techniques. You might learn some new stitches or you might learn how to make something from the finished embroidery.

You can find previous Stitch Snippet Stitch-Alongs listed here under Tips & Techniques, in the first section of that page, if you’re interested in seeing some of our past stitch-along projects.

The fun never ends! I’ve got some other fabulous finds to share with you soon, too. Stay tuned…


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  1. I saw these wool threads at the DMC website and placed them as a high priority gift idea on Giftster for Christmas but alas, after picking out a bunch of colors, Santa didn’t come through on them. I would love to hear what you think of them!
    And, as usual, can’t wait to see the entire Stitch Snippet – 🙂

  2. Those spoiled wool threads have definitely peaked my interest. Especially since they are processed from sheep in the u.s.!!! Super cool❤️. Cannot wait to hear more.

  3. Someone has watched “Larkrise to Candleford”! “My One Weakness”…I love that expression and use it all the time, from chocolate to cashmere yarn to Au Ver à Soie thread! Thanks for the smile…I can’t wait for the new Snippet!

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