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Organizing a Project Room for Needlework (and everything else!)


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I had a very busy weekend working to get the garage-gone-project-room somewhat organized. Yes, the space is finished, and I’m really excited about it. I’m sure there are plenty of needleworkers out there who have their own space for pursuing their needlework, sewing, or art ventures, but I bet there are even MORE who use the various regular corners of their living space. The idea of a real project room is kind of a dream! Keep in mind, though, that this relatively small space is not merely for needlework!

I live in a tiny house with very little storage space, so this room is not merely for my needlework supplies, books, and so forth. It is designated space for all household storage, from off-season clothes, to paper goods, to beer and wine for company, to games and puzzles, to Christmas decor, to wrapping paper, blankets, linens – you name it, if it’s not in immediate use in the house, it will be out here.

And all that being said, the room doesn’t seem nearly so big and luxurious!

Storage and Project Room for Crafts and Everything Else!

It’s not a super-wide room. That space where the window and door are now used to be the garage door. The cabinets that line each side of the room are 24″ deep, with 18″ adjustable shelves.

Storage and Project Room for Crafts and Everything Else!

And that’s the other end, looking out into the (dead and winter-looking) backyard.

Storage and Project Room for Crafts and Everything Else!

The cabinets are pretty roomy. The shelves are adjustable (I already said that) – they’re not continuous down the line, though. They are split, so that in each cabinet, if more space is needed on one shelf, the whole wall of shelves doesn’t have to be adjusted.

Storage and Project Room for Crafts and Everything Else!

Saturday was a day of toting, toting, toting. Except for the bag and the storage containers at the end of the table, it’s filled with solely needlework books. My ten-year-old nephew helped me tote books and stuff most of the morning! (I paid him at the end – two handfuls of change! It worked out well for him – and even better for me!)

Storage and Project Room for Crafts and Everything Else!

Oh. I forgot to mention those books, too.

Storage and Project Room for Crafts and Everything Else!

And things going onto the shelves! Ah. Yes. That does make me happy!

I’m cataloging my books before I put them on the shelves – that will be a fun project, and then I can post my library here. Then, if you are looking for a book and want to know what it’s like before you buy it, if I have it, you can ask!

Once all is packed neatly and happily into the cabinets (that may take a while, because there’s still a whole storage unit downtown to go through – can you say BIG GARAGE SALE???!), I will put a drafting table under the larger window, a large table in the middle, and sewing machine cabinet. Those, and some chairs, will be the only furniture. And then it’s done.

Wow. I discovered a few muscles this weekend that I had forgotten about!


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(13) Comments

  1. How smart are you to catalogue your books before placing on the shelves. I wouldn’t be that clever!

    Looking forward to photos of a more complete set up.

  2. What a wonderful work/storage room! There is nothing like a “creating space” to call your own – like this one, or that little corner as you mentioned.

    Good luck with your garage sale. We just had one two weeks ago – what an experience! We were successful netting over $1000, but I will never do it again. We had people leaving without paying for things and we were practically giving stuff away anyway!

    So, what to do with the left overs? We made a list and posted it in various places (work, selected e-bulletin boards). Instead of selling it, we are asking for donations that will be sent to RAM Remote Area Medical http://www.ramusa.org/

    Love your blog!

  3. Just fantastic! May your embroidery dreams come true out there…
    …and thanks in advance for cataloging all those books!

  4. How fun! I am very envious; the closest I have gotten to a workspace so far is the top of a low bookshelf by my bedroom window. Lots of light, but no space.
    The white walls are great, I LOVE white rooms, and this one looks like it will be a joy to work in.

  5. Love the blog and the website –
    your project room is an inspiration to me to clean up and organize my projects.

  6. I was wondering if you had an updated picture of your craft space? I am new to this craft. I have been a cross stitcher for a while & now am interested in embroidery for crazy quilting. Thank you for this website. It will be very helpful to me. Cathy

    1. Hi, Mary – those were custom built and are just part of the wall now. The local fellow who redid the garage built them. He purchased the brackets and strips that hold the shelf brackets from Lowe’s, I believe, but he actually the framework, the doors, and the shelves.

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