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Gilt Sylke Twist Strawberry Box – Yep, I did it!


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After musing over whether or not I’d apply my Gilt Sylke Strawberry sample piece to the lid of a box, and after reading all the comments and advice on it, I figured what the heck. I took the plunge. Here it is!

One of my concerns about putting this piece on the unprotected cover of a box was the question of “dirt.” I was thinking that a piece of good linen and these relatively expensive threads would not fare so well exposed to everyday use. I answered my hesitation on this point with the reality that dirt exists, and things may get dirty, but if you take extra care of your Good Stuff, then it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? Besides, at least for me, my hands are never cleaner than when I’m doing needlework. I always wash them well before approaching my needlework supplies. The box itself is kept inside a basket when not in use. How badly could it really get soiled?!

So I positioned the piece of linen on the box lid, put the “window” piece over it, and marked out the outline of the outside of the lid. I cut the fabric away, and pulled off the paper covering the glue strips on the lid. These strips don’t really hold the fabric or the “window” piece well enough, so I applied a light coating of glue. I stretched the fabric gently on the glue, and then pressed the window piece over the fabric piece. After wiping off any excess glue, I stuck a stack of heavy books on top of the box and left it to dry.

Here’s my new supply box:

Gilt Sylke Strawberry on embroidered box lid

I like it, you know, I do!!

Gilt Sylke Strawberry on embroidered box lid

Right now, I’ve got threads in the box. In fact, I think I will use it as a thread box, exclusively, for threads of whatever current project I’m working on.

I’ve since emptied the box, picked out all the whitework threads I’m using on my current project, bagged up the spare skeins, and filled up the box very tidily. I keep all my good thread rings and keeps in the bottom of the box, too.

The only disadvantage to the box itself (which comes with a Bucilla silk ribbon embroidery kit for the lid) is the magnet. The box is magnetized so it shuts securely (I like that feature), but the magnet is so strong that I find I have to get my fingernails in there to pry the thing open! My scissors come out magnetized, which is great when it comes to picking up needles – but rather annoying when you don’t want to pick up needles!

But I’m not complaining, really, because once the thing was assembled, I was Really Happy with it. And I still am! So – I suppose I’ll go use it!


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(10) Comments

  1. Hi Mary, I was away when you asked for comments on how to finish your strawberry embroidery. Had I been here I would have said definitely put it in the box lid. I know you have used good quality, expensive supplies but it is a wonderful embroidery that should be seen and enjoyed.

    I’m glad you have done it, it looks as if it belongs there. Enjoy it.


  2. I just love it! And I’m so glad that you’ve done something with this beautiful piece that you’ll be able to enjoy often. I think it was totally the way to go!

  3. Hi Mary -this looks great – Im glad you took the plunge. BTW – i think a rouge comment from me may have just been saved – it said comment saved but i hadnt written anything…please delete it!

  4. What a joy to see this box, how lovely it is! It will be fun to use it: everytime you see that gorgeous strawberry!

  5. I think the strawberry looks beautiful on the box.

    As for future dirt you might be able to vacuum the embroidery if you feel the threads are very well secured. I have been vacuuming my crewel pieces for years because they are not behind glass. I use the vacuum’s brush attachment (which greatly reduces the amount of suction from the vacuum) and sometimes a soft paintbrush to gently brush dust off the the embroidery towards the vacuum nozzle. The crewel pieces seem to be in good condition after years of this treatment.

  6. Hi Mary-Well its not such a bad idea but the colors & designs are quite contrary to each other. Maybe the strawberry could go onto a different box with simplistic design instead of the sophisticated color scheme of the tans & taupes. Anyway, time is precious in our lives & life is too short to do it all! So, at least you'll get enjoyment out of that set!

  7. Hi, everyone! Thanks for your comments!

    Hi, Laura! Yeah, I didn’t think there was a perfect match there, either, but I think it looks better in person than it does in photos – though the white of the linen is too white for the box. But I figured I may as well have it used and be able to see it now and then, then stuck in a closet in a box, to take out just for “show and tell” for classes! I have one more box, and I thought it was green and white, so I rummaged around for it, thinking it would do better. When I finally found it, it was mostly yellow and pink – pink roses and ribbons. Not quite what I was looking for.

    I’m find these boxes actually very convenient for tools and threads. If I ever run across them anywhere – with different designs – I may invest in a few…. and a bigger basket to put them in! Chances are, though, I won’t. So I suppose I shall enjoy the ones I have!

    Margaret – thanks for the heads up on vacuuming!

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