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Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Valentine!


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Squizzing around the craft, embroidery, and art blogs – not to mention a few favorite cooking websites – I counted no less than 41 Valentine-related projects, ideas, patterns, or recipes. Wow. People really get into Valentine’s Day.

Just so I wouldn’t seem too entirely cold-hearted, I decided to get into the spirit and make up a tiny little simple heart pattern for hand embroidery that I could set up for my eight-year-old niece, who is needling me to embroider with her.

So, here’s the little design we’re going to use (she’s going to use!), and I thought I’d pass it on to you, if you want it.

Heart Design for Hand Embroidery

And here it is in a PDF: Little Heart Design for Hand Embroidery

It’s not super-complicated. For an eight year old, it will be well worked in back stitch, French knots, and daisy stitches. You could dress it up a bit – making the scallops half buttonhole wheels so they show up better, or what-have-you. Emma’s going to work hers on a red cloth napkin, in white. I’ll show it to you if she ever actually finishes! And, who knows, maybe I’ll stitch one along with her, to keep her going.

If you do decide to go with a red towel or cloth napkin or something of that sort, make sure you pre-wash the fabric first! (Several times, even, if necessary!) I like to rinse darker colored fabrics (like the red cloth napkins we’ll be using) with either vinegar, or with salt if I don’t have vinegar on hand. This is something my sister does when she buys fabric to make children’s clothes. She says it fixes the color, and I believe her. I’ve never actually tested the theory by doing any comparisons, but maybe some day I will…

In Which I Wax Poetic

I wrote a Valentine’s poem, once upon a time, and all this heartsy stuff makes me feel like sharing it with you. (It actually surprises me that I share things like this, and still come back to face you the next day!)

Will You Be Mine?
(by me)

I thought I’d ask
If you’d be mine,
Could you be
My Valentine?

There’s no one else,
This much is true…
So I’ll have to settle,
And just take you.

I want no hearts,
I don’t eat candy,
But flowers are nice,
And jewelry’s dandy.

You have no money?
You can’t buy flowers?
No jewelry either?
My heart sours.

On second thought,
If you don’t mind,
To be your sweety,
I’m disinclined.

Well, I hope the pattern comes in handy, anyway!

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(18) Comments

  1. The poem is a stitch 🙂

    Not during courtship of course…then everything is sweet and dandy.
    It’s after the “I do” and a bit of time…. romance seems to take a second seat to….

    For Valentine’s this year it’s four new tires and a new rim.

    Hugs, Marlon 🙂

  2. hi, i’m not eight ha ha, but i am a beginner.
    Is there a trick to using BACKSTITCH on curved lines?
    i’ve tried doing backstitch on curves like this pattern has (a butterfly actually), and my curves came out too angular. Is there something obvious i’m missing?
    i love clicking on the free patterns or the stitch tutes and tips, and discovering you saying “this is suitable for kids”, as then i think, great, that will be suitable for an adult learner (like me) as well!

    1. Hi, Gigi – Thanks for your comment! Chances are, if your stitches are too angular around a curve, the stitches are probably a bit too large. Try reducing the size of the stitches. Working around the curve with smaller stitches will make the curve more graceful, and hopefully clear up the angular look. Glad you like the designs! Enjoy your stitching! – MC

  3. I have tried to print this pattern 3 times and it will not print. Is there another way to get the pattern besides a PDF. I would like this pattern for a wall hanging for our pastors wife, each woman in the church is going to make a square and put a Bible verse in the center that reminds us of her, and then we will put it all together, with the square love pattern in the middle. Sur could use some help. Thank you for you wonderful site. I have learned so much..

  4. May I ask how you would get this pattern onto fabric for embroidering (I am very new to all this)? Or are people able to do it by just looking at it?

  5. Thank you Mary! These templates are really super. The biggest problem I have with valentines is my hearts are never symmetrical. This comes in the nick of time because I’m making tea towels for a friend. I just have enough time to do an outline.
    Happy Valentines Day!
    You’re so inspirational.

  6. If I were to become your Valentine, I would have all the reference material handy in one funny person who would keep me company and in stitches.

    May your day bring you as much pleasure as you give to mine each day


  7. I loved your poem. You have so many talents. So glad I have signed up for your newsletter. I look forward to it each time. You are appreciated!

  8. Totally LOVE your valentine poem!!!! Happy Valentines Day to you. And a very appreciative Thanks for all that you do for us out here! Maggie

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