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Reader’s Embroidery: Quaker Motif as a Christmas Ornament


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A couple weeks ago, I posted a hand embroidery pattern for a Quaker sampler design, converted for surface embroidery. I haven’t had time to stitch it myself, but Jan Miller has. Using the bird in a tree design, Jan made a beautiful Christmas ornament – and she sent pictures. Thanks, Jan!

My first thought when I finished converting this design into a surface embroidery pattern was that it would make a pretty Christmas tree ornament. So I was delighted to see Jan’s rendition.

Reader's Embroidery: Quaker-style Design in Surface Embroidery

Using simple stitches that suit the pattern very well, Jan stitched the ornament on white velvet, I think. She finished it with a matching hand-made tassel.

Reader's Embroidery: Quaker-style Design in Surface Embroidery

I love the dark green and the deep red – they suit the design. One reader suggested that simple color tones were best, rather than a variety of shades, since plain color choices would work best in keeping with the simplicity of the Quaker design.

I still want to stitch this pattern up, and hope to one of these days! Has anyone else tried this design? I’d love to see what other people do with it!

Thanks again, Janice, for sending along the pictures!

What are you working on? If you want to share photos of your recent needlework adventures, drop me a line!


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(7) Comments

  1. Very pretty indeed Janice!

    I'm stitching this one too by the way. Mine is going to turn into a throw pillow. Am still contemplating on how to fill the birdie.

    Any suggestions ladies?

  2. After the gorgeous icon you posted a while back – I started to think about how best to go about stitching Our Lady of Czestochowa. I decided to attempt a more simple icon first, an Umilenye (tenderness) icon that I had simple line art for – I'm still in the preparation stages, but hope to start stitching soon.
    I'm a Catholic sister with little time for leisure arts, but I like to stitch on retreat days… it's very contemplative. My previous projects were to make a Russian/Ukrainian stitch embroidered prayer towel for an icon of Our Lady with all my prayer intentions on it.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to share another one of Mary's great designs. I did think I reached the limit on single thread lazy daisys though.
    I used felted wool that I felted myself. I will be sending this on to my exchange sister in my yahoo group Ladies of Steeles. Thanks again for the nice comments.

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