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Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Easter Egg o’ Flowers


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Remember that free hand embroidery pattern I posted for Valentine’s Day, the Heart o’ Flowers? Well, I cheated. I made an egg (not as easy as it sounds!) and dropped the same flower fillings into it, to create an Egg o’ Flowers for you to embroider on anything that would benefit from a touch of spring color.

“Egg o’ Flowers” doesn’t quite have a ring to it, does it? I wish I were clever enough to think of perfect names for different hand embroidery patterns on Needle ‘n Thread! Alas, I find myself wanting to title my designs ingenious things, like “a scrolly design” and “another scrolly design” or “a circular thing.” How decidedly dull.

So, today, I’m posting an Egg o’ Flowers. A flower-filled egg. Oh, I could’ve punned things up a bit – “An egg-celent garden” – “Flowers Over Easy” – “Floral Hatchery” – or some such something or other.

But really, when it boils down to it, what are we talking about here? An egg. With flowers.

Despite the name, think of the possibilities for hand embroidery! Oh, the stitches you could use! Oh, the colors! I still want to embroider another basket liner, like I used for last year’s Easter basket, and I was thinking about stitching this large egg o’ flowers in the four corners of the flour sack towel that I use to line baskets. If I were to do so, I’d use a bright Spring palette of probably four colors – yellow, green, pink, purple. I could also see working the piece in shades of coral and yellow, with touches of pale green. But right now, it’s mighty doubty that I’ll get a basket liner stitched this year.

However, I hope you can find a use for the design!

Maybe on felt? Cute felt eggs to hang on a branch? I don’t know! Maybe you could use it for a card somehow – embroider it on paper. Or as a quilling pattern? Anything goes, really! What about you – any ideas?

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Easter Egg with Flowers

And if you’d like a PDF for easy printing, here ’tis:

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Easter Egg o’ Flowers.

I’ve got a whole list of free hand embroidery patterns here on Needle ‘n Thread, if you’re looking for something to stitch! Help yourself!


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(11) Comments

  1. G'day Mary,

    It's really sweet. Thank you.

    I know this isn't Easterish, but I would make the Egg O' Flowers a lady beetle's tummy. With a head atop and outspead wings, feelers, legs, eyes etc. Or it could be her back with a separation down the centre where the wings meet, although I think the wings are symetrical, a cool bug would be happy to be different eh.

    Bye now, Kath

  2. I think this design would be smashing done on a child's (solid, bright colored)tee-shirt. Since I'm in the "crewel world" these days, I see it in pastel colors with the leaves done in fly stitch, the flowers in satin stitch with french knot centers, etc.)- or, perhaps in DMC perle cotton variegated threads. Lots of possibilities…

    A sweet design! Happy Easter to all.

  3. I wish I had time to embroider a bread cloth (this year) with this design too!

    In my case, I think I'd like to make it with cream linen (I have just the right weight of crash for a square bread basket with one egg in each corner).

    I'd make it in Richelieu embroidery, with cutouts to leave the flowers in relief, with the scrolls and egg shape in a simple blanket/edge stitch.

    The cream on cream would be perfect for some eggy rolls that I would do as dough from my breadmaker (who's to say I'm above cheating when it comes to cooking!).

    'Tis not to be for this Easter — but it may well be the present of a lifetime for my cousin for next year! She has many small children, and eggy bread or not, it would line a beautiful easter basket when all of her kids bring in the eggs she's hidden (you know, it's critical to keep track of where they are and how many, to avoid unpleasant surprises in May, don't you?!?). Mixed with Peeps and chocolate bunnies,,,, 😀

    Because this is really beautiful

    Karen from Arcadia

  4. How wonderful! I'm so happy to find your embroidery designs. But I've also printed this one as a coloring page for my daughter – she will love it!

  5. Hi Mary ,I do believe your work is an Apostolate of truth,beauty,and goodness.I pray a good Holy Week and blessed Easter for you and your extended family.While I have never had the opportunity to meet you,your gift comes calling everyday to my email and I feel I know just a tad about you. Just enough!
    Happy Easter!
    Karole from Texas

  6. I like Kim's idea – this would make a GREAT picture to color (don't tell, but I may color it too)! I used to get a real fancy egg, like this one, from my Uncle Louie every Easter. It was a sugar confection and looked gorgeous. Happy Easter, Mary!

  7. I read you every day but don't usually comment. However, after a long sleepless night of thinking about this design, I have decided life can't go on until I try this. I will keep it simple, just fabric and DMC cotton. Thanks a lot Mary! LOL

  8. Thanks, Nita! Very pretty – the colors are perfect for spring! What type of threads did you use? They look great – I love the sheen!

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