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Free Blackwork Design: Autumn Leaves on a Corner


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Following up on adding blackwork to the spot sampler, I thought I’d post some of the simple patterns I doodled for the lesson on blackwork.

The first one here is a leafy corner, just in time for autumn (on this side of the world). Of course, if you imagine the leaves green, it could also be just in time for spring and summer!

Free Blackwork Design: Autumn Leaves on a Corner

If worked in the Hobein stitch (or double or reverse running stitch), the design will come out the same on the front and the back of the fabric, which makes these kinds of patterns great for table linens and other items where the back is not covered.

The design is a relatively simple linear blackwork design. It works up fairly quickly, once you have the hang of the stitch sequence.

Just think – this is just in time to embroider a whole set of new linens for your Thanksgiving table! You know, that holiday where the whole family (all 24 of them!) sit down for dinner at one time! 24 cloth napkins, a large tablecloth, a table runner or two…..

(Maybe not?)

The side patterns can be repeated as many times as you like, to extend them along the edge of a piece.

For easy printing and viewing, here’s a PDF:

Blackwork Design: Autumn Leaves on a Corner (PDF)

Enjoy! (And if you happen to work it up, I’d love to see a photo!)

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(9) Comments

  1. That is very pretty. Thank you for sharing.

    Get such a lot done before the holidays? Unlikely! And I’m thinking of Christmas whereas I know you’re thinking of Thanksgiving 🙂

    Oh for more time to do all the things I’d like to 🙂
    Cheshunt, UK

  2. Hobein stitch…..if you want it to be reversible, how do you start & stop – tie it off – knot it….so it doesn’t show??

    This is soo cool!

  3. Thank you for sharing the blackwork design. Do you think you will share the one on the sampler? The one with the roses?….

    1. Hi, Marva – The link for those is the “Blackwork Archives” link in the article. If you search through “flowers” on that website, you’ll find the pattern (along with a lot of others!). Hope that helps! ~MC

  4. i have been searching for blackwork patterns lately. then i get two from you in a week.
    thank you so much mary,
    terri sue

  5. ho diffilcolta con la vostra lingua io sono italiana e non parlo altre lingue comunque questo non mi ferma per potervi dire che i lavori che mandate sono stupendamente belli e sono una gioia vederli vi ringrazio per cio che fate e per avermi fatto conoscere cio ….grazie tante

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