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New Colors of Floche Available!


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Floche – ya gotta love it. It’s fine and soft, it’s got a beautiful sheen, it comes in lots of colors. It’s a great thread for stitching! Floche is a 5-ply mercerized cotton thread with a loose twist. A while ago, I compared floche to other better-known cotton embroidery threads so that you can get a sense of what floche looks like. It’s a fine thread – not much thicker than 2 single strands of regular embroidery floss – and it’s non-divizible (in most cases – I have divided it before and stitched with it successfully, but it isn’t easy to divide, as it’s not meant to be divided).

Floche comes in a good number of colors, and lately, a few more colors have been added to the collection:

New Colors of Floche Embroidery Thread

The picture, I’m afraid, doesn’t do the colors justice. The darker blue at the top is a rich bright blue – almost like lapis. It’s really lovely.

New Colors of Floche Embroidery Thread

In fact, you get a better sense of the dark blue here, where you can also see the color numbers.

New Colors of Floche Embroidery Thread

If I had to describe the pinks, they remind me of a cross between… I don’t know… candy and carnations, if that makes sense! They’re definitely great “little girl” pinks, without being baby pink.

New Colors of Floche Embroidery Thread

Finally, the two reds are slightly different. The one on the left is more of a rich deep red, and the other is more brickish color, with a hint of purply brown.

Gosh. I feel as if I’m trying to describe wines. All the colors have a bright, long finish; they linger on the eyes! No real hint of oak or chocolate or anything like that, though I wouldn’t be adverse to throwing in something about a certain flirty fruitiness.

Forget it. My descriptive abilities fail me.

What it boils down to, though, is that they’re fun colors, bright and cheerful, and they work into an idea sloshing about upstairs in my little head. Something about books and needlebooks and funky fabric and felt…

If you’re a Floche Fan and you’d like to get your hands on some of these new colors of floche, you’ll find Floche available through Lacis, here. Just search their online catalog for “floche” and it will show up!


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    1. Hi, Claire – Yes, I think it’s DMC floche. I believe it’s imported from France, as DMC USA doesn’t feature a full line – they feature only 20 colors. I’ll double check with Joady at Hedgehog Handworks on that, though… Thanks! ~MC

  1. Hi Mary, I’m a huge fan of Floche. Vaune.com, she carries 94 colors of DMC Floche. Another tip about Floche, the number on the skein will match the smaller DMC skein number. So if you want to see the color before you buy, check the smaller DMC cousin at the store for an exact color match.

  2. Hi Mary – Yes, this is definitely DMC Floche a Broder. It is imported by a couple companies in the US directly from DMC in France. When it comes to me it has the DMC labels on the large hank. If you buy the large hank rather than the smaller “twist” it has the original label on it.

  3. Hi Mary!
    Such pretty colors! I have never used floche, I don’t have any. I’m still collecting (and occasionally actually using)the readily-available standard DMC 6-strand cotton floss. As usual, your blog inspires me to expand my stitching horizons. Yesterday, I perused the flickr fotos of long-and-short stitch samplers. I am keeping that on the list in my head of things I’d like to try. Maybe I should order some floche for it?
    Thanks for another inspiring post.

  4. Mailing address or email? My friend wants to purchase your flower embroidery cotton thread and some silk.

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