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Happy Easter!


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Today, I’d like to share a gorgeous piece of embroidery that’s appropriate for Easter.

Easter Lilies Embroidered

This beautiful piece was stitched by Margaret Cobleigh for an Easter stole. When she sent me pictures of the finished embroidery, I immediately asked if I could show it to you – and I deleted the post I had already written!

Easter Lilies Embroidered

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? And so Eastery! Amazingly enough, Margaret stitched it in a weekend — and with an infected finger, to boot. She’s a wonder with a needle! Thanks, Margaret!

May you have a glorious day, wherever you are! Happy Easter!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I am sure the priest who wears it loves it. Would she post some of the details, how she did it, etc and a full picture? Thanks, Mary

  2. What a testament to Faith and WHAT can be done when we have to. A real delight to see. Congratulations to Mary.

  3. Thank you Mary & Margaret for such a lovely Easter stitchery gift! The white on white (damask??) ground fabric is a subtle repeat of the curvy leaves.

  4. Fabulous, gave me a joy surge just appreciating it!

    Thanks for sharing a moment of beauty and lifting my spirit.


  5. Thank you both for sharing this … it is so beautiful!
    I love the color and design, really lovely.
    Many blessings to all!

  6. Thank you for sharing that piece – my mother used to embroider ecclesiastical garments etc, and I have always had a very soft spot for such work.
    That is one beautiful piece of embroidery – the shading is exquisite.
    Easter blessings

  7. Mary: What a treat to see this post today. It completes my Easter Day. Thank you!

    @AnneG — I’m the priest (minister) who wore this stole today and yes, I absolutely love it!

    All: Thank you for the lovely comments on the design. I was privileged to work with Margaret on that part and also with finishing the stole (sewing/fringe). But it was Margaret’s extraordinary skill that brought it to life and her energy just shines out through her work. As I vested this morning I had tears in my eyes after placing this stole around my neck, knowing how much of her effort had gone into this project.

    Alleluia! He is risen, indeed!

  8. Thank you all so much for the kind comments. I wanted to answer a couple of questions.

    Regarding the materials….well, I hope I don’t disappoint anyone, but the materials are quite simple. The backing fabric is quilting fabric and is probably a cotton/polyester blend. The threads are DMC and the gold is Kreinik Japanese thread (i.e., imitation gold thread). We had to keep the stole affordable and cleanable (as much as possible).

    Tami: the gold is couched with Gutermann’s sewing thread. The woven quality of the stitching comes from couching in a pattern called ‘bricking’. There are many examples of this traditional couching technique here on Mary’s site. I suspect she probably has a lesson or two on how to do this.

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